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AM IKPAMrtlTft JT A r T. . .
- of t'
The Daily Bee ,
Saturday Morning , Deo. 23.
SfCtttlor , - - - - - MwnUperweok.
B/Mtll - - - - - - 110.00 per YMN
Offlco : No. 7 Pearl Street , Near
J , Mueller's Palace Mnnlo llivll.
DhheR , glawwarc , lamps , etc. , at S03
Broadway. Howe & Son.
Old papers for oMo at TUB BKE office
t 25 cents per hundred.
John McMthtn win In iollca court
yesterday ( or belnp drank.
Imported and Key West cigars con-
cUntly on hand at Lutz & LungoV.
Subscribe ( or nowsp per § and periodi
cal * at II. K. Seaman's book ttorc.
Furniture of all kinds repaired by
Howe &Bon , 303 Broadway
Tne outgoing eastern train * | tht
afternorn are the 0. & II. I. and the O. ,
M. & m. P.
Boa ! sawiucn , fur trimming"/ very
low , at ftfetcalf Bros. '
Kemeff.ber the first annual ball of the
Bluff City Typographical Union at Bloom
_ Nlxon' hall. It will bs a merry one ,
Largo iiuanllly of nlove and furni
ture at 803 Broadway. Howe & Son.
New lot nicely decorated , [ GO ploces.tof
tea MU , only $5 &t Mourer & GralR.
One of the novelties In bunnoan clr.
des Is the promise of a Christmas tree this
evening at "Onr Meat Market , " on Bro d-
way. Friends and patrons nre Invited to
drop In and bo made glad.
Hand-painted china , art pottery , solid
silverware , bronzoe , &o , , at Manrer &
In the district court yesterday the
trial of the caie of Stuart & Lewis vi. the
Council BlufT hwurance company W B
till In progren , occupy Ing the court all
Largest stock of Toy * and Holiday
Goods In the city at Seaman' * . Prices deiy
competition ,
A new and very cool wiy of doing
business is that of a shooting gallery pro
prietor who has openoi out In n long tent
on Main stro it , opposite Sbuiratt's. The
man who runs it is a fancy shot and wants
to shoot with Carver or Buffalo BUI.
A railway man name , ! Frank Dunn
wftb arrested yeatcrdny on the charge ol
kcductlon , Ho givvo lull in the mi in ol
$300 , to appear before the ntxt grand jury.
Ho claims that it Is a put up job on him ,
and denies 14 totothe soft Impeachment.
Lulz It Lango'H fine selection of am
ber , meerschaum and smokers' goods of the
best grades is supplying the holiday de
mand In that lino.
Mlas Sophia Itchne , n ulster ot Mr ,
J. J. Bltts , bjssliowu Roma rare HII ! | | Ir
art by a painting of "Kip Van Winkle , '
which represents him junt after ho nroueed
from his long slumber. 1 1 Is a painting ol
much merit , and one which rtlleoU credit
on the young lady nitlst.
Lutz & Lingo have now opened a re1
tail Rtoro in connection with their whole
nale establishment in Shugart's new block ,
A plasterer named WlUUm Hue ,
'while at work on ( ho McMahon block
Thursday , Ml by the Riving away > , l i
scaHold and broke an omUlo. Hli pbyni
clan thinks he will be laid up about Ii
The Council Bluffc insurance com
pany , by its secretary , J. Q. Anderson
tends out ft very handsome holiday greet
ing to its friends and patrons , statiut ; thai
it has enjoyed a year if unprecedented
sncceiui , ns is evident from Its assets hav
ing reached over § 100,000 , and wishing ul
a Merry ChrUtmas and a Happy Ntv
Prof. J. J.Slatterly , who has charg
ol St , Josoph'n apadomy , was ycstcrda ;
given evidence of the high esteem felt fo
by the boys , by being presented by thci
with a gold headed cano a beautiful gift
and well indited by the recipient , wh
has done excellent work at the noadomy
It U pretty evident that it Is of littl
uie to howl about confidence men haogin
about town as long as the city Itconic
gambling houses to run at will. Thci
places at least attract those fellow * to han
about here , even If they do not directly er
courage them and back them up , which I
not very Improbable In view of the pan
The Omaha , Republican yesterday gc
slightly mixed In Its art notes. In di
scribing a portrait of the late Judge Galop
Baldwin , it spoke of him as J.T. Bale
win , and buaded its article "The Lai
John T. Baldwlu , " startling those few <
his friends who chanced to sea it. John !
was around yesterday as usual nnd denie
being dead , and his word Is certainly goo
for it. He certainly was alive at the lai
election , and the result hasn't weakcne
him any ,
As most know , the postollice reguh
lions require letter carriers to wear uu
forms when on duty , There Unounlfon
overcoat , and by a recent ruling in Waal
ington the letter carriers of that city hav
been compelled to go the rounds Inthebil
tertst cold without any overcoats , ts the
bid the uniform ) . The telegram giving tbl
information stated that this ruling would c ;
feet the letter carriers in all cities , but ir
< julryof 1'oitmaater Armour here , failed t
reveal but th it the carriers of this city wei
being allowed to make thoinseh es comfor
able , even If silver button ihould get hl <
den out ol iljtht.
OillcerCuslckton Tuuriday night n
rested a fallow gh Ing his name as Job
, Kewmau , who was much the worse fi
drink , At the police otation he wi
eearcbed and only 94.75 found about lili :
Jle had a ptiir of old iiilttonr , Lut the
were carelostly thrown down Ir. one eorne
Ywterday inoralrg , on being sobered i
' and brought Into cuuit , Newman was fmi
the usual amount acd then called for h
zaltteue , He fuUcd out i > f tie thumb
where he bad cwtefully hidden his wealtl
four fifty dollar LllU and one ten dolh
bill. It wo * a turprbe party to court ac
oflicera. It bee jm that when he taited c
hi * spree he tool ; hut mousy he thoogl
be might ueed end ttoreJ the reit away I
thi * unique tfife.
. 4
An Old Man of Bevonty Tears
Wandera Upon the Gold
PraSrlo for Dayu.
Hln Heraalnn Fonncl StnrU nnd
The details of an exceedingly tad
affair roaches UiQthrough The Ilnrlatl
Tribune of yesterday , the ficta being
about ns follows :
leaao Cappy , an old man of aovonly
yearn , loft his homo in Orovo town
ship , December 4 , to visit his son-in-
law , Frank Marco , in Polk township.
Ho remained there until Tuesday
morning , December 7 , when ha
started for homo. He wont to Irvrin ,
which place ho loft nbout 4 o'clock p.
m , in a buggy , with a Mr. Johnson ,
of DeQanco. Ho rode na far as A. P ,
Anderson's , about three miles north
west of Irwin , and , this being the
nearest point on that road to his
homo , ho got out and went into An-
demon's hiuso to warm. Ho soon
loft there , striking acrpss the praicio
for homo.
Lut Tuesday , Dc. 14th , his family
thinking ho h.\d probably undo his
Tisit out , wont to Marco's after him
with a team , when they wore told that
ho lind started homo Dee , 7th , This
naturally alarmed the community and
search WAS instituted following him
as above described.
From Anderson's ho was tracked in
the snow , his course wandering about
the prairlo until his remains wore
found stark and etlff ono hundred
yarda south of Andorsou'a honno.
It will bo remembered that Decem
ber 7th waa the coldest day of the
winter thus far , and men intho vigor
of youth kept close to the fire. But
Isaao Cappy is known the country
oror as a man of ordinary vitality nnd
Upon his person was found $7.50 in
silver. No marks ot violence were
isiblo. Consequently it is reasonable
o suppose that ho became bewildered
n the storm and wandered about until
xhauitod and chilled. The remain *
will bo preserved five days to givt
hue for nil his children und othoi
elatlves to bu present at the funeral ,
Now plushca received at * Harkncaj ,
Orcutt it Co.'s.
All kinds. K. T. LINHHEY & Co.
Fine Dolmans , ut Darknow , Orout
; Co.'a.
Cheap coal is the thing just
Jovior mini1 , Mianouri soft coal , ? 5
jiokawiinna hard coal CIO , best quali
lo. Delivered frco of charge. Conn
ind lo-ivo orders now boforn it is nl
; one. Southeast corner Pearl un <
iroadwny , Council Bluff * .
A. U.
Jold , Brocx" , Rod , White , Etc.
/ . T. LlNDSEY A5 Co.
Handkerchiefs , tics , collars am
ischucu in great variety nt
Silk volretd. black aud colors , choa ;
o closu nt JAMCH
of cloaks , dolmann nnd ulsters at
Make youmolf und friends happy b
buying Christmas nnd Now Year proi
ants at
In great variety nt Harknesi , Orcul
& Oo.'s. dL'Jtf
1U11 Nio and Bob Harriott suddonl ;
meet ut Mnollor's Musio Hall.
B. Why , Bill , how yon do look ?
N. Oh , I um all upset.
B. What , bwnkrupt ?
N , No , only busted ; that fin
Weber piivno I had to buy for my wif
of that cyorlantinc ; Mueller for a Ohrlsl
mai prenunt ; took everything clean.
B , Well , never mind. I'll giv
you a loan to buy a few of hin fine toy
for tno children.
Dollio Dutton Overshoes ,
Now Year's calling cards at H. B
Seaman's book store.
Is doing a big Christinas business ii
aplto of thn weather.
Boatiful things of u thonsand kindi
The choicest variety In the city.
Dolmans cheap at Uarkness , Oraul
& Oo.'s. dlStf
Save your money by buying ho
blankotn nnd lap robes at 0. J , Bool
mau'a , : i5 ; ! Broadway ,
Elegant fans , handkerchief boxoi
glove and fan boxes , utc. , at Harl
nest , Orcutt & Co.V
The rush for holiday goods ut H. I
Seaman's still continues.
Fiuo lace goods at Harkness , Orcul
Jt Co.'s.
0. 0. 0.
Ovorshces and Rubber Boots fo
everybody ,
X , T. LlNDbEV & 00 ,
H , Potter , nf Ottttmwj" , waa in the city
Arthur F. Conway , of Sllveiton , Col , , i
t the Ogden.
O. S. Green nnd wife , of Mhcourl VA- !
ey , are in the city. '
Mtu L'zzla Brown , dinghler of G. IX
irawn , ii nt home for her LoiH. y vaca-
Mhs Lulu Jone , daughter of J. J.
ones , K at home to upecd n fewdnya from
er musical studies in Chicago ,
Mliw Carrie Atkins , who hai b ° en away
o echool , In at home to fpend her holiJny
acatlon with her parent ) , Mr. and Mm.
Chtrlc * Atklni ,
MliR Nellie Lvlrner , nicca of Judge
itruner , arrived here yesterday over the
! , & K. I , , from CHctgn , where the ha *
eon attending tl Paik inatltute. She
was accompanied by her friend and school
mate , Mlu Mamie Leonard. They will
emain nt tbo Ugden home during the
lolIdajB as the guett * of Judge Larimer.
List call baforo Christmnii , Don't
orget to stop for Holiday Prt Hants , at
Without a doubt the moat lovely
ollot rots are to bo found at Grandy'o
ornor drug rtoto. Dju't tail to see
ho fine dnpijy of nu r , beautiful and
usrful holiday articles exhibited nt
his popular corner otore.
When , in the course of human
events , it bocomcs necessary for the
looplo of nil Christendom to indulge
n the luxury of holiday confootion-
> ry , a decent respect for the stomachs
if our sons , danghtcrs nnd wives ,
iompols us to carefully cheese the
article wo nro about to purchase ,
lenco it is that thu candies of Hughea
& Towsloe , btiog froah , pure nnd
of good rcputp , are mught after and
universally purchuu < .d. And wo ,
horcfore , hold this house , as wo hold
bo houses of all oihf r honorable deal
ers , as being worthy of the cxtentivc
latronngo they are now receiving ,
Wo have n largo assortment of toyi
on hand that wo will soil off at cost
r.9 wo nro discontinuing that brand
of our busini'fta entirely. Wo inviti
all who buy toys for the children tc
; ivo usu call.C.
C. B. .TAcgUEJiiN & Co.
Go to P. C. & W. D. Kirkland
Manufacturing Jowolem , Jewelry
Silver nnd Sitvor-plitcd ware , 32 !
Broadway , Council BluQs , Iowa ,
II , P. Sno > v is ruohing out a larg
nmontit of ionds ( uo 7iidftysl and n
wondur. Ho h u gtntlomau of th
old rchool who DU > H a. thiug is good
bad or indifferent , just aq it really ie
Call ut thu Excelsior gallery , coi
ner Main Rtrcot and Fiist uvmini
Holiday pictures ; bust work. dcc2-lC
Mundcl at 325 Brondwny will so !
stovea chonpfir than the chcapcat.
La DIE ; * .
A Ono stock of Holiday Slipper * I
what wo have for yon to * select fron
'A. T. Li.virtiEY & Co.
Go to Uarkncts , Oroutt & Co.'a fc
dolmanu fur triaimud dolmans , woi
dolmuno and fine iiilk dolmans ,
Solid silvcrwHro , nly first-clai
gooJs , ( itcrling ) . No charges i <
ongrnving nt
Purthor Qlfta.
Amocg the additional gifts t
citizens for the bjiiofit of the comit
fair at St. Francis * academy an
Pioklo castor , S. Uowlcy ; smali sa
ohol , S. .T. Rhodn & Co. , olepant a
bum , H. E. Seaman ; solid gold riuj
Michaels & D.inielt ; ailver butter dial
Robinson Bros. ; marble top tabli
Baebo & Co. ; boya' hat , L. H. Mosi
lor & Co ; dinner cantor and salvo
Mrti. J. Wickhum ; $20 , Win. Fitzgoi
aid. Judge James has also donated
lady'd gold neck chain , which is
beautiful and coatjy present
Silk handkerchief ) and mulllero t
Harknoss , Orcutt & Co.'a.
All wlehing to present thoimolvc
o < f their friends with u uonvuuir i
gold , uilvor or urt doiign. should nc
fail to call on C. B. Jacqucmln & Go ,
and make their nolootiona for the hoi
idays oirly , ut 27 Main otreot ,
An olcgnnt lot of Black Silks , ver
cheap , at Harkncss , Orcutt & Co.'u ,
O.ill and see our Boots and Shoes ,
/ , T. LINDHKY it Co ,
Go to Harkness , Orcutt & Co.'s fo
Li co Goods , Fancy HandkerchiefsiVc
To strengthen and build up the syi
torn , n trial will convince you tha
Broivn's Iron Bitters is the best medicine
icino mudo.
J. M. PuiLurs' ,
413 BuoAnwAY.
Ilarkneer , Oroutt & Co. have ai
oloftant cwsoitmont of white aud col
ored fans. dlStf
At the brand now store thcro Is
brand now stock. L. B. Clark & Co.
100 east Broad toy , have the nobbies
lot of druggists' sundries in the hoi !
day goods Hue that can bo found any
whom up-town , and wo are not sur
that Council Bluffi hui a drug stor
that will boat it. The doctor is i
cental peulloman. Call and get ao
The above was in Monday's local
but the number was wrong , hone
this "amende honorable , "
S. J. RODDA .fcCO'
Christmas Novelties , at llarknoct
Oroutt & Co.'g.
Tuo grata market ) in Cliicsro and else-
trliero were stetdy to-day , and with an
ticipated light recrlptc , which ara sure to
follow a eetere decllt.e in pticei , we look
for increased notlvity and much higher
prices after tbo ( boll lay * . It appears that
the clique In CMua o hire under t ikon ti
bear prices in o dtr to levi up with cheap
Krain , and It won d Mirprlto ill if some of
the shoots doa't go | ttc.
The visible impr/ly of corn l ) < ci > mber 2J ,
1681 , i 18,8I7,5U buehsK nnd the priii-
in ( ; hlcni { ( ) im th t day was OOJc par bu
The vi lhle fl pl > ly December 13 , < 882 ,
wan ( ! , lO'l.nOO bu.lti and tbe pries In Chi-
( .unit on thutdiy was 50Jc.
Tiklnc thnUw of tupplv and demand
for i baiU , them in no riMson why the prlca
should not bo A high as h was one year
Corrected dally by J. Y. .Fuller , mer-
shandlno brokei , buyer and shipper ol
grain and provlilonr , olfico board of trnde
room * , Counrll Bluf ( , Iowa.
WIIRATNo , 2 sptlnff , 70ej No , 3C2j
rejette < 1 OOc ; oed demand.
CoiiN-283 to feeders nnd 29j to ship
per * ; good dcmind for uhlpincnt ,
OATS Scarce nnd In good demand ; 30 ®
) AT < 00G CO per ton.
KYK-40c ; light supply.
Cons MKAL I Zfipar 100 ponndn.
WOOD Good mpply ; pricoa nt yards ,
r no o oo.
COAL Delivered , hard , 10 OD per ton ;
roft. 5 00 per ton.
Utrmcn Plenty nnd m Mr demand ;
crameiy , 3. > c ; choice dairy , 3c. .
Enas-Scarce and in detuund ; 2G ; t > cr
dozen ,
LAUD l' . nk' , wholeealingat 13c.
I'ODI/rnv Firm ; denlerapaylntj lllc per
pound for turkey" and lOc for chickens.
VKaKTAiiLKS Potatoes , 45s ; uuionc , 2" c :
cabbngev , 30@40o nor dozen ; apples , 2 CO
< g3 CO per barrel.
FI.OUH-Best Ken n wheat fbnr , 2 33@
2 60 ; AilnntHoU wheat , 2 C0@3 uO ; tbran ,
70c per 100 pounds.
BUOOMH 2 00@3 00 per dozen.
CATTLE 3 00@3 50 ; calvc * . fi 00fi7 CO ,
HOOH Urldk demntid nt D 35@5 70 ; cai
load lots about 6c per 100 pounds more.
Diamonds , diamonds , lace pins , ear
rings , solitaire rings and studs , lock
ets , CrOBBl'C , bt
0. B. JACO.CEMIN & Co fs ,
27 Min street ,
Pcrogoy t Moore have got their re
al ! store half-roled and revamped.
Their case of holiday pipes und cigai
loldara Li u big attraction and the
jest pioccu will noon be gono. 23 81
Christmas Presents cheap at Mrs ,
Morris , 105 Main street.
Baforo buying furniture or stoves ,
bo sure and cill nt Handel's , Ho will
not bo undersold.
Handkerchtufs in plain nnd coloret
borders , in nil styloa und grades , n
Harknoas , Otcutt & Co.'a.
E'egant ' toiltit aetf , jewel OISPI"
odor cuQor , albums , otu. , at H. E
Gold " -utchoj for gentlemen or la
dies. Mono rama artistically on
grttvod on the tmrno wiihuut t'xtr
charge at
Call at Harknusp , Oicntt & Co.1
and see the bcautiiul lacto thny hav
just opened fur the holiday trade.
H. E. Seaman displays fho lavgee
stock of fancy goods and toys in th
Muaqutitaiic kids In street an
party shades at Harknos , Orcutt <
Orin *
I'lentent , liealthy gitna ara rcen only o
tbo faces of lienltbyi > er > nii. Tbedyepej
tie und debilitated cau xnule only in
hnlf-hcurled way. 1'urify tbo blood , tor
thoetniriBcb , and Htrenutben ibo ticeui
with llurtlock Mood Jiitttn , if you wish I
laugh wi'llanrtoften.
When you feel out of sorts , hav
the blues , melancholy , etc. , it mm
bo indigestion that tils you. Brown
Iron Bitrnra euros it.
NOTICa Special al\tltaemeBt3 ! , < uc
Lost , Found , To toan , For Polo , Tn Son
Wants , Bourdltif , etc. , wijl be Iceorted In tb
column at the ov reti of TEN CKNTU PB
LIKE for the flroS Ineortlon nnd FIVE CKN1
I'EIi LINE for each tulecqucnt Injcrttoi
Lrare adr crtlptmcutj at our office , No.
fo.-ul Btrtet. near lroail ! y.
Wonts ,
\\7ANTKIl-KO bullillnffH to mo\e. Wo mill
TT a fpeclilty ol mo\t K lioima and safe
AildrcM IV. 1 * . AjlfbMortn , box 6TU , Counc
Kvcrybody In Council Dlufli 1
WAN1GD DBX , 0 centa per noeV , di
llvered by carriers. Office , No 7 Pearl Stree
ne rl > rotd ay.
For Sale and Rene
P ivi : noi'isiis FOU IIINT-II : > s an an
\\alkir il20-lt
rPO HiST. : Knrnlnhul rnonu to rent , lt
I board , lit 7.0 Jlj tcr street. Day boar ;
? , lMl > ir ouk. iltcld-lf
M11IK be t nutiiararit Huiul onMulti ttntl
J. Stoik for mlultli furnlturv , ttf. Clu-.i
riiikliVrllutuuiuoriull. . \VJNAt.s ,
17-bt Corner Willow A\i > .
SAIJV-Tlio Wcstirn House. No. 303 Ur
FOU llroadwaj ; or will tiiulo for linprotp
illy or ( arnproH. | > . rt ) ; or w 111 xt-11 fumlturo an
rintlmlldliiKi Kaiton , 111 health. Addrctu J , t
(3. , fros Upper Urooduay , Counc
lllnllii , _
. . - | iock ie iif a hundred tt'Jft
a | aom.u at TIIK linn cilice , No. 7 1'tai
ilreet _ tl _
| , MIl Ui.ST : tiy new two-story brick etor
I < bulldliii , ' , on South Main utreet.
Ti OH KAI.K-Iy tucltc-ocre fmlt farm , o
1 South Flriturett. VKIKR WE1S
I OH HALtW-lleautiful rosiaeiicf IOU , 6
I ? etch ; nothing down , and gSperiaonth onlj
r.NU OUDERS for Cob * to Upper llroodua' '
Kleiator , or toN. J , liond , b > mall. dJ lv
EVKRYTII1NO renewed at the Eicclslor c l
lery , 100 ilaln btuct , fcr Lcllday vuik
Co tthetejm ciu irct chlilty and filr tro t
DR. W , L. PATTON I'ftjtlclan and OoulUt
Ciu cure my CAM ot aoru eye * . It la enl ;
a mutter of time , and can euro generally li
trout three to the \\oele-lt inaViM ur differ
ence how long dlsoasud. Will itraltrhtcn crob
eyes , operate and icuio > e PtyrtRlutri , etc. , am
lnt rt artificial CK . Bpoclal kltentloa to re
movclng tadoMorua npj-t
A % D .
Dr , HcagliBrz , ± Ooulist , Aurist
jo ChronicdUcases , elli-rt hli gervlccj to all a :
mi-tea with Olwain of ih E > e , Ear , cr Cbronl
d'M ' ; ol aujr ( .luMcdr. Warrants a cure li
all llheUTUilo tltectlniK Can bo ronaulted b ;
mall or In vcnwn at ibe ilctropolltan hotef
Council llluff * , Jo a.
lias returned to Ooundl Bloffi ( for n
hort time onlj ) , whorohe can bu con-
oltod at parlor > ,
Prof. S mncls olforp to nil these
hat are euffering from Weakntss und
) afcctivn eight hts
superior to any other in use , as the
jllowing homo ovidoncoa ot well-
known people of this city and vicinity
will tcatify.
COIACIU Ihnr * , lom , )
t- < December 21 , ltS2. j
'rot. ' 11. SammteH , , " " t f ,
Dear Kir Some two jcars and a halt since jou
\Isltcil this city , and at that time I M troubled
with my e > cs , caused by oxccmlto proof-remllng
and othir olllco work to s\ich nn txtcnt that I
could at timer ) hardly tend , ttudy or decipher
> 1 iln print without frequently rcstlns them. You
idjustcd a pair of glnisis I r me that are next 10
no ( spendable , and I ba\o nohctiltiinov In rcconi'
mending ] > erean3 to jcn who inaj Lu troubled
ith weak ijn. Yours truly ,
.1. I. MOIKIAir ,
IMItor and 1 ublliher r.lub- .
'Coi sen. 11.1 n- , February 14,18 0.
I'rol. Samuels :
Dear Sir I feel that I uould he iinira'tful In
deed II I did not In t mi ILOIIH r ixireM m\
gratitude to jou for the wonderful bencfltHd >
tl f < om thu use nf your ilassen adjusted tc
cj es by j on. Ilm\u trlea other giithrsauij
tH , lint all to no p.irp ee , and 1 hail con
dudid mj self doomed to to Ihrougti the vorli
marly rl htle's : but uhcruas I vta nearly blind
now I sic , atd am alilf to read as I net cr couli
biforc. I rc rtttlnt I h d rot met I'rof. Sam
neln > ooncr , to tint I nil ht hate Iii5 n cnjojinr
this lilci ln of netirj ; . llopln ) ; that n uni
otherx may tmvj the benefits ofour . hilji , I am
gruttfiillyourn ,
While on the t'nclllo coast > cars a o I litennu
partial ) } blind , and m > ri ht c\o haanoverre
covurcd. 1 Imve trlei numbers of tlmni to m
Kl.i itt ) to htlp me , also other remedies , but II
MOtiof no u e , ax nu UNO tsuld htlpmu. Wlici
rot. Simu l < camu this lime to Omahi .
thought tluit it uould do no I arm In tlrnr hln
and H.O uhatJiu woulJ na > . He exumlnetl nee
o > c and told me that ho couM uako we sJ
not w.thonu , but wltn botheub. I told him tee <
eo on mil make me ste , BS I hail | ri\cuupth
Idea of oer l > enablu ! toeeo "ellnsiln. 'lorn ;
eurprUohc made mo a pal of glaisca that 41 !
tbliBino to see with im rijr't tjc aiwclla
nlih the , other. I will ihcerdiUj reoommeri
him to all those that lc-\o . \ui up hopes
Yours , with xood alght ,
, as sa < : KO. K. ( iiasoK.
Ikiald Ollko.
Ointlia , Xib. , tUrembit 20 , IhSJ.
I uieilto lii\ < : \cr > cak f } ts nnd trie 1 ft ( ? rca
mjiiy thlngM fur relief , but It "us oil Inaln
When I'rof. Samuel * in In the i Hj n few jean
ajfi I uasailvNel bj onoof m > frlenJh who a
liciulUttl bv him to call on him. I done to , nm
am L'lad lo Btatu that he helped \\onclcrull\ \
llo tltted me at that tlmi- with n | wrof ! hi
( 'Iaiscs , and the ) irate 1119 Ir.stitt relief , cm
ufter iislni ; them for a cliort time my cjcs Im
i-ro\uil no that I had in n-o fcr the Blas o , at ull
MjxH \ \ Is perfect , although 1 wiw ad\l'id IK
10 put on BlicicH , for I ooJ ! haio totcar then
all the time ; but 1'rcf. .Samuels' glatxca von
dilTcrant. Ihcj linprmcd my eye * . and I ouli
mUlHC all iieiraiH who bavu trrubjo with thrl
c\cs to ca'l on Kim llcipdtfiilly ,
City 1'o.Ic. , Oiuk1 u.
Dcfcmbcr 15. /
OMMU , S.-Dttmbcr IB , 1ST ! ) .
Sonic j cars since , whlli eiifo : i.J In wlltorl.i
labor ut night , m > c > esllit | beiuma Impaired
and I found It illtllcult to find ulaseei ulml
Mould tfTord any ri'llef. During the past two o
Ilirujnriin. . \ ocs Kre ' taker m confctan
use , and fbepxn tube alarmed lett 1 n.lslit fo
H tliuo lie obliged to l.ij aiidomj IIOOHH , h cli
so much cUli ht In. I'ro\ldeii < f , I think , 1m
kl dl > itlcV me sending Dr. Ni i.uels to thi
ci'J lly u-e ot hfj Improtui er etal Kli < ieM fo :
kotcralonjs 1 llnd the natural tl Ion restored
and I urn now abU to lead aid study aa \ulm
I plcagj ulthout tlrlns the 1)0 or taming pain ,
Itfccnmoiul'rlul trut siie-i on ilUx't can In
prodiifu t In to nh rt a If me , and I t ua no douhl
It ull bo periii.incnt.
I am fc'lai I'rof Samno'f hai Ulted this < If\
iiiro eo mnii ) I inl th < aid hu cm afford them
aud I hope Ills gluaei lll bo lntro < llucd anil ex
tiiisi\ci ) IIHH ! hero ,
K. " . F. JAJ1IHON , .
Pastor KU tIlai > tl tt'tiinn.
Ouuu , Xeb. . Itvcfinlur 12 , IfoJ ,
I > nf. ll.SuinitN :
Dear Sir I ha e now unit tlu K'nicsuth
ililijc" furnlsh'd mu for ore vuik and can
truly nay ihnt I hau'dcrlttd mora lomfort In
that bhort spate of HUH than In jtarn preUoui.
Almotl from my earliest reroihtt ons 1 hate
suffered from in Inability 10 wo dUtlmtl ) ttrn
liun Uo o li ) , Mjmellnua f lleil to knott cr rir-
oirnlzv m ) moil Intimate frlendi , allot vhlch
was aconktanttionrcdof inert mutlon to me. I
trleil remedlri and t'ianso ot dlffirrnt kinds
with hut ury little henitl. and until I con
V'W ) Diratur Street.
9 a. m. to 7 p. rn.
Prof. Samuels does' not attnud tc
business outside of hi i rooms , and line
no one connected vrith him ,
Broadway , and Fourth Street ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
Headquarters For the Cele
Weber Pianos
, TJ
Toys and Fancy Goods
Wholesale and Retail.
Address ,
F. F.
Guarantees the Best $1,50 , $1.75 and $2.00
Bluff -and fillow Sreets , Council Bluffs.
Ordcra flllfd In any part of the city. Orders by telephone promptly uttcn JH to.
At the Lowent Possible 1'riws.
That never require crlmplnj. at lire. J. J. OOO.'B H lr atore , t prices ne er beferc touch-d by
ny other ha r dealer. Also a full , line ot eu Itches , ttc. t i , really reduced prices. AUogotf
Uver and colored neta. Waves made from Indus' cnn h ! r. 1)3 not fall to CallPbetow
Icwhern. All Koods wmrantml M itfptettu H. - S1KS. J. J. GOOB
. Oounfll Blngg. Inwn
? ? P"M 'A
The finest quality and largest Block weat of Chicago of wooden and metalic case"
Call * attended to at all hours. Wo defy competition in quality of goods or prices
Our-Mr. Morgan has ReryeJ as undertaker for forty j ears and thorouphly undewtamli
Ms business. WAKEROOMS , 3-10 AND 357 BROADWAY. UnWlsterinB In
nil its br.inchej promptly attended to ; also carpet-laying and larobrcqulni. Telegraphic -
graphic cnd mail ordera fillpd without dolnv.
" " " "
Council Bluffs , - Iowa.
r and malt In any nuanUty'lo suit purchasers. Deer J8.00 p < r barrel. Prltatofamlilojenp.
with email hek' < at JI.CIO nacb. drli\cred Irennf charge to any part of Ilia city. P
WholeoUo Dealer in nnd SOLE AGENT FOH Joseph Schlitz Brewing
Company's Celebrated
1WTT . j W 1 TTITFI1 IR 5 Jig
No. 711 Broadway , Council Bluffa , Iowa. ' Orders from the country elicited
City crdera to famillca and dealera dfliveri'd free.
(3ucco ( 60rs to EKU & DUQULTTK ) ,
16 niul IS Pcarl-st. , Council Blufl's , Ta
NO. 529 S Main fitreet. Counoil Bluffs.
Out coii tantllncrL > iilnK trailts nutfclttit proof of onrwiuaru ikalint ; nnd atleiitlcu to c
oinerg. liofd Her a'm iDii t and. I'roinptii ddhtryif
S. M. CllOOKK , Pres. N. B. EASTON , Secy.
J , 0. HorrMAN , Vies Pros. N. B. MOOKE , Counsolor.
[ Incorporated under the Lawa of Iowa , ]
Insurance at Jlclual Cost ,
Inanrinc LIVE STOCK Against Leas by
Unknown or Contingent T'lwnnfVIinfnwoti .
Experienced nfenta ; wanted. Correspondence
solicited from ull parts of Iowa.
OFFICE : 1011 Pearl Street , Council Bluffs. la.
( Succciaort to J. F , & J. V , Cas& < ! y. )
Abstract , Real Estate and Loan Brokers ,
Voho ho only complete eft of obstiics book to all city lotg anil Itcdi In I'ttUWtttaml
county , Titlei f lamlrtd ind abstricH furnished en tbcrt r otlco. IJonty to Ictn en clly irul dn
pioitirty , hort Dd lnn tlinc , In uuuto null tbo , ItenUttk louibt uil kold OUct
tlo old tUo j oi'i > ojlle co ut home-