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The Daily Be <
Saturday Morning , Nov. 11
VTontlier IKoport.
( The following observation * are Uki
the Bame moment of time at all the rU
ntmed. )
VIOK , OMAHA , Nov. 17,183 ? .
Deavnr. . . . . 31 40 31 Llcai
Che j once. . . 1038 .11 NW rrtr.h
.11 4 ir S cnr Icai
TO 42 42 W h1 o h Cimi
1041 42Ml , Vnsh ISr ,
VnnVton. . . 10 ttt S8 'S\V '
DM Molnct. JI 40 38 NE Ih8
Dtrcnnort. . 103 47 N 'n 8h tlti
fit. Paul. . . . 1041 SO 'HK , Uht Fair
Bt. Louis . 10 M 41 NW
lloorh 4. . . 3037 31 S lion
BUmirck. . .
Bator !
Ciutar. . . .
iXodwoMl. . .
Asmnibolie. i
BlTer 4 foei Jt lnchn.1 atiovn low wfctor m
0-Juht , 1 fcctlOtnchn M Ytnkton. Mlssls-nli
feet 1 Inchcfl at Ducnpoit , 4 ftct 4 niche
Bt P ul , 10 f ot 5 kchci at SS. Iiiult , 4
D Inches at LiOro so tud 7 feet 4 Inchi
OAbuqutt. _ _
There was A brilliant dlf piny of
aurora borealis loot night.
Kgg' are very rcaroa nml high. '
roosttra hivn nil Rene into the domocr
papom , hcnco the hcna take a lay off.
It tried bard yesterday to got u
snow storm ,
The turkeys eoug : ' 'KtA , drink w
merry for ti-uiorrow yo dio. "
Fred Glcalar was rcntcncod to pny
fine and raako double restitution of p
crty for petit larceny ,
0. Spocbt him pccurcd tbo contract
making and puling on the cornlca of
Nebraska National Dank.
Four plain drunks were arraigned
ioto Judge Hcnclto .yenUrday. Tl
paid and tbo other case was continued.
Gallery sc.itB nt { Bojd'a opera he
for the Ingoreoll lecture are put up to i
cents and nil below the gallery $1 each ,
Win. Nelson , of the Bctton Cloth
lloune , in Betting up tlo ; cigars previou
lilting up nights. Its a glcl. Mother i
daughter mo as well as could bo cxpccl
as Ml * * N. nt rived only Thursouy.
Well I Wcllll One of our leading btl
layers of Omnha bt > s etiuck n bonanza i
enough. S. G. Witlkcr , with Bailey
Olson , is the lucky man. Ita n girl , wei
nine pounds. Nu wonder Bam Is oni
the happiest brlcklaycra in town now ,
The social given by No. 3 0 > mpanj
Firemen's hall Thursday was a ( ji
Buccete. About forty couples were pro
and danced to tbo mutio of Iho llttlu I
ian band. Another sociable will be gi
next Thursihy.
The five priBoncrs fcntcnccd nt
procot term ot the Dlitrlct Oourtv
taken down to the pen Thursday , c
having three yearn' term to serve c
The prisoners were Hollander , McC
Dawson , McDonald and PHntwoll.
It is claimed that Gommls lo
Midgelyhoa concluded to withdraw
circular forbidding the Iowa pool lines fi
receiving Novnda freight unless the cb r
were piepatd to Council lilufft. It
thought that this will' avert tbo nnt
pated war.belwecn tba U. T. and Ic
The telephone system by which all
leading cltta of the North PJatto cetin
are to be put in communication with ci
other has been completed , adding that I
ritoryto the Omahi cud Fremont
a nges , Tbo now line ia 48 miles lo ;
The central oillcea at Blair , Fremont r
Arlington are open from ? a. m. to 10p.
A. two months' old hey baby waa 1
recently on the doorstop of the residence
Mr. Noah Kmberson , on Mason street ,
note or information an to the child's age
identity waa found. Mr. | and Mrs. V.
berson , having no children of their own i
delighted with the prize and proposn
care for It and ratio it as if it were tl ;
own ( letli and blood ,
The opening social reception of
Young Men's Christian association ,
their new quarter ? , will take place
Monday oveulng next , The muBlo for
occasion will be furnished by Mr. J , \ \
lie Wilkinr , who hns kindly voluntce
himself. In this part of the programme , i
it is not necessary to nay that it will be
a very Interesting character. Some of
best musicians will aid him. Miss 1
Ijowe , who has not often appeared be !
pnbllo audiences in our city , but who 1
v ry fmo reader , will take n part In
programme. The rooms of the at social
aJe pcculiaily pleasant for their ooclal
the arrangements being so oomph
Heretofore they have had only ono or t
rooms , hot now they hive five Inolud
tbelr well lighted and ventilated hall , w
parlor , roadlng room and kitchen , Nu
ing will bo left undone to make tbU
bent social the association lias evergiv
lAdy friends will meet on Saturday at
association parlor.
A rather ancient document i
Thurwlay filed In county clerk's olllee.
was a quit claim deed for certain prope
in Douglas county and was diuunN
11 , 1801 , but never put on record , It >
from J , W. Peek and M. S. 1 Unman ,
Arapahoe county , Colorado , to Gee
Meyer , of Buckskin Joe "Dletlrkt , " P
county , Ool. A warrantee deed anted
Ing this B chart time was filed with It.
The Omaha Commercial Itecord
made an acriuUltlon which will odd c
iderably to its strength. Mr. A.
Fitch , for some lima patt with TIIK B
h&4 gone In with tbo Itecord ai 'bunir
manager , and will uisbt generally in pi
ing forward the enterprise , This joui
ii non political and devoted wholly to
octumerco , manufactures and product !
of the city aul state , repretontlng
wholesale buslneui exclusively. It i
hereafter be issued daily , Mr , Fitcl
able , trustworthy and calculated to i
friends end keep them wherever ho n
br. He bas our boat wlihen.
A rectnt decision has been made
Land Couimluioner McFarland , at Wa
iogton , to ths effect' that uo perwu rii
fcedepiivedof bU lithU M n * ettler
public lands by reatoa < if falee Informal :
received from local oftlckm. Thin proi
wtoievlr .nsoMcaie cf Ilunb * g li
TaJcutioo t partlvnloii of which J
pretty familiar to the renders of TUG 1
on it covers thnt cote exactly , Mr. I
proposes to open up the nutter nnew
CD to the expense ot rccmlng counsel , i
to re-an'ort his right * to hit homeiti
which recently pa cd Into the hand
the "Valentino creditors He has aln
jakcn the nccoscary ulcpn to bring
CAKO bsf jro the commissioner ot Wath
ton ,
The Omaha Klcctiio company
making nrrangcmenti to string all
wires in the alleys in the central par
the city , and ycotcrday the work ot ci
Ing double mast * , with two crons.hars ,
begun. The mas IP , one on pach tide of
kl ey , nre forty fret high. The first
of muftis was put up In the alley near
Omaha National bank building , Tl
will be three palra of ma < U In each hi
The upper cross-bar will accnmmoi
over 100 wires , and tbo lower crowbi
intended for the use of the olectrlo 1
wires of the Nebraska lllcclrio lltth
Then. JI , Steard was brought
Thursday , from Sidney , by deputy U ,
marshal , and will be taken to Denver
day. Ho Is charged with taking let
from the Denver postolfico addrewil
another man , and after opening dcntro
them. OnllioiM'.h of December , 183 !
Is claimed , bo tuok n Itttor rvldreveil t (
H. Stewart , and opened and dcstroyn
It contained n bill of exchange drawn
tbo Clllzonf ) bank ot Dyart , lon-e ,
comber 20 , 1831 , for Mio payment of S
lo the order of T. II. Htew rt , and was
reclodto _ the First National bank of (
cage , Hoii also charged with eltnllr
taking aud destroying another letter
longing to T. II. Stewart , containing
drafts payable to < .ho order of Stewart i
ilrawn byT. A. Pierce , ono being for 8
and the other for 925 ,
Thcro in hardly an mlalt pen
living bat is nometimea troubled w
ddney difllculty , which IB the m
proliha nnd dnngorous cause of all c
3oao , There ia no sort of need
mvo any form of kidney or urin :
trouble if Hop Bitters IB taken oc
HUB I'UNOIipwnared of pure
U'luonnnd aromatic fruit jitiics , suipai
ny punch or t ddy made on the spur
he moment. Trade supplied by M.
loNamara at manufacturers' ' pric
s'nmllioa supplied by A , H. Glatiato
3mahn , Nob.
\n Ex-Omuba Pollcomin Oaugbt
A ploanant wedding tookplacoThi
Iny nt tbo residence of lilr. Jo
Jrndy , northonat corner of Oumi
ind Eighteenth streets. The pnrt
hua launohinu upon the HOIof in
imony wore Mr. Prank Bollamy ,
) flicor of the Omaha police force t
lor Mayor Ohaoo's ronimo , and a fi
ilaes man , nnd MisB Fannie Franc
in amiable and accomplished you
A lar o number of invited guoi
vitncaned the ooromony , which
olomiiized by Rev. Mr. Grocn ,
Trinity Mission. The bride wan i
irod in imperial blue Bilk trimmed
jpanlah laco. wreath of owcot forgi
no-noto , with tuber roses at the ne
presented by Mra. Oharloi Woodmn
iud pearl ornaments. After the cei
nony nil aat down to an elegant HI
> or. The following is a list of t
arosonto :
Hnndaomo bouqnot , Mra. Oharl
Goodman ; pair of books , A. W. B
cor ; uilvor salt dish , Mr. nnd M
lobinson ; silver fruit dish , Mrs. Ui
oy ; desert dishes , Mr. nnd Mrs.
Villhmaj pair of silver uapkin rinj
Hr. nnd Mra. J. M. Watt : porfui
nd caao , Mr. Frank Redman , allv
utter diah , Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Vi
( ; ar ; pair of silver salt cellars , Mi
] | lttOuBloy ; pair of silver vases , Mi
julu Oosluy ; silver mug , Mr. J. J
'olbort ; silver mug , M. 0. Iliokol
land painted plato with silver brae
rlr , and Mra. Gilbert Pitts ; allvor na
in rinp , Miss Lulu King ; silver napk
ing , Mrs. A. Kinc ; ; silver pick
land , Mrs. J. R. Simpson ; silv
licklo castor , MIBBCB Lulu nnd I
Jrucu ; half dozen silver apoons , Mi
if. Bruce ; plush easy chair , 0. Orai
lass tea eot , excelsior brand , 8. Kin
lass tea sot , Mr. and Mrs. A. Ho
Irick ; toilet sot , Mr. J. II. William
r cushion nnd ink stand , Miss I
Villiamn ; pair of vases , Missus Nio
us ; upitoon and silver receiver , M
nd MM. Barks ; pastor , Mr. Bla !
3rpwn ; card receiver , Mre. J. J
( Villiann ; prayer book and hymni
luv. Green ; majolica tea sot , W
nd Mra. J. Newman ; majolica sug
> owl , Mrs. Stewart ; easel with pair
ng , Mr. and Mre. Charles Wutkir
wo stoul engravings , Mr.and Mi
3 , Wntson , crumb plato nnd btus
Urs. 0. L. Carey ; chinaimajolicafn
ilatea , Mr. and Mrs. Fulton ; ahi
over nnd tidy , Mu > s Iloiidrioks ; wat
mwl und pitcher , Mr. nnd Mrs. Me
ian ; pair of vases , Miss Steward ; t
f stiver kuivea and forka , tableapao
nd teaspoons , Mr. Forbush , of Ku
as City , Ho. ; silver salt collar , pt
f mats , dozen towola , table clot !
ilr. Buoknow , of Council Biuila ; silv
olery glaes , Mios 0. McCoy ; sot
lapkins , Mr. nnd MM , D Rybinaoi
iroad plate , MM. F. Brown ; pair
> aby shoes , littio Mamie Brown ; ail v
loldo stand , Joseph Skolton ; silv
ilcklo stand , Mrs. M. Henry ; eilv
mttor dish nnd card receiver , Mr. m
Iro. W. W. Porter ; silver butt
lish , Mrs. n. L , Brown ; silver sue
) owl , Mre. Sly ; pair vases , Louis Dee
) oo ; French plato mirror , seven fu
° "K A. Johnuon nnd J. S. Uousema
Do Not Mova Blindly.
Go carefully In purchasing medich
Uauy adyettleccl remedtea can work gr <
nlury ie worse than none , Jlunlt
UtMj HitUM ate imroly a vegtlablo nrt
iratlon : the emallest child eau take thei
I hey kill dUfivse and cur the iiUicnt It
afe nuit liiudly way ,
HA , NEB ;
Tables supplied with the best t !
uurket atlords. The traveling pub !
Uim they get bettor nccommodatio
md moro general satiafaction ho
ban at any other house In Omah
tote , 82 pur d y. ni21tfm
iludo froir the wild flowers of tl
t is the most fragrant ot perfum
lanufftctured by H. B. Blavon , Si
iVauciiioo. For sale iu Omaha by V
. Wbilwliougo aad Konnuio 11 roc
i -hi.
Brand Banquet .by the Doni
County Bar ,
Attended by ths LeptU Lnrc
orieB in Nebraska ,
Who Pay Homngo to the
nail Setting f-nnn >
The banquet by iho bar of Dou
county to lion. James W. Savage ,
judge ot Iho district court , and U
James Nonllo , Ills BUCCOSSO. , wV
took place at the Mlllard hntol }
evening , was ono of the most olcg
social affairs thnt has over taken p
in Omaha.
The Musical Union orchoatru :
rila heel the inusio for the occasi
playing as the guests assembled
itt intervals during the evening fi
tbuir station in the west end nf
hall. The tablcn wore decorated v
Howard , fruit and the usual design
At the head of the table Bat Ju
\Yukuley , who acted as chrirmnn
Umst-mnstur. On his ri ht wan :
Tudfje Sivngo , Jndgu MoOrary , of
United States circuit court , and Ju
Boorgo JJ , Lake , of the etiprcmo cc
sf Nobraoka. On the left was Ju
Neville of the distriet court
Judge Elmer S. Dandy of the Uni
States district court.
The mionts prenont were as folio
K K Kstibrook , George I Gilbert ,
Webster , General George M. O'lJt
3eorjoV Ambrose , John M Thur
B K M Kennedy , George W Doanc , .1
D Howe , Chtulcs 1' Manderaoa , V
3onncll , A J 1'opploton , James M AV
worth , Georfjo K Prltcho'.t , J 0 Cox
Judge A M Uhailwlck , United States
iorney G M Lamhettson , L 0 Burr ,
Lincoln ; Judge Tucker , of Blair ; Seui
ilect Hohonheit , of Fal's ' City ; Oha
IV Seymour , of Nebraska C
Mr Davidson , of Tecumsebj
I'helps , of Sobnvler ; 13 33 Hniner ,
ICoarney ; Ed M Bartlett , Win H Ija
L' O HawcD. Walter Bennett , O J III
\rthur Wakelcy , Joseph 11 Clarkson.
Montgomery , Ilorry Kstabrook , I
> ngdon. Gins H lUdiok , Jolm T J1
3haa J Grcon , N J Bnrnham , Wm I
lonbure , Will lledick , Chas SauntfoK
M Hitchcock. Mr Hull , Dexter TJ Thou
: 3 Hwcall. K W Slmera ) , A 0 Troop
U Groff , Howard B Smith , 1'redB Lo
31mcr Frank , Judge Andcnon , lla
Jaylord , J O'Connor , Park Goiwin ,
lydo , L Uoeewater , of TJIK Bur. ; Al
nnon.of The Itcpubllcan ; Sands F We
irldge , of The Herald.
Tno following was the bill of fa
Blue Points on Half Shell.
Jolery. Lsttuco. Ollt
Fried Oy ter8.
Saall Oyster Pattlea , a la Rein.
Boned Turkey.
Tlmbalea of Maojnroni.
Pralrlo Chlckona , witli Water Crtm.
Teal Uuclr , with Jelly.
ClmtrtUfo of Quail.
Calvo'a Head , en Bellavne.
Chicken Salid , en Mayonnaise.
Saratoga Chips ,
'yramid Meringue. Ornamental O
Wine Jelly. Assorted Cako.
Ice Cream. Fruits ,
About 10 o'clock Judge Wakoly i
ivorcd an address pujiuy a hi
rlbuto to the incoming and outgo !
udgos of the district court , to win
ho bar had tendered this tcutiraoni
Hon. J. H. Woolworth in respoi
o a toast to Judge Savage , pale
ory high tribute to the ability ,
ogrltyand fidelity of tht judge , n
espondod in a fooling manner , (
reaaing his appreciation of the cord
ocoption. Ho dwelt at lenRth up
in seven years career an district jud
nd the many trying difficulties
ad to encounter.
Hon. John M. Thurston respond
> the toast , "Tho Present Judgi
In gave a biographical ekotch
udgo Neville , bonlnning with 1
pyhood Btrugales ; for a living and :
lowing his career no a aoldior , a la
or and prosecuting attorney.
Judga Neville replied in a rath
uniorous vein , pkdging htrasolf
Dnolusion to administer his ofli
ithout fear or favor and without j
tical bias ,
Lottcra of regrut wore read fr (
foyer Boyd and Hon. John
Hon. George W. McOrary a
udgo Dundy responded to t
ist to
"llIK . "
Hon. A. J , Popploton delivered t
blest and moat improesivo address
10 evening , in response to the tea
The bar , its iniluonco potent 1
oed government. "
Speeches were tnado by General
Istabrook , Hon. J. L YVobati
harlos W. Green , Ghas. 11. lledic
! . W. Simoral , H. D. Eatabroo
.rthur Wakoloy , and G. M. Lambai
in. The young lawyera were bril
tit as well M witty. The compai
id not disperse ( ill after 1 a. m.
lavy OiocUott & . Btory of Mayi
"Legitlmato- ' Days
Mr , Sheridan Oorbyn is the Di
lansgar ol the season to favor
ilh u four niL'hta entertainment
early the eamo bill. While It
ight'a audience was hardly as lar
i the first , it proved the strength
is attraction and will show that Oi
! ia is a pretty good city for amut
lunts. When wo take into co
deration the enthralling dramal
tterest that is everywhere BO prou
ent in Davy Orockott , its genuii
athos , inherent strength ai
: rong comedy uloineuta , one is n
jrprirod a * , its longovity. This afte
eon u matinco will bo given , and tl
Uf > aicmoiit ; closed with Frank Itla1
i his now play , "Streets or Nc
ork. " This is its first productK
ere , and au it is pronounced to bt
val tohlaDAvy Orockott , thosoataa
ring fast ,
A good story on Frank's logitima
aya who , by the way will alwa '
imam a favorite In Omaha , whoth'
a givea uu Blacboth or Davy Orocke
is going the rounds of theatric
rolcH , and wo can't help repeating i
'lieu ' ha was last here with lua tragec
jople itvillbu remembered hiscoti
xny wai largo , and his advertiaii
ttonsivo. Ouo of his moat olabora
hangers" represented him as Ma
) th , and another an the aorrowfi
amlet. In ouo of our well kuon
average resorts a guy had writtc
under the Macbeth lithogn
"Forty , count 'cm , forty 1" Chi
Lord , drnnintio correspondent of
Chicago "Nown Letter , " happouc
drop in p.nd noticing it , wrote ui
thu llamlot cardboard : "Forty ,
"otn , forty 1' Frank wna invite <
to see the "hnndwri'int ; on the w
nnd signified hia approval by ami
with Ute entire crowd.
The next Mip&gcmont nt the B
is Robert Q. InKprsol ) , who will 1
a packed hence Monday night.
Uarlow , Wilson t Co.'o Minst
hold the bonrds Friday night , nnd
followed by the "Moid of Arnw"c
pany , in which Agnca Halleck is
star , Saturday anri matinee.
Mile , libra Is In Toronto.
l > awrenco Barrett is In Chicago.
"Ksineralda" Is being done through
The Boston Ideal Opera company i
Kate Claxtonli tempting the Gro i
In Illinois.
llye" Btlll drives crowd
New York.
"Only n former' * Dwglitcr" has got
to LeaUvllle.
"The Whltofllavn" will bfl In India
oils for the next week.
Klrnlfy'a "Around the World"
epond two weeks at Chicjpo.
The Boston IdeMa are t lklng of
duclnt } "Iho Mnrriago of Figaro. "
Mnry Amlrnnii will nppear in Phlh
phla In tne middle of December.
Miss Kellogg will fins In Benton
Tuesday and Thursday evtiilngB.
Mlnnl" Hauk BUIKvlth tlio Strak
Opera company in ladlanapolls last w
Tliere are In London at preterit It
ono ropular theatres , with seating cape
for 05,320 persons.
Mrao. Ni'eson'j ' toga jeweh , pupp
to have been destroyed at the Park t
ter fire , hava 11 n recovered from
ruins uninjured.
"And still UIGV come. " A now Btn
the pornon of Misi Martjarek Bonner ,
has been acting with Mllo. Kuea , Id al
to take "tho road. "
Mrs. Lnglry will icmnln In Now \
until December 1 ; die will piny hi 13oa
She will apppar iu Pnlladelphla Deeen
18 , ChlcaRO January 1 , and Now Orli
Jonuarj 30.
The Ballo Union theater , San IVanol
lia ? Ijeen closed by the police on tlio a
of Immorality. The manager and comr
were urrestul and held for trial.
Gilbert and Sullivan's new on
"lolanthe : or , the Peer and the Peri , "
ho produced Rlmultaccously In Lone
New York , Philadelphia and Boston
Saturday , the 25th Inst.
Sarah Bernhardt haa boon engager
the agency of the South American tl
Ires for fifty ropreicntatlona , ohltfly
Brazil. She will ho accompanied by
IIMni DIeurlonne , and will rrci
5103.COO for her 135 daye of absence.
The charming Madam Albanl-G
whose lovely voice and perfect style h
aeen heard at nil the wcent Eng
Buslc feetivalf , has Cn.Uly nrrnnvei
ippoarln America with Her Mnjee
jpera company shortly after New Yc
Sarnh Bsrnhardt has accepted a i
.ragedy called "Francois I , " from
Parodl , the author of "Home Vaiuci
md will produce it in her own thea
vblch Is hereafter to be known as
theatre Mcderno.
Ulanca Lablanc-hg ( Blanche D.wenp
ecentlv at peared at BoSogun , She ha
treat reception , receiving eighteen cBls
ere the curtain , and met with n deci
uccea * . After a tour of Itnly ehe willie
io all the principal citiea of Spain , /
rali and Germiny.
The operat selected for production at
Cincinnati Opera Festival of January I
ire "William Tell , " "L'Afrlcane. "
Prophete , " "Romeo and Juliet , " "Lol
; rin , " "Nozze dl Fl < ? arn , " " etnirami
md "Don Giovanni. " Wajnor , itwlll
een , is not expeclally honored by the C
aans of Cincinnati.
Miss Fanny Davenport began her
Ish provincial tour in Brighton on Octo
Oth , appearing In "Only a Woman , " i
paa ureetod with a wictcbed house and
ilay was received with derision , &
) tvenport is admitted in England to t
landsorno woman and an excellent actr
lut the ( way sbo is "managed" exc :
lUiazemont and sympathy. V
Mits Kate Pattlsnn , who Biipportfi M
jin try , has ambitious vlew . She
nuounccdher intention cf remaining w
ilrn. Lantry during ; the present Ecaa
nd in the iall of next year taking "
ond" an a star on her own acccunt. 2 !
'uttisou has been on the stage atiout til
oars , and was formerly the frleud , cc
iantori and private secretary of Mlsa Ei
f Faithful.
At tba London Lyceum ' 'Much /
ibout Nothing" is pionounced by the
ire preca to ) > e the.most euporb of all I
rving revivals. All London ij talk !
bout the beauty of th ? tccnery , the n
itn of the elfeots , the charm cf the mu
ho gloiioua magnificence of the dreee
he perfection of tbo acting. The Cha ;
ceno , with its real organ , Its real t > tai !
luita windows , Its real cbotr , and Us
lost reM wedding ceremony , ia pralul
lie moat splendid "act" that has over 1
rrunge'd on the stage of a theater. 1
ioudon audiences are wild with d lli
vor it , aod every seat in .tho liousu
ookeU for months to come.
The young Thoodor Bjoikiten , who
Duipiuiei hlb famous countrywoman
ery good looking and only 23 y ars n
V ben Nllaaon waa last at Stockuolm c
rnb followed wherever uho wett bv
rowd , which would gather in front of I
> tel in.tho hopoof catching arllmpso
er. Amocg these admlrois ono yor
itn wan conspicuons for hit assiduity , u
line , Nil-Bon at last became ijulteaunoj
t Ida porsiatcnt attention. Ono etenl
lie found herself serenaded , and v
[ ruck hy the clear tones of a tenor vo
'hich ro3B abova the rest. Sending fort
( CR r , she dltcovfre.i that thU tenor v
one other than her younj admirer Wh
uito a boy Bjnrksteu vowuH , iu the nai
f hii oo'intry woman , ChrUUnoNillhOD ,
ovote himself to mualo , thoueb dcstiu
y hia pareuta for the navy. Mine. Ni
m was to attracted by hU vcico and i
uniasni that , taking him under her ]
onaqe , BIO placed him with ono of t
eat mast era in Paiia.
W. H. McOoy , of the popular Ri
lurant in the basement of lioyi
Vfra House , desires to state to t
ublio that ho is prepared to furni
ind for building purposes on t
inrtost posatblo uottco and ia also pi
arcd to receive ordera for heavy hai
ig of any description. novIMf
Fine Fancy Oandles for the Ho
' " 1322" Dou
ay trade at Beindorf' ,
.a etroot. Specialty of homo-ma
andiea , Cakoa , and all kinds of Oo
iptioiis. Famtliea and parties au
lied on ehortest possible notice ,
The Fifth Annual Ball of Piono
"qok and Liddor Company No.
ill bo hold on November 20th
CsBonio Hall. TiokeU , 81 , Cor
litteo on arrangements Ed. Witti
harles Fisher , J , Rothholz , T. ]
tester , L. Krootuh ,
174.Tuea&Fri to Nov29.
Qenuino Buckwheat Flour at
[ aple Syrup at Wiemers1.
Celery and Ojsters at'Wiemora' .
The Attraction to Oinak of I
eip Capitalists , *
Some of the Ineido Work >
compliBhedby the Board
of Trade.
7 hero is ono very important fact
Ing demonstrated by the existence
the Omaha board of trade , which
the extent to which the attention
business men and those having mo
'to invest ia being attracted to
Oato City as a splendid field for 1 (
ting. The secretary , Mr. Thoi
Gibson , in constantly in receipt of
tors from all atitcn in the Uu
making inquire a aa to the oncour ;
mcnt likely to bo received in start
manufactories , etc. , in our nil
From ono to a half a dozen of tl :
communications nro read at uv
meeting and are answered by Mt. (
It wno through the matrutnonta
of tlit > board thnt the echumu of ot
ing np extensive glucoao works in
city wan brought to public uotico
resulted in the incorporation of a c
pany , to whoso capital nearly § L
000 has already been oubcribud. '
incorporation bt fjvo orgauizag fi
or beginning active wpik have do
mined to neud a committee of twc
personally inventin.Mn aud report u
thp value of auoh a manufactor ;
thoao who invoat their capital in it
to the city. Gap 1. 0. B. Ilu
and Paymaster Joasclyn , of
Union Pacilic , were appointed aa B
committee , and \ > 'M probibly s
about the 1st of December. T
will visit the glucoao works at Pol
UK , and at Wheeling , West
gluii. John Filius , Esq. , who i
partner with the patentee at the la
place , was in the city a few days n
and ia very anxious to have the ot
mittee come on and sso for thamuoJ
the nuturo of the business.
A letter has also been received fi
a 'Kontloman at Rookford , Illin
asking what inducements would
offered toward the establishment
saah and door factory in Omaha , wh
would afford employment tc2CO m
Mr. Gibson replied that by com
they would secure a point for a mml
big field.
A communication waa oent to
secretary of the board asking that t
agates bo sent to attend the fortbcr
ing annual meeting of the Nutio
Butter , Chooao and Egg Ansociati
which meets at Milwaukee on the I
ot December. No delegates were
pointed , but it ia poasiblo Borne of
members of the board who are p
duce dealers hero may go over &b
that time and take in the convent ! '
It is intimated that the scheme
building a low bridge , wagon and T
bridge , across the Missouri at t
point , to connect Omaha with Oour
Bluffs , is being revived , aud Lhat
haa assumed a tangible shape. 1
names connected with the rumor wo
juar-nteo tin success of the undert ;
ing , but at present we are not at 1
Btty to make the dotaib of the p
The "Hawthorn Oontennial I
joleior Roof Paint , " was patented SI
24th , 1881 , and ottera patent nu
> er 241 , 803. Any person found
cnown to tamper with the mai
acluro of Bdid paint will bo punii
sd to the full extent of law. No p
ion haa any authority whatever to c
ecoipta. HAWTHORN & BRO. ,
Lancaster Pa
Don't Oio In the Houso.
"Rough on Rats ; " Cleara out ra
nice , roachoe , bed bugs , flics , un
nolca chipmunks , gophers , 15c.
Board of Education.
The board of education held an i
ournod mooting last evening , the f
loard being preeont.
A vote was taken on the followi
oachora for the position of priuotj
if the O.iss atroet school : Miss Sta
lard , Miss McOarly , Misa McShat
ilita Buttorfiold , Mias Fees , M
Vhite , Miss Wilbur. Five balh
iforo taken without resulting in
lection , it requiring four votes
It was vet < ) d to pay the Storli
ompany § 1,000 on account of furi
The committee on teachora and to
iooka wore granted further time in i
ird to night achoola.
The aubjeot of collecthig tuition
on-resident tax payers was roforr
o the committee on toaohera and tc
Adjourned to Tuesday , Novorab
1 , at 7:30 : p in.
Mike Itoacb , an old-tlmo br kcinan
10 U. l' , left Thursday for Idaho , to ta
liaige of the U. P. yard at Aminc
Mr * , Senator Canliolcl returned fn
itncoln yesterday. Sherman came np t
ad will remain over Sunday.
A. C. Dawea Is ( n town ,
Congressman Valentino ii In the city ,
Nat Brown , of St. Joe , Is at the Paxti
Judge O , I1 , Mason , of Lincoln , is In t
Gee , A , Draper , of Cheyenne , U at t
axtou ,
W. T , Billard , of Montana , Ii a guest
10 Mllhrd.
13. B. Ferry , of Silt Lika City , 1s
; tbo Paxton.
lion. T , M. Marquett , of Lincoln , w
; the Millard last night.
Surveyor General George H. Smith ,
lattawouth , u In the city ,
Joha A. Moak , end Chas. Kreltz , of tl
[ aid of Arran county , are at the Millar
Mm. Conductor IMakcly , wife of ibe 1
, Jt ill way m&u , T ) s gone eaat to pe :
la winter ,
Mr. and Mm , K. It. Paige , L ona
verett , J. McCllntock , Mis * Clarke ai
I ) . J , Hamilton were amen ? tbo Cot
BlufTs names tcgiUcred nt the 1'axtou
T , I , Bartlett and wife an ! S. W. 1
ore , Kearney ; Win. Dilbti , W. M L
ard , It. 0. Lett and C. W. Moslcr ,
coin ; H 12. Pnlmer. I'laltRmouth ; J
Campbell , Oakdalc ; W. D. 1HII , Beati
U. S , Maloney , Jr , and wife , Ilumbc
and L. Dennoy , Nebraska City , .ro at
Paxtoo , from interior Nebr-Mka
.J. A. MiishMI , S , T. Ksuajand N
Harwood , tf Lincoln ; D. C. Andeomi
J. W. Karli' , of Columbus ; C. .T. Ph <
of Hchuyler ; J. C. Post and brothci
Columbuaj W. T. MoAdaina and
of Port Niobrara ; Ji Wt Tucker , B
J. W. Itobinson , CrclonndLeoaTluin
Nebraska City , wore among the Nel
kans at t.o Millardlast night.
Iluse'm Salvo meets v
nonde fill CUCCCHS in all ca eii of Skin
wns. Try it. _ _
Iloraca Laplancbo , of Wnrrcniburtr ,
Y. , raw u npjltod i.diler enter lilfl t >
U climbul an uptight beam to the c :
andto k a young swallow ftoai a nojt.
A VoicoFi'om the
I take tliis opportunity to btar I
timony to the ollicacy cf your "I
Bitters. " Expecting to tiud them n
somia and l > iter and composed of
whiky , WM wnro niireoably aurpri
at their mild tnaU' , juqt like a cup
tea. A Mra. Greaavrell and Mra. 0
nor , fiiondt ) , have Hkowiao tried , i
pronounce them thu beat medic
they have ever token for building
strength'atul tuning up the system.
was troubled with coativentss. he
ache uud want ot appetite. My
nientu 'uve all now gone. I hav
yearly contract with n doctor to 1
afur the ho Uh of myaclC and fam
but I need him not now.
People's Advocate , 1'jttHUurg , Pa
_ .Tnlv 2fi. 1878.
IO UO/.I >
ONKY TO 1.OAN-UD ch.ittul
ciirlty. A. B. Tiitton , No. 1MU Dou
urce * , front room , up-etalr" . _ 431
> t > r'l A/is TO . .OAAl U yn tvn
( r40UuUU to/oat la ennuiol $2,100
np rds , toi a to 6 jears. oil nrjt-olijc city
firm p'Ol'crty. Dzuia KtU , teiit-n * ci T
r Utff. lOtb anj Docrias flta.
TO LOAN Csll nt lw Omct o
MONET r.QDniB Orelqhton Block.
ONBYTOLOAN-On personal prcpcrl
M any ilcEcrlptlon A. C..Troup , Attorney ,
south 1 1th Street. jas-ii ]
; ANTEU-AUlnlngroomilrl at the Crc
w- ton house. 213.
w ANTED A waiter and
the Creighton house.
WANTED A inUale ageJ woman to I
charge of otllcers' mess at Tort dm :
Must bo a srood cook , and come rcconimcni
MU > ly tol.lcut. Jas. A. LojUcn. 203-
" ' '
ANTFD A lUst-class dressmaker lshc
ilodiosMiiaKInK for prlvatu parties.
iulrc'253 Harney between 14th and IDth SI
U C-lOt
WANTED Ono paod cantas < cr ti
goods on Instal incut , steady w ork
; o dpaj. IniUlreat2H > f. IClh ( .trcot , rooi
WANTED A meat and psstry cook , one" '
can deb th. Wagea S J for first me
md SCO thereafter , H utbfait ry. Amilj
S'cuspaper Union , corner 12th and Howaid.
lU7-'Jt ui-e
WANTED Eight machine operators
Wheeler and Wllbon machines , t o
\ workand four on knitting machine1" , n
iut experienced handa need appl > . 210 :
THO barbers , at CoislejV ,
WANTED . Npno but ilrst-class need
ANTED A fuw day 1 oardera by the i
and week , SasOaadf 1.50 , 1011 D.vveni
ANTKD A good dlnlii ; ; room girl at
Emmet House. 162-17
tX7"ANTii : > In o experienced serial book t > o
V V Hors for Colorado. Rooms C and 7 tei
Jlcck , Council Bluffs. % 141-2
ANTE D A first-class press-lccder at
Omalia lice office. t
rXTANTED n lp at Iho employment oH !
V V 817 N. inth i-trest. up tnlnt. S5M
' . ) A girl co .10 neherul uousowo
end references. Ocod uagca p id i
reaii K. Q. flfablo. Kearney Neh. f,50-t
KOf > UPKT > oust nun i * * et\
neil HK\T I''easant room for two vith
U without board. 003 N. 18th St. 'M3-
nUH IblirUUOUM Twoij'od reonnat ,
1J soutli 14th dtrtct , within three blocks of F
am. Kent ? 8 to $10 per month. 210 t
ClOlt IliXT flood rooms fnrnlstitd ofunf
I ! nUhcd , or uulUilile for honsckccplii ) ; . '
JtlibetweenCapltolmenuo and Davenport.
' *
- Oil KENT Olllcu rooms. Knmjlro at N
I York Dry ( Jowls store. 103-dec-l ,
I710H HEN -rurnlshcd front room , with
u without board ( family prliate. ) COS No ,
h- 11)011 )
_ _
VIOH KENT Twolarg. > JOoiiM.onounfuriiUl
. ' oricwmtli room furnished , with uto\o. <
70il JIEIT' Vnnilsliod r om , Js per mon
J Itllll California street. 192-18
? \ll HUNT KurnUhul r.omn , ut 1012 1'arn :
J fctrcet. IW-lt
7 011 HENT-A .liilrabroom ( nltli use
J parlor ) In prhntti f.iinlij. Ill N. 17th st
4 OH ItENT-Chetpl.rltkhtorc , wJthrellarS
iX ) . Apply at tJ , V. liakcry , Gin . inth
OH H NT . \ new hoiikc , furnished , el
? room * , baih room , > table , ttc. Onuolt
nist locations In the i-lt } ; t"X ) 1)0 ) per mont
uiulre for thrco da > < , Ik-mis' real estate a cm
itli .nd Donglva strcete , noIS tl
0ll I KNT- Two fiirnUhcd rooms , 1814 We
? ttsr ktrcet. 180 30
TIOH UE-NT-AKood room , touthwett corn
: I'Jth anJriirimnistrcct . 178-17
? OH HKNTlloiuo of six rcxiiiw , bay ulnae
1 cellar , clutitrn , VM.11. All in good rtpalr. i
J' month. 12-21 north ! ' th street. 178 tl
01l HE.NT-Unlur lahed room ? in bri
? house , UH Chicago utrcct. ibO tl
7O11 11 KNT A neatly furnUhcd front jarl
1 an bedroom , suitable for one , two or to
-ntlcmcn , 279 Harney btrcct , between 16th ai
.th ktrccta. 175-17 !
TOE IIVNT IHirnltlicd room with board 18
Callforiila struct. 171-tl
70It 11EVT Kuanlbhcd room ,
1 U | taln. _ _ 1G8-IO
7\OU \ HENT THe B room IIOUM.-S ;
1 kitchen , bolh ; liundry , dumb wal en h
id cob water , -llar , wood ork , haiuUor ,
ibtuku tinUh , painttd and gildud , UO ba < rtl c
rn , t arn , 1'ark aMiiuc ; pur montn , Vj
Kour t rUk liousu U rooms btsldcn compU
osU and btoro roouu , furdacc , hot and co
ater , marble mantels , commodious and iht.'a
aldenua. Tn uujfourth near Dod.'e ; 11 ,
Fi o room home Just rcpalrod ; corner 18th ai
'cbsler ; p r month , J2 $ .
Eight room liouao , liarn. Just repaired. She
an a cnuej pc r month , 27.
Su > en room house , corner 18th and Nlcholj
t month , if. > .
Eight room hou&c. ' new , barn , cast frntj p
oiilh , * 25.
Hi oktorcii , Capitol a < cnue ; 22xCO ; per mont
0.AMES ,
> ole > * : * * .
" 1600 Fanmm Bt.
KENT A new rottapo , with thr'o rooms
FOU . per month , 30th St. , be ween Fnnmrn
nnd Douglas street. Apply on prtml cs ,
1C3 tf.
KENT -Fnriihlioit room and bofinl IfllO
1 Chicago ft rpet 127-U
l.iOU KKjftrumifliclrooiiis with or without A
I1 board , In Hiatlrrs' block , 10 h and Ooll-
fnrnli I ( KM 3
IOOH UKXT A nicely fiirnWica front loom
r iiif p. Appi ) t'tti Hurt. _ no-ict
I i KM 1 S' New .MnpolOmnhs , Just complctcilnmt
IJ reodj forJclhcry at$7cftch. Is 4 feet wide
iy T feet \ong \ , I/irffcst unit most complete inap
ofOtnah.l ctcr tniblUlictl. map of the
illy. Sec column.
iriOH lti : T Up t.atra , 1417 Fvnhntu Mrstt.
i1 fttf _ JOHN ( I. JA OR3
| ,1. > . . llKNl HO-JSB 0 roni and a tga b\fiT
JL liqnro iciglts ttrctt , bttncea ucth nU
_ _ _ _
I7IO-1 IlhNI ll'ii 8 ot 8 oonn ! n nnt
JL ; rdcr , 10 bio ks from nr hou"- ,
chcnp . , , , . . ; : c.
UMIBO of 11 r < vm , all coortncto ; , g
tiliikl frjio opcrn h-'U n. . . . . . , , . , jn
Uoni ol D moms , 23 1 nod .Nlcli iln strcoi * . H
Stcro rn V'arnum , 2 flootJ. . . . 125
t-rnon Hill , 2 ( toots . , 7f
3 < cll rent ic-Uc' re. ? . , . . . , . , . .SM to tfi.
4l > _ Mc AqUK f pjHis Io f ntpttjcf.
' " '
I .11 11 HUNT A voty iili'arant fiitnlfiiTir "foo'in.
II at 721 mth Wli8tbetworn St. Mnrj'B Ano.i.
no nucl r.ravinworth St. _ _ Ollt-tf
t AOIl IlKXT Itousse of B rboiuVSOttrand Uou" .
J ? pin street , 918 a month ,
' r Klognotly lutnUhaa"rojm < tthi
' gxs and he\Ur. Uifattncm rcnulroil. An.
ply o : northwest o. incrtf S3d and Ittifi ftirru.
_ _
OirilENT A furnltbod llou93 ,
KNl th "Hi " T"nu B ancTUuu u , ro > tinV
laqulruuirno Uilr. oftinllDth bt. r Svrift ,
! )3t-tf
_ _
lo . , , , Bi
JJ qwlrs at 1) . Hyde cilice , lllllaru liotcl.
ITiOR flHjJT Two now awolllngs and two other
JL' dwclllnss ! uio < ! nWfllti0.lTty , by McKoou
NO. i4 nn-igiv nii < - t _ air. f
KENT A d'ttaj-a of Qvu rtonn. Inquire
FOll Northwctt cirner li.haijil tblcatosucct.
REHT Large oir.ea room or halt Btoro ,
IbZOPumhamst ccl. 7J7-tf
RENT A store m llalcombo Week , nn
PCW tttcet , near Davenport. Bt A. D.
IJ J combo. tiOO-28tt
T7IOU RENT Iho bu IJIrg ntprwcnt occupied
JU by lhoW statn Lilian Couiti\ny ,
: ur crol Farnani an ! IDth tttoots : Apply to
Barker lire > . , noa olllce. ti77-tt
FOU SALE First class hotel for talc
HOTEL Iho western town. Has a'l ' the first
: la > s trade , lleanon for selling other business.
I'or particulars , address , Hotel , OMAHA Hup.
183-1 mfnovlSt
SALECHI'.AP-Bakcry , well locatedgood ;
business in moot the liveliest tons In No-
[ ira ka. Ilcason forscllng , poor health and
must get out of business. Inquire"at llrr. olllec ,
k.XCELtnNT BIIICK for gale , 89.03 per thou
sand. Yard , 16th street , two blocks south
Df liellci uo road. Lonnvzo DinrtLK.
POH SALE Barrels and kegs. Alsa hoop poles
bought at cooper shop , cor. 18th and Pierce.
jCOJccli" JKUUV 8n MOOR.
SALE T'fc.licatins stoics from 83 00 to
810.00 each. Great bargain. E Kcudls ,
fl2 13th St. , between Jones and Leaicnworth.
lG-18t (
\ SALE Handsome set ol parlor furniture ,
E\OH of bedroom furni uro and some fine en-
; ra\lngs , cast eidoof 18th stiect , Hist door north
't Podge. ! C5-18t
BEMIS' New- Map of Omaha , Just completed and
ready for dili\ cry at S7 each. Is 4fcctwido
jy 7 feet long. Largest and most complete map
if Omaha acr published. Olllclal map of the
: ity. Sco column.
\ SALE Allrsttlasaspan of mules , harness ,
H\OK wagon. InqulreFaulconcrOperaIIou' < c.
Prltkitoio. trqulro at drus store
FoRllTKT lOlh and Doujlas.
ffO l BMih. Three fiountd western wethers ,
L 1 aTd 2 j ears o d. Weight about 00 pr unda.
F. C. OH-tBLK.
062 tt m and e Kiarney , Neb.
niOli SALE O/io organ Joc30. O n orean f > r
L $35. Ono Piano , J . ( Casn or monthly pay-
ue ts.
21-tt A HOSPE.
FOU SALE Inquire 0. M. Woodman -
man , Omaha. 751-tf
niOK HALK Good building , brick. Call at
L ? Water Wcrks offlca. , 440-tf
I' OST One Iron gray iwriy-nure , ilps of both
LJ cars split. Itoth hind feet white. Please
ctum toN. b. corner 15th and California 8ts.
208 20
f O&T A watch fob teal , gold with white stone
LJ lletuin for reward to
200-11 182 > Farnam Street.
' 'TRAYED. Near the ( ounty jHjor house , one
J light bay marc , 10 hands high ; weight about
i2SO. Anv iiifoimatioii of the whereahouts or
: turn < f taid mare will be lilicrally rewarded by
10 undersigned. r. K UG ,
novl7-3t OmahaBrencry.
7\OUND A sum of money Ow ncr can have t he
J samebyd' scribing it , and pa ) ing for IhU
JtcrtUoment , Now York Dry Goods Btoro , 1310
id 1312 Farnam btrco' . 104-17
OST A pair of car ring pendents , twocns-
J tain In each , were in a small box. Ix ) . t bo-
xecn John I aumcr's s'oro and " cbst ( r and ICth' '
Cj reward by IcaUng at Bee olllc.l')318
UP Ono small roan cow , about flvo
CIAKEN old ; has on two bcllaone , small and
le largo. Ow i cr can \v\\ \ e sumo by prov Ing pro-
srty and paying charges ,
83-cm5t t Block 2 Wcbt Omalia.
0. nilAINAIlD , Taxidermist , 13tli and How-
- > . ard. C5-n3-2in
\ K. JLTT-IIousoard Carwt Cleaner Stove
ri. Polisher. Lone orders at Republican otflcc.
ilh aud Douglas. ( "l-U
no FARMBIlS-Tho highest cai.h prti-o paid
I. ror Itye , liar cy and Corn Kreb's VlnocEr
ojki , Jonea street , botwosn Oth a. d 10th , Oma-
, 1V8 Tenth ftrtct , between 1'arnam
id Hancy. will , with ho aid of niardian
iritM , obtain for anyone a gunco aMhupast
id present , and on certain conditions In the fu.
iro. ItooUandShocs maile to order , Perfect
tltfactloii guarantied.
Absolutely Pure.
Thh powder naver varies. A marve if
irity , btrenjtli ( nnd wholworaeneea
ore economical than the ordinary klndf
d cannot bs sold Iu competition wltb the
altitude of low test , short weight , alum
phosphate powders , Sold only in cues
Wall St. , NewVor *