Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 25, 1882, Image 8

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The Daily Bee
Wednesday Morning Oot , ? i
"Weinthor Koport ,
( The follow ins obpcryaton nro Inker
th ? s.Miio moment of time nt Ml the etitl
U. 8. SIGNAL Bra
vicK , OMAHA , Oct. 2 , 1882. ( l:45p.m
ii th
ITinOKB. tooth
2100 71 n h
. Cheyenne. . 0 10 71C9 W
I Wa takl . . . tO Pi iS'w ' till k Jioud
' Cloud
rutu Jfil 'rmh ;
Omtha 29 IT fit . .Rv 1 iid ;
to e ; o ( \v Far
Z9M 01 8s 'nsh ulj
Dirrnport. . 9 PC s Irrk
fl ; 0 > 8 III *
Ltxnrls 0 V2 70 H VeMi
MoirhrnU. , * 9 13 70M 8B Clear
Vlnctnt . . . . MM 70M S 'roih I udj
Olmnarok . . 2)70 M NW Irl'k
Daford . . . . . . K > 81 47 N Hazy
CasUr 21 87 47fil S tn k Cloud ;
Dead wood. . 0 81 fil H
Asstnitnnli 80(6 W 'lilt
JllTtr Bfwl 11 Incho * abors low water mark
Oataha , t fe t31nchos at Tankton.
ichai at ML 1'iul' , C f ct 7
JoiTcnpxt , R feet U lncbf at I , Croeo anc
t bches at '
stosk.llTcftva , eai
in on the U.
-Tho meeting
was ndjju'ned till Monda ncxi for fi
ther action. , , "i * „
The orklD < jnicn eKiTBmltt ) t Urn cvenlns in Arrange for tboVir
ilngmens nnd faTracriconvention. .
Tha mooting ot thi nt'a R'soclallor
'ho ' Congregational thurohes. will oj
i this evening , la this city , at 7:80 : ,
tl'ho workmen are eternally encUnl
nally tearing up Dodge street near Cop !
hill in the lnteroi > tB of o.onomy , Irapro
ment and the Qas compnny.
C. 1' . Uamot nnd Ktlza Prlchnrd , b
ofDouglnss ouunty , were runriied M
day byKsv. . JW. . Shank , of the Ii
ntrcot M.'K. ' church.
Manager lioyd bos vocured the H
Acme 'Opera compiny for next Mom
night. They will produce "the Chlr
tif Normandy. "
Mlts Phoebe CouzltvB , nt the rcqncst
many of our prominent ottlzenn , will
liver her leoturo on 'Qivo" ut Uoyd's op
home Wedncnday evening , November 1
Mtis K. K , Poppletnn will read In I
opera house nu Wednesday even
October 2)th , for Ihs beneUt of "Trln
Cathedral liulldlnv fund , " n lecture btlu
lag tn her KnKllahJltorituro course ol 1
The annual mooting of tlm State 1
Keepora' Association will bo hold at Wnl
an the second Thursday in January. 1
railway oonip.iny glvo n rate of one i
one-fourth f ire for the round trip , arid I
oltlzeas of Waboo tntertaln all the I
Iceepora gratis. Slnca tha assoclatl
started , two yean ago , the produotlnn
honey in this Btato'h v > been quadrupled ,
Mr. A. A. Illce , superintendent
Agents for tbn Kansas and Illlaoit MUBOI
Benevolent Society , is In ths city and dv
ing hl < tay will appoint n man to ta' '
charge of the whulo line of the U. ' .
Attention worliingmen's committee
A meeting of the workiagmen'd oommttt
will take place Hi's evening , Od
ber 2flb at 730 ; In the city council ob
'bers for the pu'pate of making arrant
monts for holding of the worklngmen's a
Farmers' convention. Uy order of cha
Frank Clark , of Corning , n brakemen
on No. 10 , 0. B , & 'Q , freight , was cauf
between the ctrs nt Villisoa , Bund
evening about 0:30. The oars ran over 1
Jogs crashing them sohadlyaito rene
Amputation necessary. He died at 7 o'clu
Monday morning. Ha waa unmarried.
A hunting party loft on the norm tn
yesterday for Clark's station , on the U. ]
Where they will spend n week looking I
geese. The young gentlemen composl
the party were : Tom Klmball , jr. , F.
3arm leo , Charles Ilofer and 1'ra
Goojhue , of Cincinnati , and Mr. Kur
of Philadelphia , nephew of M. A. Kur
of this city.
Several copies of the lflremen's Ms |
zlne , a Tern Haute publication ba\o be
left on our desk. It Is a handsome msi
alne , filled with exoollent selections a
news from all over the country. In tl
connection It may be stated that t
Urotherhood of Locomotive firemen he
reorguilred Over land-lodge No , 123 , of tl
city , and propose to keep it wing
Mr. Fred. Krone who holds the po
ton ! for a tecond time ot councilman
Lincoln , will soon remove bis family'
Omaha. lfred. has put moro bricks in
buildings in Lincoln than any other ti
men in the city , but ho realizes that tl
< Uys of L'nooln's ' boom have boomed on
Mr. Chas. W , Barton , a compositor (
the Pokrok Zipadu , was Monday evonii
united ia marriage to Miss Amelia Kytk
t the tesldence of the bildt > ' parent
llev. V. Kocarnlk officiating. There we
maoy invited gueits present , and the glf
were numerous nnd valuable , TIIIC Iii
wishes the happy couple much j'y..j
The eovernment steamer "Qen. V
t. bhormsn , " pasted down the river Mo
day- bound for St , Louis , where she w ;
1 > e used hi the river conitructlon durli
the winter. Her cargo is composed of tl
remains of the steamer "Don Camfron
which was wrecked In the upper Mltsuu
laitapring. The Sburmaa U 115 feet I
length , thirty-tight feet b atn and carrii
250 tons freight. She is officered ai fo
lows : Captain , W. Q. Lingo ; clerk-F. I
Gmy | pilot , John G. Doyle.
Omaha U again called upon to bl
adieu to one of her protuiting youn
daughters. It Is only a temporary fan
well , however , and owing to tha fact tin
he goes for a lau luble purpoie , her d <
parture calU forth the hearty good wltln
f a host of friends. MM ilarnlo Mai
nlng , daughter of J. P. Maonlng , one c
Omaha' * oldest cltLenp , has left topui
t cue ber inuUcal studies at the Conservator
Mlu Mannlu j'd ambi
it of Boston. great
itn lion Is to excel as a performer on the piano
n nd ber proficiency , eien now , In this dl
, Tectlon gives promito of no ordinary sun
to eu , Monday a sott of n farewel
thyl tribute was tendered her by a party ol
ylu young frlendi , and a pleasant evening ol
jausta and tone ; bespoke the Kood will and
solicitous rpard of t'le assembled guet
U \ hop'd flu my o5h return with tl
( irofioiency snJ nklll , which study and i
plication can alone Impart , and wh
mint give her prominence In her chui
All "orders'1 or "coddle * " who I
tend to paitfclpato In the Uyin ? of I
corner xtone of Douglas county , Ne
court hou'e , are tequetcd to report to I
'marthal of the day" lo-ilny Octal
25tb , nt 1 p. m. rharp. nt the corner
Sixteenth and Cupltol avenue. The p
cession will commence the march nt 1
p m. , going south nn Sixteenth to Jed |
east on Dod.e to fifteenth , south on
tecnth to Dongln * , eut ou Douglas
Ninth , south on Ninth to Fnrnntn , a
nekton Farntm to the court hrusevhi
the following ceremonies of laying t
stone will ba conducted by Grand Mat !
I.tnlngcr , Y. It A. RL Let there bo K f
ot nil "otdars" Interested
turnout , an w
as any of mir citizens who may with
assist by thtlr presence , In the "laving
the tton " nf or.e nf the finest bui dir
that , when finished , wdlever he erected
mir grin Ing illy ot Omaha , Itespcctfull
Frank K. Moorrg , luarnbal.
Fearon & Cole have invloixnowl
portatlon of the Hour from the Queen 1J
Mills , nl SIouic Kails , whoeo icmarknl
mills weie described nt lengUi by T
liEKRomo tlm ago.
There was a quiet , rut not the Ii
bappy , wedding in the oarlori of tie M
[ iid hotel Inbt o\cr.iog , ImtnodUlcly nf
which the groom registered "ir.
Howard acd lady" on the bjoks of I
The brlcklayerK nnd plasterers
Onnln have postponed their mcotli
which was to have taken place to-night ,
to-mnrrot ; , ThursJay , October 20h ,
Keller's ball at 7:30 : p. m. , to elect I
delegates from each cnf ; to tbo wurki :
mrns * and farme-s' county convention ,
order of the committee.
\ La t evening M lr. Stone and v
ere delving home , thelr hone took frij
wlicn in the vicinity of Ttventio h nnd V
naa. ttrestf , ard threw them out of
buirJr. | The animal \hen ran to the cor
of Fourteenth and Web , tor btreotr , ' wh
the fiagmcnts of the buggy were left i
the fl ght continntd to Boyd's opera not
There tH hone was nt length canght.
was found to have received str. ral bad
juries la addition to h tving broken up I
buguy , liarneis nnd the doctor. >
Among the guest ! of llial'nxtonl
evening was Major J. D. Hatisher , of N
York utty , general agent < f the Globe '
b ceo company , of Detroit , Mich. 1
niBJur Is in the dty introducing the fam
brands ( if tobicco manufactuied by
homo , Including Gold Flake smoking
baooo and Glebe fine cut. Tha coinui
makes .icverul splendid brands , of wh
the former nio among tha mat popul
nnd Iffl grods are to ho handled In this
callty by Mr. Tuft , the i-'jrnntn street
bacccnirtt. Major Bau-hcr loavej for 1
bras ) : * City and Llnoilu tday , nnd
pn > s through Omaha a aln on bin v
home. He Is a very pleasaut and accc
pliuhod gentleman and a popular rep
eontativo of a popular honto.
Jolly Gathering In KnlRbta
Fytnlaa Hall und a Flno Enter
tainment ,
List evening the biicklaycrs' uni
ind a eociublo ia honor of the pi
Bontation of a banner by Misa Will
in Knighta of Pythias hall. The
was a very largo attendance , and
oompllanca with BU Invitation quit
respectable- delegation from the pi
terors put in an appearance. The
waa also present a number of Indi
who added oonsiderablo to the onjc
nblcnoss of the evening's ontortal
mont. A very extensive programi
was presented.Vo give BOI
of the performance. Want
space precluding a full i
port. Brother Putton delivered t
welcome address which was very )
lioitously worded and was enthusio
ticully rocoivud. Miss Lily Will
then presented the- banner , which
very olepant in design nnd a gro ;
credit to Henry Luhman , who did tl
writinp , etc. Brother Turtle mode
very tffeotivo speech replying to tl
presentation , and this was followc
by a toast to the banner which w <
drank with nthusiasrn , Brothi
Turtle thcfl gave a very fine declaim
tion nnd later on in the evening guv
some moro which wore evidunt
highly appreciated by the audienci
Mr. W. O. Banders , who ia so wo
known In Omaha as ot
of our best vocalist * , gave several roi
ditiona , which were , of course , a
well received. Mr. John Uoyo en
atcd no little amusement with sou
of his vocal otTorto , and ho was n
> oatody ] onoorod. Brother Augusti
bVondol was much applauded for h
lerformance , and Brother Con way n
leivod quiio an ovation. The soni
> y Miss VVestlako and Miss O'Kool
were v ry well received , as was tli
cornet duet by Brothers U. Jackao
snd J. Bart The harmonica duet b
MUs Annie O'Connell nnd Dir. Walkt
was osovllent , and attracted inuc
attention. Mr. Ward Morgan alt
ooutributed to the pleasantness of th
ITiir , and the stump spoooh of lire
P. White elicited well merited bur <
if applause. Mr. George Allen's ad
lltioa to the programme ws
received in a Tory hearty mat
uor and was encored. Boveri
ixoollent speeches wore made dui
log the evening and evorythin
was 10 euiciently tnanagod tha i
passed off without a single unploauml
iiosa occurring to rullla the sinootl
ness and sociability of the gath
This little event will long bo re
nombered with a great , deal o
Measure both by the bricklayers am
) laetorornof Omaha , "between whou
uoli cordiality exists.
Attontloo , Kntgntel
All brothers wishing to go to Ooun
iil Bluff * , Thunday mornlnR , Ootobe
! 0 , to attend the Iowa Grand Lodst
icsiion and parade will meet at tbeii
3aatlu hall , at 7 o'clock a. m. Ilounc
rip tickets , 50 cunts
By order of the comtnittpo.
En. Wirno ,
Secretary ,
Kidney Dj&oaao.
Pain , Irrltaton | , retention , Jnoon-
nonce , Dt-posiU. 'Grovel , oto. , cured
y "Buohupaiba1
Invitation Accoptcil to Sever
ProspcotivQ "Blow-Outs , "
Stirring Up the Street Railwc
Company ,
Several Crom Streets to bo Nnrroi
ml for Paving.
itio city council hold a rngul
mooting last ovontng , the follow !
members being present : Mcssi
Baker , Behm , Oorby , Dallonc , Lt
dor , McGuckin , O'Koofc , Thrano a <
President Kaufman.
The minutes of the previous mei
ing were approved.
From Enqino Company No. 1 ,
attend thuir twelfth election and ba
quot. Accepted.
From Thomas Gibson , asking tli
three days' woik bo done to op
Twenty-fifth street , south side
Farnnrn. Granted.
From George B. Cook , protcatii
against filling of earth upon his pro
ertj' , on Howard street. Referred
committee on streets and grades.
From Mre. Annie Dee , protest ! ;
against the removal of her housn. I !
furred to judiciary committee.
From the county commissioners , i
vtting the council to attend the cou
house corner-stone laying. Accopte
From McShano & Schroder , nslcii
the privilege of laying a truck in t !
alloy in block 200. Petition prante
From L' , P. Birnoi , stating that ]
hand * the account of James Wilao
stenographer , against the city , nt
wishtd u settlement. LUd on tl
table ,
FrtmO. P. Metculf andO. P Fre
man , iisking a reduction of sidowa
assignment. 'llufurrud.
From Boups & Hill asking pormi
lion to remove certain dirt from D
vdnport street at thuir own exoena
said djrt being iibovo grade. Refe
red * -ojmmittfo on streets ar
grade Bvmth power to aat.
From various parties prosentit
bills. Referred.
xVrom Messrs. T.G. . Hartman ai
B. T.NAbeJo , asking repairs on Georj
ftjreot , r \ we ou Ninuti'emh and Twe
titith. deferred to committee <
ttteejs anrf grades.
From Win. H pp nnd other pro
orty owners inking for construction i
a culvert ovi't Pnpploton avenu
necr Twentieth Blrom. Referred 1
coin aiittoe on slroots nn < X trradca.
From N. B. Falconer tmtj oth (
Douglas street property own&rn0 ( ]
ing change of ordinance cstablisH
grade on said street , commencing I
feet cost of east line of Nineteen
street to west line of Twentieth , BO
to conform to street ns now graded c
Nineteenth and west to Twentiotl
said property owners waive all dan
ages. Riforiod to committee <
streets and yrides and city engine
to report at next meeting.
Bids to furnish the city with co
were received from W. S. Street ai
Jtff Bodfurd. Referred.
The contract between the city i
MdHugh and McQavook , for the co :
struction of a sewer on Sevcntoonl
and Howard , were approved.
By O'Kotfuf Instructing stro
commissioner to fill hole on Thirteen
near WilUatzui. llcf erred.
By Dunham : To permit John M
Coimick to connect with Capital a
onuo sewer , instead of Dodge stroc
Referred , with power to act. -
By Dollono : To notify ,0m 1
horse railway to make immodi.
preparations to lay a track on Dougl
street , or forfeit their righto therot
and leave it' open to other biddei
Referred. / ' v ,
By Dunham * : To put in sm\jl'oti '
vert across Twentieth streetnorl
side of St. Marys avenue , audcov
same. Adopted. ' *
By OorbyTo * put , in a cnlvo
across Fifteenth street , on the siul
side of Djdgo. , Referred with powi
to act.
By O'Koofe : To permit the Labi
Union the use of the council diambi
on Thursday evening , Octobnr 2i
Adopted ,
By McGuoken ; To amend the 01
ilinanco requiring sewer oonnectioi
10 as to allow its onforcomon
By Thrauo : To lay a crossing o
the west side of Ninth street , at tl
intersection os Jones , and to put
? nard rail on both sides of same. R <
By Throne : To reorder the layin
) f all crosswalks ordered previous i
turning that business over to th
ixmrd of public works. Adopted.
By Bourn : To do grading on Twan
ioth street , botwoeu Leavonwortl
mil St. Alary 'a avenue , and Co nllon
Hilton Ilogerarto lay a sidewalk , Ro
urrod ,
By Behm : To remove the fence or
.ho alloy between Sixteenth and SBV
mteontu streets and St. Mary'u are
luo and Jackson street. Referred ,
By aker : To place A oulvert acroei
Juiuing at Sounders itreot. Referred ,
By Leeder : To place iron pipes ir
he putter on Fourteenth and 01 i
brma streets. Adopted.
By Baker : To authorize filling o :
raihout on Saunders street. Adopted
By Baker ; To move sidewalks ii
ho vicinity of Blunders streets bridge
> nd replace the sidewalk on Twenty
irat street , north of the bridge. Ho
From Warren Bwitz'.or ' , asking ait
n grading Fairvie w street , R ef erred
From Warren Swilzler , asking ah
n grading St. Mary's avenue. Ra
erred ,
A communication was received fron
bo city engineer , giving a synopsii
f expenses thus far incurred foi
ewer purposes. The original arnounl
f the fund was ' $110,001 80j tot
rawn , $08 281.rtf ) : balance on hand ,
2,322. HeferrojJ.
On judiciary/ Recommending th <
ppointmout of appraisers to appraise
unisges to lots 1 and 2 , block K , bj
10 building of a sewer through them ,
doptud , )
Ou judiclaj-y : The city troasnrei
ill collect taxes on personal property
; Mary A. Ilord , for 1881 and 1882 ,
1400 only.Adopted. \ .
On judiciary- Exempting St. Jo-
seph'a hospital from taxes so long
uicd for charitable purposed enl
On "Water Works and Soworag
Approving engineer's acceptancoof tl
South Orn h sower. Adopted.
Onsam : Recommending that a fi
hydrant bo placed as the intersect ! )
of Farnam and Twenty-seven
streets , as requested , if the wat
company will extend its mains to th
locality without any intermediate h
drank Adopted.
On same : Ad verso to the placing i
fire hydrants on Dorcas and Cent
stroatn nnd Bellevue road. Recor
On Same : Recommending Ore pi
toctlon for the vicinity of Seward ai
Saunders , if mains would bo extend
without intormodiatohydrrnts. Adof
By Mr. Gorby : Authorizing tl
Omaha water company to lay pip <
and looato three hydrants in ; the U
ion PdciOc shop yards. Adopted.
By Thrano : To lay sidewalks <
south pjdo lot 0 , block 4 Roforro
By Ddllono ; Instructing city t
tornoy to draw ordinances changii
Iho curb lines of Ninth to Sixteen
street , and all intermediate street
between Douglas and Fartiam , so th
they shall bo uniform throughout tl
length of eoid streets. Adopted.
An ordinance authorizing the boa' '
of public works to accept other tin
bond security in granting permit
An orditmnco authorizing pnymc
of balance duo MoLTugh & McGavoi
on contract. Pasted.
An ordinance levying a tax for tl
grading of Sixteenth otreot , was roi
twice and referred to the judicial
An ordinance apropriating mom
for payment of samu , received tl
aamo fat ) ? .
An ordinance fisirj { Iho salary
the city turnkey at 70 a month , w
read twice and referred.
An ordinance regulating the clca
ing of cess pools , etc. , was read trri
and referred.
Adjourned , for two weeks.
An Emigrant Crnolly OrusM 1
the Gars ,
An Engineer Hurb Whi.
Boarding a Train A
Minor Casualty. .
Yesterday was a fateful day on tl
railroads. About 5 o'clock in tl
afternoon n B. & M. engine pushit
aumo freight cars bif ire it , ran don
* mim who was walking along tl
traoV fellow the curve ia the vioinii
of Pierce Mroet. Tno only1 witneasi
of the tragedy wcro two small boy
The tram was sapped , and it wi
fouod that the victim was terribl
mangled , and was probably instant !
killed. .Tho head ws crushed , bet
arms cut off , both feet cut c
and the body in a most shocking cci
dition nnd unrecpcjniz bk1. Sort
letters and papers written in G dim's
were found on hui person "and a
"Emigrant check , S * , Louis to Sa
Francisco , No. 1,201. The chec
was marked "Mo. Pao. , U. P. an
Cent. Pac. " The body was apparent ]
that of a man of about 35 year
Coroner Jacobs waa notified of tt
accident and had the remains coi
voyid to hia undertaking room
whcro.aAJnquest will bo hold air 9 i
i that the man was e
_ . , - while waiting for tfi
( I-
-P. emigrant train , which Icavesj
6:10 , tookia'atroll downVtho B.'W ' '
track and met hia fato. \ i . '
OK THE Illli. * jtr
An accident is reported an bavin
taken place about noon yesterday nea
the summit , three miles * est of th
city. A man who wltupjsod the occurrence
curronco says ho saw sVmo one try t
juirtp on board the pVoiland trail
while it was going over th
hill. The man mi pd hia hold th
lirat time and trfod it again. Ho wa
thrown down , afld it seemed as if hii
bead went nntJor the wheels. It die
not , however ) but he was caught ii
icmo mannif and badly crushed. He
iras broufiVt to this city and taken tc
the hospital.
It is Mid to have been the old en-
jinoer'of the steam shovel , which fs ai
voilff at that point , His injuries
rer internal and , it was feared , very
Daring the afternoon a railroad urn-
loyo had his hand badly crushed in
tie yard , BO that some of the fingers
inst bo amputated.
tow tbo Fnmoua Indian Viahter Puoi-
tfeo tha Hedeklns.
wclal Dbpatch to Tus Dss.
PitKSOorr , Arizona , October 24.
enoral Crook has effectually stopped
10 Indian outbreak that nt one tiny ,
icmed inevitable , at San Carlos. The
iportof tbo grand jury at Tucson
lows the incessant and laborious
ork which has been performed by
encral Cnok since ho assumed com.
iand of Aricona. Ho has been con-
antly traveling from ono point to
aothnr , holding conference with dif.
iront Indian tribes. He first discov-
red frauds were being practiced at
an Carlos and discontent caused
nong different bands on that account ,
id through his action chocked what
remised upon bis arrival at the ne
rvation to bo another big and bloody
ar. Reports received at the mili-
try headquarters hero confirm the
itiro report of the United States
: aud jury.
Tables supplied with the bott the
arket aitords. The traveling public
aim they got better accommodations
id moro general satisfaction here
lan at any other housp In Omaha ,
ate , g2 per day. augSltfm
A Political Dead Look.
< bl Dupatch to Till IIu.
PiTiBBtwa , October 24. After a
tad lock of nearly three months , the
publican confcreea of the Twenty-
urth congressional district this
ornlng nominated Hon. Georgr Y ,
iwronco , of Washington county.
General Preparatitns for Layir
the Oorner Stono.
The Mayor's Proclamation ai
Other Ordere ,
At n meeting of the county oo ;
mtssionera gMonday the folio wing w
pissed :
Itcsulvcd , That the clerk bo and
hereby directed to wait upon the he
orablo mayor of the city of Oma
nnd request him to ask that all bu
ness houses nnd offices in the city
closed ou Wednesday , the 25th ins
from one to three p. m. in order th
a general participation may bo had
the exorcises Incident to the laying
the corner atone of our now cot
In compliance with this requo
Mayor Boyd yesterday issued the fi
lowing proclamation :
Omaha , October ! i4 , 1882 ,
To the Citizens of Omaha :
In purananco of the request of t
county commitwionora , I tttko ploa&u
in inviiin ? the citizanacf Omaha
participate in the curomoiiioa of layli
the corner otono of the now coui
house , on Wednooday , the 25th ins
from 1 to 3 p. m. I also ' n quast i
business houses to clo'so butweun oa
hours , so as to allow of a Ron oral 11
tendance. Riispoctfully ,
J. E. BOYD ,
Mayor ot Otuuha.
To the Old Settlers of Douglas Count
The following communication w
forwarded to me , and' I take tt
method of publicly extending the 1
vitatiou. ALP'D JONES ,
O. S. A.
Secretary \J
OMAUA , Oct.'l7 , 1882. J
Gentlemen : 1 am instructed by tl
honorable body of couuty coinmi
sionern of Douglas county to oxtoi
to you an invitation to bo present at
participate in the exercises upon tl
occasion of the laying of the cornc
stone of our now court house , whi <
will ocour on Wednesday , the 25
Trusting snat I may bo notifled
your acsceptance , I am ,
Very truly yours ,
County Clerk.
To the Old Sctt'irs Association , Omaha
Mumborj of the board of trade ai
invited to participate hi Jho laying
the corner stone of the court hous
Please attend at the board of tiac
rooms , ut 1 p. m , sharp , Wodnesda ;
the 25th. By order of boird of dire
The procession will form on Si :
teenth street and Capitol avenue s
L o'clock sharp this afto
noon and tnovo at 1:30 : They wi
reach the court houao in time'for th
beginning of the ceremonies at
Oa .arriving at the court hone
block tno ceremonies willbecondunte
by Past Grand ADwtor G. W. Linin
Her , who has been deputised for tha
purpose by Grand Master Warren.
The oration will bo delivered b
Eon. A. J. Popploton.
_ Nearly all the societies invited hav
lignified their intention of participal
np , and an imposing turnout ia ej
peotod. Ia addition to the subord ;
iftto lodges , A. F. and A. M. , wh
wul accompany the grand lodge , th
fr"1"Vlt Templar will turn out a larg
rBbjlEAHMBai _
1. Onit.blastnr the
M'P ' 1 architect will read ih (
3. Th
5. Music by the On
, a Qleo clab.
rifn trStt"'w presents the
, ,
R'anii "oovtafy read * a list
f I the contents la the casuf after which
ioy deposit It in the stone
nrj. . wh cl
me solemn music la rendcwtt"y tlie Olea
UD -v
7. Lowering and plaolnR the st e | n | ta
roper place. During tbU cerem y the
lee Hub will sing an ode.
8. Testing the corner stone by the p .
implements f Masonry.
9. The stone U const orated by the prop.
elfmeutH , rorn , wine and oil.
10. Intocatlon by Grand Mter. .
11. Delivery of the implements of Oper-
IVB Moapnry Into the bands of the prin-
pal architect.
12The . proclmmatlon by the Grand
arsh > 01.
13. Closing ode to be TODB by the entire
During the singing of this piece the cut.
mary collection will be made and placed
> nn the ftone for.the benefit of tha work-
enpged upoji the bullrtin ? .
} * Or-1'0" hyHon. A. J. Toppleton.
15. lienodlctlnj.
V. 1Iddtogv , of North l Jatte , is at the
H. N. NIcholi , of North 1'Utte , in nwu _
John Stable * , of Lincoln , U at the Met-
Hon. liham Kea\l , Of Falls City , U at
e Millard.
William Lawrence , of Ltrarole City , is
the ly i ton ,
Con Groner , ( herIB at North 1'latte , Is
he CanBeld.
J. V , Howard , ol St I'AU ! , Is a roest of
e Ciubeld house.
Miss Helen Ball , of Dakota City , is at
e Metropolitan.
J. E , KeUey , wife and nelos , ol Gibson ,
e at the MilUrd ,
Mrs. Ira Wilson snd Mw. Feten , of Kt.
e , are at the I'axton.
U , F. Schwartz , manager of the Corlnne
erry Make w , U at the MUIard ,
3 , N. Pratt , S , H , BUes and A. Irlih ,
Grant City , are at the Metropolitan.
Wr , and Mr * . A. Caatetter and MbsM.
Cautelter , of Bliir , ar t the Paxton.
D. C. Motter , Leno ! ) 0. 0. Crowett ,
air , and Dawson Collins , Nebraska
.y , are at the MUIard.
- , 0 , liurr , D. II. Tbomron. and J" .
C. Chile , of Lincoln , and W. B. ttoe ,
Wajne , were at thePftxton lattn'ght.
Col. Matt Patrick left for Hoik Ore
Mw. General G.orgi U. Kiterl" , M
Citrle Koberls hml Master A'ex Ho'-ei
the family of General Gjorfe II. Ho et
of Orlenns , came tip Irom St. I/otiis ycst
day nnd ore stoppinz ot the MilUrd.
J Dtlleher , Maxwell ; J * < mes Bell , I
vld City ; J. F. Dullard. North 1'la'tci
G. Stanton , Norfolk ; J. E. liowen , 1
catur ; W , A. I , Nebraska City n
G. Maxwell , Fiemont , ate
Nebnukitnt i > t the CanSeH.
, Oth I cam h riwj One ft n
I ) j ro , 1 64' ) mane n < 1 till , I lit d n lett i
Mn ll bl ( A HIQ'.OII bit h p. Th ntrot W
m.rc lOcrllymts ( Id , njme hl'ch ' rton
fl o of faceard br irtol7f on rl h' si eolic
Wh nlmtB cniRd hilt rs n livn\e ord
.No. 210 S. ICthttio.t. Omahi. Ntb.
91S-J S w It
to . _
ThnmM TtojmS OMiMcn Bloih
TO .OAN-On ( battnl tcorWKkO
MONbY . A. n. Tutt-nn , No.1616 Don
ttrttt , front room , np-tlnlr . 43V
nPi-SOUiUUU e/ejt In umiiof , ,600
opwardi , for B to yean , on Orst-clwa cit )
fiinn property. Cmn Ruti K t TH tnrt 1 1
AatnoT. 16th and DourUs 8tn
ONEY TO LOAN Iho Northwestern J
ttul Life Ii si raiuo Company Is piepat < i
tmtke allQtat ( Usi'oai'i ' ) minted on sAtlitact
cltylor fa > mtocurlty at lowf ! ' current iau
Interest and without caiinuli I MI A. ply to
O. r. DAVIS ,
S cc M Ajtcnt ,
No. 1506 Fail ft'n hire it , .
tat and nud-4w Umah i. Net
ANTED A Second b > lcr at the 1'ax
hotU , Wiges ? i" > per month. Inquire
IV ANTGD-In small family Rlrl forgine
VV housework muit be good cook. I all 1
Chicago St. 022 1
\ \ ANTED A R0"il Klrl for Rcntral liot
V > w rkat IHllCassHrect. Ol'7-i :
\ Klrl or Ktuirall ou > orK i
WANlfclJ Ian lj. Cull US h. ccnif2MI
Dcuglta D2l t
A man who rin milk a cows
WANTED I o it b ut a | lao , imu hr
rifeienoo. Arrival u th wtet coiicrnf 21
BtreeiandSt. Mirj'i Avenue. t-29-rc
MAKER WANTF.D-1 hat ian l
from 8 to ID dozen : ! Hrlii ) ; brooini per < 1 :
1'rloe lljc per dozen. Jlan to boaid lth me
mj farm. Amount of work 10 1 to GOO dozen.
030 21 Dennett , Nel
\\fANT D Two load drain ? io u pltli
> I J o'ii hotel , 1 lair Neb. , irorauil ntcly. Ot
wa < [ c w.ll bo p U. Apply at CDCU at lait
lica. b2' ] ; o miu
\\7AN1KO Aulddlta cdnian ticttend b
VV and bo well rccommonded. Addtu-H i
B. e ctllce. , Uie-Ztt
WANTtl-\dl Ing room jjlrl t the Crdj
tii llcusi. 013-26
, AiNTKt 1001 hit a 1 } li y 11 or IK ye
U clatn jfuctt - f-r bi rd l > pilnligo
fang to-choo. apin > K I'a' K p
aln- ' . U1G 2 1
- A 6un lnln , n sue es fJl a
WAATt-U loactas Maua < crfcr our public
iloislntll S R-e. Must bo willliito fc'oc
inn find aitcnf , and r-ilu tlcoi f r < ID flat
mo ) tin. S.Itr , a > d ctinmUili'ii kltor o
unntli'dtrl'l. i-ccd iiuric Ucfe ciicis. Gt
1,0 > jp r nco In mil. Si ml fi-1 .
921 23 b-Ji Ilroa.nay , tt. Y.
ANTED 50 men for rallr-aH wo h. :
W Mm wtl i r , 11 Ii iiour M.r. sni 911-2
WANTEt > pitentgl-l torg nfralhous
wor . Ajjplj ou > < 1 d)5r f omCilllcr
tree" , on 221. 90 SUf
1 1 iii omttly. tjur xx Liie ti
WAoTKu c mp wood and c ear la id tin e <
i liiti , 14W larnrnnibtreu' . t92 2
* tno employment offic
ilTN. 16tbttroctup stAlw. < 5tl
W Ah TED A. good ilrl ( or gener.l hous
wor , at la 1. nt ( . Cet side of convo
troet , two b.ocks north b fit. U.ry'datunut ) .
[ TITANTBD A girl to o r.chorkl houscwor
VV > end > S Q cod wages paid AI
Ircss F. 0. Grablo , Kearney , NoD. 6 9-tt
_ _
r\T ANTED One ( rood camaeaer. Steady woi
VV work and good pay , ( references required
ipplr at 218 N. ICth street , up-stolrg , room 6.
430-t (
i\T ANTED-At the NaUocal Hotel at Uncoil
? JL -.One No1 'omal * - -
\l A-Mtl > Duuin y VuVJ-l > , ulula Ana co
r V pools to clean with h Diu.Vr'-y iill ac
nk Cleaner , the best In use. A. Evadii'-JC'Qr :
oldenco 1 06 Dodce ttreet , Omaha.
> OA D nd rocui lor twj af 1010Ctilra8o& ; !
> 931-24
-lnoinn and r < oird. f priral
family wllllnz to take one or two boardere
II s nu their addroBS to the U'yinan Coiuircla
illcge , s udebt se > .klni ; boird ut rooms will D
[ erred to them A. L WYA1AN. ClO-tt
\OR KENT Cottajc of 4 room * , SOth and Far
nam street , $10 a month
SOU IlENT Cottage of 1 rooms , SOth nn <
iod ( ; $10 a . .onth.
OR KENT Houoijv of fi roouo.SOth and IXiu
KlMntrectl8 u month.
a tf UOOU8&HIU , .
OK HENT A nVw room with home comforts
In a prl\ate f m ly , 1811 Caoa atroet. ir S 2i
'Oil HUNT 2 new tcvcn room housts , Park
av mil . All modern iiuprotunenU loth hoi
juold ittr , Hattrhack if to\u in ktchtn ,
joilwork and i-ta'raiso lliil hulln | urti-colorLtl
Id. No hcttir anpolntbd honsen in town.
ci t earn nasi the door. ros f slon gi\ n about
tnilior 1st ,
i room hou'C , velhr , well rMcrn , barn , newi >
ntoil and | u ) > crul , Shinnan uteniie ,
room liouoc , ucll , clnt rn , Rcx lc.Har. corner ,
h strut. AMES , JGW1 Viiriiani. > l-lt
Oil ItF.NT ( lood lia cmcrit rooms nultabUi for
lioiibckrclnr | ) , Albo goal Urge burn , Call
nvdliitcly at northwuit vol. 2JU nnd Hurt .St.
! tf _ _ _ _ _ _
OU KrttT Ku nliAtxl rot in s forme or mo
gcn.Uman N. W. corner 0 and Cafe St.
f 2 hcu cl ° "e 6 * rcl rile 6 rroms.
. , BfCbic.gj andjfithSs T.Stlft.
_ " = h _ kBl-tf
1011 HUNT Deal , room , fronrc = - -
floor , r'.rnhain ot. IWloullroa. 8gtf Ji"
OK IlKNT Klo.ant trout rom , ( urnl-hed or
umumlomd , cheap. Mo. 61)6 ) IB h
. tOJiiet
I OH HENT-2 hrusm of 6 rooma each.
U10 25 UALlOU UUO'd , U , lou UloiV.
lOt ub.x'l' \ kkrlo luruibhwl
Parofcanttrcct. v7-tf
I OB ItfKT Twa UrKofurnl lied front rooms ,
with or wit-out boar-U 03 Honard ttr.ct.
Ofl-tf _
lOKKENT 4 plia > aiit Chamber * iultable for
bouts kicp UK t > a uun anl wife without
loreo Noue cthtr uied app'y. ' Call from 7
n. to 6 p u , No. 81 M7lh utrcet. DOStf
Olt UKNT-A furnUhed Uoux , fan Dodge.
OS HENT-lhebuUltg at p'eient occupied
by .lieWntein liuloa .eleimih Compuo > ,
croi Farnam ant 16th itreeU : Apply to
kcr lirgi. , G otfc . _ 67.7-tI
OHHENirAhou of9rooiM1and ultat.lo
for iwo fauillle * . Inquire IJlo Chic KO St. ,
wucn 12th and 18th. _ ? -
well and
OU U If NT-House with se cn rooms
cuitern handy. t o blocks fr m Omaha toun
kouth nth bi Inquire at Henry B5"tDp
furnUhed room. Call
OH RENT-A plwront
at 6 j7J N. 7 Ht. ith tcltKiioe
KENT-FI ( fantly fmnUhei ! roimiwith
FOR s and hwt r. f 'tnc 8 rtqnlied. Ap.
py notih wttl Srdaud lut ! tt. tUtl
TnoRRINT New hou'f 9 roens 1W' Bk t -
JJ t e n Leattdwol h aid va < cn. All m Atrn
liupr vume ti 8t8-tOt
iromiENT-Nlcolyfunil-hcd front room. U-
J' qulro at N.V. . corner 18th and Farnam ,
7 / on KENT Ahoumol tx rooms , well and
7I 1 cli ern , rontcnlcnt and good location , ono
block north of brljgo , on Sherman ascnue.
I0tl UENT-Kumldiod room with board and ft
U few tAblc boarder , at 1718 Uodge. 8fjGl
I7\0lt \ UK" T Mi u e , ftx roon i lurntthtd , ID-
Jj q 1110 at U. Hyde c Dice , UUiar a Lotd.
nr.VT A bonrdlrp r > ouw , at 103 Ta th
FOR \ , bet * Itn D uglas atd Loigo. 1 quln
at cor. f i2lhand 1 ou.l 8. 811-tf
OH HENT Offlcis In J cib' b ock cor , ISth
} * and Orltol a\enuc , JOHN U. J AC > t3 ,
702 tf
* - ie 'f sit Ivire ronnw all
conveniences ondf no too tion b > .T. IVter-
s n Am t'th anil ) u la St 7 4 If
UE T A nlco n w otiaco 01 Eavinpott
POK et , boir 24th strict. Inqulr. at Mbolm
& Krl k ot > V
iToH rTE"T A nlcciy fuTn ah u oouj at HJ
I1 Ca-sttr.-ot. MO If
Ij Oll ItKM Huu ie lJ nc in gojd locution.
K Allionvcnltnccg fir i ir , no * ' , 12 rooms ,
lleCagus , opposite ixj t nice. 022-tf
KKNT Two new dwolllnen ant ) two olhci
FOR ludculrnble loc.utv , h ) McKoon
No. 1614 Dnnel.ii Mrwt 817-tf
ilENT A c tUeJ of flc rtomi. Inqulto
Foil .Northwoit corner ICib a id ttlcA o Uiwt ,
Bin tt _
ClOU RENT-Furnlshed houao , N. W. corner
C IBUi and Clark at _ 776 U
"I71DII HFNT Lnrgo olTlcj locru or h ll > iore.
i1 uajfarnhunoiieet. 7J7-U
HUNT Two rooum furhUhel tot Heht
POH U'okieptijf rlly water ou mno floor.
Damn's 11. cS , corner Slh and Ilowaid Hte ; a.
793 tf
HENT A toro la lUlcomho block , nn
ICth street , boar Davecport Ht A. D.
Uolcjmbo. 600-2Stt
TKV HOU3E8 FOR RENT Hmall and 'lance-
four to ble\cu rooms each ; ono or two niw
cncs. UKMty , Acent ,
jeM-tt th and Douplna its.
| ? ( OIl RBNT Kurnlahod rooms at 1717 LOSS
L1 Btrtet , b-t 17ch and ISth. 450-tf
jiHJtt Kr.M oiocttj etur , ccr , lUth trooP
P anl Capitol avtnue. Apply on pn miMi.
FOH BALK One oriian lor $30. O o or < tn for
* > 5. Ono 1'iano , (65. Casn cr monthly p y-
u.0 la.
921-1 A. HCSfE.
BIOYCLE FOU 8AI.K Inquire C. U. Wood
man , Omaha. 761-tl
OUSAf 1 larff Safe and 1 I irp ilzeOfllce
ti desk forgaloo wl 1 cxchatijfoforJIcrchaiidlio.
InrjulroS. W. to ncriimlandUallforuh. 1)14-25 )
LE Stock of L'oncralmo ch ndlsowlth
FOrtS of store. Oooti pajii pbupiriiBa u two
towns near Omaha. JUllou llrcw. Tnlon hlock.
FOR 8 VI E Entire rrrco-y ftcck i > nd nxlurca ,
oir. lOUiaud Leuveawoith. N J. billilL
Stav.s nnl Furniture 141.0\ .
_ _ _
FOR SALE We offer for sa'e our Hour and
F cd Iluel csi , c rncr of IBth and Dnitnp it
etrccts , lth all fixtures , t ams , wa.on , ct .
Reasons lor ( , o liiig no are print' 1 to another
business. A Rood Invest.
CTOK S ILK Hi u e and lot , N c. comer 13ib
JU streoc and Capl.ol avenue. Inqufiu on prv
ml fcOt 1m
FOR 8\LK-llni6o of 8 > o ma on
( T ound 4J years , J6BO. M.
ro t Olflee.
riOlt HALU Oood building , Call at
f Water Wrrks olHce. 440-tf
Bmaim , one larie brick houte , and ons
: argo frame house , with fall lot on Cau near ISth
itrect. Flno chance for Investment , rent for 170
per month. Call tot full particulars , on
EM-tf _ Agent. tCth and Douglas rta.
D1X BEAUTIFUL LOTS 60x160 feet each la
Q Hanscoru Place on street ca line. Best lou
in whole addition on very easy terms and at k
; rcat bargain. BSHIB' agent , 16th and Doaglaa
it-"eta 16-tt
- _ _ _ _
FOR HALE. The Arlington Hons" "
First class ; all furnished ho only hole
a tovvn. The cheapest property In the state.
Has all the traveling men.frin bo Bold cheap oa
: ermst08Ut. Enquire of E. Fuilo , proprietor.
Arlington. WmiBlnirton county Neb 6as
EWR SALE Or will ezcha ge for Omaha pro.
perty , an Improved sec OB of land adjoin-
nf a station on U. P. B. R. U. DUNHAM. 141J
rrnham St. . Omaha. _ yjp gm {
PAKENUF-onthopremU got ireundrrtlnn.
I ed a n d hf Ifer , whit bo ly ai d ta 1 c. KraMk
learB. &U. track , quarur ml e atn-bof a Ink
'or which i reward
. 4-tf
.0 tV .Oil Ii MtV CONCkUlN-l donre In"
il ju llctta tos ythttlt h.sbem reputed
latl made statements dcrrgitor ti I ho name
Mrs. A Johnson. I chcortu ly taVo th-imoth-
1 toabsolut ly deny that lever utteretl or clr-
ilited anysland roiw rtporU and know of no
3Od reason for so do og. J DONNEK.
Anyp. rson rankingduch ropjrthire frer lll
> pros ted. W. JOUNSO
olS 121
10 FAKUEKS-The highest ci h prle paid
L rpr Itye , Bar ty and Corn at Kreb'g Vinegar
orki , Jones street , botwo n 8ih a > d 10th , Oma.
5 ; SOC-dawtf
, will buy the furniture of the b |
. - , , - - . jpaying hotel In Iowa , llcnt reas
lable. AdUrcba Dolph Macgrcgor. Bee office ,
naua , Nob. 108-tP
ONAL1QT , 198 Tenth Btreot , betnreen Fimaiv
dnainev. Will , with tha aid nf gunidlau
lilts , obtain for any ouo a gluncs t > the out
d present , and on certain coadlilona In tha Li
re. Bou and UbOM r > ad to irder , Vtil
< tinn lru r . > t . .ntfl 1
Absolutely Pure.
Fhls powder never varies. A marvei o \
rlty , strength and wbolesomeness
are economical than the ordinary kinds ,
d cannot be sold in competition with the
iltltndo of low test , short weight , alom
phosphate powders , Sold only in can
Wall St. , NewYwk