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Aflflittonal Particulars tf the Fa
tal Disaster on tlio AI-
; . ton Road ,
. Destructive Oollialon of FroigUI
Trains Near Hudson , Wis.
Two Men Burned to Death and
One Fatally Injured.
The Rook Inland Road Carrie * the
r War Into the Camp of the
Mlacollnnoous Railroad Mows.
, The Alton Wreck-
SpecUl Dispatch toTilB Uitx.
KASHAS CITY , November 15. Ful
particulars of yesterday's accident ot
the Alton road cannot bo learned till
the arrival of the wrecking train
bearing the dead aud wounded , and
which will bo in this afternoon. .
Later roportr , however , place the
number of killed at three , and the
wounded at eight. The accident wai
caused by the construction train back
ing into a hand cjr , The caboose anc
a number of flit cars wore derailed ,
The men on the latter jumped , but
many of them were caught in the
'A coroner's inquosi was hold this
afternoon , upon the bodies of the throe
men killed in the railroad accident ai
Grain Yalley last night. The tostl
monyof Conductor fiamolett , Engl
neor Smart , of the construction train ,
and ono or two other employes showoc
that the train was running fiftooi
miles .an hour , had passed througl
ono cut , and was just entering anothoi
when the brakeman on the train sig
nalled the engineer to stop. Thohanc
car then wad a few rods ahead of thi
tratn , and the men wo.o trying to lif
it off the track. The engine was reversed
versed and the brakes applied , but toi
late to avoid the accident. The trail
men testified that they were on thi
lookout for the hand car , and thi
whistle was blown throe times sharplj
before the accident. It was quiti
dusk when the accident occurred
Brakeman Corcoran , who was killed
was riding on top of the caboose
The'coroner's jury returned a vordic
that'tho accident was unavoidable.
Fatal Wreck of Trains
Special Dispatch to TUB HER.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , November 15.-
A ; noriouu railway accident occurrei
early this morning at Ilobort Station
a small place about ' twenty miles eas
from Hudson , on'tho Chicago , St
Paul , Minneapolis & Omaha con
pany's eastern division. A stocl
train in charge of Conductor O'Con
nor was stopping for water. O'Con
nor , a brakeman named Govern , ;
traveling engineer named Finn , and
man to 'whom the stock belonged wor
Bitting in the caboose. Without
moment's notice a freight train doahe
into the end of the caboose , in som
way setting fire to "the car , and thos
imprisoned in the caboose were caugb
inA trap from _ which escap
was next to impossible. Brata
man Govern managed to crawl on
from under the wreck , but his rigl
arm was torn from its socket , and fa
died from loss of blood within a
hour. O'Connor was burned to dealt
and nothing but his bones wore n
covered. Finn was badly injured i
the back , but may recover. He wi
brought to St. Paul and carried i
St. Joseph's hospital. The atockma
was not injured. This was his secou
experience of this kind within a wool
and the trip was for the purpose <
gathering up stray stock from tl :
accident of a week ago. Several cai
ofi each train were badly wreckct
The mortality among the cattle wi
Nevada Freight Trouble.
SpocUl Dispatch to Tun BXB.
CHICAGO , November 15. Unio
Pacific oflbiala Bay , in regard to tl
trouble with Iho Ion a trunk lines ai
eociation over Nevada freight , thi
there has been a tariff in existence f <
ton years which , when first publish
allowed the Iowa trunk lines the
proportion of Sacramento rate c
freight for all points in Nevada. Th
freight has always been billed by It
Union Pacifla at their proportion <
the Sacramento rale , but Iho atbitrn
rates charged by the Central Pacil
company on its business forced near
all to Sin Francuco rithur by rail i
water routes. The Central PaoiG
however , reduced the rate so
to make it practicable to ship from tl
east direct. The Union Pacific h
asked nothing of the trunk lines mo
than it has enjoyed for ton years pti
which is simply to bill their Novai
freight to the respective proportio
of the Sacramento rate for each Hi
east of Ugden. Several Union Poci
ofllciali are on their way to Ohica
; to explain and do away with the mi
randorsta tiding.
A Rate 'War Throated.
jSpidil DUp&tcti lo Tun !
OmoAcio , November 15 , Fears a
being generally expressed that unit
the troubles belween the St. Paul a :
Alluucapolis roads regarding e :
bound business from those points t
not aoon adjuctad , a general war
rates from and to nearJy all westc
and northwestern pointu cannot w
bo averted much longer.
Ct , Pnnl's Harvest.
gpudal DltjiUch ta THE Her.
OHIOAQO , November 15 , It n
rumored hero to-day that the llo
Island road mot the cut of other roa
running balweou Chicago and i
Paul by making u rata of $5 from i
Paul to Milwaukee , thus carrying t
war into the camp ot the enemy. T
R } ek Island doei not run to Milwi
kuu , but can bring passengers to Ci
cage aud furnish them ticKets to M
wdukeo over other lines for (2'
leaving the Rock Island $2 25 for t
haul from St. Paul to Chicago. The
regular rate is $10.50 , It Is no !
known what the Northwestern and
Milwaukee & St. Paul will do to offiol
* The Canada Southern .
SpocUl Ills latch to Tni Dm.
NEW Yonx , Ndvcmbpr 15. The
following is thotait of a circular whicl
the stockholders of record of the
Canada Southern IWlwny Co. , an
receiving :
ST. THOHAH , Ont. , November 11 , ' 82.
SIR ! A Rpeclal general meeting of th <
shareholder * of the Canada Southern Rail
way Co. , will bo held at tha office of tin
company in St. Thomas , Thursday , the
BOth Hny of November , 1882 , at the houi
of 3 o'clock In the ( fternoon. to consent ti
an agreement with the Michigan Central
railroad company under the provisions ol
Section 00 of the railway act of 1879 , and
for other bmmejH consequent theroou. II
you cannot personally attend yon will
oblige by executing the enclosed proxj
and Bending thn name to C. F. Cox , assist
nnt secretary. Grand Central depot , Nen
York , YOUM faithfully1 ,
NEOOI. KiN6Mit.t : ! ,
Secretary Canada Southern Hallway.
Provisions ot Section CO of the rail
way act of ' 70 , of the Dominion ol
Canada referred to authorize the
lease of the Canada Southern railwaj
for a term of 21 years , lease to bi
renewable at the end of that time ,
Our information ii that controlling owa <
era of the Michigan Central as well ai
of the Canada Southern estimate thai
Iho proposed Idaso to the Michigat
Central will bo worth about 5 poi
cent per annum to thn Canada South'
orn shareholders , although no fixoc
rate will bo agreed upou.
A Railroad on the Block-1-
pecial Dliphtcn to , Tu Bu. ! *
CHIOAUO , November 15 , In tin
United States circuit court to-daj
Judge Drummond rendered a final
decree for the aalo of the Cleveland ,
Columbus & Indiana Central railwaj
under foreclosure of mortgage. The
indebtedness amounts to over $141 ,
000,000. . The docros stipulates thai
the road must be sold in its ontlrctj
and for not less than $145,000,000.
Gentleman of the Road-
Special Dlipatch toTnit BIB.
CHIC AGO , November 15. The eight !
annual convention of the Rallw'aj
Conductors Mutual Aid and Benefit
association of the United Stales and
Canada is In session hero to-day. Thi
annual address shows the organizatioi
has over 7COO members and has pan
over $3,000,000. The benefits am
advantages of this kind of insnranoi
was dwelt upon. A paper on persona
influence was read and an invitation t <
visit Pullman accepted.
A Commercial Evil *
Special dispatch to TUB DEI.
BUFFALO , November 15. The slat
senate committee investigating grali
corners resumed its , sitting to-day
The general drift of testimony takei
is in effect that a public evil exists ii
illegitimate speculative business ii
this city which is constantly on the in
crease , aud that , prompt legislativ
action should bo taken to suppress il
A Goou Indian-
Special Dispatch to TUB BEK.
YANKTON , November 15. Brav
Boar , the Sioux Indian , was hunt ; tc
day for the murder of Joseph' Johr
son , near Fort Sully , in 1879. Th
drop , fell at'half past 12 , and infiftee
minutes he was dead. There wo
very little excitement. The ereoc
tion was private , .Bravo Bear lett
request to his relatives not to avcrag
his death , and to omit the 'nsm '
mourning ,
She Bpragno Eitate-
Special Dispatch to TUB Bsi *
PnoviDKNCE , NovomberlB. In tl
United States circuit court to-daj
counsel for Wm. Sprague filed &n ai
swor in the suit of T , D. Moult on - \
T. Cluffeo and Wm. Sprague , for dli
oloBurti of title to the Oonanchelt e
> tate , uud to turn over the property t
i platnliif. The answer seta fort
Sprague's title to tha estate an
claims invalidity of the trust deed. ,
Fever Epidemic.
Special Dispatch to Tiisliii.
PROVIDENCE , November Ii. Ii
vestigacion discloses the fact that i
the present time there are within tl
city limits upwards of 2,000 cases i
fever of different forms , varying fro :
lit'ht malarial to malignant typhoii
Many physicians assert lhat the coi
dition of the Cove basin and river
the cause of the unusual outbreak i
Grant' * Appeal for Porter.
Special Dlipatch to TUB lir.K.
NEW YOEK , November 16. Gei
Grant's new magazine article entitle
"An Undeserved Stigma , " concise
reviews the case of Gen , F tz Jo )
Porter , giving the ground for his fo
mer belief in Porter's nuilc and h
present conviction of bis entire inn
cense. Ho appeals to the gover
ujent and the country for prom
action in Porter's behalf.
The Mining 'Steamer.
o Bfioolal Dispatch to Till Una ,
PHILADELPHIA , November 15 T ]
general agent of the Rod Star Stealer
or company , of this city , doubts t
rumor that the steamer rank by t
Westphalia was the Nederland , whi
sailed from Antwerp , Saturday , ai
BIJB if the Ncdorland vas in h
course she would have been 250 mil
west of the spot whore the colliaii
Prohibition Xieoguo
Bpodal DlsprX Ji to Tin BKH.
BOSTON , November 15. The Oi
zans' Law aud Order League of Mi
eachusatts huld its first public meet !
to-niuht at Tromont Temple , lluf
S. Froat , president , in the cha
is The teeretary'a report shows six
prosecutions of liquor doalorH in t
courts of Boston and vicinity , H :
forty convictions or judgment socur
in the municipal courc on the sohc
10 house law , and if the decision of t
supreme court is favorable more th
100 bar-rooms of Boston will
closod. Addresses wore made 1
Robert Treat Paine , Rufus 8. Froi
Georga S. Hale , Rev. Edir , Even
10 Ifalo aud Rev , J. W , Hamilton. T
rojcct of forming n national league
rill ba discussed at a mooting to bo
old shortly , whin several gentlemen
rom the west will bo present.
Columbian Indiana on the Wnrpath ,
peclal DUp&tch to Tim DM.
PANAMA , November 15. A young
Merchant of Bubacoas , named Portes ,
i company with some friends , cstab-
ihod himself on the bank of Pnta <
iargo , in a virgin /orcst which there
overs every foot of the ground. They
rooted a house , made a small oloarlnq
id wcro all ready to see their way to
rolUablo business , when they wore
foiled by n number of Govonotos
ndtaus , who came ostensibly to trade ,
hey wcro received well and worn
pparently satisfied , but suddenly they
Hacked and killed the Columbians
ud afterwards cooked and ate them ,
tidians never visited Putauiargo bo-
ore , and no one hna over fallen in
nth them on the Amazon. Other
rlbcB also made their appearance in
Moroni places , and it ie believed
omo more powerful tribes
ire driving the western ones from the
oart of the unknown forest , or that
hey are voluntary emigrant ? , who
will murder and plunder whenever
pportunity offjra , Residents on the
'rontlor also suggest that they may
ave boon driven from their homos
iy slave traders , whoso vessels as-
ended several tributaries of the Am-
zen a few months ago in search of
laves and produce. The Star and
Herald says of the suggestion : The
The Indiamt ore captured on all the
interior rivers add carried off to differ-
itiiout of { the , way regions , where they
ro compelled to work on plantations
istabUshed far away from anything
oaring oven a semblance to olviliza-
ion. The probable death of Portes
ud friends will attract the attention
f the Columbian govornmontto those
> ng neglected regions of the republic.
.nnual Convention of the Patrons o :
pedal Dispatch to Tim DKB. ' " "
INDIANAPOLIS , November'15. The
lixtoonth annual session of the Na
ional Grange of Patrons of Husband1
ry began its session in this city to-day ,
ho National Grange is composed o
masters of the state * granges and thoii
rives ; Thirty-two states are ropro
iontod irwtho convention. Among thi
'elegatos present are Gov. Fvodorlcl
Rablo , ot Maine , and Congrossmai
' ikon , of South Carolina. The BOB
ions are secret and will continuo til
text week. A public meeting was hoh
t the court house at which addressoi
f welcome wore delivered by Gov
rnor Porter and"Mayor Grubbs am
'espouses made by prominont'mom
bers. The treasurer reported , th
finances in good order , rocolpUmor
han equal { o the expenditures. Th
lecturer reported the roorganizatioi
{ the Louisiana state grange in Sop
tombor. Grand Master Woodward'
report , a _ lengthy document , wa
largely 1dpyo'tod1 .to ' this discussion ,0
ho objects''ot tho'grango andurgln ;
mombera to avail themselves o
all the benefits , " accruing froi
membership. Ho recommends 01
ganlzation of co-operative store :
nearly lOO of'which.arp ' } in .suocossfs
operation m .Texas alone ; Ithafnhitei
action bo taken to secure the olevo
tion of the bureau of agriculture int
an executive department ; that cor
gress be petitioned toi pass Bur Ion
bill for relief of'purchasers ' of1 paten
right articles , and that1 just statutor
laws bo passed regulating transport !
tion. Ho shows that twenty state
have an incroiso in membership
five. In the year ending October 1
1877 , seven now granges were orgat
izod In the United States and fou :
teen moro since then.
Tlie Georgia Sanatorahip'
Special Dispatch to TUB UBS.
ATLAM-A , .November 15. Poj
Barrow was elected senator to C
Hill's unoxplrod orm in the sqnat
The following is the vbto : Barrn
110 , Hill 99. For the long term , ,
ballot was taken and the result shbwc
that Alfred H. Colqnitt laokod'bul tv
votes of securing the election. Ai
journed till to morrow.
NEW YOIIK , November 15. A lat
dispatch from Alanta reports that Cc
qnitt was elected United States center
tor for the long term.
Alabama , '
Special Dlipatch to Tim UKI.
MONTGOMERY , November 15. Tl
senate organized by the election
Qeo , P , Harrison ua president and \
L Clay secretary. The house oho
W. F. Foster as speaker and D. \
M. Iver secretary , The legislature
democratic by an immense majorlt
I'he governor's message makes a fii
exhibit of the Hlalo's alWrs.
A Vordiot for Defendant.
Special Dispatch ta Till l ) s.
BOITON , November 15 , In t
United States circuit court to-day
the suit of Lucius L. Hubbard
the Now York , Now Eogland m
Western Investment company , to i
cover $38,598 as cemmiesion alley
to be duo under contract on accou
of the sale of the Kansas , Burliugt
& Santa Fo railroad and bonds to t
Atchisou , TopoVa & Santa Fa rallros
the jury returned a verdict foi defon
ant by direction of the court.
The We torn Association Prei
Special Dispatch to Tint UBX.
NKW YOIIK , November 15. Nej
lions which have boon pending for so
eral mouths between the Wosle
Associated press and the Now Yo
Associated press , culminated to-d
by a unanimous agreement for joi
management. The proposition cai
from the New York Associated prei
and was accepted by the board
directors ot the Western Assoclal
press. The management b placed
the hands of a joint committee
Richard Smith and Walter N , Ilalc
man representing the Western Asi
ciated cresa and Whiteluw Reid ,
The Tribune and Thomat B. Gonnei
of The Herald , repreeentlng I
Now York Aisociatod prcsj. Mr ,
Uharlos A. Danrt , of The New Yort
Sun , was elected chairman The
committee entered upon their dutioi
this afternoon , A further mooting
will bo hold to-morrow , when thi
plan of service ill bo adopted. The
Western Associated press has , slnci
the termination of the contract between
twoon the associations , perfected i
cable service which has proved to bi
superior in many respects to that o
the Now York association and ixls <
organized a news service in the nail
The work of readjustment will con
tittuc until all differences are dlsposoc
of and there bo but one general ser
vice. A now contract will bo madi
with the Western Union Tolograpl
company ,
BpccUl Dispatch to Tin Utx.
WASHINGTON , November 15. Chas
S. Bundy to-day entered suit agains
the bar association of this district
claiming $50,000. The suit grows ou
of thg notion ot the bar association h
recommending Bundy bo not ap
pointed to act na judge In the polici
court ,
The court of commissioners of Ala
bama claims hold a mooting to-day
Chief Justice Willis presiding /
number of assistant counsel and com
misslonors wore appointed.
( colored ) , charged with jury-fixing Ii
the star route trial , surrendered him
self this afternoon and was roloasoc
on bail.
prepared under the direction ol Mr
licensor , of the general land office , i
now in the hands of the printer , Ii
Now York , aud will soon bo ready foi
distribution. The now map Is said t <
bo the most complete and nccural
one compiled by the government. I
contains over 4,000 places not on th
old map. These additions are mostl ;
in the west. .The rapid strides of tha
section render the map now in us
almost valueless.
There scorns to bo some misundoi
standing as to the time fixed for th
meeting of the committee on ways an
moans , which , is thus explained b
John M. Carson , clerk of that com
mil too : On July 18th the committo
adopted and on the same day th
house passed a resolution authorizin
the committee to sit during rccosi
and instructing them to assemble o
the second Tuesday of November , t
Washington , to consider rovonv
measures. Subsequently a taci
understanding was reached among th
members of the committee that tl :
first should not take place until N <
yombor:20 : 6r 21 , because it wa * coi
siderod that the day named in * the ro
elution followed so closely upon tl
day of general election that membo :
living in distant parts of the counti
could conveniently roach Was ]
tngton within a week latter electioi
It was therefore informally decided I
moot on NoTOrabor 20 or 21 , and.i
aocoroanco .ylth thov'undorstandii
and by diiectiou of thochalrma
Judge Kolleyi'Mr. Carson has notifii
members of the committee to 'assemb '
here on Monday noxt.'Novomber ,2
at noon. \
Ropresen'ivo Kelly avrlved.ho
to-day , /Jliu5r-lnrTtfiaSrA | wr-on
urge on the president and.Eocretary
the treasury the propriety of the
recommending to congress an abat
mont of excessive revenues.
Special Dispatch to TUB Bu ,
WASHINGTON , November 15 , I
qulry amort ? the friends of > Geiioi
Sherman shows thifc ho is quito plot
od at the suggestion of Ingoreoll th
ho ( Sherman ) is the most availal
republican candidate for the prei
doncy. Ganoral Sherman at the lit
of the nomination will bo on the i
tired list , however , in enjoyment
the pay'of'17,000 ' ayear for life , ai
oa ho la nt such a man outside of I
p1 ay'as'n ' ' soldier , it is scarcely to
DQueved ho would follow the exam )
set by Stouoraan , 6f California , ai
resign hvSjpositlon on the retired 1
It he could got Ihe'nomination. ' Jo !
Sherman , who arrived hero t
day , declined to tallp upon this or a
other subject. He siid ho had
political views to express.
A tUaughtered Family. (
Special Dupitch toTui Bi * .
INDIANAVOLIU , November 15
llaub ( Ind. ) special says : This moi
ing a well-to-do farmer , Jasper Spau
Ing , living throe miles from this pla
first knooKod senseless his liltlo a
and wife'with ' a whifila tree. Ihen c
their throats with a razor , after whl
ho cut his own throat with the weapi
His mother-in-law , on vlsiag Spau
ing's house , discovered the wh
family lying dead on the floor of t
kitchen. Cause , insanity.
ThaDoaooratio CballengeBann
Special Di5 | tcb to Tui ) ! .
ST. LOOIH , November 15 The 1
publican's Dallas ( Texas ) special sa
A movement Is on foot among load !
demoBrnts lo forward the Texas doii
cralio challenge banner lo New Yo
on account ot her big majority ,
though ( I was originally intended
should'bo contended for In the prc
liontial election and presented to I
slalo giving Iho largest major !
Georgia won it in 1870 and kept it th
three yeara ; Texas won it in 1880 , u
it is now in the possession of J.
Simpson , of Dallas , and it will
doubt ba sent lo New , York ,
Botohcr'n "iar ot Christ. "
Epoclal Dlipatch ta Tui Uu.
NBW YOIIK , November 15 , AI' '
conclusion of Iho plaintiffs toallnu
hi th ? suit against Henry Wi
Beochqr , growing out of his failure
complete his second volume of " 'J
Life of Christ , " counsel for Beocl
moved to dismiss the case , on
ground that there was no date fi :
for clodng of Iho contract , Jui
Barrett held the plaiutUT had failed
make oit a case , but would grant
to-morrorr for production of cvido :
to show n limit to the contract , or hi
would h&vo to dismiss the oiso.
llANoon , November 15. The 1'uroponi
& North Atnetlciui railroad company elcc
ted Noah Wood president.
ANNAPOLIS , Md. , November 15. Th
gmernor h s Appointed the SOth of No
Tomber ta Tbnnk glvng ! day.
NKW YonK , Novcmbtr IB. Inquiry Int
tha P rk theater fire to-day sliown tha
the lira alarm tax on the fttnce failed t
work on tha Mtcrnoon cf the lire.
CoKconn , N. II. , November 15. Kllor
Aldeo , the dctaultlnfc CAihicr of the Athul
Satlngs bank , w toutcnccil to ten yeati
imprisonment. Ho WM taken to prisoi
to-day ,
PntLAnELriitA , November 15. The Chinese
neso minister And pait ; , Including Attot
ney General Hrewitcr. % tatt the larg
mnnufncturlnc ott hlhnments of 1'ltU
burg till * week.
KicilHONI ) , Va. , November 15. Mar ;
Uooth the 11-yenr-old noRto B Rentonco <
to be hung next ytlday" for murder , ha
find her sentence commuted to Imprisonment
mont for life , on account of her jouth.
BOSTON , November 15. Mayor Greei
entertained the Duke of Kewcastla to
day. vlnltlng the public schools and otho
KKOKUK , November IB. Mrs. K. 1C
Hart , "later of the late Oliver 1\ Morton
of Indiana , dlml ot paralysis In this clt ;
to-day , aged 13.
BOSTON , November 15. The democrat !
ward nnd city committee to-nUht unanl
mouily nominated Albert Fulmar ( o
CHICAGO. November 14. This nftornooi
the body of Dr , .1. R. Mohr was found h
hU ofGce. llo evidently had keen tleiu
rome days. No uinrki of violence , tuA thi
cnuio of his death la not known ,
A Speedy Mayor.
Tin Hr.i.
ST. Louis , Novombo.r 15 A. spec
ial from Espaso says Et-Mayor Navln
the bond forgur of Adrian , ' Mich ,
was there about ton days ago , bu
being recognized ho skipped Intc
Mexico and can't now bo taken ,
Jnolc Froit
SpecUl DUp tch to Till Bu.
PENBAOOLA , November 15. Ni
death from yellow fever and no HOT
casoa reported , though several an
known to exist , since yesterday. Thi
board of health Issued a proclamatloj
declaring the yellow fever opidumi
in .this city at an ond.
The Haptlit
Special Dlipatch ta Tn BIB
NEW Yonit , November 15 Th
Baptist congress this afternoon dii
cussed "Christianity and Iho poor.
The topic was divided Into two soi
tiono. The first related to the labc
question. A. J. Fox rtfad a paper o
this subject and was followed I
Judge Wayland and others.
Thankful Traders
Special Dispatch ta The Boa.
NBW YORK , November 15 Tl
board of trade has adopted the follow
ilaohtd , That the result of tl
recent election is a gratifying rospon
to the work of this board ana kindn
organizations , in the educalion of tl
people to resist encroachment on the
political , and commercial rights , at
an earnest desire that they will in f
turo support such men , and such pa
ties as will restrain' corporate pan
and plaqp a limit to exactions on t
people. t
v i
Special Dlipatch to TUB Bu.
, JTo ember IB. Theapp
case of'jMrs. Soovillo was again co
tinned to-day , her attorney stalli
that ho had rccsived a dispatch frc
her saying she intended to bo preset
but missed the train. Her husba :
says she always misses trains.
Broadhead's Fight for Congrcaa
8p cUl Dispatch to TUB Usu. .
Sr , LOUJH , November 15. The a
swor to the alternative writ of ma
damus served on City Bsglslor Bo
on Monday last , to compel him
count for Col , Broudhoad corto
disputed precinct votes cast at t
late oleclion in the Ninth congroi
ional district , was made in the t
promo court by City Counsellor Be
aud after some preliminary procoi
ings , December 1st was set to he
arguments , Meantime the poll boo
will bo sent to Jefferson City a :
depositions will be taken here. 0
Broad head will make a vigorous offt
to have those disputed returns count
in his fayor.
Maiiio Groenbaolceri.
Special DUpulch to Tni UIR. '
AUOUHTA , November 15. 1
straight greenback state commit !
met to-day , About a dozen mombi
wore present , including Solon Cha
It was decided to thoroughly organ
for the next campaign by a care
choice of town committees , who n
be instructed to arrange for Eohi
district campaigns similar to the on
few years ago , which resulted ir
victory to the party , An address v
probably bo submitted to the poop
and every effort made to unite I
ranks of the party. A strong feoli
exists against the fusion with a
Doyd'd Packing House.
The business of packing has agi
begun at this establishment , and I
receipts average about fifteen oars
hoga per day.
PoBtoOlco Onanueb
in Nebraska aud Iowa during I
week ending November 11 , 1882 , F
nlshod by Wm. Van Vlook , of i
postoflico department , for the DKK ;
Established , Oanuouvillo , Hurl
county , Ilobort Cannon , postmant
Cyrus , Antelope county , Cyrua
lie Grant ; Noa , Ouster county , Chas
McLean ,
1X Name changed , Ellis , Dixon coi
tl , lo Emerson.
to Postmaster appointed. Ogalla
Keith county , Mis. L. Carroll ,
bo low-
id Established , Camp , Polk coun
Nelson Yun Horn , postmaster ; \N
to ingford , Emmet county , Earl
ill Boim ; Clomoua Grove , Marshall co
colty , Allen T , Miller.
ho Porto Poltoly Notifies tin
KliediYfl to Go Slow With
England ,
The Congo Rlvor Territory
Stnrto a Lively Dlplo-
nmtio Row.
The Strike of Printers in Vion
nn. Force the Publiabora
to Suspend.
Arabia's DovllUh Dccd in Alex
nndrln Sworn' to by Salioman.
Vnrloty of Mewa from Eurc
penn Capltnls.
poclol Dkpfttchei to Tim II m.
LONDON , November IB. The croi
f the missing boat from the steam
lip < Westphalia landed at Noi
lavon , and report that the otho
; camor with which the Wwtphall
amo in oolllBioa wont to the bottot
with nil on board.
PAnis , November 15. Prosidon
Irovy has boon seized with suddo
InoBs. Ho has had two attacks c
ush of blood to the brain cause
rimarily by indigestion. The attao
B apoplectic ( n its character. The 01
Uomont in official and political circle
s intense , nnd the situation in gov
rnmont circles is still further com
Heated by this unexpected facloi
'resident Grovy's resignation whlc
,00 been foreshadowed by cortaii
apors may bo expedited by his ill
LONDON , November 15. In th
ouso of commons to-day debate we
oBumod on Iho resolution to provid
gainst unnecessary adjournment mo
Ions. Grndstono said ho had decide
o accept Randolph Churchill's prc
> osod' ' amendment that Iho hout
night take a division on the qucslio
of adjournment , if fewer than forl
members and not loss than tc
would rlso In its favor. The rule wi
ngrood to , with the addition made I
DhurohlH'u amendment.
PARIS , November 15.r Preatdoi
Glrovy is much boiler. Ho drove o
to-day. A duel was fought by Cor
udol , deputy , and Dolignioras , jou
nalist. The latter was'wounded ' , n
Duoloro , president of the coun
pnd minister of foreign affairs , to-da
at .a reception , promised several c
putios that the government would
a few days present the chambers a b
ratifying the treaties concluded
DaBrazzi with the chiefs of Con
Franco has ro-oponod negptiatlc
for a treaty of commoroo with H
CAIRO , November 15. The po
Jjiformed the khodlvo.'tha't any ci
von tionmndo , with England must-fl
approved the proposal of Oh <
Pasha to create a council of stale
bo composed of loading notables ,
tiavo 'legislative and administral
November 15. The ab <
Lion of Russian legations at mil
Herman courts is duo to ropreson
tiona of Bismarck tl nt Russia shot
Imvo ambassador ! ! only at the cap !
g of the Gorman empire.
0 LONDON , November 15. The i
morod changes are Horal-oflloia
denied. Gladstone contemplates :
tiring from the chancellorship of I
exchequer , huh will retain Iho promt
ship. All subsequent reconstruct !
of the ministry Is unsettled ,
The radicals formed a committee
defense for natives of Madagas
ogalnst the French. Lord Granvil
foreign secretary , aukcd an oxplai
tion from Duoloro , minister of foroi
affairs , on the action of Franco
wards Madagascar. It Is repori
10 England , Portugal and Belgium i
)0 ) to to French
prepared object acqul
ra tion of terrilory on the Congo river
' ° whoso name became famous in ci
noctlon with the tiege of Luoknotr ,
01 dead.
waft won by Fulkirl : . Vista andS
lenstein ran a di' .d heat far uocc
o ,
BERLIN , November 15 , The po
has been ordered lo keep an eys
usurers , as they have boon oifer
inducements to officers o ! the arm ]
incur debts.
Negotiations are progressing tor
Franco German literary convention
Green has sent Germany coplo
the antiquities found at Olympla ,
Officers of 'ho Prussian parliam
certain of election , Thursday , i
10 President , Von Kuller , conservat
first vice-president , Von Holdpn
10 ultra montane ; uncond vico-prosidi
Von Bonda , national liberal ,
opposition candidates.
CoNBTANTINorUJ , November It
It is reported that the Ruarun ami
pador has informed the Porto I
Russia is willing to take the iniUa
io proposing an early European c
feronce for a Botlltmicnt of the Eg
tian quoBlion ,
in the resolution to uond a commlat
to Cairo , and also claims the right
investment of the Boy of Tunis.
Alum's DEEDS.
CAIRO , November 15 Sulolu
D.iod was before the prosecuting ci
mission to-day. Ho confessed to giv
ing order'to fire Alexandria after hav
ing received A peremptory command
from Arab ! Pasha. As the conflagra
tion did not at first appear general ,
Arab ! Pasha sent repeated orders
through Mahamoud S my tdfiro moro
places. Suleiman also states that
Arabi Pasha , on the 12th of July ,
ordered liirn to take soldiers to Ram-
lea palace and. murder the khodivo.
While on the road io execute the
order ho mot the president of the
chamber of notables , who prevailed on
him to return and remonstrate with
Arabi. Nourl Boy , an officer who
had charge of the troops at Ramloh
palace , corroborates Suleiman's state
VIENNA , November 15 The print-
era' strike Is extending. Several
newspapers were again unadlo to ap
pear to-day. The authorities are try
ing to induce the striker * ' ti reduce
their demands on the qroundn that it
is beyond the power of the owners nf
newspapers to grant them. No dis
turbances have occurred.
The ministerial crisis It becoming
acute. Said Pasha is trying to
strengthen his own position by modi
fication of the cabinet and has the
support of Oiman Boy , chamberlain
and first favorite of the sultan.
The financial reform oommusion
has Invited all government depart
ments to appoint delegates to assist in
examination of the expenditures of
LONDON , November 15. The ad
miralty has received a telegram from
Suez stating that an Arab f " * - the
Palmer search expedition pai j the
place near whore Palmer ! 1 hia-
companions were murdered were
found buried in the ground J inor'a
despatch boxes and bag I lining
1,200 were recovered. .
LONDON , November 1C.Times /
Cairo dispatch says : Tn , J ifiolt in
the current financial year CQ timalod
at 120,000 as against t. xpoctod
282,000 , i The deficit , ti 2 acr with
the cost of English occupation 'and
Alexandria indemnities , will consti
tute a heavy charge upon the fntnro
rovonno of the country.
Suleiman Diod's assortiono and
Arabi Pasha's denials by themselves
are valueless , as bolh nave equally
wide reputations as liars.
The Times' Vienna dispatch says ,
3aron Hnbnor , president of the AUB-
rian committee of foreign affainf ,
says.thorooghly friendly relations ci
st with Russia. The emperor shows
by.'dooda his pacific mentions , thus"
dofoating'the fears raised by tran ifnt
jMlDRip Nhvember'lD. The Span- >
ish'govprhmont is preparing to send a
force- [ occupy the ports of Santa"1 'J '
Cruz > < ana Damara , on the coast of
Morocco , to protect fisheries. The
sultan o s Morocco protested against
the occupation.
i frontier'J
.1 .
The , Porto has issued .a circular to the
' ' '
powers , inviting 'them 'toso'
to missioners tosettle the line of the/
tlsi Montenegrin frontier
if L
rif Special DIfpatcb to Tin BIB.
tote CHICAGO , November 15. The cor
to responding secretary of the prohibl-
re > ion homo protection pirty has written ,
an open letter to the president of the i
liberty league , challenging him to a
discussion of the points at issue be
era tween the two bodies. The discussion
a- is toboholdinleadingcilies of the cant
aId and west.
A Vast Amount ot Property De
GorroepondeDce ol Tni D .
About 1 a. m. on Sunday , the 12th
Inst. , the citizens of Riverton were
aroused by the cries of fire , and the
entire north block was soon a sheet
of living flames. No efforts could
chock the progress of the fire fiend ,
and soon the handsomest block in
Rivorton was a blackened ruin. The
losses , as near as your correspondent
could ascertain , are as follows :
P. A. Williams , general merchan
dise , building and stock , $30,000 ; in
sured $8,1100.
ilia M. B. Kelley & Son , general mer
chandise , building and slock , $3,000 ;
no insurance.
Mrs , Markoll , millinery , building
ilid uud stock , $3,500 ; no insurance.
id Wm , Harsh , hardware , building
and stock , $3,200 ; insured for $000
Fred Lnhil' , ( jonoral merchandise ,
co building , $2,300 ; stock and household
on geode , $1,200 ; insured for $1,400.
n Johnson's restaurant , $1,500 ; no ia-
to uuranco.
Miss Came , $1,200 ; J. H , Gaio'a
hoof building , $250 and Shqpherdaou build-
building , $300 and other loasos-
of aggregating , all told nearly § 100,000.
The most of those losses will fall heav
int ily , and your correspondent Is of the
re : opinion thai some assistance ehou'd
? e ; bo extended by our wealthy western
m , cities , to aid in placing some of these
tit , men on a Kood footing again. The
No fire is supposed to bu the work of &u
incendiary. A suspicious character is
under arrest , timl Rivorton parties
claim to nave some good evidence
which may convict him.
lat AllQUtf.
in. Champion Cheas dame.
'P- ' bpcdal to Tim Hut.
PHILADELPHIA , November 15 Wil-
helm Steinite , champion chess player
of Iho world , and D. M. Marliurz ,
of president of the Philadelphia Chens
club , played Iho second game of &
tterios of seven to-day. The game
was opened by Martinez After play
an ing throe huura and fcrty miuutca
in. , Martinez resigned the contest.