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"Hie Omaha Bee
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JMAHA. Draft * , Checks and JWolHce
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the Company ,
Hfo BEE PUBLISHING 00 , , Props ,
K. KOSEWATEn Editor.
TUB agony begins to day at noon ai
MANHOOD , not money , will win the
uonatorial race.
A KEi-oRT on the facilities t f fire CB
capes aflbidod by Omahn hotels wonlt
bs interesting rcadlrg for the travel
Ing public. _ _ _ _ _ _
KINO OAUcns won in Illinois , bn
the caucus candidatoa in Michigan
Minnesota and Masaachusotto nn
shaking in tlioir shoca.
THE producers of this state wnn1
for senator aman * of loea braso that
brains. They demand grit , not green
bocks , and experience rather tlmt
elegance ,
B.SN BUTLEU'H mcstngo has croatet
a-llvoly sensation In Massachusetts ,
but it will bo increased alter tholcgis
laturo gota to work chopping off the
sinecure o 111 COB.
THEun is inoro double distilled pat-
liotlsm at the ota'o capital among can
didates than would ecrvo to leaven the
republic for two centurion to oomo. A
.good dea.1 of it will dtaippoar after the
Bonaloiial election.
NF.HUASKA. railroads &ro out of poli
tics , of course , and are purchasing nc
moro leginlatlvo stock , but the monopoly
ely managora are Inturoatcd all the
same In watching the political poouli
arltlcs of the Marquotto.
Mu. DOKMAN B. EATON ia figuring
ever the salary to bo paid mombera ol
the civil service commission and soV'
oral of "his friends uro urging hire
to accept n nomination. " The chancci
are that Mr. Eaton will not bo giver
ft obftnoa to ploollno ono.
egrlciiUnnd bill is before UK
iortjo. T'ho Dalrolt iYc Frtt take ?
the floor to remark that a congressman
who does not ncatter six or oighl
bushels cf agricultural department
reed. ? among his conatituonta musl
make the noxV campaign on his torn
poranco record.
HATTON'H little plan of using congressmen
grossmen as advertising agents for hi
Washington paper , The National lb
publican , haa resulted In loud call
from all parts of the country for hi
removal from the position of first ai
slstant postmaster general. Ilatto
1 * a very small pea In a largo pod.
SPEAKING about personal joorna
ism commouA to us the following No
Year's advertisement In the Salt Lik
Tribune :
"To John F. Saunders : You cot
ardly crank , it's four years to-nigl
inoo yourself and now deserted wll
lept on the cold , bare floor of a be
cur , beating yonr way from Rawlln
Wyoming , to 0 don. "
SCIIUYLKU OOLFAX rises to say tbi
ho believes the republicans will su
coed in 1884 by nominating a mi
who has not boon identified with fa
tlon fighting. Oolfax's views upi
any subject excepting Credit Moblll
tcmlnlccenccs are of no possible vnl
to the public.
f § THE lives of great mou , if the grc
men are representatives and th
lives are told In the political manna
do not always remind us of their g (
oral reputation outside. One o
of remarkable frankness is , ho
over , recorded. Among the "b
graphical sketches" of the Maine n
resontativcs appears the followli
"Joseph E. Moore , Thomoston , DC
ocrat. In religion , independent
man c n be whoso wife and motb
lu-law ar
NEXT to otooiiog their own can
dites to the United States senate ,
a'.m of the ruilroids is to defeat all
plrants for senatorial honors wh
they baliovo to bo unfriendly to tl
Interest * . Ei-3cuator Hereford
withdrawn from the fiuld as a cat
date for the democratic nominal
for senator from West Virginia.
nays bo doce thh , partly in the In
oat of harmony in the party and pa
because ho believes Influences an
work advereely to himself bocann
his vote while in the semite for
Thurinan bill to compel the l'
Railroad company to uroato u shit
fund to psy the amount of t
bond * . Incidentally bo ears that
Benitor Thuaman told him that
vote in favor of that bill beat hli
U I Ohio for re-election to the senate.
The business tf electing an United
States senator will begin to-day at
Lincoln. The pcoplo , through tholi
chosen representatives , are to oxproti
their choice of the man who for sij
years from next Mnrch will fill the
seat of Alvin Saundonr In the
national senate. Many circumstance )
render the content ppcnllar in th (
history of our state. The c udida.ei
are moro numerous than ever bifjro
Without exception every man wH
eoeUi the ollico disclaims any iiHilln
tion withcorpurato monopoly. It ii
conceded tlut no candidate cat
openly boast-cf railroad nuppor
and stand the Joint chnnco of nucces/i /
This fact of itself is strong tcsti
mony to the snooping revolution whicl
for yaara hai biiuu brought nbout ii
Nebraska politics. The open warfan
of bribery and corruption has booi
ohangcdto a bushwhacking campaign
which Hookn to accomplish the sam
roaulU under d U'aront nnepicca , Th
artillery duel of prominent rallroai
political attorneys has plvcn wuy to
still hunt by small bore cappers of th
monopolies. Corporation manager
through their organs are profcaain
an indlficroncu to the result whic !
they do not fool , while their agent
with changed headquarters and
greater show of secrecy , are carry in
out the directions of their masters.
The situation has its dangers , whlcl
must not bo overlooked. A secret fo
is often moro difficult to moot than ai
open enemy. The only safety fo
honest representatives of the poopl
la to resist all overtures from th
frlondn of the monopolies. In nimpl
justice to their constituonta and to tin
Dlomn pledges of devotion to the prln
clplea which they were ulostod to voioo
no member of the legislature , bo hi
republican , anti-monopoly or domu
crat , can afford to engage in entangling
ling alliances with inoti who seek t
win their oupport to the secret candi
dales of tlio corporations. Wlthou
assistance from represontutivcspledge
by the moat binding of pledcos to re
slut the advances of corporate monop
o'y ' , the rnUrpad tools and cappers wll
bo poworleas.
The motto of every nntl-monoyolia
must bo "No Burroiider. " With th
combined utrongth which they poeoc
on all questions cf vital moment , nur
render will bo n political auicido. N
member can cafoly violate his pledger
provo traitor to bin truat , and face ai
outraged constituency. No legislate
can afford to leave his post of dut ;
and batray his position to the enemy I
ho hopes for farther political advance
munt In Nebraska. The mntimont o
the state has txprossod itself so cloarl ;
and forcibly that there can ba n
oxcusu for disregarding it. The peopl
of Nebraska will acoopt nono. Anne
no nominee for the sonaterahlp wil
bo acceptable unless ho is a man ubov
fear os railroad diophasuro , and abov
the reproach of monopoly oonnoctlont
Tutf subject of forestry has bee
taken np hi o ; o t , by the Kanao
loglslaturo , Rnd aoonor or later mu <
bo moro earnestly considered by th
people of this state. Tree plantln
since the passage of the national tin
bor culture act has gro rn upon tb
public attention just ua its important
has boon forced into promlnonco I
the noooeBltios of a now country an
the rapid extinction of our forests I
the older portions of the Unite
States. The question is of pressln
Importanca bow the nation is to n
coup Itself for the wanton waste <
timber which each year witness
in our lumber regions , The oper
tion of our exorbitant tar
tax which hasovorBtimuluted"tho lur
bor intorcats of our country under t !
preteuso of protecting a handful
lumbarmon fr&m Canadian compo
tiou , has compelled our people to w
noes the rapid destruction of our pi
lands. Estimates are freely made th
the supply is not moro than sulliole
for twenty years. , Under these c
cumstancos trco planting for futi
lumber production Is at once a da
and a necccsity. Aside from t
question of a national aupply of lu
bar , forestry has a local inton
which cannot bo overlookod. T
climatic conditions of the fita
are greatly Influenced by <
presence of growing vegetation s
rainfall and moisture , are atimula
by groves and forests. In our prai
states farms are much enhanced
value by plantations of trees 'J
future rail , post and polo supply of
farmer can , within a few years , bo
curo-l wl'hout leaving his land , wl
the fuel problem will bo greatly s
phfi id by the encouragement cf we
Ii. land.KauB&s
KauB&s has already a forestry
10 under which 93,000 acres have b
planted , in cottonwood tn
m A bill has recently been Introdu
! r in her legislature for the appoint m
of a CDminltsionor of forestry , to
euro statistics and nffird Informal
3n for the benefit of trco planters. ]
0 economical qucttlons are of more
3r" purUnco to our farmorfi , imd THE ]
' y looks for a growing Interest on
a * eubject in our state and much p
" tlcul work in the direction vf
0 making of woodland within the i
c few years.
"g : TT =
cir TiiruTV members of the stale
tslaluro frcquentlyshow up lar ol
Itls aocountit at the otcaa of a session ,
in uiombar of the Indiana legiilat
B JB a correspondent , cxplstnol
fact that on his salary of $1,000 hi
bad In ono'aenc.Ion saved $00COO. b ]
saying : "It's oil owln' to my wife'
boln * economical in not keopin's i
hired girl that wo'vo saved so much , '
The civil Bdrvico bill aa passed b ;
congress is modelled very closely afto
the system now In operation in Eng
land , Of the plan , methods and ro
nulls of the operation of the Britisl
civil acrvico reform bill few of th
public and etill fewer congressmen , i
wo may judge from the spccchc
printed in the Ilecord , have any vor
definite idea. Pcoplo were led to be
llovo whllo the Fondloton bill wa
pending in the sen.ito that the nbcs
of patronagu and nil traces o
the spoils system were cntirel ;
eradicated in England and that th
plan of competitive examinations as i
prcrequlaito to entrance into the civl
Borvico applied to all classes cf gov
ornmcntcflhials. The public will b
dioabuaed of this idea by reading Con
sul Qanoral Morritt's report to th
state department , which inakoa a prac
tical comparison between the Arnori
cm and Englleh systems of admiesio
into and tenure in the civil eervioe
According to General Mcrritt , th
English civil service is a compromie
between the patronage and the com
putitlvo system. All pocilious con
manding moro than 2,000 a year i
the homo acrvico , and all without lire
Italian In the foreign service , are Glle
by the hoada of departments or by th
crown , and there does not appear t
bo any serious complaint as to th
manner in which this patronage i
disposed. These higher positions ai
occupied by the friends of the roprc
sontativo men of both parties , nn
hive never been brought under th
control of the competltivo sraten
At the enmo time patronage has prai
tlcally coaaed to bo an important cl (
mont in political contests. The civ
florvica rogulationa apply to all pop
tions in , domestic administration fc
which the annual compensation ia lei
than $2,000. The lower grades ai
divided into classoa ; applicants wh
succcod in passing a competitive r :
aminatlon bozln with a lalnry of $40
or $475 , which may bj advanced b
triennial increments to § 1,000 or $1
250. In the "Higher Division , " a no
grade of opm : compo'itlon , the sa
titles are rained triennially from
minimum of $500 to a maximum c
$2,000 ; and promotions cannot , as
rule , carry the official out of the grou
which ho haa entered , but can b
sanctioned by the civil so
vlco commissioners In exception
cases after ton years * sorvic
Llfo tonnro Is the fundament
principle cf the system , a pension b
ing allowed whenever the incumbci
becomes unfit for cflioo. Gen. Mo
rltt finds that the weakest point In tl
English plan Is the pensioning syster.
against which public criticlim is un
formly loolod , Ho thinks it woul
bo wiser to compensate public strvan
fully for sorvlcea roudorod than
"incur obligations that can bo ca
celled only by pensions or gratuitl
otherwise unnecessary. " Ho Is al
disposed question the wisdom
making Increase of salary deponda
entirely upon length of service and
no measure upon exceptional talon
Ho warmly recommends , howovi
the disciplinary rules relating to r.
cuniary embarrassment of govei
rflent employes , and la convinced th
their application to the cl
service of the United States wou
have the most beneficial effect.
f The practicability of adopting
the United States aorvicothe prlncij
of lifo tenure haa never been g <
f crally conceded by the most into !
gent observers. Pablio opinion
generally opposed to it. Gen. Men
advocatoa a limited tenure for rep
scntativo poaltiona of the highcat da
the tularloa being adjusted to i
importance and responsibility c f I
otlico , and for the lower or mor
clerical poaltiona a tenure subordlna
to periodical examiuationa every fi
or five years. The application of th
principles , ho thinks , would practice
secure tenure for lifo wherever
employes were zoalons and falthl
) B
and at the same time would prom
j the cfliolonoy' of the service. 0
, Morritt , aa n old and well eoasoi
jt t lit er holder , la naturally in favor
IQ the life tenure principle. The pec
of this country will not agrtio TI
] 0
1Q him. They ore opposed to the bu
ing up of an itlbo holding arlstocr
us unrepubllcan and contrary to
spirit of our government. They
in favor of throwing open the c
service to every man ambitious ono
to dealro entrance and moro compel
than the official whom be would
place. A limited tenure , a bnaii
' ' administration and a rigid rcspo
. bllity to ( uperiora and to the pec
for a small portion of the civil
vice thcso are all the rcsulta wl
the public can hope to secure from
civil aervlco bill which la ehortlj
bccomo a law.
hone AN uuaophlstloated and yont
no- official of the Union Paclfio who 1
he from Northern Ohio , haa been bogi
! Xt a pledge from ono of the D.iu
county delegation for a complliien
vote for tonator 11 h object , u :
nk states It , is that lili friends ub
nkA may see his ntuuo in the press
re , patches as among the eminent Nel
, ho kans. "How wo apples do swim
Over a year ago TUB BEE called the
attention of the city council to the
necessity of a building ordinance foi
Omaha. It pointed out that buslncsi
houses , public halls and private roil
dunces were being erected in the city ,
constructed with a grots disregard ol
the safety of human life , and in violation
lation of every rule hold essential bj
the building ordinances of all large
cities of the country. If wo romom-
bcr correctly the subject waa agitated
in the council and particular interest
taken in it by Councilman Herman ,
but the matter was finally dropped
without action.
Every great fire llko that which has
juat shocked the country brings the
question forcibly before our people ,
Why haa Omaha no ordinance regu
lating the erection of bui dlugj nntl
providing for the filing and aporoval
of plans with a cily cllicial competent
to pronounce whether they complj
with the law ! Fire traps voneoroc
with brick , foundations which ate dan
gurous from the day of their completion
tion , theaters and lulls with Irapropci
and inaciliciont ezlta , hotels with nc
extra provision for the escape of guoati
in caao c f fire or panic , are plnnnrc
and constructed , and there are m
grounds for objection under the lav
to their completion , or puniabmen
for their ownora who recklessly en
danger human lives and propsrty will
If the city council doairo to gratifi
a praiseworthy public sentiment the ;
will at once take utepa in the matter
A building ordinance ought to bo a
once drawn up and Introduced. The
of other cities will provide all tin
materials essoutial to a measure whicl
will provo a much needed safeguard ti
Omaha and its citizens , The detail
can bo discussed in the open council
Such p.n ordinance should provide fo
the thickness of wallt ) , the prope
thlcknoea cf floor bcarcs and ihcir in
B3rtlon free of flues in walla , the pro
portion of breadth cf brick walla ti
the height of the atrnctures , the nnm
bar and character cf exits in placfs c
public amusement and auch other pro
vlsoes as may seem advisable am
necessary. Our present city government
mont ia probably adequate to give RU
porvlalon to plans and to farms'
proper inspection of buildings.
Mr. Herman will do the public
service if ho will again take np th
matter where the council dropped II
There will bo no moro f ivorablo lira
than the present , when everyone
attention IB occupied with the recor
disasters in Milwaukee and St. Lonii
and when our citizens will need n
urging to support any measure whio
will tend to make moro secure the
property and persons and those <
their neighbors.
GERMANY may repudiate the Amo
lean hog , but it welcomes the Amet
can actor. Edwin Booth , our mo
subtle and artistic , and therefore 01
most effective Interpreter of Shal
apearo , is now playing Hamlet In Be
lin to audiences who have rcceivi
him with marks of distinction as fli
tering as they are extraordinary.
Is praise enough for E Jwin Booth th
his Hamlet ia regarded by the Gc
man critics as the perfection of dr
matlottt. Germany Is the count
whor , Shakspoaro has boon me
xhanstively studied and appre
atcd. Gorman Shakspearean oritlcii
preceded any intelligent criticism
the great dramatist in England ,
was Goethe and Schilling , Sohill
and Leasing who drew the fi
philosophical analysis cf Shakapear
plays , and to-day , in Germany , i
miration for the Englieh playwrif
ia hold to bo the first requisite cf 1
orary Intelligence. To the Gem
mind "Hamlet" Is ono of the id
productiouo of the world , the embo
mont of the profonndoat philosopl
the most consummate art and the si
limcat poetry. That Edwin Boi
speaking in a foreign tongue , will
support of native actors can prodi
such an Impression on the culture
Berlin Is proof enough that ho !
not boon overrated by his countryn
as the most accomplished traged
of his ago.
Gov. CLEVELAND has appointed
now railroad commission. Ono i
lawyer , who has done busineis
the corporations ; another was nr ;
for the place by several railn
th kingp , and the third Is the only ai
doy monopolist on the board , Iho pi
oy pools for riilroud legislation tn IS
York are not particularly cheering ,
dl In 1/uck Again.
Anpthoi Mltct.
nt E. K. Valentino's alleged boom
the U. S. aonatorsbip ia said to h
is- spent IU foico. Lucky Nebraska.
si- A HlRt-Prlcod uuuuacnuBOtta Tc
ilo Old Colony UeaioiUl.
A Brootou aoldler , who lost a
orob in the war , haa just boon paid S
ob for the member by the goverau
ho after sixteen years' delay.
How to Abate the Trtunp Nuiei
TeiuSittl'ipi '
Let woman bobroucht rp to ha
ful of industry and economy sud loan
d's support n husband and the tramp ;
ing since trill soon COMO.
Qould'd Pitpor Prtyloff.
The Trlbuno association , at Its
ho mini mooting , ha declared a divU
of 25 per cent. ThfH brought
the e.x ot registry of its stock , f
which appeared that Whltolaw I
hold 75 shares tn his own name
18 in , the name of his wife. Wl
bis brother-in-law , owned 20 sharei
moro , thn family thns owning altogether
gother 143 outof the 203 shares. The
rest are hold in small lotp , and ir
nearly half thocaars by estates. Th <
report elates with the exception of f
loan of $100,000 the building , hue
been entirely paid for out of- the
profits of the current bnnlncsa ,
81 Cheek Located but the Brain Not.
Philadelphia Prow.
Thb cheek of the Indiana domocracj
rests under the hut of D. Wobatei
Voorheoii , its hope under thut o !
Joseph McDonald , nnd its detpiir under
dor that of Thomas A. HeiidrlokB ,
The ropoiitig place of its brains hat
QDVor boon discovered oven unto thii
St. John's Lecture.
'a Times.
Gov. St John , of Kansai , it ia re
ported , will soon atart out on an ex
tended lecturing tour. Uls nubjecl
IB not announced , but it mav be
aaanmed that it will bo "flow to Fritter
tor Away Mojorltier , " as ho ovidontlj
knowa moro on this question than aij
ralraouat H'gnil.
II ninphtey , the speaker of the house
stands before the people to-daj
otrlppcd by hia own hand of the cor
poratiou vail under which ho had beet
trying eo hard to conceal himaalf , anc
If wo know anything of the matoria
which compoaea the body ever whicl
ho presides , wo predict ho will BOOI
have reason to repent hia insolence.
Bettor Thau
Dcnvur Tribune.
Aa a rule the servant girls of - Denver
ver are rapidity becoming the owner
of houses and lots. They got geoi
pay , don't have to spend it for dress
and consequently have a surplus to in
vest. An industrious girl can eav <
enough in a year to buy a lot near ;
street car line. Fortune hunters nr
getting hold of this state of facts , am
are sometimes found paying theif ad
dreatea to the kitchen rather than t <
the parlor.
A Man ior the People.
Franklin Echo.
Hon. A. H. Connor , candidate fo
United States senator , ia n westeri
man and cloecly allied with westcn
interests. He haa been a lifelong Re
publican , waa chairman of the ll-ipub
lican atato contra ! ccmmlttoo for ;
time in Indiana. Ho waa n very in
flurntial member of the constitutlona
convention of 1575 , a r cr and co
worker of and with Van \Vyck
Weaver , Liird , Mnnderaon and othe
brilliant minds of the state who gavi
us our present ttio constitution. H <
ia a man ripe In year ? , a logical rca
aoncr , n fluent talker , honorable am
upright , essentially a man of the pee
pie , and , as wo believe , a true-bin
anti-monopoly Republican , and wouli
make a good Senator.
Worthy of Thanks.
Tork Tribune.
Hon. Matthew Howell has taken
conreo in the senate which bring
down upon his devoted head the male
dictions of all railroad men and thel
numerous lackeys and journal
throughout the stato. But the poopl
of Nebraska , in whoso interest ho he
been so bold as to stand and fighi
will not forget to do him honor. Th
Times , though opposed to hia olectioi
is happy to state that it has been ver
agreeably surprised In the court
which he has thus far pursued. ]
the atatemont of thu railroad journa
that Mr. Howell is responsible fc
depriving the lieutenant governor i
the right to appoint the senate atani
Ing committee , is true , ho ia entitle
to the thanks cf every honest man I
the state.
A Boston Glebe reporter was 1 :
formed by Mr. E. M. Gifford , of tl
Norway Iron Works , that city , th
nothing ho had ever Boon equaled S
Jacobs' Oil oa a rapid and permanoi
relief for the accidents constantly o
cnrring iu manufacturing oaiablls
ments. >
Norveonsuess , debility and e
hauated vitality cured by usii
Brown's Iron Bitters
- - - - - - - -
A it Is for all the painful dlacum oflht
ltcleaiunthe > 7 > tctiioftheacrid polaott
3 Umt caoica Uio dreadful itUferine vhleb
onlr the victim * of rhemnati m can x * lixo.
of the worst fornu of this terrible dl e s
hire been quickly relieved , andluci-Ort
time ,
rnioni.iJjnu.rir.vsoLubUUICCISTS ( ,
14) Prrcanbe sent by mall ,
! 0 Vi'EUS. lUClIAIUisON X CO. , llurlinirton.Vt
In ( Oln ; But Ukt Mil
10a GMoago
3d era -w-
id Tnlnl lc 70 Omiti * 8:10 : p. m. and TI3 :
For toll Information call on II. F. DKUKL , T
tlAsrentTith and Farnam t . , J. BELL , U
VUUwar Depot. Oil ! JAUK3T. OLAKK. O.n
Those dritrtnr to m k mane ]
or emiill and medium Investment
ve grain , proilsions anil stock cpec
tloni , c n do to tiy operatlngr on
pl 'i. Kiora M y 1 , irtilto tlit
WHEAT ! n ' .ou Invertinen tot 1
refilled and paid to lines
amouni Ing to o > er < l tlmoi the i
oo loal Investment. Proflto paid 1
40 avery month , ttlll Irvrtng
crik'lnul Invotitment n aklu ; me
int orpinbl on demand Eiplar
cllcu4tt nnj ktattraenU of 1
we.'i.tfrfe . Wo want re poni
aKouU , who wllifport oncicps
ce. $100 IctrCKluco the phu Llbeial c
misolont raid. AUdrcm
its mission Merchant < , W K El
tn HI
) Ut
: im Call nr.d look over my nnw store and
id uiy new ( jooiU.
, nd 12U7 Farnam Stri > et. IS
to , Uudcr the management of Mr , Kails
Koastors and Grinders of Coffees and Spices , Manufacturers of
Clark's Double Extracts of
II. G. CLARK & CO. , Propriotoru ,
1-103 Douglas Streut , Oirmha ,
1108 and 1110 Harney ? t , , OMAHA , NEB.
Growers of Live Stock and Others.
Ground Oil Cake.
It is the boat and cheapest food for stock of any kind. Ono pound Is equal
to three poun's of corn. Stock fed with Ground Oil Cake in the fall and winter -
tor , Instead of running down , will increase in weight and bo in good raariot-
able condition iu the spring. Dairymen aa well as others who use it can tes
tify to its merits. Try it and judge for yourselves. Price § 25.00 per ton ; no
charge for Backs. Addrens
04-ood.rno WOOODMAN LINSEED OIL CO. , Omaha , Nob.
The Original and Only Regular SEED HOUSE in Nebraska.
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Grass. HcOge , Omaha. Neb.
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Hellman Co.
1301 and I3'03 Farnam St. Cor.
Fire and Burglar Pro3
1020 Farnham Street ,
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
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Cor. Farnam and 10th Streets Omaha , Neb. )
Carpenter's Materials
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D. H. McDANELD & DO. ,
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