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The Omaha Bee.
Pnb'JfiheJ every tnorutng , except Br.nday
fibs only Monday looming dntlj- .
Vear . $10.00 I Throa Months. PS.OO
Month ! . D.WOno | . . 1.00
SUB WEEKLY BEB , pnbltoted or.
rr Wednesday.
One Year. . . . . . $2.01 I ThKieMonlho. . tb
IxMeaths. . . . 1.00 | One . . 20
or Newsdealers In the TTnltcd
CORUEaroNUKNOK All Oommmi ) .
Ifttlonn tflitlnf ; t/i New * nnd Kdltorlal tnr.t-
( is Hho H ' . addressed to th * KotTon or
Ktu : lire.
otters r < nd should bo nd
rttwd to THE Bnr. PrniiMiitm COM.
Aar , OMAHA , Drafts , Chock * and ) W-
filed Order * to Im nude piynblo to the
ffiar of the OompMi ;
She BEE FDBLISII1HB 00 , , Props
Ei RQir.WATEtt , Editor
Wo are authorized to announce
Senator Van Wyck to fiddrore th
citizens of the Third dlnlriut on tlm
Issues of the hour at the following
named plncco :
O'Noil , Monday , October 23.
Norfolk , Tuesday , October 21
lion. M. K- Turner
will speak with Senator Van Wyck
nt each of his appointmonta.
Cnpt J. H. Stioklo
Wo are authorized In nnnounco that
Capt. J. IT. Stickle will dultvcr thrco
speeches in the Third district in the
favor of the anti-monopoly , ticket ,
The first will bo delivered on the 28kh
inat. at Sohuylor. Another will bo at
Albion. The date in not fixed ,
HemE. . flcmowalor.
The nnti-nionopolintaof Dodge ooun
ty will hold n maa meeting at Hooper
on the 23th , Urn. 13 , Uogewater II.IH
coneonled lo deliver an
VALC.NTINE ia the "noldior'a c.uidi-
clato. " Syeial Order 320.
ho opened thu campaign Val
was running on hia record. . Ho in
now busy running away from it.
Knmt : got olestotl by the skin of
hia tooth , and hi ) ncord wan as
much brighter than thnt of K 1C
Valentino as day la brighter shnn ;
TJIIJ Sheltou Clifijx r has an article
headed ' 'Valentino among the . piin-
tera. " The last tirao Valentino HVUI
among the printcni ho got away with
the fuuila of the Typographical Uoion
of which ho happened to bo tre s rcr.
K WAUTBUH , Mr. Nordavall
and two follow countrymen , compos
ing thu Swedish quartette , will sing
lustily ia the Third district for Scan
dinavian votes , "Coming ti the ryo"
will ho thp favorite Rolootion ,
TALLY ono for Oregon. Hippie
Mitchell , the preferred candidate of
the northern Pacific , was finally beaten
for United States senator and a
dark ho re a by the numo of Joseph N.
Dolnli ivaa , clrotgd on thu last
- * * >
month will ivo the tirnt of a coriea
of four ait receptions to bo hold in
rcsidonco on Fifth avonuo. The art
of damning the public Is not up
poaod to bu included. |
those bribery developments ,
Attorney 0 ! moral Hruwa'er Ima ooiuo
to the conclusion that it ibi'B not
always pay to aak n thief to catch a
thief. Ic looks ua if uomo frauds
of the worst kind were employed by
the government.
TIIK Valentino quartette , by ipecial
request of auvural old soldiers , will
sing that stirring military Inllad
" ' " future ratification
"Tho Rogue's Mar9h" at
fication meetings in thu Third dis
Tin : Philadelphia Tiw * eaya thai
the Ohio verdict ia simply this ; "Ha1
trod to the memory of Gartield. '
Politicians may attempt to explain i
otherwise but tliu people of Ohio havi
written it by their ballots in letters o
living light so that ho who runs ma ;
Jot : BliLLiiti ) bus always honorei
thu United Pacific paper , and h
thinks it nothing moro than right thu
they Hhould accept his political drat U
A aonaior can do HO much good i
protecting railroad interests from con
monistic aggression.
THE Now York Tributf couununi
Senator Vau Wyok for the bold Mtau
which ho it ) taking in hiu campus
speeches for raform in thu ropublicii
darty. The party in Nebraska in ,
leaat on district ii making a btuudfi
reform in it's ranks which will caui
something to drop about election tint
Tut : appeals of the organ of tl
Union P c fie and the mouthpieca
K. 1C. Valentino to the G. A. 11. ,
resent the attacks upon a bravo cot
maudor , will fall rather ilatly up
the ears of thu gallant eoldiors w
have been dUgruced by asaoclati
with a man who was iuiplicatud it
scheme to swindle thu government.
In the last issue of the Columbus
Journal , a piper publiahcd by lion. M.
K. Turner , there appeared a charge
that A gentleman reiidina in Colum
bus had in hit possession a rcinp book
containing the following extract :
I > t tltIMF.I ) .
Thn war il parlmcnt bus ( irdtml thftt
the f > llnwlne immM oili ecru be difhonir-
I ) y mu.Uro I < ut of the pervico for fraud
ulent pr.utc ! < H agiimt the United Status
"Among the names appealing ,
twenty-two in number , ia that of F < rst
Lieutenant and Adjutant E. K. Val
entino. "
Now , Mr. Valentine in his upeech
at J'rcmont 01. Thursday , denounced
thin extract no an infanioun nhndcr ,
and most vuiphaUealty denied that
there was any foundation whatever
for the chnrgfl. Tno Oaiaha Jttjnib-
/ ! > , Uie orfluit of the Union 1'acifio
and tht inoiitl'picoo of Mr. Valen
tine' , I.'fu i-nncil , i. < MUnt challenge to
any man or j > urnnl to produce the
proof that V.iluntinu'a urtny record
had the nh'ghtcnt * i > ol upon it. They
alao published a letter iroin C.iptain
Cramer who , aa Captain of company
C , Seventh low.i cavalry , vouches for
Vatenline'n iidolity and integrity
uhilo in the curvico.
Now , wu have in our possession an
oflicial tranccript from Iho recordn of
the War D/pirtmont , which effec
tually nails Mr. Valentino as an im-
poitor who is trying to cover a matter
of record that flhould forever retire
him to private life.
L oiniKi : .NO. 220.
WAR Di'.i'AimiKM , ]
May 11 , 1800. )
lly ditcclion of the preaident the
following named oiliicw are hereby
dishonorably muaturud ou1. of the aor-
vr ! ; ? of the United K t u for fraudu
lent praclieos in connection with the ]
nppraiial and naln of horuu , the prop
erty of the United S' toj :
Uruvot Brigidiur Gauoral II. U.
Ilenth , Colonel Seventh Iowa Cavalry.
Major J. U. Divid , Seventh Iowa
Captain K U. Murphy , Seventh
Iowa Oiivnlry ,
P'irs ! , Ijiciitotnnt K. K. VALEM-
TTNK , ArtjTiUnt Sivouth Tnwa O.\v-
Second Lluutenant Tiins. .J. I'otlur ,
Seventh loira C.vv.'ilvy.
Lieutenant G. P. Uoldon , Seventh
Fowa Ojvalry.
Ltoutonant I. S. lire-Are r , Savonth
foira O.tvalry.
I.ieutenrtnt W. IT. Northrup ,
Sovouth Iowa Cavalry.
Lieutenants Ormaby nnd Loworoy ,
Seventh Io.7/a Owalry.
Djr uiiloi uf thn Oectotwryot War.
Ataiatant Adjutant
The facts in the cue are that E. K.
Valuntino , with othora , v/io implicated
in fnxuua upon thu govarnmunt in the
appraisal and ailo o > ' horBea. The
Seventh Jjwa .tavalry worn doing oor-
vice on the plainb' njaiiwt the Indiana ,
and ! HO guarding xho nnrvoyors and
oonBlrusliou corps of Mw Union Pa-
cillc , Thoniljulitiil of tlio r gir.iput
waa in collusion wi'.h the Bpoculatorn
who wcro buying and soiling army
hortei , Thu coiippitucy waa diicov
ored by th i floorol ssrvico departmout
of the government , and the result wa
special order -20 , issued by order of
15. M. Stanton , secretary of war.
When thu rcylmont WAS abuut to ba
mnsturod out throe montlm lutur , live
of the ollicera Implicated in thu fraud
including Valentino , wuio whitewash
ed and thu chief mustering oflioer was
authorised by Spvcif.l Order No. t)2li )
to furnish them with an "honorable ( ? ]
discharge. " The oIlburehUHy instru
mental in saving Valentino from per
putual disgrace wan Major Goo. M
O'lirinn , of thia city , who waa latoi
brovettt-d brigadier general. Yet uo
cording to Captain 11. W. Cramer
dealer in railway supplies
Valentinu had as t'uui a mil !
tary record KB any man i :
I thu regiment , and the captain , wit
hia M underfill memory , tells ua the
, Valentino waa mustered out with hi
d I
regiment at Fort Leavenworth , Kaa
in IKDii. Thu war department record
BIOW that Valentino was mustered 01
at Uavunport , Iowa , August lOtl
IBUti , at vuramcnths \ before thu reg
nunitvu * i
TJU M thu truth of hUtorv , whicl
within i'ai lf , atampa Valuntine as u
teily uu'j ; to bo tlio representative i
. Riiy rt'9)ciitnbl ) clMH nf citizenH , lea
or of ull 'il ibu Kallaut aoldiera who
it ) iirtit.o h
a ,
TIIIHTV IIIKEK states und all t !
lit ) torriinrios will hold election * <
of November 7th , Thuu far this ye
ton there hare been held general olectio
n- in ttn statcu. Oregon , Vurmoi
n911 Maine , West A'jrginia and Ohio ha
hoi completed for themselves the tank
choosing both state oilicors and rue
i a burn of oongrost. Ilhodo Island , Ki
tucky , Alabama , Arkansas and Goer ]
each have held elections thin year for
state officers and mombera of the
legislature , but will vote for members
of congress with the other states on
November 7th.
libs idea the congressional and otato
olco'iona , four states vote on Novcm-
bor 7th , upon amendments to their
constitutions , Misnouri votea on an
amendment concerning its ntato judic
iary , Wiaconein , on atnondmcnta concerning -
corning the rpgiilration of votno and
biennial okclior ; New York , on
amendments concerning free canals ,
and electing Additional supreme court
judged ; and Nebraska , on a woman
sufTrogj amciidment.
Of the thirty-two members of con
grcea already choann , oixtcon are ic
publtnansand eixtcon democrats. In
the present congress the name states
Invu twenty-two republlcanH and ton
dcinocrals , Two hundred and ninty
three rpprecentativet' , or aa many aa
compose the present house , remain to
bo voted for in November.
Sweden , Norwegians and Danca lo
cahvano the Third district among the
Scandinavians for Valentino. Liberal
wages paid and no questions asked ns
to character. Apply at once to
N. B. Mr. Nordwall , the Scandi
navian editor and clerk in Union Pa
cific hoadquartoro , has gcnu out with
the advance guard on detail , llin
salary on the U. P. pay roll continues
as uoual.
BUSI.VEHS and induattial prosperity
in the south are at a Ihod tide. Capit
alists are turning thuir attention to
the rich mineral doposita of North
Carolina , Tonni'eaou nnd Georgia , and
development ha-j iilro.idy commenced.
Thu aouth haa cnterod upon a now ca
reer which will eventually make her
ono of the most prosperous soctiuna of
the Union , Her agriculture ia morn
divprsiGcd and industries arc npriiig-
jng up in every flifoqUon , Railroads
are opening up Uio country , cotton
mills are consuming the raw and turn
ing out the finished product , and
blant furnacci are giviug employment
to IhoiiBiinda of minors and operatives.
Capital ia always ready to invent in a
rich and peaceful country.
THK Philadelphia J'/ow pays a high
and well drscrvcd editorial vributo to
G.nicral Crook in thu following voids :
"General Crook ii teptating in the
Apachu country the same vigorous
and prudent policy through which ho
brought poacu there a dozen years
ago. Ho crim'od ' order before in a
region whore life had never been safe
by insisting ou dimple measured for
the identification of every Indian , and
ho will roitoro it now by the name
Rirnpio expedient. The federal army
nun uoinu inuiuii ugiiM.- cum-
pare with Gen. Crook ; but it haa no
Indian manager. "
OMAHA , October 21,1882.
To the Editor of THIS 1"K.
DJTAK Hiu : Will you plonso inform
a reader of your daily the oauso and
rortaon of the long dulay in rendering
of Diplomas awuvdod ihono o our late
atato fair. Many wonder and enquired ,
but with no oitiuf wtory results. Your
answer to this will bo looked for by
nnny. Kcapactfully yours ,
Wu liavo no moana of knowing. A
letter addreosed by our correopondont
to Secretary I ) . II. Wheeler , Plat'.S- '
mouth , Nubraska , would probably
the dojirod informaUon.
VAI/S jobbery began in the army.
U was c'mtinuad after his return to
Omihti when a trcauuror of the Typo
graphical Union , ho forgot to return
Homitof the funda of thu printers. Ho
elaborated on hid practice in the Wcat
Poin land cd'u ? , and has capped Iho
climax aiuco ho wont to congress.
KVKUV mechanio , ovnvy laborer ,
every farmer and every buainuaa man
in Dougba couuty haa a vital intoroat
at ataku in thu coming legislature.
They know that our oyaem of pvimv
riea ia a fatco and fraud , Therefore
their only hope ia a movement that
will honorably roprejent the mamo * .
WAY down the republican ringptura
talk of nominating Mr. Boap Groa e
Ojtioaloy or Morris Morrison foi
county commissioner. They might
aa well give it to llaacall. He
ia a good deal moro energetic and full }
as reliable.
expects to go in froii
Douglas county ou hi shape , but Joe ,
Millard ia confident that ho can die
count him and all thu other candidate !
with hia shekels.
JIM LAIIUI goes around the country
appealing to thu picmi for ouppurt bu
CAUBO hia father waa a Proabytemi
ministor. That ecttlua it. "Minis
tcr'a sons , oto ,
\rnrkingmcn of Omaha don' '
propose to split. If any would-b
Ij0 leader attempts to crcato atrifo an
disaord ho will bo effectively Equelchoc
na WHAT about Iho county commit
sionei ? Mr. Drexel declines , but t
usual hu ii in the bur da of his friend :
m- DKS MOINES has five miles of pavi
311- ment laid , Omaha must buatir ho :
gia self.
The rapid extinction of the United
States bonded debt has created almost
a panic among the national bank poo-
plo. Such of the bonds an are not
already redeemable at Iho option uf
the government command a high pre
mium. The only securities which have
anything of a permanent character
about them now , are the four per
cents which cannot bo called in until
1)07. ! ) Owing to the fact they consti
tute Iho boat basii for national bank
ing nnd at present art ) in such demand
that they command a premium of 20
per cent. Every bank which ia compelled -
polled to change the securities and
ovary new bank 'B accordingly forced
tony \ $120 fjrcnch $100 worth of
honds on which they receive only DO
p'jr cent of their face valua in bills
for banking purposca. Aa r n i
scquenca maiy barka 'n 'uri't , cities ,
finding their ciiculation of little
account are surrendering their notes
and withdrawing their bonds while
other banks notr jrg.iniziug are refusing -
fusing to take out no ton at all.
The question ot the ccnlinuancu t
our national banking eyttem is no
practically out of politico. The lo
r.-Uo of interest paid on ita honclo b ,
thi > government hoa taken away on
of the strongest arguments against th
banker ? , while the cxtonnion of th <
charters by the la t congreua haa mad
the CAtetoiico of the oyatcm n oertaint ;
for at lenat forty yeara to come , Undo
the present state uf ailUira the fjucs
tion for the people to consider ia hoi
that system ia to ho haot conducte
with a view to public safety and con
vonionco. Sinoo the right of circula
tion has boon guaranteed it ia tin
duty of the government to BOO tha
thn bank circulation IB placed ou
baoia which will aucure all holders
notoa against the dangers of the wild
cat currency of ' 57 and the daya which
preceded the pre ort banking sjstom
Any great contraction in the circulat
ing medium of th country nt the
\iVctient \ tiioo vronld ba u'itastruufl
Out if thu rapid redemption ot th <
government securities takes away tin
present basia for circulation , the bank :
will bo compelled cither to surrcncle :
their circulation or to neolc a new baai
of occurity in alato , municipal or cor
poration bonds , none of which can b
oomparetl as ? A'I inveatmuntu will
thoao Knariiitoeil by the credit of
Thu next congruj * will prubibly
called upon to consider the queatiou
not in the interests of the bankers
but for the benefit of both the capital
iota and th people. Since the sjoteni
has been given a now lease of hf
every safeguard cgainat financial dia-
turbancu ouifht to bo thrown around
il. Thu holder's of national bank
notes ahould ho made certain that a
$5 note of _ a NoV > i" Nntio
UAnlc or an Jytf' * - * - : - - _ irlll
worth just tu muoh in Alabama as
in where it was first put into circula
tion. Thia ia now accompliahod b ;
the guarantee of the national credi
throujh the bonds doponited with th <
treasurer at Washington. When those
become no longer available another
equally aecura baaa for circulatior
must bo found. '
K K. VALE TiMKis moving heaven
and earth to eocure rimajority of the
votes in the Third d'ntrict , Postmua-
tora , inapcclord , mailslerka , town and
county oflioiala have Ucn whipped into
line for hh support lul cither cajoled
by promisor or bulldkud by ihroatn
into active work on bcjalf of hia fraud
ulent CandidasJfjaoy has been >
spent freely in urgnizing the cam
paign nnd the contriilions | of
A Brand Mass Meeting of the
People at the Metrop
olis of Unit ,
Senator Van Wjck and Hou.
M. K. Turner Deliver
The Pritialpal I'oLntw of th
List Saturday afternoon Tokama'
prented ( quite a gay and festive ap
pearanco. All over the Imtlitig littl
town fnrtn'M t ums and vechicles
fiy ( Jncnption could bu seen mak
imt their way in the direction of th
coutt houao. The great cause for thi
extraordinary inllax of farmers , wan
that Senator Charles H. Van Wyck
and lion. K , K. Turner
the republican nominee for con
grosKinan from the third district
were to addroas the citizens of Tcka
nidi en the issues of the day. Som
time before the hour fixed for th
speeches to bo delivered quite a crow
assembled in and around the cour
houao and by thu time business wai
commenced the hall was completely
filled , all Boata ar.d standing room be
ing occupied.
lion , Austin Nchon presided an
Judge Hamilton and Dr. Gilkeraon
were elected vice presidents. Mr , G
P. Hall , editor of The Burtonian
waa the manager of the arrangements
and to him ia largely duo the nucces
of thia demonstration. Eirly'a juvenile
vonilo baud had boon engaged for thi
oocaoion , and though moat of thi
members are more lads , they played
excellent martial and patriotic selec
Shortly after IJ o'clock the chairman
called the mooting to order and intro
Senator Chaa. H. Van Wyck was
greeted wkh enthusiastic applause and
apoko anbstantially aa follows :
/ENS : Ic affords mo much pleasure
my frionda , to meet with the citizens
of Hurt county to spend a little time
in discussing with them the issues
which are agitating at thia time the
American psoplo and while thia ia the
tirst tioie that I have had thu oppor
tunity to visit tbi.'j section of the state
of Nobraoka I felt when I stopped
in thia county aa I felt when 1 viaitod
the adjoining county of Washington
that I wca not a atrasiger , and I think
that among the citir.ina of both the
county of Wanhtngton and the county
of Burl 1 can count some of my warm
est and best frionda. Of that they
have given some of the strongest and
moat substantial evidence and indica
tion , and I certainly would not come
hero bout upon a political mienion to
Bay anunkind word or make an unple&s
- . - o , t- / . .i.- . .i i in . n-v A. .
position or give pain to anyone , 1
must say hero as I said in Washington
county , that it aflorded ino great
pleasure when I looked at the names
of those you have placed in nominn-
ijou upon your state ticket to find
there some who had boon my strongest
and warmest friends. I felt gratilied
that in this district , composed of Bart
and Washington , you have placed aa
jour standard bparor for the state
senate ono whom I believe never >
disregarded the interests of his con
stituency and who will be true in the
coming time as in the past ( \Ir. Brad.
Biiloj ) . I am alao gratified with
those whom you have placed ou your
Bounty ticket. Mr. Hollman ,
who haa boon ropresontacive
in gtlio last legislature , I am
proud to recogniza aa one ot my very
best friondd. Fr jm hia record made
n the legislature , and from hia im
pulses and instincts , I know ho will
oe true to the people of Burt county
in the future aa in the past. These
ire como of your standird-boarera.
Vou have others , no doitat , equally
Kititled to your support , but thesu it
las been my pleasure to know/'per-
lonally , and I know them from the
'act that they have rendoiod mo in
; imoH past kiudneea and their suppoit ,
md it pains rau to think that in thu
lomiiu , ' years I may not bu able to
nako a full return fur all the obliga-
iona under which I have been placed
jy thu gentlemen and their constitu
ents ,
It is the glory .md boast of the
Vmcricau people vhat wo may come
ogethor all shades of political thought
md may listen to all sorts of HpeakorH
iromuljiato ull Borla of sentiments ,
fhe speaker comes and speaks freely
uid jou can exorcise thu Bamo right to
reely and frankly criticise the niter-
incon of apcakora and this should bo
10 , because in this republic of ours it
.a the citizen who is monarch , who is
iovoroigu. If anything happens amiss
n the national or state legislaturec
ou may trace it luck to the people ,
md thu people themselves must
issumu responsibility because the ;
lave the power. True , you may some
.imes elect men who betray you ,
r'ou may bo deceived once ,
jut it can never happen
v second time unices by your consent
uid your approbation , so that the
'ixult ia with thu people if things
vhioh they believe noort are not car-
icd out in tlio legislative lialla of thu
iD'intry. Wmeut tujotni ; > rn rcpub-
leans and yet not as republicans. Wu
opublicana feel prcud of _ that parly
o which wo are attachtd. D are
> roud of ita iiinto'y in the
; roud of ita grand uuhiuvuinente , ot
ts glorious memoriea and traditions.
i\'u c'ing to them. But that old
> art ) will not retain ita claim to the
utftug of the American people unless
t continuaa to ba aa in the past the
nrty of progress. It must keep
.bryaal ut least with thu sentiments of
he American people and carry out
heir wishes and their doaires or it
rill not continue to bo the party M hick
t should be. If it is truu to thesu
) riijciple8 , no parly on earth can de-
troy it because thu American people
laturally cling to it every time they
aze upon the stars and stripes , every
hue they look upon a wounded ron-
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Clark's Double Extracts of
H. G. CLARK A CO , Proprietors ,
l-JO.'l Douplaa S'rntt. Omaha , NcK
Growers of Live Stock and Others. .
n. .
It in the best and cheapest food for stock of any kind. Ono pound ia equal
to throe pounds of corn , ( Stock fed with Giound Oil Cake in the fall and winter -
tor , instead of running down , will increase in woiaht and bo in good market
able condition in thu spring. Dairymen aa well as others who use it can tes
tify to ita merila. Try it and judge for yourselves. Price § 25.00 per Ion ; no
ciinrgo for Backs. Addroea
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204 Forth Sixteenth St. , - - OMAHA , NEB.
1005 Farnam St. , Omaha.
sioned soldier , every time they pais a
honso whore liven the widow with the
) rphnn children , who are grown into
uanhood and who are taught to vener-
ite the memory of that father who
iekcd hia own lifo that the nation
night live. I aay every time we do
ill this wu think with kindneea and
lonaideration of that grand old party.
Loud applause J But it is impossible
hat wo can continue alwayn to live
ipon the past. Now issues necos-
nri'y ' present themiclvea , whether
hey ba upon transportation
ir whether upon tariff , no
natter what the republican party ia
ixpocted iu the future , as in the past ,
0 represent the of the Auturi-
in people upon these questions. It
s true , just at thia time , there is not
nuch of fjontimunt in the political ia-
uea , Most of what there is of penti-
nont belongs to our fernnle brethren ,
hu woman aullragiBts. Tnoy are or-
anizing a wonderful campaign in the
tnto with Borne eloquent speakers
Jut the queationa which are agitatinj , '
hoBO who belong to the old political
artica , and the cU'jhoots which have
pruiiK up , are material qucttious -
ucationa ot interest. There ia not
moh sentiment ta'ked ' about thu
in 11'ijucstion , nor thu tranuporr
iition question. It strikca me
liero always will exist , oven in the
true party , a diversity of opinion ,
f a man docs not think just as you do
ou think he ia not exactly orthodox ,
'ho protective republican thinks that
1 u republican doca not preach a pro
active taritT that lie is not square on
ho platform. Wo divided on the
uritTquoation once and wo have div-
icd on all great questions during the
ast twenty-Five years , and yet wo are
epubhcans. We tolerate diHorcneo
f opinion. We worked out the prob-
MII of the currency and had a great
ivorsity of opinion everybody form-
g their opinions according as their
uterests dictated them. That will
Iways i-iist and you cannot atop it.
'hu efforts of the great
lonied interest run i.i one
hannvl , and this ulmunul is to
iisKe money dear and aoiroo. Ol
ourse , if there ia a failure in the
ropa the price of wheat and corn
iaga in the market , if there ia a
larcity of money the price of money
OOB , up hence in thu great money
enters of this republic their tendency
3 to make money scarce and dear so
frt vbun you c-nxe to ueu it you
uvo to pay exorbitant interest , \Vo ,
nd that great upgiuo the press of thu j '
aun'ry are for thr moat part in sym-
ithy with thu monied classes , and
liosu who claim to ba the great t'x-
onenta of public sentiment aru but
lia rellex of thoau tint in a .measure
antrol their colaama , And EO it ia
i Nebraak.i , liore , h'jvrever ' , it is
ot the gold and silver
ue&tion , bit the railroad interest ,
rou will find generally where the
lilroad intereat is powerful and su
re mo it has Its own way uf control ! '
ig the largo paper ) , and they speak
iu sentiments of those-who control
Now when wu went through this
lonoy crisis we knew way off in
/all street they did not want the
igal tender which had saved the lifu
of the nation , but they were draining
the world to carry on this huge war and
yet it waaaa neceasary to have money
a ito have men. Men devised thia
8jiam of legal I under and that , as
muahia.3 the men behind your inua-
Uota , 'helped to save the nation's life.
Without degal tender you could
have no muskets , no powder
nor bulMs and not even
thu haul tack which praw
out of aur nocetflily. [ Liughter ] I
waa onu of thoau who did not like to
hear that tystoin of legal tender spoken
of us "unredeemable promises. " It
became the faohipn of comu republi
cans to stigmatize thu promises of
other republicans us unredeemable
promises. But now the promise of
thin nation behind thu greenback ic
worth just as much aa any gold dollar
made on earth , und BO it proved to bo.
When we got through with that fltrug-
glo these same men caid wo had too
much money , and they went to work
and btiuck out nilvrr from the list of
currency , and ws had re ublijaua who
regurdod no money aa sacred on earth
but the gold dollar. These men went
m > far as to demonetise silver ,
lint the " 'rent nifasn of Oiu
American people , v.'hcn they
found out ihu fraud as fust
aa they could they struck down thu
in n thnt voted for it and aaw ( hat
they did not get back into thn holla of
the IcgUlaturo.
The matter rf tariff ia being much
diecuesed. "Wo should protoot our
infant induHtriec , O , you. That was
the doctrine propounded by Henry
Clay half a century ago , but when wu
look abroad now we cannot find anymore
moro infint industries. How long
are they going to claim to bu infanttU
They don't eoem to talk that way
when they want any legislation done.
No ; they demand what legislation
they want and they generally got it.
11 waa all ri ht to protect the infant
industries , but thu world ia changed ,
and I apprehend that not many
men in tlm country but
absolutely free traders behovo that
the tan'ir should bo rudnced , I think
thu great nujorry of thu American
peopto tolievu it is only a quoation
whether the capitalists shall make HO
per cent or a 100 per cent. All thu
nationa of the earth ara changing their
views in tegard ( o tha protective tariff.
Thi > agricultural interoftta of England
hold tha corn law an Ion ; ; as it could
under a to.y j.uniuiiuriitioi ( until the
th ( jrt'st laajority of the Critiah
peoplu .vhu had no vote in their
hunda , but who had thu ide.v that they
had f.iiuihcs to feed , co they
brought prcajuro to bear i d
hud these corn lawa repuK > , < i ,
and the English parts were opuii to
rfcdvo corn from ilus ia , Ainctica
and elsovshera. Our imtiona are pio-
t-rcflaiva , and thia Chinese wall which
i.uu'ons builU in gradually being disin \
tegrated by the people. Now , possi
bly , if thu world waa to have onu
grand council of ull thu nationa of the
earth , and they ehould come to con
sider this aa an open question ( which
I admit it ia not ) the chances are that
the majority of nations would striku
for free trade. That ia scarely poeai-
uiij'jtl , -