Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 28, 1882, Page 2, Image 2

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Grand Forks h s a lady carriage ,
_ _ P.imo . vftluable doga havc.been poisoned
The new depot nt Hope , Grlfgs county ,
n about finished.
MayvllUvhas newj photograph gallery
ruid a jewelry itore.
The Jatneitonn brewery ] produce * 4
gallons of beer per day.
A Grand Forks brlskyard burneil over
n million bricks this few > n.
Forgo tcho , ls ha\o four hundred and
twority-four names enrolled.
II. F. Miller , of Fargo , .has leeigned I'm
_ .i ai ilty attorney ,
.lamwtown Is Ukjng ulcpi toward the
establishment of a itfeo reading roitn.
IVof. Fowler , the celebrated phrerolo
rrfsr , In giving lectures through iiorthern
A lar e nntnbcr of neat residence ) arc
Koine up hi Blimarck , to co.t f inui.81,009
A prominent hotel keeper "f 2 ow Votk
trill establish n fust clam hostlery in Man
din next season.
At Galena ( HUcTeHll ! ) on the 10th ,
- Frank Da ey nliot atid instantly killed ] ' '
< Joruian in telf-dcfense.
" " " "Threshing was cotnplotcd in Grand
Forks couhly about the iiTitli. Throd d l-
lais per day was p&ld tor help during
Iver Helling , of Mayvillp.Tralll county ,
who w thrown from mi wagon whllo
dmnk recently , struck ( on his head nnd
UloJ loitantly. -
A children's Jnblleo society was organ
trftd In Furgo Recently , with 1'rol , Church
at thelr'head and to bo their Instructor fpr
the coming ye r.
Th work of 'driving piles for tile new
Casi county couit huum is half doao. The
cost toi tiie ceiiuly is 333.000 per loot for
the ctitlro fquudatlon.
Kist Grand Torki in luvlng n { boom ol
it ) own , Ihtjpoopln. who are tin enter-
pricing i-ct , have ordered material fur n
weekly iiotvsiinper and luvo other projects
on foul to nla tlio town.
Mr. .T. J. Hill , president of the . .
tobu railroad , but n few ynars ago
working on the dock at St. I'anl. nt check
clerk , on a B lur ? of thirty-five dullArD per
month , lln aaveii his earning" * ntid In
vented In Dakota landl. 11 In wculth to
day Is estimated at $0 003,000.
While preparing fur nn explosion in
honor of r.frt wlfc'n birthday , on the 17th ,
lit Lone Tree , in the BUck Hllhi.j * giant
pow.'er ' cartriilgo Adit off In A. C. 0'iick-
er'n hand , dAtnugiiii ; It suhailly that ainpu.
latlon wan nccuiuary.
\Vtn. MnlyrrB , who wts killed in a
drunken low ikt Wnhiielon on thu 13th ,
wan klrurtc on tlio head with n ncclc-yoki- ,
about miiiniglit , whlcli Ullrd him to the
ground , wluro ho lay until found nbout
8 o'clock thu iioxt inuriiing. He rcinnlneil
unconecloui until ho diud , thrcu houia
The ptrcpt car barn in Firjo tvns totally
dcttroyed by tire on the l-'ltli. X. h. Slmt-
tuck , who was Hloeplng li ) the rear part of
the bullillng , tvan utvaktned by the unoko
and jumped from the window , receiving
Kevere injuries Tfto ho o were all Hived
but the can were dcutrny ed. Thn builillng
waa Insurpil fur 2,500 ; the JOSH Is estimated
from SS.OOO to ? 10,000.
On anil after October l t , 15111 Nye
offices "I1. M. "
Tne torrllotial borso doctor aspires to the
delcgate' sent in cougrom.
The democratic convention mccU at
Green river ( in October Tith.
Mrs. Huoli Martin , of Kvauttori , wn
thrown from ft buggy ou thu lilst and her
breast bene was broken ,
Ohtw , W. Beck , city editor of the Ohoy
enn/i Sun , waa married on the 10th to Mis
Anna Clancy , of the pitP"o city.
The Boomerang roporta the death of
/Jlllly Clnrk , who In well known along the
Union racilic. IIo waa burled on tbe'I '
at L iratnle.
The Aln n monument In completed , with
the exception of one of the medallions ,
which U atill in the hands of the Hoatoti
Hculutor' . NorcroHi Jirothcrn. the con ,
tractoru , write that the madalllon will be
vent i noon ns poiiible.
Three Holdlors of the troops recently
scot from Omaha to UUh tried to desert
t Choyenuo. They managed to get Into
citlzcua * clothoi and hid under thu depot
platform , but were discovered and pushed
out with long poles.
Taylor , Coffo/ & Gill have just pur
chased the range bolonglngto Lorn Smith
on Big Box Elder , with about iOuO head
nf American cattle. The bill nf ntle wni
tiled at tbo county clerk'a ollico yostotdny.
Thq consideration .was iiot given. Uhoy.
nne Sun.
A conespondentof Cboycimo Sun writ
ing from Buffalo , JoluiHon county nay the
dead body of a man was found In the
builies on Clear creek , near the town. In-
rotlgatlon teemed to recall the fact that
ho had been murdered in his nloep. About
fifteen feet from where a woolen comfort ,
covered with blood , a pair of stockings one
pur , a knife , and where his head must
have laid , wan found a 48-callliro bullet ,
flattened on tbe pointed end ; the ground
was alto much discolored with blood.
There U no ciuo to the murder , except
about two weeks ago three men were en
camped on th spot whore the body was
found and that two of them euhiomicutly
went north. The murdered man was of
about the ordinary liclnht. with dark
auburn hair and waa drcwed In a gray ( hlrt
and common working panti.
A boat club has been organized at Den .
.Boulder talks about having the electric
There la talk of a new paper at Central
City to light the UrgUter-Call ,
i U v n majority ( SI , Weil LM Animus
decided to Incorporate on tbe ttltd.
A heavy mow alarm prevailed lu the
UuuuUonurlKhborhoidoii the I'Jth.
Ten oartyada nf Gllplu county peopli
vleltod the Denver exposition un the lUili ,
The Grand Armv iolki are beginning
preparation ! for the national reunion at
Denver ne'xt year.
Emma Abbott opened the season nt
Denver's bh/ opera liouso last \ruuk , She
had a grand reception. \
l'u blo contemplated the erectlor of it
$100,100 ojiera house. It will be erectnd
next to the new Grand hotel ,
. Judge Bradley , of the Seventh Colorado
judicial dUlrict , In n brother of Judgu
Bradley , of tbe supreme court ,
, Kuiuia Campbell , wife of a saloonkeeper
of 1'ueblo , Bulcliltjd tin the 22d by mtfaiu of
chloroform , bhe wa > n hard dtinkcr ,
Tlio body of II. N. Scailf , ulio dlkap.
eared about a year go , wa found In u
'respect hola nrur L nd llle on tbe llitb.
Foul ulay Is suspected.
Win. Ingle , an f employe at Orook'd Iron
beds nt the north forks of Henson creek ,
near Capita ) I Ity , was Invtautly killed by
an explu iou cf giant powder ,
The dUhtvasher of the ViclorU hotel at
I'ueblo gathered the dining roomtllvi-i
vrare Into bis trunk on the night cf
the 20th a-d prepoied to depart at noun
next day. But the tlierilT Investigated the
trunk aud the artist is la JalL
A b'ockade of mails on tbe 21th threw
unto the Denver poitoilice that evening at
U o'clock seventy-live Backs of papers and
20,000 Ittteis , which the force there dis
tributed before 10 o'clock of the tame even
ing. Big work.
Johnl" . Bennett , n fanner fn in Ne
braska , WM arrested lut lilgbt , charxed
with stealing ore from tbe Union 1'acltio
exhibit at tbe Exposition , valued at f 25. Is
lie felt hi * disgrace keenly , aud offered tbe
oiiiccn $100 cub to be let loose. World. a
Tbe town of Jted Cliff , In summit county ,
waj.almost entirely destroyed by fire on
the ISth. The fire nrlglnhtcd in thn Stran.l
h < itbl , and a/hgh ! wind was blowlnr , and
llxire bciog no means atjhand to fight the
flsmcf , the people crwd do but little
toward euppre lngtlio conflagration. LK- ,
1'at Conner , a boarder at the Cjaeon
city hou e In Wet Ucnrcr on the Iflth ,
committed a raje upon the the person of
Alary Kel , a chnmbfrmnl > l In the honre ,
The irfrl Is only 15 yearn oil and cannot
speak Kn lUh. Conner disappeared Im.
mediately nftcrwanl.i and has not been
( tcrvernor Tabor on the Kth , received a
telegram from his New Mexico necnl that
"Harriot , manager , ] tnt in from the tnlr.e * ,
nnd reports thtui a fecond Cnmttoak , only
richer. " Thn mfnex referred to nra the
Solulre anil t. Clsir , nnd lay ftbrmt thirty
mll s from Nutt , NovMexico. . Tlio g"V-
erunr lull through a trap nn the ttngu of
his Ltadt illo opera houee on th * Cth nnd
Woman suffrage and regiitratbu arc
knawlng the vitald of the territorial politi.
Two young Hilt Lake hopefuls , Willie
Slmrn find Idn Warcntki , playo < l with tjy
[ list' ' la and were burled ou the ISth ,
The Ogdcn papers speak of several ewes
of smidlpox a short distuned out of town ,
on roada leading to tlis tity which are ex *
tCBBlv ly traveled , The pr > erH arn appro-
huiulvo of the disease sprendlniun1cs piu-
per step' are taken to quarantine the in'
Uotcd Jocalltlcs ,
Halley has at last received a Method ! * !
minister and feels joyful.
.Tho democratic convention nominated
HOD , George Alnsllo for delegate.
Five hundred men are employed In the
railroad tie Imtlncssln various wayo , about
and above Kctchutn ,
A Bcllovito wife-lit alor was recently
( lucked In Wood river by nn Indignant
pally of observers of the casilgatlon.
Hugh McFarI y , n saloon keeper , better
known as "Ited,1 w killed at his ptacaon
thn Oregon Short Line , ulght inllot from
Kllzabetli , on Ltltlo Wood river , on Fri
day of lust wectt , the cause of the same
1)01 UK' thn accidental discharge ] of a re1
The Oregon Short Line I Ioxpoctetl to bn
connected botwpon C3oin Springs nnd
1'oca.tullu about tin * l t nf October , when
the train dispatchers oil I CD will bo moved
from Login to tlio latter place , thu dis
patcher of the Utah it Northern bavin ; ;
charge of the Orcjou Short Line.
Thn through xUio ; wan ntoiped | and fired
Into Tin xdiy evening nt lust wenk n f > :4fi :
p. in. , between Sawtooth and Vienna , hut
immediately returning the compliment to
thu would-be pillagers , wai permitted to
PUSH nnumnnlontcd. About 92,00.wro ( ) ! In
the trciMUiu box.Ketchuui Keystone.
A rellglriiM ] war secma to provnil in
Mlsjoula Ii to hnvo a now bridge over
the rivtr.
llies City want ? a vilit from 1'resMcnt
It I ) undcrslo' ) ; ! Unt'n rihtcr'ri hospital
Is to bo cr tabllshod In Bo7cmau ,
The ansensmunt rail In Silver Bowcounty
ulroitdy foots up over § .1,380,000.
Another attempt was m.ida on the 15th
to burn Cbirintown in Helena.
A woman said to bo fifty-eight ycm old
gave blith ton child at Benton lout week ,
Seven or eight huudiod tourhti are salil
to bo In the National park at the prcHcut
Type , pros : os and material are on the
way Irom Oregon to htart another news
paper lu MlBoouh.
A saloon keeper of Mlsjuula wanted the
small-pox committee to pay him $25 per
day for closing his whisky mill.
Gen , Brlbln hai purchased from [ Major
Pooeo a ranch of 1,100 acres on the upper
Yellowstone , about xovcn miles from Ben-
UOII'H Lauding , for $7,000.
At O'Fallon Creek. Ouster county , re
cently , u man attacked Another with a
kuifo and disembowelled him. The mur
derer wai arrested and lodged in jail nt
Miles City.
The enterprise 'of erecting a large hotel
In Dillon U being favorably considered bye
o gentleman of meauc , who it figuring on
the invKitmentof money in a brick build-
liiX for hotel purposes.
The Hloatner 1'eulnah was > toloii away
from Bismarck last week by bur owners.
She wan confiscated last year on thu
grounds thnt liar oIllcerH were udHnjr
llcjuor to Indians , ami has been tied up
ever kinco.
Gen. Billings having intimated hU in-
t6ntlon of donating tflO.OOO for n school
bulldlug In Billlugi' , tbo town-lto com-
Kany had the pl.inn of a very handsome
ulldlug prepared aud forwarded. them to
him for itpuroval ,
The Tongue river ditch will bo sixteen
miles lu length , uud fur n distance of two
miles the water will bo conveyed In largo
Iron pipes , A ruservlor to coutoln ilOOO-
OCO gallous with 45 feet head will bn con
structed. Miles City will be supplied witli
water , and 80,000 acres of good Uud irri
gated. The entire work will cost about
The republicans have nominated ] Hon.
Thomm 11. Brents for delegate ,
Orders have been received at Vancouver
pout for the abandonment for Fort Col-
vllle , The Infantry comp inles will goto
Camp Spoken and the cuvalry to Cm ir
New discoveries are topnrted In the
Kaglocrctk mountains of copper ledges of
rent iIckiHHj. Thu ledger uro Hild to be
JO feet wide , and the ore CO nor cent , pure
copper , containing nearly lt > 0 to the ton
In gold aud silver.
lu hla luaugural mcisagn , which Is n
icodel of coucl'ences , Governor Moody HIP-
ommends that the nulnrics of rnunty olll-
cera be made commensurate with the ser
vice * rendered ) the entire rcmodnlllnj nf
nsresimoiit laws ; creating a permanent
Fund for thn deaf and dumb uud blind nay-
liimi , aud favora thunawe protection to the
railroads and manufacturing luUriwU lu
are given to private propeity ,
Harry Cummlnn , alias " 1'oker Jack , "
who brukn jail in Arizona , where he vu
con fined for robbing a stage couch , was
tracked through Utah , Idaho and Oregon
to Portland , tbeuco up tlio Welt Side tall-
roud , ueurMuMInnvllle. A detect Ivu sud
denly r.awu upon him u few dayH uio ; foot
sore uud weary In the roud. He won mak >
Im ; bit way to tuo coiut Jnllroad. Upon
being cipturud he nurrendured > vithout re-
Utunce , and got Into a buggv with the dt-
tecthe. After riding a nhort dUtancu
Cummins juniHid ] rut. got into the thicket
bifjreasUot cnuld ba fired , nud iltsap-
pcarej down the cauyou ,
Oo/ernor 1'orkinj hai mipolntod x-
Governor Leland Stanford Undent of the
State University * B , B. Iteddlnf , de-
ceoced ,
Aiiouymoui letleranrj being wut to I5 d
Blulf citlr.eiu warnhij ; thtmi that unleus
they OliclarK'tf thu Chlac < e their pioperty
will be burned ,
The Jute factoiy lu the Oueiitin
prl oii in now tu ning out 8,000 yurds of
biulau per diem with SOJ men. The net
iccelpts of the facto.y for the last mouth
were C,000.
lllchard J. Guthrle , a saloon-keeper and
fatmer of Guadalupe , while under the in-
Iluenoe of linuor a few days ago , belabored
his tuulu with aboard. The uuimtl retal
iated by kicking his master In the abdo
men , canning Instant death ,
The vicinity of the patent brick yard ,
located about Cvo miles from Sin lUfael ,
considerably excited over the finding of
treasure by a O'llnaican while digging'in
clay bftuk. The amount it v rlou ly en-
Jmated M between nix hundred aud
thouiand diUur ( ) but M the Celestial has'
111 out for iwilurei new , n < l thow who
were working with lilm nt the ! ! -ne nra re.
tlcent , it Is Impo-fible to get at ha ixact
amount. It ismpposed thAt the ff > oney
wai bmiod by n Portuguese nallor vhowvi
living in that Reality about twelve yeata
ngo ,
Frank Johnson , n convict In the Folcom
State prison. umlenolni { ft fentenco of
forty years the murder of John Noycr , nt
Quaker Hill , in July , 1881 , died on the
loth. He wan a native of Maine , iwjea 21
year" , and leate * ft wife aii'l child in
Nevada City.
The Uh'oo Keford y : Up near Artin ,
Modiio county , thfl other iliy , Oregon Jack
of the Ulff Viillcy tribe of Indiani came to
an untimely end by being lain cd and drag'
K8tl to death by Tom lienton and I.lltla
Tien , tw > rednkiriH belonging to the Kail
Ittvcr tribe. It nppparn tnat .Tick wag a
"I'ledioiiieman ' , " anJ Lii tifttient dlo.i ,
whicq mrfltis death to the iloct .r. 3'orty-
two well-aimed Indium Indiana left for
Kail tlvcr with the Intention of hatilnK |
Tom and Uon , union they can ralio and
deliver to the injured parlies 20Un coin
anil ei ht homed.
The murder of .To cph Scott , n polke *
man , iti 1878 , in Sacramento , 1ms foraloutf
time been ehroud'.d In niynlcry. It wan
Btitcd tome tlmo nye that three prisonem
In San ( Jncntln wore suspected of Iho
crime. Tuoman Hamilton made n full con-
fosnion > in the 18th , Myliu ! that he , Ander
son , O'lirion and hddie ] Mward3 came to
Hncramentn the day of the murder. They
ca i > e from l.l&oln on n freight train and
doternlinud to rob * omo ouo. They ( aw a
man on Seventeenth ntrcet , and two of
them went to hang him up while the other
two ntood by to render ar.ital&nco , If need *
ed. Th < man w.u Police UHiceScott. . Ho
f'sisted nnd tried to draw a pistol , when
Kdwardn shot him. Knwanln la not yet In
cut tody.
111 little Mciuntaln Is the bct watered
town In Nevada. Thoio are ever thirty
artesian welli In thu town all affording n
continuous Ibw of water.
The Mason Vsllcy Kuterprieo nays : The
other day n mosquito caused a man here
almost to cut his throat , lie wis whit
tling it stick when the tnoMjuito inserted
hli hill , and furRetful of the open knife in
liiihand , tlio runcbpr made n ] ms * tobruih
away the Itiecct. The result WRJ an
slain in the right ceck.
Wr.tcr Ihroii h the mains of thn now
water wntku wai introduwd into Tucson
on tlio 15h , Til re In an abundant supply ,
and thlii gives Urn city its roitoet lined.
The stagM which left Camp Thomas ,
Wednesday tuoiiilng , for Wilcox , wai rob-
bid of nil mall mattor'by twomasked men.
The registered matter contained $3,030 in
currency , There Is no clue to ttio robbers.
A number of CHllfornia trnvelrrs etop *
pin/at oni of the hotels at Alhmmoiiiuo
left the hotel nuddcnly becau < o Chinamen
were cmrjloj'cd thcro us wjltera.
On the 23J. a ttrrllda trnxody
cocurred at Sun Mnrcial. An old ,
Inolleneivo man named W. Wiggen
WUB tiiken from bin bed by n
mob of Mexican and Imnged from a bc\iu
from his own door In the PICHCIICB of hU
wife nnd children , , No clue to the diicov-
ery of the perjiotratorn hai been found ,
but n Fuppoxilliui cxUta that a certain mull
In old San Marclal h the Instigator ,
Governor Sheldon ha * Issued n proclama
tion olfcriui : a reward of S"iOO for the cap
ture of Ufrge litican , who killed a minor
named David Crlspi'ii nt ( lolileii ,
forty mllcH from KAtitii 1'c , on the 18th
instant , by rhooting him. Jjucas IK only
15 years of ago , and in suppi ) cd to be hid
ing In the mountains near
Buoklm'3 Armcst cSr.lve ,
Tlio BERT SALVE In the wprld for Cut ,
Bruises , Sores , Ulccrr , talt Khouin , Fe-
vcr Sores , Tetter , Chnpped Ilnnibi , Chll
blairs , Corns , and nil skin eruptions , and
pMiti * cy cures pllcu. It is gii&rantcwl to
give e.itlufnctfou i u.aey rutuuded ,
I'rloe , 25 cents i r ex. ifnr halo by.,0.
( lenms Bewarfled ,
on ,
IliB Story of tlio Sawing Mnohine.
A liindtcmo Ittllr pamphlet , Mus and toll )
cove with uuaieroiu on raTtnirt , i.ill bj
( o ny kualt pereati nv'.llnfor ; It , ul any briucb
or sau-orCm of Thi > Olni'vr
puny , or will ba Boat b ) uiatl , pcit paid , It
inv person living at t. illstiuco Irom our nfaee *
, ,
Principal ffloo , 34 Union Bquate ,
0. SPEOUT , - - Proprietor.
1212 Harnoy St. - Omrlia , M ,
Galvanized Iron ,
Tin , Iron and Slate Eoofing ,
Spccht's Patent Motnlio Skylight.
Patent Adjusted Hatchet Bar
and Drtickot Shelving. I am
thn qanornl agent for thu
nbovo line of goods.
I UON 1'KNUINO. , ( UluitrAitoa , Verandos. fTIc * * nt
link R | | | IIKS , WMOW : ; unit Oollarj
; nlto
, MJV.fV'P
( SnouoNsor to D. T. Mount. )
Manufacturer and Duller lu
Saddles , Harness. Whips.
Holjec , Dusters and Turf Quods
u r rjsrjjf
Aguittor Jis. , JIH | ft Co. ' ,
G0io'n ; ] [ ; HARNESS
"Tho Best in The World. "
The meet central ! ? located hotel ID the city.
Iloouis 7So , I.OO , 11. W ail J ItOO per day.
lint Clau KudUuraut conuecteil itltb the
.HURST. . . Prop.
Cornel Fourth and LocuiJ EtreeU.
T. X.OT7X0 naco.
That's .1 common expres
sion and has a u-orld of
meaning. How much suf
fering is summed up in it.
The singular thing nbout
it is , that pain in the back
is occasioned by so many
things. May be caused by
kidney disease , liver com
plaint , consumption , cold ,
worlc , nervous debility , c.
Whatever the cause , don't
neglect it. Something is
wrong and needs prompt
attention. No medicine has
.yet been discovered that
will so quickly and surely
cure such diseases as
it docs this by commencing
at the foundation , and mak
ing the blood pure and rich.
Los-import , Ind. Dec. J , > ESo.
For a long time I liave liecn a
tuflcrer from tlomach and kidney
disease. My ppetllewa very poor
, and the very small amount I a ijl eat
disagreed wiih inc. Ivrasrnnoycd
\cry from non-rctenlloti of
urine. I tricJ many remedies vlth
no JUCCCM , until I used Ilrown's
Iron Hitters , Since I used that ray
stomach does nut bother me any.
Myappctucissimplylmmensc. My
kidney trouble It no more , ami my
[ " health Ii such , that I feel
like a new man. After the me of
Ilrown'i Iron Ilittcra for one month ,
' 1 have coined twenty pnundt in
weight. U. Ii. SAXI.I > NT.
Leading physicians and
clergymen use and recom
TERS. It has cured others
suffering as you arc , and it
will cure you.
The Apronloa of Bllllouu Colic , the In-
iU : rlt > Ailo ran i"'Chrjrih in-llrfestloi , ll'uile-
li'lltyainl iiitmul'lupor r Hilling fronn c"tt vj
haljl | , may Lu ucrulnly atu.ileil by re iiUtinj ;
the y teiu with that -rotalilo and rcfre'hinir
Stindanl I'npanitloo/iurrant'tSolticr Apcilent'
COLLEGE Three coureca ; open to bo'.b
AUADE Cla-slcal and Kn lla Olrc )
the beit of for coleo ! ; or liui n
FEBKY HALL-Seminary for Youn ?
LndUa. UnsurjVvsscd In boinly and heal hful.
ness nt tltu.itlnn , and in extent of adtnntttgei
odurcil and thorcngbneiu of trilaln fhcn. On
I.ftko Mlchinm
Year beKlnii Soptomhor 13 , 1S82. Aim ! n
PREST. GREGORY , tate Forest , lit
Embody noiv 18S2.lmPr < roraerits. Jtor ,
praotlonl tea urm ; Cost losn to keep In
urtler ; UM > IOII I funll wl1' ' l-llu inoro tie\i
and a larger volume ol pure nlr thin any
furnace made.
Bold by I'lEllCKY * nilAUFOUD.Omsna , Neb
TRADB MABKwT1l11e ° rcatT < DU tflARX
B.IV. Anun <
lalllni ; cura
for nominal
WaaUnes ,
rhea , Impot.
nicy , anda'.l
Solf-Abtwe ; aa / , olJJomory , Unhorsnl Lae < l
tude , I'nln In the Hack , DlmiuiH of Vlnlon , I're
mature Old Agt , and many otiici DUcisiid that
leaj to | uwr.lty or Cououiuptlon and a i'rema-
turedra > e ,
MTKull pirtlculaH la our pAonhlot , which
we duilra to ouJ ( fi > o t \ mall to cvtry one.
C TThe Bpcclfl cMcdlclua h fold by all dnilMlaU
at (1 | i < r ruickiiRr , or 6 park von fur ? 3 , 01 will
be sent frni ) < y null on reript cf the moooy. by
aIJie.jluB TUUOitAY i&UiUlMICO. ,
. V ,
Murray & Lanman's
Best for TOILET , BATH
( n jolo ; Kur Uko lb >
Train * lt * > e OiasUa 8:40 : 1' . m. and TIO , m ,
for lull Information call on A. I' . DEUEL , Tlcke
Afent , Hth aud foroam it * . , J. HELL , U. 1'
lUllway IX-pot , oral JA1IE3T. CLARK , Gener
Ak-cnt. 1
BLACK-DRAyGHT" cures dj 2
' " " 'nttiou i/ud
lira J. P. Rol ) rt oi , rittsimw , Pa. , writes : " !
WM suffcrin ) ? from feoncml dcDllitv , want of np.
polite , constif tlon , etc. , so that Rfo nagft bur
den ; after uMnf Jlunl ; k Blood Hitters I felt bet
tor than for ymri. I cnnnot praloo J our Dlttnri
too much , "
ll.Olbbi. cf nuflalo , N. T. , writes ! "rotir
Burdock nc Mttera , In chronic dltevon of tbo
blood , liter a.ii llJncj , ha o been signally
marked with Biicreoo. Ihiivo iisrd them myself
with boftremHi , for torplililv ofUicllicr , Mid In
cftscof n friend of inlno suDerlng from dropsy ,
tlio effect was mancloui. "
L'ruco Turner , RocfiPTter , N. Y.rtrtes ! ! : 'I tnvc
been subject to serious disorder of the kldncyfl.
and nnablo to attend to lurtncsd ; Ilurdock Ulooo
Ilittcrj relict od mo licforu hall a botllo was uticd
feel confident that they will entirely cure mo. "
Aounlth Hall , Cliiifhtnipton , N. Y. , wrltor :
"I sulfcrc'-l with a dull piln throiiRh my oft
lunfj nnd nhouldcr. Tx t my tplilta , a | > potitc
and color , and could with illtiiciiHy keep up all
day.Took your HunloCU lllonJ Hitters na dl-
retttil , and hate felt no tain elnco first Hcek af <
ter twin ? them , "
Mr. Noah IUfM , Elmlra , N. Y. . writes : "About
four } cars ago I had nn attack of bilious rot ur , and
never fully recotered. My dljrostlvo orRans
were weakened , and I would bo complctily pros
trated lor days. After using two bottles of your
Ilurdock niood Hitters thci inprovenicnt was so
t hlblc tli. t I w &s nutonlilicj. I cull notv. though
01 years of ago , do r > fair and aa on blo day's
C. DKcket Iloblnaon , proprietor of The Canada
Presbyterian , Toronto , tint. , writes : "Foruars
1 suffered greatly frota oft-recurring headache. 1
need your Ilurdock niood Hitters with happiest
results , and I now llnd mvpclf In better health
than for years past. "
Mrs. Wallace , Buffalo , N. Y , * rites : ' ! have
used Riinlock Wood lllttcn ) for ncncui and bll-
loutSc ada hts , mid can recomraern. It ta anyone
ro < i'j j i euro for blllloiienesa. '
llrs. Ira Mullnollati'l , Albiny , N. Y , writes :
"For ( mural y.urs I hate luBeicd frcm cft-iccur.
rlna hllllous hoaduhcs , dyepcptla , and com
plaints peculiar to my ecx. Since uiinR your
IJurdock EioodlJlltcralaniontlri'ly ' relieved. "
Price , r l.oo DCI Dottle ; Trio Dottle * to Oti
FOSTSIi/MILBUWI / , & Co , , toops ,
Raid 1 hy Tab A. ItcMihon asd C. F
Goo-tnmi. ) c 27 cod-me
To Nervous Sutterers
Dr. J. 13. BtmpRou'fl QpeciHc
It Is poaj'.lvocure for . putTiatuiii.t , Efrr.U.
Weoktioai , } , rrm all dh ua < a ro uUtcj
from Malf'Arwr. i Ujitil Auxlcly , J.iai
Mtmor.r , IVrn In the JiicV cir HldJ , tud dlscaeee
/ " Tir < T . ' .ri' " .th&t Iciil to
Uo&cino It
with winder-
& ® M i ] fill
< m ! rte < ta f II , Writ" Uiv inrt cot full j *
File-j , OreclSo , KJ.OO psr puck'cc , or six pact
fcjes for fi.OO. A Idru > 9 -
Noa. 104 and 106MMn M. Duflilo , N. r.
Sold In Omaha by C. I' . Oioi'mos , J. W. Bell ,
acd nil drngicisttoirrywhcro.
St. Louie , is still treat
ing all rUIVATE , Klilt
VoUb , CHHON'IO and
Special Dlonfis , Epernia-
tor.luca , Impotency ( Stx-
pueascrli Irregularities ,
i , etc.
Ecu J 25 cents
. . . . Jp y express
charged OH a "taliublo
worX" entitled
ol 'A'omcn , etc. " Wort :
on CiiRO.vie Ol KASXH , ono stamp. OTVIctlms
nl SoK-alnwe 01 Prlrato Liscike , Bend ? stamps
for ' acin Ninmii nnd r-cxiul
Ooncultatloii persoimlly or l > v letter ,
FREE Consu t the old Doctor. THOUSANDS
CURED. Otllca In quiet , i rlvate , respectable
place. You teu no one hut the doctor. Dr.
ilarlre U the only phjelclin Inthacltj who wir
raiti euro * nr no [ iiy JlcdkiiiM uent evrr-
where , llnnri. 6 A.M. to 8 . H. il&wlyy
&y 174V ir * yj fia. .
y riu'in - w"i Jl MM
* ' ' ' " tff inttl . . .
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Xcr > tiittcio A.H tf't Hop U.
' .hut . ; ) un * ctr ai ' j
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ice or i > li > rU old i > r
| HwrAlth ) nrlKiiKulnh
! , > , iiIT vi Hop Ultterfc *
( Vhueni yonori- ,
v > lHify < r you Ifil n\iul ! > iron > f4
inat jour form ' ! K ) o n fc j
* ilirttMj ibat uitKh *
hk ? crtltiiiii - * . ' ! , hiT bfupr vvut i
without IntoTlsn'fi : ' m Tliufity * , i < i i
oUr. H ° ' ? HcpSIttmi
I. O
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tvurli. lionil. bl eure
fjorn < nf r dnnkeinc
nt of
Vol. will I'D tnt/ftcaot c *
UltJlf ) Ulllt orcctlu.
Hop Elttrr *
IlIT t TlktB. bvUt ( ,
HUt' ( Urriw.
rair . your
' ( f * . It hn Kt'O 10 ,
JHtnil hilll- xbuif R T
& T3IC3VO , OH.
The Great Lnglish Ilomody .
iNovcr ( alia ta cnio
Nervous Debility. VI.
tal Kxhaustlon , Linb-
, Seminal Weak-
HOOD , and all the
inilvffeita o { youth
ful tolliis and exec-
ee. I ) eto ) < 8 pcrma
noutlyall viakcnlnir ,
tin clunUry lout s and
ilialiu upon the eja-
JJtcmi , the Inevitable ro *
* ta
„ , , , -
tlcud , hlch t.resa doutruetho to mind am ) l.ody
and taako life mUenble , often l"'Jliif to Insani
ty and dentil. It utrenetliciis thu Nerves. llraln ,
memorU Ulood , MuecK' , Dlircctlvo and Itepro-
iluctUo Orur > ns , H rottorcs t'j all tlu orsuulc
tunctlma thcli former \l-or r.nd vitality , ma-
Vine Ufa cheerful and eno > u > > le. Price , Wa
Hoi tie , cr lour ttmei the quantity (10. Sent by
eipreiw. tocuro ( rcm obacrx ttlon , to auy rJJruij ,
on receipt ol price. Ko. C. 0 , D. oont , except
on receipt cl O M a Kturautu ) , IjttUn r > .
rue Unt ; anm.rsinist Inclose ittT.p.
Dr. Mintle's Dandelion Pills
arc tb beet and clioaiust dye [ > cr l and bllllom
cure In the mirkci. Gold ty all dru rgUta , Trice
to cenU. '
Ds. Mnms's UiuKir HHMIST , Nrjr.rnrarv ,
Cures I II kind of Kidney and blaridrr comrJalntc.
KO urrlips , tloct n-.d l < ujrhc | : , tor talc by all
aautglit$1 a buttle.
tJSOllm ? ' , it. Louie , Mo.
For Silolu CuU'uby
d 1 . OOOUMAH.
A Oiirfi Gnxrr.ii toet1 .
Bl , K. 0 : Uui : i rvemi Lmm Treitxoct-
opcoiilo ( or iiyttttit , I-itiUic. , Cdnvulsloiu ,
< er\ou < Ilt-kdn I * , l < r.tal luproeulcn , Lome !
lli-acry , Sp. ninkii rha- , Imp tcnfy , laoluatai ) - >
Kmlwlous , Prticatiifd 014 Aye , caused b ; ortr-
utrtior , alt-tLJSu , or ovor-ludulceces. wUch
( ! to tilwry , deoiy and dtrtb. One box will
cute recent cwv * . K 0i box coutilnjouemoath'e
Irutment. On dollar a box , or nil boies tcr
Bra dollars ; sol bjr mall prcp ! i ! on receipt of
tirloVa ( turintaia tlx Loxu to cure any cut.
With each order received by n ( or six boxes , ac
companied with Ova dollar * , will send tbe pur.
cbuer our written tuaiinUs to itituin tbe i
moner It tba Inaticent do < r act effect & curt.
C. f , Goodman , Druvvlit , Bolo. Wholesale and
( ol ceOrciha , M o , Oia * ( * bj null * !
mil tl dwlr
tnridf of Iron , JVrwri i
a palatable form. 2
only preparation aftr
that \cUlnot llarktn t
trrthio thttrattrrlitir
' /
. : In raj prwtloo of Brnui In raixliclne , I 6 ro fonml mithlrwlfo KTroTEo mnfu thai i
GICNTI.KMKM lne .vof NHTOIM l'rtrtraUnn , Fnnal * IM M.W. IrrPi- Irnpn
i tird eondiUon of the blnml , tbl rrrlww rrmwlj hu , In m ; hands , ro d oome wonderful rnron. yanc ; mat n ,
batllnl some of our most Mnlnont tihrnelans hire ricldnd to this emit Mid hl r mMr. I pr er
it In prtifpn-ne * In oj IronivcDaraikm tniuli In fwt. frifh a compound M lln , llAnTKn'n Iium TO'dO l a r
ttfvlj In lay ptaeUea. Un. UOIlKltT HAMIMIIJ. lor > Vimh ACT SI'Jf ' JfSilJiiZ'mtmimmi -
Jtfjtrrncfilor taTJir Monr/A / i
natural healthful tone to \
the ittgestlee organ * Jindl
nerrotm t\intem , ma king I
it applicable to General
/ , Lou of , tf > r > e-
tltrl > rittratti > n of Vital
I'otrcr.i niulJmjtolrncc , , _ _ . _ _
vi I frfi m m Rigw
M WRH- 3 i M $
Breooli Loafliug Shot Buns , from go to 518 ,
Double Brae oh Loading Shot ( to. $18 from to S75 ,
tale Loading Shot unns , from M to 825 ,
Hulling Taokle , Base Balls and all Kinds of Fanoy Goods ,
Full Stock of Show Oases Always nn
Imported and Key "West Cigars , a large line of Meer
schaum and Wood Pipes and everything required in a
first-Class Cigar , Tobacco aud Notion Store.
Cigars from $15.00 per 1,000 upwards. Send for Price
List and Samples.
Li only attninod by usinp ;
Stoves and Ranges.
Kor unlo bv
" 'Every Tub Must Stand Upon its
Own Bottom. "
And Every Wagon Upon its Own Merits.
Wo appreciate the nbovo and innko our wagons accordingly ,
: Respectfully , WINONA WAGON CC
PARKER & BO WKIIS Oonisral Ar-cntii. Omnlia , Nob.
Zephyrs , Germantown , Etc ,
Taught by gentlemen of business exp erienco and broad scholarahip at the
A now institution baped on tlio highest Btnndard "of excnllonce. Day and
and nveninif seanionH are now in successful oporation.
UFo ; > urculIr or i-iwcial iuf orumtltw ai'i'ly to or address - , , _ ,
EAVIXa changed our mill to Hungarian rol
ler fionti' , wu offer part of our old u-a-
hlnery for 'e at low vrlcei It cinaltti ol a
ul of flntly HoUhcd and tjactU lai'n driving
c\el Mhcitli , ( ire , ftcd mor ii ) i inifl'dinficn ,
bie liiche * pitch , diltlng amain iijiiljht iluft
oout Si feet lai ( - and Hep , one nulu mortUo
pur wheel 7 Inch ( ice and 1J luih iiltcht opalr
fi t and 1 rulr Si Inch burn. rj > ludlc > , [ Inlom
riijch/aco 1 } pitch ) , OaciUsh rirl < Ki > curbs ,
tc. , complete , oua four leel chest , 17 ftet clotti ,
con\ejor , ouo tuo reel chant , 11 ( e t cloth.4
oove > o two Ontl t hiat he4cr , l No. | Lu
ek&smutter , 1 Itorntrd 4 Lcc r ctlriiu' tcpi-
ator and etuvaioni , ahafta , wfeeh , pu 1 y , cjn-
eyon , etc. Some d t'-e machinery toJi Ucn
ed but a ill tie o\er twJjeari , ai.dall u In good
onditloo. For further Information addrc4
Council lllufl * . Iowa.
JLt > tfL U uL U'JCb ' X
makea a Epecialty of
Collars & Cuffs , !
Three _ _ . , .
eight oil
Work solicited fromyer , wil
Tbe charges aud returroi ancl
company the package , 1
large clubs or agencies , . -
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