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TbeQaily Bee ,
Thuraday Morning Dee 7
l , i4tilM , - SO cent * per week ,
* j tfall . 110.00 per Tear ,
> mco : No. 7 Pearl Street , Near
J. Mueller's Palace Mwlo Hull.
"The World" Is to be shown np t Do-
hany' * this evening.
Dished , glassware , lamps , etc. , at 803
Broadway. Howe & Son.
-Old papers i or snlo at TUB BKB office
at 25 centsperhnndrt d.
Sub crib for newspapers and perlodl.
eats at H. E. Seaman's book otoro.
Katberlna Rogers Is to appear n Do-
hany's ' on Lccemtor lltb , In Bait Lynns
FntuUnrU of nil Write repaired by
Howe A Bon , 303 Broadway
-genl Baoqtiei , ( ar trimmings , very
low , at Metcalf Bros. '
Lut oYcnlng' Council Bind * Ledge
No , 40 Rave An enjoyaiil d
L rgo. quantity of utoves nd ( urn ! *
lure t 303 Broadway. Howe & Son ,
New lot ntoely decorated , M piece * , of
to * iU , only 15 at Manrcr k Craig.
Obri * We t won the only distinction
yesterday of being the only drunk brought
into court , bis tine being of regulation
Hand-painted ohlna , art pottery , solid
silverware , bronzes , fto. , at Maurer &
Kd Burke It the official chimney sweep
of the city , and all orders entrusted to his
care will bo promptly filled. Leave orders
opposite tbo Ooy house , on Broadway.
There was little chance yesterday to u o
the imolced glass prepared for looking at
Venus. She was too modest yesterday
And kept shady.
The Danish society "Danobo , " which
now numbers 05 member * , is to glv * its
first annual dance at'Bloom & Nixon's
hall on the evening of December 0 , Olkor'a
band is to furnish the music.
The Knedan who was found latelyi
wandering about with hands And feet
frozen hw beeu no well cared for nt the
county farm that ho is about recovered.
Ho will loio only one finger.
Jnitico Abbott ban probably the oldest
steel portrait of Qoorgo Washington In
the west. It Is tn n volume of the Amer
ican Ilevlew , published in 1790. Ho also
has an Italian plctnro about 200 years old.
Smokers and lovers of the weed will
find at Templeton & Limb's , No. 232
Broadway , one of the best stocks of cigars
and tobaccos in the city , and many novel-
tied in that line for the holiday trade.
Ii the district court yesterday there was
little done of public interest. A few dl-
voroo cases were disposed of , and motions
entertained and defaults entered ; end
court adjourned early In the afternoon.
These who have food or clothing for
the poor , which they wantdistrlbuted-un
der the supervision if Rev. Mr. Lomen ,
should leave the simo at the Baptlit
church , on any wtek day between 10
o'clock a. m , and 12 o'clock.
Business cam * to a brief iitanditlll In
the grand Jury room yesterday on account
of the clerk being taken suddenly with an
attach of enlargement of the corns and a
hr.nkago of the leather In a new pair of
boots. A bailiff was sent post-hatte after
pair of old foot coverings , an I builness
was resumed.
Ed Stockert & 03 , , the upholsterers at
809 West Broadway , have In stock n spe
cial and unusually elegant showing of up
holstered ffoodi and novelties especially
adapted for the holiday trado. They hiwe
also a One display of picture frames , mould-
Inns , etc. , and those who are planning for
gifts ihould surely visit thin establishment ,
as tlicro Is certainly n great variety of rich
goudx tor elect from.
The case of L , II. Mitchell vs. D.
McGlnnls and B , Marks promises to como
to a head next Monday. McQinnis dill
holds the fort , armed to tbo teeth , and pro
poses to keep pojsosiion of the Rambling
room.- * , while legal notice is nerved for him
to give pDisowIon ot the rooms next Mon
William Jones , of Avoci , ws dls-
chur ert from jail yesterday afternoon ,
having served bis time , coralstlng of the
whnlopfoue day , for petit larceny , It
nenuis a good deal of a farce for n justice
at Avuca to send an officer with a mm
from Avoca hero , and put tbo county to
w > much expense for a twenty-four hour/
s sentence. *
It appears from tin city records that
Pat Lv > y was not appointed ono of the
oauitolttee to InvtBtlguto tbo q estlon of
' paying In eastern cltle , The resolution
was "That the mayor , Aldermen Klclier
and Newell be Appointed n special com-
mitten fo vlilt ehutarn cities and Invest- !
, gat tbf Blfferentklndi * of pxvementa ( In
n ocoati > J same and report to the council.1 '
The Catholic uchuols of the city are
meettaf ; with Increasing suocesi , At 8t' .
Fraud * aoidemy , for girl , there are be.-
twein ulnoty and a hundred muilo scholar -
ar and about fifty In drawing and paint
ing. There are now forty-Qve boarders at
tha fohool aud one hunlrod nnd fifty day
scholars. The building Improvement late
ly rnftde In the academy not only add * to
the architectural appearance of the build.
Ing but also affords much better conven
iences and more room ,
Col. Keatly makes a complaint that
the city auditor reports only the amount of
bills allowed , and warrants Issued , and In-
sltti on having him giye a showing of the
amount In the treasury , the amount of 11-
came * and fines , etc. In juutloo to Auditor
Burke , it should be known , and is pretty
well known by this time , that bills and
warrants Is all he U called upon to report.
The city treasurer reports on the amounts
ot tnouf y on band , andthe city clerk reports -
ports the amount received by him from
fines and licenses , All the report * have
been made public ; and the facts and figure *
must be drawn from all three source * In
order to get a omp'eteideaof the financial
, condition ot the city.
' Nervouiness , peevishness and fret-
tioi ? , so often connected dth over-
tforUtd fumalo ' HvM , u rapidly re
lieved by Brown' * Iron Bitten.
Some of the Eftorta Doln * Put Forth
by the CborUBbiy Inclined.
The sudden coming of cold blmls
should caueo those who are warmly
clad and who are blcwod with com
fortable homoa to remember the many
who are less fortunate , and who are
in ncod , not merely of comfort bnt of
necessaries. There are several prac
tical plans already in operation , eaido
from what the county in doing in a
formal way from fundi raised by tax
ation. There are aomo wants which
the county officials do not fool war
ranted in meeting , and there
Is abundant opportunity now
presented for these who nro
warm-hearted and openhanded
not only to bestow charity , but to of
fer help to rodor dopoudonto inde
pendent , and by rendering them torn
porary asaiatanoo to make them self-
There are a number of ladies who
have taken aomo practical stops io
help aomo ol the needy and to make
thorn self-helpful , by gathering to
gether the children oncoa week for In-
truotion in sowing , manners nnd va
rious kinds of practical work , and by
furnishing material and superintend
ing their work are helping thorn to
clothe themselves comfortable. On
Thanksgiving day they wore- furnished
adinner together , there being about
forty in all. This work is reaching out
in various directions.
A great many are contributing arti
cles of clothing and food to bo distrib
uted by Rev. 8. G. L rnon , who is1
thoroughly posted in regard to thd
wants and conditions of a number of
families. Yesterday ho found ono
family , a widow with five children ,
who were sorely in need of a atovo ,
they having a pile of old iron which
they called a atovo , but which gave
forth no heat but much amoko. The
family were really suffering , and Mr.
Lamon seeing that there was a necessi
ty , provided ono. Such expenditures
require money , and these who have to
spare should gladly keep him (
supplied for such purposes.
There is another family , a widow
with two children , aged eight years
and three years respectively. Iho
husband and father before bin death
leased a lot and built him a houoo.
By overwork in trying to get his little
homo paid for , ho was taken sick and
died. The houao is paid for , but the
lease of the lot is up , nnd there , is
danger of their losing their little
homo. It is proposed to raise enough
money ( probably $100 will ba re
quired ) to purchase tbo lot , so that
the family may have their little homo
secured. Thia would render the fam
ily self-supporting , as the mother
by her industrious and economical
habits could raanago to keep the fam
ily trom Buffering , and the children ,
both boys , will soon bo nblo to help
her. Such a move will plaoo them in
Bach independent circumstances that
there will bo a good prospect for the
boys to arow up to bo valuable mem
bers of society and financially It would
bo a taving to the community rather
than to bo compelled to help them
nloni ? by tld-blls.
The ladies of the city should remember -
member that thpro is to bo a mooting
this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the
chapel of the Baptist church to son
for the poor. The sowing ma-
ohino agents of the city have
igreod to furnish machines for the
jo of the ladies , who should not bo
otorrod from attending on account of
nolomont weather , for they ought
uroly to bo willing to subject thorn-
elves to the slight discomfort of a
; rp ! from a comfortable homo to a
lomfortable chapel for the sake of
hose who know no such comforts.
Bushnoll & Braokott are opening
ut the finest stock of novelties that
an be imagined.
"A thing of beauty is a joy for-
cr. " There are ton thousand joys
or sale hero and any ono that cannot
nd holiday presents in the imraonso
arioty ot beautiful things hero pro-
ontod will certainly bo very hard to
'leasts. '
At Pnoonlx Hall.
Wagner & Meyer have hero the
lolobrated Annhouaor Buaoh , St. Louis
oor , on tr doc5 3t
A Now npnpor Editor-
O. M. Holcom , of Bloomvlllo , Ohio , ritoa
; o explain : "Had that terrible diBcaro
intsrra , fur twenty years ; couldn't taste or
moll , and hearing was falling , Thomas'
Kolectrlo Oil cured ma. Thou- * are facts
voluntarily given iigalmt a former preju
dice of patent medicine , "
The Exoelnlor Photograph gallery ,
J. I1' . Bucko proprietor , is excelsior in
'not ' as well as in name. Mr. Burke
uses only the instantaneous dry plato
prao'.BB. This is the latest thing in
> hotography ; it is a very superior pro
cess and captures the ribbands ut the
airs as Mr , Burke can show. No
other process gives such beautiful
lights nnd shades. No other process
takes the babies while laughing nnd
squinting. No other process takes
the horse while trotting a2:20 : gait.
Now Is the tlino for your holiday pho
tos. Avoid the rush and go nt once
for your pictures.
Thom d 8. Wright , of Dfs Molnes , is
at the Ogden. ) ' /
W. W. Dodd , of Liberty , Ind. , arrived
at the Ogdeu yesterday.
John Ilowen , of Den Molnes , was in tbo
Uy yesterday looking nfter the paper
trade with an eagle eye to business.
8. Wlnther , of Keola , a railroad wan
aud a conitant reader ot Tnu BKK I * In
the city on business before the grand jury.
0. B. Stone , ono of the lightning opera
tors of Omaha and who has many olll
friends here , il In the city , called hither
by the marriage of H ulster last evening.
The Missouri Valley Times takes ad.
vantage of a visit of Mayor Bowman , of
Council Bluffs , to that town to pay him a
handsome compliment became of his splen
did management of the recent congreoslon-
al campaign In this district , Anything
said in praise of Tout Bowman is not
wasted , for he de ervas all the good words
that may be spoken of htm. As a com
mittee chairman be j active and indetatl-
g4de } , M an otfioer he ( s entrgetlo and
jO , as a man of business he is palni.tak-
ioz and honorable , an'd M a. .cltUen he is
urn10 zwx jJX
fair and liberal. If the world was made
up of men like Tom Bowman it would be
a veritable paradlie. Olenwood Journal
Hughes A Towslecs' oyster depot
is a trade center for holiday supplies ,
confectionery in endless variety , nuts
of all kinds. Cigars of the cholcctt
brands sold on narrow margalns
All kinds of crackers nnd oinned
goods , in short all the delicacies of
the season can bo obtained of this
young and intelligent firm.
There WM a large attendance at the
chapel of the Baptist church Tuesday
evening to organize an elocutionary clats
under Ilev. Mr. Lumen's Infraction. A
committee was appointed to protidemusio
lor the next meeting , which will be bn
Monday evening of next week , on account
of a church meeting Tuetday evening. The
purpose Is to meet regularly everj Tuesday
evening and to afford instruction as well
as entertainment to all who may desire to
participate , and especially the youn ? folk ,
A rehearsal for the musical portion Is to beheld
held at Miss SmithV , corner of Seventh
and Mynster streets , this afternoon ,
A Ban Francisco Gentleman Wlnn
One of Council Bluffr'Daughter.
There was'morry a woddlngpartylnat
Dvontng at Iho residence ) of Mr. and
Mrs. 0. E. Stone , the bride being
their only daughter , Miss KatoStone ,
ind the happy bridegroom being Mr.
\ . F. Meighs , of San Francisco. Tho'
loromony was performed by Rev. P. .
F. Broioe , and in the presence of A
nmpany of friends , who were as hon-
jst CM they were hearty in their pre
ferring of well wishes and congratula
tions , The hospitality duo such an
jcoasion was not lacking , and the
iffiir throughout was an exceedingly
liappy ono. Mr. Mcigs is traveling
mlcsmau for a largo San Francitco
jobbing houfio and is a young man
TO i thy of so fair a prize. She whom
bo has thus won has many friends
lioro , having lived hero &lnco girlhood.
She was among the first graduates of
the high aohool hero and has since
khen taught in the public schools of
this . city with much success. Mr. and
Mra. Meigs started last evening for
3t. Joseph , and will visit Kansas City ,
3t. Louis , then Chicago , and from
there will start for their homo on the
Pacific coast. Tboy will bo accom
panied by the kindly wishes aud re
membrances of many.
Notice to the Pub.lo.
I hereby give public notice forbid-
ling anyone from selling any intoxi
cating drinks to my husband , Richard
Qrlmmolmann , and that I will prose-
outo nnvono Boiling to him ,
Grandy & Oo.'s corner drug store
is ono ot the loading places for Christ-
oiaa goods.
The toilet sots in their cases are
simply superb , and there is an air
about the entire store that is suggestive
ivo of the near approach of Santa
In the cigar line they propose to
soil at least as good an article as any
in the market , and at the same time
satisfy customers by reasonable prices.
Details of the Ceremony of Stoning
Her to Death , as Given by
an Eye Wltnesi.
Keno Gazette.
The facts concerning the disappear
ance of VVlnnemncca'a wife have now
come to light , and are related by a
half-breed called Grizzly John , who is
fully acquainted with the circum
stances ot her death. Ho was an eye
\vltncBs of the horrible scene , which
ho described to a Gazette reporter in
pataablo English. Immediately after
the affair ho went north on a deer
hunt , from which ho returned yester
The evening before old Winnomno-
ca died about 100 Indians took tbo
tquaw to a largo spring , where she
had been ordered to bathe. Other
squaws stripped her and washed her
rotn hpad to foot , and then sprinkled
icr with ' fine ashos. Then they
tartod for a range of hills a few
miles from Coppersmith Station ,
'lading the iquaw , naked and bare-
oot. Upon arriving at a chosen spot
hey lit a circle of fires , which lighted
p a spsca of ground about ono hun-
rod foot in diameter. In the center
f this was a stump eight or ten
uches high , to which the trembling
quAw was securely bound by ono foot
ivith a rawhldo strap. She still hold
lor cuiid , a bright little papooeo
.bout two years old , When she had
been secured each buck sought for a
! t > rtnin number of stones about the
izo of iv nmn's fist , and laid them in a
ilo within the olrolo of fires.
When nil was ready for the sacrifice
.ho Indians joined hands and began
A monotonous chant , which lasted for
a few minutes , when ono of them
stopped into the ring aud began an
harangue , As ho continued to speak
the poor , agonized iqnaw gave vent ti
piercing shrieks , crouching upon th
grout'd and pressing tier babe to her
breast. This lasted for aorno minutes ,
Then at a signal there was' alienee except
copt the wailn of the Intended victim
Suddenly the speaker sprang toward
her and graxpod tlui child , She etrug
gled frantically but uuavailiugly to retain
tain it , and was compelled by force t
lot it to. ( The fiend hnmediatol.
strung the infant around his head
holding it by the auklo , howling lik
a demon , and being echoed by th
red duvils about him ; but tha tquaiv
did not raise her head nor omit a
slnglo sound. Suddenly ho dashed
the child upon n rock and killed It in
stantly. Thou ho resumed his plaoo
in the circle , which swung around
again , chanting as before , till the ono
who killed the baby came opposite the
pile of stones he had collected , when
the movement stopped. Stepping
forward ho picked up a stone , and go
ing to within ten feet of the crouchIng -
Ing victim ho hurled it at her with all
the strength possessed by his brawny
rod arm. The missile struck her on
the side , and was answered by a shriek
of anguish. Ho returned to his place ,
and the circle revolved again until an
other Indian was entitled to a murder
ous fling.
The wretched creature at the sUko
w s crouching in aoeh an attitude that
only her side and back were exposed ,
It was forbidden to hit her upon the
head , and the second stvago , choosing
the most available target , launched a ;
txk at her with the projectile force
of a catapult , striking tier botwonn the
shoulders , and cutting a fearfnl gash ,
from which the blood flowed down her
back in n small rivulet. lie then re
tired to his place , and the circle moved
on as boforo. Thus they continued
their murderous pistlmo until
the poor , pitiful object lay prone
upon the ground , a bleeding , sense
less mass of mangled flesh. As she
Uy upon her back , the navagowho had
harangued the band at first , raised n
largo rook over hit head with both
hands nnd Inflicted the coup do grace
by smashing her skull. Then there
was pandemonium for a few minutes ,
after which they dispersed and collect
ed wood for a pile , upon which the
remains of the luckless tquavr and her
babe was burned. A few were loft to
keep up the sacrificial fire , while the
others returned to old Winnomncca
to comfort his dying moments with
the assurance that his yourfj ? squaw
had prcoeodcd him to the Indian's
happy land ,
Forming In Norway.
A correspondent of a London pa
per writes : Of the 123,000 square
miles which Norway contains , only
3,500 are pastnrago and only 080 are
under the plow. The consequence is
that not only corn , but also butter
and moat have to bo imported in
largo quantities. From what has'been
said it will bo inferred that the conn-
try ta more pastoral than aprionUural
Tot one see very few dattlo when
passing through the country in sum
mer , , The reason is that at that sea
son , aa In Switzerland , the peasantry
drlvo their cattle up the mountlans ,
and themselves Hvo in "saetors" or
picturesque huts of solid timborv Much
of the agriculture in Norway ii of
the most primitive character , small
wooden plows , hold by boyn and
drawn by men , being still commonly
used in many parts of the country.
The principal crops grown are oats ,
barley , rye and potatoes. Flax and
hemp are also successfully grown in
southern parts. The chief grain re
gion is the valley of Lake Mjoson ,
whore the growing of wheat has somo-
timou been attempted , bnt not with
marked success. The hay crop , though
by no means heavy , is widely diffused ,
and it is gleaned in what would gen
erally bo deemed impossible places
on narrow lodges a thousand feet
above the eoa and in deep valleys
where thpro is very little sunshine.
The hay is dried in a peculiar fashion.
It is not spread over the field , but ia
hung out a in uomo parts of Switzer
land , on fences or hurdles. Rows of
posts are sot np in the fields , and
om these lines of cord or
ire are stretched at a din-
nnco cf ono foot or
ghtoon inches from ono another.
! n these lines the hay is hung , and it
emalns there in wet weather as In
ry. in wet weatbor the moisture
drips to the ground. In fine weather
ho sun beats on the outer layers and
ho wind passes through the interior ,
ind whatever the state of the weather
he hay Is loft there till it is ready to
> o housed. The hay ia transported
rom the upland regions by a novel
ontrivanca known as the "hay tele-
raph. " A rope or wire , sometimes
no thousand foot in length , slopes
own from the top of a precipice to
the bottom of the valley. A bundle
> f hay ia suspended from a ring
ihrough which the rope or wire passes ,
, nd is shot down to the bottom with
ightning speed. Bundles of brush' '
wood and fire-wood are sent down
'rom the higher ground in the same
way. The scythe generally nsod in
mowing the bay is much smaller than
; hat in nao in England. In the
Valdres route , however , near Odnaer ,
" noticed some attempts at what would
10 called Eoiontifio farming. In ono
field a mowing machine was at work ,
.nd . in another the hay had bzen
iprend out la tno English fashion and
was being turned over by a revolving
rake drawn by a horao. Both machines
were evidently of recent importation ,
nd attracted the attention of the
natives much more than that of the
oreignora. Whatever may be said of
ho Norwegians , it can not bnt bo ad
mitted that they are most ingenious
'n devising contrivances which at once
iavo their labor and take full advan
tage of the peculiar conformation of
heir country. Their timber-shoots
re another inatotco of their laborious
ingenuity. They make wood-ways or
ilidcs which extend over hundreds cf
eot from the tops of the hills to the
Millions Given Away.
MilHonH of Bottles of Dr. King's New
Discovery for Couuumptlon , Coughs and
Colds , have been given nway an Trial
Bottles of the 'urge ' size. This enormous
mtlay would bo disastrous to tlui pro
prietors , were it not for the rare/ merits
. ) OB eeod by this wonderful medicine. Call
at O. F. Uoodman'M Drug Store , pud get
a Trial Bottle / , and try for yoursolf.
never fails to cure.
S. E.
no "
Offlca oror sarln bank.
723 W. Broadway.
This laundiy has Just been opened tor boil-
neei , and we ar now prepared to do laindrr
mirk of all kinds and guarantee satisfaction. A
epocUlty made of fine work , such as collars ,
cuff * , flno thlrU , f to. We want ever/body to
1-Ue u.1 a trial. , ,
Silver Plated
Door FlatM Eagrawd to Order-
No. 003 N. Till St. . St. Loul * . Mo.
The Intrlnrto merit and superior quality of out
Gold Hope Tobacco has Induced OWM1 mannfae *
turers to put upon the market roods similar to
our brand in oama and style which ar * offered
and told fo leumocey than th * genuine Gold
Rope. Wo caution the t'ad * and consumer to tec
that our name and trade mark are upon each
lump. Th * only genuine and original Gold Rope
Tobacco 1s manufactured by
NOT10E.-Speclal AdrertUcment * , sue
Lost , Found , To Loan , For B lo , To Rent ,
Wants , Boarding , etc. , will ba Inserted IK this
column at the ow rata of TEN CENTS I-KB
tlNK for tha Crst Insertion and FIVE CENTS
PER LINE for each subsequent Insertion.
Leave adv eitlMmsnt * al oar office , No. 7
Pearl Street , ncr Broadway.
WANTED A flrnt-c'aii * cabinetmaker Ap-
p y t W W. Chapman's , 107 south Main
Itrett , council IllufTi , Ia ,
WANTED A ( food Citton or Golden hand
PIMI In KOO ! condition ( second hand. ) 0.
0. Fitch ,
WANTED. llroom-mnlicr ; a No. 1 broom tier
wanted Immediately. Apply or call on
Copxon llroom Co. , Mahern , la.
\T7-ANTED-A situation an baokkceper or
Vy siltnmin. llctt of ntorcncc * . .Addrcaa
R. ,
WANTEB- buildings to mo\ . We male ,
aspedtltyof mot I g housca and sate l
AddrfMW. P , Ajlcsvtortn , boi 879 , ConncU
Pliitli , Ia.
WANTED Ertrybody In Council DlnOs Io
to take Tni IJii , SO cents per week , do
llrered by carriers. Office , No 7 Pearl Street
near Broadway.
For Sale and Rent
"nun RENT OR SALt-Ton acrts ol Und ,
JC Rood home , one ruotd and kitchen black
smith ( hop , stable room for ilx horns , good
well , good cellar and one hnndrel and twenty
bairng fiult trees. Near Pony creek , abiut
flte miles of Council Bluffs. Enquire on ihe
prtmljesof A. Miller or addresi him at Council
Hlufl *
FOR HALB-Tho Western Home , No. 308 Up
per llroadway ; or will tnulc for Improied
city or farm property ; or will sell furniture and
rent building ; lianon , 111 health. Address J. B.
0. McCAUisTKR , BOS Upper Broadway , Council
Blnffa , JOB a.
EOK SALE-Agood A No. 1 soft coal burner
heitlng ito\e , at r. H. L rln > , 003 Broad-
OLD BKKS-In packages of a hundred * t2Cc
a pacia.o at Tne Bun onio , No. 7 Pearl
street. u
FOtt SALE A lumbar and coat yard , doing a
goal ImslncM la a now town , oj the Chicago
cage , Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad.
MOIl HENT My new two-story brick store
D building , on South Main street.
EOU SALE Hy tnohc-ocre fruit farm , on
South Flr.tsirett. PETER WEIS
L10U BALE Beautiful residence tots , too
JO each ; nothing down , and $3pcrironth only ,
T-vKSIC ROOM In a central onke on first floor
\J In cxchtnpe for asulstnnca on accounts nnd
collections. Address , A. B. C. , BKE office ,
Council Bluffs. d7-tf
QTlLb AHEAD Great success. Call and sco
O new accessories and specimens of pictures
Ukenbv the reliable gelatine bromide process ,
at the Excelsior Gallery 10,1 Main street.
. W. L. PATTON Physician and Oculist.
Can cure any case of sore eycii. It la only
a matter of time , and can cure generally in
from thrco to flvo weeks It makes nr difference -
once how long diseased. Will straighten cross
eyes , operate and remore Ptyrezlnme , etc. , and
insert artificial eyes. Special attention to ro-
roovnlng tadevtorms ap5-tf
Dr , MeagheiMzOoiilist ; , Aurist ,
In Chronic dlfeaets , cffcrj hU services to all sf
dieted with dlitasea cf th t Eye , Ear , cr Chronic
dl'easos of any clnnctcr. Warrants a cure lu
u 1 nbtuma'.lc Can bo consulted liy
mail or In DOMOD at the ilitropollUn hotel ,
Council Bluffi , Iowa
Sullivan & Fitzgerald ,
Crockery , Glassware ,
Also agent * far the following line * of
Steamship Companies :
Canard , Anchor , Onion. American , aud BtaW
Steamship Companies.
X > XL . & . X * U ? S
For sale on the Royal Bank of Ireland and Dank
of Ireland , Dublin. ' Those wt o intend to send foi
friends to any put of Europe will find II to tholj
ntereet to call on
SuUivan & Fitzgerald ,
843 "Broadway. Oopnoil Blnffa
Fresh and Salt Meats ,
Poultry and Game la their season. Wiener
and other Sausages a specialty.
The most centrally located hotel in the dty
Rooms 75c , jl.OO , gl.&Oand { 2.00 per day.
First Cliaj lloataurant connected with the
.HTJHST. - -
Corner Fourth and Locust Btrutta.
HIob Oat , Fine Frono
Silver Wore &C. .
r > < o BUUDWIT nouNOii ,
14 Pearl Street , Ooulioil Bluffs.
Extracting and fllllDf a specialty. Flrst-clarj
irork uiranteod. >
Justice of the Peace and
Notary Public.
45Broadway | , Council Bluffs
All Shippers and Travoloru will n
good accommodation and reasonabl
charge * ,
Council Bluffs , - Iowa
W. 0. Garnet , U connection with his law and
ieU > c41oabndnesbuy ( and tells i U nUU.
renoBS wishing to boy M f ll city propert ) call
ithls office , o * t Bu/Unell-i book Her , PSM !
Broadway , and Fourth Street.
Council Bluffs , Iowa
Headquarters For the Cele
Weber Pianos ,
Toys and
Fancy Goods
Wholesale and Retail.
Address ,
o d. MUELLER ,
Guarantees the Best $1,50 , $1.75 and $2,00
Bluff and flow greets , Coecil Bluffs.
Ordora filled In any part cf the city. Orders by telephone ffeqmptly attended to.
At the Lowest ; Possible ) Prices.
Thai never require crimping , at Mrs. J. J. Good's Hair Store , at prices never befero touched br
ny other half dealer. Abe a full line of switches , etc. at greatly reduced prices. Also gold ,
lUver and colored nets. Waves made from ladies' own hair. Da not fall to call before purchasing
ilMwhere. 'All goods wairanled aa represented. MRS. J. J. GOOD ,
S3 Main street. Council Dlufla , Iowa.
The finest quality ancl largest stock west of Chicago of wooden and metallo cases.
'alls ' attended to at all hours. We defy competition in quality of goods or prices.
Our Mr. Morgan baa served aa undertaker for forty years and thoroughly understand *
his business. WAKEUOOMS , 846 AND 357 BROADWAY. Upholstering ID
all its branches promptly attended to ; also carpet-laying and lambrequin * , Telegraphic -
graphic and mail orders filled without delay. _
Council Bluffs , - Iowa.
Beer and malt In any quantltyto | suit purchasers. IJecr $8.00 per barrel. Private families sup-
illod wltli email Itega at 31.CO each , delHored treoof charge to any part of the city.
Wholesale Dealer in and SOLE AGENT FOR Joseph Schlltz Brewing
Company's Celebrated
No. 711 Broadway , Council Bluffa , Iowa. Orders from the country oliclted
litv orders to fainillea nod donlers dellverf d free. _
O. A , BEEBE & CO. ,
Wholesile an J Ketall Dealers in
Nos. 207 & 209 Broadway , Council Blufis.
NO. 629 S Main Street. Council BluflV . '
Our consUntly IncreulnB trade U sull'dcnt proof ol our square dealing and utteotlcn to o a
omers. Oocdbutter alwajon Land. Prompt dellicrycf joods.
Mllllnory , DresamaUlnp ; , Etc. Cuttmer and Pitting a Spedlalty.
No. (43 Vroadwar , Oppotlte Rerere House ,
Laces. Embroideries , aud Ladies Underwear.
Handkerchiefs , hose of all Hindi , thread , plnr. needles , eto. We hope the ladles will call
and eoe our stock of roods.
roods.IRIOIE ! ,
Merchant Tailor.
( Late Cutter for Metcalf U . , )
DeVol's New Building , Main Street.
Council Bluffs , la ,
Bulls to order 818 and upwards ,
( Successors to J , P. & 1. N. CaiMd ? . )
Abstract , Real Estate and Loan Brokers.
W * hare He only complete wi of abitracl books to all city loti and laodi In PotUwitUml
county. Titles examined and abttracU tvurUhed on abort ooUtw. Uoo y to loan CD city and lara
property , ihort uid looft time , In munf to suit I hi borrowtr , Kesl e t . bought and * old
alj old Unl oppoetMcout bonii >