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Received the First Premiums at the Nebraska State Fair for their Elegant display of
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All at Grreatlv ? : edu : s ri Prices
The Daily Bee.
Saturday Morning Sept. f-3. j
Alex Swan , the Choycnno stockman ,
has purchased the famous trotting home ,
"Maxlo Gobi. , " f. r 810,000.
Sol Smith Kumcll to-night in "Edge-
wood Folk. . "
'I ' A burglar entered the retidencn of
William Segelke , on South Kloventh
street , FiHy night , and etolo a silver
watch and $5 in caih.
KeorganijiHlon of the "J'lerwanl
llouru" club and election of officer * for tlie
entiling winter , at Maaonio hall , Monday
I ! evening , 7'iO unlock. The presence of
members 1 < desirtd.
The office of the icorctary of the elate
board of agricultuio has been removal I aok
to I'lattsmouth , whence all of the diplo
mas and tntdalt will ho forwardtd to tlioio
entitled to them without the nccosidty for
an apiilication.
There will bo a special meeting of the
fit. George Hoclety on Tnosdiy evening to
celebrate the victorloaof Sir Garnet Wolfe-
ley in Kg ) pt. The members of the Vic-
torla tockty and of the Burns club are cordially -
dially Invited to be nrciicntand participate
Jntho cxercieeB.
The Chicago , Milwaukee & St. 1'aul
road will boiiln running two passenger
trains dally each way between Chicago
And Council Uluffi transfer about the first
of next month , with sleeping und dining
sars and a full and elegant equipment.
A large and intelligent audience , com
peted of representatives from all clauses cf
citizens , greeted Mrs. Htlon Gougar , cf
Indiana , at Boyd's < > | > cr.i house , Saturday
evening , to hoar what she had to say upon
the subject of woman's suffrage , her ad-
dreis being the inauguration of the con
vention to I e hold hero thia week by the
national woman' * suffrage association.
"Mn. Cougar it tu take un active part in
the ccmlng convention ,
First Lieutenant. ! , J. O'Brien , Fourth
Infentry , Is hereby relieved from duty nt
JFort D. A. Itussell , and will proceed to
1'ort tlcKiuney , Wyo , , aud report to tlio
Commanding Officer of that pout for spec *
ial duty , us provided for iu letter of thle
< lale to that oilicer.
The pond of stagnant water which haa
accumulated in the vicinity of Tenth and
Jonca Btreeta , owing to the hulldlng uf thu
eewer , has become au intolerable milnunce ,
And thould ha Immediately abated ,
The Improvement * which were begun
by the li , & M. railroad company iu thl *
city last Bprliip in order to obtain more
rocrn end better iacllitlea for handling
freight eio rapidly Approaching complo
Jolm l/s p , who runs n candy am !
fruit btore on llJtli Uieet , had filed a corn ,
plaint againi > t leveral boya for stealing
wateruielin ( ' ud bottled pop , Mr. ;
has had the tame kind of trouble before ,
Theio will I e a regular meeting of tin
Boclal Art club , at their rooms , on Ttien
day , September 25th , at 3:30 : p , m. AI
members are specially doalred to bo prrs
nt ,
- W. W.- Coon , the Wl.ner banker , ha
been ilUmlnHtil upon the charge of payio |
checks thkt were unitamued , the evident :
not being Dutliclent.
The steamer Kiohrara in coining dowi
K. from Bioux"ity to go into tlio grain trad
-The Oth Infantry headquarter * will b
removed 19 Fort Jp , A , Itusiell to-day ,
Four convict * from Kvauatou , Wyon
ing , left Saturday -fur Juliet , Ilia
where they will he comlgned to the "pen.
They were brought in Friday by Sheri
Dickey , of K vans ton , and lodged In tt
Douglas county Jail over night for Hal
keeping. One of them , John William
received u sentence of nlue years for hori
stealing. Hu committed the criuie i
-KvaiiBton and flel to Bait Like , whei
Sheriff Dickey caught him. William L'o
ter , another member ( if the quartette ,
under lottenro of elyht ) ear * for burglarj
while hia partner , Frank Smith , ha uevf
yeam. John Armltage , a youth of on )
iourtien 3 ears of tye , couipletea the part ]
lie hm tlic ytarb to ttrve for routing a ma
at a hotel.
In the pulico court Saturday tw
plain druukii wer on themourneib' Uriel
UnVM fired out of town aud the olhi
dlKhHrge i. A couple of colored men wei
ccmpfalneil r.galubt for fighting i.nd on
arreited end mulcted $5 and cotti. V *
entitle J.Ipp wai rr tt > d for stealing
barrel of cement and guve bail for bit [
\ pearance Be tember 2th. Two pirtle
Lave been complained agaimt for cteatin
a diiturbaoce lo lOtb tie t | ) lac .
The Shooting Afiray in South
Omaha Latit Night ,
The Shooter end Bhooteo
Lodged in Juil.
There vrcro numorouB rumors on
the atrcot last evening of u shooting
nffniy , which Bomo magnified into a
murder , said to liavo been cominittod
near Boyd'a packing houau. A I3it : :
reporter happed to bo at the city mar-
nhul'ii ( illlja when Clnrlca Finhur , who
coiuiiiittud the shooting was brought
in , and from him lunrncd vrliat uro
probably the facts in the onto.
The origin of thu dillicully , which
ronuHtd in the ahootint ; uFruy ( 1 wjtnight ,
b.'gau 'about nthrco inonlhn ago
ut u party eomowhuro in Suuth Oamha ,
ut which two brotlu'ru yut into a iiuur-
rol und begun lighting , when Fiahur
intorfurud und told thoui that It was
sliiinu'ful for brothura to fiht. ( { Ilu
wua taken to task for this
inturferiinco by u larger mini
than himself , named Fred
Yuloon , aud it uppunro , althougli
tlioy subacquontly tuiido friends , thurt
bun been u Hart of enmity butwuun
Finhur und Valoon ever ninco. Lasi
evening Fishur wua up at the real
denco of Yuloon'a father , above tin
nail works , and the two men got int <
a quarrel , and when Fisher wont homi
ho was followed by Valoon , , whpilivci
next door to him on the crossing o
Third and Pine ntroots , both men bo
ni > finglo and hoarding.
According to Fiahor'a story , ho wai
about to retire for the night , and lint
akcn off moat of his clothes , whet
Valoon came out into the yard unc
jogan calling him , by very approbri
oua names. IIo stood it na lout ; as hi
could and finally , as he says , thinking
"linisclf a better man than t <
: ake tuch abuse , went to his trunl
ind openinif it took out a Smith
WUHSOII ; i2-calibro revolver , wit )
which lie dcecundcd into the yard aii (
old Vuloou that ho cnuld not taki
any moro auch lari'uino ( ns that
whereupon Vuloou told him ho dii
lot want any shooting and adviser
inn to go av < ay , which ho was ubuu
o d > , but took the precaution ti
watch thu actions of Valoon von
closely. Valoon pulled out a revolve
ill in a minute and flred at Fisher
jut it missed iln aim , and Fishe
Jierotinon tired a shot in return
ind Valoon fell to tlio ground
Wisher at once started toward towi
and was followed by a ciuplu of moi
who tackled him and took his revolve
away. Ho subsequently met OHico
II , P. Hitter , to whom ho aurrendoi
ed himself , saying that he shot a nm
and wanted to bo taken crro of , na h
thought some partiea worn followin
liini , Subsequently the ollicora wen
to the packiti ) ; house and found Vu
loon up and about and apparently nc
i\t all injured , but upon ezaminntio
lie waa found to have a ball in his lol
thigh , which had probably struck th
bono and glanced around it , as it ha
not coiro out. Fisher was lodged i
jail and ofliccrs sent at a Inter hour t
arrest Valoon and put him in j.iil toi
us ho is charged with firing the lin
shot , The whole matter will coniu u
before Judge lieneko this mornini ; .
Col. Ira Wilson has purchased
half interest in the Paoifio Ilouso , i
St. Joo. The firm will now bo J. I
Kitchen & Ira Wilson. Mr. Kitohe
has moved to the Faxtou hotel , i
Omaha , and Mr. WiUon has take
charge of the Pacific , where ho wi
bo pleased to moot his old friend
Thu Pacific ia the loading hotel of 8
Joe and a first-class hotel in uvory r
Sal Smith UuBoelL
Wo are pleased to announce that c
Monday evening , 25th inst , , the fi
moue comedian , Mr. Sol Smith Hu
sell , will uppoar in this city. In tl
line of what may bo propcily claas
fitMl ai refined comedy , Sol Bmil
Hussi'll has no superior lu this cam
try. All ihoso who have soon hi :
know tlut liis Imporeonntiona ai
somowlmt marveloui. Long ago ]
non his way to a deservedly hip
plcco in the genuine admiration of tl
Auiurican public. A moro rumark
blo many-sided man khan Hpl rjinit
lliKsell could hardly bo imagined. II
hca moro heads than a company i
actors usually number. No othtr ma
can now bo recalled who has iu i
complete development the faculty i
of uotauiorphosu. Work of so tri
; i ring nud line a quality na liin does
not pill ; it grown with ncqmintancn ,
nnd Mr , Itusticll hni the good forttuiu
to bo longed for. Many will bo glnd
to luiirn of thu coming of this truly
great artist.
CommlB&lonoru Proceedings.
Saturday , Sontcrnbiir I > 3 , 1882.
Board mot pursuant to ncljotirnmont.
Present , 0 mimisaioncra Drcxel , Cor-
lisis nnd Kuight.
The following rooolution was ad
opted :
Jiesolvcd , That iho county treasurer
bo , und ho in hereby , instructed to ro-
du30 iho personal tax of 0. W. Mur
ray , Jr , for 1881 , Sixth ward , from
$750 to 310 , on account of error , nud
collect tax accordingly.
A. M. Ch-ulwick , county judge , waa
granted a luavo of nbaenco for thirty
License to aoll litiaor at V.illuy oln-
tiou was grunted Ivjiiry Oater for the
period of thieo moiithb from Septem
ber 1st , 1882.
The contrnct for furnirmirij > hard
coal for DouglaH county wri'i iiwiirded
to B. F. Droxoll & Co. , at § 10.01 per
Till ! ( I1NKHAI , FUND.
Nellie Thompson , care of child. . . , $ ti CO
J. II. Uruck , wnrk on road 1800
] ' . Can idy. work on ri'ad 1500
John ISauiner , cai > h expondtd 5 i ! . "
V , W. CorliK. , CIIHI expended 2 nJi
K. Bittfrctf , work for county 13 80
11. It. Avery , work on road VI OC
VV. 1'eturn , wnrk on road 51 V li
Keiliield liroa , printing 74 W
St. Joseph hospital , care of Mr.
Klllmoro 8 OC
Ii. B Gray , witnom teen 2 if
A J. Flood , witncHH foes 4 tt
K. T. Duke , hardware for county. . 17 72
J. ( > . Jacobs , coronor'd feei 11 f > (
McCarthy & Burke , coffin for poor. 3 0 (
M. Tex , lumber for couuty 30 Of
John Ruth , cadi expended 39 Oi
W. M. Uuehman , witness fees 10 01
G. Heimroil , gtocerien for poor. . . . 33 fj (
U. I' . Railway Co. , ticket for poor. 2 Of
Six person * , coroner' * jurors ( i 0 (
Three pursonn , coroner H witnesses. . 3 ( . (
J. A. Wnkutield , lumber for p'.or. . 8 8C
1 } , I * . Knight , eorvlcM .IH county
commipsloner liO 0 (
S. D. Mercer , medicine fur poor. . . 1 M
Henry ll'ilf , wnrk on toad 4 5 (
1'itoM TIIK imiixiK FUND ,
Ii lirailforil , lumber for county. . . . 18101
J. A. Wakbliel'i , lumber for county 208 8i
Huns Gunderaiin , work on road. . . . 1501
Adjourned to the 27 th iuot.
JoiiNlUu.Mr.r. , County Clerk.
The A. and B. Ulatorlcal Cotorio.
Miss Ilardinbergh , the olocutioniat
and Miss Andrew , the art teacher
liuvo conceived a novel plan of form
a coterie or club fur the udvancemoiv
and entortiuiiiiu'.nt of their pupils.
The coterie is to meet ovury twc
weeks , and the uvoning is to bo divid
cd into two eesttions , Miss Harden
bergji opening the first hour with i
five minute essay on some praotlcu
point in elocution , and then will fol
low the study of thu lifo of eotno om
Dilfdront memberu of the coterli
will give their slmro of infoinmtion
the poet of the evening being givei
th week before ,
After an inturniission of five min
utt'a , Miss Andrew will give n Hv
minute essay on some divixion of art
and then will follow the study of
celebrated artist and hia master
pieces by her pupils.
They huvo decided to accommodat
a few outsiders who may doairo t
study with them , and they will b
charged n nominal sum for the yoai
Friday , October 0 , at 7:30 : p. in.
( hero will bo a meeting in Ma
Meyer's building to organize and nt
sign work for the first lesson.
Tranaforrlna Titles.
The following deeds weru tiled fc
record in the county clerk's ollico t (
day. Reported for TUB KKB b
Bell & Ames , real estate dealers :
A. J. Ilantooni nnd wife to A. (
Popper , w. d. , lot 12 , block 8 , Hui
scorn place $300.
L , T. Ilessler to Sarah Drown , v
d , , lot 1 , block 7 , Shiim'a tint udd-
§ 1,000.
0 , K. Perkins , trustee , to 0. I
Bouton , w. d. , lot C , block 2 , Capiti
L. Richardson and wif. ) to S. i
lUuein , d. d. , block 17 , West Omul
J , OhrietopherBon and wife to I
Ilnnsen , w. d. , parcel in llogora add-
1) , Heed to J. A. Littln , w , d. , li
in first udd to Prospect Hill ccmeter
L , II. Hill to Andrew Johnson , \
d. , lot 10 , block 5 , .Bogpa & Hill
Hloa ana
Flics , roaches , ants , bod-bugs , rat
mice , gophers , chipmunks , r.learud 01
by "llouth on 1UU. " ICo.
Tlio Celebration of fcho Quarter
Centennial of the Brand
The Morning Parade aud
Lodge" at the
Pair Grounds.
The principal event of Satuiday ws
oalobration of the quai ur centennial
nnniveraary of tha grand lodge of the
Ancient Order of Free and Accepted
Maaoiin of the jurisdiction of Kc-
Preparations for the event began
tnno ngi ) . but the slate fair and
convontioua intwt > red greatly with
the work , as tin gr.ind cilieera were
all morn or loss interiM'ed in those
alHiirs. All the blue lodges in the
atnto wern invited , ni wi-31 fa Iho
grnnd lodf-PH of .idjjc-n ; jurisakU-jn ,
and about 500 viaiunr worn ( -spoct d.
The general assembly took plnc i sit
Free Masono * hall ut 0 u. in. , r.nd the
city lodged : Capital Nn 3. Covert
No. 11 und St. John's No. 25 , were
all well represented , while the gr&nd
lodge turned out in full force. Badges
of blue appropriately priutcd in gold
were furnished for each of the subor
dinate Bodies and for the ufficinlu of
the grand ledge nnd attending mem-
bora all appeared in white gloves und
white aprons.
At 11 o'clock the lodges wore open
ed and forming in procession marched
* , o the front of the hall , where
they wore drawn up in double line to
receive the grand ledge , for which
they were to act as escort. The mar-
aim ! of the day waa Hon. John C.
Cowin , initiated by Hon. Alex. Atkin
son. The procession being ready
they proceeded to the Tenth street
depot , headed by the Union Pacific
band. At this point u special train
was in waiting , furninhod by thu
Union Pacific , m which the entire
body took passage for thu fairgrounds ,
arrived at Sulphur Springs sidirg , tin
train discharged it'n aproned puBeen.
pnramul the proctasion took up the
line of march for the Fair grounds u
the following ordo. :
Union I'.icifio ISand.
Manuals J , 0. Cowlnand Alex Atkins'm
St. John's Ledge , No. 15 ! ,
Visitor * .
OIllcorH of Iode ,
Covert Ledge , No , 11.
Capitol lolce. No. 8.
CurrieRO containing Hev O , C. Wheeler
Grand 1'reUte i.f tlio Grand Commander ;
cf California ; Grand Master Van H uno
Iowa ; ( ! ranl Secretary I'.trvin. of Iowa
Grauit Stcretary Urown , of 1C .lisas ; t )
1) . Oaojicr , 16 ° , Cape of Good Hope
Carriage containing the Grand Mr.xter
K , G , Warren , escorted hyUr nd D auou
Cain and Hmuli.
Grand Lodge rf Nebraska ,
1'aat Grand Ollicera of the .Grand Lo < lje
As the procession arrived at 1'loni
hall rankn were opened and the visit
ing brethren and grand officers aa
luted , Within the hall throe lines o
tablus had been Hpread , which groanci
with u Hubstantiitl and elepint colln
tion. Graca was said by llov. O G
Wlu-elor , After ample juaiica hr.i
been done to the viandr , ( Joncral Cu
win announced the regular toasts o
the afternoon.
Hon. E , F. Warren , grand mnator
delivered the following opening ad
dress ;
llrttlircn of tlic ( IranJ lfxa \ and
In recalling you from refreshmen
to labor on this auspicious occasion , i
is with feelings of profound pride aiii
pleasure that I tender you my earnoa
nnd hearty congratulations upon th
arrival of this , the twenty-fifth , anni
versary of the foundation'of this Gram
Lodge , Twenty-five years ago th
representatives of the then constitute
lodgeH of Nebraska territory , to-wil
Nebraska Ledge , No 184 , of Uellevut
Giddings Ledge , No. 150 , of Nobrask
City ; and Capitol Lodge , No , 101 , ci
Ouiaho , mot in this city for the pui
pose of orgauizii't ; a grar-d ledge fo
the territoiy , After duo deliberatio
the same * -ai regularly organized , an
we have eineo been recognized as on
of the galaxy in the masonic firmi
mont by every grand jurisdiction i
the world , At that session , Brotbe
llobart 0. Jordan was chosen gran
master , aud Brother George Am
strong aluco also grand master wo
grand secretary , Since that datother
have been , including the present it
cuuitxvnt , seventeen of your nmnbe
chosen to this , the uioat responsibl
sod powerful position in ancient oral
masonry. Ilcnr these names : Jordan ,
Armstrong , Wheeler , Furnas , Irish ,
Iauol , liill , Dunham , Wolnh , Uast-
ii'fcs , Thummol , Liningor , Valentino ,
O-il.K'y , Tulleys and Cair ; and f all
this i.timber but one1 , Brother Frank
Welsh , has passed away from earth.
' And what
Twenty-five yeura apo'
waa our situation then ? Then , three-
weak lodges , with a mumbcmhip in
1858 of 107 ; now , ix roster that embrace -
brace ? ' 00 chartered lodges , with n
Hicinb'trship of 4,000 ; then they met
in a small tiamlet situated upon the
weot bank of the muddy and trench
orous Missouri , upon the cxtremo
cnnfincs of civilizition , upon what
was then believed to be , and so
matked in our geographies and atlasen
OB the "Great American Deport , "
whcro tcmpe&tuoUH winds and aliif ting
sands presented n scone of desolate
sterility. How great the change in
our etatt ! What wan then u hamlet
of hotrogenious inhiibitnnts is
now a. compactly built , prosperous ,
energetic , elegant oily of 50 COO
Houtu , presenting in huv. manufactor
ies , railrcadn , churches and public
works tvideiicoi of a solid raid uub
stamial prosperity. And that which
was once the desert ii dotted with
thriving villngca and citica , r ur-
rounded by ibrtilo fields of yellow
gruiii or Roricd ranks of corn. The
HUH of prosperity shineo nut UDOII
and around us ; the busy hum of in
dustry fills the air ; the rail
roads that span our prairies
groan aa they bear the burden
of our cjraals to the seashore aud
that which was once so dusty as u des
ert hus literally been made to bios
Bom na the roso. Wo have "tickled
this earth with a hoe and she has
is laughed with a harvest. "
Twenty-five years ! How short is
their span when once they have pass
ed , and how long seems their scroll as
wo view them unrolling before us !
Will thio coming quarter of a cer.tury
bo filled an completely with wonderful
inventions in urt und science ? It
norms incredable , but yet there is no
reason to doubt ihut the coming yearn
will witness a great advancement in
all that will benefit and help mankind ;
the possibilities of elecJrictty ana
steam have not yet been exhausted.
And in these twenty-five years
Masonry has kept pace with the ad
vancement Humanity has made , nay ,
his : added its powerful aseiatance in
pushing forward thia car of progress.
What u it in the fraternity that has
attracted so many of our best men ,
and that continues to hold their feulty
aud compels their devotion ? There
is , there must bo something moro than
the mere fact of a myftlury , a secret ,
for the m > story m more fanciful than
real. In the dim piiat of Masonic tra
dition wu are taught that bigotry , in-
toler.mco und fanaticism laid their
lullianly Imnda upon the breast of one
of the moat eminent ot our members ,
and fiercely demanded * Give
as the secret uf a master unison. What
was the aimwrr when returned in
calm tones / You all know ; and over
since the muno demand in varied ( once
and by different seekers has been
made of us , and to-day we are atkod
again ; "Givo us thu secret of u num.
ter nmsini. ' Tiio ' secret" is an open
one , my brothrei , ; it h lovt ; a lovt
strong aa faith , enduring tin hope ,
broad tuui tender us charity ; a love
that Mrnluhoti nut tin hand to nuvo ti
falling brothel ; that utanda foot U
foot , kneu to knee , breast to breast it :
themoit endurn-g of tie * .
Why do we lnvo the fraternity ant
why art ) wo so attached to ii ! Whni
iu HHI charm and why has it so power
ful an innV.oiico over ui ? What it
this old , old question that has beci
aeked ever since creation's dawn bj
husbands of whop , by wives of luia
bauds , by children of parents and bj
lovers everywhere ? Who can anawei
it and tell wherein is the sec ot /
If thou nhould't mk me how and why
1 loye , I on but utako reply ;
The birds , \\ith each rtcurrinK spring ,
lleaume the haunts they know I.efore
Stem winter drove them from our dor.
Why they return on tiiulo s winy.
Why with fiUd hearts they ever tinjj
While jdurne > inK to a o ) lder s y ?
Jiluko uuiiner , then , and tell me why.
A love burn of a close companion
ship and more intimate knowledge o
ouch other's worth , thnt seeks will
kindly sympathy to alleviate the sorrow
row und distress and that cherishei
and protects a brother's welfare
We priza tin sweet flower ai it blow * ,
Tie luvc , the fraK" > ncu of the rose
That Imrdeun all thu buu.uier air
Aud hloouiii uud hlomonw rverywhcw ,
We lo e it even though i' diet ,
Make tutwrr tlieu , and tell me why
The riven with rt istle3a force
Toward * the sea their ownward course
1'uretie , according to thu plan
Ordained by God siuoo time began.
Why will their cold and mllen waves
OVr buried ehip * , o'er counties graves
Thus never to the ocean tend
Till time ittelf BI all have an end ,
Units * tu theie thou make-t rrply ,
No need for me to tell thte why ?
No need ta tell , itnca like the bloom
Of HMIM on thi rvirnf .Tune ,
Thai cerisonF a lolikiiitno
li toxio.i'O- e in 'low v.n" ,
Till h'.nt nn mir , I m < { i rxni i'n I B < ml
Are i > l u'nd m fit I * v nd oontful
Of anv Htnuath "f mini1
Ai th" clc ir 'I u f . h it o'-r ns fLh.e ,
Nn iifi'dto t > 1 ni > r rj iou RIVO
Kor that for xrhlcli I bfoitheand live ,
1'or l O'Y lie uHnvrt cn Hel
Thf iivtrii > that lovii rny-al.
Who , 'iy rlni M | M the le < Min t-mr-Jit ,
Hat. the ii'u ] simuvl umUloji caught ,
Lo > 1 : tl mi u thin : it no1 thy lire il
'I h tmtilJi' ' ith ; htK Nwi'et unicst ,
Tl is i li-iH'n iri.w , ( tl.ul omo pain ,
Tl'.i ; 'iau .1 i < l onca l il n.aii ?
Of loxin ; , ' thoiums thou M > .11 cl take ,
And thmu own heart \vi 1 uiuuer make ,
Thun mine has ban the plenum ; t.i k
To answer quej ions L m > cnu n > .k ,
Ity r"kin _ ' Hiuse tlut I > tlut
.Su.'ge t the an Wrr w > \vouM find.
To t 11 wlij southern Hcizej blow ,
Whjtltiwtis aie swc t , why rivers HJW ,
\Vliv 1lanl.i wheel uli. ut the MID ,
-Vud .I'M thjir iliily c IK IH rui' ,
All rhese were eaiy : Natnr ' ( .It il
M rket out the piths tlmae worliU have
' Ho p'ace ' i ua here thnt wo mnj f.'ol
Wuat lieait on kn w Inif in ) ' lives' ' ,
Uid all tha' we i mi h.iy o/ know
Is thii > , tbut lie uril'i lied it to.
Here ends the t-v-k that I
Ke.ut thou thu anawei Loyo has uuute.
Bui , rjiethtiiii , it is imitlur my
provii'coi'or intention to ] ireach tojou
a sermon fiota n. Mttsonie tix . We
have met here for a different purpose :
we lire Resembled to celebrate
and to inti-rchunge fiioncUy greotinga ,
Wo have come to cultivate tha BOCIII
virtues , too much neglected in oui
fraternity , for nrnoug the beat in <
iluencaa that Masonry t-xertaia thnt ol
enabling us to become the bettci
acquainted ; of enabling us to reach the
hearts of our brethren. It i > tvea ui
tits stronger than tlioso of blood ; n
givea us friends in whom wu can ini'
plicitly coiifido , whosa aympathy ir
the hour of trial or Ullictiou , Btrength
emi sind auat'iina , Wo ought , then ,
to have more frequent re-unione ; thai
knowirg each other better we maj
luv ( oilier moro.
Among thu patri.ircha of our grant
lor1 HO wu Imvo with ua to-day Paal
Grand Masters Jordan and Armstronfj ,
who ruled nnd governed the craft dur
ing ( lie aixycurs of our existence
their heads are mlvercd by time , but
their lu'iirts are nu fresh and young in
their df-votion to the order 83 tliej
weru twenty live yoarsago. Itia easj
to bo virtuous when no temptation !
assail UA ; it , ia easy to be pat
riotio wlu-a no danger threatens oui
hiud , iu.d ic is eauy to bo Freemason ;
i.i times like these , hon no pcraecu
lion haraseeg , when to be suc'i ' in
volven no uacrilicca , and require !
us to undergo no hardship !
but to thoBn of our nunibti
who founded this grand lodge is dut
the need uf earnest praieo trom on
lips , and the warm allVction of on
hearta , for they vero zealou
when it cost time and monny , aiu
position. Lat them he this day remembered
momborod anil honored accordingly.
When another quarter of a ceuturj
shall have pasaed over our heads
many of us will have buoa cillet
from labor hero to refreshment bo
jniif ! tlut a'aru. The hUtori.m win writt ) of the first fifty years o
our grand ledge will find upon tin
honored roll ot ila nlliuobearera tin
fatal .laturiak , and his will be tin
duty lo remind ua who may urvivi
ot thiue gnuo before. May we all ai
live that the Grand L > 'ga of No
bratv ) < t shall have no cautu to rcgro
the huiiois conferrid , or ulirink fron
mal.iiii ! our history ft p rt of ita own
Again , I tender you my hearly con
craiulationa upon thia anri versary
From tlio eminent brothrpn who un
present with us from our sister juris
dictions , as well aa those from thnsi
of our own citcle , whoso wisdom am
fidelity have made them leader
among uc , wo may expect to hav
words of timely counsel and instruo
Hon. In the name and on behalf c
the Grand Ledge of Nebraska , I ex
tend to you all u welcome to thia ou
quarter centennial reunion.
The first regular toast was ; "Th
President of the United States , a
Loval OitizeriH , Masnis are Eve
Heady to Da Honor to the Chic
Magistrate of the Lauding Rspubli
of the World. "
General Charles F , Manderson u
upended and delivered a very line aii
dress , in thfl course of which ho eaic
Mv BuoTiiuu MASONS : I coiigwtii
late you must heartily , that upon thi
delightful occasion the heavens smil
upon ua. According to the prouiiso t
Veunor and other wtiathor propheU
the ( quiuoctial storm ia now due , bi
even the storm anoins to ba propitiou
aud smiles upon thia quarter center
nial annivorEary of the organizatio
of the grand lodge of Nebraski
When I look about mo and see the
whose heads are silvered with agi
and who have worked for the advanci
mont of Masonry in this city durin
the last twenty-five years , it seems t
me to on somewhat of nn intrusion
that a Mason , no luoty M I mynelf ,
nhiiulrl ut tempt to bo heard i veil upon
the ii.vitc.iiou of your committee.
Firs' no to the president c f the
U..i i.d State * ve are to consider thia
leduc not in the ligl't of u personal
compliment to the present lieiul uf the
nation , nor to th co who huvo filled
the ilutien of that , the highest ulUsc
in the world in the patt. 'Were wo to
do so wo might drink it most heartily
and cheerutly ) , nnd in doing eo wu
mi ht reoiH the purity . f Washington ,
the patriotism of J. HVrson , the wis
dom of Aduma , the ability of Jack
son , the virtues of Lincoln , the mar
tyrdom nnd many rxcolleiicies of Gar-
held , but it is not au I understand it
in the limited idea of personal c < m-
pliniuulB to the present chief ofliirrof
thin republic or to thoao who have
preceded him thin toast in given.
IK ia to the ollico rather than tne men.
and in the lentimeiit you toast not
only the ollico , bui jou tonst the re
public and government of the great
country ot winch w are all
so proud. ( Oncers ) Au I understand
it , : ind ua 1 remember the lecsona
taught inn iu my early days , when I
va brighter in masonry than ( I am
ashamed to siu ) I am to-day. On the
thruaho.d of the lodgreootn there
came tha injunction to every man who
wan made u mason , thcro was duo
from him loyalty to the government
and oliedienca tu ita Liivs , and the idea
struck me a few minutea ago whtm iu
conversation with Brother Griggs at
tublo that in no other government
than thia could masonry thrive so
well. It was told to me by Brother
Gripge that in Germany , with its
teeming population , there are but
4,000 masons , aa compared with the
number belonging to the maaonio
fraternity iu the United S tat en , a
handful of men. And why is it.
The reason for it is not
only bscanso of the lova that masonry
inculcates , but it ia becauao the cause
that lies at the touudition of love
among citizens is the idea of brother
hood that can only obtain to itfi full-
tat extent in a free government , in n
republic. ( Cheers. ) And you toast
therefuie not only thecbiuf executive ,
but you touit i very piinciplu that lies
at the foundation i-f this uatiou'u ex
istence. Why. I btlirtvu , my breth
ren , that were it not for these princi
ples uiab nry voiild not live the ac
tive , full life that it lives in thia re
public to-day , and I believe still
further , were it not for the principles
that lie at the root of mtsonry * .hat
thin republic never would have been
invented , or , if invented , it cnuld not
have existed or Irive grown to ita
prt)2cnt iunnenao proportions. ( Loud
cheering. )
There ifi no man who liaa been a
tnauou and who served in the war of
tlio lobtillion but saw the ureat
good that it accomplished. There ia
no man whoso principles have been
ouch that he could watch the elements
that brought about the restoration af
ter fie war , but what must recogniza
the fact that to thu masons of thia
fraternity , noitli and south , it is duo
that nflcr the war closed vo succeeded
ii : cementing these utaton again to one
nation. I do not know that I ou-jlit
to toke up inoioof your timo. The
toitst in full in ita own language , which
hirtily needs talking on , It ueomud
tu mo that when the bind struck up
that ( zlurious htnn , "America,11 and
your voices blended in poetic tribute
to our great country , thttt I could only
add in closing :
"L > tv may our Jatul he brirht
With freedom' * holy Hunt ;
1'rotect as by Thv intent ,
Great ( Jed , our Kins , "
The next toast drnk was :
"To all Masoi > a and Masonic bodies
of all rights and degrees throughout
the entire world.
"Heilthtothflsick ,
Aid to the needy ,
Help to the oppre ed ,
Honors and lauraU to the worthy , "
Hon. N. K. Grigijs responded , an
delivered a very eloquent and inatruc-
tivo address , lie said in substance aa
follows :
Mr BitETiiiiKN : I suppose that it ia
bccaueo of my long sojourn in Ger
many that I have been called upon to
reply to thia toist , as the subject pro
posed scorns to have been selected
with a view to calling forth remarks
relative to the workings of our order
abroad. In fact , you not only
plainly intimate that you expect roe
tu dmo you upon mental edibles
which I have plucked across the
ocean , bat you K y explicitly that
nothing leas than "A'l ' Masona aud
Masonic bodies of all rites and
degrees" shall bs my theme to-day.
My brethren , I think you will agree
with mo when I say that the tusk
which you allotted mo truly a
formidable ouo , when you nsider
first , that not not until yosteiday
evening did I know that I would ba
Fourth 1'age ]