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Hopa Deferred
The tender trouble of her eyes
Is bora of hope deferred ) the te r ,
In witness cif her nrlef , nrl-o
From day to d y , through all the je M
And often in her eleon at night
Are vision * beautiful to KCO.
And in the d.irkncfu there Is light ;
And this is hnU her misery ,
For dream * of vnln delight ro one
With wenty wnVlng tlimihtn ( ; of pain ,
For when the happy night h i Rene
The dreary morning comet again.
And joy nnd Borrow fill her eyes ,
When friends surrouud her ; etidden
tear *
When quiet ncd Alone anne
From day to day , through nil the y
After the TUoator.
HOttOtl 1'Oft.
Ton ( lollftm. Quito n turn to pay ,
For one who carni but four n'day ,
Fur just a single uvenin 'n fun.
It seeing no , now the thing is done ,
Three for the carriage , for yiu know
I never could ink her to go
With that swell dices the i > hade cciu
In n plain bone cnr. And nu nice
She looked I do not grudge the price.
Thtca more for eau down center Male
And four rows back just right fomtylo
The curtain tow. How llmo will pass
While gazing thtough an opera glass.
The curUtn fell. Unco more we itood
Outside , and then the thought of food
Itself nroioutoil. She Bald , yc * ,
She felt qulto hungry. You can guess
Ulmt what wo mo , with just a bit
Of rosy wlno to season It
Urcd up tbtt other four. T/mo / sped ,
I took her homo. Good-night was said
Then to my own bom a uame I straight ,
And hero I i-It and meditate.
The caxh I had four hours ugo
Is rune. 1'vo naught fur it to show ,
H ve I icjjrelH for It ? Not ono.
'Twas folly , but , by Jove , 'twas fun !
About now young ladles begin to lay the
keels of slippers for Christmas glf to ,
Valenciennes laces in novel designs of
feathers , ehelle , and frnltu.aro returning to
favor na a drass garnituro.
r * - jrl Ungloved white hands , wearing ' { litterIng -
Ing jeweled rings , few in number but great
in value , are now cccn at opera , ball , and
The Boston Star has an idea that
woman's foreign mltslon now receive BO
much attention that a woman's domestic
mlwkn Is neglected.
Uniformed boys now attend the front
doom of fashionable Now York mansion * .
The advantagn of a boy is that ho can aay
"Not at home" without blushing.
The Tartars deiplse prominent nasal rip-
pendagot , and the woman who has the
smallest nose Is esteemed the most charm
ing , but to outside barbarians she la a per
fect fright.
Sailor hats of Freuch felt in dark colors
of hunter's green , marine bine , bronze ,
olive , and ruby , with brim-linings of vel
vet , or a boutllorine trimming of chenlllo
at the edge , are the favorite hood-covering ,
with tailor-tnado coalman' of tweed nr
For whlto opera hats and bonnets are
largo white marabout feathers , mounted
aiui bonds and breasts of tiny tropical
* blids of brilliant plumage. The contrast
to tbo pure fleecy white < jf the rcurabout
and the uorgeaus coloring of the mount is
very striking and beautitul.
Half-high bodlosa nre coming rapidly in
to favor for evening wear. They are cut
away in various sljapoa about five Inches
? -if run the throat all nroiud. and ate usually
< vorn with lace or beaded transparent
rjlootw , reaching only to the elbow. No
gloves lire worn , and therefore to follow
\ the fashion of bodice and uleuvo the neck
' and nr.n fhou'd ' be snowy and plump ,
.i Flowers worn in the hatr arc for the mo
. ment , with the present style of coiffure ,
placed toward the back of the bead so as
to be but jait vial Wo from a front view of
the head , blamed roses and geranium
blossom * devoid of foliage are the f ashlon-
able colQuro flawent , but there Is also a
greet fancy just at present for adorning
the head wltu Irda of njl kind * , humming
blrJs beldg particularly favored.
Tie delicate porte bonheur bangle * no
long In fashion are now replaced for full-
dreta occasions by uatrowbaudiof precious
atones , mall diamonds being in greatest
favor. Or else a single lurgo etouo is runk
into the gold band und surrounded by a
Ungle row of pearls. The most costly
bracelets of this description have a wreath
of tiny flowers or tome other device formed
of many different gem * , and set into tin
center of the brabolet. Th'o owner's Ini
tials in diamond ) , pearls and rubles is an
other favorite und costly des'gn.
A typical oman In the Interior of
Africa Is thus described : "Her naked
negro skin was leathery , COMBO and wrin
kled } her figure was tottering and V nook-
kneed ; her thin hair hung In gratvy looks ,
ou her wrists and ankles the had almost
au artonal of metal links of Iron , brats and
copjior , rtrong enough to bind iv prisoner
in nld cell. About h r nock were hanging
chains uf Iron , strips of leather , strings of
wooden ball" , nnd heaven knows what
more lumber ,
The Btlll "drum" mull of fur Is now rele
gated to utility use alone , and In its place ,
foruree y puruosea , are limp and widely
inouoholr aiulft , made in various ways ,
and composed usually of fabrics ami trim
mings matched to the costume. Many
are suspended round the nock by silk or
eilt chord ; some in bag. BVmo la envelope
form , niid of plush , velvet or till : . Soft
muffs df ordinary shape aio variously
decorated , a very stylish and popular
garniture to a dark velvet or pliuli muff
being n small Hut Indian parrot , a dove ,
or some other bir-J perched upon the outside -
side of the muff. Otherwise a ulnglo swal
low , or Hight of swallows , In frequently
hand-tainted upon the mulf. It Is usual
to Jn ert mno very dellcately.Bcenteil
sachtt powder between the silk lining and
the wadding which form * the inside of the
French corset.m.kers are Introducing
the nld-fanhiouod cornet that had a boardlike -
like luik down the front , Uit no fasten.
Inge , the lacings now being douo at the
back. This method , though causing oxtr.
time and trouble in arranging , produces ,
it l claimed. , \ more graceful outline to the
form tbsu tha usual manner of fastening
tbecoriot. Satin corsets of which there
muit be at lettt two , to we r with dark or
light dre * ea are extremely tonhlonablo
with thoie who can nlford them , as this
clastic fabric mouldj luelf more clcse
ly to the figure thau cither Jeat
or F orith coutille. Over the hlMi |
of tbeee new oonteta are set wide
gUMtts of ( | k oluatlo webblmc , wldol
glv a peculiar eiae to the wearer. Bill
further comes a rumor from over the sen
that French bolloi , who are troubled abau
tbilr two mnulo proportion * , \ery fre
nnently ducanl the o n > t ftlu-gcthtr , B
him the linings to thtlr dresetM made c >
extra heavy mater ! * ' . almost cove-ing tin
drevs bodice intldo with strong whalebone
finished \vllhtllk
Bchool uvinga banks uru to be lutrodticet
in Iowa.
It is itated that the fame teiiis of toxl
books cannot be found in uuy two countlc
in California.
Hungary has now good public schools
normal schools nnd colleges. In one o
the largest cities there is au Knj'lliU con
versat'nn ' school.
Tb. O.loHfttta Board of Agriculture
the St. t University nnd the local Count ;
Agrlcuj i \1 bocItUea ami granges have ur
ranged hi a reiiea of Institutes to be bole
during tbo coming winter for ( lie agricu
tural Instruction of f aimers. The Uu
vanity will provide a farmerb' lectur
The Boston Herald , uitb re on , com
plfcins that public nhool education doe
not at pitieut call out the tnecUl ptitudti
of the pnpilv It dees not tetchthemtn cee
to think or to wcpreM their thoiiifhts ; it Ir
fh'irt dca < lens instcnd of ttlmuhtlni ; the
Inlcllcctual life , It is utelcM probably tc
look for anything better whllo the schoo
coiirro Is fo crnwded , while c/vi teacher ii
celled upon to Instruct n unwieldy num
htr nf pupllff , and while the Ideal teaching
< if moit of those InMructors In of the neil
that calls for merely rcclti
tlons. When one r. ft > cts upon the ponu
lar methods of teaching nuo tnuttwondef
not that the pupils out of ochuo
knowing to little , but th t they know sc
The rr.hjotity of t.tiDllo nchool ttnclrrf
di not realise that instruction in morale
and In unnolfiih courtesy ought In ho as
much a part of their work cs the teaching
of arithmetic. Less teaching and more
trulntnr , fewer studies nnd n keener ccn e
of ono's duty to the neighbor , would make
the schools much bclur than they nto
now. A writer In The New England
Journal of Education nikM "When 'com-
munlcatlon' between pupils Is no Mint off
that ordinary politeness In included in the
flat , Is it not can led a llttlo too fni ? Many
of our children learn their < nlre ! code of
etiquette in the Khonl r ji./u , hrid If polite-
neis is left out the ( million will bo felt
through life. Foreign : rltlci toll us that
our national code ll extremely limited nt
boit , and if wo have this natural brusriua-
ness to overcome In addition , can wo begin
too early , or Insist ton strongly upon the
recognition of the little civilities that 111-
hrtcato the grinding machinery of every-
doy life ? 'Excuse me , " * I be ? your par
don ' 'thank ' and 'if '
, you , you please ,
the jld bo board in the school room na In
the psrlor , and from teacher to pupil , m
well M from pupil to pupil , A tr.tuhcr
lever yet loit dignity , authority i.r respect
ly the frank confession to her cUci * , 'beg
pardon , I woi wrong. ' "
Alluding to the fact Hint the young
rovernor-oloct of Pennsylvania locolved
iln education in the public schools of that
city the Philadelphia Times says : ' 0no
reason why these schools do not furnish n
satisfactory common education to all the
children of the city is becruuo thcro is too
nigch thought bestowed on educational do-
nsndsthataro not common to'every boy
and girl. Hero is n graduate of the high
chool elected governor , and the fact will
10 held up to us as evidence of what a line
ustitution the high rchool is. Lot us
grant it. Novertholots the high R liool is
ho very last thing to bo considered In con
nection with public education. It the pri
mary schoo's , the secondary schools , the
[ rnmuinr schools wcro perfect , then we
might boast of the high school. But they
are not perfect , and though every graduate
of the high school became a governor , n
onator or a school dlrcocor. it would not
lo anythingto help tbo children who never
each the high school and perhaps not oven
ho grammar school , but who nro just aa
uiich entitled to bo well taught , and uceri
t a great deal more , than the exceptional
youths who are bound to get an education
omewhero. Tbo business of the common
chool system Is not to educate governor * .
It is to furnish the essential and funda-
mentattrainlng that everybody needs , from
n governor to a chimneysweep , nnd the
ilaco to begin is in the primary schools ,
'heso are the most Important of all and
bo least thought of. We need hero the
nest teachers and the best ; teachers train-
id to their butinets , not overworked and
nsuOlclently paid. When the primary
chools are well organized , the secondary
tnd the grammar schools claim his atten-
ion. and the high schools last of all. "
People who know least about oysters
lave most to say about their allowed poor
uality this oooson.
A fillet of besf , lardoJ , is declared to bo
ut of fashion. The ide.i of fashion regu-
ating what wo eatl
The Bohringer family , which controls
ho quinlna market , line recently reduced
ho price of that article about 50 per cent.
'no Bohringers are evidently trying to
ave Indiana again.
"Oh yen , " said the engineer , "I had a
banco to become a hero by sticking to my
test when tbo collision came , but when I
etlccted that my name would ba spelled
vo hundred different ways In the news-
apers , I changed my mind and JumpeJ. "
' 'How do you lolke the new school ,
Mickey , me Bon ! " "Purty well ; but
mother , phat makes the boys nt school
hlnk I'm .OlrlsM" "It's meself doeau't
enow , but 'I've been often suspected av
> ein' Olrish mosolF , when diyll a bint nv it
hey Ivor had from mo. " Texas Sittings.
The editor of tbo Pittsburg Magnet
ays : "Major Reynolds presented us this
cock witli some very largo vegetable eggs.
n the absence of tha genuine article they
ro n fi rat- rate substitute. Thanks. " In
he Interest of our agricultural readers we
would like to know if vegetable eggs grow
n chlckweed , Texas Sittings ,
"Don't bo ncarV eatd a visitor to his
wife , IVH they looked at n mutilated statue
dug up from the ruins of nome old Roman
Ity , and now on exhibition at a well-
known art gallery. Don't be heart. It's
nly a likeness of somebody that was
blown to piflces by n bombshell ill our
war. " "Poor thin ? , " nald the wife ; "but
didn't B'POSO you could plaster 'em together -
gether own as good as that.
Mr. Christopher Foster , of New York
Oltv , was indignant , the other day , at an
indertaker who sent a coflin around to his
louse and insisted on preparing for his
unerul. He has recently had a quarrel
with u relative about some property , and
jy theeo and other pleasant attentions his
relative is trying to get even with him.
Tha passengers on the New York ex-
irfss train at Kluilra , Now York , had a
vaccination "bee" the other day , the doo.
, ors boaidlng the train end vaccinating alt
be paseenuers. Ono of their number be-
.raying symptoms of the disease had been
; ken off at a previous Btatlon , and this
wholesale method of protecting the rest of
them was Immediately adopted.
A "living skeleton , " belonging to a New
York museum , was arrented on election
lay , charged with illegal voting. H says
10 was roughly handled und beaten about
.botioad. His deftuto was that In regU-
Bering ho gavohts residence as 32 -
street , and the ( Inepootor wrote It 2 % . lint
the inspector , bo said , InoiiUed him by
nayltg that It was "too thin , " even for
iilm , ami that "he could ceo right
through him , " BO he needn't offer any tuch
TUB heathen now worships Idols made in
Now England.
Mr. Ingcrnoll thinks that the result of
the recent election wan due to mistake *
made by the Republican loadern , Mr.
Ingorsoll evidently wants Mose to have
den. Sherman hita announced lit a , Wash-
Inston paptr Hint upon retlriiu ; from the
nriuv ho will reside In 8e. 1JUS. | ThU
would teem tii settle the cjueution of
whether Geu , bheiman bellevealn a , futuie
existence ,
The Uonton G'obe reports that liclitnlnu
Rtruck u coatiibutlon plate In a Western
tluirch juit us the deacou waa pasUoi ; it
around. "This U the liwt time unytliinu
hs rtiuck tliis plute for three months.5' '
caul thudeio.m thoughtfully ,
( ulliiiB himiclf uanica : A neighbor corn.
. . .aiiieJ to aii Amtln clergyman that the
latter' Hit la boy was throwing gtonea at
tlio neiKhlxii' liome. ' 'I don't know what
to do with that boy , The dtvll hlm ell
can t break that boy of throwing stouw.
I've triei fftUbfullyV'-Teias Slftrngs.
Parbon Jones had just coiicludel hlu
long dl course , tha benediction had been
pronounced , and the congregation waa dls-
per Ing Said Dracou Urowu , a great ml-
wlrer of the paMon. ' 'A fine eerwou. and
well timed , too.11 "YM , raplled Yaggi
'itwa cettnlly well timed. About lid
the congregation had their walchts out
moat of the time he wa talking. "
Th f. . 'UowlDtf ' ttory It told at the ex
pense of a New York clergyman who went
to Boston und vi itcd a colored church
"How are you prosperiDgJ" ha asked the
jexton. 'ling * ain't ' aa good a dey was
bos. was the loply. "We got a nevl
mluliter , and he uiu't no good as de ole
one.VhM.'n the matter with hlmr
"Well , how. you sea Ma kin ! cf Illltcr
ate- corned from New York. "
The deacon's son WAI felling the mln
( tier a'jont the bees fttlDRing hlx ra , nnc
the minister Inquired ! "Stung your \r\ \
did thnv ? Well , wh t did your pi say1
"Step thli way a moment , ' said th" bny
"I'd Mther whisper it to you. " Funni
Freaks ,
A New England factory ! running nlghl
nnl day making Idoh which are eold nl
Mg Drlcts in heathen countries , Nexl
thin ? we know some Connecticut man wll
be sending bottled beef tea to the heathen )
labelled "missionary soup. " Phlladelphlr
Mr. Miller , ono of the pillars of a Bap.
list church In Wisconsin wa , recently
hauled oyer the coals for attending n mln.
trolentertainment. He said In extenua
tion , that ho started for n tcmt > ernnc
lecture , but nmnehow tot In ( he wrong
hall , and wnn et doubled that the carnal
man overcame the npiillual mnn and he
tUjed to eco the fun out.
A. RhoJo Inland cleriyman ; , not having
hml time duting the week to xvrllo a new
to'tnon , was corn polled to fall back on an
nld one , which ho i faced up with n now
text and nppll ntlon nnd knocked out part
of "fourthly" nnd fifthly. " On announc
ing bin text lin remarked to hli hearorr ;
11 hnvo an old sermon for you to-day ; hut
It lion now collar and wri-tb.inds , nnd I
don't believe you cm toll where the stitch-
: s are pet in. The congregation listened
tn the old dNcoitrte at If it WAS now for
them that weak.
A Maine man , who had been testing the
iirohlhltnry law of that state , recently
tatted to go up to the top nf a church
stcfplo by the chain of ladders which wcro
> ut up alongside , At timed ho swayed
ind reeled 10 that the large crowd , which
bad gathered , expected to see him fall and
lie da'hcd to pieces. But ho nnlnod the
: rcBi nn top nt the steeple , put his hat on
Lop of it and began to come down. Two
men went up anil helped him down , an
.hat procesn wai far more difficult. It did
not oven sober him.
Tbo H v. Mr. Snurgcon , of London , has
; one to Mentone , France.
Tbo Baltimore yearly meeting of Friends
.ook place in that city on the 3d of No
The first Methodist church in America ,
tbo old John Street church , celebrated IU
one hundred and fourteenth anniversary
on the 20th ult.
The Kov. Win. B. Vlbbert , D. D. , rec-
.or of 3t Lulco's , Germnntown , Pa. , has
> oen called to the pastorate of St. Jamoa'
church , Chicago.
The first Mondav in January has been
appointed as a day of cenXral fasting
md prayer for the colleges and general
nterests of the Mothcdlst Episcopal
The ICIrk Street Congregational church ,
of Lowell. Mim. , has voted to call tbo
llev. A. C. Dickinson , of Portland , Mo. ,
as pastor , at a salary of 33,000 , with a four
weeks' vocation. i
There Is a strong desire to ksop llev.
Charles Spurgooti , jr. , the son of the tarn-
ous London preacher , In America. His
hort , pithy sormoni were greatly appre
ciated , and wera thought by some tbo
irreateat ever preached iu St. Lonia.
The Foml-centennial of the organization
of the Kpiscopal dlocoso of Vermont was
celebrated in St. Paul's church in Bur-
ic.gton last week. An historical address
was delivered by Rov. Albert H. Bailey ,
of Sheldon. There wore present Bishop
3issol , of Vermont ; Bishop Nllei , of Now
Hampshire ; the lord bishop of Quebec , and
many clergy of the diocese.
An nppeal is made to Protestants
throughout the world for lunds for the
purpose of putting in repair the Castle
church of Witteuburg , upon the door of
which the famous ninety-five theses of
jiuhor were nailed. The vaults contain
ho tombs nf Martin Luther and Melanch-
hon , and on the 400th anniversary of the
treat reformer's birth November 10
.883 It is proposed to bare the building
n thorough repair.
Some Ritualist wishing to throw odium
upon the Low Church party , caused the
'ollowini ; circular to bo distributed In the
town of Wnldltch , England : "Christ
3bnccb , Wolditch. There wll * bo a spoo :
; al thanksgiving for the complete victory
of the Church Association in the recent de
cided appeals , and for the continued im
prisonment of the llev , S , F. Qreen. For
this once only the church will be decorated
wlih flowers nnd full ch ral service em-
iloycd. "Let him rot in gaol. ' Protest
ants of Bridgeport , como in your tbou-
sounds ; and by Rifts of money , etc. , sup-
lort the worthy vicar in his crusade against
.lltualism and all other forms of error , "
The Congregation churches of Ilampden
county , Massachusetts have appointed a
committee to divide the churches of the
lounty Into convenient groups to hold fel-
owabip meeting * during tbo winter. This
iaa been found to bo very helpful tojtho
churches , spiritually and socially. The
Headships formed between the members
if the dllloreut churches iu ono group lead-
ng to requests that that group remain the
same for the ensuing year. This cannot
always bo done , as the desire la to put
hose churches which will be most helpful
o each ntbor in one group , and circum
stances 01 tinge from year to year.
Many new eects have of late arisen in
his country , and yet our land has not a
monopoly In this respect , The latest sec-
taiian novelty Is in Lapland. In this the
vomen are to bo elevated to be bead of
ho family and also to cccuny the minis
terial aud pastoral office. With this they
otmblne some of tbe functions of the Ha
inan Cat hello priesthood , particularly in
regard to the confessional. The other
nembon ) , particularly the husbands , are
: o como to the women once n week and
confess their sins. The sect is so new that
.he amount of grogress it hai made is not
easily reported us yet. But there is good
reason to believe that it will not bo popu-
ur among tbe mala Laplanders. The idea
of a man going to a woman jince a week
and recounting the sad tale of all his
lapses from the path of rectitude Is just
cool enough for Lapland , Certainly it
would not take In any other rpiartor of the
world ,
Unmarried Persons
Should loau no time iu uoouring a
certificate in the Marriage Fund Mutual -
tual Truat Association of Cedar
llaplds , Iowa , concerning which circu
lars and full information will bo sent
free upon application. It ia organized
under the Insurance Laws of Iowa ,
and ia the only legalized and legitimate -
mate institution ol the kind In the
country , Ita olllcora and managera
are among the most prominent bus-
incea nion in Cedar Ilapide , including
btinkara , the postmaster , capitalists ,
raihyuy manu um , iiisurunco men ,
luaaiii lawyers , physicians and other
reli&blu citizens. Over § 15,000 hoa
already boon paid to members. It la
a aplondld invoutment , as eafo , secure
and safe as n Government bond. You
can just as well have a good BUUI of
money to commence married llfo on ,
an not , Ileinembor it only coats you
ono cent for u postal card to requoat
full explanation and information.
Good aficnts can pot territory if ap
plied for aoon. Wrtto to-day. Do
not postpone it. Mention where you
aaw thia notice. octSO-lni *
lunuftctuieri and Dealers Ia
WHIPS , OORilY-COMBS , SiddlM , etc. , llcbt and bear
llama * oa hud. or undo to oruur. Light Uu
item uid a ipecUlty.
ATO Omt K b
The blood is the found.itimi of
life , it circulates through every part
of the body , and unless it is pure
and rich , good health h Impossible.
If clisca has entered the system
the only sure and quick way to drive
it out is to iiirify and enrich the
These simple fact's arc \ycll
known , and the highcs' medical
authorities ngree Ih. t nothing but
iron \\ill restore the blood to its
natural condition ; and also that
all the iron preparations hitherto
made blacken the teeth , cause head
ache , nnd arc otherwise Injurious.
oughly and quickly assimilate with
the blood , purifying nnd strengthen
ing it , and thus dri\c disease from
any part of the system , and it will
not blacken the teeth , cause head
ache or constipation , and is posi
tively not Injurious.
Saved his Child.
17 N , Euttw Su , Ralllmore , Md.
I'd ) . 13 , 186.3.
Genii ; Upon llie recommenda
tion or n fneml 1 tried HKOWN'
IRON ItrrrxHS ns n tonic anil re
storative for my daughter , whom
ii thoroughly convinced uat
lng away with Consumption.
Having lost three daughters by the
terrible disease , under the care of
eminent physicians , I was loth to
believe that anything could arrest
the progress of the disease , but , to
my great surprise , before my daugh
ter had takm one bottle of jJnowN't
IRON IIiTTLits. she began to merxl
and now Is quite restored to former
health. A fifth daughter began to
chow signs of Consumption , and
when the physician was consulted
lie quickly said "Tonics were re
quired ; " and when Informed that
the elder sister was taklnellKOWN's
IKON litrir.ui , responded "that is
a good tonic , take it. "
ly cures Dyspepsia , Indigestion and
Weakness , and renders the greatest
relief andbencfit to persons suffering
from such wasting diseases as Con
sumption , Kidney Complaints , etc.
- . L. Sommers & Go's
cujLiua ttirii
Wholesale Manufacturing
Fruits. Nuts and Cigars.
Ill S I4th St.
OMHA , - . BT.B
0. SPEOUT , - - Proprietor.
1212 Barney St. - Omrlia , Neb ,
Tin , Iron and Slate Eoofing ,
Spocht'o Patent Motalio Skylight.
Patent Adjusted Ratchet Bar
and Bracket Shelving. I am
the general agent for the
above line of goods.
Orettln i , Dalu tr dr. , VerondatJOfllo * n *
Bank Rcllliigt , Window and Cellar
Quardi ; alio
_ _
ilwaiikee & St , Paul
s now running Us FAST EXPUK8S TIIAINS
Pullnian's ' Mapifloent Sleepers
Finest Dining Oara in the World.
Or to any jwlnt bejonitj or
TaVg tlio UKST IIOUTK , the
Oliioago , MilwaukGQ&StPaulE'y ' ,
Ticket ollli-u located at corner 1'nrnam and
rourtccnth ktrei-U oud at U. I' . Ucjiot mid nt
lllllaid Hotel , Onuha ,
O'Sco Tlina Table Jn another column.
F. A. NASH , Ouicral A cnt.
Q. II , KOOTB , Ticket Agent , Omaha.
8. 8. MEUIUI.IA. . V. H. CAIU'KNTKll ,
Ocneral Manaucr. Gcncml I'&a. Agent ,
Oencril Sup't. Aw't Oen. Vtua. Agent ,
Tha moat central ! ? located hotel In tbo city.
Roonw76c. Jl.OO , l.60 nd fl.00pcrd y.
Fltbt Olua UcaUurnt connected with th *
. liUHST. - - Prop.
Coioci Fourth nd lAcuit StrecU.
Four Feet Wide
* * . " > BY . N
Seven Feet Long ,
Compiled under direction of An
drew Rosewuter , City
Engineer ,
And Examined and Compared by
George Smith , County
Thereby making it the
Over Six Moutlis work upon itnt
a Cost of nhoufc $1,500.
aid out up to this dnte. Also all
public nnd private buildings of
note photographed thereon.
Shows all Now Eailway ana
Depot Grounds ,
All property shown and described
within half a mile eouth and wcttt of
city liinitH , and all within one milo
north of north boundary of city.
Fully Mounted ,
Colored , Varnished
And' Cloth Backs ,
Geo. P. Bsmis
Heal Estate Agency ,
16th ana uoaicia Streets ,
Sinplo Broooh Loading Shot Buns , from 35 to
DonbloBroooil Loading Shot Buns , $10 $ from to S76 ,
Stale Loading Shot Buns , from B8 to 826 , > v
Pishing Taoklo , Base Balls and all Kinds of Fancy Boofls , 4
Full Stook of Show Oaaos Always nn nau i ,
Imported and Key Wosf , Oigavs , a largo line of Mcer-
schamn and Wood Pipes and every thing required in a
first-Class Cigar , Tobacco aud Notion Store.
Cigars from $16.00 per 1,000 upwaidg , Send for Price
List and Samples.
U u u 11
ftepairingta all BrannliRB * lll S. TtllllTKKNTH 8T11KST
Winflow SMes1 and ( Mains ,
Paints , Oils & Brushes.
107 South 14th Strnot
Zephyrs , Germantown , Etc ,
Nebraska Loan & Trust Company
Capital Stock , - - $100,000-
A. L. CLAKKK , Vlco-1'rosUcnt.
E.C. whIBTEIt , Treasurer
Samuel Alexander , Oswald Ollv r ,
A. L. C nrke. E. C. Webster ,
Oca. II. Pratt , Jos. It. Hcartwcll ,
D. M.McEUIlnnoy.
First Mortgage Loans a Specialty
Tlili Company furnishes a permanent , homo
nstltutkm where Bchool Bonds and other legally
ssucd Municipal eccuri Ics of Nebraska can bo
10 negotiated on the most favorable terms.
Loans made on Impnnc'l farms In alluel settled
count Ics of the state , through responsible local
ttrrcspondcnts. _
Hyaolntb a
Tnlit > .
And all other for Pill Planting. Lir 40 t osso rt-
mont ovcrfhown In Chicago-
Illustrottd CaUIjgae free. Hond for It.
Hiram Sibley & Co. ,
W-206 Randolph St. , . . . . Chicago
eS ftu
1100 and UU Dodge Strcot ,
ang 7-tno 6m OMAUI , NKII.
They outp&sa ail otbtr i for o § y ilJIcc. istylo
d durability.
Tliuy are for ealo by all Loading Oftc
lugo Butldcrn nnd Boalun throughout
ho country.
7or aal b
Henry Timken ,
Patentee n J Builder of Fine Carrlasrn ,
The Intrinsic merit and lupeilor quality of out
loldKopelobacco bag induced other manntac-
ureri to put upon tbe market oodi nlmilar tc
cur brand in came and etyle which are offered
and told for Iwsmoiey than the genuine Gold
lope. We caution the t ade and couanmcr to tee
hat our name and trade mark are upon each
ump. The only genuine and original Quid Ropi
Tobacco U manufactured by
. , -
, ,
And all Poluti East andBouth-East
Mo&rly 4,000 rnllca. Solid Smooth Steel Track
11 connections nro made In UNION OtPOTS
has a National Reputation ag being tha
rent Through Oar Line , nnd la universally
onceded to be the FINEST EQUIPPED Rail'
road In tbe world for all cloaaoa of travel.
Try It nnd you will find traveling a laxury
Instead of a discomfort.
Through Tickets via rhia Celebrated Line foi
Bale at all offices In the Weat.
All Information about Hates o Fore , Sleeping
Car Acocmtnodatlona , Time Tables , &c. , will be
cheerfully given by applylnlng to
2d Vlco Pres't & Qen. Manage Chlcago.
Oen. Passcttfer Agt. Chicago ,
Oen. Agent , Council BluSfl.
, DUKLL , Ticket Agt. omaha
mnjo-ed ly
Sionx Oity &
Rust a anlid Vnln lhriun froc <
Council Blutlo to 8t , Paul
Without Chans * Tlmt , Only 17
: T it
att > < a Miuai tux uuoRTra
. . Dvurra OB BEJUAROE
oad ill pclalt tu Kcrtharn Io . . Ulncc .U nd
Dfckota. Thla line It erjulppod vtlili tin Improved
Wffltlcalionw ) AntoicAtlc Ar-br ! .K § nl MU !
Plbttonn CVinvlei nd I2u3et : and far
Is uninrptuod. Pullman t'dico Sltepluz Oat
nn throuerU WITHOUT OUANQG botweca Kan.
u Cltytud Hi. Pail , via Conudl Blutfi and
ftloux City.
Tralnilu-.TtLt.-D P&clfla Tiinifcr at Oonu
dl BlrtXs , at T:10 y. m. dally on inlTi.l of Uinui
I4ty. t ) . Jivtph ud Council fllufis trola from '
the tenth. Ar/lvlra Mt Uloax City 11:40 p. m. .
trdtt IhsKe'r Vntra } X-pct at ( j , Paul a , 11E3 :
mt nocaa isWVAKOK or INT OTQIB
UODl'U a
Ukln ? the Bloux Oltjr Ron
you gel n 'Ihiongh Train. The „
the Quickwt'fitr.o c.ud a CoajlJiUWa HU ia li
Tbioi'gb Cui bttwics
iCTHoo ttat > naf'iVlfoij ri4 via ttc "i'rn4
City tuJ l'a:15c uiUu.j '
W. C. DAViy , Sau'hw 5Uru P soaiir ) A
Council Bluflf
In gcto ; Eut Ui li
Trilna leave Omaba 8:40 : rim. and 7:10a. : m
for lull Information call on n P. UEOEL Tiokt
Agent , Hth and Farnam itJ. . BELL , U. P
KallwarlPepot CTM JAUEfl'.CLi.DK.atqci