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Fhe Daily Bee.
"Friday Morninf , Nov. 17.
Wenthor HoporU
t i'ho i olio winR observation are tnlton i
ttn1 * amo moment of time at all the statioi
VISK , OMAHA , Nov. 10 , 1882. ( l-.45p.rn.
tit ea
Denver. . , . 31 CO K > NK Krwh Cloudy
Cheyenne. 30-17 23 NK f'roh 1 tSnow
\ Wa/ihakle. . 3MJ ra , SE Mclit 31 car
PUtte. . . w 41 N car
Jf Omaha . . , 2 30 31 N 0 ondr
7 nkton. . 2 ! ) 43 31 N P b Fair
Dai Molnev. TO 10 IhRtorr
Dirrnport. . TO 10 47 SW Frch Itlttln
Bt. Paul. . . . JOBS It N ilik Cloudy
30 18 4S H n h Lt iln
2 < J 44 81 | M' 1'irjft loudy
Vincent . . .
Bkmurck , . . 3062 nTt Kre li
Baford . . . . . . . 30 47 81 NW Uht Clou y
Ouster. TO 7 SO 8 Krwh
30 4 ! ) 22 K Froh lAtno *
Autinabolno. 3107 38 8\V Itrl-k Clear
Klrrr E feet 0 Inches above low rater mark I
0"i h , 1 feet 10 Inches al Yankton. UlMtsnlrpI
feet 11 IncliM at Datenpoit , 4 feet 4 Inchei n
Bt I' ul , 10 f t 0 lochei at St I.outt , I fee
9 Inches at L Cro o and 7 feet 1 Inches
The funeral of Mr. Maddox took placi
At 2 p. m , yesterday. Prospect Hill.
It has turned several degrees coldei
and fires are at a premium ,
Tbo woman Budraqo amendment wai
( mowed under in the utato by about 80XX (
imajotlty ,
Constable ICdgorton got od the atreel
car on hla way up from the depot ye tor <
day and told out the 1'eterson stock ol
cigars and tobaccos before going home ,
infttr jutt returning from his four weeks
trip to the Hoosler state.
Mr. G. W. Madden , who for gome
.timo past has been popular as a clerk at
itho Canfioltl house , has severed his con-
moction with that favorlto hostelry to take
charge ot the office of the Perkins house
at I'lattsmouth. Wo can consciontiouily
roaotmnend him to the f Avar of all with
whom ho may have business of any kind
as a thorough gentleman.
Q tito a crowd assembled in front ef
the U. P. headquarters Inst evening , at
tracted by the novel xpectaclo of a big iron
nflfo suspended in mld-alr In front of the
building. It was the safe from Col. J. J.
Dickey's office , that officer removing bin
headquarter , eo far as the Western Union
is concerned , to tbo now Millar > l bunk
building. It required a vast amount of
block und tackle to do the work of lower
ing the nafe , nnd everybody stood from
There will be n meeting of the Socii.1
, Art club on SUurday nt-3 p. in , , nt Iho
residence of Mn. M , U. Goblo , All mem-
.born are requested to attend , as business of
-importance ia to bo discussed.
The ye tr now closing will find mure
initnf of now railway completed in the
'United States than wni over constructed
during the same period before. It is said
to bo all good paying road too.
It la about tiuio for noine enterprising
per ou to begin getting n minting rink In
elnpo for the wmtr campaign. Don't all
pick up the idea nt otica and ruin the profits -
fits though.
The North Omaha tewer will ba com *
jloted tlili week , A portion had to be
loft open until the sewer wnt finisheJ , to
.allow tha crook to run through and they
.aro now filliu ? up thono broiks.
Work on the Waring uyetcin of cow rr ,
'in iilley ways between Casa unc ! Chicago
and 'Chicago aud Dnvenporn \ being
pu lied with an extra force of men to get
it done before cold weather.
A. L , Strang has purchased the lot ad
joining his Farnam street block on tbo east
and will erect n fourth iron store ? upon it ,
This will add greatly to the already bund-
some and metropolitan appearance of this
block , which has not a superior In the city
Thomas li'jacb , n young kid was nr-
rosloil Woclnoiday for ntcaliug a vest nnd
pair of pants from Schlank & Prlnco'a
at ire on Farnam street Judge Benoko
sentenced him to twenty-five ilayj nt hard
At 2 o'clock Wednefday the throng of
hackg and private carriages on Farun'.ti
nnd 14th streets , in front of the Paxton ,
wai iinmcnio nnd with the ktlll brilliantly
lighted hotel building inado a cheerful and
nnvel spcctacln.
- Ono of Tun BEE carrier boys while
mivUiogan Inspection tour of his route yea-
torduy , was thrown from hi * her near
Brornell Hall and stunned for a uhurt
time by the fall. It was at first thought
i > o WAV ner busl y injured but imcli proved
not to bo tbo cate.
-Mr. V. B. Henry , of New York , who
travels for 11 ill's Balaam , etc. , was a Rucitt
of tbo P xton Wed DO day. Ho 1 introduc
ing tha Tine nrts into the we > t ns well tut
dUpotinir. of meitiolnennd has Borne ot the
handiiomect little oil chromes made , which
% he usfor his patrons bontfit.
Tlie case of the Btato vs. Fred Gcltt.
ler wu called in the police court ycuterday.
Tbeaccu'ed Ij charged with stcMIngn
bed le d from Viet Wtrth. This thlngof
Bte linYbed t > Mls is geltln decide-illy too
common aud loids to the question "What
will the coming man steal ? "
Bob Ingeruoll'a coming on the s'otli
Intl. i looked forward to with xeneral in >
tereit. Ho WM to have lectured at Cemn. .
ell Ilulf ! < but hu cancelled his enRu emoul
then nnd then will probably bo fifty di
100 persona over frum tbera to hear "wha <
they shall do to be uivvoJ , " at lioyd's open
Lome.Among the mott interetlog notes 01
Borie'.y events lately rec'rded is tli
rumored engagement of Mr , Adolpl
Mejer , of tbo jewelry and imulo beuse o
Max Meyer & Bro , , to Mlai llosa Thul
jneuln er , nn occoinplhhed jounn lady c
New York City , whose father la n\er
l > romlnent man in the great metropolU c
the Kmplre State.
The Saratoga Lyceum elected th
following officer * at their meeting Weduei
d yt Prrvident , O. W Tousley ; e <
rotary , John F , P e J treasurer , Lou
LUtlefielJ. The question for debite at th
regular meeting next Wednesday evonlui
"Jtegulved , that war i * more of a lileeilr
than a curte , " Motuni , Bailey , Klton nn
LittlcBeld were i ppoiuted a committee t
reviit the ron > ttuton. ! [
fobn M. Kmiuani , formerly of Ch
but whose hone was in Newtot
; i
Sustci county , New Jersey , died In th
ctty , Tuwday , November 14tb , of typhol
fever , aged twenty-seven yearn and eigt
months. The dewMed came to Oraah
liiita rhort tlroo ago to make it hii home
His father , Mr. Jnmeii Kmman , arrive
last night from New Jersey ami the n
mains were taken lack to that Btato for ii
torment on to-day's train. The d <
c v wl leaven n wife but no children. Ch
e Ro paper * plearo copy.
On Sunday , Nov. 2Ctb , the new C-13 ! !
Han church , on Fnrnam street , will b
opened forraully , with Interesting and Irr
presslro services. Key. A. N , Gilbert , c
Ohio , will preach the opening sermor
The following distinguished minister * ar
expected to take part in the dedlcalio :
services : Rev. N , A. McConncl ) , of lows
J. 15. Johnson , II , If , Ingram , It. 0. Ilai
row , Charlea Howe and Henry CogRswcll
of Nebraska ,
It looks as if we might have sleighln )
on Thanksgiving day.
-Tho city ticket agent of the Mllwau
kce road declares that the Chicago Trlbun
prevaricates In its statement that pannon
ger or freight rates either ono are belnj
cut at Omaha by any of the Chicago roods
Mr. I'.tt Cation has returned from hi
eastern trip , looking rich , red , rosy nn <
racy. Fat says he bad to take an oxprcsi
train to got out of the Kxcclsior state be
cause the democrats wcro electing every
body , and might catch him.
The concrete foundation for the as
[ ihalt pavement on upper Uouglns atreel
will all bo in on the first block to-day ,
The contractors nro hurrying things and al
the same tlmo doing good work. If tbi
weather holds good another olock can bi
nearly put in this week. Nona of the sur
ace has yet been put in.
Mr. G. Soscman , proprietor of tin
Western bouse , near the nail works , lost
its little daughter Wednesday under verj
tad circumstancej. | Tlio llttlo ono wai
taken with the croup , and , although the
services of cix physicians were called Intc
requisition , it woa all in Vain , An effort
was made to relieve the child by "trnchl-
otowy , " or the insertion of a silver tube
ute the tracbla through an incision in the
lock. The operation was ineffectual.
The third annual ball of the A. O II.
> ami took place at Central hall Wednesday
t was a brilliant euccess In every way and
ho attendance was exceptionally largo.
Mr. James Douglas made a splendid M.
3. and the committee on arrangement * ,
omprislnx Thomas Corbett , Robert
3Iaron , James McCoy , J. W. liolan , Jna.
Don ai nr.dG. 0. Douglas , were Indcfnti-
able in their efforts to inako tbo affair as
uiceeeful as it proved to bo.
A. IE.
31s Resignation Sent In to the ( J.
B. & Q.
Many of the friendu of Mr. A. E.
L'ouzalin la this city will read will :
orpriso the following from The Lin-
oln Journal , of yesterday. Mr. Touza
in holds largo money intercuts in
Dmatia and always evinced the warm'
riondship to ovary plan calculated tc
dd to its growth and proopority , II
a to bo hoped that the rout afforded
jy a trip to the old world will entire-
y restore the ouoigy ho has overtaxed
nd that his retirement from active
lUslncBS may only bo temporary. The
ournal aaya :
"Tho resignation of Vico-Prosl-
lent A. .E. louzalin * , of the 0. B. &
2. It. It. Op. , to take effect after Jan-
jary next , ia underatood to have been
ont in , and Mr. Touz illn will enjoy a
luoh needed rest from his arduous
nd uninterrupted Inborn for the pant
f teen yearn upon the -groat lino. Ha
? ill go to Europe to join his family
nd apond a forr months in travel and
eoroatlon. His resignation ia a mat
er of regret to the company , which
pprociatea his great services , but it ia
baolutoly necessary Tor his phyeicil
relfaro that ho retire from the very
urdonaomo and responsible dutica
nd look after himself. "
"In every capacity that Mr.Touxalin
aa aorved the 0 , , B. &Q company
Q has boon recognized as thoroughly
t homo and the poor of any ether
aan of the weat in any department ,
la general ticket agent , laud commie-
loner , euporlntendont , general man
ger , and finally vice prenidont , ho hoa
ot only Burved the company ably und
ntisfuctorily , but La has nerved the
ublio , and by his equity and integrity
nd equaro dealing won the confidence
f All who hevo come in social or busl-
ess contact with him. In Lincoln
ud in Omaha ho has mndo n heat of
ricnda who will regret the Buveranco
f hla sonncction with the railroad
ompauy und his nbaonco from this
late. Doubtless , however , his par-
onul intorea 8 in Nebraska will bring
lim buck from time to time , for the
loasuru of hlti frloiula.
A General Stampede.
Never was such a rush mi\ilo for any
) rug store aa is now nt O. F Goodman's ,
or a Trial UoUlo of Dr. King's Now DU-
ovcry for Consumption , Coughs and
Jolds. All perwnu aft ) Icted with Asthma ,
ironchltls , Hourecnesa. Bovero Cough * , or
ny nffcctloit of the Throat nnd Luniia
-an get a Trial liottlo of this gieatremody
rw , hy cnllluf ; at above named. Drug
Palatial Trains Every Day of tiio
The Chicago , Milwaukee and St
Pul road , the S/tor / ( Line to ChicaKo
and the cast ia daily ginning in pupil-
Jtity with iho public. It runs two
trains daily , leaving Omaha at 7:45 : a
m , and 3:10 : p. in. being the only line
that docs run Ha trains every daj
of the week. Ita splendid road ,
bed , elegant equipments and fad
time make it all the public can desire
and just wlut has bum needed for u
long time.
lw dining care , Pullman alecpcn
and parlor cam rntko up the fines'
trains run on the Aiuerlctn continent
and travelers arc rapidly bocomltif.
iwaro of tha route on which comfort
luxury and tpcod arc combined. Thoil
ticket cfUoe it lu tbo Paxtou hotel.
Tables supplied with the best thi
market aiiorda , The traveling publi
cluiw they get better accommodation moru general aatiafaction her
( Inn at any ether housa in Omaha
Uatti , | 2 per day. aug21tfm
The Omaha , Milwaukee and St
Paul Road Baiaing Cain ,
Both Freight nnd PaesonRoi
Bates Badly Demor
Concerning the war on freight nm
pasnonrror ratoH between Chicago nnc
western points , which has occupicc
the attention of nowspnpor roaderi
rrotty exclusively for a week past
The Chicago Tribune of Wodnoadaj
aaya :
Fears are being generally expressed
that unless the troubles between the
St. Paul and Minneapolis roads ro
gardlncf eta t bound business frotr
those points are soon adjusted a general
oral war in rates from and to noarlj
all the western and northwoatorti
points cannot well bo averted mud ;
longer. The fight on passenger buai
ness cast and south from St. Pnu
and Minneapolis is now raging furi
onsly. The Rook Island is sollins
tickets from Minneapolis for $
without rebate. The Milwaukee &
St. Paul is naid to bo Boiling tick'
ots for the same rate , but ohargoi
$115.50 , and gives a rebate of $9.CO , sc
01 to prevent ratoa to local points be
ing disturbed. The Rock Island road
claims that its tickets cannot bo used
to local points , because it takoa the
precaution of refusing to check bag
gage to any point except destinations.
This , however , does not prevent people
ple from purchasing a ticket to Chicago
cage for $3 and using it to any point
on the Minneapolis & St. Louis , Bur
lington , Cndar Ripids & Northern ,
and the Uock Island's Albert Loa
: outo , where the rate is moro than
? 3. This matter ia causing a great
deal of bad blood , and it is undoratood
hat in retaliation some of the Iowa
Incs have begun to cut rates from
Council Bluffs and ether Iowa pointa
to Chicago. A mooting of gen
eral pasaonpor and ticket ngonls
if the Rock Island , Burlington , and
tforthwettorn ro ds was hold yoator-
Joy at the Grand Pacific hotel , nnd it
a undoratood that they considered
moans by which n general collapse of
passenger rates from points in Iowa
san bo avoided. AB for as could bo
earned they were not able to accom
plish anything. It ia not possible that
u the event of the fight on oaat-bound
passenger bnsinesa being kept up , the
wcat-boaud rates can bo maintained
much longer. West-bound paaaongor
aton would have been cut as badly an
; ho oast-bound before now were It not
for the agreementwhich
provides a penalty of § 600
igainst any road detected
u cutting rates. It ia expected that
the Milwaukee & St. Paul and prob
ably the Reck Island nlao will give
notice within a day or * two , if they
lave not done eo already , of their
withdrawal from the west-bound pas
senger agreement. And it wlll.not bo
at all surprising if aimilar notion were
aken by some of the roada regarding
the v/eatorn freight pools. It was
rumored yesterday that freight as well
us passenger rates were being badly
cut , both from St. Paul and from
Dmaha , and if those reports are true
, ho freight rates from Chicago to all
northwestern Iowa and Missouri riv < r
) oinl will become moro or loss dia-
The trouble has all boon brought
ibout by the inability of the St. Paul
ind Minneapolis roada to arrange a
300 ! on the oaatbound business from
St. Paul and Minneapolis. The Rook
sland demands one-third of the Min-
leapolis buninoss. This the Milwan-
cos & St. Paul nnd the St. Paul &
Jmaha , ( which latter is the fllinneap-
)15s & ( St. Paul connection of the
Chicago & Northwestern rofuao to
; rant. The Rock Island aaya it will
uko no loan than one-third , no mat-
r how big o war Is to bo fought , and
ho Milwaukee ) & St. Paul says it will
indor no consideration allow that
nuoh. Skirmishing has been going
) n between theao roads for nearly a
uonth past , expecting that opmo com-
iromiso might bo effected after
ill. The roads have now ba-
omo tired of bushwhacking , and
hey hare commenced the war in
eal earn cot. Unices como of the neu
ral lines , which will alao be moro or
OBS affected by uuch a war , como to
ho rescue ns they have done before
md prevail upon the belligerents to
ottle their troubles by making con-
sessions there will bo fought ono of
ho most serious and disastrous rail-
oad wars thai over prevailed in the
rest , und which will seriously embar-
a a if not brnuk up the existing west-
jru poolt. It is not believed , how-
3vor , that it will go thas far , After
naluro reflection the belligerent man-
tgurs will no doubt find that It is
jhunper to nuke some trifling ounces-
ions In the Minneapolis mutter thane
o ruin all their western business for
emu time to como.
Skinny Mon.
"Wolls1 Health Reuower" restores
loulth and vigor , euros Dyspepsia , ,
mpotonbc , Sexual Debility , $1.
& Largo AuQlonco Welcomes Franlc
Mayo In Davy Uroclcott at
Doyd'a Last Niuut.
Wo don't know how many times
Krunk Muyo has presented his Dvy
Crockett in Orniht , aud for that mat
ter the public care , but llttln , as they
neom always willing and roidy to wel
come nnew this sterling Oallfornlu
'avorito and pteasiug actor. Last
nixht ho was greeted with the eamc
largo audience that ho has been delighting -
lighting over since ho opened hla eoa-
BOII , tbo gallery nnd dress circle being
BO full as to turn people away , while
the lower part of the houno was nearly
all taken up to the back teats.
His present support is almost en
tirely different from the ono he had
when last here. Mr. Edwin Mayo
i\\ the Major , F , O. Savage and Mr.
Oarponter , aa Yonkers , are still with
him as of old. The moat notable
change centers in the now reprosonta
lion of Elanor Vaughn by Mist
Charlotte Bohrcna. This Is the
young lady's first season on the stage ,
and likeMr. . Mayo , the ia a Oili
foinien. MiaaBohrena la quite boautl
ful , graceful and acorns to posaci
dramatic ability of a high ordei
while her general nppoiuanco in th
Icai important situations are full o
dignity and refinement that are real ! ;
artistic. Thu cast is the best that w
have yet teen supporting Davy Crock
ott , and the chances are the house
will 1 > o largo to the close of the on
The Ornnd Jury on the War Path In
dlctmcnts Already Found.
The United States grand jury im
pannolod recently , with lion. J. Sterling
ling Morton as foreman , was charge *
yesterday , and got down to activi
They appeared in court in the after
noon , and , through their foreman ,
asked t6 bo instructed on cortnlt
points of law , Ono of these was it
regard to "declaration of intention" ot
the part of persons desiring to become
naturalized citizens. A question wai
asked as to the right of a county clorl
to carry his seal to any part of tbt
county and glvo his certificate thorn
Another was in regard to the official
acts of a surveyor general and the
grand jury was instructed to investl
gate any cases of fraud in this direction
tion of which they might bo Informed
od , with the assurance that the court
would render every assistance In the
way of securing the attendance ot wit <
nesses , etc. It is understood that
this moans an invcatigation into the
charges preferred against Survoyoi
Gtoneral Smith by Dr. Miller , and
that subpoenas have already boon is
sued for witnesses in the case.
The grand jury returned a bill
against Rev. J. Harvey Rockwell , tht
man who Dwindled a nnmber of per
sons by advertising a library of vain a
bio borjks and pocketing the mnnoj
remitted without Bonding any books ,
Rockwell finally came to grief at Lin
join , and la now prosecuted for uoinf
the mails to extort money under falst
Another indictment was also re
turned against Judge Hull , but it it
nothing now and wan merely inteudcc
to hold him in case the indictme-nl
found last term was squashed , whicl :
it was not.
Dommlttoea Appointed to Solicit Aid
Corropponclcnco of Omaha llco.
RIVEUTON , Nob. , November 13.
M a mooting of the buainesa men oj
Rivorton the following was unani
mously adopted :
Knotted , That we extend our sympnth )
to our friends and neighbors that Buffered
such revere loss by fire on Sunday morij' '
Inp Nov. 12,1882.
Retolvtd , That sympathy is cheap nut
that we appreciate their wants in a mon
iulfetantlM manner. Believing this also tc
bo the feeling of the friends outside , w <
hereby appeal to them all , through the fol
owing committees , to help liberally.
After permanent organization the
following committees were appointed
Omaha nnd Histinga Win. Hayden.
Council Bluffs -George Metcolf.
Denver Samuel Shell.
St. Joseph W. M. Myrtle.
Chicago 3. P. Harrington.
At largo-Eev. J. K. Harria.
Red Cloud Isaac Sheperdton , P. H
Bloomlngton C. B. Chapin.
Franklin John D.'Fulton.
Smith Center , Kontaa 0. C. Carlisle ,
r. G Childs.
Republican Valley , West Thomas But.
Distributing Committee It. D. Jones ,
3ed Cloud ; George W. Shepherd , Bloom-
ngton , W H. Austin , Franklin.
A. J. WKSTON , President.
ISAAC SliEi-AnnsoN , Treasurer.
J. G. CiiiLua , Secretary.
Hon. J. 0. Crawford , of West Point , is
n the city.
J , P. Bllokenederfcr , of New York , it
.t the Pnxton.
Hon. John L. Canon , of Browuville , it
it the Mlll.-ml.
\\alterF. Harding , of Nebraska City ,
3 at the Paxtou.
Hon. Lorenzo Crounso , of Ft. Calhoun ,
9 at the Paxton.
Kav. Joseph Coolc'a autograph appears
n the Paxtou register.
Hon. John D. Seaman and wife , ol
Cearney , are In the city.
Sheridan Corbyn , manager of the Frank
rlayo company , U at tbo MiiUrd.
Frank Mayo , and MUa Charlotte Bebr-
na. registered at the Paxton laat night.
K , R. Hoyt , of St. Louie , and E. K.
loyt , of Sterling , III. , aio at thu Millard.
Ginewl Charles H. Van Wyck Is nt the
4xton , and loaves for Nebraska City to-
J. Kborly , of Stauton , is at the Milhrd.
Geo. E , Cola , of the Union depot , Pa-
Ifio Junction , U a guest of the Mlllard.
P , H. Swift , on old Omaha boy , who
low pulU Iho throttle of the Mogul over
he Plattaiuoutb , has keen in town the
3t few days.
W. G. Whilmore , Valley ; A. D. Mur-
jhy nud wife , Weat Point ; J. Babbitt ,
ilillarJ ; J. A. Blown , Lincoln , and W.
\f \ Barrett and wife , Weeping Water , are
it the Mlllard.
Charles P. E igerton , the well known
ionstablf , returned yeaterduy from a foui
viuks'tiip to Indian > . Ho wan uccotn <
lanled by Mrs , KJa'orton and report ;
i viu had a delightful Uip.
M , P. Brewer , H. A. Belles , B , W. Ja.
x > bs , Ed P. Or bbe , B. Woodbury , J , F ,
Ivlmball , Theo. Lakoekl , and Ilauk Cook ,
ivere among the vWtoru to Omaha yester-
lay f rum the Blut ! < . They made the Mil
an ! their headquarterB.
G. G. Bcani > , Firth ; Mn. Mendelbaum ,
tlnatlnpij Mrs. A. P. Howes , Blair ; W ,
L\kul O kUnd ; F. J. Everaon , K nruey ]
( I. Boitwlck , Hastings ; Thomas O'Day ,
Stllsb ; Walter J. Lamb and William P ,
Phillip * , Ijlnooln , and A Llstenbergcr , ol
Jouth Band , are at the Paxton.
Geo.B. * French , representing FrUchet
ind Hoen , pacVer * and dealers in leal
tobacco , New "VorV , is making his firI
rislt to Omaha. He is a fine gentleman
genial and open hearted and nuke * frlendi
wlthoa ! trying to. Tom J. Dare , of Chi
oago , WM Initiating bim nto the mrsteriei
of tbo Gate City last night ,
Interesting Lecture From Hi
Kotos on the Grand Tour ,
The Orient and the Oociden
and Their Oommg Unity.
Rev. Joseph Cook , the noted Bostoi
lecturer , who has attracted so nine ]
attention during late years by hi
broad and liberal views on subjects o
general interest , arrived In Omahi
yesterday and registered at the Fax
ton. Ho is just returning from a toui
around the world and as the title o
his lecture "Orient and Occident *
would indicate , confined himael :
chiefly to observations on informatior
ho had acquired on his trip.
Mr. Cook's great idea on this subject
joct is that of the unity of nationa , not
exactly under ono flag and ono rule ,
but as neighbors and brothers of the
great human family. The rapid meant
af transit and communication are revo
lutionizing things in this respect. He
apeak a of many international nou
trnlizerr- that exist in the way of con
ventions aiid oxpoeltions , and ho pre
dicted that the Suez and Panama
canals , wion the latter is completed ,
will became the great neutral high
ways for the nations of the earth , and
that soon no nation will dnro to carry
a war into the borders of another.
Thus , ho said , a bridge of Christian
internationalism would bo constructed
[ torn ahoro to shore around the earth.
The Occident and the Orient , now
exist M two hands interlocked , the
lingers thus Intertwined to bo neigh
bors in the ages to como. The earth
lie said was a unit. But ho said it
would bo hard to understand the con
trarieties that are seen in this union.
Ho said that there should begin an in
ternational system of commerce. He
regarded San Francisco aa the moat
important pnlnt west of Now York.
The two cities faced the rest ct the
world. Now York looked toward Eu
rope , but San Francisco faced more
people than all the Atlantic seaboard ,
ind would become the golden gate to
the land.
Mr. Cook then gave a brief but in
teresting description of bin journey tc
the principal pointa in Europe and
Asia , giving his opinions and incident !
of his experiences with the Aaiatica
Following nib theory of international
unity , ho said the worst classes to be
found in Asia are the miserable whitei
that take their drunkenness and
licentiousness from London , Paris
and Dow York to theao , pagan people
to degrade them. Ho spoke of hit
personal observation of the counter
acting influence of the mlssionarioE
who , ho said , were teaching the love
of God and the love man. He charac
tcrlzed them aa the aristocracy of all
reformers , and said that the ono thin ; :
moat commendable was the lack ol
sectarian divisions and the perfect
unity of all Christian demonstration.
in their work.
Ho gave a , map exhibition of the
sea routes of the globes , showing how
jpecdily communication can bo had
between the nations of the earth , and
said that ho could have completed the
largest circle within ninety days. He
felt while in Australia that England
w&a only the next county. With , these
facts in view ho argued that the people
plo of the world must glvo up old
notbns about our distinotivoness and
become neighbors. Ho wanted tc
3stablish an intercouao of an intel <
leotn > ] , moral and religious character
oil around the globe. Ono of the main
questions , he said , which was now
agitating the hermit nations was
whether they ahonld imitate England ,
America or others of the civ
ilized world. Japan had adopt
ed American customs in
oorno respects , and in India the ques
tion was whether they should imitate
America or adopt the ways of En
gland. The speaker said that in all
.ho lands of the earth ho could find
; ho same elements and the same ) in
strumentalities at work for the educa-
Jon of man. Everywhere ) the name
; ext books were in uae. Truth is
uverywheru the aamo. Provo a thing
inder the fidow of Piko's peak , and
t ia proved to the banks of the
Ganges. The great essential thine
was the unity of the people In ro-
igion. There is coming , ho said , a
certain recognition of moral princi
ples in our international relations.
Wo should rofuBo to obey thn men
vlio do not obey God. While ho ro-
olced in his return to his own land ,
ia felt that his fellow citizens were
fvll over the world.
Made frotr the wild flowora of the
I IsUlio most fragrant ot pcrfum t
Manufactured by H. B. Slaven , Snn
Francisco. For sale m Omaha by W.
J. Whltohouse and Kennata Bros , ,
3ESEMAN , HELEN Daughter of G ,
anil M , Seseinnii , died at 11:30 p. in. ,
Nov. 15 , 1832 , njed1 years and t
Funeral Friday , Nov. 17 , nt 2 p. m. ,
rom residence 181C Plerco street. 1'riends
it the family are invited to attend.
The "Hawthorn Centennial Ex-
Delator Roof Paint , " was patented May
24th , 1881 , and ettors patent num
ber 241 , 803. Any person found oj
{ iiown to tamper with the raanu ,
: aolnro of uald puint will bopunlah.
ed to the full extent of law , No per
son has any authority whatever to aoll
receipts. HAWTHORN & lino. ,
Lancaster Pa
Army Orders.
Private Thomas Troxell , Companj
E , Fourth infantry , is relieved fron
extra duty at Oheycnno Ordnanot
Depot , Wyoming , end will report te
iiis company commander without do
lay.Tho quartermaster's department wil
furniah the necessary transportation ,
aud subsistence department cotntuu
tatlon of rations , it being Impractica
bio to carry cooked rations.
Acting As istant Surgeon Newton
M. Wade , U. S , Army , having ro
pi-tod at those headquarters , In com
plUnco with paragraph G , spocia
orders No. 202 , current soriM , odjn
taut general's oflioe , is assigned t <
duty t Fort D , A. Russell , Wyo , , ti
which pott ho will proceed nnd roper
to its commanding o fiber ,
The journey is necessary for thi
puUio eurvico.
Recruit Fiunk Fiahor , enlisted n
Fort , Utah , is assigned ti
company K Gth infantry.
There ia hardly nn adult pcrcoi
living but in sometimes troubled will
kidney difllcully , which is iho mos
prolific and dnnj/eroun CJUPO of all dia
oaao. There is no sort of nerd t <
have any form of kidm-y or urinatj
trouble if Hop Bitters is taken OOCA
Do Nit Move Blindly.
Go carefully In purchasing mcJicIno
Many advertised remedies can work greft' '
Injury v > - were tlnu uone. flurried
Stood /ilter are purely n vegetal le prep
aratlon ; th ir.aU ° Ht ctiid can tnkt ) tbem
They kill diffuse ncd cute the patient in i
safe and kindly wny.
1 .TONKY TO LOAI.-On chnttol uoruaBn HO
1VJL curlty. A. D. Tiitlon , No. 1610 lioii l p
-treot , Iront room , up-i > Ult- . 43&-tl
At b per trnils
V/iOU UU tc/cut iu unjuof SJ.D03 rc
upward ] , for 8 to B yc4in , en arst-clM * city and
t.\rm property. Usiua Iij/,1 , UIIITI auJ tOA (
T , 12th nail IXiUf b ( ! t *
MONBV llojmg Ctolehton li'.noi
| \,1 ONKYTOLOAN On personal property o
ill anj ditcriptlon A. C. Troup , Attorney,21J
south 14th Street. 128-lmo
nfcLP- WAN I tU
WANT1ID A meat nnil psstry cook , ono'wK
ran do both. Wnjfcs 85o ( > r Hrst inontl
ind SCO tlieruuftcr , 11 satl'tact ry. Apply U
New paier | Union , corner lith and Hovanl.
lU7-'Jt tii-a
A /ANTED Ultflit inathlno oncratora or
V ? Whcolcr niul Wilson nmclilncs , tno on
nlilto workniul four on knitting machines , nont
but experienced Immls ncctl niiplv. 210 10th t
1UH-17 . . . . ' , . -
- ' ? room Blrl at 11T lltli ft. ,
WAMFTJ-nin'ni u anil Dodge. 187-K !
/ 1001) SHOP nOVWANXED-Apply nt OIIK
IJT at H'Uonaljoo anil lo nc } ' , ir.tli st. lOI-l !
WANTnU ApooJ servant girl , for ( fcncro
henson otk. Apply at thu store of O'pon
nine an I lo nc.15tli . strctt , nuxt iloor Routl
Of imstolllco. . 202-1
Ten plasterers-nnd 25 . .borers ,
Apply to A. JOHNSON ,
It mile Crtighton House.
ANTED Two barbers , at Cosslej's , 2I (
14th St None but first class need iiply
; 18Mf _
WANTED Girl for general housework ; musl
bo good cook. Good wares will be paid
at bouthcast corner 2M and Chicng' . ITJ-lfJl
- Rood girl about 14 jcars o'd , tc
WANTkD-A family of t\\o ; permanent place ,
Apply at once at A. 1'olack's Clothing Store , Far
nain street , between 13th and llth s.rcetO.
185 1C.
WANTED Woman cook , California House ,
llth and Doug as. 159-lOt
\\7 ANTED Two men of peed address to can
.vasa and sell goods. Steady implojrnent
Call at121 South Tenth street. 158-lGt
A good R rl at the Alba-y hoiu <
WANTED lUth Btrco' .
WANTED A few day boarders by the da >
midweek , ? 3.W ) aud SI.CO , 1011 Datcnp rl
scrcct. 155-17J
WANTED A peed dining room girl at th
Emmet House. lM-l"t
ANTED TA > ocxixrlcnced serial book tollc
itors for Colorado. Rooms G and 7 Ioro I I
Blocl ; , Council Blulla. 141-23
"ANTffD A nrst-class'prcbs-lceacr at 11
Omaha Ecoolllce. tf
TTTANTED Help at the employment olHco ,
V V217 N. 16th Hrect. np- lrn _ S5'.tf
A girl to no icneral housework ,
tend retorcnciB. Good nagca ruld Ad-
iln < F. O. GraMa. Kramer Ne i. B59-tt
'ANTED To buy from t o to four doz pairs
W rink Holler skates , must bo cheap , address
P. , box53 , Uunlavt , Iowa. Ifll-10 *
A lady rrom mate , with refer
WANTED Call or address 31. E. B. , 614 North
ISth st. IGl-lOt
KENT Good rooirs furnished or unfitr
FOll , or sultMilo for hoi sckccpinfr. 220
13th betw ecu Capitol acnuo and lacnport. .
IBS 22 *
V. Oil KENT Office rooms. Unqulro at New
C York Dry Goods store. :05-dec-l5
Oil HEN r Furnished front room , with 01
without board ( family prltato. ) G03 North
ITUi. 10018
I.TOK KENT Tvvolarfjo JOOHIS , ono unfurnished
Jj one sonth room furnished , with stoto. AI > >
[ ) ly 1311 Cass street. 1U9-18
IOU KEPT Furnished r. om , J8 per month.
F 1010 California street. Htt-lSt
IP OH KENT Furnished r ems , at 1U12 Farnam
Jj street. 199-18
KENT A dcsirab'u loom ( "ith use ol
parlor ) in prhato famll } . 411 N. 17th nt.
OH KF.NT Chcip brick btore , with icllar 22x
F 60. Apply at U. I' . UaUry , ll ! H. IGth st.
II NT A new house , furnlbbed , eight
FOll ' , bath room , > table , etc. Ono of the
Incut locations In the city : gno 00 per month.
Inquire for thrru da } ( , Ilemls' real estate a > cncy ,
ISth oii.l . Douglra streets. no > in tt
Oil bF.NT THO furnished rooms , 1814 w bitter -
itter titrect. lbli-30
KENT A good room , to.thwcht corner
FOU tnd Fninamttncts. 178-17
KENT A larxe , Hcll-fiimUhcd front
room , with aleove , with or without board ;
references required , ut northwest corner 18th and
Davenport ttreeU lBO-lfiij |
IIENT Houna of six rooms , bay wlimow ,
cellar , cisUrn , well. All In good repair , $10
> er month. IL'Jl north l > Hh btrect. 176-tf
Tiim IIENT-Unfur Mmrdoms \ in brick
F house , Ulrl Chicago street. iSotf
IIENT A neatly furnished front parlor
FOH I bedroom , suitable for one , two or four
; entlemen , 279 Homey street , between ICth and
ICth streets. 176-17) )
OB IlKNT Furnished room with libard 1SOS
F California street , 171-tf
HE-iT FuanUhcd room , 611 ICtlutrcct ,
17CU 11BNT Fumlshed room with board , gas
U aid bath room , 1718 Dod0-c. HI lu *
Tj\OH IIENT- o o room houwtsj btoun in
1 } kitchen , bolh ; laundry , dumb \\al en hot
ind eolJ water , cellar , uoodnorl , handnoimi
lUhtlako flnUh , ] > alnted and glided , ICO bairtl Us-
tern , I aril , 1'ark a > cnue ; per monin , 935
Four iirlck houses U rooms betides complete
closet and store rooms , furdacc , hot and cold
water , marble mantels , commodious an J tltgant
residences. Tw cut-fourth near Dodge ; per
month , $55.
KUoroom hou'e Justrejulrcd ; conier 18th and
U'cbstcrwt ; \ month , fciS.
Eight room house , barn. Just repaired. Sher
man u > enue ; per month , $ . ' 7.
Se\ui room house , corner leth and Nicholas ;
IH.T iiwnth , W > .
KL'ht room house , new. barn , vast frcnt ; iwr
month , 825.
Khe stores , Capitol a\cnuc ; fixCO ; r r month ,
bolo JlKint ,
" 1500 Farnam t.
_ _
IIENT A new cottage , with thr e rooms
171011 0.00 | > cr luonth , 30th bi. , bo e n Furnim
and Douglas street. Apply on premises.
1C3 tf. _
KENT Furnished room and board IOU
Chicago direct. ICT-tf
ilENT Furnlnlicd rooms with or without
1 board , in Blatter * ' block , llilh and Call
' 1C6-18
011 IlKNT A nicely furnished front
cheap. Apply 170U Burt. 140-16
1) EJIIS'New Map of Or.naha , Just complttcJ ami
J J ready for dclh cry at * 7 roch. Is 4 feet wide
by 7 feet long. Larcc < t nrM most complete map
of Omaha c cr piiblishctl. Orfklal map of the
city. See column. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
TTl IlllG T Ups airs , 1417 Fn-firura stroit.
JL1 BMf JOHN o. JACons.
I710HnK.\r , Iloma 6 rooms and a rgeitn. .
Jj Inquire I ovglas street , betoeoa HOth and
fTlOK HLN1 llruto of 8 rooms In flrst-cUss
Jj trdor , 10 btoXs from opera home ,
cheap „ . . , . . . . . , (25
HniuiO of It rocms , all convenlctco , 8
bUikltrim opera hMne . . . . 40
Home of 5 roorai 231 and MchoUi etreatt. 19
Store on Ffirnsm , f floorj. 120
tiroon 14th,2 Hjnrs 76
Sdcll'roni ru. Me\ccs . . . . . .450 toC5
4S-U Me 'Adllli "ntxia'to ' I'nutnfflcc.
OH RBNT Furnishedfiontrrom , "Becmtr's
J Block , cor El.htlnnil M. wa d fO-tl
lilitll HUNT A\crv plin.iant furnished room
C at 721 south ISthSt bctwcrn St. Marj's Aaon-
uo aud l.pavr n w orth S t. UI3-tt
I.1OU llbNT Houssc of B rooms,3Uth and Dou-
' Bias street$18 ft month ,
o21-tf BOGOS&HILL.
KlrRMilly lurnl.l.ol rot > ra , lth
FOIUIKN1 ho' tcr. hifcrciicts required. An-
ply atnorlli wist c.rncr tf S3J and liurt Streets
_ . _ _ 933 ti
JIOR IlKNT A"furnlihcd Hous , 301
. . . _ . _ _ _ _
| 7OU KENl 2hjUi n Ciand one 8 roome.
JJ Ibqulro corner Chlcagoand 15th et i Hwlli ,
iriOU HbM' Muuso , MX rounn. lurnished , In-
J ; quit * ntD. Hjdos oOico , Mlllard hotel.
_ , _ 7fitf
17011 UI l A pleasant furnished room. Call
I1 nl R .7 } N. 17 SI. with ref ercnco 87Hf :
i.'OU MEiXT A boarding hounc , at 1081 < in
i1 street , betwren Djuglas and Uodgo. Inqulra
at cor. 1 1 iZihaml Uouulag. _ 811-tt
tUNT ITO new dwolllnes ana two other
dwellings In desirable locJIty , by HcKoon
No. 1B14 Dnuglag utroet _ R17-tt
FOU RENT A mttatta of flio room- . Inquire
at Northwcit corner 16ih and hlcaco street.
FOR RENT Largo oinco room or half store ,
1&20 f arnham .
ct.ccl. _ 7 7-tf
(70K RENT A store in Balcornbo block , nn
I ? 10th street , near Davenport St A. D.
Balcombo. 600-28tf
UKNT Furnished rooms at 1717 CRSS
FOR , bet. 17th aud ISth. 156-tf
TflOR RENT The bulldlrg at proEcnt occupied
I ; bythaWistern Union iclegrf.oh Company ,
oor-cr ot Farnam and 16th it reels : Apply to
Darker lira" . , OM office. b77 > tf
i OTCtj roil SALE First class hotel for nalc
XI In a Iho western town. Has a < l the Qrst
da' strode. Reason for selling other business.
1'or particulars , address , Hotel , OMAHA BEK.
> 83lmfno15t
17011 SALECIIEAP-Bakcry , well located ; good
1 } business In < naof the Ih client touns in Ne-
bra'ka. Hcason for scl Ing , poor health nnd
must get out of business. Inquire nt RPK office.
, . XCELLENT BKICK for sale , $9.00 per thotl-
1 sand. Yard , Utft "street , two blocks soutli
of Bcllex uo road , > DoRKszoDinnu ! .
lt * 177-lmnpvinl
SALE Barrels and Kcg9. Also hoop poles
bought at cooper shop , cor. 18th nnd rfcrcc.
SALE 20 heating stoves from S3 00 to
S1000 each. Great bargain. E Kcudta ,
,12 13th bt. , between Jones and Leacmvorth. .
x 1 G-18t
I7IOU SALE Handsome bet of parlor furniture ,
r fct of bedroom furnl urc and t > ome fine en
gratings , cast Bldoof 18th street , first door north
of 1 odgc. _ ! G5-18t
"OEMIS'Ncw Map of Omaha , Just completed and
\J ready for d lixcry at $7 each. Is 4 feet wide
by 7 feet long. Largest and most complete map
of Omaha over published. Olficlil map of the
city. Sea column.
I70BSALE A first class span of mules , harness ,
Sj and wagon. Inquire Faulconer Opera House.
MOU SAL 'An "Argann" uoube heater ,
U fnrgiO. ' ( boy cost new S6D. D. B.Di'craer ,
C'-r , Elgnthand Ho a d. 40 tf
UVNT Hrlck ( tore , inquire ntdruir store
FOR corner loth and Douglas. 935.t (
{ 70R SALE-A "Root's" bUit Mower for foun-
machine th for half cost. D. B
Ij dry or ujuviiiuu en u > ,
llecmcr. cor. Elgh'hand Howard 41-tf
l.iO BALb Thrco thousand western wctbers ,
1. Iaad2earsOld. . Wuluhiabou > no tKUnJa
F.(3.OKBLK ,
OC2 tf m and e Krorni-y , Nfb.
T710R SALE Ono organ for $30. O 'o ' orjan fir
1 } { 55. Ona Piano , 65 , Caaii or monthly pay-
mota. . i
s23-tf A nosm
FOU SALE Inquire C. M. Wood
man , Omaha. 751-tf
JTlOKSAliK House and lot.N fc. corner ISth
Jj streat and Capitol avomiB. Inquire on pro-
miser. fcol 1m
IOIl SALE Good bulldliig , brick. Call at
F Uator Wrrks olflcn. 448-tf
riTUAYED. Near the county I > oor Iwuso , one
O light bay mare , 10 hands high ; weight about
1,250. Am information of the whcreal'OUtc or
return nf said inaro will bo liberally rewarded br
: he umlcruigncd. P. K UO ,
nov7-3t Omalia Brow cry.
I710UND A gum of money Owner can hat o I he
Jj xamo by describing it , and pajing for IhU
idtcrtiicment , New York Dr } Goods Store , 1310
md 1312 rarnain strcc' . 191-17
OST A pair of eir ring pendents , twocrjs-
{ J tals In each , ucro in a small box. Lost be-
: nccn John f'aiuner's s'oro and M cbster and ICth
: : reward by lca > lng at Bee otllc ? . 193-18
'pAKEN UP Ono small roan cow , about flto
JL J cars old ; has on two bells one , small and
mo largo. Owner can ! me same by pro * Ing pro-
xtrty and pa } Ing charges.
93-cm5tt Block 2 West Umaha.
S C. HIIAINAKD , Taxidermist , 13th and How-
ord. C5-n3-2m
. JhTT Houseand Carpet do worStova
1'ollshtr. LSJVO orders at llepnbllcan olflec ,
I3ih ami DougU < . _ ( -21-H
rpO FAll81F.IS-The ! bighcst cmh prim paid
L ror llyc , Bar ev and Corn Kreb'u Vlni-xar
, Jonca street , bctweunolh a d 10th , Oma-
SW-dnwr U
TI NALIST , 408 Tenth street , betw cen I"inuiii !
UK ! Ha ncy. Will , with bo aid of .uardlaa
j.lrlU , obtain for anyone a glinui a' iho past.
ind ] > rcBeiit , and on certain cvuditlonK In thu fu
ture. Boots and Shoes modulo order.
fcatl faction giurantiuj.
Absolutely Pure.
Thli powder never varies. A raarvo ef
purity , strength and wholeuomeness
More economical than t'ne ordinary klnd ,
and cannot be sold Inwmpetition with the
multitude of low test , Bhort weight , alum
or pnojiphMepowdera , Bold only in cans
Will St. , New Yorker