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A Vast Amount of Important
News on a Variety of
Subjects ,
The Annual Reports of 'Sev
eral Departments Briefly
The Sioux Comtnlasion Suc
cessfully Working Wiih
the Indians.
An Important Roftirm Cnntom-
plntod by the PcstcIUpo
Department *
Qenoral Swalm Affirms the Hlgut of
Army Offlcora to Bile the
Special Dispatch to Tim lien.
WASHINGTON , November 20. It
was stated at the Chinese legation to
day that there is no foundation for the
utatomont that the Ohinoao minister
nnd suite will bo withdrawn from the
United States on account of the to-
cent legislation restricting Ohinoao
The Mclvillo court this morning
hoard Molvlllo respecting the search *
made for DoLong. He detailed the
wanderings of the party , and inciden
tally mentioned their starving , freez
ing condition , saying they lived on
bunoa nnd other offal found in do-
bcrted huts.
Secretary Teller appointed Col.
Deahna , late collector at Sitka , Alas
ka , special timber agent. Deanna
was given a position as special treas
ury agent at $0 per day which ho
declined , since which time ho has con
tinued to besiege heads of departments
for a placo.
Engineer Melville to-day , being in
terrogated by a representative ot the
press respecting statements of his
wife published this morning to the
effect that ho will bo compelled to al
low her a part of his income for main
tenance , said the ontlro matter will
have to be settled by the courts.
Supervising Special Agent Martin
of the treasury department , has sub
mitted to the secretary of the treas-
nry his annual report for the fiscal
year ending June 30 , 1882 , detailing
the operations of the special agency
service during that period. It shows
that the amount recovered on account
of seizures , fines and snito was $89-
579 ; increased duties , $769,440 ; mis-
collaneous.tn12,153. Number of
seizures , 217 ; appraised values , $91-
475 , The reduction in expenses
recommended is $18,322. The
supervising special agent says ;
"To secure moro efficient and
honest n administration of customs ser
vice throughout the country , the con
solidation of collection districts and
abolition ol a largo number of ports ,
at some of which there are no duties
collected and others where the ex
penses are largely in excess of re
ceipts , would seem aosolutely neces
sary , and in this connection it is grat
ifying to know that -luring the last
session of congress a bill for consoli
dation of collestion districts , for
abolition of all foes and giving col
lectors fixed salaries was introduced
by a member of the house
who was formerly a special
agent and familiar with the
wants of the service. " Respecting
smuggling ho says : "Through the ao-
. tivity and vigilance of the officers of
this service , assisted largely by local
custom of Users , smuggling has been
confined to very narrow limits. The
seizure , on the night of the third of
January last , i of nearly a tdn of
opium , valued at § 20,000 , which an
attempt was being made to laud from
the steamship City of Tokio , at the
wharf of the Pacific Mail steamship
company , in San Francieco , is the
largest and most important case of
smuggling discovered during the your ,
It is reported that thobusiness of opium
smuggling on the Pacific coast has been
carried on by an organized company ,
which included capitalists , custom
house employes , steamship employ
es , local politicians and Ohinamon.
All custom officers Implicated were
dismissed from the service , On the
subject of under valuation , Mr. Mar
tin says ; "Investigation has shown
that upon ndvices of the agent of foreign
oign manutrxotureraoften the invoice
of consigned goods , are far below the
cost of production , It is estimated
that leas than 45 per cent , of the CO
per cent , ad valorem duty on our silk
is collected in consequence of under
valuation of that article , "
COL. C0008WELL ,
whoso sudden death was announced
this morning , WAS one of the three
union officers prisoners of war who
were hold as hostages at Charleston ir
1802 to prevent the destruction of the
rebel privateers by federal troops ,
The nayal advisory board spent to
day considering the report of the late
advisory board submitted n year ngo ,
The secretary of war having bow
asked by telegraph to grant the uuu
the barr&cka at Ghuttanooxa an
small-pox hospital has refused to do HO
on tbo ground that such use wou
render them unfit for other purpose
and probably require their destruo
hero has information that the pro
posed changes In the treaty of nutu
ralization which the new German
minister now en route for Washing
ton has been directed to obtain , re
late mure to the German applicatio
ot the present treaty than to its pr6
visions , which are pronounced quit
satisfactory , It is understood tha
the principle objuot of the chnngo is
to extend the provisions of the Ban
croft trealy over the territory of Al
shco-LorAtno , or some other portions
of the Germnn empire acquired since
the Bancroft treaty wna ratified.
1MMUIU ( > T3 ,
The chief of tlio bureau of statistics -
tics reports that during the month of
October there arrived in the cuUnms
districts of Baltimore , BoMoii , De
troit , Huron , Minnesota , Now Op
loans , Now York , Prtssamquody ,
Philadelphia and San Francisco 57-
C89 passengers , of whom -15,905 were
charged with complicity in the Star
routers , by the district commissioners ,
ROOS on to-morrow , the request to
postpone was declined.
commandant of Ponsacola navy yard ,
Florida , submitted to the court marIn
tial to-day , his Written defense of the
charge of having deserted his post
during the yellow fever epidemic ,
The doorkeeper of the house and sergeant -
geant at arms of the senate have their
respective halls in readiness hero , for
the assembling of congress , two weeks
from to-day.
Indian Commissioner Price is inJ
foamed by Judge Edmunds , chairman
of the Sioux commission , that the
good Ynnkton and Ogallala Indians
at Pine Ridge Agency , Dakota , have
agreed to separate reservations of
limited proportions. The Indians at
Rosebud Agency had previously
norrocd -reservations , and as the In
dians at these two agencies comprise
half the Sioux nation , the work of
the commission is practically accom
plished. The object of the commis
sion in having the Indiana ngrco to
select separate reservations in to con
centrate all Indians In olio-half the
present reservation , in order thnt the
other luif may bo thrown open to the
public. The Indians have not yet
located their intended reservation and
can not without authority from , con
gress. Congress will bo called upon
to pay them for the laud they sur
Indian Commissioner Price will to-
narrow forward to the Ute cornmio
ion at Salt Lake City $5,000 for use
n irrigating the Ute country in the
outhorn portion of that territory.
n the policy of the postoffico depart
ment will bo inaugurated on January
st next. It will consist in transfer-
ing to the blank agency division ,
rhich is under the supervision of the
rst assistant postmaster general the
urchaao of all supplies in first and
econd class postoflices of the
ountry. As at present conducted ,
ID postmaster at * one of
lose offices purchases stationery
nd furniture for his own office , se
eds such styles and tints as may
lease his fancy and sends hi bill to
! io department , where it is paid , It
s thought by "supply ing thes * offices
with' iuoh'matorial as they may need
nd have paper uniform in size , etc. ,
tiat at least 25 per cent , of the proa-
nt cost can be saved. With this ob-
ect in vlow prominent postmasters
rom all sections of the country have
eon requested to assemble herowhen
10 question of uniformity in blanks ,
Z3 of paper , and postoflico books ,
ill bo discussed.
Ex President Piorrola , of Peru ,
ailed on the secretary of state to-day
nd had an extended interview on
'ornvian ' matters.
Supervising Architect James G.
Hill , of the treasury department , has
ubmttted to the secretary of the treas
ury his annual report for the year
nding September , 1882. The report
hews the amount expended upon var-
ous pubiis buildings in the west and
Iso unexpended balances of nppropri-
itions remaining in the treasury at the
lose of the year , The report also
tatcs that considerable extraordinary
cpairs have boon made upon the pub
ic buildings at O.iiro , Ills. ; Indian
apolis , Ind. , and San Francisco to ac-
ommodato the increased demands of
ho postal service. Alterations have
> eon made in the postoflicos at Gal-
ircston , Louisville , St. Paul , San Fran-
iEco and Lincoln , Neb ,
Judge Advocate General Swalm de
cides that the failure of army officers
o satisfy any indebtedness fairly con
tracted Is not a violation of the Ulst
article of war , In reply to a question
whether or not the charge of conduct
unbecoming an ollicor and a gentle
man , under the Olst article of war , is
> roper to bo brought against officers
> f the army who neglect to pay the
ust debts incurred by by them , and
jy their manner of lifoand current ox-
lendlturo fail to exorclao ouch proper
iconomy as might enable them in
; ime to save from their salaries
amounts sufficient to satisfy their
creditors in whole or in part , ho an
swers in the negative ,
At a mooting of the oxccutivo com
mittee of the Gat field Monument
Fair association hold to-night , it was
dcc'dod ' to extend invitations to the
[ > ro .ldont and members of the cabinet ,
to justices of the supreme court and
to the general of the army and other
distinguished persons , to bo present
and participate in the opening cere
monies on the 25th inst-
Monopoly \Vint- to THE UK/ .
PHILADELPHIA , November 20. The
supreme court to-day rendered a de
cision in favor of the Standard Oil
Company of Ohio , which ends the long
controversy between the common
wealth and the company concerning
taxes and penalties. Over $700,000
were claimed to bo duo the state by
the Utter. .
Rope Hid Wlille He ! Hot-
Special Dispatch to Tan On.
KANSAS CITY , November 20. The
Journal's Albuquerque ( N , M. ) special
gays news was received there of a
brutal case of wife murder near Las
Graces. Juan Mantoyo , a drunken I
vagabond , desiring ta raise money to
ombnrk in the saloon business , endeavored -
doavorod to gain his wife's consent to
soil their home , but oho refused to
sign the det'd. After she had retired
at night Mantojo went to the bed
where she wns ualccp mid ponndrd her
skull to pieces with tvlonoa. Ho thtm
wont to town nrd told thu cttizons his
wife had died of consumption and
asked him to nssUt in buryiiift her ,
roturuing with n party to the houso.
Doing arrc&tod on suspicion , ho con
fessed the crime and told , the whole
story with brutish inorrlmont , Ho Is
now in jail. _
The Steel Rail Bmlncss.
Special llsjvxtch to Tun BSK.
. ST. Louis , November 20. In an
interview this afternoon published by
The Post-Dispatch , Ethan A. Hitch
cock , president of the St. Louis Ore
and rftool company , intimates that the
Vulcan Stool works ot that company
hero will probably oloso downon December -
comber 1 , nnd remain closed all next
yoar. < Mr. Hitchcock gave the follow
ing interesting information respecting
the stool rail interest of the country :
tlk said the price of stool rails has fnl-
Ion oil 25 per cent. It was $00 par
ton last spring , it is now $45. When
rails were worth $00 pic iron was
sold ( from $25 50 to $20 per ton.
Iron men now want $24. Tftko
25 per cent , off $20 and it will
Icavo $19 50. That is what wo ought
to got pig iron for. I have offered
these men $20 per ton , but they will
not take it. It is altogether idle to
talk about keeping the Vulcan nt
work , unless wo uot pig iron for $20.
The price of stool rails have fallen
because the production hus boon too
groat. ' The estimated capacity of
stool mills in the United States is now
2,150,000 tons against 1,250,000 tons
for 1881. Now the demand , us far as
fcbi can got at it for the next year , will
bo about 1,000,000 tons call it 50
per cent of the steal mills' capacity.
That shows it will bo impossible for
nil the mills to work full time under
the most favorable circumstances , but
as far as the consumption is concerned
it Is very difficult to figure. I don't
believe the railroads themselves know
what 'they will want until after they
have seen their annual balance shout
at its best , there will bo little new
road ( building. There will bo no trunk
linca built into Texas or Mexico.
There will be no Nickel Plato laid east
and west ; wo will have to depend upon
reconstruction nnd repair of roads
already built. There will bo a good
deal of thin done , but not enough to
take more than 50 per cent of jtho pres
ent capacity of the stool mills , 1 do
not bpliovo congress will make any
material change in the tariff duty on
metals. It may bo lowered , that is
expected , I believe , bat the condi
tion of trade in this country is
such that the duty on iron cuts a very
little figure ono way or the other. If
by the 1st of December , at which
time our present contracts will bo
worked out , wo cannot procure labor
and material at rates which will ena
ble us to meet the reduction in price
in steel rails , wo will close our works.
If wo Ao close 3,000 men will bo
thrown out of employment and n pay
roll of $150,000 per mouth will be
stopped. For our men's sake wo
would gladly contlnno work , but wo |
cannot run our mills at a positlvo
financial loss.
Chicago and Joliet Mills.
Special Dispatch to TiiKBisi.
CHICAGO , November 20. The proprietors
priotors of the rolling mills in this
city and Joliet have boon interviewed
in regard to the statement that they
intend to shut down within a short
time , They did not say positively
they intended to close at a fixed data
or at a future data , but said that < is
things looked now , they did not sea
how they could continue to run with
out losing money , and intimated that
unless a change in the situation oc
curred they would probably bo
compelled to close on Febru
ary next , the time being de
pendent on existing contracts.
In some mills they run to January ,
in others to February , They say
with stool rails at15 per ton , which
is equal to $42 , a reduction in the
price of both ere and labor will bo
necessary to secure the mill from lose ,
In view of the present cost of living
and general feeling among iron work-
em , they cannot expect to secure a
reduction in the price of labor. They
will , therefore , for the time being
only , run to wo k up stock
on hand and fulfill existing
contracts with n view to being ready
to shut down when the proper time
comes. Fear is expressed , also , by
aoino of , ho proprietors that the uoxt
congress will reduce the tariff on otoel
to an extent to open business to for
eign competition. The belief is ex
pressed in some quarters that this is
n concerted movement on the part ol
stool mill proprietors of the west to
influence public opinion and proven' '
a reduction of the tariff by congroes.
Between 5,000 and 0,000 men are
employed hero and at Joliot.
IJooohor'a Bonui.
Special Dispatch to Tint Ou
NEW YOUR , November 20. In the
Boochor case to-day Judge Barret
granted the motion to dismiss. In
moving for an extra allowance o
1,500 fur defense , Shearman said tin
real facts of the case were that whoa
the work was suspended the firm hac
some 10,000 copies on hand and thor
was no evidence to show they cos
ono cent. Instead of losing money
the firm had made a clear gain of '
$17,000. Judge Barrett made an
order allowing Boocber $350 extra il-
Peit Homo Ulatarbanoo.
Special DIapaUh to Tui ) !
CHATTANOOGA , Tonn. , November 20 .
The rumors of a riot , at Chatta -
eonga are unfounded. They arose
from an attempt of the city authori
ties to place the pest house on the
United States reservation attached ton
the National cemetery , The superin
tendent ordered the city authorities
from the grounds and ho at once
stationed an armed guard around the
place. No further trouble is appre
hended as the authorities will not , oct
without permission from Waskington.
Ilia Parliament Party Whip
ping the Irish to Par-
nell's ' Support ,
Arabl Poaha'a Trial Turned
Into n IP rce by the
Another Great Day Per Dla-
plny nnd Decoration of
_ the Military.
Important Proceedings in the Com-
tnonn nud Fronoh Annoinbly.
ALtirffo ABOortmontofQenerftlNoWBw
Special Dispatches to Tim Dux.
TULSK , Ireland , November 20.
Ton thousand persons attended a
mooting of the Irish Nntiontl league
yesterday. Among the speakers were
Sullivan and O'Kolly , mombora of par
liament. The latter referred to what
ho called "tho efforts of D.witt to
split the Irish party , " and said they
wore tantamount to stabbing Ireland
in the back. Jlo threatened to resign
his seat if the country wavered in its
alloganco to Parnoll. Ho ndvined the
fanners to take aoVnntago of the ar
rears of rout not. Votes of confidence
in the speakers were carried.
LONDON , November 20. Lieutenant
Wiseman , whoims boon exploring thu
Conga river region , has arrived at
Xinnibart Itit his journey across
equatorial Africa ho gained valuable )
information , .
PAIUS , November 20. President
Grovy is going on a shooting excur
sion. Hia recovery is * apparently
IAW IN ncr.LW.
BEHLIN , November 20. The police
interdicted , under the socialist law ,
the sale of pamphlets on the labor
question in the shape of two speeches
delivered in the rciechtag.
ODESHA , November 20. Seventeen
persons were arrested hero on suspic
ion of being nihilists.
AUAlll's TJUAL A 1'AllUE.
OAIUO , November 20. The commis
sion of inquiry is turning the trial uf
Arabi Pasna into a faroa and Broad-
ley has withdrawn from the defense
after vigorously protesting against the
violation of 'tbo agreement made
with him.
LONDON , November 20.- The queen
to-morrow jrill * decorate the officers
and soldiers ho distinguished thorn-
selvds in the ' .rar in E/ypt. Gen *
oral Wolseley and 90 o libers go to
Windsor in the morning.
formerly Arabi Pasha's advisor , is pubr
lished. It is strongly in favor of Ar
abi , who , Nonet declares , endeavored
to prevent incendiarism and protected
A man named Sanders is arraigned
for sending a letter to Gladstone
threatening to murder him. Ho ' was
remanded after disclaiming his intention -
tion to murder the prime minister.
The man is merely a dangerous lunat
ic. When searched a knife wan
found upon. him.
'CONSTANTINOPLE , November 20.
The porto intends to direct a circular
to the powers calling attention to
Montenegrin armaments and the
stops thu porto has taken with a vlow
to Bottling the last disputed points In
connection with the delimitation of
the frontier.
GUAYAQUIL , November 20. A fear-
iul explosion occurred to day at a
powder magazine , half a mile north
of town. It is rumored about ton
persona were killed. A church nnd
several houses near were deatroyod.
DUJILIN , November 20 , The Free-
man's Journal says the pope ut a re-
cunt interview expressed his horror nt t
the outrages committed in Ireland
and charged bishops to usu their
utmost exertions to prevent the people
ple offending against the lawa.
father of Patrick Oaeoy , who waa sen
tenced to bo hanged for the murder of
Bridget Joyce , wan indicted for com-
pliolty In thu murder of the Joyce
To-day in the cauo of Delaney ,
charged with an attempt- assassinate -
ate Judge L.v.YBpn , the accused was
committed for trial ut the next Dub
lin commhsicn. The prisoner was
guarded to and from the police sta
tion by a strong escort of mounted po
lice with drawn n.ibnu.
LONDON , Hovomber 20 , Konnord ,
conservative , was elected member of
parliament for Salisbury , defeating
Grenfoll . . . , liberal candidate for ro-
not to take united action in relation
to York'ti motion for appointment of a
committee to inquire into the circum
stances under which Parnell , Dillon
and O'Kolly were released from Kit-
malnham jail ,
PAHIH , November 20 The Voltaire
publishes a story portending a revival
of the projected rising of legitimists i
LONDON , November 20 DM , Gull
and Carpenter held a consultation to
day with regard to the health of the
Archbishop of Canterbury , The phy
sicians issued a bulletin stating that
during the past week there has been
n return of fever , whtlo tbo mlicnt
lias lost ntrength. The condition of
the archbishop is regarded with in
creased anxiety.
will bo composed of nil the rcRimchts
which sorvcd in the Eayptihn cum-
> algn. A eprcial general order will
uo rend , in which the qucnn , nfltr
enumerating the hardships nnilered by
the troops and the brilliant engage
ments fought , thanks the ofllcora nnd
men individually and collooliyoly for
gallantry and exemplary conduct.
AunuNimtA , November 20. The
grounds of the buildings boloncring to
the state domains , destroyed during
the burning of Alexandria , will bo
sold at auction.
LONDON , November 20. Gladstone
ill reply to nn inquiry from William
Forstor , stated that the government
wna anxioua to deal with the question
ol the suppression of the olnvo tradn
lr Egypt , and thnt the first dispatch
to Lord Dalforin , since his arrival in
Cairo rolutod to that subject.
Dilkc , under secretaay of the for
eign department , said negotiations
were now passing between England
nnd Franco in regard to the treaties
which hnvo boon concluded.
Courtney , secretary to the treas
ury , informed Pnrnoll that up to the
present time applications under the
land not by tenants for loan to im
prove tholr bulldimis numbered 025 ,
of which : UO has been granted , 210 in-
ndmiBsnblo nnd remainder nro being
Gladstone in reply to nn inquiry
from Parucll , stated the government
were not at present contemplating
any amendment lo arrears of rent not.
Frevilyan , chiif secretary for Iro-
Innd , said Unit up to the 15th hist ,
upiihoatlotis under the nrronrs of rent
not , had ruixchcd 14 1G7. The land
cotntninMoiierB , h ii.ud , hoped to nettle -
tlo ' before the 30th inst. all cases
lodged prior to November 25th.
Discussion of the eighth procedure
ruio wns resumed , Gladstone no-
copied an amendment providing that
the rule should not apply in nominat
ing select commissions , and the rule ,
as amended , was carried.
LONDON , November 20 The Nowo
understands the government does not
intend to attempt to deal with the arrears -
roars not this cession , nnd the Pnrnoll-
itcs will have no opportunity of dis
cussing the administration of the land
act bofo'ro the prorogation of parlia
ment ,
PARIS , November 20. Horisson ,
minister of public works , to-day in
formed the budget committee ho had
still at hia disposal 00,000,000 francs
of the fund allotted for his department ,
but ho could not consent to any reduction
duction of the sum (488,000,000 (
francs ) which it was proposed to ex
pend on important public works. The
committee agreed that this sum
nhould-not be reduced , but that the
floating dbbt accounts/should / be charg
ed with what the government expend
ed in excess of available resources.
Rlbat , reporter of the budget com
mittee , accepted the decision , but
stated ho would call attention to the
deficit in the budget. The chamber
of deputies discussed the estimates
for foreign cflicos. Duoloro , presi
dent of council and minister of for
eign affairs , opposed an amendment of
fered by n radical momborprovldlng for
nbolitionof the embassy nt the Vatican.
The amend mont was rejected , 339 to
171. Do Montjau proposed that the
ambassador nt the Vatican bo re
placed by n chargo-d'ttffairos. Duoloro
said that if the motion were carried ho
should resign. The motion was1 * re
jected , 33 ! ) to 147.
Lo Temps reports thnt England has
obtained tlio consent of 'tho khedive
to tlio cession of Mussowah to Abys-
sinin , nnd is now Hooking the approval
of the Turkish government.
MUNICH , November 20. A duel
with piiitols wns fought nt Wurzburg
between n captain in the nrmy und n
student , who had nerved ao n one-year
. oluntcor. JTho captain was killed.
LIHHON , November 20 , Newspapers
referring to the bill In the French
chamber concerning DeBrazza's trcaf
tioa , calls upon the government to
protect the rights of Portugese subI
jucto in Africa ,
BEHLIN , November 20. DoGiors
had nn nudionco to day with the em
peror nnd prince Frederick William ,
and afterward dined nt the palace. It
is somi-ofllcially stated the visit of
DeGiors to Bismarcic at Vurzin had
no special object , but may bo interpreted -
protod us an expression of the inti
mate relations existing between Rus
sia and Germany ,
A dispatch from Berlin says : Do-
Giors states the impressions ho re
ceived nt Vnizln was most satisfactory -
tory , The condition of affairs in
Franco , ho s ys , were especially dis
cussed. DcGiors , at the audience
with the emperor to-day , inferred to
him that Bismarck nnd ho were
agreed on all essential points.
A Vienna dispitch says when De
Giors loft St. Petersburg the czar
summoned Gen. IgnatUlf to an au
dience at Gatechlnn palace , which
denotes that Gen. Igttatojlf has already
taken the wind oufof DtGiors' sails.
How OUnlmera wan Counted Out-
Special DUjutcU tu Tim Hns.
JACKSON , Miss , , November 20.
Democrats and cituans generally re
gret the action of Secretary of State
Ht nry Meyers and Gov. Lowrey in
awarding the certificate to Van II.
Manning upon n clerical error In a
tully shoot. The commissioners ofo
election of Tate county have telegraphed -
graphed that the name of OhamhlesH
appearing on the tally sheet is a cler
ical error and should luve been J. itOt
Chalmers. A corrected tally uhoot
with a oortlQcato have been forwarded
by thum to the secretary of st < - > to. The
case will coma up v early in Do-
comber on n mandamus. It will
doubtlos roach the supreme court
and an opinion bo rendered
before Mnrch 4th. General Chftl-
mom' petition alleges thnt Pccrotnry of
Stnto Myers allowed the returns from
other districts to bo inspected , but refused -
fused to nllow nnyono to BOO the re
turns Irom the second district until
they were counted ; thnt thorolunis
were purposely concealed to provoitt
plmlmern or his frionda from examin
ing mid hnving thorn corrected. Ihu
burden of the potllion is Iho allega
tion of fraud nnd concoMmont. It is
understood there will bo filed n plea
ns to jurisdiction of the court which
will inrolvo how far the atnto courts
can control congressional elections. _
SpecUI f Dispatches to Tin BKR.
UOITO.V , November 20. Tlio ropubll-
cilia hnvo rcnomlnntod Mayor Cfievnc.
HOST N , November 20. Isaac It. Unit ? ,
tbo oldcit lioflton printer and publisher ,
died Intt nUht , need 8G years ,
MKLIIOCRNK , November 20. The lcgls
latlvo council nnd house nsnembly reached
to hold an exhibition In 1880.
READING , November 20 , The pipe mill
of tlio Itondlng Iron works closed , cm-
ployca remains to work upon nollco of rei
unction of wngcs ,
MiNNKAi'OMS November 20.-Tho ang
rornl Illuininntlon of nearly tbo ontlro
fivmnmont wna witnessed by delighted
crowds on tbo streets until n Into hour last
VOUK , November uu. TIM JJrlgh-
ton Bunch linolug niuoclatlon detormlucd
to close tlioRoaaon to-day , the 100th racing
dny , announcing , however , If the wcnthor
permitted , they would give a dny'a rnelng
Thnntaglvtng uny.
The Sioux Communion nt Work Dispatch to Tux llr.n.
ST. PAUL , November _ 20. The
Sioux commission , of which Judge
Edmunds is clmirmnn , is on its way to
Standing Hock ngonay. Judge Shan
non , member of the commission , tnys
they have had councils with thu
Indians nt Simtco , Pine Ridge nud
Ilosobud agencies , at which thuro are
about 16,800 Indians. They found
the Indians in nil cases ready to
ngroo to separata on smaller reserva
tions and generally anxious for aid tope
po into farming nnd stock raising.
They are all particularly anxious for
the establishment of schools for chil
dren. The plans of the commission are
not completed , but they will recom
mend allotments of lands to differ
ent tribes sufficient to onnblo them to
divide among themselves nnd establish
farming facilities. They will rccom-
mont allotment of nbout 20,000 cows
to the ngonoics visited nnd nlso estab
lishment of ono school for each thirty
children , attendance at the schools to
bo compulsory , with penalty of with
drawal oi rations. The plan includes
continuance of ammunition nnd ra
tions until the Indians become self-
supporting , It is said after the now
allotments nro made several million
acres will remain to bo ceded to the
The Nickel Plata Road.
Special Dispatch to Tun Bur
CLEVELAND , * November 20 , Gen.
Devf roaux and Judge Bnrfy have re
turned 'from Now York whore they
became directors of the Nickel Plato.
They were appointed together with
President Uumralngs to secure termi
nal facilities in Chicago , Bath do-
cliuo to reveal at present the identity
of the purchases of the road , but
Judge Bark says it may bo stated ab
solutely and unqualifiedly thnt the
Nickel Plato will bo operated as
thoroughly independent of ether lines
as any road in this country , He says
the purchasing syndicate is composed
of individuals and no corporation has
any -Interest. Its arrangements for
terminal facilities nt Buffalo are
merely temporary.
Tbo Colorado Pool Arbiter.
Special Dispatch to Tin UBS.
CHICAGO , November 20. 0. C.
Wheeler , general manager of the
Atohison , Topeka & Santa Fo rail
road , will decline the arbltratorahip of
the hroo western pools to which ho
wns recently elected. It is under
stood ho will decline in favor of
Guorgo ( C. Manchester , assistant to
W. B. Strong , formerly assistant gen
eral manager of the Atchiaon , Topeka
& Santa Fo ,
Bouton's Flib Trade.
Spocltl Dlgpatch to Tin UEX ,
BOSTON , November 20. The now
fish f exchange which wont into opera
tion I this morning caused dissatisfac
tion. I The price offered by the exchange
was about 81.25 per 100 pounds nndfr
the usual market price , Tun veasuls
took fish to Gloucester , threatening
not to return again , The Herald says
if this state of affairs continues it will
result in serious injury to the fish
trade of Boston.
Coal fiXino oil Fire-
Special Dispatch to Tin DEI.
HAIIKIHUUJIO , Pd. , November 20 ,
A Cre broke out last night at Short
Mountain colliery ut Likens , The
ilfttnoa commenced at the fan. A part
of the slope building waa out away to
BHVO the slope house and machinery
Mnlos , 120 in number , were hointod
from the mine. In January , 1877 ,
fire in this mine involved a loss of
ono million dollars ; it was subdued by
turning Boar Crook into it ,
A Good Iioomon to Sqneaco.
fyusUal DlijmUh to Tim Km.
BOSTON , November 20. Thomas
Looman , the Australian banker , reported -
ported to have left 82,000,000 to three
children of the eamo name in Us
city , is not doad. Ho has ed
his intention of leaving the en
at least $4,000,000 when ho dies , and
will provide t'or their education in the
meantime ,
The Minors' Strike.
SpuliI PinpAhh to .
PiTTSUUiia , November 20. The '
strike of the railroad coal minuts today
day waa not aa successful as they had
expected. Out of 51) ) pits , employing
over 8,000 men , only 14 plU , or about
1,500 miners , are idlfl , The balance
are still at work. Tha miners' oflic-
ials assart that all wiU bo out in a few
The Bailroail Fare to Oliicagc
Far Olieaper Than Walking ,
From Omabn to the Lake Me
tropolis For Ono Dollar
and Fifty Oents.
The War on 'Freight ' Bates.
Squally Cheap and
The Grnutl Trnnlt Ruilrond1 Corn-
Ill tion Agniuftt Vimdorhilt in
the Norlhonnt.
A Variety of Rallroc-d Itoa * .
Now For the Chrama.
Dpcclal Dispatch to Tim Bit * .
CHICAGO , November 20. The Chicago
cage , Milwaukee & St. Paul company
is to-day soiling tickets from Sioux.
City to St. Paul for 25 cents nnd from
Sioux City to Chicago or Milwaukee for
$1.25. This ia to moot the cut of the
St. Paul & Omaha announced on Sun
day morning. _
The Bottomless Pool-
Spcclil Dispatch toTfto Deo.
Siou.v CITY , In. , November 20.
The Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul
company is to-day selling tickets from
Sioux City to St. Paul for 25 cents ,
nnd from Sioux City to Milwnukco or
Chicago for $1 25.- This is to meet
tbo cut of the St. Paul & Omahn an
nounced Sunday morning.
The JL < ntost Katoi.
Special Dispatch to Tnnlliu.
MiNNBAronfl , November 20. Tho-
Chicago , Milw.\ukeo&Sc. Paul issued
n now schedule of passenger rates to
day. The rnta to Chicago remains $1)
but by the cut to other competing
points the faro to Sioux Falls , D. T. ,
is 25 cents , Sioux- City 25 cents ,
Council Bluffs $1 , Omaha , $1 50 , Atchison -
chison $5.75 , Kansas City § 0-95Don-
vor $21.50. The cut on freight is to
10 cents per ono hundred pounds.
The Albert Lea route posts now rates
to points as follows : Now York , $21
Boston $20 , Portland $22 , Bi ngor
81U ; Philadelphia $19 ; Baltimore
$1B 50 , Washington $18.50 , Montreal
$18 , St. Louis $8.50. The rnto to
Chicago remains at 50 cents , Tha
Albert Lea rates on millstufl's were
10 tints per hundred to Chicago , To
day a out from 20 dents and nn addi
tional cut to 7i ii announced to go
into effect to-morrow morning. The
Omiha company charged 7 cento on
mill stuff to-day.
Another Slnah. „
Special DUoatch to TUB Bu 4 ,
ST. PAUL , November 20. No
change In passenger rates to-day. The
Omaha line announces a cut of grain
rate to Chicago to 7A conta per liun-
d.rid , , Trhieupon. the iMilwaukeo line-
Omaha'has not yot' mot the Milwau-
koo'a cut to and from interior points.
Passenger travel .is brisk , though lack
of low return rate prevent the in
crease which cheap trayol both ways
would cause. Shippers and merchants
say the business community is
not in position to take much
advantage of the cut. Merchants
have made their trips to the city for
purchase nnd are stocked. Millers
will realize an advance on flour-and
grain stock if they can get it to
market before the price falls , but say
the price of wheat will raise on ac
count of scarcity of CUB and they can
buy only from hand to mouth , The
uncertainty of the continuance of low
rates from interior points will stimu
late the sale of wheat by farmers and
make trade brisker nnd money easier.
Manager Merrill's Opinion.
Jpoclal Dispatch to TUB DBS.
MINNEAPOLIS , November 20In
conversation with The Tribune re
porter General Manager Merrill , of
the Milwaukee line , said : l"Tho situa
tion remains practically the same , and
what the futnro will develop I cannot
say. Our road docs not want to fight
and did not commence the present
war. Wo rhould like to close it at
any time , but arc not prepared to say
upon what teams. The trouble com
menced about two months ago , Wo
and the Omaha road were in n pool
and tlio Itock Island wanted ono third
of the business. They have the
longest road by 100 miles and wo
could not quito submit to
the injustice of their demands. Then
the Omaha road gives notice of , forty-
five days that nt the end of that tiinn
they would withdraw from the pool.
Ttiat time expired on Saturday , Porter
ter , while ho said nothing de3ulte ,
led mo to infer that wo might bo ablu
to fix the matter up , and I tulegraph-
ed that I would be in Minneapolis
Monday , but they cut Sunday , We
were not aggressors , and only light to
protect ourselves. To-day the cut Is
only ono way ; how long it will.remain
that way I am nnablo to say , neither
will I venture to predict what will
happen nor how long the war will
Combination Aurlusfc Vaniler-
Special Dispatch , to Tim B .
Oswzuo , N , V , , November 20. It
is rumored that the Grand Trunk
railroad of Canada is negotiating'
with Sam Sloan for the lease of- the
Homo , Watertown & Ogdensburg rail
road. Should this lease bo made a
strong combination would at once bo
formed between the Grand Trunk-- ,
its Great Western divisions and the
Watertown & Ogdensburg , Ogdons *
burg & Lake Ghatnplain and Vermont
Central roads , in opposition to Van *
dorbilt's lines , which would enabla
the former to control the freight and
passenger traffic of the Now England
OHIIAGO , November SO. The trial of
Theresa Bturla , the disreputable woman
whu shot and killed Charles Btlles , caller
on the call board , last July , wai b gnu ia
the criminal couit