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II (
Lieut , DoLong'a Record of tlio
Jeannette Expedition
Made Public.
The Hardships of 1hi Grew in
Perpetual Wmtor aroph-
ically Described.
Arctic Storine , Terrible Suffer.
ing , Disappointment aud
Finally Death.
Senator Xiggnn Dnlluwi Xiaml nail
Acatniit tlio Rollcl'
of Fortar.
The History of 1
by Ttmo , According to
Black Jack.
Special Dispatches to TUB DKR.
WAHiUKciroN , Djcouibor VQ. Da
Long's report which waa found beside
hla dead body has been made public.
It makes thirty thousand words in the
details and Incidents of the cruieo
from the depnrturo from San Fran
cisco , 1879 to 1881. Ita principal
features IB the elaborate account of
DdLong's viown with regard to the ox-
podittou. Ho considered it Rood
judgment to head forWranpell Land.
His idea was to adopt the land aa a
, support for the first winter's cam
paign. Ho embodies a story of how
land woa lghtod and how ho expected
to roach it , and graphically des
cribes how on the next day tha
Jonnnottca became besot In Ice never
sgaln to bo relieved and says , "tho
* party was compelled to make a virtue
of necessity and stay where wo woro. "
"Sometimes all night mid sometimes
day and night , from January 19 to
February 4 , Sweatman mil Ntudor-
man stood down in the foropeak , icy
water flowing around them , neirly to
their knees , working faithfully until
their work was accomplished , und the
, . good results of that work were ovi-
i dent in the gradually reduced amount
fe .of water coming into the ahip and
f. our'ability ' to control the leak without
3L aubh'rmnous expenditure of fuolas had
Y been necesiary theretofore. It is for
/ ; | theao reasons that I have had the
/.honor to recommend those two men to
, you for medals of honor , as a recogni-
4'tionof heroic conduct uader the most
trying circumstances.
1 Captain DeLong's record of the re
mainder of the winter and summer of
1880 is for the most part a monoton
ous record of storms , ioo movements ,
constant anxiety and almost unbroken
disappointment. As the short Arolio
summer drew to acloao without setting
the Jeannette f reo and another dreary
winter approached , Captain DaLontr
r , J"J"uO : ' bgmto rnrolvajnliis mind
tLo question whethor-lt would not bo
bettor to abandon the ship and make
for the northern coast of Siberia over
the ioo , than run the risk of a second
winter in the pack Under date of
September 20th , 1880 , ho says : "I
diallko to materially dwell on the idea
of abandonment of the ship. Wo have
come through so much it gives me
hopes of surviving more. As long as
enough of the ship remains to shelter
us , sticking by that fragment is pre
ferable to camping on Ice , and I can
conceive of greater forlorn hope than
the attempt to reach Siberia ( aay 240
miles distant ) over the ice tnat sur
rounds us , nnd with winter's cold
sapping one'o Hfo at every stop. Of
Bourse , if wo were to lose our ship ,
wo vrould make the effort to got there ,
but our chances of success would bo
extremely problematical.
The last entry in the record is
dated Dacember 31st , 1880 , and is as
follows : "Minstrels and ringing in
the now year in latitude 70 doaross ,
48 minutes north , longitude 177 do-
grnes , 32 minutes oast. Daring the
past sixteen months wo have drifted
1,300 miloa , far enough , If it had been
in a straight line , to carry us to and
beyond the polo , but wo are yet only
220 miles northwest from where wo
wcro first besot. Wo have Buffered
injury , and danger has often confron
ted us. Wo have been Equoezad and
jammed , tossed and tumbled. Wo
nave pumped the leaking ship for a
year , but wo are not yet daunted , and
are as ready to dare everything as we
ever were , nnd wo face the now year
firmly , hoping to do something worthy
of ourselves , of Bennett's enterprise
and of the flag above UB. "
In h si than ton months after those
words were written the Jeannette was
at the bottom of the Arctic ocean , and
DeLonc lay deed In the Lonu delta.
THE TAIUl'i' .
The ways aud means committee devoted
voted the entire session to-day to con
federation of the tariff oominiiHlou'o
schedule on wool nnd woolena , leas
than half of which was completed.
None but verbal changes were made
except In tha Item of woolen rags
shoddy and flocks , on which the rate
was changed from 12 to 10 cents per
pound ,
Mr. Hayes , tarifl commissioner , to
day expressed himself confident that
the tariff will bo roviaed this session
on the plan recommended by the coin
mission and modified by the commit
tee onjways and means. Ho thinks
the committee will report in two
weeks ,
Special Dinpitch lo 711 * II m.
WASHINGTON , December 21) ) , On
motion of Senator Hoar the bill to
provide for the performance of duties
of president of the United States in
case of inability , or removal by death
or otherwise of the president or vice-
president was taken up. Discussion
of the bill continued until nearly 2
o'clock when unfinished bnoinesi , the
bill of for relief of Fitz John Porter
wan til-fn up , nnd Senator Logan ad-
dresied the senate.
Senator .Logan made an argument
la opposition to the bill , llo said hu
know it waa hard for mnators to have
to listen orery session lo long debates
upon this subject , but BO long as ho
had a place in the senate ho should
feel it bis duty to oppose this niowuro.
The bill proposed that congress should
review the action of the court martini
and determine whether its decision
was correct upon the law und facia.
If the decision of the ounrt murtitl wns
correct , congress certainly ought not to
put Potter back into the army. If the
decision was wrong congress undonbt
odly hnd a right to rolustato him the
arrmr , but ho still had no right to re
view thn action of a conrt martial ,
Senator lognn argued in oupport ol
his views horottfora announced ,
The Sholild board , which reviewed
the Portur casn , was without authority
of Uw. Gen. I'opo had beun criticised
f ji not having nppoarrd before thtt
baud If ho ( Ljgau ) had boon sub-
I tit jncd before it ho weald have de
clined to appear and would have lo !
the president know ho had no author
ity to constitute the board. In reading
ing their report ho found it dillioatt
to toll whether they were trying Porter
ter or Gen. Pope , but if showed
clearly they had not read the rcoord.
They said the order to attack sent
Porter waa nn order to attack Jack-
aon'a right ( link , though the order
Bttya nothing about Jackson but
directs an attack "on the right flu.'k"
or the roar of the ouomy , which waa
In fact commanded by Lsngotreot.
Gon. Grant had , fallen into the same
orvor. The board said also "Porter's
subordinate and wise conduct
that evening saved the union
army. " That meant that when
the whole confederate ferro except a
Tow brigades' waa uUacktng I'ouo's
32,000 men , Porter lyiujr by with
14,000 men with arms atauko t saved
kho union army. Saved it from whut ?
Not from being beaten , for it was
beaten. Upon this principle , if'the
whole union army had stacked arms
nobody would nato been hurt.
'Laughter.J The board wont upon
iho theory that the reports upon
which Ihu court martial convicted
Porter wcro those of the 30th of
Aug net instead of the 29th , and that
the confederate Generals Leo , Long-
atroat , Stuart and Roenor , should road
the 30th and not the 29th , &s they did
road. In fact no man familiar with
.ho caao could avoid the conclusion
; hnt the board paid no attention to
, ho evidence or that they per-
vurtcd and distorted it in every
losaiblo way. Bjards , like other
people were ail'iotod sometimes by
otraugo influences , and there wan a
curie ujfaot that ought to bo stated in
connection with this ono. At the time
the board organized Gen. McDowell
waa of ago to retire , and Gen , Pope waa
iho next ranking officer , but two of the
nombcra of ( ho board were applicants
'or the place. Of course , that did not
affect their jungmont in any way , yet ,
Htratigoto aay , up to tho1 time when
Popa wai nominated and confirmed ,
; here waa n constant war waged upon
lim with a view of breaking him down
BO somebody else should got the place
to which ho was entitled. Members
of the board , being honorable gentlo-
urtficould uofjof cotirsi > , hnve anything
; o do with this ; but as Popj waa nox
in the plac3 the attacks would prob-
ably.conso. In the attempt to make a
: i3e for Porter , every greit name ,
iving and dead waa "rung in , " and
it had been stated that
President Lincoln repented of
laving approved ot the finding
of the court martial and Intended
giving Porter a new trial. Lincoln
waa too good a lawyer not to know ho
had no power to grant a now trial aud
auto bm alleged ropentanca the best
evidence was the testimony of llobert
Lincoln that his father had talked
with him about the case and had said
that in hla opinion it was ono which
would have justified a sentence of !
death , The statement had boon made a
also that Gen. Garfield had repented
of his action as a member of the
court martial but it wae untrue , for as
late as February , 1880 , long after this
board had made ita report , Garfield
conversed with him ( Logan ) about the
case and was preparing a speech to bo
delivered in the house in opposition
to the relief bill , Ho had also written
a letter to General Cox , of Ohio ,
which Logan had road by the clerk ,
stating that he bad been BO stunned
by the decision of the Schofiold board
that ho could hardly trust hiraiolf
to speak of it aa It uppearud to
Returning from hi * digression Lo
gan aald : Ho had recently asked a
rceutlemau very high in the army , and
under whom ho had served in the west ,
what he thought would have been denote
to him ( Logan ) if ho had sent to his
commanding officer to move wagons out
of his way , and the distinguished gen
tleman had replied , "Well , I think
you would have been put en , to a dry
nurse. " [ Liughter ] But ono of the
worlca great military chiefs , ( Gon.
Grant ) , had naiU recently tlmr Porter
could not inovo buoauio the road waa
obitructod. That great commander ,
gan nald , hold a different opinion
upon the subject of unrolling
in splto of obsteolen when he led
our armica In the field , and in
support of this statement ho read
from Badeau's militaryhtutory several
instances of farced marches made or
ordered by General Grant , ono being
a case where the troops had had little
or no rest for a week , A friend now
sits before mo , said Iiogan , pointing
to Senator Miller , of California , who
marched ono rainy nh'ht with 6,000
men to oppose 00,000 , and hold them
there until a general could coino to
hla relief , [ Murmurs of applause , ]
Senator Hoar observed that Login
nnd General Grant did not agree a'i t
facts , and he wisnod to ascertain
whish person was correct. General
Grant's statement was that byctart-
ing at 3 instead of 1 , General Porter
ter could have had his man
at their destination by day
light in better condition for
service , and also that there was
but one narrow route , instead ot three
as stated by Logan , and that an atd
decamp who brought the order to
Porter was three houri on the way.
Senator Logan insisted that Ilia
statement waa sustained by the tzeti
mony in the caso. The trouble with
v . ral Grant's article waa that it did
not state tha f oti in the case.
Senator MoPhorson said General
Grant stated , as ono roison for favor-
Inv ; the pending bill , that n mounted
ollicor who brought the order to Gan *
oral Porter WAS three hours upon the
road in daylight , owing to Ita obitrut-
ted condition , and ho asked Logn'a
whether this was or HAB not the tlmo.
Senator Logon replied that if the
officer was 'hroa hears on the way It
waa probably because ho was not in a
hurry , as the order did not require
General Porter to march till one , and
Captain Djkay , who curiod it , arrived
at 9:30' : As to the statement referred
to by McPherson , that there wore
2,000 wugona on the reid , Logan said ,
every army man know it would bo impossible
possibleto put 2,000 wagons upon
uino miloj of ror.d.
Senator McPhornon Upon one of
those Virginia roadH 100 foot wide ?
Collator Logan Oh , then it waa a
bigger road thnn I thought It was ,
Senator McPhornon I think the
senate ought to correct his arithmetic
a littlo.
Senator Logan Now that is a
curloua phixso of this matter. It was
a big road for wagons and a little road
for men. [ Laughter. ] Senator Loijan
said further the evidence of a certain
captain who marched hift company a
loug road that night to Bristow
nation allowed there waa no obstruc
tion on it.
MoPhotaon Da I undoratand the
senator from Illinois ureters to believe
liovo the testimony of this captain ,
Whom ho does not name , rather than
the statement of General Grant. The
Utno ia not far gone when Grant's
testimony waa pretty good testimony
before the people of this country upon
my subject.
Senator Logan Now , Mr. Presi
dent , the senator can't get mo into any
quarrel with General Grant , and it
pomes with very bad grace from the
ionator to make the remark ho does
make in reference to tlio matter. I
! iavo said nothing disrespectful of
3onoral Grant. I have only said ho
ia mistaken in this case , and that the
evidence shows if , nnd when the senator
ator links whether I prefer to believe
lomobody else rather than General
Jrant , I answer I prefer to believe
the sworn statement cf men who
were on the ground.
McPherson Gen. Grant avers that
jidn. Porter wa3 entirely jnstlliod in
exorcising his ovrn judgment in thlo
matter , Douauso the order showa ho
waa not to take- part in any battle
when he arrived , but was only to
pursue a flying enemy.
Senator Logan The great military
, 'oniua of the senator from .Now Joraoy
overwhelm1 ? mo ; Porter was not to
obey an order to move because ho waa
not required to fight but merely to
pursue an enemy. How could ho
puratto an onumv if ho waa not there
bo pursue him'Liughter / [ ] How
could he pnrano au enemy if he did
not move towards him , or did not
novo at all ? As to Gon. Grant's
letter , I have answered It In a letter
vnd leave * ' the country to judge
who has the beat foundation
aa to his opinion. I will merely say
now that any senator wno-will uocopt
the statement of a president , king or
captain , not based upon testimony
rather than his own judgment is a
nan whoso judgment does not operate
[ or itself , and if you wish to got hii
lodgment upon any subject you mnnt
isk.not him , but the man that makes
lira think BO. I am not that kind of
i man. If you want to know what I
believe ask mo. If you want to know
what you believe ask Grant. [ Laugh
ter ]
Senator Logan's argument waa
listened to attentively throughout by
thu aonato And by the uudlonco who
filled every ecat in the galleries.
At 4 o'clock , not having concluded
iis opoech , Senator Lqgau yielded to
nution fjr an executive Buaslon.
Whun thu doors reopened the aunato
adjourned until Tuoaday.
Childrrm Drowned.
Special Dispatch to THE UIK.
BOSTON , Dooombor 29. Five chll
dron broke through the ice near Hyde
park to-day and three were drowned.
A Father and Children Barnad-
Bpodil Ulipatcli to Till 13U.
BEVERLY , W. Va , December 29.
0. A. Onrronco , a prominent Ran
dolph county farmer and ex-judge ,
waa burned on Wednesday night with
four of his children. His wife was
fatally Injured also.
The Jericy Lily * Relatives-
Special Dispatch to Tux OKI.
NEW YOIIK , Dosembor 29 , Miaa A.
J. Langtry and J , H , Liuptry , brother
and alator-in-law of the Jersey Illy ,
have arrived hero from England ,
The Htar Trial * .
Special Dispatch to TUB Dix.
WASHINGTON , Dooombar 29. In
the star roato trial this morning argument - '
mont waa resumed.
n till way Exhibition-
Special Dbpitch to Tun Una.
CuHMCio , December 20. The appli
cations for space at the national exposition -
position of railvray appliances to beheld
hold at Chicago next Juno glvo on
surance of a most useful and inter
esting exhibit. Tha treasury depart'
mont has issued an order admitting
foreign exhibits free of duty. The
railways will return articlcu exhibited
to the point of shipment free ol
charge , Paymeut being exacted but
ono way ,
A. Protest.
Special DlspatOi to TUK UKK ,
SVABiUNfiTON , December 29 A
memorial protesting acainst the bankrupt -
rupt act signed by 1,280 firms and In
dlviduula in Now York City represent
Int ; all the branchca of busi
ness , was presented to the eonato by
Mr. Lipham , of Now York. The
memorialists etato that the operation
of the Uoitod States bankrupt law
proved an injury to the business in
torctta of the whole country.
A Bleachnry Barnod-
Epodil Dbpatch to'Xui lint.
PATTKUSON , U. ! . , December 2l-- !
Byrene & Smith's extensive bleacher }
burned this morning , LMsS200,000 ,
partly insured. TITO hundred handa
cut of employment.
Davitt Oontinuos tailoring
Against English Rule
in Ireland ,
The Riolng Dauubo Threatens
to Flood the Entire
Valley ,
The Rhino Gradually tlecetttnj ;
Fifty Iilrc * Reported JLoat-
A Montreal Oporntor BeJolcoH Over
the Doatb of Two Rloh tjncloa ,
Special DlfpAtchM to Tin DM.
LONDON , Dicombor 21) ) . The
lonr mills nt lolf it buruod , Quo
iromnn was killed , thtoo injarod. Loss
Davitt , in his spoooh last nipbt , naid
Dublin O.vatlo was now. the fortress to
which , ooiifltitutlouaHy npeaking , thn
political ascendancy landlords hud
boon forced to rotiro. There they
would make efforts by the
exercise f powers which tbey
still ponscBscd , to regain
political it ( luonco of which the league
lias deprived thorn. Unions the lord
lieutenant hns changed his tactics , the
time would oomo when even English
men would demand his recall. The
liigh&t to the moanojt justice of the
peace in Ireland , balong to the Innd-
lord class. 80 long na England tolor-
otcd political jadgos { so long would
the Irish people disscgard the law
those judges administered.
The TJmoo bus ' reason to believe
, hat the Boora bavo decided to send
a deputation to England to rcqaent
; ho government to revise the
Transvaal constitution. Eirl Kim-
tiorly told them in advance that no
such request is likely to bo list
ened to.
of Mngdala , has bsan appointed field
The municipal committee of Mar
seilles requested the mayor to obtain
a formal deed of the pift of Pharo
I'ailc trom ox-Emprcas Eagcuio , an a
preliminary atop to dtacueatou of her
BF.ULIN , December 29. It I'R ca-
. { mated fully gfty persona perished in
VIENNA , December 29. The rivera
are gradually subsiding.
MAYENOE , Dooombor 2 ! ) . Midnight
Too Rhmo ham fallen three centi
JloME , December 2j > . The senator
( tporovod of the pnrliamofttrry V > 4Ji , ' '
ntroducod'by the government , 105 to
L2. The tonato adjourned to Jan
uary 17.
VIENNA , December 29. The danger
'com the rising Danube ia increasing.
Tbo main channel baa risen to-night
eistoen ccntimotros. .
BIUDFORD , December 29. A boy
ias been recovered alive from the ruins
of the building wracked by the fall of
; ho mill chimney. The chimney has
iong been notoriously unsafe.
PAHIH , December 29. The aonato
to-day adopted the budget aont back1
from the ohambur of doputioa. Both
houses wore prorogued to-day.
MONTREAL , Dioombor 29.V. . 0.
Anderson , a young telegraph operator
at LiOhuto , who recently foil heir
to ? 7o',000 by the death of an nuclo
In Scotland , has juat been notified of
the bequest of another 8100,000 by
the decease of another uncle.
BRUSSELS , December 29. A boiler
In the factory at Dinah was exploded
yesterday while the building was full
of work people. A number orpersoni
wore killed. Three bodies BO far have
been extricated.
PAUIH , December 29. The aonato
has adopted the ordinary and oxtraor
dinarp budgets and voted a grant of
25,000,000 franca to moot the coat of
the French occupation of Tumu.
MONTREAL , December 29. The
bank of Montreal has disposed of $00 ,
000,000 of land grant bonds of the
Canadian Pacific railroad ,
men aii/Ls ,
The will of Sir Hugh Allen divides
the cstato equally among hla own fam
ily , The eight daughters will receive
8150,000 each.
A Change tar the Wor o.
Special Dispatch to Tin linn.
BOSTON , December 29. Morrltt
Seymour , in custody hero for robbing
the eafety deposit vault of $20,000
government bonds , and $1-1,000 At-
chiton , Topokp & Santa Vo railroad
bonds , Jim boon sent to New York
Oityto answer the uhargo of forgery ,
Diplomatic Promotion'
Special I > l pitcu to Till B i.
, December , - -
Private advices received licro nn >
nounco that the British consul at
this point , W. Lane Booker , hao boon
promoted by Her Majesty's govern
ment to n position of connul general
of America. This will nnooisnitatn the
removal of Mr , Booker to Now York
City where ho will occ'ipy ' tlio place
made vacant by Consul General Arch
The Right * of Indian * .
apodal DUjutch to Tun Dm.
PiULADELi'jiiA , December 29. The
Indian Rights association was organ
ized to-night. Wayne McVeagh was
chotcn president. The object ia to
Bocnro to Indians the rights and
privileges enjoyed by citizens.
A Delightful Progrnmm * .
Special Dlspitch to Tit * Bim.
, CIIICAUO , Dacombor 29. Jolmnn
Moat , the communist , in his speech
last night told bin hearers that they
should demolish nvcrythlng , and thnt
they should not bo backward about
killing all the governors , priests , mln >
islets , bankers , monopolists and all
who opposed them nthoino and abroad.
In the old revolutions they had boon
too mild in the matter of kill *
ing , All of them should bo killed ,
for if they wcro not they
would survive to kill them , Then ,
too , every vottlgo of existing govern
ment nhould be destroyed. Tyranny
aud tyrants had ruled long enough.
They wcro deaf to the unfortunate's
nppnala for mercy , hence they must
bo hurled 'rom their thrones by the
knife and to torch. Killing under
such clrci stances was not murder
the only < ill then was that there had
net boon > > Iling enough.
The pi chew , oflicors , dlgnttarion
and all wihnvo lived upon the in
dustry of ti ukmon should bo put to
the knife ko to many cuttle. The
churches Mould bo used for mooting
halls whet the people might assemble
tin 8nnda > and dUouss their rights.
Referring , i , > Mn to the nowapapors ho
said they Miould bo oonfisoatod and
that they i lutuld bo devoted nlono to
the jiubliovion of revolutionary docu-
monls which should bo distributed
Mining Btooh * .
Special Dispatch to Tux DICK.
NEW YOKK , December 29. Mining
stocks nro fairly actlvo and irregular.
Sierra Grande , weak , and declining
from 84 30 to $4 05 , closing at $4 10 ;
Chrysolite ID strong , from SI GG@l,60 ,
and Horn silver G 38. Llttlo Ohkf
sold at 45 to 42o , Consolidated Virginia
10 to 42o , California 1820a , aud
Sierra Nevada $2.50. Sales to-day
are 73,250 shares. Pipe line certifi
cates were culled to-day for the first
tima at the Now York mining stock
exchange ; opening at 77 jo , and ad
vancing to 80o , and declining to 78io ,
and closing with 80s. Transactions ,
A NowApapnr Change.
Special Dispatch to Tils DIM.
CINCINNATI December 2--Tho ! )
, - * - ar
rangements have been completed for
the conuolidation of Tlio Commercial
and Gazette newspapers and the pub
lication of u now daily under the name
of The Oommorclal-Gazotto. .The
newspaper will bo iaauod aa aoon as
certain mechanical preparation can
bo inado. Both Richard Smith and
Murat Ilalatcud will bo in the man
The Ca o DlimUted.
Special Dispatch to Tin Um.
ST. Louis , December 29. The
damage suit for $5,000 instituted by
Alice W. Slaybauk ngalnst John A.
Cockerel ] , the managing editor of The
P pst-Dlspatch , for the loss of her hus
band , was diimlsaod to-day at the
plaintiffa Instance and costs.
< t
Tbo HUCCOBB of Last NiRht'a Enter-
talnment at Max Moyor'd
Musio Hall.
The concert given by the Phlloma-
.hoan club last night at Max Meyer's
music hall is pronounced the most
strictly classical ono over given in
Dmahu , and ono in which every num-
aor , without exception , waa of the
lighoat order of compmition.
Omaha ia fortunate in ita possession
of an unusual number of musical
artista , and the Harmonic aocloty ,
31eo club and Phllomathoana have allen
on compoaod of musicians of whom
any city might well bo proud.
The nudiunco which assembled last
evening waa ono able to judge Intelli
gently of the character of the inter
pretations' of the great masters , and
their verdict waa moat flattering to
those who have labored so conscien
tiously to elevate this "greatest of
orb" ill Omaha.
The programme , which has already
been pnbliohod , included but nix num
bers , two of Baothovon'a symphonies ,
two Boluotlona from llaydon and ono
From Oherubini , with a vocal quar
tette , "Tho Lullaby of Lifeby
LOB Ho. The latter waa well rendered
by Miasoa Mlnnio Maul and Lizzie
Ponnoll and Messrs. Eugene 'West-
volt and Thomas J. Ponnol.
The quartette for strings by Chora-
bini , a very dlflicult composition , waa
civon with fine cflcct , and , judging
from the enthusiastic applause , waa
moat satisfactory to the audience ,
The most popular performance of
the nvoning wan the trio for piano ,
violin and cello , participated in by
Prof , Mayer , 8. Hoffmann and B ,
Xjrkowsky , the latter gentleman
proving himself a master of the
oello and attracting moro than
ordinary notice in his part of the trio ,
Mr , Mayor's skill waa also the object
of especial pralso ,
The performance ) of Beethoven's
seventh symphony by Mimes Popple-
ton and llustm and Moisra. Calm and
Mayor on two pianos was a surprise
to thoflo who understood the nature of
the great composition , and waa highly
commended ,
The Philomatheanj give ono moro
subscription concert at the eamo hall ,
aud then give the closing concert of
the series nt Boyd'a opera houae.
Their third ueason opens in a manner
most flattering to the snceosa of the
attempt first made by Mr , Julius
Meyer , and fostered by him until ilu
SUCCCS3 Is no longer doubtful ,
Omahu has never had an organize
tlcn BO earnestly Inaugurated and no
ably supported as the Phllomathcanr ,
and it ia now no longer to bo looked
upon ua having an ephemeral exlat
unco , but ns ono of the Institutions
bound to grow and flourish with the
metropolitan growth of Omaha.
Enrich and revitalize the blood by
UHJngUrown'a Iron Bitters ,
lUoniho'u KuKuIa Halve inoetM with
wonderful euccons in all caieu of Skin ills-
iwo. Try It.
" 31stor Mnry 1'aul" Marrloa a Doctor
in Tnnkton ,
Special MiT tch to Tin Um.
YANKTON , Djoombor 29. There is
great excitement hero over the mar *
tiago yesterday of Dr. V. Sobiakln
Iloss , a you3g Kasiian physician , and
Bister Mary PAD ! , of the Catholic con
vent of the Sacred Heart. The affair
leaked out to-day. The doctor Is n
determined sort of a follow , and ho
proposes to stand by his matrimonial
rights In ipito of the church.
[ Sister Paul ia wall known and loved
by hundroda of Catholics In Onnha ,
having boon ono of the loading teach
ers in the convent hero for many
yvaro. Among the children and ladles
she is especially reverenced , aud the
above announcement will bo to them
a startling and sorrowful one. Ed. ]
A Tnimmnny Dontbiholl >
3p cUl Dkpatch to Tin lit * .
NITT YOUR , Daoombor 29. - Tammany
many primary In the Sixth assembly
district was hold in the liquor store of
Wm. Gorghau. Shortly before the
polls closed sotno person dropped n
bomb , which exploded , blowing the
entire front of the store away.
Ralltvnv Commission ! .
Bpedtl Dlip&tch to Tim UIK.
OHIOAHO , December 20. The gen
eral passenger agontn of the Chicago
and Missouri river roads mot to-day
and llxcd the maximum cemmlnjion
on California bustnota at $1 for all
BnoklmV , Aruica Bnlvo.
The BEHT SALVH to the world for Ontr ,
Drulsca , Soten , Uloort , k.alt Kheum , Fe
ver SoitM , Tetter , Chipitcd llnnda , Chll
hlalnB , Corns , ana all skiu eruptions , and
poaltlvcly curcn pll > 8 , It ie Kuntantceil to
7lvo aattsfaotfon i KV aoy rottindeJ ,
Vtlcn , ? 5 crntnn < e cv. far n l by 0.
' Oomlmnn
TU a joly ilny ( rom i ni tin J West ,
For children thrho and mother's rent ,
The ikrllnilr's ( all named Victoria , !
And with tlio boyg , they lm\o Cutorla.
It 1 a ( net , thcro Is no "may bo , "
A mother' * milk om't uvo the baby ;
Whllo swcot OABT01U A illf-vnti their ( ocd ,
fllvoi them health and makcn them good.
Samuel C , Davis & Co ,
Washington ? Ive.
, ,
And ll Polutt Eatt nd outh-E t.
Kc tly 4,000 miles Bolld HmoothHtoel Track
II connections are uuwlo In UNION DtPOTO
liM a National Kopntatlon ni Iwlnu thi
roat Through O r Line , and In universal ! )
onccdod to bu the FINEST EQUIPPED llnlf'
enl In the world for all clikigii nt travel.
Try It and you will flui1 tr vellu | { a Iniurj
Iti'.tcad ol a OlDOomfort ,
Through TlcUita via rhli ColebraUd Line foi
ulo at all nUlcca In the West.
All Information about lUtci o Faro , Moeplnt
Cl r AcocmuioJatloiu.Tlmo Tablet , \o. , will b <
cheerfully nlven by ajiplylnlnj to
Sd Vlcw-1'rca't ft Gen. ManaKer.Cnlnyr.
Oon. Pan-tower Agt. Chlc ire
W , J. DAVtNl'OHT ,
Gen. Agent , Oonncll K'.nflt ,
II. V. U'JKLL , Tlckot .Afft. ODi h >
mnio-od ly
Tholntrlnilo merit and superior quality otoai
OoMKopoTobacco hi Induced otlior in nnl o-
turorg to nut upon tlio inaikct iroodi ilmtlar te
our brand In nutno and style which are offered
tnddold for loumorey than the genuine Qold
llopo. Wo caution the t'ada and contnuicr toeeo
that our n&uio bud trade mark are upon each
lump. Tlio only ( jonulnu and original Quid Rope
rnbaocoli manufactured by
$500 REWARD.
The above reward will lia piild to any person
who Mill produce a Paint that will ( xjual tha
Pennsylvania Patent Rubber
Paint ,
for preset i Inj Shlnglca , Tin and Gravel Roofs
Warranted to bo i'lru und Water 1'roof , Al
orJcru promptly attended to. Cheaper aud but
Ur tluui any other paint now In usu.
Cole Vroprlctora , Omolia Ilouso , Omaha , Neb
Officer & Pusey , Dr.lllcc , Ur , I'luney , Fuller
Council llluDi. Iowa.
1J o.llcu , Oaiaha Nco.
Appltcfttlon Kdward Alainer for
Liquor License.
Ni tlce Is hereby ftlten that Edwird tttnrer'dl
Id upon the 201 h day of Dcoimbcr A D. , 1H 2.
fll hit appllculon to thollntor ind CUT < .uuni.ll
f Oimha , for llcento n soil 11 > U , SpJrltoui and
Innuillquoti t lit ! l'rnam ntteet , 3d watd ,
Omtha , Yobta ka , from tha 10 h da ; ot Jinuirj
UK ) , toth. lltiwav o ApnlHB3.
If Uriobonoo Joctlon. rcmonttraneo or pro-
citfllfd Within two woeki fron ueccratitr 2,0
D. , 1BS2 , the s ld llconio ll | bi er ntd
Tun OMAHA MR * ncwtpapcr will publUh lh
aio\o notl * on < x > nnch ncek fortwowotki at
ho expense of th applicant. The City of
Omaha Is n H to ho chorit. d therewith ,
J 8-2t tltv Clerk ,
Hotter of Application ol Aloxnmlcr DAO *
mon for Liquor llcor. o.
Ndllcn In hereby ptitnthat AlesamtcJ Da'man
rilil upon the ' . "in any of lite. A \ > , 1W2 , flla
ii | appllcAtlon ( to tbe tlayorand OltyCouncllol
Jmthnfor llojnsj to > oil lUli , Bpirituoun and
VI 0111 Liquor * . > t Non. 003 inJ 010 leilh
ttreet , 1 > t ard Ortaha Noli. , trom the l < Hh
dty ot January 18i2totho llth day of Apill ,
1883 *
H ( hero tig DO objection , rcmonitiancB of pro-
iV nied l Mn two * cek < from Uicjinber
A. D. 1SJ2 , to tlio oald I wt.m lli IwRMMed.
Thx Omvha lite nowiipip < r will pun nh the
abort notice onootnch week fjrtwo wretti uttho
tTpfnioof Iheappllcmt , 'Iho "Jlty of Ouaha U
not to Vo chaicod therewith.
J. J. I , 0 JKU'RIT ,
d S8-21 Ct , Cleik.
Sfixttcr of AvpltcAtton Of F , E , Adam *
for Liquor License ,
Xotlco li hereby irlirnth t F E Adami did
\VarJ , Omtht N hloulh ( 10'h day.January
lothilllliiUyor/iprl 1833. ,
therein non'Jcctlo , , r tuonstrancr or pro-
, . tfllhl within two w.cki from Doer 21th , A ,
D. 18SS , theutit llocuio will ! > it ntocl.
Applet i.- '
Iho Onuha 1110 nowapiptr will pub Inn tba
l v nc > tcj once each nceH lor two weekg at
h ixprnin ol the applliant. The city of Oniaha
U not lo to charged there Nlth
J.J. L. 0 JKWKTV ,
: 'or levying a tpeclal lax ( or the KraillnR of ] 0tu
ttrcct fmn Fanmin to Ilouant itreut , and
llon-nrd ttrcct from lath < o 17th ntrtct , and St.
lliirj'a mi'iuio from 17th to 20th itrcot ,
[ to It ordalnnl by the City Concert of the City ot
Stxi. 1. Tint the i eral iumi ot opiK lto to
ho follow In * dcacrlbctl pranks , to-\\ 1 :
Anna Id. 'loo.lrlcli , lot 4 bk 183 , SCO 03.
, Uroxcl and ( , lot C hk 139 ,
City ol OmiOin , lot 1 blockHO , $00 83.
A D.locoa , lot H hk 110 , WO ra
W \V ! / > , lot 1 bit 1 Ifl , MO KI.I
( Ice A UnoKlnnd , lot H hk tin , VM 53.
thai Ilalluch , lot 4 bk 147 , $0) (3.
O K Turner , lot fi bk 147 , SCO Kl.
CliM Ijindmck , lotfi bk 1(0 , $1U .M.
( J eo A Huak'laiid , lot 0 bk 140 , $30 X
" " lot 7 bk HO , t-.W 20.
" " lot 8 bk 1 W , KIO 'A ) .
A Kountrr , lot 1 bk 1 , Kou < , tlo & Ruth's addi
tion , * ; io o. '
ilr < - . i : RablliiK , o half lot Z bk 1. K & R'xai-
Ulllon. J15 13.
F lUttcroff , w half lots bk 1 , K.i , K'i addition , .
( Ico. 1) ) . Cook , lot 3 bk 1 , K. & It's addition ,
Henry St. I'tllx , lot 4 bk 1 , K. \ _ - It's addition , .
$30 20.
KouuUe.lot 1 hk S , K. & H' addition. f37 ! 37.
HanUh Church , lot 1 bk 3 , K & , lie addition , ,
Kountto , lot 2 bk 3 , K. k It'll addition , $3307 :
II I' 11 Kennedy , lot 10 , nee. 22 , IB , 13 , $ C4 88.
W A I'oiton , lot 20 , ncc. 12 , 15 , 13 , $3205.
" " part of lot 27 sec. 21 , 16 , 13 , S12 38'
A & II Koun to , lot f RCC. 52 , IB , 13 , JISO 07. '
City of Omaha , triangular ptoco of land cornet
of IHh utrict and Ht , llurj' " a\cnuc , see. 22 , 15 ,
1 ! ) . ? 0t 68.
llolnif the cost and expensra , appro\ed by the
dty Co jncll for the fnultiiK nf llth itreet , llow-
nxUftirctnndKt. litary'i a\omivln ( rentofantl
Bdjwtutnif KUdt rwUcr by , Htrh 'l Boblnnon ; In
punuonco of a contract enured Intobytlie dty
of Omaha , with Htcphen Iloblniun io , ' mJ'lbe '
sumo aru rCruiy ropcctlrcly levied uffd a' O
tif-almt cacnof Bald lots , juris of Iota and prtml *
ca , payable to the City Treasurer wl ilnflfty (10 ( f
un > 5 from tlila date. ,
tire. 2 Tbittnli ordinance takoiffect and bo
In force from and after 111 rauaKe.
Tatted. December 6th 1882.
Atteit : ( dlL-nud ) J , J. L. U. lEVfETf ,
City Clerk
( Signed ) CHAB KAUl'JMNN
I'rtn'donk City Council I'lo torn. '
Approved , Dec. llth 188 1.
( Hluncd ) J. K. BOVD. Mayor.
Thuso taxes Rru now duo and are pajablo to City'
Truanurur on or biforo January its , IDKI , after
which ( Into n penalty of uf ten per cunt Mill bo
added , UjK'tlier wltli Interest ut thu rate of onu
i > ci tent a inontli In ad\nm o.
dao 23 6t City Treasurer ,
Matter of Application of ( Jims. Nober for
Liquor License.
NOTIU1- : .
Notice IK hereby itfvcn that Chnj. Nober
did upon the " ( ith duy ot December ,
A. ! > . , 1882 , file hU Application to the ,
Mayor and City Council of Omulm , for
ICOUBO to eoll Malt , Spirituous and Vnoun !
Uquoni , at Corner 10th and Capitol ave
nue , Third Ward , Oinaba , Nsb. , from the
lOt ) * day of Junuury , 1883 , to tha llth day
of April , 1883.
II there bo no objection , remonitrauce
or protest filed within two weeks from
December 20tb , A. . , 1882 , tha said
license will bo qrnntej.OiiAitt.iH
OiiAitt.iH NEIIEII ,
The Omaha Bco nownpaper will publish
the above notice once each week fur two
weeks at the ezpeuna of the applicant.
Tbo Cityof | Omaha IH not to bo charged
therewith. J. J. L. C. JEWETT ,
d20-2t City Clerk , i
Matt r nf Application of Itoenfeldt &
Kodilo for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby glvou that Itornfeldt &
1'odilo dlil upon tlio 27th day of December ,
A. I ) , , IBSHa , ( thtir application to the
Mayor and City Council of Omaha , for
HccnBo to Hell Mult , Spirituous and Vinous
Llnuom. at No. 01 ! ) North Sixteenth street ,
rilth Ward , Omaha , Neb , , frorfi the 1 Oth
day of January , 18S3 , to the llth djy of
April , 188 : ) ,
If there l > e no objection , romonstunjn or
prnto it tllbil within two weekx from De
cember 2iJtb , A. D , , 1882 , the Bald license
will ba grunted.
TIIK OMAHA BEE newspaper will publUu
the aboko notice once each week for two
wceliH at the expense of the applicants.
The City of Omaha la not to be Charged
therewith , J , J , L. 0 , JKWETT ,
2l .2t City Clerk.
Matter of Application of Max ( Leiiz for
Liquor License ,
Notice b liernby given that Max Lone
did upon the -'ftli day of December , A.
D : 1882 , tlio hh application to tlio Mayor
nnd City Council of Oinalm. for license
to cell Malt , Spirituous anil Vinous liquors
at coJner 'Jth r.nil Jackson street I'irnt
ward , Oiimhit , Neb , from the 10th duy of
January , 18S3Sto the llih day of April
168:1 : ,
If tlicrcIJbe ] no objection , remonstrance
or protest tiled wl'.lilu two weeku from De
cember 27 , A. D. 1882 , the said license will
bo granted. MAX List , by J. Fr-
Applicant ,
Tin : OMAHA ! ! KI : newspaper will publish
the above uotico unco each week for two
wcukH at the expeusa cf the applicant.
The City of Oaiuha is not to be charged
therewith. J. J. L. 0. JEWETT , *
Olef bV
2U-2t _ City
"HLACK-DHAUGHT" cures dj
' " " " \iilion