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* * t t FHE OMAHA
\V \
l The lofamous Action of Speak
er Humphroy of the Ne
braska Hoii'O.
Courteoy nud Parliamentary
Ueage Trampled Upon
at Monopoly's Back.
The Mover cf a Reeolution Re.
fu-jed a Place on the Com-
uiittoo it Created ,
And Four Monopolists
pointed to Oouduct a Kail
road Investigation.
The Majority of the House In
dignant Over the Ineult
of the Speaker.
The Heyuolds Resolution
Draws the Lines Tight on
the Railroad Question ,
And Puts Each Mcuilur Squarely
totlioTistcn the All-Im-
paitnut Is UP.
Details of the Struggle Bills Intrc-
.ducod The Senatorial
Special Dispatch to Tim Inn.
LINCOLN , January 9 The only
thing of importance that has occurred
in the legislature , except the routine
business nnd introduction cf a large
number of bills , WAS tbo encounter
over the Reynolds nonato resolution
, providing fur the appointment of n
special railroad committee of three
senators and four representatives
After a good deal of bushwhacking on
the part of the railroads the question
at ha. came to a vote and waa adopted
by a vote of 52 to 4'2.
The resolution allowed the speaker
to appoint the fcur members of the
t committee , and the moment the vote
- _ _ - ' waa declared ho appointed four who
{ ft. / are acknowledged railroad men , leav-
jf . _ . ing the mover of the resolution , Mr
\ Nottloton , out in the cold. The
11 speaker , by the appointment ot the
\l \ Btanding railroad committee , haa
> placed himself squarely on the record
' aa an obstructionist to all railroad
Mr. Nettloton , ot Clay , in an inter-
I ) view eaid that he considered it a di
rect insult to the house , to eay noth
ing about the action of the speaker to
wards him.
The anti-monopoliata will undoubt
edly move to reconsider thin after
noon and have the house elect the
The four men who are appointed on
the above committee are Grout , Ste
venson , Gray and Brltton. Each
ono of them voted against the reso
lution. The Lancaster delegation
i voted solid against the resolution
If" < * except Whedou , and he dodged the
IP' 7 "V vote.
> Special Utspatch
\ LINCOLN , Neb , January 9.-Speaker
< . Humphrey' * ) railroad coramitloo is of
/ fifteen , packed with nine railroad cap-
{ pera. Humphrey a treachery to his
( pledgca maao bufpro and since hia
election waa exhibited to day by his
outrageous rulings , hia vote against the
apacial investigating committee , nd
his defiant violation of all parliamen *
tary usage after the house had voted
.him down in appointing the whole
committee of men that had voted with
him ngauiBt the resolution nnd
are outspoken enemies of the investi
gation , Humphrey's conduct creates
intense indignation ana disgnst. The
contest will probably bo renewed this
afternoon. '
Special Dispatch to Till ilil.
LINCOLN , NEB. , January 0 There
is no doubt now that Speaker Hum
phrey belongs , soul and body , to the
monopolies. The contest over the
special joint committee to investigate
railroad management unmasked him
and placed him where ho belongs aa
chief capper of the railroads.
" " ' * " At 10 a. m. , the hour sot for Net-
tleton'a resolution , to concur with the
senate on a special railroad committee
and appoint four members through
the speaker , Railroad Attorney Ses
sions opened the fight by moving on
amendment to increase the number of
members to bo appointed by the
house from four to alx , Sessions
supported his motion with ono of his
windy harranguos. His plea was that
four out of seven members would
not represent the house fairly.
The real object of Sessions'
amendment waa to give the
railroads two to ono on the com
mittee through the connivance- the
speaker , Robborta , of Bntlqr , in a
forcible speech opposed Sessions' mo
tion , innisting that the amendment
meant delay , that the republicin party
stoi.d plodgid to give the people re
lief from existing abuses through antimonopoly -
monopoly legislation , and any stops
by the republicans to'lefor or obstruct
legislation was
Robborts fiaally moved to table Ses
sions' amendment. Sessions promptly
seconded Rjbborts motion. A mom
bur rose to aak the epeakor what' the
/ - * remit of tabling Sosiioos amendment
f * " " would be. Tn speaker ruled it
would table all pending resolutions ,
Robberls asked leave to withdraw hii
motion to table , but Sotalous , as second
end , objected. Tbo yeas and nays
were demanded on the motion to
able. The speaker voted yon aa o
member with the railroad strikers ,
and voted again aa presiding c liber ,
dto'ariog the motion to Ublo carried by
jno majority. Uroat excitmeut fol
owed. It wcs eooti discovered on
compuinoii of the journal , that the
motion to table wr.s lost , end
.ho npe&kor BO declared finally
The motion recurred on Scraioim1
amendment to increase the number of
lonae members to six. Sessions again
larragued the houa > . Ho waa follow
ed by Grout , of Otoe , who could aeo
no use of this special committee since
ho railroad committee of which he
waa chairman could co-oparato with
.ho . senate committee. Johnson of
founders , another lawyer , followed in
ho aarno strain. General Holmau
made a powerful appeal to the house
0 stand by the original senate r o *
ntiou , as that would afford the pe < do
and legislature aninaight [ into rallt ad
uanagomont. Nettloton also mat o a
brief but tolling speech ugaiunt ho
amendment. Tno yeas and nays voro
ailed and the nmoudmout wao dcfr < vt-
od by 37 to EG The speaker again
voted with the railroad , atttoruoys
and brass collar clique. The irum
[ nestion on Nottlutou's resolu ion
was then put with the following vote :
Aboil , Armitaso , Ashby , Barttn ,
Berkley , Oarnaby , Chopin , Olark ol
yolfax , Ocokof JtfTjraon , Divenport ,
Jodd , Frcoburn , Gordon , Gdmstoad ,
lall , Hatch , Haven , Helmrlch , Holl-
mau , Howard , Jensen , Jonoa , Kou-
icy , Laird , Luthey , Martic , MsAlIii-
, er , MeGavook , Miller , Morriaon , Net-
; loton' North , Palmer ol Dixon ,
'almur of Saline , Ritclifft * , Robborta ,
Ijcho , Ruajell , Sadilek , ' Sivagu ,
ichrooder , Str > adwoll , Thompson ,
Town , Turner , Watts , Worhan , Whit-
el , Wolph.
LJO , who had voted against the
eaohition an ho had with the railroad
icn on all previous motions , rhangod
its vote to yea ,
The following voted
AOAissr THiucsoiunoN :
tibnock , Biorbowor , liritton , Brown ,
Uatlc , Uhrlstopherson , Cole , Collius ,
} olpetzcr , Cool : of Nuckolls , Cox ,
) awnon , Denman , Draper ot Ones ,
j"abliugor , Field , Franao , Gow ,
1 raver , Gray , Griinte , Grout , Har-
iugton , Hoebol , Homer , Johneou ,
Seville , J'ayno , Ranney , Spanoglo ,
feovor , Scephcuaon , Sncaonbach ,
\\ylor , TliDtnai , Tower , Walker ,
Veecott , Witsonborg , Worl end the
pcakor Total tor the resolution , 52 ;
gainst , 42
No sooner hud tbo applause which
ollowod the declaration of the result
ibsidod thau the speaker announced
10 following committee : Grout , Steph-
uton , Gray , and Bntton. There
was great indignation amongat the
upporters of tha Nottloton resolution
vor this Detection. Every man of
: ie four h d voted against the resolu-
ion and waa a pronounced enemy of
lie proposed investigation' By com
mon courtesy and parliamentary usage
ao chair should have appointed Mr
Nettloton , but ho not only snubbed
ilm but insulted the entire honoo by
lie election ho mado. It is a bold
ttempt on the part of the speaker as
biof capper of the railroads
Members who have placed thorn-
elves on record with him on this test
ote will find it hard to explain to
neir conatituonts if they were elected
a anti-monopolists.
podM Dlapfttch to Tnn list.
LINCOLN , January 9. The house
nd senate have each been to work
lard all day. The principal work has
teen that of introducing billa. Jn the
IOUBO fifty-four bil'a ' were Introduced ,
bout one-half of which pertained to
ailroada. Among the billa Intro-
uced in the house was ono by Armit-
ge , of Adama county , reducing the
> ay of the oflicern and raising the pay
f privates of our state militia ; atau
one by Mr. Oolpotzor , which seeks
o amend section 15 of the law fer the
; overnmont of the cities of the first-
class. The objects of the proposed
amendment la to provide for a tunnel
at Tenth street in Omaha.
In the Bonate Connor of Buffalo , in-
reduced a bill making it a misdemeanor
meaner for H member of the legisla
ture , judicial , state , county or precinct
officer to receive or mo a railroad paaa ,
Butler of Pawnee introduced a rail-
oad commission bill , taken from thu
illinoli law. Raynolda of Butler in-
reduced a bill fixing passenger and
'relght rates , the freight to bo carried
'or ao much a ton par mile ; also one
relating to tolls of the Missouri river
iridgo at Omaha ,
Brown of Douglas A bill to pro ?
vide for depositing the money of a
county or city and to obtain'interest
: hereon , ' J
Dolan of Rad Willow A bill auth-
orlzing precincts to 'vote bonds for
works ot internal improvement ,
Both branches atand adjourned to
J 30 to-morrow morning.
Special Correspondence of the Bee.
LINCOLN , Neb , January 0 , 1883
10 p. m. Fully two-thirds of the
members of the legislature are out c
town and things look very quiet
Nothing of importonco can possibly bo
done before Tuesday , as it Is more
than probable that only a bare major !
ty will be on the ground by Monday
at 2 p m ,
The members who are In the Gapi
tal have boon taken care of by the
heads of the different Institutions
Quito a delegation waa invited to look
through the penitentiary and other tn
stltutions also looked after their Bhar
of the brethren from the country. 0
oonrao there waa no business In a lit
itlo informal party of this kind only
general deairo to got acquainted
Nettloton , of Clay , "went out to th
agricultural farm , so wo are told , to
ook after a pig. Ho has not lost an
mlmal of this kind , but he , being a
armor ia desirous of improving his
stock. Mr. Noltloton is not the hand
somest man In the world , but ho is
: i088aicd of good ability and wo looker
or him to nuke his mark during the
Judge Gaslin Is in town , and in re
sponse to nn invit.Uion to visit the
lenitontlary ho declined , Baying that
t Hould not be pleasant , for ho would
' \pcct to meet too many familiar
aces. The judge ia in the city urging
ho importance of a law which shall
iboltah the grand jury system of thu
he state. Ho ia very aollcitouc , and
loolaros the grand jury ayjtein to bu
ho biggest fraud ou our Btatuto books ,
in convctsitlon with him , yourcorre-
ipondenv learns that n bt'l ' of this
kind will bo introduced early in the
KHslou , and ho is nopuful that it may
> ocomo a law. Ho aayo that the sys-
em has been abolished in Michigan
and Kansas , and alee in a certain class
of cases in the United States courts ,
and wherever It has boon abolished
.ho judge is certain that it will never
> o restored.
It is now definitely known that the
anti-monopolists of this state have
nat escaped thu worst cataatrcphy
hat could possibly happen them in
ho matter of legislation. A few
evenings oiuco thu lieutenant gov-
rnoriior , who had prepared a railroad
omuiittco , supposing that there would
> o no hitch in his being able to ap-
> olnt the committees , proceeded to
oad the tame to a gentleman of my
cquaiutanco , and it waa made up of
n entire railroad lot with the oxoep-
ion of ouo or possibly two , with
larrls , of Boone , Lorau Clarkfa man ,
or chairman ,
John R. Clark is dcing his level
> cut for Millard. He is to turn over
wo or three votes from Lancaster
ud i ono from Richardson , while
Xtrna ia to turn over thu two mum-
> era from Suward to the same man ;
nd many of the bourbons in the leg >
elaiuro do Bay that Dr. Miller is
oally for the Omaha banker , but the
emocrata of Nebraska understand
hat Miller is for the U , P. railroad
rat and the democratic party aecond ,
nd consequently his following will
) o fllim at the bent.
When lion. G. M. Humphrey was
rat elected speaker , the opinion
irovfttled that ho would appoint an
inti monopoly railroad committee , but
otnohow during the day a c'-ango has
ome over the people , and they now
ppoar tu think differently. Mr
lumphrcy will soon find out that hob-
ebbing witb railroad strikers ouch aa
Oipt. R. 0. Philipa , and having that
kea of men aa hia confidential ad-
iaera ia not calculated to strengthen
tublia opinion as far as ho is con
The appointment of ox-Treasurer
Barilett to the position of deputy
ronanrcr la not meeting with the ap-
> rov'al of cither the Democrats or the
intl-monopolists at the capital. It
was evidently the intention of the
onatitution , in limiting the term of
fiice of the state treasurer to four
ontinoua years , to have an entire
ivorhauling of the funds at least once
iurlug that time , but with this ar-
angomont no such overhauling will
) o had. Mr. Bartlett will simply
write hia check , and the money will
omain where it waa originally dopos-
ted , and things will go on in the name
ild way.
Correspondence of The Bee.
LINOOLS , Nob. , Januarys At ono
ime ycatorday it looked as though the
now storm might interfere with the
return of the abjont legislators , but
his morning everything is quiet and
ill are expected on tlmo. Some "of
ho senators were especially anxioua
'or the reason that the Reynolds reeo-
Ion , providing for a special railroad
committee , had boon made the special
order for this afternoon at 2 p. m ,
This committee may bo of more
mportanco than would acorn at first
light.and it ia presumed that the
railroads will take it all in , nnd fight
t to the bitter end. The committee
s to bo composed of three members
of the sonpto and four from tbo
IOUBO , and if the autl-monopa carry
.ho senate on thla propoaltion , it is
moro thau probable that the big fight
will bo in the house , Ic waa bocauto
of this roaolutlon that there was con
siderable nervousness when the storm
commenced ' yesterday , but everything
'a aorenc now.
The aonato haa made but ono tnia-
ako during the aoaaion that your cor
respondent is aware of , and that la the
election of Walt M. Seoloy , the job.
3era' man , for clerk of the committee
) f the whole , Thia nun haa boon the
lircd hand of E. E , Brown and the
railroad company for the past two 01
three mnntha , and hia election is a di
rect blow at the anti-monopolists o
Lancaster county , and they fool i
Strange aa it may aoom , Judge
Weaver la on tlio ground with a senatorial
torial liahtnlng rod up , and it ii
thought ho wfll get several votes , and
Jim Liird has a rodalroady to elevate
The people of , the capital look npoi
Laird aa a railroad attorney , who is
hero In the intoreat of the B. & M
company , and every ono IB satisfiei
that he will work In their Intoreat ii
the United Statea senatorial fight 01
anywhere olao ,
Several of the legislators arrlvoc
last night at this writing , 1 p. m
The hotels are crowded again.
Trazeii to Death.
lpccin.1 Dispatch to Tui Iin.
TOUONTO , January 9. Samuel MUea
a 7-year-old boy , was found frozfli
fuat in the ice in the Middle bay. Hi
left homo to okato on Saturday after
noon , and it ia thought waa driven on
by the strong wind , ahd bolnc unabli
to return , lay down and was frozei
to death.
To Bn Rotiretl.
Special DUpatch to Til r. Ilxx. ,
WAHIIINOTON , January 9. Commo
dore William E. Hopkina will bil retired
tired to-morrow ,
The Tobacco Meii Forinulato a
Plan Peculiarly ProfltaWo
to Themselves ,
The Presidential Succession
Bill Finally Passed by
the Senate. ' *
Members of the Cabinet in Their
Order Invested With Cent
tiagent Powers.
Honso VlKcromly Lulnrs tea
a Amorioau Com *
m roe <
Cat 1 Sprlcklo'a Sugar-Oontod Bonanza
About to Disolve.
Ml&l UlapaUb to Till Dim. j ?
WABHINOTON , January 9 The bill
0 provide for performance of dutibacf
ho oflico of prealdont In case of removal
moval , death , resignation or inability ,
both of president nnd vice protldoiit ,
> asacd thoBouatoto day cute ! * ;
That , in the cane of removal , death ,
caignation , or inability of both print-
lent und vice president of thi Utriturt
StatoB , the secretary of ntate , or , if
hero bo uono or in the case of hi *
emoval , death , rcaif < iiatiuii or Inabill
y , then ntiuthor moiubor of the
abinot in thin order of prejodenctf :
Jocretary of the treasury , secretary
f war , attorney general , p'tstnwstcr '
'onoral , secretary of the navy , score-
ary of the h.torior , thall act
president until the diuabilUy ( a TO-
moved , or until the vacancy is other
wise lawfully fillud ; such officer being
Hijiblo to the ollioj ot prustiont ( un-
lor the constitution , and not under
rticlea of impeachment of the liouso
if representatives ut tliQ tpio the
ewers und duties of thu tuTko shall
evolve upon him ; provided , that
whenever the powers and dwticu of
ho president of the United States
hall devolve npou any of the ppraonS
lUmod , if con ro.ia bo not then in oca-
ion , ur ifit would not meet regularly
within twenty days thereafter , it Khali
> o the duty of tb.6 poraon upon whom
aid powers and duties ahall devolve to
aauo a proclamation convening con-
roes in extraordinary noselou , giving
wonty daya notice of the time of
SEC. 2. That the time of mooting
hall only bn hold to dccorlbo and ap-
ly to these cflioora who ehall have
icon appointed by the advice and con-
out of the aonato to\ \ the calces therein
SEO 3. Tha1 seotion 140 of the Bo-
viitd Statutes is hereby repealed.
jpoclal Dispatch to Tim DBK.
WASHINGTON , ' D. 0. ] Aikju-y1 D , *
A cabinet mooting waa attended by all
ho members to-day. The principal
question under consideration waa in
reference to the Hawaiian treaty.
The house election cnmmlttno to day
decided to report in favor of aca'inp '
Llaro as a delegate from Utah.
Assistant Postmaster General Hat-
ton , referring to the charges that ho
lias brought niemb'ra of congress to
aid him in extending the circulation of
the National Republican now.spupor ,
said : "Tho lottnr they publish waa
prepared by the business manaxor and
1 never siw it until after ita prepara
tion. No congressman can say I Jmvo
over asked him to sign such a letter ,
nor is it true I have nont my manager
to the capital with letters. "
The first comptroller of the treasury
decides that neither thfl regiatcrs nor
the receivers are entitled to a commis
sion of ono pur cantuin of the mini
mum of lands ) eniorod under the tim
ber culture act ,
The secretary of the troasurv to-day
authorized the coinage of non five-cent
nickola pieces of a new design , a little
larger and thinror than the present
of the United States to-day adopted
the following resolutions :
RESOLVED , That it ia the ncnco of
this asaoclation that the tax shall bo
reduced to 8j per pound on plug , fine
cut chewing and smoking tobacco and
snuff ; the tax on cigars to bo reduced
to 3 per thouiand , and on cigarettes
to 7u3 per thousand. Congress should
pasa a resolution making a rebate un
der any any and all circumstances
equal to the reduction of the tax on
tobacco , snuff , cigars and cigirottts ,
provided that no claim for less than
$10 bo allowed.
RESOLVED , That it ii the earnest
dosiru of the National Tobacco Asso
ciation that the reduotion of tax on
tobacco , snuff , cigars and cigarottcn go
into effect May lit , 1883.
RESOLVED , That the convention
enter ita 'solemn protest against the
proposed provision authorizing the
sale of leaf tobacco by growers free of
tax to consumers as a violation to all
sonnd and rosognized principles by
granting to ono class of citizens priv
ileges denied to other clauses and as a
public declaration by tbo government
to consumers of tobacco that they
should use unmanufactured and untaxed -
taxed tobicoo to the utter ruin of
manufacture IB nnd dealers In tobacco
and to the lens of revenues to the gov
ernment and that it would bo equiva
lent to an act for the confiscation a !
our property.
Treasurer Ollfilli&n has been in cor
respondents with T , M. Hurst , Naah-
rllle Hgont of the board of publication
of tho. Cumberland Presbyterian
chni-nh , with regard to the disposition
of $200 , which ho received from an
anonymous source , to bo put to tiie
credit o [ the onncclenco fund in the
t'oosury of the United State * , but
which ho deposited Instead to hia
own credit as ngont of the board
of publication for the benefit cf which
ho hulioved the money was intended
Helms informed the Treasurer of the
United Statea that ho inrnlslnj ; a fund
to pay the remainder i f the debt can
traatcd in Ita orpanisutlon , nnd that
unloaa ho bn instructed to the con
trary , ho will put this oonsolonco con
tribution to the board's credit. The
matter waa laid before the secretary
of the treasury to-day.
The senate ratified the Corcau
The house judiciary oommltteo , by
a vote of six ngatnat six , this morning
postponed the conildoration of the
Knott roaolutlon , declaring a forloit-
uro of lands granted to the Northern
1'flcitio railrond , nnd took up the senate
ate bill Increasing the foes of star
route witnesses from the far west.
The vote on the motion to consider
the Knelt resolution was : Ayes
Manning , Townsondof Illinois , Knott ,
Converse , Hammond , Pajadn. Nays
Reed , Taylor , Briggsj Nororoos ,
Willott , McUord. The witness fee
hill WM finally disposed of.
WASIIINOTON , January 9. Tn the
sonata Monell called up his resolution
to provldo for' ' the termination of the
Hawaiian reciprocity treaty , and
moved its rofcrenoo to the commlttco
on finance Aftur n debate It .was
agreed to ayes Ml , nays 20.
Van Wjok c.tllod up hia resolution
requesting the poatnuBtor general to
suspend oontrnotn the dally mail aor- ,
vice between Fort Nlobram and
Deadwood nnd from Chamberlain to
Van Wyck Bald that the proposed
route would run through n wlldln"-1
dim country , benttUting nobody bat
the two r.iilroad companies , who do-
aired to n aiuo in this way oonnootlm ;
two iitngo lines at the government's
Senator Ingalls moved to r6for to the
c'juiinUtoo ' 011 postoflices , Lost.
Aftur repeating the lununlmont by
StMi.itor Irgalls requesting thu poet-
ma tor-gtiuer&l to cummuntoato to the
aonato nil information in his posses
sion I'uspL'oiiim these routes , Yun
SVyck's rcsolutiim naa adopted.
A joiut n-aolutiou nuthori/.mg En-
sigh Itt'jimloa to accept n decoration
from thu Emperor of Austria , Adopt
A resolution was adopted directing
thu ni'crutary of the interior to trans
rait to the aunato copies of the corres
pondence ) relating to leasing of the
YollowstoiiB national park.
Senator Cockorcll from the committee -
too on military oll'ur.i , reported ad-
vorioly to the , bill to fix the date of
entry into the military service , and to
correct the record of clliasrs now in
the regular army who served as ofli-
core of voluntooril
Senator Merrill called up his reso
lution to provldo for the termination
of tno Hawaiian reciprocity treaty ,
and moved Its referenceto ( the
committee on finance. At the tlmo
of the negotiation of the treaty the
.ho importation of * sugar irom Ihu
tlawaiian ialanda was quitu small , but
under the treaty it went on increasing
/ear / to year until 1882 the amount
imported would yield under the tariff
dnt ? to the amount cf $31 ( J 80 , 000 ,
while the whole annum of our ex
ports to the hlanda wan $3 372,000.
Therefore , if wo had given Hawaii all
our exports and 8100,000 additional
wo ahould bo as well oil'as wo uro un
der the treaty , The intention of con-
gresu has been defeated by the impor-
lation of grades of sugar not designed
; o bo admitted under the treaty ,
Muscovado brown and gradca known
ad ' 'Sandwich Inland" sugar were these
.ntondod to bo admitted , but by the
ntroductloi. af the centrifugal process
.ho manufacture ot theao sugars na
, hey came horn were eventually reined -
ined , oumo of them being an high as
No. 10 , Dutch standard. The pro
duction constantly increasing , the
Qenotita of the treaty were received ,
not by nutivo Ilawailann , but by
speculators who have gene there since
.ho negotiation of thu truaty , and
who do not oven employ natives , but
import their hboroni from China and
Japan. Thu argument in favor of
maintaining the treaty that it given
the United States a foothold in the
the Hawaiian Inlands , ho thought of
litllo weight. Ho did not favor the
idea of ever attempting to establish a
sort of "jingo" empire in the Pacific
In ciio of war the Hawaiian Islands
would go to the poiror having the
etroimon naval forcD , and our liar-
lug a "foothold" would make no dif
Senator \Vindom thought the reso
lution ought go to the committee on
foreign affairs under the rules of the
Senator Fryo remarked that the
Hawaiian treaty had turned out to bo
llko all other troatiea , Every nation ,
however Inferior , with whioh wo
made a treaty succeeded in Rotting an
Senator Miller ( Gal. , ) Bald the pro
posal to abrogate this treaty involvot
political question of very great
ouiBiit. The nuoator from Yorinoni
( ilorrill ) propobed to abrogate the
truaty because the production of sugar
In Hawaii has Increased ; in fact , three
fourths of the sugar now produced
there waa produced by Araerl
cans. It should bo romomborec
too , that since thu negotia
tlotiH of this treaty our exports
to Hawaii had incroaiod eight fold ,
The resolution presented , of course , n
financial question , but the politic *
question wai far moro important.
This was the proposal to put an one
to a condition of things which makes
Hawaii a dependency of the United
Bliitua. The resolution therefore
ought to go to the committed on for
cih'U relations.
Senator Ingalls ( aid ho looked upon
the treaty as an arrangement by whiol
a bounty of about § 1,000,000 , per an
nuni IB given to a private citizen o
Oalafornia ,
The resolution was referred to the
committee on foreign affairs yoaa 31
noca 20.
Tlio presidential succession bill was
tukou up aa unriniahod buninesn.
Tlio qucolion was on the atnrnd-
nent oliorod oomo days aitco by Hon
or Morgan , striking out the provision
.ha n cabinet oflhor becoming acting
incident shall continuo so to net
intll the end of the regular lonn ,
and providing instovl that ho dull net
> nly until the president ehall have
) oen elected or the vacancy otherwise
awfully filled. Tlio hinendmont woo
n roi'd to. The fir t section was
amended oo r. to apoak of "tho pow-
oia and duties" of the oftico devolving
ipon the noting president , Instead tf
'tho olllco" Itself.
Senator Ingnlls ofForcd nn amend-
uont providing that whenever the
) owora and duties of thn presidency
iuvojvo upon any of the cabers named ,
f congress bo not then in session , or
within twenty days of its next regular
Beasion , It shall bo the duty of the
toting president to convene congress
jy proclamation , giving twenty days'
lotloa of the time of mooting , The
amendment was voted don n in coin-
inlttoo of the whole , but afterwards
agreed to in the aunato by n votu of
20 nycs to 20 noes ,
The amendment offeredlaat week by
Senator Morgan , striking out th6 pro-
vtiuu ! repealing the existing law pro
viding for a now election in cane of
death , rcstunation or Inability cf the
incident or vloo president , was ulao
votud down In conunlttoe , but was
'ercoi to in the sonito ayes 28 , noes
20 The bill then passed by the foHow-
ug vote :
Ayes Alctrlch , Anthony , Barrow ,
3eck , Butler , 0/undon / , Oamoron ,
Wii. ) ; Chilcbtt , Conger , Davis , ( \V.
Va ) j lUwes , Fryo , O.irlantl , Gorman ,
3roomo , Hall , Hampton , Harrison ,
Uawloy , Hill , llonr , JuoobsonLiumr ,
japb'aui , Lojtan , McDill , Maxey , Mil-
cr.N.Y' ( ' ) ; Morgan , Morrill. Platt ,
Pugli , llolllnn , Saulabury , S iwycr ,
ibwoll , Shrrman , Blator , Walker ,
Windom.18. .
'Nooa lllnir , Oockroll , Ookn. Ed-
nunds , Ooarce , Jonan , Jonns , ( Fla. ) :
McMllUn , Miller , ( Oala ) ; Vance ,
Yeat , Yoorhocn , Williams. 13
The following paira' wera nn-
lounced : Call with flrovor , D\vis
til ) with Brown , Farloy with Ferry ,
Inrrh with Incnlla , IVndloton with
VanWyck. Gill nntl F.irli-y atntod
hat if they had not been paired they
vould have voted "no" nnd Insulin
hat ho would hnvo voted "nyo/1
) uring the dlscmaion Senator Lei > nn
expressed the opinion tint the major-
ty of the pcoplo wunld vote to ex-
end thn prosldontini term to six
rcara nnd m&kp the president Inollgi-
> ! o for ro election , and said that ho
would vote for this himself if the
[ iiestlon were prosentod.
Senator Blair called up the special
order bill to aid in the establishment
and temporary support of common
Senator Logan Bald ' ( the proposal
o dlstribnto a fund upon the basis of
llltor.icy waa n proposal to make cor-
ain aiateapay1 f6r the education of
ho people of other states. After
nn executive session the aonato ad-1
ASUINOTON , January 9. In the
. .uVdu oz > motlon n ? Riot ] , of Mas-
aaohusottta , a joint resolution pro-
vidino ; for a now inlxud commission
'or Yenc/.uellan claima was made a
opccial order for January 10th. The
debate on the shipping bill was then
roeuraod. The regular order was in-
orruptod to allow Blackburn to ro-
iort back the military academy bill
vith the senate amendments whioh
were non concurred In nnd the con
sideration cf the shipping bill was
again resumed.
Mr. Page ( Gala. , ) gave notice of an
amuidmunt nurhorizdd by the committee -
mittoo to the 18h Auction providing
.bat the amount of drawback paid
indor thin section shall not exceed
? 10 par not ton of admeasurement in
case of sailing vcaaeld , or 325 pur ton
n caao of steamships , and the untiro
amount of drawbak psid in any ono
fcnr shall not exceed the amount of
.onnago tax collected In oaoh year ,
Mr. Rued ( Mo. , ) oaid in order to
) uild up commerce the government
irould have to start it nnd the inetn-
jora ought to bo willing to pay to nUrt
; ho buainess or clso forever after hold
.holr peace.
Mr. Specr ( Georgia ) was opposed to
; hs free ohin amendment which would
make the United States absolutely de
pendent on other nations. It would
Uko about $200,000,000 to restore our
merchant marine , and under that
clause It would bo expanded in Great
Britain and lost to America.
Mr. Roboson Now Jersey ) If the
United States wan to bo independent
[ n pcaco and powerful it must keep
within Ita own control that cornmurco
which waa the vehicle of influence nnd
the \voaponn of war. Why hud the
United Stntca leather influence ? ho con
tinued. Did the United States to-day
control this continent as she ought to
control and dominatn as a responsible
nation of the world ? No ; that was
given up to England and to Franco.
The United States controlled nothing
on the Spanish Islands , nothing In
'South America. The trade of South
America , ita developments , Its civi'lr.i '
tion , Ita progrcai , and its foreign anc
domestic policy had faded away undci
our iulluonae and responded to thi
touch of English interest Engllsl
gold. Why was It ? Because Euglant
hid maintained her commerce , hat
opened when neocaaary the doors ol
her treasury , had subsidised her ship
and stripped the burdens from lie
carrying trade , Congress was calloi
on by the prosi all over the country
by intelligent demands of the people
to put the carrying trade on a dm
The bill was then road by section
for uuiondmoniB. On motion of Mr
Orapo ( Mass , ) the section prohibiting
the payment of udvauco wages to aoa
men waa amended so as not to app ) ;
to soatnou in the whaling buEiueaa
The bill then wont over without further
thor action.
Mr. Dann ( Ark , ) introduced ( bj
rfquont ) n bill to incorporate tin
KaiiBtH , Now Mexico & Pacific rail
way , to construct a road from For
Smith , Arkansas , to Albunuorqud
Now Mexico. * Referred. Adjourned
The Deadly Dose Administered
by a Crazy Woman'at
Ulysses , Neb ,
Throe Poraom Killed by Hot
Capture of the Defaulting
Treasurer of Tennessee
in Texas ,
IhoOHlofi-Refusal lBrK Rail to
Roleaio thoPrinantr. ' >
Two or Three Other Grades .of Qrlmo
Highly Colored.
Ipcclal Dlepatch to TIIK linn.
LINCOLN , January 9 A domestic
.raiiody has developed out of the rays-
orions death of three persons brttfly
telegraphed last night. An old ohlld-
OBS couple , Thomas Thompson and
wife , near Ulysses , adopted a boy and
girl from different families. When
; ho children grow to maturity they
indulged in undue intimacy and the
irl became onclonto. The old lady
{ row greatly onolted about the unfor
tunate matter , and finally became in
sane. Sunday night she prepared tea
and put poison it it. All partook ex
cept the girl. The old man was taken
ilck-and the girl was aent to a neigh-
jor's for assistance. When she ro-
.arnod all throe were dead ,
The Defaulting Treasurer.
Sprclkt Dleimtch to TUB list.
NASHVILLE , January 9 A private
dloprUch from Fort Worth says that
? elk passed through there yesterday ,
which would Indicate that he had ro-
'urged his route and is now seeking
iin entrance into Mexico by way of
' .t Puso.
Arrest f Polk.
pcclal Dlipatcli toTnE * *
NABUVILLS , TENN , ' January 9. <
'ho governor has received a dispatch ,
nnouncing the arrest of Polk in
Texas by a deputy United States
narahal , nnd that ho will bo hold for
cqiiinition. ,
NABUVILLE , TKNN , , January l )
) otoctives Porter and Field loit to-
light for Texas , armed with a reqnla'l-
ion from the governor and the noooa-
ary papers to secure Oal , M. T. Polk ,
vlio was arrested near San Antonio
The Cop turn-
poclnl Dispatch to Tux linn.
ST. Louis , January 9.
ublioan'a Lirodo , Texas apec
deputy United States AlarahaU Jbe' '
3hooly , ' of thla city , wai informed by
, ho conductor of the incoming Inter-
mtional train yoatorday morning that
? elk had gotten off hia truin at
tatlon thirty-five miles from
Jircdo. Shtely proceeded to this
point and after a diligent
learch found a detective be-
onglnc to Jno. Price's outfit , whn.
, ; * 7J Mr. ShooUar asfiataneo. After
much persuasion no conducted htm tea
a secluded spot , where Polk was hidden -
don , seven miles aay. Mr. Polk at
tempted to defend himself , but soon
gave up and surrendered. Bhooly , it
a understood frcm reliable antlfbr-
ty , was oildrod several thous
and by Polk for his release ,
which Shooly refused , and brought
the prisoner to this city on the Inter
national train this morning. Polk is
under guard waiting the proper docu-
nonta from thu governor of Tonnes-
ROD. He haa but little money with
him. It is reported his nephew , with
i servant succeeding in crossing the
! Uo Grande with a largo sum of
nonoy. Polk ia very rottcient , and
will Bay but little about the affair. I
The Tounesioo Treasury.
Special Dispatch to Tun I } .
NAHIIVILLK , January 9. A box has
come to light , loft by Treasurer Polk
> eforo ho decamped , with the former
.roaauror , Dr. Win. Morrow , whioh
] ox und contents ho had instructed
hia attorney , J. W. Childors of this
city to take charge of. The box con
tains various papers , mostly receipts ,
drafts and duo billa from diffarent persons - ]
sons for amounts varying from $5 to f
528,000 , and aggregating some 8170- j
) GO. The papers were loft in the at- ,
torncy'a hand by Polk for collection 4
for the benefit of hia bondsmen. j
Triple Tragedy. j
Spotlal Dispatch to Tun Hut. ,
Sr. Louis , January 9 The Re
publican's Dalian apocial Bays ; A shoemaker - . '
maker named Alex Hampton got
jealous at hia wife , and concluded tote
to Toxas. Accordingly , ho hired a
man named Smith to transport him
and Ills effects. They traveled ab'out
thirty miles and stopped for dinner ,
when Hampton blew Smith's brains
out , then n'ountod ono of the dead
man's horses , returned to his wife ,
whom ho shot and killed , then killed
himself ,
Iliril Luck cf Luoliy.
Special DUpatth to TIIK BfK.
OIIIOAOO , January 9. The Tribune
says of Lucky Baldwin : It ia a won
der that spmo of his victims have not
assailed him long before this. He be
gan life hi a stable. Ho got irnuionso-
ly rich by speculation , but savored of
the stable all his life , and if ho dloa ,
ho will dlo the doathauoh a wretch do-
scrvoa , unknown by any ono.
.flii Old Suit Sot tied.
Special Dispatch to Tun linn.
MAUOII CHUNK , Pa. , January 9.
Judtro Droter made n decree to-day
in the equity onit between Aaa
I'Ackor'n catato and the late firm of
Noble , Hammot & Co , , in favor of
the Packer estate. The suit was
commenced in 1857 and grow out of
the building of the Lehitjh Valley
railway. It involved a very largo
amount of money. ' '
Upeotal Dltpatch to Til llii.
NKW YOBK , January O.i-VlJho En
glish-Australian mail goes forward to
night via the Pennsylvania road ,