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Tbe Iron r.ucl V/oodon Walls of
the Republic ,
Men Who CommnnU and Ms-n
Tuomnndtbo 1'ay Tnoy Qet > -
Whftttho NnvAl ncKistor
Snowa Upon the
There has been n deal of talk in the
laBt year nbout the alleged navy of
the United States. Tnno wna M ben
that satno navy was n thing to brag
nbout , but that day has gone by , mid
n poor dhow one present Hoot would
make alougnidu ol the monatur floating
castles which ao lately brought the
fortifications of Alexandria uboutthu
cats of Arnbi IJoy. Some of our ves
sels were alongside and there wcro
queer yarns put ubmit aa to the acorn-
ing anxiety of thu United States com
mander to hnvu n spoon in that hot
dish - curry , it might bo called which
ho has boon at aomo paina to deny.
liowover that may have been , the
.Englluh at homo were vastly pleased
with the sympathy and npplnuao which
the Yankee aailora gave the JJritiah
.ships and eoamon in that brush , nl-
though here at homo there was a
strong improtsion that the commodore -
modoro had been making a fool of
Limnolf. The eighty-ton gunn of the
Euglinh fleet made ohurtwork of the
fortilleations , but thu < pucation nriaos :
How would the American ehipa have
made out if they had undortiken the
job ? Wo have moil onou h nnd olli-
cers who would have made na gnnd n
record for thcmsolvcH an did the Eng-
lUhinon. Tlio Yankro navy may bo
very small in the matter of sliipj ,
but when it comes to ollicura und men ,
they will hold their own with any
maritime power in the world. How
much of n navy the republic really
needs in n mooted question. That it
uliould bii bolter than it is may b3 said
to bj an nxioin. Wo are nut much in
danger of a foreign war , nnd proba
bly should have email unoor auch
lloitmg fortresses ua the Tliiin-
derur or the hilljiiblo. Still
the time might como when thu
want ol thfiu wonld bo more
than the worth of them. For swift ,
armored cruiscin , doubtless , thu coun
try haa n use , and the idea of naval
. improvement accma to run in that di
rection , No Itoheaona , however ,
ohould have charge of thu job of gut
ting them up. Thu great Powers of
Europe have dona n largo amount of
muritimu experimenting in the paat
fifteen yearn by which wo can protit.
The torpudo nervico looms largely upon
the horizon on n harbor defense Itig
ns the Tlumderor ia , nnd masaivu nr
are bur armored aideu and turrettec
guns , a Whitohcnd torpedo or two
would have "nettled her hnah , " na the
anymp. IP , if they had over got under
her bows.
In view of nil this discussion nboul
the navy nnd naval allaira , the recon1
Register of the Navy of the United
States , published by the Navy Do
purtment , issued from the qovornmon
printing ollico at Washington , nnc
allowing the conditions of afluira dowi
to July 1st of the current yonr , baa nn
immi'diato interest. It is a pumphlo
of eighty-oiio pagoo und smr.ll though
it ia , u H'onls considerable food for
thought. It givea a list of the com
missioned , warrant nnd volunteer oil !
core , thu ofiiccra of the marine corps
and the State from which they hail
their prcaont location , pay , etc. , nnc
nlao n list of the vessels of the navy ,
armament , condition and locution.
A look ut the personnel of the nnv ;
will bo of interest. At the top of th'
list is William E. Ohnudler , aocrotar
of thu navy , with John W. Hogg ii
chief clerk. Thou there nro tei
bureaus , each officered by n chief
These bureaus und chiefs nro aa fol
Iowa ;
Yards nnd Docks Hoar Admira
Edward T. Nichols ,
Equipment and Hccruitiug Gem
modoro E tr ] English.
Navigation Oapt. Tohn Q. Walker
Ordunnoo Oapt , Montgomer
glcard ,
'MedlcInO ! SurgerySurgeo
General Philip S , .Wos.
Provisiono nnd Olothing
tor General Joseph n Smith.
Steam Engineering Engineo
chief , Wm U. Shack.
Oonstruolion nnd Houalr Ohio
Constructor , Thi'odoro D. Wilton.
JiidKO Adv ? c ! to General Ool. Wil
liam Ii. Rcmy.
Oommiuidant of Marino Corps Col
J Ohirlos U , JlcCavrloy.
This composea the imvy department
The navy i ofllcered as followa ;
Admiral One , Divid D. Porter
who rtiaidos at Washington and i
stated ns on "special duty. "
Vice Admiral One , Stephen C
Huwan present duty auporlntendcii
of the Novikl Observatory at Waahinj.
Hoar Admirals Kloven , na follow
John T. Wordon , president rotirin
Edward T. Nichols , chief burca
yards and docks.
Hubert II , Wyman , chairman ligh
house board.
George I ) , lialch , commanding Pac
fie atation ,
John 31. U , Olitz , commandit
Asiatio Btation.
Andrew Dryaon , member rotfth
J , W. A , Nicholson , commatidii
European station.
George U. Cooper , comiuaudii
North Atlantic elation ,
Pierce Crosby , commanding Sou
Atlantic station ,
J. Ulakoly Oreighton , Morriatowi
N. J.
Aaron K. Hughes , Greenwich , N. '
This comprises thu uctivo list. Tl
last two imined are probably on vra
ing order * . Seven of the eleven re
admirala hail from the state of Ni
York , and ono each from the Diatri
of Columbia , Maryland , Michigan ai
The active list of commodores i
eludes twenty-five , and with two
three exceptions these are all on hoi :
duty , cither aa commandants of ua'
yards or on detaclied tervlcu in co
iieotion with aomo board or buroc
Of captainH there are fifty on tl
antivo list ot whom two , aa cbitfs
department bureaus , hold the rulati
rank of coainio \
Nextil ( thpcommandet
of whom .r ' act1 !
V' ' >
or bureau * , of are in waiting order * .
The actixo list of lioutcnani com
manders numbers eighty , who nro
distributed in nbout the aamo manner.
Next in order como the lieutenants ,
of whom there ere 280 on the active
list.Tho nrxt lank is mtsler , nnd of
these there nro 100 one the nctivo list.
Of ocfiiune , whn nro next in rank ,
there nro nlso 100 on the actwo liat.
Next nro the midshipmen , , of whom
lhonire ill on the active Hit. Then
como the cadet midshipmen , vho ,
having passed tlio requiMie ncadunio
course , nro now performing two years'
service at sea prior to fin ! grailirttion.
The number assigned to dilleront
vessels is of interest. Kur instance ,
the Tennessee , Iho flagship of the
lyTorth Atlantic squadron , nnd ranking
no Aerviceablo , firat ruto , han ten cadet
midshipmen. The name vessel hno
only ono midshipman. Tiiu Lnncas-
Itr , eucond rate , the flagship of the
European squadron , has two midship-
mun and fourteen cadet midshipmen
ubpard. Quito a number of the mid *
nhinroon am attached to the different
training ships ,
Tlio Medical Corps has 15 medical
dircotora with the relative rank of cap
tain ; 15 medical inspectors with the
relative rank of commander ; 'M surgeons -
goons with tlio relative rank of lieutenant -
tenant commander , nnd 14 with the
relative rank of lieutenant ; 20 p.iosed
asoiHtatit Burgeons with the relative
rank of lieutenant , and D2 with the
relative rank of mauler. There nro
14 assistant tmrgoons wilh the rank of
enoiijii ,
The pay cprpn numbers 13 pay
directors ranking na ciptains , 13 piy
inspectors' ranking as commanders , 50
paymnntors ranking na lieutenant com
manders , 15 paat nBaistant paymanters
ranking na lieulorinnta and 15 ranking
nn masters , nnd 18 ansiatant paymns-
torn ranking no cnaigna.
Of the ( ingincer corps there nro 10
chief engineers ranking as captains ,
15 ranking na commanders , nnd 45
with the rank of lieutenant comman
ders ; of the passed nsaiotcnt engineers
82 rank as Huiltonmita nud 17 aa maa-
turo ; there are 11 attaintant engineers
ranking na musters nnd 51 ranking as
cnslgnt ; there are U2 graduate cadet
cngmcuru ,
In Jack's vornacnli r a clergyman is
known no n "Holly Joe. " Tnuro nro
23 chaplnitm on the nctivo list , 4 rank
ing na captains , 7 ua comunndcrs , G
as lieutenants nnd G simple chaplains.
There nn ; 3 professors of nmtho-
nmtics ranking aa captains , 1 detailed
as ouponntcndent of the 'Nautical
Almanac , end 2 ut the naval observa
tory ; nrofesaors rank as uummindora
and 4 liontonanla ; there uro 2 secreta
riat ) , 1 for the admiral und 1 for the
vice admiral.
There 11 naval constructors , 1 ,
> y virtue of his oflico of chief of the
jurer.u of construction , holding the
rolatrvo rank of commodore , 2 us cap-
laino , 2 na commanders nnd G IIB lieu-
.onanla ; there nro G assistant naval
constructor ) ! rnnkitig ua mas-
; era ; ( hero nro 10 civil
engineers graded from cap.
tain down to lieutenant.
The warrant oilicors begin will
boatswains , of whom there nro 53 or
the active list ; next gunncra , 51 ; tlior
carpenters , 54 ; Bailmukere , 37 , and
mates 40 ,
In the Naval Academy at Annapolic
there ore 135 cadet midshipmen 3J
in the firat clasu , 32 in the second , 4 (
in thu third nnd 25 in thu fourth. O
cadet engineers there are Gi , of when
25 are in the firat class , 25 in llu
second nnd 21 in the third class.
Thu boarda of special service nro tin
lighthouse board the board for tin
exumiimtion of uillcoro for retirement
the board for the examination of lim
oflicura for promotion , the signal corps
the lighthouao inspectors , thu torpisdi
corps , the nautical uhnanae and th
buard of inspection. Then there ar
the coat nnd geodetic surveys , ii
which BIX otoamorfl and five schooner
are employed. The nctivo liat froi ;
admiral down numbera 1,850 com
missioned nnd warrant olliccrs.
The law provides that nfter fortj
five years' service , or after rcachin
the ngo of G2 years , nn ollicer may b
retired. The retired list numbera
follows : Hoar admirals , 33 ; comma
doer , 12 ; medical director * trlth rcnl
f comtnodoos , 14 ; with rank of cap
all ) , 5 ; pay directors , with rank o
la'ituin , 0 ; chief engineers , 2 ; chap
ttlns , 7 ; professors of mathematici
J ; naval constructors , U ; chief engl
loora , 3 ; boatswains , U ; iiinicrc , 4
iKiponters , D ; eailmakora , 7.
Of thoao retired on their own appli
ution after forty ycais or more const
intivo nervico there are : Heal nil
niriila , U ; conunodorua , 2 ; captains , 1
Retired front wounds or Ineapacit
resulting from injuries incident to th
service , or uieknujs : Cominodoren , t
captains , 2 ; couimunderj , 5 ; lieutei
nut commander * , U ; Itoutonunts , . '
other gtadcs , SO.
Thou COUIUB another claf.a retire
under the not of April , 1801 , na IK
recommended for piomotlon , In th
t , :1 U3 there nro tr/enty-ono , rnukii :
From unsign tu commodore. I'adi
r.nother grade there are forty-one , i
nil lanka , from commodore down'tol
Total retired lisl , 303 ,
Thu inarino corps Is otliccred by
g colonel cominindanc , with u geuor
atjtf of 5 ollicorc , 1 colonel , 2 lie
tenant colonula , 4 nmjors , 20 ca
laim , 30 first lieutonaiUH , 14 aecoi
lieutontaiila. The retired list nui
bora 13.
The rate of pay is an interoatii
thing , and the pay table ahawa tl
ruto received from the admiral dorr
The pay ia graded to the Uliccra wi
reference to whether they are at ao
on shore duty or ou leave or wattli
orders , The admiral recoivts $13,01
per minuiii , no matter where ,
afloat or nahoro. Thn vicu udmiral ge
$0,000 at sea , $8,000 on ehoro dut
nnd ? UOOp ou leave or wuitiny ordui
Hear admirals , under same cunditio
and in the orders named , SODC
$5.000. 84.000 ; commodores , ? 5.0I
SI,000 , ? 3.000 : cnptuiw , 84.6C
9,500 , 82,800 ; licutoiiant coivmau
era get 2,800 at cea the first four yL E
of at'rvicu and 3,000 thereafter , at
the pay drops $100 if on she
duty , and $400 moro If on lea\
lieutenants gut $2,400 the fii
five yearn and f2GOO thoroafti
Their pay also drops $400 if at hon
Musters get $1,800 and $2.0 (
according to length of sarvico. Tin
D V runs down by $600 if not at
' - fret $1,200 and $1,400 ;
Ifjp Rcnlo in their ease ii at the rate
of $200. Midshipmen got $1,000 at
ca after graduation , nnd caclota $500
at the academy at Ren on other than
irnctlco ships. The chief medical
md pay oftlcora get 1,400 ; no do Hoot
urgeoiifl , ( loot payninntor and fleet
o igineeia. Surgeons , payirmtnrR
md chief engineers got from $2,800
o $4,200 at sea , according
o lon lh of Bcrvico. Past.
nsaidtant nurgoono , pnytnaBtcr/i
and - from ' to
cnginem-a § 'J,000
8-,200 ; naval constructors from S3-
iiOO to $ .1,200 , nccordms to length of
Burvicc ; imisUnt cmiatructora
rnm SU.OOO to ? 2GOOj chaplains from
§ 2,500 to § 2,800. professor * of mntho-
matici and civil eiiginoorn , from $2,400
o $3,500 ; boats wniriB , iunncrB ; , cir-
poiitcrnnitd Bailmalcern , from $ J,200
o $1,800 according to length of
orvico. Tli'i H < 'nmcn aru paid i\c-
ordiny to rate and whether they are
nnttB to gunncrn , boatswains , cnrputi-
era , oto. Seamen get $21.50 per
month ; ordinary seamen , first class ,
' 17.50 , and second clans § 10.00.
Hero ia whuro thu Inincntnblo allow
ing coinoB in. Of wooden eteim ves-
OH that are sorvicenblu tlioronrc , first
ate , 1 ; second rate , 14 ; third rate , 22
of which 4 are iron vesaoln ) ; fourth
.vie , 4. The ono lint rate mounti 22
una ; Dccond rates , from ! ) to 22 ; third
atua , from 4 to 8 ; fourth rates , from
Gto.6. Moat of these voeaoh are ou
various etntiono nnd a few uro under
repair. There are two torpedo rams.
Of vessels requiring cstenaivo ro-
jalrs there aru 5 first rates , including
ho Now York , which hua never loft
the stocks. Seven first rules are tin-
ecrviceublo , and this includes u that
h vo never left the stocku , like thu
ova at thin navy yard here ; 0 second
a tea , 5 third rates and ww fourth rates
vro also utm rvic nblo. The iron V03-
elu comprise a lot of old monitors.
Of thcso there are thirteen
.hat are called serviceable , all
in Virgiuia wters. Sjvon o th
orn rcquiro oxtotisivu repairs , and
Inn includes the craft like the J'uri-
, m , built by John lla.ich , nnd iibout
which llobeson had been so busy ,
'hen there are four that are uiHorvico-
able , of which ihreo , hkotho Cole < suu
u the Brooklyn Navy Yunt , have
icvor left the otocH ) , nnd uro rotting
lown thereon. Tiu-ro uro twenty-five
itcam tugs belonging to the navy , ouo
> aing marked as unserviceable , eleven
if them are iron boats and only one of
hem carries uny guns , viz : four
Of wooden u < iili'ig vcssulj there are
our iiucorid rates. One ia on the
btockn , another , the Vermont , is the
receiving ship hero and ia good for
lathing else ; another is the apprentice
training sliip , and the fourth ic laid
up. Ot third rates there are first-class
nix , including the old Constellation
and Constitution ; second class 8 , in
cluding the school ship , St. Marys ,
and fourth rates five. For combative
uses these milling veaoola are simply
absolutely usele/is. / The figur'a given
ubovo coiuprtso thu whole ruivy
Liver diseases , headache , nnd con
stipation , caused by bud digestion ,
quickly cured by Brown's Iron Bit-
Remaining In 1'oitoillco during the wed
eliding September 10 , 1882.
Anlihy .Tamos W Atwood S M
Urarlcr A Unllea II W
JlrlBgaHA hlackwellHli
linker Clms N Brown I'M
Hallenbori ; A A lirothers Itngnol
liristciifir K J Benson Silas F
( JciuniU J M deary Krauk A
< J < miinnoio Frank Uumimgliiini Goorgi
CuiinliiKiium Wu > li.Jlovcl..ur ( . ( jeurK
Clutch Charley Coleuian 0 O i !
Greasier KHun dough \V F
Cwey John Ghrfctcnscn T 3
Doilgoll A Dudley W U
Dixrun J S Dry Law
Davis Daniel A Duckvn A Ij
Daniolu C O Douchul ( Jluu
Dunn -Jacob DurrK
Kilwins Kit Jlrnat C .T
Mtcher Win Foster Matt
Kranclsci ) Harry Frnzey Dr
J'hulluv K C lioidcn Charley
Ficfo K Gerhard K U
( illicit Kd Cell IIC
GgorKlnoko Hublmrd M S
llallarow J I , lHKht J A
Hnnce ! ! Hans Hesten James S
Ilutcblnsou A 1) Hurt Charley
Kitchen AmbroEO Klnro W 11
Kullgruw Cloy Kenney Gee
Kolmn Hsak Kirk Jan Jr
Keller K Koster George
Klmi U King Albert
Cllroy IJiuno Llneon Bey
THOS. F. HALL. Postmaster.
r < lloriford' * Aold Plioipbatn
Jj Dr. J. W. Smith , Wellington , C
a _ aaye : "I have used it advantagooui
ie in Impaired norvou inpply.
That' . ? a common expres
sion and has a world of
meaning. I low much suf
fering is summed up in it.
The singular thing about
it is , that pain in the back
is occasioned by so many
things. May be caused by
kidney disease , liver com
plaint , consumption , cold ,
work , nervous debility , &c.
Whatever the cause , don't
neglect it. Something is
wrong and needs prompt
attention. No medicine has
yet been discovered that
will so quickly and surely
cure such diseases as
it does thin by commencing
at the foundation , and mak
ing the blood pure and rich.
Lozinsport , Inil. Dcr. t , iSSo.
Tor a tnng time 1 have lietn a
lulicrcr frurn slumach and l.idiuy
disease. My appetite was cry poor
and the very small amount 1 MU cat
disagreed wilh me. I\vAS&nnced
% cry inui h frum non-rctemicn of
urine. I tried many remedies with
no succe- < , until I used lircvm's
Iron liilUM. fartce I used that my
stomach docs not bother ir.c r.ny.
MyappetltcUsimplyimmense , ly
lidncy t rouble Is no more , and my
rencral healtli h such , that 1 feel
like anewmnn. After the ue of
llroxvn's Iron Hitters for one month ,
I have gamed twenty pnun'H in
weight. U. II. SAK.L.r.
Leading physicians and
clergymen use and recom
TERS. It has cured others
suffering as you arc , and it
will cure you.
The Anonlea of Bllllouw Colic , tlio In-
ihcriliablo | an Hnr Chr-iiiU 'M' ' ' l < t-slo i , tl'o deb -
b lltj and iui.ntal'tuior ] r.fmlliuf Jrcm cottu
lialil i , uiuy bo tcr.'alitlv a\onlttl by refill itinjy
thcuyftdii with that axro-nblo and tffn-Jhinir
SUniJaril rreiiarotlon.'iarrant'sFoltzcr Apoilcnt'
I'RocntAuu ; AT ALI cm ooibis.
inil:09 n epccialty of
Collars Sc Cuffs ,
Three Gents Each.
Work solicited from all o\erthe country.
Thu cliaigu-i nnd return pimtnv'H must nc.
company the pftckngo. Siieciul rates to
largo cluba or agencies.
a2 .tfme WIMCfNa , t I'.VANM.
AVISO changed cur mill tn Hungarian rol.
H Icr procss' , wo oiler part of our oM ma
chinery lor at o nt low ) > rlicn It consUIrt ola
tulrof flail ) llr.Uhcd and epaccil rna'u driving
level uhonin , ( Ire i and uior lu ) Inc loclua ( ace ,
thiceInchon pitch , diltlnn amain npilght * h ft
kuout25out lei tr nd itcp , ono main mortise
spur wlioe ! 7 Inch ( ace and 1 ] pitch , t opair
4 Icct and t pMr 32 Inch lurre. f plndlca , clnloiio
(7 Inch lacs 1 } pitch ) , backlasb lrrl > R , curbs ,
etc. , vomp etc , ODD ( our reel chest , 17 I tut doth ,
7 convenorsone t o reel chest , 14 ( eet cloth , -1
come ) or two 0 rat lot wheat he terel Ko.Eu |
rcka iniuttor , 1 ll rn rd & Leo r ctUliUBipo-
rater and clo > alor , thufta , wliccls , pulleys , con-
veyon , etc. home o ( the maihlncry has been
used but allltlo our tw i jean , aodall U in good
cvudltlon. for ( urtht r Information addreaj
J , 0. IIOKr-MA U A CO. ,
Council IJ'.ufls , low a.
Three courscsj open to bo.b
AUADEl Clft'tlc * ! and EnRlls Ohm
be hoit ot train. ni for colkuo or bus n
KEHHY HALIj-Scuilnary lor Vcuni !
.adliB. Unsurpassed In bointy r-.d heal Iilul. .
cas of sltiwtion , anil in extent of ad\antA-ci |
Horcd and tl.oroiighuo ol tr.'nliitl\eii , Oc
ear hciffn " 13. 1682 Appl o
BEST. QBttaonY , LiiiUo Forest , 111 1
EiuboJy new 1882 Implements , llor
nrnotloal lo * ure" ! Coat loss to keep I
RoSrMSles fuelj ' " juoro ea
mid a larger volume ol pure nlr tl > n u
( urnaco uifrdu
Sold by 1'IERCKV * BUAnrORD , Oman * , Ncl
J > 2l-dSm
Tnlu taif * Om&'ia 3W n , ri. and 7:10 a. u
For full lufcirawtiou M on 11 r. .UEUEL , Tick ;
Aireut. Jltl ud Furnam t * . , J. UtLL , U 1
, or l JAUCdT.CLAKK.Ucncr
Mrn J O. Itohcrtfon , I'itU-ourir , Pa , write ? ! " 1
ouHcrlnz from general debility , want of ap
petite , i-onstipttlnn , etc. , f > o that Ifoajn Imr-
rtcn ; after usln llunlock Illood Hitters I tdt hot
ter thin for years. I cunot jiralso your Illttcra
too much. "
lt.Glbhn nf MufWo , N. T. , writes ! "rout
Durdock 11101 Hitters , In chronic illfle oiof the
blood. U or iU kidneys , ha\o been elnallv ( ;
mark < M ith succors. Ihsvo Ufc-i them mjfcff
with Iwjt rcfiilti , for torpldltj ot tlio liver , mid In
CTJOO ! ttfrlcml of mlno PutTcrlnf from dropay ,
tlis olTect aa n.arclous. . "
IJruco Turner , Hochest r , K. Y.iwrltc : 'I hftve
been subjcrt to ttrioua dirorder of the kidneys.
nnd unable to attend to liuiinosa ; Ilurdotk Blood
Hitters relict cd inobcforu half abottlo Miwmcd
feel confldtut that they will entirely cure inc. "
Aaenltli Hftll , lllngharapton , N. Y , , writes :
"I suffered wllhn dull pain threu h my rft
lun ( { and shoulder. Lost my spirits , apjictito
and color , and could with dllllculty keep up all
< J\V. Took } our Iturdock Illood Hitters ai ill-
rcctod.and ln\o felt no jnln sluco Erst week al
ter mine them. "
Mr. Noah Kate * , Klmlra , K. V.irltes : "About
four ycari a o Iliad an attack of bilious texcr.iiiid
no\i'r fully rccovotcd. My dinoalho orpana
wcro ncakcned , and I uould l > o completely pros
trated for daB. After uslnz two bottles ol jour
liurdock-lood ! Illttei-s thei
improvement \\tvaso
\iilhluthat I naHMtanlshixl. I can now , though
01 years of ngc , do a tnlr and joasonublo day's
C. Bhckct lloblnoon , proprietor of The Cinida
Prosbjturlan , Toronto , Ont. , wrltco : "Forvcars
I sulltrfd frrtatl ) from oft-rccurrlti ? her larho. I
uwtl your liurdock Itiixj.l Hlttcri with hicplcit
resultr ) , and I now find mi-fell hi hotter healtli
than for years past. "
ilrt. Wallace , Kuflalo , N. Y , writes : ' ! have
uicd llurdoi-l. Dlooil Hitters for nrncuj mid bil-
limb cija'-hcu , ind cvi iccomtEinJ It t3 anyone
rwpj , r euro for lilllou ncw ) . '
Hrs. Ira Jtullnollaad , Albany , N. Y , v.-rl'o :
"Kor sa\rraly iHl hv.e jjaeicdfrcractJ Hour-
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Dr. Mintie'u Dandelion PUe |
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Bresoli Loading fJidt Guns , from go to $10. II ll
DoubloBrBBoliLoafllng Shot Guns. 818 from to 875 , -
Mu oafling Shot ( Jung , from SB to 826 ,
Fishing Taoklo , Base Balls and all Kinds of Fancy Hoods ,
Full Stook of Show Gasoii Always nn
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Imported and Key West Cigars , a large line of Meer
schaum and Wood Pipes and everything required in a
first-Class C' . < yar , Tobacco aid Motion Store.
( igars from $15.00 per lfiO upwards. Send for Price
List and Samples.
is only attained by uiiajj
Stoves aiid .Ganges.
I'or dpJo by
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' 'Every Tub Must Stand Upon its
Own Bottom. "
And Every Wagon Upon its Own Merits.
Wo appreciate the nboro nnd make our wagons accordingly.
PARKER , it BOWER'S Omaha , Nob.
Zephyrs , Germantown , Etc ,
Tau"ht by gonllcmcr. of buainesa oxrorienco r.nd broad eeholarship at the
A now institution based on the highest standard of excellence. Day and
and evening sessions ura now in nuceossful operution.
VnMrpilnr nr iipcIiJ information opjily to oraddro- ) - - . - , . , , . ,
A. L. WYMAN. .
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Murray & lanman's
Best for TOILET , BATH
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