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    'JLtLJKi UAUI 10
The Daily Bee ,
Saturday Wornintr , Dec. 10
\Voathnr Keport ,
( ihe following observation * art taken t
tbr name moment cf time at all the station
named. )
OMAHA. Dee. IS. 1R8'2. ( IdSp.m. I
Dnrer. . , , 30 4 41 8 Light
Cbeytnna. 81 W Froh Filr
0 V 41 JNI ! Ciouily
31 tf W ! H\V C.omly
.1)04 8 IN K.lf
Ytitton. . 10 77 4 Nff Pieihl '
D * Molnen 5 'Kir
P rnport. 39 .10 14 N'V II ! k | > lair
pi. " 7 ul. . . 0 47 4 NW lltl k Oer
Ft , Louis . 0 41 I I L Clear
Uncrhcad. .10 M n \v Kresti Fair
Vlcwnt. , . . U . ' .3 7 S Cloudy
30 M Ll/jht Cloudy
Ctuter. , , Fair
.17 N LgM | .
Alter trcz'n r.l J > , lioi n it Vanktot
froren at Direnpo t , frczsn at E
l , 3 f ot G lt.chcn at Si. L-.uli , ncd froie
at I i CfOiM and t > u
Thf ro wix * only ono plain diuuk takei
In by the pol co Thuin Jay nljjlit.
There wltlilog nlco Chilstman preiont
hcuUlcall early at Sixo'rf nulihtilcoa
.goods are going very ripldly. dlC-tt
Deputy I'ontmo'trr Johu Cunnibol
who lias brcn tick for a month lust in re
ixirtcd to bo a lUtlo butler now ,
A bunch of. Icoys WAS found on th ,
corner of Thirteenth nml Jonen , vililcl
the owner can have by oillinj at Cilvin &
Co 'B drug store and laying for this no
Strong It setting two bailers and ha * n
double engine of 120 homo power on the
toad for operating the electric light mi-
Tha mall route agents report tha
weather at Denver ai qullo warm and
Omaha the coldest place on the line of the
U.I' .
The discharge papers ef an ox-private
in the Third C vnlry bnvo been found and
CAH bo hid at this olllco by pajmont foi
this notice ,
The communication In yo tcrday' I3En
wherein was mentioned 'The icon front of
he 1'lr.t National Bank , " bhould have
read "Nnlrotka National Bank. "
On TtUHJiy evening , December 10th ,
Mrs. J , J. Dickey aud Mn. Intoy , glvo a
charmluK entertainment In the opera
house. Proccads for Tilnity Cftlhedral.
Judge IkneWd court wai very popu
yestoid y.Tho Ilerustcln c.ito draw the
Jnrgest attaridinco seen lu the police tourt
room for a good while. '
ShoiillN. K. Boswoll , of Lirnmlc ,
Wyoming , nrrhod In Iho city Ti urmlny
with a crizy man tiainod Oastello , whom
ho will toke to Lincoln nud place In the
Nebraska inxaae nejlum.
An auiicablo sottlomcnt of the Can *
field-Dewcy contest election case , has been
made in accordance with which all further
proceeding * are to bo dropped and Senator
Cantield will take his teat without opposi
Many persons think that there are
more fine fans at Kulm&Co.'Hthanwillbo
old in Omabt this year , but already many
have teen sold , the purchaicri of over five
dollar * worth getting a ticket for one of
their premiums.
The musical treat nnd choice selections
of Mrs. Latey and Mrs. Dickey , which are
to be givennott Tuesday evening in Boyd'a
opera houio , the proceeds of which are for
Trinity Cathedral building fund , will bring
a large and appreciative audience.
The ladfei of the U. 0. L. A. whoiln-
tend taking Dart in the annual reception at
the library rooms on Now Yoir'd , nro earn
estly rrrjuestod to bo present at the meet
ing to be held at the library on next Sun
day evening ; or , If not able to bo present ,
to be In some manner represented card ,
proxy , or otherwise.
"From lauds of mow , to lands of sun ,
the L. and N. through coaches tun , " it thu
poetical inscription onu very pretty poster
which was bolno ; put up by Andy Borden
yesterday for the L.nnd N. route , A winter
coene nud a tropical landscape complete the
card which is ono of the mont novel yet
eon In tbeto parts.
There was a lively dUturbance at a
house of prostitution on lower Eleventh
treet Thursday night The proprietress
claimed that Jack Magee , who was on a
"high lonesoino , " hid tried to demolish
the door of her domicile , and she made
the welVla ring with her police whistle.
Offlceri soon quieted the brlllgeraut
Jack nnd nonriests weie mad 9.
A pleasant tlfilr took place -t St.
Phllomona'4 Cathedral Thunday being
the wedding of OlHcer Thou , lluina , of the
pallet ) force. Following ti-a ucddlitg , the
bride and groom ntertaluuri Mnmhal Au-
gell , the torce ncd other filtndu nf their
roomi ou 10th nnd Div-jport strteU.
Among the wedding presents waa \alua- -
ble ttovo from the oIDoorn of the pollca de
partment ,
At noon yesterday William Pesr , con
tractor and builder , while engage ! on 1 fell-
.inan'i building on 14th and Karu im utrueti ,
met with an accident which might have
proved UU1 , In tryiog to place n stoua
weighing o er a hundred pounds ou to a
window It ullpped and struck Dew on the
bead , cauilog a contused lacerated wound
of about two laches and a half extending
dowa to the skull. The injured man was
taken to Dr. HerUmanu who fixed him up
n KOIK ! abape.
The necktie and apron snclal'given by
the Good Temilars at Mr , Mutter' * ronU
ilence on Capitol uvrnue was n complete
feuccem ia eery particular. The attend-
auco wes good , nnd the occailon was one of HcUl enjoyment to all present ,
Much lueidmcnt was cauifd by the freakt
of the fickle ( .oddeir , fortune , In allotting
- tn the vtrkuo gi ntlemeu present , theli
-t > rtcfcra for the evening. Various social
games were i l j cd , and an elegant collH-
tlcnw * inved about laidnlfht. It I * tc
tie bored that thine pletnant occasions will
* l > e of fmjuent rcctmcnce , and tbst the
lodge may be greatly biuetitted thereby In
A connldtrable Increace to Itt already large
inembenblp. The oomiultte * who hid
charge of the affair art * tu lie heartily ( . < ) i , .
meuded for tbelr iucce * ( ul euden n
jrhlob reiulttd In such oompUt * saoc
Ho Is Acquitted by the Jur
After a Short Session by
That Body ,
The Names of the Jury on
Tboir Opinions.
Guy M. Lambortson , the Unite
States attorney upon the opening <
the court josterday closed the cai
of the govcrninont , no was rrstrictc
by the court to fifty minutes in whic
to make hia argument. Daring tr
time allowed him hn went over tl
circumstances and faols in the cone I
n systematic and clear manner. Fro ;
the etatemonta made by him it woul
nppoar that Hall waa guilty of acrim
Ho oiid that Hull hnd knowing !
nnd wilfully defrauded I ho goveri
mont put of money by falsifying tr
vouchers. The cxcii&o the dofondat
made that the custodian at Wanhin )
ton had virtually instructed him to el
business under nubterfugea , WAS n
ixcuso for him at ( ill. The cuatodin
had recently been ignomlnoualy dii
chnrgcd from the government atrvlo
in Washington for just suoh prActice
as Ilull had boon i/uilty of. Th
speech wai ntrong and covered all th
allegations contained in tha indloi
ment. Judge Foster briefly charge
the jury , after which they retired t
the jury room for consultation.
TUB vxunior.
Shortly after five o'clock ycatcrda
afternoon the jury in the Hull cat
filed into the court roam , and in ai :
awcr to the usual inquiry made by th
court , whether they had agreed upo
their vor-dict , the foreman atoppo
forward and answered that they had
The olork road the verdict which wa
ono of acquittal , and then the jur
waa polled and discharged. The voi
diet created a profound nurpriso amen
the poraons present , and it < ra < ovoi
apparent that the dnfondnnt himsol
was not prepared for what might b
Lormcd the windfall which came t
liim. The jurors clamored fo
their corlitijntoa , and whci
limy wern obtained the marahal'i
jfllco waa Bought and anxious Inqutr
oa made for that functionary , 0111
whether there was any mouoy or
: mnd with which to pay the cortifi
rates. The absence of the marsha
: roated ditgustnnduno oriwo juror
itartcd to Toavo. "Hold on , " a ic
DUO , "when I get this cashed wo wil
50 out and got a drink. " A HBK ro
icrtor intorrogiled John O. Willia
jno of the jurow , aa t o the mothodt
imd to arrive at the conclusion ai
hey had. How had they made ui
h6lr minds. Ho replied , "I don'i
snow how the othern made llielis u {
) at I made minn up according to mj
> wn notion. " Ho did not appear vorj
mmtnuiitcativo and was anxious to gal
iwny. Another member wan nakoc
KJit came about , and the nurnbei
) f ballots found iujcosaary to dotor-
nlno the Bentiment of tha body. He
lid not know how they came about
) nt it wai finally agreed after fifteen
> r twenty ballots to acquit.
"What woo the first baliotl" asked
.ho reporter.
"It waa Gvo for conviction , five foi
icquittal and two blanks. "
"Who voted the blank * ? "
"I don't know , " ho replied.
"Thoy waited to find out how il
iraa going , I suppose , " ventured tht
: oporter.
"I presume they did , " ho replied ,
The natnea of the gentlemen 8orv >
ng on the jury are aa follows : ti. F ,
Dorsoy , T. J. Torroy , E. 0. Garner ,
f. A. Hasslor , J. A. MoMurphey , D ,
3. Oolo , Robert N. Stall , H. B. Nioo.
Inmus , S. M. Pike , E. L. Stono.Johr
ftish and Johu 0. Willis
About town last ovcning surprise ,
iiid in nome Inataucen Indignation ,
vna oxprosf od by the loungers in the
lotola und other roanrtt.
Tablea nuppllcdvith the beat the
narkot atlords. The traveling public
ilaim they got bettor accommodations
ind raoro general aatiafaction here
Imn at any other houoo in On aha ,
ilatn , 82 per day. aug21tfm
Mddo frorr the wild flowers of the
It is the moat fraurant or. perfura t
lanufaoturod by II. B. Slavon , San
Franoiaco. For Halo in Omaha by W.
I. Whltohonao and Kounaro. Bros. .
& 0o.
OIIEEK , Mich. , Jan. 31 , ' 79.
GKM-LKMKN Having boon afllioted
or n number of years with Indiges
ion und general debility , by the'ad'
rlco of my doctor I used Hop Bitters ,
ind must say they utfoulod mo almobi
uatant relief. 1 urn ghd to bo nbl <
o testify in thalr behalf ,
TH08 , O. KKQX
Store at Oakdali- , Neb , with shelv
ng and counters' niitahlo for n gro-
iury or poneral introhundiao atoru ,
inquire of H. G. , Omaha , 01
Robert Wilson , county clerk. Oak
M" , Neb , 435-14
Flioa , roaohea , anta , bod-bugs , rata
nice , gophers , chipmunka , cleared oul
> y "Rough on Rata. " 15o.
loraford'n A old Pbovphata In
Abuinfof Alcohol.
Dn. JNO. P. WHEELER , HudHon ,
N. Y. , eaja ; "I have given it with
present decided benefit in a case ol
nnutrltion of the brain , from abuse
if alcohol , ' _
Good Uablci.
Tl Jo1y d jr Jrom KM' will Wwt ,
For children Unite and moU ti't reit ,
The dirllnc | Hr i all nam d Victoria ,
And with the boj , the/ have Cutorla.
It l > a fac' , there ti no "may be , "
A mothrr'i milk o n't tare the baby ;
While WMtOAHIOUIAdlgiat Ihelrfo'd ,
l e thcmhuJtb audmaVei ( him good.
3pmDlimentary to tb B. Si M nnd
Tdulr Stock AjfentBillonttne.
The big cattle men of Colorado held
heir annual meeting at Denver last
Vlday evening. After transacting
auch businra * Mr. MtOrillls , the aeo-
Htary , otierud a resolution thinking
he nmuagon of the Burlington &
for the promptness diaplayo
hf that o mpanr m allowing and pftj
ing all claima for cattle killed by th
cars Along the line Ho aU withe
to thank George Ballentlne , the sloe
man of that road , for the pn mpt mac
ncr in which ho had handled the cattl
duiing his last flipping i > ea ou. Th
resolution spoke in voiycomp'iimcntnr
totma cf the road , and the foncin
which had been placed along bpt
aidoa of the track for mttny mile
through the cattle country , which wil
bo a , great benefit to the cattle intci
eats of that section.
ffr-Vor ono dime got a pscktga c
Diamond Dyes at the drupglstV
They color anything the simplest an
moat desirable tolorr.
Various Pluno to Freeeive thi
Balance of Trad o Across
the Counter.
A &Tautiiotttreruf Qlation AlroaU
on HASH ! to Tnbn Oxdero for
Smaller OlanifiR
Si. louli Obhe Democrat.
Thu beer biislucsa in St. Louis hn
been stirred to its inner depttmdurin
thu past few dajB ovtr the rumor tha
the bruWc'rs are about to join in n con
urrtcd movement for rutaing the prlc
of the popular biwurnRO. It ia a well
known fact that tlio price of hope hn
advanced greatly of late , going wit hi
the laat year from 20 centa to 10
cents , and thi c'rcumstauco alone ha
for como time given iood ; cround f3
the belief that an innroafiu of prlc
would bo a pritno necessity. Upon in
vcaligition by a Olobe-Damocrat re
porter it appeara that there is a ver ;
oloso corporation among the brewer
of St. Louis , OhiciKo Milwaukee nm
Cincinnati , and thu retail dealers an
in dense ignorance ns to what ii to bi
done by the manufacturers from when
they get their daily fcupplios.
On being interviewed , Mr. Anthony
of Anthony & Knhn , frankly ad
milted that the price of bacr woulc
undoubtedly bo raicud from Janunrj
1. The inoreuso in the cost ot hopi
had made this nececsary , and all tin
dcmlera in St Louie , Chicagn , Milwaukee
waukoo and Oiiioinnati were egrccc
upon thii point. The increase would
bo from $8 to $9 per barrol. Ho ( aid
there would bo a meeting in St. Loui ;
luriug tha following week of leadirji
arinvora from the oitiea named above ,
and that an increased ccilo of pricti
v/ould certainly bo agreed upon.
Mr. Adolphus Bunch , of the
Anhouaer-Busoh JJrewIng uttoolnlion ,
said ho wnn iigt particularly in f vor oi
in incfo&te , but that the in jotity of
brokers aocmed to think it ancci'saity.
Mr. IViil Stock , theueorotury of the )
St. Loula Brewers' nssoclatlon , wau
uot accessible to the reporter , but it
waa ascertained that ho liuld to ths
opinion that an increase of price wac
Mr. Tony Faust , the we4l known
caterer , aaid ho undt < rstoodtho price
of beer would bo raised , but It would
not afflict him in the leaat. Ho was
already paying from $9 to $10 , a'a hia
boer waa "extra brewed , " and his
trade waa such that ho would willingly
agree to pay from $10 to $12.
Mr. Emil Bessobl aaid that hia
brewer , Mr. Ellis Wainwrlght , had
told him ho knew nothing of A con
templated ratio. "Tho brewers , how-
oTor , " said Mr. B. , "have it all their
own way , and can do aa they please.
I will not object to the increased
price. It will only afoot the anloona
that toll 'big beera' for a nickel , and
thoito that furnish free lunches , I
uecd to pny § 14 tor boor , and made
money at It , but I uoed smaller glasses
than I do now. "
' 'Or , " aaid another engineer of a
buef faucet , to whom the nubjeot was
broached , ' 'wo can clungo the atylo of
RlitsE,07. There's a mimiifacturor hero
now fromPUteburjs' , HI anticipation ot
this change , and lui < Dora to nialui a
jlass for the St. LDU'O that will
[ ook bigger and nil tin' than those
ia nso now , bnt will luvo t bottom OH
the ntylo of a claret bottle. He offers
also , for very tony tradi ? , to caat nholl
glasses In a caudle moid , and make
thorn about two feet high. Thu will
make a gill of boer
snd ton inches cf froth ou lop of it
will give the 'draw' a mighty gorqeott
look. I don't know what the boor
tellers will do about it I prefer to
keep my old gluuses and bo a little
more hasty In the draw. Nothing
like froth , you know , in n rush of
business. "
Another dottier nn Olive street fluid
tlut ho didn't ciro much about the
rite. Of conree , ho wasn't going to
give no much bdor for five centa ;
"but , " ho added , "I eipect to make
more money. My customers have got
to havn jusC bo much beer every day ,
nnd if tluy don't , gut ie in two or throe
glasses , they'll luvn it in five or six
It would bo very much bettor for mete
to soil ton am nil plutitos of beer to 01111
man * t five centc , than only thrno or
four big one's dutch on , do you ? "
Doaluca who launch th < ir sohooicrn
upon the shoal wntera that usually
cover their bus uru- the least exer-
oistd. Ono of these artista told The
Globe-Democrat man in hia qualntand
natlro way "dot dem nshgooner muat
have lest draught , dot' * all. " To elu.
cidato , ha said that a schooner could
easily shorten her length and narrow
her beam BO as to have scarcely half
her usual tonnage , and yet the consignee -
signoo would uttver know thu differ-
en c .
The bottled boer men are not likely
to make any change in prices. As to
thoao who soil bottled beer by thu
! > laas , ono man said , barkeepers will be
iiibtruoted to hold tha bottle & little
hipher as they pour it out , so aa to
instead of four , The free variety
ihow people and the Bummer gardena ,
which sell beer at 10 cents A drink ,
ire little worried because they will
ill have to lay in a now stork of
{ lasses , The Pittabnrg manufacturer
low here fulls them that it will bo
other a costly operation to b'ow '
lasses much smaller than they are
islug now , and that to make gl&sees
ho size of a thimble In such quant i-
iea a they require , a new
et of matrices must be made
nnd a bettor quility of s&nd be got
It is possible , therefore , that thu
dealers will alco embrace the fret
alternative , giving just enough bo *
to lend anmber shade to the better
of the tumbler ? . None c f the dcn'er
interviewed believe thut the quality o
beer sold would bo deteriorated in tb
Insal ; but all aereod that by tuch dc
vices aa were found fonsiblo the cut
tomera must unconsciously bo ma o t
stnnd the ditleronce between th
wholesale and retail dealers.
Interesting Display at the So
oial Art Club Exhibition ,
A Showing that Would Pleaei
the Moet
On the 5ih of this month the ladle
of the Social Art club opened up & dir
play of their choicest woik in Rcdick'
now block , on Parnnm street botwcoi
Fifteenth and Sixteenth ,
Thu auito of rooim unvoted to the !
exhibition wns filled with the inus
artiotic and beautiful goods , whicl
havn been admired by hundreds ainc
opening day. Although not n foi
ot the choicest urttclcn hav
boon disposed of and aomu tukui
nHny , cho rooms do not nhow an ;
diminution in their attractiveness
The ciisesi , onuateK , chain nnd wail
nro lined with bjiutiful spuclmaiiB o
the daintiest work of woimu's hand
and n prettier show than that to be en
joyed hero would bo hard to imagine
The moat uoticaablo nuicl
on exhibition buc&usu < f i !
0120 und the very prouiintm
pnoltion given it , ia 'The Judgtneti
cf Prtria , " by Alra. J. H. 0itlin , ii
which the mrtlst has made n specia
atudy cf iho lhah tints and witl
pleating SUCCEED.
'Thn Sturm in the Adirondacka *
and "Ruina of Fort Ticonderoga , " bj
D. F. Bigolow , are notably pretty.
Onn of the moat delicate andparfocl
paintinga ia the "Nun'a Head , " bj
Miss Merrill , which growa in favor the
nuiro closely it Is inspected ,
A very fiuo and valuable psiitinr ; ,
by 11. Baitd , of Now York , ia loanc"
by MM. Jewett. IL is ontintoTtl\\ -
ter , " and is valued at $1,000
A lovely table top , hand painted , on
slate , in the work of Mian Burr ; u
placquo , houd pvtntod , with conch
shell , by Mrs. J. H. Catiin , ia ono of
the most attractive articluu on exhibi
tion , and "Fun and Flight , " by the
same artist , in ai comical as it ia well
conceived and executed.
A noh piece of work is the Arisene
: sblo drape in nuranch nnd golden
rods , by MIBI Wildu. The Marino
tlovr , contributed by Mra. Dr. Moon- ,
MVS luirnqte'd a grtas deal t f favorable
: ii iciun.
Tlia piiiole , by Fred Parker and
liVill Morris , tire Ren-e in their xvr.y
ind much admired.
Mrt. Jeseo Lowe contributes cuvoral
rary beautiful specimens of work , one
> f the moat charming of which ia the
uinting "Sweet Sixieun. "
An tle'gant firencroon , hand painted
ith holiyhccks ou block eatia ia the
vork of Mrs. G < JO. T. Gilbert ; Mrs.
ilmoral la represented by aonui fine
land wood carving and Mra. M. H.
3oblo by a lovely banner.
Among the many choice articled on
ixhibition it ia posalblo only to ruou-
ion a few more , with the na-uca of the
adlea : Mesa roaea and ferna , hand
tainted on "velvet , Miw Toft ;
lollyhocka and tiger lilies , Miss
3wynnio Gwyerj water color
vork by Misses Rocs and
Jraut ; "Little Buttercup , " Mra ,
Dahorty , of Browncil hall ; paintings
iy MIBS Jennie Neodhara ; Mallard
luok among sedges , Miaa 0. Allen ;
ntricato door mat , Mrs. Jewott , and
laud painted obina by Misa Bueaio
'owett ' , Mias Mollie Brouruaou and Moore and Needham.
The "Hawthorn Centennial Ex-
olsior Hoof Paint , " wiui patented May
14th , 1881 , and otters patent ntiro-
> or 241 , 803. Any person found or
mown to tamper with thu inonu-
acluro of said paint will be punish-
d to the full extent of law. No psr-
on haa any authority whatever to sell
ocelpta. HAWTHORN & BED. ,
Lancaster Pa
Army Ordnrs.
Thn f blowing named mon enlisted
t Fort Omaha , Nob. , are assigned as
allows :
GutUv Olson and Thomas Jenkins
o the Fourth infantry ,
Frank Turk and Edward Eran to
Jluht lUttory D , Fifth artillery.
Recruit Frank Dayton , enlisted at
Ajrt D A. UutBdll , Wyo. , is assigned
o company A , Seventh infantry.
The commanding ( flhcr at Fort
) jugUF , Utah , will ciusu the oflicer
lie imy be appointed to discharge
hit div i is ef pott quartermaster ut
< \irt DjiiQlac , dining the nbnirce f > n
i-avo of First Lioutuiinnt Ohnrlea G.
unney. rrgitnontal qimrtermaatcr
> ixth n faulty , ti | proceed tn Ogden ,
Jtuh , ul euch times aa may ba nocet-
ary for thu re'oaiptiiiK bills of lading
< f public properly , &o , during'thu
uuiiutuid ubionco from 0den depot
if Crtpliiiu Ohiules A. H. MoOiinley ,
suatuiit ( juartuimaeter ,
D Not Be Deceived
In tlinws tiiuen ot q at medicine adver *
Iwimenta everj wliere , It in truly gratify-
nx to find one reinody that U worthy of
iralse , and which really does as recom-
nended. Klictno Hitters we can vouch
ur aa being a true and reliable remedy ,
md one that will do as r < commended ,
'hey Invariably cure Ktuinaili and Liver
TiiiuplalntH , Dli ea ei of the KlduevBnml
Jrlnory ditticultlet. Wo kniiw whereof
ve Hpeak , nud can readily Bay , give them
> trial. Sold at fifty ciuta a bottle by
J. V
Can't tiny Enouuh
"T cannot ipebk too highly of JlurJock
Hood Jlitleri ; they Imve lieou a gnuC
lo'nlcb'jto UIB. Cured rue of hlllounueiu
nd dj iersU from flliloh I had suffered
ur years. " Mr. J. Marsh , Bault of To-
onto , Oat
ft'rea of Cos .
Hy calling at Schroter & Brcht's drug
lore , you can get ft B mpla bottlti of Dr.
So anko' Oauvb and Lung Synin which
rill relieve the mrwt obitmate Ouagh or
lold. aud show you what the reguUr 50
eat Ue will do. When troubled with
litbma , UrouchltU Dry , Haoklng Couvh
'altis in the Ghent , and U dUeteea of the
'hroat ud Lungi , try wunplt bottle of
Is medfoln * .
Compelled to Take a Dose of Hi
Own Medicine ,
The Rascal Summarily Deal
With in the Police
Court Yesterday.
A Bill of $53 and Co t Charged 1
Hla Account.
The cane of Bernatoin and his wil
gninst the two pcddlera was contii
aed yesterday in the poltoo cour
The proicoutiou was considerably su
pilicd when witnerccoBOIO calle
Thuredsy to impt-ach Dernatuiu'a ov
donee and to declare that they woul
not balievo him tinder oath. A
abortive attempt was madu to rebut thi
uvidonco and a Lumber of wituctst
wore calltd to testify as to Bernttuln,1
good character Of thotu auinnionc
only thrto , II. Berthold , Sm E
lloKeru and Donnin Ounnln hnni Ic :
titiod. Neither of thoin know nnj
thitif ; obout Hornntoiu onu way ur ih
otliur , but nUted that if Ihey Ind a-i
opiuioti at nil it wnH ngrunat hi
voraeily. Thin tcotnod to discoraE
the proacrullon and the oieo we
cloui'd. Arpurnents wcro made an
Oh.trli.fl Rj.-jick uisdo n nlrotijj apocc
in which ho showed up this niiimun c
the prosecution ntid the illnuulity i
tli prcceedingo before Wright. ]
wft a prosouution of poor , ignorau
forti noM who had g lined the ill wi
of the villain Beriistsin , who tried i
this manner to gratify his malice.
After arcauibnta the jury retired
nd in a short time roturne
a verdict of not guilty. Thin accrue
to bo ngroeablo to the poopla in th
room , but the concttrnatitm ani
chagrin of Bernstein and hia loveland
and amiable wife waa great. Th
former charged around the room , os
claiming that n COB piracy bad beei
formed against Lim , and that ho wa
nn abused man. Lira Bcrntteii
wailed aud uttered threata of vengeanci
nqalnat everybody and everything
The pair have $53 costs to aottla ti
their diacnuifituro. They started ou
to give the Russians a doao and thuj
havobcon _ compelled totako thoironi
I > hyaic. They gave notice of an ap
[ ) il to the district court. Boruattit
will find before he geta through thai
lie will have a surfeit of law , aa a mm
. f his character can never bo cuoce&s
ul in changing right into wrong.
.ArtUtr , Look Koro !
A. HOaPE , 1519 Dodge street ,
Jmaha , tolls Winner & Newport's Oi
fubo Colors for 9j eachj Mnhogacj
. ' illottea , 33o ; Brushes from 8j up
vards ; Artists' Eiatl complete foi
51.10 ; and a fine Japan Tin Box will
ino EthclLn of Arlist& ' Muteiulif ,
or from 5 to 810 , iueluelvo copies ,
, nd Plaques or Panels to work DDOII ;
ho latter mnkcfl a beautiful OUIUST-
HAS PRESENT. Writn for prices.
.3s&m5ii A. H05PE , Omaha.
A Card of Thanlii.
The Earnest Workers take thn !
Dcthod of expressing their most sin-
eru thauka to their many friends for
heir generous aid and liberal patron-
go , by which they wore enabled to
uako their annual fair for 1882 such a
[ ratifying success.
Wo take great pleasure in making
apodal mention ot the unsurpassed
lindnees and liberality of Mr and
rlra. Jamoa Kitchen , of the Pazton
touse. We leal assured our great
uccesa it largely duo to their gener-
i38 help , and ahall orer hold them in
ratoful memory end wish for them
nd the magniGcont hotel over which
hey so gracefully preside the largett
loosiblo measure of ouccess.
lilts. W. J MbUJiT , Prea.
* * * "Hotter bo wise by the mlsfor-
unea of others than by your own. "
ko warning in time. Avoid quack
loslrum ! by which thoneamla annu-
lly porish. Ueo only nncli rcrnodico
a nro dumonatratod ubovo aonDicion ,
oremost among which ia Kidney
\ort. For torpid liver , bowolo or
: tducya. no other remedy equals it.
t ia sold in beta dry and liquid form
if all druggists.
UUBBIA Sn'vo la unrivalled for Its apreily
lealing qualities. Ahk your drugglulH for
L. 2j cU.
Wby Don't tha Men Propose ?
Tradition hn it that thU question
raa officially propounded to the Ro-
nan aonato by a oommittoo of the
leautiful Sabiucs who wort , one and
ill , ushered into the mystia etato of
natrimony with lees ceremony than
eomed to thom essential. It is further
nooted that the query BO consternated
hut august body that it informally
djournod inatauter. Even hna the
E4iiBdiiii\ii'JU of Ciomr been assigned
,1 , tliu tLquul of tiiu adjouriiment. 1T
s natural , theroforu , Hint no orftu !
iaf > , sit.cj then , ventured to ailvo thu
iabimi nddlo. But it has roui.uned
or an miropid gontleniiir , named
V. 11. Gillette , to dolvu into the
lidduu truth ituil extort u drnnntic
elution of the problem from the un-
eon sphinx. With a philunthropic
cnorosity that bordorn un the unut-
trabh , Mr. Gillette hoa toorned to
uiuiopolizo the reason of thin thing cf
II things"why mon do uotpropoab"
-by copyrighting it according to act
> f oongrets. Ho has rather more b-
uoathed to the Day the aggregation
f hi research and not deeded it to
he Morrow by u lact will nnd tt-ata-
nenc for lawyers to quibble over and
rittir back into oblivion. Next
Saturday evening at Boyd'a Mr. Gil.
uttein thoguiao ef n modern "Pro.
1'iaar , " will illustrate the conyen
lonal consrquence of "man proposing"
uinonstratiug how much of the pro-
irninary ucataey becomes eacrifioed
hrough an iujudioioua Imaty accept-
nee ou the part of tlut
bjeot adored. To cmphasita
in theory , reniovu it beyond
11 doubt , Mr , Gillettuwill himself , in
ull view of the audience , "propose"
a four or fiytt fascinating young ladles ,
'ho experiment will not oxpcao the
pectatora to any danger aa the sub-
aota are thoroughly experienced and
uly licensed. Owing to the rapidity
1th which the reapouiea are made in
iio affirmstivo , repetition of the ex-
arirnent beoomea uecoraary in order
! iat the maaouliuo portion of the aa-
jmbltge can comprehend thoittere t-
ing tximplc , whereas but n Mucln f :
porinicnt h a re > p atodly tufliced foi
Cohering cciropiis d excluairoly i.t tl
Kir * cx. Th t the op"ra hupowi
be crowded to orcifhxitu c' '
tirdfty evcnine to welcome ' Thn P/i
fe or , " ia a foregone cinclu ii u
MONVJY TO t.OAN On pfnc lO prfptrty
any dtfcrlptlon A. C. Tronn , Attorney , 2
fouth 14th Street. 123-1 meMO
KY TJ LOAN Oncha tel
MO curity. A , II Tutton , o. 1516 l ou l
itrt front room up > t in 42' > t >
one , . nr\ATO \ 'OAN-AI ' a pfr cent i
O4OI'.UiM/ / n sunn o'OCO ' and n
rd , for fto 5 jears , on first cl . i cltj nnd f r
propern HRMM HRAI , ESTATS tnd IXIAI Aoztc
ISUi nJ DouglM S .
ONET TO WAN-Call at I..VT ofllMOf o7
Thai us room SCrcIshtoti niocR.
TO LOANAt Icval rate. .
/ n.M , ounuos. ,
15 1121 Furnun ttteet.
WANTED Twa brlRhl Intdljrent t > oys fro
14 to 17 voAraof a p who are i < oot In fl
ure , and wilt a goo < l hand. None olh t nei
appU. W. It. liennettandCo. 113at.d 115nor
ISth St. too IM
WANTO-T o Rlrli at 110 noulh 13th St. h
t een Doujjaintid Dodsu. C03-1G
M.lri ; h\no'f n HsitootJoboffici
r t bu b ° o t * 1 and osU' ! icUrll > < oltrtli ai
Onrdo pti > ' i-J I'litiiMivnt tl Utt'oi nn'go'
a.o t" t > e iljht mm. Addion ' Il i Oi
LIB ot > , " n d Out. 11 wa. 4 WJt inio
WANTED Mm nnd worn n to Mart ft ne
buslne-s at their o < * n liomc < . no pcddl i
Mi an hour mule ; cnd We for IS samples and I
ftriutloni AildreMiMAON& CO. MontpUle
\ ermont. 408 in o cod 12
W'NTKH ( lirl 2114 hlragoSt. Umlly of t
for tjenc'ra homo work. 400-18
- * d'nlnifroom tlrl at tlauj an
lllackniana lUbtaurant U18 UoJgo t.
W ( lirmanglrlpriferrtd 18I51)ousluiSt
WANTED-A nrs'-cla s cooV. Mrs. Charli
Well210J Callfornh ktite't 480-10
WANTED-A RO-d ( flrlln a fam 1 } of t o. ca
l lf. 1'arenpott bolnucn Hand 10tret
L D. Lutnett 482-151
WANTED Experienced firm Insurance so
Icl ors for eery county l.i tlm.Si.Ve. Ac
ilrt s * , A It. llcjrnler general a cn H ateliuuranc
Co. LI co n Nebiiika , ij. UIQ
WANTED A fcwlirocnctgctlcngents. Ooo
luitincss. 11 rife | roHtt AI plyi vcnlncs b <
ecii 7aiid 0 o'clock at 1 11 Douglas St. 478 lot
WANTED A practical house keeper In Binal
family , cn'y work peed wagon . mcrlcai
preferred , ddlxiti II. K. It oo I cx > 443-171
WANT nA f Irl for nner 1
111 10th tr.oto\.t tlJo boiwetn 1'ntn
and IloKurJ direct . 42'-17J '
VTTftil | for general > .ou cw r , sirol
> Y ( .nut s 5T > dhj jIor anoau ihi. Atpt
UitulhitthSt. 4ffl-if
WAN-ED Every onu to ICA\ orders for hrli
at 217 .N. ICtb Btrect , up-atalra. 332 tf
WANTED Ono ir od cainiu ir ti pel
. goods on installment , steady work am
jo d pViy. Inquire at 21 J N. ICth stroat , room C
ANTED A tltuatlonassarJn r , tlr tcaH- !
man and too < l ref.renc H hen htuly Iron
iij. Address W. C. Eunnet fcouuo Dinah :
N'cu. 1U5 1H"
WANTED Sltmtlon by a joung man ! .
jiaraofag nstravellniforCUysalo manfor :
nholesaU grocer- tcibaccoh Use. Am to c
hat acquilnted In the > Ute Coed roferencoi
; lven . Addrcx "H. O. " lice rfflce. 4t < 8 15f
VT7"ANTE1 > Salesman ho wants
VV winUre Jib that pays uell , wtrk pluasinl
mdcrv uratltable for partlculani. Apply at
th N. 16U St. 1'ratt and \VIItlams. 48J-lo * _
WANTED Horns by a D.nMi girl , Hlllliiff to
do work as a itlrl in a private fimily.
( peaks German and a little K'glU ) . Call at 31 J
* . 14th et.ett , up italM. 431-12 !
IX7"ANTKi - A position by a thoroughly com-
VV P lentjBooklie > .pcrolmany ytarsoxpirltnco
moxcoptionable references , Addruu Bool > ccper ,
hUottilce. < H 17
A furnished room uan e.1 I hin 3 blocks of
CxIioyd'ttO erahouio. AddreuDrancrfilcltr
WANTE ' A partner to help adicrtiser , who
Is a practical man of 2lcan exji rlcnce , to
ttabli h a wholesale nml retail tinners , fcliKt
ran and copper smith business. Capital t be
inderi'artncr'aovin control , J'trst class refer-
nciw Has toolihoncanl wacon , etc. "S E"
lee office. 4 G11J
row e'ar boardcn at 2t nnoith
loth up stairs , ( lla'tombo 11 ck ) 4U&-1C ) '
7ANT1D-njirdirsby the day or week 1417
Howardbt , 34i-lmt
, USINEfeS CHANCE-A KOod bUckstnlth ls
' offered fpcclal Inducement , to locatuatGII-
nero eb. Apply to O. Fiostt'ther < ) . KUOlm
JH f.n
f AUI'ETS Il.vecommciued making rarcar-
OptUat 4V ) i llh Hi. and solicit s.vtrona < e.
-clruunJ McC'orthy I91-8t
LOST UIsc'i roan homo 8 years old ultliKfir
Jon lift shoulder. Han on Irathcrhilter with
op attached. Ix'a\o Inf rma lou wlthW. H ,
Guilds back of Chc-ifhton Co lt > ; e. 493-lfif
PtOll KENT To furnished rooms ltlmto > ee
P one largo front room 1300 Daenport lietw ccn
3th onj lull. I'Jl-l'Jl
| \O RE\T T o front rooim thuvn un Karnain
I ht.near Paxtoti , Inquire of Dr. Hwctnam
crn r 1 th and Farnam. ItHJ 15 *
Ilf NEI'leasant f .rtl hcil ronm KIIO 1 ar-
'iltRrlVTSural mu'l lion
U . fin U 2 ;
j-Oltll < 'NT I urnUlitd front room enL
L Ibth ne r Lcnvc'imorth St. 471 lt > ]
ITIOII IlE\T-Ilnn a of thrci rooms. 2'rd and
l < ilatkSts Siniur month. Inquire of T J.
[ Lzmorrii , OIJS , 17th \ ( ! 'M
. HE'1 Thu ie ideiie"t Jl W Kounciiy
1 1700JacVsin. Imjulro o. T J. HZIIOM | > ,
IH 8. llthHtr. > . 3H-H
NO LKT-Corncr 12th and Howaul Kt.
[ jroojifor Q > u ho n . Apply at Ncwpapir
inlon , 407' U
.jiUll KENT TMO furnUhol roonu one door
P north of co , ISth and l > o.lfe St.
RENT i wiling with ten ro ins No.
1 1S'JODodjfDktroit , niarlj opposite pontnffice ,
ul ed forkctplui ; boardcn. Hie J is. Nc\ll e.
474 20
1 KVT Four rooms Hultablo for house ,
ketpin ? . Also > ne storeroom ; ViiO , loth and
; n , Imiulro .318 rnrnam. 4ib-15
I. OR RE < i 1' New houw 7 rooms , In b'ock next
I' west of hlKh school , Cii npmt rent in the
lly , SX > per month. 1IOH.V ( ] 1111.1 ,
80-codJl ileal K t U Dialers , HISKariiam.
I.'O > KEtT-IIou u bain n d wua 104 Ui don
I.1 Cummin , hi l.ju rj t.u.eie O'Nell in u
odllow td. < IU-tf
KrhT Mcuiab.rn and Sacii liid on
FOR ; bl. Inquire at tu oao O'Ntlla
d hand h ward , 420-tt
ITU ) t IIKNTOI'.SAL Tbiihtudionoiesldence
[ ; cf Ur. Janiei it I' oboJ > gltu.leou tnotouth
p t corner al lUi tml Joi ei Hue ! lour blocm
r.iin the I'jiton llou i- , the hone ho all the
cdern conteoU'cts .onUir * nli ttams cd'ir
ama c ef. jlll ratt for HO | r motth or
all fiouij fcuJ full lo ; f.r tlnu ihiuiatd dnllirn.
i'il ! w
j OR RENT Ono nicely furnished room for one
or two gentlemen , No. 112 Hanir/orMt
ft. 8th and 9th , -UU-'U
TJ10B RENT FurnMied and heated front rwm
I1 tuluble for or twj Frlto r MOI.HCI o ,
l7l9Ca St. 4QIM
2 11c'y furnl'lml riumS 1' cor-
FORREST ktid Du.Lpur KlthorMti ji.t'i < rd
< lit
T.'Olt HF.NT Meet } furn iitilfrotjt fit'cr T.IOi
I1 be-d rocm and clostt. S. W. oem r U'haJ
3 tf
1710R HEN - A go' . ! 8 room ho on 17th
JL ? Street adjoiningBrowntll Hall. AprJj to * .
i ; 1'AtUr.on Pullman Car olflco S h aiu Karnua
St , t I 1U |
TJIiIlllENT Houmi14 rootiu on iho Corntr
L' 13th on.l0 .lrajo. Inau roof llinotln Kfllt.
439 171
Uc.ST FurulshM raiiui ( gth tr I
FOIt . now&riland lUlticy. 417 18J
Tno I UKNf 2 furrl hfdOOIM for 11-ht , hous *
L Keeping , alto ono furnUheJ room with stciT
ri'jil cno uiiluriil > hcil room I turacrj Mack oorner
eighth and Howard St.
KENT -A BOoJ orgauat A. Uo | ta' < .
, 1310Uljf SI ,
\OIl \ UKST Rctldenc No 171J Douirl <
1 JOHN (1. ( JAO r.S
. , Oil T.UNT-Unfurn ited rtom two bl
f wc t of poitolTca , 117 icuth 17th ttjfi t
IlKNT ( 'urnUhtd room. lr iuin > 31J N.
Foil tii nil exit , bctwatn Uarenport and Chktua
streets. 330-11
I 1011 H NT A now oufo , furnli ol , clifhl
room ; , Lath room , i table , etc. Ono of the
Illicit location i In the city ; i'WW l > er month.
Inoulro for three diy , romla' real lalato n , ency ,
Ifith Mul Doiijtlu streets. norintt
IOIl KENT OlScfl room * . Enquire at Now
York Dry Goods store.
JBPI > 'OmMiftjMtoomp1olc < Und
r- , . , , ,
U readyfordell > eryat87tach. Is 4 feet wiilo
by 7 fce-t long. Larpcst and most coinplcta ni p
of Omaha e\ct publlihed. Oillclal map of the
city. Sec column.
F 13URK T-Up-stam , 1417 Karnhsra tSrt-
FOK 1 linNV-Unfur' ' l hod room < In l.tlci
homo , 1410 Chicago strfot. IMH
IJ-OE ItKNT-Furnlshtd room with boanl 1P08
i ; California street , 171-tf
Lion KISAT nuu e , mx ruotns , ( urtilshcJ. In-
JC qJiro at D. HjoVi offlea , lllliard hotel.
_ _ _
IOlt Kiwi iu uaw awcllUua nn two utnei
thrclllngi lu doilribl * looillty , by UcKrno
. 1514 Iful d Htrccl
T10K KbM L nco o-flco room r halt eiore.
? 1020 Farnlnm strrjl. 707-t
llliNT A fwre in lUlcombo block , nn
Iflth utreet , near Davenport. 8t. A. D.
600-23 tf
. . SALE The N.V. . } . 5T U
north ranReOucst ICO acres In Hall County
nnc mile from Grand Hard n growic Town of
4WIInhabitants. I'ilc3&u00 , goo.1 . tmcnk
for specu ators. Across Josiph Shannor Sid ey
Nebra ka , 173 30
F0 < SALE OR KENT Ono of the Hno t
houses Int.o cl yigoodlocation , within block
of itrectcars. IIALLOU tHOS
4J5-10 H i F no . stroct.
j\OIl \ SALE CIIKAV Ono Ifi hone poucr port-
r able b llor and engine on skids. Addr eg
Chas. It Da\l , dty. -ICI-ICt
- BAL Ininrmcit farm , 8' acna ) . el"lit
miles out A bacilli UiUvo k.
4S3-15 11AI.LOU U i S. , 11211'irnam St.
10 IS ALE New h m , fulll t , 9100.
L 1 .Vc\y a room houie , one hilf lot , desirable lo-
r.illon , m nthly | > aym ntJ 3'U.
40015 II U.UJU It OS , 14M Fivrninj Bt.
Foil SALE-Pony broke tosiddlotnJ todrivo
fingu rdou'io Iiifjulro it Foster & ( liay'
Lumuorjard. 410-tt
O I SAT.E A'lotetscrort' litnd
Sr.tclisi udtris good &H now at 13 0 II *
T70R \LR-A Cnt cl < meconl h
r CallatlSiaiTarntySt. I9j-t (
FOR SALE 13 Inch uiendard Co-
lum I ) , In Iclr ccndltlan. A taigatn. 0.
U. Woodman. TM4f
' Atro-d restaurant and hotel in a
flouri-dilnjf town of four thotis nd Inhabl-
Lintsdol < jf aROodbusluois Ownrrwlshottoeell
in aa ount of 111 hoilth , cisy tor ma. Address 0 - \
F. Cawan Grand Island Neb. 3i3-tf
XCELLENT BHICK for sala. J9 00 per thou-
nand. Yard , 16th stroct , two blocks south
) f Bellevue road. LORitvio DIBBLE.
. . . OTEL FOllSALE First clans hotel roriala
i ] in a Iho western town. Has all the flr >
la'8 trade. Reason for selling other buslnos * .
or parilcularn , address , Hotel , OMAHA Bis.
" WAl.ii Steam nfinenow | nd eoond
hind 8 , 10 , IB , ao horse power. Alee
team boilers any size. Inquire Om ha Koun-
Irj andMactlncCo. novii4 Im m
BE1IIS Now Mapof Omaha , Ju < tcompleted and
ready for dtlhory at $7 each , fa 4 feet wide
ij 7 feet long. Largest and mo t com pie to m p
if Omaha ever published. OlIlcUl map of the
it > . Six ) ccluinn.
: - cow 3 > tnr oM with white
spots on htr Jiw. Kivliirem Ik. Teturn lo
tr . .Mclonno loth bctweon , Davenport , t Chi-
HUE Mctropol'tan ' Hotel cvi ncconimodatoo-
I bout ten morn La > boarders at rea rniblo
atc . -ICG IS
LOST C itlfliateof depoaltN'o , 'filo7on 1'rrt
National llink , Omaha , forJIOO 0 , rmloraod
o heiror Tinder will plcasj leave t llt-o ollioo.
177-10J M.
rOST KnlKht < Templar baduo with doubla
t talu on rcvcrno side. Hultal > lo ro'rarj
i ill V o pa'd at Ieo ! otllcc. 4CJ 18 (
J C. BRAINAIID , Taxidermist. D rhf ds , a
3) . Fpoilalt ) , ic.h , to . Howard and J. ok oa.
65 n-2n ; >
havj removed from 13th and Farn in tro tl
a roomfl 1 , 3 ami F , lludirk'n block , 1507 Ktrnam
i-reet. _ 249 n'J2-lm
II U ? One brown luarocjlttt r In torn *
, two h i d Uot whlln. kbnn' two yait
M. t217-ll [ JAS.
PI NALhT , 461 Tentl street , betwwn tVirnani
, nJ Ha fiuj. Will , with lie aid cf niirdlan
i.irlts , obtain for nny'onu a tlanca or ll.opc-it .
md prvnent , and on certain conditions 'u ' il > e fu.
uro. Boots and Hhoc made to oruir. 1'tiffct
Atl firtlnn trtMraiit i l
Absolutely Pure.
Tblj powJor never varies , A marvel of purity ,
ren tnand wholesomencas. iiore econ mlcal
lan the orpinary k nds , and cannot IM told la
> mpetlilon with tbi > multitude of low Ut , fhort
el ht , alum or pli uphate liouder. Hold cnly lain
tOlUK Co. 106 Wnll d
in . ItOTil IUMXCI , 4
w York.