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    * J * .T
Boots and
JA .
J&M to ' !
Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
Near Union Pacific Depot - OMAHA NB
Flcur , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , and
All Grocers' Supplies.
. : *
A Full Line of the Beat Brands of
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
Cor. Farnam and 10th Streets Omaha , Neb.
V Omaha Steam Laundry.
The only Lanndry in Nebraska that is supplied with complete machinery
for Laundry work. Send your orders by mail or express.
1207 Farnhnm Street.
Fire and Burglar Proo
\ \
1020 Farnham Street ,
- - - 3SSTJES3S.
Storage , Cofflfflission and IMesale Fruits ,
1421 & 1423 FARNHAM STREET ,
Agents for Pock & BauBliers Lard , and Wilbur Mills Flour
, - - -
Window and Plate Glass/
la-Anyone contemplating building or any other One lll find It to their ad
vantage to correi end lth ua before purchanlng their 1'late Ulajn ,
Repairing Done in all Branches " 9 8' aTK"T-
. O.
1213 Farnham St. . Omaha , Neb.
How a Reftlly Sclontiflc Cou-
neoticut Stock Pnrm Is
Jersey * Worth $5,000 .Aploof , find
\Vhlch CHvo Yonrlr Ton Time *
Their WolRht In Milk-
\ \ tport ( Conn ) Corrc i > otulcnc < < o ( ( In New
iork SUf.
1 have iwroly spout n week nioro do *
lightfully limn this. Captain liudd ,
formerly of tlio navy , planned it nil ;
beginning with my visit to his own
elegant icaidunce , where tnato and
comfort are combined in such liarmo-
nioiia blending that tlio guest feels
that thcao are only Biitpissod by the
charming grace of his hostess nnd tlio
frank hospitality of the host , my day
\Tfis spent nmoiiK the cows nnd calves
of the royal Jersey Cocnmsio blood ,
First it is nccoaaary to dutail the sur
Some years ago there dwelt in .Now
Jersey a thriving Frenchman , who was
father to three daughters , each of
whom inherited nearly half a million
in cash , Mr. Macready , of New
York , was fortunatu enough to trans
plant onu of them to Fixirhcld county ,
Connecticut , where ho secured the
splendid farm upon which Washing
ton's headquarters woru located in the
days of the revolution. Improving
the land with great good scnso and
surrounding his family with all the
luxuries nnd comforts , the husband
turned his active mind into the ab
sorbing vocation of importing
Cno Jersey cattle and spend
ing his days tin a pursuit which
equally pleased his wife , who took
charged of the splendid creamery ,
which gives butter good enough for n
queen to oat. Soon afterward the
second imtrriogo occurred , and luckily
an adjoinging cstato was for sale ,
which Mr , Morris purchased , im
proved , and hkowiao started in the
raising of line cattlo. Then the third
sister married Mr. Burnlmm , nnd
another adjoining cstato was for sale ,
so that tlio threii families reside
together and form a society of their
own. Mr. liurnham's herd is supe
rior to nny in the slat. ) . Yet it is
worth a visit from anybody to see the
animals , owned by the other two. I
did not hnvo time to visit Mr , Morris.
Mr. Macrendy received us cordially
and wont through hia grounds nnd
stnblca , explaining all his methods nud
treatment of hia cattle , as well at tlio
manner of making the buttur. This
Jersey milk is very rich , and usually
four quarts will produce n pound of
butter. His beat cow , waa second -
end to the premium cow , nnd
gave milk to produce about twenty
pounds of butter a week. 11 o intro
duced us to the bovine qucom und
princesses , which were lovely indeed.
The question waa naked , "What was
the market value of the eight cowi
and six calves which no saw in
the stalls I" nnd ho replied § 27-
000 would not buy them. lid ndviacd
us to go over and look at Mr. Burn-
ham's superior herd. Driving up n
woll-madp road , like the approach to
an English manor , wo ascended the
hill and came to the loveliest view
upon the sound. In every direction
the view is unobstructed for fifteen or
twenty miles , and the sea , Long la-
land and the coast lay ns a panorama
beneath us , while our woody heights
miles away closed in the horizon.
Mr. Burnham is young , energetic
and sound in judgment. Discovering
the superior merits of aomo of the
cows imported by himself , ho was
sagacious enough to trnco back and as
certain where ho could lay his hands
upon the ancestry and nearest of kin.
In doing this he purchased old Coo-
massio herself , nnd made a corner in
the stock , as ho owns three-fourths
of all the living cattle of noted strains
which this celebrated cow and her pro
duce combine in their blood. The old
cow has the stall of honor , and is
about twelve ycara old. Mr. Burn-
ham has lately sold a young cow for
$4,800 , nnd ho pointed out another
which ho considered more valuable.
The latter weighs 1,000 pounds , In
372 days she has given in milk ton
times her own weight 10,000 pounds
and more than 1,000 pounds of but
As wo entered the stable three
bright-eyed , graceful creatures wel
comed us , nnd sought to make nioro
intimate our acquaintance by licking
our hands , They were cousins , all
alike , nbout six months old , und could
readily hnvo boon mistaken for deer
by any hunter who saw thorn moving
through distant foliage , Thcso young
heifers were not for aalo , though
$1,000 each had been ofierod , The
vuluo of the animals then in their
stalls was nbout $00,000.
The peculiarity nbout thctto animals
is their extraordinary gentleness.
The ? nil seemed dcsiroun of being
caressed , nnd invited everybody to
pot them. The bulls > MXO not ex
ceptions , and nny stranger could feel
with impunity their silken coato , nnd
the soft , glovo-liko loxturo of their
clean skins. Mr. Burnham IMS two su
perb animals which nroinsuch demand
that ho permits their services to other
lierds than his own , What they nro
worth can scarcely bo estimated ; but
they will give him n cash return of
$10,000 a year , besides the nnmerous
calves which ho will sell from his own
liord. Gold Coast is magnificent , bul
King GVIl'oo is superb.
Gnu cow was in the stocks , her
liorns tightly strapped to the stall , nnd
dor eye glanced up , thankfully nnd
yet repentantly , when I smoothed her
ru tiled brow , She had been naughty
nnd had to endure punishment for an
hour. She had upset her pall of
Mr , Burnham is wisely enough n
far ( { renter believer in the signs of the
milk veins which give lifo to the
splendid udders at n proper time , Tlio
escutcheon ho coiiHidcrB secondary.
Both of those nro remarkable features
In the herd owned by him , The milk
veins of old Coomnsslo arc extraor
dinary , and fully an inch in diameter
where they emerge from the udder
along the bolly. Those cows do not
have immense udders when in foal.
The akin , however , is flexible nnd soft
as velvet , showing by stretching between -
tweon the hands what it will ulti
mately be , some of them being aixtoon
or eighteen inches long.
With an eye like a gnzello , lovingly
turned "upon any one who shows thorn
attention or carcase * them , it would
not be difficult for tlio believer hi
tim :
some gentle nnd loving woman of n
past Ago had found Icdgment for hoi
soul in cnch of thcto beautiful crca-
These three families tipon these
three estates nro doing Immense ser
vice to the Btock-rniVmi ; interests of
the United States. It is n fit reward
for their discernment nnd sagacity that
their grent investments nto sure , to re
turn rich harvests. Wlnt wiser or
moro practical form sn dillercnt
usually from the _ squandering by some
hoir.i or the sordid hoarding by others
could have been adopted to give ac
tive employment to briylit minds , nnd
poaitivo happiness and health to three
families , while nt the tame time actuil
benefit is conferred upon the entire
Agricultural class of the union ? The
idea is fnst penetrating the farmer's
mind that cultivation nnd care
cf his cattle will produce
fnr greater rosulta than many
times the number of the inferior niu-
mala. The great stftto of Texnr , which
is yet to become the producer of the
World , teenia with hundreds of thous
ands of animals , which soil for ? 22
per cow. Two hundred of them would
not buy one of these superb Jerseys.
The men of aagnclty down upon these
ranches nro fast learning what to do.
For weight of beef they nro selecting
young bulls of Devon or aomo other
stock ; for milk , the large Frionn or
the more elegant Jersey. And those
young bulls , crossed upon the native
entile , and the grades being refined
every two years , it will only take
about ton years to produce a herd
with so slight tinge of the old breed
that no outward inspection could dia < ,
cover the grievance from the full
breed ,
This is the future for Texas , that
her inferior cattle will soon pass nwny ,
nnd the grcnt dailies of the future
will comu from thbso graded eo s ,
worth $150 , instead of the present
$22 ; and the boot cattle will bu fatted
and sold for $100 instead rf the $28 ,
which in now the highest price for
grass-fed steers. Besides , the quality
and tenderness of the muat will be
vastly increased. _
And what is said of cattle is also to
the future raising of horses Already
Judge Noonnu has commenced this at
hia ranch near San Antonio , and hia
stallions combine the finest strains of
Gleiicoo , Leviathan , Lexington , and
other noted horses. And thcao ho ia
crocBing every year upon finer grades
of mares , so that the produce will
soon bo nearly thoroughbred. Ho haa
now 000 such colts , nnd tluy nro the
very r.nimnls which nro noulcd in Now
York City nnd the east for the light
vehicles drawn by fast nnd spirited
nnd beautiful animals of medium mo.
E\3ILY PJIOVEN. It is easily proven
that malarial fevers , cnnatipation , tor.
pidity of the liver and kidnoya , general -
oral debility , nervousness nnd neural-
qic ailments yield rcndly to thin grent
diaouso conquurur , Hop Bittern. It
repairs tlio ravages of disonao by con
verting the food into rich blood , nnd
it pivea now lifo nnd vigor to the aged
and infirm alway ? .
"What now beauty Imvo wo hero ,
Carl ? " I asked , taking a small colored
picture from among the mass of papcra ,
pamphlets , wrapping paper , otc. , thnt
covered the table and floor of the
library nnd which would have told
plainly enoug to nil acquaintances thnt
Carl was nt home once more , after this
his longoat ramble in foreign lands ,
without the cotioborating testimony
of cigar amoko , or the luunging figure
in the old rocking chair.
For this bother of mine never spent
over six months of the year in the
beautiful country homo of his child
hood , giving the other six to whatever
place or people promised most enter
tainment on short notice. The last
three months had boon spent in Paris ,
BO I conjectured the little gem of art
I held in my hand was n French beau
ty ; the pure outlines nnd exquisite
complexion looking most life-like na
they smiled up at mo from the tinted
card. But notwithstanding the great
beauty of contour nnd fenturo , there
wns n frightened , nlmoat hunted look
in the dark eyes thnt told of tragedy ,
or at least anticipated it.
"Who ia she , Carl ? The eyes affect
mo strangely , with their wild , fright
ened look , There is n reign of terror
In them equal to the ono her ances
tors passed through. I almost see the
shadow of the guillotine in thuir vel
vety depths. "
"Lot mo sci1 ; ah , my little nistor ,
mny you never know so hard n fate ns
this poor girl encountered and succumbed - >
cumbod to. No , she is not French
a Russian but married to a French
man. " And Carl took the picture
from my hand nnd placed it on n small
easel alnvo his desk. "I will toll you
about her , Louie , if you hnvo nn hour ,
and I will toll why I told you.
"It wan while Tom Barnes wns with
mo Inat June , nnd when wo loft Ver
sailles for Paris , that I first saw Mud-
nmo Litorro though I think the
nnmo nn assumed one , Wo had to
run to preventbeing left , 1 remem
ber , and Barnes , out of humor be
cause of it , plunged his face into his
book and left mo to my own resources ,
"As soon as 1 was comfortably set
tled I , na usual , began scrutinizing niy
travelling companions , nnd to try to
Imagine who and what they wero.
There were four besides ourselves in
the carriage. Ono a quiet , middle-
aged Englishman who was soon asleep
in'bia ' corner. The two who sU next
myself were evidently husband and
wife , though ho paid her none of thu
attention nnd politeness usually ac
corded in public , oven if dispensed
with privately , lie was a pale , quiet
man of twenty-five , perhaps , richly
but quietly dressed , nnd seemingly
taking no notice of nny one around
him. The wife , too , wns palo , nnd
much na she looks there in that little
picture. Her drees though simple was
perfect , and evidently the production
of some first rate artiste. Her whole
style proclaimed her at once to belong
to the higher order of society.
"She seemed to bo Buffering , and
frequently-put her hand to her fore
head ; and I observed upon the deli
cately-formed , ungloved hand n coatly
diamond. It waa a beauty ; and I en
joyed looking nt the Hashing gems as
eho c&ressod a small English dog that
often looked up at her with affection
ate recognition ,
"Tho other passenger I could not
make out at nil. Ho waa elderly ,
commonly dressed , and with ecant
piercing eyes were frequently placed
on the silent young married conplo ,
and then ho seemed as utterly oblivi
ous of tliom as they of him. What
wns his nationality ? Was ho with
them or a stranger like myaolH I
could nut tell. And the moro I looked
the inrrj uncertain I became I
thought , too , there doomed an effort
nt disguifto. Ho kept his face nver'ed '
all ho could , consistent with his watch
fulness of the quiet yonng husband
that he nt timoi eyed so very persist-
" \Vo ped along over the bunutilul
road , each nluorbrd in hii own rtll c-
lions , broken only by an occasional
low sigh from the lady , nnd conn
arrived nt our destination. The train
stopped , nnd ns none of my compin-
ions showed any disposition to move
titst , I aroused Itarnosfrom the depths
of his romance nnd wo left tlio car-
"Dinner over , wo wont to the thea
tre , and afterward , by the poraunsion
nf n friend , to n private gambling-
liotiso. I wns greatly aitrpriaod on en
tering to tee my elderly traveling
companion seated at the table , his
eyes nnd manner keen ns over , nnd
deep in n gnmo of rouge oi nuir. It
wns early yet , nnd very few people
wore present ; but every sound wns
liushcd , nnd the game .vent on in dcnd
silence , broken only by the voicca of
the dealers calling the result of the
' .urn's , m.d tim rattling of the gold AS
it was r nk ml from one to another.
The od ! man boomed in luck for the
time being , and won every gnmo. I
thought n gleam of antlefivnion shone
over his face na the door opened and
our other traveling acquaintance from
Vorsnillia the quiet , careless hus
band entered and sat down to play.
"I did not piny that night , nnd my
whole attention was given to those
two. The young man lost from the
first deal. Knilenu nflcr toulenu WAS
swept from the tnblo by his watchful
old opponent ; but still ho played on.
The largo oums ho lost , and his ptdo ,
excited face , deeply interested mo ,
ind I stayed on and watched him until
ale at in ht , when ho left the room ,
lia Inst Napoleon gone.
"After supping nt n cotloo house I
went back to my room nt the hotel ,
jut for aomo ciuto could not sleep.
The hent waa oppressive nnd my room
small ; besides , the game I had been
wntching had excited mo alrnngcly ,
and I only fell into n troubled sleep
near morning.
"I wna nwukonod nboul daylight by
voices in tlio adjoining room those of
n man nnd woman , tvidonlly. The
man's voice wna low und pleading , nnd
: ho woman seemed to bo crying , I
could hoar enough to know that she
wns refusing him aomo rcqueat , for
lia tonea boeainn loud nnd threaten
ing , nnd nt last I heard him say :
"If you refuse mo , you seal my ruin
aid : jour own. I have no moro gold ,
ind I must hnve the diamonds to re-
, rievo mysulf. "
Hysterical sobs were the nly nn-
swcr ho received , and ho continued ;
"Something tells mo I shall win to
night , nnd I must hnvo the ring. "
"Never , Charles ! I cannot give It
up It is nil 1 IIAVO loft. It wan my
mother's , nnd I will not lot it leave
ma The man's voiso waa ao choked with
MSiiicm that hia words were inarticu-
Into , but with n burst of wild nnger ho
left , slamming the door after him.
The woman's sobs boctmo lower , her
crying ceased , and I fell into another
nap , not waking until near ten.
' 'I neither of gambling
saw my ac
quaintances that day , nnd the night
found mo ngniu in Monsieur Carlo's
rooms. The old man wan again on
hand not aatisfied , I thought , with
Ilia winnings of the night before nnd
again I saw a gleam of satisfaction
crocs hin fnco na his victim of the pre
vious evening came in and got ready
to play.
" 'Mako your game the gnmo ia
made up ! " cried the dcalnr , nnd wna
nbout to deal the carda when the
young man who had juat entered
celled out in n loud voice :
"Fifty Napoleons upon the red ! "
Seeing ho placed no money upon
the table the croupier pauaod a mo
ment , then sniJ :
' "Sir , you must stake the money. '
The gambler started nnd turned
paler than over , n long , ahuddoring
sigh broke from him na ho felt first in
ono pocket , then in another , nnd final
ly grasped his hat and lied from the
room. The playing wont on for n
while longer , and then ono by one they
wont out , leaving only the nttoiidantu ,
the old keon-uyed gambler nnd myself
ircsont. Something- undefinnblo
feeling of interest in the unhappy
young man who had loft the house in
mch despair n abort time bofcro
leld mo there , 1 must sou if ho re-
"Suddenly the door opened nnd ho
ran in , us if Honing for hia lifo. I
shall never forgot thnt Bight , Louie.
Ilia facu was ghastly , his dress dieor-
dercd , nnd he trembled as though with
ague. An ho rushed up to tim tnblo ,
n thu strong glnro of the lightn I anw
( rent drops of perspiration standing on
lid brow. Ho thrust his hand In his
> ockct and to.ised n ring down before
lis opponent.
" 'Thorn ! it in worth ton thousand
'rancs. Now cover my atakoa,1 ho
"I | instantly recognized the boauti-
'ul diamond as the ono hia wife had
worn in the cars , and the conversation
! had heard that morning cuma back
, o my memory , and I know my follow
ravollura were the man nnd woman
[ had hoard disputing in the early
morning hours. But he had suc
ceeded in overcoming her dotcrminn-
: ion , for ho had the ring , and'my
leart nchud for the poor wife as 1
wondered how he had obtained it.
" 'Hod1 I bet on the red ! ' attain
shouted the young man ; and In a mo-
inont the croupier called 'Black.wins1 !
nnd the ring waa no lonuor hia.
"With a wild cry the wretched loser
led from the house ; nnd completely
jiunannod by what I had neon , I ro-
lurried to my hotel , hoping the young
man would soon follow me ,
' I found them all travelers , pro
prietor nnd servants , wild with excite-
inent over the murder of thobonutiful
Uuesian lady. An hour before her
maid had gone to her room and found
lior deluged in blood from a wound in
It - < r head , and dead , The husband had
boon irk and left some few momenta
before. I wont up to her apartment
and to the bed where she lay , Her
oxqulslto face waa fairer than in lifo ,
for it had lost the unhappy look , and
aoeniod at peace. As 1 turned to
leave the room I saw this picture
mnn's traveling case , nnd appropriated
it. Probably the husband had tossed
it there in lit * search for some valu
ables to risk nt the gaming table.
"Tho miserable man took his lilo
before ho waa Apprehended for hia
crime ; and the old gambler who , first
in ono dirguiao , then in another had
followed the easily duped victim from
city to city nnd won many thousands
from him , left P.irls before the hus
band and wife were carried to their
last resting place in the beautiful
butying ground where his forefather *
"Louie , this Is why I refused to
play , oven with Howard , lust evening.
I hnvo never touched cards since , nnd
I noverciti ngtiin. "
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my euro. Titos. McFAULANu ,
Atlanta , Ga.
Some thirty years ngo there lived
in Montgomery , Ala. , a young man
who was terribly alllicted with Scrof
ula. After being treated for n long
time by the medical profession of this
town with no benefit , ho commenced
taking S. S. S , After persistently
taking it two months ho was cured.
Being acquainted with him for 20
years thereafter , I can testify that the
disease never returned.
J.V. . UISHOI- , . P. , ' v
Dot Springs , Ark.
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,81 , ( MM ) Riwnrd will be paid to any
cnomlat who will und , on analyaluol IOC bottlcaof
U. 8. S. , ono pattlclo cf Mercury , Iodide ol to
> lUDi oracy Mlnentl lubnttnce. '
owii-r SPECIFIC co. PTOI > I.
Atlanta , 0 .
Frlco'ol Siaull ulic , 11.09.
it ) DruirtrlAt
COL , L , T , "FOSTER.
VoungBtown , Ohio , May 10 , IS30.
DR. n. J , KDiu , < r Co. I hail a Terjr vnlua.
bio Ilamlilotonlin colt tlutlprlcnderj hljbly ,
ho had a large bono tpavln en one Joint and a
email ono on the other which maJo him very
lame ; I had him under tlio chariru of tup voter'
Inary surgeons which failed to euro him. 1 at
onoday radlnitha ilvcrtUomcnt ot Kcndall'i
Bpatln Curt In the Chicago Kxpns * , ! dct ruilno'l
atoncetotry It and nul ourcrueclsU here to
end ( or It , and they ordered tbruo hottliu ; I took
all and I thouiiht I would d\o It a th/Jiouyh
trial. I mtij It accordlue to direction ] and the
fourth day the lolt coined to lie lame nd the
lumpg IIHVII disappeared , I lined hut one liottlo
and the c-olt'a llniba areaa fire of lump ) and u
smooth an any homo In the Htate He It entire
ly cured. The euro wc. BO remarkable that I
Imn lit two of my mlhbon | huvo .the rcmaU'
Ini ; two hottloa who are now miniIt.
Very respectfully.
Bend for Illnitratod circular vrlvlnf posltlr *
proof. 1'jlcojl. All DruircUti have It > oi can
fit It tor you. Dr. I ) . J , Koodill Ji Co' Pro.
prleton , Enos'jurgh ' Falli , Vf. '
Dr , E. 0.Vc t'a Nerre and BraTu Ticutratnk
A epedflc for IIiterla , Ululnsoa , Conrulgloni.
Nervoui Headache , Mental Deproiilon , IX > HO (
Uomory.BpermitorrlKii.Impctcncy , Involuntary
Kmtaaloni , 1'rtuuturo Old Ate , cauaed by over-
eiertlon , cclf-ahuie , or ovcr-lnduJconce , which
leadi to mlwry , decay and death , Ono box will
cure recent caiea , Each box contalne ouemonth' *
treatment. One dollar a box , or ell boxei for
five dollari ; eant by null prepaid on reoelpt of
price. We truarantee ilx boxca to cure any can.
With each order roi.elvod by ua for six Loxct , ac
companied with Ore dcllare , 111 eeod the puj.
chuer our written Kuaranteo to return tb
money If the treatment dost aot efluct a curt.
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vul ceOaaba , Wen , OroSri by tcallal
realtet dfcWlv
Genius Eewardefl ,
OB ,
The Story of tlio Sowing Macliiuo ,
A hindtome llttlo pamphlet , blue ul roll
oor * with numeroui euyt TlD ( { , will bt
to ny auult par oa calling for It , al IDT lunci
or lub-olfice of Th ) Singer Utnufacturlag Com *
panj , or will be cent b/ lull , pool paid , la
toy person llvtci at a dlitauea from oar offlcei
Tlio Singer Manufacturing Oo , ,
Principal Office , SI Union Sqnafe ,