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/The Daily Bee.
Monday Morning , Jan. i6
Weather Report.
( i"he folio wing observations are taken t
tbr lame moment of time at all the stations
named. )
vice , OMAHA , Jan. 14.1R 2. (1:45 ( p.m. (
Mlnlnlppl frozen at Ct. PtuI , frozen at Du-
bnqn' , frozen at I < \ Crofse , froron at Davcn ] > ort ,
6 lift , 0 Inehei at St. Louli.
Sunday was a pleasant winter day-
clear and cold.
Lsavltt's minstrels arrive from the
west on U. P. train No. 4 to-day.
| A conplo ot Inches of enow would make
a the sleighing the finest In the land.
- -Married at Florenc3 , Neb. , January
nth , 1833 , Mr. Wm. Chase to Miss Km.
ma Bird , both of above place.
There was a light train west yester
day , Including nne Pullman nnd two day
coaches. The incoming train had five
coiotiM in all.
The arrests by the police since Satur
day night included two plain drunks and
ono vagrant , besides those mentioned elee
where. John Lucas waa arrested for nu
unprovoked assault on Colonel K. Y
There wai a nuetlng of Division No.
20 , of the Y.rdmssters' Association nt 2
p. m. yesterday. The notice mailed us
WM unfortunately not delivered in time
for publication.
Married : At Halle } ' , fdaho , at the
rciidonce of the bride's mother , January
2,1883 , Mr. WJlllam 11. Oieonhuw kand
Mis * Alta Wheat.
MM. James Banner fell In her door
yard Friday and broke her thigh.
The bone was sot by Drs. Hart and Dim-
mere aud thelady is cornforablo now.
Master Juliin Kaufmann , the young
est BOD of Councilman Kaufman , who was
policed lj eating castor beane , is now out
of danger.
It is repoit ( I'M. Miller , former
ly driver for Mr. Jnincii Utophenson , his
signed a contract to travel with Paddy
Uynn , the pugilist.
Leiv ill's minstrels play a return en
gagement at Boyd'n , Monday evening , giv
ing nn entire change of programme.
Tho-Hess Opera company appear at
the 0 per ft houto an Thursday , Friday and
Saturday of this week. The operas to be
produced are as * follows : Thursday ,
"Martha ; " Friday , "Marltana ; " matinee ,
"Pinafore ; " Saturday night , "Olivette. "
A good substitute for nlelgh riding IB
to pull a chair out doors , spread a shawl
on the Dick of it , get la It , and place your
feet in a bucket of cold water , shut your
eyes , and got ono of the children to rattle
a string of sleigh bells , The experiment
' coitn nothing , except for medicine. No
pntenl applied for. The Watchman.
The Iowa Maionlc Benevolent ABBO-
elation tUrough W. J. Mount , their agent ,
have paid Mrs. Dr. McClelland $2,670 and
Mrs. J H. Stela ? 2,000 on the policies
held by tholr husbands at the time of their
deceiBO. Thlsi prompt work and rolled.
credit on the Association.
Mr. M. A. McNamara Friday received ;
a dispatch from Mr. Thomas Dyer , a
leading citlztn of They onno , nnd a gentle
man who h 3 many warm friends in this
city , requesting him to meet Mr * . Dyer at
the U. P. transfer 'yejtcrday. Mrs. Dyer
has been visiting fi lends In Canada , and
( during her utny there their little sou died ,
MM. Dyer being now on her way homo
with the remain" . Mr , Dyer will meet
her at North Platte. The parents w ill
have the sympathy of all in their bereave
ment ,
Special meeting of Capital Lodge No.
A. F , and A. M , , this evening >
January 15th , for work in the first degree.
Vlnltlng Brethren Bcordially Invited. By
order of the Master ,
Mw. P. M. Putnam , pupil of the
Decorative Art School , New York , is at
the Millard , and IB prepared to give lossona
lu Russian , K ruing ton and Chenille em.
broldeilei. Will remain lu town a week
or ten days , Ltdlet are Invited to call
and exrmfne specimens of work ,
U. B. Marshal Bierbower'u oillce hai
been newly curptUd.
-North Omaha Social Club will hold
private maenuerade boll on Friday , Janu
, ary 2Ctb.
The horses of Hose Company No. 2 Are
becoming accustomed to their uowqnai
tersand pot out to lumens lu double quid
Tco f.rm nf Jis. Uarnoau and i > ot
formerly of St. L il , will Invest abou
$60,000 in their cracker factory at tbU
point. The excavations have already : oin.
menced on Jackson and 12th streets.
An old cetUeri meeting will bo held
the Board'of Trade rooms | n the dick
building ou Tuesday evening ntxt , Janu
rylCth. All are Invited. Alf. D. Jctie
secretary D. 0. S. A.
The first meeting of Fire King Cot
pony No. 2 held In their new house on 10
street , occurred on Thursday evenin
Twofnew members were electe * ' viz.
Frank Graves and S m Crowley. T
boys are now comfortably domiciled I
their new quarters and are aa snug at
bug In a rug ,
He-member the lecture of Hon. Geor
W. Froit , at Knights of Honor hall. Ill
Douglw sjtreet , next Tuenlay evenln
Fine music will be provided atd the e
tertalnmeot promlies to be a grand succi
to tit St. George's Society , for whose be
fit U Is'given.
A Bold Gang of Safe Blowers
at Work ,
Baldwin's Olub Booma Raided
by the Crowd ,
And Etia Men Driven to Bed at
the Pistol's Mouth.
Alarm , Flight nnd Abandonment
of Their Tools.
A Klcli Prlzo Lost by a Oloso Ghanco.
With thu exception of the sorioifof
burglaries for which the ( ) iitk broth
era wore arrested , there haa been no
unusually startling ovontn in this line
since tbe raid made on Hoimrod &
Dorman's ' aafo , which resulted in the
death of Bernard Lang.
Sunday morning however qalto a
Boneatlon was canaod by the report
that a bold attempt to blow up and rob
the safe in Baldwin & Co'a club rooms
had boon mado. A KKR reporter was
son on the ground and learned that
the rumor wan well f jundcd , and that
the robbers were balked in their de
sign by pure luck. The fiots are about
as follows.
The club rooms wore closed about
4:30 : a , m. Sunday , the ualoon below
having been closed earlier In the
night , Joivlng the only persons abont
the building three niun who slept in
the third story. The saloon and club
rooms occupy the first .and second
stories of the building next door west
of Windhcim'a store on Douglas otreot ,
three doors west of Thirteenth and
on the north sldo of the street. Mr.
Win. Byron , Jake Mock and William
Kennedy , three attaches of the estab
lishment , slept overhead as stated.
About 5 o'clock the 11 rot named ,
who opono up the saloon in the morn
ing and usually awakens at that hour ,
was rouned f'omhla sloop by a uoluo
bolow. I lie thought It hardly possi
ble that they could otill be playing
but listened until the nolso became
RO violent , that ho concluded Homo-
thing muat bo going wrong. Ho getup
up , took a match and opening tbo
door to the ttairway , stepped out ,
striking the match ta ho did so. As
the light IliHhod up hu aaw a man on
the Drat landing bulow at thu door cf
the club rojin.
which Byron says looked aa big ao n
ciinnon. The stranger said "Gut beck
In there , yon ! " and Byroti did
got back fjr all that ho was
worth , alainmlng the door shut after
him , IIo then hoard the noiss resumed
sumed and waa convinced that an at
to nip1 wasbilng nmdo on the saf j. IIu
wont to work to wnko up Jake and
Kennedy , which ho did with great
diflloully , no they discredited his warn
ing that there were burglars iu the
houso. They were at a loss what to
do , even when convinced , as It is not
fmo walking into
and it lacks the glory even of walking
up to a cannon's mouth. Finally
Byron seeing that eomotlilrg must bo
done at once wont to the front window
aud raining it uttered a call for
"police ! " that could hava been heard
at the Tenth street depot , It was
heard very distinctly by the robbara ,
who ran anay at ouco , leaving their
entire outfit of tools , cto. , behind
There eomnud to ba three of them ant
la the darkness all that , could bo die
tlnguishod was
on the tullor of the threo. As they
ran ncroea Douglas street some won
near the bank naked "What is the
innttoi ? " "I don't know , " was the
answer of ono , ai no pulled his hat
down over hia oyoa and ran on.
QUnorLino was the first to appear
on the Dcono , and ruroslod u young
man named J. n. Kirkhnm , wh-j wna
lying around and unable to glvo an
account of himself , but no ono oho
wfiH to be noon at/lho time
The work tf invcsligallon then pro
ceeded , It WAS f jund that nn entrance
had boon elected through the nido door :
east of the Baloon. the look Imviiip
been partially fjrcorj ilf by the ueo'cf
. a chisel. The next move was on those
, se fa in the main room above. A man
. wan stationed outaido to watch nnd
nnothor on the lauding above fr ida
similar purpose , whtlo the third did
the mechanical part r f the buBlnosn.
Ho was well equipped , haying n dark-
lantern , n brace and bit , a chisel , u
pair ( f nippers , a stool punch , n
. eplondid alcdgo hammer and three <
the finest stool drills , manof icturodfor
this express
was In the woat aide of the room
fronting toward the door. Two three-
eighth inch holes were bored In the
i outer door to the right of the knob
. and to a depth cf two inches nnd oba
ha'f. ' This did not penetrate the in
side Bhooting Bh-l the punch was inmt
In and an etl'ort aado to drive
through with the sleSgs hammer
This was the noise which awoke ' .Air
Byron aud was resumed after ho lad
bcun driven buck at the point of the
out revolver. All of the artlclos dossribot
wore loft lying near the aaf j when the
. gang lied. Had the. sjfa blowers boei
left alone a few moments longer thoi
would have won
ftl i
A men ruiZE.
The safe U only fire proof nnd not
a very good strong hold against bui
glars. It contained about $1,800 , iurin i
caih , $200 worth of wntchos nnd $25
worth of diamonds , nnd the hau
- would have boon a bonanza for thu
burglars as It would have boon ally
lng. Bocurod , carried off and converted t
; . : their own
beyond a chance > c
The identification. As it was , the prom ;
In action of Mr. Byron which saved the
a good. The robbery was %
and suspicion foil on various-purtii
KI14 who had boon observed hnngin
around the plaoo. About noon a man
named Barry Johnson was arrestc
en- by Marahhl Angell and Ollicor lot-
man and at 3 o'clock Ollioer Armoi
ben- arrested a man named Charley Sea' .
ring , all of whom are suspected I
complicity in the robbery and were
field to appear to-day nnd answer to
the charge.
County CommlBslonors.
SATURDAY , January 13. Board mot
pursuant to adjournment. Present ,
Oommlesloners Corllaa , Knight and
The minutes of the last mooting
were road and approved ,
The following appointments were
made nnd bonds approved :
D , D , Doyo , supervisor Saratoga
precinct , E. district ; II. E. Tlramo ,
supervisor Jiflorsan precinct , 8 dis
trict : 11. Tlotge , supervisor JelTeraon
precinct , N. district ; Wm. Dowllng ,
supervisor Elkhorn precinct , N. din-
trlct ; Ulnus Oft , nascaaor Joffonon
The fjllowlug resolution was
adopted :
Jlesolced , That the county treasurer
bo , and hereby is , directed to draw
from the general fund $129 40 and
apply the same to the payment cf the
delinquent personal tax tf David
Guild far the years 1881 and 1882 , for
services is jaror.
Divld Sjldon was appointed consta
ble for Omaha precinct No. 2.
The following accounts were al *
owed :
T. II. McSbaue , conveyance top or
farm , . . $ -60
tfobroaka Institute for Blind , goods
furnished for company 1548
A. Guild , petit juror 2 fil
K. ] ; . Moores , tickets for poor 12 'JO
K. C. & .St , Joe 11. R. , tickets for
poor 2 10
fifteen persons , petit jurors 228 40
A , McyeJ. witness fee 6 00
fonnard Bros. & Co , , medieino Lr
poor 10 00
Tno. G. Jncoba , cnflln 9 00
[ f. liolln It Co. , groceries for poor 5 00
T. N. Nicholan , 87 85
Cuhn 4V Co.medicine 2 35
> V. M. Votes , groceries 3 CO
3. Leifgo & Son. , groceries for poor 5 75
Schoeb & Co. , 1 CO
II. Hexauor , 2 50
' , McNamarn , talon juror 400
3. H. Crowoll , ballfl'g fees 30 00
\V. 15. Avers , post mortem 10 00
\ . 1'olack , goods for poor 8 25
Win. Dowling , work on bridge. . . . 2 50
C K. Verhlcst , " " road 2(1 ( BO
H. J { . Avery , " " " 11 50
Adjourned to the 20 .h innt.
Oounty Olork.
An Unfortunate Man Attacks His
Agofl Mother ,
Felling ZTer to the Floor With
a Hammer.
A cioo to excite the sympathy o f
the public rather than any other f col
Ing waa that whioh occurred ou Chi
cvgo , near Twelfth street , 1'Vida ;
in which a man attacked his aged
mother and felled her to the floor with
a hammer. The name of this man is
John Herman , whoso relatives or
very roopeotablo people in this city
lion. Fred , Bohm balng his hall
brother and Mr , Herman , the
engineer at Krugs brewery , hi
full brother. John Herman eorved
during the war in a battery of nrtil
iory , and the shock produced by th
cannonading ull'tiotod not only hi
hearing , but hla brain. The iuspeo
tor long ago pronounced him outltlcc
to a pension , whiuh , for some reason
ho haa never received. Ho wai
always quiet and harmless , except n1
remote periods when his malad ]
showed itself In a violent form. A .t
other times ho did a little cir
pontor work and other jobs
nnd was kind and mild in
his disposition. Ho lived with hi
mnthor , who Is qulto an old lady , lam
i although on ono or two occasions In
formations of Inoanity have boon filoc
with the commluiouors , his relative ) B !
have always intervened to keep hln
out of the asylum ,
Friday ono of his 'spells ' came on ,
Friday night ho attacked his mother ,
nnd , .after striking her with the ham
mer , tried , it is said , to throw her on
thoetovo The prompt assistance of
nolghbpra nnd others la probably
nil that saved her life. It wus
reported Saturday that 'her Injuries
wuro fatal , but inquiry developed the
fact that the case was fortunately not
DO bad as that.
Herman wna taken In custody by an
olttoor , another information of insanity
, being filed agninat him , nnd Was con
signed to the county jail to await nMl
investigation by the board.
It oaid that on ono occasion , while
employed formerly ut Krucj'a brewery
ory , he made a similar attack on Mr.
Ei Wittig with some heavy Instru >
- ment.
A Sod Errand.
Air. Tim Dyer , ono cf the moot
wealthy , popular and well known busIness
Inoss men la Choycnno , arrived in
this city ycetorday on a sad errand.
I IIo oxpecta to meet hia wlfo at tlu
- trantfer this morning with the romalni
of their little ton year old oou , whc
died at South Bond , Ind , , a few day
a ago. The little lad with bis brothci
rmd bom nttondlnp school at thi ;
NotroDamo University , and was then
II taken tick , Ilia mother went on to
. him , but human aid was of no avail
. and now aho returns with all that I li
mortal of a boy idolized by his parents ,
'bright and promising for the future
Tko grief-stricken parents will proceed
< coed on tholr way homo to-day. Air
Dyer baa a wldo cirri > f friends
this vicinity , and ' \ , - -thy cf nli
will bo with the be " " family.
- Made froir the wild -ilowera of tin
It la the moat fragrant ot perfume
Manufactured by H. B. Sloven ; Sal
Francisco. For sale In Omaha by W
J. Whltehouao aud Kennata Bros
& 0o. ,
Tested Ijy Time1.
For Throat Disease * . Colds and Conch
KOWN'rt llltOXClllAl-TllOLMIEsJiavn nr. .c
their efrlcaoy by a test of uuny yean
Price 25 ceniH.
HUUrUNCHUauperlor to the rage
punch brewed ou feative social occ&sloc.
- la It the mellowett old llquore are blende
w'th ' choice fruit juices. Trade luppltc
b ( it m nuf eturenif price * by M. A. Mi
; N n , Families iupplled by A. I
ofUd4toneOm | ! h , Neby
A Sunday Sermon by Reverend
Frank Hays ,
Union Meetings at the Y. M.
0. A. Roomo ,
gormon nt the Southwest Pretby-
terlun Church
Yesterday Kov. F. Ilaya chose as
his text "As an eagle ntlrroth up her
neat , ilatloroth over her young , spread-
oth abroad her wlrji , takcth them ,
baoroth them on her wings , so the
LTd alone did load him , and there
was no steerga good with him. "
Dent , 32,11 and 12.
The following are some cf the
thcughta ( f the Eormon : This eocg of
Moaoa , as it la called , f com which the
text ia chosen , is both glorious and
pathetic. Though Moaos is anxiousto
enter the promised land , ho knows , on
account ( f the fttal act in his 1 fa ,
ho Is not permitted this privilege ,
and this sorg is sung ; and
the loader , in hla full strength
goes op on the mountain to dio. On
the opposite or glorious aide wo ceo ,
when the powora of earth human
powers become as nothing , then it is
that the stability of Qod's power is
evident. Ho calla upon all Israel for
religious lives and zeal in hla seivico.
Ho calls attention to the eagle and her
little caglota and the stirring of that
neat that the little inexperienced birds
might prepare themselves for life's
ncoeesities , and when they are mnblo
to boar themselves by their own wings
the oiiglo catches them and bears them
on her winy ; and in this simile wo see
Egypt the neat , the children of Israel
the eaglets , and God the bird of
swiftness. The Israelites had
gene to Egypt when there
waa a fimlno , and when they , as a
people , T7BIO of Insignificant reputa
tion. But under the influence r f Jcs-
oph , the acting ruler , and time for de
velopment , they became prepared for
self oxortion. But that this nest
might bo abandoned it was necessary
that it bo stirred , yet ao the people
are cast from their neat cf irfincy
God flutters over them , by the pillar
of fire and cloud , and boars thorn up
by a oondtant provision ; and there
WEB none sick aud their garments did
not become old. And as in Ezygt
then was a cruel king , which was a
moans by which the neat waa stirred ;
God often uses an evil moans to ac
compile ! ! good results. And wo may
ask :
1. What is the Lord doing
for all people'IIo / in continually stir
ring up the tell. People are willing
to ait lu idle complacency and pray
unto the Giver ( f all good for his
manifold blessings and protection.
And as this beneficent Ruler will
grant their desires they continue
tholr prayer and nay , "Oh Lord , mul
tiply thy blessings nptn me ! " and
they may plcturo in their imagination
a fit habitation In this barren Milder-
mess of transient humanity. But in
the answer to that prayer there may
bo a Htirring of the nest , by oppres
sion of rulers , that the object desired
may bo obtained , but in a
difteront way than waa expected.
It wo pray for the kingdom of
Christ to como , ( hero must bo a
vrilllngncs ) ( st self -sacrifice and effort.
Thus when men pray for blessings and
are not willing to take them when
they are offered , they are driven from
their rest that they may rtcjiyo it.
. The nest is aomvtimes stirred by
observation. A rich man in an insti
tution cf charity and seeing the little ,
street Arabs ivou shelter , olothod
and fed , ia load to thankfalnosn for his
own children and liberality fjr the
poor. There are many in this city at
proaont who may have scon others en ,
ga cd In worship , are anxious to hear
about Ohrht.
/ ' . By chastisement. To many
there are who have written
over their doors , "Mono , niouo ,
tokel" "God hath numbered thy
kingdom aud finished it , thou arc
weighed in the balance aud found
wanting. " And it may bo the sharp
arrows of sorrow , it may bn the roar
ings of the canon * , if tniifjrtuuo , it
may bo the vibrations caneod by the
earthquake < f national conquest , and
it may be the noiseless footsteps cf
death that stlru the neat.
2. The eagle flutters over her
- young and cares for them. Hero man
can fjllutr God's example ; t > nd while
other religious gho nothing ap a rec
omponaa f > r tnut which is * taken '
- array , the Christian religion always '
. give that which ii better than
that v.hloh ha' . been taken
away. Then if anyone has
talents them taltnto should have
a placa for development in the rojpeo
tivo field. And the parent nnd the
- Sabbath school toaohor ehonld follow
this cxamplo becauao it ia uot the elo
quent worda from the pulpit , but it is
. the daily lifo that ia the icilncncluu
medium. Aparent wished mo tospcakt-
hia sons ; and I told that parent to become .
come a christinnhimsolf nnd that would 1
; bo the effectual moans of reaching his
sous. Ho was their idol and that idol
must be christianized.
3 The Lord's constant help nnd
< protection the rock uponwhlch re ate
, the strong aa well PH the weak , during
; the irftnoy of conquest which ends ii
- There will bo n mooting or
. Tueaday night at the Y. M. 0. A.
rooms of nil the denomination
nt whioh timu they will consider the
advisability cf holding n union moot
ing on Monday , Tuesday , Thursday
and Friday nights c f each week , tons
which this and nil the congregation
are Invited.
. ,
Tno Fire on Barker'a Uornor LOB
, NiHht.
o'clock last night there wa
nu alarm of1 , fire from box 21 , No i. !
. .
engine house \ ; * which was prompt ! ;
responded to by' hose companies No. !
and 2 the formeif-Rrriviug first on the
the ground nnd throwing the uly ;
stream thai wna needed ,
The fire originated ln > frame addl
tlon back of Allen Bi'0".1 grocer ;
house ! , la Barker's brick block , on
Fifteenth near Farnam , and just back
elf the place where the fire of a
fdw nights ago broke out. A man
who rooms in the building gave the
alarm and the fire was oxtingrished
with but silent damage. The hallway
of the building waa tilled with urnoko
and affoiia for n time looked quito
threatening. ( The water did consid
erable damtga to the stock In Allen
Broa. ' Btoro. A very largo crowd
turned out to sco the blaze and went
home disappointed at the luck whioh
haa always attended thia corner.
Mace and Slado Pass through Utmba
The conductor cf the incoming pns *
aengor train on the Union Pacific last
evening brought the tioira that Mace
and Slado the well-known puglllate ,
would pass through Omaha thlsifcor-
noon , en route to Chicago to meet
It was thought that perhaps they
might ba induced to stop ( tl'and give
a sparring match here , and u telegram
was sent them risking if inducements
would bo any object , K they should
cot c'ndo ' to atop over it would bo
quite an event for Omaha.
D. C. Howard was in the city over Sun
Mr. W. P. Cooley left for the east lust
GJV. Wm. Hale , of Wyoming , is nt the
Church Howe , the grancer , Ia at the
Mis. Patrick , cf Columbus , in at the
S. A , Ojborn , of Brownville , Is at the
K , II. Cowles , of Pine Bluff * , ia at the
M. W. Kr.-'oy , of Council Bluff * , is In
the city.
Mrp. J , H. Birlow , of Colorado , ia at
the Paxton.
W 0. Bohn , of Winoni , Minn. , ij at
the Paxton.
Lewis Mendeleshon , of Now York , is at
the Millard.
Theo. Ketchum , ( f .St. Lout' , is at the
lion. Chrl * . Hart nnn left for the state
capital yesterday.
Mr. Thomas Tilon ) went out to Pap-
pillion yesterday.
K. A. Weeks , of Council Bluffj , was in
the city yesterday.
Herman Kount/.3 w.u an east bound
passenger jejterday.
J. F. Linthurst , of Van Meter , ! , , is
at the Metropolitan
F. C. GjntHch , of Salt Lake City , was
nt the Millard yentcrd iy.
Fred Banner , of the Arapahoe Pioneer ,
waa at the Paxlon yesterday.
C. H. Clausen , of Denver Junction , was
at the Metiopclitan yesterday. -
V. G. 8.muele.thegonial traveling man ,
resumed bin trip westward yesterday.
Dave Burley , U. P. passenger agent at
Baltimore , left for that city last evening.
Judge Samuel Word , a prominent legal
gentleman of Butte , Montana , ia at 'the
lion. J. If. Millard , C. J. Green and
Guy Barton left for the seat of war Sun
day noon.
N. J. Paul , of St. Paul , and George 11.
Sherwood , of Kearney , are registered nt
the Paxton
Hon. Cha3 , Connoycr , secretary of the
board of education has gone to Lincoln
for a few days'
J. .T. Caldwell , clerk of the Northwest
ern house-Cedar Kaplds , is in town , and
will remain until Tuesday inoruln ? .
II. J. lludeon , of Columbus ; Oakley
Johnson , of Harvard , and Cliar. Avcril ) ,
of Lincoln , were at the Metropolitan
Geo. W. Post , York ; John Stabler ,
Lincoln ; K. V. Clark , and Win. Flojrl ,
Genoa ; II. M. Oliver , lladtingo , were at
ths Millnrd yesterday.
Fred. I. Kvans , genernl tipeut of the A.
It. T. CGould's Itefrigerator C rB , Is in
the city , Mr , llvaca is one of the mott
active of all the energetic men tn utr
Gould's employ. HU irlends in Oimha
are nUvays glad to see him ,
A delegation from Line In , cocst-illng
of Colonel Siwoge , of Caster count ) ; C.
O. Charlatan , of Phelps ; Grimcf , of Val
ley ; Franse , of Cumins ; Homer , of Saunders -
dors ; D. II. Tomlirj , of Furnis and Jen-
ningj , of Ked Willow , met at th- Millard
in this city and hid a splendid champagne
supper ,
Max Gladstone nnd Charles Melz , tc'
popular and promising young men of this
city , took the Cannon Ball train on the
Wnbash hut night' for St. Loui * , to bo
oabsent for three or four week * . During
tbeir gray east they will visit Louisville ,
Clnc'nnati , Milwaukee and all the prin
- cipal cities of the east , taking in New Orleans
- , loans about Mardl Gras time. We wish
them a pleasant vacation trip ,
Mr. J. P. Byrne , one of the gentleman
ly representatives of the muslo house of
Lyou & Ileely , of Chicago , li ( pending a
few days In Omaha. Mr. Byrne , besides
being nn expert business man id also an ao
o inplUhe.1 musician , ani has been gratefully
fully entertained by a number of out
homo artists whom lie h a recently met
He ban alto torno old nchoo'matej In town
. to whom hiii visit Is an occasion of excep'
! tional pleasure.
Mr. Mark Duryfe , formerly clerk al
- the Northwestern ani now Soutberr
hotels nt Cedar llipid * , Ukcs his place i at
the Paxton in addition to the force ahead ]
! employed there , increased bunluess of the
house c mpelliug the management to adc
nnorher clerk , Mr , Duryce cornea nmorf
m with a very flattering record , both i as
a hotel man and a gcjitleunn , nnd wltt
Mr. Aylesworth also in the olUce the Pax
ton U now In shape to care for Its patron
In ft satisfactory manner. We welcomi
; Mr. D. to Omaha most cordially ,
3 HA , NEB.
Tables supplied with the boat thi :
market aliords. The traveling pnblh
claim they get better accommodation !
and moro general satisfaction hen
- than at any other house la Omaha
Rate , $2 per day. ug21tfm
V/hy / He Eefused to Appear With
Tom Keene ,
His Peculiar Ideas aa to Him
self and Others.
Thomas Keene and Lawrence Bar
rett are both good actors well known
to the theatrical going people of this
city | , and both having their friends
and admirers in this city. The re
fusal of the latter to play with Keene
nt the Cincinnati festival hna occa
sioned no little comment in the pro
fession and the press is expreoting
aomo very decided opinions.
It appears from the ntatemont of
Mr. W R. Hayden , the popular man
ager for Mr. Keene , that the engage-
men of Mr. Kepno for the dramatic
foatival was entirely uneolicited , and
that there was no disposition on the
part of any ono to give Mr. Keouo
undue prominence. The engagement
was cancelled owing to Barrett's re
fusal to appear if Keene took part in
the festival Mr. Hajdon 8 ay a of the
action of Barrett : ' '
"it Is in accordance with hia nar
row , egotistical , selfish , quarrelsome
disposition , the annoyances of which
every actor and manager who has cvt > r
had any relation with him thoroughly
understand. Ho objcctc , as I under
stand , to appear with Keene In the
same cast , bocaa o ha thinks ho would
to elevating Mr. Iv ono to a position
ho does not deserve. This ridiculous
statement baa made Mr. Barrett the
laughlrg stock of the entire profos
sion. He has always tried to pull
every follow actor down , nnd walk
upon their shoulders to success. "
"How different" oald Manager Hay
den , "is the nttitudo of John Mo-
Oullough. Hia whole souled ways
have made him ns much nu idol of the
profession as ho is of the public. Ho
rrants every actor to uucceod. Ho
says the field la largo aud glvea them a
helping hand and when auy man or
woman makes n hit on the stage no
actor is moro pleased to hoar it than
John McCulloagh ; and he opens his
generous heart to nil who como to him
to seek counsel. When Keen ? , thrco
years asro , made his debut in Chicago
McCulloujh. played at one house anc
Barrett nt the other. When Me-
Oullough heard of Kotno'a great suc
cess he cent a note , prompted by his
own big heart , full of kindness , gone
wishes and advise. When Booth
hoard of Ins ancceea ho dent Keene a
bolt to wear in Hamlet and a letter
full of friendship. "
"Barrett , it is enid , " continued Mr.
Hayden , "states that Kcono is not
ent'iledto the position ho haa secured.
Every man IB entitled to the position
ho has secured. Keene has gene
through a training auch aa few actpra
hivohad. Keene played every line
of business played by Forest before he
became noted pantomime , bnrleeque ,
oqmody , melodrama , tragedy. Hu
achieved BUCCCBB in a far greater vari
ety ofjparta than over Mr. Barrett did.
He has attained.a tar greater popular
ity than over Mr. Barrett haa secured
or ever will secure. Ho haa obtained
the friendship nnd oatocm of the dra
matic prbfoBBion , "
Buolilm'B Arnica tiaive.
The BESS SAIVB in the world lot Onto ,
Brniaos , Sores , Ulcorj , Salt llhtum , Fe
ver Sorrc , Tottsr , Chapped Hands , Chll
blalns , Corns , ana all skin eruptions , and
positively cures piles. It is guaranteed to
rive BaUafaotfon t runs/ refunded ,
Frlco , 25 oeuta per cr. it or call by C ,
" Goodrrw
Uabj'B Petition.
Ufa Is restless , ilajs are rhetlne ,
Children lilocin.but die in teething :
Warnlcr take , a'l Irhnds and mother" ,
\V t-h thj ] > re-louj glib and brothers ;
Head the homo Illeol VhtotU ,
Chliirtn nine , % ll had Coitoriat
No sleep cesnlgLti by b > taj fquallltij ; ,
T.'ko ' luiki they rise In carl J mornlnjf
Ho other dlBCOBO is co prevalent to tills
„ country B3 Constipation , and no remedy
O baa over equalled the celobrntod KTDNEY-
? WOHT aa a euro. Whatever the caupe ,
however obatlnato the caeo , thlj remedy
will overconjo It. _
THIS dUtre'slnc com
j plaint la very apt to bo j
complicated with conetlpaUon. Kidney-
Wort ctrcnfftlietu ! the weakened parts And
aulcMy cureu oil kinds of riles even when
phyntelana nnd medlelnea have before faU-
tiriryouhavoclthcrofthwo troubles
TO I.'I AN Call at Uw office of D. L.
MONEY aa room SCrcU'bton HlocK.
Tl/TO / EVT LOAN On chattel mortpaRo re-
MONEY . A. B. Tutton , No. 1510 Douglas
etrce * front room up ftaira. 425-tt _
TO I CAN At 8 per cent In-
xi , tirest nsumsof * --,000 and up-
\\ards , for Bto B jeare , on first class cltj and farm
property. Ile u RKAL EHTATI and LOAN AOK.SCV
- 16th and Douglas 81s.
J-ANTKD-A good girl24. . ' > Uatenpor 5 St
A zood girl'or the kitchen t Ml
WANTKD .Street , ( iood w.gfu. 74M. " > 1
- to do lltch'n w rk test
- WANTKIl-Aglrl lje to [ relerauco ri'iilrid
tooH wages p.ltt Apply S K corner Soihni
- Californfa St. 749 1 't
. FOR OAHU-Clii-ap rildi-iict lot
WANTED tbrte b'ocki of street car . No fan
ov prlcvpald. tU'u Joe tlon and price. Addrra
' "Ueslc encc Lo , " Bee otllce , , - UJvilll
-\T7-ANTED .Suit of MrnUIic.1 roomt will
W boardforself ami wife m strlul ) prlvat
famtlv , drat cla s location. Feat of reli rvncn g
en. Address M. A. Armstrong MUUrd 11 t
Oroahl- - 7t.
Hoarder * utMHS IHT week : c
. K f f IlArn l. ttutwttt
. IT.
A cfl ) V. a no In laundn
WANTED tlr I' .l8o Hotel Columbus Nei
1-vIlAUUHTSilAN > o understands thorougl
ftjcJ \ ly to draw mips. p'oU , ere . w ots einploj
meiit. Addio s "D/aughLmao. " orlloe cl this
Mm wantrtl fur lined work , 50 iull (
. IxjIowUclv'iJUrff , Ut * . Slilf piiiK Jan
nirv ISIIi. \VUImoii , O ntructor. II. ilanr
tiler , Agni' . 7 1-1 !
K A af WANTED SOUTII-Shlpftn ? ai. > 1
OU Keniudy Contractor. H. Minnucllrr i-nt.
11 M , near famarn. 71S-18) )
11 EN WA TED-Kansai Cily Splinrrleld | ,
, lltmrlili II. R. Uaunwtlltr U Hi. lear
Farnim. 719-13t
. ,
Ktery one to lea e rrdcrs tor he !
WANTED . 10th8trv < ; , up.iUlr . yj-'tf
W" AN1KII A few no re u-spocUble AgeuU i
ciMMters , will p T | exp il nctd nen (3.
to t" day and new raon from 11,75 to $3 , rl y.
Addrts lvlujf experience , Wcitern Ageutu Sup
ply Co. Ktnsis City Mo , 712 131
WANTED 4 or 8 furnished room * ( ( djoln-
ln ) lii brick lulMlrif , buslnen portljn
clly ( nit. ble for eoparate luht house keeplnj ; br
twottialloi. DO children , rif.rencts exchtnnd
Address J , & W , Ileo oOlre. 7M-13) )
'ANlKu-Or.e ofto boar acn an J icomerj
\Y at 1C10 Du\cnpjrt st cu ! , 74518 !
W ANTKKtrp . -maVln'g unl plain e lnc at
14I'J rnrimm Kt. Prlctn moUcra'e. 73 ? iSj
S11UATIO. WANTED IJy . young rnwi 21
yiarjof nifc , as clerk In Jr piods ilothlrg
or khoost te Sjo.rjexperience , ric k.
ll h unil Ueruiin. AaJicss It. W. thl rllli'j.
\fj AMII.DBj a youoif tran , a t lua'.lun In
Vl aprociry s ore , or l < willing to mike hlm-
i if molulat ty o.hir omplujmcnt. Aflnreu
J. " Bee olficfl ! J313 |
W'AMKOSituation by an nsjlslant book
keener can RVO | tno b at c.ty rtferem-o Ail
JrcssII llcooll'.ce. 723 > tlit
O HUl'MKH ' FOll HKNT-Two to 10 room
t/iacY Petiraiu , Real K ) a'e Acert , 15th
d Doujl sttrccts. TJ.VIS )
0"ll KENTTfom bourU also few table
) b. ardors ITlSUjJgiS . 7iB-19t
i,10K KENT FiTa unfumlahea upper roonM ,
front and bock entrance. 11 fertncea S. K.
corner 17th and Chicago St. 721-1 It
FOll RENT Tno nliely turn shed rooms S. E.
corner 20th md D.iunpott wither without
b unl. 650-15 !
FOrt REhT Two iinturjlibcd rooniu opening
Into oath oh r ai a upon a h 11. lltmrr's
block , cor. 8th and H'warJ , 74M3t
\ HARE CHAVOE FOR RENT The 2nd story
XX and bavvment of bu Ulnp No 1111 F.irnnni
oirict IniU'ru | mxt door cast. 7317
| j > OH KENT biniil lieu t , 5 rooma
U cack. DR. C. H. 1'Al'L.
FOU WENT Furnished ro'mi ( ortllcht hruic
Kciplng. . $1800. A | < i > y2117WT.terSt.
I1OK.KENT Two iix-go rocins , at 2201 We' ter
_ Htrtit. 738 15 " ! _
of building No. 1111 Fur cam strict. Inquire
navtdoor out 73z-17
FOR RENT A Kfod furnlshtd ronn. AUD
rooms sulub'o for houscKeqiln/ Wii-t
or unfiirn ehcd , 220 North 13th stnxt. 731-16 !
FORREST Fit or lOini and Hall tip t In ) ,
front and rear cntr nco , omeulent for a
small family , $ ir > .UO per men h. Inquire at 1815
Ca'g St , 72C-18'
FOR RKNT Four comfortable basemuit
rooms suitablu for hoUM1cepliig al > s oed
barn. Inquire InmxxlUtcly of F I ) . Cooper
noitli west corner of 23rd and Uurt St 730 1m
F OR RUNT Double otflco In Jacob ? Illook.
iK KhnT Upaa8 , 1117 siro-.t ,
715 16 JOIItfO. JACOBS
Fl'R RENT Store r-om No. laOS Farnam St
Contract must lie made this iiiontb. rail ou
F. J. McShant , 1110 Farnam St. CM 13
70R It N T Oaoigo \ ni'niy fur ns oJ room
I wlih board for t o ut 1808 California St.
I710R RENT 133 Con\ent itreet St.
JUunuu. . none story homo siv rooms atd two
Inquire ISnrKti Uros. Ua&s olHco.
I _ _ _ _ g-)5 g * _
J710HEM Ono double to store bul dluif
.E aultabofor L-ro.crj , B.lnui ) , butcher thop.
or any othr buino-i . Lcctt d so that a ? nod
farmer's trade can be secured. Enquire of Mis.
M. Lamp , cjrntr Jaclibju unJ 13th street.
33 d9-lin !
"OESIIS1 New Jlap of Otnaha , just completed r nd
.D ready for dtlh ery at K > each. la 4 ftxit \ * .de
by 7 feet Ion , ; . Lnrccst and most complete map
of Omaha c\cr publislicd. Olliclal map of thd
city. Sco column. _ _
FOR HEN1 t houses o ! & rooms cicliT In-
quiru 1019 Kjnihamstrc t. K'3-lmt '
"OM O 4I.
POtHLtCheip for cull ono gocd famlb/
tottuB'ii b'o for p 'aotou , lair orclllou
urho.ornde alto one \t\-KX rrp phaeton with
tlri h runn rand new lurnrsi a so or.o pro-
alura Jtr > y coaun " old frcsi thla fall , a'so
wcudsclicy re'Jonco at u rcnombla rrlca
corner 19 h aid Izud. Avplv intuedUtcly on
Ihn prcml'cc , rcittor far bi'llnf ' iLolnv south
firtboulnter. R. N. WlthnOl. T'lMOt
ITl R SALE . * 0torn iboke hay ifJ OOpcr ( n
I' Jno O'Donnell 3mi uj north i f cl v on cut
off Liki. 751 IS !
"TOOK HALF-Small house on leased lot b. F.
JD corner Stb nnd Jackson. Icqulre on prtm
ises. 717-2J !
HOTKI , FOR SALE CHKPC2 nillfH west of
Omaha , on the I'nlon raiiflc railroad
Brick barn , two etiry hotel and furniture , thrt-e
lo's O'.xiij : coed btniul , gosd buslnc&i. Ga d
rtisons for xellln . Inquire of subscriber.
713-lm-mc Keith liend , Neb ,
BUSINESS O.TANCiC Cusinesi for Silo-A
geuenl stonk of merchandise , In a g od
town , on tbo H. & M. road ; Holni ; a j oed bu 1
Lcatd carry aw el1 mtectul stac1' . Ciusofor
Belilc-j , ' , tichiupi > iu3'iia"9. F r firthcr infor-
matlnn adHr-a "Mdso , ' nOUlie. . jinO-Ot
F OIl \LE-Sfx room cottuzo with barn nd
half lot on Chlcajo fctreet , near Hijh School
Onlj 62,300. McCAGl'E ,
COO doa ! (7 ( tf _ Opp. roi.ollico.
OP. BALlv A firi"t cl 8 lecond hand pheeton-
Call at 1319 Harnty St. SOI tf
lllliriv FOll OALU-fS.OO per
1 th U'aud , Yard 15th street , two b'ocl
touthrf Ba'levuoroad
dec 23-3m t _ LORE'-'ZO MDDLE. _
"O EJIIS Now Map of Omaha , Just completed an. .
JD ready for dtlh cry at $5 eaoh. Is 4 feet wide
by 7 feet IOIIJT. Lar cet and most complete map
of Omaha ever published. Oilklal map of the
city. See column.
MIHKilay boirdattho Crclghton hnuw b ru-
J. Juced to J5.00 clcr w > u 721 15
rpKY Tbo Hefner Starlled hpriru manufactur-
_ L cdand warented bj f. T. Benbow 710 South
9th St. Omaha. 628dec 19-l t
C0. . BRAINARD , Taxidermist. Decrhcads , a
. O. rpoclolty , 13th , to . Howard and Jackson.
- TIONALIST , 408 Tenth street , between Farnam
- and llanioy. Will , with -he aid of guardian
spirits , obtain for any one a glance of the past
, and preaunt , and on certain conditions la tbr fu
ture. Boots and Shoes made to order. Pufcct
Batlfactlon guaranteed.
tel ,
14 . Absolutely Pure.
_ ThU po dcr no er \ arlcs. A man cl ol purity ,
treiutn and wholesomuie3. llore cx. i'oiulcal
than the orpinary kind * , and rannot be sold In
companion with the multitude of low u t. short
" "rfl ! " ? r. ? Pte * * ' In
. ? .P- . . ? Monl )