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. ' f u oo
oots and Shoe
JA . W A
Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
Near Union Pacific Depot. OMAHANB
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'Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , and
All Grocers' Supplies.
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Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
Cor. Farnam and 10th Streets Omaha , Neb.
C. 2E\
Window and Plate Glass.-
tar Anyone contemplating building store , bank , or any other flne will find It to their ad
antago to corres end with uj before puicboalng their PlatoOlaea.
Storage , Commission and Wholesale Fruits ,
1421 & 1423 FAENHAM STREET.
Agents for Peek & Bauahors Lard , anfl Wilber Mills Flour
Fire and Burglar P
o o xs : s 9 o
1020 Farn ham Street ,
an m aa
Omala Steam Laundry.
The only Laundry In Nebraska that is supplied with complete machinery
or Laundry work. Send your orders by mail or express.
1207 Farnhnm Street.
Repairing in all Branches " ' *
IE1. O.
iltJtl fl % i
1213 . . Omaha , Neb.
A Obarmlnff Story of tUo Daya of the
Robolllon ,
It was the afternoon cf a clear ,
aharp January day of 1801 , and the
company > numbered fully 200 ; there
were men and women , boys and girls ,
( lying nnd eliding about in niasaos ,
singly , by dozens , and by twos and
threes , over the frozen eurfnco of the
beautiful Silver lake in Ilockdnlo , a
suburb of the .flourishing city of B
Now England is dotted 'with these
small bodies of water , nnd it is ns >
toundtng to recount what n surprising
number boar the name of Silver ,
And so on Silver Inku this goodly
company was disporting itsolt with al
the gayety and zoat the keen , bracing
air and exhllorating sport combined
to produce.
Among the crowd were many lad
and lassos who imagined they were
fond of skating , nnd came to Silver
Lake for no other reason. It was
singular , too , to note how much moro
the "outward roll "
gracefully , back
ward and forward , cau bo acoom
pllihod by joining hands or being
linked together by a walking stick.
Thcso sticks in some instances proved
no non-conductors to the sympathetic
thrill that pervaded the magnets of
either ond.
The positive and negative condi
tions were fully realized in the case of
brawny John Horton and rosoy-
cheeked Abbio Latham , the daughter
of the 'Squiro. She , with her plump ,
comely figure , and frcah , handsome
face , lit up by a pair of laughing blue
oyoo , could have led awkward John ,
on or off skates , anywhere , with nu
apron-string or a thread for n con
ductor. Not BO with John , He could
cad her nowhere ; end the moro the
f-irl could balk and tautalizo him
the moro she Boemod to on
oy the skating atid his company. .
Many a , ludicrous figure ho cut
and many an awkward fall ho endured
by her nuddon and unaccountable
turna and ohiftings , and hnr mirth
aad glee wore at the Highest at
John's repeated failures to follow
O'er difficult and tortuous wind-
Ings. John was overgrown and
massive , his twenty years of
existence not having yet served to
properly knit together and round out
the proportions of his frame. She
was litho and quick , and us gracolul
as she was skillful in the use of
Apart from the throng this after
noon John espied a little red mitten
lying upon the ice , where it had boon
dropped by some one of the numerous
ohildran. Miss Abbio saw it , too , and
as John , by ono of his graceful move
ments , osaayod to ntoop and capture
the article , aho refused to release his
hand ; but , just as ho bent forward
she gave a wicked pull , and John , un
balanced , wont sprawling a rod or
' ; wo beyond. A peal of ailvory laugher -
or was her sympathetic comment , as
with a graceful curve she turned and
caught the tiny thing in her hand.
John blushed at his awkwardness ,
and hold out his hand to recelvo the
But the captor only hold it before
him and gently moved away.
"JVon't you glvo it to mo ? " ho
asked. "I will find the owner. "
"I can find the owner moro easily
han you. I can't trust you ; you
would fall and crush tjio poor thing in
frying to deliver it. " And aho
aucily laughed again.
"You made mo fall , " said John , in
grieved tone. "You nro always
oing those things. If I skated moro
nd studied less I'd soon be a much
n adopt as your friend Joe Staples ,
horn you are always praising. "
"You ? Ha , ha , ha ! As graceful as
Joe Staples ! " and the hilarity of the
young maiden made John Morton's
sluggish blood course through his
veins till his face was as rod as the
scarlet kerchief that encircled his
neck. /
All the rest of that afternoon John
wan gloomy and silent. Ho moved
around mechanically , or rather auto
matically , and his companion con
cluded to servo no moro tricks upon
Tlie sport finished. The two then
wondedthoirway to the house of Mr.
Latham , John's fair companion failing
to rally him into anything like conver
sation. Ha answered her only in
monosyllables , and seemed morose
and preoccupied.
As ho was about to take his leave ,
John said seriously and a little sar
castically , "Abbio , I'm going back to
college to-morrow , and I hope you
will enjoy the rest of the okatlng oea-
Bon in companiomihip moro graceful
than mine. "
"I hope I shall. " replied aho , in the
same tone. "You inuat feel bad
about something : perhaps it's the mit
ten ; you hud better take it not new ;
I won't give it up. If I over think
enough of you to surrender it , I'll
send it to you by express. "
And then ebo smiled on John with
rare sweet nose , but John had soon
that smile bolero , and felt that uho
was only mocking him ,
So with a Holemn good night ho
buttoned his coat cloae to his chin ,
and with hands resolutely thrust into
his pockuta , turned homeward , resolved -
solved to waste no moro time with
rkating ( ; irls , who judged young men
by the dexterity they exhibited in
handling their heels ,
Among the curliest voluntuer regi
ments that Jolt for the seat of war in
the summer of 1801 was the th
Massachusetts , with Lieut. ITorton as
an oflicor of company K. Like hun
dreds of others ho abandoned his
books for the awprd , and had passed
nights and days in study and drill to
fit himself for hia new position , Hoc-
ton enjoyed the reputation among his
follows of being un anchorite. Ho
was reticent , sometimes gloomy , and ,
although ho performed his duties ac
ceptably , ho had thus far failed to
show any distinguishing qualities for a
military career. lie joined in
few of the camp pleasures ,
and when ho was not on
duty , reading , or studying waa sure
to bo seen in abstract thought , walk
ing about the atreela of the camp or in
the region ot the country immediately
around , Christmas and Now Year in
camp formed ono of the brightest
seasons of the hard-worked soldier in
the years of the rebellion , Though
the quantity of useful and useless
articles dispatched from homo was at
all times great , the bulk 01 contribu
tions arriving at thi festive sc.tjun
sorely tried the carrying capacity of
all engaged in supplyirg the ntmy at
the front. And the occasions of
opening the boxen and bundles ,
among both olllcora and pri-
vatoa , was most interesting
nnd exciting. The otliccrs of thoth
had arranged to have nn ' opening" in
the the colonel's quarter * , and thither
nil who were not on duty repaired.
The ( ironing was of cout'o most en
joyable , for nearly every wo had re
ceived from homo come gift of token
to remind him of n mother , sinter , or
nwcothonrt , oomotimoa of all throe ,
llorton was present , cool , gloomy and
indifferent. Ho did not expect any
present. His family was scattered ,
and ninny of those nearest to him , tc
whoso loving sympathy ho would
naturally turn nt this time , had
parsed nwny. Ho did not foe'
in o , Bcntimontal sympathetic mood ,
and yet no particle of envy entered
hia mind in witnessing the enjoyment
ofothora. As the major hold up a
small paper box , however , and c.illcd
out Liout. John W. Horlon , " the lat
ter started and felt his face all aglow
in an instant. Ho took the parcel ,
andjn spite of entreaties in which
not n few jokes were cracked at his
expanse , placed it in his pocket till
the conclusion of the festivities , when
ho retired to the comfortable quarters
ho shared with Liout. Carter.
Lieutenant llorton was puzzled and
curious , After divesting himself of
his overcoat ho sat down , pl&cod the
box on the toble. and in company with
his companion lighted the solacing
dudeen , determined to approach and
unravel the mystery as bvcnme the
philosopher. Carter got decidedly im
patient before even the outer wrap
pings were removed , us Horton con
ducted the proceedings with weighty
deliberation. At last Horton shook
from the box a little red mitten
anuqly wrapped in a piece of white
tieauo paper. No note of explanation
appeared , and Horton mot his com
panion's gaze with a louk , in which
were pictured ftt least half a dozen of
the umotiono that effect the human
mind , the principal ono being sur
For the next three evenings our ho'
ro was engaged in writing letters or
rather a letter for no sooner waa
each ono completed than it was torn
in pieces and burned , llorton felt
hiuisolf in a tight fix , and hoped the
enemy would mnko a demonstration
on the camp that ho might got out of
it. Ho had rather face a hundred
cannon than undertake to acknowl
edge the reception cf that mitten. Ho
knew ho had loved Misa Latham , but
his big , sensitive eoul had been terri
bly lacerated by her apparently heart-
leaa behavior , and ho had concluded
to become indifferent , not only to
her , but to all womankind. This
might bo another of tier heart-
leas tricks , but when Jack recalled her
words , "If I over think enough of
you to Burrendor it , I'll send it to
you , " ho felt the little witch did enter
tain some regard for him. Still , an
she had vouchsafed no kind of men-
sago with the surrender of the mitten ,
ho waa at u lees how to act. Write ho
could not. "If I asked Carter's ad
vice , " ho reasoned , "ho would only
laugh nt mo. Why can't thjse plaguey
women lot a fellow alor 4 anyway ? "
ho muttered to himself. * I was try
ing to forgot her and now she has
opened all my wounds afresh. She
did it to tantalize mo , but I'll show
the flirt and the whole sex that I can't
be tantalized. " And then .lack took
from his Inner pocket an envelope ,
put of which ho liahod a little red ob
ject , on which ho gazed for a few mo
menta , as n naturalist might gaze upon
insect with mingled
a nowly-discovored ,
gled curiosity and tenderness. The
soldier sighed as hejroplaccdjthp trifle ,
itnd going to the door of his tent
guzed out into the darkness.
The evening was nice and calm and
the darkness almost impenetrable.
Scarcely a sound disturbed the sleep
ing camp , and aa the enemy across the
Potomac were believed to intend no
liostilo demonstration the utmost pro-
: aution had not been taken to guard
igalpat surprise. AD Jack stood gaz
ing into the darknoes n succession of
Hashes lit up the gloom and tbo nharp
report of small arms broke the still-
loss , "Hello ! hero's for fun ! " ox-
: laimod Jack , as ho rushed for the nc-
: outfomenta. The long roll called the
nen into line , and in a few moments
.ho regiment was prepared to receive
, lie onemy. Boini ; one of the ollkers
it hand , Lieut , llorton was ordered
ay the colonel to go forward
irith a detail of men and ascertain the
: rue state of nffairs. Our pickets
ncro retreating ; , the firing being an-
iworod by stray chots from the ono-
iiy ; no judgment of their number
; ould bo formed ; but our panic-
itrlckon pickets reported thorn to bo
L0,000 strong at leaut , Horton do-
; orminod to Icocp cool and ascertain
'or himself the number of the enemy ,
llo had had little experience of fight-
ng ao yet , and his position was by no
ncans a pleasant ono. In this man-
juvro his excellent judgment WPS
waved , for after utudymi : the situa
tion au long aa it was prudent ho
lastonod to the colonel and informed
lim that the force of the enemy con-
li&ted ot not moro than a regiment of
nfantry moving directly for thu camp.
A hot skirmish ensued , the fight
lasting for + ihour or two , The
iomonatration closed with thu rotrcat
jf the enemy , oil whoeo heels Liout ,
Norton , whoto fighting blood was up ,
liung with u tenacity thai tntonhhvd
Ins brother oflicoiH.
lunger with an amazing coolness , and
directed the fire of his men wherj it
would do the most good. It wau his
ambition to capture uombody or some
thing , and ho did a confederate cap
tain nnd two privates who were "sur
rounded" by hiinuolf and ono of the
soldiers. But Jack , fired by this sue-
zens , rashly prcesed uht-ad for moro
human plunder , when ho was laid low
by a bullet through hU shoulder ,
Jack Horton waa the hero of that
night , and was mentioned in the com
mander's report for hia coolness , cor
rect judgment , and unflinching brav
ery. It needed just ouch an occasion
is this to bring out what waa in the
man ; but Juck was modest and didn't
presume lie had done moro than
no ought. Hia wound was a
painful ono , and in a few days
no was on his way to Rockdalo ,
where the reports of his uchiov-
meats had proceeded him , Jack
could not help fooling n little curious
about how Miss Abbio would greet
him if he chanced to meet her. Ho
hadn't the remotest idea of calling on
her , however. Ilia time waa the
country's , anil nil his leisure momenta
wcro iinrscd , oven in these invalid
daya , in the study of military tactics.
Ho did not want to be made n lion of ;
he did not pretend to rceomblo thnt
noblfjanimal in , so ho ttnyed
nt home and studied his books.
Junt before his return to the ntmy
ho nttontlrd n fair nt llockdnlo in mil
of the soldiora. The young ladies
were thu principal nttrAollons nt this
as nt all fairs ; and among the young
none wore moro nttrnctivo than Miss
\bbio Ltthnm. She drove n remark-
nblo aucocsaful business nt the tlowor
stfind , ono of hnr principal patrons be
ing Mr , Joauph Staples , who pur
chased at least lin.f her stock and dis
tributed it with n lavish hand. Ho
nad not gene to the war , but had , nt
least , and without compulsion , hired
a substitute. His patriotism wna nr-
dent , na ho nsaurcd Miaa Abbio , but
there were to hint other glorious at
tractions nearer homo ,
Certainly , Lieut. Horton could but
payhis respects to , Miss Abbio. His
face was paler , nnd his form had be
come moro trim and manly than when
she last saw him , His loaturcs , Abbio
noticed , bore an expression of sadness
and BUtl'eiiug ; he moved without awk
wardncbs , and all the young ladies do
olarcd him to bo the handsomest sol
dier in the hall. Ho were the sword
that waa voted for on this occasion , na
ho deserved to Jack's heart throbbed
a little na ho mot the gaze of the
young lady : but if she felt any emo
tion it muat hiivo boon slight ; she was
very busy with her cuatomors , nnd es
pecially with her wholesale patron ,
Mr. Staples ; yet , as the lieutenant
bndo her good evening and turned
a ray , he saw her eyes drop and n faint
blueh stcnl over her cheeks. For two
old friends , no long separated , the
mooting was dncidodly cold and for
mal , and Jack felt chilled to the mar
In the stirring events of the next
two years llorton hero his full share
at Frcdorickaburg , Ohnncellorsvillo ,
Antitttnm , GoUysburt' , the Wilderness ,
down to Cold Harbor , where , nt the
head of his regiment , lie fell desper
ately wounded in the terrible nnd un
successful nesnult on that stronghold.
Ho waa conveyed to the hospital at
Washington in n seemingly hopeless
condition , with several wounds , each
of which wan dangerous. The nurses
niovod among the wounded innn like
angels of mercy. Some of the sol
diers lay in a stupor , to mo were rav
ing in a delirium , nnd others werojdy-
ing in agony. For days Horton'a
life hung on n thread , his fev
ered brain mercifully rendering
him unconscious of suffering. As ho
awoke ono morning , a soft and gentle
hand was soothing hia brow , where
the dnmpncoa indicated that the fever
waa broken. Ho tried to open his
oyoa , but was too weak ; speak ho
could not , and ninny hours passed bo-
fora he could diacoru what was around
him. Since the night of the Cold
Harbor fight his Ufa had boon a blank.
Ho remembered nothing. And now
ho saw before him the physician and
the nureu , with a sweet palo face that
looked familiar , but ho could not
recall the name of its owner. Again
trying to speak , the surgeon kindly
whispered , "Keep perfectly qulot and
all will bo well , " and the female
attendant , at his motion , withdrew.
The next morning his dim vision
dincorned the eamo pale and anxious
face ; and n gleam of wondorintr in
quiry passed over his countenance as
ho gazed upon hor. At last ho feebly
whispered :
"Whoro nm I ? "
"In the hospital nnd with friends , "
she answered gently.
Ho would have apokon moro , but
she withdrew. The next day ho was
stronger , and ho aakod :
"Whoro have I scon you ? "
At a sign from the doctor the nurse
answered :
"At your old homo. Don't you
know me ? I'm Abbio Latham , You
arj getting better now and will BOOH
bo well. "
Jack was strong enough to begin
to collect his thoughts , which were ,
of course , nt once concentrated on
hia nurse , llo improved wonderfully
under her care , and one bright morn
ing occurred the hist conversation wo
shall record in thlu romantic sketch.
Mlas Latham wan sitting by the sldo
nf his cot arranging n bouquet. The
wounded man Imd buj/un to fool like
his own nelf , nnd permlusini : wan given
him to converao all ho dtolrod.
"How long have you been in the
hoopital , Abbio ? "
"Moro than n yenr , " she replied in
a sweet , womanly voice.
Jack thought ho had never behold
n fairer creature. If aho was beauti
ful iiu a girl , the econcu nho had wit-
[ leased hadQ touched and chastened
nil Unit wna lovable nnd womanly in
lior nature. She wna no longer u girl
she was a lender , thoughtful
"You have saved my life , " said
Jack , his oycs filled with tears.
"Mo ? no ! Your strength has tri
umphed , I have dune what little I
conld. Oh , you were so terribly hurt ! "
And here her eyes filled and her
bosom heaved an she took hia hand
aim gently pushed thu brown , curling
locks away from his forehead ,
Jack never had felt so happy before
in his life , despite the solemn charac
ter of the conversation.
" 1 cau never repay you , Abbio.
I m only sorry for that. But if I
daroil hope - '
" 1'crhupH 5 ou can , Jack , " aho replied -
plied , with thu swuetuat and moat con
fiding smile , "I found something in
your inner vest pocket which hai paid
mo already. " And eho took from a
blood-ntninod envelope the little red
"Then you know by that token that
I had loved at least had never for
gotten you , " said Jack , n little con-
"Yea ; and if my women's BOIIBO had
not told mo , your talk in delirium
v/ould have proved it. "
Jack mentally thanked heaven thnt
ho had been crazy.
"But , Jack , why didn't you answer
my letter ? It was cruel of you. "
"Your loiter ? "
"Yea ; the one I sent by post to up
prisa you of my present. Mr. Staples
look it to thoolllco , "
"And I never received it ! Do you
auppeao that follow waa mean enough
"No , dear Jock. Don't get excit
ed. Lot us auppoao nothing. All'i '
well that end's well. "
The little rod mitten is a tronrorcd
tolic in the llorton family , nnd it has
bron n woudoiinq question to rovo'al
cherubs thnt gladden the household
why maiiMiin has never knit n mate to
A Sicnlflcnnt fnot.
The clienpestmecllchia in u o U THOMAS
1'ui.rcTlilL On , liocnuno RO vary little cf it
U rnnilroil tu ttTect n euro. For croup.
tllitlicrin | , ninl tlii > on ei of tlm throat nmt
Imves , whether niccl for lmthing tlio clicst
nr thrnnt , fnr tixkltiK Intcmnlly or inhnllng ,
It Is n mntchleofl comixmiid.
0. SPKOHT , - - Proprietor.
1212 Harnoy St. - Qnirlia , Neb ,
Galvanized Iron ,
Tin , Iron and State Hoofing ,
Spooht's Patent Motnlio Skylight.
Patent Adjusted Ratchet Bar
nnd Bracket Shelving. I am
the gonornl agent for the
nbovo line of goods ,
ttnsi , Balu trde , V rnndijOfflo rul
Dank Railing * . Window and Dollar !
Quardi ! alio
lit ) .
1400 nnd 1111 Dodpo Street ,
nng 7-mo Cm OMAHA , NEB ,
Embody now 1882 Improvement * , llor ,
practical foaiurvs ; Cost loss to keep In
aider ; uealos * fnolt will gTvo moro heal
nd a larger volume of pare air thin any
furnace made.
Bald by PJEUCKY * BRADFORD , Oman * , Neb
_ Jy21.d8ai
Masy shrink from publicity In connection with
8. S. U. , but wo are permitted to refer to the following -
lowing perrons who ha\o known and witnessed
1U wonderful dlccta ;
I'ltRRT , Houston Co. , On.
Wo have known "Swill's Specific" loatcd In
hundreds of moit obstinate coats of lilood Polson-
Ing , Mercurlil Itlituraatlam , Scrofula , Korea ,
ttczoma , Catirrh. etc , and do conscientiously
tofitlfy thatlt mot with the most perfect anil u\g- \
naliiccosf , edec'ed radical and permanent curoi
In otcry c < uo without a single exception.
Hush L. Dennard , Oco. WKllMi ,
John n. Ilrown , Oco. W. Singleton , )
Wm , liruiiHOn , John It. I lose ,
Jamoa I > , lliarp IM Warren ,
Jlooro Jl Tutt'u ' , J , W. Holvln ,
J. W. Wlmhcrly , J. W. Wocl.'ock ,
W. D. Hcrco , ( sheriff , J. W. Mann. Co. Jroaj.
O. C. Duncan , T. M. Klllcn ,
I ) y & ( Jordan , T , M. Itutner , iho'lff.
wo are personally acquainted with the gentlemen -
men whoso eiKimturca appear to thu above cer
tificate. Ihoy are citizens of nald county , of the
highest rc putabllltv and character.
A. M. ( III.IIH , Ordinary , Hcuston Co. On.
} ) . II. CUUjjlt , Gl'k Hup. Ct. Hoiuton Co. Cla.
"Nothing hut favorabtu reports , llollovb
S , U atpocido for all lllood Uljemeu.
universal nitMactlon "
O. W. JONK3 & CO. . Memphis , Tcnn.
"S. S. fl. clvea bettor satisfaction any
thing \vo have ever handled. "
JACKH & CO. , Helena , Ark.
"llaro never hoard a con > plal t of H. H. S. "
AIlTIltJK I'ETEIl ft i'O. , Loulnrlllu , Ky.
"K. S. S , lias dvon cntlra ( atlnfactloii In every
one. " A. U. UIUHAUDd , Sherman , Tor.
"I have had excellent fain for fl , R. H. . and the
results havuhunn moit uuiUfailory.1
J. U. lIUIUli : , How lint ; ( Jrtcii , Ky.
"Onr Bales nf 8. U 8 , have Leon good , and III
success perfect. "
JONJa : .IGAUUY , llontgoiuiry , Ala.
"H R.t ) , han given ontlro Interaction to every
on . " K UEUdS , 1'arU , 'IVxaj.
"H. H. S. hai iilvon universal eatlnfactlon , '
H. W. 1'OWKUH fi CO , , Richmond , Va , .
81.00U Rn .
crumltt who will and , on analytic of ICO bottloaol
H d. fl. , one particle of Mercury , Iodide of Va
rjuni or * oy Mineral euljbtanro.
awjtrrsfKOiKio co. rropi ,
AtUott , Ol ,
J'rlce ot flmill rlto , 11,00.
Ltru | ilr 1.76.
KnM hr Ml DruvKlit
SioBi City A Pacii
Hune a Bolld Tuln Ibrcncb free >
Oounoil Blulfu to 8t , Paul
Without CJriMiEO Time , Only 17 Hours
a.O 3 > MII.US rnKmoKTia nonx *
tad 11 polaU In Northern low * . UluntauUai
Dakota , Thli Hue It oquljprd with tba tupiavsj
\footlngboaaa Autonuvo Alr-brtkc tnd UIHt
Fldtrorm Coaplor and Jirjloi : tad lor
15 ucnurj.'tWA-l. I'ullman P ! to blaoplng 0 * ,
ruii throuji VVITHOUr OUANOB Ntw cn Kr.0
B Oltyi.a4 Ot. i'aul , il * Council BinOi and
Uloux Cltf.
Trains luvuLolaa PatlCo Transfer at Ooun
ell lilufli , it TKO pm. . dally on tnlval ot Knr.u.1
Uliy. lit Jooirhuntl Ouuncll lilufij trBln Iro-t
thebouth. Auhiof tt Uloux Cltv 11:40 : p. ro
andul iho.Njiv Onlcn Popot it til. Paul , 11 :
KOUTf. i- '
tCf'Kcmeuibei In kAIng tot Sioux City Ben
you got a Through Ttftlo. The BbMtojJ
the Qnlcfcui lima and a Coolottir'u lUJi In t
ThroufrbCaid bctwceu
1JT3 * that your Tick et ) d via lt > "flltt
Oily and 1'adflo ll lioJ ! <
Buperlntundeut. Oeu' Pnao. Agea
Utisourl Valley la.
W , E. DAVIH.Bou''uwNttrn 1'asacuscr Ag
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encoded to bo the FINEST EQUIPPED Rail
road In the world for all clashes of travel.
Try It and you will flm' traveling a Injury
Instead of n discomfort.
Through Tickets via rhtt Celebrated Line tot
sale at all office * In the West.
All Information about Rates o Faro , Sleeping
Car AoocmtnoJatlons , Time Tables , &c. , will b *
cheerfully given by applylnln ; to
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Bolf-Aln ; aa Lou of Memory , Unlvonukl Lasrt
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CTTho BpoclO c Ucdlclno Is sold by all druirglsti U
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be aont free by mall on reeilpt of the money , by V
To Nervous Sufferers
Dr. J. B. Simpson's Specific
I119 ft r atlTO | cure for Hponnatoirhea , Bemhui
Weakness. Impotancy , tnd all dlieasoa remitting
( torn Boll-Abuse , nri Mental Anxiety , Lout
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Writs for thorn tnd P
Frlce , QpoclDc , 11.00 per paokage , or six pack-
agei for 16.00. Addrow all ordora to
Nos. 101 and 100 Main Bt Buffalo , M. T.
Sold In Omaha by 0. F. Goodman , J. W. B U ,
and * 11 drueirlntMVCrywhero.l
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lin 3. a. Robertson , Plttrburif. I'a. , writes"I :
u BuffurlnL' from general debllliy. want of op.
p itlto , constipation , etc. , BO thatl llo waa a bur
den ; after using Burdock lllood Dltturu I felt bet
tor than for years. I cannot praise your Bitten
too much , "
Il.Olbbn. of Buffalo , N. Y. , writes ; "Your
Burdock Bloc t Bittern , In chronic dlbtaacsol the
blood , liver aud kidneys , have been tlgnally
umikud with success. I have used them injaolf
with beat romlta , In torpidity of the lit er , and In
caaoof a friend of mine fluttering licra diopay ,
the effect w oa ma/valous. "
Itruco Turner , Rochcutor , K. Yl rltts-'l have
been subject to Berloua dlwrder of the kldueji ,
and unable to attend to buslncwi ; Burdock Blood
llittora rUluvod mo before half a bottle uruuaed
feel conBdent that they H 111 entirely cure me. "
i Asenlth Hall , Blnghampton , N. Y. , wrltec :
"I Bulferod ullh a dull ( win through ur left
lung and uhoulder. Ix > at my Bplrlta , appetite
and color , anJ could with dlillculty kiep up all
day. Took your Burdock Blood Bitters 03 di
rected , and liato felt no jf.lii Mince Urst wwk af
ter ualni : them , "
Mr , Noah Bitoa , FJmlra , N. Y. . writes : "About
four j earn ago I had an attack of bllloua lever , and
never fully reu cred , 111' dlj ; > the organs
were weakened , and 1 would uocompleteV proa-
trated for ilaja. Altoi using two bottlea of jour
Burdock Blood Illtteru thel mprovcmeut waa no
\ lalblo that I aa abttnUhdd. I can now. though
01 yc ra of a e , do a fair and looaouablo day'a
worli ,
C , Blackct Roblcaon , proprietor of The Canada
Prwb } terlan , Toronto , Uut. , ritvti : "For \ cani
I bulferod ttrtatly from oft-i-ecurrlug headache. I
vwwl your llurdotk lllood Ulttcru with happiest
rwPiiltK , and 1 now Hud uxsult In better huolth
than forjuaraptut. "
Mra. WulUco. Buffalo , N. Y , writes : < ! have
uw > d Burdock lllood Bitten for nen cua and bll-
oua i ada < bca , and can iccommoml tt to auyoue
qu ( | lturu for tllllouanena. '
Mra. Ira itullngliand , Albany , N , Y , tvittcs :
"for e orol y .ara I hue ludueJ Item clt near-
rlii. blllloua hcodt.heii , d > apcpaU , and com-
plulnta pucullar to my sex. Since tulng jour
Burdock BloodimtcraUmeutlrclr rello > d. "
Price , l.00 pei dottle ; Trl UoUlcnlOOH
? OSTEE , MILBDEN , & Oo , , Propfi ,
Bold al wbolcule by lib * UcMahon and a V.
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