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The Omaha Bee.
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The BEE PUBLISmij 00 , .Props . ,
IN a short time congress will have
an opportunity to show whether it is
equal to the emergency. There ia
chance for tolling work in the coming
session , and it is essential that the
majority should improve it ,
TUB cabin enterprise to which Air.
Jamoa Gordon Bennett han made his
generous subscription is backed by Mr.
Garrett , of the Baltimore & Ohio rail
road , mid a few ether well known cap
tri t i italists. The now cable will bo built
t/ for cwh nnd will cost , when com
r pleted about $2,200,000. It will un-
; doubtcdly provo n formidable rival to
the lines now In operation , and which
have boon built on the watered ntock
plan pursued in the building of rail
roads in this country. The result
will bo that the cost of cable dispatches
will bo reduced all around , that is if
the hizh priced cables intend to keep
up with their now more cheaply con
structed competitor. This the prcaont
monopoly must do orgivoupbusinoea.
The now cable will bo used in connec
tion with the Baltimore & Ohio rail
road telegraphic nyatcm , and when
completed will oaro money to the
wtatorn press.
IT is understood that the United
States grand jury now in cession will
investigate the frauds committed dur
ing the late election in this ttato. The
national election laws gtvo thorn that
authority and impose acvoro penalties
upon thbso who in any way deprive
'oliJctoraof nu honest volco in thogov-
orY.inent. IJst the investigation bo a
BoaTohing ono , Them in room for it
right IUTO in Onuha in the Third ward.
"Thoro ia \ \ aUU larger field in the
district where the most
fraudo were committed
"to Bosure the olor.tion of E , K. Valcn
tino. The compoaitiou of the present
grand jary is auoh that wo do not bo-
llavn it can bo .frightened from doing
its fall duty in the prominps. Let it
eearoh the maltcrVithout fear or fa
vor. There scorns to bo some pros-
euro to induce the jury to
look into the question of alleged
crpitcodaesi in thy nutter of United
SUioa Burvojiug oontraoti. if there
la any good reason to bclievo
that frauds have been committed
in tlua department of the publio eorv
ice by which the ( government has boon
Dwindled , the matter ought to bo
probed to the bottom. There oughl
to bo no suspicion , however , that the
investigation has boon-orlginatod or is
to bo conducted for malicious or par
tisan purposes. Bat if the jury believes -
lioves that a crime has boon com
mit ted against the national treasury ,
it much eearob the business , no matter -
tor whom the investigation hits or
whom it may compromise.
Oar grand juries have boon too
much like automatons in the past ,
It looks now as if wo have scoured
ono that moann
The , rnpublicau party at the late
olro'hua were only trimming ship.
The result ahowa that when the body
politio vrant to shift from side to side
as tlui condition of the country BOOBW
to doiuand , the operation ia an easy
ono. For several yonrtt parties have
bcoti oo evenly divided that u very
email chailgo going through a number
of utatLo would work great
results , In Ohio the round
number of the votes east ia
60,000. Thu majority given for either
party has uoldom exceeded five per
cent of the whole number cast and
has been aa low as ono per cent. In <
diatm has boon oven moro closely
divided. Oongrpeuional district !
throughout the union are often held
by the tame tenure. A change o1
five per cent would at any time take
fifty members from one party am
give thorn to the other , In the lati
elections the gains \Uiila tint in
volving'a ctungo of a vor ;
larga number of votea give tin
house to the democrats by i
Bufiloieut majority. The ruadlneu c
thp body politic to shift from cue bid
to the other , afiorda a jnear.uro of safe
ty , When the people * want to tj-jn
atrip they can do ao with llttlo dia'iir
baiifo. Two , three , or five voters g <
over to the ether eido and the work i
done , There ia uo question that th
masa has not changed its party rola
tioii , ? ' iy of its members umy sym
pathizu h these who have , but th
majority " .ly dpeiroto trim the ehip
In the lau lection it way ever bal
Ustcd with the weight of bowee , am
the party threw them overboard
Kapubliecus awlstcd democrats , bu
they ' have iioi become demoorati
They have only been trimming chip.
f '
The question of cloture havirg
bst n practically decided , ditcussion
in parliament during the week has
been devoted to the minor details of
the measure , In which the premier
has shown a disposition to make all
reasonable concessions to the opposi
tion. Mr. Gladstone han eo far suc
ceeded in steering clear of any dis
cussion of the Egyptian policy nf the
government , and Lord Dufferin has
been permitted to continue his negoti
ations , which , it is generally believed ,
will take away from the unspeakable
Turks all but the scmblanco of author
ity in the land of the Pharohs. On
Monday Mr. Gladstone mot the talk
about the "Irooty of Kilinainham"
with a flat denial and a challenge to
the tories to Investigate the nubjoct if
they eo desired. The latter promptly
accepted the challenge and an inquiry
which will bring out all the facts is
probable. As Parnell denies that
there waa ever an understanding look
ing to a settlement of the difficulty
between the loaders of the Land
Leaguu andtho , English ministry , the
work of Lord Randolph Churchill
and his committee is likely to make no
now developments on the subject.
The French socialistic agitation utlll
continues. In Paris it is largely duo
to the "no rent" crusade , which has
boon preached among the poorer class.
Bents in Paris are very high. They
are collected quarterly , and in the
poorer parts of the city landlords are
very exacting , the non-payment of
rent being as a rule quickly followed
by distress and eviction. The feeling
against landlords are very atrong at
all times , and it is further stimulated
just now by the agitation atMontcean-
lea-Mines. The placards which ap
peared ono day were printed on rod
paper and were headed : "By the ex
ecutive committee of the defenders
of the people. " The details 'for of-
factually setting a hquso on fire were
given with diabolical minuteness. The
houses in the meaner quarters are not
built of brick , stone and Iron , aa maybe
bo supposed , but are mostly of lath
and plaster on a slim foundation of
brick , though many of them are six
or seven stories high. They are usu
ally provided with only narrow wind
ing stair cases , which is invariably
of wood. It is plain that a quart of
koroftcno or a handful of sulphur or
gunpowder , with a match , would sot
the vrholo frablo Instantly in a blazo.
The placard bore internal ovldonco of
being the work of comparatively well-
educated men. The police , of course ,
toro them down as coon as they dis
covered thorn. Several hundreds were
found in different parts of this city.
The sultan of Turkey has taken the
bull by the horns. For a number of
years the' Mohammedan world , has
boon agitating itself on account of a
prediction , In some sacred writing or
other , , that a now prophet would ap
pear in the 1300th year of the estab
lishment of Islam , under whoso pow
erful influence the Mohammedan faith
would bo revived to now spiritual
energy and temporal triumph. By
some legerdemain of chronology , this
1300th year has boon made to fall
upon 1882 , though this is neither the
anniversary of Mohammed's birth ,
about 570 ; his firot revelation , about
CIO ; the hegira , in G22 , nor any laior
historical event in the calendar of Is
lam , A prophecy brings ita own ful
fillment , and , sinoo the first of the
year , Messiahs have sprung up like
mushrooms in all parts of the Moham
medan world. The falsa prophet t
of the Soudan , who has boon ravag
ing In the neighborhood of Upper
Egypt and lately threatened Khar
toum with his man-eating hordes ,
parsoualcd the now Messiah and
gained a largo following. Another
laloo prophet in Porsu has caused the
rulers of that country much trouble
and the Ottoman sultan much anxiety
lest the contagion of his influence
should ( spread to Turkish dominions.
This follow has apparently been sup
pressed. It is not exactly clear
whether any pretender to the dignity
of Mcsiiah has actually appeared in
Arabia , but there has been ( treat men
tal and religious ferment , especially
in the neighborhood of the holy ohioa.
And now the commander of the Faith
ful through hia faithful religious futiO'
tlouurJeB has Bottled the question ol
the identity of the now Mohammed
an Messiah by announcing himself at
the long expected prophot. It rctnalnt
to bo seen whether the Moslem world
will accept his protonnlons ,
If Norway ultimately succeed ! ! it
scouring her indtpandenca from Sweden
don It will bo largely duotoUjornson
the poetical Scandinavian , who hai
undertaken to sot up n republic , idLe
who hw almost brought King Oicar l Lo <
his knees. Prior to the elections in
Norway the revolutionists publishoi
it { .broad that the king's long con
thmod controversy with the parlia
muut regarding hia veto power meam
nothing less than this , that ho pro
poses ultimately to march the SwodUl
tray into Norway and abolish lie
10a Norwegian constitution. To contra
diet this campaign thunder the kin ]
aIB took pains to make the journey to
- Christiana , where he succeeded in
itid getting many expressions of continue Bd )
idd. loyalty. But those who are set in
d.ut indopoudouco are likely to secure i
8. sooner or later , tlnce the king can pu
only a qualified negative un Norwcgiai
legislation , and cannot peaceably en
ter Norway with Swedish troops. The
elections emphatically reasserted the
Norwegian doctrine laid down by
Bjornfton , and concessions on the part
of King Otcir ate confidently ex-
peclod. _
In time of peace the Italian nation
in preparing for war to a considerable
extent. Thus , an English ship build
ing firm has just boon given a contract
for ton torpedo vessels , to bo con
structed after the most perfect model
knoTii. When they are done ton
moro just like them will bo made in
Italy , and four others having' some
experimental features uro also to bo
constructed the whole twenty-four
within a few months. Thcao vessels
nre to have a speed of twenty-one
miles an hour , which is ahead of any
thing of the kind now afloat. In or
der to secure rapid notk in its arsenals
the governmoat has recently adopted
the contract system , and thereby has
not only gained time but saved monoy.
By the end of next year thrco or four
first-clans iron-clada , now on the
works , will have been finished. On
ono of them 1,200 men nro at work.
Two moro ships and novoral torpedo
boats are now in progress In private
yards. Altogether tbceo various arm-
amenta will coat $13,000,000 to $15-
The French government ia getting
compliment all around for the firm
ness which it displayed on the occasion
of the socialistic demonstrations at
Monteau-los-Mincs. The local author
ities , irresolute , or rather frightened
half out oi their wits , permitted the
rioters to smash crosses and to sack
churches to their hearts' content.
The central government , at last forced
to Interfere , arrested twenty-three
persons , and then punished them.
This self-assertion was altogether ex
traordinary and unexpected. Later ,
inasmuch as there were signs of now
outbreaks , several battalions of infan
try and some squadrons of , cavalry
were quartered in the neighborhood.
The mcdorato republican journals
generally express approval of the
course of the government , but the Ir
reconcilable radicals , of course , make
wry faces.
The quarrel between Stanley and de
Brazza does not appear to have had
any untoward influence on the French
colonization fovor. The French ex
plorer professes to have concluded
with an African prlnco a treaty , which
ncods only the ratification of the
French government , to annex to the
domain of Franco a largo block of Af
rican territory. Stanley claims that
do Brazz * has received no grant of
land , but only authority to build a
railway. Bo that as it- may , it is reported
ported that French engineers are
about to begin the construction of a
railway between the Senegal nnd the
Niger , nnder the protection of a small
army of cavalry and the moral support
of a conplo of forts to bo erected.
Thin is a now direction for French ag
gression in Africa , and rather moro
laudable than an invasion of Tunis.
Thorr is renewed discussion in Aus
tralia concerning the project of a federal
oral Union batwoon the diflorout cole
nlos. There are now five colonies ,
and from present appearances this likely to increase. '
The governments of the different
colonies are quite dissimilar , and do
not as nearly resemble each ether as
do the governments of the dilferent
states in this union. It is hold that
the establishment of a federal union
would result in awakening a common
interest among people who are now
widely separated , would put down the
spirit of rivalry that now exists , and
build up a sort of national sentiment
It is believed by all that the establishment
mont of n union would result in lee
soiling the expenses of protection
give the people much bettor pnatn
facilities , increase tbo commerce o
the country , and cnuse tin
building of moro railroads and
the consolidation of the lines that
now exist , The present railways
are constructed on different gauges ,
and it is considered very desirable to
have all the tracks conform to a com
mon standard. laws applicable to
the entire territory of the island In
regard to stopping the spread of nox
ious weeds , which multiply very fast ,
and in relation to live stock interests ,
are also greatly needed , The princi
pal thing that stands in the way of
the proposed confederation is the tar
iff question , The schema of the fed
eration was first started In the colony
of Victoria , and at last accounts a
motion was being debated in its legis
lature to invlto a conference of all the
colonlcb to meet at Melbourne to con-
older the propriety of taking the
necessary stops to establish a federal
union. There Is llttlo doubt that the
- motion will pass and that the confer
- ence will moot.
The liquor laws
in Norway are
- somewhat restrictive , and sometimes
give trouble to travelers who are not
prepared for them. The license to
soil wine and beer is distinct from the
license to soil spirits. All the hotels
have the former , but very few of them
have the latter , even in the largest
towns , The consequence is that the
traveler has no difficulty in procuring
it beer or wlno at any time , but if he
should ask for cognac , ho must wait
till it is procured for him from a house
or shop which haa the spirit license.
No spirit is sold anywhere , not oven
in the licenced houses , between 5
o'clock on Saturday night and 8
o'clock on Monday morning. This
system loads to a great deal of dodg
ing and trickery. Knowing the diffi
culty of procuring spirits at hotels ,
the traveler supplies himself at the
larger towns , and carries brandy or
whisky with him in his valiso. Should
ho , unfortunately , run short , lie will
have little difficulty in getting n hot-
tlo of cognac or of Irish whisky from
the landlord , nnd will find it entered
in hia bill as "old shotry. " The Lon
don Times thus comments upon this
system : "This is how ovor-strist
laws defeat their object. They do
not prevent drinking , and in the case
of Norway they have not put down
drunkenness , whllo they tempt honest
men to risk their credit in devices
which can hardly fail to have n de
moralizing effect. "
The foreign mails contain the de
tails of the recent treaty made between -
twoon Franco and the late Bey of
Tunis. Under his provisions France
undertakes to effect the redemption
of the Tunisian debt , which amounts
to $20,000,000. She also stipulates
for the right of abolishing the finan
cial commission , of establishing a
ribunalof justice , of reorganizing the
idministration of publio property , and
if collecting the taxes. The treaty ,
lesidos , provides a civil list of $ UO-
100 a year for the Bey ( which ho haslet
lot lived to enjoy ) and future allow-
iuces for the princess to the amount
i $200,000. The treaty , as the Lon-
Ion Standard observes , "constitutes
lot a simple protectorate , but a kind
if diplomatic annexation , which for
franco has the advantage of not
( addling her with the burden involved
annexation. "
Mn. CLEVELAND may consider him-
; elf the coming man in the presiden-
al contest , but there is plenty of
ividenco that older democrats have no
otion of abandoning the field. A
majority of 200,000 Is a big thing , but
t cannot extinguish the fires"of arnbl
ion which have long burned in Bour-
> on breasts.
Col Hondnmon on the Election-
pccUl to tbo OJobe-Dcmocrat.
DunuQUE , Ia. , November 14. Ool.
, B. Henderson , the newly elected
member for this district and secretary
if the national republican congresaion-
,1 , campaign committee , arrived homo
his morning , looking robust and
icarty after his arduous and unre
mitting labor of the past six
months. Ho was interviewed by
our correspondent as to the cause
> f the late republican defeat , and in
ogard to the latter , ho said it was
argoly due to the party allowing side
issues , like the liquor question , to
creep into importance , and quarrels
.mong.tho . loaders. The stay-at-home
ote was remarkably large'in Ohio ,
0,000 republicans refraining from
otiug. A similar number had ab-
entod themselves from the polls in
Pennsylvania , and he estimated the
otal non-voting republicans in the
: ountry at 1,500,000.
In regard to political assessments ,
o says that the report that any
woman or boy or needy government
impUyo was assessed is untrue. By
, n inadvertence on the part of an
ililoor of the house , circulars found
heir way into the hands of pages , but
as soon as this became known the clr-
ulara were immediately withdrawn.
Circulars were sent to postmasters ,
but when the committee was informed
hat a postmistress had received ono
she was instantly notified that no
money was
The report that women teachers in the
Carlisle Indian school had been as
sessed was baseless. The committee
never had the name of oven one pi
these ladies on the list. Not ono in
thrco of the clerks in the dopartmenl
had paid , and the total amount ol
money received from all the govern-
mant employes in the United States
had not aggregated $10,000. The em
ployed of the government had fre
quently called upon him to say they
could not afford to pay , and In al
such cases ho invariably and explicitly
stated that if any man , by contrib
utiug to the fund would thereby stinl
his family , lie was not only no
doing his duty to the latter bui
was a scoundrel into the bargains. In
a multitude of cases ho had replied to
parties who felt themselves unable to
pay , that no money was expected or
would bo received from them. Uo
had received many letters stating that
if ho could sccuro the writer a place
in government employ in Washin toi :
they would contribute to the func
$250 , His answer was that neither ho
nor the committee were doing a brokerage
orago business. No man had ever
been reported for refuting or neglect
ing to pay , and the colonel most em
phatically stated that although ho was
in a position to know , ho could no
possibly tell who had or who
There were generous men , who , i
called on for contributions , would give
i or D per cent of their salary and the
committee did not want tn take to <
much from this claw. It had fixed
upon 2 per cunt as u gaugo. Tbo re
quest for this amount vrns not in th
form of R , command. Voluntary con
tributioaa only were expected. No
cases of hardship growing out of as
sessments had been reported , am
clerks who had paid , and who received
ceived from $1,600 to | fi,000 per yea
for six hours' work per day , could af
ford to do so ,
The colonel did not consider th
work of the committee to be an
worse than the work of the democrat
in Ohio and Dalowaro. In the forme
state they had raised $320,000 b
assessing sxloon-keepora and 935 , 00 <
by assessing breweries and distilleries
nnd in vtho latter Rtato every demo
nratlo cnlsial , from roadmaster to th
highest atato oftioera , was assessed ,
your old things look lik
new by using the Diamond Dyes , au <
you will be happy. Any ef the fash
tenable colors for 10 cents ,
An Ayod Parent , After Dividing
Wealth , Turned Out of Doors.
[ XcUlto the l'hlKde1ha ! TrtM.
AKUOX , 0. , November 12 An old
cntloman named lienry Harbeck ,
vho is incap citated from work , hav-
ng bacn broken down by his severe
aborn in p st years , and who has a
amily of well-to-do sons and daugh-
ore , made so by his own hard labor
nd frugality , waa thrust out of homo
few nights ugo becauao ho could no
onpor bring anything into the house-
told to ndd to the luxury
: his children , Several jmra
go Mr. Hnrbeck divided his
iroperty among his childtou. After
ley thrust him from his hoaso ho was
Ivon shelter by n colored family living
ti the vicinity of hia homo , and who
were once his servants. The colored
eople , however , apon crow tired of
upporting and taking charge of the
Id man , and laat night they requested
luj to leave their humble nomo.
Ir. Harbock tottered from the place
nd wandered helplessly about the
Toots , At about 11 o'clock ho wan
ound by two gentlemen , who led him
o the t'city prison , whore ho was
laced in care of the police lioutonant.
'he Humane cocioty will investigate
lie case.
bree Ststora Married to the Hus
bands of Their Choice at the
Same Timo.
pccltl to the CUcnxi Tribune.
CINCINNATI , November 15. A dis-
atch from Butler , Ky. . which is
ituated on the Kentucky Central rail-
oad , between this city and Lexing
on , says that a triple wadding ou-
urrcd there to-day , the thrco brides
oing sisters. The dispatch continues
s follows : About a week ago 100 in-
itations were issued for the mar
ges , which was solemnized at the
esidonco of the brides' parents , about
wo miles from this place. The young
adioa are all blondes , tall , handsome ,
nd fair complexioned , ranging from
8 to 25 years of ige , and are the only
hlldron of their parents. The
wrlora in which they were mar-
ied were beautifully festooned
with evergreens , with a largo mar-
iago-bell hanging over the center
oor , through which the couples on-
ored. At 11 o'clock they advanced
o the middlo.of . thoao parlors and
ormod a circle around the Rov. W.
I. Van Hook , of the Christian
hurch , who , in the short and beauti-
ul service of that denomination , pro
nounced them men and wives , nnd
"liss Hattie W. Phillips became
Ira. John H. Thomas , and Miss Lucy
J. Phillips becams Mrs. H. Alvin
Bradford , and Mia ? Cecilia Philips ba-
amo Mra. William N. Piercy. There
were no'attendants. The brides were
11 three dressed in traveling COB-
umes of black casaitnerc , with gold
rnaments. The grooms were in the black. An elegant ro-
option followed the marriages , nnd
o-morrow morning the happy couples
eave on the 10 o'clock Kentucky
Central train for a brief bridal trip.
L number of distinguished ladies and
; ontlemen from a distance graced the
ccasion with their presence.
Thnrlow Weed' * Birthday
lew York Dl-patch to The Chicago Tilbuae.
Thnrlow Weed awoke in a contcm-
ilativb mood Wednesday. It was his
ighty-fifth birthday. Dr. Obadbourno
lad decided that Mr. Weed should BOOne
no visitors , but the family kept the
"ay as has been cnstomany , holding
grand reception , at which there
many friends were made heartily wel-
ome. There was a continuous stream
if callers from early morning until
, ftor 11 o'clock at night. Everybody
irought flowers and many added other
> oautiful gifts. Mr. Weed had every
> ouquet brought to him with the mes-
ago of the giver. Mr. Weed would
pass his hands'over the bouquet and
end back some cheerful answer to
ho kind message of congratulation.
When Charles O'Conor caltod ho did
not expect to BOO Mr. Weed , but he
cnt for him to coma to his bcdsido ,
ssying : "Toll O'Oonor that
, nd can't see him , but 1 want to take
hold of his hand. " Mr. O'Oonor
wont to the bedside and shook hands
with Mr. Weed , and said a few words
of pleasant and cheerful congratula
; ioH. General James Watson Webb
and Mrs. Webb were also permitted
; o see Mr. Wood and talk with him
or a few moments. Mrs. Jos. Bowen
and Mrs. Henry 8. Sanford were the
only other pnrHona permitted to see
lira. Mrs. Dix brought a beautiful
present of flowers. Mrs. Wil
liam F. Havemeyer , in addi
tion to a beautiful bouquet
of flowers , brought a very el
egantly illustrated and exquisitely
bound copy of the hymn entitled ,
'Nearer , My God , to Theo. " Contrary -
trary to expectation , thn excitement
eoomed to benefit Mr. Wood instead
of proving injurious to him. U < took
moro nourishment than ha had for
any day for six weeks , and ate Ills
[ oed with a keener roll h To-nipht
lie waa o\\m \ , and suff d no pain.
He fell asleep without > Ida ; any ano
dyne , and both Dr. Oh db "irno anc
the family were enooi ftg d by the
prospect of-Mr. Weod't p Jiing an ox-
ccllent night.
* # * "Men are but > orry witnesses in
thpir own cause. " The pruiso of Kid
ney-Wort comes from the mouths ol
those who have been made strong am :
healthy by it. Listen ; "It is curing
everybody , " v-rites a druggist. ' 'Kid
ney-Wort is the mobt popular medicine
cine wo roll. " It should bo by right
for no other medicine IISA such specific
action ou the liver , bowels and kid
'Jo otirr di ac ia to rroTOlunt in Uili
* ixutry na Coirtlp-iUan , nud uo rf mod
- > evrr < quail d tlio celebrated JaiJNEV
"HvO3T as a o iro.VU tevcr the oaxitr
' .I . ' vravcr olatinMo Uio cu. , Uil rcmod
J Ul overooms it.
"I KS33 Kt& THIS dl trc lcc com
= \ ti a&nLUw * plciat Is rory epUo Ix v.lta csattiratlou. Kidney
1 i 3tf H3ftl-eU tllOVC 4K0UCd lWrt4 ttO
„ . .ivcurca all kiud4 of Plica CTeanbo
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Boasters and Qrindors of Ooffofs and Spices , Manufacturers of
Clark's Double Extracts of
H. Q. CLARK & CO. , Proprietors ,
1403 Douglas Street. Omaha , Neb.
1108 and 1110 Homey f t. , OMAHA , NSB.
Growers of Live Stock and Others. < rri
It is the best and cheapest food for stock of any kiti'd. Ono pound is equal !
o three pounda of earn. ( Stock fed with Ground Oil Chko in the fall and win-
.or . , in a toad of running down , will incrcano in weight and bo in good market-
oblo condition in the Bpring. Dairymen as well as othorn who una it can tea-
ify to its merits. Try it and judge for yournolves. Price § 25.00 per ton ; no
charge for Backs. Address
o4-eod-mo WOOODMAN LINSEED OIL CO. , Omaha , Nob.
204 tforth Sixteenth St. , - - OMAHA , NEB.
1005 Farnam St. , Omaha.
Helliuan < fc Co. .
1301 and 1803 Farnam St. Cor. 13th
Proprietors , Wholesale Dealers in
Mills Supplied With Choice Varieties of Milling Wliaat *
Western Trada [ Supplied with Oats and Corn at Lowest Quotations , with
prompt shipments. Write for prices. *
Carpenter's Materials ,
Stair Railings , Balusters , Window
and Door Frames , Etc.
First-class tacilltieo for the Manufacture of all kinds of Mouldings , Plaining and
niching a Socially. Order * from the coiutry will lie i > rorantlv pxcouted , ,
ddrcKsull communications A. MOVKU , I'rofirlator.
D. H. McDANELD & CO. ,
VETO ox.
201 North 16th St. , Masonic Block. Main House , 40 , 48 and 52
born avenue , Chicago. Uofor by permiasion to Qido and.
Leather National Bank , Chicago ,