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The Daily Bee.
Monday Morning , Sept. 26.
mil' ' " ' ' > ionoo Ycat'-
By - - - - - - -
Omoo : No. 7 Pearl Street , Near
U. 0. ( .RIFKIV , W n ? OT.
11. W. T1LTON. City Editor. * }
-.T. Mueller's I'alaccSMuslcjHall.
Sherradcn ruakcs jihotogrnplw.
Tlicro ro now twenty-four prisoners
In the county Jill nil male * .
Now w h the platoi ami make ready
for the nolillciV reunion , which opens en
P rmlt to wed has been clvcn t" I'eter
C. .Tcnicn and Mary Kuemtcn Untrlngtou ,
of Webster.
llcv. Father McMcnomy IIM joined In
happy wedlock William Hunt and Jose
phlno Cannon.
A full attcndancB 5s requested at
Council Hluffs lodge No. 40 , KnlghU ol
Pythias , this evening.
Smoke the Utterly Utter , and the
Key West Perfection clgarir , Bold nt wholesale -
sale only by Lutz& Lange.
Ball's saloon , near the llcvoro house ,
was entered Saturday night , and n revolver
ver and watch stolen ,
Some sneak broke open the street ice
box at L&IneVi restaurant .Saturday night ,
and helped himself to icvcral cans of oy
Joseph llosn , the upper liroadwny
cooper , desires to purchase fifty thcuiand
hoop-polos. Write to or enquire at his
cooper shop ,
T.t. B. Leavllt and Tony Pastor' *
* united combination Is to bo at Dohany's ,
Monday evening of next week. The lltlio
graphs will bo hung to-day , and they are
beauties ,
Joseph HOM , the tipper Broadway
coopcri deilres to purchase 50,009 hoop
poles. Ho also wants to employ ton extra
coopers. Write to or Inquire at his cooper
shop ,
The ladles and gentlemen boarding at
Mrs.Hoblnson'son Klrat avenue speak very
highly of the table and attendance. It is
a very popular , first class boarding place
Joseph Itcitcr makes the 1'incat Sulla
n the latest styles , at the lowest possibli
prices. Ills merchant tailoring establish
ment Is at 310 Upper Broidway , Couuci
The Walters rape case hag again had
B continuance , and it looks as If It woo fol
lowing the usual course of cases which an
continued time and again until dropped ou
of sight ,
J , T. Barko is happy , having taken
first premium on photographic work , an ,1 ,
claims that ho would bavo hod first on' th
best single picture , had ho not by au erro :
failed to enter ono thusho having been thus
'Informed by the committee ,
. The United Stale * court is to meet
bora to-day. There are but four prisoners
In the jail to bo disposed of for offenses
agalnit the revenue law , and none of them
ara very sensational casec.
The alleged pickpocket arrested last
week and confined in jail here , had n ter
rible fit Saturday , in which bo not only
'tore oil hU clothing but bit himself badly
in several places. On being brought to ho
said he was subject to them ,
Plans and specifications for a now city
jail are now to bo seen at Bowman , Ilohrcr
b Co.'j office , and bids are to bo received
until Wednesday , September 27tb. The
jail Is to bo two stories and consist of seven
or eight cells , The location decided upcn
is that recently purchased by the city on
i Bryant street opposite Uohany's hall.
F. C. Newell is to take his display of
MoCormlck machine * to the Hamburg
fair , where he Is to erect a building of hU
own and has secured for power the farm
engine which Mr. Hendrle furnished to
drive the Champion machinery hero , The
Hamburg folks will find the McCormick
display a fine one ,
' The case of Mrs. Allen vs. the Singer
Sewing Machine company came up again
before Judge AyUaworth Saturday , it be
\ ,1 ing on a motion fora new trUI , the plain
tiff not being satisfied with the verdict of
the jury , it being fur the second tlniu In
favor of the defendant. The motion w.ij
E , P. Btoccort& ) Co. , Oapturo a Num
berofUluo lUbboua.
At the fair just cloned the \vul
known linn of I ! . F. Stockert & Co.
on Broadway , had a fine display Of
thulr skill as upholsterers , and it np
pvats that they did not ahow thtii
goods in vain. Aaldo from the praiai
won from the admiring crowds , thoj
uccoodod in winning the approval o
the judges , and n number of blue ribbons
bens were tied upon their display >
They took1 first premium on a windov
chair , first on two parlpr seta , first 01
parlor , and first on upholster
work. Stoekert'a name has bccom'
pretty firmly linked In the public min
.wth line Upholstery , and so the judjj
tnont upon this display will not bo '
surprise. The goods were certain ]
elegant , and the workmanship ind
taste shown are evidences that Htocl
ort & Go. are fully prepared to mo <
all rocjuireraenta in that lino. Man
have already learned by oxpjrlonc
that Stockert it Co , are as uno up ]
holatorera as can bo found anywhcn
and others are fast finding it ml
Many from a distance were surprise
at the fair to BOO such evidences
Council lilull'i akill in this line , and
will bo atrango indeed if Stockert
Co. do not find orders coming in fro
some who have not patronized lien
before. They have all the taciliii [
needed to supply any and all deuunt
They hnvo stall , taste and an * tab
Hulled reputation for good work , ,
that their trade cannot fail to grow ,
QoodGooda at Qood'o.
At Mra. J. J. Good's , Main atri
\ hslr store , can be Been the largi
took of hair goods west of Ohicj ! ;
and in pricea within the roach of ! i
A Last Look at the Succoeoful
Fftir and a Word of Its
Some of the Fun Which W w Mixed
With Bnsinom.
Saturday the fair grounds looked
like a plucked cliickon , the iino
feathers and points of beauty beiny
taken oIFono by ono and the grounds
not yet being restored to their ueual
noitncBS and order. Exhibitors hast *
onod during the forenoon to got their
goods carted back to the cHy , shipped
off homo or started for other fairs.
It was a general break-up , but still
a rather busy uccno resulted , as
teams were coming and going , raising
big clouds of dust , men were hurry
ing hither and thither and all was in
commotion. The sound of the side
show's bass drum and the voice of
woman in tights were silent , and the
everlasting "lot'or roll , lot 'or roll , "
was hujhcd. Some of the tented
shows and catchpenny affairs wcro unable -
able to square up their accounts with
the association , and attachments were
served , holding some of the property.
The fair , as a whole , hao boon a great
success , and was pronounced by many
equal to the moro pretentious ones
bearing the narao of state fairs , and
much bettor than some of them. The
attendance was not so largo aa the
must of the different displays thus
combined merited , but the managers
have the satisfaction of knowing that
they have laid a sure foundation for
great success in the future , and hayn
established n reputation which wil-
make it moro easy another year to so
euro exhibits and draw crowds.
The cilicora of the association this
year are : L , 0. Baldwin , president ;
J. W. Porogoy , vice president ; Dr.
A. 1) . MclMino , secretary ; lionry
Eiacnmn , treasurer. All of these and
others were kept very busy , both in
the work of preparation and carrying
out the plans arranged. Mr. L. 0.
Baldwin merits some special mention
for the interest ho took in the stock
department , and it was duo largely to
him that there was no good a showing
in that lino. Pow realize the cost of
this part of a fair , except thoco who
exhibit. Many of these who visit a
fair will pat a by the slock show as of
little intercut , and will gaze with rapture -
turo on some big pumpkin , or pay ex
tra to BOB BO mo deformity in a side
show , and hardly give a moment's at
tention to a feature of the fair which
takes moro capital and Incurs moro
expense than almost anything oho on
the grounds. Ono exhibitor who had
only nine head of cattle , and who baa
shown them at throe fairs in this atato
this year , figured up his expenses you-
torday , and found they would bo fully
82,000 before ho reached homo.
It is estimated that it cost
fully § 200 a day for the cattle shown
at the fair hero. There interest is on
the gain , however , and moro attention
is being paid yearly to raising good
stock , ao that it is an important feature
turo of any fair. ,
Much credit is duo also to J. W ,
Porcgoy. IIo was superintendent o |
tickets and amphitheatre , and worked
like a beaver wherever ho could find
work to do , and ho scorned to bo eve : r
in demand. Uo kept his usual good 1
nature coupled with his activity , and
many exhibitors and visitors are undo : r
"Special obligations to him.
The position of superintendent o :
grounds is cno of the most trying and
most busy ones , but it was well tillct'
by J. T. Hart , who seemed onuii
present , first hero , then there ,
mooting demands on every
hand , listening to complaints , settling
tling disputes , assigning places ant
with all the hurry and ibrry , not only
courteous to all , but finding oven
time , and having the UiouRhtftilia'B
to ask pxhibitors whether they had al'
the facilities and conveniences the ;
Henry Eisoman , who handled th
cash and looked nftor the litmucea
hid a moro quiet position , but ono of
the moat responsible of all , and ho caw
that everything was conducted in u
buslnoss-liko , careful manner.
Dr. McKuno occupied the position
of secretary , and found his hundi full
and his time all occupied. N. M. i'ueoy
looked especially after the art display ,
which proved so successful.
Col. D. U. Dailuy as chief marshal
proved ffUciont , and had able assist
ants , BO that this branch of the ser
vice did its full duties.
There was occasionally a joke ;
< cracked oven in the busiest rush.
Onu of the ollicers had the laugh turn
ed on him by n country friend who
nuked the ollicer "Well what uart of
the show do you furnish ? " The olli- \
, cor jokingly replied , "Well , I furnish
the brains. " The country fiiand
- looked around fur a minntu , and with
out a miilo remarked , "Well , I must
aay , it is the darnduat , slimmest show
in tlmt line I ever sa\r. \ " The laugh
which the byatamlots gave was soon
of lost in tobacco smoke.
A comical blunder was undo in
- ying ribbons to agricultural ma-
. nines , A commlttcu was appointed
ind gravely marched into machinery
on tall , looked ever various machines
' , nd began tying on the bits of rib.
> on indicating lirst and second pro
< ntutns , Coming along to ono oxhib
tor's machines , they tied on a bed
a ibbon , The exhibitor wanted tc
know what that waa for. Ono of tin
ck. committeemen replied : "Why , that'i
ho second premium on reapers. W
oet give the first to that reaper up yon
lor. " The exhibitor waited till thoj
nco lad the ribbon tied firmly to tin
machine , and then ho icmurkod
"Well , now , gentlemen of the committee
iked mittee , that may bo all right to ivoM
mo second on reapers , but that ma
< chine isn't a reaper at all , but a mow
dit r , " The oommittoemon scratchoi '
each othur'u heads , and , after consul )
ini ( , remarked that they had made
mlitaVe , and put the ribbon on the
tie * wrong machine. They unfastened i
and tied it on another , The mi
chino man waited until the knot wi
s firm and then said ; "To hades rith
your second premium on reaper
You've got it tied now on a droppo [
You just take that ribbon now and 1 t
treet it around some bigger fools , if yoi
rgoit can find them , " IIo had got warnn
20 , up by this time. The committee lot 1
all. in disgust , and before morning vor
informed that there wcro no premiums
at all to ba given on farm iiifechinury.
They accordingly wont u roun In
again and took off all the ribbon ; ,
Tuo Union Pnciflca Kecoivo Nothing
Hut QOOPO Egcf , Whllo the
Council Hlutls Oot Ono
By all odds the beet and moat ox-
citin , ! Rfttno of b eo ball jot played
here was that on Saturday afternoon
between the Union i'flcifics , cf Oma
ha , and the Council Bluffs ninct. The
crowd was largo and enthusiastic , and
the victory gained by the Council
Bluffs nine was conceded to bo justly
and fairly won. The Council Bluffs
nine played an almost perfect game ,
while their oppouento did creditable
work , The following is the score in
full :
COUNCIL Bum-.s , A.II. nlu , T.H. P.O. A K.
Kuehno , 2b
Mack , p
Merrill , 3b 3 000040
O'Day , l.f ! t 0 1 1 1 2 0
Feathcrstonoc , f. . . . 3 0 0 0 I 0 0
Haxan , Ib 3 0 0 0 13 1 0
Strock , c 3000710
Smith , r.f 3000200
Totals 30 1 I 4 27 1'J 1
UNION 1'ACIKlt'H. AII. II 111. T.ll I'.O.A.K.
Funhhouser , . . 4 0 0 0 13 1 0
Trallley. c
Whitney , p 4000080
Dwyer,3db 4000120
Funkhouser , M.S.B. . 4 000222
Holland , 2d b 3011240
Lyon , r. f 3000002
Mirston , 1. f 3000001
Kirtz , c. f 3011100
Totah 32 0 3 3121 17 5
Innings. I 2 3 4 5 0 7 8 0 to.
Co\mcil Blulfi 00000100-
Union 1'aclfici 0 00000000 0
Struck out Council Uluff i , Cj Union
Pacifies , 7.
1'aised bolls Traflloy , 1 ; Strock , 0.
Called balls Mack. 64 ; Whitney , (5. (
Uascs on ca'lcd ' balls Council liluffn , 0 ;
Union t'nclfics , 1.
Wild pltchoi-O.
Total etrikes Union Pacifies , 29 ; Council -
cil Bluffs , 13.
Loft on bases Union Pacifies , 4 ; Coun
cil Bluffs , C.
Fliea caught Council Bluffs , 7 ; Union
Pacifies , G.
Two base hits 0.
Three base hits -0.
Umpire Mr. Corey , of St. J OUH.
Among the especially line playnwas
the long running catch of O'Day ,
Smith nmdo a hplondid running catch ,
junuiing and catching the fly with his
left hand , Mack's pitching wan as us
ual simply immense , while Strock , as
catcher could not have clone bettor ,
Ilagan and Kuohno did seine fine
work , in fact all the boys wcro at
tiioir beat ; Funkhousor , of thoU. IVs
merits special mention also , and made
a fine catch , Whitney , of the U. 1' . ,
proved effectvo ! as a pitcher , and the
Council Bluffs boys found him hard
to bat. In fact the Union Paiilica
showed up strong , but the Council
Bluff * nine showed themselves n little
stronger , enough stronger to down
the visitors handsomely.
A very largo invoice of beautiful
embroideries just received at Hnrk
ncs ? , Orcutt & Co.'s. Bop2o-4t
1 ho Doings at the Union Stock Yards
The following were the receipts a' ' t
the Union Stock yards Saturday :
20 care , D. II. & J. W. Snyder.
20 can , Evnua & Mead.
The shipments of thosamoday were
7 curs of sheep , W. D. Currier to J. M
Robinson & Co , , Chicago.
1) ) cam of cattle , A. L. Camp to Wooc
13run. , Chicago.
5 cam. Hosier & 1'easley to Patterson &
Co. , Chicago.
I car , Weathorby Bros , to Keenan
Hancock , Chicago.
4 can , B. J. Johnson to Keeuan & Han
cock , Chicago.
H earn , Bruih & Horlne Bros , , Ch
3 cars , J. L. Bruih to Horine Broa.
3 catB. W. Adams to Gco. Adamu fi
Burke , Chicaeo.
1 car , J. W. Snyder to Ueorge Adami
A Burke , Chicago.
All but the firnt lot named went east
over the Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul
railway ,
The Preparations Bolntr Mndo to
Welcome uncl Care for
the Votoruna.
Next Thursday is the opening day
of the Boldiurs' reunion to bo huld
hero , and is to bo continued Friday
and Saturday. Friday will bo the
great day. Arr.ingomonts havn boon
inudo to hold the reunion on the fair
groundo , where there are niai'y no-
commodationa not to bo had o'.iio-
where. The tents have arrived , and
othur preliminaries are being arranged.
This gathering will bo an important
nntl intorcwtitiK ono , and there should ;
bo every possible exertion put forth
on the part of the citizens to make it
ftiisosftol ( , The topuUtion of Cuun-
cil Blnll'a for hospitality iant Make , and
- it behooves every resident of this city
nnd county to ecu that itlosp nothing '
by the toet to which it will bo put. jj
ia confidently expected that 3,000
- votoraua will bo here , nnd they should
* bo cared for generously. Bhcnnndoah
- took euro of 1,500 to 1,800 , and did
not lot the boys epond a cont. Red
Oak nmdo a like record , This city ,
the qucun of the valley , should not ba
behind. The railways have arranged
for extra coaches and trains , so that
there will bo ample facilities for reaching -
y ing the city , and it is expected that
besides the veterans there will be
; thousands of visitors. Let all join inn
- practical way in showing that Ooun
il It lulls can and will provide foj
- hose whom it has thus invited to visi
- lere.
a lluy carpets at Ilarkncsa , Crcutt t
Oo.'s. sop25-4t
A bunday Scorch.
* Ycstordoy forenoon the alarm c
'iro was turned in , caused by the dli
. covery of smoke issuing from the roc
or. of Mr. II. II. Oberholster's old Ofli
dcnce , in the Third ward , and locate
( ou Worth street. The alarm came i
very nicely from box 10 , and ale
from Kcil's hotel , showing that th !
electric alarm tratom is practical and
trustworthy. ' 1'ho department turned
out promptly , bnt there was n bother
In securing a handy water supply ,
this nocessitaiiug n long line of hose ,
nnd provcnting M r ( Tcctivo work as is
generally done. The dwelling hoitso
waa a two-ntory frame , and the fire ,
which anpirontly caught from n de
tective Ililo , had been burning between
the ceiling r.ntl roof for aotno time before
fore it burst through and the alarm
was tjivnti , so that it had acquired
{ rood headway , The houio waa occu
pied by ( i family named Stimaon , and
ono of the male members wai oick in
bed at the time. IIo was safely removed -
moved , and moat < > f the fiirnitnro wan
saved , but the building itself was u
complete wreck. It was owned by
Gun. Dodge ,
Bo Not Bo Deceived
In llieso times nl quask medicine mlver-
? l enients everywhere , It Is truly grntify'
Jny to find ono remedy that in worthy of
praise , and which really does M recom
mended. Kllctrio Hitters wo can vouch
for fti being a true nud reliable remedy ,
end one that will do as D-commendcd.
They Invariably cure Stomach and Liver
Complaint ) ! , Unc.ises of the KIdnoya and
Urinary dlllicultleWo / ! know whereof
wo upeak , nne ) can readily ay , clve thorn
a trial. Sold at fifty cents a boltlo by
C. K fJnrolm n
Attention , Druids.
Every Druid in Council Bluffa is
requested to bo present at PottnwaU
tamio grove No. 23 Wednesday even
ing promptly at 7:30 : o'clock. Busi
ness of importance. By order of
Nobla Arch.
My rosidoncoNo. | 715 Fourth atroot
Bancroft' ) L. F. MunruY.
For Salo.
An 8 year-old horso. Enquire at
C15 Sixth atroot.
Some of These Who Have Felt the
Orlm Grip of the Law.
Daniel Sollock , who lives a little
out of the city , was complained of by
a neighbor , L. P. Brown , who charged
him with stealing twenty oars of com
from hia hold , the value of the same
being fifty cents. Brown claims that
ho has missed many little things from
his place , and tint when Scllcck was
aw.ty from home the pilfering ccasod ,
but when ho returned it began again.
Saturday morning ho caught him
stealing the corn , and though it
amounted to little ih gave him n
chance to get it little oven. Sollcck
pleaded guilty to taking the corn , and
Judge Aylestfoith lined him $50 and
Charlcn Wells , a plain drunk , was
fined the usual $7 CO Saturday.
William Brosman v/ns arreatod on
complaint of hu wife , who claimed
that ho was guilty of bestowing too
much n ( lection on Hattie King , one of
Belle Clover's soiled doves. Brog-
rrtan lies in jail awaiting an oxamina
tion. His frail companion was also
arrested on the charge of being an
inmate of a house of ill-tamo , and her
fine and coats footed up $21.00.
OUicrtr Edgar guided John Henry
to the cooler , for being drunk Satur
day night.
A man named Show , from Mills
connty , who is a frequent visitor , was
again registered Saturday night by
Ofliccr Morse , for being drunk.
Oflicer Horse also arrested George
0. Brown and Charles Olvons , who
were found hanging about vineyards
and orchards in a suspicious manner
and living off of plucked fruit. They
were booked for vagrancy.
The chief run In Michael Ryan for
being too bibulous.
Fred. S. Thompson , with Forbes Bros.
& Co. , of St. LouU , is In the city.
S. B. McConnell , of St. Paul , formerly
connected with the construction of the St.
Paul road here , is In the city.
Justice J. J. Kralney has gone to Chicago
cage for a few days stay , braiding pleasure
and business together In the trip.
Win. Morrow , of Momlamln , called at
THK BKB ofllce Saturday. Mr , Morrow
U a prominent farmer of that section.
Mr. and Mrs. Harding , of the well
known elcctropntbio Institute on Broiul-
way , have Htarted eastward for a two
weeks' tiip ,
W. L. Seeger , of New Vork , a nephew
of Judge Aylesworth , U In the city , and
thinks of becoming a reiMent. He is ac *
compaufed by hU cousin , Ji , O , Yager ,
also a young man from New Vork , who
will make a brief visit hern.
Thomaa Began , a prominent merchant
of Mondauiln , Iowa , called lit THK Bii :
otlica Saturday. Mr. Began has matte ar-
rangcmentH with Deere k Co , , of this city ,
to handle their goods , and will now be
nbla to supply all the Implements needed
In thit section.
Mr ) mid Mrs. Dr. Harding , rf the popu-
lai Broadway electropathto medical insti
tute , left last evening via the 0 , , II. I. &
P. on a buiincss and pleasure seeking trip
east. They intend visiting Chicago , New
York , Philadelphia and return by way ol
St. Louis. Th y expect to be absent three
O , S. Bnttey , of the Chicago Horeeinan
has been In attendance throughout the
fair , and the managers hate witoly utilized <
him by keeping him much of the time In
the judgu' stand. He is thoroughly posted
In all matters pertaining to the turf , anil
besides being one of the most pleasant sort
of fellows socially , Is a spicy writer , ant
- his correspondence and special artlclei
ntler the non de plume of "Columbus,1
orm some of the most readable portion
f the valuable journal which be repre
- eut * , and should be in the hinds of ever ; ;
Buoklm'B Arnica Halve.
The BBST SAIVK In the world for Outi
llrulscj , Borea , Ulcerr , bait Rheum. Ki
ver Sores , Totter , Chtpped Hands , Cbl
Mains , Corns , and all Uu eruptions , an
podltiveJy curoa piles. It is guaranteed I t
dv8 natUfactfon r m aey reunde <
I'rlce , 25 centa per tx. * or sale 10
001 North Second Sticet ,
ted ST. LOUIS , MO.
in AA-Aak your Grocer for the Del
obrated Star Coffee and Stir Baku :
NOTICE. Special Adtrrtltccicnta , sut ta
IxJst , Found , To Loan , 1'or fi&lc , To Rent ,
IVants , lc&'dnr ! ; , etc , rlll lo Insetted In thte
column .t lh ow rate rf TKN CKNT3 PER
MNH for the first Ins.rtlcn and F1VK CKNTS
. 'F.R MNB lot ciih subsequent In.iertlnn.
oavc , lv ert ! < "mrnti at our odlce , No. 7
' , mt8trcaf \ , ficir til
WANU'D A fWO'l Rlnto Jo general
uorit In 8J n'l liml y. , pjjly at SlO
' lli Ilk * n Mtiiitlon In a store n
WU' I\rty. IIv In I experience nr.l will the
tociliudren ci. Hpo.iV.i Ucrnuu end
Adi rrR H. I' . IIKR Olflce , llltlll .
WANTKi : r , OtmlMlim * ti inoic. Wo make
a HH.I i 1t ' > of in'\l houpti nnd pifu t
\iMrr < i < i W. I * . A > lc < ortii , box KTH , Coniull
ilnfti , In.
"XlTANTKIl A KOfxl Klrl ( or pcnrral lioti'c-
VV work W. 11. Vaughn , vat. 1'lercoaml Frank
trcctn , *
WAN'1 KIl A few mere day boatiterf. Tuble
HMotmcd rate. MIIS..M. K
VVHSONM. 200 Bancroft ftro8l. _
\irANTKD-KTcryhody lu Council BluOs to
VV to toke Tim U B , 20 cents per week , dc
Ivcrcd by carilcra. Office , Ko 7 Pcftrl Street
near lrc" ! > dm > y.
"ITITANTUD To buy 100 tone broom corn
W Tor pirllculnni address Council DIuffi
iroom Facton" , Conncll Dlxllii. lowx
For Sale and Kent
Foil KENT A storcrosui on Main ttrnct , 0 ] > -
pjsao OithJIc dmroh. Inquire of lle.k
I OUSAIKOItTltAIIi : Afann of ICO cre ,
L TJ acres broke , aetono house I8\'J7 and half
lory basement , nlso stone stable for four horses
ind a good \u > l ] , u Is locntcd In O.-boriii ; county ,
vnnirn , n miles from Usborno railroad. Kmiutro
at HKK olliie.
> 11ICK-200OCO brick for silo by
T71UUMS11EUUOO11S at 70B iljnbtcr
J } Urcet.
IOIl SALVV-A 10x12 skylight. Suitable for
hot bed. Apply to LxccUlor gallery.
TT'OK SAf.E Hca'i'tllul resldencp lots , foO
1 } each ; nothlaztlov/n , and 83pern < cnth only ,
MlBcollnnoout ) .
T OST Alaigo wardrobikoy. Liberal rcn.xrd
JUlonndr. Enquire at Dee offlctf.
OT1LL AHEAD Great succe < , fl. Call and see
_ new accessories nnd specimens of pictures
Alrcn be the reliable Kelatlno bromide process ,
at the Excelsior Gallerv lonililn street.
| -Vll. W. li. 1'ATTON Pflyslumn and Oculist.
JL/ Can euro any cano of sere eye . It Is only
a matter of t'mo , and can euro generally in
rom three tc live weeks It : n kcu no differ
ence how long diseased. Will straighten crocs
eyes , operate and remove I'tyrcclnnig , etc. , and
nscrt artificial eyes. Special attention to re-
movelnK tadcwornis ap5-tf
Council [ fluffs'
Business Directory ,
Art Gallery.
r.xcelslor photograph pi'Icrj , South .Main St.
Inatantnncotis proiuss.
C. OiiSK : , Upper llroadway.
Bottling Works.
II. 11 ARC. .t CO. , Uist I'lerro St.
Bakery ,
P. AYiilS : , 017 S. Slain St.
Bathing Houses.
MUS. K. J. IIAUDINU , JI. I ) . , llionluaj arid
Glenn n\c.
un. STUDMY : , i > cthc ia
Books nnd Stationery
II. K. SKASIAX , Middle
OKFICCIl & . 1'USEY , corner llroadway and OtJ :
UITIZRNS' HANK , Bthfctrect.
Broom Factory.
MAYNP.itCO. , mcnuo A , nnd Cth St.
Cigar Manufacturers.
TEMl'MrrON & LAMII , H Broaduay.
F. H. LKV1X , 308 Hroadua } .
U IIOKKIIOFF , 1131 Main > t.
A. II. MAYXi : & CO. , 31 Pearl St.
J. HOSS , 015 lXut llroailway.
MXTO.V k WliST , 11 1'c-arl St.
Dry Goods
IIAKKNKS.S , OUCUTT.t CO. , Hroadw J an
Ith 1-trL'i.t.
Eggs Shipper.
G. F. CIlAWrOllI ) , P19 Main St.
Furniture Manufactory ,
K. It. STiiNIIlMliil : : , ior. 7th ave and lith St
Furniture Store.
C. A. lliiili : : : i CO. , 'Ml and lOT Ilroadttaj.
Groceries and Provisions.
St'MVA.V & riTCOKHAM ) , 313 llnwhroy.
OI.MViil : , t fillAIIASI. fith Ktreit. nee ,
Bold nt t'.uttrn pi lets nnd jjnarinteeil.
Harness and Saddlery.
CIIAS. WAI < Tiil& : IIUO. , Middle Ilroidwaj
Hair Goods.
MRS. l > . A. IIi.VKIirT. rcrr W .t llnmlwaj ,
JlltS. J. J. fiOOIl , L"J5thbtmt.
Livery Stables.
A. COMITOS , 'J.10 llmulun ) .
\V. ( ! . 11(11. LAND , 7ul ) South Main St.
ii. iuKouorr : , opp. i' . o.
OOIIK.N IIOIISK. L'pinr llroa.l a > .
KIKI.'S IIHTKI. . Ml and Ml Main tii-it
Meat Market ,
i : . W. TICKN01I , fi. l llrowl a > .
- Millinery.
J. .1. BUSS , ; U8 Iliuad it ) . Come and i-xuin-
Ino forjoiirn.ll.
MHSJ. ; i : MKTCAi.r.
' Marble and Granite Works.
CO.VXOIt .t ( IL'ANKI.I.A , 117 llroad .y.
Merchant Tailors.
JAS. ntAXKY. U71 ! liroadwaj.
CIIAS. llICi : , DcfOl'x bulldln. , Mil and Main
* '
, : iTKII. 310 Ilroa.lttv
Deal Estate and Abstract.
l KIMI1AI.I. .V CIIAM1' , opjiojlte uonrtliou o.
J. W. blJUIHK & CO. , iwm-r I'vurl ami l l a > c.
Restaurant ,
SMITH & 15UCUKX , lOl llroaduay.
Stoves and Tinware.
II. I ) . AMY ii CO. , BOO South Main btrcit.
Shirt Factory ,
K. P. KOHD , f rncr llhitl and Willow St.
- Undertakers.
M01U1AN , KKM.Klt Is CO. , UIO and 317 IlroaU
D. SI. COXXKI.IJ , 17 North Jlaln St.
I'rwldent. Vlco-l're 't. Cshlei.
tO Of Connell Bluff * .
. OrganUod under tba lavti ol the SUte of Iowa
Paid np capUl ! , * " eco !
Authorized capital „ 00,00
iDteroat paid on time deposits. Drafts Usao
, on the iirluauil cltlet of the United Bute * au
Europe. BpccUl attention ei\eu to collectloc
and coiroapaadenco lth prompt returns.
J.D.KJmunclWD , E.L.bhu it , J. T.nirl ,
\V.\V. Wallace , J. W. Holler , I. A. Mlftt
A. W. Street. JfTdtf
* $
Broadv/ay , and Fonrfli Street ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
- -
Headquarters For the Cele
Weber Pianos
Toys and Fancy Goods
Wholesale and Retail.
Address ,
, Jci C
Guarantees the Best $1.50 , $1.75 and $2.00
Bluff aid fillow Sreets , OonncU Bluffs.
Wo make the following a specialty :
orders and correspondence promptly attended to. OfBcc and Manufactory
S. E. Oor. 7th Ave. nnd 12th Street , COUNCIL BLUFFS , IOWA
The finest quality and largest stock west of Chicago of wooden nnd metalio cases.
Cnlln attended to at all hours. We defy competition in quality of gooda or prices.
Our Mr. Morgan has served ns undertaker for forty years nnd thoroughly understands
hii business. WAREROOMS , 310 AND 357 BROADWAY. Uptolsterin In
nil its branched promptly attended to ; also carpet-laying nnd lambrequins. Telegraphic -
graphic nnd mail orders filled uithout delay.
Made from Iho Finest Malt and Hopa , with water obtained
from the
This Water ia known everywhere for its Purity and Wholesome Qualities.
Also DealcrH in C. & CO.'K Oririn..l Budwciscr Beer , manufactured in St.
Louis , Mo. fiTOrdera in the City or From Abroad Promptly Filled.
Wholesale Dealer iu and SOLE AGENT FOR Joseph Schlitz Brewing
Company'ii Celebrated
No. 711 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa. Orders from the country elicited
City ordern to famllie * and denlern delivered free.
A. BEKBE , W. r.UNYAU , W.
Wholesale anJ Uetall Dealers In
Nos. 207 & 209 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Alu a ) s keepa on band the Uncut asaortment ot mattrlal tor gcntlemen'a year. Satisfaction ( tuarintaed
Millinery , DroBsmnkiug- . Cutting and Pitting a Bpedlalty.
Xo , (18 lltoaduay , Oppotlta KOTCIO House ,
Laces , fiinbroiderics , and Ladies Undenvear.
lundkerchlcls , ho ol all kinds , thread , pinr , noMles , etc. Wo hope the ladloa wil ] ull
nd tee our Block ol goodf.
Merchant Tailor.
, ( Late Cutter for MetcaU B . , )
Devol's New Building , Main Street.
Council Bluffs , la ,
Suita to order 818 and upwanU.
( Succeasoti to J , P. .V J. K. Qusady. )
Abstract , Real Estate and Loan Brokers.
\ Vehe the only complete net ol bstr cl books to alt city lot * and Uudi la FotUwittunl
county. Tltlei esuulned tnd abttricw turrl h d on short notice. Honey to loiu cu dty nd term
property , hortnd long time , In um to lull the borrower. KcaUiU boujht and lolJ. 031c
at u old tUai pppcnlte court boiiiu *