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1 V
Electrical Waves of Uncommon
Strength and Surpassing
Brilliancy ,
Telegraphic Communication
East of the Roeklea Bus-
ponded For Hours ,
"While tlio Northern Htnvons II-
lumlunto in Uouor ci
the Event.
Tuo Effect of the Storm la Eastern
If the readers of THE BEE find the
telegraph report this morning lens
complete than usual , they may nt
least tate consolation in the fact that
ovcry road iv between the Rockies
and the Atlnatio soa-board has the
oamo reason to complain , It's all on
account of the great storm which
raged all day yesterday , extending
from Ogden on the woat Jo Now York
city and from the parallel forming the
southern bolder of Kansas to that
mythical objiot , the North Polo. It
was not a atoim in which the wind or
ruin , thuudur or lightning play con
spicuous parts , for on the contrary
the sky was olear and the day was
beautiful aa was also the night which
followed it. It was an electric storm ,
the only visible evidence of which to
the uninitiated it the display known an
the Northern Lights or Aurora Boro-
alia. Reports from nil directions in
dicate that 'it was the worat electric
atorm over experienced in the United
On such occasions the telegraphic
communication between various parts
of the country ia seriously affected.
A BEE reporter climbed up into the
Western Union Telegraph office about
3 o'cjpck to POO whit was the matter
with the night report. He was In
formed by the manager , Mr. Critten-
don , ; . that the currents of electricity
had taken possession of the wires and
overcome their batteries. The storm
begun at 4 a. m. yesterday r.nd kept
increasing in strength all day. Duriug
the day Omiha worked with Chi-
-cage , 'St. Louis and Cheyenne without
any battery on at either end. They
simply put the wires at each end of
the line in the ground with the in-
ntrumonts ou and the earth made the
circuit complete. At 1 a. in. the
Western Union had no ( a single du
plex or quadruples working east in
the otlbo. There were two duplex
wires working west , bat they worked
hard. A f ow ainglo wires wore work
ing , four of which , between Omaha
and Chicago , were used 'Ultimately
with and without battery. An im
mense otock of meaaagea , 'four or five
hundred , had collected and were await-
injj lra3 ? miM"/ > n. , A Ic.rpa .portion of
these were frotu''rO lffornl8sth'o
through business from the west not
'being much interrupted.
A dispatch from one f 'theboys at
> " 6ioux City brought the information
that it win light as day up there.
One of tue Oheyoniw operators was
sending a message and suddenly said ,
"Hold on a minute , Charley. " A
moment later he eaid , "Some one
passed the office and yelled fire , but
it'a only the northern lights. "
The reporter climbed up on the roof
above the telegraph office to.qotugood
view of the celestial show. The corona
was very bright and distinct , and
extended in a nreat arch across the
northern sky. Pencils ci light shot
nowand then toward the zenith , and
wavoa of light detached themselves
from the corona and -rolled off into
space , breaking xainst the deep
'blue vault above as surf
Ibroakn ou the oa shore ,
The telegraph folks .call thoao
i earth .currents. At times a double
corona-waa distinctly visible , between
ttho arch and the horucn the heavens
ilooked inby black , and above it beautifully -
> tifully blue end studded with atttrs
rthat shone with unusual brilliancy.
At the Bicnul oflico the ibaromotor
teed at 30 38 , having gone up savcu-
tenths inches in the previous twenty-
four hours.
p dal Dispattu to Tun IIu.
GNCINNACI , November iI7. Ths
olootricil storm began to bo observed
liero on thu eastern wires ct 8 a. ni.
Jto' effect gradually icereasod until at
10:80 : tlna nkco was cooplolaly sur-
sounded. Tlio atorm reached itouth <
cant OB fir M Augusts , Ky. Wirtn
wnro warktd from hero to Gnlumbun
and St. Lonia without a battery at
thiw end.
November 17. 'Officers
of the Western Union Telegraph hero
say tu ! > elootrical disturbances in this
country to-day are the most pro
nounced a.ncl widespread experienced
foi years , jf indeed they have bean
paralleled iu some xeipocta at. any
time. An electric storm of the great
est violence ia raging in all thoterri
tory from KVX Yf-rk to points beyond
Omaha , and from Knueui City oorth
to the terminus of telegraph commu
nication , practically putting a atop to
telegraph service over the entire area
It first begin to bo felt about o'clock
this mornini ; , and increased in _ int n-
eity till 945 ; , when communication
ftom every direction waa cut
off , Thia olectrio storm teemed to
go in gueewsivo negative and
positive wave * , alternately neutral
izing the oarffota on the wires or in-
creating thtir intensity to such a de
gree ss to turn everything up , The
switch-board here has been ou fire a
dozen times luring the forenoon , and
half a dozan keys of the instrument
wort ) malted by the current which
continued to Uaa. The screws were
turned up ind pirtod to the farthest
limit. D jplo } and quadruplox wiruj
wore useless , ud at noon but a single
wire of Cfteoubetwecn | thia city and
Naw York waj in operation , and it
wat frequ ntljr interrupted , Word
waa rocivod from Milwaukee that the
( Umonphcno electricity coming in 01
ono of the wires from the country hac
such dynamic powci M to auflico for
( .coping thu electric lamp burning.
Alljousmotfl at the office hero ia eubjeot
to delay , oven the Aesociatcd Press
report ia unavoidably delayed , and up
to ono o'clock thia afternoon less than
500 words had boon transmitted.
NEW YORK , November 17. Tele
graphic comunloation has boon gener
ally intcruptod to-day by an excep
tionally severe electric storm. Ex *
perioncod telegraphers siy it ia the
worst of the kind for many yean
The titorm oxtouda throughout the
United Slates and the eastern prov
inces of Canada. Cables are hour *
behind ,
It was snowing at Bull'.tlo , Albany ,
and Boston , Snow is several indite
deep iu the two latter named eitica ,
Oiuotao. November 18. In an in
terview to'iiight with the manager ol
iho Western Union Tclograph com
pany , at 1 o'cloak , ho stated that the
nluoric storm throughout the country
mill continued and that the regular
business of the telegraph company wna
carried on under great diflicultics.
The disturbance in unlikoany hitherto
"xpertancod , ai it appears to act urmu
the wircn in otrong wavca , causing
changing of thu polarity cur
rent. Reports trom Omaha ovate
that the aurora ia very brilliant
at that point , thu illumination being
almost aa bright tta dty. At St. Pnul
it ia report ) d the heavens have a blood
rod color , the diaplay being grand
and foarful. The great storm extends
as far weat as Ogden and oaat to Bos
ton Oheyetmo reports the storm at
that point aa "bright as day. " The
telegraph company devised a now
trick to boat the aurora , when , on
account of the great induction it was
impossible to work with ono wire ,
they dtecovorod that by taking two
wires from the ground between any
two given points and joining their
ends together , Instead of the same
being grounded , a circuit Has formed
that could bo aucceaafully worked.
In this way eight wires between Chicago
cage and Buffalo wora made to do aer-
vice aa four. All long wires are
broken up into short circuits by which
mcana Now York and far western
points are reached.
INDIANAPOLIS , November 17. A
peculiar electrical disturbance was no
ticed in connection with the workings
of the telegraph wires here this
morning. It commenced at about 8
o'clock and continued up to noan.
The phenomena presented here waa
such as to charge the wiroa when the
battorloa were removed , and at times
presenting a change of polarity in a
brief period. The UBO of the quadru
ples sjBtcm had to bo abandoned for
a time , and a metallic circuit was
found to woik without the disturbance
of current reserves.
Teller Talks About Polities "Bitters"
Too Lioud For tt > o Label.
The Star'cayu : Secretary Teller
waa at his desk thia morning , He
has just returned from Colorado , and
speaking of the result of the election
in that state , -ho uaaerta that the re
publicans have won a substantial vic
tory. Still the ocorotary believes that
the disaffection and bad faith of cor-
tainrepublicin leaders in state policana
cauaed a heavy loss in the republican
vote , and defeated Mr. 'Campbell , the
candidate for governor. In the nom
inating convention the secretary says
the men had pledged themselves to
suppsrt the candidates selected , yet
aa suon as it appeared their slate wac
dofesAed , they bolted , and used every
means to defeat the regular ticket.
The cocrotasy added ; "Moro money
had beim opunt tor election purpose *
in Colorado Una year than atuny pro-
vioua election , fully SltO.OOO buing
spent by tlio disaffected republicans.
sraismr 'fey ANY OTUttR NAME. "
The adoption of the prnhibitiaoc
amendment to the constitution iu
IOWB ia stimulating thu manufacture
of coeapound ' liquors , which the pro-
priotora are attempting to have
Btampoi aa > medicinea. To-day , ia
the internal revenue bureau , threa
kmdaof "bittera" were examined and
passed 'Upon adversely , and they wore
Bimt by .c. manufacturer naciod Grabba ,
of DAvenport , with oxplauationa aa to
their ingredients and the moat or-
traykgantclaiou made for their medi
cinal virtues. The proprietor do-
Glared that thoj/ wore u aura cur
for the rai'ious ailments of the di-
Btive ucg ne. , and at the sam <
time a certain remedy /or inilu-
CDZB , vrhilo Hill other proportion wera
of ouch u rouarka'jlo chnr/.ctor that
they would pravout nouu-uction of
ctmtagiouu cteeasoc. Upon analysis
( he asmplco iroru .actually iTouud to
coneitt < jf a very poor quality of
vrhiaky ewoeteuod with molaaaea ,
aud containing oomo aimplo cromatio
dcugs , harmless in their properties ,
bu < t worth uotitng ui general madi-
ciiif.a , Simple apices formed the
chief basin of the pretended modi
cums , in addition to tba low undo of
whuky and the wattr , Yet ono
was .called the "ArflUf ! JUUera ; "
another waa named "Long Ufa
Elixir" and ttiU a third "Uoonu
Oamp Dlttera. " The ptopriatore do-
tiroci the authority of tLe govornctont
to attach the two-cent revenue atapp
to each bottle , and cell tbo decoction
to the people of Iowa under the nanuj
of medicine. The cumcueaionor of
internal revenue will inform Mr.
Grabbo that the scheme will not v/ork ,
and that his mixture , instead of medi
cine , appears to him to bo n compound
beverage clearly without the palo of
the aot of congrcaa grantiuir privilegcu
to the propriotora of patent medicines
which contain alcohol in certain pro
portions ,
A largo line of the rnoit celebrated
makes of Base Burning Stove * at
ifreatly reduced rates to cloae them.
J. D. EBOK ,
01G and 017 North lJth ( Street.
A Drank Who Olainis to Bo
His Own Cousin ,
Ho Follows a Girl Around the
Country From PJaco
to Place ,
Anil Finally Kidnnpi Hei-Oflloom
on Hli Trnoli.
A good many weeks aqo n young man
mmcd J. H. Borden appeared at the
police court in thia city and told n har
rowing tale of misplaced affection , anc
how it waa blighted by the objocl
thereof decamping from hia homo in
Burlington aud coming to Omaha with
all the household goods and the broken
fragments of hia heart. Ho rcpro
aontod that ho was a punter in the
Chicago , Burlington & Quincy shops
at Burlington , and exhibited passes
and a loiter from the master mechanic.
Ho made serious accusations ogainat
certain parties recently removed to
thia city , among other things the
uttering of counterfeit gold coin nt
Hamburg , Iowa , and said they were
wanted by United States officials iu
Chicago. JIo lingered about for two
or three days and then suddenly disap
Immediately after the parties ho
had implicated , accompanied by Detective -
toctivo Noligh , put in an appearance ,
making a general denial and claiming
that Bordcn waa a crauk , They were
given the benefit of their statement
and there the matter dropped for a
timo. About two or three weeks ago ,
ono rainy aud disagreeable night , an
individual turned up at THE Br.E
oflico in a stale of lofty and stormy In
dignation. Ho exhibited TUE BEG , in
which Bordou was charged with being
a crank ; said his name waa J. E. Borden
don , and that ho waa a cousin of the
alleged crank , who had como to Omaha
clear from Chicago to raise the devil
generally. Ho wanted a retrac
tion of the article or blood
from the author and blood and dam
ages both frcm Datectivo Noljuh ,
whom ho charged with having spirited
his cousin away from the Occidental
hotel on to the street. Ho produced
a book of contracts in blank printed
in the name of the Borden and Some
body's comedy company , for which he
eald ho was part proprietor and ad
vance egont. Ho had letters from va
rious prominent partioa , ono of whom
was a Peoria editor , and claimed to bo
on intimate relations with Pinkcrton's
detective force , who , ho said , had
worked this case up. Ho repeated
the story of the counterfeit money
and Eald the United States officers had
warrants for 4ho parties and would
como on as apon as ho could notify
them. A big roll of , bills
was exhibited wh.ldi ho said
ho4 proposed * to'usfo-In lU > iluKrtii8
cousin's fair name and fame right be
fore the world. His plausible tale
was reported to the deputy city mar
shal and an appointment made for the
following morning. Gordon's atetc-
mont was also given , and the next day
ho disappeared aa suddenly as ho came ,
and again the defendants and Detec
tive Nclrgh catno to the front and as
serted that J. E. and J. H. Borden
wore the same person , and thtt he
ha'd 'Imposed on the reporter and
others. They reiterated that ho waa
a crank of the first water , and added
that lie had got hla tnonoy by collect
ing tor a church building fund down
in Illinois , and decamping between
two days. Detective Noligh ofTorod to
arrest him if ho showed up again
and again vouched for the character
of the parties whom Bordvn was
ahadoTrtng and hounding about. This
waa the last chapter of the stery un
til the principal actor turned up at
Plattoraouth , and his doings there are
tluin told by The Journal :
'It ' will be remembered that two
wooka einco a richer umooth young
man giving hia natnn en J. 'Bordon ' ,
and 'representing himself to bo ad
vance agent for a show 'Company
known aa the Star combination , a
member of the United States Hocrot
aorvico and also -tf I'lnkertoh'a do.
teotivo force , made his appotranco in
tills cityiand arrettad and carried away
with him ono Daisy 'McCoy , an Inmate
of Mrs , Moore's bagnio onH3econd
Btreel , cltiming that aho in company
with 'Mamie SrnLh , cnother of the in-
matesj who was &ict at the tiaio , had
committed a robbery at Geneaao , III ,
It is now ascertained that ho ia a
fraud. Bo ranted' ? itzperald hell for
the evoniugo of tlio 13th and 14lh
< iuatn. , giving hia order for § 2& upon
'the Star combination , which in found
to bo a mythical nonoutity. He alao
run u board bill at the Porkine and
loft it to bn aid by tha same dkpha-
rwui agency. Ho a ! o obtained a-timo
pcaa over the B , & M.oil the strength
of boinc a detective. 'Thia morning
CJenoral Ticket Agent Cuatia pat her-
iff Hyori on ilia track , And the tctle-
Krsph soati rovea'ed ' tktt ho left No-
brueka yoatorday , leaving an unpaid
b'jard bill there , Ho dlao vintimked
the Croighton Louau in Omaha. In
fact , bo has beaten evocy hotel and
every r&iltoad that he has taokled ,
Hyers iu upon l.ia track Kith the tcl-
e raph and will hdvo them in tow to-
iiiyht. Hie object in thuc arresting
the girl in tkia citj' and carrying hce
away cannot bo surmised , unless it
was a doiiro to utilize her lllgotton
wraith ai a means oC living in paau.
The girl was never taken farther than
Pucilic Jnnotiou , whura Sheriff Hyera
sent for her to-day to be used as u
witne's against him on bis arrival in
; his city whuro he will probably bo
dealt with tor kidnapping aud ether
crimes , Wheu in thia city ho waa Ac
companied by a tall confederate , dress
ed in a lom ; black frock coat , light
pants , steve pipe hat and carrying u
: ano with an antelope foot cano head ,
whom ho introduced as Jim Pinker *
ton , a son of the renowned All&u Pink ,
iitou , of Chicago. The girls are both
mown to bo innocent of the crime
chanted. The caao has a very mys-
terioua air surrounding it ,
Details of the First Legal Exe
cution of an Indian iu
The Notcil Slottx Chief Dlo Oatuo1
The first legal execution of a Dikota
Indian for murder occurred at Yank
ton , Wednesday last , in the hanging
of Bravo Boar , known iu the Sioux
language as Matoupallka or Wnpoll.
Ills last day was na beautiful as could
be dcairod , It waa n day more suita
ble for marriaco bolls than for the
mournful work of the hangman.
Workman were busy nil the morning
putting finishing touohtm to the ncif
fold and building the fence , which waa
about twenty foot high , and cncloacd
it apace opaco of sixty foot by forty.
Every precaution was takuu that noth
ing should interfere with the succo a
of the execution , and the programme
waa carried without break , Uniro
Bear has proven worthy of hia name.
Dating the past week , though now
aud then depressed , ho displayed > \
gond deal of nerve , while ho continued
to believe that ho would yet oscapo.
For the laet three days ho had reason
to believe that his end was nottr , es
pecially as ho could hear the workmen
building the scaffold The sisters
and priests were with him a good deal ,
and Uravo Boar was evidently ql/ul / to
Dccjthom. 'Tuesday night ho.sont for As
sistant District Attorney Palmer , to
whom ho has taken a decided fancy ,
perhaps because it waa Mr. Palmer
who carried him the news of the pres
ident's ropriovo. Bravo Boar told
something of hio history , but the main
object iu sending for Mr. Palmer was to
Ho said he had a largo quantity of
furs and various articles aud trinkets ,
besides a sum of gold and paper
money and gold dust , all of which was
burled in a certain spot up the river.
He told where thu key of the box
waa and alxo the Indian who know
the apot. Ho described everything in
detail to Mr , Palmer , whom ho dele
gated to look after the disposition of
hia cffoota. When Mr. Palmer
aakod him if the money waa
not Johnson's money , Bravo
Boar denied that it was. From
the description given of his money
aud property it must amount to be
tween § 2 , 000 and § 3,000 , which ho
divided anioug different individuals.
Ho had two wives , but did not like
the ono who testified against him. He
aaid ahe waa rather too friendly with
the worst ot the wood choppers.
Bravo Boar rested wull that'uight and
was up early next morning to masa.
which was said at G o'clock by Father
Willard and which lastad nearly an
hour. 1
an remaueaft , _ : 'r.i ; ° ? e
but little breakfast that morning , bur
for the last week ho had an unusually
good appitite. Tuesday , day and
night ho was constantly eating nuts
and fruits , otc. , of which ho had a good
supply. Woonoaday ho had another
talk with Mr. Palmer , and more fully
affirmed what he said in the night.
About the middle of the forenoon he
grow somewhat norvoua. Ho would
walk about the prison , light hia pipe ,
call for water , and twitch his handker
chief. ( Shortly bpforo 12 Father Wil
lard hold services in the corridor of the
jail , after which the warrant was road
and explained by an interpreter.
Promptly at 12 Bravo Boar was led up
through the jail to the marahal'a
oflico , where he
Ho desired thnt the newspapers
should say to the Indians that his
death was all right ; that they ohould
not attempt to take any rovouito. Ho
particularly rcquootod his relatives not
to kill any horses. Ho also baked
that the president bo Informed that
ho died happy. When aakod if ho
roellf killed Joseph Johnson ho dropped -
pod hia head and made no rely ,
Though ho made no confession , ho
virtually acknowledged ycsturdw/ that
he did commit thu murder , and at was
ponLepa not the only ono which ho
win ( ; uilty. At 2:15 : o'clock Brave
Boar was load out to the noa { .
fold by Father Willard and the
deputy marshals. Ho stopped Along
o.rally , took his position on the trap.
looked up at the crowd , smiled and
said ia a loud , chearful tone , "Well ,
good by. " He then stooped over and
received the nooaa upon the nock.
Ho was dreebcd in woolen Blockings ,
blocktpanta and a 'long linen duotor.
Aa the nooao waa tightened h gave
floreral twitches , juntas n man will do
wiion hia collar is too.tljjht. Ho then
read over the final services with tlio
prieatq , which laated fcur or five uUn-
utea. While reading ho rolled iiin
eyed about us if ancioua to see bow
the spectators regarded the matter ,
At 12:21 o'clock , YunUon time , fiio
black CAP was put on nod at a girm
signal a man , no ouo but the marshal
kuowe , who was iucidu the court houno ,
and the unfortunate Indian shot lik
an arrow through the door out of
sight. Io Jell i'uto a eago about teu
foot square , which was boarded up ,
und no ono could BOH hu death etrug
gle. In a minute or two the physicians
wont iusido the cage , and they say
that ho gave two or three convulsive
movements , and was probably uucon-
.scious from the moment ho fell.
tHa normal pulse was eighty ; in
five rainutea it ffcce to ono hundred
but gradually fell , and in fifteen min
utes there was no distinguishable pul
sation of the heart. At the end oi
thirty minutes ho waa cut down , his
remtma placed iu a oollia , the iinal
requiescat in pace aaid by the priest ,
nnu Btavo Boar's body was tnoii car *
riod to thu Oatholio cemetery , while
his soul goeatuarcbingon to the happy
hunting ground , where ( juao is plenty
and the red and white mco uevor killer
or scalp pAcli other.
Examination of Applicants For
Pens ous by tlio Board of'
Surgeons at 8t , Loui ? .
Men With Bonra Qlorioue ,
Scnro Inglorious , and No
Soars at All.
Some RrmntlinbloVonudi Exliib-
Ucil-Tho Method ofEx-
fit Ix5 l < llqullillcin , ICth.
Thotfl WHS quite a pathoring in Dr.
U J. Hill's ofUco , 41(5 ( Washington
avenue , yoit rday rjorntutf , when a
reporter of thia journal entered. The
doctor waa busy , but found time to
inform the reporter that all the mon
preaont wore applicants for ponoiona.
They had coluo to bo cximined by
the board of aurficons , having teen
referred from the pcntion buiuau to
thia ptaco. Each bora n certiQcito to
the plToot that ho was injured in ( ho
aorvico of the United titatoa , with the
particulara of hla injury , and
the doctors had to examine the
claimant for the purpoivj of finding out
the nature and extent of the in-
jurioa and rate the pennion according
ly. A look at the gathering showed
that nearly nil those pronont had re-
cuivod nothlnp but hard knocks in
their voyage through llfo. They ap
peared nearly all ogud and worn out.
i3nmo walked lame , others looked on
lifo with a einglo eye , n few had crip'
plod hands , and othcrn were there
whoao only outward aign of having
over boon in the army waa the faded
brown discharge papers which they
hold in their hands. But ono of the
crowd was anything like well drrasod ;
and ho wan an intelligent Gorman ,
who omilcd' good-uaturodly. although
ho limps through the world , his right
log having impeded the progress of
two mlnnien'at the second
Ilia appearance indieatod anythingbut
the fact that ho was auitod to dra < v a
monthly stipend from the govern
ment. As a general thing , however ,
the claimants for ponaionu assembled
at the office yesterday were not of the
olaao who exhibited nmrka aa evidence
that they had fonght and bled in their
opuntry's uorvico. There were two
or throe who had contracted rheuma
tism daring the war by sleeping on the
ground. Ono young man
with both shoulders dislocated , IIo
had gene into the army in 18G5 at , the
sgo of 15 , and the dislocation waa the
result of the fitrain of a heavy musket
on hifl youthful bones. Ho could
scarcely raiao his arms and waa'really '
almost helpless , Another gentleman
presented , his claim for pay , and as
proof that ho was really Injured in
the army exhibited a great stiff too.
When naked bow ho happened to bo
wounded them ho replied jthat ho
was in < the cavalry and his horao
Vlhid'u.pow'ihdT.oo'oncS ' ' dayman h'JTras
about to mount. Another and an
equally unwarlike injury waa that ex
hibited by a gentleman of about 45
years of ago , Ho had a useless linger
on hU right hand. The uao of the
hand was not doatroyed by a rebel
bullet , but it was caught and crushed
in a rope while the claimant waa
handling oomo government muloa
down aouth. Of the others , aomo had
rheumatism , and others Buffered from
diseased the rcoult of long tilting in
the saddle. Some few had heart dis
ease. Each individual was thoroughly
examined by Dro. Hall , Woaalbr and
McCoah , who took his ago , weight and
complexion , and gave n diagnoais of
the case , rating the man's remunera
tion in proportion to the injuries BUD-
tainod. The man with the broken
too will probably receive about $2 nor
month , mid the man with the crushed
finger the aamo amount ,
Tr. Hill , having a few momenta to
oparo , waa aakod if the supply of pon-
monera waa
Ho replied that on the contrary the
number referred to the examining
'board here seemed to bo increasing ,
but ho aacribod that to the fact that
the number of clerks iu the dopsct-
mcnt at Washington liaa boon in
creased and the work vraa done much
faster than formerly. Ho then related -
lated a number of instances of curi
ous wounds which pensioners had ex
hibited to the board , saying tb > t it
was really miraculous how some of the
men could lire aftnr having suffered
no much.t8oma men had both oyei
ahot out , a'omo h&d whole pieces ol
their skulls carried r.wr.y by ballots ;
others were hhot through and through
the body , and others iiad their heuua
Ibid open with Biibers ; yet they
continue to I void ou to llu'o and aoom
to enjoy it aa much , if not more , than
t'.iuso whoao bodies are sound und
whole. Some few in Ht , Louts draw
( juito largo ponoioiui & 0 to $05 per
ma nth but euch persons are paid
only in cases where the in juries Buffer
ed and tku ab-
> were great pwties arc -
ixilutaly unable toiko care of them-
solves. Pensions as low aa $1 are
paid to some who hive -ouetainod injuries -
juries which occasion elicit inconvon-
louoo but do not itnpwlo the petiaionor
in procuring a livelihood. Very few
fraud * are praotisBd , iietrly all the
wounds being genuine and received iu
aorvlce. Very few victims of buz
saws try to palm themselves oif upon
the board M having Buffered in the
war for 4ho Union or any other war.
Such attempts are made , butthegamo
ia genordiy broken up at the pension
bureau , as it required there that every
wound bo proved to have boon ruceiv-
ed while serving the country. The
government ia
by pensioner * ! aa many people iui-
agino , nor ia the injured soldier ro
often deprived of sullicioiit to main
tain him. Great ore ia taken to pre
vent thu first , and as a general thing
the pensioners rocolvo all to which
they are entitled. It ia un impotei
bility almost for a man to nt'cure it
ponaioa when not injured In tbo aur-
vice iu the proccodlngi the
out of penMen papers are much like
thoao of a court , the Inquity into the
facia and the uatnra of the injury
being very rigid. Not all ponaionera
are thoao who have fullered in the
war for the Union. Thora are a few
veterans of the Moxic-ui war drawing
pensions , and there n few in
St. Louia who are receiving
compensation [ or injuries rocoirod in
conflict with the Indiana. There
are but n very few womou in the city
receiving pensions and they are those
whoan injury conaiols principally in
the loss ot hunbinda atidchildron who
were their support during lifo. Al
most aa muoti money is annually
drawn from the United Stales treasury
by poraons who contracted disease in
the army as by thoao who were
wounded , Some of the pretexts for
drawing any compensation whatever
are very Blight , but it rarely happens
that any ouo gota ahead of thu gov
ernment in thia respect. The reporter
or listened for some thno to the stories
told by the ox-warriors , but it waa o' '
remarkable fact that not ono present
claimed to have done anything
remarkable , soon anything remark-
hblo , boon in clone communication
with the great mon of the country or
undergone any particular viciaaitudea
iu the army. There were no good
atory tellers in the crowd , and con
trary to all proccdont the crowd of
old soldiers laokod oven an ordinary
unount of proviuicatory ability which
ia at way a n characteristic of thoirclnto.
Thcro were no whopporn told , and
! o\v of thoao present could add any
thing of special interest to the old.
ild atory of the war which turned
brother against brother , and father
against son. None of their lives were
romantic , and the reporter loft them
n their shattered and debilitated
glory to the examinations of the three
ihyaiciana ,
Ijiochl Dbpntchta to TUB linn.
LONDON , November 17. In the
IOUBO of commons this afternoon ,
indor secretary of the colonies stated ,
n auawer to a question , that Uuto-
vayo was not a prisoner , but waa stay-
ng at Oudomalon waiting the com-
ilution of arrangements for his
estoration to the throno.
Sir Charles Dilkc , under secretary
'or foreign oflico , promised to table
correspondence with the government ! ]
if Peru and Chili relating to Peruvian
Gladstone stated it waa not intend
ed that the cilices of first lord of the
treasury and chancellor of the ex
chequer should bo in the future re
presented by ono person. ' Tlio present
irrangomont , ho cald , waa not good.
Ho did not consider himself aa being
able to noaroh out work as thoroughly
aa a good chancellor of the exchequer
ought , aud aa in former times ho tried
to do'cheers ) , and ho hoped a long
time would not elapse bcforo a change
was made.
In replying to a question of Ash-
mead Bartlett , Gladstone denied that
dual control has boon abolished iu
Egypt. The Egyptian government had
expressed a desire that it should bo ,
bin thnt'nxpreaaiou tfaa rfpt the out
come of Engliah advice , but was' spon
Debate on procedure rules waa re-
suaiud. Eight rules remain for deci
sion , all of minor importance. After
those are disposed ot the house will
next consider the motion to iniko the
resolutions applicable as the experi
ence of ono session only ; next
whether the details pf bills passing a
second reading ahull bo referred to the
grand sectional committees , conclud
ing the whole procedure question in n
PAUIH , November 17. At a mooting
of the chamber of deputioa to-day the
followers of Oambetta decided to sup
port the ministry by a vote of confi-
dencoon the budget interpellations.
PAUIH , November 17. Martin Fo-
nillo , upon assuming the presidency of
th6 Union Bopublicano , ono of the
loading groupa of the chamber of
deputies , dwelt on the importance pf
harmony and concord in the republi
can ranka.
The Figaro states that Presilrnt
Grovy'u medical advisors are of the
opinion ho has reached a delicate
crises iu the period of old age , when
it i necessary there should bo no
mental disturbance and ho Bhou\ <
have absolute ropoeo.
Loon eava his name ia mentioned o
the probable candidate for thu presi
denoy , Host of the Paris journals
condemn the cimmbur of deputies for
not rousting obstruction tactics o
the extreme left.
The propoaal to sccuro a bulanoinf ,
of the budget by utrikitig onehundrot
million franca from the Hum allowoc
the dopKvtment of public works ia find
ing favor among u majority of dopu-
tll'S ,
President Grovy is urged to resign
aa being the only moans to prolong
his lifo.
DOUUN , November 17. Prttriok
Casey waa found guilty of the murder
of the Joyce family , and was son-
toncpd to bo hauged Dao. 17th.
Eleven Times iu a Minute.
SpecUl JMsjutch ia Tim Uix.
NVAMIINOTON , November 17. At
the soft glove exhibition here
to-night John L , Sullivan , the Boston
champion , who hud challenged any
man in Washington to stand up be.
fore him for four rounds , knocked
Jordan Renaaler down eleven times
In ouo minute.
At thu lost knock downIlonaaler at
tempted to rlao to his foot and face
his oppouent , but ii > o poliuo interfered
and put a stop to the contest. Hun-
aaler waa a volunteer contestant and
wus severely puniahod , blood spurting
from his nose and fooo when the con-
teat was stopped , The exhibition ,
which had boon extensively advor
Used , drew a laruo audience.
Gtnuine Swlas Ohoeso and New
Holland Herring at ileitnrod & Dor-
maun'it , corner lUih and Jaokson ,
Tinnurs wanted immediately atSul-
ivan Bfoa. ' . 1410" Farnam atreet.
Wagea § a per d y. 10-2t
General Grant's ' Defense of Fitz
John Porter Creates a
The Oalumnios of a Biased
Court Rapidly Die-
nppenring , t
While Popo's Promotion Will
' *
Meet With Opposition
in the Senate. '
The Gar Hold Board of Audit Flonn-
dorluc Amdug the Btllr.
Special UUpatch to Till Hun.
WASHINGTON , November 1G - The
tuticlo of General Grant vii Fits John
Porter , in The North Amemaii llj-
viutv , has naturally attracted a gttat
deal of attcntion-iu nrmycirclca'JiOre ' ,
and friends of Porter say that in the
Forty-eighth congress there will no
longer bo nny qtiratlon but that ho
will accomplish hia purpoao. It'lisa )
come out in the course of iliac'n'ision
from friends of Grant herd , that Granti >
denied very recently that ho recom
mended the promotion of Pope to the
vacant major goneralahip , Aa has , b ion
alleged , ana that ho uald ,
if asked , he should hwo
recommended aomo ono olso. Thoao
who are very near to Grant say now
the latter did not 'recommend ' the
promotion ot Pope , tend that Pope Tit
not have his support to prevent him
from being defeated by the opposition
which ho will have to encounter when
the soiiato ia asked to confirmed the
president's action. Friends of Pope
oven are vary apprehensive that ho
may fail of cptaGrmation on account
of this opposition iu the interest of
Fitz John Porter. But it had not
boon thought possible that Grant
would bo an ally of Porter to thu r.x-
tent that ho even indirectly would as-
elat Porter in hia malicious and ma
lignant effort to prevent Pope , who
oxpoaod Portor'a treachery in Virginia ,
from receiving the promotion ho do- '
An evening paper eaya , the demo
crats , it is understood , will make a
bitter light iu the senate against the
confirmation of General Pouo to bo
nnjor gonoral. Friends of Fitz John
Porter accuses Pope of investigating
the overthrow of Porter ami this ,
together with Popo's well known
anti-democratic principles , will it-'Is
thought combine all democrats against
him. Ho has ted , a few enemies' ' in
the republican party , and it is said
there , ropublicat senators will vote
against him ,
Mr. W. H. Troaoott , Kreoa'utly ap-
poicfcrd , , opo of , the ppiuqiiBflipberB to' ,
negotiate u treaty between tlio'lTiiit d1
States and Mexico , culled at the stat . ,
department to-day and had a en
fl >
vorsalion with the secretary rula' 1 +
to the details of the commlss ; ,
irork. No date baa as yet bcou
assigned for the departure of tb
a commission -
mission , which is composed o'
and Troscott.
At the afternoon ortsion
field board of audit u ae.r
ination into aud thotoi'
of the ohuma of the
tending the late prr , d * h d
The examination o Jnprehondl.d not
? " ] yt ] P '
, F0'8 submitted to the
board of audit b-
, bjt thoao presented to
congrcaa A Ir *
COnBultnUon was
then held as to wlfat
Bhoujd bo doruy
in thopromiar but odjtmrnmont waif
reached wit Jout a d 0.ion , hnvifl
fTifn.V ? id ot' Judge Lawrence
stated tha
, in ono ingtanoB „ ms lm
lanoous oil ] ( whoh | had otgjnay ; ] ,
coun p' .OBontoj to COngroaB , reached
the boj nftor
jmvjnR boon scalcd 4Q
P" ° ' jnt. ubovo the amount as claimed
ot r .ongrcsc.
Joorotary Teller has
limited tha exP -
P Jiidituro for surveying the Orosr In-
' illan agency to ? 1,000.
It ia underatood that Folgor will
lay before congroee the matter of buy.
ing in open market United States
4 and 4 * per cent , bonds of 1907 und
oak for dir.ctipn .
to-day wui quite brief and unimpor
tant. The contents of several annual ,
rnporls of oxeoutivo officers were dis-
cuescd , each officer giving an idea
of what hia report should bo. The
feaaibllity of including osrtairi recom
mendations iu '
the president's message
was also referred to. Ono member
said : "Wo discussed neither politicu
nor romoyjla "
The Mllwftukea Outa Bates to Council
Sixclal Dhutch | to Tut Use.
CaiOAQo , November 17. A war on
piaaeugor rates between Chicago and
Kansas City is considered imminent.
The Hannibal & at. Joe has baun
warned , if caught cutting ntca eg tin ,
that all reciprocal rolationa will be
withdrawn by ether membars of the
pool.A. .
A. E. Touzaiiu , for 15 years nn
ollicer of the Burlington road , has ro-
ilgned on ucoouut of failing health ,
The war on rates to the novthwost
goes on merrily. Yesterday tha Rock , .
stand made a § 5 rate from Ohbago ,
hus entering the territory of the
Dhicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul , and
to-day the latter road retaliates by
UKling the rate from Chioago to
Coupcil Bluffs glO , instead of $14.60 ,
und Nollicn.
Special Ubpatch to Till Uit ,
'OiiiOAoo , November 17. Maicua
1. Mnyer , buainusa manager for Mr ,
Abbey , leavea to-morrow for San
rrautuoo , to make arrancoments'for
he appearance there of Mrs , Liutry
ud Bladamo Neilaon. *