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he Omaha Bee
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i OMAHA. Drafts , Chcclu and 1'ostotbce
. Orders to ba made ntyable to the order o !
the Company.
The BEE PUBLISHING 00 , , Props ,
E. KOSEWATEtt Kdltor
lit Tun Speaker hoa spoken , but his
voloa is n railroad whistle.
,11 , !
TUB bittlo of the gas companies is
ended , and Omaha is assured of better
and cheaper RBI.
' "
- <
THE committee on the whole will
have the casting vote , after all , In the
Nebraska legislature.
JOHN Loom wasn't 'much of a eol-
dlorbut his attack on the Qaoons En-
gllsh will live in history.
SrEAKKit HUMPHREY doesn't know
the difference between comity and
Two more suits have been brought
agiinst Qonld properties within the
put week. Jay appears to bo having
a bad run of lack.
TIIEUE are too many poor sticks in
the senate notv , " siys the Globe Demo
crat. Senatorial timber appears to bo
a growth of undprbrn h.
WHILE laws on inability are under
discussion a measure providing foi
congressional Inability to shut olT wind
and got down to solid badness would
ba in order.
star route defense is evidently
trying to make Judge Wylio loao hia
temper. Ho ought to keep cool. The
dcfaudanti vill bo mad enough nftci
the verdict.
THK Cleveland Leader , in an cdi
torial artiolo of a half a column , endorses
dorses Oan. Mandarson for the Unitcc
States aeaato from Nebraska , remembering
boring his four years' distinguished
oervloo in the canoe of the union ai
one of'tho best and most gallant of hoi
BEN BurLEit in his inaugural rooom
mended the hanging of men fount
putting obstructions on railroads. Thi
address said nothing about the punishment
ishmont of railroad managers who pu
obstructions in the way of trade am
commerce. .
MR. NETTLKTOX flailed in
recognized by the speaker , but hi
given good promise of being subitan
tially recognized by his conatituont
before another legislature convenes.
KINO OAUOUH bus received a blacl
eye In two legislatures. In Hasan
ohnsotts the anti-Hoar republicans do
olino to bo bound by its action if it i
forced upon the party. In Michigan
majority of the republicans have re
nominated Senator Ferry , but noarl
all the auti-Ferry men refused to al
tend the caucus and decline to b
bound by it. As they hold thebilanc
of power they will dictate the ohoic
of the convention , Protests again ;
ciuous rule fill the Massaohuiotl
press. Members of the legislature at
urged to go into the joint convontlo
free to vote as they please. It I
strongly argued that no roproacntativ
of the people has a right to bind bin
self in advance to vote for any cand
date who may bo subsequently prova
to bo unavailable , and whoso choic
may be contrary to the wishes of th
majority of Iptilglativo conntituoncici
TUB Philadelphia Tlmet rises to n
mark that Jay Gould has evident !
fallen on an unusually cold soasot
The New York courts led off by docla :
ing his stock-watering job in connci
tion with Western Union null an
void. Next his company was prohll
itod from paying dividends on the BU
plus stock. This was followed I
uits in New York , Pennsylvania an
Illinois against the Western Union fi
violation of charter limitations. C
Tuesday his Injunction against tl
Mutual Union pool wai dissolved , at
the suit of Williams & Oo. against tl
Western Union , which wai brouf > i
to prevent the consolidation tohemc
ww tirnd for trial. ( ) a top of i
theie little psrplexilies comes the o
g&nizitloncf the Now York legisl
ture by the election of the partical
max for speaker that Mr. Gould diit
want elected. The fiiat day'a scssl
was signalized by the introduction
bills rcquliing telegraph v/iroa to
run under the otroota , and reduci
street car and railroad fares in Ni
York city to five centa. The m
epeaker is sure to make np bin co
mitees in the interest of these new
forms , Mr. Gould will probably C
the weather constantly growing cold
In fact , there nro just now strong
dilations of a blizzud in hia nolgbb
"Tho liouso 1) tbo only master I
shall recognize , " was the conclidlng
sentence of Mr , Humphrey's Inaugural
when ho assnmod the speaker's ' chair.
The houao gave Air. Humphrey its
confidence In return for ibis assur
ance. Impressed with his earnest ,
out-spoken pledge this paper acordod
Speaker Humphrey unreserved faith
in his sincerity. While wo know him
to bo a recent convert to antimonopoly
ely principles , wo believed that ho
would fulfill his pledges to the letter ,
Oar faith in Mr. Himphroy haa boon
sadly shaken. Ills choicd if
members on the railroad com
mittee has shown him to
bo a mere tool of the monopolies , und
lib reckless disregard of all parlia
mentary usage in the discharge of his
ofUcial duties hai proved him unwor
thy of the position ho holds.
The speaker of the house is In
duty bound to obey the mandates of
the body over which ho presides , and
when that mandate la expressed ho
is expected to assist the , house in ex
ecuting itu orders. * Ono of the cardinal
rnlos of all' public 'bodies la that no
measure : ) ahull bo intrusted , to ita
opponents. In appointing committees
it is the ralo to select from the supporters -
porters of the proposition , and cs <
pucially docs this apply to the movoi
of an odqp'dd resold tion. * When the
houao by a.doclslvo majority ordered
that speaker to select four mombort
of the joint committee on
railroads , the speaker was in
honor a'nd duty bound to oarrj
out of the order of the house by delect
ing his committDO from among those
who supported the resolution. When
Speaker Humphrey made the choice
of four men who had gene on the re
cord as opponents of the resolution
creating the committee , ho was not
merely guilty of disrespect to the
houao and a broach of decorum , bul
ho also became an obatruotor of legs ! <
latlon. There can ba no possible ox-
cnso for such conduct , and the people
of this state will hold Mr. Humphrey
responsible for the consequences.
The reorganization of come portion
of the array is a topic of debate al
every congreuB , and the proaont scs <
tion furnishes no exception to the rule ,
The army appropriation bill which
pajaod the houao contains several im
portant rldcru which will serious ! }
affect the sorvloo as at present or au <
izod. The first ia the abolition of the
pay corps and the transference of iti
duties to the quartermaster's depart
mont. This proposition , which ii
mooting with the most violent oppo
sition , ought to carry In the senate
The duties of paymaster oould oaall.i
bo performed by the quartermaster
All that it would require would-bo ai
additional clerk who could readily bi
taken from the army ilfiolf. As n
present constituted the pay rolls ari
made up by the company clerks am
furnished to the pay department
which cashes the vouchers. A larR <
amount of the expenditures of th
army are made through the quarter
mauler's department and the pay o
ofliseri and men could cosily bo added
There is however no likelihood tha
thia portion of the army bill will pas
the senate. The pay department
mont is the only branch o
the service in which part ;
patronage tnles. Four-filths of th
paymasters ewe their positions purol
to political Influence. It is hardly I
bojpresumod that the aonato will lo
off the pegs upon which it has been i
the habit of hanging relatives , pro
togos juud friends , for the sake of aav
ing some $200,030 annually to tb
Another important proposition whio
has also passed the honso is , that whio
cats ] down the number of aides an
limits their lima of sorvlca away froi
their roeimonta. This will meet wltl
general approval everywhere outstd
of tha soft service brigade who cot
their heels on the mantelpieces i
army headquarters , and act is piival
secretaries for the commanding gor
orals. There is no reason why a sti
gle aide dn-camp in time of peace
not snfllcioiit for
every purpose i
opening letters , replying to priva
correspondence , and acting as csco
to our high army officials in their jui
koting tours throughout the dopat
monta. During a certain admlnistr
tion of the department of the Plat' '
it was notorious that the only sorvl
rondoroJ by ono of the aids cf tl
commanding general was the issuii
and accounting for stock in a corta
mining company In which the genet
and many of tbo officers under J
command were interested ) This co
genial work coat the government § 1' '
a month.
The section of the army bill whi
changes the pay of ollloors retired
bruvet rank to that which they wou
receive if retired on the rank actua
held at the time of retirement , is
trivial and parsimonious econoir
It would i.ffjct only n few dhabl
veterans who deserve every dollar
the ponoion wliioh they are now
coiving. Moro Important is the thsr
votad by the house in the intorpro
tion of the compulsory retirement 1
3. which will open the Hat to rotircmi
d for disability.
r , Tno former retirement law o
i * permitted retirements for this can
rbut restricted the list to100. . Sii
thopuaago of the compulsory bill
retired list has been overcrowded with
the now additions under its provisions ,
and no room has been found for offi
cers who ought to bo relieved from
active sorvica by reason of physical
incapacity , The section of the nrmj
appropriation bill referred to inter
prets the operation of the compulsory
law in a manner tvhioh will provcnl
it from conflicting with the Intouticr
of Ita framors.
These are the chief changes pro
posed in the army organization bj
the present congress , Army cfli
cera are very ranch in the
habit.of complaining that congress in
toi fores too much with the service ,
The trouble lies in the fast that there
ii a large fi.'ld for reform in our nrmj
organization. The conflict betwoer
the staff and the line which is con
tinually breaking out has its reason
for existence In the unwieldy organi
zation of the executive portion of the
army , which is copied after an obso
loco system. Our array staff is sufii
ciont for an army of ton times the size ,
and throe , at least , of Ho depart
ments , the pay corps , the commissar ]
and the quartermaster departments ,
could profitably bo merged into OIK
without detriment to the service. The
trouble ban baon that congress hai
contented itself by trying to rcmcdj
the flaws by piecemeal instead o
drafting and putting through to iti
final passage u broad and comprohen
eivo scheme of army reform whlcl
would place the norvico abreast o
those of other nations. Such i
measure would not meet with mon
oppooition from the chair-warmers o
the eoft service brigade at Washing
ton , reinforced by the army lobby
than the minor measures of reforn
which congress now finds so much dif
ficulty in paesine.
SPRAKEU HUMrHUES haa disappointed
od the oxDcotationaof many of hia boa
friends by yielding to monopoly in
fluonccs in the appointment of th
house committees. Hia arbitrary ac
tion in the nomination of the men wh
ore to compose the special rallroai
oommlttoo from the houeo places hie
iquarely on record as. an obstruction
it to all railroad legislation , and
cfttspaw for the corporations to put
their chestnuts out of the Icgislntiv
fire. It remains to bo conn whothc
the chcctnuta can bo raked. Th
temper of the house in ita vote on th
Reynolds' resolution la not very on
couraglng to the railroad attorney !
and furnishes anything but a goo
basis for Speaker Humphreys' real i
obeying the diotatos of the monopolici
Wo shall seqg what wo shall BCO , bi
TUB BKG mistakes the condition c
affairs if Mr. Humphreys does nc
diHcovcr before the season is concluc
od , that he has reckoned without hi
lioat ,
GENERAL HOWARD la working bar
to aoouro an appropriation for the 01
Inrgemout of Fort Omaha , and tb
erection of quarters and barracks eu
detent to nccomodate ton companies i
Infantry. The amount asked of 001
gross is something over $ ll < iQ , (
which will purchase the nooeasai
land and nocuro the needed building
Fort Omaha la eco of the posts r
commended by General Sheridan fi
permanent occupation in the Dopar
mont of the Piatto. Located at
great railway contro it la peculiar
favored as a point for the concontr
tion of troops who can bo rapid
moved at a moments notice
any scone where their presence
required. A lack of energy on tl
part of Nebraska's congressional del
gation has , up to the proaont tlm
prevented action on the part of coi
gross looking to its permanent ii
provemont. Forts Leavenworth ai
Snolling have been favored with hau
sorao appropriations , and both gan
sons show judicious expenditure
handsome quarters and boautif
grounds. Attention ia called to i
fact that the department of the Plat
has been neglected at .tho expense
the Departments of Dakota and t
Missouri. The requested appropri
tion ought to bo promptly forthcoi
iug ?
made a serious mistake in the rote
tion ot Mr. Bartlett as hia dopul
It is a serious mistake because the :
tention of the Uw limiting the tei
of aervloa of the atato treasurer f
to afford every four years on enti
change in the oflloo and to c-lvo to ti
payers the opportunity to invcatig :
through the now treasurer the dispo
tion and Investment of the at ;
funds. It is plain that this cam
bo accomplished when the i
trcaturor Is retained as the deputy
the new. Any malfeasance in ofl
will bo doubly difficult to dote
The heads may change , but the pol
will remain the some under sllgh
changed auspices. Mr. Sturdov
was elected by the votes of the ai
monopolists. Without them
election would have been hnpaebil
HH is doing both them tmd htmi
an Injustice which ho mr.y yet rep
in violating at the wry beginning
his term tha spirit of the law un
which ho scoured hia cih'oo ,
Tun gaa ordinance passed
city council at Ita session . '
evening. As finally amen
the ordinance requires the c <
panywithin .sixty ld vs [ of the ]
aago of the Instrument to file an
acceptance with the mayor and to de
posit $10,000 in United States bonde
with the city treasurer aa a guarantee
of the faithful performance of their
contract obligations. Further pro
vision is made that the gas furnished
shall ho of 20 candle pswor , and not
moro dangerous than that manu-
faotured from coal. With these
amondrnoats the ordinance is sub
stantially the EBDIO as that
oriqlually introdncod. THE BEE con
gratulates the citizans of Omaha over
the coming competition in gas produc
tion , and the certainty of cheaper and
bettor gas. Within nine months the
now process will be operation , nild gae
Will bo available at leas than half the
sum now charged to consumers. The
annual saving to our citizens of $100 , .
OCO is no small item , and Omahn will
welcome cordially any company which
will guarantee to give it to her reai
dents ,
The Magiztn
"A Look into Hawthorne's Work'
shop" } H a most remarkable fcituro ol
the January CENIUKY , when we con
sider that the paper consists of the
mcst interesting portions of Nathaniel
Hawthorne's own posthumous notes
for n romance. The notes are pub
lished hero for the first time , the orlg
inal manuscript , in Hawthorne's min
ute and difficult hand-writing , having
boon lent to the Century by Mr. Jullat
Profesaor Wallace , the noted Eng
lish scientist and author of "Islanc
Life , " contributes an Important csti
mate of "TheDabt of Science to Dar
win , " and of Newton. The front in
piece of the number lt > a striking portrait
trait of Darwin , engraved by Johnson ,
nfcer a photograph taken by thi
scientist's son ; views of Darwin'i
homo and his study are also g ven
Another Englishman , Frederick
H. Myert , writes britfly upon the per
sonnl and literary influence of the lat
Oaorgo W. Oib'o begins In | thl
number his illustrated historfca
Studies of Now Orleans , by answorluj
the much-asked question , "Who or
the Creoles J" Dr. Eggh sion'd seconi
paper on colonial history is well illus
trnted. "Tho Planting of New Eu
gland" is the strikiog title , and th
Paritnna uro treated with keen insigh
and sympathy.
"Tho trip i f the Mark Twain" is
slight , humorcmly illustrated am
written paper on Mississippi rive
travel ; and Frank R. Stockton , wh
is now traveling in Europe , detcribc
the amusing experience ? of "Th
Rudder. Grangers in England , " am
how Pomona catisfied her curiosit
by calling upon nn English lord. I
another vein Is John Burroughs
charming studios in natural history
entitled , "A Mole , a Limprey and
Fairy. "
The January chapters of Mar
Hallock Footu'a romance of the silvc
mines , "Tho Lsd-Horao Claim , " in
trodnco a tragedy underground , nn
develop a powerful interest. Th
story will bo finished in two moi
parts. Mrs. Burnett's "Through On
Administration" is continued.
The poems of the number are b
Paul H. Hayno , H. C. Buner , Franci
Uodgcpn Burnett , Edith M. Thoma
Homy Amos Blood , E C. White , an
Maria W. Jone ? ; and among U
verses of lighter vein In "Brio i
Brae , " are two of Undo llemu
Christmas Dance Songs. "Topics i
the Times" dleousses "Tho 'llavoli
tion' in American Politics" and cu
rent subjects , and the other editor !
department * are unusually full and ii
teroaaing. Among the book noticed
ono of Mr. Howclls' ' 'A Modern I
stance. "
The Popular Science Monthly f
January offers a goodly collection
articles which merit attention for the
interesting character or their practic
adaptability. Of the first kind is tl
opening article on "The Great Cjin
of 1882 , " by Professor Young ,
Princeton , one of the very few Amoi
can writers who are capable at on
of discussing the subject fully fro
the scientific point of view , and
answering tha questions the publ
asks in the way it wants them a
nwerod. Of the second kind is I
Fouillee's "Scientific Philanthropy
In which the expediency of pub !
charity and Us ultimate bearing <
the future of the race are ably ai
candidly discussed in the light of t
views of the Darwinian school
philosophers and of a critical examin
if tion of them. Professor Lock wo
gives a graphic account of t
finding of "A Mastodon in an 0
Heaver-Meadow , " at Freehold , Nt
Jersey. Dr. Felix L. Oswald writ
in his characteristic vein of aha
satire on the "Curiosities of Supers
tion. " Herbert Spencer's after dlnn
speech , delivered at the farewell ba
quot given to him on the 9th
November , which attracted and d
servos much attention , is publish
under the title of "Tho Gospel ot I
creation. " The portrait and sket
are of the late Dr. Henry Draper.
Now York : D. Appleton Jb Co :
pany. Fifty cents per number , $5 j
St. Nicholas for January contai
several notable features , pro-eminc
to | among which is the brief blographl
ot sketch of Elizabeth Thompson Butl
Id written by her sister , which is aoeo
of panifd by six illustrations frcm dra
inia { made by the celebrated artist h
ce self especially for 8t Nicholas , her p
it. trait , engraved from apuo\ngrph \ , a
it.BJ several groups from the great plctu
"Tho "
nt Then there is the prize Tigrr Oo
pojil'ion , which as written by Ho !
tins 0. Clark , aced fifteen years. Thi
ns Is , bfsidi'ji , the report of the comn
too nn compositions , with a long i
of honor
J. T , frowbridgo's serial leaves 1
"Tinkhaia Brothers" in nn exciti
of nit nation , vrhoro they rauit stay in
or the February number. There are
* orcsllng chapters of "TJo Story
Yiteau. ' ' by Frank R. Stcoktou ; e
"The Field of the Cloth o Gold" 1
he five illustrations by M. Oudinor ,
kit Paris , from the stilncd gUss wlndc
designed by him for the benne of 1
cd W. K. Vandorbllt , of Ner York.
n "Silk Culture for Boys and Gii
IB * ia an article- which inanimates a n
department , to bo known aa "Work
and Play for Young People , "
In addition , is the usual amount ci
short stories , vortos , bright picture ; ,
and departments , The frontinplucc
ii a beautiful picture by E U. Blnsh-
fiqld , culled "His Lordship's Bedtime -
time , "
D. M. Ferry & Co. , Seedsmen , De
troit , Michigan , have sent nn a cop ;
of their Seed Annual for 1883. It it
moro beautiful and valuable than ever ,
The hints on the formation and man
agement of gardens , as well as the
cultural directions it contains have
evidently been prepared by careful
hands , and cannot fail to bo of great
service to elf who garden , whether for
profit or pleasure ,
On Trial ,
New Vcrk Sim.
Will the democratic tidal wa\c
which swept the northern statea in
November maintain its height through
thn year , or will it recede co rupidlj
that the republicans will recover
thrirlost ground in the election ol
next fall
Andrew Jacknon'd Influence.
Dimvr Tribune.
The editor of The Omaha Herald
has been heard from at lest , Ho sayc
"Swanuo River" Is a bigger mu ical
gorn than the "Jewel Song" from
"Faust " This is ono result of voting
for Andrew Jackson at eight consecutive
tivo elections.
Truly Sustained.
Schujlcr Sun ,
A democratic exchange remarks thai
the charges of The Omaha Heralt
were fully sustained. Yes , The Her
aid's charges are nearly always ana
tained. Its charges for otate prin'iaj
were sustained , but one of The Hur
aid force found it convenient to leave
the state during the sustaining pro
For the Public.
Humboldt Advocate.
These of our anti-monopoly friondi
who so vigorously , supported the republican
publican ticket in this county at thi
late election , claiming that becausi
the candidates were members of thi
farmers' alliance , that they would ac
against the monopoly p rty , have nov
a cbanco to nco the foily of their belief
as all of them voted directly In the interests
terosts of corporations. In the or
ganizition of the house wo see tha
none ot the representatives votn
agatnnt the railroad organization except
copt Hon. John Luthy , who ever '
lime recorded his vote squarely in th'
interest of the people.
That Libel Suit.
0 ration Gazette
No man in the atato has recelvoi
more abuse from the corporatioi
henchmen and their organs than lion
E. Rosowater. Every epithet , no mat
tar how low or how lying that conldb
thought of has been applied to him
It is seldom ho notices them , bu
when ho does the fur flies yon bet
Not long ago a piper north of th
Piatto started a base nnd contempt ]
ble lie , on ? that every ono knons t
be a lie , to the effect that Mr. R wa
a rebel spy. This was copied into Th
OmahaS Ropublloan , and now tha
paper has a libel suit on its hands.
Gladstone has lumbago.
Walker Blalne ia seriously ill ,
Anna Dickinson baa not left the ctagi
The stage left her.
Mr. F. B. Qllmoro hai lost his favorll
comet. The new jear starts out well.
President Arthur is aild lo have kille
"the largest salmon ever taken with a 11
oil this continent. "
The King cf liurmah has four' queen
The kinK is evidently awaiting the appea
ance of Eomebody with a jack full.
Dr. Yale a , ot Shanghai , sayathaChino
pay $154,75.OGO amuiAl.y to quiet tl
of mothord-in-lnw.
epirits tboir living - -
Gambettu wa attended by eeven deters
tors , Ilia will power and constitutic
mutt have been something wnndeifal.
Bjornstjerne Ujnrnison helleres that I
will live to very uld uge. If some Anne
icnn orinter runs ncro s Bjornatjcrne ]
will discover his mistake.
A St. LouU paper says that MitBoui
during the 1 tHt twelve months has reduci
her public debt by'$350,000. Frauk Jjov
must have bfRiiu to refund
Mr. Unthaiik , an American contract-
is building some railroadu in China. Tl
pagans wilt understand hla tuuia bett
after they begin to operate the roadj.
The poems which Mr. Ilunkln wrote
hia youth are Boon to he reprinted in th
country. Almost anything ia possible u
der a republican form of government.
King Knlaliua ordered forty cares
champagne from a Baltimore turn to '
luecl at his coronation. Tlie heathen
s Mludneis neema tu have a pretty ft
ideaof wh t a coronation means.
The little 14-year-old Arcbduihe's Vi
erie , of Austria , hm already written at
crftl poemc , und ia now engaged ou
draum. It ii strange that there are no i
fonmUory iiiatitutioua iu Auitiia.
The "champion bagpipe player nf Sec
land" baa arrived in New York. Perha
if the bagpipe player could bo induced
attend one of lierr Moat's meetings a :
play a tune both would leave the cuuntr
Tahnage saya spanking children shot
be done coolly , quietly , vigoroujly , a
with tb * aim lo let the le < m sink de
intotheir , little heart' . Mr. Tannage I
trays an Ignorance of anatomy which
d deplorable.
) Dr. Mos' , of Turin , Ins invented
h machine for measuring ttuujht. He fa
ened it to the back nt Oicar Wilde's he
ChiUtinaaove , and by New Year mtirul
it bad only made n mile uud a half , a
! r had stopped tu rest.
"Thnie I * no man , " laid the poet Wfc
i. tier on' hi * 75tli birth/ay , "who ought
t write mnoh after he id 70 " Mr. Whin
in correct , except In cnshit where the -
will ngree positively to destroy the Tette
There U a rumor that MUtoa is
marry a Benor Angil de MirnncN , whi
mother was governpra co Mercrden , a
made a Maruliionecn. The man who iu
rien NileHon khoulil have thn temper
rid will AS the nvnpf _ f > windtrfiil
idc "BllCUUprtlbrt.
Quick , complete cure , all nnnuyi
Kidney , Bladder , und Urinary D
tilt tason Drni fistfi. SI
10 for nil diseases or the KlUnoyo anc
til It liasiiclflai ! Uon on th lament Import a
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Koastoro and Grinders of Coffees and Spices , Manufacturers of
Clark's Double Extracts of
H. G. OLARK & CO. , Proprietors ,
1403 Doiiirhs S oot. Oniahn.
1108 and 1110 Harney Ft , , OMAHA , NEB.
Growers of Live Stock and Others.
It is thn beat find cheapeat food for stock of any bind. Ono pound Is cqnal
tothroo poun-a of corn. Stock fed with Ground Oil Cake in the full and winter -
tor , instead of running down , will incroaao in weight and bo in good market *
able condition in the spring. Dairymen as well as others who use it can tes
tify to its merits. Try it and judge for yourselves. Price $25.00 per ton ; no
charge for sacks. Address
04-ood-mo WOOODMAN LINSEED OIL CO , Omaha , Neb.
204 Uorth Sixteenth St. , OMAHA , NEB.
1005 Farnam St. , Omaha.
Proprietors , Wholesale Dealers in
Mills Suppliei With Choice Varieties of Milling Wheat ,
Western Tracie Supplied with Oats snd Corn at Lowest Quotations , with
prompt shipments. Write for prices.
M. Hellman Co.
1301 and 1303 Farnam St. Cor. I3t
G--A-TIE !
Carpenter's Materials
Stair Railings , Balusters , Window
and Door Frames , Etc.
First-class facllitiea for the Manufacture of all klndrn of Mouldings , Paintinu and
matching a Specialty. Ordera from the country will bo promptly txi-cuteJ
addnwuU communicatlona to A. AlOYEU , Proprieto
D. H. McDANELD & CO. ,
- -
204 North 16th St. , Masonic Bloak. Main House , 40 , 48 and 52 Dou >
bcrc nvenua , Chicago. Itufer by permletion lo Dido and
Leather National Bank , Chicago ,