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Eeimrofl & Dormann
Will brgin their Brand nnlo of Booti
and Shoes this day nod continue
fur two weeks.
Look at Our Prices.
For Five Dollars you can buy a pair oi
the celebrated
Hartford Boots
The aotun-1 valno of these boots It
EIGHT DOLLARS. And , roraomboi
wo challenge tno world to produce
better bjota foe the mme money.
Wo arc Instruotod by the .Manufac-
turer to
Warrant Every Pair
to bo euporior to any eVeV brought tc
thia marked
Men'a PJtna Kip Knots , § 2.60 , wortb
Mon'a Patna KID Boots , § 2.00 , wortl
Boys' Bnotu , $ L 6) , worth $2 60.
Youths' B nits , 1 21) , worth $1 75.
Grain. Lirthm Hoot , extra long leg ,
S460 , worth § 550.
VealO-ilf UJIHS , gi 5 % worth S5.50.
Veal Calf Boots We hava but a
lew Pair Left.
Original Priou $3 00. Wo will closf
thoiu out at $1.50.
Wo hnvo iilso a small tot of Womon'i
Shot'p , worth S2 00. wa will cloao
out at ONE DOLLAR. Remember -
member we havubut few
pair left. A fiao lot of
'Ladie's Shoes
$2.00 worth $2 50.
Misses' Shoes ,
$1.00 , worth $1.60.
35o to SUOO.
or Men , Lidiei , 0. ildren , Bojt
Girls , E.c. A complete stock of
of every d ascription.
Liquor Dealers ,
Heimrodfe Doimani
Heimroi & Dormann
( Snooessora to Fred , Lingo. )
S. W. Cor. 13th and Jaofoon Sti
Danenliower Continues Wagging
His Narrative Before tbe
Naval Board ,
A. Pew Important Points Frorr
the ApsoaamoDt iu
the Supreme Court.
The Pension Bureau Reveraoe
Its Rule Oouoeraing Pi oof
of Death.
The Attoraer-Gonnrnl Bnilly En-
with Explanation * nnd
Contruillotlons *
A. Largo Variety of Qonoral News
pocbJ Dlxpatchos to Till HEX.
WAbUiNoroN , October 25. Acting
S < > creUiy of the Interior Jojlyn ren
dered a decision of the utmost im-
lortauco to a larjo oU a of applicauts
or pensions. Ic holdi in e QVct that
oven years abaenco mny bo taken ae
> roof presumptive of a soldier's death ,
, nd such proof ahull warrant the
ssuo of n petition to hi * family ii
other r.q.uromeulj have boon com-
) lied witn. This decision is a direct
ayorsal of the pracucn hitherto pre-
Vii'ont ' in the pension bureau. Posi *
ivo proof of a soldier'n death was re
[ uirtd , which in many cases it wae
inpossible to produce.
or whom warrants were issued in
onnectiou with the attempt to bribe
furor Brown , of the star route jury ,
was arrested and arraigned in the po-
ice court thu mommy. Btil waa
fixed at S2.00J. Tno government in-
ends to have a full hearing in the
lolico court of all circumstances in
ho case , so the public may judge ol
, ho merits of the prosecution. It ie
bjliuved dtf jndints will wave OXAUI-
nation when ailled for hearing and
ot the caao go directly to the grand
Lieutenant Dttienho er continued
liu account of travels of the Jeannuttt
crow before the baard of enqiiry to
day. TraVfling improvtd some
about July 4.b , and ab > u * . two miles
were made tint day. July G.ti , there
was a great movement of ice and trav
eling became very bad , On tne 13th ,
iho captain announced ho had made
twenty-seven miles the put week ,
iiiist thirteen the previoua one
July 10h , land bore south to southwest -
west and uur course was directed to it
On that day Collins kilted a sea
which furnished a gonl m al for the
emiro party Julj 28 Ii. 7 p ni. , thi
weather cleared and Iaudvvr < i8 plainly
visible , We shifud to jm immensi
lee and ad\aned" \ l'miles towan
land and oamoed at llpr m , At 2 p
m xof the 29 h a mountain -sodden ) ;
apptarbiTiowaSog-ore tltafog Tm
party pushed for Bhorpad-alter .twi .
tours' work got the sleds and boat
upon some flu pieces of. ice inside thi
outer line of uruuuded ice and campo1
for supper. This was at the foot o
the island , tha land being too stee
to afford a camping p'aca , A bout 7 p
m. that day the capiain with all hand
hoisted the American ensign and tot !
possession in the name of thopresirien
of the Uiiited S tut03 , calling it IJdii
nott island , and ordered Onip
to give the par'y all the hbart
they wished on American soil
Next day panics were sent out t
shoot biros. Lvrgo numbers wor
obtuincd and distributed umoat ; th
tents. July Slit , Dunbar aud ia
Indians were sent out to explore th
southeastern island. Dlvino service
were also held. D-inbar est-iblUhod
otirn , August b , on the southeat
foco of the island. At this time th
weather was foggy and raw , and
c msidera.ble number of the part
were sick with diorrhoa from eatin
birds Up to this time the does ha
been allowed one pound of pemmica
each per day. Oathisduy twelve c
them were crippled and of no furthe
use. They were shot and buried i
the water. August C h , boats wor
launched and we started on our tri
from Bricnett island. Court adjjurr
ed until to-morrow.
Hearing ot Hr uuients in the politi
cil jmeBBmont ciso wis continued i
the United Stntim supreme court thi
ufteriioon. Mirtin Ii. Smith , o
ojuneol for petitioner , replied atsnm
length to the argument of the uolici
tor general , and was to day , as yeatei
day , repeatedly interrupted by quee
tions from the bench. Iu his argu
ment ho enid , "The law for protec
tion of an enrollinc ; cilicer protect
him only in the discharge of liu dutj
It makes dUtinction between his oQi
cial and h 6 private life. If hn get
into trouble over a game of cards h
is not under protection ot Iho law. "
Justice Miller " That it trne. Th
Itw protects an enrolling cflicar enl
while in the dUclmrge of his duty
but a cleik in nno of the department
Is always on ( , ffiji l duty as far ai hi
need of protection ii concerned , H
need it as much at one time a
another , Oppression may be oxei
cised upon him out in the street t
we'll as when ho is in his ofiio. "
Smith "fiuf , yonr honor , the U
says he srull not give of his metns fc
political purpo f se , von when he desire
to give aud is auxijus to give , Thi
is not protection "
Justioj Miller The law doen nt
ssy ho shall not give , hat that hoehn
not give to another oilioor of the o
ernuiont Ho can five to anybod
olto if he chooBPg. I am not partici
laily a civil tervice reformer , but n
all know how these voluntary contr
buttons are made. The object of th
statute evidently was to protect
subordinate from the exactions of hi
iuperior , by making it a misdemeanc
for the former to give the latter an
money for political purposes , Thi
WAS undotib odly the policy of con
grcai. The eUestou | ! is whether it WR
competent for congress to adopt tha
lolicy aud nnaot law , nnd onfoica it. .
Smith It is n singular way to pro-
, cct a subntdiimtp , to punish him foi
; iviti7 | , oven when the act is volun
ary , and lot his suoorior ( to niipini-
shed , oven when ho exacts pa j ment ,
In coiiohiMon Smith said ho could
only rottorato his conu3tion that con-
trcsi ; nnd no right to re gulato tlio con
luot of K ivormnent employes outside :
, ho sphere of the lattet'snflio al duties.
The solicitor general explained wh >
10 had laid struts , in his argument ,
uuon receiving rather than givinii
uonoy for politictl purposes , and
closed with the following woruV. "I
ma ur uing this caeo in accordance ?
with Hid distinction nude by _ _ thu
statute bdtnrten ( riving and receiving.
Gontral Curtis w s receiver and
trustee , and whether cotigrcts had u
right to prohibit his giving money for
> > > litical purposes or not , it certainly
lad a right to prohibit his receiv
ing it , "
Everett P. Wheeler , as representa
tive of the Civil S.'tvico Rut or m ueso
ciatioi ) , has submitted it brief for the
government , in which the constltu-
ionnlity of the statute ii maintained
upon somewhat broader ground than
hat taken by the cnlioitor genera ) ,
and in which un attou p % is made io
how that the practice of political an-
essment is not only illegal , but is in *
urious to thu public norvico ,
upprosaivo to gpve'rnmont cm
jl'jycs and demoralizing to all who
lave anything to do with it.
'Habitual aBesBinen r , " Wheeler
ayn , "shmild bo forbidden as protoo-
ion to tffiod holders themselves from
a most diotracting nnnoyancp. In
most oircu'ars ' , indeed , contributions
are carefully called voluntary , and
hey are usunlly so ope ken of ; but as
a matter of Ihct they are not volun-
ary. They are radically diffarent
rom contributions for social or politi.
cal purposes , which are re ly ! volun-
ary. Thoio contributions for politi
cal purposes nro jolicitod by those it )
uthorit ] , or by those who an1
ikely to have spocidl influence
with the appointing power in pir-
icular. Tne nmouiit wanted it
( signaled and it is spuken of as
nmething which is "duo" As a
muter of fact , such assessments
Hinount to a sp cioi of extortion
They are paid under dureea , very
ifion at ureat personal Baonfiue , and
under ii.fluency ot fear of losing theii
> 'aco ' and means of livelihood through
uocecs of the party out eif power oi
h rough diamUdul by the parly in
> ewer , as a * means of punishment
or not having paid them. The
Htnount of contributions thumealvu
orms , morever , a cjmp'ote answe > i
to the uuppoaitinn that t hey . .are vol
untary and proper. The aAso&smtintt
n the y ar of each pria deutial eleo-
ion amount toG per c.'rrtof the otlioe
loldera' salary. A great majouty ol
hose ansesitd are perrons whose sal
nrits do not excotd ? 2,000 per an
nnm Prudent perwns with such in
comes do not give away 6 per cent o
their salaries fqr any one purposi
whatsoever , except under prossnre
either real or fancied. Thi
effects of political asscssmon
upon the publio. are not 10ts im
purUnt lhau-'ithJiBe u ! > a"thf omoe
holders themselves , and auoh eQjcti
alone uff.trd sufficient reason for pro
hibir.ion of the practice , and the mon
ey which is raised becomes inovitabl ;
a source of corruption. It cannot b
positively stated how much money i
raised by means of these assessments
From the most trustworthy source o
information to which accass can b
obtained , however , it may bo posi
lively assorted at least 100,0011 ar
annually raised reipoctivoly by th
republican congressional commit
tee and by the republic
srnte committee of Now Yor
The exict anount is known to ver-
few persons and no regular account
are kept of rocupls or of expend
turoa. What accounts are kept ai
not audited and the expenditures ai
in the hands of one or two poreor
* ? ho are raaponsiblo to nobody. Th
disbursement of these sums may b
entirely proper , but experience hi
hewn that such irresponsible expend
tures are a direct , fruitful and tnoi
insidious source of corruption. Tfc
most aerious indirect effjct of th
system is ita influuaoo upo
the uharuoter and conduct of polittci
p irties. In the eyes of the party oi
of power the whole body of ejHiioi
and employa of the national govert
mtut conrtituto n mercenary fore
which draws money from the natiom
treasury and spends it tor thopurpoe
dduriving them of the honor an
emoluments of office and an opportv
nity of pulling their prtnc
plea of administration into o [
oration. The result is to intrc
ducu into ovury political contet
elements which ro wholly foreign t
it. Thu rancor of such contests i
increased , the canfidonou of a larg
number of citizens in h meat and ui
pmieati edmiiiistralioii of lawn rogt
lutina eloctiona in greatly dimiiiishe
and a disposition to dispute the dc
elered rdault of suoh oluotions eitht
by resort t < > immediate violence or t
legal contests is consequently grostl
increased , "
The statement to iho HiVct tha
poli ical alfairs iu New York an
Pennsylvania and other states In
been a subject for dieoussion at oat
met meetings is authoritatively dcme
by the president and members of th
cabinet , who furthermore specific ill
say that wlillo the usual ctblnot incol
it gi have been hold for the consido1
tion of public business , no roferenc
whatever to pililioul mitters has bjo
made at any inuoting , and nadispatct
on whatever , cipher ur otherwiic , hav
baon sent from the white homo toth
chairman of the state committee i
New York , or to anyone else , on nc
Illicit subjects , there or elsewhere.
The president's visit to Now York no
is for the purpose of attending to th
packing of his private papers , book
and other articles preparatory to thei
removal to Washington.
i. B iiULLErr ,
al one time supervising architect (
the treasury building , whoso Conner
tion with that department will bo n
Merchants , arid Dealers Throughout the Entire West are Invited
to Visit the Mammoth Establishment owned
and Occupied by
Notions and Furnishing Goods ,
ST. , IMIO. ,
The Brightest Lighted , Boat Appaini d Jobbing House in Amorio * , containing the
truest Stock of Dry Goods and Notioni west of the Mississippi. Solo miuiufasturora
of the oolabratod
McDonald's Overalls , Duck , Denim and Cottonade Pants ,
In all styles now popular with the Trade. Absolutely the best Goods in the Market
Western Merchants can more than save their expenses-a visit to this Mammoth stock be
fore buying their Fall Bills. Traveling agents , with extensive lines of samples , visit
all prominent towns throughout the west , and will call upon any merchant any
where upon receipt of a request so to do. Send orders by mail , or write1
for samples. The most careful attention given to orders , and satisfac
tion guaranteed , Remember
.t R. L. MCDONALD & co. , st. Joseph , MO.
memborod since 1877 , formally ten-
duied his resignation a few days ago
at superintendent of construction lor
mblio buildings at Ht Louis , Ci IO BO ,
Sew York , Philadelphia and Gincin-
lati. This action is regarded M n
Koliminary ati'p in assertion of la claimer
: or compensation from 1877 to the
date of his formal resignation ,
of the house ( if representative * meet
n th a city the 29 n of November to
assign to sub-committees all -subject *
laving reference to the tariff It is
expected by that time the tariff com-
uiiation will have submitted a partial
report. ' '
government invested $153,000 d
n trust funds in coupons ot the
o , Cnattanooua & St. LJUIB
compiny. During the WAI
the Kovemmeut took possession
uf the road , and im ounso
j'lonco thereof the amount duf
in coupoEB WM never pjtli Sail
oKaiost thu company vrai * , h
proposition for .a j cqfapronji'o . war
made by the compsiDj ci5t
Jur/goxi yoorjuoo th <
consideration and will probably reac
a dooiaion before Saturday.
says the atatoment that the cabino
diocuosed the unsavory complexion o
attaohoa of the department of justice
and concluded charges should b
made , ia not true , not one word of it
Ho said Richard Dovins is a man o
integrity and rotpaotabtlity , and his
been transferred to on honorable nn <
responsible position in the post offioi
department , a post of equal trust tini
conGdonce to that held by bin
heroUfjro. No laborers were re
moved yesterday , but two messenger
were diamieeud for cauto. o
these places was filled by promotion o
a laborer who was in the dupartmon
for some time ; the other vuctncy wa
filled by B young colored man , residen
of thia district , rtoommeuded b ;
Frederic' * Duuglas. The etatemunt i
falBU that any person from Pennoyl
vanin vraa aolocted to fill any of thos
corps of engineers , has boon orderot
to aaeomblo at Cincinnati to oxarnin
and report on the work of improve
ment completed , in progress and pro
posed for th Kentucky river ,
The surgeona general of the arm ;
and navy report to Secretary L'ncoln
rucommonduig a plot of five aires ii
the aouihwust corner of Uot Spring
mountain as a tito for the propose *
army and navy hospital , for the con
atruQtion of which $800,000 wp.a ap
uropriatod at the last Bastion of con
gro s.
The comtnUsion to ( elect a eito fo
public buildings in Louidvilln repartee
in favor of the Industrial Kipositioi
property , Fourth avunuo mid Ohest
nut Btretits.
Too second asiistant poslmaate
gaueral ii now Bonding out an adver
tiaemont inviting pronnsuls for et
route service upon 2 'Wit ! routes in II
linois , Iowa , Miohgm ai.d Wisoon
ain , and CIO miicellaneoui route
foittored throughout the Unitci
States ,
Tba Walking Match Score-
Bpoclol Dltp&tch to Tus ISB. !
NKW VOUK , Ootnber 25. H zac
343 , Uu'ihojUia , Ri nUU41 , Fitz
Rora'dim , Norem < io330 , Ii rt 32B
Herty 30 ! ) , Vint L'85 I'anohot with
drawn witb score ot 250 milos.
Option Trading in St. Louts.
Bpocud Dispatch to Tut OKI.
BT. Louis , October 25 The propc
sition to amend the rules govurnin
option trading , which hat bean bafor
the BlerohaQta' Eichango for two ci
three weeks past , was voted on to-da
and defeated , the vote standing 51
for and 550 against. The amend
moats rcquiroi a two-thirds vote t
carry them. The present rules pr
vent the running of corners. Th
amendments would have made auoh
thing not only posiible , but their oj
ponents nay , quite probable.
Ula MoulhDkceti Tnlkmir to Empty
Bout hue nc Stanton.
SpecUl Dispatch to Tun Hr.n.
STINTON , In. , Octobir 25. Hon.
7i T Fisher and Lawyer Bn thole-
mow addressed an audience of twenty-
fire here this ovonicg in behalf of
Major Anderson , the majority leaving
before the speaker hud finished , The
utiop'o , farmers in particular , do nit
enthuse over Major Anderson's rail
way record and the $ lCOO bond
.Alatkmn Newi.
Special DiapMcQ to I'll * Uir.
SAN FR\NOISOJ , Oitnber 25. A
Port Townseud diop'itjh ea > s the
lit earner Idaho arrived from Alaska.
Rich placer mines were discovered enD
D mglas Island. A party of prospect
ors arrived at lunsan from Yukon
river. Th y report a mild climate an < ]
peed , digtriugi. The revenue cutter
Co'win"arrivijd at BttkaOctober , 13
.tr 'yO-aa'eitondod cruise in the. Arctic
At K.diak the Ian companyv reporter
a successful season. At St. Lvwranci
bay over a hundred decomposed bodiei
of unlive * were found. 'I ho survivort
paid the mortality was caused bj
starvation. At North Head thi
L'arnod Indians f.und the body o
Master Putnam on the ice with a re
volver by his side and the skeleton o :
a dog and a broken sledge near.
Tha P. nu Celebration-
f.oclal Dlrp&tch to Tfco Boo.
PuiLADtuPiiiA , October 25. Thi
fair weather contributed to mttk
"Trades Diy , " as to day is styled ii
the group of bi-cuntonuittlTotes , n gal
Croud atrobt , between Oolumbii
avenue and Cnristian street , a dis
tuuco of over two miles , was occupier
to-night by 150,000 people anxious t <
view the night tableaux presented b ;
the Bi centennial Tableau associa
tion , and half as many more wen
packed along bo'h sides of Chestnut
Market and Broad streets. M tat o
the dwellings and other buildings wen
brilliantly illuminated and handhomol ;
decorated. It was nearly midnigh
when the procession wound up at thi
Academy of Music ai d the' panic !
pants entered that edifice to take thei
parts in the Penn tableaux arranger
fur the exhibition with u grand cole
oration given under the nur pices o
the Tdblnau association. Tnuro wai
a preliminary concert this evening bj
Welsh singers , who are present ii
great force from two or three neigh
billing ojuntio' , but the mmical fes
tival proper wi 1 take place to inorrov
morning and a concert of united Ger
in in singers in the afternoon ,
Women and Temporauoo.
Spoci&l DUpttcb to TUB c
LooimLLE , 0tober25 The nintl
annual coiivention of the Woman' )
National Christian Tumoeranco Unioi
assembled at the First Ohristiat
church this morning with a largr
nudionce present ,
Robbing the Dead.
Bpeclal Dlipatch to Till Uir.
OWEN 8o0wi ) , Oc-ober 25 A. part ;
who returned from /iiroli for th
bodies of the Ada victims report th
pockets of all dead bodies robbud o
valuables , and in some instances evei
the shoes W TJ taken oil * Indians ii
the vicinity have been spending mono ;
very freely of late ,
The Oniflild Bait.
Special Dlspiuh to Tus lint ,
COLUMUUS , 0. , October 25. Th
last legislature appropriated $10,00
to plaso a bust ot Oarfuld in Iho ol
hall of the house of representatives a
Washington. The commission to ex
amine designs met to-day and inspect
pd models by Preston Powers c
Rome , Nochaus & llabisso of 'Cincin
nati , Carpenter of Diyton , Bailey
Washington , MaoDonald ot Now YorV
and other artists , were consulted , bi
no selection will bo anuocnced ti
Mrs. GrGeld is oonnulted as to he
Immense Practice In Omaha , Neb. ,
Tuesday , Fov. 7th , 1882 ,
Eye & Ear , Throat & Lungs , Catarrh , Kidneys
Bladder and Female Diseases as Well as All
Chronic and Nervous Diseases.
HM discovered the greatest cure In the world for wcxknpsa of tha bock nd lunbcL
Involuntary discharge' , Impotenoy , noneral deb II y , uervousnesi , kngour , confusion of
Ideas , palpitation < if the heart , timidity , trembling , dimness of Bight or giddiness , tils ,
easoa of the he d. throat , nose or akin , affections of the liver , lungs , stumach or bowel *
thcro ten Ihle disorders , arising from solitaiy habits ot youth ami secret wractlce * >
more fatal to the victim tlian the SOURS of Syrens to the marines of Ulysses , blighting
their moat rndlent hoi on or anticlpatl us , rendering marriage Imp eslblo.
These that are suffering from the evil practices , which destroy their mental andr
physical oystcm , causing
The symptoms of wlilch are a dul-dtatre68td mind , which unfit * them for performing ;
their business and r-oclal clutie , imikeH hnppy marriage * impossible , dint reason the action
of the heart , cruxlng flu-litH of heat , deproMtlun i f spirits , evil forebodings , cow
ardice , foirn , aroaiun , rontleHS nlghU , rilr.rlnesn , forg'tfulnrRn , unnatural dioolmrgeB , pain
In the back nod hips , h rt breathing , melancholy , tire oai-ily of i ompany and have
preference ? to bo alnuo. feeling tut tired in the morning aa whenretirin/ . seminal weak *
DESK , lost miuihnod , white bane deposit In the mine , uervoainons , tremblingconfusl m of
thought , watery nnd wcukryon , dyspopdla. constipation , palenctui. pain and wealcneat
In the limbs , oto. , should consult me Innnndlutotv nnil bo lostored to perfect health.
Who have become victims of nolltry vluet , trial dreadful and destructive habit which
annually sweeps to an untimely grave tnouinndx of young men of exalted talt-nt and
brilliant Intellect who might i tbttrwino cntr nee listening senators with the thunders ot
their eloqucuco cr waken to extucy the lllntt Ivro. tnuy call witb confidence ,
Married pontons or young men contemplating marriage beware of physical weak *
neej. Loss f procreattve jxiwer , luixitenoy [ ur any other disqualification speedily
relieved. Ho wlm placox himself under the euro of Ur. Klnhhuttt ma ; religiously con
lido in bla honor AS a gentlninn , nnd nddpn'lv relv iimm I > I < skill tut n physldun.
Immediately cured and lull vigor ie > tored. This1 dlatremiug affection , which renders
life a burden and marriage lnip < < i > sililo , in thn penalty paid by the victim for improper
Induhtouce. Young people are apt to commit exofrsea from not being waie of thi
dreadful consequences that may ousuo. Now who that understands thfc u'Jcct ' will
deny that procreation Is Icwt o nor bv those falllnu into lrnproin r habits than by tha
prudent. Re idea beinc deprived of the uloaaurea of healthy uffsprlogt , the most eoriooi
and deatruclivo syniptomu ot both mind and body ; jino. The system liecomea do *
ranged tha phyxljol and mental powers weaken. Lost procreutlve pnwera , n rvooa
Irritability. riyBjHipBl i , palpitation of the hoirt , IndiKeotlon , constitutional debility ,
wasting of the frame , coniib , nm iirntlon | and death
Persona nilnetl In litolth by unlearned nrrteudtm who keep them trifling month
after mouth , taking iioUouous nrl Injurious coinpouni's i-hould apply immediately ,
graduate of nno of the most eiiiinrut o leKca in the United States , has effected some ol
tha motit OHtnuUhlng curm that wrro ever known. Mi ny tr uhle < l with rmRlng In the
ouru and head when unit ep , great iioi voiuneae , lieing alarmed at ce tuln sounds , with
frequent bltuhlug * , attended soiiibtlme4 with derangement ol tha mind , were cured
Take Particular Notice.
Dr. Y , aildrestres all tliouo ho have injured themselves by Improper indnlgenctj
and solitary huhlta which ruin Ixith mind and body , untUtlnR the M for Imslne , study ,
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