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Congress Disposed to Obay the
Behest of the People With
Donsitablo Alaorityi
Political Pruning Kaivas Al
ready at Work on the
Tariff and Taxes.
Two Eminent Nebroskoua Ra-
warded With Govern
ment Office.
A Large Numb or of MUcollnnocm
Patriots Provided For.
apodal DUpatchej to Tni tin * .
WASHINGTON , Dacambor G. Nom
inatlons sent the xenato by the prcsi <
dent to-day : John , W. Garden , of
California , rotator'of the land oubi
at Shasta ; Frankly Ward , of Oalifor
ilia , receiver of public moneys at
Suwavilte ; Vaa Riuda , of Nebraska ,
eoeivor ot public moneys at Niobrara ;
Jas. P. Luio , Inoiinn , register land
offioa at D end wood ladlia agonls
Tom 0 , Oonneli , of Ohio , Umatilla
agency , Oregon ; D. M. Rlordan , of
Arizona , Navajo agency , New Mexico
co ; Jno. Clark , of Michigan , Colorado
river agency , Arizona ; A. H. Jackson ,
cf Nebraska , Pinu agency , Arizjna ;
Brigadier-General John Pope to bo
mijor-goneral ; Colonel Ronald S.
Mal tii.z'.o , Fourth oavalry , to ba
hii ndiat-guneral ; Major William A
lUokor , p ymaster , tp bo lieutenant-
culnuulatid dt'puty paymaster ouural ;
Mijir George H , Klliott , corps of en
gineers , tu bo lieutenant colonel of
engineer ? ; Commodore Earl English ,
to bo chief of the bureau equipment
and recruiting department. Abe a
large numbar of army promotions ,
The praoidot-t approved the report
of the government ojmmlcsionora ac
cepting the newly completed coition
of the Northern Paoifio railroad , com
prising 104 miles iu Montana territory
and irc'uding the bridge across the
MiVaouri rivor.
The prondont entertained Bon But
ler at a dinner at the aoldiora * homo
Isst evening.
will bo reliaved of command of the
European otation , in March next , by
Commander Baldwin. Nicholson will
probably be retired in March.
for service in the Star route trial was
nol yet complete , and court adjourn
ed until to-morrow.
Among the bills which have been
presented to congress on the subject
of civlLeervioo reform is a bill intro-
dviasd Dy-Mr JTorcrossJ-of Massaohu"-
setts , to create a house of electors to
couelst of one from each state elected
by the people and eligible the
same as rnttmbera of the house of rep
resentatives. The term of offioo is
six years. The country is to ba di
vided into postal districts , aud post
masters shall bo elected by the pao-
* ploVjf the respective districts , subject
1. tc the confirmation of the house of
electors , or by the postmaster gen
eral. All other civil officers as pro
vided for in artlclu 2 , section 2 of the
constitution except members of the
cabinet , embnssadors , other for
eign ministers and United
States judges shall b elected
nnd examined or confirmed
by the house of electors , The house of
electors shall make all rules governing
its confirmationsolectioiiD _ or exam
inations of civil 'officers. Congress
shall determine what class of postman-
sors shall bo confirmed bv the houau
< ? f electors and what by tflo postmas
ter1 general , and shall designate what
officsra shall bo elected , examined or
confirmed by the honao of electors ,
nnd also who shall make cppointmente
of minor offisera. Congress shall olac
have power to provide by law for the
filling of vaeanioa that may happen
when the house of electors ia not in
eeseion. The election or appointment
by the president as provided ahull bt
for a term cf five years. The pretidonl
shall luwo power to lotnove any oil !
cor of the civil service for any reasn :
except political.
At iho last cession or congress thi
ee t of Representative Shelly , of Ala
bams , was contented by J. Q , Smith
Smith died in April , 1881 , before thi
termination of tbo contest , which ro
suited iu uneoating Shelly , who wai
elected to" fill the unexplred term
Smith waa never seated because o :
his death. Shelly is now raising thi
question whether , under sootlon 51
revised statutes , ho is not entitled ti
pay from date of the death of Smith
although he has already rocaived pa ;
for two months time.
Judge Wylie iu his charge to th
grand jury said : Newspapers weri
constantly containing soandulous li
bets on public men and on privat
character. That was a species ot offense
fenso that created moro unh ppinrg
and misery in society and did mor
injustice .han any form of cfinio um
in all probability a printed lit
l3o r ithor suspected the writers fu
periodical newspapers had smou
them moro than the usual proportio
of liars. They were paid for ly'uy
The moro sbusational the Ho was vn
the more calculated it was to blast th
peace of families , and the spicier i
was the more the paper would sal
and the newspaper men wonld lunc
in derision at anybody who und' ute <
to talk to them seriously about th
hi justice of a thing of thi
kind he knew where men of integrlt
and honesty connected with the new
pipers who entertained and cherlshe
honorable and Christian sentiment
and he thought on the whole the :
was on improvemon ftj * jx in that
respect. If the public w , lease t6
patroniz3 such papers as ho alluded to ,
suoh law , vies and caimo wonld soon
die out ,
6pKlM Dispatch to Tun Bit
WASHINGTON , Dacomber G. At the
oloto of the morning hour Senator
Platt called up the resolution of yes
terday , asking the commissioners of
pensions to furnish information in ref
erence to the pension roll , and the
Srobablo effect upon it if the pending
ill to increase the pension of per
sona who lost mi leg _ or nrm in the
service , br are suffering from equal
disabilities , is passed , After discue-
sioti and'umondmont directing the
commiesiouer to furnish a complete
list of persons borne on the roll , the
resolution was adopted.
Senitor Sawall gave noiica that ho
would call up at nn early data the bill
or Uio loliot of Fitz John Porter.
The eentito then took up the bill
to establish A uniform system of bank
ruptcy , and Senator Ingalls proceeded
to explain its provisions.
In concluding ho submitted certain
minor amendments agreed upon by
the aub committees , which were or
dered printed. After the disctmion
the bill wont over as uofiniohcd busi
ness. Several bills on the calendar
pained. In executive session the nom
inations wore referred. Adjourned.
Mr. Wlllio , ( Ky. ) , offered a resolu
tion cimllar to that offered in the eon
ate yesterday by Back directing the
committee on civil service reform to
inquire into the details of the alleged
political assessment madq upon gov
ernment employes during election ,
Mr. Canwoll , ( Wis. ) , off-red a reso
lution authorizing thu comauUco on
appropriations to embody in Iho pool-
cffha 1)111 n clause reducing letter
po'itagn to two cunts. Adopted.
Mr. Kelly , ( I'd ) , oflurdd the usual
roaolution for distribution of thu
president's messaio and the house pro
cced in committee of the whole to its
consideration , After discussion the
resolution was adopted aud the house
went into committee of the whole ,
Mr. Waite , ( Conn. ) , in the chair , on
the state of the union.
Mr. Stool ( Ind ) offered u roaolution
directing the committee on civil ser
vice reform to enquire how much
money wan collected by the campaign
managers of the domocratlo party from
the Cobdeu club and from the free club for use in the election of
"Letitbs adopted , " cried several
democrats , but Mr. Kasoou objected
to present consideration , for thu same
reason which prompted him to object
to the Willis resolution ; that commit
tee had as much work before it as it
could accomplish.
Mr. Townsend ( ills. ) called atten
tion to the fact that the objection oamo
from the republican side , and then the
resolution was referred
A bill authoiizing the extension of
the Chesapeake & Ohio railroad tea
a point on military lands of Fortress
Monroejma referred ,
, Mr. KaBson prbsented thp iews of
the" minority of 'the" committee on
ways and moans on the internal rev
enue bill. They wore ordered printed.
The minority report is signed by
Mvrsrs. Kasson , Dunnell , McKinley ,
Haskoll , Morrison and Rutsoll. They
say they are not prepared to recom
mend the entire abolition of Iho tax
nor run the risk uf reducing the rev
enue of the government below the
amounts which will evidently be re
quired to meet arrearage of pension
in addition to o.hor current expanses
of the government by extrava
gant reduction in either source
of public revenue. It is a
much more agreeable duty
and inuoli moro feasible to reduce the
taxes ( rum time to time SB the un
known extent of our revenues shall
bo developed than to ro-impnse them
to meet the cspontos of the govern
ment. Any reduction which it now
appears safe to make wo bolievp should
bo effected rather by the abolition of
tixes more closely related to the use
and convenience of our people.
Messrs. Dunnoll ind Haakell filed
a cuppleraontal minority report , in
which they favor the abolition of nil
internal revenue taxes except those
on malt and spirituous liquors , tobao-
CJ , snuff ) and cigars. It it becomes
apparent the government does not ro-
qulro the entire amount taken
trom liquors nnd tobacco , a prop
osition reducing these taxss
iruy bo favorably considered.
They believe , hoivover , before thia
tax is abolished , thorp should bo an
comprehensive a revision of the tar id
made as the length of the session will
permit. That revision should be made
entirely independent of other Bourcot
of revenue , and there should bo suoli
adjustment of duties decreed as will
fairly protect American Industrie !
from ruinous foreigu ojmpotitlon , Ad <
Ourloua Military Humors and Pro-
Jocta ,
From the New York Bun.
WAHUINOTON , D. 0 , , November 28.
Wo are told that a petition is nevi
quietly circulated flaking congrora tc
repeal ao much cf the approuriatior
bill for thu current year us mikes tht
retirement of Gen. Sherman com
pulsory upon his attaining the ago o
Gi. Ono of the arguments In favor o
this measure is that In case of the retirement
tirement of Sherman , as the law nov
o" provides , tbo command cf the
d will devolve upon Lieut. Gen. Short
dan during what may prove a critica
presidential campaign.
The cupposed hootility to "Sherldai
on the part of the democratic mem
bera is the remembrance of his cele
brated banditti dUpatch sent at th
time he was in command in Now Oi
On the other hand , it is averrei
that a combination of the friend * o
Sheridan aud Hancock will ask ths
the grades of general and Hontenan
general be revived , the understand !
being ; that Sheridan shall be promotr
to bo general and Hancock to be lieu
tenant general ,
Others , who are inimical to hot !
Sherman and Sheridan , say that the
prefer that the former shall rptiro
next year M the law now provide * ;
nnd when they have olootod o demo-
crAtlo president , ns they expect to do
the following year , should Shoridim
continue obji'Olionnblu they will revive -
vivo the grade cf general , and pio-
mete Uancock to the place and the
command of the army.
The advocates of the latter conrso
ohim that there would bo ample jus
tification for it in the precedents es
tablished by Sherldnn's own promo
tions. In 1801 , when ho WAS promoted
meted to bo major general , ho jumped
Hancock , who ranked him as briga
dier ; and when , in 18GS ) , Grant made
him lieutenant qonoral , ho over-
sUnghod Hallook nnd Monde , al
though the former was n full major
general bofoto Sheridan wns oven a
State ofTrado and Tarllt Revl lou ,
Spool * ! Dispatch to Till uii.
PITTSBURO , Pa , , Dooombor ti A
special meeting of the Western Iron
association was hold this aft srnoon for
the purpose of considering the state
of trade. There was n largo attend-
nnco of Pittshun ; manufacturer ! ) .
Representation from mills outside the
city was only fair. Reports showed
that while prices are low stocks wore
not accumulating and if manufactur
ers wcro not so eager to put their
stocks on the market priora would bo
better. The stool trade WAD alao look
ing up nnd it was otated that sluco the
reduction orders had been placed for
two hundred thousand tonn of steel
rails. The report on the tariff com
mission next received consideration
and was discussed at some length.
Mr. A. M. lifers , one. of the most
prominent manufacturers present ,
stated to a reporter uf tor the meeting
that , the iron tnanufAoturors generally
oxptoiscd thomaolvoH as eatisllud with
the report na a whole , but not with
certain p rta of it , especially the ro
cominondation for a reduction on
scrap , which they considered too lovr.
The steel men are also very much dis
satisfied nnd aay that n reduction will
ouablo England to compete with them
oven in Now York. Before the ad
journment of the meeting , n commit
tee appointed to obtain the slgnatnren
of the manufacturers calling a general
meeting , at which the tariff commii-
nion report will bo considered , nnd
some definite stops taken , either for or
Bill Providing for its Admission na n
State to be Pressed to Passage.
Sp.clal Dhpatch to the CTobe-D.'mocrat.
WASHINGTON , Deoomber 4. Dele
gate Pottigrow , of Dakota , said to
The Globe-Democrat correspondent
that ho intended to press for passage
the bill providing for a division of
Dakota into two territories. While
he intends to do all he can to secure
the passage of Dakota admission bill ,
lie ia inclined to think that there is
little prospect of this being accom
plished this session. Bat in the
event of a'failutu to " ccurn this , he
thinks it is very important to the
people of Dakota that there should
ba a division of the territory. He
said that from a conversation had
with senators he understands that it
19 the purpose of those having the
Dakota admission bill in change to
as early as possible. The bill Is the
first on the sonata calendar as unfin
ished business.
Chairman Burrows , of the House
Committee on Territories , said to youi
correspondent this evening that he
intended to do all ho could to secure
the passage of the bill this session.
The bill is the thirty-sixth in ordei
on the House calendar. Among the
measures which precedes it are some
very important ones which It la very
doubtful can bo passed this winter ,
and as the unanimous consent can not
bo obtained to take the Dakota bill
up out of its order , it in extreme ! )
probable that the House bill can not
bo pasiod , The bill will have to come
from the senate , and unions it if
buried on the speaker's table , will be
passed by the Honao this xiulor. It
is possible that the democrats maj
defeat the bill by fillibustoring tc
prevent its being taken from tin
speaker's table.
The Huso Ball Oliamplouihlp.
Special Dispatch to Till Iln.
PROVIDENCE , R. I. , December C.
Thu national league of profuftniona
base ball clubs awarded thu champion
ship of 1882 to the Ghicagoa. The up.
peal from thu action of the Olovelam
club suspending Doichor was die
missed. N , E Young waa rc-olootci
secretary. Worcester and Troy club
resigned and made honorary members
A minute was made of the death c
President Hubbort.
The Widow' * Price.
Special Dispatch to Tim liu.
ST. LOUIH , December 0 The at
torneya far Mrs. Alice W. Slaybacl
filed at a late hour this evening a nlvi
suit in the circuit court for $5,00i
damages against John A , Ouckrlll
managing editor of The Post Despatch
for killingher husband , Ool. Slayback
a few weeks ago ,
Soar Mnili and Moonshiner * .
SpocUl Dbpatch to Tux Bun.
CINCINNATI , December C. The Gt
zettb's Mt. Sterling ( Ky , ) special say
Davis and Farmer , two deputy mui
shals who wont to the mountains t
selza illicit distillers , were attache
by a party of thirty moonshiners an
driven twenty-five miles to Froncl
burg. They escaped unhurt ,
Special Dlspatcbei to Tui B
IlAliniBBiwa , Pa. , December 6 , Tt
House of Kpre entattvea uoniiita cf 11
democrat * uud 83 republicans.
NKW OELIANB , December C , The cou
pllmentary dinner given by the cltlzstu 1
CapUia Jfttnei B. Bids WM great u
ceti ,
Ixmxw , December 5. Anthony Trc
lopi > U ded.
The Bal-orouB Ooddoss Partially
Hiflos Her Oharras From
the Vulgar Throng ,
. V
A Few Adiuirera Repaid With
a Peep Through the
Btorm Doors.
TboRotnltof KaoouMfal ObtorVn-
tlon nnd
Special Dltp&tchei to Tni DM.
YOUK , December C. Olouds
prevented Dr , Potow , at lamllton
college , getting aattsfoctory viows.
The observers atYftlonrowelleatlifud
with Iho results. The sign&l ollloesat
Washington are pleased with their
work. Profoisoru at Wcei Point 10-
f ard the results of tholr observation *
as excellent. Princeton nccurod 183
photographs. Vamr reports the defi
nition of the planet and sun excellent.
Negatives taken hero near noon are
very good. At Philadelphia both contacts -
tacts were BUCCCOSfully observed , but
heavy atmocphoro prevented micro
meaauromout or apcctroscopio obicr-
vationr. At Mtridou , Oonuuccticut.
bells announced the beginning cf
the ooutaut nud the public
cohools closed. Seven telescope *
open to the public were set on the
grounds of B-sv , J. T. Potteo , a prom
inent loc\l astronomer , and 0,000 per
sons looked through them Dart
mouth , Amhorat and Maine Kialo colleges
legos wcro interfered witll worioaslr
by cloud ) . In tilinc obierv.Uions
Ht Hitvard oolhgo all f jnr contiola
were nalitfactorily observed. The
spcctroBcopo nhowed no perceptible
nbaorptiou of attnotphoro by Vonut.
Pyromutrical observation showed the
diau of Vouea darker thau the sky
surrounding the eun.
Thu observing utatioua nuthorizad
by the UnHoriStaien government wore
at San Antoum. Tex. ; Port Sjldcii ,
N. M.j Oadur Koyoti , Fi ; Santn
Cruz , Patagonia ; Cordova , Chili ; Oipu
of Good Hope , and Auckland , Now
Zealand. A dispatch cays thu obser
vations at San Antonio were not wholly
successful , the first two'contacts hav
ing bcon lost on account of cloud ) ,
Ovrhig to clouds , uho , the that
contact lost at Cedar Keyt ; 180 good
photos wcro taken. The Belgian
comtnienon at San Antoofo uindo 120
measuroinonls. At QutbiO there
was but 15 minutes of transit. No
observation of value ware obtained nt
Woodstock or Toronto. First the
snow storms and then clouds caused
much disappointment nt Montreal.
The clouds and rain at Halifax made
any observation impossible.
CHICAGO , December 0. From reports
ports on the transit of .Vonus at va
rious points Professor. Ellas Colbert ,
the well knownltastronon\f : oft the
Tribuuo , Hguied up".oVJiOrvfttiO a ,
reducing to the Washington time
which the different observations would
give for the contacts at Washington ,
Observations received up to 11:3C :
give the following results : Second
contact , ton observers , average timo.
9 hours , 1G minutes and 2E
seconds a. m. ; Annapolis 2C
seconds fast , Frisbio , Washington ,
20 fast ; Sampson , Washington , 9 fast ]
New York 10 fast ; Princeton , 12 fast
Havorford , 18 slow ; West Point 4
fast ; Alloghany 18 slow ; Hough , Chicago
cage , 23 slow ; Jlurnham , Chicago ,
15 slow.
Third contest , 8 observers , averngt
time 2 hours , 39 minutes and 47 seconds
ends , p. m. Amherat G seconds alow
Now York , G slow ; West Point , i
fast ; Havorford , no error ; Annapolis ,
1G fast ; Fihbie , Washington , 9 slow :
Sampson , Washington , 8 slow.
DUBLIN , December G. The transit
of Venus was plai iy ) visible at Cork
LONDON , Docombjr G The transl
of Venus was favorably obaorvcd a :
Durban und Captown At Madric
the observations wcro prevented b )
bad weather.
NKW YOIIK , December G ; Thi
weather is clear ; md favorable for thi
satisfactory observation of the iraust
of Vonus.
BOSTON , Dacsmbor 0. Notwith
standing the huivy clouds the Har <
vard observatory made satisfactory ob
1 nervations of the first and sicotid con
tact in the transit of Venus ,
OrrAWA , Canada , December G.-
1 The observer hero took a succcssfu
observation of the transit of Venus u
thu interval between ingreno um
oxress this morning.
PAUIB , Dacombur G. The blaol
clouds made useless the prepara
tions to obunrvo the transit of Vonua
LONDON , December G. In uolontifi
circles no resulti ara expected fror
thu observations of the transit o
Venus mad ) in any part of the world
except so far as the nucoosa of observa
tiono are concerned ,
Ty.oii lulled With Buob.
IpeUal DiipaUh to TIIK UKK.
NKW OKLBANS , Diccmbor 0.Th
Times Democrat Jackson , ( Miss
special eays : Advices from Baldwii
give a detailed account of thu killin
pf Speaker Tyson. Domestic troubl
in the family of Col , Tyfioi/4 brothc
culminated in an attack on Ed , Sauc
dors , a merchant , by the two Tyson' '
and son of each , which ronultcd i
Blunders being badly beaten , Duriu
his confinement he was repeatedly it
formed that Ool. Tyson had throatono
to kill him , Going out for the fin
time on Monday , ho carried his shogun
gun and shot Tyson on sight , killin
him instantly , Tynon had a pistol o
his person when killed , ,
St. LoulB Stock Yard *
JpedU DUpatch to Tu Bi .
8r. Louis , Daoember G , The SD
of the Union stock yards against tl
Wabun railway company for f 500,04
damages for breach of contract's ha'
J. been compromised , The auit Ia wit
I drawn at the cost * of the stock yard
and a now contract made between the
parties by whioh the \Vabash yards
will bo supplied from nit points west
of the Mississippi river nt the rate loss
thnti to the ynrd.i on the east tide of
the river by an amount cf actual cus
tomary trantfor toll on all nhiiunuita
from competing points. The Wabiwh
roads gives what concessions it wauls
to shippers , but pnys the Union stock
yards a toll of 82 pur car for all oats
going through to St. Louis aud over
the bridge.
The Western Union and Its Custo
Spedil DUpatdi to Tim DM.
NEW YOBK , Decombar G The ex-
ocntivo committee of Iho Western
Union Telegraph company to-day
adopted the following :
\VimuEA8 , Uojust imputations have
buoii made against the integrity of
the management of this company In
respect to the sanctity of private
mcssap.0 * pasting over its wires or
throuith Us c flues ; and
WHKRKAI , It has always boon a oar
dinnl principle with the company to
guird the aaorod privacy uf telegraphic
corroapondunco intrusted to ita offices ;
the company having for thia purpose
expended many thousanda of dollars
in relisting the demands of courts ,
jurlrj tmd legislation committees In
oases where thin company lm-i no
other interests at stake than its lion-
orablo obligation to cuatomori ; there-
Resolved , That the imputation that
official * or oilier peraoua connected
with this company have thu privilege
to inspect mo cagun pissing over its
wiras or through its cllious ia without
fotiridattou of tact.
lltsulvtd , Tout any officer , clerk or
oihttc employe handling messages who
shall roper : or divulge the contents of
such message * to any officer of the
company or olhor uura'ju shall bo
promptly dismissed from the service
of the company and prnsccuted under
the law uukiniu' it a penal offense to
divulge the contents of musstgeo.
of a PliDadQlobla
From Hydrophobia.
Special to Qlobo-Domocrnt ,
1'iiiLAnELVHiv , I'u. , December 4.
James Caviinaugh , who has for several
days tmiftirod from hydrophobia , died
at hia rrsidoncp , No. 2732 York
atroot , early this morning , utter ox
poricncinii. the most intense pains
* inco Friday. Since first stricken
with jho dread diu'aso the Euffcror hao
scarcely had a moment's relief till last
Saturdiy night , when ho became de
lirious. Ho Induced his attendant to
go down stairs for n moment , and no
sooner was the nurse's back turned
than Cavauaugh sprang from
his bed , and picking up r
largo trunk , dashed it througl
iho window-sash and then jumped
after it. The nolso soon brought i
numbar of people to the place , wh <
gave pursuit , but the sufferer was flael
of foot and had. gone moro than tw <
squares tioforo ho won captured
VVhen taken back his condition "gre *
worse , the spasms grow more frequent
and it was with difficulty that ho wai
kept in bed. At 3 o'clock his atrongtl
began to fail , and at 4:30 : he breathoc
his last.
During his illness the patient wai
approached by his wife , whoattomptec
to soothe him ono of hia spasms. It
reaching forth his hand his nail oaughi
th back ot her hand and made an uglj
wound , which , although painful , is
n t serious.
Ono of the physicians in charge ol
the cauo , Dr. Joseph Strawn , says he
was called in to eeo Cavanaugh or
Friday evening without having hoc
any previous knowledge of thu cane
Ho found that although his potion
had complained of dizziness in thi
head for several days , and during thi
lint nix months had several times be-
fern felt the name unusual sensation
no'thing serious was apprehended bj
hiij family until Friday morninp , whei
ho was obliged to take to his bed. Hi
first complained of a atrango feolinf
about the throat , whioh rapidly | ; rev
worso. When the physician roachec
the house he aekod the invalid ono o
two questions as to his condition , am
WHH informed that ho could not nwal
low any fluid. Dr , Strawn then handed
od thu sick man a glaaa of water am
atkcd him to drink it. At the sigh
of the wr-tor Ctivanaugh had a via
lent cpivun , whioh contracted hi
body painfully. Ho naked that tin
water bo tnken awny , and seemed ru
liavud when it was carried out of thi
room. This and certain other symp
toms familiarto physicians , immediate
ly led the doctor to believe that thi
man was u victim to .hydrophobia
He , thorefor , asked him If ho had eve
been bitten by it dog. To whhh Oav
ananqh replied :
"Yes , twice. A llttlo ever a yea
ago I was bitten by u dog o :
the calf of the log , und a year ago
was bitten on the thumb by anothe
dog ; both wourida soon healed , and
have never boon troubled with thet
since. You don't think It is hydrc
phobia , do yon , Doctorf'
The physician , convinced by thi |
speech that ho had read the symptom
correctly , endeavored to relieve th
) nick man's anxiety by assuring hit
U that there was no fear of anything F.
Uo Ug terrible.
o i
; Glvenl'n. Certificate !
SpeotM Dlapatcb to Tu ! ) * .
UATON RoraE , La. , December G.
The governor , after an examination <
the law and facto in thu Kellogg casi
has given the certificate of election I
Kellogg in accordance with retun
from the Third district.
The Iiobanun Qravo Uonbon.
BptcUl DUpatch to Tim Ilm.December
December G.
great throng of colored people wo
in the Lebanon , eemotory to-da
Men were digging into the graves
lit friends to satisfy themsolvoa of tl
ie presences of the bodies. The bodl
ieX ) of Louisa Morria and Leah Lyn
re are missing. The empty coffins wo
reh only found where tho' bodies shou
have been , In tha grave when J
sophino White was supposed to have
been buried the bodies of Kllzaboth
nnd John Qihblns were found , The
oomelory authorities will nid In the
prosooution of the dospoilora of the
Conference of Western Demo
crats $ t Chicago.
Strong Points of Scvornl Promla-
Bftcl l to7li9Ctnclnn tl Comnnrdnl
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , Djcembor4 The
Courier-Journal's Chicago special says ;
Within the past twenty-four hours a
politic * ! conference has boon hold
hero. KB members comprised pri
marily the lenders of the democratic
party in all Michigan , Iowa nnd Wh
cousin , with a largo delegation of the
foremost members of the party from
aevoral other western and middle
states , Its members represented not
only the notivo political loaders of the
party , bnt the editors of the principal
democratic papers. The conference
waa of long duration , and the discus
sion was earnest , candid and generous ,
while the ontito situation of the coun
try received thorough nnd careful con
32Tho chief Importance of this con
ference lies in the fact , that its pur-
pete wan to settle upon , as far as prac
ticable at the present time , a demo
cratic presidential candidate. It waa
the unanimous verdict that such tv
candidate mast conio from the west.
In looking over the field and the men
by statea UiodiscusaiourcgardingOhlo
resulted in the conclusions that the
October vote ( I'cndlotnn nnd Paine )
put that state outside the palo of prev
identinl possibilities. Thin suttkd
upon , there wnro left the mtups of
four men to bo diocusscd. These
were Palmer and Morrison , of Illinois ,
Justice Field , of Oilifornln , and Mo-
Donald , of Indiana.
The general drift nf feeling regard
ing Ex Governor Palmer was that
while ho is a in in of irreproachable
character , the highest and bust nature ,
und at present thoroughly Identified
with the party , ho wna not n demo
cratic veteran , and it wixa thoroughly
suttlcd that no man within the purty
who can not show n continuously per
fect record as a democrat , and whose
entire antecedents were democratic ,
could bo seriously considered.
The name of Morrison was dwelt
upon nt considerable length , and while
it was conccdod that ho postages many
Bttrlicg qualities for tx atnndard bear
er , it was concluded that hia dictator
ial brutquenoss and inhnrmoniou ;
methods with the national manager !
of the democratic pirty made it 1m
possible for colcolion to rest upor
him. His great ability was fully rco
ognizad , and it was agreed upon that
his candidacy for the spoakorship n
the next house should be , strong ! ;
urged , as it was generally ooncodoi
that Iliudall was no longer an avail
able candidate.
Regarding Judge Field , that gentle
man was meat favorably considered
.but his present gosiliou on the sc
piema bonohvfrom whloh'lt wOnld1" b
necessary for him to retire , seemed a
insurmountable obstacle.
Finally , when the name of Me
Donald came before the conference fo
ducusaion , there seemed to bo
spontaneous . . and unanimous accori
. upon his fitness. This roach ed a dr
l. | . groo bordering upon onthusumn. Hi
record was thoroughly dwelt upon
and the different members n
the conference discussed the sam
in all its bearings. His recon
upon the money question , and hi
o insistent , honorable and p&triotl
course , during the war , his earnes
and able support of , all wise meuuro
of reconstruction , his well known can
did , manly and fearless position upo :
thu tariff question , and the fact at al
times , on all measures , affecting th
good not only of thodemocratiopnrty
but of the whole country , lie ha
proven himself not only a doaiocr.i
of lifelong consistency , but a etatui
man of sufo conservative an
pitriotm methods. Another matte
of importance and Interest we
aho informally dliciissed. This we
in connection with the name of CToloi
el Nitasr of VVisconsin , nnd it waa gor
orally conceded that if this brillltu
orator nod most nblu man made th
nice for governor of Wisconsin no :
fall , as it In believed ho will , oocurln
un election , as would certainly JTBO' '
ho would lead the Wiooouuiu dolcgi
tinu to the next democratic rmUoni
convention , and take the second pint
on the presidential ticket so surely the
ho did so.
The Sioux Uommlmiou-
Special DUp&Ub to Tin ! ! .
YANKTON , Deoouibar G , The Slot
commission bait received the consul
of 20,000 Indians to thu cession of
portion of tholr reservation. I'V
thousand moro Indians are to bo Into
viewed on the subject. This willclo
the work of the commissioners ,
strong wind Is blowing and cousiik
able snow ia falling hero ,
Tlie RiiBor Routo-
g orvum irufHiMU * o Till IlKV ,
H LOUISVUIK , Ky , , Deooisber G.
o John Trinler and wife , of Chicag
n have boon in this city several daj
o stopping the resldenco of Fro
Sennlng , The former having lot
business at Now Albany , thin mor
ing , Trinlor cut his wifa's thrc >
almost frwm car to ear and then d
the oama work for himself , boiug de
when found. The wife is still liyir
J ( i but death is a question only of u f
to | hours. Insanity is the supposed cau.
A Lumljer Pool-
SpoclU DUipatcli to Till Su.
OUICAOO , December G. Tbo gone
freight agents of the roads runnl
to Missouri river points mot hero
ro day and formed a lumber pool to tn
roy. poluta. The question came up whotl
y.of a single pool shqnld bo in&de to
he points or whether U bo neparatod ti
ts two divisions , north and south , t
ns after dUouuion. it was decided to ri
reId the matter to tho' general mauag
Id for decision , Adjourned to the 31
o- tost.
England Protests Against Franco.
Protectorate * dver
Madagascar ,
The Fronob Expedition to Oea-
tral Africa Ready
to Start.
Gorman Politicians Splitting
Hairs While the Ministers
Increase the Taxes.
An IntoroatlBr ; Assortment of
Special Dtapttch to Till BKW
LONDON , Dtcomber G , The Central -
tral News announces that the British
ambassador at Paris informed Franco
that Kngland will not consent to her
forcing n protectorate onJMadagascar.
Von FJatow , the wolknown ) com
poser of operas , has become blind
from cataract of the cyo.
Trollopo is now snfforing.from con
gestion of the lungs and failure of ac
tion of the heart. Death ia near ,
PAHIS , Dnccmbor G. The chamber
of deputies adopted the estimates of
the minister ol commerce. During
the debate the minister of finances de
clared that the ! > ovorumunt felt it waa
time to ctop the inccnaant incroaad of
expenditure unless it wna intended to
jeopardize the financial equilibrium of
tlio nation.
HOME , December G Bertani , the
acknowledged leader of the radical
party , has taken the oath of allegiance
to the king.
BERLIN , December G. The Prussian
government will Introduce in the
buudsrnth n [ motion in favor of In-
creating timber duties , with a view to
deriving a largo revenue from forests.
Haonol- and sixteen followers have
written the progress ! committee nay-
ing , though in regard co co-operation
vtith other liberal groups , they re
mained In a minority against Riohtor ,
they would not sacodo trom the party.
They require , however , unconditional
recognition of their standpoint within
the progrpsaist party nnd demand ita
organization mid the official press shall
nor bo employed for combatting their
LONDON , Djoembar G. Larraon ,
who accompanied the Jeannette ex
position has boon engaged at Nalgotz
Island in search of the Danish explor
ing vessel Digmphna. The govern
ments of Denmark and Holland pro
pose an exploration with' , the ob
ject of assisting the Dutch exploring
( yo 8ca _ ' Yarnnjandplgmphntt. .
PARIB , , December G , DoBrazza's
expedition in Africa will iuoludo three
hundred negroes who will embark on
the gunboat Sagittairo at Senegal.
LONDON , December G. The Royal
Alhambra theatre burned to-night.
The andloncohad just retired. Within
half an hour the dome boll and build
ing and neighboring house were soon
gutted. Nothing was saved from the
obtained some sleep to-day. His con
dition to-night is moro satisfactory.
The British ship Fiona was lost at
sea with all on board.
The Collier has foundered off Ber
wick , Ton persons drowned.
PARIS , December G. It is stated
Duolorc , prcsldent.of the council , yos-
turday communicated to the cabinet
his reply to England's proposals to
Franca in regard to Egyptian control. .
It Is pointed out in parliamentary cir
cles that acceptance of the presidency
of the debt commission would make
necessary the maintenance of impar
tiality which would dulnr France
from defending her interests.
CAIRO , December G. In view' of
the disposition of Arabl's case , it ia
expected that all the leaders in the re
bellion except Suliinan Pasha will bo
DUBLIN , December G , The number
IX of ; agrarian outrages in Ireland
4 during the month of November was
4a eighty-nine. This contrasts favorably
ire with provlons lists.
rso \ LONDON , December G , In consequence
seA quence of unfavorable weather the ,
ir- transit of Von us is totally invisible
from the Greenwich observatory.
BERLIN , December G. The loss by
floods in Rhenish districts amount to
millions of marks. The damogo to
B , the town of IXinitbury alone amounts.
d. \o \ a million marku. Sixty houses
; scar Mayonce have been swept away.
at DURBAN , December C. The intel
I'd ligence Is received from Transvaal
ad tnut the Cr.lfrcB have been driven into
> g , Chief Mupoch'a caws. One cave has
ow been destroyed with dynamite and it
ewe i ) supposed fifty natives were killed.
The commandant and a Boor wera
aha killed.
LONDON , December 5. Stanford
Ing Court , Worcestershire , the country
to- seat of Sir Francis Winuington ,
ote burned tlui morning , together with a.
tier lot of valuable fine state pictures and
ute all personal manuscripts.
aid A BattinK River.
for Special DbpaUhtf to Tin Dig.
en COLOGNE , December 0. The Rhine
3th has risen thirty-one centimeters iluce
2 o'clock Sunday morning.