Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 15, 1882, Image 6

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The Daily Bee ,
council BLUFFS :
Monday Morning , Oct. 10.
3) Otiitcr , - - - - VOwntipct WMV
- 110.00 Yew
3J-MUI - - - - per
KMue : No. 7 PonrI Street ,
,3 Y > vlwny.
i U. URIFFIN , Manner.
H. W. XI LTDN , Cltr Edltor.fl
-T. Mueller' * I'.ilaceiMusic Hull.
-Bherradcn ninVoM > hotoETai > hn.
-Officer Tii > on arrested William Hon
Hwel Kirko it to be Ivcn at Doha
-Wall McVBiL'en'd inhlUry hand gar
a t-trcet parade yeiterj y.
-UHicer Brooks atrwled Still Date
jfhtcnlay on a charge cf aiskult.
Howe ft Son Arc pulliuR an rvlttltlo :
only their Broadway utoro.
Henry I'oss haa taicen pie contract fo
ImiMing a 12,000 mtdence lor Thotnn
ItMhlof ,
ChrvrlM Fox , ol MoAlee & 3'ox , la th
lowr of drcdi coat , which nome tlilt
the storo.
iluatlco Fralney who in an enthuiilaatl
Winlunpenrlan student , describes the do
jMimd at "tlio lK > und of fl < wh. "
The new moat market of Hhull It Mu
tai , yif. ) South Main ntrcot , guarantee bei
of luoata and prompt attention ,
-Cheap Ilntlroad ticket * to all point
llurlmoll , five doorH north of pontofllb
rirl ) them. Kntranco , Mainorl'earlstroc
-llev. 1'ather Hhumochor , the a l tat
to Hev. Father McMonotny , prenctied I
I'.nRlbli at the Catholic church yontcrda
iTohn D.imnrt , of ] < ewt , hag Hat a BC
I'T typhoid fever , the little fellow bolt
only S years old. The Borvlci
were held yesterday.
.Davenport promlecH tnticnd two Imi
drttl Kniijlits of I'ytlilaa t/ > attend tl
Otnnd lode | beie , Htrarwer'n band wi
accompany them.
Mr. Linton'it ] laundry bni'Ine.'w ' lac
the irow ; , nn IB evidenced by thonoivbulli
iaff hu I * putting up on Broadway an
whidi he will ( noon occupy for thut pu
Joseph Reiter mahca the Flnont Sui
n ( bo latent Htyloa , at the lowest poenlb
prices. Hn ! merchant tailoring wtalilW
Hunt la at 310 Up | > er lirondway , Counc
BhifU ,
- One of the out going patif engers on t )
O. II. & Q , road wns fleeced the other di
out of 8 < > 5 and an oveicout by a tliarp
17)10 not on the train nt the local depi
here , and worked bin victim between he
mid tlio firnt elation ,
Tom IiiKall , the cnoapcd convict f n
Wmtpum , Win. , who vrte captured hero
low months ago , and taken back to prlno
hd had a jear added to hia time , to atoi
for tlio escape , ThU with the old euntcm
vrQl keep him locked [ up for two or tno
jcars yet.
Jinepli Jtons , the upper llrofulwi
> o | > cr , iloBires to purchase 50,000 hoi
puliH He also winhen to employ ton ext
coo ; era , M'rito to or inquire at hid coop
, Iu to-day' * I Mii > of THE UKK appon
IhocJUllot Adolpb iJooi ( linger pro ] > riet
of ( lie fit. Louis Hotel , 70 ? lower llroa
vny. Heaatje" ineala on the rcatnnra
htylo and runs ataiup's / room in comic
tion willi lil.i hotel , in Tv'.hlch none but tl
lw .t IH nerved ,
The Kinpluo hardware company li > f
( jetting itH now and Inrgo entabllblwient <
Main tteel in tuch aliajo that it will I
Uie nioci ( iompleto in the country. Tl
Imminent Is dcvoU'd to baivy liardwar
UK < first floor lit . ' > tlliccn and to ehc
* * , the third floor to steel goodit , ui
Uio fourth lloor t < > woodenwaro.
Koiiitler , the third Imieman nf II
Iienilville'e , li charge J with having br
taily hlapixd nnoof W. H , Vp.ughan'n HO
rt the game Suturduy afternoon , cmwli
thu blood to lln * freely from the little fi
IOW'H uiuuth. The ttcuno offered f
tapping tlio boy In that ho called Kosf I
li.uil namc , An exiiminatiun into I
f.iolH will piobsibly be m.iilo In cov
\V. (3 , Tfcllindar , the general agent
Uie Council BlulU Inhurai ce compui
liax UHauclatud with him Kd. A. llccki
ubu haa alro bccu in the iniuranua bu
I > H bote for yeaiH , and the new fimi , i
der the title of Tallindar k Decker , w
lucccod to tbo ineurauca bastnean of . '
V. Hohrer and I. U. llsery A ; Co. 'I
irjiv lirm promUeH to hold a goodly thnro
lliu inkiirflnco bntiluehs litre and
mUl thereto.
Thall & Kracht hive moved into th
Ui fn ; new brick atom room , corner Mi
hired and Bevrnth nxenue , where tl
uill ba glad to ( see their umny filan
Vtsvy uro now receiving n Urge and w
BelrcUd ttock of line Rrootrle- , quo *
ware , etc , 2Coue but the beat goods | ,
dlo 1 which will bo mild ut the lowest 1
kitih prlco , Mo moru beer , aa they imifc
iiowdepaiture in diicoutinulng their >
! > ! room. Call and examine tiieiriti
and priced ,
Tlie inanageni of th ' fjrlhcouu
Okthollo fair at Dohany'd hall are moot
with marked nucceo. Together with a
l-i\cn them by M. J , M. Palmer , tbo
Jowiug are among the donations : a cow ,
.VuLii Llurphy ; the Grin of OherfeUk
Ketvman gave a boy'n suit of clothe * ; ]
Iturkhorn a gold chain ; Frank Ityiwk ;
( Kiy'd eaddlo ; Ji. II. Mona'er , a l > jy' mil
clot lieu ; Mr. Freidman , a lady'n bat ;
untried men cf the paiiuh a fiua biuln
nut ; the young men , a very rJr.o bonl.-c
Hrj. John riugtr-ld , of Lincoln , Neb
myiiterlouj child'ii basket which will b
touch interest to the ladta , ThU ft
gotten up to attlit in p yiug elf the (
on Ht. Jo epii'4 academy.Ve arc i le.
that it will ba u uoce
BIy realdence.INo , 715 Fourth flti
L. F. Mpui"n
Toll.vVottrtol KitcTo L nii
I hrroby annouuco cuyttlf 'a
inilependoiit candidate : lor con&U
flllijfct to thu voicu of tlin votenj
. .eiving election. 0. NV.
Dr. Plnney Throws Open Ills Now nn <
HloHB-ntOKlco with bnvliib
Dr. 1'innoy having fuiiihcd his tmv
oflice , the building of which ban btci
ivii'.clicd with interest by our citizen ! )
m dedicated it in n happy niatmc
j.mirdiiy ovcninj ; by there receiving i
number oi his friond.i of the vnriou
irofccoions. The building in of brick
ono story and bAH-iinoiit , and adjoin
it/i / rcatdunco on I'otul ntruct. Itncx
onornpponranco i.iHltr.ictivc , it bcitij
a Bwoll front with stone trimmings , nnc
taboaringa , ouUido ni wull an infiido
ho mntkiiof true worltmannhip , Thi
> uitding is about L'i fftit tijuaro , niu
la interior is divided very convo
liontly into eovcral npartmunts , con
Btstiiifr of a hallway , a largo roccptloi
room , and an oporoting room at thi
roar , The interior is really ole
; ant , und is not inproly i
jlnzo ana glitter , but its richness o
: oloring and beauty of dccoratior
Blonds nnd harmonises so that i
chaiming ufToct is f ivon to the v/holo
ICacb room is furnished nnd docoratoc
n a manner dilFt ring from tlio others
and it is ditlicult to determine whicl
s the handsomost. The windown o
full Froncli plato are turnialiod wit !
inside blinds , vrlilch are very daintil ;
tinted , while the doors and othoi
woodwork nro hkowiso adorned bj
skillful art , shaded with delicate tints
and the panels brightened with trold
The hallway and the reception roon
nro floored with black walnut nnd nub
in alternate narrow strips , while thi
walls are covered with the riches
paper and the ceilings decorated will
borders , panels , etc. , and from th
artistic center-pieces hang ologan
chandeliers. In the rccoptton room i
a beautiful mantel piece and fire-place
There are elegant library cascH ntn
other nccdinl furniture , while n beau
fully mounted oik's head , plo.wing pic
turcs and other adornmcnto nppca
upon the walls. The private consults
tion room is a gum of binuty , its xrnll
and ceiling richly finished , and th
furnishings being elegant , itruscol
carpet , velvet upluilatoring , umrblo to
commode , and nil being in kcopinij
All in all the oflico is without doiiii
the finosi , that there i.s in the onlir
wont , und there is untiling oven i
Chicago which I'qualH it. Crcdi
should bo given lo U. P. Miles for th
decorative work , and to 1'oter Mille
for the painting.
Dr. 1'innuy v/na juntly proud :
throwing opunsuch nit oflico to the inspection
spoction of hin friends , and these wh
Authored there Saturday pvoning wor
received and cared for with tlio goi
crous hospitality which ever charnctei
izos the doctor. The invitations wer
necessarily limited , and among thee
who were able to accept in porso
worp : Hon. W. Q. M. I'usoy , A. V
Larimer. W. 0. James , Judao lluoi
Ocorgo F. Wright , Dr. Donald Macroi
Dr. T. B. Lioy , Dr. A. B MoKuni
Dr. F. 0. Olark , Dr. J. F. White , Di
F. 'I' . Suybort , J. O. Tipton. Joe
Eaton , Jr. , W. A. Mynstor , 0. I
Adams , W. W. Waro.Mr. Wirth , Di
Dcotkin.Dr. E. .7. Woodbury , Dr. n
A. Woodbury , M. F. Rohror , A. J
Orittenden , T. E , Oavin , J. B , Al
kinn , N. M. 1'uioy , F. S. Puooy , Her
.lohn W. Chnmtmn , Spencer Smith <
The Nonpareil ; lion. J. 0. Merge
nnd Col. J. II. Kcatloy , of tbo Globi
M. G. Griflin nnd H. W. Tilton , i
TUB BHE , together with others.
'I ho gucata were bountifr.lly nerve
with cake and wine , nnd then U
graceful Binoko curled upward , whil
they llaloned attentively to a poei
road by Dr. Pinnoy. It was writto
by Oliver Wendell Ilolmcs , for n bat
quot of the M&soachuaotti medical at
ciuty in 1880 , nnd its gleams of w
und happy lain being well brougl
out by the rendnr , the guests woi
nude happy indeed. Social chattitij
uu-d. oongrnluhUons lo the doctor o
having ju'curod such ikchnrminc olllci
followed , until the time for loavi
taking nnd the honest nnd hearty o :
presstons of tlmni's to Dr. I'innoy , fi
the hospitality shown ,
Dr , I'innoy well merits the prospo
ity and thu professional BUCCOBB , <
which his elegant now olllco is bi
ono of many evidences. On boin
graduated from the medical dopar
inent of the Michigan Stnto Univor
ity , where ho won high honors , 1
guvo himself to the service of h
country , nnd waa givun the position i
Burgeon in the < Jth Ohio cavalry. 1
the clouo of the war ho took a po
gradimto course In I'lii'ndplphiu ' , ni
then osUbbahod himself in Oinub
whuro hisoliill nnd experience speed !
gave him a huge practice. Ho w <
trom this city us > \ most worthy pai
ncr for the homo Hfo , the daughter
lion. W. II. M Pucoy , and nbo
four years ago this city in turn wi
thorn back as among its most wortl
residontu. It ia almost needless to i
that the doctor hus hero , as in Omali
taVen and kept a pooitiou in the fro
rank of his proft-siion , nnd bids fair
liavo many yearn yet of the incroaai
success , which merit and industry t
sure to win.
Kldnoy Complutut Cur il >
1) , Turner , Itouhoxtor , Is' , Y. , writes :
have been lor over uyourmibject to n > ri <
disorder of the kldur.vH , and often uiu
to attend to bualnops ; I procured your 111
DOCK lli.ooi ) liiTTKlw , and wax relieved
lore half a bottle wan need. I intend
continue , an I ( eel confident thm they v
entirely euro me. " Trice Sfl.OO ,
, . Death of Mre. Komlngton.
K The many friends hera nnd ol
t where of Mrs. George N. Romingt <
1.y of Noola , formerly Miss Annie Ola
y of this city , r.lll rugrat to loam of I
death of that moat lovable and ostin
bio lady , which sad yet not unexpeoi
event occurred at her homo in Ne
at 1:40 : o'clock yesterday morning.
Mrs. Remington was only tweu
four years of ago but 1
buun ui poor hualih for oeve
years , and was always frail and of i'
iojto coiutitution , Vut , oho posses ;
winderful vitality , and through 1
strong v ill power succeeded in wa
ing oil' many attacks of a serious
lure , which under other circumstan
mijht have resulted fatally.
The decuasnd was a lady of more tl
ordinary intelligence , amiable of
i niu and kind and gentle in diapositi
tvitur.illy and easily winning the 1
uiX love and admiration of all t
in DKt hur. Vuing potstsBcd of t
e , I Ohrutian fortitude which rusul
a I from thu early trainings ot u no !
, I pious mother , death had iu terrors
her , and she parsed quietly and peace
fully to final and eternal rest , contcn
in the belief that beyond thi
earthly homo of sorrow , pain and atif
fcrlnp , there is a bloiaod lint on of rest
Iho heritage of llio good , tlio trn am
the just.
Mrs. Ilcmington was the only sistr
of 0. B. Clatk.of thin city , nnd thi
half eiator of T 1 . Clark , of Mi
nonk , Illinois , nnd A. Olatk
of I'iatliunouth , Nub , all of when
were with her during her lat houri
on oarth. The sorrowing husband
brothers nnd ot'icr rolativta will have
Iho sympathy of all who knrm thorn
The funeral obMtjuiea will occui
from the homo of the di ceased a
Ncola this ( Monday ) nftcrnoon Ser
vices at 2 o clock , conducted by HOT
Lewis , of that placo.
The Council BiuUVt Champions Wh
Another Victory.
On Saturday afternoon the Lad
villo Blues again tackled thu Counci
Bluff * boys on tlio lattor's groundi
and were again defeated , thu Bluff !
ecorinf ; n well earned victory of ( ! t <
y. The following ia tlio ncorc :
LKADVILLE BLUKI , n. n. r.o A. F.
Lavln , p 0 019 :
llryan , lot b 2 0 U 2 :
Knodell , o 1 0001
I'hllan , 2d b 1
Keiwler , 3itb 0 Oil !
Webster , r. f 0
U , Thftimvi , c. f 0010 !
O. B , Tbonuw , 1. f 0 010
Docrty , B. a 0 012
Totals "IT 227 10 i
Cou.vcir. Bi.unu it. it. r.o , A. > : 2 1 1 1
Kuchue , 2b 1 101
Mack , If I 110
Merrill , 8b , < > 0 2 It
O'Day , t 0022
l''elhor toue , c 0 071
Hngan.ll 0 0 11 0
Struck , c.f 1 1 2 0
Hmltb.r.f 1 2 0
Total 0 li a 3
C. B's. . . . " .il - -
lUins Earned Council BluQV , 1 ; Iiead
villo Blues , 0.
First Base on r.rrora Couucll BlulTf ) , ( i
Lcadvlllu Bluer , 5.
Htitick Out CouncilBIulh , 7 ; Iieadvlll
Pun'oil Ualla Council KliilFi1 ; Lead
villo UlueH , 1.
Proof Everywhere-
If any involid or nick person liasth
least doubt of the power and eliicac ;
of Hop Bittern to euro thorn , the ;
can lind cauen exactly like their ewe
in their own neighborhood , with prou
positive that they can bo nnsily am
ponnanently cured at n trilling coBt-
or aak your druggiat or phyn iician.
How the DOR Orclinunro IB Caueiu
Various Uowla AlonK tUo Lilno.
Thu attempt to enforce the dog oi
dinanco cauaon many varying coir
plalntu to arise , and no ono heat
moro of them than the city marshal
In juat ono brief stroll down Broad
way ho rnn across aovoral snags. Th
first man ho mot wont tor him abet ;
thualy :
"Sue hero , Mr. Marshal , I'm goin
to make a complaint about you on th
dog bueinoBs. K I remember rigl
you have to give bonds to ace that tli
ordinances are onfoiced , and you at
liable to a $00 penalty for every uoj
lect to see to them. Aint that so ? "
The marshal had to admit that i
the fact.
"Woll , now , look at the doga thoi
are running about that haven't pai
any license. I tell you it IH time yo
run 'om in. I've just boon ligurin
up that there are eovonty-fivo def
that I know of in our ward , that ain
paid. Now jiml figure it up. Foi
wards call it 75 dogs in a ward it
moro than that , but cull it only 71
that'n I00 ! doga. You are liable to ? f
penalty for uverv ono of them , th :
makes DO tiinca 1100 ; that in , lot's aoi
Slff.COO. Now you'ro liable to tl
city for that ninoli , nnd "
The marshal fortunately was vallc
oil' by n man in a buggy , und runnir
out into thn street to BOO what 1
wanted , was hailed with :
"Say , Jackson , have you ol m
dot ; in the pound'Ho / linan't bee
homo ainco yimturdiiy morning ,
t'ltnk ' it is a uuntoundod tihamo that
man can't have n good doj/ , that don
bother anybody , without having hi
uken awny , " nnd so he stornu
n cursing the law , the men tin
mdo it , and the fcllown wbo try
nforco it. By the time the maiah
ad not rid of him and got na far
liu next corner , another citizi
topped him : "Say , Jackson , wh
m 1 going to do. Thorn are u lot
Inga along on Eighth street whii
nap at uio nnd my wife every tit :
wo no by , nnd they scare my wife
Imt hur iH'rvcs don't quit Miaking I
urn another nciiro conies. 1 dot
) oieve ! that they have paid the la
nd I wish you would put them in t
mund and kill 'om oft" before thu ewer
er finda out where they aro. "
Jackson made ono of his oocl-r
I mod promises , and thus shakinc h
oil' , skipped into n store just in tii
.o eacapo the iwonglng wrath of tether
other citizen , who had his $150 bi
dog killed by tlio authorities for t
'ailuro to pay two or three dollars t
and costs ,
But the proprietor of the st <
where ho had taken refuge from t
storm would give him no rest. ]
liad a complaint. His residence v
near the pound. The canines thi
looked up kept such n ooaceless ho'
Ing that none of hia folks could sK
nights. Ho wanted the dogs choki
given soothing syrup , or something
the sort or else have the pound mete \
to Uroscont City , or some out of I
way place. Tlio door-keeper looV
haggard and care worn. Ho noet
sloop. 60 did the marshal , and
hurried oil' to BOO if in balmy natur
sweet restorer rest could be found
the dog ordinance.
City Marshal Jackson iuitiucta '
DKL to announce that ho intends bceln ;
it that the dog ordinance in etrictly
promptly obeyed , and that all ownei
dog * mu t pay the required tax at on <
they do not want their pets to go the i
of death which about twenty-five have
ready travelled. The poundJU reccl' '
delinquent * dully , thus lucrcoalnj cost
those uwieri wbo prefer to rtt > 'i
brlugiug the decree of death to dogs ha
no eucb friend * ,
They BuralRrizo n Broadway Store
nut Take Only Nlcotmo.
Some tin.o during Saturday nigh
burglars dlacted an entrance inti
Boll & Hall's store on tipper Broad
way by cutting a hole in the rrar door
and thui getting n chnnco to slip i
hand in and v.ilh draw a bolt whicl
fastened it. So far as ianovdiecnv
ored , Ihcy took only tobacco i > m
cigtrn , there bcinu miartd two b ( xi
of the laltor nnd puckagen o
tobacco. The liw WAS not diiooverci
until morniniuid there iano trace a ;
yotof cither the thieves or their plun
ChnrgOB of Murcloroun Intent , Illgh
way Robbery , ForKery , Dobldea
Minor Ollunscs Lodged
Agnlnet C
Ou Saturday Ccltnan Smith , the olt
man charged with having tried t <
shoot hia divorced wife , Mrs. Carolim
Smith , nnd his Bon-in-law , Sam Newton
ton , had his examination Saturday
before Justice Frainey. There wen
n largo number of witnesses for thi
prosecution. The toatimony in sub
Blanco showing that as Mrs. Smith
Sam Newton and several othera o
the family wcro crossing the creel
last Sunday evening , Smith was stand
Ing there and that ho first grabbec
Newton by the coat collar with on <
hand nnd presenting n revolver will
the other , said : "We'll nettle thii
right now , Sam" , nnd tried to shoot
Newton had his baby in his arma nm
breaking away from Smith started of
to lay hin baby down in some safi
placo. Smith then grabbed the oh
lady , prosaed her hpad against thi
bridge timber , and tried to ohoot her
but the revolver missed fire. Th
daughter joined her mother in rosiat
ing the old man , and their Bcroam
caused htm to curse the revolver fo
not going off , nnd rnn away. As h
ran ho throw the revolver away , am
it was picked up soon after by one o
the witnesses. A colored man namei
J. Brown followed Smith , and ut hi
caught up with him Smith and
"Shout if you want to. 1 don't cart
I'd just na BOOH go to the gallows a
not , " and tnado u toint as if to pul
another revolver. Brown throw hin
down and hold him until the officer
came. On the part of the defence n
evidence was introduced , nnd the wit
nesses for the state wcro not crone
examined. Justice Frnney bound th
prisoner over in the sum of $2,500.
A young man giving hia name a
Butt Carter was arrested Saturday o :
the charge of forgery. Ho had boon i
the employ of some tree men , who Jia
been boarding nt the Reek lalaiv
house , of which 0. 11 Mitchell is th
proprietor. The mm went across th
river a few days ago on business , bu
Carter came back alone , and prosentei
an order purporting to have bee
signed by ono of his employers , callin
on Mr. Mitchell to pay him 84. Mi
Mitchell , knowing hia employers t
bo responsible , paid the money , be
Boon after learned that it waa a forgo
order , and had the follow nrrestoc
The examination of the case will t
hold to-day.
The examination of Djraoy , tl ;
Main street night star route follov
charged with robbery , was to hav
boon continued Saturday afternoon i
the police oourt > , but the base ba
game proved a greater attraction ,
not considered of greater momen
and the case wont over until to-day.
Mrs. Maria Ruby haa complainc
before Justice Abbott that Mrs. Str ;
her has aosaulted her and threatens
her. The details' the failure to h
neighborly love continue will be e :
amined into 301110 day this week.
Attention , Knlghte.
All members of the order of the I'
of P. in this city are most earnest ]
requested to bo present at Castle hal
on Pearl utroot , at 7:30 : p. m , Tue
day evening , October 17 , 1882. I *
time to spnio. All members of ox
cutivo and all aub-oommiitoes are e :
pcctod to bo there an the various r
ports must be made by that time i
that the work assigned can bo carrif
out. W. R. VAUOIIAN ,
Pros. Ex. Committee.-
KUWIN J. AIIHOTT , Secretary.
J. A , Jackuon ban rcturued from t
went ,
Hon. John Y. Stone , of Uleuwixx ) , U
thu Ufden ,
Dr. Lawrence has returno.l froui 1
1'uropeun trip.
Mr. Mich wl , ono ol Logan's proiulnen
was iu the city Saturday.
Major Anderson g ° t square Sund
dinner once morj at the Ogden house y
Judge1 Ajrlesworth , Col. Dailoy , Ma
Lyuian fend the others of the noble baud
, homestdad hunter * have returned fr
* their Dakota trip.
E , K. Harkuesa , of IlnrnfM , Orcut
Co. , ha * roturnedlfrom the cast , whit !
he waa called by the Illness and doatl
his , Mr. Lester.
Mr. Illgley , ol the Dennlnou lievli
wai among the vhlton to Council lllu
who took In the base ball Saturday and
church Sunday.
Buoklin'u Arnictt Halve.
The BEST SAIVK In the world for 0\
Bruliea , Bores , Ulcer * , talt llheuin ,
vor Sores , Tetter , Ch puod Ilnndi , C
blains , Corns , and all Um eruption * , i
positively euros ; ) IU . It Is gtiaranteei
give uattafactfon i rtv aey rorund
trie * , 23 centu imr ft , toi ilb bv
$500 REWAR [
IK The aboierew ard will l o pajl ; to w > PC
to who will produce a 1'alnt that will iiiual the
idof Pennsylvania Patent Rubb
of Paint ,
for prcMnlny Shingle * , Tin and ar clU
xd Wurraiiteil to bo Kiru and Watir rroot.
promptly attended to. Lhca | < cr iu a
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tong Bolo l-roprlctow , Onuba Hou e,0iuaha ,
OlMccr i Puwy , Dr.lUce , Dr. Puincy , - Fl
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llsi ortk-v , Oniali * Xi'l >
NOTICE. Sp cl l dvortlsoment , tut c
Lout , KoanJ , To I * n , Kor Stic , To R n1
Wants , DoardlnK , etc. , rlll be Inserted lu thi
column at th ow r to of TKJ CENTS PR ,
MNK ( or lh flrnt Insertion nd F1VR CKNT
PEIt LINK for c ch mli tfienl Inscrtlnr
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WAN1ii e a" Sto nlillb-r'n furnl'ure factory
" \\7ANTK -A mliiVInn M l.rn'kl and
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Ad fYiii"ii1 II tiff" ninl ( > 'll p tn OAmin fn
"Mr < O n"'s Too' ' ' Pnolt " The ln
pop-l rRil h'st Belllncbvil. I u d
iHrf , 0. V
Hrn office , Omihi.
"ITCTAST" ! ' -tirm" lla' l < th-"n or four ral
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.10HV r.rKNETKU , SOT llro ilnrar , foii-cl
. In. 12-St
WA rrn 4noorrAiiiittini r nti whit ,
cn-n nt Jl ) re .V Co. , camtr North Cth am
'ANTED- tflrl for conem ! homework Ir
n small family , enquire H. f. Ites rfll' '
WANTii : : 5 0 bulldlngM to move. We maki
R px-cl | It } nf inMl K liousts and itafca
AildrriwW. I * . AjIcawortD , box 870 , Connci
Illiiftn , la.
Kvcrybooy In Council llludt 11 ,
WANTKU TUB linn , 20 cents per week , da
llvorcd by carrion. Office , No 7 Pearl Strevt
nour Droinlway.
VX7 ANTKD 'fo buy R live ortlx rroin housi
Vl oti moitLly Initallmttits cf tiS. ! ! ' O
box .m
To buy 100 tons broom corn
WANTED addreea Council BluOi
nroom Factory. Council HlMtK Iowa. 6S8-21UI
For Sale and Rent
RENT A ere table oirci on first lloor
FR . 11. M AYNrJ A. CO. , No. .11 I'carl itreet.
OU KENT A Mty jil i nt newly bull
liom , Franklin et To.nHrciaoiiablc. A
11. MAYNh & CO. , No. 2t I'tarl strctt.
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at the Kxci | i or Oa'lerv ' ' 0 Miln street.
. W. L. I'AlTON I'tiynlciau and Oculist
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Insert artificial ejcn Special attontlon to rr
moxalnK fade worms
Council t luffs'
Business Birectory ,
Art Gallery.
ExicUtor photograph Ba lerj , South Main SI
C. GUISE , Upptr lroadvca ! > .
BottllnK Works.
11. JIAGO .t CO. , K-ift Ihcrco .St.
P. AYIMLS , 017 S. Main St.
Bathing Houses.
JIUS. K. J. HAUDING , M. I ) . , Hroodway n
Glenn ai c.
1)11. STUDLKV , Botlieeda Itvthing IJousi
llroaJ ay.
Books and Stationery.
H. E. SEAXIAN , Middle IJroadway.
OFK1CEH & I'UfiEY , corni-r ItroadVvay and Ot
CITIZENS' BANK , Cthttrcet.
Broom Factory.
MAYNEA.CO. , a\cnueAand 6th at.
Cigar Manufacturers.
TKMl'LETON k I.AMIJ. 2.12 Hroa < lway.
K. U. LEVIN. .TOS Ilicxuluiu.
L. 1IOEKIIOFK , C31 Jlaln St
A. II. MAYNE & CO. , 3 ! 1'uirl St.
.1. 110SS , ( ilSteut liroadu ? } .
dINTON A WIST , 11 Pearl St.
Dry Goods
IIAKKNKSS , OUCUTT& CO. , Ilroodwuy ai
Uh street.
Eggs Shipper.
G. V. CKAWFOIU ) , DIO Muin fit.
Furniture Manufactory.
II. It. STKINIIILuT.I ! , cor. 7th ! \ > o and ISOi fi
Furniture Store.
C. A , Iir.EllE&CO. Wand 200
Groceries and Provisions.
SUMVAN & FITKGKHAI.D , 313 llro.-ul "iy.
OU.1VKII K GIIAHAM , nth strott. Goo
sold lit rnnUrii prliinn < l ( ruanutttiixl.
Harness and Saddlery.
CirAS.WAl.TKIl * IlllO. . .Middle
CIIAS. IIKKMANKSI : Middle iinuuiH-a ) .
Hair Goods.
MUR. I ) . A. I1KNT.WPT. KIT W'o-t Ilrcud a
311th. J. J. GOOD , 20 Mhstmt.
Livery Stnbles.
A. COMITON , ! SX ) llroncl a > .
W. U. HOLLAND , 700 Nouth Mali , ht ,
11. IICEUUUFT , opp. 1' , O.
OODEN HOUSE , t'pl r llroad a > .
KlEI/ij IHiri'.L , M\ \ und MI Mnln
Meat Market.
E. W. TICIiNOlt , KW Ilrou4wa > .
J. J. I1I.ISS. 828 Uroadwa } . Coins ami e-u
ino ( or\oiir > < U.
MHS. J. K JIKTCAI.KM Jlrowl > .
Marble- and Granite Works.
CONNOll .1 OVANULLA , 117 Urcnulv.-j- .
Merchant TnlUws.
JAS. FllANEV. 3i2 llrcuiUaj.
CIIAS. HICK , lV.\or buildliif , 6th ml M
JOS IlElTFJt , 310 nroiul ay
Real Estate and Abstract.
KIMI1 U.L A CHAMP , opix > lte court house
J. VV. hyUlltr & CO. , i-ormr IVarl and tut >
j Restaurant.
1 ° SUJTII & | MiCL'X.V. 101 lUoaami\ .
1. Stoves and Tinware.
5 , U.IX _ AMY & CO. , MX ) South Main htn t.
Shl/t Factory.
F F. FOUU , ccciiir lluQ ! and \Ullow St.
MOHOAN , KKIAEU & C * . , 310 and 317 to
* fc\
fc1) , I CONNIU.L , 17 North Main St.
DR. G. J. CLAR ;
Tttcnt-Jour jeare citperlciicc tt i > raitl >
) b.
OCQce 106 Upper Broadway
Council Bluffs , - lov
S , OiiGUTT & GO. ,
Broadway , and Fourth Street ,
Oouncil Blaffs , Iowa
Headquarters For the Cele
Weber Pianos ,
and TJ
Toys Fancy Goods
Wholesale and Retail ,
Address ,
Guarantees the Best $1.50 , $1.75 acd $2,00
Bluff and ffflow greets , Counci Bluffs. .
Wo innko the followinp a upccinlty :
ordeiH and corrcupondetice promptly attended to. Oflico and Manufactorj
S. E. Cor. 7th Ave. and 12th Street. COUNCIL BLUFFS , IOWA
MORGAN , . ,
The finest quality and largeot stock west of Chicago of wooden and metalic cases.
Calln attended to at all houte. We defy competition in quality of goods or prices.
Our Mr. Morgan boa served as undertaker for Jorty years nnd thorough } ? understands
his business. WAREROOMS , 346 AND' 157 BROAD AY. UphoUterinu in
all its branches promptly attended to ; also carpet-laying and lambrequins. Tele-
graphio and mail orders lillfd without delay.
Council Bluffs , , - Iowa.
Beer and realtm any iiiiillt ) > 'to ' suit purrliaserB. | J8.03 pir barrel.
plltxl w t'enn'l ' k > gt ftt jl.f0 each , dtliTcred 'reo of c'anre to any pirt of the city.
Orders llllcd in my ) nrttf tlio city. Onion ) by tclcylione promptly uttcnJail to.
Wholesale JX-aler in nud SOL7S AGENT FOR Joseph Schlita P.rewing
Cotnpauy'H Colehratod
No. 711 l > iulwny , Council Bluffs , Iowa. Orders from tb anintry olicilod
Citv ordero to F.iinilii' < nd dealum dpllvprfil f w.
C. A. BEEBE & CO. ,
WbolcAloonJ Uetill Dulom In
Nos. 207 & 209 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Merchant Tailor
' . ctlouarante oX
Alwayikct'pa onkaudtheflneitusortniont o ( ai rrI UorKeiitlcmen'iwc r.
MlUiwiry , Dressmaking , Etc. Cutting and FlttlnR n Spadlalty.
No 64 Droadwar , Oppotlt * HoTtro H u * .
Laces , Kiubroidcries , and Ladies Uiidenvcar.
bo a ot all nlad . thitad , pln , neodlea , etc. We hope tt taalet wUJ cai )
anfi e oui stock ol irnoili
Merchant Tailor.
( Late Cutter for Metcalf 1J , , )
Devol's New Building , Main Street.
Council Bluffs , la ,
Suits to order 818 and upward * .
= . GEO. li. CHAMP ,
( Successor * to J. P. & JW. . Camly. )
Abstract , Real Estate and Loan Brokers ,
of alistraci bcolt o all city lott aod Undt In Pott * . .tUml
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, > , waZtS aud abtViaU , fur l b l on .belt notice. Monef to loan on ciljr ud tarn
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1. at the old Uni PPPWiUe w ut hmvw.