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The Daily Bee.
Tueaduy Moruin ; ; Sept. SO ,
Wenthnr Ueport.
( The following observation * re Ultra t
the satco moiner' of time at nil the stations
Rlrcr 5 feet 2 tnchca above low water mark t
O uihs , t IcetSlnchoi at TanVton , Mlsjlsilpjil S
ftotS bjchwatlvkCrowo , and 4 feet 4 Inchci at
Djbuqun ,
Hon. A. J. I'epploton will deliver the
welcome address to tbo KntlonalV'omnti'
SulTmgo convention nt Dayd'a opera lioiuo
to-night , nud Jlov. A. K , Sberrill will oiler
the prayer.
The dlrootor.11 car of tbo Utab Central -
tral railway arrived In this city Humhy
afternoon , wlthUlahop Sbarp and party ou
Imard. The car wni left over at the trans
fer to receive nome disttngntiboil pnnnen-
gem from Die east. The special cir uf tbo
Houtbcru I'aclGo alto came lu on tbo nnmo
Last evening the members of the Sail-
bath school of the Congregational church
commenced a wool : of prayer In tboparlon
of that cbtirob. The oxcrclsofl were very
Interesting nnd much good work U antici
Tlioro will bo an executive meeting of
the officer ) of the National Woman Suf
frage association to-day , Sotileinhcr 20th ,
at 2 p. m. , In tbo parlors of lioyd'n opera
borne , to whlcb oilicorH of tins ninocUtloii
only will bo admitted. May Wright Sew-
all , chairman of tbo executive committee.
A complaint w. n filed In police court
yesterday ngalnpt n well known dry
good * firm of UiU city for sweeping paper
out into tbo klreet. Thoio ore a great
many who do not realize tbo damage caused
by thin pracllcw. A ploco of flylug paper
H liable at any lima to ntart A ecrlons
runaway and cause great damaga if notions
of life. An ordinance ban been panned
Against tbo practice and baa iu a few
instance ! ) been enforced , nnd nil merchants
and btislncHH men nro urged to nboy its
Tbe South Omaha church org nU. -
tt in ban rained tbo sum of Sl.liOO and pro-
poeo to proceed nt once with the orectlo j
of anlcexburch edifice 21 by CO feet lu
ilr.o. The contract ID In tbo ban IB of
County Troauuror Hush to whom all bids for
work may be handed up to Wednesday ,
who/.i the contract will bo let. The IIOUBO
will be built on laud already purcbatod by
the organlratlon , nnd will for n time bo
lined as a ucbool hoiuo an well us for roll *
Horace H. MclUUIe , aged 22 yearn ,
dlod on Sittmlay , Beptembcr UM , of
typboiil fever. The tlocoased ban been In
Omaha for noino time , nt iirnt In the em
ploy of J. A , filcSliano nnd subnequcntly
of Mr. Jamea Stepboneon. Hia mother
arrived from Frlciulvlllc , Nob. , Sunday ,
nj the remains were yesterday forwarded
to Alodo , 111.
A postal card received from Secretary
HowNcr , of tbo Y. M. 0. A. , informs UK
that he is having n nlco time nt tbo "foot
htlU" twelve miles from Denver , where bo
Is vialtluR bU uncle. Ho will leave tliia
week for tbe mounUlnfl , to bunt , full nod
"prospect" for n week.
The bridge nt the foot of tbo bill load
iiifto 1'roiipeot Hill Cemetery U again iu
I ?
ilnngcroUB condition. Sotno
n penon re-
laid the old planks HO that many crom
upon it and a teilom accident In llablo to
O3ciir nt any tltuo , which the expenditure
of n few ilollnia would obviate ,
An excursion train of sixteen can ,
from Sioux Git- } , came down to Councl
Illulfi ) Sunday , and a largo number n
tbo eicurnIonUts caiuo over to Onmlii and
enjoyed tbe h nplttlity of tie Paxton anil
Send for pnnttil } > nee litl nnd tunipfa of
Ukiml of Job work to tbe AlJjKN
1'UINTINO CO , , job prlntern , anil pub.
llibcrs "HUKAL NKIJUASKA , " Tbo
American Cattle Journal. 1AVK STOi'lC
, , prinllnsf a , iprclally. Non. tilR aud 520 , B.
Uth St. , Quuba , Nib. nop20ine-eodiw
Th I ) , S L > d ploy tbs Council mutts
' | C'liumplonii" Ibis afternoon nt 3 o'clock
on tb C. 15. Krouudu , TliU will be tbo
tut t'aui the IJ. * M.'a will piny m tills
vicinity i > r eome time , M they btarl for
Lertihilluaml tbe weit Tbursiluy luprulti ) ; ,
. , 1 Apnrobatlnu
Hy the cutn : uuty ! at lare ( bai been Blvon
to l > utiiXCKi } .ooi > JlinEitH. No Instance
Ia ktiuwn wbei dtwMUfuctlon baa boon
raanlfeltedl-y tV it , u e. , r wicro , arKh
but bam-tit follctvii-a their , . , *
' ncni | 'trtttl"n- |
Price 1.00 , trltl'tUelOcenta.
The "Hawthorn Centennial Ki
ceUiur Roof Paint , " was patented Ma ]
24th , 1681 , and otters patent num
bcr 211 , 803. Any percon found o
known to tamper with the nmnu
facluro of Bald paint will bo punished
od to the full extent of law , No pes
eon hoa any authority whatever to BU )
rocolpU. HAWTHOKN & 15no. ,
Lancaator Pa.
Whitney's Shoe Store ia on Dougla
street , near the corner o ( 15th ,
Whitney Bella liurt'a Shoes.
Ladies' line Shoos at Whitney's.
< Whituoy'a for Gcnta * lioota an
Children's Shoes at Whitney's.
Whitney keeps ill the boat make
in Boots and Shoiu , and makca th ,
lowoht pricea. Go to Whitney's.
Kj.'iiB , 20c per donu ; creamery bu
tor , iiOc per pound , at Win , flontli
Two Hundred Nortliorn Ohey-
ennos Leave Pine Eidgo ,
Their Destination Boitnj Fort
Koogb , Montana.
Military News run ! Department
A dispatch wan received at Ft. Uob-
inson on Saturday from Dr. McGilli-
cuddy , Indian ngonl nt Pine Hidgo ,
ntyitig that two hundred Indians ,
Northern Cheyennea , were leaving the
agency under the leadership of Black
The departing Ohojonnco loft word
that they wont with the moat poaooa
bio intentions , that they had good
hearts and intended to commit no dc
prcdatlona , but that they were sighing
for a change. They nro going to Ft.
Koofth , via Pumpkin Buttea and that
old Indian trail , the distance bolng
about 300 miles , and thuy nro by this
time outside the department of the
Platto. The Commander at Ft. Hob'
inson at once telegraphed the news to
the hoadquartora in Omaha and
the Interior department was notified.
Agent McGillicuddy was instructed
that the interior department refused
to interfere , and to use no force in
detaining the Indians who wcro tak
ing French leavo.
The oflicors hero do not anticipate
any trouble from the band which thus
unceremoniously loaves for Fort
Keogh , although ono gentleman con
nected with headquarters says that it
will bo ctrango if they got through
without committing any depredations.
Gen. Howard was telegraphed tbo
facts yesterday at Fort Bridgor.
Colonel Ludington , chief quarter
master department of the Platte , has
gone to Kookuk , Iowa , to inspect the
national cemetery at that place.
Lieut. E. D. Thomas , Eighth Cav
alry , has gene to Fort Futtormun to
superintend thooalo of the government
buildings nt that post.
& Major Furoy is acting chief quarter
master in the absence of Colonel Luil-
General Howard was to leave Fort
Thornburg yosterdny for Omaha , and
expected to reach hero Thuraday after
Lieut. Col. T. M. Anderson , Ninth
Infantry , has gene to Fort McKmuoy ,
Wyoming , to turn ever the command
of that post to Captain Kolloeg , Fifth
Cavalry. Colonel A. then returns to
Fort D. A. Russell and assumes com
mand of his regiment nnd that post.
Mrs. Stembul , wife of Lieutenant
Stombol , Ninth Infantry , Inft Fort
Omaha yesterday for Fort McKinnpy ,
\Vyoming , whore her husband ia E > ta-
Company B. Fourth infantry out on
the road between Bridgor and Fort
Thotnburgh , is ordered to coma to
Fort Omaha at onco. Ono company
of the Fourth , under Liout. Bailey ,
remains thoto to complete work on
the military road between those two
A Email batch of recruits for the
Fovrth and Ninth infantry , arrived
hero yesterday from the recruiting
Capt. W. A. Elderkin , 0. .8. , has
gene on four months sick leave from
Cheyenne depot.
Oapt. Goo. P. Price , Fifth cavalry ,
has been detailed on recruiting service ,
and goes to Now York , where ho is
superintending the publishing of his
history of that regiment.
The following special army orders
have been issued from the headquar
ters of the department of the Platte ,
Fort Omaha , Nob. , dated September
23 , 1882 :
Captain Joseph Koofo , Fourth in
fantry , Is relieved from duty aa a
member of the general court martial
convened at Fort D. A. Ilussoll , Wy
oming , by paragraph 1 , apodal orders
No. 80 , current scries , from thcso
headquarters , and will proceed to join
his company.
First Lieutenant John A. Balwin ,
Ninth infantry , having compiled with
ordora No. ICO , Fort Omaha , Nob. ,
of this date will proceed to Fort
Douglas , Utah , nnd report to his com
pany commander for duty.
Necessities of the public service require
quire this tr.vvel.
Itecruit George M. Waggoner , enlisted -
listed nt Fort Omaha , Nob. , is as
signed to company B , Fourth infantry.
A | Pleoannt Weddine Puny In North
A happy wedding party ntgcmbled
at noon Sunday &t the ictidunm of
Dims , S , Smith , in North Unmlu , to
witness the marriage of Dr. 15. K.
Womsloy , of Washington , D. 0. , nnd
Miss llolou C , Pockhum , of Sarpy
county. The ceremony , which was
simple but very beautiful and impres
sive , wap performed by the Ilov. J.
W. Harris , of the Baptist churoli , in
the presence of a fyw intimate friends
and relatives , Air. Frank Wilcot
acvv-i M groomsman and Miss Kutio
Meyers t * . bridosmoid.
After thoyouugcouplohad received
the congratulations of ihoee/present
tnd the beautiful and costly , presents
had been inspected , a bountiful lunch
WM sot before the party. After this
an hour was devoted to discuiaing cold
tongio , fruits , wedding cake and a
bowiljering array of other good things ,
when \ho \ happy couple wore driven to
the 3:1) : train and imtncdialnly took
their departure for Washington , their
Tfco Modnj MornlnffDocket In JudKo
Bunoke'a Court.
There vua a goodly liat of guests at
the Hotodo AngoH'a yeaterday
and a fine tkray marched up to the
judge's oihcto tettlo.
There wo u aeten caaea of plain
drunk , of whni three paid , and four
wore sout up b jail. ,
Throe men voro In tot
the peace , ono paid , ono VT.MI sent to
jail , and the hearing in thu third caa
wni continued.
The two men ftrrcntel for shooting
nt rach other tieur lioyd'a { Kicking
hnuto wcro both in jail anniling a
hearing yeatordny.
Frank Newntna , who wai com
plnincd ti ninst some liino ago for
assaulting a woman , had his hearing
so' for 2 o'clock.
A complaint was filed against S. K.
Hrciinan , vho la charged with being
in thu habit of rmuntcring forth on
Sunday morning and shooting chlckoiiB
nnd pigeonn innido the city limita.
Joliti JIcMahon , nlinn "Kansan City
Kid , " who WAD arrested during the
otato fair for robbing n farmer from
Oroto of § 38 nnd five railroad tickets ,
was reloieod yesterday on $500
bail , which was furnished by Mr. Joe
No startling burglaries or other son
nnlions were reported aa occurring over
Col. Ira Wilson 1ms purchased a
half interest in the 1'aoifla IIouso , at
St. Joo. The firm will now bo J. B.
Kitchen & Ira Wilson. Mr. Kitchen
has moved to the Paxton hotel , at
Omaha , and Mr. Wilson has taken
charge of the Pacific , where ho will
ho pirated to moot hia old friends ,
The Pacific ia the loading hotal of St ,
Joe nud a first-class hotel in every ro
upoct. BopO-m&otf
Mooting of the Ezeoutlvo Oommlttoo
With the Offlcorsof the National
The members of the executive com
mittco of the Nebraska Woman Suf
frage Association nro rnqucatod to
meet at the parlors of Buyd's opera
house to-day ( Tuesday ) at 2 p.
m , , for conference ! in executive seasion
with the oflicora of the National Suffrage -
frago Association.
llAltRIET S. BllOOKS ,
Chairman Ex. Com Neb. W. S. A.
OMAHA , Sept. 25,1882.
A Very Romarkublo tfarrlago WblcQ
Took Plnco m Omaha Last
The other day a young lady having
spent all the money given her by her
grandfuthor , nnd having no accom
plishments with which to earn her
living , proposed to got married , and
nccuro a homo. During a brief resi
dence in the city nho had formed the
acquaintance of n young aewing girl to
whom flho told her story , and related
her immediatewants. . The young
Bowing woman then suggested intro
ducing to her a young man with whom
oho was acquainted , und who was de
sirous of getting married. They wcro
introduced on Wednesday morning at
which tiuio ho proposed and aho a.i
quickly accepted. They sot the tnno
Iqrthat afternoon at live o'clock. This
hurried arrangement , while it was
what the bride wanted , still left her in
a dilemma about ouitable clothes for
the occasion , as all her wearing
apparel was in the pawnshop , but aho ,
with nil the ingenuity characteristic of
her BOX , decided to disrobe herself of
the unmentionables , and lay in bed
while n kind washerwoman , who was
let into the scheme , proceeded to
wash and iron thorn for her , and at 5
o'clock that afternoon the bride and
groom , with two witnesses , went up
to .Justice Wright's court and were
duly married , receiving the congratu
lations of the justice and her attend
Wan woman ever under euch adverse -
verso clroumstancca married ?
An Accident m the Union Pacific
Yard m thlu City.
Tlioro was n lively econo about D
'clock last evening at the Eleventh
itreot crossing U. P. main track
'liuu a train coining from the Ilepub-
ican Valley of the U. P. ran into a
ouple of emigrant earn , which had
list como in from the West and were
till loaded with their passengers. The
migrant train had been switched back
upon a aiding , but it Booms had not
boon lelt go aa to clour the main track
nd the engine struck the vcar car
knocking it off the track nnd lonv
"ng it lying nt right anglos -
glos with the track , A car
oaded with ntono next ( .truck it and
whirled it around again , The truck
was considerably torn up and the pas
aengers ineido the coach were shaker
up und much tit moralized , Fortu *
mtoly , howovnr , everybody was un
injured. In an hour's time the tracL
wan cleared up und no truce left o
the accident.
Jliido froir the wild flowers of th
it is the most fragrant ot perfumes
Manufactured by 11 , B , Slatcn , Siu
Franciaco. For salu in Omuha by W
J. Whltehouso and Keunaia liroa ,
How a Cuooky Man Getu His Milk
One of the choekieat things occurroi
in Omaha last Saturday that we have
hoard of since Church llowo attempei
to olnct himself lieutenant governor o
Nebraska. On Chicago , between 2 Hi
and 25th streets last Saturday nigh
about midnight , a man was scon
crawling along on his knees with jug
under his arm. The reporter happen
lug ulong at the time , and oluorviug
the novel proceeding , sat down ou th
pavement to watch results. In a moment
mont or two the man crawled up alotif ;
side ol a milch cow when ho immediately
atoly pulled out his jug and proceede <
to milk her , and thun went up th
alley with hit stolen material.
Oa inquiry In the neighborhood i
was ascertained that ono of the fatal
lies have boon much troubled for aom
time to know why their milch cow
did not give moro milk , and the nbov
facts reveal the cause. They hav
lorded their ehot gun and propose t
shoot the thief the next time ho turua
They Convene nt BoydVi Opera
Homo To-NJuht Everybody
A UEK reporter called in at the Pax <
on yeatcrday , and found BCV
oral of the ladies tf the National
Woman's SufFr.igo nssociation busily
engaged in making arrangomcnto for
ho coming eession this week.
Mias Susan U. Anthony , who is HO
well known throughout the entire
country for her labortf in bahalf of
woman nnd the sacrifices ftho has made
in the cause , was very busy with the
details of the convention.
Mitn Ujchel Foster , ft very courtc
oila ahd aflablo young lady , is the cor-
csponding aecroUry , and cornea from
. 'hilnaelphift , where she is well known
or her Itarningand atanding hi eocio
ly ,
Mrs. May Wright Sownll , of In.
diana , n bright-eyed brunelto with
cultured features , is chnirmnti of the
executive committee nnd is the right
voman in thu right place. She has
icon speaking the past week In No-
iraaka nt Falls City , Brownville ,
Sulom , Aahland and Plattsmouth ,
rhuro she was heartily received and
lospltably entertained. During thu
week she spoke ninoor ten times , and
wna tendered and did occupy churches
of five different denominations
The latlics have secured rooms at
ho Paxtcui , where they will have their
icudquartera. Among thoao who will
peak ut the convention , in addition
o thpso already mentioned , are Mrs.
larriott II. Shaltuck , Boatou ; Miss
3. Pearl Adams , and Mrs. Welch ,
'oorift , III , ; Miss Phooba Couzina , St.
juuis ; Mrs. Evalino L. Mason , Mil
waukee ; Mrs. Gen. 11 'horts , Orleans ,
fob. ; Mrs. Elizibcth Lisle Saxon ,
io\v Orleans , and Mrs. ilolon M.
3ougcr , Indiana.
Mrs. Clara 13. Colby , of Beatrice ,
ioa charge of all nrrangomonta , with
icadquartors at the Paxton. She ia
nooting arrivals at the trains and
onducting them to their respective
laces which have boon secured for
hem while hero.
They propose to do away with the
cgular orchestral band which is gen-
irally used , and in lieu thereof the
adioa will furnish both vocal nud in-
tiumental muaic for the occasion.
To-day at 2:30 : p. in. the off
ers of the association will have an
xecutivo no33ion in the parlors of the
pcra houao.
At 7:80 : p. m. the convention will
leoc at the oam < < place , when the
ddreos of welcome will bo delivered
> y ono of the prominent citizens of
'malia. ' On occounl of the absence
f the president , Mrn. El'zjboth Cdy
tan ton , Mi a Suaan B. Anthony ,
rat view president , will pn'sido.
To the addiesa of wc'como ' Misj
Anthony will rpspond'in a ahortspeech ,
fcor which Mrs. Evuino Mason , of
Wisconsin , and Mias May Wrighr
owall , of Indiana , will address the
icctiug. The lending workers so far
a wo have been able to judge , are
romcn of moro than ordinary ability
nd exhibit qualities of refinement
nd culture that reflects favorably
pen the cause. They are from their
wn homes and have the sup
> ort and sympathy of their
msbanda. In conversation with
lira. Sewall , the reporter learned that
wherever she has addressed the poo-
lie upon the subject she
las boon enthusiastically ro-
seivod. In taking n vote nt
ler various appointments she barely
mot with a dissenting voice. She said
liat in her own state Indiana the
woman suffrage amendment is the
mtin issue before the people ; that the
imondmont has already passed the
egialaturo once , and will como up
again before the legislature thia fali ,
.nd the question bo submitted to the
icoplo next May , at which time a
pccial election will bo called. The
opublican party of Indiana , she says ,
ins taken it up as their issue.
An Es-Kmploye Sues the Dee Publish-
in ? Company for $1OOOO
A follow who worked for TIJE B B
some time before the holidays and
who won a very unoviable reputation
while in their employ hoa brought ouil
'or ton thousand dollars damages for
alleged libel , in the district court , fern
n certain article which appeared concerning
corning him iu Juno last. Mr.
Welsh was a notoriont
deadbeat , and if ho hat
113 just dues bo woulc
liavo been in the penitentiary lonf
ago. While iu TJIB BEE employ ho
made such improper advances to
jadiua with whom ho came
in contact as to have on one
ocniion been slapped in the
face iu THE Bun counting room
nnd at a well known merchant's 01
Farnlmm street ho made himself BO
obnoxious that they refused to have
anything more to do with him. A
the time of lib connection with tin
otlico the publication of hia doings wa
suppressed on account of a respectable
relation whom ho had in the city , bu
ho even wont so far as to have hi
coat oeued in payment of a wash bll
which he owed the name John China
man on Tenth street , and had a row
ever it in front of TUB BEK ofllco
soon after which ho wan sumtnarll ;
Mr. Welsh is welcome to whatevc
ho can get for damages to his allege *
1' . J. Vow , ol Crete , U at the Mlllard
Frank Shaffer , of Altnn , Nebraska , in !
tbe city ,
Jai. Wore , of Ogallala , WM In the clt
J. W. Haas , of Sidney , WM in tow
SuuJay ,
ltr . S. L. Got , of Nebraska City , In n
tbe 1'aztou ,
W. Wllheltny , of Nebraska City , i o
tbe MllUrd.
Y. B. HccV tetter , of Nebraska City ,
at tbe Tax ton.
Mls Georgie Ilagy left for her home , I
Sioux City , yeitreday.
P. S. KuatU.general Uoket agent of tb
B , A M. H. K. , h\ ' been sick for
dayi t > a t , but Uno > " the way to recov
, T. H. B. Otto , of tVmcmt , registered
at Uio Pfcxton Sunday.
Mr. Se'slonc , of UIB IJ. tf M. , returned
rom J'lattsmouth Sunday.
Krnuk Job oo , of Lincoln , .registered nt
he Metropolitan SunJ t )
Byrnn W. Orr , advance agent /or Toy
Templeton , in in tbo city.
Mr * . M. J. DM it , of N'otr jMrtven ,
Ccun. , U at the I'axton ,
MM. L , TJ. Pope , of C'levohml , 0. , xcai
n the city SamUy en route east.
Prof. A It. , tbo old-time lender
f tbo Union Pacific b.iml , lui returned
ftf t-r a four weeks' vhit to the mountains ,
ookinshalo and heaity. He ij warmly
welcomed home.
J. T. Shnvnc , of the famous hat mnnu-
actory ot Price , Shcrinhn A. Co. , In in tbo
ily. H' h n fine representative ) of tbo
'Quaker City , " AM J a uplomlid fellow in
very reaped.
Susan IJ. Atilbimy , of Kochcster , M ,
Y. , In a guest of the Pnxton. "Perfect
rjutlity of rights fnr women , civil and
lolillcal , " was tbe legend wiltten opposite
icr muio.
Mr , Gco. J. SternmlotlT , the well-known
iroorty mini of tbr IJ , fc M. Base Ball
lub , returned Sunday from an extended
oar oant , taking ia theBuburba of ( blcago
ud St , Tjoula , It Is reported that Mr. S ,
im arranged for ome line games this fall
> eo. i ) looming up in fine stylo.
Judge Crounne ia at the 1'niton.
Hun. A. H. Swan , of Cheycnno , la at
je Paxton ,
J , Wolff , of Keeper , is n guest of tbo
C. M. Feerl , of North Bend , is nt the
Otto Kutz , of Pouca , ia In tbo city , at
is Metropolitan.
G. H. Scburcr , of Wayne , Neb. , is at
i o Metcopolitau.
W. Sbiedley , tbo Kansas City stock
man , U nt tbe Paxton ,
( Jeo. lie-ncre , ngent for A. N. Schuster
Co. , of St. Joe , ia at the Millard.
Win. Jennings anil Miss Matilda Hind-
man , of Salt Lake City , are nt the Mil-
Miss Annie D. Young and Mtsa Emetine
J. Well ? , of Salt Like City , are at tbo
Br. John ChryBostom , C. S. C. , agent
or tbe "Ave Maria , " Notia Dime , Incl. ,
iu the city.
Br. A , Deaecheco , of San Francisco ,
ho ban jtut returned from n visit to the
andwich Islands , ia at tbe Metropolitan.
Mies Matilda , of Philadelphia ,
nd Mia ) Marietta V. Bonea , of Dakota ,
ro at the 1'axton , to attend thn woman's
nffrage contention.
M. Wilhelmy , Nebraska City ; W. H.
ibUy. Lincoln ; Geo. W. Post , York ;
ame ] L. Caldwell , Lincoln ; H. JUm on
nd wife , Lowe 1 , un-.l Misj Carlson , Fair-
jauk , are at the MilLird.
William Marsh , a deaf mute aged
jout 11 years , baa wandered off from the
nstituto and all ellorts to discover him
mve proved unavailing. He has red hair nnd tbe authorities , who have
umted diligently for him are anxious to
earn of his whereabouts.
W. A. Lavell on-1 family , of North
Matte ; J. N. lleyin H , of Nance county ;
. L. Bowling , of Ko.irney ; Sam Chap
man and family of Plattsmouth ; F. M.
Volcott , of Weeping Water ; O , Ii. Gil-
ert , of Arlington ; G S , Kellogg nnd
ife , of Stanton , and Mi i M. J. Porter ,
[ Lincoln , are among tbo prominent Nc-
jraskans nt tbe Paxton.
Sol Smith Ruesoll In "Bdgowood
Folks" Last EvonlDff at Boyd's
Opera Houuo.
Mr. J. E. Brown's rural conception
loscriptivo of ' 'Edgowood Folia" was
; ivon to an Omaha audience for the
irst time last night by Sol Smith Ilus-
ell and hia excellent pastoral comedy
lompany. It ia n rest and moat pleas-
int diversion to attend the theatre
when the performance makes you lose
all identity with yourself and aur <
roundlnga ; but it ia hard work to find
yourself loat that way to-day. It
.akoa careful handling to make an
actor'u part seem anything but weak or
overdrawn , and yet if his portrayals
do not abound with mingled rage or
: bo moat comic sayingn ho scarcely
aucceoda in effecting an elevation.
Mr. Rueaell works for himself , and
yet is as sincere 0.1 nny character actor
on the Btngo to-day. Alwuyb droll
and at times moat ridiculous , he never
seems to be woikingfornpplauso from
iho "upper tiera" or for anything in
the least melodramatic. His play ia
ono of those that pleaaca the inaasei
and is never criticised. Like most o !
the starring pieces of to-day , it was
written to suit tbo peculiarities of Mr.
Ruuoll ; indescribably funny , simple
and wholesome. The support was
good , house larg < > , and audience pro
portiouately enthusiastic.
"Kdtewood ; Folks" in Lincoln to
night ,
Manager Nugent of the Academ ;
is quite ill.
Ham Gardner U the oldest theatri
cal stager among us.
Private theatricals will bo the rage
among the local sociotioa this winter
Col. Teniplo of "Union Spy" no
toriety will remain in town only a few
days longer , ho ia making every prep
aratlon for hia drama m Boouo ,
Leavitt'a and Tony Pastor's com
binutlon Friday and Saturday , an
matinee , is the most drawing card n
The Stadt theatre will open October
bor 1st with now acenory and inter
tor somewhat changed. Mr. Brand
Intends to make it the loading Get
man theatre in the west.
Something peed may be oxpectei
from our musical societies thia winter
Already one of them haa indicate
something of the work they propose
to bring out , and every indication now
points to good execution , attraotiv
muaic and new features.
As the curtain was going up ou th
second act of "Kdgewood Folks" las
evening , our reporter was talking with
Manager Boyd about the rise and de
cline of the drama. Their oon."cm'
tion was interrupted by the oJtr
of a small delegation from onotff our
railroad headquarters.
I'TickoU ? ' asked Mr. Boyd.
Oh , no ; admit ua plcaao on acctfttn.11
of the profession , "and the gentlemen
Boated themtclvos 'way down in front.
"Do you think the nro actors ? '
asked Mr. B. of the critic.
"Hardly-- more lilo brake
rafn. "
"That's what they do ; they may bo
members of nome amateur troupe in
Council Bluff * ; I'll sco nbout their
"profession , " nnd the manager woule
have bton among the Rang the next
moment had not the acribo deemed it
boat to. explain ,
"Mr. Boyd , they are the briirh *
unioinrieYi cf our locnl diamond field ;
hey btlonft- the - 11. II. bite
ball traai ! "
"Aro yon evirc' "
"Quite nuro. "
' Then I'll lefc them nit them in per-
ccthappiiiwa. Sweet mortak ; their
ifo ia ono continual round of plca&nro
nnd fontivitica. I cannot bounce
Vein ! "
Such is the reward of cheek ,
Rnnmxc's llusafo Sslve. beat"
slve in tbo world , and excellent
tto. 2.
Tnbles aupplied with the beat the
market affords. The traveling public
laim they get bettor nccommodationa
md moro general satisfaction hero
han at any other houao in Omahn.
late , 82 per day. augSltfmo
Catarrh of the Bladder.
Stinging irritation , inflammation ,
11 KiUnoy and Urinary complaints ,
ured by "Buolmpviba , " . SI.
\ TO.NEY TO LU4N Oo ihttel morta o > c-
Vi rurltv. A IJ Tut' , n , No. 1616 U-ii she
net , .rent ri o. . . , np-italr- . 43tf !
-.I O rr. > TO LOMT Cill at LavyOrnceof D.
VB I. V..I.B Io3tn3 OelKhtonBlock.
LU tOAh A & per contlo-
lcret la tuauiof (2,000 tea
.or 8 to 5 years , on Crot-cUkCD city and
firm property. RIMIS Ken , KITATI tad Loin
AoBNcr. 1 Bih AQd n urlk Kfcn
. TANTED- Immediately , n rjood phctogra-
T V pher , carablo i f taking cnirgc of a gailc-
3. Mocllcr , Graim lalaivl , No
raekv 068 M\ \
TTANl ED A ( 'Ood r/ir" for ucncral
IV work byMrs. Jorrph Rarkcr , vornerof 2d
nd DatcniKirt streets. Gcod ' ; , ' paid.
E60-2S "
.STANTfD . T ogood Rir inpri\ate Umlly.
r V Api > ly ton hei.t cor. i.0th and California
reeU 6C3 tf
Two men f coed "ddresnto c-in-
WANTED rid Bell sp cl iltli.8. S to idy f mpl ij
nent to ? d men. Call -121 eouth lOtli ttnct.
-y to as'lat at Ciprar and
rV Ncwa stand. GOLC ! rcfvrcnc s required.
pply " 1 F. " n u oiIlCB " t64-tf
hTANTrD T o yoinf iccn o Ifarn fhoto-
I \ graph ni ; at Currleri , the Icauli g 1'hotogra-
her in. 11112 rarnaui St. 501-ij' (
A Karber at Lew.s Fas't- .
1111 Dodije 8t ext to P. O. S7C-tf
; trASTfD A iJrl for general house work (
YY good ajci will be paid. Cliaa. Flack KuRli )
louse. Mf-iOt
TTANTDD Two good clrls one must bo good
YY Cook > nd onu i > lnlaf rojinglil. A.ply ( N.
V. Cor llth & Uivanpoft. Ms-27t
TTANTED A eo'd clrlatonco In auraallfam-
r V Hy. Inqnlio Dodge street , 2d house wett
> A gouJ Kill at COj south 18th St.
IAnl'LU Good ( flrl at 1418 DoJge street ,
between l ti ! and 16tb. B22 tf
„ . ! lrlf"rl.Mi ei\orlr , 1C80 S'jfrman
avenue Mid. J. J ! Couninaii , 51 tf
ANFLD Hrat-tlallidl ' clothes Ironcr ,
at Io ! tou laundry , N. 13 h fit. 62S-U
\T7"ANTiD A coo.1 girl Immcdlattly at Occ
V V de e ! Hotil. 'Ol-.f
- ( lood Oerm Rlrl for ( .moral
WANNTUIK- ply at Idle Wild Plwa or
store , 1114 IodjO street. UN. John 0.Villla. .
\17ANTED A good Klrl for generil house-
Vork Mrs \ill. Uuaiman , 21thand Har-
oy BtOtet 61S-H
! El > Good lain at LlttleBcld's Siratetr *
WAN . 4H tt'
ANTED Ono chambcrmild and oce dining
W mom Rlil ati-Unttr'd house , curnet lod'e
rl at tlio Omaha ilouie.
AN'IED A Kood Klrl for general hou c
W work , at 1720 Oasj strict. 417-tf
ANTFD Van to ork lu Garden. D J.
W tfmllh , Shcrnun avenue. 4 < 3-29t'
O-oli ard rlniiik- room Rlrl at the
WANTED Ilonde , 013 Fainam ttreet , ipp Dee
offlcc. S-tf
One peed cantaucr. Steady work
WAKTKI nnd tcood juj , ( rifcrcncud n iulr d. )
Apply at 218 X. IGtli utrett , up ttulrs , room 0.
_ _ _
> TKlhlrt Ironvrs at the Omaha ste-tai
WA laundry , U07 Faruikiu utrect Goodwai ; <
andeteady cmplojuiecl. K.0-if
A \r ANTED At the NatLnal lintel at tl coin ,
VV Ono No. 1 fimalo co k anteI ! et o
WIRCS ill be raid 128-tl
\17"ANTKli 61H ) privy v u.M , Binlc * and cosa
VY l ols to clean with twultarj Vanll and
Blnk Cleaner , tbo bo&t In UM. A. Kvans k Co. ,
residence 120t ) Dodce street , Ociaha.
T o cr three rooms suitable f
WANTED ctl'.ce. lAddniM 1'r. I'trt
! ! > UojoiirR guntlemen alar e
WASIKD I room cr fulte ot roomi In a pr.
\atafau > t be tut ibi business pait o
city. Wlilpay atinodptlce ftrgoodrooms. Ad
dresL. L.V. . Caru UenOOlcr. Uf-27 *
\ \rANTED EltUitlon by an uporlencd ccok
> Y formerly cook at the Mlllard. Addret
"jc d , " Ute otllce l-tf
_ _
A furnlicd room lu a private fam
WANTED V7m. Young ilh A. D Morse
14th and Farnham street. fil7-25l
AN'TtD Two urfurnUned rooms near th
W U V. dcjot Addiesi"Z" Its office
- -out 600 cr 1,000 yards dirt
WANTND-A ' Vlnrff r Wcrks , Joci
strtet , bq. Uth and 10th. 483-tt
TTTAUT II Immtd'atoly , a farn ehed roomY
\Y centrally located , by two ) ounir gentle
wen. HUto Urnu , dttcnptlon , etc. AdJre t"K
this offict. 491-25
\TITANTKD Byajounjlady with good rcltr
\ \ encea , ailiuillou is copjlit. Addrew "L.
D. " Ml Fierce Ktievt.
l ORKENI Furuithtd & uuturoliaed rcom
ijatlllO Jacktou St. bctvtcen Ulhaud 15'.h
[ 7 OK RENT FurnUbed rooms tor light house
J } keeping , 115 a mouth , WUCUlilorulaiuett ,
T7 OR BKh'T Too lir e unfurnished rooms o
C fir.t floor. Kckldtnce Ibth ttie t , e < t tide
Qnt hooN cor.h ol Chlcijo. S-t t
LEASE S't bnilne s lots ohlheoornet
ot IBtnand Dtrtnport ( tmU , Altogether r
. AUo avoiding raMcnee. Inquire tm
pr ral'C 1U-2S3
HJtNT X store in Balcoml block , An
POR itrect , ctor DivtcjiJtt. St A. D.
Il 'c3into. 600-2311
U OK KENT nrrilencd r Icj Urga south front
. room , 1901 Fainim Htcet. 611t" ;
. H RENT FurnlfhcJ room , ground flier
, . onl,712 N. ISth tf < it. t08 27
"urn i hail or unturn-
K " ' ' ' "
, 465 i"
tfOtt HK.ST-A lurti hld"v _ uiituinltho .
l\ room , toKoth'r. pUtmit \ " ° J"'li u"
and llownr.1
me *
.1 lour to iljioa roovw oaor ; OIK > . < \
ont .
Jo M-M Uth iiiiil DovVfilx 'Lll _
llK Ttlrnllhc'l roouis at H.\T \ ' "
etrtei. bit ITihknd ISth.
' K
Also u bmillcr room. Jiflcj Iiouxe , 20ISCa > 9 <
FOKtKNT < ) rt > ccry mw , cor , 10th ltt
ft" } < l Caplcol lixcuo , At > p)7on ) prcmiHcd
K02-t > _ UtIAB. MIIUEH. J
trtO'i Itf N i Two ( tory dwiti'Jojr Doth mid 0 s ,
1 7 room-i , no * betiijt r > > | nVrcil anil I nlnted
nqulro of O T. Taylor 1 Ulinixl IVmartn. _ ICT-tt
PO t rtllNT An oicjjjnt y Tnni htd trent
room , ono lilocli fto u U P or K sml II.
Miu1quariiT § . 'Itrma f6 ! , etrlctt ? In adronce ,
Aiklte s"Gkl " cue ol Uc ofll c.
\LOT3 for loiu at H'iti.w puMnuuva , < acb
_ / for a term of jolts , at ' 'Osmneo Oi-ore
lain" Bcljolnln' ; Ilanscom Park on tto vnt ,
Ivo minutes vtiOk from a root cars. Monty \ran
> o ohtnlneJ to build with , by pcnoii3 ItiuinK
lieu lotM at rciruUr rtitfK.
S43tf On proml ce , o'Jlca 1515 Famsia 3f f < t
I71OH KBltT Prtcl. Irquiii ki
L' Htorc , coinnr 10th und Douirl'js eta.
It' NT Ivo ne > 7 -clliin-a na t < > o othio
EOB hide'lrablojoo.lltx , u )
> 'o. 1B14
< JK
SALE Tlirr * n uo < . In trooil irdcr , aX
Uoscy'tiiS.hlti , oa lltta , lietncun IIo > inlnnd.
> ckion ftrtct. '
I70H S ALE ( iood fim'ly ' horasN. W. C r. 19th >
L1 SDoURlasStf. DCtf
[ TIOR H ALi : | Horse , hiunem nnil buggy. llcr c-
Lj la five yoati u dperf ? < t y aninJ. a line road-
tcr nnd nny ladv can d Ivo h in Uuid , ' } ' 'J ' tar-
j-new tl'lo bar , Icithcr tipjhirno'anov.iil
ell tofatate or together ul-ibir iln. 10 ? 0 Far-
amt treat. IQi-'f
rj'USAIiK A well JiijliiK butlucsi. central
L ; ly locattd , Carnl ch nco for the r'ght tnna
eavonfl fcreclltaj eatlslnct > ry. Adilic ' Q.'Ti' "
D.4 . tf
I71OK I Altf SMO plclib harro 3. Inquire at-
I ; Kr b'j Vinegar WoriiB , Jones tticet , betwcctt'
tu and 10 b. 487-tJtJi
CTOltSAljE Tw > ipod p-nirs , Will drl\a or
[ ? ildo > ery Rtnt c. Itqulra at L. JIcCoj'u-
'opjiloton ttr rt , bet. 20.b und 22J , ucar now
o\crninont iTrral. 49137
I.Jni'ou , . hoiscxand ha n
FOKSALt 1) . L. Thomas , Crolghton Blucic.
no K aAIlv ( iood bulldlne , br.clt. Call at
t ? Water VYcrkuofflet. 4(9-tf
[ 710KSALE Good tenmhcme , WJROT and har
L' \Mllntllveryoheftii , luq Ire Jack-
t. itaa 1111 Dou lm street 4'27St :
Colorado Sheep for mie. C& 1 on or
011OIUK K. C. QHAtlLF ,
188-2 wit Kfurnev , Neb.
I.1OK ALL Orowry and erucKcry buslncRa ,
r with or without building. Addrttw "Otcc- \
ala , " 43. 45-tt
SPLENDID , ono Uree brick houc , and ODO
iargo frame hoiiBO , irith full lot on CiW near 1Mb
trout. Kino ch\ni for Invertraent , rent for fit'
par month. Call foi1 mil particulini , on
609-tf Agent , 16th a-d Douglta eta.
CJIXEEAUTIFUI , LOra-MrUO feet oachla
O Uanaccri Place on street car Una. Deet lota
in whole addition ou Tory may ttrmi and nt
Rroat bargain. DEIIIB' agent , 16tb and Douglai
rtrecta 16-tf
FOU SALE. The Arlington Houwl
HOTEL cloeii ; all f.irnlshcd ho only hoto
In town. The chcayjet property In thu state.
llaf all the traveling men. W 111 bo Bold cheap ou
tones to suit. Enquire of K. Tulle , proprietor ,
Arlington , Wtumlntrtan county , Neb. W3 tt
I.AUH bALK Or win VH.OA fin lur Oua.ii. piu-
1 } perty , an Improved oe pa of Ian 1 idloln-
inp a Bt&tlon on U. P. R. B. U. DCNHAU. Itll
ETurnham St. , OiiohJ. . 7iO Bmt
Bnioi ttSTABHOO'-i i4 0 > ' /
Situnl y mornlas cnopil't
rOST I The finder will be rewurjed by lca\lnp at
1313 fjrnhan. etro t. ( Ctl-tl
I Tl'fl. A. M < lUn'.le , of Nevr York , hat orencd
VI anudlo forlnetri'c'lon In all branches of
rawing , p * ntln and uc lawoikat lOFS Kth. .
treet. Omaha. _ ai3-tTJ2tt
nMVO DOLLMIS nEWAHD-Io t. a unch cf
J keve , Ary cne Suck tno nine aid luav-
nc them at thli otGce will ncelvu thu above reward -
ward , BIO tf
i AKEN UC Ai large blick > eg. Owner c&n
I ha'u tame of U , O. Vkkroy.ncar Jotinsou'n.
ir'ckyi-d. .00-2 . t
LCST On IDihj utreet , between Ci If or n la and
( Vs 8 reels , In > Iclnlty of H nxli.h church ,
Jondayllth Inot. , one in jicoran turn i ooic con *
ilnln/ one railroad ticket , coiuunrclal mllean *
w iknnd in tefor. < JDO , The tli.dir will bo suit
ably reuardol by returning auue t3 J , A Lewla , .
rcigbt auditor u Ldepirtrnunt , U , P , railway ,
city. _ f.C62&
LOSr-Ooldcioajwltb Inecrlp'lon "rIt. . M.
Sept sr" Finder ullreci fro liberal reward
by IqaYiiig at th iUr ld otllce. _ 455-tf
K. JKTI Houio and Carpet Cleaner , Stove
1'olhhur. LuneorJtr * at Uepul/llcan of-
ku , 13lh and 1 > ug ai. _ Si8-tf
C > ( A A will buy the furniture of the besta
) ? , vUljaylrighotil In Iowa. Kent ruas
enable. Adjjvto Dolph Mouregor , lioo oUlce.
Omaha , Neb. IQfl-U
TIOKALIH T , 4V8 Tenth Street , between Fcraaat
undllsin-jv. Will , nttli the aid of guirlUii
splf'-tf. obtain for any ouo gance at the ] nM >
and pre ut , aud on certain ccudltlou In the In *
tura. I ! ( > ei and Boor * fide ta jrder. Porl
Absolutely Pure.
Th ) * powder no\er v riep A marvei o
purity , strength and wholeoaitneM
More economical than the ordinary klntU ,
and cannot be sold in competition with the
multitude of lew teU , abort weight , slum
or phopb&t powder * . Sold only in ca L A
106 Wall St. , New York