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The Daily Bee.
Thursday Morning , Sept. 28.
BunsciurrioN UATES :
Br Curler , Mctnlipcr wMik.
BjIUIl - $10.00 per Yetr.
Office : Ho. 7 Pearl Street , Near
M.O. G1UFFW , Mincer.
H. W. TILTON. City Editor.
- J. Mueller's I'alnco Music Hall.
Bhcrradcn makes photograph * .
New line of cabinet frame * just re
ceived at Seaman's . Bepl2G.3t
The liopo Is now that rain will not In
terfere wllh the Bolillcrs' reunion.
Ye terd y duo permit to marry was
f\cn Louis Lonn and Lizzie Coirltz , of
James , Iowa ,
There ate a good many dogs at large ,
but few give outward indication of having
paid their license.
All kinds of boot * and nhoc , sufficient
to supply the demand of everybody , at
Gco. lloxsim' new store ,
New goods , new store , new and rea
sonable price * , at the old Boot and Shoo
honsc of Qeorgo Hlaxslm , Lower Mala
street ,
George Washington , for nipping nome
surgical Instruments from a doctor's office ,
win yesterday sentenced to thirty days in
Alex Smith yesterday paid 87.00 for
the privilege of gelling a tbrobbln ? head
ache. He won the distinction , however ,
of being the only plnln drunk In court.
0 flicor Barbyto is now stationed a
the Transfer , with Instructions to keep
an especial cyo out for all confidence
men ,
The widow of Louis Hennhas received
$3,000 cish , the amount of her husband'n
insurance In the endowment rank of the
Knlgbta of Pythias. The amount was
paid over promptly as Boon as the will wai
Joseph Until , the upper Broadway
cooper , desires to purchase CO , 000 hoop
polos. Ho also wants to employ ten extra
coopers. Write to or Inquire at Ills cooper
Joseph Kcitor makes tha Finest Snita
n the latest styles , at the lowest possible
prices.His merchant tailoring establish
ment Is at 310 Upper Broadway , Council
Boll & Hall , of this city , are shipping
on nn average a ton to n ton and a half of
grapes dally , the product of vineyaids In
and about Council Bluffi ) , and tliia in but
one of Hoveral ,
The new buildings put up thin year on
Main street are both substantial and ele
gant , Among the finest may bo men
tioned that of Qeo. Bloxnim , Ho kas
fitted it up in fine style , and lately moved
into it with a mew stock of Boots and
.ShocH , etc. If you dcslro good goods at
low figures , call on him.
At an early bour yesterday morning
there was a slight fire in ono of the fthodx
connected with Mnyno'a broom factory.
The department turned out promptly
inccceded in squelching the blaza
ijny very sorjous damage was done.
supioiod that some wandcrl
crawled into the shod t ttnj tjft |
hit 'smoliiDg , 01
some other carelessness on his part ,
The probability IB that In building the
new city jail the upper floor will be used
for a superior 'court room , an well as r
council chamber , until the new city hall if
built. To keep the court where it Is loc.-v
ted nt present , would bo quite inconvenionl
in tbo handling of criminal coses and police
Ono of the newest , brightest , am
most wide awake papers of the day U Till
VAH.T UKK. It is full of n Ice , pith , news
sparkling editorials and general miscel
lany , and is in all respects qidto equal ti
the best metropolitan dallies. Long life
health , prosperity and progress to Tlil
BKK. Olenwood Daily Journal.
The democratlo county convontloi
meets this afternoon to go through th
motions of setting up candidates 'for th
county oilicea. They need not bothc
themselves , for the republicans hav
already placed before the people good inci
for those positions and men who will b
elected. Had tbo republicans done a
well In congressional matters as I
county matters , they would ba > e had
clean sweep. %
It Is bad enough to thrust men into s
filthy a jail ns that which the city uo >
uiui , but there is no excuse in forgcttlu
to feed the prisoners. Yesterday imrnln
at 10 o'clock the hungry inmate * wer
howling for nomethlng to fill up with , the ;
having had nothing since the day before
MamhalJacksou evidently don't belloy
In letting tbo boys get too fat.
There Is no oil being Inspected now
and the elaborate blank book , prepared a
a record , llei useleu. The Inspectlo :
business w s overdone In several rupee !
on the start , and no one seems Inclined t
actively engage in It again. A good , fall
sensible system of luipectlou would be [
predated by the public , who have ha
their nerves shaken up by the way th
dealers howled "dangerous oil" at eac
A twelve-year old sou of D , W , Bei
nett , of Peclfio City , met with rather
serious accident yesterday forenoon. II
was on a load of potatoes going down Bai
croft street , when a wheel of tbo wage
run into a hole , and the boy was throw
off. The horsei started on a run , the vragi
passing over the lad. He was picked u
carried into Mn. I'urion'u boarding houi
and Dr. Green was called , The boy's I
juries proved to be internal mainly , ai
their final result could not be fully dcti
mined , but it is thought he will never i
cover. He was able to be taken to I
borne in Pacific City by last night's tra
Hazen , alias Curtis , the Omaha det
live who was arrested here Tuesday , 1
arceufulytkippedand it Is said he
now a hundred miles from here , The o
cen gobbled up bti solid woman ou I
H. charge of lewdnera , and attached BO
. property contlitiug of one hone , a rl
two or three revolvers , a carbine , in fac
regular anenal. The woman was brou
More Justice Abbott , but dlscharg ;
there being little evidence to hold her , i
she having a young babe , which would
render Impritnnment an unusual liafdthip.
She would give little imtixfaction M la
where Hazen had gone , bnt peomed confi
dent Unit he wait safely out of the reach of
the law.
A special telegram to THE HER re
ceived from Kansas City , la.'t evening ,
gives th result of yesterday V game as fol
lows : Kansas City , C ; Council Bluffs , G ,
At the democratic county convention
to-day the rumen of I' . J. Gallighor , of
Garner township , and Cd , Troutman , of
this city will bo presented an candidates
for clerk.
Squire K , J. Abbott WM presented
lat evening by n number of his friends
with a beautiful inkttand and waste banket.
Kx Mayor Vaughn made the presentation
tpecch in hii uimal happy style ,
How The Editor of The Nonpareil
RopurJIatod Anderson nnd Pro
nounced Him Unfit for Ofllco.
Keith , of the Dennison Bulletin has
boon peering over the files of the Don-
niaon lloviow , and has revived some
interesting articloa from the pen of
J. Fred Myora , its editor , who ia now
known as the editor of the Nonpar-
oil. The comparison of Air. Myora
opinion in 187" compared with 1882
Is Interesting , bnt places him inratlipr
a iuconaistant light. At that time ho
withdraw from the convention because
of the nomination of Andornon for
district attorny , justifying his action ,
not only because , as ho said "a cor
rupt bargain and aalo job was put up , "
and also because ho doomed Anderson
an unfit man , saying "thoro would bo
danger indeed that honest men will bo
} > ut in jail , while the rogues will Hour-
nil. Mr. Anderson haa had largo ex
perience in clearing criminals already ,
and wo do not desire to Imvo this com
munity placed at his mercy. Wo still
liopo that the good sonno of the repub
licans everywhere will save us Irom
tl'o great calamity of Mr. Anderson's
election. "
The lloviow at that time , with Mr.
J. Fred Myora ns editor , gave n re
view of the charges made against
Mayor Anderson , that ho was indicted -
od for adultery , that ho had abused
hia wife , that ho had drew doublu
pay in the army , that ho was dioui-
pitted , and summed up the whole by
saying , "Wo have stated no more but
M hat wo verily believe tiio legal rec
ord will boar out. Wo have never
Docn a specific denial or refutation of
thoco charges , and therefore believe
thorn to bo truo. " j
Now J. Prod Myors Is vigorously
pushing his pen in paid write/uns ,
showing Hits aarno Andotnon , fe-fjotras
unfit to bo district attorney worthy
of noing to congrota. Njfcn must
either huvo a low ideaifconKrCga
a high idea of the oKff0 of district at
torney , or what isi&oro probable , ho
wrotu his honoat/Jonviottoua ; „ 1870 ,
nnd is now wrjjflng the
01 Nonpareil
for pay , and , , , . the dictation of th'o
organ , jr
wford County Bulletin
saysv *
Air. Anderson's record , made pub-
in 187C , haa not bcon purified by
Time. IIo atande before the public
to-day just aa ho stocd then. Even if
ho sooka to reform ( which remains to
bo proven ) , it ia no reason why ho
Hhould bo put into the front , rank ,
when there are hundreds of pure , up
right men in the district , far moro
capable of filling the position. Wo
are throwing no mud at Andorsou ,
but wo call the render's attention to
the attitude in which ho figured in
1870 , as defined by the Donison Re
view , edited by J. Fred Muyors , proa-
out editor of the Nonpareil. In 187C
Moyora bpoko from his personal con
victions ; in 1882 ho apotka from a
aalnry , nnd hia-praiso of Anderson ia a
matter of dollars and conta. The rep
resentative republicans of Orcoiio and
Carroll counties also repudiated An
derson in the strongest terms , and for
reasons just as binding to-day. "
Not a drink , not sold in bar rooms ,
but a reliable non-alcoholic tonic medi
cine , useful at all times , and in all
seasons , is Brown's Iron Bitters.
My rosidoncoNo. | 715 Fourth street
BancroftL. ; . F. MUUVHY.
Undo Bum't ) Court.
1 In the United States court yoster-
n i day there was little douo of public in-
fttorest. | Thu juries were impanelled ,
several motions disposed of , and the
case of J. 0. MitcGinuitio , of St.
Louin , vs. B. S. Pcndloton & Co. , ol
Esuox , Iowa , wns put on trial , and will
bo concluded to-day piobably. It ia n
case growing out of a g.-iiin contract ,
The following urn thu juriea iinpun
ellod :
miT juiioiw.
George Smilny V , M. Monzlii | {
Geo. lMa hlfl Wm. Kllloct
Jamcii Iioofbourow ,7 It Lewi *
1' . MoKinley W. H. H. IU !
Luther 0 , Nowcomb L. Hoifleld
U.K. 1'ratt Auilrow Jamen
Hugh hanyon ( t. W. Mount
George 11. Null J. W. Aikiii
Walter Schrolei .1. W. Clatterbuok
Wm , At. McUrary Oeo , H. .lone *
Jerimeah Foltuin V , V. llrmoe
KlIuHtau Arthur W. Uelkma-
John W. lUIrd K. J. Aldricb
Thoman Jetfriei 11. R. r.recory
William Oliver W. J. Carviu
It , BovcreL-u 0. K. Stone
A. J , Kridiebough Hrienc r Smith
Samuel lecou K. . ' ' -
te' aiiANl ) JUiioiia.
u. G. W. 1'erklni , John Jeiwou ,
u.n Samuel Aloore , H , C. llarulibargec
> n H. V. Miller , A. J. Kalr ,
rn W. W. llemli , V. L lilakemore ,
rnm N. Hruyn. Thomw Wileon ,
J , lM ed aul , U , A. Kentner ,
I1 , J. L. Ketter , K. L. 1'rior.
JameiH.liftniutt , Klijali 1'eake ,
W. K. Dodds
n- , John Dickey ,
nad W. A. Wood , K. 11. HlancliarJ ,
J. Purdy , U. K. Hpooner ,
er- 8. S. Uoner ,
tils Kmbroldoriea.
In. A very large involco of beautifi
embroideries just received at Harl
DC' IICSK , Orcutt & Co.'a. sop2D-4t
10 *
U Nearly a Miracle-
111 12. Aaenilh Hall , Binghamtou. N. V
theme writes : "I Buffered for Beversl monl
with a dull pain through lef ( lung ai
me shoulders. I Icwt ray spirits , appetite ai
He , color and could
, with dlQiculty keep i
t B all day. My mother procured some Bv
R"t DOCK' BLOOD Himiuj I took them as i
lected , and have felt no pain since C
ed , w k after uilng them , and am now qu
well ,
They Benin Qathoring und the
TentH Are Already
Pitched ,
Tbo Preparation * JUnila far a Moat
Jojronii nud Snooestlal Rennloa.
To-day is the opening ono of the
soldiers' reunion , Ycalorday there
were n few arrivals , but to-day
will bo the ono on which most will
coma in , All hands are busy com
pleting thu necessary preparations and
doing the preliminary work. Yester
day the work of pitching the touts on
the fair grounda wni accomplished.
A bettor site for the encampment
could hardly have been secured , ,
there nro convenient facilities for
reaching U , street earn tunning from
the Ogdcn house to the very gato.
There ia water on the grounds , and
thp buildingR , alicdc , etc. , can all bo
utilized. There is an excellent paradq
ground , and the grand stand will
nllbrd nn excellent chance for out
siders to witness the movement of
troops , the sham battle , and other
_ It ia expected that all good citizens
will decorate their business buildings
at least in a patriotic manner , tnd
will in nil ways nolp to make the oc
casion n success in all respects.
Chris. Vo t , ono of Council Bluffs
worthy veterans , has ino lUgs of his
toric interest , which ho offers for use
in decorating the headquarters. Ono
of them is a United titatos ihg which
wna carried through the Mexican war ,
in which Mr. Vogt served , llo at
that time was in the Fifteenth U. S.
infnntry , nnd this Hag was of that
regiment. The color bearer wns
killed , and Mr. Vogt jumped into his
place nnd aaved the flag from the duot.
After that ho carried it , and retained
it in his possession since the war.
The other flat ; is ono captured from
the Mexicans in the same war.
All members of the Grand Army of
the Ilopnblic arc requested to moot at
the hall of Abe Lincoln post this
morning nt 'J o'clock , by order of .iolln
Lindt , commander. j"fj'
Commandant J. II. l oatloy hna
issued ordcra assigniny'Col. D. B.
Daihiy to duty aa ( M0f of utall' .
All informatiqvf in rcgftrd to quar
ters will bo glv i by Col. W. F. Sapp ,
chief qunrt maotor , and all mutters
ro' ' W1g-ta/aubsistonco nro entrusted
ty < Quartermaster E. L. Holmes , and
Organizations at whatever kind are to
report to Adjutant 12. J. Abbott , and
all unattached veterans are reqneatod
to report at headquarters to dipt. O.
L. French , chief mustering officer.
The following are announced ns
aidoa : Mnj. J. Lymuti , Cnpt. D.
Maltby , Oapr. Seth Hnnkiiw , Dr.
.lohh Green , Dr. Pinnoy , Dr. A. B.
McKuno , Dr. H. W. Hart , Dr. Still-
man , Dr. White , Capt. T. J. Clarke ,
Ed. R. Scott , Capt. D. J. O'Noil ,
Capt. II. H. Motcalf , Capt. J. P. Wil
liams , Col , L. W. Tulloys , Oapt.
Swobo , Capt. Goo. Metcalf , Capt. D.
W. Bushnoll , Goo. Pholpa.
The following are also announced as
a special eocort mounted in order to
conduct such recoptioiiH as may occur
during the reunion :
J.-P. McMahon , Chas. Oflicer , W.
F. Sapp , Jr. , Frank Pusey , Bert
Clinton , Willium Ilardin , Horace
Evnna , Ernest Hart , Dr. George
Brown , 0. D. Etx , Leonard Everett ,
William Siedentopf , A. Boroahoim ,
T. J. Evans , F. T. Webb , MaxMohn ,
J. 0. HoiTmnyr , Fred Kelley , Doug.
Pattou , G. A. Holmes , S. S. Keller ,
George W. Ferguson , Jr. , F. 0.
Newell , 0. B. Jacquemtn , Charles
Stewart , Fred Davis , George A. Koo-
line , Charles C. Cook , Henry Cook ,
0. 11. Scott , William Troynor , Spen
cer Smith , Wm. Wirt Chapman , J.
S. Lange , John Bennett , Iluynl Amy ,
Judge E. E. Ayleaworth , P. 0. DoVol ,
J. N. Oassady , Fred Orcutt , Malion !
Brown , M. B. Brown , E. A. Trout-
man , James McMahon , Henry Eis-
man , Louis Broadbcck , Henry At
kins , Dr. T. B. Lttcoy , J. T. Broad-
beck , Olms. Bump , Mr. Sonnings , Jr. ,
Clay Plainer ,
This forenoon will bo spent in as <
signing the detachments to quarters ,
and arranging for subsistence. At E
o'clock this afternoon there will bo o
general dress parade in camp , undoi
the direction of Commandant Keatloy ,
The schools of the city nro tp bt
closed on Friday , so that all may have
a chance to see the grand parade in tin
morning , and the sham battle in tin
Crouton's representatives nrrivec
last night , the veteran. ! from then
numbering fifty ,
Telegrams received state that LCI
[ | will Imvo a big company hero ; tha' '
thcro will r.rrivo from Carroll thii
mornini ; over tha C , & N. W. tin
veteran infantry and bind , in all num
bjring 5-1 , Couurg tulographs that i
will send 40 , Dennison 10 ! and Hoc
0 k15. . Tnrsn in addition tc tin
places reported in y su-nUy'a BEK ,
S. H , 1'arrull , of Iowa City , U at th
K , B , Johuitou , of Crenton , is in th
John Beno , Ks < | , , Is on a pilgrimage t
St. Joseph.
P , J. Gallagher , of Weaton , was In th
city yesterday.
H. H. Grlswold , of Atlantic , was in th
city yesterday ,
Horace Dunton and 0. K. Townsend , c
Anita , were here yesterday.
Judge N , M. Hubbard , attorney for th
Northwestern road , is attending the U , f
K. A. llogerg , J. T , Porter , W. 1
Thummel , and 0 , Linderrnan , of Clarlndi
were at the Ogden yesterday ,
Judge O. P , Shlras , of Dubuque , tl
new judge of the northern district , occi
plea a seat betdde Judge Love in tl
United States cuurt now in soaslon here ,
Sheriff Guittar , who went to St. Lou
aboat a week ago with bU family , for
short vlilt has returned. Ills family w !
remain there with friends for a tnoni
hi longer ,
ad Thi > School Question.
up UntoB Arrtu ( Rep.T ) bet Iowa.
H.dl The Nonpareil sayi Mr. Pusoy
ret dl opposed to public schooli. When 1
its was in town last week we asked for i
explanation of this charge , ' and 1
said that there wna at ono time A
movement in Council Bluffs to have
German , French , and other higher
branches taught in the public schools ;
at this time there were "ther schools
needed in the city to do justice to all
in the common branches ; that ho favor
ed the diverting of thii fund that waste
to bo need for teaching the higher
branchts to the establishment of other
schools for the benefit of the masses ,
and that this resolution was carried by
n hrgo majority. Mr. Pu oy is an
educated man who appreciates the
higher nccomplishnicnta , but in this
lin represented tha American idea , yes ,
moro , the Republican idea , that thu
first duty of n republic is to give nil
the pioplo a common o-lucttion. The
Nonpareil nt the time lauded him for
the stand ho took in the matter , and
now , true to its established custom of
eternal vacillation , slops over on the
other sido.
A PuzzlmK Question.
Under the caption of "What Shall
I Do with My Vote { " the Union-Ar-
row , a republican paper of Tabor , la. ,
sayn :
There nro many ropublicana in this
district who have decided not to vote
for the regular congressional nominee
of their party. The question comes
to each of them , what ahall I do wilh
my vote ? Wo take it for granted
their desire to vote for a republican
congressman. They will not vote for
Anderson. No independent republi
can will bo brought out. They are
tempted to scratch , and not vote at
all , Is this good policy 1 Is it right !
Wo are men not only onjoyinc the advantages -
vantages of liberty , but wo nro the
custodians of thixt liberty. Our fore
fathers have inado us responsible for
the public wcnl. Shall wo
shirk the responsibility ? IfJ
wo had no vote wo' would
organize n revolution that would.Ci < ? or-
throw our Institutions. Having a vote ,
will wo not use it ? Aro. .Americans so
foolish na to Iny dowi\ihoir livca for n
principle they wiU/nftervVnrds ignore ?
The republican ihnt scratches Ander
son nnd tbs-republicun that votes for
ma oppoQont belong to different spe
cies of iho snmo gonua. Ono is pas-
oiYA the other active. Their actions
/ullfbr only in degroo.
Whom shall I vote for ? Thn princi
ple objection to a democrat in the
mind of a republican is hia past asso
ciations. There are two candidates
besidoa Anderson in the field. Both
have been lifo long democrats. They
are for this reason naturally distaste
ful to republicans. But somebody
will represent this district in congress.
Who shall it be ?
Were wo to publish the unvarnished
and admitted f.icta of Mr. Anderson's
private life , our paper would not bo
forwarded through thu mails. In the
army he drew doublu pay , as a rail
road commiijlonor ha anwirn at the
wishes of the puoplt * , giving pisses
freely where they will do him the
moat good , and as a congressional
aspirant ho pieces himself under bonds
to secure political favors. A chronic
ouiou-r.euker , he is thu candidate of
the railroadn nnd nominee of the
machine. Through ignorance and
apathy on the part of the
people , through bargains , Bales ,
and political promises , through
unaerupuloua ambition , through
untiring effort and well studied plans
on hia part , with strong personal
magnetism , usingcorruption as a ful
crum end political patronage for n
lever , a einglo individual has suc
ceeded in moving the republican ma
chine of the district an3 placing him
self before the public as the regular
nominee o.f that party. Groenbackers
have an excuse for voting for Hat ton ;
ropublicana have none. But the lat
ter must vote for some ono. They
cannot afford to summer over theii
voto. The object of every true re
publican is not to destroy , but tc
make batter , his own party. Thl :
can bp done by following thai
republican resolution of our own
atato convention in 1873 : "We
declare it to bo the duty of every republican >
publican to oppose the election of c
bad or incompetent candidate upor
our own or upon any other ticket. '
The leaders of the party must be
taught that-if they wish a full vote
they must nominate good men. Defeat
feat i& the only salutary lesson. E
pecially is this trua in pur own state ,
where republican majorities , are sc
largo that the loaders are practical ! ]
independent of the people. To "op
poaa u bad or incompetent candidate'
does not moan merely to scratch him
That is neutrality , not opposition , bul
it moans to vote ngainsthim , and voti
where it will do the most good
Therefore , in conformity with thi
memorable resolution of our own par
ty while In full possession of its men
tal pawors , niuoty-nino counties boinj
represented , wo ask every republics )
who has thu good of his party at heart
not only to scratch Mrjor Andordon
but to vote for that war democrat
that supporter of Lincoln and Kirk
wood , that educated gentleman , thu
succeesful business man , that nbl
financier , that nnti-monopoliat , tha
advocate of oJucotion for all , that law
abiding citizen , that believer in th
purity of society and aacrednoss of th
ninrmgo relation , who acknowledge
a God in laraol and u judgment daj
W. H. M. Pu oy of Council Blufls.
Honorabln Mention.
Of all the remedies on earth that we
may claim attention , Da. THOMAS' Kci.u
TRIO On. commands especial atteolioi
For wondrous power t > cure dueuse ' , il
fame there' * none can throttle. Its merit
are not in the puff , but are Inside the bol
tie. Itheumatlsm , neuralgia , sore tliroa
asthma , bronchitis , diphtheria , etc. , area
cured by Thomas' Klectrio Oil ,
501 North Second Street ,
,51-ilrAsk your Grocer for the Co
obrated Star Coffee and Sttr Bakin
Powder ,
Rich Out Qlaes , Fine French Onlna ,
Silver Ware Sic. ,
T enty-four ) e t P 'rlenco In praitltti !
< l > ii eolotfj-
(15 Office 106 Upper Broadway ,
Be Council Bluffs , - low ;
NOTICE. Sptdal advertisements , snc "
Lost , round , To Loan , Cor Sate , To Rent ,
Want * , Boarding , etc. , will ba Inserted In thlc
column at the ov rate of 1KN CF..VTfl PER
UHK ( or tha flrrt Insertion and FIVE CENTS
FKU LINE ( or etich subsequent Insertion.
Leava adr crtleemont * nt our offlce , No. 7
Pntrl Btfrrt ,
WANTED A cond frlrl to an ueticral home-
work In s ra'l ftml ) - . / pply at 819 Mxth
Tl/O1 LI ) IIV-i ft tituitlon in nntoio u oalot-
YV ti < tf. H" hrk-l etpcrlcncc ntl wil
trctil red rcti cs. Spcsks ( Jcrinan end Knglleh ,
Adttrrn n. r. Cm Oil' cc , I
WANTI'.K WO ImlMlnm to move. We in
Miicdtltj-ol tiinU c lioi c < nnd ni
AJilrwuw. 1' . Alif ottn , box 7l , Conncil
'AXTANTKO ( fowl Rlrl for ccntml lieu c-
VV nork.V. . H. Vniulin , tor. I'lcrcoanJ Frank
TTfTANTEU Krcrybodj- Council Bluffs lo
W to take TIIH itBB , SO cents cor neck , do
llvcrod by carrier ! . OlDca , No 7 1'earl Street
pear Ilroftdnty.
To buy 100 tons broom corn
WANTED addrcM Council Ulnffi
Ilroora Fuciory , Council Dln0 . tows. 668-S9tf
For Bale and Rent
" 171011 KENT A ttoriroam oil Mala ( trnot. oj > -
L pslto Ouh'jllc iburoh. Innulro of liock
Cro .
TTIOUSAi.KOItTllADi : A farm of ICO acres.
.1. 70 acres lirnKc , ustono homo 18x'JT and half
story li.ipcinent , al-o stone ntalilo for four horses
anil A good well. It Is tootal In Oslxmio routjty ,
Kanwin , n miles from Osliorno Inquire
at UBK olllcc.
B UICK-200.UCO brick lorsalo,5ry
,6t > KLt ADAY.
OU SAL TA 1OX12 skylight. Suitable ( or
_ h tl _ * ; ' & Apply to Excolalor Gallery.
Dcautilul resilience lota , tflO
Jj each : nothing down , and $3permonth only ,
aplS-tf _
T OST A largo wardrob koy. Liberal ronnrd
JLj to lltdtr. Hnqulro at Boo ofBctf.
. A1IKAD Great SUCCCPS. Call and see
STILL. icccssorlcs and cpcclmcna of plcturce
taken b the reUMilo gelatine broinldo prcci * ' ) ,
ftt the Exeelslor G&llerv lOIMain ntrect.
. W. b. fATlOA fflJNlcian aim Oculist.
Dlt. cure any cr.nnof oororjco. It Is only
a matter of tmo ! , and can euro generally In
from thrco tc five weoka It makes no difference -
once how long dlscaecd. Will ctralghtcn crocs
eyes , operate and remote Ptyrrplnma , etc. , and
Insert artificial oycs. SpccUl attention to ro-
mo\elnc tadoworma ap5-t (
Council bluffs'
Business Birectory ,
Art Gallery.
i\cclslor : photograph ga'lery , South Main St.
ItiBUuitanoous process.
C. CHISi : , Upper Ilroadway.
Dottllnu Works.
II. IIAOO .t CO. , Kast IHerco St.
I' . AYK11S , 017 S. Main St.
Bathing Houses.
MUS. E. J. HAHDINO , M. 1) . , Broadway ami
Olcnn me.
IH. STUULUV , Ifcthwdi Bathliiff House ,
Books and Stationery.
II. E. SUAMAN , Middle Broadway.
OFFICER & I'USKY , eornVr Broadway and Ctl
CITIZENS' BANK , Cth street.
Broom Factory.
MAYNEk CO. , a > cnuo A , and Gth St.
Cigar Manufacturers.
TEMPLETON k LAMI ) , 232 Broadway.
F. II. LEVIN. MS llii , Wy.
L. IIOEKI10FF , 631Main St.
A. II. MAYNE & CO. , 31 Pearl St.
J. BOSS , CIS East Broadway.
SINTON i : WIST , 11 Pearl St.
Dry Goods
IIARKNESS , OUCUTT te CO. , Ilroadwuy an
Ith street.
Eggs Shipper.
O. F. CltAWFOUn , CIO Main Bt.
Furniture Manufactory.
E. 11. STEINHILUnil , tor. 7th a u and 12th Si
Furniture Store.
( A. BEKnE & CO. , 207 and 209 Broadway.
Groceries and Provisions ,
Qunsmlthlng ,
OLL1VEII & QltAIIAM , Ctli rtreet. Ooo.
Bold at eaalcrn prkim mid ituarantecd.
Harness and Saddlery ,
CHAS. WAI.TKIt A. 11HO. , Middle Broa.lw-a' ' '
CIIAS , lKKMANnt : Mldillc Iroo.lway. !
L I Hair Qoodi.
MUS. n. A. lir.NF.UICT. : 7 West Broadna
3 MIW , J. J. -
Livery Stable's.
A. COMITON. 'ill ! llrondway.
W. C. HOLLAND,7Uii South Main .St.
II. BEKCIIO1T , off. 1' . O.
K11 : i.'S HOTEL , ail and EU7 Maliibt
Meat Market.
I ! . W.TICKSOU , KB llrooilwa ) .
J , J , IIIJSS , 328 Ilnxulwu ) . Coma nnd cint
inu forjourn-U.
MllS , J. E. METCALF , M8 Broadway.
Marble and Granite Works.
CONNOIl He OUAXl'.LLA , 117 Broadway.
Merchant Tailors.
JAH. FltANKY , 372 llrculw > .
C1IAH. UICE , IMofr bulldln. % Mil and Ma
JOS liniTKll , 310 llroailway
1 Real Estate and Abstract.
31 - KIMI1.U.L k CHAMP , opposite court houce.
1 , J. W. bljUlltE k CO. , corner Pearl andlut * \
'a I Restaurant.
t- SMITH & | UtGUEN , 4t Broadway.
t ,
Stoves and Tinware.
U. D. AMY A , CO. . NX ) South Main street.
Shirt Factory.
F. F. FOllD. corner Bluff and Willow St.
Undertakers ,
IIOHOAN , KKLLKlt &CO. , 31CanJ317 Itroa
1 > . M. CQyNKLL , IT NortUMaliLSt.
I , U IDHDDD80H , I. b. BllUOiUt. A , V , BTR I
Pretidont. Ylce-i'reVt. Ciibler ,
Of Conuoll Blnff *
Org ulioJ under the liwi of the SUto of Ion
FkldupcaplUl , , 76 , (
AutborUed caplul , . . , 200,1
Ialcre l paid on time dgporit * . Draft * bun
on the principal cltlcji of the Uuitod 8ute4 a
Europe. Bi > oclU sttcutlou jrlvca lo collectlc
und coiriuttdcuco with prompt return * .
J. D. GJmundMa , E. L. bhux&rt , J. T. Hir
W.jW. WiOUw , J. W. lloJIcr , J. A. Mill
A. W. Street. -
MBS , fl , J , HILTON , M , D.
El , 88 2 Broadwav. Do on oil Bluff *
Broadway , and Fonrtli Street , ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
- -
Headquarters-For the Cele
Weber Pianos
, TJ
Toys and Fancy Goods
Wholesale and Retail.
Address ,
o d. MUELLER ,
Guarantees the Best $1.50 , $1.75 and $2.00
Bluff and Mow Sreets , Council Bluffs ,
IlbW SW US * K * iMiW3rr < 2 B&AttiKMiltk ckllE&Qtra
Wo make the following a specialty :
and correspondence promptly attended to. Office and Manufactory
S. E. Cor. 7th Avo. nnd 12th Street , COUNCIL BLUFFS , IOWA.
TJ3SBT X > 3E2
Tbo finest quality'and largest stock west of Chicago of wooden and metalic cases.
Calls attended to at nil hours. We defy competition In quality of goods or prices.
Our Kir , Morgan baa nerved ns undertaker for forty years nnd thoroughly understands
his business. WAKEROOMS , 34C AND 357 BUOADNVAY. Upholstering in
all its Iminclicd promptly attended to ; also carpet-laying and lambrequins. Telegraphic -
graphic und mail orders filled without delay.
Made from the F-noat Unit and Hopn , with water obtained
from the
This Water ia known everywhere for its Purity and Wholesome Qaalitlos.
Also Dealers in C. Conrad & Co , 'a Original Budweiser Beer , manufactured in St ,
Louie , Mo. tarOrderu in the City or Prom Abroad Promptly Filled ,
Wholesale Dealer In and SOLE AUENT FOR Joseph Schlltz Brewing
Company's Celebrated
No. 711 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Ioa. Order * from the sountry elicited
City orders to families and dealers delivered free.
C. A. BEEBE & CO. ,
Wholesale ud KeUll Dealers In
Nos , 207 & 209 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Merchant Tailor
A ! aysko pa on hand the Bnc t uwortmont of matcrlaltor gentlemen' * wear. 6ktlitctloneuu ( nU d
Millinery , Dreasmaklns , Etc. Outtmz ana Fitting a Spodlolty.
No , MS ItroiJwav , Oppotlte Ilevero Houio.
Laces , Embroideries , and Ladies Underwear.
Utndkerchlefi , hoae of all tludi , thread , plni , oecdloi , etc. We hope tbe lialea will call
and tee our itock ol good * .
Merchant Tailor.
( Late Cutter for Metcalf B . , )
Devol's New Building , Main Street.
ICO XX ) Council Bluffs , la ,
led Sulta to order $18 and upwards. "
I' ( Succenaon to J. I1. & i , K. C mdy. )
Abstract , Real Estate and Loan Brokers.
We hwe the only complete telolaUtract book * to all city loti tnd Undi la FotU tUml
couuty. TlUei examined nod ibitracU furrlihwl OD khort notice. Money to loon on cit > tnd bra
ll. propeitr. khort u > d long time , In lumt to lult the Urrowtr , lie&l eitt bought nd loii 01&i
| the old tUu J opposite court bmuw-