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A Fascinating Female and Her
Adventurous Amours ,
OlemoDB Gives Olara a Very
Unsavory Record ,
And Says She Hni Had Six Hnn-
An Intoreatlng Story With Another
Story "on tno 81dc\ "
A eommunisallon from our corres-
Bpondfcnt at Wtstberg , Iowa , a few
dftjo npn , published under the head
of "Cruel Clara , " attracted a good
deal of attention from those person
ally acquainted with either or both of
A BEE reporter wout to eomo pains
to look up the details of the case , Dr.
0. 1 . Clemens , the husband of Clara
and the man who walloped Hugh
Long , being a resident of thin city.
came to THE BEE office to have the
affair investigated and did not ask
credence glvun to his word alone but
offered to produce the .testimony of a
number of witnesses who had known
hid wife in Omaha as to her history
slnco she struck this part of
ho country. The story is a carious
ono and olio ITS what a woman of at
tractive appearance , lady-like manners
and fair education may do to make 01
mar a , man's life ,
Dr. Oltunens produced n letter writ-
tun by his wife's father and otlior
evidence , which goes to show that the
woman's name was really Elieiboth
S. Baahliue , daughter of Mr. J. M.
Baahlino , of Bauton , Pa. What she
was as maid is not recorded , but it
appears that while still a native ol
the Keystone Shito she married
a man named Garten , and removed
with him to Illinois , "The Suckoi
State. " She Dooms to have been
angling succoisfully for suckers ovei
Mrs. Garten first appeared in Oma
hi * about three years ago , and workoc
for a tiino for a man who waa notec
for his
and rotidincES to make nil ho could. of
of thfc uoccBBities of others. She sooi
after began to board with a respect
aola family on Hop : noy street , bat hoi
exchequer running low , and her wear
ing appcrol and all her earthly good
'falling into the merciless clutches o
her former employer , she was soot
reduced to beggary , which waa madi
more * horrible 'by sickness. . Abou
November Dth , 1879 , she was in
hut resort went to ahousi
kept by o woman who desires hoi
name suppressed , for relief. It wat
in short an assignation house , accorS
ing to best accounts , but the keeper
like many others in that very qnos
tionablo bueiness , is a w.-man not enl ;
of shrewd business qualities am
brains but with a heart for her follov
women. At this time she had
including only 0)10 ) light summer dress
a char g ) -underwear , by no moan
complete , and in short next tojiakoi
as well as poor. Her clothes had falloi
into the hands of hur creditor. Bh
represented horaolf to bo Mrs. :01ar :
D'Artnoy , said her home had been I :
California and that she was
She eaid that her father-in-law wa
a wealthy binkor on the Gold Coast
but -by some unlucky speculation
suddenly reduced to penury and hai
died broken-hearted at his reverses
his wife- following him to the grave i
few days later. Mrs. D'Artuoy an <
her husband had loft California n <
.gone .to Illinois , but
, at Bomeiinstitution in its native itato
whore It appears there was some hopi
of saving a little in time from thi
.general wreck of the old map for
Tune.She subsequently weno to Eu
. 'ropa with D'Artney , bat he di/d / there
indshe , returning > to IllinoJs/ / was si
badly treated that she could/iot stam
jt and came west. She litf. a vivi <
imaginatioQ and told /irondorfu
atorlea of her European U'Jr , ospec
lallv of her visiting the pytwular spoon
> -on
iiir MKn SK
whuro the children < / Israel hw
crossed over when llecln ? from Phur
aoh. Her desoriptlon/f this nslt wa
js graphic end patftotio ac Marl
Twain's vinit to the jtavo of Adam
Well ! Mrs. B'Artn remained at thi
lionao in questioner about thre
woeko. She
was brpkbu'up , flic !
the landlady say "
* nd "really to b "pitied.1 ' Therefore
her hostess , wbm we will oall Slra
Blank for warV of a better name , ont
-who lives on a/strcet that is not ex
actly Johusof Btroot , put up some o
her own hardearnod wealth , redoema
her clothes > r bought some new o.iei :
and in thoADgnaRO ol the poet ,
At the end of three week * Mrs
D'Artorleft Mrs. Blank's honsa ant
went o'er to Council BluUa , when
Bha ectored a notorious den and re
mime < for a while. D'Artney hat
been husband No. 2 , but the widow
had pot yet gratified her ooaring am
bltion , end soon the fell in with th
jnan whoso fate it was to be
This was a railroad man imc
Barkis , and "Barkis being wlllln" ahi
weut with him to Marysville , Neb. ,
vhere she paused aa hla wife ,
They boarded at a respectabh
Souse , and put on a certair.
mount cf style aa long aa the money
leld ont , when Borkia put np bu
watch far their board and they left.
The landlord of th.U homo says they
presumably by the fact of their unholy
illianco becoming known to the
lublto. Alter belcg trs. Barkis
or four months eho lott the
railroad man and returned
.o Council Blutr < i where oho again on-
orod the bagnio ahu had lott to go to
Harysvilo. Sha had in the meantime
copt up the story of her European life
aid experiences , at times stating that
icr father had been n wealthy Euro-
lean and had died and left her to
Oinra rinniuod at Council Bluffc
until May , 1880 , and then went to
HarlftV ) , Idffa. A fourth huaband
somehow begins to figure In the story
at this juncture but the light on this
mt of her varied conjugal relations islet
lot olcttr. All thnt is known of uum-
> or four is thnt
Thempsou with a p p-eaco to Mi
ishcs , At Harlan nhu entered the
ily of a Mr. Hurliss an n ncim- :
etrets. Hero she played the role of a
ady who had neuti butter days , and
old of her father's great riches and
oss of propnty. It appears that she
s oiio of nature's noblewomen BO far
aa appearances go. Her husband
ays she is very prcposaesalu , of mo-
Hum height and with
and raven hair. Htr most remarkable
cift , however , is the "gift of gab. "
She can "talk like a preacher" and
spi"3 yurns like an old salt , at less per
rard than prints can ba sold at a live
cent oauutor. She catches her full
every time and the next ono to
awallow. the bait was DJO demons ,
who mot , wood and won her at the
tlurllss mansion. This ,
do convonionca or otherwise , took
place July 3d , 1880. She wa < i then a
, ) oor girl , and the doctor spent bin
nonoy lavishly , gave her a comfortable
liomo , and in short was A dutiful ,
obedient and loving huaband , accordIng -
Ing to the statutes in such cases made
ind provided. They moved to Ash
land and then to Omaha , where they
rented onn of the Woodruff house ) ,
down on Eleventh street. The house
waa well furnished , and they always
kept n hired girl. Mrs. demons vis
ited Mis , Blank aa an old friend , and
[ n the world and she was very hnppj
indeed. She had previous to this one
ainco going to the Bluffr visitud Mra
Blank several times and had paid hoi
back in part the debt duo her , $15 it
all , Mrs. B , throwing off $2.50 foi
sweet charity's sake. It is inferred
however , that she had oomo gentle
men friouds who also called at Mrs ,
E.'B , for the latter says she remarked
at ono time concerning Doc's blind
ness to his wife's conduct. "If .Dot
ain't a fool he's
D D BADLY DtTPED. claimed that Clemens was awa ;
from homo a good'deal ' , on account o
his 'business as agent ; for the lowi
Stock insurance company , and tha
Mrs. 0. "got crooked , " sq much 81
much BO that-her friends "tumbled fc
it. " She took in a lodger , andho
husband coming home' found the cir
onmatances such that ho fired 'hlmfcu
bag and. baggage. He took room
across the street and it is said
in her husband's absenco. After thi
she grow still more bold , according tc
the story , and waa in the street toi
late at night and' occompanioc
homo by too many strange men ti
look well , yet all the timoTjho was pro
fesstng the greatest love for her bus
band and his-little girl , who lived
with them , and who figured extensively <
sivoly in the case later on. At thti
stacn of 'ho story Mrs. Blank nncon
sciouoly dropped
which is not bad , as viewed from ho
standpoint , She said , "Now , mister , '
( to the reporter ) " 1 don't blame i
woman that la poor and driven .to ttu
wall for taking a Jriend , but when i
woman has a comfortable homo and i
good husband1 and then snaps up othei
men she in worse than a holy devil.1
Jnst how deep an expression of dis
gust this ia may bo imagined , and thi
philosophy is not badly at fault. In
deed Mra. Blank herself has
She is a delicate looking little wo
man on the eliady side of forty ,
blonde , vivacious and business fron
the ground up. She was widowed bj
the war und left in < ( vtnsan with threi
hjjlploeo littl"i childron. She came ti
Omaha , washed and ironed , nluvei
and toiled and at length concluded tc
make her money by "lotting ou
rooms. "
and they aru now able to take care o
themselves , and aru comfortably am
tcspectivoly Bottled dowUvSh < r'aTs1
caved enough to bujs-n-WtTacre farm
and recently divided it equaly nmonj
tfcojchlldfon , with a proviso in writinj
tLat aho-'was never to bo allowed ti
como to-wont. "I've got it little rol
i dhb the bank , tliout-h , to fall baden
on , " eho aaid "and don't expect ti
suffer. " Besides this ,
is under the cure of the (5. A. it. , am
one or two other aoeret bodieu evei
older , and has Implicit confidence tha
the good deeds her husband -did an
traaaoces laid up , and that the bread
ho cast upon the watera will return to
her in the sunset of life. But tils ii
not Mrt. Blank's story , and wo retun
whoso capers came to a close on thi
7Hi of November last , when she lof
her homo and husband and , with an
other married woman , wont to Iowa
ostensibly to help the latter ont o
Borne trouble , but probably intendinf
to look out for a good No , G. Shi
went to Maryavillo , taking the littli
girl along , mot Hugh Long , and won *
with the latter , It is said , to Arllng
ton and began living with him as hu
wife. She taught the little girl t (
call him Uncle Hugh , and forbade hoi
under penalty" of being "throwi
down the well , This it u laid came
A ) - - . - .
out on the trial after thin
latest domestic arrangement wan
broken up by Dee Clemens' '
unexpected appearance on the
scone. The letter sayi Long in
structed the wctnan to oomo back to
Omaha and got all out of him that
eho could and then return to Blan-
obard whcro they would livo. This
3ho visited her homo in Omaha nnd
took away what she could ( the dootcr
says she had run him in debt already
many times and kept him cramped for
means ) , but the shipment of hot Bow
ing machine led to the discovery of
lor now lynne , and the doctor a few
dava ago'pnt in an appearance very
suddenly , nnd as Mr. Long was in
clined to question his rights ho
p scd. through n little experience iu
.ho justice's court , all as related in
THE BEK , and with the little girl re
fined and in his paEsotBlon
tack to Omaha to live out the stigma
hat a faithless wife had cast upon
ils name. Uo proposes to remain
lore and show that his lifo hag not
seen utterly ruluca by woman's per
fidy. The principal point now iu dis
pute is in regard to.
Mrs. Clemens claims that it is hers
by n former marriage , and Olomona
that it is his by his first wife , Olara
being the doctor's second wifo. As
the latter has possession , nine points
of the law are in his favor. Ho
showed THE BEE reporter a postal
card from Wastburg stating that Lang
and his wife were riding aronud to
gether since his visit to them , and it
nay there fore bo presumed that aho
will cling to the now man and take
cliancea on the result. .
Running Down Doaporndoos-
Special Dispatch to Tin BRB.
MODEULY , Mo , , December 4. An
exciting chase , participated in by o
largo number of citizens , occurred
lioro to-day and resulted in the death
of ono desperado and wounding of
two others. On Saturday three men
arrived hero and registered at the
hotel aa William and John Curry and
G. Smith , of Ottumwa. Yesterday a
citizen recognized them as Nicholas ,
John and llichard Oooko , three notorious
rious desperadoes , whoao homo it
at Mount Sterling , and the ;
were further identified as throe
of the four men whom the
authorities attempted to arrest at To
paka , Kis , , last Tuesday , and In whici
attempt the sheriff and an aid won
badly wounded. The marshal and hii
deputies approached them ou tin
street iu the business part of the towi
at noon to-day. John Cook at onci
drew a revolver and fired at the mur
ahal. Several Bhota were exchanged
Then the desperadoes started on .t run
followed by the officers , who kept npi
running firo. The fleeing men , afto
doubling for several blocks , came upoi
two saddle horses ( standing at a rack
two of them mounted and startoc
southwest , the third continued west
ward. Nicholas and John , the twi
on horseback , were overtaken am
captured , Nicholas getting a charg
from a shotgun in his head , whil
John was knocked from the nors
with a clubbed gun. The horses ala
were shot in several places. Richard
fleeing alone , was pursued by Marsha
Lynch and Thos. Haworth , and afto
several shots were exchanged , ho fell
mortally wounded , and died while thi
oflioorfl were bringing him back t
town in a wagon.
The British In Mexico.
Special Dispatch to TUB Bis.
CITY or MEXICO , December 5. Ii
an editorial which , it is understood
reflects the opinion of the Moxicai
government , The Two Republics aaye
"While the government is desirous t
settle the English debt , it will no
aeoume a burden that will prevent 1
meeting engagements with the Amor
ioan and Mexican railroad companies. '
The article censures the British polio ;
towards Mexico and sys it ia conoid
erod that the English debt might b
judiciously settled by Mexico payinj
ono per cent on the capital for th
first ton years , two per cent the soconi
decade and three per cent thereafter
the whole debt of $53,000,000 , with
out intoreat , to ba paid in fifty years
New Yorli'a New Code.
BpeciU Dispatch to Tui liu.
NBW YOHK , December 6 , The firs
case under the now penal code , whereby
by a would suicide is guilty of felony
punishable by imprisonment not to exceed
coed two years or a fine not more thai
$2,000 or both , was np iu the Ease :
market police court to-day. Charlo
Ftck , a Gorman tinsmith , was charged
with attempting to end hlq.lifo by iu
haling charcoal fumoa in his room
Daipondouoy at the death of hia wif
and children and business rovorpe
are -alleged to bo the i
- TfnlHnu : the Gambler-
BpodU Dispatch to TUB Una.
CHICAGO , December 6 , The polio
made n raid on the gambling house
to-night. Up to midnight five place
had been raided , including that of M
0. McDonald , known as the "bos
gambler" a prominent figure in Joea
politics. He 1ms heretofore eseapei
all pulls , and had been looked up t <
by other gambling house keepers fo
protection again" ! raids. A largi
number of the inmates were orroatoc
and the gambling implements confis
Clril Service Reform.
SpecUIDUpatcb to Tui ! ! .
BOSTON , December fi , U'ho executive
tivo committee of the civil service re
form leiguo sent a letter to all Massa
chusetta members in the present con
gresB. It appeals to them to support
the Pendloton bill , or nome tlmlla
measure ; that the present congroii
may not expire without emphatic ac
tlon by the Massachusetts delegation
In favor of administrative reform ,
Get * tbe Document.
Sptckl l i p tcli to Tun liKi.
NEW ORLEANS , December b , J
special to The Times-Democrat says
The governor , after AU exhaustive ex
amlnation of law and facts in the Kel
logg c&tO ; has given a certificate t <
Kellogg , In accordance with thelro
turns of the Third district.
The Attorney General Presents His
Yiows on Witness Fees in
Western States ,
The Utah Oommieslon Reviews
the Invisible Reforms Al-
rf ady Accomplisbud ,
Wonxsn Snffr Bo the Ohi f ObUnole
to tha Extinction rf
Iron Kelly uoportaHlo Dill to
Abolieh the Tax. on Tobacco.
SpcclM Dlipatchc * to Tut Bit. , v
WASHINGTON , Doe-ember D. The
ar route trial was further postponed
on account of n failure to complete
, ho jury.
The attorney general communicated
, o congress his views upon , the inndo- .
qtintoncsa of oumponontion of Untied
States in western states and torrl-
.orlcb. Ho bollovoa the present law
causes many suits on bohalt of the
government to fail because of the ill
will of witnesses , and recommends
; ho enactment of a lavr providing that
witnesses and jurors in California' ,
Oregon , Nevada , Colorado and the
territories bo paid , actual oipcuico
while attending court In lieu
of mlloogo and per diem now
allowed by law. Ho alao Bug
goat's as a remedy to overcome the
complaint bocauao the judge who presides -
sides In n district alao nit a in the
supreme court when his decision ia'.ro
viewed , that either an additional judge
bo appointed in all territorlee , , or that
a circuit judge bo appointed as in the
The warrant in the Sotoldo case wan
nolle proacqulod this afternoon.
In a report to the secretary of the
interior , rocoramonda that a marriage
law be onaotod by congress which
would form an auxiliary in , suppres-
nion of polygamy. The commission
say that , owing to the peculiar state of
aflairs in Utah , the territorial law al
lowing women the right of suffrage ia
an obstruction to the opoedy solution
of the "vexed question , " and should
be repealed or annulled by congress.
The commission say the law so fir has
been a decided success in excluding
polygamiats from the exercise ol suf
frage , and they are of the opinion that
steady and continued enforcement
of the law will place polygamy in n
condition of gradual extinction. The
commission notices on an encouraging
sign that many of the liberal meetings
have been largely attended by Mor
mons , and that these 'meetings ' have
bea"b. characterized by exceptional gooc
order and good humqr Tn concla
sion the report eay0-af > a hpbuiuoUin |
moderation , "if , howovor'tho ncx
session of the legislative asscmbl ;
.elected underthe' jaw. of congres
shall fail to respond to the will of th
nation , oongresa shall have no hesl
tanoy in using extraordinary measure
to compel the people of this terrltor ;
to obey the laws of the land. "
Bpttbl Diipatch to Tna D .
WAsniNaioN , December 0. ' In th
senate , Brown of Georgia presontc
the credentials of Barnes , chosen t
fill the nnexpirod term of the lat
Senator Hill. The oath of oflioo wa
administered to tho'now senator.
On motion of Senator Anthony th
committees as they existed at the clos
of last session were continued.
Eulogistic remarks on the death c
Senator Hill were made , and the seri
ate , aa a mark of rcspopt , , adjourned
House mot at 12 m. After readin
the journal , the Speaker proceeded t
call the committees for roports.xJVft
Kelley , from the ways an inoana
reported a-bill to abolish > ho intorno
revenue tax on tobacco , snuif , cigar
and cigarettes. Jluferrod to commit
tou of the whole and the minority
granted leave to file views on the subject
joct , *
sblr. Anderson ( Its. ) asked that thi
oill bo road"whereupon Mr. Kasson
in explanation , stated that the tax wai
taUeuofT tobacco In all ita forms , t (
ako offoot July next , and that i
strong minority diacontod from the
provisions of the bill.
The next measure ) considered wa :
the bill rop.oaling.thn provision of UK
law for payment of three months extn
wages to aoiimon , which : , ; provides it
lieu thereof that whonpi snaman ii
discharged at a foreign 'port he shall
bo provided with adequate employ
inont on another ship or furnished
moans to return home.
The report embodying recomuion
dationa on the subject ol the decline
of American chipping y the joint
ooramlttco was ordered printed.
A message from tho' senate announced -
nouncod the death of Senator Hill ,
and alter remarks by Mr. Hammond ,
( Ga. ) , the house , aa a mark of respect
to the memory of the deceased , at 1:3 : (
Annual Fair of tbo Uu'ttor and
Spvdil DUpUch to Tui lii .
MILWAUKEE , December 5. The na
tional dairy fair was opened formally
to-day with the largest display of ox-
hlbita ever seen , fix-Governor Wm.
E. Smith , of Wisconsin , Mayor Sto-
well , of Milwaukee , And John R ,
Goodrich on account of the merchant !
association , delivered addresses ol
welcome , which were responded to by
Austin Belknap , of Boiton , president
of the butter , cheese and egg aieocia-
lionj W. D. Howard , tyat-
klnaon , of the northwestern
lalrjraon's association , Hiram Smith ,
if the atato dairymen's association ; F.
\ Doxler , of the Chicago produoa ox-
hango , and T. I ) . Curtis , Srracuio ,
> f the Amoticftn dairymen's asaoola-
ion. To-night , the delegations from
iaoh ttato to the tenth annual convon-
Ion of the batter , eggs and ohceso
issoclation , handed In a Hat of lutnoa
o the committee on organization , from
rhloh to select judges on exhibits ,
'ho convention will convene to-mor-
o\f afternoon. Nearly five hundred
olcgites are in the city , also dologo-
long from England and Scotland.
'Parties ' Are the Instruments
Through Whioli They Work
. Their Will , "
And When They Booomo Lese
or Mora They Deuort and
Destroy Thorn.
The Political Gnipol of Governor
Clovolhml , of Now York.
pedal Diipatch to Tui DBS.
NEW YORK , December 5. Major-
General llanouok and at a IT and ropro-
eatfttivo democrats of this section
ttchdod n reception given by tha
lanhattan club this ovontnir to Gov-
rnor-olcot Cleveland. A grand ban-
not followed. The governor elect , in
tie course of hit response to the
ontimont , said : "I am quite certain
ho late demonstration did not spring
rom nny pro-oxuting love for the
iarty which was called to power , nor
.id the people place the affairs of
tate in our hands to bo by them for-
; otteu. They voted themselves nud
n their own interests , If wo retain
hair confidence wo must deserve it ,
ana wo may bo sure they will cation uo
o give an account of our stewardship.
Wo shall utterly fail to road aright
ho Bign of the tiruco , if wo are not
ully convinced that parties are but
nstrumonta through which the people
ple work their will , and that when
hey become losn or more , the people
locort or destroy them. The vui-
[ uishod have lately learned thcso
Kings , and the victors will act wisely
f they profit by the lesson.
jtf us not forgot that au intelligent ,
( linking , reading people will lo ; > k to
ho party which they put in power to
iupply nil their various needs and
wauls ; and the parly tthich keeps pace
with the developments and progress
of the times , which keeps in sight its
andmarks and yet observes those
Muss which are in advance , ant ]
which will continue true to the people ,
OB > well as to its traditions , will bo the
dominant party of the future. "
Ex-Senator Gordon , of Georgia ,
made the only other speech of the
Robbing tfce Mall * .
Special Diipatch to Ton BIB. -
A'CCaiOAOO , December 5. PreMdenf
Wb'ud , of the First National bank , o
Denver , has written two more lottort
to Chicago bankers in regard to thi
losses of his bank by mail. He.aayi
the losses must occur in the east aa
thna far the stealings have only booi
in thrnuph pouches to New York anc
Now England ; that ] wlthin the paa
year his bank has lost paper of thi
value of $500,000 , and the banks Ir
Colorado $1,500,000. Ho says hi
tried the policy-6fjjsilnco'for a ycarir
the hope the postofilco'departmon
would do something to euro the evil
failing in this , ho determined to trj
the policy of publicity.
Coottorill Exonerated. , f
Bpectal Dispatch to Tin llu. S *
Si.-Loois , December 5.-rrTllo gram
jury to-day appeared in the crimina
court and raado ay partial report
Among the blllsnorod wjfl tha
against John A.-'Cockerill , minagin
editor of th ToBt-Diapatch rfrho wo
charg ( d < with murder in too secon
degree for shooting Alonz/i W. Slay
.back. This is a complete exonoratio
for Oockotill , as under the statutes th
grand jury is bound to/indict , even i
there is only probable/cause.
A Mliplaoed Switch.
Spot-la ! Dltpatch to Tin Fun.
TOWANDA , Pa./December 5. Th
accident on the 'Chip Valley railroat
which occurred at Rummorlield , wa
oiused by u misplaced awitch. Tin
Freight train on the aiding was rut
into by the oxprws train. Eoglnoc
Foulko and Fireman Kingaland of thi
lnht train were barnod to death.
II. M , Mullen , brakeinan , wna badlj
durt. Both engines were badly wreck ,
od. Tno baggagoexprcsa ; and alooplnj
: each were burned , also the mails.
No p&saongorB Injured.
Belmout'a Bolt Aualuit Davojr
Sp cl I Ultpntcli 11 Tui Iln.
NEW YORK , December 5. The
criminal libel suit of August Bohnonjt
igaibat John Dovoy , editor of. the
truh ation , waa continued. Defen
dant w > a present , havingbeen brought
up frordHho tombs , where ho is.under-
lng Bent nee of thirty days Impris
onment forqontompt of court Aug
ust Belmont testified that when ho
saw the libel he went to Cardinal Mo-
Dloakoy , Vicar Qdnoral IQulnn , and
others , with a statement * < ) r the mil *
; ore , these gentlemen want to Djvoy
jnd endeavored to huvo vhim retract
.he article. Belmont said ho was In
; ho employ of Uothchllds as an apt
irontloo and clerk from the time he
s thirteen .years of ago till ho cune
to this country in 1837 , working with
out pay ,
Ghloun Brlef ) <
8p clU Dltpitch to Tui Un.
CUIUAOO , December C , The rail
way managers interested iu the war
on ritoa in the northwest left lo-daj
'or Now York to attend the coming
conference with a view to peace ,
The board of trade telegraph com-
) any to-day obtained temporary in
unction against the Western Union
olograph company , restraining It from
nterfering with the poloa or wires ol
ho complainant The suit is sup-
) OBod to have grnwn out of tno difll
inlty between the two companies nt
Evit St. Louis.
The propeller Michigan , of the
loodiioh line , which loft Grand Ha-
'on Saturday for a trip of only a fo *
lours , hao not been soon since. It h
cared she was wrecked in Iho lit urn
f that night.
Mr. Portor'a Plan to Create Ilnllroad
p clM Dispatch to Tin 111 * .
GHIOACJO , Djoombor 5. The follow-
ng statement containing the clearest
ixprossion of Sir. Portor'a views and
ntontiona rcspccling the railroad war
which liavo yet bcon printed ,
3ines from a gentleman cluscly nsso-
latod with him and ia mitlur.uivc :
"If the St. Paul road or its ODU-
truotion oompanlca build now linW
o points in the territory of the Si.
'nut and Omaha road , thus maVlnrt
uoh points competitive , the St.- Paul
and Omaha line will protect Its busl
loss at the best obtainable rated and
will decline to pool any business from
ny points with the St. Paul road.
ilr. Porter has no objection what-
vor to the building of legitimate
nd necessary lines , but .does
bjcot to railroads being built by
oustrnotlon companion in the interest
of the Milwaukee & St. Paul tiAlciala
and directors into territory whcro no
ocond line is needed and where there
a not business onoagh to support
von ono line , aud afterwards soiling
uoh now lines to the 0. M , , & St.
'aul company at an immonsd profit
over their cost and then demanding
hut such competitive butilnosB bo
loolod. Such inditcriminata building
> f railroads is of uo benefit to the
onn try ; on the other hand it ia a
losttivo injury. It destroy * the con-
idonco of the people In railroad BO-
uritioa and uUtinatoly brings with it
inanoial dlsuatora , pMiics , etc. , and at
ho satno time nccossajily increases
ho coat of tratmourlutiuii. "
GouiaExplnlas Hi * Baton to Tezai.
Ipeclal Dispatch to Tilt Unt
NEW YORK , Daocmbor 5 Goald
explains that the change in the rates
of freights to pointi in Texas and
jouislana applies only to freights bo-
weeu these points nnd Eist St.
Jouis. The Cairo Short Line and its
outhern connection , the Chicago , St.
Jouis and Npw Orleans , are carrying
rcighta from Eiot St. Louis and
potnts common thereto into Toxae
and Louisiana. Gould , having located
catod hia clock yards , freight dopotc
and other terminal facllltica for the
Uinaouri Pacifio system in Eist St
[ jouis , _ saya the freight rates of St
[ jnuia proper have merely been a
bonded to East St. Louis , who/O n
largo part of the manufacturing establishments
tablishmonts of St. Louis proper arc
located and that as the Mlfsourl Pa
clfia system has a loaaa/oi the St.
Louis bridge this Is merely Ignorlnj
bridge tolls
Grave Ro1
Spodd Dljp kch'WjTi .
PniuSBLVHiiJ3oceniber B Franl
MaNtooe , "Dutch' ' j SSC vG J
Chaff thb lattbr cpJoreowero arrest
od/foAt night , wbilo idrlvlng u wagon
containing five dead bodies to the medical
ical college. The bt/uioa / were atolnu
from Lebanon cemnory in the lowoi
part of the city.Two , morVarroatt
were made this mornipg. \
They were ( fivin u hearing at the
Ono of the criminals
police court to-aay ,
inals toatlfied/o had boon employed
in the comot/ry eleven years. Body
anatohiugjhaG been going on ninoyears.
The record of bniiala at the came-
tory BhowfU in two montha , fifty-five
bodjoa burled in ono gruvo. The
.ptatomoni' created a nonsatlon among
the audience. The dcfondatita were
comniitiod in default of 55,000 , The
policc/non with great dllficulty pre
vented the crowd from lynching the
criminals , who were conveyed to the
Olieitnut atreot central station.
Opening of the BontliornPnolflc.
Special Ul > | > atcli to Tim DEK.
'LOUISVJLLIC ' , Ky. , December 5 ,
\spcclal train passed through this
city to-day on route for Sin Francis
co lia the now Southern Pacific line
through Momphla and Now Orleans.
0. 1 * . Huntingtoti and Charles Crock
er and W , E , Brown , of San Fran-
olaeo\woro of the party on the train.
Differential Rate * .
Sp lul lAii.alcir to Tun UKK.
NK Y01" Ddoombo'r 5. Thn general -
oral pMVeugar agents of the Grand
Truulc Jlflps bpg u to-day n aoriea ol
aonnioua tf ooustdor the question o !
diiIdrtinUa\r- > tea bdtwoon intermediate
points ,
About DoUTor
Special UifpatcU to Tin Dil
DKMVIJR , * December 0. Jamea A.
Fleming who IA Kinking an artesian
well ( it'll point 103 miles euat of Den
ver , on a ( jovoriimunt contract , this
morning struck a fbnao gravel deposit
olfjhb foot in thickness , with a hard
saudatono bdd.rook , 'which ia the bed
sf G. subterranean streanryvath an inex-
liauatiblo flow of clear wafer.
The directors nf the National Min
ing fc Induetrikl oxpositiou < held a
meeting to-day , Ut wh'oh it was de
cided to open th\ > exposition dh\tho
I7tli of next Jidly nnd continue
through August an tjeptombcr.
HpocUl Dlip&tchu toTuiVu
Loumvjr.r.K , DflcemVkr .5. Tha cottou
expoiitlon will bit open 4 to the public Iu
Aunmt , 1883 , and conthme three months.
COLUMUIA , B , 0. , December G. Gov
ernor Thomp.wn wa lua'ugiirnted. United
States Senator llatler wiu re-elected.
IhoiiuoNi ) , Vm , December 5 , William
II. Tuluiau wag Ityllctcct nn the charge ol
forgery In connection with supplemental
uHjoisment Hat ) . Several ether employe *
In the cominlnloner\f reveauos1 oltice are
under arre t. V " ,
COTTAM , Ont. , DecViber S.-r-AsCuney
jwei as a sleeping roouvlgr laborew hurnwl
I&st nluht , and three iomneeii { lerkbed.
NKW YOIIK , Dectmbef tT t he khednla
filed .In the alignment ol Jacob Van
Waujfener to II. K. Thurber , t te the
liabilities , $758,877. Nominal auieU ,
Siar.,010j actual oiueti , 3165,716 ,
NEW YOHK , December 5\- , Theodore
weaton , M heavy real edt to oii\r tor made
n awlgniaent to-d y. ' \
The InnooontSiinplioityofAraW
Shown to ; His Love Letter
to tiio British ,
The AuatHnn Budge r. Shows
the Uaaol Annual Defloit
G.F Monnrohioo ,
TrlolofthoOffloers of the Dofnnat
"Ojalon Gnnernlo" Bonk
of France. V I
TnoTouo nnd the Czar Sottlo. Ibolr
DiflT.ironcoa ona Embrace.
t * '
pcol l DUpntcl'c * to Tun UKK.
DUIILIN , Ddcbmbcr C. Of 200
pocial jurors mmunotiod for the win-
or aostsos , 117 aUondcd. 'J'ho nb-
ontoos were fined twenty pounds each.
DKIILIN , December 5. Von Bojan-
) wski , consul Kouural to London , , will
> o appointed director of the ministry
of foreign affairs.
LONBOK , December C. Arab ! Pasha
writes ho would prefer to live iu DA-
imacus , or-if that is impossible , in
jpndon , Uu cxprcdBua contuntmunt
with hia lot bacauao ho knows hia mis-
ortuno has been the moans nf securing
or the country ho loves the liberty
and prosperity it doaorvca. Ho feola
sonfidont when England carries out
lor good work she will pornilh him to'
return. She will BOOU learn ho waa
10 robsl when ho eot himself nt the
load ot the pooplu , who wanted noth-
ng but justice ,
The roichsta ? reassembled to-day.
Dr. Dunajunslci' , Austrian minister of
tinancc , aubmittod the bndgut for
1883 , showing deficit of 31 600,000
iluriiiii , Thn taxes of the tirat itiuo
mouths in 1882 included an' inoreaio
of 18,300,000 florins , ua oompured
with ( thoBO epllcatod during. thfi nmo.
pt-riod in 1881. Tha condition of the
treasury , the minister naid , ia ex- ' \
tromcly favorablu. The government
will bo able to pay off unsecured
credits .to the. amount of 14,200,000
florins. After deducting an outlay for
now railways and Bosnian oxponors ,
there ttill bo no adiniriiatrativu deficit.
I : la' probable a coiioidorablo portion
j > f Iho dt licit for 1883 can be met by
cash in hand from the current year ,
so that it will only bo necessary to roBert -
Bert to a vote of credit for railway
works and for expenditures in Tyrol.
PAAIS , December 5. The trial of .
Bontoux , president , Fader , manager
of the Union Genoralo bank , suspondpd
January latt , began fo day. Bontoux
said hn was absent when the company *
speculated in ita own shares. Foder ;
aaldtf ( the issue of 100,000 new nhares ?
IjiUlOtbDOustC pc'dby thodowafillof J
the company , and if speculator * who- '
bought aharts had paid for them , thfire ,
would have been no deficit in the com
pany's treasury. The oflioial liquida
tion of the Union Generate estimated ,
if legal decisions already given were
maintained , the ahum holders would
recover CO per cent of th'.ir losses. ' 1 >
BEULIN , December 5 A majority
ayuirmt the biennial budgets has boon
secured in the reiohstag.
TItl-tl. OK ItlOTEllH.
VIENNA , December D Of the
eleven , poruons arrested iu cunncction
with the riots in the ttuburba , eight
were sontouoed to imprisonment , and
the others acquitted.
LONDON , Docember.D The Bulletin
to-night relative to Postmaster-Gdn-
eral Fawoott's condition , stated the
Fever was pursuing irregular course ,
and causes great anxiety.
The queen will receive tho. Mala-
oa ; sy embassy Tnotd.y. A private
letter from Aladagntcir tlatta the ,
French gunboat left Tum&tav releasing
the Malaitassy war vcHsel , from Em
bargo. The guubont'd deatinatlo'n in
A vessel toundurud oil the Tyno
mouth , all on board drowned.
BERLIN , December 5 The parlia
mentary situation and Egyptian ques
tion wtiro Bubjoctaof disounsion in the '
interview yeatcrday of Bfamirck und
the ompuror. The emperor expressed
aatisfaoiioii with Bmimtiok's policy.
DeGiora , lluasian foreign minister ,
will make another visit to Varzin.
UOMK , Djcornbor C. DaGioru to
day had another private audienuu
wi h the pope. The interview ru-
nultud In a satisfactory settlement of
a basis for arrangement of quoitlona
nt issue between Russia and the Va
tican , especially one relating to the
nomination of .bishops to Polish sees.
OAIKO , December 5. The kin-dive \
4jw boon , informed that the English
ubvprnment recommends General Sir
Evelyn Wood for the now Egyptian
army.v Arubi writes a letter thanking.
Englan&for ils interposition on hie
IaVEim > OLDicsmbor 5. The
Allan line steamer Peruvian from
Montreal , while-catering the Mersey
this morning collided with an un
known Btoiimer , ijhe Peruvian was
considerably damaged and lies sunk
off Crosby beach. Tno crew and pas
sengers were saved , \
ODESSA , December 5. Solomon . .
Haokor , a distributor of revolutionary * '
papers , /tap boon sentenced to xen .
year * in the mines . " * . , I
' j * y
LOMDON , December 6. It is rumor'k1 *
od that the Bishop of. Winchester will '
succeed to the Archbishopric uf Can *