Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 28, 1882, Page 4, Image 4

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The Omaha Bee
Fnb'Johod every morning , otoept'.Snndajr
the only MonJay laornlng dally ,
One Vsftr KO.OO I Tr res Months.$3.00
Blx Months , n.OO I Oue , . 1.00
I1IE WT.KKtY DEE , pnblUlcd e ? .
OnnTear P2.00 I Three Monlht. ,
Ir Months. . . . 1.00 | Ono . .
AutBioAS NEWS COMPANY , Sola Ant ( *
ot Newsdealers tn the Tutted State : .
i.tlonn relating to New * imd Editorial mV-
rs should bo wtdreimod to the horroB or
ff nit Bur.
tetters MU ! ItcmltUmcf * shotUd be d
rese l to TUB Urn rtnawiUMO Oo
AWT , OziAltA. Draft * , Check * nnd Port-
ffloe Order * to be ra de payable to the
rder of the Uompanyl
The BEE PUBLISHING 00 , , Props
No candidate who Is not pledged to
anti-monopoly should fiud a Boat in
the state legislature this winter.
TKNTH street property holders are
mtili for stone bloclc pavements. The
beat Is always the cheapest in the
long run.
THK tariff commission haven't been
heard o. * for aeveral dnya. The rumor
that ita members have been driven to
commit suicide by press criticism is
unconfirmed , , ,
DoitflKY has engaged Bon IJuttcr to
dotend him in liis next trial. lien
will bo remembered aa the lawyer who
naved a client by helping him out of
the window of a consultation room.
the Buffering sintcrn nro
howling over woman's rights on the
stump and on the platform , the cradle
nnd the homo might toll another
story of family wrongs ;
MAKAOKI ; TAUTAHR hns como to an
understanding with the engineers on
the Gould roads by conceding three
and a half cunts n irilo to pasieiigcr
four [ cents a mile to freight cngi
neors , 100 miles to constitute a day'a
Eovrr , with a population of 0,000 ,
000 , with 5,000,000 ncrea of tillable
land , with a tax revenue of10,000 ,
000 , half of which goes to pay interest
on the public debt , line had to expend
$400,000 per annum for many yearn
on foreign oflicialn.
ONE of our contemporaries throws anew
now light on the prayer teat question.
Announcing the illno&a of its editor it
adds "All sub-
piously : good paying -
acribora are requested to mention him
in their prayora. The others need
not , na the prayers of the wicked avail
nothing. "
The Cincinnati Commercial thinks
. Blaine i '
a nomowhat'prom-
J t public man. , Ho has had in tire
republican conventions a ma-
thoeo who'roprcBontod republican -
lican atatoB , That may happen again ,
the stalwarts are doing nil they can for
AT the -rate at which machine
ringaters are reading all republicans
out of the party who dare oppose ring
mothodn , vro shall soon have a cor >
iruptod party organization on ono sldo
and nothing within the party ranks
on the other. Two can .piny at the
Rime of reading out of party ,
TUB advocates of woman suffrage
who are clumping tho'.country for
their favorite "loin" announce thorn
Ksolves as unusually happy in their
iomo relations. The husbanaa and
children who are loft behind are yet
to bo hoard from on the other side of
'the ' story.
SWCET HILL MAHONH , of "Virginia " ,
iis alarmed at Blaino'a vigorous denun
ciation of his rcadjuator party and ia
after the sstilp of every political sym
pathizer of the plumed knight who
holds oflico in Virginia. Mr. Muhono
has had his day. Lika hundreds of
other congressmen who have oon-
foundoJ patriotism with plunder ho
has loot public sympathy , iiopujia-
tion and oflleo brokerage are not
planks which ought to find u plaoo in
republican platforms and recognition
of ropudlators and oflico brokers by
republicans is equally aa objootion-
THK odtlpr of Tuc UEE ha been re
quested by Miss Susin 15. Anthony to
meet her in Joint debate on tbo sub
ject of woman suDTr io at ar. early
day in Omtho ; , Tl e ohallougo
boon accepted and Hopday
named as the duto conditional upon
ecurini ; ntaifiilo place in which it
an bo hold. If It difli Anthony's
destro ihnt all Omata work-
ingmou who eau bo present ,
will attend , as a large portion of her
argument vlll bo directed to them os
pecially. The .question of granting
the right of EunVago to women iu No
Inska is to 1)0 determined at' the
coming election , nud the pro's and
con's of the subject ought to ba caru
fully considered , The opinions of
thU paper on the expediency of
giving women the ballot are too well
known to render nooeaiary any elate
merit of the position which ita editor
will maintain in tbo coming die
If lion. Mi K. Tumor represents
nothing in his candidacy for congress
in Iho Third district ho has no claim
upon republican voters. This Is con
If Charles Wolfe , in PennaylvnniA ,
had roproeontod no principle ho could
not have roaeonably ospcclcd the
vctes of the 50,000 republicans which
ho received for atato treaaurer.
What docs Mr. Turner's candidacy
represent ? What are the grounds
upon which ho aels the support of the
republicans uf the Third district 1
This is a question which every voter
has n right to ask , and upon its nn
iswar must depend the support which
Mr. Turner will receive.
And fnul , lion. M. II , Turner rep
resents thousands of staunch republi
cans in Nebraska whodesiro to remain
within the party ranks , if Iho warty
can bo purged of the corporation in
Iluencce which are now weakening its
strength throughout our atato.
As n republican who has voted the
ropubllcan ticket since ho obtained the
right to vote , nnd who fought for re
publicnn principle.1 ! in the war of the
rebellion , Mr. Turner refuses to bo
read out of the republican party because -
cause his views upon the relations of
corporations to political organizations
do not meet with the approval of Ne
braska monopoly managers.
Ho represents a large and n grow
ing class of our citizens who have pro
tested against the barefaced control of
the party in Nebraska by the rail *
roads , nnd who are disgusted with
monopoly domination , but who prefer
an appeal to the honesty nnd good
BOIIHO cf republicans to remedy the
evil haforo going ouUido of the party
lines to seek n cure for the disease.
Mr. Turner's candidacy isbasod on the
belief that n majority of republicans
in the Third district have been mis
represented by u railroad minority
through the nomination of E , K. Vnl
untiuo. The irregular proceedings of
the railroad convention at Fremont ,
the outrageous methods used to nom
iimto n notorious monopoly tool , and
the dliciont moans put into operation
to itrlllo nil expression on the popular
oontimciit of the anti-monopoly itsuo
combined to mtiko Mr. Turners
nomination a parly ncccuesity in order
to prevent party defeat.
Sir. Turner's candidacy voices
platform which pledges him to work
and vote for republican principles ante
; o labor on the side of the people
against the aggressions of the mo
nopolies. It pledges him on bohall
of the producers of this state to
efforts against thu evasion of taxes
by the monopolies through the reten
tion of thousands nf ncrcs of uupat-
ontcd lands. Through its doMara-
tionn he binds himself , on behalf ol
Nebraska and the voters of the Third
district to use all efforts to secure the
regulation and rostriotio n by law ol
corporate monopolies. The demands
of the platform upon which Mr.
Turner ntaads are themselves suftlo
ont reason for his candidacy. The
monopoly republican candidate does
not and cannot voice them.
Finally Mr. Turner's candicacy fmdn
ita justification in Iho encouragement
and itupport which it is receiving.
That encouragement and support is
based on a fooling that the people ant
the party must find representation
outside of the representatives of the
railroads. The revolt which is re
sponsible for Mr. Turner's position is
a revolt for the individual liberty of
republicans against the arrogant dic
tation of the monopolies. And a *
such it ought to , and will receive , the
support which it deserves.
THKHH are two ways to reform a
party. Ono ia to purify it by ousting
the ringaters nnd corrupt men who
ruti the party machinery. The other
to defeat ring candidates by a party
vote given to Independent or opposi
tion candidates. The last method in
now being attempted in Pennsylvania
and Now York. In the first state , in
dependent candidates have been nom
inated by republicans who are oppcsoc
to the Cameron dyntisty. In Now
York thouoandit of republicans wil
vote for the democratic nominees , to
cxproHS their disgust ut tlio methods
which secured Fulgor'a nomination for
Til ere n ro tiroes when the only wa ;
to purify a party machinery ia tlirougl
the defeat of its oindidnte. Whet
designing and corrupt politicians
capture the p&rty organization mu
entrench themselves in its puaoctcioi
by the power of , plunder and otlicu
brokerage the obligation' hones
voters to support the pariy nomlua
UOIIH ceases. As is well said by the
Bullalo JiVMj , "Tfco voluntary obli
( jation which holds .political parties
together ia ono of mutual honor ant
confidence. When thtt confidence is
botraycd und thu known wishes of the
members of thu party overborne by
weans ( ho moot foul und die-
honorable , what becomes of the
obligations ? Men go into parties
an into other partnurnhipa to
forward their mutual desires and in
terest * . But if a mau catches his
partner beating him byalee balances
or forged telegrams , docs ho any longer
recognize an obligation to trust that
partner and co-operate with him for
their rautual advantage ?
The unwritten code of party obli.
gallon binds each member of a party ,
If ho Iu tend * to continue hU party re-
ations , to acquiesce in the will of the
majority when fairly expressed. But
hero is no code , written or unwritten ,
expressed or implied , which binds the
majority to bend to the will of the
minority , because the minority has
ty fraud obtained control of the party
machine ,
"Fraud vibrates everything. Con
there be any obligation to accept a
verdict obtained by frand J The pco-
[ > 1o nt largo who are not professional
oHice-hnntors join a pi'ty because
they hope by doing 10 to aid in for
warding poliltttil purposes and princi
pics in which they believe. But if
they find th t by fraud the party is
made to rvpmrul purvKwea nnd priii'
ciplrs which they do not only dlsap
prove but det t , lc * any fair obliga >
tion rftt ojvin the hcnctt party man
to lend hii roicff and vote to make
that vile fraud cuVctivot Docs not ,
on the contrary , every obligation of
honor and truth aud good faith urga
liim to the work of rebuking that fraud
nnd robbing it of the effect which its
perpetrators intended 7"
After the roaring farce of the Tay
lor court martial , Iho colonel was
jravcly reprimanded for presuming to
enlist political influence in behalf of
Ins retention of station at Newport
Barracks. If Generals Drum and
Sherman are in earncnt , every brigadier
dior general in the army ought at
once to bo placed under arroit for violation
elation of general orders , and eight
colonels should bo called to the front
to keep them company. The trouble
IB nil nbout a vacant major general
ship which will ho filled after Oc
tober 14 Ih by the promotion
of n brigadier general. On thai
date Oon , WcDjnell is retired en
account of ngo under the provisions
of the now retirement bill. Generals
Pope , Howard , Terry , Augur , Crook
and Miles are nil eager applicants for
the position , and the political wires
are being pulled with a vigor which
can only bo aroused by the proapocl
of a 92,000 a your increase in salary
and n soft service station nt some
division hondquarterj. If precedence
on the list is to ba strictly observed
Gen. Pope will take the prizo. Bui
as the rule of sonority has not always
been observed in appointments
above the colonelcy all of the other
candidates entertain hopes that their
military records and the active influ
ence of political friend ) will push
them through. For nil this , General
Pope will secure the commission. Ho
has the political backing , nnd ia no !
afraid of a court martial in using it.
When seniority and General Grant
combine to pull an officer through the
war department competitors may as
well hantt their harps on the weeping
willows , and wait for another chance
at the politicians.
The promotion of a brigadier genera
will leave a vacancy in the ranks o
the brigadiers , ana a still livelier
scramble than that for the double stai
of the major general is now in progresi
among the ranking colonels , The ap
plicanta are Cols. H , J. Hunt , nnc
Goo. W. Getty , artillery ; U. S. Mo-
Kenzio , Edw. Hatch , Benjamin H.
Grioraon and Wesley Merritt , cavalry ,
nud Davids Stanley and John Gibbon ,
infantry. It is known that McKenzie -
zio , Getty , Stanley and Grierson are
particularly favorites of Gen. Sher
man , aud it ia thought that ono of
those four will bo selected for promo
tion , although many think that tbo
splendid record of Col. Wesley Mor-
ritt will give the desired position to
him. The promotion which will fol
low will bo tnado iu regular order
from thu branch of the service to
which tbo promoted colonel belongs ,
either cavalry , infantry or artillery.
Still wo hear no news of coming court
tnartiala or official reprimands. Gen
eral Sherman and Adjutant General
Drum complacently look upon thu
button-holing uf politicians and the
efl'jrta of congressional delegations to
pull through their military favorites.
A court-martialed brigadier would bo
a curiosity-nowadays.
IN response to a newspaper attack
on the railway system in California ,
ux-Govcrnor Leland Stanford' , presi.
dent of thu Southern Pacific , has
nritttm a letter discussing > in detail
the charges made , That the railway
facilities of thu state can bo called a
monopoly ho domes , because ho says
thu great volume of California ruil-
nay business ia subject to competition
by water. Si , Lorn * Jlepnllictm.
Lelnnd Stanford is a scoundrelly
hypocrite. Ilia special contract sys
tem , which advances the prices by rail
to all merchants who dare use the
water route to the east , has stifled
competition by water to San Francisco
and whipped the business men Into
patronage of the monopolies ,
1 ia somewhat odd that from Wash
ington , the ioat of that government
which is based upon the principle that
all men are created free and equal ,
should come news of indignation
among the parents of the scholars of
a certain public school to which two
colored children have been admitted.
The circumstance ia the more note
worthy because the colored children
are eminently respectable , ono of
them being the ion of no lpes a per
sonage than a profwior in the How.
ard university.
SUMUEK ia gradually slipping o.uthe
lap of , autumn , ,
There are eomo grounds for the
complaint that women's wages are
often lower proporticnately than
men's. When women perform the
same quality nnd quantity of work as
men they deserve the same wages.
Many of the women clerks in the gov
ernment employ are underpaid , because -
cause they receive loss than men who
do no more and no better work than
they do , So , too , in our schools there
is no doubt that quite frequently
women are paid less than
the amount for which men of
the same qualifications would
fill the position Still , as n rule , in
the classes of employment open to
women , their wagon are regulated by
exactly the same laws which govern
the wages of men. Ono of theeo is
the laffof supply and demand. An
other is the law of physical utrength.
A false pride in women has contracted
the field of employment which they
might otherwise occupy. For instance
there ia n constant demand for domes
tic servants , The wages paid to ncr
vnnt girls in Atncrici are higher than
those of six-tenths of the average
workitigmon. They nro greater than
those which could bo commanded in
Europe by experienced housekeepers.
But the mans of American girls prefer
a pittance in a store or factory to a
homo and hundred and fifty dollars a
year as a domestic servant. In con-
scquonco an overwhelming majority
of our servants are foreign born and
the woman's labor market is gutted
by the great numbers who seek em
ployment in other occupations. This
ia largely thocauno of the low wngeo.
Employers have a habit of securing
help as cheaply as they can , nnd
where Jive vroraon nro applicanto
for ono place the price of labor is certain
tain to bo lower than whnro five posi
tions nro bidding for ono woman.
Contraction of the number of occu
pations in which they can earn wages
is nho duo to the physical con
stitution of women. All trades which
require severe nud continuous phyai
cal exertion arj cloacd becauoo the
great majority of women cannot com
pete with men for the wages which
they offer. It is not because men are
prejudiced against women thatjwo fine
our foundries , our blacksmith and
machine shops , and every other branch
of trade which requires brawny arms
: tnd broad backs , closed to women.
It ia simply bocauau Women have not
the broad bickn or the brawny arms
required to fill these positionsthatthoy
fail to find employment in them. The
same cause acts in barring women
from a number of the professions requiring
quiring sustained mental effort jolnoc
to a strong physical constitution
There is no reason now why women
should not enter the law and modi
cine. But the number of femali
lawyers and physicians will always
bo small because , except in isolate *
instances , women will prove physic
ally incapacitated for the arduou
duties of thrso professions. Thosi
are the causes which operate to
contract what the , clatnorers after
woman suffrage eat "the sphere o
woman , " and the contraction ot thai
aphoro by natural causes , not by
"man's tyranny , " glutting the female
labor market , reduces nt the same
time the wages which women cat
Lot us suggest that the first ate ]
towards enlarging "woman's sphere'
is the development of a more robue
typo of American womanhood. Thi
palo faces and lymphatic temperaments
monts of the girls of the United State
have created a distinctively American
typo of woman. The "ephero" of t
clear complexion , of ruddy cheeks ,
of glowing health , is too much
neglected , and the result is
a state nf health which as
sista in rendering women unfi
for many ot the occupatians und profession
fossion in which they , nt present , can
fiud employment. Prejudice nannoi
win the day against energy. A physi
cal and a mental torco which can bo
transformed into wealth production
will always command employment. It
is a marketable commodity , whicl
whether possessed by man or womat
can bo turned into dollars and ceuta
No amount of argument can cxpluit
away the great fact that in the struggle
for existence , which is only another
name for life , the weakest muat go to
the wall when they enter into com
petition with the strong. If this Is
"tyranny" it is the tyranny of (
natural law.
Toomvw Coming Out.
rhlUdfUhlt 1'rfM. .
Itobort Toombi , of Georgia , Is nbou
to join the church. Is this merely tin
way of announcing that ho has left tin
democratic party ? < (
And It Will Keep Htm on toe Alert
FhlluUlphU Times.
It will now bo well enougS for A
Cheater A. Arthur to keep hia eye ou
Mr. James G. Blaine forthu next two
Volcoa From Antiquity ,
fcit , LouU Ulobc- Democrat ,
The democrats have cot Bon Butler
back again in their party. Ho has
been absent without leave for twenty-
two yoara. When last heurd from in
that organization lip was casting hit
fifty-seventh voto-for Jeff Davis BB the
presidential nominee of the Charleston
Hla Family Succeea.
H |
The Boston Transcript says the
nomination of Oliver Ames for lieu
tenant governor by the Massachusetts
epublicans "deservedly recognizes a
nmily whoso own succees in business
lave carried prosperity and comfort
o hundreds of other households. "
Phis , doubtless , refers to the historic
> rnctico of the family in putting its
money "where it will do the most
; ood. " Or perhaps it relates to the
araily "success" in counterfeiting ita
rival's trade marks.
Stand up ,
Cutter Leader.
From now until the election in No-
vcmbor wo may luok for a surfeit of
'alscmo adulation of the Great Valen-
, ino from the Omaha Republican nnd
ta echoes in the Third district.
"Statesmanship" will bo their stand
ing head for the next forty days , when
referring in any manner to the great
West Pointer. And worst ol all ,
Val must suffer it all in silence. As
the elegant and flowery llazlott would
nay : "Stand up , E. K. , and take your
'hog wash.1
M. K. Turner for Congress.
Ciutcr Leader.
The Leader believes it is voicing the
sentiments of a largo majority of the
voters of Ouster county , as it most em
phatically does that of its editor , when
it places at the head of its colums , as
its preferred candidate for congress ,
the name of M. K. Turner , ot Platte
Ot the gentleman himself wo know
bat little. But ho is nominated upon
a platform which the republicans of
this district can indorse as voicing
their views with no uncertain eonnd.
For years the young state of Ne
braska has been working for home
rule , for n "government of the people ,
by the people nnd for the people ,
and for years she has worked nnd
watched in vain. Reformation , when
it does como , as come it will , must
como through the republican party.
No third party can over gain the con-
Dddonco of the people and hope to
succeed. The grand old party of pro-
gresn has not yet fulfilled its mission
iu this land ot ours , and although it
may become the prey of factions and
plundororo for n time , wo believe the
honest masses of it voters will event
ually bring it back to its duty advo
cacy ot the most advanced ideas of
the American people.
Conventions , like legislatures , do
not always voice the sentiments of the
people they nro presumed to repre
sent , nnd judging from the character
of many of the delegates to the con
vention that nominated E. It. Valentino
tine , wo know they did not represent
the of their constituents. The
men who nominated him touched on
110 vital issue that is agitating the state
io-day. They did not , because they
dare not. The dictum had gone forth
that they ohould not agitate these sub
jects , and they dare not disobey their
bosses. They may consider that they
represented the republican party of
Nebraska , but to-day that party is al-
moot n unit on the anti-monopoly
question , were the people gtv'en a fair
dunce , inside the party organization ,
to oxprops their views.
Mr. Turner ia nominated on the
only true republican platform. Re
sistance to tyranny and oppression of
whatever kind and in whatever shape
is the very essence of its principles.
Not blind submission , the many to the
few , but resistance to and removal of
every obstacle to the advancement of
the best interests of all.
Wo know very well what this break
from the dictation of the railroad
ring will call forth. The brain of
every Valentine editor , in the district
and out of it , will be ransacked for
expletives of scorn , comtempt and
ridicule to hurl at those v/ho dare as
sert that they think morn of republi
can principles than they do of' the so-
called oarty organization as it existo
in this state at the present time. But
what they say matters little , as abuse
from such sources is generally proof
positive of the honesty of the recip
Every effort will be made to defeat
Mr. Turner. Money will bo poured
out like wato' , lies concocted , Valentino
tine represented as the Messiah of
Nebraska republicans nnd Turner as
their Judas Iscarlot. But in'tho ' face
of all this wo believe the latter gen
tleman represents the sentiments of a
majority of the voters of this district ,
and shall work and fight and pray for
his success.
* Wo are persuaded that the ancient
Hermes with all the subtle art and
natural resources of the Alchemist ;
was a very poor doctor compared with
"Mra. " Lydla B inkham , of Lynn ,
Mass. Hermes may have boon after
nil only a clover practitioner of the
Black Art ; but wo know there is no
humbug in Iho pharmaceutical chom-
is'try of Mra Pinkham's Vegetable
Fatal Riot in a Church.
Special Dispatch to The liee.
During the session of the Baptist as.
sociation at Hampton cross-roads yes
terday , two young men under the influence -
fluenco of liquor began n pistol com
bat iu the church , causing a panic
umong the worshippers. Levi Bryson
wus fatally shot by Jerry Cox , but ho
nucceeded in fatally shooting Cox.
Both died in church.
Jnme Pearson , 28 Sixth street , Butf Jo ,
fays : "I hti\8 Uted your Sriu.vo BLOSSOM
fur myself and family , and think it luval
untile na n household remedy , for reyulnt
log the bowel , liver nnd kidneys , 1 dhall
never be without it. " Price 60 wnts ,
trial bottle * 10 ceute.
Dee 1 1 lanio bock or o disorder * ! urine
Indicate .hat you ere a victim ? THEN DO
? OACO ( JruiclstJ rejoiumrtuUt ) anil Hwill
* j jpecdlly overoomo the dUnutt and restore
alUiy action to aU Uioor aa ,
I'or Complaints p cull j
oad wukncuM , KIDNEY. WORT U traiur-
paued.aaitwill act promptly and ufoljr.
K lUtacr Sox. Incontinence , retention ol
* urine , brick duat or ropr depociu , anddull
" drtselaffpalnj.oUipecdUy yield tolt cur-
atlvo power , il ! >
B" > Price u
Gornioasi &o , Mnnnfaotnred
13th St. , 4 Omh , ftNeb- '
Propr itfo
Offices 15th and Douglas
No. 3)1. Itotnttful roiMoncc lot on SSrrmin
street , nun htad ot St. Miry'n aventio , $2 7CO.
No. 314. fulllton 19lh itrtet , near Popplo-
lon's. JfCO.
No. 316 , Full aero r n Hurt street , near Convent
of gacred HenrSI,20il.
No. 317. Kulliot on C.Mirorn'ancarSlatslrcot ,
o. 818. Two lota ru Co arJ , Dour Sanndtra
Itieet , 81CCO-
No. 319. Two lots on Ctiulsa , near Saundcri
strwt , ? lttO.
No. 320. Ha f acre ou Cumbg street , near l > Jt >
ton , f47r .
No. 321. Six heiutlul rosldcuco loll , Une ve\r ! ,
on Mt. I'lcasint avinuo , near H.viscom I' r ,
No. 32 ? . Unv-haltacreoa California6rc8tnear
C canton Co lece. 11CCO.
No. 323. Twu lots on ilarcy street , near 13th
street , SB.C01 ,
No. 32J. Tuolotson Dcdijcnear OroroBtrect ,
SinltliV addition.
. o. 325. Four aero Uo.k In West Omaha ,
$ JOC , .
Choice 4 aero block In Smith's addition at west
end of Kirnam ttreot will plvo any length ol
time required at 7 per cent Interest.
Also a splcndU 10 ncro block In Smith's addi
tion on name liberal tcimi ai too foregulnir.
No. SOS , Half lot onlurd near Clh sttost ,
nee No S04 , Lot on 18th rtrest near Paul , 12CO.
No 302 , Lot.COi230 feet on 15th ttreot , near
Nicholas ( SOO.
No 299 , Ono quarter Acre on Bart street , neat
Dutton $600.
No 297 , Two lots on Btondo near Irene street ,
f250 and $300 each.
No 298 , Two lota on Qeorzla near Michigan
ntroet. 81200.
No205 , Twelve choice residence lota on Hamil
ton street In Shlnn'a addition , fine and eight ] ) .
$3 > 0 to 3500 each.
No 291 , Beautiful half lot on St. Marr' avenue -
enuo , SOxlSO feet , Lear BUhcp Clarkgon'i end
20th street , 81MX ) .
No 202 , Two choice lot ! on Pirk nvenaa , 60i
1DO each , on street railway , 3300 each.
No291Slz lota In Mlllard & Caldwoli'a addition
on Sherman Aroiiao near I'opplctou's , t3COto
No 285 , Four lot * on Uoca'ur and Irene
streeU , near Saundera atn.ut , $375 to $460 each.
No 282 , Lot on 19th uocr Paul etrcct. $760.
No 281 , Lot 65x180 feet near at. Mury'a aveuuo ,
and 20th street , 91600.
No 279 , Lot on Uecatur near Irene street , f72l
No 278 , Four lots on Caljwull , near lUundert
street , $600 each.
No 276 , Lotou Clinton street , near shot tower ,
No 276 , Four lot ) on JJcLellun street , near
Blonde , Kagan's addition , JJ23 fioh.
No 274 , Three loU near race courx : make
No 263 , Beautiful corner acre lot on California
street , opposite And ad joining tUtrtid Heart Con
vent Rrounds , $1000.
No20o , Lotou Mason , near 16th street , $1,850.
100 lots In "Credit Fonder"and "Grand View1
additions , Juat south-cast of U. 1' and B. & M.
hallroad uepotaranglniffrom $160 to$1000cacb
and on cary terms.
Beautiful llcaldcnro I > ota at a bargain very
handy to shops 12 i to 60 eh , B per cent down
aniH&juraent per month. Call and get plat and
lull particulars.
No 260 , Full corner lot on Jonw , Near 16U >
street , $3,000.
No 263 , Two lots on Center street , near Cum'
Ing street , $300 for both or $600 each.
NoJSlJ , Lot on tievrard , near King- street ,
No 149 , Half let on Dodge , near llth street ,
No 217 , Four beautiful renldenc lot * ueai
Crelgbton College ( or will separate ) $8,000.
No 246 , Two lots on Center , near Cumlng
street , $625 and J100 each.
No 216 } , l.t ou Idaho , near Cumin ? street
Nol46 ! , ISoautlful corner acr lot on Cumin ? ,
near luttnn street , utar new Convent of Sacred
Heart , $1,600.
No. 244 , Lot orryarnam , near 18th street ,
No 211 , Lot on Farnam , nor SOth street ,
No. 229 , corner lot on Burt , uvar 22J ttrcet
No. 233. 120x132 Icct J Harney , near Slth ,
street , ( Mill cut It up$2,400.
No. 234 , Lot on IMuglaa strtet , near 26'tb ,
No. 227 , Two lots on Decatur.'near Irene tlrcet ,
$200 each.
t\o Z2J , Lot 14 * by 441 feet on Sherman t > e
nueieth iticet ) . nea Oroco , $1,000 , wllldlfldo.
No 220 , Lot 23s68. < cit on Uodge , near 13tb
ttrect ; nnko an cflir.
No 217 , Lot on 23rd near Clarlf. $500.
No 210 , Lot on Hamilton near King , HOC.
No 303 , Lot on Uth street , near Nicholas
? SOO.No
No 207 , Two lots on 16th , near Paclflo street ,
SI .600 ,
No SOI , Bcautlfill rcillcnca lot on DUialon
street , near Cuinlnu , C'lOU.
No 194 } Lot on 16th street , near Pierce ,
No 198 ] , LoU on Sauuderi street , near Sow.
No 1U2J , Two lots on 17th ktrcet , near whltt
lead works , $1,050.
N ISSi ; One full block ten lob , Bear the
barracks , $100.
No 191 , Lot on Parker , itrtet , near Irene
No 183' Two lots en Case , Dear 21st street
( Kilt ixJgD ) , tu.OOo.
No IbO , Lot on Pier near Sevmd , $ t 0.
No 170Lo6 on Paclllc street , uo r llth ; make
offer ,
No 1D6 , Six loU ou Farcim , near Slth street
$2.400 to 12,650 each.
No 163 , Full block on 25th itrrcet , nea ) race
CMuro , and three lots In UUes addition , near
baundeis and Cassius strettn , $2,000 ,
No 126 , Lot on Ittth street , near white ead
works , $525.
No 122 , 1321132 feet (2 ( lotl , on 16th ctreel.
near Popplctcn'a , $1,600.
Noll'J , Thirty half acre lota In Mlllard & Cal.
dwell e additions ou Sherman avenue , Xprln and
fcaratjga strueUi , near the eud of grtea btrcet
car track , (900 to $ lbOO oach.
Mo 89 , Lst on Chic-rca near ! J s'.iect ,
NebS , Lot on Vtildwell street , near Saundert ,
No 76 , 8Cj83feet on PaclEc , near 8tta street
kotO , UKhtren lots nn SIst ! 2d , 23J and
daunden utreeu , near Grace andtiaunders ttre
bridge. $500 ca-.h .
No , Ono-fourth block (160x135 ( feet ) , cetr
tie Convent of Poor Clatrc , ou Hainlltoa tr t
mar Ibo end of th * rod itrcxit rar trac . * $1,0(0
Nol , Lotonllarmy , ccarlSthrj,500.
LoU In Uarbach's 1st anil 2d additionn. swso
loU In Parker's , Sh'un'n , Nelson' * , ItcJick'ti ,
UlM's , Lake's , and all the sther additions at any
pil.eaand terms.
Real Estate Agency ,
16th ana uotugaa Streets ,
A Gnro Cnro for nil rr.3IAI.Il WJSAK-
NKSSKy Including I.cuconhcrn , Ir
regular nnil Painful Jlcnatnmtlon ,
Inflammation nnd IJIcernUon of
the Womb , Flooding. P O-
I.Al'HtiB UTERI , &c.
Cfl-npawinttothotarte , efflcadous and ImmedlaU
In lt < effect. Ithfterrathtlpln preenancy , and n-
UoTci pain during labor and nt repilar porluO.
rinsirmstMMT jMii'itifir.m IT rntiir.
ryFon iuWEA5Z r3 nf the Bunorallrn organt
o * cither mi , It Ijwcondtono remedythr.t has over
been before the public 1 and for (01 illsrafel of the
KIDKTTS It Is the Ortatut Ktmcily < n the n'or.'rf.
rind Circnt Itcllrf in Itn t' e.
will cnullcate i-ry vcstlKo of Ilumora troni th
Itlood , at the Kinia tlmo will dro tone rind ft-tiiBth to
tlicBjitcm. AsimirTeUonalni ulton tUoConii und.
nrBoth the Comp-rand end Blood Furincr ere pre
pared at I and JK Western ATCn e , Lynn , Xaw.
Prlcoot cither , $1. Dlx bottles for $5. Tlio CotniioLni
In pent by mall In Iho form of plllo , or \mniyte , on
receipt of price , 81 pvr l x for rltbcr. Mr.i. rhihhara
freely amwern Ml IctUr * of Inquiry. En l wScen
itatnp. Bend for piunplilit. Kentlon tht l\ipr.
Tl.Ti > u n. lIsintAii's I rrtn PI B euro Ccnstlpa-
tlon. HUlouincM and Torpidity of tUo Llrcr. 25 conU.
/S".Sold by oil UrncKlfita.tra O >
Are acknowledged to be the
best by all who have put them
to n practical test ,
DIIOE/'O QTfllfC f > fl
DiJUKb OlUVb llU. ,
Piercy & Bradford ,
$500 REWARD.
The above reward will be paid to any i > crso
who will produce a Taint that will equal the
Pennsylvania Patent Rubber
Paint ,
for prenmlng , Tin and Orarel llooh.
Warranted to 1 * Klru und Wa'cr Proof. All
ordure promptly attended to. Cheaper nnd bit
ter than any other lulnt now In use.
Pole Proprietors , Oinilii House , Omaha , K b.
Officer & Pusoy , lir lllce , lir. 1'inney , Kullor.
Coundl IliifTK. loira.
llm offlV , Omaha , Neb.
The beet ID the country ; for the monty.
M. A. McNamara ,
No. 314 e. Fourteenth Her' t
General Undertakers ,
Sletalio , Wood and Cloth Covered
, ,
constantly on baml. Orders ttende conn
trvBoHclted. nc > prempthfrnm thH to.
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Elephant Oorrall
( 'oithcf Wyemtui ; Coal Yurd. )
llv ° Cp/UCi10n' 8. * ? and CommlMlon. Bil
H y , Lta. rarmer'n termi raodarate.
CA 4JIAMVqND.JProprIo rn
Hoadparfcers of Jlio Litoratl ,
Ilia CheaposJ , Urgent ncd choicest cell tloo
tin the Wi-yl ,
Cash paid for Bocoud-Hand Booker
or exchanged for new.
Manufacturer ! and Dealer ! to
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