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isvory Coriot la wfttrnntcd fctiOi-
factory to IW wenrer Incrcrr yay ,
or the money will bo refunded by
tae person from Tthom ! t wtvs boughs.
Tb enlr Oomjt
8tffrU ± $
t ( extra heitrr ) e.OO. 1.BO
Pr * r li. ( wintll ) * a.OO.
t > T l * l" KtUII I r ler
CI1IOA.GO COKSJJT CO. , Chlcatco , ni.
Deioious [ Bever.
OUB DINNKIl PA11TY has finished
tbo la t bottle of "HUB PUNCH. "
"Then , my dear , ilon't forgot to remind
me to onlor r. fresh wmplv to-lrlorrow. "
"TUB HUH PUNOlf'lH propirodsoln-
ly by.Morwrrf. O. H. GHAVB3 & SON.
Boton. . It in inado of the boit lin | > ortcd
brandy nnd Santa Cms rum , united with
( the juice uf fresh lcmonn. and the finest
white sugar , and li really n delicious , a
pnre , and a rcllablo article , that has mot
with the most corJIal apprccbtlun uf all
n ho ti led it.
See thit you tot the Ronuino with the
fftc imilo of "OIIKSTKH II. GIIAVKS&
HI "NS" " on tbo cAninlo over the oorlc of each
Tbft < niJBl'UKOH" 11 MM bj'all leading fam-
, i- | .
Vratit tui'ptwlnt Maiwfiifturcr' * pricci
y M A. Aldfaiwira Omaha. FamUia
tupplicd iy A , J ! . Qlathtonc , Omnha , AV4.
They iraipa- all other I for cssy rldlnjf. ttj\e \
od durability ,
They nro for sale by oil Loading Car
iago Builders nnd Dealers throughoul
hu country.
For sal b
Henry Timken ,
Futon t inlUallder ot Kino Orrlwcn ,
.d , Liu ,
, L. Bommers & Go's
* ffliolosalo Manufacturing
Fruits , Mats and Cigars
3 14th St.
w jfen
0 SPEOliT , - . Proprietor.
l4l2Haruoy8t. Omrha , Neb.
ilvaflizefl Iron ,
Tin , Irou nnd Slnto Roofing ,
Sp5oht'a I'af nt Jfotalio Skylight ,
Patent Adjusted llatohot Bar
and Bracket Bhclving , I am
thn general ugont for the
above line of goods.
tlnea , Balu lrmd4i. Voiandae.Oni. ) anl
Utnlr HaMluKt , Window and O ll r
fteninn Rewarded
OB ,
5lio ! Story of the Sowlnu Maolilne ,
A ktndnome mile paaphltfi , tlae' nd tel
trnt tilth numeiooj eucr Tlutr , lll < be
to uv kaolt pcnoo tilllDy ( ot It , si u > y branch
01 tab-ottct ot The iloiror VltauUctunnz Com
pur , o > will bs toot V mall , poll paid , le
Mr CIMQU Mvlu it dUUuco from oar afflcti
fhn Singer MannfaoturinK Do , ,
Prfncln/U Ofaoe , 34 Union Sqatre
The Daily Bee.
Thursday Morninp , Oct. TO.
Wnnthor Keport.
( iho following observation are taken at
thf n-inio moment of tlmo at all the otatlons
vie * , OMAHA , Oct. 23 , 1882. ( liinp.m. f
Oenrcr. , , . SO 12 n N Light Fair
Cheyenne 3(1 ( OJ' 4 H Vroh Fair
3002 47 .Si t.uht
Phttfl to 13 ft ) ! tl I k Mny
30 03 Ci Frwh
Funk ton. . 80 08 61
Oi Jlolfirs 0 P4 67 Btl'k
29 HI KW I'
it. t'ftul 23 91
0 feW llr K ri iidy
0 (15 ( > v Ilrl4k Kir
! > W FreMi Fa'r
Bltmarck. . 30 13 MV L'ght Clear
Dufard . in vv Hear
Cuit r. . 30 10 vvME r'rcsh Cloudy
1001 ME l.liht
IUr r 6 feet 10 Inches nbore low w ter mark ftt
Ot h , 2 ( cell Inches Y nkton. Ulnlratrpl '
f : t 2 Inched t Ht 1'jul , I0 ( ct 2 InchoJ t
BtrMoll , 4 feet II lnhei t Li Crone nd 8
( cot C Incho * at Dalmqur.
S. K > ir ban been elected n
member of the 0 naha Glco club.
The inter-city telephone line which is
being Imllt from Oinnlu to FremorU has
reached 1'llihorn City , Iwonty-ono miles
out ,
llcrervfl touts for Nick Hobcrte'
Humpty Dumpty engagement at Boyd'n
Friday and Saturday , will go on Hale
this morning. The company alto give
a matin to Saturday ,
The Omaha Temnstcrii Union will bold
a BpccUl meeting at Tivoli hall Friday
night October 27th 1882 ; a full meeting in
called for as important business will bo
transacted , lly order of 8 , M , Scruggs ,
The regular weekly mooting of tbo W.
3. T , 17. will bo held in the parlors of the
Uptlst church , on Thursday afternoon ,
October 20 , at 3 o'clock. All members are
equestcd to bo present. Call of tbo nee-
The funeral of the late PlattSaundera ,
whoie death occurred tovcrnl days ago
ook place Tuesday , bin daughter , Mrs
Vilcox , having arrived from S.mgls City ,
) . T , , thu tnmo day. The funeral was
vary largely attendd. Interment taking
placu at Prospect hill.
The Omaha Qlco club , at its meeting
Tuesday evening , decided tgrentM ix Mey
r'a muuln hall for its future mcoting placo.
This hall in ano of the moat beautiful In
he olty , is well located ou the street car
ino , and is ono uf tbo moat popular meat-
ng places in tbo city.
The jury in tbe Hollander arson rase ,
cturned a verdict of guilty. This in the
celebrated Turner hall Imnlncsi and I be
convicted is the third for arson siuce Dia-
rict Attorney Burnlmm wont into his of-
ico. He has worked hard and deserves
peat credit for the admirable manner In
which ho presented the caso.
Two pUIn. drunks and ono dhtnrber of
ho peace comprlccd Tuesday night's nrrcats
jy the police. They were dirposod of in
ho uautl mrxncer. James G. Smiley , ar *
routed for selling mortgaged property was
sent to j UJn default of § 800 hall to await
an examination on Monday next.
. OU thofilOth Inat. Ko'v. J. W. Harris
joined in the holy' bonds of'matrimony ,
Mr. John II. Loomlr , of this city , to Miss
Delia Patterson , of L&vinla , Mich. Mr.
Loomls Is the wall kncwn chemist in the
employ of O. F. Goodman , the celebrated
Omaha druggist. They are n happy pair ,
and have permanently located on Twelfth
utreot , between Oassanl California streets
Attention Knights The officers and
members of Omaha Lodge No. 2G , K. ol
P. , are hereby requested to bo at their
Caitlo hall , in full uniform , on Thursday ,
the 2 Ith Inat. , at 7 o'clock n. in. sharp , to
participate in the excursion to Oouucll
Bluffs , ( Grand Lodge mcoting of Iowa. )
By order of the C. 0. Herman Kuude ,
K. K. & S.
The case of ( ho State vs. 1'llntwcl" " ,
Maxwell and McDonald , for highway rob-
bely , was taken up in the district court
yesterday. In the prosecution Mr ,
liurbham i * ably anlstod by his son Horace
ace Buruhain , who attained bin filth birth.
\\\y anniversary to-day and made his firet
appearance before n jury.
The Ilcsa Kngllsh Opera company ,
which appear. ) in tbo beautiful opern ,
"Chlmoj of Normandy , " t Boyd's opera
house Monday night , has five prlma don.
nas Corrington , Miller , Klsuer , Lulghton
and St. Quiiiton. The latter U nn Kpglinh
Inly , who made her lirnt appearance iu
America tlid eoiaou. The eaatorii press
are hljjli In lioro prulde , The prlrclpal
male alnk'ora are tbo I'eakq , Alfred Wllkle ,
Marl : Smith , Gco. Appfeby , Arthur Tain ,
and H , KJones , Thulr chorus numbom
thirly.fira trained Hlngurs ,
In regard t ) the delay In iamiU g the
state fair diploma , concerning which I'm :
ItKii a few ditys since publUhed a coininu-
ulcatlon , Maj. D. H. Wheeler , the ( secre
tary , cilled at the olllce yesterday and in
formed us that thedoouiuents | were all m do
out immediately after the fair. 1'tes
ident Molutyre had not been In town since
to > ! gn ( hem , but arrived Tuetday nlnlit nnd
clcnod all this moruliifi ; . They will all he
sent out to-day.
Mr , Chaa. A. Foster , formetly of
Denver , lias unheil in Omah to take the
position of cashier at the Intel. Hu is a
lirat-chur ) hotel man , a I orft-ct gontleuiun ,
and comes with peaonalrecommoudtttons
of the hijhoit character. THK 1)LE takes
ploasurn In iutroduciug him to thu gener.
oui public of this city and btato , und con
gratulates tha Mlllurd upon the valuable
aiquisltion It has made.
Mr. Jay Gould did not airho here
yesterday us expected. He went direct
From Cleveland to St. Louii. He will
spend several daj s in St. Lout ; , and will
jiva personal iuapection to the improved
terminal facllitlxs being provided for lib
roads at that point. He w 111 vi It Omaha
and ride for the first time over tbe MU-
touri Pacific's extenilon from Leaven-
worth to Omaha. He will visit Chicago
on hi * return trip , Obioigo Tribune.
Tbe fint crand masquerade ball of the1
eason will take plaoe to-ulght at Central
tall under the mantgement of Harry
I tint of M x Meyer A Co , , who U n boil
manager uf social affairs. He is ably'as -
itte as wilt be eetn by the follJwlogllit
if flaor manager * : llSrryHnni , * John
3nrry , Herman Bnblltz , F. M , Snow , Alfi
Arneman and M , A. Berd. It will be one
of the pleasaUKst of bartlei. jTliktU"
$1.00 , to be had at the' door of Harry
Horsford' * Acid Pho pTiivto
DB. J. Nt R6BINSON , Mddina ,
O. | says : "I have used it in a case of
indigestion and constipation , with
; > od results. In nervous prostration
its retults are happy. "
Moda frorr the ywild flo urs of thoU
[ t is the most fragrant ol porfum t
Manufactured by II. B , Slavon , San
FranciRco. For Halo in Omaha byV. .
J , Whitohouso and Konnato Bros. ,
& Co.
A roaponsiblo party will buy a bank-
ng businoBs or opvn a new bank in n
jood live town. Intorcstod parties
iddross P. O. draft or No. 04. ( iniaha.
Neb. .10 Gi
The First Dirt Thrown on the DOUR-
las Street Paving.
Ouo of the moat important events
-hat baa over taken place in the bis-
ory of Omaha was the work which
) egan on Djuglan etroot yesterday
> otwoon Fifteenth and Sixteenth ,
whore the firat ditt was thrown for
paving that very important thorough-
Abont 30 meu wore put to work at
; his npot and n largo additional num.-
) or at the company'a ynrd , near
Eighth and Jackson street , in the
bottoms. There the manhinory is
icing put up and a house is to bo
constructed , which will occupy nov
oral days , The big steam roller , for
oundation and top , has arrived. It
noiqhs fifteen tons.
The work is superintended by Mr.
John Grant , who is hero in person ,
asslotod by Mr. El ward Lynch as
'oroman , the latter having a lifo long
experience- such business. The
grading has progressed actively and
with good weather they will try to got
in u few blocks before winter Dots in.
About two blocks will * bo graded at a
time and , with favorable weather ,
about 1,000 yards , half n block , per
day CUM bo completed when the force
is filled , as about 100 men will bo put
on. All the laborers are hired in
Omaha and it will give employment
to a great many who are now in need
offoik. . With good weather Doug
las street could bo paved in two
months tinio. The pavement is fit
[ or use on the morning following itn
completion and hence our citizens will
BOOH have n chance to judge for them' '
eolvos aa to the value of asphalt.
Free of Cost ,
By calling at Schroter & Becht'a drug
itoro , you canget a sample bottle of Dr.
Bosanko'u Uouth and Lung Syrup which
will relieve the most odstinato Cough or
3old , and show you what the regular 60
cent size will do. When troubled with
Asthma , Bronchitis , Dry , Hacking Cough ,
Pains in the Chest , and all diseases of the
Throat and Lungs , try a sample bottle of
this medicine.
Barber shop and bath rooms for
sale. Shop invoices at roarly ono
thousand dollars. Will soil for $800 ;
part on time. Reason' for selling :
Wish to go to Colorado for my wife a
health. F. J. MoBENRY ,
23 31 * Atlantic , la.
Barber shop and bath rooms for
salo. Shop invoices at nearly ono
thousand dollars. Will sell for 800 ;
pirt on time. Reason for soiling :
Wish to go to Colorado for my wifers
health. K. J. MoHENKY ,
19 3- Atlantic , la.
Tbo Coronor'n Inquest Yesterday.
The inquest on the remains of the
man whojros killed by a B. & M
ym d engine Tuesday night took ploco at
9 o'clock yesterday , the /ollowiiu ; jury
being impaiinollod by the coroner :
General C. B. Frederick , foreman ;
Daniel Sullivan , Lagan Stewart , Dan
iel P. Anj-oll , E. A. McOluro and
Henry Siert. It was ascertained by
translation of the letters found on the
person of deceased that ho was Gustav
Frederick Ilapp , and the address
on a slip of paper found in bis
memorandum book , " Christ Itapp ,
Wright's Grove , Chicago , " is
supposed to bo that of hu brother
The letters wore from n friend in Aus
tria , butgavano clue to his business
or pluco of residence. Tha only mo
ney found on his person wai one
Tno two boys who saw the affair
testified that they were not over thir
ty foot away from him. lie was walk
ing toward the Touth struct depot and
the engine was pushing the cars in the
oamo direction. They hallooed at him
twice , but ho paid no attention to the
warning , and waa run dorm and in
stantly killed.
Thu jury found a verdict of ncci
dental death and ozhonoratod the rail
way employes from all blamo. The
bagQtigomaster of the U. P. is trying
to trace up the baggage called for by
the chock No. 1,201 , which is not
now at any baggage room in this city
and which will probably throw some
light on the unfortunate man's identi
ty. Coroner Jacobs has telegraphed
to the Chicago address , and in the ab
sence of any instructions will hold the
funeral to-day.
Bradford. P -
Thos. Fltclmu , Bradford , Pa , , writes :
" 1 tiiolral money forSl'ltl.NQ BLOSSOSI , a *
I eald I would if It cured inn. My dynpep.
hia bus \amuhnl , with all IU > iuptouu.
Many tbaiiKi ; I rhall never be without it
in Iho liouue. ' Price , 0 cents ; trial bottles
tles , 10 cent * .
The "Hawthorn Centennial Ex-
celeior Roof Paint , " was patented May
24th , 1881 , and otters patent num
ber 241 , 803. Any person found or
known to tamper with the manu
facture of said paint will bo punish
ed to the full extent of law. No per
son has ady authority whatever to sell
receipts. UAWTUOKN & Duo. ,
Lancaster P
"Buchuptuba. "
Quick , complete cure , all annoying
Kidney , Bladder , and Urinary Dis
eases. Druggists. $1 ,
The ri/ferton / university ban forty-lwo
Plum fPMik" had a very rmccestful Cath-
Olio IMffefc week.
There Jrt considerable diptheria In the
Vicinity ItVlatUinouth.
NorthpVn'lIM four saloons , which
"blow li C2.0CO to tha reboot fund.
Over VjOOOKcad of c tth are bclnr f4t-
tentd In h ImtuidUte vicinity cf Table
Henry' tToyt , of Clarksville , recently
killed it fljck of t-eeie at one shot , Size
of fljok not it'ted.
Tha clttzens of Wentervtlle r ffer to 1 nlld
K o urt home free "f cost to Cutter cjunty
If the county sent is located theie.
TlTe Lincoln Episcopal church hM been
robbed twice wi hln A short time , the mis *
nlonary 'boxes' being cleaned out both
times , ' ,
The members r > f Walla Walla lodire , I.
O , O , F , , if North I'latte. nre'cnted v 1-
usbla watch chart 1 to Kev , P. 0 , John-
fen , who has been transferred to Grand
A prairie fire nn Wood river latt week
UHtroyod , far M. Harlan thirty tons of
h ys Perry Woodc , thirty tone , and
Titibltts , fortv tons. Six miles of the val
ley was bumtd over. Wo are Informed
that the fire got twiy from partita at
James'.sheep rsnihenn Kim creek , who
were attempting to bum a llro guard while
the wind tft > 4 blowing very strong , Plum
Creek Pioneer.
Quito uncn'Ulon was created at Tnble
Rock on the 19.h , by the arrival of O. S.
Mcrritt , nn ttrrney fmm h'.iirbury , and
Deputy Sh rII ( Gould , < f JtlTerson county ,
who procee If d to arrest the two Decker
boyx , charged with running tff mortgaged
prop'rty. To Bivo'roiih'e ' lh liojs > et
tied the matter. Their mother , ' howovet ,
was Indignant und tworo uuta wnrrnut for
tbo attorney and deputy lor Illegiby ar
resting her * on , claiming thty had nn
warrant. The two pleaded guilty and
paid fines in orrler to get away on the
evening train. The Decker boys there
upon reimbursed them , and the affair
ended happily.
Liquid Gold
Daniel PUnk , of Brooklyn , Tioga
county , P . , describes it thn : "I rorto
thirty , miles for a bottle bf THOMAS' ECLEC-
THIO OH , which affected the wonderful
euro of a crooked limb m six applications ;
It proved worth more than gold to mo. "
Army Orders.
Sufficient cause having boon shown
or his inability to pay his own ex
penses , under provisions of army
regulations paragraph 205 , the qaar
terraastcr'a department will fcrnish
transportation from Omaha , Nob. , to
.Fort . McKinney , Wyo. , to Private
John SvoHoda , company 1C , Ninth
infantry , a furloughed soldier without
moans to rejoin his station.
The company commander will bo
notified by the quartermaster furnish
ing the transportation , of the cost
thereof , to the end that it may be
charged against the soldier's pay ou
the next muster rolls.
Companies D and F , Ninth infan
try , now at Fort Ruaaoll , U. T. , will
ha placed en route for Fort D. A.
Russell , Wyo. , where they will take
Captain Henry S. Torrill , assistant
surgeon , having rcportod at those
headquarters , in compliance with par
agraph 2 , special orders No. 228 , cur
rent series , adjutant general's cilice ,
is assigned to duty at Fort Omaha ,
Neb ,
Leave of absence for ono month ,
with permission to apply at head
quarters military division of' ' the Mis-
pouri , for an extension of one month ,
to take effect November 1st , 1882 , is
granted acting assistant surgeon J. J.
Marsion , U. 8. army ,
Acting /Wstarlt surgeon M. A.
RobBrfrjrlat Inrt Omaha , Neb. , is
* elWoJ v9 i l" * P t. nd.
will toport to thif commanding officer
Fort D. A. Russell , Wyo. , for duty
Buoklm's .arnica Halve.
The BIST SALVV in the world for Cnts ,
Bruises , Sores , TJlcorr , bait llhoum , Fe
ver Sores , Tetter , Chapped Hands , Chil
blains , Corno , and nil skin eruptions , and
positively curoi piUs , It is guaranteed to
give satlufaotfon t CCA aey refunded ,
Price , 25 cents per ex , if or snlu by 0 ,
V , Goodman
Tables supplied with the boat the
market affords. The traveling public
claim tliojCgot bettor accomniodntiona
and more general satisfaction here
than at any other house In Omaha.
Rate , $2 per day. aug21tfm
Attention , Knights !
All brothers wishing to go to Ooun
oil Bluffy Thurfdiy morning , October
20 , to attend the Iowa Grand Lodge
aenaion and parade will meet at their
Oiiatlp hall , nt 7 o'clock a. in. Round
trip tickote , 50 cents
By order of the committee.
1 Secretary.
USE KedHlii 'n RuMin ( Snlve in the
houuo and use Kertdiug't ! JvUMlun Salve in
thobtahlo. Ti-yit.
IA :
Aa It la for all the painful diseases of the
ItelaaiuoiUxiyitomol'thoiicrla poUoo
Uut catuea Uia dreadful enfikiriae which
only the victim * orhoumUsn can realUo
of the \vont fBnna of thta terrtblo dl aae
h v l tt quickly relieved ,
< ( 0 Prrcanteeent byre ll , .
WKLMl , UlCllAltDSON & ( XHurlln < rtonYt
Samuel C. Davis & Go , ,
Washington Ave. and 'Fifth
Offices 15th and Douglas
. Streets.
No. 307. Beiullful ifaldenca lot on Sherman
Btroet , neat h ad o ( St. Mary' * a\onuo$2 700.
No,3U. full lot on lOthttrcot , ncarPopnlo-
ton's , 1850.
No. BIB. r Convent
of Sacred Hear ! 81,200.
No. 317. Fulllot on California , near tUt Btroet ,
1 , 00.
No. 313. Two lota on Senard , no r jfcandcre
iticetilJJO. '
No. 31u. Two lota on Charles , near Slanders
street , 81,600.
ho. 320. Ila I acre on Cumlog street , nwr Dutton -
ton , 475.
No. 321. Slxboautlul rcelJonco lots , flno view ,
on Mt. Flcaaint avenue , near Ilauscom FarK ,
{ 4.GOO.
No. S22. One-half acre on C&lKornIa etrcct.noar
Ctelghton Co lego $1,600.
No. 323. Twoloieon Marcy street , near 13th
street , ? 6CO'l.
No. 32U. TAO lota on Dodge , DOAr QroTO etrcct ,
Smith's addttl n.
J > o. 3S > . four aero blofk In West Omaha.
? 2000.
Choice 4 aero block In Smith's addition at went
end of Knriiitu street will glvo any length ol
time required at 7 per cent Interest.
Also a aploiidltl 10 acre Mock In Smith's addi
tion en same liberal terms ai tno foregnlnV.
No. 8)5 , Hilt lot onlzird near 20th street ,
No 304 , Lot on ICth street near Paul , $1X00.
No 302 , Lot 20x230 foot on 15th street , nes >
Nliltolsii & 'M
No 209 , Ouo quarter acre on Hurt street , ncu
Button J600.
No 207 , Tno lota on Dlcnilo near Irene tit root ,
6260 and300cacu.
No 200 , Two luU on Cuorslu near M'chlgui '
street , 81200.
No20Q , Twcho choice re ldenco lote on Ufimll
ton ttrcct In Shlnn'a addition , flue and elghtl.t.
3',0 to * 600 each.
No 294 , Beautiful ball lot ou St. Mar ) 's av
enue , 30x180 leet , near Blahop Clukeon'a atid
20th street , $1600.
No 202 , Two choice lota on Park avenue , 60x
160 each , on street railway , $300 each.
No 29tSlx lots In MUlard & Caldwell'a addition
on Sherman Avenue near Poppletou'0 , f 300 to
SI6 i coca
No 286 , Four ilota on DecVur and Irene
streets , near Baunderg street , $ 7" to $460 each
No 1&2 , Lot on 10th near Paul street , 1760.
No 281 , Lot 6x180 feetneaSt.llnry'fl avenue ,
and 20th street , 1600.
No 279 , Lot on Decatur near Irene street , 1325
No 278 , Fuur lota on Coldwell , near Saunden
street , 600 each.
No 276 , Loton Clinton street , near shot toner ,
No 275 , Four lots on McLellan street , near
Blonde , lUei 'i uJdiUon , 92i eich. I
No 274. Three lott near race cours * ; moke
No 288. Beautiful corner acre lot on California
street , opposite ind adjoining Sacred Ilcart Con
vent grounds , 91000.
No 20o , Lot on Mason , near 16th street , $1.860
100 lots In "Credit Foncler"and "Grand View *
additions , just south-east of U. P and B. A M.
i allroad i cpota , ranging from $160 toSlOOOeaci
and on cosy terms.
Beautiful Kesldence Lots at a bargain very
handy to shops t25 to (260 cub , 6 per cent down
and 6 per cent per month. Call and get plat and
full partlculan.
No 260 , FUJ ! corner lot on Jones , Near 16tb
street. $3,000.
No 263 , 'i wo lota on Center street , near Cum-
Ing street , $900 for both or f600 each.
No 2MJ , Lot on Seward , near King street ,
SCO.No 219 , ITall lot on Dodge , near llth street ,
* ? ,10U.
No 217 , Four beautiful residence lots near
Crclgliton College ( or will separate ) 73,000.
No 24G , Two lots on Center , nuir Cumlng
street , 626 and 8400 each.
No 2461 , Ljtonldabo , near Cumlnc street
t\o 246 , Beautiful corner acre lot on Curulug.
near Button street , near new Convent of Sacred
Ucart , 81.COO.
No. 244 , Lot on Farnam , near IStb etreet ,
No 241 , Lot on Farnam , near 6tb street ,
No. 239 , corner lot on Burl , near 22d'ttrcct
9 ,800.
No. 233 , 120x132 feet J Ilarney , near 24th ,
street , ( will cut It up ) $2,400.
No. 234 , Lot on bouglaa street , near 26th ,
No. 227 , Two lots on Decatur , near Irene tWect ,
$200 each.
rtO223. Lot liSby 441 feet on Bhernanave
nueieth sticct ) . lia Grace , (4,000 , Kill divide.
No220. . Lot 23xua foct ou Dodge , near IStb
btroct ; niika an iffer.
No 217 , Lot on 23rd uuarCIarK , $600.
No 21 , Loton Hamilton near lilng , { S03.
No 200 , Lot on 18th street , near Nlcholar
( MO.
MO.No 207 , Tno lotion 16th , near Pacific street ,
Koioi , Beautiful renllcnca lot on DlvUIoa
etrcct , near Cumlng , JOO
No 10JJ Lut on 16th street , neat Fierce ,
ecoo.No 199 } , Lots on Sauudsra street , near Sow
ar J $600.
No l\Ul \ , Two lota on 17th street , near whltt
cad works , 21,050.
N IMj ; One full block ton lots , near the
barracks , g400.
No 191 , I/ot ou 1-arkcr , street , near Irene
9300.No 183' Two lota on Csu , near 21it street
( gilt edge ) . ( f ,000.
No 180 , Lot on Pier near Seward , ( tiCO.
No 170Lot on Pacific utroet , near 14th ; make
offer ,
No 166 , Six lota on Farnam , near 21th street
. . , u
No 103 , Full block on 25th itrrect , new race
ccutre , and three lota In QUos addition , near
caundcrs and Uaaams streets , (2,000.
No 12(1 ( , lot on 18tB etrea , iienr vihlU cod
wor.s , 6625.
No 122 , 132x132 feet (2 ( loti , on IBth street ,
uwr roppUton'a. 1 1,600.
No 110 , Tlilrtylialf acre lota In MUlard & Cal-
dvtull s udilltlona on Shurmau aveuue , > prlu and
Harttoga BtreoU , near the end of grcon street
car track , jBOO to $1,600 each ,
No 89 , Lot on Chicago near 22d ttioel ,
No E8 , Lot on Caldn ell street , near Saunderi ,
No 75 , C6x8S feet on Pacific , near 6th street
No CO , Eighteen lota na 2Iat 2J , 23d and
daucden utrteu , near Grace and.tiaundors stree
bridge , &GO each ,
No 6 , One-fourth block ( IBOxlSfi feet ) , cwr
the Content of Poor Claire , on Hamilton street
mar tbo end of the red street car trw k. $1,0(0
No 1 , Lot on Ilarney , neir 16th , > , COO.
Lot * In Harbach'a 1st and 2d additions , also
lota In Parker's , Shinn'fl , Neleou's , licdlck's ,
Qlie's , Lake's , and all the other additions at any
prices and terms.
Real Estate Agency ,
15th ana L OUICB Btreete ,
tnfUeofJron , rerun
a palatable form , i
only preparation oftr
that \eUt not blacken t
trrthto tluiracttrltUc
.other iron preparation
. " " InniJ practice of iBmrt ( n tnedicin * . 1 hn lonnd noUitii to ( rlra lh rnnlu that 11
GKNTI.hMKNt - * . In ei of Nrrrorn 1-rortr.tlon. Kjm l Vi > * * y * . Djtpff f , andlnpm
, rrmhw. . In 'banAiimadeome wondorlal . OMM thai hi
l hfd eonrtiUonof Iboblood Ihb r * rl ( rrm/ hw. m > * earn.
baffltxl dotns f oar mo * emln il nhjneUM h T r Wed to Uxi rre t und ltK-ornp r bl f"n'di. ' prnten
U In nr.ff.renM to anr l n pnpatatlon nvxl In fatt , mh a cnrnp ? " " ) ! " UalUnTrn'.ii.lluiM ToMip Ij jh
IFB , HOHKUT HAnlUKI J < , B ATM. . St. IxmU. Ma , Nor. ftXh. 1SSI
if el color to the Wood f
rm ralhtalthful tone to
13 applicable to General
ffbilitv , TJoml of Appe
tite , rrottratlhn nf rtlal
fotrerit at'iUtnpotencf.t
Zephyrs , Germantown , Etc ,
STOCK LARGER THAN EVER. { 1308rJMdAfi11EungUl ? a
Uff29Ume I OBERFELDEft & CO.
Broooh Loading Shot Buns , from S5 to 81Q.
Double Broo oh Loading Shot Bans , SIB from to S75 ,
Muzzle Loading Shot Buns , from SB to § 25 ,
Fishing T ioklo , Base Balls and all-Kinds of Fanoy Boofls ,
Full Stook of Show Oases Always on Hani } ,
Imported and Key West Cigars , a large line of Meer
schaum and Wood Pipes and everything required in a
first-Class Cigar , Tobacco and Notion Store.
Cigars from $15.00 per 1,000 upwards. Send for * Price
List and Samples.
| | Painter&Paperlanger
Window Shades1 and Curtains ,
Faints , Oils & Brushes.
107 South 114th Street !
Taught by gentlemen of business experience ) and broad scholarship at the
A norinutitution based on the hlghout standard * o excollonoe. Day and
and evening aosaions are now hi successful operation.
For circuit or special Information apply to or address
Embody now 1882 Imt'riveracnts. Mor.
prncticol lea ur < m ; Cost loss to keep In
uidor ; UbOloBD fuoll will no more heal
and a larger volume ol pure air than any
furnace made
Sold by PIKUCKY k BHADVOUD.Omana.Neb
$500 REWARD.
The abate regard III 1 < paid to any person
who will produce a Taint that will equal the
Pennsylvania Patent Rubber
Paint ,
( or preserving ShlnclM , Tin'and OmelKoofa.
Warranted to be Fire and Water 1'root. All
ordun promptly attended to. Cheaper and bet
tor thau any other paint now In IHO.
Bole Proprietor * , Omaha I louse , Omaha , Neb.
Officer & Pusey , Dr.Ulcc , Dr. 1'lnncy , Fuller1
Council II uffa , Ion a.
UBK office , Omaha Net ,
Lddrnt. McoPri * ' !
W. U ties. ml Tfjin ,
Lincoln , Neb
Corn Plnntero , HrrrowB.Fann Bollore
Mullcy Bay liaHob , Cucnet. Klovutlcs
\VloatnlUe , die
We are prsptred to d6 Job uortc and icaaul c'
urlpor ( other paitlei.
Addrea < al orierd
I luroln. K < >
Hyaolntb *
BULBS Tnllpi ,
Crooote < >
And oil other fr F ll PJant'nz. Lare t assort'
ment ever thouo In Chloitro.
Illustrated CaUl-guo free. Send for It
Hiram Sibley & . Co. ,
500-209 Randolph St. , Chicago , III
makes a specialty of
Collars & Cuffs ,
Three Cents Each.
Work solicited from all over the country.
The charges and return postage must ac.
company the package , Special rates to
large clubs or agencies. me WILKIN8 & EVANB.
The moat centrally located hotel In the city.
Hooina 76c , $1.00 , 31. TO anil 2 OOpvrday.
First dun Restaurant connected witn the
.HURST. - - Prop.
Corner fourth and Locust dtroeta.
nm and Mil Dodge Btrcot ,
ang 7-mo 6m OMAUA , NEB. .
la gdcc Eut t\Ve th
Trains lea\e Oniatia 8:40 : p. m. and 7:10 : a. ml
For milIntormatloncall oa H.P. DKUKLTlckej
Aifi'nt , Klh and Farnam et * . , J. BELL , U. I1 ]
Hallway Depot , or t JAMEST. CLARK , Oenor
Physician and Surgeon ,
Uodldnw fornUhed at office.
Office | N. W. corner IStb and Farnam i , |
oter Uerchanl t National Bank , OmahaKtb.