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The Daily Bee ,
Ttmrsday Morning Nov. 10.
OQco : No. 7 Pearl Street , Koar
U.G. OniFFIN , Manner.
H. W. Tlt/TON , City Editor. _
J .Mueller's Palace Mnnto Hall.
The Catholio fair at the opera home
should be remembered.
Subscribe for new papers and periodi
cal * ot H. K. Seaman's book store.
' Permit to wed was yesterday given to
George Thayer , \Vaihlngton town hlpt
and Mary Kearney , of llardln town hlp.
Birthday , Holiday and Wedding Gifts
nt II , i : . Seaman's. nov'J-tf
New lot nicely decorated , 50 ploccn.fof
tea itts , only $ o at Maurer & Craig.
Attention Rescue No. 3. A npcclal
meeting will bo htld thlseunlng. llanlnefs
of Importance. Kftch and every member
requested to bo present.
Handfpalntod china , art uottery , solid
llvcrware , bronzes , Ac. , at Maurer &
The newjmoat market of Shull It Mullen -
len , 709 South Main street , guerantce best
of mcata and prompt attention ,
The Catholio fair la Btlll in progrotB.
"The Kcacud of Little lied Rldlnt ; Hood"
Is to bos repeated la connection therewith
1'rlday afternoon at DohanyV. It should
draw a crowd.
A fine asiortmont of Boots and Bhoos ,
eufflclcnt to supply the demands of all , ot
George Blaxitn's south Main ttroct.
Cheap Railroad tickets to all points ,
Buabnell , fivedoors north of pootoOlco , tells
them. Entrance , Mala or Pearl streets.
A number of the young and old bache
lors of the Congregational 'church ore
arranging for a "bachelor" aoclal ot the
residence of A. B. Walker on the 23d
In'at. "Jym Natua" promises to bo prea-
cnt on the occasion , and a gocil time la
being prepared for all.
Six room house , a store room well lo
cated end a forty acre Improved , two
miles from thia city , for rent liy W , It.
Joseph Belter makes tbo l < 1neat Suits
in the latest styles , at the lowest possible
prices. His merchant tailoring establishment -
ment U at 310 Upper Broadway , Council
A skillful operation , an ovarian
tumor weighing twenty-Qvo pounds wan
removed from Mm. J. Schnltz. The
operation waa performed by Dr. Hart
Astisted by Dra. Green , McCrea , Licoy
and Beiftrt , there were also present Lr. )
Cook , of tbia city , and Dr. Smith , of Now
York. The patient la doing well. '
Fred Brack , a rag picker , was arrested
on the charge of larceny. It appears that
while going the rounds lie came across some
\t \ ' old coata and veatr , which men at work
k \ on the streets had laid aalde while engaged
in active duty. He Bold'tho ' old clothes for
rags and discovered hla mtttako.
Joseph Mima ia the name of a colored
man who w'ns occupylug * 'the dwelling
houio owned by J , M. Palmer , and burned
Monday , Ho ia a worthy colored man ,
without a family , nnd has been keeping
about thirty boarder * . Ho came from
Cedar Rapldg about eight weeks ago , uni
his losa n furniture Ia about 8109 , whllo
he loat hlao $20 in cash ,
The Iowa Stock Insurance company ,
which has it headquarters at 103 Pear
street , Ia now fully organized under the
atate laws , and the following bayo been
elected Officers : S. M Croolia , president
J. 0. Hoffman , vice president ; N. B. Hasten
ton , secretary , and N. B , Moore , attorney
The Citizens' bank has been selected as a
depository. The company has already
gained considerable business , and la in
creasing rapidly ,
Last evening there was a largo com
pany of friends gathered at the roildonce
of Mri. R , M , Osborno , on Third avenue ,
to wltneia the marriaico of her daughter ,
MUs Louie 31. Osborue , to Charles H.
Person , the cashier of the Council BlufFi
Caallght company. Rev. J. / , Arm-
otrong , of tbo Pirat Methodist church , ofli-
elated. The contracting parties are both
widely known in this city , and have a largo
circle of admiring friends , whoso lot
wishes and heartleit congratulations are
called forth by the event of their union.
The occasion waa an enjoyable ono In oil
its details and many beautiful and valuable-
gifts were presented , while the hoapltallty
shown the guoita was complete in every
The Crawford County Hu'letln , demo-
cratlc , and recHiotlh BO , nays of the result ;
'Although Mr. tfuroy in elected by an
overwhelming majority , we do not claim
It as a democratlo victory. While Mr.
Pusey la a democrat ho In not a bitter par
tisan who will sacrilice the people's Inter
est for party , eait , He could not have
been elected but for republican votes , and
lila triumph represents the united intereata
of the but element * of both parties ,
There was a upontaneoua uprising In he-
Lalfofgood government , personal Integ
rity , pure morala and executive ability.
The seal of pnbllo disapproval baa con-
xigned the hero of the bond and shears to
the shades of private life. Hone t rcpub-
Hcana hive joined baudsvlth democratB
nnd declared that honest men are more
aacredthan party ties. Machine polltl.
clans ore remanded to the rear until the
interests of the ircoplo are respected iu
their conclaves. The time hai come when
a nomination ! * not equivalent to an elec
tion , and only intn of goo 1 judgment and
respectability can hope to attain the bait
Offices In the gift of the | > eople. "
Hovr Much WilirDo It ?
How much of Tkoawt' Ecltctric Oil li
required to cure ? Only a very little A
few drop * will cure any kind ofan ache-
and but a trllU wore l/necded for Bpralni
* nd lainwBti. lUieumatUm ia not w
jeadilyaffectedj MI ounto and owetmm
two ouncei are r.qulred. No
bowever. la in turn t. . - . , , > , , .t.i. mcd .t _ cme ,
_ _ _
The only itou preparation thut doct
not color the teetli , and will not cause
headachu or constipation , M other
pieparationa v ilJ ,
, ll
Some qf the Police Offlcors Said
to Have Been Bribed
Five Crooka Arrested and Taen
Turned Looao.
Tlio AUldnvlt of nn Ejro Witncas.
Yesterday there was a gonisaUonal
outbrttxcln police circles , the details
of which nro of startling intoroit , as
they cluster about an open charge
that Ollicors Cusick and Sterling had
been bribed , it being claimed that
after nrnistinj ? five supposed crooke ,
thof allowed thom to go again , the
/ cause being as stated by the accuser ,
slipped into the hands of the
The chief accuser is Thomas J.
GIllls , a cripple , who haa lived hero
some time , and who gains a livelihood
by nelllng nongs on the various trains
running out of Council Bluffs. 11 o is
a married man , and lives in a com-
fortnblu manner hero , dresses well ,
and manages to nil appearance to got'
a pretty good living out of what seems
to bo a not ovor-profltabio means ,
oolling songs for whatever the buyer
may chooao to givo. Ho is known to
all thu railway men , and ho claims
that ho has boon instructed by nome
of the oflicera of the 0. B. & Q rail
way company to notify conductors nnd
others if any sharpers who may try
to work thu trains , as ho knows many
of thom. Ho claims that by doing
BO ho has got several of thu crooks
down upon him , and some of thom have
mode throats against him.
Yesterday morning it appears they
arranged to carry this throat into
execution. Whilu bo was in n car of
the 0. , B. & Q train , which was
ntanding at the transfer , ready to start
out , flvo of thom pitched onto him ,
ono drawing a dirk , but the others
preventing ito use , after ono pass had
been made which out Gillis' coat. They
then thumped him several tlmoa , and
the passengers Booking to interfere
they drew revolvers and presented
thom. They than left the car , and
Oflioor Cusiok being told that there
was a row started after thom , together
with Oflicor Sterling , who chanced to
bo at the depot to meat his fliator-in-
law. Officer McMillon , of the U. P.
force , wont also. The five men wore
arrested , and Officer McMillan , turn
ing back to the depot , loft the city's
officers to go on with the prisoners.
A little distance further the men were
lot go.
The crippled man , Glllia , says that
ho saw money pasaod to the officers
"to fix thom , " nnd that was the rea
son the men wore let go , and that ho
was himself given a $5 gold pieca and
told that would pay him for the
thumping ho had received , and told to
go onabout his business. Officers
Cusick and Starling deny that they
over received a cent , and claim that
Gillis , after receiving the § 5 , refused
to appear to prosecutennd no the men
were lot go.
The oharqo is a norious ono against
these officers , and they should not bo
adjudged hastily. The public is natur
ally suspicious , because of ho fact
that contidonco men have boon doing
inoro or IOBB work hero all
Bummer , and jono have baon
brought to justice. Tin : BEE
has time and again urged that
they bo arrested under the vagrancy
law , which is broad enough for that
, it providing that mon hav-
ig the reputation of crooks may bo
Eunlshed , whether they have money
i their pockets and good clothes ou
their backs or not. If arrested under
this law the city could bo made an nu-
corafortablo place for them to stay ,
but not oven this much has boon
done Two at least of the live men
charged with this assault have boon
hanging about hero for months , and
have tno reputation of crooks.
It was a bid break for the officers
when they lot those live go , instead O
taking them to the polioo station and
making'.ailiis go there aa u wltnoss.if ho
did not wont to go voluntarily. While
it is claimed that Gillis , In making
the charge of bribery , is actuated by
cither malice or a dcHirotognin public
sympathy , yet it is a sufficiently eori
ous matter and the surrounding cir
cumstanccs uro so suspicions that
full investigation should bn had , both
In justice to the public and in justice
to the ollicorr , ho have llvoU hero
long , and whoso reputations are
stake ,
The following sworn statement o ;
Thomas J. Gillis is givou , that the
public may bo in possession of all th
facts ;
Thomas J. Gillis , heing duly sworn
( loj.o eth and * alth : On the IBth day o
November , 1882 , while on a train of the
UilMgo , Uurllngtou & Qulncy at the
trawler , in this city , I was assaulted by
live men , ubom I have known aa con
( idenca men and crook , and who have ha
a gruriga vgalDut mo bsjaune at sundry
times I have warned tmtsengeni to look
out for them. ( ) ne of them struck mo and
then nulled n dirk , when 0110 of the others
B id , "Ubee o it ; dou't ute the iihivel on
him ; gluir him. " The other three had re
volvew , and pointing them at imssensen
prevented their Interfering. One of them
then hit me a aln. I got uway and rushed
out of the car. They tried to get out the
other end , and th re being too bin a
crowd , they came back , got elf the
car and put for the Drovers' hotel. Officer
OtulcU ome running up the sidewalk and
I told him what the trouhle wan , and 01H
rent Sterling and McMillan , the olHocni u
the depot , came up also , acd allot ua
tarted after limn , On catching up with
he men. McMillan tried to artent them.
aud on being threatontd told them "to
make no break , n It would be no so"
When rjuletei down MoM'llan left them
for Officera Cusick and Sterling to take to
the. tatiou. They Btarted M , aud when
w.v ? f y\a \ 1)iwers hotolthcn Cu.itk toll
ins I hud better lot It drop , aa they hai
witnesuy against me , that I tried to ( ire a
cut ) on them. About a hundred arda fron
the hotel oue of t in sang pullet ! out n ru ]
of bil a ami passed Officer Sterling a , com , !
of bilU or BO , and called to ono of th
other * , who wan walking- with Ciuick
and me , and g vu him BOIUB of the ruouey
whicli thia man aftervvardd slipped lute
Cuilck'n haudg The "con. " wan the
told me thu If I would keep uly mout
abut down there I could wake 8100
month. He then slipped a 85 gold pleo *
Intiniy hand Aft r going a little wa
further CusJck toli me llad better BO
back to the depot and drop thli , or he
would take me up with thim and put me
n the hole. I started back , and alter ire--
i'B boul twenty .
rpda , Uu.lck caught up
thme and xvalked back
to the di'"t
with uie. 1 waa told afterward ! that Offi.
cor Sterling walked with tbo men an far M
the packing house and then left them.
Subscribed and sworn to htforo tno this
15th day ol November , 1682.
ISKAI , ] KDVM.V J. Aunorr ,
Notary Public.
Officer Sterling tnyi : "I was at the
tratidtor to moot ono of my relatives ,
and noticed five tnon whom I thought
were sharper * . They got off the struct
car. I had to look after my rotative ,
and after goting ) the lady seated in
the street car , I was told by the driver
that there W H a fuss. I started , and
mot Officers Outick and McMillon ,
and after tolling my relative that she
aho would have to go up town alone
as I had business , started af tor Ouslck
and MoMillon , and caught up with
the mon at the same time they did ,
The cripple was there to and ho point
ed out a man as the ono that hit him ,
This man denied it , and said the crip *
po ! pulled n gun on him , and hit him ,
and showed his hand where
hd had hit him over the
knuckles. There was some hot
talk between the cripple and thia
man , but this was quieted , and wo
officers started with ilio mon , MoMil
lon going only ns far as the Drovers'
hatol , On the way from the Drovers'
hotel to the school hoaeo the cripple
foil behind with ono of these mon , I
heard him call out 'I am not going to
do anything moro about these mon.
I am going , and won't appear
ugttiust them. I'm just , aa much tc
blame as they arc. ' Onalck called mo
back , and than the cripple said 'You
follows have boon fixed. ' I then said ,
'Now , you'll all go up. ' The cripple
was fetched up to the crowd then , and
onn of the party taid to the oripplo ,
'Now give mo back that § 5. ' The
then said 'I ain't
cripple , go
ing to do anything with them.
I won't appear against thom , '
and started back toward the depot ,
Officer Ousick going with him. The
man then walked along with mo tbroo
or four blocks and thdn they turned
ofTj and I came up town. The reason
why I did not bting the tnon up to
the station was that I saw nothing of
the row myself , and aa long aa the
cripple rofusid to appear , I thought it
was no UBO. Ho seemed not to bo
hurt badly , and I thought if anyone
ought to bo arrested it was him , by
the way ho talked. The cripple
claimed that the man had a knlfo and
that his coat was cut , but could see no
cut on his coat , and could find no knife
on the man. "
Officer Gunick corroboratea the
statement of Officer Starling , arid Bays
that "on the way back to the depot
with Gillis ho charged mo with being
fixed. I pulled everything out of my
pockets , keya , whistle , etc. , and I
showed him thom and offered to lot
him ucarch mo , and that ho could
have all the money ho could find on
me. Ho would not do this. That
conversation waa in the presence of
Jamea MoMahon , who chanced to be
near. Of the five mon I knew only
two of thom aa crooks , and notified
Ohancey Oook , the Northwestern con
ductor , to look out for thom , and had
started back to another train when the
row started on the Chicago , Burling
ton & Quinoy. "
Both officers insist that the charge
is falao , and propose to make it warm
"or Glllls , whoso reputation they claim
a not of the boat.
About 5 o'clock last evening Offi-
or Sterling found the five men who
were let go in the' morning , and they
wont with him to the police station ,
whore a complaint had boon lodged
against them , charging them with ua-
null with intent to do great bodily
harm. The gave bonds of $300 to
ppoar in court to-day , and the offi-
cora say they propose to go to the
bottom of the matter and establish
their innocence , and it ia expected
that the five men will testify that
Qillia' statement Ms false. There
promises to bo moro music before
here la leoa.
Deals In Dirt.
The following transfer. } of titles are
reported for THE BEE na taken
from the county records by J. W.
Squire & Co. , abstractors of titles ,
real estate and loan amenta , Council
Bluds , Iowa :
N. E. Acker to A. Hoogonwoninp ,
o \ ot lotn 0 and 10 in block 18 ,
Avoca , $125.
W. H , Painter to E. M. Loudon-
book , w A s o J 2G , 70 , 38 , 81,000.
A. J. Crittundon to Josiah Dan-
forth , part of lot 0 in block 4 , Bayliss'
iBtaad. to city , $2,100.
E. W. Davis to E. Eruln , lot 5 in
Avocn , L. & L. Co.'a zubd. of part of
f > , 77 , 30 , $1.025.
J. A. Loudenbeck to W II. Painter -
tor , o i of n w | of n w 1 of 35 , 70.
J8 , $1,200.
0. E Barnard to S. MoMullen , n w
o o 30 , 70 , 43 , $000.
J. N. Monefoo to G. A. Wolf , aw
35 , 77 , 38 ; $3,520.
S. W. Wheoloclc to Peter OlBon , BW
of HW 30 , 77 , 42j $510.
0. U. I. it P. R. R. to Panl Aclsols ,
se of nwand no of sw 19,77 , 39 ; $720.
Annie O'Oonor to II. L. McU'il-
Hams , part lot 1 , in block 23 , Neola ;
H. M. Wallace to S. A. Winchester -
tor , lota 1 and 2 , in block 23 , Galesburg -
burg add city ; 103
0. Baughn to J. llailo , jr. , lot 0 in
Bnuqhn'a tub ; $250.
Win. Midce to 0. S. & 0. S. Ful
ton , BO 29 , 70 , 38 ; $2,400.
F. H , Whitney to Goo , A. Koelino ,
ot 152 , 0 , P. city ; $025.
F. B , 1'utey and wife have returned from
George liabblngton nan gone cut after
Miaa Kubu , of Couucil IMuib , la the
lust new ktudent ut Tabor college. Union
Arrow ,
John Chapman and family bavercturiie :
from 1'oud du Lie , whither they took th >
remains of Mrs. Chapman's father for iu
The venerable lather ol Jerry Meyer *
who has been > lilting in thia city for
.hurt time , baa returned to hla home In
FeuuBjlvaiita ,
J.'A. liode , pf the Union Arrow , waa in
the city yesterday and fuvorej THE 1)E )
with a congratulatory oil , He has had
btttsr tight uuaicit Audcnon , and rejoice *
accordingly In the result of the election
He don't have to guard bit of line now t
keep it from being tacked by Anderao
men ,
Sundry Matters Disposed of by the
Hoard of Supervisors nnd Ad
journment Taken.
The county board of aupcrvieore
completed their businesa yesterday
afternoon and adjourned until the
next regular nooting , in January.
The bridge petitioned for by G. W
Graybill and others , wag referred to
S. G. Under wood , to report at the
January term.
On the petition cf E. Bnrliridgo
aud others for a bridge in Bonnor
township , Mr. Phillips reported , rec
ommending the building of the flame
an noon aa the funds permitted.
Mr. Phillips waa instructed to have
hreo seta of piles drove for a bridge
tear Barton's , in ELazal Doll tonn-
hip.A .
A number of tax matters were dia-
> oacd of , consuming the roat of the
line until adjournment.
The board put off the allowing of
nany bills of constables , election
wards , etc , until the next mooting.
" Dnn't Harry * Qentlomon. "
'aid ' a man on his way to be hanged ,
'there'll be no fun till ! get there. " We
ay to the dysneptlc. nervous , and dobill.
ated. don't hurry thoughtlessly for some
irnedy of doubtful merit , uncertain of re
ef , when you can ijet at the druggists for
no dollar Burdock Jlloml Hitters almost
ure to euro and certain to bouefit.
Tlio Harvest of Hair.
air Drtiair.
About the month of May the gath-
rora of the lower order of trade , pod-
lora , etc. , commence harvesting ; they
omo to the villages at regular inter-
als. The largest cut ia made in
.uvornia department ( Western France )
uriug the annual fair , about St.
ohn's day , when the gatherer , with
ila wares and shining coin , most suo-
essfully tempts the unsophisticated
3nntry girla and becomes ownerof the
iioicoatof their hair at the loweatpos-
iblo prico. The provincial girl , aa
iio ii called , will make her choice of
lorchandiso or give orders for some-
[ > ing else. The scissors may at once
omo into use , and accounts aettlod ,
> r ahp may take advance payments for
tor Bilkon colla , to bo cut at aorno
iitnro time , the hair to grow until a
itno stipulated. Advances may be
made on the next tour or five years'
rep ; the executioner with hla sciaaora
will rather be later than too soon to
nooil his hair debtor , for ouch
obts are always honored. Those
lathorings ( ono of the curiosities of
'arieian industry ) last from spring to
all , when the gatherers make their
aat delivery of hair , balance mor-
handiao or contracts taken , equaro
heir own accounts , and return to
boir various trad OB , by which they
trivo to ocoamulato small sums of
uoney or merchandise to assist them
u their luring traffic next spring.
Largo quantitiea of beautiful hair ,
oft , clean and delightfully perfumed ,
omo into the market. Ono can al-
nest imagine that he can yet nee the
land of the lover on ita waving bril-
iancy. A considerable quantity of
wir is derived from chapola or shrines
u Brittany , where , according to an
Id custom , a great number of de
votees make offerings of their hair to
poor Mother Virgin Mary , and aa
hoao donations accumulate they are
cattored among all nations , creoda ,
virtues , or otherwise Bach ia heavenly
accommodation. In Yonotia , Lorn-
> ardy and Piedmont , two thousand
gatherers are employed , who send
heir cuttings to the French market.
* # * "Mon are but aorry witnesses in.
heir own cause. " The praise of Kid-
ioy-Wort cornea from the months of
hose who have been made strong and
loalthy by it. Listen : "It ia curing
" writes . ' 'Kid
everybody , a druggist.
ney-Wort is the moat popular modi-
ino wo eell. " It should bo by right ,
or no other medicine haa such specific
action on the liver , bowels and kid
Brotbor Gardner's Religion.
Mrolt free 1'ra.ii.
I want a religion , my friends , dat
cin atan' temptashun. I want one
dat kin moot Satan at do doah of a cir
cus an * knock him colder dan a
wedge. I want one dat will let mo
) lay euchre an' yet keep me from
ohoatiu1. I want ono dat will go nid
mo to do theater an * enjoy what am
; oed an * condemn what am bad. I
went a religion widout anv dyspepsia
or liber complaint in it. If it am desert
sort of a religion dat a dance am gwino
, o peel off I want to know it in time to
"ook fur u kind dat will stick to me
'row ' thick an' thin. A person who
am afoarcd dat do ininit ho begina to
smile his religion will begin to crack
Iko new varnieh must bo in an un
comfortable atato o' mind , Lot mo be
; emptod. It my religion am strong
nuif to resist I cball have do glory ol
victory. If it am not , lot mo ax for
'orgivonosa an' tighten up do bolts an *
try again. Bo good. Reapoct do
church. Rororenco true Christianity ,
on * try an follor do toachin * of do
, 'ood book , but bo keerful how you
clothe youraelvtn in armor dat will bo
shivered by do Bounds of a fiddlean'
'all to do ground at do sight of a cir
cus purceaaion. Let ua now assauli
do reg'lar order o' bizncaa.
o your old thingo look like
new by uaiug thu Diamond Dvea , ant
? ou will bo hcppy. Anyr.f the fash
ionable colors for 10 cents.
Sulvan & Fitzgerald
Orookery , Glassware ,
Also agonU lor tau following linen ot
Steamship Companies :
Cunird , Anchor , Oulou. American , and Hti
StoauuMp Comraoica.
Vat mlo on the Hoyal lUnk ol Ireland and Back
ot Ireland , Dublin. The * * wbo intend to Kind Io
( rUnda to any part ol Europe will find U to Uul
otoreit to call ou
Sullivan & Fitzgerald ,
8 | ? Broadway , Oonnoil Bluflfe
MBS , fl. J , HILTON , M.D. ,
war. ConBolllBluK. .
NOTICE. SpocUl kdvertUementit , uc
x > at , Found , To Lonn , For Sale , To Rent ,
Wintf , Boirdlng , etc. , will be Inserted In th !
column at the ow r te of TEN CENTS PKB
.INK ( or the 6nt Intortlon nd FIVE OENT3
'Kit LINK ( or each subsequent Insertion ,
.cave iwlv crtlecmenta at our office , No. 7
'irl Street , not Broadway.
WANTUI ) . liroom-nmlvcr ; a No. 1 lirooin tltr
anted Immrillntcly , Afiplt or call on
Jepson llroom Co. , MnUcrn , la.
"VtTANTED A position ( o do Konirril writing
V V a young man well recommendcd.iuiil ( fooil
> enman. Inquire a' the olllcc o ( John Limit , t-
rncy at law , olllce on Ilromluay.
WANTKI ) At the Western Houw , a cook ;
ono who understand * the tiualnmi none
tJicr need apply.
WANTEE 600 buildings to mo\o. Wo make
a j > cd Hyof nmg \ houses and rales !
Address W. 1' . Ajlcswortc , box 879 , Council
, la.
[ TTANTED Everybody ID Council Blufli to
VV to Uko Tnit ln , 0 cents per week , < te
rered by carrlen. Office , No 7 Pearl Street
ear Hroadway.
For Sato and Rant
T10K 11EXT Small hounc fl\o rooms , Rood
.J cellar , well , &e. Ai p } nt Merchant' ! Htctati-
ant , corner llroadua ] and Koutth street * .
nl4-3t J.A. UOSS.
10K KENT .Small resilience on Btuteman
strut , l.y M. II. lira in.
7\0ll \ SALK Tlio Western Howe , No. : IOS Upper -
; per I'roadna ) ; or will trade ( or lniirouil |
ty or ( inn propcrt.v : or v , 111 sell furniture and
cut building ; i canon , III health. AddrcM J. S.
. McCMLiHTPH , NJS Upper Hroadwiy , Council
lulls , .Iowa.
TlOH S\IV : 4 lumbar and coal yrd , doIiiR a
. goal business In a new town , oj tboChl-
igo , .Milwaukee&8r. Paul railroad.
11KNT My now tno-story brick store
building , on South Main street.
7\OH \ SAI.n My twcht-acro fruit ( arm , on
South Fir t street. 1'ETEll WE1S
71011 IlENT Furnished rooms to rent , with
< board , at 730 Jljnstcr street. Day board
ADO per week. , ocutl7-4t
, lOn BAL.K lica'itmil residence iota , Sio
; each ; nothing down , and t3 per month only ,
" OST Black setter pup. Liberal reward will
_ J be ptld tor hla return t1 the Western
louse , upper Broadway , Council Bluffs.
QTlLLAllKAD Great success. Call and BOO
3 now accessories and specimens of pictures
atcnbv the reliable gelatine bromide process ,
t the Excelsior Gallery ] 00 Main street.
DK. W. I * . PATTON Physician and Oculist.
Can cure any case of sore eye * . It Is only
i matter of time , and can euro generally In
rom three to ( Ho weeks It niakea no differ *
nee bow long diseased. Will straighten cross
iyoB , operate and remove Ptyreelnms , etc. , and
Insert artificial eyes. Special attention to re-
morelng tadcnormg ap5-tf
Council Bluffs'
Business Directory ,
Art Gallery.
Excelsior photograph gallery , South Main St.
nstantancous process.
C. GEISE , Upper Broadway.
Bottling Works. 1
. IIAGO & CO. , East Pierce St.
Bakery ,
P. AYEIIS , 517 S. Main St.
Bathing Houses.
MRS. E. J. UARDINO , M. D. , Broadway and
ilcnn nve.
DR. STUDLEY , Ecthc la Bathing House ,
Books and Stationery.
n. E. SEAMAN ] Middle Broadway.
OFFICER & PUSEY , corner Broadway and 6th
CITIZENS' BANK , Sth street.
Broom Factory ,
MATOE&CO. , tucnuo A , and Cth St.
Cigar Manufacturers
TEJIPLETON & LAMB. 2321 Broadway.
Y , R. LEVIN , 308 Broadway.
L. BOliKIIOKF , B31 Main St.
, Ocal.
A. II. MAYNE & CO. , 34 Pearl St.
J. ROSS , 015 East Broadway.
3INTON & WEST , 14 Pearl St.
Dry Goods
IIARKNESS , OUCUTT& CO. , Broadway and
ith street.
Eggs Shipper.
0. F. CUAWrOUD. 613 Main St.
Furniture Manufactory.
K. R. STKINII1LBER , cor. 7th avoandJithSt
Furniture Store.
C. A. BEF.BE & CO. , 07 and 209 Broadway.
Groceries and Provisions.
OLLIVF.R & OHAHAM , Cth street. Goods
sold at eastern prlcca and fuarantt'cil.
Harness and Saddlery.
CIIAS. WALTER & I1HO. , Middle Broadway.
CIIAS. HEKMAN,33t Middle Broadway.
Hair Goods ,
MILS. D , A. BENEDICT. 3X1 West Ilroodway ,
MUS. J , J , GOOD , W 5th street.
Livery Stables ,
A. COMPTON , 2.10 Broadway.
W. 0. HOLLAND , 700 South Main St.
II. I1EECHOFT , ojip. P. O.
OODKX HOUSi : . ITpiwr llroa.l ay ,
KIKI/S HOTEL , 501 and 507 Main etroct.
Meat Market.
K. W.TICUNOR , 63 < I llroadway.
J , J. BLISS , & 3 Broadway. Conic and exam
[ no forjounkU ,
MRS. J. E. MIT ALF , 518 Brooilwa )
Marble , ind Granite Works.
CONNOR & GUANr.LLA , 117 Broadway.
Merchant Tailors ,
JAS. KRANEY , 372 Broad -ay.
CIIAS. RIUE , Dutol's hulldlntr , 5th and Main
JOS Kr.lTKlt , 310 Broadway
Real Citate and Abstract ,
KIMUALL .V. CIIASIl' , opixwtti ] court house.
J. W. bQUlHK i , CO. , corntr Ptarl and lete. .
SMITH & McCUEN , 401 Broadway ,
Stoves and Tinware.
R. I ) . AMY & CO. , POO South Main utrect.
Shirt Factory ,
F , r , KOIID , corner lllufl and Willow St.
Undertaker * .
MORGAN , KELLER & CO. , I8 and 317 Broad
way.D. . M. CONNELL , 17 North Main St.
DKAl.Kllb IN
Fresh and Salt Meats ,
Poultry and Gaina in their season. Wiene
and other Sausages a specialty.
Broadway , and fourth Street.
Council Bluffs , Iowa
Headquarters For the Cele
IM :
.A. Weber Pianos
, TJ
Toys and. Fancy Goods TJs
Wholesale and Retail. s
Address ,
o d. MUELLER ,
Guarantees the Best $1.50 , $1.75 and $2.00
Bluff and Mow greets , Conncil Blufe.
Orders filled in any part of tbo city. Orders by telephone promptly attended to.
We inaVo tbe'following a , specialty :
orders and'corrcspondenco ' promptly attended to. Office and Manufactory
S. E. Oor. 7th Ave. nnd 12th Street , COUNCIL BLUFFS , IOWA
The finest quality and largest stock west of Chicago of wooden and metalic cases.
Dalls attended to at all hours. We defy competition in quality of goods or prices.
Our Mr. Morgan has served as undertaker for forty years and thoroughly understands
his business. WAREROOMS , 846 AND ar.7 BROADWAY. Upholsterine IB- ,
all its brunches promptly attended to ; also carpet-laying nnd lambrequins. Tele-
graphjo and mall ordere filled without delay. _
Council Bluffs , - Iowa.
Beer and rcalt In any quantlty'lo ' suit pnrchucrs. Beer 88.00 ptr barrel. Private families sup-
piled wlt * > imall keg * at 81.CO each , eel \ered free of cbarge to any part ot the city.
Wholesale Dealer iu and SOLE AGENT FOH Joseph Schlitz Brewing
Company's Celebrated
No. 711 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa. Orders from the country elicited
Citv orders to families and dealers delivered free.
' " " "
Wholesale nJ Retail Dealers In
Nos. 207 & 209 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Merchant Tailor
A j w M , htopa onband the flnott aaaortrpent ot matt rial for gentlemen's wear. 8atl ttctlon guarantor
Mininory , Dreaamatlnff , Bto. Outtmer and Fitting a Spedlulty.
N'o. 643 Broadnav , Oppotlte Remo Houec.
Laces , Kmbroidcrics , and Ladies Underwear.
, h03e ol all Kinds , thread , p'ni , needles , etc. We hope the liales wUl ull
ftud oe our itock ol good .
Merchant Tailor.
( Late Cutter for Metcalf B . , )
Devol's New Building , Main Street ,
Council Bluffs , la ,
' * SulU to order 818 and upwardi.
( Successor * to J P. & J , N. Ctuady. )
Abstract , Real Estate and Loan Brokers.
We h Mi the only complete ot abstract book * to all city loti and Undi la PotUwitUtal
county. Title * x&mlned and ab tracts fun ithtd on bhort notice. Uoney to loan on dlv and ( arm
property , fcbort M d longtime , In lumi . to milt the borrower. lUilcttt bought and told. Office
at tee old ( tan ! oppolt cout briiw.