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The Omaha Bee
OT ry morning , erctpi flan-
r. The tnlr MonJar morning daily ,
On Year. . . . $10 0) I Thrt * Uonthi.W 00
Blillonthi. . 6.00 | On * Month. . . . 1.00
CHE WEEKLY BE , publlihed * vry
\tlnwd y.
On STour $2 00 I Thrw Months. 60
Six Months. . . . 100 | On Month. . . . 90
AMRMCAB NKWD CouriKT , Bole Agents
3r w de lBrt In the United States.
Atfons rtUUne to N ri and Edllorltl
diattcni chunld bo addttwed to th KniTOtt
or Tnx BRK.
BUSINESS LKTnmS-All Builne *
Letters n < l UtmitUnce * fibonlrl 1)9 ad
drewod to Tnc HER PnBLisniita COHFANT
OVAIIA. Draft * , Check * and l'o tothcfl
Orders to bo rn&d payable to th * enl r of
the Company.
ThoBBE PUBLISHING 00 , , Props ,
YIBTSRDIT was owoar off day. To
morrow will bo the day of remonc
over brokun resolutions.
Krcnr Mehotnmodan when ho prtyi
torni LU face toward * MOOCH. Evcrj
Nebraska jobber whan ho preys tutru
hli foot towards Lincoln.
TUB railroad organ * are vlrtuonslj
oppoicd to renegade * , but Ohnrot
Dowel' portrait illll hang * on the edl
torlal annotnniA draped In cruel crape
GEK. BncmuiH * ays that the roper
ihat ho had recently joined the Oath
olio church ii "a i-d H * . " V <
further denial Ii needed ,
PAHTT harmony , According to thi
vioir of the railroad organ * , moan * thi
lying down of the anti-monopoly laml
inildo of th monopoly wolf. Tha
Jiort of hirminjr will never come.
DAVID DAVIH it not a candidate fo
TO-oleottOD , and that Iron-braced an <
copper bottomed aonatorlal ohair wil
bo placed , after next March , among
the curiosities of the army modlca
Dr.LATri.nn will oloot a Unitoc ]
tJUtos cenator ( hi * month to itioceod
Senator 8 ulabnry. The legislature
conronca to-day , and a vigorous c-v
tempt will bo made ( o unload the i * l
jot the SauNhnryii.
THE Bonatorlnl hone * are watting
'for the word "go1' ' and arc * ooring foi
< a etart. The Millard i i " nooms i
little out of condition , but who thi
dark homo will ba aypa diffloull
.to doeido an It w.v < br o montha ago ,
f t
rota uf the old aoldUr * of the
f "country w * taken to-day , nlno-tenthi
would b < * found opposed to any In
of pensions be ) end that whict
tffeot soldier * totally dieablcd
"It 1 * the poniiou ibaiki at Wuhing
ton who are fattening at th gxpenju
t of the good ri mo of that grand ok
army wITiah nearly twenty years age
overthrow the host * of rebellion ant
( Blnkod their lire * and fortunoa thai
xthe nation might lira ,
IT only takao u trip to Kiropo tc
make moat soualblo Amoiiaatui more
proud of their oooutry than before
their departure. Quo. John B Oar
don , of Georgia , nay * it is enough to
mnko nu American proud to lilt
through the streets of London with
Ita civilization of 2,000 year * and too
American imploajantn , Atnorloau low
ing machines , Amorloau tool * and
American good * displayed nu every
hand mid kuoivthat American watonm
are hiiing sold in the atoroa , and
American fioldi are faodiug the Ea-
gliih , and American faotorlo * btfftiu *
niug to olotho thoai. It i * itrango ,
too , how being in England wipe * out
all sectional prldo that the aunthorn
man and tha western man or northern
man m y hare.
' Till Omih * Republican aooi no no-
oeialty for antimouopoiUt * a * dlitlnct
from thotwodomloant national parties
It cheekily inform * the people of No <
bnwkathit tha prtiont Icglilatnro.
which i * republican , will pas * all ne
cessary law * for tbo restriction of
corporate munoplie * without any a-
Utanoo from the antimonopolUto , and
aiaimes that the party ha * all along
evidenced a dmlro to keep pica with
the withe * of the people entirely ,
Irrespective of oxtwnsl IcJlueuoo * .
TbU I * rich , raru md racy. The antl-
monopoly inuo ha * ben forced upon
thu unwilling loadtr * of the republl
an inaobiaa after a itrugglo whloh
" baa ) aat d for orer tun year * . In tkat
oonttit the muu who hare dared ,
wi bin tha pirty HUM to adrooito the
principle * o ! antimonopoly , havq btou
deuouuoed u w eoilr * to soobly ani ]
Owen of diicord. Thoie luadtr * whi
hare dtred to rlto aup rior t <
iho o inor 'of the rallro <
parly boi < , aad who , through intul
and abnio h vo uudu thu auli-mon
0 | > o1y iitno a living qiostlon in No
brjuka polltici , are rotpoiulblu for thi
awfrkiulng in the p rty rank * , o
which MUroal too ! * and cappota ur
now aiaaupting to uolza the crodii
If the rtvolt la the upab'iean rank
against corporation control cf th
party bad never taken place every on
kuowo tht J 7 UouM and hi * Unio
Paotfio Ilontoiiantt would ttill bo dti
iattng from lower F rnam etrtut th
'policy of ho MpubliciU parry in thi
atftte. Tint the men who ha > e hun
a a'olcg to torogrca * at every ttep I
ih'o pollHoil ndvanoa ehould no
claim that the anti monopoly awakci
ing i * dHo lothtlr f IforU Ii the hclgl
of braEttn ioipudonco.
THE Dan , on behalf of the mu * of
Nebruka producer * , hai a few plain
word * to my to the Itgtilature which
moot * to-d y In biennial oslon in
Lincoln ,
It Ii the firit logliUturo In which on
overwhelming majority of the mem
ber * in both brinchc * have bacn
olooted on pledaca binding them to
work and vote for the interest * of the
people M agalnil the dictate * of cor
porate monopoly. Tha number of
aenatora and ropiooent&tlvM who have
iccnrod tholr Beats a * 8tr ight-ontand-
out antl mouopollit * i * nearly double
that which ever before utomblod in
Lincoln. Of thooo who oUt * thorn-
tolvc * a * dempcrata and ropubllcinn , n
heavy proportion nro bound by the
most uolotnn promlto * mtde to tholi
lonnlltaenta to aultt In the framing ol
inch lawn a * will yield ( o the ottlxt i
it the itato & permauont relief from
ho extortion * , exaction * and dl ctlcnl <
natlona of the corporation * who hav
'or yeara-braeenly dafiod popular * on <
tlmunt and wantonly plundered th <
producer * of this common rroalth ,
Three vital quMtlon * will come bo-
fora the preaent legtilaturi. The fir l
of thoae 1 * the lolootion of an antimonopoly -
monopoly United State * innator tc
uccecd Alvin S undaro , Thoiacond
t * the on < kotmont of law * to reform our
lystcm of railroad asiommauls , tc
Bicnra a general reduction of taxoi by
eqaalhlng the burden * u ( taxation and
to Itnuro economy in the admlnittra-
tlon of our itato govornmant , And
the third i * the amendment ol cxlitlng
law * , or the ptwcgo of cnoh now lawi
u will prevent the dliorlminatlon * an
oxtortlon * practiced on every ol * o
our oltlzsni by corporate monopollea
Upon theie vital quetloni &o legtih
turo aland * pledged to vll ° people o
Nebraaka to voloo thoU wUhea and i
work their will. T o oharactor , * t nd
ng and ability * > f moit of the mom
bora oompo ! r 8 both house * give gooi
hope * that the expectation of that
constituent * vftll not bo dlaappolntnd
Bt believes that it I * the Intcn
di-iiro of the proiont logltilaturo t
* ccouipllih every reform demanded b ;
the citizen * of thla atato nn
to icanro the enda dctlred In no hal
hearted manner. On thi * Account th
efforts .of the railroad * to proven
effective legislation will bo redoubled
The old caucus trap ia to bo iprun
upon the leglalatnro to provout anxnn
foltored oxprculoncf the will of th
people upon the aonatortal quetiou
Till BIB tall * to see how any mombo
who hit * pledged hlmtolf upon th
anti-monopoly qneatlou o n content ti
bind himtolf by the result of a logiila
tlvo c&ncu * . It is notorious that thi
oauou * i * particularly auiooptlble ti
corrupt influence. ) . It 1 * the device o
men beaten at tha polls to secure theii
on 3s under whip and ipur ant
shielded from the public sight. Thi
more fact that every railroad organ It
the state is clamoring for a caucus ii
enough to ohovr the object which iti
advocates have in view. No republl
oan null monopolist can afford to bine
hlmiolf In advanoa to support thi
nominee of a caucus which is promoter
and unglnorred by the paid agent * o
arporalo monopoly. The wlihe * of thi
people of Nebraika on the lonatoria
qioatlon are so well known that then
are no ground * for any dliputo a * ti
notr meaning , and the constituent
if every member of the prcueut legU
atnre hwo a right to know and wit
demand to know the sentiment * nn <
he < Yoto * of the men whom the ;
ilooted to act a * tholr agent * In thi
iltotlon of a man who i * to repreaen
hem for the next * ix years in the na
tonal capital.
The abolition of the present inlqnl
ons eystem of asieialng the propert ;
f corporation * In Hebroika it a * nr
gently demanded. The fact * and fu
rea already publlihed by TUB BBB 01
hi * important question have becom
common property , and call for no ex
ended comment. While the poopl
if Nebraska are taxed from throe t
ight time * the amount paid by th
wrporationi , the mrptiilng neccsilt ;
if a radical and immediate ruform I
iar i vuu laws is tnauifMt to all
t Is plain that the present utetho
nrai framed and optrates la tha Intw
t of tax ahlrkars. The remad ;
mutt He in the onaotinaut of a raveuui
aw which will ooutpel the railroads ti
uume their share of the burdti
which they hav iosolantly * hlftw
upon the shoulder * of an ovor-tax *
Thera i * little faar that there TV 1
not be enough antl monopoly legUli
ion Intndaood at the proiuut iculoc
Tuo policy of tha railroad * i * to ovei
burdeu the calendar xitb a mast o
bil1hat will ooufuio thelntr msler
prevent tUu p i * go of ) w < ttluo
tivo tu preveutluu the abuus uude
hloh the pwpla now ooiupUIn
What is needed I * fewer bills and bet
t r oue , bill * c rofully oonaldarec
and thoughtfully framed , with a viur
to thulr rigid onfotoemeut. Sujl
meitures muU bn drawn up by mei
who understand that the courts an
the Cut reiert of the corporations am
that a question of law i * tha mo *
profitable means of delating the to
curing c f a needed reform ,
Finally TUB BBB urjes upon ever ;
member of tha preiont legUUturo i
remember that 'records ar < * to b
made and reputations built up or de
itroyed ht the prwent teation , Moa
of the men choten to tha exalted poi !
on of r pr * enUtlv > 3 ol the pcoplo
lave a bJjher umblllon than a
mere i t in th * * * nU and
lonio at Lincoln , Many of them
lave boon brought InU public notice
> y the event * of the late cxmptlgn ,
nd have constituents back of them
who will gladly reward the services on
fiolr behalf with renewed evidences
f their cocfiJonoB and c tcom , Every
oto will bo closely watched. Every
ecord aa it is made from day to day
will bo filed array for future reference.
A ctalous prets which osn nolthcr be
bought or sold will inform every
voter in the state of the biroaclos
wticu ) infcat the capital , of the
fforls of the pooploi' roprcsontativea
on behalf of their constituents , and
of tho'failures in duty of the mom-
> cra who prove recreant to tholr
trnit. Praise will not ba withheld
where it I * merited , and eoiumro Till
not bo wanting wherolt I * deserved ,
The corporation buriwd * have
flocked to Lincoln a half a hundred
njrong. Thy are Birarmlog In the
jotol iobble * and corridors , and order
ng the chacipiguo and oyster * for the
ismpalgn , The Htnlons , and the
Thurstons , and the Walters , and the
3arn * are on bv * In fnli regalia , lying
n wait for "tj gullibla granger , " and
ho tulograph jlrc Into Union Pacific
ioadqnarters will soon bo rod hot
mcnRas , asking fer advice * " *
TUB BBB warn * /cry member of
ho legislature wHJ ou been oleotod on
antl-monov ° ' 7 plodgcs , against the
proiohu of the railroad corruption-
1st * . It U an open boast that money
will bo spent like water during the
proiont teuton. The old "oil room *
tactics of two yean ago are to bo ro
yeatod by the same gang of political
prostitutes who narrowly uscaped pun
lehment at the hut sesalon. All o !
the grading contracts have not ye
boou given out. There Is till
a handsome surplus f the "contln
gent expanse fund" which has no
boon expended.
The peddler * of railroad patron
pelf and patronage are known
They are already cpottod am
they irill bo closely watched. Ever ;
legislator who permit * himself to aa
ociato with those harlot * will at onoi
lay hlmiolf opan to suspicion. Eri
aasoolatloun corrupt legislative morali
in Nebraska , as well as in Ohio o :
New York. The railroad lobby oan
not work so much In the dark In Lin
coin that TUB Bra will not inform iti
readers of their plaus. The outline o :
their campaign is already known. Th <
details will bo published ta they an
matured. It will pay uvery mernboi
of the legislature to give those mo
nopoly cappers aa wide a berth B * pos >
tible. Reputations once smirched art
not easily oUared and dallying with
oorxuptlonist * never payc in tha lonj
TUBRB la a good deal of concern expressed -
pressed In omo quarters beoanio con.
s hu made no provision for the
lucoostlon to the prealdnnoy in cnao ol
the death or reilgnation of Protideul
Arthur. The term of Dsvid Dvlfl
proildent pie ttmpore cf the senate ,
will expire on the irti ot Htroh next ,
and ut that lime thera vlll be nc
iponker of the houie. Them would
then bo no legal succcsror of tha pros
[ dent , and the executive cffloo wouli
b * vacant. The situation would hi
somewhat awkward , 'no doubt , bul
then there is no reason to fear the
anarchy whloh Is predicted. It
a government of centralised poweri
confntlou , anarchy and pos
Ibly , civil war might roiull
from a disputed sucjtailon ; but ii
our * tha oxfontlvopowers are , happily ,
too much dilTuiod for any inch dan'
gen. General , ttato and municipal
government * would move lu their ac
onitomed order. The lant wtuld bi
executed , the revenue * wquld bo col
looted and dlibursed with tha nin
ragnlarllty , and life and propottj
would b secure. In this country la
rlgns , cot the president. Fear ol
auarohy a * th * result of his remova
arlios from suporstltlons reverenoa o
powers which do not bulong to him
Still , oongrt < hs bsan guilty of muol
neglect in not making duo proviiloi
for preventing auy hitch In the auo
cession to the pruuidtutUl offioe
Whitlher the snoceislon shall devoir
upon a inesabsr of tie oablutt or thi
ohlof justice of the UolUd State
until the people oan elect a proilden
i * a matter of na * * * moraut. Iu )
the thing ought to bit fiied , so that a\ \
upprahontlous of the danger of a va
canoy may bo tvraovod forever.
JZLI8U1 II AI.LKN , th uewly-so
credited lUwallun mlnUter tu thi
United States , drppptdJfud yntorikj
ivhilu p jini ' I'll NJHT Voir'u rrtip jij
to tko protldtmt in th * Wfaito HJU H
Superstitious peoplu will regard thli
ovant in conneotiou with tha oporibj
of the uuovated mansion na A b c
omuu for its incumbent.
OUIUA will Hwait tvtth interest th (
action of the oily council on the nun
gat ordinance , this oveiilug. Oai
cltlsans are unanimous in their deiln
for cheaper and batter n t , fcu'd thtj
will know what stupa to U < et if th li
wlthss are thwarted by the uuderhauti
uiosns which rnmpr wbUpunaro bek (
uiod to dafeat the entry of thu now
ga comp uy Into our city A savin ;
of over 9100 000 annually to our oltj
is no small matter , and Otnaha tax
ptysr * will lo.renard it.
The cable aunoance * the death of
LMin GambetU , the Idol of the
French radicals , the uncompromising
nationalist of 1871 , the loader of the
Extreme Lett In tha arsombly , and
the short-lived premier of the now re
public. No Frenchman of the d DO ado
WAS * o wloely known in Earopo , and
none moro greatly feared t * a
firebrand in continental pollliw.
Bismarck and Germany Vflll breathe
e&tier now that tholr moot dro&dcd
enemy I * removed by death , and thoto
who are oxorotiing a watohfnl cnro
over that ntnonldorlng volcano called
' 'the ' peace of Europe" will draw a sigh
of relief at the departure of the
brilliant orator whoio inflammatory
appeals to French palriotlom Ihrillod
the commune , rang above the Parisian
barricades and rallied a dwporMo
though already conquered poopln
against the German Invasion.
The llfo of Gambolta roods like n
romance and fully exemplifies the
proverb that everything comes to him
who waits. Born at CMiors , of Ganooao
parents , on Ostobar 3D , 1838 , ho WM
An obscure lawyer until his thirtieth
yc/ir , when his olootrlc olcquonco In a
political CMC first brought him into
public notice. A year later , in 1809 ,
juit before the outbreak of the war
with Germany , ho was elected deputy
to the Corps Lagblatif aji a
' nreeentallvo of radicalism , His
snpport of the popular
will mac1V K V. M"l of the mastcu.
On September 4th , 1870 , uV became a
member of the revolutionary govern
ment , rallying tha dlaitfjctod elomontt
to ropsl the Gorman invasion , and
with all the outhuslium ef bin nature
urging death before aurroudor to the
armies vrhtoh wra closing around the
capital. During the siege of Paris he
cecaped from the city by way ot bal
loon , and vainly attempted froin
Tcurs , and afterward from Bordeaux ,
to check the victorious march of the
onomy. Slnco the close of the vrni
Gfttnbetta has been the mottproml ]
nent politician in the repnb
lie. Twice defeated in hu
canvMs for the aiaambly ,
he lived to toe himielf in tha ooveted
position of lender cf the Extronu
Loft , or the radical branch of thai
body , and finally premier of the ro
public. He reiigned his cfl'no la *
year on the failure of his plan foi
sorntlu do llset , or representation u
large , and ha * since bean gnthoriu ;
trenpth for another movouont ggalna
the contorvatlvo ulemeut , which a1
hu dowufr.ll secured control cf thi
aaiembly. An unoompromUlog enemy
omy of Garmany , his life's tniblUoi
was to regain for France a glor ;
which oho lost when Bismarol
despoiled her of her territory
Sovorsl weeks ago the premature dls
a pistol Inflloiud a wound Ii
the baud whloh reanltod in death yci
terday from blood poisoning , the fini
cause being an intastlnal abscess in
dnoed by erliiooli * . His lait word
were , "I am dyicg ; it Ii nialesi ti
coucoal It , but after so much tufforinj
it will bo a happy dtillvorn o. "
Govzn5oa OLIVSLAMD , of
who KA electud by a routing major !
ty of 106,000 , waa inangnratod yentur
day at Albany. The firat diffioalty
as was to bo expected , with whloh hi
finds hlumlf confronted , is the op
position of the monopolies to thouoa
railroad commission law. This Uv
provide * for the ( election of the com
minion lu an unniual way. Two nr <
named by the governor , one from caul
of the poll tic \ \ partiesand the other bj
the anti-monopoly league and board ol
trade. Thu eandtdato named by thi
latter agenda * 1 * a republican , s j thai
if tha governor obterveo the law , thi
board will be two republican and out
democrat. AgUuat this tha dime
aratlo majority are unanlmoaa y op
poeod , and it ta propoicd to rojun thi
nomlueo of the Itnguo and board o
trade , and compel the aelccfun ofi
democrat. Tha railroad * of oontm
are egging thn demoorati on to ovurj
po > * lbla obttructlnn. Governor Oluto
land * path will not bo itreirn
rote * .
TAni'4 Nothlnn.
Albion K w .
Tun OuiiiiBcB * aya : AO > lutnbQi
man wanted to got a car load of apphi
from an Iowa town , HO lullia VMS' i
Conndl BlafTi. The trflghtohirga
would hava biitn (03 50 , of which tbi
Uwa road would got $13 , aud thi
Uaiou PAolfSo the rfit for Haullug thi
oar a little over ninety nillet.
That' * notblai ; * ome tlm ngo i
man in A'b on roalv d a bix if goodi
trom Mew \ork Oity , and thk frbi ti'
ctunje * w * re th cam * from Du ,0i
It.uifs to Albion a * from Ne Yoil
to the Bluffi. It lit agtiuat ui ah ex
turtlon that puopU ure kiokiog
Soff la Kxpittt.
AAibuy telog
the eirningt of th * Kqf York
tral and [ ludtou Hlvuc ra'lr ' ) d fi r thi
year ending B ptomUjr 3)th late wen
130,023781 ; tivt h u vgot felnltl
ihn esruiORj , t3.,03n C)3 ! ; loamt i
doficienciy of 81,401 (5uD ( Thopt , oi ;
wno h.old , hoT/cvtir ) jump to fine
o 'i.clpslnn , btpaujo uf tnc aifi nttij ,
th * ; the Central is not p flu il-
nay , would ha hw\y \ .andj ; wU-
Ukeu Among ti * 17i ° it' < tl
avjainat tha c * ruing * " WMidlu5ttitj
the usual 8 per cunt dtvidaciWa U , <
ulnorj-mlllloa dollorsof atU. . A. A :
the bujln'jw f t the year ba iwithl
nrr.lai of nuvly fifn-en ralln 'ii do\ \
lirs. The * Jb ny iclesrtm st. pi h i
for the inunth * nlno * clg fttH
stto's fi oalyoAr Oalobur , Nov , \mbtjj
And Daoerabirthe Oantr 4'H grwfi
barnliiBs shi < ir tbn haudAu < ue ? in\rM <
of ? l,200,000 ever thcea furjtm o
ipondlng quarter of the fUcrJ tlaai
above roportod. *
Varloua Vlavra. on Varloua Candi
date * .
HO :
Columbni Journal.
General Thayer is making a tour of
the state In hi * own Intortat as a can
didate for United Stale * senator.
Every onoo in n while we see a men
tion of him In our exchanges , but out
side of a Grand Island paper no de
cided expression in his favor. There
ia ono thing becoming in thn general ,
and in marked contrast with aomo
other caudldatro for thatpotltlon , who
BOO that it is probably necessary to
make a profcmion of anti monopoly
principles. Wo have not noticed tlut
the general Is raaiquortdlng es an
Flerc County Call.
Wo believe tbn.t the friends of Juclpe
Valentino are dtiag that gentleman
moro harm than good by prosalny hl
claims for United States tonator , to
nacccod A , 8 , Saunders , the present
Incumbent. Senator Btuudors carao
out manfully at a critical time during
the last campaign to help V l out , and
his friends can do no leaa than return
the compliment , at least they shout :
not place any stumbling blocks In hia
Fay , Should it tr&nsplro at Lincoln
that Senator Sanniora oould not po *
olbly mnko it then it would bo tlmb
enough for the admirer * of Valentino
to stop forward and prens hia olalim ;
by advocating him norr they are doing
harm and injuring tholi cause.
Central Citjr Nonptieil.
Oaudidatos for United 8tat a sen
ator are looming up all ever the ntatn ,
and at prceout the lUt nnnibar * tnlly
.wouty. All cannot hn olootod , but
the nun who is oUotod muat bo , first
North 1'ltUo man , accondly , n re
publican In the broaden * , nonto of the
word , and a man who will look
after the people' * rather than hia
own solfuh Interests In viatw
of the fact that the now sanntor is
conceded to this tide of the Platte ,
wo wonld naturally prefer for the of
floe our friend Hon , Qeo. W. E Dor-
soy of Fremont , a long acquaintance
with whom has fully convinced ui
that ha fulfills thei requirement !
named. Wo do ntt know that he IB
candidate , but hia name has beau
vciy prominently mentioned by the
atato prota , and wo taktt ccctalon tc
uny n word concerning him.
Columbus J urnnl.
If the railroad forces cannot secure
well known , outapcken. downright
Hgont of theirs as in x- United States
senator fein Nebraska ( ted it doesn't
now look an though they codld ) , thc >
' 11 in all probability solict 03 candl
Mil men who have never Ukon a de
cldud public stand either way , anc
who can bo relied on to do their bid <
dinj ; , while at the sumo tiuiu seeming
to bu with the people. Any man oo'
copying such a position ia devoid o
peed sense and political manhood , arc
will eooner or later ba discarded bj
the peoplo.
THB roLicr c rnosouj noK.
Button Kfjlittr.
If the "straight" republicans , (
called , in tha legislature , fully appre
otato the situation , they will trea
nuch antl monopoly republicans a
Conner , Butler and Djo aa thougl
they were as good republicans a
themselves which they are. Ther
is no reason why they should dlvid
In the orgAuisntion of the cenate , th
election of a United States senator
or in the piscago of laws rtgulatirii
rAllroada. If this it done in a npiri
of candor aud fairneen on both side *
fie republicans will bo thoroughly b
reunited Butiottbe policy of prueoilp
tlou and fctotionlam prevail , and th
end will bo disaatrona to all concerned
Tno electlon of Bonator thu vrinto
dotorml'im the future of the r pnbli
can party L\ this atite ; if good judgu
maul is dieplnysd aud ami&oblo rola
tlons sought , the party may ba placm
again on ita former position , but i
factional spirit ii tbo roltng ptuttini
and the cgqrandiaomcnt of clique *
the motive , largo portion of the re
publican party trill remain nnrocon
oiled , and the acuptor will diiptr
( rora Judah , There are no doub
ouucoittons to bo mido on nil eld ft
; ind if made in the npirit of barmen ;
thn paht majr bo only like a spot 01
the sun Ihat ia hid by the brlghtute
uf the preiout.
Pretty Good Prcflt * .
Sutkoi Btgliter ,
Tnu S io Journal Btys that no rail
road in tha state OArni A rp onnbl
profit on a valuation of (70 000 po
milo. Latns GjUto. Eigni per o n
( iivldimd is onnsldtrnd pretty fair
Tae Union P'nlfis r llro d rufortnno
uurnlngs at $0 480 j'fr mlln. TM i
eight per ouiil nu $81,000 To thi
khonlil propnil/ ddod iutaroat 01
'bn boiicltd debt , which we bollnvo i.
f 45 000 p r uiilu , tqaal to $2,700
uflculating Intern/it ac Ux pir outit
4rKi thl tu thu | G 480 , and we hn i
* irnlcg ovrff axp uaw , pr mllw. SO ,
180 PhU U alfjbt per ccut on $114 ,
610 Pretty good urotlt * on a prolt ;
Bimplo JutUc * .
Wjck , from the commit toe ot
publlo laudt , bu ruportod u bill requiring
quiring lai.d grant inllroada to tak
uut pHtuut * fur alllaii'lt to which the ;
ru entitled within olio yuar from th' '
lima they b < oowa BO entitled ,
penalty of foifuiture to the govurn
mtnt. It Is aliupltt jintice , mul then
ohould ba no opputitiun to suoh i
tueinuro ,
* Dn. S. 8. BBITTAH , * ye : 'As i
rttlopb > aioUua do not , by their pro
fuialonal methods , build up the feumlt
o institution , while * they snldim curi
tha dtaiMj * to vrhioh ilia nlwsys ll '
b'a ' In oar Viilublo olluuto and undei
OUT icrjiyrfoot c'.vlliu.tlon. ' Bpuoia
rpuudie * are often n quired to toitorc
nr trio harmony and strengthen the
oafoiiblud powers uf womanhood ; and
for rnuat of thtce no are ludobted to
rsons outaldu of tbo modloil pro-
frtalon , Amen ? the very bast ol
thoaa romedie * I asiiga a prominent
piatxj to Mrs. Lydia I. Ptnkham's
Vegetable Compound. "
Boasters and Grinders of Ooffess and Bpioos , Manufacturers of
Clark's Double Extracts of
attSm $ & . & twr a teL > 3 * ( U \ ,
II. G. OLARK & 00. , Proprietors ,
1403 Douglas Street. Omaha.
1108 and 1110 Earney St. , OMAHA ,
Growers of Live Stock and Othei
It i * the bor.t and cheapest food for stock of any kind. One pound 1 * equal
o throe poun'n of corn. ( Stock fed with Ground Oil Oake in the fall and winter -
tor , Inatotd of running down , will incrouo in weight and bo in good market
able condition in the spring. Dairymen us well a * others who nso it can Us-
to Ita morlU. It and for . Price .
tify Try judge yourselves. $25.00 per tonne
ch&rgo for sacks , Addrona
o4-ood-me WOOODMAN LINSEED OIL CO. , Onuhs , Nob.
204 2orth Sixteenth St. , OMABA , NEB.
1005 Farnam St. , Omaha.
Proprietors , Wholesale Dealers in .
Mills Supplied With Ohoioe YarietiBS of Hilling Wheat ,
Western TraoVSuppllod \ with Oats and Corn at Lowest Quotation * , with
prompt shlpmontB. "Wrlto for prices.
Hellman & Co
1301 and 1303 Farnam St. Cor. I3t ,
* lA DPALrrUKKUa Off
Carpenter's Materials.
Stair failings , Balusters , Window
and Door Frames Etc
D.tH. . McDANELD & CO. ,
vo-ooau jl r x craKa , M
804 North 16ti St. , filatonlo Block. Main House , 40 , 48 and 62 D a > * 4
bare avenue , Chicago. Hofer by permission to Hide aud
ther National Bank , Oklosgo.