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The Daily Bee.
Monday Morning Oct. 10.
hlvcr D Iff I 7 lnrlit'8 Miawi low wttcr merk .V
Oanhs , ' . ! footOlnclin t Yunkton. Hhnlmlri'l t
foot 0 Inches at Ln Crowe , iod D foot 10 Inchon !
- Criminal week.
Tlio game of Imnob.ill on S iliutlny won
thoUitof thoHcatoti.
A few llvo'y ' flioworH of ruin ycstor-
iliy kept up the chrouta nUta of elop on the
itrooU nnd cr
The find caao on the criminal docket
la that ot W. A. Shouardron , which will
culled at 00 thin inornlnif.
The grow earning * of th ? U.l' . ruilwny
for last month wore S2.9I9.112 , osagaiimt
$2.811,367 f r Hei'tcmbc ' r of the last year.
The IftdittK of the Kirt C < ) Ugre nttonnl
ciuucb v.'ill hold their annual int'cUiiR
TtKwilay dfturmion at ! ) o'clock In thu
chin eh parlors.
The oant-liound trnln latt evening
hauled two coAi-hi-n ( if emigrant * over the
river and two cars of California fruit t < > vo
until over the Northwestern.
A meotluK of the board of triulo will
to held thin iivtnhiK , at which all inenibotn
and r.ther titlzenK InturuMrd Inthooitnb.
llihmu nt of glucime work. * nro Invited to bo
llev W. J. Sii Ilh , i mtnr of the Ctn.
UalVreabyliTl.iu Ubi made , San Fran.
ck < c < > , and ono of the most Hucowsful
wciiket" on iho PacUiu coast , pun-inn
through , ur city en bin way to New Vork
and Mopping for the Habbatli , wna Induced
to lH > ak at the opera lumtto hint evening Ui
yoiiufj men
Seuil lor printed ; inre Hit iincl iamph of
all kl'ulu rf , ju'.i work to the AUjlvN
riUNTINR CO. , job prlntun , and pub.
Ushers "UUIIAL NEUUA8KA , " TJiu
American Cattle Journal. LIVK SI'UfJK
prlnllou n f ( rclalty. Nou. 218 and S'.H ) , 8.
14th Bt. , Omaha , Neb. nopUOmo-eod'Jw
The board i.f public worlm held a
mccllnj ; S lur J.iy ufUtnnmi nt which tbi
chnliiii&n , Mr. J sines Crtlnbtou , wan an- to vUlt theBIuux l'ullantonoiimv-
rlen to tiatlafy hhn'elf niul report whether
toere i a mlliolent ipuuntlty of frnnlte
there for ptvlni ; 'IVnth utreet , aud whether
it can bo Rotten. cut In time.
It U expected that , oommenciuK ucxt
Tuouilay , woman tullragu uieutlngii will be
held every evening and mnne of the after.
noonv , in different partu of the city , called
ward iiuetinK * , for the benefit of the (
who ha\e been unable to attend there
mat * meetlDgv and for fcuoh otheru an may
duaica to attend , Mm. 11 tin wan und
otberu will llrf B the meeting * . Wa'ch
the fiapen for enact times tiul placed.
Tin : IKK ! desires to call attention tu
the appearance of Koe l'.ytlnK at the
cp ra hou&r , on IMcUy &ndBatuniay next ,
October 20th and 2ht. She IN mpportiil
by Col. BInu'i ) llrooklyn Park tlieatro oom.
p&uy , and will play Dimiiw now pUy
"Thfc I'llncetn of I'arli1 which Bho pur
chased from Dumas , and hai the lola right
to lit the Umtud HtatfB. tin far it has
been a tiieoen. Ali i I.'nl Autray , which
alip plajed over 103 nlgbta ct the Union
Bqunre theatre , New Vuik. AndouSit-
unlay nl ht Oliver Twin In which bhe Ii
the stronfu.t Nuney Byke * lUIns-
It U our pleasing duty to have to
chronicle > et knottier wedding In our pro-
greuive city. On Saturday ovenlug last
Mr. Charlei A. I'ottcr , the well known
and highly olficltnt Ht nogruvh r employed
In tie fie ! ht depaatiueot cf the U. P. ,
HOC joicrd in thu holy bondn of weiilock
io Sllc . H. A. Themis of this city , Thu
cfremouy , vhlch v.-nn jtrfotnifd by Itev.
W.J. lnr ho , took ilnto nt 1B15
treet , the rwidenci of Mr. nnd Mm. W
II. Seward , where the yoiiu couple com
mcnco houRckceplng , The wedding ma
itrlc'.ly private , hut tlio ublquiloui re
porter liRppcnlng to call In very oppor
tuncly , WBB fhown n very hanilnoino wed
ding cake which bora tlio follow ng In
Hcription : " 11. A 1'otttr to MlmK
A. ThoinM , " The rcx | > rtc r , who 1 null
ago uiinsiul In Ida wny , hud an opportn
nliy to tmt itn Rood qunlltk'H , Tin : JCc
wlahc.i ( ho cn'crptlfln ? and venturc.soin
pnlr every felicity that thiM woild caunl
Thii week In criminal week In the all
trlot court.
--Tlio Orfgon abort line In complete t
1'ccalello , 215 niilcti went of Granger.
A faleo nlurm of fi o about 10 o'cloc
Balutday emptied the lUftiicl com
room in a hurry.
| Friday wan St. KtlwaniV day , th
patron Htiint of Crclglitun college , and i
wa duly celebrated nt that ImUtntion ,
After staying out all night and a par
of hu"d.iy , the Itouee- Wright jurydlt
pgrocd nnd woco dUchnrgtd ,
.luilgo Lipplncott on Tliumlay tlei
tlio nuptial knot for Mr. Frank Uunc
nnd Mies Tiinlo Iloban , all of Mi oari ,
An adjourned imethiir nf the Ne
branka llutnune eocloty will bo hold till ,
Monday evening In thu reception room o
lioyd'd opera houio.
The motting of the land league , 01
Wednesday evening next , will be miu o
unuau&l ( Ignifioancu and a largo attend
auco Is anticipated ,
ti-Aldonnun 13 , Shannou'H wife am
nun want to Nirlh Btnd , Baturdayti
look up a < Ite for htock rnUlni ; or xalooi
htulnrgi. liarney Bays ha can't live undo
ilamea A , lioytl'H administration.
Thu remains of the late John Ilollei
nrrivad on 3:21 p. in. train Saturday , am
were buried from Bt. 1'hilomcna'H cathe
ilral on Sunday , October 15th , at 2 p. in
A. couple of dilvcifl on the green lim
t'.it into a dluputo the otbi r night nt theli
mcetiiij , ' point , nnd , having left their car ?
i no of the puetcngerB whipped up thi
homed nnd drovn on to thu tcrmlnux , mak
iug.thu ilwlrod atopH , but kocphu' alicai
of the driver , who ran Hweuring nnd gex
tlculutlng behind. It waa n regular pic
Mr , J , D. Bkeue , for uome past In tin
I ) , & M , auditor' ( .ilicc , ban roitgued hU
pl.tco there to accept n position in llouton
where ho will ctigngu In the tna tradHi
ban been In tlio nudltor'n otlico for the p.v
eighteen moatho , anil la rc pojtcil nnd er
teemed I y all liU aiiuantauces | ! ,
For the 'infornutlnn of the coloriH
people utpeclully , the number of their rno
in the United States , na glicn by Uev. II
A. McLean nt the synod mooting Frl
day , U noted. It ii io77OCO : , or neatl ;
onC'Clghlh of the outlio popubtion ,
MM. Veinon WHIard's Ixicturo-
"Circcco Holy. " A visit to the Vatican
An interview with Pope Plus IX. He
cuptiona In Kuroptt und America. Bun
pliclty of conrU and cuuntrloj. ) ClocutIoi
ndvico to young ladles nt the pnvlori of th
I'm ton hutcl Wedncd y , October It ) , n
8 o'clock p.m. Adtnlttiiou 50 vontH. Tick
eU on rale nt the Paxton hotel uiul at Caul
field & Buxe'4 drug Btorc.
The abstract of the blU opened Sat
urday ou the pivlng of Tenth strec
thown that the lowcut on prnnitu pivln ;
I * Mr. Wm. Mack , whoao ilgureri hov
$1.35 par yard , laid upou fotinilathm n
broken utonouuil bank KUIU ! , i\ud il.'Jj po
yaul upon concrete. Thin in about $10 ,
000 lower than former bids. liiJu upoi
Colorado rand utono are only 37 cents los
per yard than granite and thoui on Jolle
llmratoue "U cents Ie * per yard thai
granite. The lowed bidder for the aewe
aciDBB St. Mury'ii ivvouuo U Alexaude
McRavockiV Co. , at $0.05 per fnot fo
5-foot brick tewer.
Noting the Effects
It , aibbs , of IJuffaJo , X. Y. , write *
"HmriiiKyour 15uiilOCK BLOOD Dimiu
favorably gpokon of , 1 wan induced t <
watch their eifectp , aud find that In chronli
dlnuMes of the blood , liver and Vidnoyu
your bittera have l > een tlgually market
with mcccas , I > nye uafil tbim niystl
ultlnwt reeultr , for toipldlty of the liver
and In the case of a friend oi lulnu suffer
Ing from dropny. thn etfect wa m \eloun , '
Price S1.UO.
A SliortRoaato
T > i all who are mllc'rlotf from holln , til
crrji , fcioful.i , carbuncle * , or other obkti
iiato dineiffl * nf the Moixt j-ndekin , ucouni
of BntiKX-u I'Loon ' ItinKus will bo fouu
to bu a t'.Kirt road to hmllh. Pilno 81,00
| An Keillor Wanted ,
The town of Guide , Neb , mints i
It editor to etart a uowspanur , i
) ' > r. l j ) tronago can bo aacure J
Tue rht ! | ; man ia sure tn
Proceedings of the Working ,
men nnd Farmers' Mcot-
TJioJiotloii of tlio Catncilttai
TJjianlniounJy Eudornoil
In accordance with the call of the
u-orkitiginou'n corainittuf , u maai
mci'tlng held lit Central hall ot
Fridity. The inouting was oallcc
to order by the chairman of the com
mittooo , who stated thu object to bite
to liuar the report of progress of thi
cominittco utid ratify the notion oo fu :
Incitluutly ho explained that tin
uominiwtoo on punting , in iaauiu ; , ' thi
call for this inunting , nmdo nn orrorir
staling thut thia would bo u mootitif
for tlio ulcction of citlogateo ; tliat thii
error win brought before f he committee
too on n subaeiilimitint'ortnucknowl ;
oil uil by thu printing comiiiitteo uiu
After thin explanation the nnmo o
F F. Murphy wan otTured for clmir
man of tlio mooting. A motion tt
aubstitiito the name of Wm. White
waa lost , and Mr. Murphy wui
oloctcd and conducted to the chair b )
Monars. Ford and Sampson.
The firat quuation considered wa :
the report of tlio committue , whiol :
reported through its secretary as fol
Iowa :
GKNTLF.MKN : The comraittoo elected
od in the matn mouting of a week age
to take into consideration the besl
mode of putting in nomination a lug <
inlutivo and county ticket and to in-
nuo a call for that purpose within ton
days , bogs to report that after a thor
ough and oomplpto consideration ol
divurs plniiii , it ugroed on one
which wo buliovo is the ouij
right , just and proper one , insuring a
proper representation and propel
voice in the election of the ticket tc
all the diilurciit labor intercuts and
farmers. This plan consists of hold
ing a. raprcai'iiti.tivo convention ol
dulogatea of all tlio various labor in-
toreits mid farnu'rv , for the purpose
of putting a ticket in nomination.
According to thiti plan anil obeying
the orders ot the nioeting which uleut <
od Ilium , to itnuo a call within tei
duys , your commitU'O hai t'.nipoworec
its chairman to publish in to-dny't
BKK th folloning cull :
[ liero the call published olsowhen
wiw rpud. ]
You will obnocvo thut by theai
iiu'nim each und every element ol
labor , as well ua thn farnuiM , botli ol
them and botli the huno aud binows 01
tie ) iiAtion , will have equal , full uni
just rcpruHbiitation uiul hearing in
their common council You wilt observe <
servo that thia will bo truly and purulj
a mirkingmun's aud furmers' I'epro-
sontativo convention , untrammuled in
its action by miniona und cappers foi
nionopolieB , and if you will take carte <
to send to tliin rcprosentativo coiwen
lion your bent , truest and moit triml
follow laborers , who will cnrofuUj
fultill thu work buforo thorn , there
cannot but iood riault from thu BHUIU ,
Wo buliuvu tlmt our uctlon , fair aud
just aiul right to everybody , must re
sult in comuloto harmony aud unity
of action ao eminently noctMdary tu
auccius. "
An animated dnbato aroau upon the
adoption of this rupart
Ono or two of these present con-
ton'Jod that they believed the nonet
of the previous mooting WAS that the
election of delegates chnuld take
place at a meeting and not by the dif
ferent elements of labor. But when
the question of adoption was put , it
wai carried unanimously , not one
disBtiuting hand being roiiod , which
showed conclusively that the meeting
endorses the action of the committou.
The meeting , which soon after ad
journed , was very well attended , there
buing at least three or four times ai
many prevent us on nny previous oc-
caiion , with a fair sprinkling of farm
ers among the rest ,
Ttio PJro Near the Qoa Worta Hun-
day Evening.
About 4 o'clock yuatorday afternoon
there was an alarm of tire sounded ,
Tlio boll struck box 12 , but u telephone -
phone message which came in at the
same time located the fire at the gat
works , The department turned out
promptly and dashed down Farnam
and Thirteenth streets as if thcro wai
no such thing as mud knovrn.
The smoke was rolling up in verj
promising ehapo In the direction ol
the gai norks , aud the report thai thai
place was on fire drew a largo crowd ,
and the umbrellas wcro BO thick tlmt
the flits on Twelfth and Lcavenwoitli
loyked like an army of marching mush
rooms was passing over them. The
fire proceededfrotnu email two-roomed
cottugo just oppoaitetho worko , ono ol
a ow of small houses on the neat side
of Twelfth afreet belonging to Byron
Hued. Thin houeo WM occupied bj
Mra. Adama , a colored woman , whose
husband worka at the smelting worlso
and who was preparing to go nvray on
a visit last night. Her neighbor wae
Mrn. DC tor , and Mrs. Adams waa oul
with her attending to the rain watoi
barrels back of the house. While
thuj employed , Mr. Wood , a neighbor ,
cilled acroan the creek to them thai
the house was on firo. Mrs. Deter ai
once 8iizad a bucket and began trjin
to quench the Ihmes but they hoc
gotten too hi : ; n tart. On the arrival
of the dcptrtmont two streams wore
soon got on the fire from the hy
drant on Thirteenth and Jones anc
the Ihimea wcro noon quenched ,
though not until thohouao was entire
ly unroofed and unfit to bo occupied
The fire originated from the stove
which ajt near the wall , and had c
very hot fire in it during the af teruoon
it caught in the wall and spread up tc
the celling BO rapidly us to defy al
cH'urtti to nave the building. The losi
to Byron lloed will bo about. $100
Mrs. Adamn and Mra. Dotei both gel
the furniture out of their house , and
they probably lese nothing except
time and the trouble over the affair.
The Score oftho U. P'a to a Qoose Egg
for the B. & MB.
The game of base ball between the
original rivals in this nock of woods ,
the Union Pacifies aud the B. & M.
nine , on Saturday , excited no little
interest and the day being romardabl ;
beautiful a large ciowd was at the B.
& M. grounds to witness the game ,
which won terminated at the end ol
eovon inningH by dnrknms coming on ,
the U. P'a winning by a score of 13
to 0.
The U. & at/o played a strictly
headquarters nine , all oi their men
holding positions in the B. & M
offices hero , while the U. P.'a added
to their team Snoed , short stop for the
St. Louis Standards , Willigrod , second
end basemen for the Detroit s , and
Rockwell , pitcher of the Colorado
Spiings club.
The U. P. team was , without ques
tion , thu best that ever covered the
diamond in Omaha , and if compelled
to play their bunt , a magnificent gamu
would have been the result. The po
sitions wore as fellows : TrutHey ,
catcher ; Rockwell , pitcher ; Holland ,
firat base ; Whitney , tocond ; B.indlo ,
third ; Snoed , abort slop ; thubrothen
Funkhauser nnd Wilhgrod in tin
Hold.Tho following in the ocore of tlu
game by innings :
U. r. ' 3 1 :
U. &M.'c 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 I
Time Two hours and 45 minuter.
Uuipiro Nowman.
Phut taw on erroru U. P.V , C ; M.
M.3 ,
Firxt IIUHB on called balU U. V't , 3
11. & M.'d , 1.
Lett on baacs-U. I'.V , 3 ; B , & M.'s , 1
Struck out-U. 1V . l j 11. Sc M.'t. , 1.
Pashed balls Tratlley , 1 ; Smith , I ;
llrondt , ' . ' .
Wild pitch-Price , 1.
Three bane hit Suoed. 1.
Called balU U. I''H , 7t ! ; R. t M.'H. 92.
Striken oillcd U. P. ' * , 'JJ ; U. if M.V ,
How Children Had "Fnu. "
On a summer iUy , tliey went to pl y ,
Down tin road to Deacon JoiW jwututr ,
Did. e ImWd the tnw , Via Ixokul w > s ) ;
Thohoiir wcrifl nt In tun and UnghU-r.
Thut nightthose joungnUnyfUixl with j > aln ,
VM , the lunny Dick wiU Victoria ;
The KTipia were of tli irr > n in > j > ld Vliul ,
But nulckly cutolby Cite u.
HHYNOLUS-At St. Jofeph'n Hoepital
in this city , Octoter 14th. at 9 u , in. ,
John HeyuolJ * , Ked -15 years.
Funeral took place Sunday , October
16th , at 2 p , "m , , from the undertaking
room * of McCarthy & UurkaV , to Cathe
BAKKY The * . Barry , ion of Mr anil
Mw. John B ry. died October 14 , 18J.2 ,
at U a. in. , aged i3 ! yean , .
Funeral at 2 o'clock Monday front real ,
deuce ou Cuuilug street. Intennuit at
Cftsaldy'a cemetery.
Msdtffrorr the wild flowers of th
H ia the most fragrant ot perfumes.
Mauufiiotured by JJ. B. Slavon ,
Francisco. For s le in Omaha by Vf.
J. Whttehouso and Kouima Uros , ,
A Co.
Olouk Department.
It has been the constant practice in
Omaha , its well ao elsewhere , to sol ! n
few low priced Cloaks at cost or even
leas , as "leaders" for the purpoao ot
idvortising , and then make up the
average profit on the better grades.
Thia year we have determined to re
verse this order , and knock the bottom
tom out of hii > h priced Cloaks , and
thus , aa ono of our competitors said ,
"ruin tlio whole buninesa. "
Wo will sell M j.0'id u Silk or Plush
Uohrmn as IIP loiu.rl in this country
fir S 0 00 , ncuilly sold atfrom$75.0C
to $85.00. At Si3 00 wo williH'llyou
ono usually sold at § 0500 to 37500 ,
and nt § 35.00vo will sell you ont
usually a Id at $ r > 0 00 to SCO 00. and
ao on down thu hat to $2 00 or § : $ 00 ,
M Inch wo will not aell for less than
others , but invite the closest inspec
tion on them. It ia not. our desire t (
ruin the business , but to look
to our own interests. It take ;
uo no longer to sell n cloak foi
$50.00 than it does to tioll one at
$5.00 , and unless \ro sell thu lint
cloak for lean than othcrn people are
apt to buy at * ho largest store ; lionet
if wo make but a very small profit on
a cloak we look upon it as just HU
much gain , an wa have no extra , ex
pense connected with it and no heavy
rent to pay. We have made a specialty
of fmo cloaks this fall , and have
bought Iho finest that money cau buy
a very large assortment and mean
business. Call and aoe them. , It will
pay you , at Bushman's , southeast cor
ner Fifteenth and Douglas streets.
P. 8. Wo will sand a cloak by ex
press , 0. O. D. , to any part of the
country , and if not satisfactory it can
be returned at our expense.
The Hltcucock-Couzlna Debate on
Woman Suffrage.
The second public debate on the
queation of woman suffrage took place
at the opera house on Saturday even
ing , the disputants being Mies Phoebe
Cou/.inu nnd Mr. G. M. Hitchcock , of
this city.
Aa on the preceding evening every
seat in tha house waa filled but there
was not so many turned a ray and in
Eomo respects thin might bo eaid to
have been an oveiflow meeting. Mi&a
Susan B. Anthony presided
Misa Couzinn opened the debate
with n plea for a better government
for women , and Mr. U itch cock fol
lowed with r.u argument upon inher
ent right and expediency , handling
hi a eubjoct with ability. Succeeding
the arguments , which were each half
an hour in length , waa A colloquial dis
At the conclusion of the debate the
vote was called.
Miss Cou/.iriB nekvd all in favor of
woman suffrage to me , and about H
fourth of the houau ruse , moutly la-
diet.Mr. . Hitchcock culled n rising vote
of thoao in favor of woman's rights ,
but not woman tmHrage , Mid ubont M
fourth of the house ruse.
Misa Anthony declared it a drawn
SATOUOAV , October 14 , 1882.
Board met purauaut to adjournment.
Present Commissioner Drexel ,
CorlUa and ICnight.
Minutes of prect'iliiu ; meetings
wore read and approved ,
The petition from the Omaha medi
cal college to cancel taxoa on account
of being ueod forcducational purposes.
was referred to the county attorney ,
The following accounts were al
General iund. George Frost , cash
expended on road , $5.00 , G , N. Doty ,
witness fee , $8 00 ; J. . M. Uubinspn ,
grading $30 , Charles AVittt' , hauling
for company , $9 ; J. Hafotingor , work
on road , $21 ; Ed. J. Brennan , uper-
intcndent court housit , $100 ; J. H.
Spetman , groceries for poor ? 11.8'J ' ;
Conrad Sahl , utAJi"- f' > ; John Hush ,
cash expended § 14.80 ; E. T. Duke ,
hardware $4 20 ; Lutto & Williams ,
goods for company ? 1 ; do , matches
$1.10 ; S. B. Kadiield , apprauer $300 ,
Wm. Djll , appraiser $300 ; Cyrus
Morton , appraiser fO ; II , I'undt , gri-
cerios for poor farm $3G ; John G.
Jacobs , coroner's furs ? l 10 ; J. p ,
Manning , witness fee $1 ; W. A.
Manitiold , bamo $2 ; J. Cartwright ,
same $3 ; William F. Flynn , same $0 ;
William Anderson , same $4 ; William
P , SuQwdea , eama ? 2 ; A. Siefkin ,
name § 0 ; Four persons , coeoner's wit-
ncsaea , § 30 ; six ptisoiiv , coroners
jurors , § 9.
Road fund , f. JL Broah , work on
mad , $42 ; Stantnn Jiros. , yradiii )
SU5 08j D. I * . Redman , work on
bridgca , 10 74 ; Henry Ruuaur , work
on road , 37 ; Goonjo Frost , work oti
road ; 873 50 ; Peter Casaidy , work on
road , $15 ; Peter C < u > sdy , work on
road , $9.
Bridge fund Fred \Theaton , haul
ing lumber , Sl'J ; V. H. Thomaaworli ,
on bridges , glil.
The following resolution tvaa adopt
Eefolucd , That the county clerk be
aud hu is hereby directed to uotifj
W. R , . ifc Thomaa Apploby that ; .il
obstructions must bo removed froir
road No. 181 B running over the
south went quarter of aoction 14 , 1C ,
10 , in order that said road may be
opened for travel on the 16th clay of
November , A. D. 1802.
Adjourned to the 17th inst.
JOIIK BAUMKII ; County Clerk.
WF M. S .
Second Day's Procoedlnpu of the
Mlasloniirv aociotlos.
Mra. E. A. True , cf Mt. Pleasant ,
Iowa , led thu devotional exoaciaes ,
with which the second day's proceed
ings of the Woman's Foreign Mianion-
ary society beyni.
The business eeHaiou opened with
Mrs. Mary C. Nindo , president , intho
Branctioflicera present : Mra. Ninde ,
Mra. L. E. Prescott , correaponciiug
secretary ; Mra. E. K. Stanly , treas
urer ; Mrs.'L. B. .James.
The following newly arrived del
egates were then eniolled and intro
duced ;
Upper Iowa Conference : Mrs. L. C.
Lang , Manjlultown.
Iowa Conferoncc : Mrs. M. J. Cow-
der. Rose Hill ; Mra. Rov. S. C.
Smith , Beacon ; Miss Alice- Cooper ,
Oikaloosa ; Mr . W. 0. Cross , Bur
lington ; Mrs , R. P. Kennedy , Platta-
Missouri Conference : Mrs. It A.
Pierce , Moberly ; Mrs. Abba Colhna ,
Nnrtli Nebraska Conference : Mrs.
D. A. Lombard , Fremont ; Mrs. J. V.
N. Uiloa , Fromoiit.
Nfcbnia.i ! Conference : Mrd. A. M.
Davis , Mrd. It. L. Hyde , Mns. A. J.
Colwull , Lmuoln ; Mra. P. N. Putnam ,
Gonuvn ; tilso ninny viaitura.
T'ho election of ullicera for the en
suing year resulted :
President Mrs. Mary 0. Nindo ,
Minnoapoiia , Minn.
Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Lu
cy E. I'rttcutt , Minneapolis , Minti.
Treasurer Mra , E. K. Sunlit/ ,
D < > B Moiuea , Iowa.
Racordint ; Secretary Mrs. Lucrotia
B , James , Des Moines , Iowa.
Vice Presideuta Two from each
conference were then nominated and
elected ,
A motion prevailed that delegates
and reserves to general executive com
mittee meeting bo elected by individ
ual ballot , the result of which was
that Miss M , M. Hammond , Baldwin ,
Kan , ; Miss Libbio Pearson , Dja
Moini-H , Iowa ; Mrs. I. M , Hartsough ,
Fort Dodge , Iowa ; Mias Mary Price ,
Savannah , Mo. , were elected ,
Mrs. E. K. Stanley , treasurer ,
gave financial report to date , as fol.
Iowa :
Total recelpU t-lnce last annual
m-ietim ? , . $24.102.05
Oath on hand April 1 , 1881 . 3,691.38
$1:8,001.33 :
Iibuweinents . § 2 .C37-C'J
OaoUunhand . 3,15U8t
Mrs. Lucy E. Prescott , correspond-
iiigi Boerotary , gave a Btatistical report
wj follows :
tfumtxr of auxillariea . W7
' . ,
mir .
dumber of memtera . 10bl.i
life patrons . . . .
managers . jj
Number of women
Increase . . . "
Number of life membm . , . . ' !
Increas ? . 212
Number of jouug people societies. .
Increase .
Number of bauds .
Incieatt ) . 20
Nunilcr of tubi-ctibors to Kurt h-
wontern Friend . 2fiOO
Increase . 71
A very interesting report front
northwest Iowa conference was read
by Mrs. Proscott.
Alao from Kansas conference , Miss
A. L Morrow , secretary , read by
Mra. Or wisr , of Iowa.
Minnesota conference waa very
finely renorted by Mrs B. F. ICophart St. Louis conference by Mrs. Ida
B. Hngeftyi St. Ivauis , both read by
Miss Libbio Peafaoiij- -Iow " : both
very encouraging. x.
South Kansait conftrouca was ropro "
Honied by Us secretary , Mies M. M.
Colorado conference waj reporccd' '
oy Mrs. H. M. Shattuck , conference
eecrotary , is a must interesting man
ner.Mrs , Watts , of Teonmfeh , Nub. , .
next gave au addresn upon the relation
of homo and foreign misBi'tn work ,
followed by Miss Jennie Beck , o
Kirksville , Iowa , wiio very thorough
ly and practically treated The Wo
man's Foreign Mmsioimry Society , its-
suh-etructuro and pioneers.
Friday evening anniversary reports-
wcro made by the corrt-ppondinp see-
rotary and treasurer , nnd an nddreco
was delivered by Miss Murphy , of
Grinnell , lown.
The Prlsonora With Ono Conuont
fload "Not Guilty. "
The only item of interest in the dis
trict court Saturday was arraignmotft.
of the prisoners , who at U o'clock
marched down the court room under
, and wore individually arraigned
before Judpo Neville , by District At
torney Buruhcin. They wore nine in
number and occupied ( eats in thu jury
bos , which was nearly filled. A > no-
t'ceablo fact was the youthful nppear-
aiico of tlio entire number , lioghes ,
the man who cat Jensen with a knife ,
look * mont haygard und worn , and he
kept working his lips as if mut
tering to himself , while hiiv nyea
looked wild uud unnatural. Col
onel Smythe , who appaarocJ aa
bin cm sol , cave notice that he should
ask the int-aue commisBionera to in-
vcHtigat. . the niiin'a condition bcforo
going to trial Ono of the uoldior *
engaged in the Florence tragedy waa
another win looked haggard mid worn
out , hs if by dietipation , but ncitiier
of thi ) two men named appear to be
over forty , and the rest ate all yi > uug
men in appearance ua wellaa yo.u'a ,
The prinonera were nnaigjtcd ono
by one , and their names uud pleaa
wo'oaa follows :
Solomon C. Hollander , indictu3 on
two counts , not guilty ,
Frank Hughen , not guilty.
Wm. A. Shopardson , not
Jacob Theln , not guilty.
Brown , not guilty.
Thomaa McGee , not guilly ,
John Daweon , Vfm. MclXinald and
James Fmitwell , not guilty.
Jebn McMahon failed to appear
and his bond was forfeited.
The following namca wore then
called aud pleas entered in :
John T. Croft , Morris Oilman , - -
JoUBen , Jennie Dickinson , AJvina
Purtel ) , - Bankhart , Henry Beci-
tel , Gottlieb Stotts , John Garber ,
Hunry Ru er. All indicted for Bell
ing liquor -without a license and all
plead not guilty , Matilda Murray ,
indicted ou the &amu charge , did not
appear , hat it was learned afterward
that she , v ae writing in the hall ouU
aide the court room , to bo summoned.
Tha criminal docket will be taken
up Monday.
Tables supplied with the best the
market aflords. The traveling public
claim they gut better uccommodationa
and moro gentrr. ! satiEiuction here
than ot any other lumso In Omaha ,
Katn , § 2 per day ,