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A Representative Gathering o
Farmers at Hastings ,
'Tho Old Officers of the Alii
nnoo Receive n Secoid
The and Ro-
® oaventiono
inblo To-Day.
cV RopttWtcnii Cfintrnl CorajuU-
too of Now York 1'rottst
Proxies ,
Severn ! Strons Polntrt on Prohi
l Bitpatch to Tin nil I.
EASTINGS , Nob. , September 20.
The nnnual convention of Nebraska
atato Farmer's alliance was hold to
day. Delegates wcro present from
thirty-six counMca. Thu ollicora elect
ed for next year are : President , 11 Jl
Reynolds of Hamilton ciunty ; vice
president ! | \V. A. Towno , of Thayer
county , J. Graves , of Oteo county , 0.
D. Liyton , of Douglas county , J.
Scadda , of IMatto county , Thos. II.
I Mills , of Kearney county , John Patty ,
of Wheeler county ; treasurer , 0. 11
Gale , of Gagu county. J. Burrows
was ro-elected secretary by acclama
Executive committee , H.C. Bigo-
low , of Thnyer county , Thoa.
of Otoo county , J. L. Arnold , of Fillmore -
more county , and A. II. Vancp , of
So/vnrd county.
Housing Anti-monopoly resolutions
were adopted. The btatj orgAni ing
committee was reorganized , with J.
Burrows clnirmau.
The next annual convention will ba
held at Grand Inland.
The state AntiMonopoly convention
meets here to-morrow.
A largo number of delegates uro on
hand to-uight to attend the republi
can o > ngruenioiiil convention ot the
second district. It looks now a.i if
would have \valk-awjy
Proxies a ail Prohibition.
l Uupatch to lull ! ) > .
NEW YoitK , September 2 < ! The
followins ; resolution will bu considered
nt thu next meeting of thu republican
state central committee :
Ittsolnd , That in future meetings of
this committee no person , oxcjpt mum-
bora duly olectud at the state conven
tion , bo authorized to vote , and that
no poroono shall bo ponii'Uod to ap
pear by proxy.
General Sharpe offered the follow
ing , which was adopted :
'Retolvcd , That the state committee
' lu * ustt iou < the Attempt
'bjkpiijimw& * t * * * * >
tempt made &t Sara'oga to intluonco
the decision of the late committee by
the use of a forged telegram and its
detestation of all methods and pur
poses which such n wretched fraud
and trickery implied , nnd tilts com
mittee tenders its cordial co-operation
to any authority or persons investi
gating the crime , to the end that its
authors mi\y bu speedily ascertained
\ and held up to the ecorn of the people.
The managers of the National tem
perance society resolved : "Wo hear
with great satisfaction of the wide
spread and rapidly increasing popular
sympathy with constitutional prohi
bition of the manufacture nnd oalu of
all alcoholic baveragcs , as already tri
umphantly adopted by Kansas and
Iowa , " nnd "call earnestly upon the
electors of the Stale of New York to
select and volp for such candidates
only , irrespective of party , aa will
favor nnd vote for the submission of a
prohibitory constitutional 'miondmcnt
to the dooplo of this state. "
Skinnor's Reward.
Sped&l Dispatch to liu BSE.
WATEKTOW.V , N. Y. , September 2li.
Congressman Skinner WM renym-
inated. _ _
_ _ _
YhoRuih tu Rnglhtor.
Specbl Lhbi'itch to Tun Us .
Ntw YOHK , September 20. This
was the Oral d.iy of registration m
Brooklyn for the fall election. The
number of citizens enrolled waa 2rt-
28G , against 18,087 last year , and 43-
C84 in 1880 , the pruaiduntial yeir.
Stroiiu Points ou Prohibition.
SfKcUl DI | Kitch to Tin U i.
MILWAOKKE , September 20. The
National German Roman Catholic
Central fiociety , in to-day' * session ,
disposed of a large amount of routine )
business of an important character ,
which took up the largest part of thu
tiinn. A resolution referring to pro
hibition will be reported upon tomorrow
row as follows ;
"Whereas , the agitation for prohibi
tion haa reached nearly every section
of the union , therefore we , delegates
of the German Catholic benevolent
societies of America resolve that wo
believe in being tomperatu in all
thingti , drinking included , and
practice and recommend the same
course ; that we consider cr-
roneons and unwisu the con
demnation and prohibit ! < n of gifti
which Providence has bestowed , such
as winu and other beverages secured
from traits and grain ; that wo consider
the present p < A ibition agitation us a
mental epiii. > o lucking logical , moral
and cducntu..ul ( .r.nciploc ; that wu
es estally protest against the prohibit
ory dcchirution that the pour houses
and jaiU throughout the country are
fillud through the etrcctsof thu liconsa
ystein. Maine is a prohibition
state and has no fewer bcggnrs , insant
nnd criminals than any other etatu.
The real cause of a good deal of these
troubles in due to the fact that thu
great poitluu of the American joutl
is ruarcd without proper moral in
fluonccs ; Hist we refer the America
pcoplo with pride to our Uerma
Citholic elementary rcnoola in whic
not only reading , writing , and arith
niolic are Uuvht , but the main prin
cip'os ' of honest notions , sci that th
children become nware of the object
of life , nnd to bo obedient to the rot
sonablo government of their parents
that wo are of the opinion that the
a'tackd of prohibitionists upon per
sonal liberty endanger the stability of
our American institutions ; whoever
wislio\to support the latter should op-
pu prohibition.
Ditring the Hireling word was re
ceived from the Pope thanking the
society for the donation sent him , nnc
lonforring papal blessings upon thu
laborers of the central society.
Forced Prnxloii
tpcUI Dlupuktw to Till 111.
Nnw YOIIK , September 20. It has
icon discovered that another forced
irozto waa used nt the Saratoga convention
vontion by the stalwarts.
.Agntntt < t Monopoly.
nUh to Tun linn.
CHICAGO , September 20 Speaking
of the San Frnnciecn Chronicle's op-
msition to P.uil Newman , the Chicago
cage Times says : "As the Pacific
oads nnd Sprocklua have combined in
uch n manner na to compel the poo-
lei of the Pacific slope to pay ad-
litiounl two or three conto for every
lonnd of sugar they consume , Thu
) hronlcles opposition to the candidate
lominatod in the interest of these
nonopolies will certainly bo warmly
mcked by the voters who are no't
iwiicd by his coa bination. "
| < rclol 1 > fpatcho to Tun Hun.
CAIUO , September 20. A grand ro-
: eplion was hold at the palace to-duy
> y the khedivc. Nearly a thousand
uproeentativea of ditfuront village.- )
vore present. The khedive refused
o receive many implicated pashas
\ud beyif , who camu to prolcsi their
ovalty , and warned the ulemas nnd
other high pareonngt-sthat they would
> u saverely punished if thuy rulnpaed
nto'dialojalty. The principal lirit-
ah ollicorH and their utnil'j were pros-
nt. Wolsoloy , liowover , was indis-
> oscd and unablu to attund. The
loremony of vtho prosontntion to the
eneral of thaSecoration by the kho-
ivo did not take place.
O.uud , September 20. The khedive
eat 01 day evening drove for un hour
lirnugh the illuit.iuatod streets , and
wus well received. The khcdivu will
) p tow upon WolBOii'y the graud cor-
ou of the Order ot OrjianH.
CoKSTANTiNoi'LE , Septonibur 20
taker Pusha , who is cntruitud with
: io task of reorganizing the Egyptian
rmy , intends propoamt ; to thu khu-
ivu that ho employ all Eiigli h olli-
era nerving in the Turkish gen
CAIRO , September. 12. By a col-
isiou on the railway between Neihcho
nd Alahsameh to-day ton natirea
were killed.
Gon' > r .l Wolaoloy is nuffdrlng from
old and iliurrhoa.
BEHLIN , Saptember 20. It is cor-
nin the action of Germany will beery
ery favorable to England in the
ottlement of the Egyptian question.
poclal Dispatches to Tnr. lir.x.
CALCUTTA , September 20. Three
niombera of the Salvation nrmy who
econtly arrived here have been nr-
ested in order to prevent a riot which
was imminent.
EEHLIN , September 20. The stato-
nont of the Imperial bink of Germany
hews an incrooso in specie of 7,520-
100 marks.
LONDON , September 20. The fourth
; roat foal stakoa at Norrmarkot was
von by Dutch Oven. Shrowebury nud
ollio ran n dead heat for the fecond
ilaco. There were seven starters in-
iluding Gerald.
CAPRTOWN , September 20 , Goto-
wayo arrived.
( JAi'KrovtK , September 20 Small
> oi are raging worse than over ; 2,000
iaees thus far , mostly natives , GOO
of them fatal , The disease has
reached the military , Capetown is
declared infected , und all vessels tail-
ng thence for other ports in the colony
will boiiuaraiitiiail. The greatest ox-
citcmunt prevails In the diamond
iulds. Illegal meauurca have been
uken to uxcludo persons arriving
hero sucpectod of having infection ,
The streets of Oipotown have n do-
ortjd appearance .ind business is nuf-
oring greatly.
CITY OK MEXICO , Suptember 20 ,
Die constitutional amendment juit
adopted decides that in event of the
death or removal of the president , hit.
successor shall bo the senator who
) resided over the senate during the
nonth preceding the vacancy. When
.ho senate is not in session , the presi
dent of the permanent committee- -
.ornately senator or deputy , is to BUO
coed Elections shall bo held imme
diately , Hitherto the chief justice
ios beau ex-uflicio vice president ,
TCNH , September 20. Near Kiir-
wan a band of marauders _ attacked
party of horsemen belonging to the
French topographical expedition. The
French commander was killed and
uuveii of his men diiablod , The
brigands lost thirty killed and fifty
_ _ _ _ _
The President.
Spoclal DUp&tcb to Till II ii
NEW YOKK , September 20. Presi
dent Arthur expect * to go fishing to
morrow. Gdnoral Grant , Paul Biro-
bach of Alabama , Secretary Folgor ,
and Clayton McMichael of Pennsylva
nia were among the callers to-day.
An Explnuntiou of Jay Gould't
Dtjnllugn wi h New
York Papers.
The "World" olofn r OrimTi
with Juy nt the Crank.
8pf l l Dmwtch to Tim Ilia.
NKW YORK , September 27. 1'roin
; o-dny'a WorldBy tray of ntcor-
: nining what basis , if any , tlioro nmy
) o for certain tales whisH have bren
sot forth of Into with tremendous rub-
a dub iu two or tliroo local newspapers ,
reporter of The World yesterday
bund Mr. flould in his ofttco , nnd in-
orviowed him on the object of his
nllogrd attempts to buy up thu Asso
ciated Press.
"Mr. Gould , " said the reporter , "it
s atntcd in Bundry quarters that you
invo boon trying to purchase The
! few York Journal of Commerce.
Javo you any objection to say
whether this ia so or not ? "
"It is ridiculous" said Oould ; "tho
nly grain of truth in the story is
hat a gentleman cloaoly connected
fith The Journitl of Conuncrco , in
act ono of the ociitoro , sought an in-
reduction to nui nt n private hoiioo ,
where wo both happened to bo , nnd
tatcd Hint liu was thinking of nuking
p n syndicate to purclmsu The Jour-
lal of Ct.nitnorco , nnd wanted to
mow if I would go into the opora-
ion. "
"How did you receive thu proposi-
ion ? '
"I naturally nkod the nditor 1o let
10 have a copy of the trial balnncu of
10 con corn that 1 might sco what its
rmucial position was. The bal-
nco was never nont to 1110. Thin IB
10 whole story of my nttumpt to pur-
11130 The Journxl of Conimerco and
lia ia as near aa I over came , or am
kely to come , of being owner ot thut
nut Journal , "
"Is there any more truth , Mr.
roiild , in thu story which seems to bo
ving about in a lively manner , that
tuu c ilk don Mr. Jouca , of ThoTimes ,
nd offered him in vain a million and
half dollars for fifty-one shares ? "
"There is , if possible , rather loss
roth in tliut legend. I have had no
niuicial dealing of uny kind with Mr.
ones 'if The Times. "
ilnilrnntl XVroolc.
Hjclal Dlnpatih to Inn linn.
Nsw YOIIK , September 20 , A way
rain on thu Pennsylvania railttmt ,
whinh loft Newark for Jersey City at
l-15 : last night , waa run into nt the
utvo just below Ksst NoVrarlcetntion
> y a Lohigh valiuy tr&in duo at the
amo time. The way tram . a com-
iletely wrecked , and the passe , "ors
uid great difficulty in getting out 'of
ho cars. Sumo of them arc seriously
ijured. The Luhigh valley train
as also wrecked , but none of its pas-
angora injured ,
David DnvU' Iiuon.
pedal Dhpalch to Till Dim.
HASEIUK , N 0. , September 2ti.
L special announces positively that
Xivid D.ivio is to bo married to Miss
Liinio Barr on Noven.bor 5th. Miss
) atr ic a charming and ctlltivnt
foman of thirty years and nn heiress
n her own right.
CHICAGO , September 20. Hon. DA-
id Davis , vice president of thu
Jnited States , was givun a private re-
option to-night at thu residence of F.
L. Chandler , in this city. About UOO
ooiuty people were present.
Flood null Favor.
( icclal dispatch to THK UKK :
BuoWMhviLLK , Tex. , Saptombor 20.
Wutor is disappearing from the
treots. Five now cases of yellow
ever to-day ; ono death ,
NEW OHLKA.NS , Soptomber2G. The
'icayuno'a Pensacola special reports
ixty now caeo.i and two deaths. The
ncreaae of sick is so great and the
moans of affording relief so inadequate
hat the board of health called a moot-
ng for to-morrow of physicians , with
view of systematizing methods for
iabursing means nnd affording relief
o nil thu needy.
GALVKSTON , Soptombjr 20. The
Iowa C ! ilvos ton special reports a uroat
, eal of yellow fever at Mier and Hey
loaa. One hundred cases and two or
hroo deaths ] n day at Heynosa ; nt
Mier four to ton daily.
pccUl DIp tch to 1 in lias.
ATCIIISO.V , September 20 , The
Vestern Hardware Co , 'a establish-
mcnt olosod tliisinorninu' . The linbil-
ties are oatiraated at $250,000. Thu
iSBotn consist of thu largo stock of
lordwaro nn hand , but thu value cwi-
ot bo told at present.
A Bar neil Town. .
pccltl Dispatch CO Till Hi * .
PATTONRiiUKa , Mo. , September 2G
Most of the business portion of this
own was burned to-night between
:30 : nnd 12 o'clock. Loss not yet
cnown. An exploding lamp U sup-
losod * n ' > ( the CBUIO ,
in n Dark Room.
pocial c . , , aUh toTui llti.
DALLAH , Tex. . Soptetnbnr 20. Fif
een years ago G.iorgo Ilollunbock nnd
Villiam Strntton quarrelled In Pal-
nijrn , N. Y. Yesterday they met
lear Oarrizo I'ass , went into a dark-
nod room and fought a duel. Strat-
on fired four times. Hollenbock
ired killing Stratton instantly.
A Htnga Roblicr Caged.
IUR n .
ST Ijouis , September 20 , Cant. J.
W. Lues , chief detective of Han Fran
cuco , and Oliarlt-s Aulla , detective of
Wells Fargo 01 press , arrived hero to
irocuro John C. Patterson , alias
rCohoo , now in jail for burglary , who
s charged with robbing a st&gu coach
letwuon Morris Flat and Nevada City ,
September let , 1870 , and being ac
cessory to the murder of William J.
DCb , > k banker of the former
place.Th _ y
Th Q irilolcl Monument Fair.
SpMltl lip tcb ta Tui Ui .
WiTiusoTow , September 28. The
board of direction of the OnrOeld
Merchants and Dealers Throughout the Entire West are lnv ted
to Visit the Mammoth Establishment owned
and Occupied' by
Notions and Furnishing Goods ,
- AT-
7lio Brightest Lighted , Host Appnintod .Irtbbin ? House ill Attcrica , contnlninir th
nrcest Stock of Dry ( } uods nnd Notions wuat P the Misaisaippl , Solo mamifncturort
of the celebrated
In all styles now popular with the Trade. Absolutely the best Goods in * he Market and at
an * jjrj
Western Merchants can more than save their expenses a visit to this Mammoth stock be
fore .buying their Fall Bills. Traveling agents , with extensive lines of samples , visit
all prominent towns throughout the west , and will call upon any .merchant any
where upon receipt of a request so to do. Send orders by mail , or write
for samples. The most careful attention given * to orders , and satisfac
tion guaranteed , Remember
R. L. McDONALP & CO. , St. Joseph , Mo , .
iiiouuuiontul fair ordorsapplicAtioiiH fern
n > ! oo either for lomc'l ur diu. tocl ox-
Itibits must , bo marlo ou or bcfnro the
fust of November , ntid all cAluhitH
must , bo placed in the hands of the
board on or before Nnvombor llth.
r.vo dollaru will bo charged for entry
: > f all oshibita made for advantage or
profit of cxiiibitors. There will bo 110
3hurgo for npaco for donated exhibits ,
tmt in all ciscs counter ? , otii r munt bu
[ ) til up at tUoexpenni'of the exlulnlnr.n.
iMl pickiigoi ehould bo addresard ,
"Garfiold Monuinent Cnmmittoo ,
SVnahin ton , D O."nud billsuf Uding
Transportation und iimurAnco upon
xll art exhibits Irmnc.l for the occasion
md transportation upon all articles
dnnatud will bo ut thu coat of the
boai.3' ofUrdcgtrt Transportation
uponVu otliarox biiM' * nadd for the
profit of ! NS'"hm > ri4 wit. bo ut their
ooat uud I'll V. Vtahifian bO ! rd
of commiliiie < . n Jisplcuinnd
with the < > harj ? tw ' sowo of the
buildings in ! whfei thf
of direction propose 4o dintrttal cx-
hibitH , and unammoutly dccidgd 'o
dcclino to pfoc od ftirthor in carrying
out the obiijclsV' ( ho enterprise until
tuoy rcLaifo fift. / , V < ! try-aeiiianeo ni
to the charapterof tlio buildingn to
flocured , nnd the amount of space to
bo allotted exhibitor * from Michigan
They alee irivito otlior ntnto boards to
moot with them at an cirly diuo and
take such notion HP may bu deemed ad
visable , _
HjxicUl dUpitrli to TUH Hun.
BOSTON , September 21 ! . Bostons 0 ,
Treys 1.
BUFFALO , September 26. Buffalos
7 , Ohicagos 8.
LODIIIVIU.I : , September 20. Fhst
i-aco , ono and oiio-oighth miles , Ful-
lowplay won , Monte second , Alborao
third ; time , l:5ij. : (
Second race , Bt. Leger stakoa , two
miles , Apollo won , Boatman soaund ,
Monarch third ; time , SV : ! > J.
Third race , tuilo hcats , < Meditator
non , Iluth suojiid , Force Hard ; time
1:4.11 : , 1:45. :
Fourth race , ono and ono-half imleH ,
Frocland won , Katie Orool nocond ,
Anglia third ; tmio , 2:12.
BUIOIITON Buiuir , September 20 ,
First raeo , m.lo , Loroa won ; timt ,
1:50J : , 1:502.
Secniul race , mile , Vrnkofiold won ;
time , Ii5. ; :
Third race , mile liuats , Ballant won
two straight hoatn : time , 1-I81 ; , ID'J
Fourth rcco , or.o and ono-oight
milo , .loo Murray yon ; time , 2:01 :
Hurdle race , milo nnd a qimrter ,
Jim McUowau won ; time 2:27. :
' T1'ONKI ) .
PoiiTJ.AND , Maine , September 20.
Hanlan , Courtney nnd Kennedy mot
hero to-day and ftftor u lengthy dis
cussion denidcil to postpone the race
until Juno 1883 , The atako money
will bo put up thrt-o weeks In advance
of the races. The date of the niws
ia to bo nuruuil oix weeks prior to the
event and the date will bo mutually
agreed upon. Tlir < > o wotiks must In
tervene butwcen tlio race of Haitian
and Boss , and llanlan und Kennedy.
A Murder Caio.
( jpodAl DltpaUh to Tin Un ,
LITIM : KOOK , September 20v The
Gizetto's Hot Springs cpeeial sayw :
The jury inquest in the casu of
Charles Matthews , editor of The Hornet
net , killed last Friday , thin afternoon
returned a verdict that the deceased
came to his death by three or more
blows by n hickory club In the hands
of S. W. Furdyco , and by throe pistol
revolver ; shots from thu hands of
Sir W. Foidyco , D. 0. llwtt nud
Frank Flytin , and that tlio killing of
Charles Matthews was unjuitifmblu.
Arnica Halve ,
Ilia liBST HALVK ia the world for Catr ,
Bruldoti , Horcn , Ulccrr , bftlt Itbeum , Ke
ver riottia , Tetter , Clipped UaniU , f.'hil
blalna , Curni , and all nkln v/uptlona , ant
ponitlwly cure < piles , It U xoaranWl tc
kivo e&t'ufaotfoa i n/ soy rcttuulcxl ,
1'rloa , 25 oenU ( Mir ci , if at u
V , Goa-luWJ
1 Shaking up of Dry Bones witb
Little to Ealivon thu
The City Prmtirfr Settled nt
A Short mill JJrjNnmiiait x lth
Few DoLnlln.
At the regular mooting of the pity
council last evening the entire iiioni-
botship was present with the excep
tion of Mr. Stnll.
Presidout pro torn Katilmann occu-
pind the chair.
The journal of the preceding moot
ing < vaa road und approved.
letter *
of Q acrl.fllp.ria5or | Clark aui.Ks.otor
T lfiphriHiu Ociu/dou pt thotJ. P. . rq
( guesting that tliroo our tour hydrants
bo placed in the nhop yards ; nlso let
ter of city attorney regarding the sumo
and recommending that the water
works company bo itistruotnd to place
hydrants as requested. P.ufcricd.
From the mayor approving uuvoral
ordinancon. Filed.
From thu mayor vetoing the ordi-
nnnco oslabliahing now curbing on
Thirteenth between Fftrnnm nnd
Douglas. Huforrod.
Quit claim deed of iho city to Fred-
rrick Idttotolf of lot 18 , block 7 , in
ICountxi and Kuth'u addition. Clerk
instructed to deliver
From Olson and Uoiaon , offering to
furnish 500 yarda ( if earth nt . ( ones
ntrrut intersect ! in at ten cents par
jard. Aocaptod.
From Clurk S. Morris , claiming
$2,000 ilnmiigoa for injurion received
by falling elF omb.tnkmont on Sovon-
tiuuitli and Fnrnam street. Hoforrod.
From property owners on South
Suvontcenth , rui'ioiting ' extension of
water mains , liuforred.
From cltizuna , ruiuesting that clean-
iig of vaults mid cejnpools by daytime
n thu city bo prohibited by ordinance.
From Dr. Poalxidy and others ro-
l\ie ting nx'onnion of fire limits to
u.nbnioo Thirteenth atruut from alloy
lulwoon . ( onus nnd Jackson , and bo-
v , ecu Thtrleunlh and Fourteenth
) oing the whole of block 17l. ! Uo-
From Lu\l and llornstuin , complain-
ng of the bluikauing of Thirteenth
street by MrJining and Hens , ut
iOiwonworlli atruot. Referred ,
From K. U\ Cooper , civil engineer
and BUrvoyoj , culling attention to do-
wait of dirt by grading of ITanum
street ut Twonly-oighth , and rKiuinst-
ng that culvert bo built nt unca. Uo-
'erred. '
] luiort ) oJ npprftlBers on ojening of
Phil Shoridau ntreot. Filed ,
From J. 11. iloniiun , asking repair
of walk , on Elovouth and Harnoy
streotH , Hoforrod.
Frunt thu city engineer , submitting
monthly report on sewer and othur
work for September , I uforrud ,
Tlu opinion of the city attorney ad-
vurso to It-guilty of change of curb
lines on Thirteenth between Fnrnum
J Douglas. Matter referred to city
gincrr will' instructions.
From D. MoKllh [ > and othois , re-
( juesting city to lay ft walk on lots 4
and 5. block 4'2 , between Hickory and
IClm. Hoferrud. °
Rovoral resolutions ordering iido.
walks xero roferxou.
From property owners on Tenth
ttroot , miunslmg that 'that tliorou h-
faro bo puveil with Huiostonu IJookii ,
nt not to exceed f IJ par tquaro yard.
Hi' for rod.
From 1) . A. Way and others : lloo-
oinnu'iidmg the csUblishmcnt of twc
or tliruo hydrants in the vicinity o !
Fifteenth and Dorcas and Center
streets and the creation of H hoec
house in the same locality lUforruil
A number of bills were
und referred to nppropriato oi.mmit-
Mayor IJoydrc'B } > ! nti'd inrititioRii-
for the aity council to attend tl > r
\ > oman niill'fH o couvon'ioii , and nuc-
gcsted tlio mattur cf ohoiTing the vio-
itors and - lole nto n.Hiio courtvsiox
Mr. Hohm B.ud h ? trtd an extra acnb
in his cart which cno of thu dalegatuc *
might occupy , and ha would promise
them n livi-ly nhakin ; < up.
Mr. O'lveofoanicJ thu city linsincoa
were too much depleted for Hiich un
txponso ; the money hart bettor bo
nnod in tilling up holvi in the etreot
The whole mattur wont over without
By Ivauficnnn , To make curtain sur
veys in Kuuiitso r.nil 4-iutli'a addition.
By TliMnoj To repair culvert on
Jnirliold stirot , boctrut-n Ninth and
Tenth. AdepM.
] Jy Loodoi * , To remove gis : lamp on
C.IBH , between and Nino-
ttenth slronts , about 100 yards from
present ntta Adopted.
By O'lO'ofc , Itmtiftctinfj the mar-
cfeul to euforco the oydinnuco preTont- ,
" removal oi dirt' frpm-jBtr U o/j
ilfoys Vii v i permieeJoni 'Alno ( / }
kivp the coi > ! ir\i > Wyi ? nM > Jl y i'J' vi > V'
ahn sewer from putting dirt oh private
property. Adopted.
By Dunhr.m , That a cas lamp bo
Jacod in front oH'.m Chriatian church
m Farnnm nud Twentiut'i ' atrootis.
DP Dnnlmii , i'lir-trucliiig street
coniinicuionor to > longthun culvert
across Ilarncy atrcnt uoar Twenty-
lecoml , and reinovo dirt to repair snid
trout from top of lull. Htroot force ,
o bo employed not to exceed throe
; ays. Adopted.
By Buhm , 1'luit the nuyor ba M.
neated to nppfiini three appraisers to
ppraiso all property now occupiuJ'
> y citiKoim nndi belonging to thu city ,
md that paitios bo reijuoated to vacate
within nixty or leaco the property rd a
air consideration. Itcforrod.
By Dollouo , Iiuitructvin ; the oim-
nittoo on public ptopprty und : m-
irovumunta to causu pipes in cibturn
n the park to bo made mm accessible
o frost and to place the green liouso
n proper condition. Adopted.
By Halt or , Instructing the board of
lublia worliH to advurlino for bills for
laving Tenth street with granite ,
indor the ordiniiiico ordering
on Tontti ctreet. Adopted.
By Bohm , To till holes
3t , Mnry'a uvunuo in paBBailu ! eon-
lilion. Adopted.
Uy McHuokin , To orifoico rapair > f
idowalkn on went hide of Tontlistrout ,
> utwoon DougLvi and Dod < jo , within
on days. Adopted.
By Lcodor , To repair brdgs > on
twelfth uid Quo. Adopted *
Ity liulim , To build crcer walk on
it. Mary's nvunuo und.Foioot ivvuuuo.
By Corby , That no. member of the
council bo permittoi ) to offer more
han two resolution * at rciy ono moot-
ng. Adopted ,
On judiciary , Uucomniomlitig passage -
sago of ordinance volatiiig to areas and
stairway .
Also , that judgement be oonfosaed
on thu sewer claim o ! the Omaha NuV
lounl lUnk , in uccotdunce with city
attorney's opirdon. Adopted.
On claims , Favor bill of 0. 0.
luu'ifcr foe $10. Adopted ,
OncUinm , Alluwinf John L. Mc <
Caguu'a bill for abstracts of prof rty ,
On claims , Allowing Schuylei
Wakefiold balance of salary an rogla-
trar. Adopted.
On finance , Favor oponliii ) Picrot
street between nlnotoonth uul twea
tieth. Adopted ,
On streota and grades , dvorso t (
paiEsago of ordinances for gradiui
Ninth , Klovonth , and Twelfth steels ,
Qu mum1 , rocommouding filiiig o ;
politlon of F. W. B ll rdin roRard t (
intersection of Thirteenth and Will
lams streets. Adopted ,
On s.tuio , to file communication ol
0. P. Birkett , relative to grading o
Tenth nnd Pierce stroots. Adopted.
OiiB uic , ndvorao to ordhianco for
grading Joui'H ntrnut. Adopted.
On oacao , approving city cnginoer'a
acceptance uf grading on Sistoenth
street , and allowing $1,580 81 there-
on. Adapted.
On sniun , Granting porraiwion tr >
M'oShniui iV. Schroder to lay traok in
alloy in block 200 undar certain ro-
strictiont > . Adopted.
On mini > \ rociimmoniling passage of
onlinnnci ) to fill lo 8 , blocks. Adept-
pot m sion Mr. Baker intro
duced u n fulution tendering the NH-
iioiial worpu" autlragp convention the
oourto ie of tlio city and inviting
them to a t ur of the city at n time to
bo fixed by the council. Adopted. .
On pg'ico , Allowing cortntin bille.
Ou / ! ice , Itacommonding passage
of or' " ' nc < > oit.tblishtng hay and
; } rnir mo , rkok on Twonty.fnat atroot
b t eon ( JnnuDg nnd ] ! urt. Adopted.
/it pub lie property , etc. , That the
o'y ' tto rm.7 oxnrniuo into the title
jf the cit y'a real estate. Adopted ,
. Ou i nit , Allowing bill of 0,25
iuo 0. .1 . harltoab. Adopted.
" ' S tytfJZfylwfi s- ; " . ,
; iorth o ( s iajyofl& piRi , 'trt ae
piir.saWo. at tir .niT'Vo'wlbld. ' by atrcet
- ' " rOn
force.- Vdopted.
On sid .ftwulks and bridircs , allowing-
'bill of O . A. Hubbaid , SKli , for building -
ing Sam idon street bridge. Adopted.
The t nl of Samuel lleos , for print
ing , KM i nil lived. t
Tlio I id ottu ) Boo Publishing com
pany t ( i do Iho CK/ printing for the
year 01 iding July lur. , 1883 , was ac
cepted ,
The city engineer was Instructed to
abate the nuisance on Tenth and
Jouot by making newer connoctioim
with t ho rend forthwith.
OIK i or two otlioo reports of no 3m-
portal ice were received , and on mo
tion the council ndjournod , to moot
ut7'IOp. : m. Friday.
AV/oiai\uTrloa to-Kll ! Horsoir ou Ac
count ol Joivloimy.
Vestc/day afternoon about 2 o'clock ,
worn 311 of the town named ; Ada
Gregory , but better known ns "Bull
the Woods , " residing in a eaanty
on the south oido of Dodge etraet be
tween Ninth and Tenth strcotn , at-
tomptad to kill herself.
It euoms tliat sliu became jt-iious of
lior husband whoao name is- Duke
Gregory , and who tends bar at thu
naloon on Twelfth atreot between
Dodge and Capitol avenue , by the
reason of lib paying too mr.jh atten
tion to other soiled doves living in tlm
noighborhosL She started the
rounds of the drug atorca , and
nt the Millard hotel pharmacy pur-
ohascd ton souls' worth of morphine.
Blio uftectivarda cent a boy down.
Tenth struat , end ho alsa purchased
some for her ; and she l\rvd\y started
out and bought more , un'.i ! she
thought she hud a aufildunt quantity
to end hoc life. She took the full
quantity she had , a bo at ten grains , ,
and Uid herself down to dio. Hoc-
moans attracted the attention of the
other inmates of the liouso , who at.
once repaired to her room and foupd
her in n dying condition. Ono of
thorn ut once started for a doctor ,
who appeared ou the scene and
gave bor the proper antidotes , but it
lir-iun nearly two It our a from the tiuio
of her taking it and bofoio the doctor
nppeiiToJ , thu emoUo pjovod almost
frtiitlusa , and thu doctor at once re
sorted to more heroic trroatmont.
After fuur hours of vork and treat.
inenl hu prouomired her out of dan
ger , und nt Wt accounts eho was all
Horcior.-d'u Acid Flioipltute Iiom-
Du.0. 0. OLMSTiUD , Milwaa-
keuVi . , aya : "I use several boU
tl is In my family , annually , oj * lcra %
oiwitf1 ; I prize tt highly , "