Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 02, 1883, Page 2, Image 2

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sin , Indigestion , want of
lack of Energy , Malaria ,
Inlormitlent Fevers , &o.
TERS never falls to euro
all those diseases.
Batten , Korcmber if , t(9i.
DncmN CnntiicAi.Co.
Gentlemen ! 6r y n I h T
been erciturercrfrom ( Dy pep l .
and could EC ! no relief ( having tried
everything which wai recommend-
d ) until , acting on the advice of a
friend , who 1i d been benefilltj by
UrowM'a IRON Dirrem , 1 tried a
Ixittle , with mott ttirprliing rctulti.
IVevioui to taUInf flKowx's I ROM
Jirn , ever ) thine I ate dutrci < ed
me , and I tufTereu cjcatly from ,
iurnlnff tenullon In the itamach ,
which wai unbtarallc. Since tak *
Ing rin wN'sI oHllirr i < , all my
IrouVlnarcAtanend. Can eat any
time without any dltagreeable re.
lulu. 1 am practically another
cenon. Mm. W J. TI.YMM ,
3 Maverick Su , E. Boitoo.
| RS acts like a charm
. the digestive organs ,
amoving all dyspeptic
bymploms , sucn as tast
ing the food , Belching ,
[ eat in the Stomach ,
'Heartburn , otc. The
only Iron Preparation
that -will not blacken th
tooth or give headache.
Sold by all DruggUt * .
Bro-wn Chemical Co.
Baltimore , Md.
SM thur. alt Iron Bitten ar * m dt by
Vrown Chemical Co. , Baltimore , and
have croned red lines and trmd <
mark on wrapper.
Nebraska Loan & Trust Oornpn ;
Capital Stook , - - $100,000
. D. Tir-AUTWELl , , Presldoat.
k. I. . CLAUKE , Vlco IVonldenl.
E. 0. M uUSTKll , Treasurer
Simuel Alexander , Oswald Ollr'r ,
A. Li. Omho , E. 0. Webster ,
Qco I ! Prat : , Jai. 0. llcartwoll ,
P. H.Mcly lllnuor.
Firat Mortgage Loans a Specialty
ThU Company furnishes a permanent , horn
, ' - Institution where School Bonds aim other IfoU
" Issued JJrmt'-ltuJ teciiri leu of Nebraska can c
" - . < j foe nf goUtbx ) I on the inout f > oraliU cnni
i ' Loans iniulu oy Improvol farms I ail c\ \ settle
countlM of thi naU , through resjionslblej lee
Every Corset i * warranted eatli-
tactorr to its wearer Inercry wny ,
or the money trill bo refunded \ > r
the person from whom It was bousUt.
rbtonlrOnraot pronounced by our IcocUni priyiteUn
, widendorMdliy Juliet
KillnlurlouitaUiawMUW perfect BtUng Oorwt
00. cir.A < JJu tlD . t.BI
BU * ! ( extru IICIITJ ) 8.00. Nurtlas ; , t. l
( One eolitll ) .00. I > rWl
I7rile by UtJlt > K ItcUU Ucsilcr * T rr kn
cuiOAao cuuauT CO. , cuiestro , UL
Bend 91 , 82 , $3 , or 95 ( or re
till box by Express of tbo best
§ 0 3andlei In America , put np
slcgant boxes , and etrlctly pure
Suitable for present * . Expreti
ot argwi llglit , Kef on to JI Obi-
01,0 , Tr j It once.
. ,0. P. aUNTHBBS
CoDfectlooer , . Chlcr
9 { Sam
OB ,
* Slia ol tta
Story Sowing MaoMno ,
A hraJaat IliVt rautiMei , blcifind rol
cri with ouutiooi Mikunnii , Ulft > i
/ , | o ey a c'l f.S5a cr'llt , " 'i tinny tune
et tin , * t i > o ! 'llu Slujfl U.ii'.Mnr { } Coo
4 p * y , et ni'J lie jyt or U' , i- > piM , i
" > l ll'Uiac li'j'n old
hn > . ( tifti "iUf * cut
- "
" uiaotwiDR Bo , ,
"OBJsc , 34 Union "
W. * * C. .
Corn W utarn Hurowe.Parm HoUei
B 7 Untctw , flucnet
. , _ , _ _ ,
W * Mf pnpvreJ ta do lob work tad BUABb
ml oj tor other litrtUi/
O. CAriUUf tuur UttM
A Fmillato of How Year's ' Dis
of the nominal of Rove-
Slicrrlll and Hanbo.
The S bb th preceding Now Ye&r'a
day waa a qniol ono nbont town , the
arrival of Madame Nilraon bolng the
most important event thai transpired.
It was celebrated nt nearly all the
chnrchcs by normona or oorvlcca ap-
proprtato to the dny.
At Tricity BDtvlcoa were the aamo
ti on Ohrlslnua day ; Rev. Ohas. W.
Suvldgo , of the Firnt M , E , took for
tht aubjcct of his evening r.ormon ,
"Tho Old Year } " Rov. W. E. Oopo-
land , , of Unity Chapel , eave "A Ra-
view of the Old Year ; " Rov. A. F.
Bhorrill , of the Oongrogationnlchnrch ,
apoko on "Tho Old and Now Year ,
to. "
Tour Habits.
Rav. W. J , Hnrtlu'o Sabbath even
ing Icoturo was upon the nubjcot ,
"Your Habit * , " ha ! text bolng dionec
from .Tor. xv. , 0 : "I urn weary will
repenting , "
Bailor's analogy ia very dry road'
ing , bat Its lonsoiiB nro often practical
and spicy. The good biihop ooouis tc
have endeavored to pul his Trholonoim
remedy In the form of a remarkablj
bitter powder. Among { the moo
salntoiy of his pUMcri'lHIona ii thli
thought : That every ucoeaslvo aUgi
of 'iifo not only proparoa the way foi
the next , bnt leoma iniJnly dcalguec
for that putpono. Youth Btotni
adapted to prepare the way for man
hood ; and manhood with the greatest
fitnow nahora In old ngo.
The train of thought opened op bj
thU BQggeatloa Booms opcolally fitted
for us to-night. The old ycai pro <
pifos the way for the now ; the belli
of the p&at have fulfilled their tola
slon vrhan they have jryonily rung in
the present.Ve have boon wit
when TTO have drawn fron
that which lisa pwsod aw j
a power and inspiration to acoom
pllah that which la to como
Mid all thla loads no to think of habit
For vrhat ia habit but the pormanonc
of action in the present , to which th
Ilttlo thing ] of the pant have boci
leading ? llblt ia the channel of th
river bnt it haa notalwaya boon awe
wo find It now. The Hotting of th
wavca of last year and the year bofor
have worn thia deep way through th
soil of life ; and now wo cannot chang
our conrsa if wo would. And coul
no find n better description of the dc
tpiiring exclamation of the creature
of habit than ia given in the text : "
am weary of ropontingl" Ever
drunkard ; nay a it , every chronic lla
nays it , every crcaturo to whom th
littio actions of the past have bccom
the binding laws of the proiont take
it often upon hla hpa
Lot na look at these foHowlngpoint ]
in regard tohabita :
No man Intends to bo a drunkard o
a thief , No man propones that h
shall form ono of the countlosa mult !
tudca who no longer arc free men
bat elavoio piaslon and appetite
* Icada to wish
Yet > mthought a
* wbh to a .purpose , a purpoo
to an action , an action t
n repetition , and a frequent ropotltio
to a habit. It is because young mode
do not , with enfiiciout oaro , gnard th
beginning of tin that the ending of :
ia ao diatreealng and deadly. Form )
tiou of character Is far easier and oaf <
than reformation of character. Intli
spring you hold a seed of wheat and
grain of corn in your hand. It la fi
CUBIC ? than to substitute the ono f <
the other then in the autumn to pu
up the corn otalk and find a ripouc
apcar of wheat in itn place.
Samson waa bound with now twin
and with green willies. Those r
broke , but ho could not snap a luutfi
habit , which at length wrought h
ruin , Habit ia the strongest thing c
curth , nfxt to God'a power. It mnki
nf the highest minds fooliah drivelle
and of the happiest homoa placed <
misery and aliaino. Alexander , Ct
ar , Napoleon among cocquuror
Porphtry , Aurellus , Bxoon amor
philcaDphora ; Byron , Bterno and It
among poota , could bind the world <
politics , truth or f ncy bnt not
single QUO of them oonld rule blmsol
Only the power of Uud can aubduo U
habit of man ,
\Vhat a man ia at twonty-ono ho
apt to be at fifty. Habit makes tl
man. If yon drill yourself in frogalit ;
industry and love of kuowltdgo , tl
future will ahow the hflienco of II
present , just at the present does <
the past. And if thia ia trno up to tl ;
point of death , why shall it not t
truoof thohereaftei ? The hauiu <
earth will bo followed in the life bi
yond the gravo. If any one donlc
thla lot them produce the proof of th
falsity of the statement. Lit you
habits then bo pure , enobllng , Obriatlj
utody purity , temperance , charltj
Avail yourself of the divtno more ;
offered in Christ , and Hvotho devoted
self-forgetful lifd of which Hit ia th
wUcrn , Thou the future will tak
cure of Itself.
If tl'u old joar oould Bp ak to you i
would say : "I had my y < uthfnl d y
my daya of manhood ana declinln
age I found that one period pre
pared for the next , just in I proptr
for the n * xt year that eh ll conic
Oipy my example. In truth and vli
two lot the ptxit drill yon , and by a hoi
< ifa do you pats on to others th
benefit. "
Rov. BherrW.
The pvitor of the Consrreg&Uoni
clmrch , Kev. A. F. Bhurrill , took It.
hla text , fur hla Sabbath morning ae :
moil , "As for mo and my hoimo , v
will tervo the Lnd " Joihua 21:11 :
.NVhllo we may not stop to coiiatd
the natural and historical aarroum
inua at this tlmo , wo vi.l oontider 11
principal tneme , "Tho act of Joshua
lit nature , influence and reward , "
It was an open , public act to whl
not a fojonuld testify. It was
matily and right act , to oouto emu'
It M in the hoRtts of the wUe and can
ahame In the hwxrta of the pervun
Whatever had bcea the experience
bin Ufa provl < Man In Uil.1 , ha foil it was
opportune nl th'n ' Itrao to profees hie
Mlcglanco to his Lord. On the con *
trary there nra tame who , while they
have a fniut hopn that they are Ohria-
tianB , will not make a profosMon before -
fore man and Gght for tholr Lord and
A. On Joshua. B. On the pooplo'
The excitement of battle had long
passed awaVf and now the day which
had dawned after the darkness of the
night had paancd the laraolitcn wore
enjoying. Bat it became evident to
Joshua that plenty nnd pleasure were
conducive to idolatry , which waa in
the aplrit of moo , If not in their acts
Than Jonhiu convenes the people be
came of the Influence which this pro
fcoslon would mnkc ; and thin aa all
laws are founded In the nccda of oar
bolug. By thia statement , Joohua
prepares tlio road for himself , and by
It warns any ono naainnt obstrnctinf ; .
B , And the people are in sympathy
with their leader , and nay they will
eorvo the Lord , and they wore trno to
their vow all the days of Joshua.
waa that of an nn a elfish pnrpono. Lot
each man who , by hla position ia or
should bo working for the people's
good , Bnk thomaolvca if their morality
is defective hero. Let each Christian
ask h'msolf ' it hla aim ia sanctified ,
For if there ia a proper adjaatmont of
the engines of warfare there will bo
victory over nln and immorality in
thli or in any city , aa Joshua waa suc
cessful with hla fixed nim , unob-
otruotod by aolfUhntwa or cowardice.
The Ilttlo daughter of Alfred Wells
of Now York atato , desired to unite
with the church , and when ahe made
her doalro known , to her father , hoi
father requested h\r ; to wait ono year.
And when the year had expired , he
requested her to wait ono mouth , and
than ho would go with her and alsc
make a profession of faith. And the
littio girl waa by thia thfc cauao of hoi
father's conversion.
The brother of Ohaa. Q. Finnoj
fought against the improwlon foi
fifty years , which waa made ur/m hit
mini when hia brother confesicrj
Oarlat , bnt at last became a Ohrlstiiu
ftlBO. <
The doodo of man , yes , migttly
dooda ; they oaut their shadow or then
lay on every pi hway , though it loadi
to hades or eternal day.
A till , n quiet connolcnio was pos <
sowed by Joshua. And when ho wai
bnriod , the soul had fled to ceaao frorr
the caria and trinh of life , and to gc
to the Hmvonly Father. And while
aomo may wake a profession aa Joshut
did , may not others make it a day ol
repentance ind good resolutions.
It io written of Hercules that he
woo mot by two forms pleasure and
j virtue that ho mlaht make hii
[ ahtijo ; and by chboalng virtue ho wor
j a place among iho immortals. And il
r la that which will Ltine a rewarc
which the youth of c ir city rnusi
> choose. The gnildod palates of ploaa
i nro and ease are but the q lckanndi
npon which many a oraf t haa been let I
to the mercy of the waves.
On acoannt of some of the persona
whointondod , uniting withtho church
expecting to bo abtfent trora tllu cit ;
next 8bbath the regular commun
ion Sabbath they were received b ;
the congregation immediately tto
, the delivery of the aermon. Amo-j ]
o those who united with the church wa
G moral Howard and family.
A ccmus of Fort C'olttos ia being t nisei
The Herdtoi nro DOW ruonlcg in Denvo
Cataract lake in 1'ltkln county his bee
stocked with SCO trout.
From present Icdlcitlonsthe lee crop i
Colorado will be very thort.
Two thoudind dollars have bo n ralsi
In Sllvcitou for tm Uiiiicopul church.
The Bmonor woiks nt Fuoblo nro pr
iluclng two miles and n , h ill of etcel rail *
d y.
y.It in Bald that there Is In the Powder va
ley nlona 52.0,000 worth cf wheat to I
The echool bond rf L ndvllle I In titl
to tbo amount of 9160,000 through lu ii :
bllity toco.leot the bchool tax.
1 be bottom of a furnace which bvl bee
In operation elcht morjtbn t UoIAn w
removed recently. Its value wry § 37Oil
Two new towns have hern Jfd out I
the new irilnlnf ? dlitilct of 1W Monntali
one U called llvgcr City the oth <
LeadvH'o hm a nlnlnft/compnny mat
aged tntirely y womin. Too comjwuy !
the Ciloiado Queen nvblng and ttm&i
company ,
Daring the past yi r there bn bee
.hipped out of Weld -"nty 10.500 beeve
New purchase * to tld exteutuf 25.MO he
have been nudeau700' ! * UPOU the raDB <
In the oouuty.
The coal b nJ near Wo'eonburg ni
turning outaboit 400 tons of coal dull
most of It beH itd by the - - " -J
'i'he capacity tl tbu inloea will bo li
creased to J50on < a day.
A Bnuldft county woodclnpiior wh
built a fire Ut wtvk to warm hlmnalf sue
cetded ftdr ably. lie aUo wirnxd u tra
of count 17 three mile * long and ctntroye
the 1'TMt Woor ' < mill , nd the b rn n
Ilia Ffcr at houne , quurU mill nd barn , th
boui * of Mr. Boloy udMr. Grecnu , u
thoBulderjoouaty tunnuor * houw.
ITbo tenltorUl auprema , ) urt mot I
Cbe > ane on Tut d y , January 2nd In r <
Chejecne pwa la clanoHBg f , > r
bttif r city Kovfeinment. I tuUkB lhatth
ftuilng e ectlon will bring It.
Beventy-clhtc riirecelvfdt p lrc at th
Qroiu Klver hbopi lu Novemt it. TLera i
rumor tbut ih h m t
IMI u o ed to Qraiu Ufv r.
The ctiyo unoll of qheyiine htis let
-ntract for Imlidlog a dia Crow
- r
> o as to divert th w Ur /lake n
olty. The ptlc * pvd lur ik V la $31 ,
board of U de. ,
Huron is to U > * Methodist Ep !
) h copal cburob.
ha ha Rapid Olty , i r ° UUok Hlllf Wl11 oul
a ti YB water wo >
10 A atali , door/nd / "W l factory U beio (
e built at
In tit Btim&rck U noi
own725fe t. It will reach a depth of
00 feet next week.
The bridge cro'u tlia Dakota river at
luron Is completed.
The Deadwood Terra company has paid
800,003 in dividcndii.
The Father De Hmet mine , for
he Utt half of November , yielded $21 , .
The HornoiUk * mlnlnft oomp ny pild
nut $50 000 on tbo 2Ctli of December.
) utlng 183i the company has pafd to
toolcholdors 8000,000 ,
Cl l mUv J > ni > , a noted character of
877 and 1S8 In DaadwooJ , has Lesn Hr-
og on a ranch for two nr three yoirr. Hho
A again on the warpath , Her pclally U
lext tity with a poker deck and a six-
A rec nt find in the Atlantic mine at
GlcntUlo uncjfern oxer $100,000 ti bight.
Tbo silver , geM and copper product of
Montana for 18S2 trill not fill below $3-
Canter ounty' ii tbn largest county in
the Unltrd Hutos. Its area is 33,000
imtro rtiilea ,
Tha Increneo in thi latt year In the val
uUIon of Ctuttr couoty propjrly , aside
from the rollroaJr , Is § 321,200.
Over 50,000 head of Montana cattle have
bepn sold tbi < ie riul aKtemmarkctf , and
fully 3,000,000 pounds of woo ) .
Door hedge In now the point rf supply
for Helena , Mlasoula und other points
north of tbo end of the railroads.
In the Barker dlttrict cggi are worth
31 CO per dozn , butter 03 cents a pound ,
o aid 6 cents a pound , and fbnr $10.00 per
Ono thousand dollars each Is chirgcd by
the Northern Pacific company for corner
lots in Livingston , und 8:00 each for in
side lots ,
The largoit aum realizedilhli year for
minlntt properly In Montanot is for thn
Dru u Luminouml mine , Helena. It
won sold to an English conpany for $1-
A promiilni- bank ofXiuperior bltumin
ou coal Is bolng deve'opcd near Boncncan
A track from the Northern Pacific wit
tap the deposit In tip iprlng.
It is said that ) tha desperadoes ( I
WceVnville have thb population so thot
onvhly cowed that they would bo afraic
to open the door if a man waa murdered
on the ttcpa.
An important enterprlto has ju t been
completed In the llseln Creek flume , be
tween the C'loiado ' and Montana smelter
which cost 83i,000. It will be uied to
transport wo-d to the tmelttir.
Twelve years ago n Yankee ranchman
on llo ? o prairie started in the ahecp bun !
nos3 with one old owe M a starter , tit
now has over COO head , the multiplied in
crease of that ono old ovre.
There are 3 ? prisoners in tbo territoria
pcnltentiar ) at BoUo City.
Important developmaats are being mad
Ia the Muldoon iniuiog property , nea
The governor's moaBage to the leRtHlalur
uhnwfl a decided improvement in nil terri
torial enterprises during 183i
NJW Tacoma is oxporlenciog a boom
The prospect that the place will he Hi
torminua of the Northern Pucifio on Puge
Bound hat attracted lots of people there
The bottli are crowded and buuinoie i
good.A .
A number of prisoners confined In th
j \llnt Uoldemlale , escaped l.e ! Monday
night , takiog with them all the Jill bUuk
etc , a Leedlu gun and ICO rounds cf am
munition. Tbrea of the fugitives wer
Btocl : thlovoB.
The channel cut through the St. Helen'
bar , a fnw months ago by the Btoame
Walla Walla , haa proved a complete sue
cchi , as the river current boa deepened I
tno Ca t xince It waa tut , Inxtctd of fallin
t UJBJ I waa feared might bo the result ,
Five cars loiidoJ with wheat , near Al
b uv , were Bm * < U 4 up ntidtbe'content
lulned latt week.
There is a nroje.t on foot to build
whaif ht Port Otford , Vi tout hern Ore0' < n
which Is very u > uch mcdti ] , as tt tbn proi
oat time all freight mutt bt > limdod in uuri
A steam plowing company bat been
farmed at Stockton ,
The Red Bluff academy bai recently
purchased a $5.0 tcloecopc for the uao ti
the pupils ,
Tha com crop in the noiHern parto
Inyo county haa been ruined by ea > l
fronts thfi icajon ,
A/argo number of Incorpornttrn papers
pifycipnlly for milling companieg , are he
in * filed in Han Francisco.
The county j ill at Nevada City has hoe > n
lined with he vy boiler Iron. The prison
cjntali a Baveral desperate prlsonere.
A ciiiftw law haa bnrii made nt Gra *
Vul'ey. Auy boy under 18 years of ad
fouud on the etrott after 8 o'clock will u
The N pa Water company bava selectee
a renervoir elloin tbo outtkltU of tha
city , an I the building of w.iter works wil
be commenced shortly.
A canal tchiine to water the laud on th
mstnldoof tlio Han Joiquiu valley , in
Frtwuo county , U tuHisd 01. Tiotetlm ! t
td cost will be kboui $ ICOlO.
During the reason endid May 10 Un
11,010 tons of I cats were u-ol at the Lee
eng ir fnoti ry at Alvuratlo. The ex.e < t
wtru $18,00it and the profits $11,010. I
Aliihuloiu In llvlduil at Obico receutly
hid } 2 (50 i cut to him from the rait , tint
wni procetdii g to dilnk it up. He pee
5100 ( or wlilfky In ono day , when hi
frlmda to.k hia money and will attempt to
hive a gn i jan | appointed for him.
Like uianyo'her towmthat are tltuatec
In ibe center f a wcol-growini ; ( llt.tilot
ftuu woolen mill. 8x million
pounile of wool * ere aWpptd fi'dtn Fie ni
Lounty Ia t year i ul trunsnorted at u IMK *
fipt-nsa tubther part * of Iho country to le
mMiufkdurcd. '
The VlrglnU and GoU Hill Water com
pany' < ice houte at GoU Hill wan de
troyed I y tore list week. Ip * , 8SO.OCO
The tloticlenoy rf $2COO In the account
of tx-TrcMunr Noituu , of W hocoui.ty
* as fCttlul ly hi * bi'uci inbiiv\ lie rnu
i romfretl with the coutjty oommUiiimerii
An dm tank c'litaiulnc : uboit fif'etn
. ll"r Af ulpbuil i nclil vxplodal ill the
I'uillon'lU'iU mill at Taraclire V-iVey lul
wok.I vo m u wre Injtuol , and tviry
( jane ( I * * " 'Q ' tlus bulldlui ; wMthatVired
I'liti cu o if the rxploflnn l nttir ! > ittt }
. ' ihiscli cucis c ( thu tank to the engine
fcot/en. * \
Th UndU Free I'ren } : Ovlugjto
h fitfti lvr fnovitfons lu tha hill , oue-
i lf at li ilk I luff is tlowly tnovliu eatt.
l acr vi < - < > iior fo t la wlllh ex.
lit tt ' 's * the raiilille ( < f th mounUia
wiir' of N tuio hs thrown Dm
tmuUr w"iifiilUI-tol h > lt nut of ( ilunib ,
work ol " JIJiuj " U still In '
nd the { rr > 'o-
8li < e N > v mbei 20th U t nineteen con
vl t-'from varl urn p rti of Ar'zana ' have
) ti rl > Ueil { u tin. iifnUfiill.vy ,
Af Pwiootr , ltt week , i lion I far twen
y mlnc In Copr ( l iin wu < place ! on
ftord ty ta > nii | nyof II iK' I hu.pltilUt
T"3 con iltlont cf tbo Ixm 1 nr th it within
Kuriiou'lii ntrt on u'the ' ctpltilUU are
to ay tha ownoiB (3,590,000.
' 'he S n Petlto mined are turning ou
tr e ( I'KiittttrB of c > | per ,
JJrouml will Vebiiiken nt the Clifton
tr.nih f the Slher City railroad at n
eAily day.
Has returned to Omaha ( for a
abort time oblj ) , whera ho can bo con
sulted nl parlot d ,
Prof. Snmnela odors to all those
lhav r.ra BuflurJng Lorn Wta nojs uud
Dafeutivn Bight hts
Superior to any other in us ? , a the
follotrin' ; lio\uo cvldcno ol well-
knov n pcoplo of tiil > city and vicinity
BttlP" ) , IC1VJI , )
December 2i , Ibs2. f
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Poj'btr SoniolJO jca.'s rndrInlf since voti
Itlt.u tlinc-tv , u.K rt'r-nt live ) \-ita t--o i > ; .d
llli niVir , cauut. l > y\c proof i""U.nj
nt ! otii r o'lko . .o. ' . to suc'i an o ioiit tlr.t i
cou'u at timeImru'ly rcrc.btui'v or cl . ' , ) rj ?
p'-iri , flnlu't"in ti'rr ( ucnl'y ' rot , ; i-j them. Y'a
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mcnUInp pouonslo y u vlio may bo tioujlbd
wltn vejk tjee. tours tri'lv ,
J. 0. JIOnOAN ,
HJItor an-l t'ujlUher Globe.
BLurra , February 14 , 1830.
Pro * . Saue'i :
I cav S'p- thrt I would bo unzra'cfi'l In-
d cllf I ( ! 'uuot l to jo n.a-- ircti .ny
grutlluilpto jou for fie woiKor'"ul 'uoiedlsu
i /.d from fie i . .o o' > ur gbstcu tidj ttdto
my Cj suj-jtu. Il"vo t'Ud other g J. ci onil
means batii'l ii no p.n pc ii , am1 1 IiaucoT-
tlLuid injs.l' dco'n il to go li : o.nh to ! "orld
ncn.l/ Mantle . ; ujt ulnn. 9 I ' . . - nc-i. ! > blim1.
nc w I tec , a. u UT > a ! > 'o to , cnJ as t ncier coulu
before. lretittiat I hid lot met Piuf. Sam
uels sooner , .otliril mljat tia\o been cnjijm ;
this blesslr" of seel-jg. Il p'nj that man ,
others maj havu tbo btncflU of jourlit'p , lam ,
gratefully > ourb ,
, VTillo o ' fie Pat' ' r < oant ca-a Rgo I became
partial' / ij' ' u , B iu r.i , . ' ht co Ir * jcicr re-
tivcTi : . i : , . o t ' if .11011 * c' t'r.Mlogrt
tlas--Uo In j Le rl.ooi.i" reJioeb'it !
waao ! nou u. p010 , oju ht'
> ro' . faasjj 'i came I 's i'.io .o Oniahn 1
thoujli. lual 't K uY ! uo no . ra u tr ' .ii him
anil to uliitl'u \ ' } ' icy. llo cxain'nc ity
eves anil inM m - tliatJ tcu'a ' nalto mo B o ,
not w.tiionc , UtSta "lotli OK-I. 1 tolu li' i 10
BO oa md in Ye ire 6tc , us Itf \ J Kl >
Idea of irer tft ) > y a'ulo to lea wtit aaln. lu my
surpi'iohe tnauj mo a ( air of $ ] u , cs that tu-
abciino to see Kh my n ht ejo aswollaa
wlih the other. I IU ( hecrfu ly rocommo u
him to all those ttiot hare given uj hopes.
YOUH , mth goou uljjht ,
OUO. E. GIBSON , . Ufnce.
Om. ha , Nib , DiCtmbcr 20 , 1BS2.
I vi'dto h'XiocrrT7ci > lf tjrsandtrlcvl a great
ia r\v frngsio.- 't"i-t 't ' vas oil ' ,1 , ali.
WhtM Pro' Tue < 4 vrt'n tiinot-ait ' jtuu
/ I MtLL . .SOlbOI1Q Of Ill/Ill' ' ' ! SLilOhaa
uin 1lfu lr'i'ni ! ' to f.1 on him , I done to , and
am claj 10 Uat- > that lie litjpid mo wciu * . { . | '
llo ilttoimo at that ilii.oith a ( a'-of hn
( ; lai < ; 8 , end thov crave mi i'stajt rel'uf , ami
aflf mlnjf ' 'am fora sheri t'uio my Im-
i roved no that' liadno USD f r Iho glasso at ai.
Myiltfi UNr.Vu , alil.ouxhl af d\'ul n t
to put on gl ISSDJ. J r I wo Id l.a o to weir tbtm
al lha t' ifj lut iv.f. Sawuo's' gl kcs worn
u Kcrent. Ihty ImprovoJ i-iy ojes , a'ld ' wouH
aauBo nil PK.NJIIH . who lave trouUo with Ihtlr
eyes to ea 1 on Llm. Kcsp ctfully.
A. T. bWl 1AHT ,
City Po lo. , Omaha.
December IB.
OMAIM , Sonfcmbrr 18,1870.
ilncc , wuiu cnr fctd 1.1 rjito-irl
laliorat n tjrs'kli ' IHSVMIO Impal.el ,
and I foil ill ft L'lllcull 10 fnd i-lasnes which
would tnord nuy relief. Durl.ii : thu pa > t two or
ihroi y. r < i.'v fjts crewwruker by con tant
use , anti Ilcgan to be alarmed lest I night for
a In e ba obl. ul to 'ay ' a ( demy books , h ch I
to much del ht In I'roui'tncc , I think , hu
kindly al cd iiu y STI ' i'.f Dr. Sa imcl tu thU
ti y Uvuteif hlj Improve I tittUI ilaea ; for
beveral da > I flud tlioiaturalllou restored ,
and | am now abli to irada dututly a * niuclim
| the .t llrlii' , ' thu eye or cauilng pal i.
worn ) tful tia ( vcian cfcti can ho
produce I In o shod time , and I lavonodoubt
It will ba permanent ,
1 am git > 1'rrf Bdmue'slai Ultcd thla city
win 10 K > man ) riicd the al < l lu c n atlord tlaui
m.d I hopu JiU Kluces w.ll bo Introduced and ex <
used here.
Vaster Flat liaptltt Church.
OV/HA , Nob. . December 12,1P82.
Pnf. H. Samuels ;
DarBlr I IIDVO now tuci < the gdsici with
which jou tuinlsli d ire 'or o e week and can
truly v that > hA\eu rlteU rcor contort lu
that short eptce of tlun t.ian In jcari prtUout ,
A'moi fruin my cul'est rcioilcctlons I have
Mifferwl from -i fm > i lit 10 tcoil btlnctly even
whr i close liy , tomo'.m s f 1'ed to L < ow or rec-
ognlie in ) moi , Intimito IrlenUa , a lot which
wan H corstant sourc i ol mor Ifloatlon to me. I
trltd remcdlis and L'Ofuetfof different klndi
with butj very Ilit'a bv.ncft and until "on
It d ) ii.ileinuumy casii ropcl ss Thanks
i y ur skill , I amabldti roe brt rthan ere
before. Try I' of. Hat ueV treatment and be
buMUcdulhkva been. Very truly jours ,
MAkY 1103 A11D ,
2&30 Uecatur Street.
0 a , nu to 7 p. m.
Prof. Samuels dooa not atUnd t
buiint u cntslde of hiirooma , and ha
DO one conneoied with him.
. 0 . : Csr & ;
Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
s ? Uiiiou Pacific Deriot , - OMAHA HB
Window and Plate < 3'ass. '
fiTAnyone contemplating b-Mldlnjj store , bank , or any other flnt will find It to their ad
Uo , ta cones end with ng bctoro purchasing taU. Piato blau.
OMAHA - - ' HEB.
StoragB , Commission and WMesale Fruits *
1421 & 1423 FAIHOAl STREET.
gents for Pock & Bausiioi's Lard , ana Wilber Milia Flour1
, - - -
I ,
Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , and
All Grocers' Supplies.
A Full Line of the Best Brands of
" " * \ * ' * " * ri *
Steam Pu nps , Engine Trimmings
Cor. Farnam xnd 10th Streets Omaha , 3eb.
Fire aid Burglar Pra ( >
1020 Fat nham Stret ,
IE1. C.
1213 Farnam St. . Omaha.
IB only attained by
Stoves and Rang <
JFor aala by ]