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The Daily Bee.
Thuradny MorninfT Oct. 12.
Wftathor Report.
( iTie follnwlnff ob ervatlon are taken Hi
hr imme moinrntof time t nil the stations
WAB DcrARTMrjiT , U. 8. SmfUtflETt- \
VICE , OMAHA , Oct. 11 , 1882. ( htSp.m. [
U 2
Center. .1 I ) 45 Frcs1 ! U ll.ln
Cheyenn * , 061 NW Hich
Platto. 29 7k \V Pair
Li IllIlK Clotnlj"
Tank ton. . JtCI Hn "re.1 Cloud/
DC * Molnci 24 77 . Cloudy
Daren port. 29 0 lltitk ( ' ) OUilf
" ClOII'lf '
8Ux > ula" 2) 91 Pr th Cloudy
MoDfhtvl ii 70 11,1 k Cloudy
Vtactflt. . .3 69 flrUk Cloudy
Btamarck , . IB 49 llrlik Cloudf
Boford rg 4i Kroth Clondy
Coster 2 ? 61 NtV llrtk
Dead wood. iOM K M ht Lt llaln
2)49 aw re-h ( air
Rlrer C feat 0 lacbe * above low water mark at
ftmaha , t feet IJnchon al Yankton. Mlulntppl 2
foot I IncVonal LaCrocwo , and 4 feet 8 tnche * at
Fall ( lecu.H to luve como in earnent ,
tuilom this In the pqnlnoilal ntorm.
Thcrs were three unadorned drunlcj
before Judge Beneko thli mornlnR , nod all
were dtschargod.
There arc tha time * that good street
CTonalngu would bo approclatod. They are
. too horrible now for any use.
I A postal cnrd received from MUiourl
s Valley Bays ilmt'I.'Stono , a iihotogrnpher ,
U there under arreat for larceny , and that
V > tin U 'from Omaha. . His trial ia ponding.
The Novella quartette vliltcd Council
Tuesday , returning yesterday , and
Will remain In thin city over Sunday , hlng-
or Jlr. Jullua Thlelr , at the Tirol !
on Saturday and Sunday nights ,
- Pioneer Honk and Ladder Co. No. 1
give their fifth annual , bMl on Thanksgiv
ing eve , November 29 , 1882 , with the felt -
t lowing commltteo of arrangcmcnta : Kd.
WittU , Chai. Fisher , L. KroIUth , Julius
Hotholz and Frank II. KocRter.
The Democratic judicial convention
for the Third district , comprising the
counties of Hurt , Washington , Sorpy and
loDglnninot yesterday nt 11 o'clock n. nu at
Uio City hall , and nominated 1'arko Godwin -
win , a lining young attorney of Omaha , as
tbeir candidate for dtitrlct attorney. 1H *
Republican competitor in Mr. N. J. Uurn-
hem , the present Incumbent.
It ii rumored , but without confirma
tion , that UioUni"U _ Pacific linn pu'chnted
ono or riiora blunka on Ninth street fur
their owe ueo. One report tny the Coz'
rcns houiu } H iucludtd In the purcba a , and
that it will bo used im a boipltul'by the
road , and another IN to the elfect that the
property will bo bold ns a site for a Uaion
depot , built iintne .tltno luf'tbo ' near
uturc. >
Sir. John M. Heller , residing on
1 ! Mercy ettcet , j esterday Ucelvcd a dispatch
cxmToyiag , the $ id ticwa of the death of
his son , Joiiu Heller , n Urakcman on tbo
tt U. P. ' 1 ho young man wan killed in
snow shed ] iiiit'ca t i f Anpon itatlon , Wyoming
oming , u the , runriiing-of October 10th ,
1882. The pnrtlculur i have no ! yet boon
I ! received ,
Max Alcjcr & Co. have just bud coin-
pitted a 'J. W. Jteedy eltvator In their
< now building. It Is for ute in transferring
freight from one story to nnotlur , w
carry 2,000 nomidaunj ; woiLslikilaclmrm.
The same firm ia also filing up their b iso-
1 I rnent xlnro io an to have plenty i f Unlit
and will occupy it ns noon ai completed
The noon tniln west yestrcdny carried a
number of alelhigulbhtd pansengorH , none
cf whom , houever , occupttd rptcinl can * ,
Among the paity woio Sir lllthanl Tem
ple , ox Boviriiur-jcnoral of ISomb.iy ; Vlcp-
Uoinul Davis , who KOIH to reprencnt H. 11.
M , at llonolu'ii , unl Mmsrd. A. McLood
and I ) , Liyton , prominent merchantu of
Hhanghal , China. '
In n few da > s Mr. Cailis'o Terry , Jr. ,
cf the United States coast nml geodetic
BUMCJ , wlm U now in Kansas City , will
comu to Omuba for Oio puiposo uf re-cs-
tablitblng an aatroooinlcnl btatlnii hero.
For the purpose of mnLlLg thtlr tele
graphic lungltuda ilek'ifliinutldiia in thU
city ( ntinly Bii , es fnl , Mr. ( leo.W. Dfun
of the Mir\ey IIUH written Knpt. Dickey
' - ksklni ; that lli'y may have hU oo-uptra.
tlon. Tbo Htntlun will bo t' tnbliahi'l no u
tbe liirh tchool.
The tninn'goit.ent of thu Union CntliO'
io Library ajsoclntlon are making consul'
4 crulilo advaucoi * , with A view to leii'Jeili
their society morn than nrdlnnrlly Interest
log the coming winter , They lm\u nddci'
to their mu-lcal collection about sit bun
dry ' pieces , recently donsttd' oy the Urn
3 iSf'v & IIcal > " ' CblcnK ? , together xvjtl
' *
* *
uumbo's of biographies of jnu lcal com
\n > tan ; f.n/Jao a number of wnrliH o ( fiu
, , ou on | ) Iouraphy , travel and liUtury
kindly donated by W , J , Ooabaii , city co !
lector , Chicago , Tbo docor.ttion of tb
, T J . .VtH'rjij In mw finished , tbe lait uuoccuplei
space on tbo walls btiu , ; fille.l by n plctur
donated by Major J , M. MoMslion. ] U
cent donatioQi have bteu received by Mn
* J. I. I'.edlck and Mrs.Hwaitzlonder , wlill
oomtant accestiuus are Leiug nmde t
iMinborilitp. A clast in elocution , ut ret
konable terms , U now leiug formed and
moot ready ,
Frank Kacper , a long a icember i
r tbe police force , bun rented Hxacina's hu
nd opened it out in liuehtyle Tuendny.
Tbe contract forbnlldiug tbo Tmtlieni
church will U let October IB. Seethe
dtertli ineut In our special column.
Three men were arrested about uoc
yesterday for ditturbingtbe peace in tbe >
clnlty of Twelfth nml Dou las ttnet.
Tables supplied with the bent tl
market ultords. Thu traveling publ
claim they gut bettor occomiuodatioi
and inoro general satisfaction hoi
than at any other house in Omahi
Uatn , 2 per day. _ aufi2Ufiu
Made irontbe wild tlowura of tl h
it ia the muit fragrant ot peifuuie
Manufactured by H. J ) . Etovcn , Bt
yrwichco. For s ! o In OuioliB by V
J. WhiU'hoiuu aud KOIIUKIO Broi
* 0o.
Judge Heville Hears His Firat
Case ,
IndictmontB A ainat a Num
ber of Liquor Sellers
Show Up.
A Curious Dieputo Intereatinjr
to Those Leasing Land.
Konppolnttuontof John Dull uuOfflclnl
The diatriot court convened at 0'iO ;
a. m. yesterday , after interim of thrco
days , with Judo Neville on the
bonch. The morning hour was occu
pied in hoariug motion ! and nrgumunls
on demurrers ,
The public generally will bo glad to
know that the now judge will retain
Mr. John lioll aa official fltonogrnphor
of the district , having notified him of
hia ro-appointment just before court
waa called. Mr. Dell ia an ofliciont
and very popular officer and hia
frionUs will all congratulate him on
hia retention.
which ifM hoard by Judge Neville
waa that of 0. R . B. Kouso TB.
Luthorill. Wright , J. P. , in which
the forjjor claims that the latter ex-
coodoATiis authority in isauias ? an at
tachment on the property of a non
resident defendant. Moderate dam-
agca are claimed , nnd the caao will bo
tried before the petit jury , which , as
yet , haa done nothing more than to
report from day to day. It is rather
curious that the first case under the
now administration ahould bo ono in
which ono judge trica another.
A number of bills were returned by
the last grand jury , bcforo its final
adjournment , which as yet have not
boon published. Among these it ia
understood are Bdveral against parties
charged with selling , liquor without a
HCOIIBO nnd among thu names thua
mentioned as on indictments are :
Henry Ilusor , proprietor the
Halfway House , nouthwoEt , of
the city ; Henry Ucchtul ,
at the barracks ; Mr. Jiinkhnrdt , at
the samu place ; Jensen , on the mili
tary road ; Matilda Murray , Fort
Omahn ; Alvina Purlcll , Fort Omaha ;
John T. Oroft , John Oarbor and Mor
ris Ottnian , all proprietors ot road
houses between the City and the fort
and Gotliob Stotto' , proprietor of thu
Saratoga browurynearthofairgrounda.
Most if not all the parties have
boon served and u lively contest may
bo oxpootod next week , when thu
cases will probably como up. Aa near
aa can bo ascertained the oilenso , if
thuro is ono proven , is duo to that
clause in the Slocurub bill which pre
vents the issuance of > a license to
persona not within the city limits and
yet within a radius of two miles of the
outskirts. It is probable that there
are others iu the same box , and it Is
reported that ono or two Omaha li
quor men have boon indicted , but this
ia not yet made public.
WAS hoard by Judge Savage just before
fore ho left the ollico .of judge to a
successor. In this it appears that a
party some yoara ago built a house on
leased ground , in or near the city ,
nnd his luaso terminating hu desired to
vacate the promises and move his
huuao to an other locality. In the
meantime some silver maple trees , in
tlui midst of which hia houuo Btood ,
had grown to such proportion1
that the building could not
bo removed until they are cut
down. The owner of the property
would not ullow thu trooa felled and
hence the matter caino bcforo the
judge for a decision aa to whether the
trees should ntand and imprison the
house , or whether war ahould bo made
with the ax. The petition claimed
that as u matter fact thu trees dU-
( inured thu InndscApuand were neither
useful nor ornamental , but the judgu ,
coinciding with Iho view that silver
maple trees ivero unsightly and i
nuisance , said that the owner migh
think otherwise , aud consequently
held that thu trees must bu left. Tb
house will therefore have to bn ton
down buloru it can bu got away unlcsi
, n compromise can bo ulfeotod. Per-
. aur.s building on lo.isnd ground will
do well to cut this out and pasta it iu
their lmt.3.
' KKHAG InaUdty. Oa.ibnr . 11th. 1M-
tin. ' , run of Mr , uiui Mi it. W. 1Hczic ,
' 1 jeir nnd C inonll .
Tuo NHW Vault.
The 17-ton vault for the Omaha
National Bank , mention of which was
made a fovr days ivo , was placed in
position iu the nuw building on Thirteenth -
toenth sttoet Tuesday forenoon ,
I'lio job of raiting the vault from the
level of the street to that of thu firai
floor of the tank , some six foot higher
or , was a partiou1arpnd dangerous
one ; but Fred Itulim , who Jios for t
long time boon connected with Bald
win in tbo moving business , aided by
to his old hands , made n tmocoas of it it
every particular. Mr. Bob in may bt
called the veteran safe mover of thii
oity , as it was. under his supervisior
"f that the 12-toasafu ! iu the i < 'irat No
M tional was placed in position sonib lit
teen years ai < o.
eir Army Order * .
LOHVO of absence for fifteen days i
granted First Lieutenant William P
Hall , 11. Q JL , Fifth cavalry , to taki
cllect during the present month.
Siitlioient cause htviui ; boon shout
for hia inability to pay hia own ox
ponscs , under provisions of army w
la- | { ulutious paragraph 205 , the quarter
lie master's department will furnul
tIB trwisporlation from Omnba , Neb , ti
ire Fort Niobrarn , Nub , to 1'rivato Wl
iu. hum Berry , Iroop B , Fifth cavalry i
furlnughod soldier without moans t to >
rejoin nia station.
'K Ourporol Jasper II. Virgin , con
'KJ pany D , Oth infantry , nnd I'rmt
J Uharka Jlunpcl , company F , Olh b
fantry. having complied with pata
All graph 0 , order * No , 145 , current io
kV. rloa , from Fort Thornburgh , UUh
will proceed to Fort L avonwordi
Kansas , and report to the assintai
adjutant general , department of the
S&tisfactory evidence having boon
presented to the department com
mander , that tha offence of which
Charles Leunon , Into private company
K , Sixth infantry , was convicted ,
whilst technically a desertion , waa iu
reality "absence without leave , " BO
much of thu sentence , promulgated
in general court martial orders , No ,
U , current series , from thona head
quarters , as provides for cunfmtment
for two (2) ( ) yoira , at th military
prison , Fort Leavenworlh , Kaunas , is
remitted , and hu will bo released from
Kotos for the Nebraskaue Who
Desire to Contribute ,
The National Bazaar nud Exhibits -
hibits rhorefor.
TIIK BKK briefly referred to the fact
yoaterday that a national bazar , indua *
trial and art exposition for the benefit
of the Garfield monument fund is to
bo hold at Washington from Novem
ber 25 to December 3.
Col. Chose has boon appointed pres
ident of the Nebraska board , and
from him the following additional par
ticulars are learned concerning the
enterprise :
1. Contributions of money seat
through the board , for which engraved
recipta will bo returned to the contrib
2. Contributions of article * . Under
this head every branch of productive
industry and art will bo represented ,
and such contributions will bo placed
on exhibition , properly classified and
displayed , with thu name of the maker
olid donor attached. In all cases such
exhibits will remain until the close of
thu exposition , when they will bo sold.
The especial attention of agricultur
ists , manufacturers , dealura and nrt-
isa is asked to this class of oxhibita.
3. Articles of indubtry , virtu and
art , for exhibition merely. The un
usual and extrordinary character of
the bazaar must commend itself to
every ono desirous of advertising hia
or her business , or of bringing the
results of hia or her invention or
handiwork to thu attention of the
world. Held at the nation's capital
at a season when congress ia about to
assemble and tha representatives of
foreign powers picaent at thair leg < \
tious and to become gucots of the exposition -
position , with u heat of journalists ,
representing every prominent news
paper in America , sending daily
telegraphic reports of its progress and
likely to notiro tno more worthy exhibits -
hibits and donations , it may bo confi
dently asserted that no equal oppor
tunity waa over before allbrdcd for
bringing the interests of agriculturist a ,
manufacturers , artisla nu4 artisans to
the attention of'the public.
4. Contributious fromtho , ladies in
thu way of needle and farcy work are
especially invited and anticipattd as
ono of the more prominent featureo of
the fair
A board of awaid has also boon
provided for , whooo duty it shall bo
to examine and report upon the var
ious exhibits , awarding medals and
Buoh honorable mentions as , in its
judgment , may bo deserved , and give
suitably engraved certificates of the
same , according to the rules and regu
lations adopted and observed at the
Centennial exhibition at Philadelphia.
Transportation on all articles donated -
nated will bo at the coat of thn board
of direction All donations ( except
ing money ) , oxhibilH , etc. , should bo
carefully shipped to the board of di
rootion , Washington , D. 0 , , and thi
bill ot lading sent to the secretary-
this board.
It is confidently hoped and believed
that our and prosperous state
will roopond liberally to thia most
pruindworthy object , nnd exhibit
thereby n yoneroua riualry with the
older und richer stmeo of our glorious
W. L L'KAIIODY , Chairman ,
JOHN W. J'AWiiNflH , Seoiotnry.
mo Dmtlnaulflhofl VooHlist Pays
Onviuiv n FJylnu Vlblt.
Mmo. OappUni , the celebrated vo
cal teacher of Now York , who haa re
cently boon upaneling u vacation with
her son in Montana , in returning over
the Union Pacific juid Omaha a flying
visit , aud while in Iho city was the
guest of our geniul and wall-known
citizen , Mr. Max Meyer. It is greatly
to bu regretted that this excellent
artist , whom some of our prominent
citi/.onu know so well , hav
ing heard her mug name years
ago , under the immo of Kupp
YOUIIJ ? , ut the Academy of Musio
No * York Oity , rould not Htay in
Omaha for soiuo time. While in
Now York she became quite fumoua
being selected to play the title rob in
"L'Afrlcsncj" and Leonora in "IlTrc-
vatote , " and many other prominent
parts in a numbur of other operas ,
, Since hur return to America six years
ago and while in the oity of Boston
: ulw made up her mind to iu o her two
lames of Kapp Young into Oappiani
ui her school is the old Italian
school of singing. The Botton
Transcript speaking ot her said :
"This hi h school of the old Italian
masters for so long a time lost haa
been restored again by Mine. Gap.
piani. " Mine. Oappiaui , on her nnr
riago with Dr. Von Ualzfchuhor , re.
moved to Now York , which , wo bo'
hove , is now her pormanoi ? home.
While on her vacation tour she gave
concurtB in Ft. Bunion , Helena , liuttt
and Salt Like Oity , and was every ,
where highly spoken of both by the
press and ttie publio , The people ol
the city of Denver expressed
sincere regret that she was
compelled to leave them BO long ii ;
order to continue giving inelructioi
to a large class of pupils iu New Yorl
Oity , Omaha alee regrets very muol
not to have had the oppoituuity o :
listening to this great musical artiste
Miuo. Oappiani has u world-widi
reputation and haa had the honor o
singing at all the courts of Europe
§ hu haa the Bcala of Milai
, and in Italy. Parma , Nfeza , a
ni the great theater of L'coo
in Barcelona , Spiin , in Vienna ,
Pratjar , Hanover , CAseol , Frankfort-
on'thn-Mnin , Kzypt and Russia , She
has likowlao sung before Queen Vic
toria , of England , and the queen her
self graciously ssnp a half hour with
her. King Victor Etnanuel , of Italy ,
hestowen on her thu silver and gold
medal of mtrit , nnd took delight in
buying n rnnch nt Bolt creek ,
nn the httlo Belt mountains
for her and her family , her
son being the rancher. Aa cho haa
become in part a western woman we
do nut dcepnrof having an opportun
ity to hoar her magnificicnt musical
maatcrpiecti in our own bustling city
ere lonjj.
.Madame Cnppianinot only hr.s boon
n wonderful singer , but she yet pos
sesses a full , rich and powerful voice ,
which in every intonation ahowe long ,
pnticnt and persevering schooling ,
the execution hiring superb , Shn has
wonderful feeling , and is altogether
ono of thn moat delightful song
stresses that lias over appeared on the
Opening Night of tbo Sessions of the
Preebytorlau Council.
The opening night of the Proaby-
terian synod , which convened in
Omaha yesterday , was hold last even
ing at the First Presbyterian church ,
the audience room of which was well
filled for the occasion with those in
terested in the important event ,
s&Tho nieoting was opened with sing
ing and prayer , after which Ha ? .
the moderator of the laat
synod , preached an impressive nor-
mon from the text 1 Tim. 4 , 14 ,
"Neglect not the gift that ia in thee , "
etc. Ho layod particular otresa on
the importance of fidelity to preach-
idg the goipel of good tidings. The
all important qualification waa the
loyo for the work. Ha pitied the man
who preached the gospel just bccauia
ho waa appointed , or simply in order
to gut a living. The love of the work
should bo the impelling force to everyone
ono who undertakes to proclaim the
Then all nhould preceh the word ,
willing at thoao times of trial to re
strain themselves , not eiving them
selves over to the evil spirit , but
rather do and suffer giro blessing for
cyrsing and smiles for frowns.
Some tcek to preach a "populai
gospel , " but it cannot be done. The
gospel of the Lord Jesuo Ghriat ia not
popular , but it must be preached with
fidelity , whether men will will hoar or
forbear. Deolwro the whole counsel
of God , still there will bo a following
of believers if we do our whole duty ,
and ahould there not bo the expected
fruit an examination of nolf should be
made to see if the fault doivi not Ho in
the preacher himself.
Lot every true preacher of sacred
ecripturr akuow that he is not alone in
the conflict , for God ia with him ;
trials a"d difficulties- will bo sur
mounted and the rough wayo bo made
smooth. ,
After the sermon , prayer was offered -
fored , following which the roll was
called by the clerk , Rev. Mr. Baird ,
o ] Plattsmouth. .
Following the roll call officers were
elected to-wit : JCv. G. P. Chrisman ,
of Kearney , waa elected moderator by
Temporary cleska J. M. Oliver ,
E. E. Warren.
Thursday , October 12. 11 o'clock ,
Dr. Irving ; 2 o'clock , ladies meeting ;
7:30icUirch erection.
Friday evening Missionaries and
SrttuTday tveninR Sunday schools.
The inrotihg then adjourned to
nipot at 9 a. in.xo-day , 2 p. m. and
7:30p. : m.
CHISfr * .
Morton Elmore'd Ltehut at Hoyd'a
Opera House Last Night.
Tlio storm of last evening waa not
aufliciont to prevent a fair turn out at
thu opera house laat night to witness
the rendition of "Chiapa" by Marion
EI in or o and her able company , who
arrived in the city yesterday.
While thia drama reminds us not
little of "M'lipa , " it 13 a much stroagcr
and more pleasing performance urn'
sucnn to take better in every way will
the public. One noticoublo feature o ;
the play last opening was the magniti
cent scenery , which is furnished entire
ly by the company and adds not
a Httlo to the general effect.
The romantic drama itself is quite
HonButional , and in the hands of H
company less able to bring out the
line points would not ba a purfrct BUG-
coa before an uudienco such an aasom-
bled to witness it laat evening. Ma
rion Klmoro ia a character sunn us
probably has been the result of hard
ship ! of the wlior dajsof frontier
life , and her robe , aided by the uoen-
ory , which is as near perfoot aa could 1
possibly bo produced , is so realistic
that it could not fail to bo a success.
The Icadifag characters are also * ua
taincd by uctors who seem well littei 1
to carry out the ideas of the drama ,
nnd as a tale of earlier California ex
perience it must bo admitted that it
was realistic ) in the extreme and held
tbo audience for three hours almost
spoil bound with the many startling
situations with which it abounded ,
and with sc6ncs and adventures which
characterized the earlier days of emi
gration to the far west.
Amont * those who were mostnotieo-
able in the production of this sensa
tional and dillicult drama , worn Mr ,
Frank Lotos , as Ueko Stevens ;
Edwin Arnott , as James Downey ;
Mr. W , T. Melville , as Dee Jones ,
"his nibs ; " Mr. George Osborno ai
Indian Jack ; Hits Aunio Leigh at
Anaatatia. Mount Auburn and lions
Moseloy as Old Calamity ,
The entertainment taking it alto ,
gother , is an unusually interesting
one , und abounds in startling sceun ;
and crises , which are well calculated
to stir up the enthusiasm of nt
audience and excite their applause a
the result. The same play will b <
produced to-night , and wo can recom
mend it'to the patronsgo of AH Omahi
publio as thoroughly as anything tha
has been put on tno boards this sea
"IrGoia HIOIIT TO THE Sroi. " Tbi
exprewhe phrate describes tbo elfect of ,
gloss of Hui ) 1'usicn. Heady on ojienln
Uverv 'sideboard ehoulct have it , Trad
supplied at manufacturer * ' prices by M
A. McNaiuar * . Families n
II , GUditoue , Omaha , Neb.
The Meeting of the Presbyte
rian Synod last night.
Congregational , Missionary ,
and Other Meetings Near
at Hand ,
Now City Church03 and Rellftlous
Matters Qonorall7.
The genera ) association of the Con
grcpatiurml churches of Nobra > \ will
bold their annral nieoting this year in
Omaha , October 25th , and four fol
lowing days. The denomination has
steadily grown to bo ono of the strong-
cat and largest in iho atato , and the
coming association is to bo a large and
important mooting. Dasidoa the tier-
gymon and delegates of the utato ,
there will bo here from abroad , ffior.
Truman M. Post , D. ! > . , of St. Louia ,
the Nester of the wool , and lectorcr
In Washington univorjity , Rev. Itobt
West , ot Chicago , editor of The /N5-
vance , llov. S. J. Humphrey , D. BX ,
Chicago , western secretary of the
American board , Ilov. K 6. Dunninp ,
of Boston , secretary of Sabbath
schools' , Kov. Walter Barrows , of New
York , general secretary oP homo mis
sions , and others. All the meetings
day and evening will be held at the
Congregational church and will bo
open to the public. This denomina
tion has now about 140 ohurzh organ
izations in the state , ouo oollego at
Crete , two academies , at NeJigh and
Franklin , beoiden other active agen
cies. It will dedicate twenty now
church buildings between Jactoary ' 82
and January ' 83.
The Second Cungregational'church '
building on St. Mary's avenue Jo now
finished , and a * icon as it can properly
bo furmohed , surricoB in it will begin.
It sUnds central in n growing cection
of the oity whose a largo number of
the people have contributed to its
section , and it lisa a bright future for
growth and usehilnwa. A paatoi for
the aamo is ox pert ed soon.
The aouthwuat mission at Twenti
eth and Maaoti : rti ipj has been or
ganized into thn Southwest Presby
terian church of 0 > invha and t kea its
place as- the younuest , but not thu
hiast promising , of the societies of
that denomination in Omaha. Itov.
JFrank Ht H y , who has been in no-
uoptablu charge of thia mission , was
ordained as an evangelist rucantly by
the presbytery of 'Omaha. '
The twelfth annual mooting of the
western branch of tha Women's For
eign Missionary society , will be hold
m this city froai. the Twelfth to the
10th of thia month. This branch in
cludes Nebraska , , Iowa , Mmneantn ,
Missouri , KanBaH , Colorado and Da-
kota. The laat convention was held
at Maishalltown , Ibwa. One hundred
and twenty-delegates are oxpeeted ,
and already ono hundred and fifteen
have been reported to the secretary.
The dates and subjects of the series
of Sabbath evening lectures upon
"Success in life , " to bo delivered
by llev. W. .Tu Haraha thia
winter , are as follows' : October
15 , Your Equipment ; October 22 ,
iourTime ; October 29 , Your Work ;
November 5 , Your Teacher ; Novem
ber 12 , Your Power ; November 19 ,
Your Character ; November 20 , Your
Luck ; December 3\ Your Relations ;
December 10 , Your 3 > uties ; December
11 , Your Speech ; December 24 , Your
Manners ; December 31 , Your Habits.
1883 January T , Your Conscience ;
January 14 , Your Self Control ; Jim-
jury 21 , Tour Books ; January 28 ,
, Your Health ; February 4 , Your
Amusements ; February 11 , Your
Money ; February 18 , Your Duotiny ;
February 25 , Your Substitute.
T , i : . Galbraitbv of Abion , i * at the
J. U. McCraeVin , of Crouton , In. , is ut
the Me-tropolitau.
James Clary of Graud Iblaud , h at tbe
J. B. ITnntwell and A. L. Wit-ton , of
Hantinga , are at tbe Metropolitan.
C. K. Mntthcwii and John Bills , of Lan
caster , are nt thu.JIolropolitau.
Mrs. Nc-lujii , of Orleans , N at ths Met-
Arlon AldridgeunJ wife , of Tekaaiab.
ore sueatB at the Metropolitan.
K. Ii. AtUui and John llleeJ , of
York , are ut tb MetrpoliUn.
W , H. Mooie , of Clarks , U at the Mil-
Clms. W. Allen , of St. Paul , U a B"e t
of the Miilard.
C. .W.urisber , superintenilsnt of the
Coloriuio'systom i f roads of the U. 1' . , la
a gneat of tbo Miilard ,
Fre.l Pinto , ol Now York , a well known
mine uwnec in Montana , is at tbe Millaid.
Cburoh'Howe ' Uat the L'axton.
J. U. Culer , of Cheyenne , is at the 1'ax-
ton.Wm. . II. Parker , of Ogllala ; Hon.
John 1) . Seaman , of Kearney ; T. C. Roberta -
erta and dauijbter and U. B. Windhelm ,
of Plattatnoutu ; MftJ , Frank North , wife
and daughter , of Columbus ; J. D. LtiU ,
of Otjallalo , and Wm. J. Btoell , of Colnm.
bun , ara at the'Pax ton.
J. B , ColTer , of Cheyenne , is at the
Tom Cadwftllwler , a well known Chlcagc
traveling man , is ot the Metropolitan.
Marion Eliaore ami party , are at UK
O. H. Stewart , of Lincoln , U at tbe Mil
Sidney Dillon ami 1 * S. Alien , of Boi
ton , were tbe moat distinguished guesU o
tbe Miilard last n !
Col. Ira Wilson has purchased i
half interest in the PaoiGo House , a
St. Joe. The firm will now be J. B
Kitchen & Ira Wilson. Mr , . Kitehei
has moved to the Faxton hotel , a
Omaha , and Mr. Wilson has takei
charge of the Pacific , where ho wil
he pleased to meet his old friends
Tha Pacific is the leading hotel of St
Joe and a first-class hotel in every re
pect. BepO-m&ott
AWTKUfin * cUw rwik , wMhor , am
W irotier. C ill ut 1512 ( Japlt' * ATcnue. 7T.V1J
. Inn nnllfainllr < irfrl nl twc-ltc
WANTI.Ii InqulK nt 812 North 17th strcnt
hctwccii CumlnK * i'l l'IJrt ' TT2 13"
. H tceti ruientcr at < h HI d
WANTf.O etrett , lmn l t < ' } ,
767-12 M aa TAO , C'5r. r ptr.
A flmtrlvk Iflo.ith-r OooO
WANTKD Apny "Hli sxmjlt * ef w rt o
Oca Hejn , 212 luhtint. 77U.14
W tmttt House. TM-1 * '
WANTED Oocil R rl f-reuicnlh uicwark
Ajply i-tN * M llthnrcot ,
757-l5 .3 CM UK
AS7KL ICIaborett. H Manntclllrr , Tlth
w Btnet , 7)2.
AOKNlH > VANTKt > Twoladl'n and' one R o
tl < < rnj to cinra'i < r h * tor ilnt bctutllul
home hook. "Mother , Jlomo and ll > > ao. . '
hocUcir' . Call 01 red'r < HI
A. XV. HKAVBtt ,
7M-lt 1721 Iloiljlu Street.
- ik n rook imie or fc-mlont
UIL Opiri IIoww liMtnurant Ajolv nt
once. 7Kf
WANTK1) l eotxl ylil for conirn 1tm r
work. wwtblilo ctnv jit Mrmt t o l > 'nck
noithofHt.Marj'sr 7M tf
'ANTKD | A I'vatul airm in R Me t
Apply nt Hirrll niw d'lHUr. 7C.I U
Man an < < wifa to work. U. J.
WASTKD , rdnciHhfl nsn MCQUO. 727-11
W ANTKIMiOCJilrUtooaU aril bu > tloaki
dolman dress ( rooil . ata , at Ion fljuru <
iK con lOlH'od Juokion , 740 U
A girl to rte Kohoral houiowoik ,
WANTED . OcoiV ' { f8 ) iald Ad-
dfM P , C. Or kWe , Kearney , Naf. 65J-tf
, AVTIID A first - ! v. m > tlyr-a Ctntml din-
lax liall , 101 HouVflOlh. t.VI t (
/ A ( gib It Olilfor h u o orn , HtH > 9 .eriuau
w aveiiuo. Mm. J. WCounstrno. & 61 tt
A eltlfor t-enersl IfiM-vrork. In
unnililftinly I qulront > ! 8 'CHimHt ,
bctue- Filtoonib and ii * lctmlutr < et4. "
" '
> \ oriv"bj-'ft - toile
WANTKI - tHrniau.wiling
any V-iU - of tuinil&l UTAjr. Adilm "E.
" '
- \ Tl7.VTUIli rl recc-jtU firm S fdtri ,
VV iliouin lit . .oi rmly. OAil at 2417 < lit-
W/iTKD Situation o i-t g ncrU houna-
UOPK , Ca'l nt b02 itl troct , corner to-
\onWDttb. ' T71-12t
{ > Ono irooJ cjinviuvjT. Ptjly work
WAfTHl aiul ( ; ooU j > aj , . ( rc&ruroea rotulrttU. | )
Api > lr liwlOK. IGth street , up.ul.xlnf , room a
4-tfi _ _ _
w AMEP At the National llr.tclati I .coin ,
One Vo. 1 fcmnlo coik wtnte' . lleot ot
IRCS will b ? paid IM tf
TIT'ANTED 600 privy vai.ti , nlius and ceos
Vy pooln to cltnn with b-.altary VaulJ and
Sink Oloiuier , tha beat In Ufco A. Kraa < i k Cti ,
realdrnco 1108 IlOiUe Ktroot.
WANTKE Imrutdlalo'y thr'oor faar ra- *
\ ri3oil ircn Lornlco makcra-and scoftm
ut'JOHN El'hNElHUl , 307 llroalwuy , Cm ncil
Illuffj , U. V-I-Jt
hi ) At once , a ifi . A first ORB
WANT uitl notmora thin ' "i jcarx oil.
Am n Tanner , age 21. AdiUtwlii p.n-tlii.1 * , aid
o"clnaoph3tCKi pn.S. 0" Ilia ctHce <
WANThlv J milojm nt bj a < oil hjimc
kn > p-r. II. Mannv.0,1 cr , llth ulnet , 'jea
Fnrnam flircct , THJ-ll
\T7"AN 713D Pleasant room with bmrd forte
\V icnlleateo , laprlvatofamily. AJJftn"D ,
A. " Toe office. TEfl-llt
WANTO lly an experienced ijonng nun , B
piluttloulnacrotur } store , AUUIOHH "fl.
U"1B19 Dodge utr-it. 71)3 ) lit
WAiM KU i. nm uui roaril.1 it prUalu
willln ? Io takoone or two boarders ,
will atua thilr ad < 'r " 'S to thu Wjinan Co'ucrrial
College , Hiudnnt eo.klni ; boirrt or ruoma will U >
set errtd to theai A : L. WVilAN. CIO tl
l'o WTK Jor board. A JOUIIR
nmu vHli ixcellcnt re'erencm attendlii ) ;
Dihciollti Ihocltj. Addio 8 i. V. 2. bteofflco
TTlftli MIST I'lunWipl lioust , W. " . ( forntr
If-tli aiiJ Clark St. TTtt-tf
I70U. RKST One fiiriiisluil rauin * for oar or
P twoi ritlimcii , U Uupcr moiitUdlUAiikKiii
iU nearUtU bt 7I-H !
HEX I At private r Bldcnco.n Inrco nko-
FOlt front rjim , wilu larsielwe ,
togentleuiononl ) . Itcftreuccs cxc'ivn.d. Ap-
ti' ' at ISIS h'ca o Btrict , cr 11CO r.irn ! r.m sr.
KE\T onorioin , with running wntcrli
FOH bow , corner On ilorula nnd 13th * rr < .t.
Inquire at 008 13th street. 731-Ut
OliMikol s stnvlloui , of slv
rooms nunly JlnUlitsl ulth ( Uhrill , ci-lcru
ami all uxHJcrn linpruicinents , ona l > lo .k from
bt C'.ir , ttMH iiiinutiM ualk from L 1 * bnuti | >
inirt'Wi prciiilM . 77J U
TTOR ( UFM' Cottaio. f > room ? complete. 1H h
P uriot , bttwien St. Marj's avenue an let'
uiwcrth. Iciilrecv"08ltj ] M ) . 721. 777-l. < t
S'Oil HUNT One larun furn' huJ tiint rt m
. aud ona cmnll fiirnUhoi room , 1000 Kir. tin
ttrcU. ffl-i"
"Ii'dU JtKN'T ruriiMicd rouu 4 < i 00per inontlu
P L'aKi St. two doors \\tnt ot IMJi. 770-ldv
trUllVISIt I ) room fnr rent , hcntcd bv r RIS
C ier. > L < il ° rj ICih &twut , tst M > , nrt
hrnsonorth n Cli oi , > i 7t'h U
tQH IktNT ' - r i'piuiunt front ,311) , wil
f clnu-t , iirnlslud nr iiulurnlth tl , M'pl *
1311 Ca'i irtfi. 7i.riif
I71OR Kl'l " ' us'J , ( roQn s tiiriiixhiiil , In
JU ijiuuiitu HyJo f HIM , llil'ar i Lotx > i
riOK > iKNT 'XH"1 ' ! in Jncib'H li'm cor. Ifi 1
I4 aid Oil Itol muiuic , JOHN O , JACUIJd ,
Ur'.S f inonlcol ) furnUhJd ooranwlt
FOIt bii'il. | f c'eiito' * . A | > l < N nhjinuf .
tbrro oontUmtn iDqu'reUOS njrth 17 h btrmt
' *
7011 KENT 1'ront room fiirnlili'il or imfur
' nlthkd n Liint lixxitlan. lliinl If dtsirn
"I. " lUu omcu. 741 tf
710H HGSl 3 nnfuruUi oj rooiul fit N' . H'
t corner Doug ft ! and D th 720 H ) |
T710II I'.ENT Thto fine ro-nrB ; ( arihhid ft
Jj nulreChas McDonuld'd ,
< 35-12
THOIIHENTThree ut.furnhhod roiius. sulU
JL1 bio for homukeepln , ' . Inquire t 310 Ji 15 *
meet , bemeen Dneoport u'ld Clijcago 733 11
RKNt Hoi int front room" , fomhwet
FOU . Oman. 20th itrtetj , > D. 411Oili bt.
: OH KFNf r o front roouia with boirda
! 161S Howard street. , li&-W\ \
KENTJ'urnlshod cottage six room * 221
Foil ct , Mm I' . C. 1111. 701 tf
i ,10K H".NT \ room ( tillable for Store or war
l < Inquire 101H 12 h Bt 74111
HUNT I'leasant furnUhed room nullah
FOH two gcnlknun. at ICli ) Furnaiii. 7fti 11 *
! V710K KENT Mcely larnlilitd rocms.cnedoo
1 } oortliol Doljwou 18tn. 7J3 13 (
\T-Cott ce ft l * 1 'F roonu a
FOR and tnc lot it Ion by S.T. I'cttr
wn Agoct 16th aud BcuglM 81. 7 4 tl
I'OH ESl uou 7e rooms , 12JI IHU roe
north ot IVil 0 HI
T A nice ntv cottax * oa Ca\enpo
utrHit , ne 2 lh t t , luqo'rB utWhol
i. ErlikwuV 088 tf
TnOH KENT-A nlcel ) fuinlth.U iocu > at 172
P CaMDtrfU _ _ | " 4 ° "
TT OB KENT LTge , pleaunt Iront rocnu wit
{ } oat bj rU , 10 jcDtlemta wU VklU , 2H& Ctl
tornUitrett. 636"
TJWR RENT FlcB Irtldonei In ( rood location ,
L1 All foarcDlenrcl for water , neir , U rtximn ,
, opposite poft-fflce. 6fl-tf
TjlOK HUM -itiutol en Idaho re with
f * TOl'ndld tlcw , K h td omo dnelllne hou * >
Init nine txtnt , with 'ar.c In til
. pArtmcnt and l rge h rtlUr.
A lurfft yar I and ardenwlth plenty of fruit , and
v larie ctetern ; . Apply l
IU M A ascrs tn lt lrombe block , , on X
P h Mrcef , new Davenport , eW-HtiV
rpKv HOIWH FOR HUNT nn n md laiyn
JL four Jn el en room ) etrfij one or two mw
onrs. 111.MIS , Aeent ,
OIt HKS7 FurnuhfJ rsoins al 1717
_ FOIt i i nd 4Vrtl
iUK KhM o/ocery fctorr , cor , irth ttrm
sn < 5 Capitol urenur Appl onnrt
; M-tf OHA8. ;
R'Nl T n BOW dwclllm * tuia two othK
Foil In dnlntjla lui-tltr , hy ItcKoon
io 1BI4 " " R17-K
CI.G 1011 > Ut ; Or ImA for mill r
Blt , M Inch 1lr.r .nl. Inqulrrfl. MV < I <
7S1 C
[ r "nnll fewc , ' , ijooii
[ ' b rn , cxrel Mt locitiot ) Cnh,4Hlf,0 A i < , .
Ir nuhf t f , Ij icro > Innd , mn ll
FtrlfALt ) I I" "I' , SOi ( jr po vlncu ; . f2MO
Amis , l.'XW Farnntn ttrecr
' XALK A ntw clignnt ttp bnwn < n < l
FO't . madotonrdor I 7 HIOI."OL | "AlllUni
adur. WM ixlilbltoil aiulu ute lilr and
tok lint prnnnum. B | ; J7 nn nevtr htcn
il , lull mill lie told at a nductluuUply at
hotel. 7tg.fl '
7OH .V1JC Iroombouftc , xxl loc.
ktt oMy f ) moDtH , 91 , lie. ' Ataci , 160J F i-
m ttrent ,
r\Olt y LE A very disr ; Lla plt ot butlncoi
; pirpertyhi one of iho bonsownaln the'Vto.
pply to E. K. Wha'oj , Lincoln , eb CNJ-llt
7\OR SA LK Jm ll huue , one > er , th d trrcs
nndtnilt , llotue phco , <
T10R K FWTIH Itrpfored. 4re ft If9od
. . . list , co'tiprliuucHomu cf lie tn\ I Aooras
1 at pflccd tan ; UK from SI n C5 jicr acre ,
asy tormB. AI OHarcral har klni-nuli'i l < nd <
Njud for cfirorlp.lon Can furui-htlbslribla laudi
for coldnlcs , Ituuci ) locill.h.
. H. IlALLOl' .
700-19 Union K c . , in tii
"TT OK SAljV. ft Tf m liou-e , large ! > * , eonifr , uo
L niorediWrnhlu Vovitlun in tuuiu V'juy Urius ,
W,1V ) AIIIM , 160 * Varnim
SALE -llriino cf ao an on liu" l
rOK 41 yca.18 , $ attOj. &ULuuo | oppEd te
u t OtBco. G'J2 U
j OH SAf Ib UniJ-er. roomi , l rn , t rRC lot ,
1 trti'i ami. fruit. Slon | huiajt 'piymi-nt '
own , bplincoi'S.'lpifriiioritli AUIOM. JMJO Fat
TloU aAbr , UHKAl' Tim hricf. uuii rr me wt
; ditlons o ( 1111 tori Uppers' house , j\.W. corner
ilhfti d I < " > v > nwrth sirufta _ J 0-tf
J OIl JA.tlCU.tlw iu houiw , lursie Iwiutli
' trust. liiiililin < lot in inrt pjymiwt.if..UW
mts , KWO'l-arnxu ,
.U'Kb-Aljh AWtll pa > lus ; htuiinni. lentral-
j ly locatbd. Good cb-nio for thu rlfht man
leatonn fcrgolllng tailalucury. Addio.ti "Q V. '
co ctDce. DU tf
71 011 S'4K 1lnrii < .ivxis.c .1 roomb in , J I 10
; ni lus 62 ,
PICK SALK Good building , brick Call at
! Water XVcrks office. 44Mf (
71OII SAIiKf.Two howe , , one lot , I room 'a
; two TOo'iWy sl lW./ Ames , IK'S ' Kurnuu.
UAUOAIS , one larco brick house , and cno
.irgo frame bouao , vlth full loc on Cans near ICth
reft. Fina chance for invintnu nt , rent f > .r 470
wr month. Call to. ' full turtlculurb. on
BOB tf Agent. IBtha-dPotiglaaiitn.
710KMAI.Iv r-Tk\ol > c < i' > c > onu lot , conv uiunl
J location 1WX ) Ames , ICO ) t'tf-
CJ1X UKAUrUOL i.olb Wxlbu teot uacn ) c
, ) Hanecocu Hlaco ou street car line. Iot lot ]
n whole addition on > ery eaiy tirira and
rcot bargain. BBMIS' arent , 16th and 1 "W >
roota _ 1SJ J
7IOK SALIV ' 5-room houst , , UITIU lot , coran '
J FU j ttni'3) ) 8UlM' . Amis , ID'JO ' Kariuun.
FOU BAiiU. lhuliutriou Uouuo *
HOTKLi clasa ; all furnished bo onlj hoto
n town. The cheapest ( jroparty la the St-ita ,
lag all tha travcllnc ; men. W III bo eold cbeap on
ertm to suit. Knqulro of E. FiUlc , proprietor ,
rllngtonVu > nlriKton county Nnb , Hiit
"TIOH hAl.K ikc on Btrect cir
"TIJ \ cry ilfairahU locution , i ullding lotJn jart
, W.030 AVU-H , iWO Famiiu.
tfjlUH tlAlib ur win uxu. % K it/4 UUIU- " '
C P rty , n Improve 1 BJO ou ollftnd Jjc.n-
lac . station en U. V. U. U M Irt'I.JUW * J
VarnhaxnSt. , Onzi.hc. 7-02nit
i O T Ono CJfor Mare psi > HoldLr/wl
lj [ adilicaiN. llubb ra. care timhiT.lij'f cnm
glllcc , 7Ca Mi
ailiK .lilt reuiouilfccr iniplojintu Jm.
' . .
- - - Tl'
llotwcm M. Jo e h ho-pltal nml the
J Corner rf tMcar ) > and Jtfleirnn s'riet. a
uj'sclher ch ol ' caunlry wtUe. Llhotal
card if Icftiw uro cilice. 7SO .21
I" ObT On 8unJaj' last , awhile bull pup , ten
[ j month * ud ; ; iuairs to naito rf ru tit.
nlico\cr ull/'e am tbcsime to Uarn" &Ki hur
will bu ful'-ily nwinled _ Ul"nf.
JBTT HnuEeauilCarict UK-HIHT , Steve
AK I'ollshcr. \eordtra ut hcpu lltsviof.
lice , 13lli and lou OT. _ 368 U
ctieAA will Uuj tbe furniture nt thft l sit
> 4OUly payini' hcteMn K a. < cut
onablu. ABuftuwj Dclph
Ooiaha , Nc
TIONAI JSV , tB3 "ui-tu btreioc > . u
vidUtjuc\ . Will , < vlth ibo I.M ' / iii t
nflrtu , o iit'n nnj cceu'i > 'b
fj tirpf ! 'l , aort na * wt * 3 fCid I'ni trt 1 1
ure I ) Hvmi-iitlirw ) irin '
I'JUH'OSAI.S wl'l ' be rcci v J bv tha
un jntlRiud for thu efctl ti oj ! l'n t utlurar.
c'.iurdi b lialnc nmr Kjtli 01 il Urt > ' > t're t ,
u it1) ) Qctjh r Istli , Lt nooi Did * V3 bo no lv
id fjr > iu ui'ire work , lintfi ] iiiulol > t ! . 11 alba
oe c ntfdtied
l'lan ai.aicctja ( ! Ion1 , can bo n.ntit N H ,
cor. Fi'riiara ' ami istn htieit , , ram 0
to 12 u in , nnJ 1 In 4 p m 11 " ilur
llmri.'rttj rrJfUii ) omli b ii
Hyfnljrtf ihobl.1 inc irninilH
Thte powder nsver varies A rnarrc
purity , Btrccgth nnd wiulesonem f
More sconomk- l than the ordinary kind * ,
and cannot be Bold incorapstition wilb tbe . '
nmltltude U low te t , bboi t weiebt , oluni.i.f'
or phosphite powders. Bold only in can If L *
V.OTAL BIKINQ 1'owntr. C ? , 'II '
10 WallHt. , NewVor ,