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    rmn ? v piT-.n\T \ II A NOV F ili 2o o >
Over Olio Million DoltorpaDay
Pouring Into the Coffers of
the Govern lent.
Some Important Figures From
Several Branches of the
f roaaury Department.
The Cost of the Diplomatic and
Rsyeuuo Service Bonds
Held by Banks.
Jl Fcntnl Coavoutlon Cotioluiloil
With IJolulnm Anidiutrnl
Spoclixl DUpatch to TUR DBS.
November 21. The
annual report of the treasury shows
the receipts of the povornmciit exclusive
sivo of public debt , during the fhual
year ended , luue 30th , 1882 , § 403 ,
525,250 and oxpenditurca , uxclusivu
of redemption of pnblio debt , § 257-
081,439 ; that 17,124.190 le altctldcr
notes ropacsonting § 78,077,301 moro
counted and sent to thu commiUoo for
destruction and othord issued in place
thereof. Total tonnage ot the coun
try 4,105,923 tons in 24,308 vosbola
The nutubdr of vuatola built was
1,371 , tonnngo 282.G70 tons.
Thu annual report of the auditor ,
Alcx'andor , piusenta u. nummary ot
foreign eetvico of both dtplonuitio r.v.d
consular aud of reeoipes and ixpuu&ca
uf niterpal revenue. The nccuunta ot
miniaturs and others in the diplomatic
nervines show they were p ml for tsal-
utiea $310,211 and fur contingent ex
penses § U9 429 , the ontiru cost of this
branch of service boitiR $379 -
040. Although the revised tariff
of fees , which took effect in October ,
1881 , " sajs tha auditor , "materially
received the charges for certain ser
vices , yet the fees received this yar
ara $47,387 in excess of thoao for 1881 ,
shoftiiijiu duuidud incruaeo in the bus
iness tranaacttd. " Anew feature cf
the report ia an claborata table indi
cating the sources from which official
foes are derived , at each consulate.
Thia shown that of the fees collected
only § 120,900 18 were paid by Amcri-
cm vessels , including extra wages ,
which amount to § 33,581 47. Dur
ing the year 1,380 destitute American
seamen were relieved at an avers ga
cost of $22 50 each. Of the ? GOOuO
appropriated for relief of eoimen , less
than § 7,000 have been used. The
auditor diecuises at some length the
subject of relief to seamen , in course
of which he eaya that careful
study of the returns show that
about ten per cent of those
Wreli6vd ar < ? " $ v'nfif tejc.n , " and. reconv
rnemlo that consular cilicrabe author
ized to relieve this class of seatnuu
only when it is satisfactorily ascer
tained that desertion is justitiablo , ro-
gardlcss of the neatnan'a citizenehip.
The reports show that caah deposited
for the jvnr on account of into'-nal
revenue xiuountod to § 14C-1U7,024 ,
total exp 'ioiturea for colltction bolng
§ 5OUO 027.
Thocomptrollor of the cnrrancy has
V complmed nia annual tables , shcvving
the amounts of United Sia'tes
bonds held by the national banks ,
state banks , savings banks and private
bankers on the 1st of November , 1882 ,
and also showing the amount and dis
tribution of coin and paper currency
of the country tit the samu date Tlio
national banks held on N/vombar 1 ,
1882 , aa security for circulation and
for public Ufp mits und for other pur
poses , § 390,538,400 of interest bear
ing bunda tit the United Statea. Tnis
is Hourly § 30,000,000 lets than the
amount held on Novimber 1 , 1881 ,
and about 57,000,000 less than for thu
corresponding ditiu of 1880 Bank
ing associations other than national
hold these bondts aa folluwa : S'uto
banks in twenty BIX 6tateeS8 739,172 ;
tract companies in live ututw , $10 ,
931812 ; aavinus bunka in fifteen
BtUss , § 2,17,780/142. There has been
during the last year a decrease < f
about § 2,000 000 in the amount hold
by state banks. The amuuntiiuld , by
geographical divisions , by there anso-
ciationa in 1882 was aa follow * . West
ern states , § 42,007,248 ; roiJdlo statos- ,
§ 192,135,229 ; uouthern Btatrs , § 208 -
350 ; southwestern tWev , § 3,300,414 ,
Pacifio alatos , § 20,020,175 ; total ,
§ 203,400,420. These ra'urna have
been compiled from , reports made to
the officers of different atalua which
have been f jrwarded by them to thu
comptroller. The intercut bearing
funded debt of the United States v/an
on November laat § 1 418,080,2CO ; to
tal amount of bonds held by nation it
banke , state banks and savings banks
at nearest corresponding dnta tlmt
could bu ascertained wae § 076,039 357 ,
which amount is not greatly IUSB than
one-half of Iho whole interest
bearing debt. Similar taols
have been alao asceitaltied
from returnn made by ct.ttu banks ,
savings banks and ptivato bankers to
the treasury department fur thu pur-
post ) of taxation , showing that the
banks and bankers of the country ,
exclusive of national batikr , held un
avomgo umount of United States
' bonds during the six months ending
May 31 t laat , as follow t ; Hi vim a
banks , § 42,028,782 , ; ntato baubn and
trust ciiitiptvIeB , § 23 211,430 ; private
I bankers , § 14,870,745. Amount of
bonds given in return to co'wuusiuwr
of internal revenue , which in Una
amount invested iu Uniied StrtHb
bonds end may include 11)9 ) premium
as well as the principal of bonds , is
§ 10 050,000 more than the amount
obtained from the returns to state
oBicore. The difljretice it small and
the amounts obtained from o o source
orvo to corroborate the general accu
racy cf the returns obtained frcm the
other , In referring to the distribu
tion of coin and paper currency the
comptroller says ; "From November
l r , 1881 , to November 1st , 1882 , the
production c.f gold by the Belncfe of the
United States is estimated at § 4'.t-
359,021 , and the umount of gold
exported from the country in excess
of the amount imported Imn hcmi
830,122.53(1 ( ; difference , § 7 230,385
The director of the mint estimates
tlmt § 27,000 COU ot th s amount IMP
been'tued in um , leaving § 4ool , > ,485
the increase in the stijpkof jjulil n.-
tuninitiK in tt'i country and ftvnimblc
for circulation exceed of
imports of gold ever exports from
rifttn of redemption to November 1 ,
1882 , lias been 3101,311,578 , , aud the
total gold product of the mintn of the
United States far the eamo period in
estimated to have been § 147 509,021.
This is the iirot year since 1870 during
which the exportation of gold has
exceeded the Importation. During
the last two months ( September
aud October , 1882) ) the imports have ,
howoverolightly exceeded the t \ ports.
The amount of standard silver dollars
coined during the year has been § 27-
657,175 , and the total amount coined
up to November 1 , 1832 , since the
iiKBsago of the law of February 28 ,
1878 , nuthnriz'ntr ' their coinage , has
bee § 128,329,880. The amount of
j > old coin held by banks on January
1 , 1879 , was § 40,000,000 , and on No
vember 1 , H-82 , § 112,000,000. The
amount of silver coin hold by those
institutions nt name date was , re
spectively , § 0,000,000 and § 8,000,000 ,
and of currency § 107,000,000 and
§ 134 000,000. Gold coin hold by the
troinury on January 1 , 1879 , waa
§ 112,000000 , and on November 1 ,
1882 , § 148,000,000 Of Mvor ! at the
corresponding dates , § 32,000,000 and
0123,000,000 , nnd of currency , § i4- ,
000,000 nnd § 20,000,003 , miking an
aggregate of the amount .of coin and
currency hold by banks and the
treasury of § 552,447,473.
Special Dispatch to Tux llsit.
WASHINGTON , November 21. The
postmaster general , on bohalt of the
United States , and the Belgian min
ister , on behalf of Belgium , have
agreed to a postal agreement between
the two countries for exchange of
money orders. The agreement will
go into effect January 1 , 1883. Hero-
'toforo exchanges between the coun
tries named were effected through the
intervention of Switzerland. The
postoilico department , decides where
communications by the hcktograph
process mailed a-i circulars without
uvidoDce oi the fact , tha matter is
subject to brat-class rates of postage ,
Rear Admiral J. Blakoly Groighton
has been , at hia owu > , placed
on the retired list , having bocu forty
years in the naval somes , Ills re
tirement ; will notcauao any promotion ,
as under the recent act promotion can
only be made on every second retire
ment until the number of roar ad
mirals is reduced to BIX. The number
remaining is now nine.
, Argus IJord , postmaster tA Laredo
Texas , lids been afistnib'sed lor ombtx.-
zliug postal * funds , and Henry A.
Burulurd appointed to the vacancy.
Senor Netto , Brazilian minister
hero , in an interview to-night Bays
the published rumors of a coming
conflict between Brazil and Argentine
Confederation o or a disputed piece
of territory are entirely unfounded ;
not even a whisper of a rupture of the
friendly relations hitherto existing be
tween thojo two countries haa yet
reached diplomatic circles in Wash
ington. While it is true that diplo
matic negotiations between tbo repre
sentatives of the two governments ro-
upecting the disputed boundary ques
tion nro now in progress in Bnutios
Ayrcs , still it is not true that they are
likely to resort to arms to settle the con
troversy. The negotiations.Nottosays ,
are btn g conducted inu fr.ondly way.
The political relations between the
two countries are of the most friendly
character ; their commercial inter
course and trudo relations are cxton-
tire ur.d mutually profitable , all of
which justifies the hopu and expecta
tions that an amicably and oatUfac-
tory adjustment of the difficulty will
soon bo reached. In this connection
it may bo mentioned that Senor Notto
will honor Seuor Dominguez , the
newly appointed minister of Argen
tine confederation , with A dinner on
Saturday night next , to which the at-
titchoa of the legation have been in
Thu oration which it was expected
Str.nley Matthews would deliver at
thu opening of the Garfluld memorial
fair will probably not bo delivered ,
trouble having been exportoncod in
uccuring uae of thu aenato chamber
for the purposn
Gonld on Watered Stocli.
Special to Tim DKX.
ALiiAwy , N , Y. , Novcmbar 21 , In
the matter of tbo application of W.
U , Oimcron and Jay Gould , stock-
holdois of tha Mutual Union Tele
graph compiuy f ir commencement of
uction to vacate the charter of said
company , hearing was had baforo At
torney General Russell to-night , The
application is bawl on thu ground
that the o'liripany his illegal
ly issued § 10,000,000 Oipita.1 stock
when its authority is limited by
law to iisuo § 2,000,000 ;
also that § 5,000,000 of bonds were
iasned in payment for construction of
telegraph lines worth $3,500,000.
Counsel for the petitioners held that
the attorney general mun graft the
application because the Mutual Union
violated its charter in increasing capi
tal beyond thu limit fixed in its article
of incorporation and becaunotho stock
so issued had been illegilly divided
among the oflicors of the company
under guise of a construction contnot.
The attorney general took the papers
und reserved his decision.
Bnrularjr and Kidnapping
Special Dispatch to Tin BK ,
MILWAUKEE , November 21. The
Milton ( VV.'s ) poattfluo was burglar
ized last night. The safe was blown
open by moans of giant powder and
? 1COO m money , watches and jewelry
taken. The tools for the burglary
were taken Irom thn section house of
iho railroad station , Rcgi.itorod lot-
torn in the oflico were not disturbed.
Four weeks oUpsod to-day nine"
Maggie lloniticko , the 12-year-old
daughter of C-isper llci.nocki' . , of the
wealthy firm of 0. Iloi.nccke & Co ,
disappeared , nnd no trnco is obtained
de pito the &i 000 reward ofluml.
The chief of poire of this city thin
afternoon received a tuli' i"\m from
Goo. M. WalUng , superintendent of
[ > olico of Now York , aikiug whether
iho girl hud been found , the authori
ties of that city having.found traces of
a girl strongly resembling young.
A. Variety of Opimono Ooa-
cernkip : the Depression
of tbo Mnrket.
"Ball Movement , " nPlon. ac
High Tariff or "ii Aotanl
A Hull Movement-
jpocUl Dttpatclt to TUB Us *
CiuuAcio , November 21. The
throat of the steel mills of this dis
trict to ehut down , iu view o the un-
proBtablo outlook , is the genlral
theme ot convocation- y. Said
one gentleman well vcrsud in the
Onancoa and business of the country ,
when talking on the subject ' 'It ap
pears to me the relations existing be
tween the railroads and thu iron mills
of this section is somewhat cirdial
and favorable for a bear movement on
iitocks. Perhaps after a few weeks ,
when these get low enough and when
thu small fry are fciiwn out and the
Uigd fish have been fed to their satis
faction , the railroads ' .nil etop nutting
rates and the mills will conciu Jo not
to etop. ' . '
Ia view of the near approach
of cold weather , master bricklay
ers have concluded vo accede to the
demands of journeymen that they bo
paid for a full day's work on the
schedule , ono hour short on Saturday ,
and the strike is at an ond. The agreement
mont will last till January.
A Tulle With PittsTjnrg Iron Men
Special Dispatch to Tint UK.K.
PiTisutmo , November 21. An old
and extensive manufacturer WON in
terviewed to-day on the iron and Btool
outlook. Hot-aid : "Thu decrease in
the price of steel was perfectly legiti
mate and was caueed not by any one
man or not of men but by the natural
sequence of events aud laws of supply
and demand. " In seventeen years' ex
perience ho had never known the Bteel
bimnaia to bo aa dull as at present.
Pigirou is so low that it is made at n
loss and while qroy forgo is quoted at
$20 50 and $21 , dealers willingly
cut thcso figurts and sell at from $ H
to $20 per ton. In gouoral the bud-
nesooutloDk is otniooai and of hii
own kntfwjpdco ho bflow of
lirnia wlfo'mndi } hcuVy calea in Chica
go at two and one' quarter cents.
There might boa slight revival on the
first of the year , when railroads paid
dividends and money was a little
more plentiful , but by April trade
would bo extremely dull again.
J. D. Weeks , secretary of the Iron
nsociation , takes moro hopeful views
aud gave as an explanation of the
cjmscs which led to the recent reduc
tion in price of Bessemer steel rails ,
that-whon the country had recovered
from long depression of business ,
great activity in railroad building
created a heavy demand for rails and
for a while a largo amount was im
ported , but soon the Bessemer rails
reached out for this trade and at once
all begun to enlarge their facilities for
production and the work of extension
hac been going n ever since. The
production has steadily increased und
this } car the consumption of pigiron
was greater than the entire outpat in
1875 It is probable that the danger
may bu overrated and readjustment of
price of labor and material may prevent -
vent any further scare. One thing
I believe , thut establishments in thia
locality can run when western mills
may be compelled to atop When tlio
panic struck the country thu western
mills were first to succumb , while
Pittsburg concerns ran on. It h u
fact during the depression there was
periods when moro iron was made in
Pittsburg than had been turned out
when everything was booming.
Phllndolpliin Iron Workers
Special Dlspattli to Tim DIP.
I'jiiLAiifcU'UiA , November 21. The
Philadelphia icon und stool men do not
believe the report from the interior
and west mean depression in
the industry. livery rolling mill in
this city is tunning on full tlmo and
there is no prospect of a reduction of
wages or workin timo. At the
monthly meeting of the proprietors of
rolling mills of the city yesterday the
prio of iron for the ensuing month
was fixed 25-10 per pound , a reduc
tion from the last fixed rate in Feb
ruary of 2 10 of a cent. According to
thu schedule ol wages agreed upon in
the mills between the manufacturers
and workmen the reduced price iron
brings the workman's wages down 5
per cunt. This reduction will go into
effect the fust Monday in December.
Tlio ICnmaa Cyclone.
Special Dlaputcb to 'lu U .
ATOIHSON , November 21 Pali official -
ficial returns of Iho state election in
this state show : For governor , St.
John , republican , 75,155 ; Glyck ,
republican , received 03,207 votes ;
Gilbert , democrat , 00-18l , und Elder ,
reenbaok , 23 211 ; plurality for
itnith , 38 781.
Tables supplied with the boat the
market atlords. The traveling public
o'aitn they get bettor 'accommodations
and moro general satisfaction here
than at any other houBo In Omaha ,
Rate , f 2 per day , aug2ltfra
The "Kilmlinliam Treaty" to
bo luveslj&totl by a Com-
uiiituMf Parliament ,
Qa-onjfTalka to Uor So- !
dtf rs , fasSDeoorates Three
Bieinarck' u Laboru to Effect
FolifclcljOctthtioa Prove
of the Btlml Qed
Ao8 in Si-eland Yho Joyoo
The Plants or Arabl'd Counso ) , and ,
Other Matters.
EpoclM Dispatch to Tun llr.n
iiuau xryAins IK THE COMMONS.
LONDON , November 21. Towards
the oloso of last MTuninvV Hoosiou of
the commons Glndatono moved ad
journment of deb ite on the procoduco
rules , in redumption of hiu proruUo to
give Yorko MI opportunity to move the
appointment of a select committee of
inquiry into the rolcaao of P.u-noll ,
Dillon iind O'Kelly from Kihuainhniu
jail. Libguohicru , by opposing iho
motion fo "adjournment , talked out
Yorko'o motion. Unluss the government -
mont was given oatuf.totory assurance
Thursday in rogtud to the uiraara of
runt act , PiU'iiull will move thu ad
journment of the house moidurlooall
attention CD the threatened failure of
the net.
Gladstone refused to allow Yorker
fimhofopportumty in discussing the
Kilmainhatn ad'itr. In the discussion
cf tlio ninth i.roceduto . tulo rulntivo
to sujpeuuion of numbers from Hrrvieo
of the house , Nolun , member for Galway -
way , referred to thu suspension of
Irish memtarn. Uu tinted on thnt
occasion liu received a communication
from the ok-rk of the houao asking
him if lie * wished to banuapended.
Lord Randolph Clturchill eaid that if
after the statement nindo by Nolun ,
Playfair did not explain the matter to
the houBp , ho ( Plnyfair ) would
have proved hiirsolt utterly irmcpici-
latod f jr liis petition as chairman of
the committee. After EOIIIO discuat-
ion the subject was dropped. Gliul-
atone olfored a motion , which was
agreed to , that the term of cuapeti-
oion for a second affenao bo reduced
from a month to n fortnight , and that
for n third cll'jnso it bu fur a month ,
instead of for the remainder of tlie
session. Debate then adjourned ,
WiNiison , November 21. The
total number ot decorations presented
the KJj-.jw t/jjdayj including , , thofo
uivoit thw Indian contingent , " wa3 S/JJ.
The Prinoa of Wuloa and nearly all
the members of the royal family wcro
present at the oponmg caromony.
The queen , in conferring the decor
ation , said : "I have called you hero
to-day to express my beat thanks for
galantry and devotion you displayed
in the short bit decisive campaign in
Egypt and aay how proud I urn of my
soldier * and sailors who have added
Iresh laurela to thoao already obtained
in previous campaignx , and of their
devotion to their queen and country , "
At the close of the queen's address
three lines of tnon retired , leaving the
queen facing the commander of the
expedition and naval brigade. Con
ferring of decorations then begun ,
cite the articles of thu Ottoman penal
and military codes. Broudlcy and
Napier , counsel for Arab ! , in a public
letter contend to bo convicted under
these codes , the rebels muat have
waged a wn < * against the Hultan. Thle
letter also declares the prisoners will
prove the porto approved their action
from firat to last , and thattho khedive
also , lout ; bsfore the commencement
of the war , wavered between the ret
rograde party and the nationalists , but
that , after the arrival of D < > rvieoh
Pasha in Egypt , ho acquiesced in
the early of resistance.
Uroadlcy and Napier chit fly rely
for success of their ease or proofs thut
Arabi I'jialm really lauded the na
tional movement nnd was ( supported
by nearly the whole of Egpt , They
will provo the r--cnnt war wa * the
moat hunuuilatiun known in the his
tory of tin. nation , nnd tint the ef-
forla of the loadc-ra wore uniformally
diruccd to nucuru oafety of person
and property.
There is reason to beliovn the opium
junction ivith Ohina will soon bu set-
tied If thu Oliofno convolution is not
ratified , t , Fottlumont will bu made on
thu lines of that instrument.
DUJIUN , November 21. The re
maining four men charged with com
plicity in the murder of the Joyce
family , at TJaalnbrams , who had not
boon broucht to trial , to-day pleaded
guilty nnd throw thtmiBolvoa on the
clemency of the crown. They were
sentenced to death ,
Thrpo of the men ( sentenced to bo
hanged for the murder of the Joyoo
family arrived in Galway this even
ing under strong guard , They WPTO
hooted at by a largo crowd , Af'or
the conclusion of the Joyce minder
trial a yourt ? man who had been onn
of the armoi parly which attacked
house ! ) in Chunty Oluro , wan eeiitcncod
to seven yeiuu penal servitude.
LONDOK , November 21. Albert
Pell , member of parUament , started
for America to iti&pect and irqniro
Into the largo cattle ranches of the
west. Sir , IMl is a farmer In LOICHB-
torshiro and first chairman cf the
central chamber of agriculture ,
PAUIS , November 21 , The cham
ber of deputies adopted the bill ratify
ing Deltmzl'a treaty with the Congo
chief Nakoko. Duoloro , president of
the council , said the elocution of the
reaty could not pirn rise to any dim
culty. Duolcto n'so road the text of
th troixty of 1810 wWi Portugal , lie
pointed out thnt it reserved nil right *
of Franco. The Kovernnumt , he nniJ ,
will shortly n > f for H vianl ot 200,000
'nines for D-llntm' * expodinon to
liable him to o * < t > bi < h ' wnlvc cioti-
iflo , commercial and hotpit.U dUtioni
along the Oon o river.
Btrnnnl , a nii'tnbar of thi * intttu.v
.ional soaioty , w i nrrestxifl to duy in
o nntirchisl demonstration at lijons ,
ciiRKiu.Nd TUI : cr.An
ST. PKTKnsnunn , November 21.
The omperof wul omproia drove
through the city Sunday in an opun
nlod t ( Aliohaolctr palace. Ao they
passed through the Btrooto they wuro
jri-etod with the greatest euthueinom.
They visited thu ridiug nchojl nt
tnchod to the piliico and rvttonded
church. Subsequently Ihoy , ? iuwod
a regiment of guards who p.aradod in
their honor.
BRHLIN , Nuvombeir 31. The pro-
puealu ot tlui government ni okotchod
In thu spot-ell from thu ihrono eon-
ttnuu to occupy the nttuntion of party
lo.wera. Aa regards abolation of the
four Inwoit st otuui class tax cormorv-
Uves t\s'"t > to vote the proposed ro-
initsiou , leaving the nnnner of making
up thu dulioit an opun OjCuation. Thu
national libcr.-Jn , before committtnu
thunib ( > lvuH to ndclinito courao , will
await detailed rxpl.uiivtions from the
Kovcrninont. Tlio ministerial propo-
oitinn to iiupusu a licjuso tax upon to-
biiooiitnd Epirilunu : liquors rcoiivwl
oant eupporb from atiy parly. The
dlllcronoua oxisuug hutwuou Uiohlcr
and Hanoi will bo submitted toado-
cioion to thu cantr.\l committco o5- the
progrcaaiat pu-ty. In thu meantime
Uictitc'r has rofuscd to represent thu
p 'fv in dob' to on the first rcuJing of
iho budget.
TWO I'EEim ,
LONDON , November 21. Admiral
Sujmour und Gon. Wolsely nro ga-
The report that England had ob
tained ciuuont of thu khidivo to ces
sion of Masaowuh to Abysatnia ia tilll-
ciiiUy denied r.t Cairo.
LoMiN , Njvombur 21 A dispatch
from Viuuiiti s ya Ihu visit of Do lorB
to 13innatck in conuidcrud a guaruntuo
PAUIS , November 21. The Temrs
regfttdii thu visit ot Dtgk'rs a fore
shadowing iv reno.val ot the alliance
botweun the ompr.Dra ot Germany ,
Austria and Russia.
CH naiiT :
LONDON , November 22. The Datly
Tologrnph caya : A communication was
received lail evening from a gentleman -
man in the confidence of the envoys
of Madagascar stating thattho French
authorities threatened , unions their
termn am'at oucj acceded to , they
will nend a telegram ordering l < Vonch ,
fun-boats to attack certain ports in
' ABAltl's BEP1NIKR | '
LONDON , November 21 Bcoadloj
Imn not withdrawn from the defense
of lobel prisoners at Cairo. Urn with
dr.wal WAS from the nitting of the
commission of inquiry Saturday ,
QUEIIEO , November 21. A telegram
gram to the mirinu department re
ports the steamship Wc.irmouth , Cap
tain , which left huru for Lon
don Friday , with a cirgo of dual ? ,
wrecked during a gulo and snow
storm on the north ii.iud beach , JVIug-
dalon iHlaiid , Sunday night. Thu
vessel broku in fjur pieces. The
crow ell purishcd except four.
LONDON , November 21. William
Brookalhw , charged with minding a
threAtening luttur to thu Princu of
Wales , wiin found guilty und sen
tenced to 10 yonw1 penal servitude.
PAHIH , November 21. ( Jncaeinoes
ia caused hero owing to thu dUmUsal
by u financial calnblishmont of 800
clerks und the closing of many of its
branch houcca.
Dl'iatrlirs to Tin llKr.
Nf.w Voitv , Nnvfiiibfr 21. Edward
ni'r , liiothtr of Mr Genre ( Juries , of
I'lio Now Vcilt 'llinrH ( ilnl rit lili late
rchldtnco in Jt icho > ter , N , Y , , after a liii-
ihcfH. Ha WAS 70 yimra ulcl ,
CI.OUD , Minn , Novomlor 21 ,
Cb ( tor Wullu , duuof Hun , 11. 0. Waito.
nemtor , wliiln on hlu way to Oohl
g < i in the wuattin part of lliu cjunty ,
WJH btoppid by nia-ked lobhoin , who pie-
eunted u rill to hlu head iiuil uonipollcd
l > lm tomirioudor SI , 001) ) In lili ponso. iun ,
Nu tiato of thu lilHliwaymcn aa jet.
] ! ) , Va , November 21 , Jainos
A ( Jiw..rdln ( fuuudttr unit eilltir of 'J'lio
Dlipatcli , died Mi aftt-rnoun , need 7
Tnov , Novoiriber 21. A twelve pound
can of pnwiler explo ltd to-day in thu guo.
thop ot NuJn'in Jjawlv , wieclun , , ' IhuHturo
nnU probutly tutnlly burninK Win 1C.
i , ton of the proprietor. KJyiug
liadly cut tha proprjutor ,
i'FALO , N Y , , Nuvuinlier 21 , Jnmes
8 , llimlioii , provident 1. 1 thu Urte county
Buvluua bank and nromlricnt vus.iel owner ,
dii-il tii-d < y , nu'Hct UJ ,
J'IIINOBION , III. , November 21. Arthur
Bryiuit , brother of tliu late William Gill.
Ion liryunt. luoldunt of tliU city , lun Just
auirereilaiiipiititluti : of liU too which wan
attacked t > y Kiirt'CU , Ho U over 80 year *
old uud thu cu < u IK very hluiilur to tlutof
li jvernur Hei dtickH , of Iiull na ,
KJIKIMAN , 111. , November 21. RfiifBlo
KliR-li cuiiiiiillted biilciilo by takini ; mor-
phlno , Ska hud bee'a rulnud by the son of
a lUitt | < t proachiT ,
I'liiCAOO. November 21. The latpr-
Ooum'd Klihnrt , Ind , , uiieulij i uyn tlds
altenioou H , linker and W Uainoin ,
wlillu reilrh't ] ; a leach tub In the puprr
mill , wuru piuclpttut d Intu tha bollini'
lliUld | by 'ho drunk Intf t a board uud MO
lml I y tiuilded that the lleuli dropped i If In
placed. Neither cuu live ,
Cuue Cod Cauul-
S | > ocbl DUpatch toTiiiIIix.
UOSTON , Novt'iubjr 21. Oiptain
Ndthan Applotoii states tlmt Do Lat-
Hopa and General Turr , the Hun
garian canal > bnild r , will bo interest
ed with him in building the hhip
canal aorrm Capo Cod. The applica
tion on iilo in thu state house aji
throa yeixrb will be required to coin-
pleto thu job with $2,000,000 or $ ! > ,
A Few Railroad Sliriokors Strug
gling , iu tlio Waste cf
Numoroua OnncHdciteHLinipintt
Aboulxin Sctvroh-Lf Leg- '
lalatlvo Spoile.
JCho MounpnlUts VixlitJy
ouOautroUluR the Homo
nml Oomailttoo
Tno FJsures of tbo election Wnrn the
Itoeaeu of Tbclr F to.
LINCOLV , Nob. , Nov. 20.
To Tlw IMItot ot Tun HRK.
The text adopted by Papo Hob :
"What Shall Wo Do to bo Saved , "
tan been adopted for the luot ton
duya by , the railroad ringstors , and
they have , aa yet , no very aatisfactory
answer. The rather othorial Htory
ihtvt both the U. P. and the B , & M.
iavo "gono out" of politica does not
catch many gudgeons ; that t'.ioy have
icon "knocked out" is apparent , but
whether they will como up again is
: hu only question of difference.
Mr. S , S , Reynolds , the now sonu-
: or from Butler and Polk , wan down
last week , and promises to do aomo
good TTork for hio conntituonta thin
ining winter. Jake llubbcrts was
liero to-day and ho wears a very largu-
uizcd chip on his nhouldcr ; hu looked
113 though Uu WIVH djing to liavu aomo
railroad striker troid on the tail of
his oDat. Your correspondent ran
against David Ilutlur the day ho left.
D.ivid eays ho calculates to how the
paoplo that "thuro is n God in Israel"
nnd wo are rather ineltnud to believe
him this time , David ia rather far-
Kcoiug and ho can road the inscription
on the wall n.H well as anybody. Just
what shoot hu may tnko to win the
United Statoi sonaturship no ono can
tell , but as the anti-monopoly chute
ii the moat promising ho may bu ex
pected to fall in and dress up with
the boys that nro on top
Thu lailroad attorneys are very
busy ciphering to BOO how they can
elect a speaker a "republican"
opoakcr who will lot them diatato
the cnmmittcce , but they have very
hard work of it. Gere , thn monopoly
atalisticiun of The State Journal , has
no trouble by figuring in the two from
Ncmaha , thn two from Butler ( Rob-
borts and Jansen ) and the two from
Pawnee ( Qamphroy and Walkory , bul
later returns from those localities leads
your correspondent to bollovo that no
1 republican" caucus will eve :
patch him , Sulf-Bacrificing states
men MO limping around the ring
ainco theTth tryiuij to gathorvotoa
for cocretary of the B5nhto , Amonj.
the limpiost and lamoist are Wai
Soeley , who claims to live inLancas
tur county , and H. M. Wells , late o
the Crete Union. Walter exhibits
list of democratic voters which he
claims ho purchased with money fur
nished him by Chairman Boggs , pi
this county , and has the amount paid
sat opposite ouch name , and points to
thia list with much pride and claims
the support of all true republicans for
such valient services. Sincu thu returns -
turns show an anti-railroad senate ho
limps a little in the loft hind leg and
has no doubt been "scratched" f or thu
race. Next on the lint ia thu heroic
Iloraco , of Crete Union notoriety ,
lloraco never dreamed of such an
earthquake and ho is completely foun
dered ever the cold dash ho rucuivud
whilst an hot. Ho has been led off to
the otable with a red anti-rheumatic
blanket over him. Uoracj is a good
ecorcr , but hu ia troubled with Ilitu-
knoy and makei a very indill'eront
race. Ilu "could have been ro-oluotud
to the senate , but don't want it , you
know , " BO ho o.iyf. Nuxt after
lloraco comes the elegant Sherwoud
Burr , of lullmori ) . Mr. Burr made a
very acceptable secretary and if nobody
comes up except the Subloya and thu
Wolleea hu will bu ru elected , aa ho
deserves to bo , No ono has been
iround yet to look up the chief clurlc
ship of thu houoo , but the next train
may bring up a dozen.
Humphrey , of Pawnee , is spoken offer
for Rpeakor , and if ho is only straight
etraight on thu main question ho will
nako a good onu.
Whodon , of Lancaster , would make
t good speaker , iit.d but for the fact
.hut ho headed a railroad ticket would
nut bo bcatun , and may make a strong
run us it in ,
Who will bo deputy treasurer ? Who
will bu deputy secretary of atateV
\Viio will ba Gov , D-urea' piivuto sec-
totarj ? Thesu questions are asked
about u hundred tuned a duy and the
ucho nnowom , who ?
Onu thing oertiin , Gad Slaughter
will not bu deputy treasurer , for al-
, hout > h ho counted Clark in before thu
upublican state con volition , thu voters
nwu counted him out at the polls by
4,000 msjority.
Mr. 11 iggun had settled upon a
statesman for deputy Hooretary of
state , but such a BOindal haa broken
out huro about him that lloggou
will not daru to tuko him up
utilefia ho courts contempt from all
who love virtue and good behavior
[ f hu does thu doUila will bu sent to
i'ui ' ! BKK. Who will bo Gov , Dawon'
vbt' ) Bicretary no onu here knows
Humor nayo thut Warden Nobtis in to
stop down and out and SheriiT Oorrun ,
ot Gage cuunty , ia buing Urged for thu
The election returns from all coun
ties except D iwuon give D.iwes 42,055 , ,
Morton 28,453 , IiiRcraolI 10,070. Mr.
Djwt > 8 can thank his stars that
thu clumocratB did not give the "anti-
mono p " full credit for the otrcugth
they claimed , or a fusion would have
resulted in the dufuat of the entire
republican ticket , as it did iu tin
cues of Clark and Gere. A fusioi
between the democrats and anti mo
nopolista iu the Second congrosatonu
Hsltict would have defeated
jiird , as the following vote
hews : Ltird , 12,083) ) Moore , 10002 } {
Harmon 3,070. Mr. DAWCS and hia
iollcagucs on the ntato and congress-
dial ticket will plcaeo observe that
lotbtng but a Btraightfortvard courao
vill ever ro-uloct ono nf them. No
ruckling to rMlrondc , M r. Dawea and
tlr. Laird , but stand up for the poo-
'lo as jou have promised and make
ID tnistaloi ,
The votes for rego.fcaro not opened
t and will not bo until the 27th , but
republicans generally concede the
ilrction of Burks , and are alnd of it.
W. A.
Ho Sklrja With tfeo Drldo of n Koir.
uoy DruRgtat-A Brnitotaftn
Spoctnl Dliuuh toTimllra.
KhUNr.Y , Nub.November SI. A
rom.xnco in real lifo occurred this
evening , in which an Omaha drum-
ncr was the hero. The marriage of
our young drugRint , A. J. Shepard ,
to M"iss Brown , , formerly n milliner
n his employ , was arranged to tnko
ilaco , but thrco hours before the tlmo
the drummer anil bride skipped with
a livery rig to Hastings , leaving our
druggist with htn elegantly furnished
rooms in despair.
A brakomau by the name of Da-
Long , on tho' Union Pacific railway ,
while climbing from a box to a flat
car fell and nix cars pasaod ever him ,
him instantly.
Dottrnntivo mid Fntal Firo-
Spi-cJul Ultputch to Till Dm.
w-Ni'is , November 21. A lire
occurred this morning in thu Gallon-
dar buildinp , a brick structure , which
resulted in a ccrioun loss of lifo. Tha
building IB four stories high aud occu
pied mostly by jewelry ahops. The
lira originated in a roam near the
stairway , cutting off escape from the
upper otoriea. The employes niado a
rush for the windows. There was no
flro escape on the building. A panic
eimued. Just across the alloy-way ,
about fifteen foot wide , at the end of
the Oallondar building , was a two-
story wooden structure. The help
rushed for the and of the building
fronting on thia alloy then a panic
ou&uod. The roof of the wooden
building was about twenty feet below
the window Bills , where the excited
girls \voro congregated. Persona In
the roar crowded and pushed in
tlio act of jumping and many fell
short , others wore injured by being
jumped upDii after they had reached ,
the roof. Two pirls were instantly
killed and six fatally injured. A ,
number of others were badly , though
not ccrioualy hurt. Lota on building ,
Up to this hour only 3 victims of
the disRatcr have died two girls
bbforo repotted nnd Thomas Mann ,
foreman 6 ! the Ilofclusau joivolry-
shop. There is no hope for Mary
McGally , Mary Cuddy and Dslia Ga-
zott. Sixteen others are injured , " 3
severely. The remainder are in a
hopeful condition. The loss by fire
to thu tenants ia § 29,000 , to the build-
in i. 850,000 ; insurance $35,600. The
inquest begins to-morrow.
Iioolilnn After American Shipping.
Special Dispatch to Tim HER.
NEW YOUK , November 21. The
joint aoloct congressional committee
on shipping this afternoon hold n pri
vate session and discussed various
pointn presented by thoao who ap
peared before the committco , no far as
they related to legislative obstructions
to successful running of American
vousels in foreign trade after they are
built. The committee unanimously
concurred in the opinion that all auch
legislative obttructiona should bu re
moved , and Senator Conger and Rep-
rcBontativen Cook and Dinglcy were
appointed a sub-committee to draft a
bill in accordance with the views ex
pressed by the committee. It is in
tended to have the committee report
at the opening of congress. Questions
relating to free fthlpa and rebate duty
on materials or building vessels to bo
employed in foreign trrdo were re
served for consideration at an ad
journed mooting of the committee in
Washington , December 2d.
Tbo Railroad Fight.
Hptclal Dispatch to Tun HBK.
OiiiOAflo , November 21. President
Cable , of the Rock Island road , in tin
ntorviuw to-night said the only basis
on which hi.a company will auttlo the
present war on rates from the north-
vest is 30 pur oont. of the business to
Minneapolis and 20 per cent , to St.
L'aul. Till thia is conceded ho
ussurta the Rock laland will continue
to fight.
Another Pnol Petitioner.
Special Dispatch to Tim DBS.
Sr , Louis , November 21 , Oomtnia-
aiouur Midgloy hud a confurenco here
this uf ternoon with Capt , Rogers , gen
eral manager of thu St , Louis & Sun
Francisco railroad , regarding the ad
mission of that road into the Colorado
pool. It is understood matters wore
favorably arranged and that admin-
tion will takn place at the next moot-
ini < of the pool.
Murilor nnd Suicide.
Hic-d | l Il < i > atili to TllR 11KB.
Fno.siimiia , KY. , November 21.
A murder and BUioidu took plaoo yes
terday near this place , the parties be-
in < ; a young man named Cook and
filits Austin. The latter , a cook , has
been paying attention to her , Yes
terday he called Misa Austin aside
and deliberately shot her through the
head. Hu then shot himself in the
region of the heort. Ho fell , but
sprang up and ahot himself twice
through the head and bath wore dead
wiihiu five minutes.
W o4 xJylug.
Special dUpatch to Till BKI.
NEW YOHK , November 21. Thur-
low Weed's condition has changed for
the worse. Hia domlso is but a ques
tion of timo.