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The Omaha Bee
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The BEE PaBLISHl } 00 , , Props ,
CONGRESS ban bi on eoizod with nn
other epaem of civil toivico reform ,
but A ipasm lit of very short duration
gonor.Vlj ,
TUB republicui orpan ; of the Union
PaclGo is trjing to put in an antimonopoly -
monopoly atop , but lit 15 tunes ground
out aru on the satno old key.
SoiiicnLT a day passes without
como anti-monopoly tnoaiuro or WHO-
lution being intrtducod in congress ,
The "rod-hatidod socialists" appear
to bo on the increase.
Two won * dark horses are an
nounced for the senatorial race. It
begins to look as though an enlarge
ment of the track will bo noooasary
before the legislature convenes
Bin. VALBMTINB will bo paired at
Washington nbont the time that the
Nobraaka legislature moots. Valentino
tine always had u way of "drawing to
pairs , " but ho won't "fill" In the com
ing senatorial contest.
SKVEIUL of the small pipad railroad
organs uro echoing the tune that the
railroads uro pajing tuoro than their
ehftro of taxation. That is doubtless
the ronaou the railroad companies run
n tax department at headquarters. It
in a board of public charity in which
ijvory clerk it f , philanthropist.
"NOTHING bolter shows the effect of
Iho election thun the reef which Mr.
iHisccck-'o committed on approprLv
have taken in their Bails and the
diapatoh with which they nrt >
TCuUiirg their biila baforo the house.
The Intlir.u bill hna been passed with
n dcoio.iao of a mll'iou and a half from
; ho estimated , and thu consular and
diplomiitlo bill has been reported with
a substantial reduction of 880,000
from lutit year's figures This is a
basinets like nfarm which , If follow
ed by \ \ common loneo rednction in
taxation , will moot vith universal ap
THE leading vroinnn rluhta mana
gcra have taken up ihoir quartern at
the national capiUl , which ii to become
como the scat of war this winter. A
nalioncl convention in to bo hold at
Washington January 231 , 21th and
25h. This convention is specially
designed to bring pressure an con
grits in general nnd Senator Saundora
in particular , to'havo the word "malo
atriokon out of the constitution of Da
kota before HIO becomes u state. Poor
Dakota will bo in u bad way when
the woman nuflrage crusade striken
her in the middle uf her cnostilu-
THE DEI ; calls the attention of thu
oily council to the dangerous sport of
coasting on our public street. Laal
winter no lots than cloven corious ac
eldonts took place from thiti cause , und
not a eight passes after a cnovrfal
.when the liven und limbs of men
.women and children crossing any o
our atrootf , from Hurnoy to CUss , an
not endangered by the sleds ivhlcl
como cheating down the roadway frou
Oftpitol hill. No ao.iotinf. ought to b
permitted within the city limlta , and
strict instructions uhonld bo given to
the police to suppress iho nuisance by
arresting ull ofTendnrs.
TIIK gatheiera and lutailoia of potty
scandals in Now York have worke
up a unity dentation , in which Mrs
Lauglry nnd Mrs. Libouchcre nr
vj > ( it the prliiolpnla. Buth thus
ladion crvino to this country as strati
sera. The one ia a famous beauty nn
an nuiatcur aotrret ; the other aa th
wife uf ouo of the most brilliant im
distinguished of English journal ! } )
and umi'mbor of parliament , Common
decency and u fnlr regard for that
chlvnlry which wo bast of us ouo of'
the dUtinguighing mariiaif American
manhood ought to Imvo secured for
both delicate f\nd generous treatment
With tbo wom&u'u quarrel between
Mrs. Libauchcro and Mrs. Innglry
the public has no concern. There is
nothing In it to reflect upon the character -
actor of either. If Mm. Lingtry
thitiki it not imprudent to noiant the
attentiona of hair brained Now York
fope against the adyico of her frlond
that ia her butincos alone. It certain
ly is iifrf t uubjeot of national import
ance Mid ulvoa nn cauio for tbo alau-
derous it . .inuatiocswhich irretpontl-
bio lorii/jUrs liavo put into puMic
clrcu'ation. And it is a diiirraoo tc
American love cf decency that oucli
reflestlone are retailed and expanded
> nd padded in reputable neffgnaptrg.
The Bnprcmo court has at last given
'its' opinion on the Knovnls nnd Hur
liogton and Mltaonrl land grant canes
The dcolsiop , us was expected , ia
ftgalnat the right of the settlers claim
ing title to the land. Both cae
which have often bocn discussed in
thcso columns , have beendecided , on
the same gn.und.
This ground , briefly stated , is that
title to land grants passes to the
grantee with the filing of the rrmp of
the lands in the land commissioners
offloa at Washington , nnd
not with its record on the books of
the local land offlco adjacent to the
land co donated. In the Kncvub
cases , thousands of ncrco wcro pre
empted in good faith by nctnal sot
tiers , who consulted the land ofiho
rasps and fcnnd no evidence of litio
roiling with the railroad companies
[ n many instances their titles ttero
ictfcctod and patents issued to them
liy the government. The oupremo
court now decides that the titlu had
passed out of the hands of the gov
ernment into that of Iho corporation
and that the patents issued uro void
on this account.
Nearly twenty thousand acres of
and , n largo part of which ia occupied
> y homesteads and highly cultivated
farms are , by this decision , transfer
red over to ICnov.ils , who purchased
ho St. Joe & Western claim , and to
ho Burlington & Missouri land do-
partmont. Nothing rcnnlna for the
ottlora but to make ouch n compro
mise aa they can with the owners and
o await the .notion of congress on
heir behalf.
The supreme court nuggcnts that
.ho remedy for the Bottler lies In the
court of claims , but a bill which hns
> eon favorably reported is now pend-
ng in congrosa whoso object is to ra-
mburso all Bottlers on the land grant
hrough the treasury department.
This will undoubtedly bo pushed for
ward to a apoody passage' The decis-
on of the nupromo court may bo
trlolly in accordance with the law
> ut it ia not equity. And the govern
ment ia bound to protest its own title
which it tranif jrrcd to innocent par
ies through a miiinterpr6tation of the
aw on the part of its ngonte.
The constitution ot Nebraska pro
vides that justices of the pc&co nnd
> olioo magistrates shall bo elected by
the people and shall have auch juris
diction as may "bo provided by law , the
only constitutional roslriotion being
that their jurisdiction in civil cases
ahull not extend to controversies
where the amount in dlaputo eh all ex-
ooed $200 , nor in criminal cssoa where
the punishment shall oicecd three
months imprisonment , orafino of over
one hundred dollais ; nor in any matter -
tor wherein the title or boundaries of
land may bo in dis
pute. In other words it gives to
justice cf the poaoo control over fully
throu-fourllm of all civil and criminal
OM03 whicli como up for judicial de
cision. Under our laws each precinct
in the State nnd each ward in citicaof
the first olaaa ia entitled to two jus
ticca of the pence. Omaha , with tiix
watda und n population of 40,000 , haa
tmilvo of thcau oilicialr , bcaido n po-
llco juJgo whoao jurisdiction extends
only to ciiminal nutters.
1'ho time has como for a reformation
formation of our justices courto.
In Omaha they have beoomo a stand
ing to our judicial tjotcm.
The business of the city thrown into
the hands of our tvrolvo justices is not ,
if houcatly adminlatcrcd , cuiliciont to
maintain more than four justices
oourtti. Their income is derived entirely -
tiroly from foes , In several courto in
Ilia city it is notorious thai judg-
nent invariably goes to the eido
where Iho coats are certain to bo paid.
I iu equally notorious that many of
ur justices courta are controlled by
oltifogging nUornoys who boast that
hey own the court in return for
hroniug nil their oases into that par
iculnr channel. TIIK BKU can nnmo
nstioM of the pc&co who nro BO flag
rantly corrupt thut no responsible
ttorncy will prosecute his cases bo-
'oro them , preferring to tnko n change
if vcnuo nnd to pivy the cotta of
f HUB for rnthur than to prrjudico in
ndvnnco the CHSCH of their clients.
Corrupt oollu&lon of unscrupulous
avryors end the heads of these cost
mills ia of auch frequent occurrence
that it sjarooly cxoltcs comment
nmong members of thu bar.
The remedy for thin evil llca in do-
creaoing the number of justices of the
aoo in cities of the firat-okca. Four
jueltorn would bo Bufllolout to meet
every requirement in Omaha. The
Income cf theao courts would bo tuf-
fiolcnt to induce honest nnd capable
man to tun for the ofllcu whoso char
acter would bo u guarantee that their
decisions Mould not bo n travesty on
juBtlco , The reputation uf the bench
no lets than the beat interests of the
public would bo the gainer by ouch u
obango , und the poorer classes , who
iippour most frequently aa litigants In
minor courts , would then aland aomc
chance cf having their cases fair ! )
aud honcttly decided according to tin
lavr and the ovidcnoo.
KINOBTON , Jcmaio , has boon visited
od by the most destructive uro tlm
hut ever occurred in the West Indi :
islands. The Iocs U estimated nt eve
thirty mllllouB of dollara , and thous
ands of people have become homeless
and destitute. Fortunately the climate -
mate in the troplci will reduce the
suffering from want of clothing nrd
shelter to a minimum , and aid will
soon reach the a offerers from all parts
of the world.
THMY nro still discovering the
causes of the late cyclone in various
loading pipers. An Iowa republican
hits the nail on the head when ho
sums up the causes for the reduced
vote In the llawkeyo state ag follows ;
"Bad ncminaltoni , local bossltm
and the cranky count of some of our
loading papers had also much to do
with the remit ; but there was a
greater catmo than nil of these com
bined. The apoecoos of our loading
men Governor Sherman , Senators
Wilson and Alliac n and Mr. Kaseon
wore admirable presentations of the
achievements of the past , but they
failed to answer Iho question , 'What
of the futurd' Alive untion cannot
forever bo fed on dead issue * ; the
'point with ptido' argument waa uacd
once too often , nnd when ono of the
congressional candidates urged tnat
Iho Cole minion of the republican par
ty consintod 'in occupying the prem
ises , ' so tint the opposition could not
commit trespass nr waste , it waa no
wonder that ho was defeated by two
thousand mojoiity running eight
thousand votes behind the vote tf
1880. "
TUB moanotivo lobby about con-
grcsi is that cf the national board of
health upon which the seal of con
demnation was placed last scsalon. A
d cap1 era to effort is being made by the
doctors to regain their lost prestige
nnd start the old machine lubricated
with n liberal appropriation. The
board only asks the modest sum of
$160,000 in addition to the 9100,000
for aid of Icoal quarantine stations.
TUB Georgia legislature has just
declined n gift of $50,000 which had
boon tendered by Sanator Joe Brorrn
to the state university on certain con
ditions. The legislature declared that
the conditions of the gift would create
n "Brown aristocracy'1 ia Georgia.
That would bo worse than being over
run by poor white trash that never
owned a nigger.
$5,000 a year salary to pension agonta.
The commissioner ia evidently afraid
that no able-bodied pension agent is
willing to filled ink for hla country
under $100 n week.
i'lanHngton has a population of 700.
A gas comptny will bo started in Dead-
Jamestown contemplates n $100,000 ,
enr hottl.
A rioh vein of coil hai been struck on n
arm near Lemvra. It was stiukat n
epth cf 1GO feet.
Hillings county , on the wtttern border
Dakota , will teen be organized with
Ittle Missouri ai Iho county aeat.
Mandon county will try to annex n
urtion of Liwienco county , which will
nice in the tier of towuabips south of the
led Water.
Wakh county cUlms n population rt
1,003. The vote of the county was 2 270 ,
rhich Ij IS more than the vote of Cans
ounty which contains Fargo
Tbo Culcdonli mine at Deadwood con-
Dues to Improve at every blast. A strike
if very fioo ere wni lately made which has
icon put on exhibition at tha Central Oity
It Ii B.iiil to ha the intention of the son
icate , which recently purchased 3.000.00D
cre f Innd nlorjg th * Una of the North'
rn I' uottla i > colony of 7,000 Ho !
nuders en a portion of the tract.
There is a. movement on foot in Cuiter
3uuty to dlvldo the county and out of ono
innko two countloa. The owners of Iho
lot Springs clothe to have it done cud to
jiulio that placa tbo seat of the new county ,
Corporal Gephard Leborecht Blucher ,
In pout luarol matter at Fort Mollcnry ,
na received nn olfer from Uaker I'.v-lm ui
position on hla ut ff to nid in the reorga-
Izitlon of the uimyof the Khedive ol
The luw poai'.cutlary at Sioux Falls haa
0011 completnd. Guvernor Urdway his
lotlded all iberiffj and judges in iho ter
ritory that hereafter sentenced persons
will be scut there instead of to Detroit.
" . 'ho building is of ernnite , has ono hun-
[ rod and twenty cells and ooit $30,003.
The hul.'dlnR association of Itawllns is
a permanent thing. Its xliares are idling
.t . premium of twenty per cent.
Anew building corporation , to bo known
ai the Albany ( bounty S < wng ! , Loan and
llulldlnir , association , his beoa organized at
* "ivratnle City.
Lararaie county lj hiitldiug a substantial
hospital nnd maklui ; other Improvements
'Hera Is moro tbnn enough money in the
' reantrer In p y for nil ot them.
K. H. Da Wolfe , the defaultinK clerk of
Bn-tetwater county , arrested lait week BI
ort Thoiuburgli , woiprd froiutha officer
; akin ( ! him to ( iri'cn Klvsr , Ho ban nol
yet been recaptured ,
I'rufesvcr litllny , tha K ilo'jlst und mln
g cDtlueor of iho Uriitory , baa com
menced n systematic exploration u ( tlio
'orrltory. Ho will tnko nates and pub
lih a resume of hU lahore ,
Tbo Cheyenne clnb ho o Ins boooine nu
nelltution of the city The qnirten *
although commodloni. hn > 4 already been
fouud too small. O.-Utle iJiuia the \ > ] tca
a preference to the h > ttlx.
The Chinamen of 11an. . . ton have built a
Rood-died Masoula tunipla frontinj ; on
liesr river. On last WoJne d y six c
loads of Monsollani , from the Alma coi
rnlntf , dedlcatoJ thi truoture according t (
the caitoniH of their country. A gooc
many of them are ruatons.
Sevcrsl patties of surveyors nre at worl
in Ulnta and Swejtwateroountles looatins
n line for tha Oc'ntrnl 1'aclSo cn-npany
Coal ladi have recently been bougtit by
the company In t'urbnn county , nud it i
thought tliH uTiiipiny will carry nut Its In
( cation of building n roa t through \Yyora
ing to the ei."t.
The dlvldendi pjM by Colorado mine
so far this year aggregate $1 711,600.
A tpclety known r\s the Colorado 1'lon
eer'a Amoclaiton has been org nlz.'di
Denver for social purpoics ,
Tbo Denver Glass Manufacturing Com
pany , \vilhacipltal of $150.000 , was in
corporattil last week in New York City.
The artettan well recently built at Akro
ln rieea sunk to a deptu of 175 fee
' \Yatrrhat been struck at dlHerent Ie\ei
Neit year Oaray , In addition to bniUl
Ini ; n pumher of residences nnd byslroi ;
liouies , will complete the wagon road b
ted Mountain , erect a $15,000 court Lome
and a (10,000 school bunte.
J. A. Thatcher , of Central City , has sold
he Hidden Treasure mine in the Nevada
mining dlitrict to a parly of English cap !
The Silver Plnm Mining Company has
> ctn orgtn'ztd with a cash capital of
I.COOOOO , Its operations will be carried
n in Like and Chappee counties.
WltLIn the pait few years the copper
mines of Fremont county hare proved cf
great valne and wealth to the slat * . New
elns have recently been dlicoverea In the
Calvin Pratt , the eng'nwr of the D nre %
Jtah and Pad Bo railroad , recently id.
rowed a l r e meeting at Central City ,
t Is the purpose to build the road through
Oilpen county to tap the gold and oonl
mines. . . -
Snow Is reported to be a foot deep at
> araw n and Oedir City.
Tba finishing work 14 being put on the
ilormon temple in S > t Like.
Wyoming cattle buyers nre tanking
bruuiih Utah in search uf stock. They
lave already bought a Lrgo number of
Ths great rcarclty of water at Toqner-
Ille during the put ye r Ii lending many
ecldems to lull the place and seek now
Kstlmatea of Iho Utah bullion product
if the territory thli jear are being made
> y inlnem. who vary In the amount from
10,000.000 to $18,000 COO ,
It U prohnblo that Fort Cameron will
> o nhnn' oned next cprlng , This K rrison
s n finely built four-company post , nnd Is
ow gtrrUt.ned by two companies of the
Ixth lnfiilry.
The Bolto river is very low.
The Montana mine will bs worked this
An excellent quality oi beer Is brewed at
Veltcr Cltr.
Flour Is worth $5,00 n sack nt Idaho
City and very haul to get nt that.
The city council of I'endleton has raised
aloon llcenics to $1,000 per year.
The member * elect of thonowlfgiilature
re about evenly divided &s to politics.
Qamhllpt | is ripe in Bone ! City. Nearly
11 the saloons hare gambling attachments.
Forty tons of ere were ( hipped from tbo
Cllthorn ml no to the Philadelphia smelter
ast week ,
Mall ia now carried from Kitchen to
Galena on homoback , thenea to Sawtooth
nd Vienna on snow shoes.
General Sheridan is authority for the
tatcnicnt that Fort Hall will be abandoned
oon. The ono company of tbo Sixth lu-
nntry will be moved to Fort Douglas ,
7 tab.
D er LoJgo has 201 school children.
Bozeman i > to bavo n itiect railroad
Bullion thlrnrnt * from Butte lost vie
amounted to 311C.COO.
Keal catato in MarysM has doubled up
In prloa tince tbo great Drum Lummon
ale some tlruo since.
The Providence rnlnlnj company of Deer
.lodge ban been i rg nizsd with a capital
tocli ot $000,000.
Tbo attendance at the Helena cchooh Is
ow larger than ever liefcre. The number
f pupllH enrolled ii 4'Jl. '
The building Ecnson just cloted nt
Vlena wns prosperous. Ono firm alone
i lover 810,0.0 worth of work.
Tbo new telegraph Hot be'.ween Deer
edge and Helena waa completed last
icjk. The llao Is used agreat deal.
Ten deaths from smallpox reolntly oc-
urred union ; the Indlant ntSogar's Lake ,
car tbo line ol the Brithh possessions.
Sevuti u mflfij of trace was la'd on the
bo Northern tfictfic , west of Miasonla ,
ctween tbo lOthpf Octoler and tbe 25.h
f November.
The Ho'eua Herald the
fifures np pros-
nt population of Montana at 75,000. The
uper takes tbo late vote for a basis of
Thn Montana capper company at Bntte
in 10 000 corda of wooc at their smelter
md 15OCO cords in tbet'inlier near by , be-
idea immense quantities of coal.
In excavating earth for tbe fill to ono of
.lio approaches to thi bridge acroia the
Yellowitone at Llvlogitane , the laborers
exhumed a large r.utrbir of human bones ,
upposed to bo that a c f Indians.
Two dest ermlner recently robbed tbo
icu'cs of Air. Walker and James Culley ,
nibs Sand Could valley and nfterwnrJs
tauipedcd a herd of twenty-five horses
rom n lirgo baud ncd got away nitb
Coal is $11.75 per ton at Socorro.
An effort Is being made to divide San
tllgual county. The new cHylmon will bo
named Pocou county.
Albuquerque will soon put on n line of
ller.iiccouctiea. A failure of aucces for
ha enterprise Is predicted.
The railroad fare between Albuquerque
nd Chicago has been reduced to tf,5 for
, ho round trip at ipecisl rates.
The Li Vegas Opllo inya that the La
Joyn mountain mining diltrlct near Socorro
3 opening up well and that the proipeoti
are fl iltettDg for the territory.
Alice Uameron , aged llyears and known
as "tbo lUte ! milk maid of Lai Vegas disappeared -
appeared from ber homo last week and bsa
not been beard from tlnce. It ia suppotcd
ho was kidnapped.
The excitement regarding the recent
ind of a ton pound piece of gold bearing
quirlz mining $50,000 to the ton has not
noated In the Mngdalenai. Tbe mlbes In
In tba vicinity are held at hlxh prices.
A petition I * to bo circulated by ttio
Albuiinoiquo board of trade for the estab-
nhinent ai a moll route between that
; > ! ace and Copper City , and also cno be
, weou Albuquirquo und ( Julclen.
A second edition of Billy tha Kid ha
made hla appearance In Grant county.
[ Ill name U.Tim Hughei , and it the son ol
a ranchman living In 3 n Simon county.
The youth hna stolen n inimScr of honea
and started for Mexico.
An 875.ponnd elk wus killed near Baker
City , lust wock ,
Therti bat been used In blrsttn ? nn tbo
Dlua monntfclns this season 10,000 kcg cf
powder and 500 tabs < if gUtit non-der.
Ten miles of the now ralro ! > i will JIVCT KO
$65,000 a mile. _
A $20.000 ditch U being built hv the
South Ynb Csnal company In Nevada
county , which will conver water for ruin
ing purposes from Quaker Hill tJ Town
Talk , it distance of vwolva miles.
A DOW dleeiiid has attvole.l ( tbe JLUDK
horasi in Siiiti CUra pouuly. It lira
anne urn as a lump on thethroU which will
continue to swell , tbe eyes will grow red ,
tbe Iff * get Btlil and swell up , and uclevw
Immediate auUtancu U gWcu tbe horeo
will die within tblrty-sbc to forty-elght
A Orcd'ey farmer hunts geese with a
cow. It U stated thit he baa trained the
nnlnsal to walk out to where a flock of geeio
have 9ttleil djwn on thn eralu , browsing
all the way along , be walking ulonga'de on
the elf Fide froui the Rcete , aud v hen near
enough Um cow Ii H down aud bu thco'a
Into tbe Hock and cspluies thirty or forty.
* # * "Eyll diepositlona are early
Bhown , " Evil tcndescioa in our sys
tems nao to bo watched and guarded
aunlnst. If yon find yonraelf getting
billon , head heavy , month foul , eyes
yellow , kidneys disordered , symptoms
of piloa tormenting you , * ko at once
a few doaes of KfduoyWort , It U
nature's greatest asiictant. Use it u
an advance guard - don11 wait t * H
down slot ltead.i *
An CQoit to bo Made to Secure It for
Lincoln Next ioar.
After assembling at their rooms Inst
evening , the board of trade resolved
Itself into a citizens' mooting to dis
cuss the question of securing the fair
for the coming year. There was a
strong feeling present that Lincoln
ought to make an effort to aecuro II ,
and the prevailing opinion was that it
could bo easily accomplished if our
cilia3ns vrero ready to offer reasonable
inducements. The city lira such an
advantage over Omaha as to location
and nilroad facilities that equal in
ducements In other particulars will
settle the subject in our favor beyond
dispute. Mr. Jacobs preaanted a propo
sition offering to loaeo land and erect
buildings equal to the aosotmnodations
provided at Omaha last yo r , for a
rental of § 2,500 the first year and
81,000 for four euccading years. lie
also offered to sell 151 iwros adjoin
ing the county fair cronuds lor o
reasonable sum. Theeo proposition ! !
wore favorably received and diicuinrd.
Some wcro in favor of ndvidng the
purchoao of the land and others preferred -
ferred to loaao. The fooling was
strong among u few thrit the land
ought to bo purchased and gradually
improved nnd transformed into n park
and drive for Iho city. After cone id-
orablo discussion n committee con-
tilting of Messrs. Drnr.o , Iraholf ,
Walsh , Quick aud Olark waa appointed
to reccivo bids from all parties having
suitable lands for naloor to loaco , and
report to n meeting of citizens to beheld
hold at the board of trade rooms next
Tuoedny evening Lincoln Journal.
Piling Thorn np for Pavinsr Tontn
The moot practical evidence of the
o&rly improvement of Tenth street is
that afiordcd by the eight of several
largo piles of Jasper or Sioux Falls
granite blocks on the corner of Tenth
and Doughs street.
Material ia now being shipped to
Omaha preparatory to an early com
mencement of the work in the spring.
It looks very pretty to these wliohavo
"tpericnced the mud on this main
-j-til of the oily to see the solid rock
- > M'ch they will bo driving this
tirutiTt year.
L . Dumond Dyes will color nnj
thing i. . y color , nnd never fall. The
easiest and best way to economise. 10
cents , at all dragcitte.
KOBSDecember llth , in Jeflerson pre
cinct , Henrietta F. wife of Albert Kobf ,
nged 25 years ,
Funeral took place yesterday at 10 a. m. ,
rom the Ute rcaidecce.
MoDONNEL-December llth , nt8p. m.
t St. Joseph's hospital , John McDon.
Tbe funeral will take place Wednesday
t 2 p , in. from Jacobs'undertaking rooms ,
'ho ' deceased was well knownas | the former
ar-tender at the Slaven bouse.
'ATIUCK-Mr. ' Edwin Patrick , aged 67
yearn , died at hi * residence at Saratoga
at C:15 this morning ,
Funeral notice hereafter.
Tables supplied with the boat the
market atlords. The traveling public
claim they get bettor accommodations
and znoro general satisfaction hero
han at any ether honso in Omaha.
Rate , ? 2 per day. auq2llfm ;
'iTado ' Irorr the wild flowers of the
t ia the most fragrant ot perfum t
Manufactured by H. IJ. Slnven , San
? rauciaco. For Bftlo in Omaha by W.
J. WhltohoDso and Konnaio Bros. ,
& 0o.
I i E , F01MSM1
JUit IB for oil the painful cUaeasea of tha
It cleanses tlio eyitcm or the acrid poison
thot eaaru U o drca lful inffortair which
only Iho vlctlns of rhenraatlraa con rwJUo-
of ths worst form * of Uilj terrible diMM *
have boon quickly relieved , and In ehort
C time
rrunt f i. iiquin r unr , BOLD \ij uncccisrs.
( si ) Dry con TM tent hytnotl.
WELLS , niCUAUl ON.tCO..BortlBirtonVt
"By a thornuzh knotrlHee ol Ibo r.ktnril l ni
rrhlch t-oetn the operations ot dtKcitlon and
nutrition , and hy a o-vrelul replication of thi
Ins vropcrt.M ol well aloe id Cocoa , Mi ,
Em * haapioviiloil cur lrA'fu" ' tablco vrlth t
delicately Qsvoicd l > tvcr i(0 write : , may Diva M
mmy fceiYY doctora' 1)II ! < H 1" liy the Judlclona
u-ra 11 tuch uitlclra cf diet th-it a
unjCo gridi'.Mly built up Ui..l stronj enough
,3 rc'lei evry tinJencjr to Ol-'Wiec. Ilon edr
n ( cul/l m.\lidic < i are f.aiiinc around us revh
lo attjvcfc whtrcvcr thora Is u weak point. V/
rcfljr ( rainy tUr.l liy keeping cor
fclv 8wl ! ( ortlflcrt with punklood unJ a prop
uly Doarlnbed frame. " uhll l rvlce Ooietto
llaJt. simply with bolllt g w ti r or u > ! l k Sol
la tlm only ( J-ll > nd Ib ) . lobtli'd
JAMES KPP3 & 00. .
Homoiopothlo Cbumiuu
ly liondon , Englan
Samuel C. Ms & Co. ,
Washington ) Ave. and Fiitb St
Boasters nnd Grinders of Coffees and Spices. Manufacturers of
Clark's Double Extracts of
H. G. OLARK & CO. , Propriotoro ,
1403 Douelas Street , Omaha. Neb
1108 and 1110 Huraey P t. , OMAHA , SJEB.
] MoMAHON , ABEET & CO , ,
, IIel 1man & Co *
301 and 1303 Farnam St. Gor. S3th
204 Korta Sixteenth St. , - - OMAHA , NEB.
_ 3 * ; &g ?
1005 Farnam St. , Omaha.
Proprietors , Wholesale Dealers in
< \
Mills Supplied With Choice Varieties of Milling Wlioat ,
Vostcrn Trad ? Supplied with O.ita end Com at Lowest Qaotatlone , T-ith
prompt EhlpmontB. Wrlto for prices. .
Carpenter's Materials ,
Stair Railings , Balusters , Window
and Door Frames , Etc.
Fint-clasa facilities for the Manufacture of all kindes of Mouldings , Palutlng uul
matchln ? v 8i clulty. Orders from tha couutry wilt be promptly executed.
addrcKwaUronirounl-ationito A. MOYKH , Proprietor
D. H. McDANELD & GO. ,
204 North ICth St. , Mwonlo Block. Main HOUMO , 40 , 48 an < 5. 52 Deat- " . ,
tsrc avenue , Chicago , liefer by permission Iu Utd and ' * "
Leather National Hack ,