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    I * :
riftlUmtrath had n frost on the 20th.
The Alma Herald is enlarged to ft 7 co' '
4 to.
Land vcekcrs wo numerous nt O'Nel
Th re MO 100 scholar * enrolled In Donn
The HM1 county fair bcglni on Die It
of next month.
The ln tiliitc for the bllutl Imvc twentj
fire pupils.
Unrglim erivc FremoU , n lively fthakltv
up on the 20th.
The Huffaln Cownty Hefuon i ft IIBI *
just fctirled at tilbbon.
Work h iimercsilnB rajiiJly on Ihc 51
K. Church ftt Hebron.
The MtthfidM church ftt Giblon \ il
* eon be ready to occupy.
Ml s ] ) nn Senior , of North 1'htto , ha
Keno on n Knropwn trip.
The CopgregnUonal church at SprloR
field viai dedicated Ifist Sunday.
II. Sehtllhof and wife , of I'lntUimmtli
celebrated ttoclr Mvtt wedding on the iilit
A min near Omeron , Hall county
killed foiirtccu rftttletnaktR ono ilay 1m
week ,
Tlis Samtrni hniue at Krlcndylllo wft
( Um RoJ by lira on the i3d ! to the itrnoun
of (300.
W. / . Kaylor'n hotel nt Otil'icrtusn ' wa
by lira ou the lllth l < o r
"Bill" Cngney , ono of the railroad boyi
nl North J'latto , has returned from n tri ]
to Knglnnd.
Mlm Nelllo Nance , the gmornnr'i littl (
daughter , ijavo ntcccptlon to her playmate :
on the 23d.
Hon. I * 11. Flficld left Fairmont on ihc
18th for Baltimore , where ho will npemi
the winter ,
J , C. Hush , nn experienced Kansas nil.
tor , hM bought the HIJncy I'lrfliidoftkr-
The Shollon Clipper I MU-d ft ihlly rill.
lion during tha ljUlUo county fair , nnd It
wan a good one ,
Jo'cnh HonlxaU' , of I'arJfiol' , wnsklcked
in the Wast by n luulu on tl > o Itiih nnd
ncvortly hijtirnJ.
The Tckamali fchnols opened with 218
pupllc , tlianuiiilwr belli. ; Increiieil t ll !
clmlnj ; tbo .wcai.
The rctuin of Uev. H. T. PaA to He * .
trice K'VCI ' mil faction to Alethuilhtt mil
the dlh'.cin K i < urully.
It Is reported tlirit ( irond line bnll
tnunumeut ulll bu livid in Wccplnj ; Watci
in Oct 'ber ' , loatlnjf thieu itiya.
0. Newman , for clx JOIM rnnncctrd
with the North I'httnNolmwfci n uuiiuii-
nntr , IIIIH julnul tlio St. I'.tul plionu rai h
( corgi ! McOrmn"lr , n South lleiid
h'acktiiiitli , has invented 1111 Itnprovoujcni
to ( .tejtm enKined that will doublu tlair
working p wcr.
Hon. , 1) . If. Whftelerimd uifobnvo ouc
> > tnt itnil will vklt Now Yoil < , Baltimore.
\Ytitlilnglon and othir c Urn . and
nn their lutmn will \ltlt rckitlvor. in Mich'
An Oalidii'o phyttdntm nairud Camp.
I oil , twcoHln ; : In thu Valley papers , ntoln
ahorMOnnd left t'.io conntiJlo } U nai < l
to be n lirHt-cUnn iloclur bin. n pour upici-
men oi mat hood. i
H. ( J. ItusiBcll linn rccoljcd woiil from
Iowa thot the uld crmy Imi'O itdden by
him in thu verilcr. IIM bcfii Milppid fo >
Schuyler. Mr. Kusicll will tnko euro ol
hln old ( vnnrnHbthn balaaciof tlioanliiml' .
dayn. Sclmylor Ttun. i
ThN IH how FrenoiitKot ) there , accord-
iDtollio ( Herald of Jio 15th : "lt' n boy
ftti : . KUHI'H. Ditto Wardjll'H
Ultui nt Chnrllo Pllabivyk Also n uirl
1 , . 1) . KicbixadR' . Also { , ) „ at Mnrjlnll
Wheeler' * just west of Wn. T'ds ' will
tlo for ono diy. "
The Sioux City & rncifilaB , only itbout
five mllciof traclt to lay ti icaclr Vakn
tine on the north nldo ol vu NIohrnra ,
whcro the track will rtnt thror , ) , the win
ter. "Tho "blR cut" HO oftci\menltowil
comprise * part of thcce few niy , , nmj | t
will I o well n'on" ' In October wliyti ittt
-ail in Fremont Herald. >
I'artlon from Otno county , Notv ) mvo
just taken 'J.OJO ncrcn of land in tlii'ontl ) .
em pnrt of Holt county. In town ' -.Vngo
II and 12. They Imvo cotnnie'uecd b u.
lag on , nnd linpravlud their claims. Are
than forty famillea ho located In t t
h i i vjclnlty witliin pUAnteJxjKceHrjiiuuni-
rigtoFirr > ottirfronii > edilo ; living on C cho
creek , jianncr ,
OnUfl D. Philllpn , of Hobccca creek ,
I'mnklln county , cama to his death on thu
IGtli in a HluKular manner. About to utnrt
n flro before bicnkKat , ho found there were
no matched In the homo and ho tried to do
it with powder and cotton , HIa wife WUH
outside nnd hoard n loud report , On enter
ing the found her liiwband weltoilngln
blood fr.m n wound in the neck , which
Hovered the jugular vein. I'hlllips bled to
death. It Is supposed bin Hank uxploded
and a piece of It m&do the death wound ,
Tha prince of Walei la tald to owe $ $ ,
Frcsident Arthur will be fifty yearn old
Oct. Mb.
Gen. Toombn ii nald In be ripldly fail <
Ing from old ne.
Kx-Senator IJorwy linn leased ft AVash-
Ington house for ouu year.
avid DftvU is ld to bomoro "widely'
known than any other congrcniman.
Woleeley in n ono eyed nun , and wni
left for dead In the treuchci at Kalmntopol ,
Mrs. Miriam OKROOI ! , of Waincr. N. II ,
celebrated her lOIIil birthday last londay ,
Sin ) . John Jacob .Antor la cald to K'VC '
away moro money than any woman In the
United States.
Mr , 1'ortor , of tha tariff commUhlon , ap.
licara to have gene out inowluc nud liar
vested hiuue'.f ' ,
Kx.Qupen Inabclla owes $11,000,000 , nnd
Bho can chirk a debt with nil the check ol
mn American nhyutcr.
JulU Ward Howe tavR women do no !
fall Inkneany more. I'trhiju Julm hai
keen nlvint ; thu glrU a few polntora.
Queen Klltabetb , of llounuuia , hti
written a dramu , wliich la lobe pcrlonned
after revision , at n Berlin theater.
1'nul Boy ton ays ho haa laved He\enty
two pfreonB from ilromnlae , nd tre larir
> t reward ever olfsred him won n 9 :
Moien Willlimp. who died In Boston i
/ewdaya BUO , leavluK foitunu of $0,000 ,
000 , began life peddling ndlk in thn ttrcet
of , tlnjt city ,
Mr. Solnmou , of i'otmsylvimla , ha
nerved three termi In prU'iti , A I'fiiu
lylvunla penitentiary muit bo a kind u
Bolomon'n tornple ,
Senator Wadft Hampton U br gliiK o
the bit' litu.a he cauubt in the .lame * rlvc
the other day- the largest ever cuught Ii
Botetourt wutcre.
Mr. Blalne chargea Carl Schurz will
"a loose expectoration of epithets , " Mr
Blainals evidenti ) * not pleaaed toaeoMr
Hchurz In bli cougiiin' .
The ereateat cornet plavrr. Levy , inent
nrea flfty.blx Inches around the chest , run
latatd to have tha Inrgeit lunge of an ;
musician iu the world.
Tiser Tail , the Hemlnole chief. la dead
Mr , Ttll'tj uatenU , in nclcctiug Ida imint
ututt h vo 1 eked all through the wood
leore ( they made their choice.
General Butler'd ( { istory woa Illuttrntoi
In nine pyrotechnic ( Il play in Worcester
jMaai. , on Saturday eierilug , Tim perao ;
who auouteJ , ' 'Give up a unoou ! " wan the
with a rocket.
The King cf Holland nets wnthr nt b !
cook and walk ) Into the kitchen and chovf
him bow to fry iiotatoes and roast meat
It would be better for the people if th
King would ttay in the kitchen.
Wlnnemucca , the 1'lute i > rinr n , aay
that "the white IBID ute&U and Hca rnor
tiaa the Indian dots , " Winneuiuca
rhould remember that Mthongh her piopl
ara IinproTlnr ; they cmnot oippct to pof
eeas all the attributen of a Uoute con
Maj , rhlpjw , the I'hiladelphia nlmr
house Huperintendent who ctole prctt
much everything umnectul with the inntl
tutlon over which ho pr < ! ded , Includin
thn copper ro if , ha been nrrfl'tefli If any
thlnqcan bo rca IreJnntheoIIioai who tnrtd
tti OApturo ho will probably ba mliaing It
a Cow liaMt.
How it Works Ita Way Into the Bed ;
nnd How to Oountorftct It.
Ono of the great Ecourgea of thi
prcsout year in all pirta of Americi
hag been malaria. Tina is n troubli
nu lr ( xchorous in it nature and ei
diinqeroufl in its tconllii an to junll ]
cause apprclionsion whcrovr it hni
nppoarcd. Hut there are mi tnati ;
erroneous idoin upon the imhjoct tlm
n fuw unrJn ate In ordur at a timi
when people nro tubji'ct to maliirm
iMrtloria , wJtlch mracn Rimp1y bni
t\Ir , is the common nnmo of n o
diaoaocs which nnso from eporcnof do
cayiny regulable mutter , thrown ol
from stagnant pooln or piles of vcgota
lion nndiirgoins ; docotnpoailion. Thuat
npnrrs whun itihalod with thu bruatt
or Inknn into the sjntcm with wntm
noon enter the blood and gcrininntinij
llicro find n , foothold , wlicroby thi
whole flvc.tuii ) in poioonud and thu vari'
oiia ftinctiono disordered. When the
germ theory of disuoao wan drat nd'
viinced it was supposed llifit thcoc
oporto werp of nuitnnl nature , nnd like
the bacteria in diphtheria wcro pro >
pagntccl in thublootl , buv tlioy nrotioiv
coiieeivctl to bo of vegetable origin ,
like the fungi found on decaying wood
or in cellara. The courco ot this atntu
of the air is gonurally swnmpa or stag-
limit pools , which , partially ( kind
by the hot aim , send forth \v.pum
loaded with this malarial piiaon.
Thoriu vaporj descend to the earth in
the ni ht , cooled by the loan of tem
perature , and brrathurl by nleopora
nnd lentltly iuhnled , lionco persons
living near ntufinanl pools or marshes
uro lir.b'o ' to bo ulllictcd witli ehilla
and fovcr , nnd nuchluc Hticjaro never
laialthy , though tli y nro rnoro ao
when thu Htroama llnviiif , ' into them
ire pure , nnd also ulion the vnter ifl
hii'li. Again the drniimqu of houseri ,
slaughter IIOUIKF , biriri , etc , nro a
fiiftilo euuscu of niiilnrir , . Ono will
often notice in aouilng into Uu neighborhood -
borhood of onu of thuco cluiigiah
atruauia thai pits tlirou ; h iilmoatovury
village a most villainouii cmoll cnuccd
by Uio olfunsivo rnfuau vduch com-
mtii.icntc.'i itu bad odor to the
ntmonphtrc , especially on hot tlnyn.
This nbsorbe'l into the sjatcm by the
lungs or tnltun in thron.h water ,
which also nbsorbn it from thu air ,
poicona the blood nnd duianie3 thu
whole pyotum. This poison i * alw ) do-
vulopid in force in wclle nud oprings
r/hcn they become low , mid thu reault
of drinkint ! thcso ii the nnmo ns
breathing tlio poieonoun nir. In a
thuo i'f ' drouth the [ ; irnt , qnantity of
vegetation tlut dries up in the mend-
own , otubblu fieldq nnd pnntun'u , the
corn fields nnd forest loiven : pordwccs
the same cllluvm. Un the prairies
when largo tracta of prniriu ground
are turned oycr , the deonyiug vogotn-
tion is a widuiproad caxi'ju of malixrin.
Tlio ovila wliicli follow malarial
poisoning nro almcct it finito. Diu-
eaeu of n malignant nnddau crous nt -
turo , accompanied by cymptuna thu
moat diatrceting nro certain to nmni-
feut tlieinsclvon , and lifu in it burden
EO long aa this poiaon remains in the
syijtuui. Thu indication ! of malarial
poiaonini ; are loss oi itppotite , abort-
IICBB of breath , pains about thu iK.urt ,
waating ot health nnd > tri.iitr1"daa- ( ;
riifpilniic ' , iiurvr'9 > lCMi eliilly nulisa-
lioiie , iinaccountablo luaaitudo , dull
pnina in various parlo of the body ,
[ icad ache , dizzincea , A coated tongue
nnd dry mouth , night BwoaUi , mutcu-
lar debility , pufling under the eyes , an
utiUBUftl color , odor or nodimont about
thu lluido pasaod from thu syfiiem , utc.
Any ono of the above ajinptoiiiH nmj
bu nn indication of nulttriA ] poiooii in
the body which ucccr.sitntca iiuiuediate
utul c roful attention.
But if malarial poison could not
find n lodgement in the human body ,
it would bo juat ns harmless ns thu
oxygen of the uir. The great diUiculty
is that , after being absorbed into the
syatom , it produces obstructions in the
stomach nnd lun s , clogs thu circula
tion of the blood , affects the kidnuya ,
liver nnd other orgnnn , and bringa on
diseases of n most dixngoroua charnc
tor. Tlioro is only one known by
which these disooaco may bo avoided
or cured nftur they have oncu made
their i.ppourunco , nud that is by keep
ing thu grcut purifying organs of the
body in porfeuc health. Thaa orgaiu
nrn thu Icidnuyn nud liver. No one
whoso Itidnrya or liver nro in n per foul
condition was over allltoted by mn poison. And when thrao or
puns nro disordered , they not
only permit , but tnvllo , Uii'ot
disrates to make their inroads intc
thu body. It is now tulmiUed by
physioinna , sclontiots nnd thu nmjorkj
of the general publio that ono modi
cluu , nnd only onu whoto power ha !
boon tested and proven , ban ubsjlutc
control of , nnd keep * thu kidneys and
liver in constant lioallh , nnd ( tenet
prevents malarial eiuknosn. Thit
remedy is Warner's Bafu Kidney and
Liver Cure , the moat popular medi <
cine before the American people , nnd
sold by every drug ntt iu the land ,
It fully counteracts thu civil ell'ect ol
malarial poison in the tyateiii , and nol
only baniehbs it , but reatorod tin
members which that poiaon has V\ oak
ened. How well it does this can be
learned from thu following
KANHAH CITT , Mo , , Juno 20 , 1882
Moving from the aUto of NowYorl
to the wuatern country 1 was attacked
with malaria and general debility , 1
had lost all appetite nnd was Imrdlj
abiu to move about. I had tried i
grout many remedies , but nuthim ; bet
tured my condition until I bogai
luting Warner's Safe Kidney and Livei
Guru , which auanied to help mo rlgh
nnny , nnd I feel tat well as I over havi
in my life. It is A blcssiug to poopli
in this malarious country ,
of Williams & Co. , hardware ,
1411) ) Grand Avenue
This great remedy lias proven it ;
power in innumerable coses , and is ted
d y moro extensively mod in malaria
districts , whether in cities or in tin
country , than any or all other rcmo
dies for the euro of the name clasa o
dleuaso. No ono can afford to trltli
with the first symptoms of malaria
but instant care should bo taken t <
check U ou tha start before its evil it
iluencos overshadow the life.
A Strong Petition for the Ee-
tontion of Agent Mo-
Oillycnddy ,
The SUCCCBI of Hia Mantign-
ment of Affaire ! at That
Pin co.
Impoctor Pollock Jnvrfillntinr |
n IHKa liana.
As already sluted in Tin : UEK , nn
alleged Indian Inspector , I'ollock , ii
investigating nlTalrs nt 1'ino Ridge
agency , principally with the view ot
gotlini ; hia own nnmo nnd viowa be
fore the world. His dispatches from
that plnco consist in the announce
ment tint ho is tlioro himself , nnd
that the gro.itc'.st intcresta ot modern
times are in hia hands , . Menntimc ,
all the head men and chiefn of the
Sioux , except Ked Cloud , h\vo petit
ioned the interior department for the
retention of Agent Mcfiillicuddy.
Ami now corno the cattlu men of
Norlhorn Nebraska , representing
many millioim of money , and cct forth
their views in rpgnrd to the cflieiency
of'Agent ' McGdlicuddy in plain words.
The condition of nlFiiir.5 nt 1'inu Ilidgo
in best cut forth in thn petition itsfjlf ,
which la hoiewilh given in full , to
gether with tbo numco of the ulgnore ,
wlio nro known to everybody in thir ,
part of thu country im thu lendint ; and
aubatnntul tiiuiiitn' ) men of this pirc
of tlm countrx.
O.\\ir CLALKB , Neb ,
September 10 , 1882.
Wo , the oi uora hereto , ctoekinnri
anil cattle < > v > turn in Kobr.iGka , adja
cent to the Uioiix ruicrvAtioti and in
thu vicinity i-f Hie Pinu Rtdgu agency ,
ilesiro to rvpru cnt to yuur aopart-
ment i nr viuwn mid apprcdatioii of
the mam or in which thu nllairs imvu
Loun conduc ed nnd Indiana nunnged
ut the ngenoy during thu par.i ; four
yu.irti , under hu a'hniuisfration nnd
direct miuiugi mcnt of the prtauit
ngcnt.V. T. AlcOillycuddy.
Prior to four jears ngo , depreda
tions by small pirry of ladinua from
thit and the o'.licr Jj.oiix r.geroica
were conatnnMy bom ; ; made on our
stoclc , our men had frtquou ly btcn
driven into their rnnchca nnd nn
occasional ono killed who durtd to
reaont the intrucion on our rangni by
Indiana , nnd at Urn o tltu clunker to
lifo nnd property seemed great.
The orgamv.ttion of u good and
ell'ective force < if Indian police by
Aj'.ent McCiillycuddy on hia us < > umiiin'
chnrgi * , nnd the crtrneftncta
with which ho followed up
all dt prcdiiti jm > , bringing the
offenders to puniahmcnt , Mid : i return
of the stolen trtouk to tbo rightful
ouncis , lu'.n put u compkto stop tu
auch n course , and rendered it tolera
ble and aafo to live even in thu irnmi-
di.ito vicinity of tnu reservation , and
\vn can now safely say that during his
adminiatrntion , of the thouaandb
of heads of our cattle nnd horaea cu
the ranges of Nebraska nnd frequent
strays upon the iSioux reseivo n tone
ono bend han bjon killed or proft-n Uy
Indiana under hia churJ. . On the
contrary , hia ji ilioo being eonntnntly
on the a'ert for Htr..y stocic among thu
Indiana , many homo r.utl mulra tmvo
been picked up or tiikv.i from Indiana
in whoso possession they have been
found , and delivered to the agent foi
delivery to their ov/ntrj.
\Vo ceo no roonou to bulicvo that
Indians nru not Mil Indians , with the
AUUIU lawless natuies , and fear the ro-
null of n cliango in ugonta , and per-
Imps n dill'uruit policy or iunbility to
manage alTaiiTi ( an is too frequent ! ?
the case ) at thu nbova named ngenc } .
In view of the fncts atutedvt >
pray your ollicu nnd through
you to the honornblo secretary
of the interior ) that no change be
made , lima insuring to us u manage
ment of thu Indiana in this vicinity
guaranteeing safety to lifo and prop
I ) . Sheedy , W. M.CVter , [ tcr ,
< F , Kuovctf , Ilunter2\aiN&ltuu- )
J. A , Ilar'min ' , K , H , I\ewmau ,
T , S. Dammou , It U. Hunter ,
T. II Htuart , Dick T. IJooth ,
W. V. ColllnH , W. JI. UnrlKau ,
U. F.Lhunuict , W. 11. Collier ,
P , U , Conley. W. U. Dunkcn ,
Uli\er Ameahrry , W. .1. Kelly ,
( ! eo. Tr.diimH , Jarneiitl. Kelly ,
A. S. Carahroe , .laiueu MoKalr ,
Chnrle K. hunt' , HUradfi.n' ' .
1 , . h Stultz , M.M.C'oad.i.trH.lJ , ,
I ) ICeefc , .lohn Herlrmul ,
. ' .Miller , William Kent ,
Itufvii Holland , C. A. Moore ,
Suth Mntirey , W , 11 Ualior ,
Ulmrlei ) llrmtou ,
A 1 of L'ainp Clarke , Nebraska ,
Livpr diseaaca , headucho , nnd con
stipation , caused by digestion ,
( luichly ciired by llro\vu'o Iron lilt-
TrnnHforrln Tltloa.
The following deeds were filed for
record in the county clerk'n ollico to
day. I\6portod fur TUB HUB by
Dell & Ameu , real vstatu deal era :
John Campbell nnd Ii. llaod and
wifu to J. lA. . Ulattorloin , w. d ,
lot 7 , block S , Shinn'a eocond addi
tion ; SHOO.
Kzrn Millard nnd wifu to D. Hue.
hanan , w. d. , lot Hi , block 1 , Millard
plwe ; 8800.
Ezra Millard and wifu to J. Uiau-
mont , w. d. , lot 17 , block 1 , Millard
place ; $800.
W. W. llarllott und vvifo to A.
Robicr , w. d , , lota 1 , 2 , 3 , 20 , block
141 , und lota 2 , 4 , 'J , 11 , 13 , 17 , 10 ,
block 110 , iu Floionce ; $100.
0. Ii. Kvana and wife to ,1 , 0. Jiron-
nan , w. d. , parcel section 3. 14 , 13 :
0 It , Kelsey nnd wife to Nancy
Houok , u , d. , south half lot 15 , Millard -
lard ctOaldwoirBuddili.n ; $2.
M. Olson to Frant Dumko nnd
wife , lot 12 , block C , Hoggs & Ilill'i ,
addition ; $1,200.
Free of Charge.
All perse niBuirerius : frxuu CnuRhitC'oldi
Astbuia , Bronchitis , IAHW of Voice , oruny
alfection of the Throat and Lung * , are re-
( ( ue ted to call at 0. K. Qoodmau' * drug
afore and get ft Trial Bottle of Dr. King1 *
New Discovery for Consumption , free of
charge , which will convince them of IU
[ wonderful merits and Dhow what a regular
olUr.alia botUn wiU do. Call ewly.
That's a common expres
sion and has .1vorld of
meaning. How much suf
fering is summed up in it.
The singular thing about
it is , that pain in the back
is occasioned by so many
things. Slay be caused by
kidney disease , liver com
plaint , consumption , cold ,
work , nervous debility , &c.
Whatever the cause , don't
neglect it. Something is
wrong and needs prompt
attention. No medicine has
yet been discovered that
will so quickly and surely
cure such diseases PS
BROWN'S Ir.o : ; BITTIIKS , and
it docs this by commencing
at the foundation , and mak
ing the blood pure and lich.
rt , IrJ. Dec. t , itCo.
1'or a Ions l"'c ' ' 'a ' > c I'C'n a.
luffircr from itomacli anil kidney
di ea c. ? .lyrppetite vas vcrynoor
rnd \ef'Mnn1t aincunt ) did crt
disagreed \vilh inc. 1 w. i inoycd
very much fi < m of
urine. 1 tried in.iny rti i-ut3M : kline
no success , until J ussd ll.nwn's
Iron Hitters. Si'ice I iistil tlut my
tomnch claes net botlicr me any.
My oi'pelitoiislririly immense. My
Iciuncy troiills ii na mare , an 1 rny
cneral health U such , thit 1 fret
like anew man. After thfi i < e of
llrown's Iron Iitenforo"c ! ! month ,
twenty pninJ In
O. 11. S.\iu.u.r.
Leading physiciair and
clergymen use and recom
mend BROWN'S IKON Brr-
TKRS. It has cured others
suffering as you arc , and it
will cure you.
_ .
The AironlGH or DIlllous Uo 1C , the In-
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ubl ) , inny I i icrtalaly a\uiKil by r 'KuUtirir'
liuHy tttn Hlth thAt agro > alih itni nfr hnu'
iUndanl I'rr | arr.tlou , mrrai t's M. I
1'UO'ot ItAllbK AT ALI.LUI
. ' ' 'y' * * ? * "W * * "y"
La. U l'-i ? jfl&
njaV'w J ( .esUUy of
Ooliars & Cuffs ,
Ihree Gents Each.
\Vi > U. noMi'llc'tlryiull o\er the country.
Clio cliutoi | and ro'luu p > 'htaeu ninut ac.
.ompany the packing. ' Siojial [ ratcB to
nrge clnbn or itgcncled.
jJUf mo WirjKtNS .t H _
! cliangt.l ottr mill to Hungarian rol
ler i > rout' , wa offer part ot curoM inv
: lilutrylor nt o ut b'.v | > rlcou U O'libUln ot a
r.i , pt llncly 11 hhd and Mnccd. jaf.'n Urti'Inc
o\tl whcih , ( Ire i null mor In)1'0 ' 1 ilitaMc" .
.luce Inches pilch , dil.lru a intin ui'Igtti > lnt
.nont 35 loot lo > inn < l > t'I > . onu nmln ranrtloo
i ) < ur uhem 7 Inch ( acunnd I ] Inch \il'rli \ twoiialr
I Ucl and 1 j lr Z- Inch Lurra , ii'lnilltB , ) tnlona
71nchf&co 1 } ) , liadlttn' ) eprl' if , ctirlm ,
; tc. , romp tin , one ( cur ircl chest , 17 Ictt i loth ,
r convcjont , uuo two nol chest , 14 ( cut cloth , 4
ratnejoro t o flratUtHhoat hu tenl No.VKu ]
: oha uaiuttor , 1 ltrn > rd fc LCM r c-h lnKncpi -
ralor and ilm.iloni , dhult" , nhoela , pullcyo , can-
rvjon , etc. borne of the machinery baa boon
iwd Imt Allltlo over I * lyoAra , tnlull Ii In Kocd
: uudltlon. For ( urthtr Information addrcm
Council DlutTn , Iowa.
vat IB-vrtl
COLLEGE Ihrco courses ; 0ioi to both
AUADK CUralctl and KnKlU OUw
.bo l > o < t ol train. nc lie fullrKo or bun n
l''I5UHY IlALiL-heuilnary lor Young
Ladlm. Urimirian.i | > d In bointy and lual htul
ICM ol Bltiutlon , end In extent of ndianta ce
irtcrnl nnd thoronghnoyi o ( trn'DllifhUun. On
Liku Mlcliuin.
Ycir bcilue Scntcrahcr 13. lbF2 Appl o
PKE8T. OBaaoUY , IjBlro Foreat , 111
jl'J.i < r.'m
Embody now1882 lraprnemcnt . Mor.
prnotlonl ( urut ; Cost loks ' ° ' " 'I1 ln
iiniur ; Udolonn fuolt " ' K > tu moro l""t
and a largtr volume ol l pure air t"in
turn&ca midu.
Rolil lj riUIlCKV t EllADFOnr > , Omim , Ke
tt > . Anuu-
liillnir euro
( or Seminal
We knce ,
S lt-Almi < i. iu Laat ol Mo-ory , LVivi rril Luf i
tude , I' ! T In the B b , Uliiinrin of V' ' ' n , ftt
mature Old Age , nil ntny othoi D'-XMM th l
lead to Inun'.ty or Cooiuupllon and a Pr a-
ture Oratr.
* 3"Full partlcnlar * In cur ramohltt , which
v doitro to isnd ( rco Ivinitl to fivuryone ,
fLTIhe 8p ctO cilodlloo U tcld by all dnvgtit"
at $1 fvt i cka ; e , or 6 pickvyia ( or Cfi , or will
U Mni Irui bj wall on rco-lpfol tha money , D ]
Bo3 b , N. T.
Kim * ted
Jin J. O. Itol.crton , Pltlt.wrp. Pa. , write- "
KM fuHerinz from general dibllltv , nt or r
pttltc , conni | > tlin , tic. , o that IKo sn bui
den ; dftor uelnff Tlnrdock UlooJ Kilters I fell *
tcr thvi ( nr jcAit. I cAnngt pralso jour IJIttor
tooranrh , "
It.OUiM. ol BuMo , N. Y. , wrltw : "Vou
Burdock ! ! ! < * Ilitttm , In chronic di Meso ! th
blood , lit IT M'J kidney , h.-nn been elgnall
marknd with diirVwi. HIP i < l them tnjn-si
with liwtresulte , for torrid. M i Ithelhcr , nnd Ii
cnAoof nfrlcnd nl tnliio nutTirlng fromdrottj
the i Sect n&s rair\clouo "
I'ruco Turner , nochostcr , N. Y.inltfs : 'I h'xv
been piibjcct to serious disorder ol ( So kl.lnc.i5
nnd un ililo to attend to luslncfl ; llurdoik liloci
Illttcn ! nllosol mo In fern hilf a boltloaa UICL
feel lonndcnt thit thov will entirely cure me. "
jcnlth I1V.1 , Blnghdrnpton , N. Y. , write-
"I iiifltrsd nlth a dull pain thrsiivh my if
lain and shoulder. Ix > tt tny pplrltn , Appctiti
anctculor , and could nlth illtllcnlty Keep up al
dav. look jour Burdock lllf oj ItittcrH ni JI
rccttd , nntl ha\o ( olt no piln fitro hrtt week ftt
Mr. Noah Batofi , Klrolrn , N. Y. , writes : "Abcu
four yciux rgo I hid r.nntlAck of l/illous ( ovcrni
t\a\ti \ fulljrecovered. . Jly illic < ti\o criraii :
Morn wfuktriLt ! , and I would liccoinplcUly j.rcs
( rated f ( r ilxye. After mini ; t" ° bottle * ) of you :
BtirJotk ninotl Dltt ni the ! inprnicnicnt waa w
\l.lhnthnr . ] \\iwa9tonUhed. . I can now , thoui ; !
Gl yoire nf 3 0 , do fair and tttiiinabla day'i
uovk ,
C. niukel IHiltiMii , proprlf tor of Tlio C-uiadi
PrcsbjterlAn , 'loronto , Ont. , wiittn : "Foritin
I suf'trol I/really from oft-rrcurrlnjr headnclic. . '
used J our llutiloclt Illooil lilttcra with Inpplcv
riMultn , and I no-v f.inl tuifclf In better lualtl
than lor j ( lira patt. "
lira. Walbte , UiiiTalo , N. Y , wrlt : ' ! hn\ (
nieJ llurdock Uloo I Hitters for ncr\t.ui and bll
lo.ui cA-l-vJue , and cin recotrncr.d It tDtnyor.i
rcrfj | tcuro far bllllousnc" ' . '
Jhu. Ira Iillnolivi'Ibny , N . Y , writes
"Fonmcral y..iri I hate r.ileml trcin rft itcjr
rlni ; l/illloui hi'idjthes , dyspepsia , ant com
ulalntB peculiar to nij BOX. Since urhirf yotu
llurdork bleed Bitters I n > entirely rcllcxco. "
Price. 01.00 not Bottls ; Trla Dsitlaj 10 CU
. xr. "jc-
S .J ut HhclO'-Mo by Ir-'i , > c MuMal'&n and C. P
iSO'w'iiiML Io57ind.fl' ,
To Nervous
f HU { .XC-AT timOPL'AM RE
OtJ. . V , Simreon'i3 8pcsciiic
V/wtrtuu , iiiit.iOUt-.r.i , ti d ti' ' moyfcOi
dttn b'eil'Ahn , M UcntinxUtr ! ,
" - - ' Ut.wItacVcrDMr , t.ti . . .
* eti' > ri itaat land t :
i < < tb [ Casroropilor
. . - > , > / rx1 , " .
/6.S f ? &
'Uu' '
'I ' i7"ff" > So til. vw.s ssil rjci fall"r'
PltBl > jtM.V , yi er pjt rcVie ; , cr six pick-
IJ.-M lc > ! r'.ux A iiluv sit otdi-rj to
i : . siM.-ov uKiuciNi' co.
Sll. 101 and 105 WKJO ni. rjofl.i'0. X. IT.
3oM In Omaha J.y 0. IT. Oa3.tnu.ji , J. V. Bell ,
mil at ! tlr -aryRlicio. .
I .dfei.
: Bt
St. Louis , in lll ! treat
Injf ftll IMtlVATK. KIM-
vutw. aiiuoKia mil
ll cIal DIseMcu , Spcrniv
trrihiD' * . Imiottiii.v ( Sm.
unl IncA ; < ttlt ) ) , Kcnmlc
D.n-.iBn , IrrriuHrltlfB ,
Dltfkultlo , etc.
t V Lcillu.eenJ 25 cent'
( In Blimps ) 11 p'ycxprtn-
cliarco ] on aalu Mt
\.ork" entitled " 01
* ot Wou'cti , etc. "
in RiiP.nMO Di KABKS , ono lf.nii. | t3T\
> f SUf-ilmno ni Privnto DUtasc , Bond 2 ulnmpr
or CKUar.Arru tVoKKKon trvoui ) nnil t-oxui ]
" l-v-ascs. Oonniltntloii ] criK > iially or bv letter ,
"HKB Consu t the oH Doctor. THOUSANDIi
: LHKL ) . OHlce In igulct. irhato , regpictnblc
iLicH. Yon fee no one fill * , the doctor. Dr.
l.irlie 14 the only phjolobn In tlio city who wit
itnti car" ' ! or no puy JUcdlcliiLS tent e\cr-
thrrn. Ilonri. 8 A M. to K rl. . ilAwlyv
, .
, I I I t'lr H.uill .11 W/ t'I ' W. ! . -
T"1 nm11 ' ' . tu r-a
. i > ii-iti i " ' VY
intiUiti a it > lkv VJ ' . ' " ' " "t < * '
Hop Bitttro if - Ht'P 0.
FJUl' ' . ' .V JrwU.i' >
3tiui , If * inw : k
i f. 1 1 t\'if ) > 3.-UUI.I.- . . rti. - - .
. 't T O'l
.o-r " *
icv ixly r er * .
r. . l
nlnuivcr j on ret trjiUly f r o iu * *
inat ji ur rjtUm form up If i u i
. .i isil 'i > n'ii" < .tou- dlct&9 * rhat n
, Mr nr tlniuintln : ,
without tnttaitattlij
siiUti Hop
> r
frvt t
rvt nn ci n
mint , iliM-siu
of t.t" ronar/i ,
luirfi Hood ,
liicrurn/iix ? '
you * lil Co
iin t
hop UltWt
I u w * ak unit
' , .
.M It in a y
f t v your
pitIt nn
invO' < hun-
a i ml r. ,
The Qror.t Lnglish Eemody
Kover falls t < cuio
.finouiUeblllty , Vi
tal Kshaurtlon , tja\s- \
ilot.8 , ( lemlnul Wcik-
iVfiob'Srand "aifTrw
l vllcllocta ol youd-
Jjlul lollies and vxics-
[ iic , It etopa porma
nnently Ml ucakenln ,
vim oluntnry losaiB and
ijJraliiB upon thn cje-
thf InovlUlile re-
* < rlt yt > i j MTLVjStcm , .
, r , llln > ralT .
| BUJ Oj Jk060 eyre.
. .Icesshich are BO destructive to m'ud ' aud ixxiy
: ml inakg IIlo ml'eriblc , often U'.JIr.i ; to lucanl-
: y aud death It trcnithonii ; thj mcn.Urulu ,
; ir.emor > ( HUo.1 , tlutclrs , Dliroithc MidUupro-
luctho Or-priD , It restored to nil the crxjiilc
lunctli-no tfaolr former > Uor nd vitality , uiv
tiny lllo cheerful nr.J cnjojnble. I'rlce.fSa
'Kitilo ' , or tour tlrucn the qu .ulty f 10 , Sent by
axprcea. liocure froai ol > crir.tlon. to any addresa.
en receipt of price. No. 0. O. U , tent , encpl
on recelf't ol # 1 aa a Lniar&utto. Letters rt-
; uujtlr g anav , cr J luuet inclosa etauip ,
Dr. Miutie's Dondohou Pills
tre U > bent and cheapoit Jjsi'tT'U aud bltlloiu
rare In thonuifcrt. SoU by nil dtufsl t , l'rl
S3 cuutn ,
Da Uiims'n KiiiHir Kuior , NUBRIOUH ,
Cures 11 kind of KUnej nJ blndJcr comiilatuto ,
ROuorrl , sleet and KucorrUca. For u ie v !
u B , > p its : f f. bpttla
KNut.ibll ilWJJt'Al INSTITUTE ,
71S011mtt , lit LouU , X
For E&la > u Oujta b )
_ _
Ouora JiirT. .
_ . . V\ Care /
Er f. 0. W" . laS ; n .nJ Uiitiu i
. ' . tp - i If lor iJjbtcrb , DU/luevi , Coum1slci.i
ti'noud IlciJ. r , Mcaul Ucprc&lo'j ,
Merer jiporu ai , ( thixclbiuoteny , InvoluuUr ;
ciu e , I'rciwtiirx Old Axe , caujod by otcr '
uxrrtloo , tull ui.w , or oicr-baul ' < 'ncs. wL
Isids to misery , Uecy aod death. One > xix wil "
euro rocool crjcfl. Each tot conUltuoaemo'th"
tmtnicnt. One dolhxr * box , or ilibciutti
five ( .oilart ; Kill by to&ll prepaid on receipt o
erica. We ( rturuitoe fix boici to euro any can
with Mdi order recelred by ni far elx boxct , a :
coo-iutnled with die dolUn , will mud tha pur
ciuacr otur vrltUo eauantM to return U
taotu J U th tteatmenl dceo cot eScct a cnrv.
0 , f. Ooodman , Dnurlit , Bolt , > Yholettli m
irol ceOmaha , K D. Ora > rt by nitU a
nail tl dfcwlr
Xlio Oldest Tfho'esalo ; u'
in Onici-ha , Visitors can here
find aJl iioTolti3s in. SIL
Rich and Stylis.u .i'ovAs.'rj ' ,
Oho Latest , Most. Artistic ,
and Choicest SslocUoua
all descriptions of i'&W.
WATCHES at as Low Prices -
! ces as is compatible "with
hoaorablo dealwn. Cr.lJ
a.nd see our JiicjanfciTew !
Store , Terror B.vlldmg ,
corner lltli and Farahaao
HI fin US
IJtli'R TTK37I
i Genei'al Agents ior the
'Finest ' and Best. Pianos and
Organs manufactured.
Our prices are aa Low au
any Eastern Manufacturer
ane'i Dealer.
Pianos and Organs aojd
foi cash or inytailmonta at
A OPLF.KBIB ntock of
Bteinway Ghickering ,
Knabc"ofto & Son's 2'i
anoa , and oilier makes.
Also Olough & Warren ,
Sterling , imperial , Smifcli
American Organs , &c. Do
not fail to see us before pur
A Largo Stock always on Hand. T * <
liyMisb - , PERFEOTIOM
ij fyzA is oi'ly \ nttained by n3tnp
SJiL . Pill A BITR flftfc
sr * s ? s y1ftKaCli SMI
' 'Every Tub Must Stand Upon its
Own Bottom. "
And Every Wagon Upon its Own Merits.
Wo appreciate thu above nnd mnko our wagonu accordingly.
; np8poctfullr , WJNONA WAGON CO
PA11KEH& BOWERS rionrri' Ac-nta Om r1 , Nob.
Zephyrs , Germanlown , Etc ,
STOCK L ItaSIi TflLANEVZJS. { ' * st
& CO.
Taught by guutlemouof buatnesa experience and broad Bcholarahip at the
. . otaudard of oxoollotico. nnd
A ow inaUtutiuu b.-.sod na the highest Day
aiid pruning sciaioua ure nuw in BUccuoHful operation ,
r Kpocii ! tuformultun apply to or ad drew
Window Shades' ' and Ourtains ,
Paints , Oils & Brasses.
107 South | 14th Street