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The Daily Bee.
Morning " ' 'ovt 15.
Br Carrier , - - - - - SO cent * f > or we k
Br Vttll . . . . . - IIPH \ | -r Yf r ,
Office : No. 7 Porirl Street , Nonr
n rend way.
U. Q. OUIFFIN , Manner.
H. W. T1LTON , City Editor.
J. MncllerXl'nlnco Mnxto Hull.
Subscribe ( or newspnpcrs nnd r-criodl-
cals at H , 12 , .Seimnu's book store.
The windows are being put into Him-
gnrt's now block ,
Col. Iloflmoycr will hnvo Btcnm up In
n day or two , and the new milling ma1
clilntry will bo rot in motion.
Birthday , Holiday and Wedding Gifts
nt II. K , Scatntm'fl. nu0-tt
Now lot nicely decorated , 50 plcc6ol [
ten nttx , only $5 at Mnurer ts. Cralf ? .
The district court of Carroll county
opened yesterday , Judge Heed , Colonel
Dailcy , > T. X , Baldwin and othorn have
gone there.
Only ono drunk to break the monotony
of Monday murniug in the police court.
lie ga\o his came as John Dunn , nnd wai
fined $7.CO.
china art ' solid
Hand-painted , ootterj' ,
dllvcrwate , bronze * , ( tc. , at Mnurer &
The &ewmeat | marliet of Shull k Mul
len , 709 South Main strtet , gnernntco best
of rccatii and prompt attention ,
The county board of tupervi era went
into Ktsion yotcrday , and uill continue
their doings until tome time to-moiraw ,
The Young Men's Chriiti.m a'Bociv
tion hold a half-hour prayer meeting at
their rooms every evening this week , com
mencing at 7 o'clock.
A fine assortment of Boots and Shoos ,
sufficient to supply the demands of all , at
George Blaxim's ponth Main ttrcct.
Cheap Railroad tickets to all points ,
Btuhnell , five doors north of poitoflice , iclU
them. Entrance , Main or Pearl streets.
Anderson teems to bjj the last "Char
ier lloss. " Whcro is la ? Some say ho
has gone to Washington. Some sty to
Dea Molncn. More say they don't know.
"Handy Andy" ii to bo Riven nt Do-
hany'a to-night , It being the second entertainment -
tainment of the Catholic fair. Tbo admis
sion Is only 25 cents.
M , B. Brown , the efllcient manager of
the Western Union , lulvertlaos a liouso for
rent In another column.
Sir room house , n store room well lo
cated and n forty ncro Improved , two
miles from this city , for tent by W. H.
Joseph Holler mnkos the Uncst Suits
in the latest styles , at the lowest possible
prices , His merchant tailoring establish
ment ia at 310 Upper Broadway , Council
Tbo two Httlo wooden buildings on
"Broadway nearly opposite the city build
ing , one occupied by Walters Bros , and
the other by Mr. Niles , have been vacated
and are now being torn down to make
room for a two-story brick bulldino ; , of
about forty feet depth , to bo erected at
once by Mr. T. W. Woolsey , who owns
the property.
The sharp turn In the weather nooes-
nltating extra flros , should bo also accom
panied by a little extra caution as to the
condition of fluea and pipes , A little
carelessness at this season Is liable to
cause much trouble , Care ahould also b o
taken in depositing ashes ,
Tbo following have been given leave
to mivrry : James Tarlani and Oharlotta
A. Mnrph , of Noola ; Robert Morrltou
of Honey Creek , nnd Hannah Print , of
Pottawatomie county ; 8 , P. Thomaa and
Nancy Thornhlll , of Council Bluffs.
Thomas Fay , charged with murdering
a draymnu by stabbing him in a saloon
row , and who has been lying in jail bore
awaiting trial , was taken to Carroll
county yesterday , the district court having
opened there ,
W. II. Knepher , the tobacconist on
Broadway , opposite The Nonpareil , U
getting in a now and largo supply of fine'
cuts , plug and smoking tobaccos , and i
great variety of fancy goods and smokers
articles. Ho surely has one of the best
stocks of cigars and other goods ever seet
Pethybrldge k Keunas , proyrletors o
the Broadway meat market , arc doing i
thriving business at the Orvis Packing
Co. ' * old stand , Ko , 357 Broadway , Tlio ;
are enterprising nnd accommodating gen
tlemen , and wo bespeak for them n Itbera
patronage. See their "ad" In another 03 ]
uinn ,
The Cathollo fair opened lait evenini
at Dohony'a hall , with the presentation a
the operetta "Little lied Hiding Hood.
About seventy took part , mostly children
and they presented it charmingly , It prov
ing to be a fine musical treat. The wor !
of preparation must have been great , bu
those whs undertook it , as well aa thos
who participated ou the stage , may vel
congratulate themselves , and will surely b
congratulated by others. It would wel
bear repetition , The fair will coutluu
through tke week. To-night the boys ar
to give the drama "Handy Andy. "
A reklly sickening case of destltuUoi
baa been brought to the attention of th
county authorities and a few of the charil
ably Inclined residents. The family re
ferred to counUts of a father and thirtcei
children , llvioe near the Christian churcL
The wife and mother lies dead in th
home , having mtocurnbed to malarial fever
aggravated by hunger and lack of nltnos
all the necessaries of life. Several other
of the Cainlly are suffering from uialarii
also , pad from a want of th usual com
forts of life. One of the girls is nov
lying upou a death UsJ and will probablj
pass beyond any need of human help be
fore tbU te&chej the eye of the readers
'i'ha husband and father U himself leinj
pldly proUrted by dlwiae. The houi
is barren of anything in the line of furnl
tuie worth rnuutioniu ; . Hume protitioiu
liavi been sent In | jy Jr , Burroughs , rep
resenting the county ; and arrangement *
iraJe for decently burying the motlirr.
Some charitable uoubj h v * Ltn coutribut-
ing dome n ! l comforts and It is hoped
thnt the n e * * rle nt IcMt wll ) now be
providcxi , for the fight of thh homo i <
Indeed slckenine ,
An Important fluglnesa , Mootlng-
nnd Eincttlc
At the adjourned meeting of tlic
city council laat night , n full bonrtl
present , the council proceeded to elect
fln atnceaor , reserving tliu right to elect
ono or two morn , or nuch acsUtAtitn on
may bo rcqnirud , at n subsequent
moellog. On the firat ballot 0. E
Stone waH sleeted mmnimnURly.
The county boati ) 'of Buparvisorr
v.-oro prcaont , and conferred with the
council informally about the lovct :
matter and Union avenue bridge. The
city engineer wno itihtructcd to pro-
mro pliinn nnd spucihcntionn fcr pnv-
iut { Broadway from the Methodist
church to the Korthwtnlnrn depot ,
nud Mninetront from Broadway to the
Rck Island depot , ono act of plans to
bo for Kranito , anothur for wooden
bloeke , the purpose botng to have
liolh ntreeti paved with cither ono or
the other next upring.
The mutcor of _ elooWo light was
called up nnd tlio inlonnal cxprcsnion
of the council wnn in favor of a local
company securing an exhibition here
and if it proved nuccusisful to give a
Franchise. The council adjourned
until Friday night with the agreement
o fo ; in n body thin morning to visit
, lie Upper Broadway culvert at the
crock , and the lovno.
Our hobby IB honeet made boots and
shoes. Small profits and quick ro-
turns. 7i. T. LINP/.KY it Co.
The only iron preparAtion tbat doef
not color the teeth , and will not cause
licadaoho or constipation , as otlici
Iron preparations will , ia iirowii'slror
Lively Talk on
A largely attended meeting of the
board of tradu was hold last night tc
discuss the paving of Alain and Broad <
way. All scorned in favor of puving ,
nit a hot discussion arose as tc
whether stone or wood should be
used. Neither side would yield and
an adjournment was taken till next
tfonUay night to allow tlmo for each
nido to bring in statistics nnd experi
ences of other cities.
Hnrrldou County's Vota
The ollicial vote of Uarrrton count ;
; ivoo the republican state ticket twc
mndred and pixty-aix majority , but
; ivcs Pusey eight majority over An
The Hupor.vlBors Moot and Canvase
the Vote PuBoy'a Majority
on the Ouin.
Yesterday the county board of sn-
> orvisors mot in regular session ,
being in attendance Meson- .
} layton , Frum , Underwood and Phil
ips , Supervisor Dye being absent.
An ollicial canvaes of the vote was
nado , showing the same results ae
mvo already been given in THE BEE ,
the figures being slightly different 5r
some cased. The count on the state
ickot , varying but little on the several
andldatoo , resulted in the main he
allows : '
lepublican . 3/13C
) omocratlo . 3,5i7 !
Greenback . 151
The count on congressman showed
Anderson to have fallen far behind
us ticket , ho having received 2,70C
voles , whiio Pusoy roooivod 4,071 , and
lotion , groonbackor , 222 , making
? nsoy's majority 1,305
For clurk the republican candidate ,
3 , D. Street receives 3,682 , and Gal-
aghor 3,429. Street's majority 203.
For county recorder the democratic
mndidato , Brpdbcck , receives 3,007 ,
iCollor receiving 3,472 , giving the
former a maj ority of 135.
For supervisors , Frum , republican ,
received J,850j Putuamthoropublicai | ;
o udidato , 3,094j Klrkwood , demo
orat , 3,818nnd Dye , democrat , 3,410 ,
This elects Frum and Kirkwood.
The proposition to build a nov
county jail mot with an ovcrwbolmiuf
defeat , the vote of the county chewIng
Ing 2,370 in favor of a now jail , nnd
3,100 against it , the proposal boin )
defeated by 70C majority. While Vhi
city voted almost solidly for it , th
county voted straight against it.
Harry , Gentlemen. "
Raid a man on bis way to be hanged
"there'll bo no fun till I get there. " W
say t the dysueptlc. nervous , and deblll
tntcd , don't hurry thoughtlessly for som
remedy of doubtful merit , uncertain of n
lief , when you c n t at the dragnliti fo
ono dollar ilunlock llltml Jlitltrt aluioa
sure to euro and certain to bouelit.
A Dwolllnfr House Dolonalnir to J. IU
Palcnor Burned to the Ground.
Yesterday morning , shortly after !
o'clock , on alarm of fire was sent li
by telephone from the Drovers' hotel
caused by the discovery of llamas issu
Ing from a dwelling house located jus
opposite. The rough condition of threads
roads made the eteumor a iittlo lati
in reaching the spot , and in the moai
time the flames gained treat hcadwa <
and threatened the hotel so that thi
liveliest work with buckets and pail
became necessary to save it , On thi
arrival of the fire department than
could bo little done for the burnin-
house beyond saving a portion of thi
contents , the building itself belni
so enveloped In flames that uothin
could prevent ita being burned to tin
ground. Fortunately the hotel wai
saved. 1 ho house thus burned wai
oirntd by Mr. J. M. Palmer , and thi
Ices will reach about $1,800 , on whiol
Ihern was an insurance in Odol ! A
Diy'a agency , of ? 1,200. The caust
of the fire is unknown. The houn
waa occupio4 by a colored jaiuily , whi
kept a number of boarders.
Do not bo deceived. Insist on hav
ing the genuine Brown's Iron Bitten
made ouly by the Brown Oliomici
Oo. , nnd take nothing eho ,
It bhows the Population ot Couucl
Blutld to bo 21,354.
The now dlrretory of Oonnoil Bluff
h now being distributed , and tin
compiler , J , P. Bnthnoll , ban kindlj
plaoedono upon THR BRII'H table. I
is n volume of abont 350 pages , pre
sonlingan attractive typographical appearance
poarancovhila the matter is ttrrang
ul in very convenient form for roadj
reference. It appears from what ox
iktnination no have thus far given it t <
be far ubovo thn uiunl directory it
accuracy and complotoncss , and il
ccntaitiu much vnluablu informatior
besides the alphabetical list of clti
7.001. It evidently taken rank as the
beat directory yet furniohcd this city ,
and as the nooU wai getting great on
account of the length of time ninci
the last ono r.rul the many changec
liere , it will bo wulcomo to over >
counting room , oflice nnd bustncsE
The population of the city , as shown
by n careful c.invana , proves to be
2L,3 < H , estimating four persona tc
uvety namn given a place in the dir
ectory , The work conUmn a rovion
of the vanoun intureuts of the city , ti
rcsumo of itn historj , the facts of itt
growth Mid prunpcetu , a opecial nhow-
ing of the railways which nmlco thir
ono of Hid gteat ruil < ray Centura of thi
country Bosidta u complete reaidonl
and buiinusa directory thuio in A corn
ploto chowiug of the chtuohvs , Echooh
and HOoioticfl. Tlio volume containi
also u wrilu-np of the country , and
ono also of the state of lovra. A full
struct and avenue directory is alsc
presented , i/ivmg both the old and
now names.
Ono of the best featurca of the booli
is tint it contains a complete list o !
the p jAtoflices in Iowa , with the mono ]
order odlcoa and county seats. Thi
census of Iowa und that of the Unitct
States and territoricn is given , anc
finally the conolitution of the citato.
Taken all in all , it appears to bo on <
of the most complete and valuabli
directories which any city could asl
for , and Mr. Buuhnoll is certainly entitled
titled to credit.
Depend Upon It.
Mother Shlptou's prophosloi and Louis
laula olectlonH are very uncertain thingp
but Thomtu' JMccirir Oil can be dependei
upon always. It cures aches and .palnio
every description.
Moved Thulr Quarters.
Walters Bros. , hitrne s makers anc
dealers in naddlory , and turf goods
have removed to J. B Lawis' olc
stand , opposite the Ogden house
where they will bo pleased to meo
their old customers and many nov
Flrjit Rnto Evltlonon.
"Gftoti unable to attend bu iucboin |
nuhject toBcrioim disorder of the kidneys
After u long Mcgo of slckuosa tried liitr
dock Jllond Jlitdrs and wrs reliex-ed b ;
balf a bottle , " Mr. li. Turner , of Koches"
tor , N. Y. , takes tlio pains to write.
Uurnum's Twenty Elophtinto Take i
Dip In the Sad Soa-Wavos.
llriilgoport ( Conn. ) Correspondent
Barnnm took a notion'to give twenty
ty of hia olophatns a swim in the sal
water the other day. Boasido Park
near the showman's mansion , is a mag
nlficout area of tastefully improvec
land , reaching down to the wator'i
edge , and fringed with a gently slop
ing , pebbly beach. To this beach thi
elephants were marched in a statoli
procession , followed by an immense
crowd , which seemed to embrace hat
the people of Oonnccticut. Thousand ;
of people wcro on hand to enjoy thi
fun. As soon as the olophantu got i
sight of the Bound they in/ido a breali
for the water , with expressions of thi
most stuponduoua joy. They showot
no doslro to keep near the shore , bul
pushed for deep water * , where they bean
an to play with all the heartiness o :
u lot of school-boys lot loose in the
surf. Never had elephants displayed
to a paying crowd their capacity fo :
run and frolio in BO pronounced u man
nor. They friikod like puppies , turn
bling each other over in the water anc
performing all sorts of wild gymnastii
feats. Two olophauta would oportivo
ly go for a third and duck him undo
the water. Then half a dozen of then
would 1111 their trunks with water am
squirt it at each other as children ii
the surf splosh water in each other'
faces with their hands. Sometimes ai
elephant would bo missing for oovorj
minutes , and people would got an ide
that ho had sunk to rise no more. Bul
presently , the round black uozzlo c
his trunk would appear on the surface
reminding the spectator that a boas
with such a long nose can remain ou
of sight as long no ho pleases , if h
only keeps the end of his breothin ]
apparatus within roach of fre h air.
"Emperor , " the hirgo and unrul
alaphant , who made such trouble lae
summer when ho escaped at Troy an
went on a rampage through the street
of that city at night , showed a spoi
tivuly riotous disposition. Ilo note
as if ho was drunk and wanted to go
up n fight among the other elephants
Ilo is next 10 Jumbo in eizo , and i
ton Union as frisky. Ilo took savors
of the Iittlo elephants one by ono anc
tossed thorn over uud around in th
water as if they were oats. Two o
three of the Iittlo ones thought it wa
too much of n good thing , and soomoc
tc want to unite their efforts to play i
trick on the monster and hold bin
under the water. This they tried fo
a little while , but soon got enough o
it. They know how ugly ho could bi
when ho felt like it , and BO , after i
few weak trials , they concluded to lo
him alone After awhile Empero ;
and another elephant nearly aj big at
himself took u notion to start ol
toward the Long Island shoro. Sidi
by Hide , ns if harnessed together
they swem mojettically away , us it t <
rotcrn no more. When they ha <
ROIIO several hundred yards ono o
the koopora put after them in n row
boat , und soon caught up with them
Ho had a polo with a hook nt the end
such us it used among elephants for i
instrument of correation. Aftc
h had given Emperor om
punch with this the beast turnec
and cave the boat a push will
his shoulder , Indicative of what hi
might further do if annoyed. Thi
boat began to fill , nud the frightonoi
keeper headed for shoro. As ho turnec
tbu other elephant uavo the boat I
wbaok with his trunk , just w n litt'c
lornindor. For a few moments then
was deep exci'omont among the crone !
for nobody know but that the crev
turt-s might take it m'o thdr heads tt
swim the whole length of Long Inlanc
Sound , and tlionco out to sen , Sotnu
body Btigwctcd sending a steam tut
after them , mid others idiotically pro
posed harpoons and l so-ropcs. Thi
venerable H.irnnin tat on the p"rtic <
of the bithiug p-rtilk'n , nearby , and
laughed 1 Ki a big b y , hoattily or joj-
ing thn fun , cud knuning that the
votco nf Ars'lngsUll , the chief train
er , would in tuna avail to prevent the
iMinnalh from bvii'g 1' " n * lonI'1 B
few minutcii Araiiiigatall's word ol
command was heard from the beach.
Instantly thu swimmers turned and
he'tdod for the shore , greeted by im
mense cb''ctini ? from the crowd ,
The tvhola swim of the elephantine
pwty lasted about two houiH , to the
ijront dolighl of the boastn themselves
and the Bndgeporlcrs who were an-
nemblnd to r.oo them. Inicrest in thn
pftrformanco did not for a moment
( lag , though the day was cold and
drizzly. The elephants would have
staid in the water all the uftornooL
had they not bucn commanded tc
como out. When cillcd to cotno to
the ahoro they obeyed very reluct
antly , performing all rorto of cipoM.
Ono inuicnlar elephant would his
trunk around ono of the posts sup
porting the platform which extends
out from the bathing pavilion over the
water of the nuund , Ilo WHB sibout td
pull thii post up , the effect of which
would have beou to give R largo pirty
3f po plo an unexpected bath. His
keeper told him to "stop it. With tbt
air of a boy Caught in the net of nto&l-
ing jam from bis inothor'n pantry , the
boast let go of the [ ant , tucked hie
trunk under hia loft fore K'g ' , nnd am
bled ashore.
Arrived on the pebbly beach tin
olephanta had to bo chained or boh
bled to prevent them from doing mis
chief as they paraded through the
streets to their winter quart ore , wliicl
nro about half a mile from the shore
While the iTaopers wcro adjusting thi
chains the boasts made the most o
their opportunity to have some fut
with the soft mud at the water's edge
in which they were standing. Scoop
ing up as much of it as they oouk
conveniently handle with their trunki
they slung it around at each othe :
* nd nt the bystanders. Thuro was i
sudden scattering among the boys nnc
others who were thus visited with i
baptism of mud. The chaining com
plotcd , thn whole party marched off a
stately und solemn as if no euch pic
nio as they had enjoyed had eve
been heard of. Jumbo was kept a
Constable llosecrans still continue
quite ill.
B. F. iiake , of St P.tul , Neb. , was ii
the city yesterday.
E. A. Babcock nnd wife , of Avoca , vh
ited the Bluffs yesterday.
Julius Schneider , one of the live biui
neaa men of Avoca , was in the city ycstei
J. T. Stewart , ex-deputy United State
marshal , nnd now of Mexico , Missouri , I
in the city.
Sheriff Hamilton , if Carroll countj
was hero jestorday after three prisoners
whom he took back for trial.
James W. Morgan. Mra. W. U. Wheel
er and Miss Wheeler , of Three Riven
Mich , , were at the Ogden yesterday.
James Wallace , son of W. W. Wallaci
is at houio for n few days' rest , from Coi
nell college , Mount Vernon , Iowa , whei
he ia pursuing a course.
Chris Thleas , representing the loaf t (
bacco ho jp of Kllol , Kollenbcrg & Hlllei
of Chicago , was in the city yesterday i
happy and lively as usual.
John Fleming , of Dea Moinee , and 1
O , Brougham , of Woaton , both prominet
railway contractor ? , were In the city yei
terday and dropped in nt BFK hondquui
H btopped at Gabbago.
Detroit Tree I'rekS.
A colored man living on Indian
struct lately had occasion to ask th
advice of the patrolman in that dis
trict , as to how ho should treat semi
boys who called him names as hi
passed a certain earner.
"I wouldn't miad 'em , " wan th
"Jist what I reckoned on , " said th
complainant. "I had my mind mad
up to treat 'em wid proud disdain
But dar'u a naybur o1 mine who frowi
clubs at my dog an' cusses my obill'en
Would you also como do proud dudaii
over him ? "
"Yes , I think BO. "
"An1 dar'a a white man libln' rouni
do co'nor who say I stele his ax.
reckon dat proud disdain will fix bin
if I keep it up long enough ? "
"It certainly will. "
"Wall , den it am nettled dat Idoar
talk back in none o' deso cases , bu
dar' am ono fing I wans undorstooi
right lioih nu' now. Da nex' time
am injoyln * an' eboniu' eieata on d
door steps und n six-pound cabbag
hits mo on do middle west button da
won't bj ho proud disdain to bo hn >
in any grocery fur a mile nroun' ! I'z
gwino to rizo up and yell for roveng
an' shout for blood , an' do osslfor wh
interferes wid mo am gwine to b
rendered unconscious fur forty-eigli
Twenty-tour jcara experience In practical
Office 106 Upper Broadway ,
Council Bluffs , lows
60-1 Nottb Second Stieet ,
a Aak your Qrocor for the Gel
obnUod Star UoflVn < irut Sttr Uablu
I. D UDMWiDBOS. B. L.nallOiUr. A. W.DTBRI1
I'tenlilcnt. Vlce-1'rtJit. Cashier.
Of Uonuoll Bluffs.
Or ranlioJ under the ! ot tha tiUU o ( IOVTJ
Tald up capital . , . 9 76.00
Authorized capital . , . . StCOOC
IntcriBt paid on tlma depodU. Dr IU Uauo
on the principal cltlei ol the Unltud tytatca atn
Europe , bHx.lil attiutloa ghen to collection
and corrwpoudeDte ulth prompt rctuini.
J. I ) . KduiuiuUion. tLbhugart , 3. T.Htrt ,
W.tW. WUUc * . J. W. Kollcr , J. A.
A. W. SUcet , /
NOTlOh. Aped * ! advertisements , enc.
ret , Found , To Loin , For Said , To ttcnt
rt'int , Hoarding etc. , will tre Incited In thlr
column at the ow rate of TKN CKNTS TEI
UNB lor the Hrrt Insertion and FIVE CENT.1-
PEP. LINE for * < ich subsequent Insertion
t * ve adv iTtlsem nta it our office , No. 7
i'nftrl itrtnt. npar Hroarlway.
Want * " .
WANTT.O-A portion to ilo pcncml
a jounj ? man u ell recommended , nudKotxl
penman Inijulro ntlio olllco of John Limit , it-
ornej at law , olllco on Ilr tuluay.
WANTii : ) At tVc Wiitorn Motive , a cook ;
mm who understands the uu'lnm ; none
othir nt ml nppl.x.
WAXTKB .V 0 Imlldlrui to mot e. Wo mitio
nMwcl It ) of 11111 tf Iiou e8 and safes'
AddriM > V. P. Ale orlfi , box ff0 , Conncll
Huff * , la.
" \\rAJttKD Everybody In Council Bluffi It
W to UkoTim DBII , 20 cctiM IIOT nock , an
Ivcrcd by carrion Odlcc , No 7 Pul Utroct
near I'lnnd1 * ? ,
For Sale and Rout
HUNT- Small tioiisn fi\o room . frool
171011 , well , & < . A i ] i } lit Merchant d Kt&tau
rant , corner llrtndwnj ami I'onrtli strctK
n > 4-3tt J.A. 110SS.
IRNT Small rHdtncu on htnUinan
struct , bM. . II. Ilro in.
ITWH RAM ! The Western 1 1 nine , No. DOS Up-
I1 ) > cr iroidwaj ; or lll tmdo for Improtcd
lit ) or farm propcrtj ; orvlll sell furnltiiro mid
runt Imlldlnjr ; .1.31011 , 111 hualth. Address , ) . .H.
1. McCALLliirn , fcUS Upper Hroadwiy , Coumll
HnfTs , .towa.
fJO'i HAI.K A luinlurnni ) coal } * rddolra ;
r * pool liH lnrH In n now town , 01 the Old-
c\zo , Mllnftukiis&St. I'Mil railroad.
l.\0ll UKNT Mj new two story brick store
C building on South Main street.
I'CTKIl WKia ;
| 70K SALK My tttc.M ncro fruit farm , on
L1 Smith Kir ts rcct. I'KTCU WK1S
I71011 HUNT Furnished rooms to rent , with
! boinl , at 7. 5 M > nstor street. Diy board
SJ.B1 per wtek. ocutW-H
( .AUK HALh ttiMi'iiiful rr itlence iou , 00
jj each ; nothing down , and 83pcriconth only ,
aplS-t !
TOST Ulack setter pup. Liberal reward will
J bo pUJ lor his rtturn ! > DID WiBtcru
houeo , upper Unadway , Council BlnfTa.
QTTlLLi AHEAD QrLatauccesa. Call and eee
O new accessories and specimens of pictures
taKcnbv the tellable gelatine bromide process.
at the Hxct-lHlor Gulkrr 10''Main ' street.
Bit W. L. I'ATTON IVJ ) 8lciun and Oculist.
Can euro any caan of sore eye * . It la only
a matter of time , and can euro generally In
from three tc five weeks-It make * no differ
ence how long dlscaird. Will straighten crew
eyes , operate and remove rtyrcRlnms , etc. , and
Insert artitlclal cjca Special Attention to re-
movclnjr tf.deworms apB-tf
Council bluffs'
Business Directory ,
Art Qallery.
Excelsior photograph ga'lcry ' , South Slain St ,
Instantaneous process. *
, Brewery. *
0. OE1SE , Upper IJ ilway.
Bottling Works.
B. IIAOS & CO , East Pierce St.
P. AYERS , BIT S. Slain St.
Bathing Houses.
SIRS. E. J. HARDING , SI. D. , Broadwny am
Olcnn a\c.
DR. STCDLEY , Bethcsda Bathing House
Broadftaj- .
Books and Stationery.
H E. SEAMAN , SlldJlo Broadway.
Banks ,
OFFICER fc PUSEY , corner Broadway and 5U
CITIZENS' BANK , Bth street.
Broom Factory.
MAYNE& CO. , tuenuo A , and Cth St.
Olgar Manufacturers.
TEMPLETON & LASIB. 232 Broadway.
P. R. LEVIN. 308 Broadway.
L. BOEKHOFF. B31 Slain St.
A. H. SIAYNE & CO. , 34 Pearl St.
J. ROSS , G15 East Broadway.
SINTON & WEST , 14 Pearl St.
Dry Goods
HARKNRSS , ORCUTT& CO. , Broadway ani
4th street.
Eggs Shipper.
Q. F. CRAWFORD , B19 Slain St.
Furniture Manufactory.
E. It. BTElNIllLlinit , cor. 7th a\o and 12th St
g Furniture Store.
0. A. BEEBE & CO. , 207 and 209 Broadway.
Groceries and Provisions.
SULIVAN & FITZGERALD , 343 Broadway.
OLLIVER fc QRAI1AM , Cth etrcct. Good
Bold at eastern prices and guaranteed.
Harness and Saddlery.
CHAS. WALTER & BRO. , Middle Broadway
CIIAS. I1EKMAN,33 ( Middle Broaduay.
Hair Goods.
SIRS. D. A. BENEDICT. 337 West Broadnay
SIRS. J. J. GOOD , 3 Cth street.
Livery Stables ,
A. COM1TON , 230 Broadway.
W. 0. HOLLAND , 700 South Slain St.
H. I1EUCUOKT , ojip. V. O.
OODEN HOUSK. Upper Ilroailwn ) ,
KIEL'S HOTEL , 601 and 607 Slain street.
Meat Market.
E. W. TICKNOR , KM Broadway.
J. J. BLISS , 328 Broadway. Como and exam
Inu ( orjoumelf.
MRS. J. B. SICTCALF , 048 Broadway.
Marble and Granite Works.
CONNOR tc QUANELLA , 1J7 Broadway.
Merchant Tailors ,
JA8. FRANEY , 372 Ilroadway.
CIIAS. RICE , Detol'tr biiilillinr , Cth and Mall
JOS HEITER , 310 Broadway
Real Estate and Abstract.
KIMRALL i. CHAMP , opiHWlte court house.
J , W. bQUIRE & CO. , corner Pearl and 1st Me
Restaurant ,
SMITH A McCUKN , 401 Broadway.
Stoves and Tinware.
R. P. AMY & . CO. , COU South Main utrett.
Shirt Factory ,
V , F. FORD , corner Blufl and Willow St ,
MORGAN , KELLER to CO. , 340 and 347 Brood
way ,
D. M. CONNI'.LL. 17 North Main St.
Frosli and Salt Moats ,
Poultry nnd Game iu their eeason. Wieue
and other Sausage * a 6Ki.lalty ( ! ,
Broadway , and I'ourtli ' Street ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
Headquarters For the Cele
x Toys and Fancy Goods
Wholesale and Retail.
Address ,
Guai'antees the Best $1.50 , $1,75 and $2.00
Elnff and Mm greets. . Council Elnffs.
Orders flllcJ In any part cf the city. Orders by telephone promptly attended to.
0 EW * Sm aKtmBa * < & * Adb tttiauUdWriOaBldiUy
Wo rrmVe the following a specialty :
/tarMall , orders and correspondence promptly attended to. Office and Manufactory
8. E. Oor. 7th Avo. and 12th Street , COUNCIL BLUFFS , IOWA.
Tbo finest quality and largest stock west of Chicago of wooden and metalio cases ,
Calls attended to at all hours. We defy competition in quality of goods or prices.
Our Mr. Morgan has served OB undertaker for forty years and thoroughly understands
his business. WAREROOMS , 34C AND 357 BROADWAY. Upliolsterlne In
all its brunches promptly attended to ; also carpet-laying and lambrequins. Tele *
graphic and mall orders filled without delay. _
Council Bluffs , - Iowa.
Beer ami rralt In any quanllty'lo ' suit purchasers. Beer tS.OO per barrel. Private families sup
plied ttitli email tcgJ at 81.00 each , ueltered Ireoot charge to any part ol the city.
Wholesale Dealer in and SOLE AGENT FOR Joseph Schlitz Brewing
Company's Celebrated
No. 711 Broadway , Council Bluffa , Iowa. Orders from the country elicited
City orders to families and dealers delivered free.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Hos , 207 & 200 Broadway , Council Bluffa.
Merchant Tailor
Aluaysketpa on hand theflncBtaHtortinentolmatcrlaUorKentlcmen'Bwear. Satisfaction guaranteed
Mllllntiry , Droasmutclucr , Etc. Cuttmer and Fitting a Specialty.
Ko (43 Broadway , Oppotlto Hevcro House.
Laces , Embroideries , and Ladies Underwear.
IlandkercLlefg , h'oaa ol all kind ? , thread , pint , needles , etc. We hope the Udlea will call
and s e our stock ol iroodt.
Merchant Tailor.
( Lata Cutter for Melcalf U „ )
Devol's New Building , Main Street.
Council Bluffs , la ,
Suits to order 818 and upwards. '
J. F , Kill HALL. GEO , II. CHAMP ,
( Successors to J. P. & J. H.
Abstraqt , Real Estate and Loan Brokers.
We kkve the only compute et otab tr ci book * to all city Iota ted landi In fotUwktUml
count ) TlUe * examined tud abttracU lur Ubvd CD thoit notice. Money to loan on dty and farm
property , > hort ind tcn time , In lumi to eult the borrower , Keal tt bought and told. Offict
at the old itaa J opposite co ut benne *