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The Bee
Friday Morniup , Oct. 7.
* i Carrier , . - - - - 20ccnUporwe k.
MMl JlOOOtwrYesr ,
OtHco : No , 7 Pearl Street , Near
M. O. GtllFFIN , M n er.
H. W. TJtjTON. Cits' Editor.
J. Mueller's Palace Musio.Hnll.
Lost , a ateh charm nnd gold lokct ,
with picture. Iieaxe at this ofllco.
-Permit to wed WAH yesterday giton to
KM * D. Vodor and Mary Htslett , of At-
Spetman'd block w ? liandiomcly decorated -
orated with Pythias colon and emblems
The ConrcfrntonilUts ! had n pleasant
locial lost evening at the institution for
the cioaf nnd dumb ,
The now meat market ofiShullI& Mul
len , 799 South Main street , gucrantee best
of meats and prompt attention ,
A. fine assortment of Boots and Shoos ,
imJMcnt to iiapply ( the demands of nil , nt
George Blailm's south Main ttrcct.
Cheap Railroad tickets to all point * ,
Bufthnell , fivedoora north of postoflico , lolls
them. Entrance , Main or Pearl streets , u
J. U. Delio and Wm. Lauthrop wnro
each fined $9.CO yesterday In the police
ourt for Indulging in a row the night be-
To-morrow afternoon and evening
Corinno and her "morrlo makers" will
make all merry who accept their invita
tion to como to D > bany's hall ,
Now is the time to get good frcoh
roasted and croon cofleo cheap for caul ) , as
I am cloning out and will for the next ton
days soil at coot ,
305 Broadway.
Joseph Keller makes the Iflneat Suits
In the latest styles , at the lowest powiblo
priced. His merchant tailoring establish
ment is at 310 Upper Broadway , Council
Bluffs ,
David Free and Kd Lincoln , two
youth of color , was arrested for having a
little mill. They were fined yesterday ,
the former for bsing drunk and the latter
for disturbing the peace.
St. Joseph' * ) academy , under the prln.
cipalshlp of J , J. Sin tier y , is meeting with
marked SUCCORS and prosperity. There are
now about 100 scholarx , and the vain * of
tbe institution being imparted by Mr *
Slattery aud his able assistant , MIeH B , Q ,
Kelley , is showing iteclf in the rapid ad
vancement bting made by the pupils.
Tom Doreoy who escaped BO easily
from the charge of highway robbery , yw-
terday finished his ten days' tontcnco on
the cborgo tf disturbing Ilia peace. lie
did not tarry about town IOHR enough to
got n drink , though he was very thiisty ,
but jumped on a stock train nnd hurried
tattward. A good riddance.
Wj nun's commercial collego.of Omaha ,
has drawn into its fold qulto a number ol
students frctn this city , who are , according
to report , making development. tjTh (
college now has In its day school thirty
five pupils aud thirty-nine In the evening
ri * wxhool , i nd those numbers are being
vteadtly incieatod.
The B , & M , company seem to pul
forward not even a claim that they have
any right to run it track across tbo Center
Street school propeity , their only excuse
belnp that they wanted it for merely loin' '
porary convenience , and that they will
soon take it up again. It looks lllie n
piece of railway check , to nay the least ,
and tbo board of education will doubtless
at its next meeting take fctcpa to have the
' matter Immediately righted.
Among the drunliB disposed of in po
lice court yesterday was John Hwcenoy ,
who pleaded in extenuation that ha was a
stranger and didn't reahzo what poor
whisky was Bold hero. J , W. Reynolds
offered as en excuse that ho had the liver
complaint , ind took gin for medicine , but
got nn ovirdoso , Kach was let elf after
paying.$7 00.
The Baptist pumpkin social at If , IS ,
Sciman'a resilience last evening was lirge-
I ) ly attended , and proved n unique aud enjoyable -
joyablo affair , The pumpkin wan given
duo prominence In decoration ? , Including
the popular jack-o-lantcni. I'uuipkin
pies were on the bill-of-farj , with ! the New
Kngland accompaniment doughuuU.
There was A pleasing musical and literary
programme alto , so that , with the social
izing , there was nothing omitted to make
a happy evening for all ,
Sheriff Guittnr and family havorelurntd
from St. Louts ,
K , C , Pike , of Boone , lownv , was ticonc
ycbtctday's callers at THK BKK cilice ,
Jack bakotn , one of the well kuowns of
Mtouuii Valley , visited the BlulU now ,
II. W. Allen , of Nbw York , ngent of the
Encjcloptdla Britanlca , Is ( .topping at the
Ogden house ,
Dr. Carter , profeasor of chemistry In
the Omaha medical college , was In the
city jettrrday.
Hank Ball , the pie prrousiver ] > m&n nt
Missouri Vulloy , was in the city yesterday ,
accompanied by his wife.
Supreme Yico Chancellor Van Vullen-
Lurj , ' , of Fort Madleon , paid his respects
to THK BEE cftico yenterduy ,
A , B , Thomas , P , 0 , representative of
Iftlitct iod e , No , 8'J , Waterloo , Iowa ,
was rniocg tbe callers on THK BEE office
George \V , Thompson , of Rockfurd , III ,
who Ihtely perftctcd nrrsngemcuta far en.
teriog into pattnenhip with Mr. Van
Brunt , 1,8.1 irrived , ie&dy to begin opera ,
tlonblutarue/trndlake up his permanent
residence here. Ilia family will arrive In
few diy ,
Palpitation cf the Heart-
3. M , Might , ByrtcuHe , N , Yvritf - < :
"When 1 firut commenced uiiinx yotr BfH-
IKCK BLOOI ) BlTTElH I was troubled with
fluttering * nd palpitation of the heart , 1
felt weak end languid- with a nuinbneai iJ
the limbi ; since iialnfr , my be rt IIBJ nut
trembled OP and the numbing sensation If
allRone. " Price , 81.00.
'L ,
The GrandLod o of the Enighto
of Pv thine Coucludeo its
The Street TIIrndo-DoluRBlnConn-
cH nuil n yinUlilngBanqnet.
Yesterday was Um cecond and con
eluding onn of the mooting of the
g.-and leclga of Kniphts of 1'ythias.
The atrcfit pnrado in tliu forenoon wna
ono.of the moat aUrnr.tivu feat urea of
the dny'a doings. The parade was a
brilliant ono nnd nttraotcd n Inrgo
crowd of lookera-on , who lined
Broadway thickly , that being the
main line of march. The procession
waa headed by about fitly Knights of
.his city , uniformed nnd mounted.
The Davonporl lodge , ncoompanicd by
Urasocr's band , cntno next , The
Davenport Knighta presented a very
Ino appearance indued , and their
aand played very nicoly. The Bohemian -
mian band came after the Davenport
representatives , and St. John lodge ,
of Oecoola , came next. The Omaha
Knightd presented ft good appearance.
Then came the Hoys' band , heading
the Council Bluffs Knighta , on foot
The Gorman band next appeared , nnd
; hen came the carriage in which were
seated the grand oflicors.
The mounted knighte , the nodding
plumco , the rich bannern ; the gleani
ng invords , in fact in detail as well as
n general appearance the parade was
a grand ono.
The procession marched down Pearl
street as n finmh , having marched and
countermarched on Broadway. At
Baylies park the knights gathered
about the band housp , and a tlmo was
devoted to epecoh making.
llov. A. Rogers , offered prayer , and
John Ohiiptnati , on behalf of the citi
zens of Council Bluffa , gave the
mights a well spoken welcome , Ohas.
\I. \ Ilonlo then delivered the follow-
, ng address of woloomo :
CNIOHTH AND L/.DIEH : Ttiero hau dovolr *
od on tuo by the cuuiuiittco of arrange-
nents the very pleasant duty of cxtendtug
, a YOU a hearty nnd chlvatno welcome on
behalf of the Kolghti cf Council B ufffl. It
will lie our undoavor to make your Btay n
) loiumtih to you as your cntcrtatnmont
noBt certainly will bo to an. It li to bo
lonod that your deliberations may bo to
ordered in wl'doin as to result in [ ; reat
jood to the order , and the cause ol human
ity. You have coino to u < witli your wav
ono of mercy and peace. Too of ten under
the banners of the ancient KnlghtB stalked
the grim shadows of poilllciice , deHoltttion
imd ( ioutl ) , but uudor the banners of
1'ythinniun , is guarded and theiinhrd that
trinity of Christian graced , Fileml-
ship , Charity umt Benevolence. AB
the Knl hta of the olden tmio rallied
iirouud thontamlnrd of IMer , ihu Hermit ,
and wearied not in their Eclf-appoltitod
tusk until the Crescent had falleu before
the cross , and the banners of the crusaders
waved in triumph over the mosques and
tomploi of Jerusalem , EO it In jotr duty to
porpcvcro until you ha\e brought about a
realization of the central idea < f Pvihian-
isin , the universal brotherhood t f man ,
and until every whore its true virtufl * uro
known , honored and practiced. Your
helmets and shields are nni to ward off the
lauco and battle ax of the vindictive foe
man , but they are the emblem * of that
armor of virtue which should bo the pride
and glory of tine manhood ; your gleaming
swords are , not to drink tbo life blood ol
your adversaries , but they nro the Bymbols
of that eword of truth by which the do-
fenees of errors are to bo hewn down , am
through which tbo liberty of law , religion
and virtue is to bo vouchsafed to iniu
kind. It is not yuur task to meet in
battle on the bloody sands of
the tournament , nnd dye the colnrs
of your ladylove with the life blocd o
your adversary. It it your privilege to
guide the wayward , hop ) the fallen'pro
tect the weak , vibit the eick , bury the
dead and euro for the fatherless and the
widow. In the fact ni the existence ol
Buffering and misfortune is found the no
ceasity for your orginiz ition. Selfishnofls
Is the mainttring of human action. When
ouo has fallen in the mad race of life , n
hundred hands are outstretched to cruxh
him deeper where one li hold nut in i-yin-
puthy. On every hand wo behold evi
dence of wealth and povort , Joy and ser
row. Seeing this at ones teallzo iho ne-
cesftity of Homo baud of union , that ehoul-i
bo under the fninllv circle , and stronger
than the mockery of fricndablu T.I meol
this want Solomon instituted the first < > !
the gtoit eecrot bcnovoleutsocinttes which
wo hnd in esintcnco to-day. Nobly have
they fulfilled the purpose for which they
were intended. They have pnr.o hand In
hand with the Christian ihurch In ad vane-
Illicit iiizatlon and in ministering to the
nutforlu ; . l
Aiiioui- the youDgciit of the. < o 14 this or
der. Its origin may be traced back fifteen
centuries to ono of the grandest t-conf a in
human hljtocy , when 1'ythlas offered his
life for hlii friend , uhceue that has but ono
counterpart , nnd supo ior in all the glories
of heroimn , nud self sncrlflco throughont
the i > gof , nnd that one the scene on Gal ,
vary. Thmifth the lights and shidowa ol
succeeding ceutunrlea ( the memory of the
friendship and virtues ot 1'ytliUs was kept
green hi the hear I H of every lover of liberty
and virtue. At Invt wbeu in the fullness
of time the veil ( hit hid the wcttera world
from view was lifted in a now land , which
the foot of the tyrai t had never proved ,
a now order was bom bearing liia nnuu
anil intended to perpetuate his fame ami
virtues ,
The order of Kutijhti of Pylhlaa was or
ganized nineteen ye irs ago , when the na
tion was In the throe * of a gro it rebellion ,
AB In the days of old the rainbow tncti-
sllnc the moui.tuln wax a promiio aud
pledge that never matn hould t hod ua true-
tUo deluge prevail , BO in thojo dava of
darkni > sn and ' Htitutlon the arch of Pyth-
Inniktu was a token th t never ugain should
the fires of hate and tectlohntUm sweep
over this land. It was a foiwhiulowlu/
of the time when our people should h ve
learned fricudihlp nnd forbearance through
Illuo am ) Gray should unlto at its altnr *
in learning unity and obrdi nco to law.
The chief corner ctono of Pythlaulsm U
"lo unto otheru nu yo would that others
tliould do unto you , " Its lawd may be
found In the commandment * that were
written on tablets of stone by the finger ol
the Most High. Its principled may he
traced to the Iteatitadrs , Its object Is to
Inspiie hi the heart revewnco to Uod , loy.
nlty to routtry , friendship to your broth
ers , charity for their faults , benevolence
for their bufferings. There la In its tfach-
Ingmiothlujjrtoooulllct-wlthiour duty to
your Ord , to your country , to your neigh
bor or to yourself ,
No one can become inspired by Its teach
ings without becoming wiser , better , hap-
liler. You are taught the purest , holiont
friendship. You are taught to avoid the pitfalls -
falls that beset your path iu life , nnd to
courageously meet danger and dltllculty ,
You are taught that right , justice nndir -
tue will surely triumph , cud , thtt the time
will come whpp the Prlrco of larknes
will bend the knee before the pyuibol o
the crosd. .In the daya when the nun ol
iirovperity Is shining , you have but a falnl
ldeof the ( rawer of I'ythlauiem , or its
influenca for good. Uut wheu the
days of desolation and adu' &
ha\o come , when the ham
of sIckneBi nnd death Is laid upon you , I
comes to your chamber aad with a toucl
us gentle as A motbci's v.lpt * the death
dutun from ynnr brow , nnd aocn for jau
11 that friendship , dovotlon and rrlf soc-
lfic'cnu puff t , and when atlvtthn
finM Ruinmon IIHI coino it caies for Uo
widow nd pducRtos the orjihun Anltia-
led by the principles anInni Ired by the "
ketchlnes , It IIM In less than n score of
penr- grown lobe second t ) none of the
jreat brncvoli nt inna. Its future
tan bo limited nlona by the charac'er nnr
will of IU membership. It Is to us n
[ ilenMiro and n priJo to boloni ; to an or *
? nlzitlou having such n oriRln , inspired
l > y the principles , i ndowed with thl hi-
lory , nnd crowned with such prospects nt
siicco R May wo ill so Hvi Unt when
Ife's fevercdl dreams are o'er , nnd the
myitlc veil that hldei the hereafter i < lift-
sd , our names may 1 o enrolle 1 on tin ros-
, er of the Siiprenjo Lodge a'wve. Atam.
KTAinl chnnctllor and ro > rn entatlvef , I
jld you wclcimn to Council Bluff * .
Hon. John Van Vnlkonburg made
; ho rcspontio , and delivered an eloquent -
quent , earnest address , in which he
laid a tribute to tbo hospitality of the
sity , and the Knichtly attention re
ceived from their brothers. Ho show-
d himself a worthy spokesman for so
worthy a gathering of visiiora.
At the oloto of hia Address , W. It
Vaughn gave the announcement of
ho banquet and ball , and the gather-
ng dispersed.
The errand ledge waa called to order
, ostorday morning at 8 o'clock. Rep-
resontat'vo A. H. Ahrons , of Jo Dow-
lall Lodge , No. 00 , was introduced ,
A resolution wan passed to purchase anew
now ooal for the grand chancellor. The
report of the committee on cbnstitu-
ional amendment waa received nnd
heir recommendations concurred in.
The report of the committee-
awa and suppression was received ,
and all of its recommendations con
curred in.
The report of Supreme Representa
tives Green and Van Valkenburg wno
iroec itod. They ohowcd Iowa to be
; ho banner state of the Union in re-
gird to increase of membership and
The grand lodge then took a recess
until 2 o'clock p. m. in order to join
thn parado.
On reassembling the report of the
comtnittoo on the state of the order
waa received and adopted.
Past Supreme Representatives A.
T Jones and John R. GOSB , of Ne
braska were introduced and took thuir
A resolution waa passed to have the
( jrand chancellor's report printed and
ilncod in the hands of every officer
ind representative before the next
The resolution was passed continu
ing John Van Valkenburg as compiler
of the official digest ; nlao.n reuolution
; o instruct t'ho cornmittoo on printing
to provide certain blunba.
The graud lodpo then proceeded to
the election of oftkers. Representa
tives Winahipand S nolo were appoint
ed tollers. Supreme Representative J.
W. Oreono prcaented the numo of E.
H. Hippon for graud chancellor ,
making an eloquent speech in his sup
port. This was ably ooconded by Rap-
recentativo Vaughan. Ropresouta-
tiyo Odcll named J. S Hart , G. V. K ,
but the latter declined. On motion of
J. H. Hart , the G. M. at nriiiB was in
struotod to cunt the vote of the lodge
for E. H Hibben aa grand chancellor ,
and ho was declared duly elected.
Tfor vice-chancellor J. S. Hart , John
Lindt , Oharloa Weitz and W. F. Lir-
away were nominated. The first
named declined. The ballot resulted :
Lindt 6 , Weitz 62 , Laraway 27
Oharloa Weitz was declared duly
J. D. Hall was the only ono nom
inated for grand prelate , and ho was
olccted unanimously.
The nominationa for grand master
of exchequer were : W. G. Mercer ,
G W. Hampton , aud Captain Head.
The ballot resulted : Mercer 45 ,
Hampton 9 , Head 19.
\V. G. Mr re or waa declared elected
G. M. of E.
'Only ono waa nominated for grand
keeper of rocordn and seals , that being
a. D. Walker , who waa elected unan
For grand master of arms , A. Hilbert -
bert , atnub , Crawford , and
E J. Abbott. The first billet resulted
in no choice , also the aitcond. The
third ballot resulted : Hilbert 33 , Ab-
butt 29 , and the former was declared
For trustees Representatives Allen
nnd Abbott were named , and unani
mously elected.
0 II. Stoneminn waa appointed
grand inner guard , and B. P. Ayers
gnind outer cuard.
The following deputy grand chan
cellors at largo were appointed : A ,
IS. Mpnurz , T. R. Talbraith , George
II. Ilightmiro and deputy for the Ger
man ledge , Jnoib Dohlman.
The resolution to appoint W. R.
Vaqglmn deputy grand chancellor ai
largo , was on motion laid on the table.
The finance cornmittoo reported the
condition of thu grand ledge as fol
lows : On hand last nuBuion , $ (100 (
received during'tho session , $ -1,550.40
dUbutuotnont , $3 120 93 , leaving r
bolnnci ) of $ 2,058 20. The increaao
of innclpts over the proceeding year ,
$3,090 22.
The Jtpproprintious for current ex *
pensen for the coming year were made ,
82,000. The snhry of the G. K. ol
R. and 3. wni raised to $500 per
year.Thn graud chancellor waa instruct
id $25 for the organization of each
now lodgo.
Ottuuiwa was chosen unanimously
as the next placa of meeting.
The following resolution was
paused ;
lleuolvcd , That the thsuks of the grant
Inilga are hereby extended to our brother
KnighU of Council lihilia tor tbo knightly
and lioipltnhlu reception pxlouled to our
oiilcr , at il we heiehy oxtoi.d to our brother
or Knights our heartfelt thanks , and da
elro the O. K. of H aud 13. to notify the
lodges of Council IMuils of this order.
The newly elected cUlcers were then
installed by Supreme Representative
Queqn , which closed the proceedings.
Last eveninc the Knights and oth
ers rallied ut Bloom & Nixon's hal
around tbo grand banquet prepared
under the supervision of A , Louie , the
well known caterer. It waa a bril
liant gathering , and a happy festa'
season. The inonu was in all roepecti
fitting such an important event , one
joyous company , and after heartily
partaking , a season of toasts followed.
W , R. Vaughn served as president o
the banquet , The Gorman band fur
nlshod music. The following was the
programme :
Prayer by Jlev. A. Roger * .
Toast Our Guests : the Grand
of Iowa. Itwponsa by J. W. Green , supreme
promo representative.
To t Friendship , Charity and Benev
plence-Knlght T. O. Walker.
'irnst The Future of l'ylheanl in
I n. Georee It. Stiublo.
Toast Council niuftV , h Oaecn City
if the BIo | Col. John H. Kcatley.
Thoi-o were two grand balls in pro-
; re 8 daring the ovonipg nlso , which
ho knights and their ladies , together
with others , joined merrily. IDjhfxuy's
'all was devoted to ono , while the
thor was ntSt. Joseph's ncademy.
Horoforil'n -/-clilPliophato
Dn. J. N. ROBINSON , Medina ,
) . , Bays : "I have used it in a casoyif
udigention and conntipntion , with
'od result * . In nervoua prcatrnlion
ts reeulta are hnppy. "
Tbo Stabbed \Vomnn.
SherifT Grogi ? , of Fremont , Nob. ,
was hero yesterday to ascertain the
onditiun of Mary Hall , who was
tabbed in a house cf ill-fnmo nt that
lace , the particulars of which have
Iroady boon given in THK UEK. The
irl charged with tloi.y the stabbing ,
rtnblo Warner , is now looted up in
rumont nnd she continncs making
or threats freely that r.ho will kill
10 enemy if over she gets at her
gain. The object of the sheriff's
isit hero' was to got an official show *
ng of the wounded woman's condi-
ion , in order to have the case contin
ued until oho can appear.
_ Dr. Macra , in company with Jus-
ice Frainoy and the sheriff , visited
ho wounded woman , and the doctor ,
fter making an examination of the
wounds , ono of which in in the
boulder and the other in the breast ,
> ! orcing the lung , made nn nilidavit
o the t fleet that in his judgment she
would bo confined to her bed ton days
ongor , aud would not bo nble to leave
he premises for probably six weokn
'ho woman signed an affidavit that she
was in Fremont on October 20th , and
waa there stabbed as related. '
More universally recommended
ban any proprietary medicine made.
A. euro and reliabla tonic , Brown'a
"ron Bitters.
A Fellow of Many Atlases and Much
Plunder la Run Into the Hole.
Yesterday a farmer named F. P.
Arenemen , stopping at Kiel's hotel ,
missed his overcoat , and in hunting
or it visited someof the second-hand
lothing places. At Mrs. Davis * he
ound his coat , and that lady at oncu
Ascribed to Officer Tyson the young
ollow who sold it to her. The officer ,
oing oub Broadway , ran across a
oung man answering the description
and took the chances on arresting him.
An investigation of his record shows
hat hia real numo is George Monroe
aid that ho has been here for some
days under such aliases as B. F. Porter
and S. J. Smith. On being searched
; wo watches and a revolver were
'ound upon him , and it .TJIB found
hut ho had pawned three other re
volvers in various places hero , and in
'act all the indications point to his bo
ng a sneak-thief. Marshal Smith ,
of Das Moines recognized him as hav-
ng an unsavory reputation there , but
said ho was of reapoctablo family a
sort of black sheep of a good Hook ,
having a hearing yesterday after-
noon'ho was found guilty of larceny
and sentenced to thirty days in jail.
A fortune may be spent In using inef
Actual medicines , when by applying
economical cure can bo effected. In cues
of iheuniatltm , lame back , bodily ailments ,
or pains of every description , it affords
natant relief
Married ,
At the residence of Wilson Duncan ,
iho bride's father , in Eist Council
Bluffs , on Thursday , October 20 th ,
1882 , by Rav. Win. McOaudlish , of
Omaha , Dr. J. W. Hanno , of Win-
Hold , Henry county , Iowa , to Mias
Carrie E. Duncan , of Council Bluffs ,
Mies Duncan carne to Council
Bluli's with her parents when she was
nix mouths old. She is not only ono
of Council BluftY children but ono of
her most accomplished , beloved and
fairest daughters. Tin : BEE wishes
them prosperity through life.
Bucklm's Arnica Halve.
The BKHT SALVE in the world for Cnts ,
Utilises , Sore ) , TJlcerf , bait Ithcum , Fe
ver Sortw , Tetter , Chopped Hands , Chil
bluing , Corns , nnd nil akin eruptions , and
pouitlrdy cures pikn. It ia ( rnarnntoed to
clvu eatiafuctfon : nv. uoy refunded.
1'iioc , t5 ! cents vet es. Tor sale by 0 ,
SuHivan & Fitzgerald ,
Crookory , Glassware ,
Also agcnta lor the following llneii of
Steamship Companies :
Cuntrd , Anchor , Oulon , American , and SUli
Steamship Companlcu.
E 3EC j - 3E" Xf CB
For Bala on the Hoyal Dank of Ireland and Bink
ot Ireland , Dublin. Those who IB 'r.d to * mi ) for
friends to any part ot Kurop will Ond It to theb
nterect to cell on
Sullivan & Fitzgerald ,
343 Broadway , Council Bluffs
T ciity-lour jear exnoricnco In practical
Office 106 Upper Broadway ,
Council Bluffs , - - Iowa ,
I , D , IOMOMD8ON , I. L. BIlUUiBT. A. Wf TB T ,
rrcdJent. Vlce-Pres't. Cashlor.
Of Council Bluff *
Or nUcd under the Uw ot the State of Iowa
Paid up capital. . . . . , . . . . , , I W.OXJ
AnthorUcd capital. , , . S00.
Interest paid on time deposit * . Drafts Usued
on the principal citlcj ol the United Statoxana
Europe. Bpechil ittfntlon ( then to col ! ctlsni
and corrospondcnce with prompt roturni.
J.D.Edmnodton , K.L.Shuf rt , J , T.nart ,
W W , Wallaie , J. W. llodler , , I. A. Ul'ls ' *
A. W. Street ,
NOTICE. Special rtv6rtlftniinti ( etie M
Lost , Found , To Lorm , For Sn\e \ , To Rent ,
W nts , Bonrdlne , etc. , ulll ba Inserted In th !
column at ths o rate of TFN OEST8 PKR
LINK for the C.rcS Inacrtlcn and FIVE CnriTS
PBB LINE for oath subsequent Insertion.
* -lv otlljemonts At onj ofBco , No. 7
WA A ba n ftbont nic mlmitcs alkot
y. Knqulre ! ! KK
WANTKI ) Two root ! glrMlmmedh dy. En-
quire at K. 0. HOII-O , S. Stain ht.
WANTKD- onre , four l.ith M. Krqiilre
ntthoMcrcharts ItevUtirant , corner of
llroijwny nrnl Itincrott ktrwt , ol F , J. Stera'er.
W ANTKD A coolc nt the Western house on
Upper Uroidway t enco.
WANTKD A biktr , ft peed win , me hn
undetd nel hl Luilnw. Irnnlro of Bill
M. Ila\l \ , 103ioft1n y , fonncil niuttt ,
\T7 ANTED A ( rood clrl on nnd i trtoi pUce
J V t 705 , ccr. Cth MB. , nd7th St. MM A.
. Walker. octlO-t
WANTED A peed hov aVotU IS or II years
of co. a' , f-te'nhllbcr's fnrnlluro factory.
TJITANTKD A initiation M hrcad and cake
W baVrr. Kr < jnlre at Urn office.
W A plrl for ( roncral hou o ork In
a umall family , enquire If. U c offle. '
WANTKF > 5CO hulMlngn to moic. Wo make
nspccUltyot mcul t ; housra and safes i
AilttrriuW. I1 , AIc8 ortu , box 879 , Conndl
IJIulTii , la.
WANTKD Everybody In Council Illufls to
to take Tus ] JKR , KO c uta for week , ao
Ivcrcd by carrion. Offlce , Ha 1 i'oarl Street
near Broadway.
To buy 100 tons broom ccra
For particular ! nddreu Council Blufls
llroora Factory , Council Illnfls , Iowa , C6S-2Btf
For Sale and Rent
" 171011 11KNT KuniUhi'd rooms tx. rent , with
JL Iward , nt 730 MjnBtcr street. D. y board
M.50 per week. ocutl7-H
I7Oit HUNT A dcs'rahle ' offlci on first floor.
JU A. H. MAYNt i. CO. , No. 34 Pearl Uroot
FOH KKNT A itry ptcisint lowly built
housi , Franklin bt. Toiiiu rcftjoujblc. A.
11.1IAVNt & CO. , No. SI 1'iarl strcit.
JOUK MALh Ueuutiiul ic.vidcncp lots , (80
Jj each ; nothluar down , and $3pcrmontri only ,
RUNT A furnished housi with tlirju
loima collar und cistern , near Broadway.
No 0 , K Kighth street.
Great eucco'S. Call and eoo
new occesforlcs and aptctmcna ol pictures
tancnb the roillblc pclatli.o brntutdo process ,
at the Excelsior Gallery I0"i Jlci'i strcot.
DK. W. L. 1'ATION tbjitcJau and Oculist
Ctn euro any caan of xoru cyev. It Is only
a matter of ttnio , and can euro gencrnlly In
from thrco tc five weeks It niakiu no difference -
enco how lent ; dlcoaaud. Will straighten cross
cjoo , operate and remove PtyrcKlnrr.H , etc. , and
luacrt artificial cjcs Special attention to re-
tnovclnir todenormn
Council bluffs'
Business Directory ,
Art Cillery.
Excelsior photograph ga'lcry ' , South Mala 8L
Instantaneous prcccss.
GEISE , Upper Broadway.
Bottling Works.
B. IIAGO & CO. , East I'icrco St.
P. AYERS , C17 S. lloln St.
Bathing Houses.
MRS. E. J. HARDING , M. D. , Broadway and
Glenn avo.
DR. STliDLEY , BothefkU Bathing House ,
Books and Stationery.
H. E. SEAMAN , Middle Broadway.
OFFICER & PUSEY , corner lirooJway and Bth
UTIZENS' BANK , Bth street.
Broom Factory.
MAYNE& CO. , menue A , and Cth St.
Cigar Manufacturers ,
TEHPLETON k LAMB. 232 Broadway.
F. R. LEVIN , 308 Broadway.
L. UOEKHOKf , 031 Main St.
A. n. MAYNE & CO. , M Peart St.
J. ROSS , CIS East Broadway.
SINTON 4 : WIST , 14 Pearl St.
Dry Goods
IIARKNES3 , ORCUTT ; CO. , Broadway and
Ul ] street.
Eggs Shipper.
C. T. CUAWFOltP , B19 Main St.
rurnlture Manufactory.
, cor. 7th ave and 12th Bt.
Furniture Otorc.
0. A. BKKIIE k CO. , 207 and 203 Broaavray
Groceries and Provisions.
SUL1VAN k F1TZO Kit AM ) . S13 Broadway.
OLLIVKH Ik OHAI1AM , 6th utrect. Goods
sold at eastern prlcca and guaranteed.
Harness and Saddlery.
CIIAS. WALTER & BHO. , Mlddlo Broadway.
CIIAS. I1KKMAN , 331 Mlddlo Broadway ,
Hair Goods ,
MRS. I ) . A. nHNKDlCT. 337 West Broadway
JI1LS. J. J. GOOD , 20 6th strctt.
Livery Stables.
A. CO.MPTON , 230IlroadHi .
W. O. IIOLI AND , 700 Soul Main St.
II. BEECU01T , Oip. ] I' . 0 ,
OODEN HOUSK. Upper Broadway.
KIEL'S HOTEL , 501 and 007 Main atrcct.
Meat Market.
E. W. TICKNOR , (130 ( Broadway.
J. J , BLISS , 323 Broadway , Come and examIne
Ino foMourxclf.
MRS. J. E. MCTCALF , MS li road way.
Marble and Granite Works ,
CONNOR fc GUANELLA , 117 Broadway ,
Merchant Tailors.
JAS. FRANEY , 372 Broadway ,
CIIAS. RICE , Ptol'a bulMlnt' , Eth and Main
JOS HEITEIt , 310 Broadway
Real Estate and Abstract.
KIMDALL it CHAMl' , op | > oslte court house.
J. W. bQUIRE & . CO. , t-orntr 1'tarl and l t a e
SMITH &lMfCUEK , 401 Broadway.
Stoves and Tinware.
R. D. AMY 4 CO. , 600 South Main street.
Shirt Factory.
F. F. FOHD , comer IlluB and Willow St.
MORGAN , KELLER & CO. , 310 aud 317 Broad
\VttV *
D. M. CONNELL , II North Main St.
MRS , fl , J , HILTON , M , D , ,
222 Broodwav. CotmoillBlnffi.
Broadway , aid Fourth Street.
Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
IP Headquarters For the Celebrated - :
Weber Pianos
, TJ
Toys and Fancy Goods
Wholesale and Retail.
Address , .f
ffi UK
Guarantees the Best $1,50 , $1.75 and $2,00
Bluff and fillow Sreets , Council Bluffs ,
Ordorj filled In any partof the clly. Orders by telephone promptly attended to.
We make the following a specialty :
OTMail orders and correspondence promptly attended to. Office nnd Manufactory
S. E. Cor. 7th Ave. and 12th Street , COUNCIL BLUFFS. IOWA.
The finest riuality nnd largest stock west of Chicago of wooden and metalic cosea.
Calls attended to at all hours. We defy competition in quality of goods or prices ,
Our Mr , Morgan has served na undertaker for forty veara nnd thoroughly underatanda
his business. WAREUOOMS , WO AND 357 BROADWAY. Upholsterini ? in
all its branched promptly attended to ; also carpet-laying and lambrequins. Tole-
graphio and mall orders filled without delay.
Council Bluffs , - Iowa.
Beer nnd rralt in any qnanlltylto suit purchasers. Brer 78.00 per barrel. PriratofamlJcasup-
piled with smill kcg < at gl.CO eacb , nelored frco ot clarito to any part of the city.
Wholesale Dealer in and SOLE AGENT FOR Joseph SchliU Brewing
Company's Celebrated
No. 711 Broadway , Council Bluffs , low.i. Oidera froiu the sountry elicited
City orders to fmnilicj and dealers delivered free.
A. nuEus ; \v. HUNYAN , w. BKKDK
O. A. BEEBE & CO. ,
Wholesale and He tall Dealers In
Hos. 207 & 209 Broadway. Council Bluffs.
Merchant Tailor
AUaya Km * onhaud the Uncut assortment ot matf rial for gentlemen's wear. Satisfaction guaranteed
Mllltaory , Dreaamafelna' , Etc. Cutting and Fitting a Spodlolty ,
No , 51S BroadHav , Opposite Itevcre Ilouee.
Laces , Embroideries , and Ladies Undent ear.
Handkerchiefs , boae ol all kind ) , thread , pint , noodloa , etc. We hope the lidlea will call
and gee our stock ol
olIRIOIE ! ,
Merchant Tailor.
( Late Cutter for Metcalf li . , )
Devol's New Building , Main Street.
Council Bluffs , la ,
Sultn to order 818 and upwards.
( Succcsgori to J. P. & J. N. Cauady. )
Abstract , Real Estate and Loan Brokers.
We haxo the only complete vet of abstract booU to all city lot * and lands In Potta vtUml
county. Title * examlabd and abstracts furt l btd on bhort cotlce. lloner to loan en city and Urm
prowrty. short and long time , In sums to suit the borrower. Heal Mi bought and told. Office
at the old itanl rppoiltecout ; bnune f *