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    I *
of the universal success of
Brown's Iron Bitters is sim
ply this : 11 is the best Iron
preparation ever made ; is
compounded on thoroughly
scientific , chemical and
medicinal principles , and
does just what is claimed for
it no more and no less ,
By thorough and rapid
assimilation with the blood ,
it reaches every part of the ,
system , healing , purifying
and strengthening. Com
mencing at the foundation
it builds up and restores lost
health in no other way can
lasting benefit be obtained.
7j Dcatbom Aye , , CM'ago , NOT. 7.
I lu e been a ret mlTerer from
o very weaU tomachlieariburn , ami
ly ptpilalnitiwoi tfonn. Nearly
evctyllilnff 1 ate civc mo cntre ! ,
and I could eat but little. 1 hare
lrledevcryllilnfrcconn ; > eiidedliaY
taken the jir cripti"nt of n uoien
piiyilelam , butROt < " > relief until I
look Drown' * Iron llillcti. I feel
none of the old troubles , and am a
new man. I ftm Retting jnuch
ttronjcr , and feel fir t-rate. I am
a railroad engineer , and now make
my trip * regularly. I can not nay
oo much In pralte of your wonder
ful medicine , D , C , MACK.
docs not contain whiskey
or alcohol , and will not
blacken the teeth , or cause
headache and constipation.
It will cure dyspepsia , indi
gestion , heartburn , sleep
lessness , dizziness , nervous
debility , weakness , &c.
Use only Hrown'f Tron Bitten mide Jiy
Hrown Chemical Co. , Hiltlmore. Croiicd
t red lines and trade-mark on wrapper.
Every Cornet ia warranted Balls-
Jootory to ita wmror in every way ,
or tbo money will ba refunded by
tbo person from wboin it was bought.
The only Corwt pronounced liy our l * dlnp rlij , . * _ _ _
ot Inlurloa * to the wearer , nnilcndnrvodur lodlr *
the "muitcomfortiiblo and perfect lUtluc Conwt aver
* Uda' "
' rnlOEHby Mall.roitnzol'oldl
Hwdth Prcicrrinc , 1.CO. Hcir.AdJuitlnir. $1.00
Abdominal ( extra licnTy ) $8.00. Nuritaa , H.OO
' coulll ) 8.00 , 1'aracoa
Health I'mervlna ( One
BUlrAapportlne. 1.00.
For ale by leadtnc Jlctall Itenler * overrwhcrc.
OIUOAQO COliSUX CO , , tiblcaco , 111.
They enrnaw ml other B for e&sy ildlng. ityle
d durablfity.
J They are for onlo by all Leading Oar
Inge Builders and Pcwlors throughout
"ho country.
Foreil b
Henry Timken ,
ratcDte nlBnUdcrof Fine Carriage ! ,
11 Jim
Otrici PCRCIIAHIVO AsuDr.roT , 0 , B , )
OUAIIA ; Ni'U. . November 10. 1882. )
Sealed proiosali. In Uupltcato , tublcct to the
usual conitiUoin\\ bo rceclrcd at this otlko un
til 12 o'clock noon on Dcecnuer till , 1R8L' , at
which UiiiB and iilaca they u 111 be opened In pres-
unco of bidden for lurnU.iing and ilelh try at the
nuUUUmc-0 ttorchouee , or on earn In Omaha ,
Keb. , ( If on can after Inspection and acceptance
at ploco of packing , ) as may bo required by the
kutaUtencu dcitartmcnt , la ) barrels ] rk , light
mcu , tobo dclltcrod by January Ctli 1KK1 : fXUUU
pounds bacon , khort clear bides , medium wuglit
and thickness ; pockcdln erate ; , utr ppiil , ol about
' 10 pounds bacon caili. Kaeh pluco ol baeon to
bo 00 } ercd with cotton clotli : all to bo clellvervd
by January Cth IB&t.
The goM'rnment re cr\es the rljht to rele-cl
any or all proposals.
lilink proposaU and full Information as to the
manner of bidding , tnd the ternu of vontraet ant
pax merit lll bo furnUhixl on application to this
Ko proixwol lll booonklderod unlcus ooc5in | > a
nled by the Drlntod "liutruetlons to bidden , '
to bo had at this ollleo.
Km elopes containing pro | > o ali nhould be mar
kixl , " 1'roiKwaU for nuUlitiiifu ktorcj.'anj ad
circtsod to the undcnlgnol. ,
no > H-Ct in 0. B. , U. 8. A.
Andull other fir Fill Pia'it'n ; l rx
meet orcr thowu lu Chic vo-
l.'t4 free , tend for it
Hiram Sibley & Co. ,
(10 04 pondolnh Bt. .
Theli i to merit mid ispeilor quality of ou
Gold lc ( > ] 'tcco bus induced outer tnaqnfac'
Xurer * tq i pea tti muVet oodj iluillar ti
, . , , , t.ur brtnttln nuuio tqd ttylq which are oOorei
* and toldior luJipmcy than the genuine ( loli
, Kope. Wo caution tbe t ad * and coneuuer to f e
f that our cuno and trada mark art upou eac
lump. Tbe only irenuli > and orjtioal Quid Uop
Tobacco b uuuuf&ctund by
Scnndal in n WnahlnRtou
City Hoiol-MidnlRht
Tumble FiHbtln "My
bor. "
CircHticatl Oommett l&l.
BALTIMOUB , Norombfir 13. A
apeolnl from Wasliinnton eaya : For
eonio dayn paat the donizen.i of a fish- :
tenable lip-town hotel have been dls-
cntscing with bated breath tha dotnil.i
of n toiiidnl way up in r.ocioty. At
first the mailer was jwilously guarded ,
but of Into ltd unsavory odor haa be
gun to percolate thronph the veil of
Hccrucy that nurrutiuda it , and your
corrcepondunl fcula no further hesi-
Uncy In milking U public. _ The dra
tnatia pcreotto are a higt troftd-
ury oflicial , famous for hia w\- \
lantrica , n dashing young widow ,
and a clerk in tlit * at ate dupirtmont.
MM. U. , the lady in qnention , niado
hnr dohut in Wnithington last eprinf ;
Without quoting Jhe extravagant lan-
guagu of her udinirers , U ia nafo to
* y ho is very hanttiotno , n trillj
under 30 years of ago , with a form ox-
qu Bitcly molded. She was a notnan
to be envied by her ex and ndortd
by men. Ifor faoj ia nol ulrictly
boautifu ) , judged by n hi h atandard
of beauty , but all the moro dangerous
bocauie of itn wonderful fassinalimi ,
together with that intangiblequality
known na pornoual magnotiam. A
Boatonian by birth and education , n
thorough woman of Iho world in nil
thai conntitutoa tact , ndroitnoas and a
knowlcdgo of human nature , oho
npeedily beoamo a favorllo in that ao-
luct circle to which her talonto and
lettera of introduction admitted hor.
Among tbo gentlemen who ilutter
r.d about her wan the oflicial npokoncf
aboro , and who , for convenience
fiako , will bo dceignated ao Mr. Q ,
Many and frequent were Uio curtain
lectures which O. received from his
wife , inopired by hia attontiono to thn
fair widow , but the effect aoomed leak
upon him. Day by duy ho grow moro
faacinatcd , until at last the old dowa-
( era voted it scanduloun , and poured
orth their sympathy , well mixed
vith innuendo , into the willing ear of
la angry apouao. What exasperated
licm the moro wan the widow's din
toot bohavior. Llko Cnmr'a wife ,
ho WBO outwardly above reproach ,
nd the breath of ccandal could find
o lodgment on the polished front
tie ahowed to the world , Still
tiero waa nn indtfmablu some-
ling nbont her that made the
'iaoaoron aunpcot that all waa not
ight. Her moana were not ample ,
tie would say with ohanning naivottc ,
> ut novortholcaa aufiicicnt to supporter
or genteelly , i have uaid all the
cntlomon paid court to her oharma.
'horo ' waa onn uxccption , the atato
opartmont younj ? man. Inatoad of
ollowing htr about , happy to bo ro-
rardcd with a amilo , hia manners
were cold and distant. People mar-
olcd nt thia the moro whoa it was
iscovored that the widow enter-
ainod n real penchant for the hand-
omo olurk , buc hia deportment was
Iways the same atndloualy polito.
Ono night last wool ; \vhonthohoneo
waa wrapped in slumber and cuoh
irtuous matron alocpin ; ; the sleep of
10 just , n succession ' of ecreamsbroko
30 atillneas. The Bound proceeded
rom the direction of the widow'a
paitmonta ; soon n number of white-
iiooted tigurco , issuing from the dif-
cront rooma , hnddlod together in the
mils and corridors. At lent one moro
mid than the rest turned the look of
ho widow'a doer. It was a curious
poctaolo that presented it self. Prone
pen the floor lay the official and the
lork. The latter was ou top , poand-
ng hia superior with all tbo weight of
im vigorous fisto. The widow , attired
nly in the moat abbreviated of gar
ments , vainly csaaycd to part thorn.
It Booms U , had long suspected
ffhat wan a revelation to others in thn
louso. the intimacy between his mis-
: OBB ( for such aho really war ) and the
lork. On the night of the opiaodo ,
eng after ho had retired to rust , ho
ay tossing about on his pillow , a prey
o the ijloomioat thoughts. The de
mon jealousy had seized upon him and
o could not ahako it off until hia
oubto were removed. Ho stole cau-
iously along until the widow's room
was reached , The door yielded to"
ia touch. The paa burned dimly ,
ut there waa sufllolent to provo his
uapiclona , Maddened with raga ho
onfrontod them with hia presence ,
'ho lady burst into tears and begged
orgivoneas. Not ao the clerk , no
truck 0. full in the faco. The two
men clinohud , nnd then followed a
trugfjlo , during which chaira were
vorturncd and the furniture einashcd
euerally , but the clerk wna the bet-
or man. Ho pounded G. in true
ugiliatio style , and would probably
itwo killed him but for the intorfor-
uco of the apectatora , and now a
uit for divorce ia on the tapia , a
vhilom Booloty belle haa fled the town
nd a government clerk' ia out of neb
ob ,
What Wo Want.
Giro Homeopath bis pollota , Allopath
ila pllUj but for rhouinutlsin , for aches ,
or palna and apralai. THOMAS' KCLZOTIIIO
) IL Is luelfably superior to either. It haa
leuefiUed BB many people us it hna had
purchaeers. All drugf'UU tell It.
Mootlue of the Fraternity of Goo
ninsr , Hoia in Hansom Btroot ,
. 'bllidelphla Vrc .
"No washoo to-day alleo samoo ,
lioap fun , mucheo dllukoo , oteo ,
aatco , ou n spleo plica samoo like
'Mclican man. " Such was the greet
ing & reporter of the Preen received on
entering the wash house of Quonj
Sing Lunif , on Simoom street , above
Seventh , yesterday afternoon ,
"What's the matter , John ? I don't
want washing done to-day , " said the
vliltor ,
"What wantco ? "
"What does ull thia sinning , ehout
ing , drinking and feasting mean ? "
"At thia last question , the two
dozen or moro almond-eyed patrons p
the opium pipe , who were assemble *
lu the wash house , ceased their chat
ter , and a titmice foil upon the group
To nil further questions theywor
dumb , and thouph the reporter triec
hard to fathom the mystery of a rea
room , frpmwhlch the sound of merry
making and the clinking of ghuac
came forth , he was soon compelled b
the strong fames of opium to rotrca
to the atroot , 1'horo he mot anothe
ono of tbo tribe , who after a moment'
parley , explained &a well as ho couk
the cause of the feasting and merry
making of his countrymen. (
Several daya ao there arrived in
thin city from Bofcton no less a trtwon-
ago than L-JO Chew , n real Chinese
mandarin , and the only ono in
America who Is allowed to we r n
moustache. Tit * oominj ; to thin city
was tha cause of great rr joicing amoi g
the Ohineee , for J-o is ono of the great
Btory lollcra of tha nation , and the
only mar.dailn Jn Amerio * . The
traditions of the Flowery Kingdom
are retold to the ponr "heathen
Chinese" by him , and he ia worshipped
with thn devotion of a gouoa hia
words are law arid gotpsl , and the
Ohinoto Implicily beltevo him. The
occasion of hia coming to Philadelphia
wflfl to take part in the initiation of
nluo now members into the Gee Iling
liing or Ohiumo Order of Frco and
Accepied Ma jU . The order in this
city ban about six'y members , andthty
were all in attendance yesterday , lo < io
honor to the occaeion. The imliatioh
ia always observed with great euro-
mony , nnd the proeonco of a man
darin marked an epoch in the
opium eating and smoking lifo
nf the cslchtlala hnro that had to
10 fitlinRly observed. The ooremony
iegan yesterday a'tornoon with a
.rcat feast , cnneiating of chicken : ,
ice , nlmrW fina , winpu from China
nd the Blolicnn man's "tanglefoot"
wltiaky. There are in Philadelphia
wo or throe very fine Chincaoaingoru.
nd during the feast of yesterday and
lie initiation they greatly enlivened
bo occueion by uinging national airs
nd nnthoma , the nound roBotnbling
bo filing of n saw. The initiation
iropcr did nut begin until about 10
'clock in the ovoiilup , and the secrctn
f the order were unfolded to Iho now
andidatca in a room just over the
aundry , deeoratod with many colored
mpcrs upon uliich curious nymbolio
igna wcro drawn in Chincao charnc-
era. Into Iho awful preaenco of the
mandarin the candidates wcro ugh-
rod , and to them , ono at u time , ho
mparted the myaterica of the order ,
'ho ceremony waaoupposcd to laatun-
11 8 o'clock this morning at which
lour the last man waa to have been
ut through , and the last ahnrk'a fin
onaumed. The Molican man's "tan-
lofoot , " however , affected the Coles-
lala peculiarly , and they wanted to
anco and tiinj ? and fight , just like
lolican men. "Alleo aamuo. "
From the Chinaman who stood out-
ido the place , n few points of inter-
at concerning the celobr.ition was ob-
ainod :
"in Lee Chow a Chinese man
darin ? " ho was aekcd.
"Yes , ho mandolin , toll atoly fol all
Ihinaman obey him. Him gloat
nan ! Ho know all nbnut it nnd tell
U othul Chinamen in Amolica about
lanonn. Him gloat. Ho know
much. "
"What doea it cost to join your
rdoi ? "
"Ton dollars , muybo fifteen ; China
man aomotimo apond heap mole , name
a Molican man. Evolybody pay ton
'ollol alloo same. You bo Maaou ? "
The reporter waa standing on the
idowalk , and endeavoring to catch a
limpao of the proceedings in the in-
iiation room as the wind blow the
urtain up , but on hearing the ques-
ion turned and answered in the noga-
"Then clomo away , " said the wily
Celestial ; "gloat mundalin got heap
caloua. Ho no likco you acO. "
The reporter bade his Informant
rood night , and as ho walked away
hero nroio on the night air n long ,
oloful wail , issuing from the room
whence the ceremonies were being
arriod on , that made him turn with
n inquisitive look to the enter guard ,
who said : ' 'Chinaman muchoo glad
hat alleo.
Josh BllliiiRB Hoard From-
NEWPOUT , R. I. , Aug. 11 , 1880.
Dear Hitters I am here trying to
rcatho in all the salt air of the ocean ,
nd having boon n auffdror for moro
ban n year with n refractory Hvor , I
ras induced to mix Hop Bitters with
lie see gale , and have found the tine-
uro a glorious result. * * * I
ave been greatly helped by the Bit-
ore , nnd am not afraid to Bay no.
Yours without a struggle ,
Tbo Privatlona Enduroi by Soldiers
on tbe Plnlua ,
n Officer In tbo Army And Navy Journal ,
It is mere holiday work in the sorv-
cp of the European nations compared
with oure ; they have long periods of
cat , with largo bodies of their troops
if nil arma quartered in fine cities , in
splendid barracks , whcro they are
ilmost in as full enjoyment of nil the
jood ; things ot lifo as the citizens ,
while with us our lives , in a measure ,
are paesod oil from almost everything
hat enhances us to the most humble ,
in my personal cxporionco I have boon
olovou years straight without a single
day from aotivo duty. I have ulao been
n Now York City for twenty years ,
ind not further east than Washlngtor
since 18GO , 1 have boon stationed a1
posts whora wo were from 250 to 40 (
miles from a railroad , that ono 01
which wo did not taato oven so com
mon a vegetable as potatoes for six
months , beef , baoon , bread , colleo unc
tea being our constant diet from
Christmas to Christinas , My captain
and my sol f once paid 815 for ono bar
rel of potatoes , nnd divided them for
3ur family uao , all of ua being abao
lutoly starved for a potato. Epgs are
? 1 dozen. Butter not to be had a
oven n dollar a pound , and every
thing elao in the same ratio , I coult
ijivo you many such incidents regard
ing the social Ufa of our army olliccw
on the "frontier , " und the oflicinl life
was ono everlasting go scouting
scouting scouting winter nnd sum
mer , spring and fall. My dear eir
thcro is not ono person in ton thou
aaud of our population knows any
thing about the hardships and self
denials which our little army under
goes , nnd many think it is all holiday
work , wearing fiuo clothes and livini
on the fat of the land. The lifo of
line oflicor on the frontier is onougl
towear out any man in twenty years
aotivo nnd continuous uorvice
Yet the country nooda it , and patriot
do it for alter all what Is th
reward ) I am auro it ia not a big
thing financially , and it does Beer
hard that wo have to pray nud beseech
seech eo hard for what we do get
Look at what oongteaa did last aottior
in the face of a prayer sent them b
firec-fourthn of the army officer j > sk-
ng for n little relief nnd very little
t thn ? Wo uro woreo off than wo
were before. Retiramont nt Iho ago
f aixty-four , with a limited retired
iat , is no boon at all , nnd the very
iranch of the aervico that noedo it
Tinat pete the least. I moan the
line. "
" "
"GrtmtltOnt" .
The nbovo IB an old saw as savage ns It
cnselets. You can't "grunt out" dye-
cptln , nor liver < complalnt , nor iicrvous-
ess If they oncn gt a good hold. They
on't lemnvo themselves In that war. Tha
aHnK ft few d ° t09 of Bi'itnocK BLOOD
Jtrram la hotter than "grunting it out , "
Vhat we can cure let's not endure.
In a Den or Bnnkee.
reiito ( fa ] . ) Expositor.
W. D. Hampton , of Hnraptonville ,
nforma us of a thrilling adventure
bat recently took place nt the White
lock qtfnrlz mine on the north nido of
he San Joaquin , in Fini , Gold D v
rict , which for ncrvu nnd dating is
qual to anything we hnvo over hentd
t. _ There ia nn old shaft on the mine
which tins been unused for yearn , and
econtly it became ncceasiry to
t out nnd use it in working the mine.
DID abaft is about thirty fcot deep.
) orpendicnlarly , with an incline of
hirty feet moro. A number of rat-
Icannkea had taken poasinjion of the
nclosuro , probably in the start by full-
tig down the shaft , nnd by breeding
ind increased till the whole bottom
corned like n writhing mass of reptiles.
At first an effort was made to clonii
hem out by dificharging Riant powder
jartridgea nt the bottom of the abaft ,
ml Una process nnlynucccodcdin kiti
ng such of the snakes ni chanced to
)0 at the top of the incline , and n n
ast rOBert ono of the workmen , Chas.
Campbell , agreed to .go to the bottom
uid kill the horrible , venomous rop-
ilo3 , whoso hiaeinj , ' nnd rattling could
bo plainly hoard at the top of the
haft. Procuring a quantity of anti-
lotea for nnakn poison , and ranking nil
looded preparations for raising and
oworing the adventurous man , who
vas nbout , ns It wore , to place his lifo
n hia own hands , Charles Campbell
waa lowered into the shaft by hia
rombling fellow-laborora. Ho wna
armed only with a lantern nnd amnll
stick. *
The stench occasioned by the poia
nod breaths of the rattleannkoa waa
almost overpowering , but nothing
limited , ho proceeded on hia errand ,
leaching the bottom of the shaft ho
gradually groped hia way down the
itcop and slippery Incline , stopping
over nnd nnon to kill n venomous rat
io ) : that impeded his way. Rfaching
ho bottom ho plied his stick with
vigor , while the tuaaa ot the onnkco
equirmod nnd rattled , their eyes
sparkling like diamonds and their
'orkcd tonguca lapping the air aa they
moved their heads in the intensity of
.heir fury orstruck with their poisoned
'anga at the bravo man that had dared
encroach on their quartern and give
, hem bnttlo. Rapidly they fell
over in the agonies of
death under the unerring blpws from
ila live oak stick till not n single one
was loft alive. Thirteen large snakes ,
with from seven to nine rattles each ,
were killed , nnd two with fourteen and
iiftocn rattles rospootivoly. In addi
tion a number of youngar ones wore
dcstoyod. Finishing hia daring labora
! io returned to the bottom of the shaft
and was hauled put , but the sickonina
nnd poiaonouo air of the snake don so
overcome him that h 'fainted away ou
reaching the top. Restoratives were
administered and ho was taken to his
dome , where ho lay sick two or three
days , but is now fully recovered and
ready to assail another don of the
Moro universally recommended than
any proprietary medicine made. A
sure nnd reliable tonic , Brown's Iron
"I reckon it'n VnnderbJt himself , "
said nn urchin to n group of com
ndoa who gathered around to hoar
iia story of a man who had just boon
rescued from drowning. "Why do
rer think BO ? " asked ono of them.
' "Cause I saw 'im give the feller who
laulcd 'ira out a quarter. " Brooklyn
Unmarried Persons
Should lose no time in securing a
certificate in the Marringo Fund Mu-
; ual Truat Association of Cedar
[ laplds , lown , concerning which circu
lars and full information will bo sent
iroo upon application. It in organized
under the Insurance Laws of Iowa ,
nnd is the only legalized and legiti
mate institution of the kind in the
country. Its officers and managers
ire among the most prominent bus
iness mon in Cedar Rapida , including
bunkers , the postmaster , capitalists ,
railway managers , insurance mon ,
leading lawyers , phyaicinna and other
reliable citizens. Over $15,000 has
ulroady boon paid to members. It is
n splendid investment , as safe , secure
and cafe aa a Government bond. You
can juat aa well have a good sum of
money to commence married lifo on ,
as not. Remember it only costs you
ono cent for a postal cam to request
full explanation and information.
Good agents can got territory if ap
plied for soon. write to-day , Do
not postpone it. Mention whore you
saw thia notico. oct26-lm *
Nebraska Loan & Trust Company
Capital Stook , - - $100,000.
JAS.ll. lIEAimVKLU President.
A. L. CLAHKK , Vlcu-Pre ldcnt.
K. 0 , WhllSTKU , Treasurer
Samuel Alexander , Ogun'd Ollv r ,
A. Jj. 0 arKu. 11. C Wobstcr ,
Coo. 11 Pntt , Jan. II. Hcartucll ,
First Mortgage Loans a Specialty
Tlilt Company furnUlios a permanent , homo
Institution uhcro School liondt and other legally
IMUCU Munldiul bccrrltlcit ol Nebraska ran lie
bo ncjfotlatwl ou thu wobt favorable terms.
Loans madeou lmpro\o < | farm * In till well settled
vountieaol the Male , through responsible local
correspondent * ,
Th mott centralr located hotel In the city.
Room * 76c. # 1.00. { I. M add $2.00 per uy.
Klitt CUM Rcotaur.uit connected wltn the
. HURST. - - Prop.
Corner Fourth and Locuat Streets.
Are never imitated or couiier/ei ( Z.
This is especially true of a family
medicine , and it is positive proof that
the remedy imitated i of the hiRheB4
value. As soon as it had boon IvaUil
and protcd by the whole world thi-
Hop Bitters Waa the purest , best ftud
most valuable family medicine i n
earth , mnny imitations sprung up aiul
beg\n to steal the notices in whicL
the preen and people of the country
had oxpremco the moriia of II. B. ,
and in every way trying to induce nuf-
foring invalids to ueo their etuff instead -
stead , fipfcUng to mnke money on
the credit and good tiAtno ci R. B ,
Many others atartod uostrumo put up
iu similar style to II , B. , with van-
oualy doviaed names in which the
word "Hop" or "Hops" were need in
nway to induce people f" believe thry
wore the snrne an Hop Bitters , All
ouch prcteudi'd remcdieo-or cures , no
matlur what their style or name ia.
mid oapicially thoao with the word
" " " " In their in
"Hop" or "Hops" name or
any way connected with them or their
name , nro imitations or counterfeit.- ! .
Beware of thorn. Touch none of
them. Uco nothing but genuine Hop
Biltora , with a bunch or cluster of
green Hops on the wnito label. Trust
nothing elso. Drugdiats and dcalura
tire warned agninat deuling In iniita-
iirmn or cnni-.irf"it (
T D PflfiFQC ! 9r Hf !
U , It itUllMb Si UU ,
. * a. < GMJ33a-1SeiES ,
K L , Sommers& Go' ? >
Wholesale Manufacturing
Fruits , Nuts and Cigars.
Ill 8 14th St.
- ' WTIB
0. SPEOlITf - - Proprietor.
1212 Harnoy St. - Omrha , Hob.
Inilraizei Im ,
Tin , Irou and Slate Eoofiug ,
Speoht'a Patent Motalio Skylight.
Patent Adjuotcd Ratchet Bar
and Bracket Shelving. I am
the general agent for the
nbovo line of gooda.
Qrcitlngx , Buluctradoe , Vor nd , 'iOfTlcs nn >
Ean'.t Ralllnga , Window nnd Cellar v
Qcinrdi ; eleo
C23ECXO..A.O-O ,
llwankee & St , Paul
Pullman's ' Mapiflcent Sleepers
Finest Dining Oars in tue.World-
Or to any point bo > end ; or
Take the IlKST UOUTE , the
Chicago , Milwaukee&StPaulR'y ,
Ticket ofllco located at comer Farnam and
Fourteenth streets and at U. 1' . Depot and at
Mlllaid Hotel , Omaha.
SSTSeo TimeTable In another column.
V. A. NASH , General Aent.
Q. II. FOOTE , Ticket Agcnt.0maha.
General Manager. General Pass. Agent.
OencralSup't. Awl'ass. Agent.
1109 and lilt OtidfO Etrcot.
ang 7-me Cm OMADI , NED.
8 , Dai Br , Ucc.
DIlflTDpft GO
Iiincolu , Nei *
Corn Planter * ) , Hrrrowa.Farm Bollera
HtUfcy Hay Kaltiw , fluoEOt Eloyatlng
! 5StJM0o ? Jo Jb work and mannfcc
urlre for other P itl < * . ,
Llccoln. No ,
a \
fopn rlron
ir/orTii-EJfloJfT ?
ilttiful tone tn \
, inaktnff '
fi ) < rpnf Jf fi6Jfl to General
tile , 1-roftrntlnn of Vital
Votrcr.i tint Jmjxrtener .
ingle Broooh Loading Shot Buns , from 85 to 1
oublo Brae oh Loading Sliot Buns , SIB from to 3 75 ,
uzale Loading Shot Buns , from 86 to 526.
la Hag Taoil , Bane Balls and all Kinds of Panoy Doofls ,
ull in3i Ji ! ShowOasop , Always nn
Imported and Key West Cigars , a large line of Meer
schaum and Wood fipes and everything required in a
first-Class Cigar , Tobacco and Notion Store.
Cigars from $15.00 per 1,000 upwards. Send for Price
List and Samples.
Zephyrs , Germantown , Etc ,
And all Poluts East andOouth-Emt.
Neatly 4,000 miles. Solid Smooth Steel Truck
11 connections ata nude In UNION DtPOT8
hat a National Kcpntatlon u being the
real Through Oar Line , and Is universally
encoded to bo the FINEST EQUIPPED Kali ,
road in the world ( or all cliseos ot travel.
Try U and you will flni ) traveling & Iniurj
Instead ol A discomfort.
Through Tlckoti vi rhis Celebrated Una ( ci
ealo at all offices In the West.
All Information about Bates n Faro , Hlecplai
Car Acocmtaodatlong , Time Tablen , &c. , will bi
cheerfully clTcn by applylnln ; to
id Vloofres't & Gen. ManftgerChlac
Gen. FasseD , < { vr \ CbtrtiO
Qen. Agent , Oonncll Blulfi.
H. P. UIJKLL , Ticket AvI0" ' t
maio-od ly
Embody new 1882 impriiementl. Uoi.
praotioal fva uro : Cost leas to k ieP , in
Bider ; Uiw lewi fuel will glxe more fic t
and a Urger voluiuo of uara air & * " ° y
furnace made.
Sold by PIERCEY fe BRADFORDOmana.Neb
Window Slides' aiid Curtains ,
Paints , Oils & Brasses.
107 South 14th Street '
A Bravo and Faithful Guardian of
Our Homos and Property Rescued
from Imminent Peril.
A \ cry popular and w ell-know n member of our
polio force , who haa duty tw ch o years
attlicUnlon It. U. Depot on Exchange Place In
Providence- . 1. gives his unsolicited testi
mony. Hear him :
"I have been dreadfully troubled u 1th disease
of the Kldncjs and Lhcr during the past six
months ; at times 1 wasso tev erely aflllcted that I
was unable to stand on my feet , 03 my feet and
loner parts of my legs wcrocry badly swollen ;
my urinary organs wcro In a dreadful condition ,
my lilood was Inn wretched state , and It had be
come so Impoverished and circulated so poorly
that my hands and feet would bu cold and numb ,
and to whlto as to appear lifeless. I could not
rest nights , but was so distressed all over that 1
could not lie btlll In bed , but wou'd keep turning
and rolling from ono side to the other , all night ,
bothatl would feel more tired and exhausted
In the morning than when 1 vent to bed.
My condition became to fccrious that I was
oblijje'd to btop work , and for thirty
da ) a I was unable to bo on duty , I
consulted the best doctors , and tried the numer
ous medicines and fco-cal cd cures , but rapidly
grew waibe , and was In a sad condition every
way when a longtimealueil friocd of mine ,
prominent In this city In a , largo express compa
ny , ur'cd ( , mo to try Hunt's Itemedv , as lie had
known of wonderful cures effected by It. Upon
hhrcpr.scnlatlon t obtained two lott'cs ' ot the
lUimdy and commenced taking It as directed
and greatly to my surprise In less than twenty ,
fourliQUrsI commenced to feel relieved , I was-
In an awful condition when I began to take tha
Hcmedy , and had no filth In It ; therefore , when
I found almost immediate re let. en en in ono day's
use of It , my htort was made glad , and I assure
jou 1 continued to take the remedy and to Im
prove constintly from day to dav , I took Itvvith
mo on my trip to .Maine , for I it as bound to have
It with mo all the time , and the result Is that t
ImprovoJ speedily all the time I VMS away ; and
ovcTblnce my arrival homo , which was several
w ccks ago , I hat o been on duty cv cry day , I foci
llrst rate , nnd the swelling of hand , feet and legs
luivo dltappcared and the terrible back-acho
which used to bother ma moro than all the rest ,
troubles mo no more , and I bleep splendidly
nights , and surely ha\ot cry excellent and forcf-
hie reasons for speaking In praise of Hunt's
Hcmcky , for It has made a new man of me , 1
don't know what I should liavo done without
Hunt's Itimody ; It Is the , best medicine that I
titcr took , and I > ery gladly recommend It to all
who are allllctetl with Kidney or Liver disease , or
diseases of the urinary organs.
Hcspcctfiilly ,
nll-ood&w ISAAC W. FAIItnitOTHEU. "
$500 REWARD.
Tlie above reward will bo paid to any person
who will produce a Taint that will equal the
Pennsylvania Patent Rubber
Paint ,
for preserving Bhingles , Tin and Q ravel Hoofs.
Warranted to bo Kire and Water Proof. Alii
orders promptly attended to. Cheaper and bet
ter than any other paint now In use.
Sole Vroprlctors , Omaha House , Omaha , Neb.
Officer & lusey , Dr.lllco , Dr. Piunoy , Fuller
Council DIuffH , Iowa ,
lisa ollicu , Omaha Nco ,
eiiv , Anun-
falling ciuc
tat Seminal
, Impot
tncj , and ill
follow is b
ydl-Aliu o ; [ JJ lAitacf Memory , Unlvcrsil Lutii
tudu , Fain in tlie IJiclr , Dluuietg of VMon , f re
umturo Old Asa , nd cinny otbui DUciieo thil
lead to Inaaalty ot tJonsutajitlcn and a Frcmfc-
turc Grave.
t& " TM pirtleaUn In oar pimohlet , which
we deelre to tend Iruo troull to everyone
V Iho Speclflclledlclco U Bold by ill dn&rlttt
Lt 81 per package , or 6 paclt st8 for 5. or will
lx > gent Irce by null ou recilpt of the money far
.Mrpnri ! TI1KCIUAY JEDI01NECX ) '
BB3 Io , N. Y.
OCiUlO *