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11 r
The blood is the foundation of
life , it circulates through every part
of the body , and unless it is pure
and rich , good health is Impossible.
If discaij has entered the system
the enly sure and quick way to drive
it out is to purify and enrich the
These simple facts are well
known , and the highcs' medical
authorities agree thu nothing but
iron will restore the blood to its
natural condition ; nnd also that
all the Iron preparations hitherto
made blacken the teeth , cause head
ache , and arc otherwise injurious.
oughly and quickly assimilate with
the blood , purifying and strengthen *
ing it , and thus drive disease from
any pnrt of the system , and it will
not blacken the teeth , cause head
ache or constipation , and is posi
tively not injunous ,
Saved his Child ,
17 K. Eutaw Su , Baltimore , Md ,
Feb. 12,1880.
Gentt ! Upon the recommenda
tion of a friend I tried UKOWN'S
IRON BITTERS at a tonic and re
storative for my daughter , whom
I wai thoroughly convinced wa
waiting away with Consumption.
Hiving lot three daughters by the
terrible disease , under the corn of
eminent phyilcuni , I was loth to
believe that anything ; could arreit
ti the progreis ol the illieate , but , to
my great surprite , before my daugh
ter had taken one hottle of | | BOW ' !
IRON HITTKM. she began to mend
and now I > quite restored to former
health. A fifth daughter began to
show signs of Consumption , and
when the physician was consulted
he quickly said "Tonics were re-
' " and when Informed that
elder sister was uVincliROWN's
IRON HITTERS , responded "that Is
a food tonic , take It. "
BROWN'S IRON BITTERS effectually -
\ . ly cures Dyspepsia , Indigestion and
- , Weakness , and renders the greatest
relief nndbcncfit to'persons suffering
I from such wasting diseases as Con
sumption , Kidney Complaints , etc.
\ '
K t
Every CR ot Is iranrantod iatlf
factory to Ita wearer in orery iray.
or the money -will bo roiandod by
the person from -whom it WM bought.
f PBIOES , by BU1I , Pasttwrs P ld I
P' , HcUh Prawrrlnc , l.BO. H If.AdJu.Un . 1.80
IT"- Afcdomln-4 ( extra Iieayy ) 1)9.00. NnrIni. * I.OO
HesJlb Pnwcrrlnst ( One canUl ) .00. 1'mritou
Bklri-MBpportlnst , SI.OO.
for * ! by iM-dlasI Uetcll Dealer * rrywlicre <
"By a thorough knowledge ol the natural Uws
vhlch eovorn the operations ol dlgettlon nd
nutrition , and liy s careful sppllotlon ol the
One nrop tlios ol cl | . | > lMi : d Cocoa , Mr.
EMM baa ptov.dod our breakfut tablet with o
delicately flavored beverage which , loay MTO H
many beaTf doctors' bllla H la by the Judicious
USD cl such articles ot diet that a o&ttltutloo
may be gradually built up until etronu enough
to rcsltt vvrry tendency tn disease. HuaJrod *
ol jubtlo maladies ore floating around us ready
to attack wherever there Is a w ak point. We
may escape many a Utnl nhalt by kceplnc our-
wires well fortlfled with pure blood and a prop
erly nourished Iramo. " Civil Service Omotto.
Made dimply with boiling water or milk. Sold
In this only ( i-lb auillb ) , labeled
Homceopatblo Otiomlsta ,
u n < ti. w < v irfinrton. Knalnn
Jp ftnn
. i. 06 UU ,
F. L. Sommers & Go's
wui . ; . kj-.J * . ' .
' '
sale Manufacturing
.MM iter
Fruits , Muls and Cigars
Hi S I4ih St
0. SPEOUT , . . Proprietor ,
1 12HarnoyHt. - Omrlia , Neb ,
Tin.T on and Slate Koofing ,
Spochf. intent Lfotalio Skylight
Patent * djuBtod Ratchet Bar
and B. . .akbt ( Shelving. I nm
the gonecal agent for the
above line of gooda ,
Orwtln-tt , Eslu tradea1Ver iidisOmcan ) t
Hank Rsillluct. Window and 0 llur
Guards ; also
Slnuc F lfi ! will noon Lave its third n
tlonal blink.
PhrecoHgkt Fowler Is feeling bumpn ol
Southern D kota.
The n w Eplfcopal church In Yanktoc ,
tnld to be the finest church CfMHco In
Dakota , WM dedicated on the 12th by
Her. Dr. Harris , rector ,
Monday morning , Nov. Otb , John T.
Leach , wi He in the waiting room uf the
depot at Alexandria , was nhot and killed
iy nbiother-ln-law nmncdLewIs , Family
troubles teem to have been the CHUNJ.
A. 0 , Thompion , treasurer 6t Valley
City , hs been arrested on a warrant serv
ed by Herbert Itoot , charging 'malicious '
iroMchllon. * Mr. Hoot was arrested some
.Itno Bgo , on complaint of Thorn pnon for
.ho embezzlement of city funds and puts
tils damages at 310,000 ,
At Mcllctto on a recent evening , while
L'Mdtldgc Jackson , aged nine , WAR
driving n team from Armdale , he mot Jet *
tie IlacketL aged fourteen ycarr , who told
ilin that if hn trotted his hoisca ho would
shoot him. Thinking ho was merely jok
Ing , he tinted his team into atrottingpncA
wueu.youniHackctt deliberately raised
Ills shot gun to his shoulder nnd fired , put
ting twenty-ono eliot Into the back ol his
victim. The wounds may terminate
Ilapld Olty clamors for a public reading
A telephone line will be operated bo
twcen Knpld City and Dead wood ,
The old National hotel building at Cns-
ter City was burned last week. Children
and matches sUrtcd the firo.
Work continues to bo vigorously puihed ,
extending the Lead City and lUpld City
railroad. The road is already half A mho
Ulforts ore being made tooctiro n par
don for Durham , who Is serylng a twenty-
one years' tcutoiice for the murder of Huff
man lnlb78atD adwood.
Two largo hunting parties of Crows and
Choyonnca are on tbo Little Powder , 120
snllea from Deidwood , and their friendly
relations make the whites suspicion * , as
boie two tribes have for generatlens been
the bitterest of enemies. The bands are
continually visiting each other and holding
pow-wowa about something.
Cheyenne , Is erecting a flnn hospital ,
Cheyenne's electric light machinery
its Arrived and will soon bo in operation.
The railroad employes ot Bob Law's d ! >
, islon have gathered a mighty big collec-
lon of silverware to give him upon his dc-
> arturo. The event will occur at Obey-
in no la a few day * .
The now railroad shop * In U vans ton be-
{ into loom up. The fromo work of the
tint building it how up. It ia 00x185 In
size , will have an Iron roof , and la to be
occupied by the bollermakcrs and black-
A bloyclo race between Meairi. Owen
md Sinclair , of Laramie , took place on
the 10th , from lied Button to Lnramie , a
llstanco of nine and three-fourths miles.
) wen made it In forty-flvo minutes and
Sinclair came in fifteen minutes later.
A smooth swindler recently victimized
a any ladles and others in Luramio by
aklng orders for sboca to bo made from
ncaeurementa. A deposit waa required ,
rat the shoes came not. The young1 man
md a number of aliases and claimed to
represent a St. Louis firm.
Wm. Thompson , * aired twenty-four , bar-
owed a revolver at Almy on tbo 3d , do *
iberately placed the plitol to his forehead
and fired , the ball passim * clear through
and out at tbo back ofhlj head. No came
i known for bin rash act except that ho
waa in rather poor health and at times die-
undent. He only lived a few momenta in
In iv saloon In Green Itlver n few days
igo , Tom Connors WAS displaying a pistol
rhlch was not supposed to be loaded. He
oklngly snapped It at several of his friends
who were standing around and then handed
bo pistol to Johnny Fitzgerald and said.
'See If you can bit my knee. " Fitzgerald
pulled the trigger uf the pistol , which ,
nuoh to the surprise of himself and every-
> ody in the room , contained a cartridge ,
vhlch exploded , the ball entering Connor's
moo , inflicting a very painful if not dan
gerous wound.
A trade union , wai formed at Denver on
the 12th.
Survivors of the First Colorado cavalry
or ; try Ing to get up a reunion. i
At Denver on the 3th , a shed under I
vhfnh-A noiipl-i of , mu won * < 1lgR'n-vIeir ;
n upon them , fatally Injuring one , A , G.
John Estcs. a brakeman on the Denver
'aclflo , was Instantly killed at Gretloy on
ho 7tb , while switching. Ho was knocked
under the wheels , which pasted over bis
"iody , completely dliembowcllnghlm.
John Fleming was run over and killed
at Denver on the 8th by a watfon load of
"rink" . Ho was driving and In going down
111 the front'of the wagon gave way , let-
Ing the bricks' slide to the ground , Flcm *
ng lo t his coat and fell , frightening the
earn , and tbo weight ol the bricks crushed
its spine.
The Salt Lake Evening Chronicle , an
mU-Morinoii and splay little journal pub *
isbed by the Chronicle Pubhrhlng Com
pany at Salt Lake City , has made its fir.t
John Taylor , bead of the Mormon
vhurcb , 1ms h a another revelation which
s to the effect that thoio of the brethern
who hold church offlcei of either high or
ow decree and have not obeyed tbo coles ,
lal order must now go into pollygamy or
[ o out of the church , They have the
choice of the penitentiary or the wrath of
lota Taylor , There la a flutter among
'ha ' Irethcru.i
An Ogden dispatch of tbo Oth sa'dt
( vine to huuvy storm * along tha Oregon
Jhcrt Line in Idaho , large gangs of thieves
and desperados have Hocked bore , and the
Ity police ore powerless , Highway Job-
leilonmo of , nightly occurrence , acd the
itortnon mitbuntlvB urn helpless to pro *
toot tbe citizens , A vigilance committee
and hanging , as the only n.eaim of lollef ,
are being agitated. Last slight a farmer
named 1'eclc was ( furroted on tbe principal
itreet and almost beaten to death. While
nieuslblo bo was robbed of $1,300
Intelligence w i received by Denver
parties on Friday that ' 'lUttlesunko
Jack , " a sport ing man well-ltnowu from
tbo MUscuii Itivcr to the Slerru Nnvada
Mouutams , bad lilt tbo duut In WoUor
City , BUUJO Id u days ago , alter n buld oud
Uetparate ronlatanc'j UKikln t a lull
opponents ,
A hanging bea tock vhca ftbouj ; 35 miles
nbovB American KnllH recently , the con-
detuned being A highway robbar named
WutBiiuvUo murderail bis vtotliu , n fill-
road ULorer. In th\i \ abteuca uf trees and
ttlvKraph pules tn bang WaUuu on , two
twthei ltd tcrapers , with lone tongues.
W6M inn up together In front of a tent of
one of the bosses , and in n few moments
UuUon ww dangling between them.
After bunging there two or throa bourn ,
nouio tf tliu boys wantid to cut him down ,
but thi lifts would not allow It ; anil bo
left tlieit , uu example for otherd who
_ it feel lucllued to commit crime , for
thrso day * .
The sheriff of Caster county has llttccn
Walkervlllo had u big blaz on the 1st ,
three houses being destroyed.
A Bun Itlver agriculturist has raised 53
bushels of Mammoth Pearl potatoes en
half an ttvru.
A healthy infant was recently born a
Bui to wlthth rteen finpers elxon one am
seven on the other hand.
Less than CO tnllea of the Northern Pa
clfio railroad btlween Portland and Ml
Bonln remain ungraded.
The saloon on wheel * which followed the
termlnns | of the Utah & Northern ,
gone into winter quarter * tit Bnlte.
A Mile * City Chinaman IIM become
thoroughly Americanized. He cnn be
Recn any evening , in his laundry , plnylnc
on n piano.
The aoldleri at Fort Mnginnlihave built
for themwlves a very fair little theater ,
have furnished It with Bttge fittings and
Bcenery , and perform every two weeks.
Martin Dobeotene , ft Northern Pacific
contractor , WM blown Into eternity laat
week while drilling to recover two kegs of
powder from a blast that failed to go off.
Parties say ho WM blown ov r 30J feet
The heaviest sale of barley over made in
thin territory by any one firmer wai jn do
on the "lh by J. O. Picketing , of the Mis
souri tnlley , to Mr , Nick KcsHer , of
Helena. The sale cmbra'ced the entire
Imrloy crop of Mr. Pickering during the
DMt leaoon , and amounted to about 810 , *
000. Mr , Pickering has made a specialty
of railing barley daring thepaitten years.
A miner named Anderson was fatally
Injured a few days ago by the explosion of
a , cartridge of giant powder which be was
thawlnir out nt one of the mines In tbe
Tidal Wave district. His right arm was
completely shattered , ono nf his eves
blown out , and bis head and body fright
fully mangled by the terrible force of the
explosive. Ho WAS taken to Twin Bridges ,
where ho died , after suffering the most in
tense agonies ,
A Stto Historic * ! society Is to ho organ
ized at Salem.
The bonrdlnz house and school on tbo
Hilctz reservation , Uenton county , WAS
burned on the 3d. Seventy children were
rendered homeless , and there was no place
to house them on the reservation ,
A lough story comes from Oregon , to
the effect that a sailor boarding-bouse mas
ter palmed off n dead man on the captain
of n vessel ready for sea as a drunken
sailor and received the "blood money. "
The dend man waa ono Anderson , who
dlrd from exposure at the boarding mas
ter's house , and to save expenses was
drowsed up and put on board a vessel as a
drunken tar Who would revive when on the
deep sea. When clear of the Columbia
river bar it was discovered that the man
was dead and his body won sewed up In
canvas and given to the fishes.
The hop season of 1682 ia nearly over.
The yield of the facet-sound country was
In all about 1.300,000 pounds. The quan
tity so far shipped Is about 860,000 pounds.
Owing to tbo combination of favorable cir
cumstances , the quality of thii year's hops
is exceptionally fine. From the beginning
there has been n steady upward movement
in prices , Some hops , sold months before
maturity , were disposed of at 15. coots u
pound. Others have since cold at 20. 25 ,
80 , 40. CO , GO and 75 cents. Probably SI a
pound would not buy those remaining un
sold. Durlnc the early days of tbo hop in
this country 84 cents ft pound waa at onetime
time paid , but , with that exception , no
irovlouB price ! approximated thuse of the
ircsent tftno. Nine cents a pound will
> ay every expcnio of ( growing , gathering ,
curing and marketing , and when CO and 70
conta is obtained ( and it is stated that
some i growers will average over 40,000
lounds each ) , the profits of this year's wop
nay easily be calculated , Several growers
lava made , over all expenses , fully § 40,000
inch , and It is said the leading grower of
iho Puget-sound country has cleared fully
975.000. An immense increase in the hop
acreage will be made next planting time.
Depend Upon It-
Mother Bhlpton'a prophesies and Louis ,
nnia elections are very uncertain things ,
jut Thomas' EcttcMc Oil can be depended
upon always , It cures ached and pains of
every description.
The Philadelphia woolen mills are busy.
Toronto , Canada , has a large glucose
Waco , Texas , is going to have a new cot
ton mill ,
Tbe Ilk mills at Patterson and Hoboken -
ken , N , J , , are busy.
There are 84,000 square miles of cool In
tbe Missouri basin.
A Chicago firm slaughters 1,000 cattle
dally for the eastern markets.
Spain produces 120,000 tons of lead an
nually ; Great Britain 50,000 tons an
The peanut Indus-try / tot the United
yt.toa ( vn.ued k ct > , ouo/uwj anuuolly ,
Gnnnison , Col. , is the location of the
richest tin ore pit discovered on the conti
The rolling mills at Louisville , ICy , .
are crowded with orders for the fall ana
winter. -
The lighthouse at Sydney. N. S. W , , has
an olectrlo light exceeding 12,000,000 con-
die power.
The American Watch company at Wai *
tham , Mass. , turn out 1,000 finished
watcbis dally ,
Nearly 8,000 men are employed at the
Cambria iron works , Johns townPa. The
plant is valued at $7,000,000.
Montreal journeymen bikers have re
solved not to accept lower wages during
tbe winter than they received in the sum
mer ,
Machine shops are about to be estab
lished at Yicksburg , Miss. , that will give
employment to several hundred , mechanics.
A rich vein of coal , from four to five feet
In tthlcknesB , was discovered recently at
Wenona , 111. The quality. Is considered
It Is estimated that between 1,200 and
1,680 railroad employes are killed every
year , and from five to tea thousand are in
There are twenty-seven cotton factories
in Mexico working up , norarclltiz to oil- !
' " " ' '
clal ports ,
annually .
The building trades are good in Now
York City , Jersey City , Brooklyn , N , Y. ,
Philadelphia , Pa. , Chicago , 111. , and Pitts- ,
Apache county , Arhiana , has immense
rait lakes , Over 1,600,000 pounds of talt
are token from one lake near the Mexican
line yearly ,
The Desert of Sahara is being rapidly
redeemed by French enterprise , Artefclun
wells In largo numbers have teen success
fully eunk ,
The longest nnd oldest tcbttln bridge In
the world is located In China , It forum a
perfect toad from the top of one mountain
to another ,
The lend prrduct of the world 1 ] approx
imated ut 7-10,000 tons annually , of which
rnly 10,000 tons nro produced iu the
United Stntm.
After flvu months of Kiupennlon at the
coal nilnca of Mineral lililfio , Ohio , tlio
miners h&vo gone to work , their demands
linvlng boeu conceded ,
The largest steel spring over made was
recently produced nt Pittsburgh , P . It
measuaed SO feet lorf , cx inches wide ,
und n quarter of nn inch thick ,
The cotton mills iu Lowell. Lawrence ,
urnl Fall lilvcr , Maw , ; New York state ,
Manchester. N. II. , und Biddcford , Me. ,
arc busy , The uniform comyluint U the
low rtitu of wage ! paid.
The experimental rait well sunk mid
way between Warsaw and Wyoming wellf ,
New York , has bcui successful ut the
depth of 1,350 , feet. The briua is said to
be une-thlrd stronger than that found iu
the Kyractuo ualt bnsln.
General Newton elates that 250,000
pounds uf txplosivea hare beeu used in the
blaiitluic nf Flood Jtock , above Hell G&te ,
N. Y. The work li expected to be finish
ed next March , nnd will give a deep
draught channel of 1,200 feet wide ,
IT New Jersey has 0,684 induitrlrl eatab
lUhmeuts , employing 115,000 nersous ,
whose wages amount to 841,500,000 an
miftllr. The capital Invested amounts to
$93,016,000. The products are valued at
8238,000,000. The nvcraire yearly wagci
of thu worker is put at $380.
At the KaUhdld Iron Work * . Maine , 18
tons of Iron per day are now being turner !
out The iron mode Is principally used iu
making car wheels.
The Maumce Rolling Mill Company , oi
Toledo , has been organized , with It S.
Wftlbrldgo as president ; Ignatius Droejr ,
general manager ; H. H , Wortbtngton ,
treasurer , and K , II. V n Van Ho * cn.
Two-thirds of the stock of $ .500,000 is
owned by the Licking llolling Mill Com
pany of Covington , Ky.
The blast furnace at Uaselton , a manu
facturing nuburb of Yonngstown give em
ployment to 100 men , and their mill for
sheet iron gives employment to * 60 men.
There Is also a foundry and machlna shop
there that is at present making many cast *
Ings for the car works. Tbo name com
piny own coal mines , which turn out 200
tons a day. The pay roll of the firm
amounts to $30,000 a month.
Trno to her Trout
Too mucn cannot bo cald of the ever
faithful wife and mother , constantly
watching and caring for her dear ones ,
never neglecting a Mngle duty In their be
half. When they are assailed by disease ,
and the system should have a thorough
cleansing , the stomach and bowels regu
lated , blood purified , and malarial poison
exterminated , she must know the that
KlectrloBittera are the only sure remedy ,
They are the best and purest medicine in
the world nnd only cost fifty cents. Sold
by 0. F. Goodman.
The Mulo.
Burlington Hawkoye.
No wonder the raulo is a klckor.
Were I a raulo , I , too , would kick. I
know just exactly what kind of a
mule I would bo. A bay mule , Ono
of thoao sad.oyod old follows that loan
back in the breeching and think.
With striped logo like a zobra. And
a dark-brown streak down my back ,
and apaint-brnah tail. And my mane
cut abort , and my fore-top banged ,
and a head aa long as a flour barrel ,
and I'd bo worth two hundred and a
half in any market , nnd I'd wear a
fiat harness and no blinders , and aomo
day wlion aomo man hitched mo up tea
a dray and piled on a ton and a half
of pig iron , a cord of wood , six barrels
ot flour and a steamboat boiler , I
would start off with it patiently , and
haul it steadily until I got to the top
of the { trade on the now road around
North Hill , and right about there and
then a falling maple loaf , fluttering
down in n spark of gold and crimson ,
would scare mo all but to death , and
the authorities would have to drag the
Mississippi river six weeks to find all
that load and some of that driver ,
while in three minutes after the
omouto I would bo tranquilly brows
ing on the grassy heights that smile
above the flowing river. That is the
kind of a mnlo I would bo.
A General Stampede.
Never was such a rush made for any
Drug store as la now at 0. F. Goodman's ,
for a Trial Bottle of Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption , Coughs and
Colds. All persons nlUicted with Asthma ,
Bronchitis , .Hoarseness. Severe Coughs , or
any affection of the Throat and Lungs
can get a Trial Bottle of this great remedy
fm , by calling at above named , Drug
Unmarried Persons
Should lese no time in securing a
certificate in the Marriage Fund Mu
tual Trust Association of Oodar
Rapids , Iowa , .concerning which circu
lars and full information'frill be sent
free upon application. It is organized
under the Insurance Laws of Iowa ,
and is the only legalized and legiti
mate institution of the kind in the
country. Its officers and managers
are among the most prominent bus
iness men in Oedar Rapids , including
bankers , the postmaster , Kca'pitalists ,
railway managers , insurance , men ,
leading lawyers , physicians and. other
reliable citizens. Over $15,000 has
already been paid to members. It is
a splendid investment , as safe , secure
and safe as a Government bond. You
can just as well have a good sum of
money to commence manCjd life on ,
a-rnot. . T&membbr'ltrtriijp costs you
ono cent f6ta , postal card to request
full explanation and information.
Good agents can got territory if ap
plied for soon.Vrito to-day. Do
not postpone it. Mention whore you
saw this notice. o&2G-lm *
A Brave and Faithful Gnardtan of
Oar Home * and Property Rosonod
from Imminent Peril- ,
A very popular auii well-known member of our
polio * fortewho hasperfonmdduty fwclvo years
itthoUnlon H. 11 , Depot on Exchange 1'laco In
Providence , 11 I. gives hit unsolicited testi
mony. Hear him :
"I have been dreadfully troubled with disease
of the Kidneys and Liver during the past six
months ; at times I wos'so loveroly afflicted that I
was unable to etand on my feet , u my feet and
lower parU of my legs wore very-badly swollen ;
my urinary orpins wore In a dreadful condition ,
my blood wai ma wretched state , and It hod be
come so Impoverished and circulated so poorly
that my handi and feet would bo cold and numb ,
and to white an to appear lllcleu , I could not
rent nights , but was BO distressed all over that I
could not llo 'till In bed , but wou'd keep turning
and rolling from one side to the other , all night ,
so that I would feel more tired and exhausted
In the mornlncr than when I went to bod.
Ky condition became 4b rerlouu that I wai
obliged to itou work , and for thirty
days I was unableto bo on duty , I
consulted the best doctors , and tried the numer
ous medicines and uo-col od cures , but rapidly
Krew-womo , and was In a od condition every
way Alien a long-time valued friend of mine ,
prominent In thU city In a large cxprem compa
ny , urged mu to try Hunt's Remedy , at ho hod
known of wonderful cures effected by it. Upon
Ma rcprescnlatlon I obtained two lott'c ' * of the
Il-imdy und commenced taking It as directed
and great ! to my surprise In loss than twenty ,
four liounj 1 commenced to feel relieved , I was-
In an awful condition when I begun to-tako the
Hcniedy , and had no filth In It ; therefore , when
I found a'most ' Immediate ru let. even In ono day's
u o of It , my h < art was made glad , and I assure
jou I continued totako the remedy ami to Im
prove constintly from day to daI took It with
mo on my trip to Maine , for I wan bound to have
It with mo alf the. time , ana the result U that I
Improvoi speedily all the time I was away ; and
eter since my arrival home , which was several
weeks ago , 1 have been on duty every day , I forl
Ilrst rate , nnd the uuclllng o ( hand , feet and legs
have dh appeared nnd the terrible back-arho
vthlrh used to bother luo more than all the rest ,
troubles me no more , and I klcvp fpUndidlv
nights , und surely ha > o very excellent and forci
ble reason * for gpuaking In praise ol Hunt's
Itcmcky , for It li.ii umdo a new man of mr , 1
don't know \vlut I bhould have dona Mithout
llunt'u H im-dy ; It Is the best medicine that I
over took , and 1 lerv gladly recomj end It to all
Him aru atllletul with Kidney or IJ er dts&ito , or
dUcasca of the urinary organ * .
iio Tj/t'ivrni'ir/fin
lienms fiuwarded ,
OK ,
Slio ? Story of tno Ss\vlng laolilno ,
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any ptrcon livluj at dUtance from our office *
5he Bingor Mauut'aoturing Do , ,
Prluolpfcl OlBco , Si Union
oohri ia. uacoos ,
( Formerly Qlih A Jacobs. )
Four 'Feet ' Wide
BY '
Seven Feet Long ,
Compiled under direction of An
drew Ilosewater , City
Engineer ,
And Examined and Compared by
George Smith , County
Surveyor .
Thereby making it the
Over Six Months work upon it at
n Cost of ahout $1,600.
laid out up to this date. Also all
public and private buildings of
note photographed thereon.
Shows all Now Eailway ana
Depot Grounds ,
All property rhnvru and described
within half a milo south and west of
city limits , nnd nil within ouu milo
north of north boundary of city.
Fully Mounted ,
Colored , Varnished
And Cloth Backs ,
Geo. P. Be mis
Heal Estate Agency ,
. 16th and uomgna Streets.
A rmnMnatkn o/ > .
f A > rlrf of Iron , uo '
a palatable form. I
thatieUlnot * * " *
lahf < l condition of the blood , thl rwl .l * ' /J . { a 3L > ( , \t < > it Mid lnrompr bl n > m lT. I frraetn
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t. jyra InpreferetKxi y In my pf5 to < * tloa. .ny Iron _ Pm Vluin ' ! 1 1 RUT H/ffl mil . . 31MVh Atf. . . St. l/ lMo NOT asm - , I B1.
to Omrral
JfibltUy , la * * efAm-
, rrottratlon of Vital
Entire New Stock
Hats , Caps , Etc. , Etc. , Etc.
Zephyrs , Germantbwn , Etc ,
Single Breech , Loading Shot Bnns , from 85 to 118-
Double Breooh Loading Shot Buns , $18 from to 875 ,
Muzzle Loading Shot Guns , from SB to $25 ,
Fishing. Tackle , Base Balls and all Kinds of Fanoy Goods ,
Full Stook of Show Oases .Alwaya nn Hand ,
Imported and Key West Cigars ; a large line of Meer
schaum and Wood Pipes and everything required in a
first-Class Cigar , Tobacco and Notion -Store.
Cigars from $15.00 per. 1,000 upwards. Send for Price
List and Samples.
Eepairing in all Branches 10 B. THIRTEENTH OMAIIUA , , STREET
They nriifts all other lot eisy rldln.t. ttyle
nd durability.
'Xljey ara for sale by nil Leading Oar
lago BuiUlera and "Doalora throughout
ho country.
for sl b
Henry Tim ken ,
I'aUuU-e > nllullder ol Flue Carrlasts ,
In fdtt u UAu tbt
Trains lean 8:10 : p. tn. and 7:10 : a. m
lor lull lolormatloa call on A. F. DKUKLTlck *
Agent , Ittb and Farnam sU. . J. DULL. U. P
EiUw 7D | pot crat JAilEaT.CLABKa nei
KL > .
UX > and im Dolga Street ,
aug 7-J--0 Cm OMAHA , NEB.
) } r , K. 0. VfetVa Nerve and uraln Trentmoak .
A BiwtlUo lor HyeterU , UlizlncJs. Convnltloji
NerTor.j Heidacbo , Mmtal Deprciwlon , Lgjj
Mcmory.EperaatorrhcM.Impotoncy.Ian'-43l n
Eai alont , I'rematuro Old Azv , ciunod byaroi -
oxertUu , Mll-abuso , or ovcr-lndnlfeace , wall
leadt to rnlssry , decay and denth. One box nl
euro recent c ra. Each box co&UInionemiDth
UMtiaeut , Oco dollar a box , or six boxes lei
five dollar i i tent by mall prepaid on receipt of
price. We guarantee ilx boiea to euro any case.
With each order received by us lor lx boxes , ac
companied with Ete dollars , will send tbs pur-
chaaer our written zuarantM to reborn the
T.oney U the treatment doet not eflect a cuie.
0. J , Goodman , Jrugcltt , Bole , Wholoeale ud
gul C30 > naht , I/eb. > Oid u by mid ] at
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