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Jhe Daily Bee
Tueedivy Morning Oot. 17.
Wonthor Uoport.
( The following observation" are taken
he ime moment nf time At Ml the tUtio
nttnexl. )
IOK , OMAHA , Oct. IB , 1882. (1:45 ( prn.
Mr . A , P. French , Tcachor of Voc
and Instrumental Music , corner Saundc
and Charlen ntrcct , octlO-lmo
Two wagon loida nf poles and wti
wore Kent to Irvlngton to begin the co
( tntctlon of the Fremont telephone line ,
The Burn'a club h vq leued the el
fT nt hall lately completed by Me n
Fccnov and Connolly , cor. Hlxteenth RI
The ball of the Irish. American hni
on the 10th will be held at Marania Ha
The committee are making arraogemo
for n first dun good tlmo , and it will be
irnccetR M upn alt other occouiorm.
Urpo number of tickets have been told ,
A complaint IIM been filed again
hack driver No. II , for overcharging
pnflscngor for fare from the depot up tow
tie levied two do'lsra ' u hia fee ,
A verbatim report of the cptire deUa
between Mien Susan 1 ! . Anthony and M
Kdvrard IlosewAter , has been published
a Bnpulement to THIS WXKKLY UKK ndci
ha bad at thi < ofliio with CspUii oft1
In the twllce court yeatenUr the
weru throe p'ain drunks. Tire were K
to jkll and the othir owe continued. Tbr
men were up for disturbing tbe peowe . Ti
were di chaniod , one a soldier , and t
third paid $3 and font * . One indiri dc
paid $20 aud cotti for carrying c nwfc ]
Tbero will be n rousing and import *
meeting of the land league nn Wednendi
eteiilng , at which mattcra connected w ;
thu present status of home alf irs In Ii
Unil will he dljcuaailnnd uM pro ) onitio
for future action. All inernberH of the lai
league and otheru intereatcd in the wo
II ihculd bo pretout.
Owing to the publication of the vc
batim report of the Anthonv-Koaewat
debate in the WKEKLV it was impmalblo
fnrnlih the concluding cart of it in t
evening edition of Monday' * daily , whl
waa in the morning edition ot that date.
General Mknager CUrk , Aaaiata
( Icnoral Manager Kimball , General Freig
Agent Vinink. , .Superintendent Nlcho
General Superintendent of Motive 1'ow
Congdon , Director Fred L. AIIIUH , all
the Union i'&cllic , nnd CharloH Fraut
Adams , Jr. , lift Omaha jejteriUy In
npoclal train for a Kururnl tour of ! n < pt
Uon over the Union 1'ucilic. They we
joined Kit night at North Dattu by SI
ney Dillon , provident of the Union 1'aclf
who went out on Sunday tu vlelt hln ran
near that placo.
The ticket otlico of the Ii. ft M. u :
tbe K. 0. , St. Jou & C. U , railways Ii
boon moved from No , I'I'.O ' Farnatn ntr <
to the new quartern , ut the northeait c-
ner of Farnam and Thirteenth utreo
The now otlice ban boeu h.tudtiomoly tilt
up , IB beautifully painted , juperod a
tnrolfthed , and preHontH an attractive i
ueurance. It U in clurguof Andy ifonli
who U the joint ticket agent of the U.
M. and K. C , , St. Joe & U. , It. ron
The U , & M. tolegnph ollice IH ( vluj local
in thin office , thin road ownlni" aud open
ing iti own ayatem of telegraph for oo
It is ( .tuted that a flufo burglary , i
heretufore reported , look place on But1
day iifeiht a week ago at thu c Ilico of I
Wyoming coal yard on South KHh Hire
Thu liurglarn nucceeilod In blowing \
the outer door and had drilled ho
through tbe door to the canh drawer wl
DomiithlnK filght ned them away. TL
were henrd by two different partiew w
ere not armed und could not iutcrfc
Thu natu coutained about $ IK)0 ) in cui
taken In that day and it wan moro aocldt
that this was not currlud otf , Slnoa t
ocurrenco all cash la now taVeu to I
beadqutrtrrH for tto keepingo > or night ,
Mr , Win. Neve , who for * o uia
ywini WM located on thecornorof Kle\ci
and Furoatu , lian lately removed to t
corner of Tenth and Howard itrc
Turner Hull building , Mr. Neve *
M expert watch maker und jeweler of l < i
MWriunoe during hU stay In Omaha , I
gained hott of frienda. Ilia prevent Ht <
b finely fitted up with vlei < ant Dhow CH
and counUrH whlclj ore filled with ttyl
jewelry , wutche * . chalm , nilverware , t
A fmo ditplay ot clocks la alto visit
Whoever U M > fortunate ai to know I
Neve will appreciate the change he 1
mode , and THE IEI ) hopes that he will
upon all Oceanians tuaet with xucoeii.
Carpenter * uud Jolnora
A mass meeting of carpenters a
joiners will bo held ou Saturday IK
at J'coney & Connolly's hall , con
Sixteenth and Ihirt , All interest
in the welfare are invited to attun i.
coiutnittiio ,
M de frorr the wild tlowurs of t
it is thu most froprunt oi pcrfum
Manufactured by H. I ) . Blavcn , K
Francitco. For Halo in Omaha by '
J , Whittbouto uud Kuniiato lira
V Co , >
The Work of the Woman's Fo
eign Mission Society
Day of Their Annu
The Woman's Foreign Misaiona :
society continued its sessions up
Saturday night , when the final a
jou-rnmont was taken.
Among the business trantactioi
toward the close of the convontic
were the followinc :
An addresn by Mrs , Lucy K. Pic
colt , combining the report from A pi
I , 1881 , to October 1 , 1882.
Western branch motto : "Evoi
woman and girl in the church for tl
Woman's Foreign Missionary B
cioty , " has been kept in view by U
The eleven conference necrotarii
report favorably , while a few socioth
have declined , many have been ri
vived and 100 now auxilarios Iw
oonn organized.
Two now conferences Imvo boo
Formed in Kansas , two in Nobraski
Misses Morrow and Hammond havin
jhargo in Kansas , and Mrs. Shelby i
Nebraska.Vo have fifteen confe ;
onces in the six states of Minnoaoti
[ owa , Missouri , Kansas , Nobraski
Dolorodo , and Wyoming and Dalcol
; ertitorios , embraced in , the woster
Dranch district , are receiving increase
attention. .
Bands , where auxiliaries cannot b
'armed , have proved successful i
"gathering up the fragments. "
Twenty live young paoplo's oocietii
mvo been formed ninco last roper
Eighty-four thousand pagoi of loath :
mvo distributed through the brand
The circulation of the Heathen Wi
man's Friend should bo increase
until wo have ono copy in every family
Ono conference has contribute
$1,000 in § 10 shares for rcbulldiu
the "Ilomo" in Peking. Eight * hoi
orary managers have boon madi
Christian offerings $1,878 4G.
In reporting the foreign work froi
Mrs. Prescott's report wo glean thi
: n India two ladies repreaont tl ;
Western branch , Misses Blackmar an
Cudden at Lutknow , whoeo workcoi
stantly grows moro interesting , all
throughout all India. In Fee Chov
Jhins , thu work is reported vorv prt
perous. At Pekiu the branch su ]
ports ton scholarships. Very intoroa
.OK letters have been furnished pa
rons by Miss Clara Oushman.
At Tientsin the training school f <
omen , establiihod by Mies Porter ,
doing a grand work.
The woatorn branch , in May , 188
assumed the support of Mias El
jilchrist , aunt to Km Ktang , also on
lalf the hospital oxpengeu at tin
The last quarterly ropnrt of D
Gilchrist is as follows : Dispensai
pitients , 070 ; prescriptions , 1,101
louse patients , 55 ; visits , 04.
Japan Mrs , Van Petten sends vei
cheering reports of the work in Toki
seven scholarships being supported 1
the western branch.
Of the work recently opened ;
Nagasaki Miss Russell reports voi
satisfactorily. Five scholarships a
supportoJ by the western branch.
In llakadadi ono toaohor and tw
scholarship ! demand the sympathy ar
support of this branch.
Space forbids more than passit
reference to the wonderful crowth
the work in Mexico , Italy and Soul
America. Aluo , to the horoio labo
( > f Mies'Sharp in Africa ,
MM. Murphy , of Grinuoll , low
after a very happy preface , deliver *
ai actdrosa upon 'Tho Philrsophy
the Woman's Foreign Movement "
Uoport upon missonary candidate
Hammond , ohairman , rooommondi
Mjss Nopplo iruwkins , Albany , M
Miss Price , conference secretary , spol
of the fitness of the candidate for tl
foreign work.
Committee on nominations Mi
Porter , chairman , completed unfinia
od report. Upon their nominatli
the conference and district socretari
wor duly elected. The president re ;
a telegram from the W. 0. T. U. r
somblod at DCS Monies , Iowa , sendii
The recording secretary , Mrs. L
< T.imes , was instructed to send a su
able reply.
The committee upon by-laws , Mi
II. M. Hhattuok charman , presentee
report which after being consider
item by item , with uniuiporta
changes was approved and the co
mittoo was discharged ,
The committee on ygnng ladi
societies , Mrs. 0. M. Woodward olui
man , made a report which WHS di
The constitution and by-Uws I
young ladies ) sociotioa with slig
change wiia adopted.
Invitations for the next anni
meeting were received from Ojkulooi
Iowa , Topeka , Kansas , Muscatir
Iowa , and Denver , Colorado.
Upon vote Topeka , Kansas , y
chosen aa the place of next unni
Commlttoe on next annual inooti
president of branch , correspond !
secretary of branch and two ladies
Kansas conference.
Committee on publications , Mm.
K , Stanley chairman , made a repo
which was approved.
Committee on resolutions , Mrs
M. Battis chairman , introduced re
lutions of thanks to the president a
oflicers of the branch for thetr si
cetsful care of the mooting ; to t
people of Omaha for very delight
and hospitable entertainment ; to Ki
J , W. Slmnlt , pastor of Eighteen
street church ; tu the trustees of t
church , the choir , the various ra
roada and the preos of Omaha.
Resolutions of ymjaUiy for D <
Kato Buuhnell and EIU Oilohrint <
auoount of ill health.
A resolution cxpre ing loss in tl
death of Mr * . M. J. Iluean , of low
Itesolutiona of condolence to Mi
Emily lluutington Miller , recent
become a widow , an-l Mrs. Keeblc
Preeentatioua of oeautiful oushii
by the ladies of the branch to Mm . '
K , Prucott , end of a Chine * * ) luu
Urtua to Mre. Jinnlo Buck , wcro vei
pleasant Burpriscs to the recipient
Mrs. Nindlo was presented an e
quisito basket of fljwers by Mrs. A
nold , of Omaha.
Miss Price , secretary of Misoor.
conference , gave report , approved 1
Miss Libblo Pearsoa gave an nt
add rot i upon young ladion * work
\V. P ,
Mrs. Powers , of Muecitinc , low
was next introduced , who ditcussi
the preparation fur and opportuniti
of young women for missionary wor
Report of Uea Moiiios conforun
read and accepted.
Uoport > f Upptsr Iowa conferen
road and accepted.
Ileporl of Iowa road ana accoptc
Nebraska conference report n
ceptod ,
A motion prevailed instruct tl
dclcgatci ) to the gunural esecutivo cot
nittuo to place the appropriations
the western branch at $25,000 for 11
coming year.
Report of the committee on mi
chests wura presented and approve
of the Woman's Foreign MJssionai
society was opened by devotional c
orciaos , following which the roadii
of papers was in order.
Sirs. Dr. Porter , who in fornv
rears was herself a foreign missionar ;
> roduccd an oblo resume of the woi
o bo accomplished in oriental field
and the duty of activity at homo.
Hiss Jennie Beck was called upc
o make a report from the Iowa 001
erence , and said : It'can hardly I
expected that I can present a faithfi
report out of the material that I hai
hrown together in a few hours , but
hall otter the best I have. In Mil
leek's pnpur she hold up baforo tl
adiea a very practical epitome of tl
work accomplished in the territory on
> rocod in that field.
Mrs. Shattuck , of Colorado , read c
excellent paper.
A collodion was taken up , into
tiptod near the close by the present
ion of a largo hkoncsa to the pree
dent , Mrs. Mary Ninde , in behalf
ho branch. Mrs , Nindo accepted ,
by making one of her charactoriat
The reading of the minutoa w
called for , and the final udjournmdi
was reached.
On Sunday morning at 0 o'clock
argo number of delegates and inor
> urs of the local churches mot in
eve feast at the First M. E churc
and the ladies from abroad contrib
ud to the enjoyment of the occisk
jy brief mention of appropriate po
; ions of their religious experience.
At 10:30 : o'clock Mrs. Nin <
> reached an able sermon to a crowdi
In the afternoon the Sunday echo
session was hold at the usual hou
ollowing which a mass mooting toe
place , and was addressed by some voi
gifted ladies. Mrs. G. W. Power i
nur oriental dress attracted uttentiai
ind greatly interested tso your
> eople with an exhibition of Chinei
owulry , u acAbbard containing a kuif
ihop stick , tooth brash , ore. Ar.
lor song in the tongue of the cole
tial was a treat to the children. Tl
rain in the afternoon intorforred voi
much with the attendance upon tt
'orvices , but numbers of persons m
in the evening , and a joyful sot vie
at night , brought to a oloso the exc
ciscs of the convention.
V. Meyer , of Denver , k at the Millar
McKee Hinhiu aud hli company are c
vlded between the Mlllard and Metrop <
W. Ji. U. Stout , the Lincoln contract !
in at the Millard.
T. W. Lowroy , Lincoln ; 0. II. Heat
Shelton ; Alfiud Ilarter , Beatrice , and 1
F. Down * , Lincoln , nro at the Millaid.
Ralph Woitnn , of Denver , it at the M
ronulitan ,
John I' , llarilii nud John Uyan , * f Ll
oaln , arittths Metropolitan.
Cheater L'reiitiap , of Wyoming , It at t
Metropolitan ,
O. M. Murlock , land agent of the 1J.
31 , , at Wymore , Nb. , ID at tbe Motropi
Mr. flee , Cnnliold , proprietor of t
Outfit Id lintiHt' , haa gone to Camp Canfie
topayoir hU men.
Shermnn Caulield , who ID now a ctudu
at Ilia State university , came up to npei
the Sabbath Ith his folk * .
V. A. Mackin , Columbus ; J. M. Potti
eon und wife , I'lattsmouthj F. IJ. Tiffan
Albion ; Dr. J. K. Lamb , Waboo ; J.
Ilochstetter , A. Xiiumer , L. Levt snd
Oalnzell , Nelirmk.i City , are ut tbe Pi
bcaoh I. Honmnn , of North I'latte , h
the 1'rtxton ,
AI. A. Carter , of Fort JJitil rV. . ' .
U n ( , 'iient at the P xton.
M. liiir , of Now Orleans , and H , Iur ! ,
North P.att ? , ure registered at the Pint
hounc ,
George Crawford Bud wlfj aud If
Frank Guult , of Council HluITV , w.ra
the F.ixtou hat night.
J. C. Morrow and wife groturned fro
the eiat Huaday.
E. 0. KuUer , formerly with Kd. M u <
returued from a four weeks \lnltto t
emit ywU-rJay , Ho looku well and i
irarU having h d * good time.
Exonniou I. O. O F.
The I , 0 , 0. F. will have an exct
aion to Fremont nn Thursday , Oct
Train leaves U , P. depot at
o'clock a , in. sharp , and will return
the evening. Tickets for round tri
$1 GO ; for tola by raombon and at t
train ,
All Odd Follows and their hdi
and friends are invited ,
Htimbara of tlio order are request
trt meet'ut Odd Follows hall at
o'clock a , m. Thursday morning ai
march to the depot.
The U. P. band will accompany tl
excursion. 17-nutjtf
KOOlI-Htlfua , wile of Hecry Hoc
died at 0 H. ui , Sunday , aged J5 yean ,
Funeral took place at 3 p. m. , ycsterd ,
from the rtnldeuoj on Hartley , betwi
8th and 9th.
Huw-U Salve U unequal
lei chilblain * , clupped bkiuK fruit bit
U. Try It.
Eeport of the 0 mmitteo i
Fair Bronnd Funds ,
The Moutana Excursionia
Resolve fit Leo tb ,
A Commttteo Appoint * il on Ol
conn "Worhn.
A special meeting of the Onrn
board of trade \vas held last evuniii
( ho principal object if which w < va
take eomu action in rtgird to t
establishment of glucosu'wcrks
Omaha , although as there was
rcguUr meotinc ; on the 2d , eomu oth
business came up in the courao of t
The meeting WUM called to order
8'iO : , and roll call and the reading
the journal was dispensed with ,
The firat business wai the report
the committee on
Total amount collected . 8 1.919.
fatd City Water Woiku Co. , for
laying plpt > to gate . 1,700
Hepulrlag oUlb aad grouudn . HGO
Krecting line nit lull , . . , . 1 , 'J. >
K tuwer hnll . 769
pitiu ingrouuds . -101
'KT iorfitallx. peon , etc . 141
Uicuptlon Hon. H. U , Jx > rlnK. . . . CO
Sign for hne art hall . D
Total . S488r .
Balance in bank . 9 3J.
Ou motion the report was receivi
and the committee ducharged.
A vote of thanks was tendered M
W. H. McOord , the chairman of tl
committee , for hia diligence in collec
ing and disbursing the fund. M
John Evans on behalf of the com mi
too appointed to draft resolutions
regard to their excursion to Montai
and the Yellowstone National
reported as follows :
Mr. FrceMont and UoLtlomvn of the ID&rd
Tridoof thoClty tftni hi :
The members of I he Omaha Board
Trade , participating ia the excu Him
Montana and the Nation ' 1 I'-irk , desire
t prtpH tlimr thanks for nu i hljh | appro
Qliun of the many attentions and courti
lea attended to them all along thu liuo
tlieir route during the four weekx pe
om nif the urundmt scenery of the worl
1'DO i'eueromlio8jitnlity , the maRnaniui'i
and naiut.taklng CJTO and attention ahov
U ) at each l oint ot opportunity , are hrig
upotH in cur niemorie- , never to be forgi
t n. While ull cannot be oapcclally not
wo denlre to mention thit
railroad company , under ita generous mr
ageiiient , we are indebted for this bi :
( .vrlod of rest and tuj lymout , und l
rmnv fvor nhown UB are highly tuiure
ated. To the
through their superintendent , Ii. M. Be
nott , and Aisiatant Superintendent CD
Idije , are most heartily extended pi
vi'kd with the bent of their rolling paiac
we were Biipplied with all the comforts
home while speeding on our way over t
nuiootheat of railroads and the greatest i
tention being Riven to our every coinfc
by conductors and porteru.
There are few efforts to | , leaio moro ti
coBoful in their reaulia than t.o thorougb
of th hungry traveler , or the niinci
tantea rf ths fastiJIous epicure. Thla BII
ceeafully aicompllahod ia much , but wh
couplrd with the remark , as was made
ua by the ltJ < nrn. Kitchen brothers ,
their Green lltver and Kvanston eati
houses , 'There ia no charge for you , gent
men , " we were like the camelr , and tl
Htruw broke oar backs. At Dillon <
bout. P. O'Neil ; at Uutte Messrs. Ayli
worth & Mcb' ; at Kock Creek o
host aud fellow townsman , Baler , and
BlucLfoot , Idaho , our hosts , Keeue & A
son , made especial [ ireparationti for our c
tertuinment. genoroualy reducing rates
the minimum , whl e providing served
on the trip ono of the uiojt bounteous
To the mayor , city council and pro ;
inent citizena of
we are greatly indebted for many oppi
Utilities to f > eo and examine the wonderl
reoureeH of thin live , growing city , and t
tonhlve mining canijia. Our tay i i iSut
WUH marie exceedingly pleasant by the u
tiring tlforta ou the part of the guntlern
mentioned to make our vibit one to be i
we were received by the board of trac
m yor anil city council und promino
citizens , all vying with each other to ma
our vi-ut with them an enjoyable or
Conveyed by carriages to the Hot Sprint
placer mines , United Btutes mint , f :
ground * , und many pointtt of exceeding i
tnreht , stopping on tbe way ut the beau
ful homo of our friend Keaaler , nur par
of tifty and more wore entertained in
right royal manner , reaching our hotels
time tu accept the invitatioim ot our do ;
U ) \ iei } with them the opnra iiitheexe
ing. Our two day ' ntay at Helena we
liuiy routino'd of p'oiunio Our depHttu
from thla point by private convnvnnccsf
u grand onslaught ou uu by ( > ur ( fiends , i
quiring several hnurn ia leavetaklug , ai
many good wishes followed u as wo If
Udeu with numerous nieincntoen of o
kind friends , We with nmou regret co
tno lait good-bye to th ita to wbnm \
were so deeply obliged for the exc-eediug
tUasaut da } a spout among them ,
To Major Conger , sunerlntendent * f t
National park , and wife , we wish to t
prettu our deepifct obiiKntlonn , Dnvotl
time alieidy occupied to our efpeclul n
vlcB ua our couipiniona Hinong the we
der [ the geyserx , hi * thorough Uno\
edge of the wonderful things to bu i-ec
oouiJed with the explanation of th
workiuga , and his time devoted to UJ v
of great value aud tleaeryea our fullest i
knowledgeinent.A .
A tlllKKN M-QT
to the caini > er out. and onu tint brlghtx
the eyes aud Kladdeua thu heart , id to HI
donly espy a place where uian nud bei
umy Hud refreshment. Such waa cur gn
fortune when out from the grand mm
tain Boenen on the ed ca tif a benuti !
park , eniiouced amidbt a gm\e of bean
ful pine' , we came to the National Pa
hotel. Aline hot Marnlull was indeed
fciemt in need. At our order ( -Jpiust !
BUutlj ) , bands of fro li horses , epri
wagonu , etc , , were nlaood bvforo us fr >
which to choodo. VMtini ; thn larder '
fc ltcted a stock of provisions , ( hiding eve
needed article to u.nke the continuitlon
our trip one of comfort. For the bent ot
lit at the mo t reaxinable charge' , for t
untiring attention given u * woareindebt
to our boat Marshall , of
Ouf return to the railroad Jiid time ape
at many placed ou the way waa one i f cc
tiuual < urprU < Mi at the Attention and til
[ 'Urn to ui by our strange * ( riendu ut Si
A whole boat in himself , vriM our guii !
enabling ut tu observe much which i
would not h ve otherwl-e aieu. At DJ
ver our friend I'erky guvoun every opx ]
tuuity to see clustered together in thegre
mineral exi o itlon simnUs of the weal
( reduced by thla rugged , mountaino
country , o > ur no much of which w h.
Our party one and all areslucerrly
fnl for the many klndnc i > M resolved , i
peclally to the members of the prp ,
home n wM < an all along the line. We a
Indebted Msi to the
whic'i generously pi tceil iu llnei at t
Jlspo al of the tiarty for communlcati
with frieud * at home and purpose * en
n ctcd wnh the excursion , free And <
durire tnetprma through jour onmtnlt
the * i ih th it we m > y reclpr.icate theoa i
ten inn < oliuu'd oppurtunity occur.
Yimromtnitlee hUhinit thn nco 'inpar
Iny reaolntl.ins ( ) fpouimnend their hdr
tlon : Kenptctfully ,
loiiN I'VANB ,
O. S \ \ ooi ) ,
C iiiii < ittee ,
Jiaoh-cd , That the for'ioiiw report
and the same U hereby adopted , nnd th
the hoard hereby exp ei hpurty thinka
all l he tmitlpn imtne < l for the hoi lulitii
courte < ie and kin t attmtioiu shown t
delpgntioti from tliU lioircl , c nrtituti
the "Omaha board ut trade cxrumlon
thn N ttnnal nrk , ' August , 1882.
Jlisotml , Thnt , n cooy of tne report ai
appended rfoliltloofi be fuiiih.od tl
PICHB with n r < quest to publish tlie same.
On motion , the report was rccctvi
and , with \hu rosolutioiif , adopted.
The secretary presented a 'longll
communication , setting forth the me
its of the now process for mnnufactu
irg glucosu , which are briefly as fo
loirs :
First A superior product.
Second The quantity is notsecot
to the quality.
Third All that portion of thotjra
which ia not convertible into sacchn
tno ia by this nyatom obtained as foe
for cattle , etc.
Fourth The cost 6f production
much lota.
Fifth Rapid production requir
but thro'o days , as against eight da ;
by the starch processes.
Sixth Works cost about ono-he
of thosp required by the old start
Seventh Less work ing capital isr
From the foregoing statement
Messrs. Fell & Jepsou , the fui.owu
conclusions are drawn an regards tl
ornction of work * at Omaha of a dm
capacity of 3,000 buahela of cor. .
Two hundred aud tifty thousand do
lara capital would realize quito sntt
factory returns per year. It is cat
mated there is 110,000.000 bushels <
corn in Nebraska this year , and th ;
the prlcj will bu about forty cent
Adding fifteen cents expense f <
manufacturing , making thu whole co
55 cents , nnd giving ai au expense c
3,000 buahnlu djulv 31,050. Uountir
product at 70 to 75 per cent , it m sal
to say thatwithtnrenandono | halfqa
Inna per bushel , at 40 conta , wo hii
84,200 , or not 552,550 , or a urixnd toti
of 8705,000 on work tup ! ! GO Jay a i
the year , or moro than 300 per cm
of the capital employed.
It is also apparent that the cost <
corn and cxpanoo of manufacture mo
ba largely increased , and tko sollii
price reduced , aud still return e
enormous profit.
In this estimate , no account is mat
of the food estimated to keep 3,01
head of cattle , which stock men ui
deratand the value of.
The royalty for uaa of tlio patents
two cents per gallon on a , ospactty i
1 000 bushels per day , and luaa c
President Clark appointed a cor
mittee of three to further the intc
oats of the establishment of glucoi
works in this city. The commttti
consisted of Messrs Boyd , S B. Job :
son and Secretary Gibson.
Tables supplied vrith the best tt
market affords. The traveling publ
claim they got bettor acpommodatioi
and moro general satisfaction hoi
than at any other house in Oman :
Rate , $2 per day. ana21tfm
The "Hawthorn Centennial E :
celaior Roof Paint , " was patented Ma
24th , 1881 , and otters patent nun
ber 241 , 803. Any person found (
known to tamper with the mam
faclure of said paint will bo punisl
od to the full extent of law. No pe
son has any authority whatever to se
receipts. HAWTHOUK & BEO. ,
Lancaster Pa.
A responsible party will buy a banl
ing business or open a now bank in
good live town. Intorentod partit
address P. O. drawer No. 64 , Omahi
Nob. 10 65
A Soml-Ocoaalonal Meetlntr of tt
9. P. O. A.
The humane sooiuty mot last ovet
H K iu the ladies' reception room (
Boyd'a opera house. The followin
communicUion from Col. D. 1
Houck , the agent of the eocinty , w.i
road and ordered Gled :
"Knowing that many of jou thin
it singular that I have failed to mak
complaints or prosecute violators t
the cruely to animah law stnco tli
funds from which I was paid bee nu
exhausted , 1 deem an uxpUnationnecei
sary on my part. "
"I am now , as I always was , iri fiver
vor of protection to dumb animali
It hai , however , bs m impossible fc
mo to uecuru any conviction from th
present incumbent at the city pUic
court , who from personal or other nu
tivea haa repeatedly refused tu convic
especially to in the last three ( !
coses which I brought before hit
while under pay from your society.
Since then and even as late as Sat
urday lant , complaints . have bee
made to use of "cruelty to unimals.
"Thin , ladies and gentlemen , is th
cause why I have so long reraaino
seemingly inactive , I should lik
very much to attend your moetiug !
but as I live so far away , and threads
roads being so bad , it is impossible fc
mo to do so , "
Inquiry beiag made &u to whethc
any action had been taken with n
sard to street cor horses on th S
Mary'a nvenuo linn IVesidunt Ken
uedy sUtud that there was a notice
able improvement iu ( ha conditioi
and character of thu stock uaad o
those cars.
The preddont reported objectio :
was being made to the location of th
public drinking fountain oa choton b
the tocioty , and after BOIUO dijcueaio
It was BRroed that a point , to b
chosen by the committee nn fouutair
and the executive committee , on Sis
( couth , between Douglas and Cctpitc
avenue , would be satitfactory to th
society. A meeting of theeo commit
tecs is called for 2 p. m. tharp , at th
office of 0. F. Divis , 1505 Fnrnn
street , in order that the matter m
bo projented to the city council t
night. The following constitute t
committcop , and it is hoped there w
bo K full attendance :
KiectilivoComrmttpn E , W , Sii
oral , T. II. L'avitt , Martin Dunhni
Mre. J. li .Tunline and Mrs. P.
Ootnmittooiinfnuntains .TudgnJt
W. S wage , P L IViino , Rev. Jo1
William , M. Toft and O. F. U.wia.
_ Mrs. Jardine sta'ud Omtin the pc
lion of the city wnnio shelivcs pi eo
have their legs and wings broken 1
moans of slinushotB In the hands
boys who hnvo become so export :
the use of these weapons as to rotid
them dangerous to pass < > rs > by. S
stated that in Joraey City and oth
eastern cititm this Imd bccomo so grc
n nuisance that a rino of ton dollars
now impo3od upon all boyn found wi
oiing shuts in their pouicsaion T
motion the secretary wan directed
request the city marshal to do wh
ho could to abate this paatimo of strc
The eociety then adiournod un !
the second Monday in November.
Special Dttpatcbci to Tni BBI.
AujXANimiA , October 1C. Uak
Pasha , commissioticd by the khodi
to roorgani o the Egyptian army , pt
pnses to concentrate on the line of tl
Cairo railway the war material sprci
over Egypt , ana select thorefrc
equipment for the now army , and BI
the surplus by auction. Uo rccor
mends Ilia ? Pasha to undertake tl
organization of the police. Two n
tives were hanged to day at Darua
CAIIIO , October 10. Sir Edwa
Malct announces the trial of Ara
Pasha and associates will not prob
bly proceed unless they are dofi-ndi
by Engliah counnrl , while the Egyr
ian haa informed Sir Edward it wi
not be responsible for thu govor
mont of thu country if the Englii
counsel introduces a method of pr
cuduro unknown to Egyptian coarta.
In regard to thu.dofonso of Alexa
dna , Arabt P.isha avora ho acted und
orders of the khedive and continue
war after the bombardment by ordt
of the national council nt Ctiro.
LONDON , October 10 The Tim
cays that unless proper arr.ingemcn
will bo made by the Egyptian authc
itios to procure a fair trial fur Ara
Pasha and his fellow leudera , it is pc
siblo the British government will r
they bo handed back into Engli :
CAino , Oatobor 1C. The ovldan
of Arabi's complicity in the Jui
massacre is possibly inauflicient
serure his conviction , but leaves litt
doubt that guilty will bo the verdi
of impartial minds. Corrcepondcn
between Arabi nud various p ° rsoi
which fell into Walseloy'a hum
after the battle of Tel 'El K b
has reached the foreign ofiic
There ore 800 documents
the correspondence. At a private ii
vestitration of rebel prisoners , most i
them bbjected to being questioned i
regard to events which occurred prir.
to the outbreak , Arabi especially ur
ing they More covered by general pa
don issued by the khedive Aral
declares the June tnaimcro was pn
cipitated by the presence of the Dri
isu tloet.
CAIRO , Octobur 1C. It is boltovi
in otliolal circles that proof of Arabi
complicity in tlia Juno massacres
Alexandria will not bo obtainabl
It is claimed that Niotz , the Swia
can prove "many Uudotiitia were nln
at Arabi's order ,
Arabi persists in declaring ho wi
defend himself if denied Englis
counsel at his trial.
HH > dal DigpAtchtH to TUB UKR.
DUBLIN , October 1C. The domat
for Holf government in the pr
gramme of the national conferoni
includes the abolition of uuruinatir
by the government to oflicn and tl
abolition of the office of lord lieutei
ant , The contra ! council of the no
League will consist of thirty member
twenty of whom will bo elected h
the county conventions and ten I
the Irish parliamentary party.
PARIS , October 1C , An appeal li
Victor Hugo depreciating the txi'ci
lion of Arabi IB publiahed.
A dispntch from Montvcailea mini
roporta the gen d'armes diacovorc
fifteen dyrmmitn cartridyen wit
li lited fuse ; itt'ehod ; hidden near
soliool housn. Thuy were extinguml
fid without nxploHon. Two thouaan
troops uro stationed in the neighbo
liood of the town.
DUBLIN , October 10 Mich-u
Divitt , in a speech at EJgewortl
Longford , declared that the only thin
that could bring peace to Ireland w :
recognition of the tenants abaolut
ownership of any property in the soil
tie either created or purchased a righ
af undisturbed occupancy for tb
DUBLIN , Oatobar 1(5. ( The Fre <
man's Journal , iu reviewing the pr <
.jramino of the national conference
lays it is strictly constitutional an
parliamentary. Only within the line
> f the constitution can the battle c
Ireland bu effectively fought.
Elaborate military arrangement
have boeu made at the vuo-roci
lodge. Soldiers leave the barrack
jnly in couples. Half the availab ]
foico in to bu retained in the barrack !
Marwood , the hangman , is threat
mod with assassination if ha venture
: o gu to Ireland to perform an cxeci
LONDON , October 10. The Nort
jerman Lloyd steamer Frankfoi
3Urned yesterday , while at anchor l
.ho harbor of Hrumorhavou.
The Times says it has -reason to bi
iove there ia good prospects of
'riendly understanding being arrive
it between France and England in re
; ard to Egypt ,
yROiEN or.
ST , PBTEBbBURO , October 16.-
Freezing wealher has set in. Kaviga-
tion has been suspended in the Volga
and , Kama rivers on account of drift
ico. ' _ _ _ _ _ _
Special Wcpntf ho * to Tim IlRR ,
UKRHJJ , October 10. The appointment /
of Cuiuit Von llartifeldt as tecretsrv tor
the foreign ofllco i gnzetted. lUirrhnrd ,
fccretsry of state for thi iuipetiil treat-
in v , U dcsignuted M plenipotentiary of
Kii tft in the federal council
Herr Von Kisenkccker , present Gcrninn
minl'ter to Jipin. will le appointed mlu
Inter to the United Stitcn
MADUIH , Octob r 1C.Vho pmcrauimo
of Manlul S'Mno'a now party h drawn
up , but its terms are not jot miide public.
PAWS October 1(5The ( intcmatknil
couxreM ilio protection of sili"i"rno ! !
cable * had iU tiiet pitting tit the tniniatry
of foreign ntfiirs tci iliy. T' minister of
UlcRriiphs pre i < ' < d. 'Jhebuol-
fincd to thn presentation of
Morton , Unltod Stft'ef inln-
liter , and Viut | > ul. Ftciiid fecrt-tary nf
IwHtlou , will ropro-cnt the United Htatea.
Duiu.tN , October 10.Dillon will not at
tend the conference of thu Irish Nation ,
allot * .
ODHHJU , October Ifi.-The Tillies niftll
hns \ cn lobbed , the poslill'ou ' umtdcred
and * XXCOvl ) roubks ctolen.
PAIII. " , Ortobor li ! Gerville Ke rhe ,
member of the chamber of iltputlan , offern
to defend Paaba.
ISpitNK , October 10. XIner , Arabi PA.
sh i's ndvlrtor , expelled from Kgypt , has ur
rived here.
DUBLIN , October 16. lnai > ecUr Morrow
lefc for Kingston to-day with Stew ait , of
the Bhii ) Uladatoue , to identify and tiring
home Wcstgnte , the eolf-eonfessod nurc r-
er of Cavandich aud liurko.
Special Dtapatchta to Tun Bit :
GRAND KAWDM , Mich. , October 1C.
fiurglara broku into A. X.urIyer's jewelry
fttore Ust niiht , drilled open two sets of
double doom iu the sufr , nnd oecurcd some
§ 10,000 worth of diamond * , watchtn and
KlciuiON' ) , Va. , October 1C , Thoinn
B. ( Jliristimi , block droker , has failed ;
liabilities unknown , uetetn tnmll.
FoitTiirsH AloNitOF , October 1C. The
VuutUlia aud monitor Montauk , fit
Philauolphia , have returned t > tbo Uoadi > .
The Montauk WAS unable to ruake head
way in the heavy sea.
SAN FRANCISCO , October 1C. The ttrit-
Mi aMu , Kretncn , Captain Dongik'l , from
Liverpool , ran ashoru on Karrolloue inland
this morning lit 10 o'clock , during n dense.
fog. Tno crow were all saved ud trjucht
here by the schooner I ) . ! sy Howe. The
\eEsel will probably be u total ! O3 . '
Dlvidini : tbe Hpoili.
Hixstlal Jlxpatch to Tim Ilxn.
NBW YORK , October 1C. The joint
conference cominitturs of dtmocrutio
organizations of this city , after A long
consultation , divided thu ticket so that
the naming of sheriff goes to Irving
hall , county clerkship to the county
democracy , and two judgts of thu
superior court , and three coroners to
Tammany. Irving hall named as her
candidate for sheriff Alex V. Divid-
aon , and the county democracy pres
ent Patrick Kcennn for county clerk.
It was said Ivini ; Hall had threatened
to withdraw unless given either
shrievalty or county clerkship , and
Tammany after a long talk yielded
the point. The ticket will be sub
mitted to the different conventions
to-morrow evening.
. . . i - . . . . - - - I , . . . . i ,
A rroit of Buwon.
SpeclM Dispatch to Tu linn.
PuiLADELViiiA , October 16. Henry
A. Bo won , accused of attempting to
bribe Wm. Dickson , foreman of the
star route jury , was arrested to-day ,
charged with obtaining a month's
board by false pretenses ,
A Grade Rentorad ,
Sjwciil Dlifatch to Tui BKI %
WAHIIINOTON , October 1C. The sec
retary of the navy has decided to re
store the grade of Port Admiral at
Now York , abolished when Vice Ad
miral Riwan was relieved from the .
yard. Commodore John II. Upahur ,
at present comm&nditut at Now York ,
to bo assigned to the position in add-/ !
tion to his present duties.
The Loot Proton.
Special Dinpatch to Tim linn.
LONDON , October 16. The cargo of
the steamer Preston ashore nunr Ber
wick , is still being thrown overboard.
Three tugs wore in attendance yester
day , but nothing could be done to
wards floating the vecaol. This morn
ing the Preston remains broadaido to
the BOA in a bad position. No lighters
or boats cm get alongside.
rpOKAUUKHS Th < TriiiirTjt evh prlr paid
I. ror Ko , Bar e\ and Corn tt Krebe Vinegar
Work ) , Joneuatritt. between9 had 10th , Oau *
ha. 800-dan-lf
1)1' ) B d Oill , 7 inoulhold. . Cm
. ha\enime by call n on Cbaa. John-on , Sib
nd'lloiwiand pajlngchurg * * 4tO-Mt 4
Urn Marble hixs removed ttr eniplotooit bu-
rtnu to 1700 Uui-t St. _ 76t-U
"HI buy the ( arnllura o ( tbe btrt
paying hotel In Iowa. Kent reu
, AddrtM Dolph MacKro or , Uea ottlcu ,
, Hub. 10fl-tJ
T , IDS Tenth Street , bitw rr
KDdHarucv. Will , with the li o ( u
( plrltt. obtnln fcr any ono * jflancu c Ihvi | l
mil prcMnt , aud on certain cunlltiont iu thu 'a ' >
ro. Uoow ad BbOM t" d la jrde I'mlu
Absolutely Pure.
Tlija powder never varies. A msrve o
lurity , strength and wlolcioaieneM
Sloro economical than the ordinary kinds ,
ind cannot be sold IncotcrietUIon with th
miltitude of low test , abort weizht , Mam
ir phosfhate powder * . Sold only in can
Wall St. , NtwYcr