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A General Uprising of tlio People -
plo Agaliisb Political
The Fr.tnl Folly of the Administration -
istration Maobino Already
Felt in the East.
Now York , iinyhmnia and
IndiaBaGenornlly Concedsd
to the Dsmocratn ,
While Ohio ia by Wo
Dotid Sure For Iho
JEJapubliottJi ? .
Tha Kolrolllonunlmt
&lnoliitt jOaily Outh
DolorulNovra For Monopoly Boasea
Special Dlfpnah to Tim IlKB.
WASHINGTON , September 24. The
administration ia contemplaunj , ' a new
move in Alabama politics. At a cabi
net meoxing , held dutiiift the presi
dent's recent visit bore , it was decided
to appointPcUil Strobach UnitcdStatos
marshal for the nouthcrn district of
that state. Strobach ia a German re
publican who harj twice bt-en elected
from ono of the Alabama districts , and
who has been twice counted out. Fol
lowing upon his appointment , two
internal revenue collectors in that
state are to bo removed to tnako way
for persons uaid to have been folcotod
by Strobaoh. Ono of the collectors
removed Li James P. Hapior , formerly
in congress from Iho Montgomery dis
trict , and the moat prominent colored
man in the otatc.
There has boon a good neal of
comment in army circles ever the fact
that thu president haa juat appointed
William II. Smylhc , of Albany ,
major and paymaster in the army ,
thus jumping hundreds ot ollicers
loug in th'o HOI vice who have boon
looking forward to promotion to this
favoren place. The appointment wr.s
made immediately ufter the Saratoga
convention. Vi illiam H. Smytho is
the son of John F. Smythe , whoso
curoer in the insurance department at
Albany is so recent that the people of
Now York do not need rifrcahtnont ot
memory concerning its incidents. Jno.
F. Stnytho and Thomas A. i'latt nro
of "the federal administration ma
chine" in the republican canvass ,
which culminated in the Saratoga con
vention. During the early part of
Governor Cornell's term , William H.
Smytho was deputy of State Treasurer
Nathan D. Wendell.
Representative Dtxandorf , from
Norfolk district , Virgiuiu , ono of the
few republican straightouts who defied
Mahonu , was in town to day looking
after the little department business
which Mahono has left lor him to do.
Uo eaid that they were making a
strong fight against him , but that ho
was very confident of Inn re-election.
Mahono has threatened to concentrate
n great deal ot strength in that dis
trict to defeat Dezuiidorf , againet
whom bo seems to have u epecial
in the Chicago Tribune in favor of
fitraightout republicans and against
Mahono , is attracting a great deal of
attcntson in Virginia. It is republished -
lished in nearly every paper in the
state and freely commented on.
The Norfolk Virginian eayii : "This
bold declaration ot Mr. Blaine will
tend io Hfrengthen the str.iightouts in
their present fight , nud it will wreck
the influence of Senator Mahono with
many leaders of the republican party
Mr. lilaine can afford to speak his
views on the uubject , and with em
phasis , uince his recent victory in
Maine , for that event has utrength-
enei his chances materially for the
republican nomination of 1881. "
Republican leaders now eay thai
they will make citraight out and out
republican nominations in all of the
districts. A South Carolina bourbon
who lias lived in Virginia ever ainco
the war , who is hero , B.iid that there
had been no ttuch interest manifested
there in the history of recent politics ,
and that many regular democrats were
advising ordul alliance with straight
out and out republicans for the pur
pose of beating Mshone. Undoubt
edly lilaino'a statement has had the
effect to give a great deal of encour
agement to the Wickham republicans ,
who are running an independent
ticket. It will help to keep districts
in organization and will make it sure
that the republican party will bo kept
intact to send delegates to the nation
al republican convention ,
that the Btruightout republicans can
cast 15,000 to 30,000 votes in Vir-
ginla , ( which is a matter of very scri
ous importance to the Mahono move-
meut ) if these Btnuchtouts receive suf
ficed encouragement from the north.
A Virginia republican , bpeskin of
the situation there , says : " ( ten. Ma-
hone's arbitrary courae in making so
many clmiiL'es in the federal offices
will make tlio coming campaign a bit
ter one. Time will show that where
ha makes friends by these changes he
makes fifty enemies Arthur , unfor
tunately , promised Muhonu and Cam
eron entire control of the federal
patrrnago in Virginia for thoeo sen
ators in the senate. Of this there 19
&s I was told so by the postmaster
general and Mahono's private secre
tary. More changes in the postal ser
vice have been made in this state this
year than for lifty yean before.
Among the rppublioon postniaalon rn
moved by Arthur are thoJo at Alex
andria , Norfolk , Lexington , D.invillc ,
Lynchhurg , Hampton und Culpopjor ,
who wcro removed to make loom for
readjustees or tools of Seiulor Ma-
Judge Niblotk , of Indiana , who is
cAiidid.t'u ' for reflection to Urn su-
) ireiuo court of that itatt1 , very con.
fMontly oxprratci the opinion th&t the
democrats will regain' control of the
state at Iho November election , nnd
tliut there will bo a gain of three , if
not four congressmen. Ho nays that
ho dofa not boliova that Governor
Uondriek'i has nny further presiden-
till ambition , Sergoniit-at-Arms
Hti.'ht ncrcca with Judpo Nlblock in
his ooufidimcd nx to democratic cueiots
in tlio Mute ih. e fall , and says that the
sumptuary legislation ol the npubli-
tuna will ure.itly aid the democracy.
Prominent politicians of both
puticn are now also predicting tlio
1 08 of Now York , Pennsylvania-
powb'y the stale of 0'iio ' to the re-
public-ins. A rrpttblioiu who auivcd
from Pottnsylvania p yo the outlook
is constantly IMS oncourngin ! for suc
cess nf the Cameron tickut. ' In Pitts-
billy , for instance , CongrwMnan
I3iyno , the only representative in
congress who had the cour.iga to defy
Cameron rule , nnd whom Cameron
announced ho would "crush , " is prob
ably to have no dctnocr tie opponent
and will bo elected by a larger major
ity than over before.
CcllUlou nt Sen-
hpotlil Dispatch to Iim llm
NEW YOUK , Soptombter 24. The
Steamer Lupanto , Captain Rogers ,
which anivcd to-day from Hull , Knp-
land , reports being in collision Sep
tember 21at with the Steamer Edum ,
which foundarcd. Captain llogcra
eays : September 21st , 0 p. in. , was
steering west ; weather became foggy ;
told chief engineer if the the fog con
tinued wo ohould go slow and case
ntthin down at oncr > ; alap began to
blow tlio steam whistle at intervals of
two minutes : the fog lifted little. 10
p. in. Thick fog ; engines at half
apcud. 10:10 : p. m. lleard whistle
close to our port bow ; btopped engines ;
helm hard tiport , and full speed
aalorn. 10:12 : p. m Heard n whistle
ani aw a masthead light very close ,
bear W. S.V. . and at this flame time
nudu ic out to bo a vessel crossing
crossing our bown from S. to N 1015 ;
came into colliaion with a steamer
which dragged right across our bows ,
her propeller going all the time ; afrer
getting clear , I stopped the engines ,
Bounded compartments and found the
vessel WAS making no water ; quickly
lowered three boats to pivo assistance
to the other ship if noodftfl. , At lliHO
the boats of Edam , three iu all , ar
rived alongido , with passengers
and crow , who were ut once
embarked. 11:40 : Ono of our own
boats returned , bringing the chief
cflicBr of the Edam , quartermaster ,
steward and no passengers. 11:44 :
All our boats returned and were
hoisted up , as were also two of the
Edam's boats. AnexamiuatforJ of' iho
compartment in collision discovered a
largo aperture stove and broken , also
the bow platea ; immediately got two
largo sails ever the bows , also filled up
the lower fern peak with bags of saw
dust , planking , &c. Early on the
morning of the 22d a pilot boat
was hailed and was engaged for $5
to accompany the Li-panto into port ,
there now being on board 125 per
sons , We passed soon through the
wreck of the Edam , which seemed to
blow up as she wont down.
The passengers rescued were made
as comfortable as possible , the captain
giving up his room to the women. The
other passengers made mont of the
small cabin accommodations. _ The
third engineer and assistant engineer
of the Edam wore lost.
The Edam belonged to the Nether
lands Royal Mail line and sailed from
Jersey City for Amsterdam the 20th
of S opt ember.
Another account of the collision
says : As soon as the colliaion occurred
heartrending appeals to bo saved
filled the air. Boats wore lowered and
cent through the fog in search of the
stricken ve sel. Ere they returned
Rome thirty persons roaohoJ Leponto
in strange boata and requested to bu
taken on board as their ship was sink
ing. A few moments later tlio remain
ing passengers arrived nnd were
taken en board The Liponto's
boats returned uuablo to find
the sinking vessel. The captain
of the latter was .1. 11. TuU.
Ho called I hi roll of his passengers
and crow ami found two aeamen mus
ing , John Von Gyl and Nicholas Lion-
necker. Ha ctrrird , ho said , thirty
paMongor , four ladies , and it miscel
laneous cargo Whilu calling { he roll
an explosion was hoard which 'old '
th t the Edam had blown up. The
Lopontos' boats cruized for hour * in
soarcli of the missing seamen , but
failed to find them. At daybreak of
the 22d the Leponto continued her
journey ,
The collision was duo to a heavy
fog , A moment after the Leponto
struck the Edam the latter was in
visible to the former. The passengers
and crow of the loat vessel lost every
Tli a
Special DI * | tch to Tin lift.
NEW YOHK , September 24. At a
meeting of the subscribara of thn nkir-
miahini ! fund to-day , J'arnull , Davitt
and Dillon requested a stoppage of the
asritation on account of the injurious
effect on land league receipts.
IIIB Fvics-
Special DUpaU-ti to TIIK CUB ,
WASHINGTON , Se [ tembor 2U A
call will probably bo tnaucd thia after
noon for ? 25,000OGO of extended
Made froir th < j wild flowers of th
it is the most fragrant ot perfumes.
Manufactured by II. 1) . Slaven , San
Krancieco. For Bab in Omaha by W.
J. Whltehouio and Kennaio Bros. ,
A Carving Match in Loli All
tlio Powers Will
a Hand.
Tbo Rusainn Bear Bharponinf
His Teeth For ft Hugo
Mouthful ,
Wbiln England Tightens Her
Grip on tbo Road
to India.
French Jonlnu y of J
Power Cropping Out
m the Pnpors.
The SnoccNsfnl Gouinininlorn Of-
llolully Blllrd For the
Poorno. (
English DomocrntH nucl Tliolr DoltiRB
Qonornl li'oroltin Mows.
Special Llfitclicd | to TIIK HER.
LONDON , September 21 Again
Huusia is arming extensively and is
said to bo preparing to put in a do-
maud for the whnlo of the Ii.ilkan pe
ninsula. Whether she will notBho will
certainly endeavor to fet aiio'her '
ahco out of the eultan's domiiiions bj
y of compensation for any L'uins
England muy make or be supposed to
mvo made in Egypt Italy is also de
termined not to be left out in the cold
f she can lielo it by diplomacy or
menace , and so you will see that
: hat it will bo by no means surprising
; hut should Glndatonu's atlminiatra-
: ion alter ita mind about recalling itu
troops from Egypt nnd docidu in-
stoaU to leave by tur the larger part of
the army in that country. The next
step will probably bu to auburn
plans for the settlement of the Hjjyp-
ian question to the European confer
ence. This , of course , will cause
groac delay and in the meantime
British occupation ot the khedivn s
country will go on and perhaps grad
ually , almost imperceptibly , slip into
a final settlement. In n matter like
; his possession is half the battle , and
t ia among the probab litien that
; hosu who loudly believed that Mr.
jlladstone would get out of Egypt ,
Dag and bgg9fi < ' , , a eoon a war waa
over , will find That" once again they
liavo made a total mistake.
The government ia beginning to realize -
alizo the truth of the fact that there
are many and great difficulties to bo
encountered iu the proci > aa of arrang
ing the Egyptian question. Gam-
botta's organs in Paris , to begin with ,
uro demanding a revival of joint con
: rol. At present , however , the British
government does not seem disposed
.o consent to any nuch proposition.
The old control ia believed to have
md a great share in producing Arab !
and the national party in Egypt and
consequently to have led to the war.
further , it is held
: o enter Egypt on equal terms with
Kngland , having deelnied io take any
) art in putting down Arrhi's insurrec
tion. The irritation in France at bo
ng thus calmly and conspicuously ol-
jowed out of the way can naturally bu
imagined , and it ia evidently increas
ing every day , and may give rise to
Burious complications.
Pour SAID , September 24. The
BritUh troopa flout to occupy Ghomi-
leh returned after demounting the
: uns and removing the ammunition.
It Is not intended to keep a garrison
fihomileh , Thu people tliero resumed
their ordinary vocations.
LONDON , September 24. It in cfii-
: ially announced that ( ienenil Wolsu-
oyand Admiral Seymour will bu raised
( i the peoiago in acknowledgomant of
heir recent distinguiuhed services in
UKUNF , So tember 21. A number
of men enrolled to tervo in tlio gens
I'nrniPH in Egypt started from Gone-
va. Others will follow shortly.
AI.IIXANDJIIA. September 24. The
( hodivo hus ofl'erc'd the Hritiuh con
sul general tlu .r.ind cross of tlio
Order of Odmanli , the highest decur
utlon ho can IIPtow. Thu khedive
will leave for Cairn to-moirow. He
invited Admiral Seymour to accom
pany him , but the latter was unable
to accept > hu invitation
For British pacification of the coun
try was held in the Catholic church
bore to day and the congregation was
very largo and included foreign con
suls , British military authorities and
a deputation from a number of regi
inentH. Itcquiem will bu Bang to mor
row for victims of the massacres , and
for thojo killed in the war.
LONDON , Supt. 21 The churches
if England all held thanksgiving our-
vica to-day for the successes in E ypt ,
CAIUO , September 21 Eluboraie
jroj.rations are making for Iho re-
ci p'ion of tno khi'divo. Tao khedive
ruiucstcd the route of entry hi
charged in fetich a way that ho shall
> aa * the houics of Arabi P , ha and
foulbi Pasha. It is thought
It 18 believed they will bo banished
and their property confiscated. The
European residents and European
oflicera in the rervico of the khrdivo
virulently denounce Arabi Pusha
They say hanging ia too good for him
The Khedive ha issued a manifesto
declaring England has great intoru ta
Merchants and Dealers Throughout the Entire West are Invited
to Visit the Mammoth Establishment owned
and Occupied by
Notions and Furnishing Goods ,
The IJrinhtcii1- Lighted , Host Apntit.-ml Jobbing Hotiso in Atnoiica , containing the ! ) ' , { ! B
arcoit ' Stock of Dry ( Joods and Kotio > i went of thu Misuatrippi So'o innnufnclurers > * A *
of the celebrated
McDonald's Overalls , Buck , Denim and Pants ,
In all styles now popular with the Trade , Absolutely the best Goods in the Market and at
Western Merchants can more than save their expenses a visit to this Mammoth stock be
fore buying their Fall Bills. Traveling agents , with extensive lines of samples , visit
all prominent towns throughout the west , and will call upon any merchant any
where upon receipt of a request so to do. Send orders by mail , or write
for samples. The most careful attention given to orders , and satisfac
tion guaranteed , Remember
E. L. MCDONALD & co. , st. Joseph , MO.
in Egypt , both in regard to finances j
and m trAil'io through the Suez canal ,
that for the protection of those interI. I.
eats she was compelled to interfere , [
but that she has no intention of an
nexing the country. Thu Khcdivos
announces that ho ImsauthorimHjen-
era ! Wolusely to represent him iu ro-
ntoring order and punishing tebolo.
All loyal Egyptians are called upon to
render Wolsi'loy every assistance , and
any ono refusing will bo treated M a
roi.ioR roil ravi-r.
GKNEVA , September 24. The men
engaged for police in Ejypt must bo
not under 20 nor over 40 years of age , < '
Frenchmen and Italians are ineligible.
The p.iy is from IfiO to 300 francs a
ALEXA'NDHIA , September 211. pen-
oral Wood , on hia march to D-uniutta
reached Chirbiu last evening nnd wan
to rernuiii.unttljthroo o'clock this morn
ing. The railways are blocked by deserters -
sorters from Abdollah'a camp. WO-M !
telcgraphc that Abd lliihfutroojj , ' > v'/C ' / i'
tinue to desert Of 7,000 originally ,
only 800 blacks remain , and they
have plundered the barrucks , the gov
ernor's house , many private residences
and exchanges.
DAMIEITA , Suptombor 2J. ! Gonorol
Wood with two regiments has arrived
at D.uniett.i. Abdcllali surrendered
at the railway station. Tlio troops
are expected to surrender their nrms
this afternoon. The surrounding
country is quiet and the crops in
splendid condition.
DAMIETTA , September 23. The negro -
gro garrison instead of surrendering
fled , taking , besides the plunder , a
quantity of ammunition.
CAIRO , September 23 General
Mcl'herson und etall'arrived last night.
1 ho Indian troojjs leave Xjguxig to
night to march hither.
CAIUO , September 23.Tho British
cavalry marched through the city to
day for the purpose ot making u de
monstration to intimidate the natives
and prevent disorder in the Arab
LONDON , September 21 Tliu trades
congrc&s hus just concluded it. ) annual
fltssion in Manchester Thu cjnyroon
prunouncod iu favor of the nationali
zation of the laud doctrine prutnul-
irutod by Mr , Gi-orgo , taken up by
Davitt and denounced by Parnoll.
D.ivitt . is shortly to introduce the sub
ject to n west end Hudknco in Lon
don. Mr. George has already laid
the scheme before a gathering of oler-
gymen. The proposal to introduce
Chinese coolie labor lure has roused
the indignation of London demo-
crate , who are about to
appeal to the prime minister to influ
ence the Chinese government to itop
the exportation. It is questionable
whether ooolio labor would succeed
here tii co it is impossible ) , eave in ono
or two disagreeable and 111 paid occu
pations , to undersell thu natives. The
distrust of Pdrnoll among English
liberals has been increased by thu
publication of a letter in which ho in
sisted on the retirement of thu land
league candidate for Derry to secure
the defeat of thu Bollcitopgonoral by
lib lory opponent ,
ST. PrTKitHDuno , September 24.
The Emperor and Empress arrived ut
I'otorhof paluco to-day on their return
from Moscow.
LONDON , September 21. No foun
dation whatever for the rumor that
thu queen was shot at yesterday at
Balmoral ,
DUIILIN , September 24Eight mon
at Armagh , charged with treason and
felony , four of whom were only re
cently liberated from Kilmainham
jail , have been remanded. It is un
derstood the crown lias obtained ovi-
donco from an informer , who made
extraordinary revelations iu regard to
| . Uip existence of \\idesproiul con
's piracy.
CONSTANT ! NorLK , September 21.
The sultan ordered the immediate cur-
render of Greece of thu whole frontier
fixed by the international commission.
IloproRontativi's of the powers , who , at
thu invitation of the ambmuador , find
assembled to diecusa thu Turko ( . 'reek
frontier question , disaolvod their meet
ing on learning of thia settlement of
the difficulty.
is said the grand sheriff of Mecca will bo
disposed on account of having had
treasonable relations with Arabi
AQUAM , September 24. Thirty sol-
dtura were drowned by the railroad
disaster near Etzok , yesterday.
rj'nt7VS-43 < iDto' bnr 14. The cost
or thu wiir to Chili , to the present , la' '
$50 000,000.
Eirthquakcs hero have continued
since the 7th , doing much damage to
this city nnd Anpinwall. The losses
hrro am § 200,000 ; $100,000 in Aapin-
wall. Four deaths are reported.
Grooloy'a Arctic Home-
8) ) > eilal Il-jmtch to TIIK Dun.
WASHINUFON , September 24. Gen.
Ilii/.i'ii. chief of the signal bureau , hr.n
advici'ii from the supply expedition
which tailed in the Htcnnier Keptuno
from St. Jo .iia , N. F. , July 8 , this
year , with additional stores for Lieut.
Greeluy'd party , ret u ltd Saturday teSt
St , Johns , unable to reach Liout.
Groeluy. Thn vessel reports solid ice
hiniurtt extending from Oupu Ingle-
field to Ross lny. Lieut , Gruoley's
aiation id in latitude 81 dogriicn , 40
minutes , while thu vcasi'l wns only
able to roach latitude 70 degrees ,
20 minutes. Thu party remained
until September Dth , at which datu
ice had funned to a depth of 4 inches ,
slid tu remain longer would hit to remain -
main for the winter. The Neptune
tvus enabled to establish depots to no-
cure Lieut. Grucloy's safe return ,
should it become necuiHary n year or
two hence. No anxiety for Iho safety
of Llent. Grouk'y'a party is outer-
taineil. They are amply supplied
with storcfl of all kinds for at leant
two yuarri. The inipo sibllity of an
nually reaching the station wna fully
provided for ,
The Siwln [ ; of n Ivlt'j Tiuin Lout-
Kpalil IlimUh | lo'l'HH linn.
NKW CoMKKsrowN , Ki'pfombfr 21 ,
Intt'lligui uu from thn vilUgo of Mt.
Floly statcn that Stephen | Uy , > > god
70 years , nouroted thu savingo of u
life time , 81 ' 1,000 , hi a tin box in his
house. During the temporary absence
of 'himself and wifu some unknown
person entered the house and stole the
entire contents.
German Catbollo Soul > ty.
BpecUl DM tch to 'Uu 1IB .
MILWAUKEK , September 24. Thn
twenty.Boven national convention of
the German Catholic Central society
opened this morning , lib doleifates
from Illinois , Iowa , Maryland , Ken
tucky , Minnesota , Michigan , Mis-
Rouri , Now Jerauy , Pennsylvania and
New York being present ,
FroliiTiltlou Cnitdliluteii.
Bol l ni iaK > i to flU I ) .
Ciuiuiio , Heptomber 21 A dispatch -
patch from New London , Wis. , uajc
Thu pronibitioniacn of the Ninth dis
trict nuinin.itod II. II. Woodmanst-a ,
of Ocouto , for congreu.
The prohibitionlHtn of the Fifth con
gressional diatrict of Illinois nomina
ted B. N. Dean , of Bulvidere.
OavH l l' Memorial Hotpital.
Special JUitcli to Tliv liii.
WAHIIINOTON , Suptombor 24. U.
S , SolomtiiiB , of this city , chairman of
the committQO on ways and IIIU&UB of
the Garfield memorial hospital , re
ceived advices from Co'uul Piexotto ,
nt Lyonr , France , that ho hat opont'd
n subicription at thu consulate in aid
of the proposed hospitil , and that
15,000 fr.inci had boon handed him.
Contribution ! ! to iho hospital fund to
date , § 80 000.
Hpi > c1al I ) pj > atchH to Tim llxn
Tliirty r.liildn-n o'eapod yritcnlny from
the juvenile nxyltnn In NAW Vo.k.
Mayor Kontlrlok , of Waterlmry , Conn , ,
prit'Iited at thn lecturein tint dtv InBt
nivht , on thu Irish quo-ilion by A M. .Sul
livan , inciiiliur of p.ulnmiut ! : ,
A flro Iu tlio lumber yunt of Driuiiinniul
& Wonluv. Itrnnchport , N. J. , ciuined a
loai of Sr.,0 . Oj ln-ur.inco. 810,000. Thu
flro IihuliiiiTil to bo Incunriliry. Citizonrt
arnicil are patrolmg tlu i-truutti.
The hteumer J'lcton , nnhoro ncnr Hun-
( lean , Out. , luv KOIIU to [ liecej. Mint nf
tlio car 'o wan caved.
The Wolwtcr ocntennlnl celelirntinn at
Biititnu IIIIH been pistMiimtl | till the 1'Jth of
October , when 1'ruxljont Arthur will bo
fieor 'O , son of JIV.IKO AJcorn , of JIIs-
Hlwtlppi , wus ncculcatally 'ill led at Holly
The Now Orleans 1'icayunu'i 1'ensacola
upeclol rtitrUt ) thlrty-ntno IKIMT time , jf fr > ,
vor four dontlig for tiiindar.
Thn republican judicial convention of
the Fifth district of Ncbrank met nt
Kearney .Saturday and nominated SV. S.
Murton , of Knrnat county ,
Clmrle'i ' K. Litto. of Kcainoy , Neb , n
iniTcliant tuil'ir ' end cillzoii of ninny vcurn
re-liloncc , w.n foini 1 ilojd In ! IM do 1 K ilnr-
day iniiriiliiK. He u iirenumed tu liuvo
been there tlilrty-Nlx liourrt. Ilin fiunlly
wcro on a I'liincntcuil near thntlty. Honrt
( UneaHo i niipi > oitil to bo calico nf liln dentil.
An order has lcfn : InHiied apAlunlti ) ; Gen
Srhoficld to thodivMnn ( if tlio I'ucllic from
the 10th nf October ntxt.
Green 1 ! . Huiiin , coininUHlor.crof Inter
iml rovi'iiup , opened the eauipilun at Hock
Iiilniul , III. , Siturday night , on behalf of
tfio ropnlilluariH , npnAit'nn ' to a liujo ( crowd
In Union
1'Vank II. Wall , tlio Wn lilngton lawyer
whom name wai mentioned In connection
with fuliiK tlio Ht-r louie Jury , donloa that
ho over attempted to Inlli.enco any jiirorH.
The M'tveriiun uriinil lode ( , I 1) . O , V , .
now iimmlun nt flaltimore , has Iiibtal'od '
tlin followim , ' ollltern for twii yearn i l'rle '
J , Leach , Iowa , grand tlroj J. W , Von-
iib'ti , Kentucky , Ki'aml chuplalu ; J. A ,
MiQuIdluy , 1'inlaiia , [ ; raiil iimrHhal ; H ,
0. Fulirinan , Minnesota , irnnd ; mo-uieiiRrr ,
UIitint | Iioi from yailouj points n the
norlhwtbt nipnrt ninin or loan heavy front
In eaitcrn Jiiw.i , north"rn und central II-
Hnolii , and niiillicrii Iinllana , In only n
few phc'M wa < * It lieuvy uuough to ma-
tcrlnlly Injiiro Iho corn crop ,
Tlio hcimatlonul foattiro of tlio race ) In
Chlc.iin , Hitiirdiky , WAD tlio race between
.1 I , Cami'n noted lilack Htul-
lion Jay. 1'Iyf-Hno mill II I ) . McKimioy'H
fisl : tour yuur-uld bay iiiuro Droiiza , Tlio
remit V/UH rather NtartllnK , an the lilarlc
en U bust fie liott fmir-jear old lecord
twloi Iu HUGO HHlon liy lliror.iiiirtern | of n
Kccond , tlio Imnor having heretofore ) been
liven tiuld liv Trinket , who trotted at lour
yearn in ! M'.if. ) I'Vef-for.iill i ueorn , lluf-
lalo ( ilrl lirut , ( iuiii i-econd , Lucy tlilul ,
Klorn liell fonrt , Molllo Hni.ter dm-
taneed. Time , ' > > iI7 , 'Jiirr , ' , 2lt i.
At tlio coroner'a iniuvMt | in New York ,
Hnturdity , on thn dlajster Iu tlio New
York Central railroad tunnel , llronson ,
telegraph operator , tt tlfiod , IIi evi
dence went to uliow that ho wan crowded
with work ; tlmt the when were burdened
with train reports , which In & measure
prevented him from flinging the train in
time to prevent tlio dluaHtei ; that lUB
tr.ilns pM'orl hlo ollico dally. Ha wan
nvrvoun und excited iu hln effort to get hU
train reportn in un J fl nut at tlio Bflino
time , not lieln ; piovlded with un imUtant.
Ho wai-Jheld in $ : il)00 ) ball and the brakemen -
men und uondnotor in t'AOOO each. Itail
waa furnUhfd. Tlia tUtlon In a very
Important and rcrpomlble nna and nnd
ojierator who In employed Is only eighteen
jejrn old ,
II Seta Vlro to u Wolglibor'a HOUBO
and Then to Ilia Own ,
The residence of Mr. John Hosiaky ,
Sr. , on the corner of Ninth and
Hickory street , came near being de
stroyed by fito last Saturday after
noon In the absence of both Mr.
and Mra. lloaisky , the four year old
son of a neighbor walked into the
kitchen , got sonio matches and sot fire
tu some shavings on the outside of the
kitchen. A three year old girl of Mr.
John llosiaky , Jr. , who. lives next
door to his father , noticing the fire in
formed , in the nick of time , her
mother , who was nt that moment vis
ited by Mrs. Stocxol and Mrs. Krubs.
All three ladiunent to the rescue
and found thu whole stdo of the
kitchen un lire and thu llimoa creep
ing up the roof. It ia duo to the la-
dieu , and principally to Mrs. Kroba ,
that tile lirn was put out with consid-
f rabio effort ; one momunt later and
the lumeo would Imvo surely been be
yond possibility of caving. The whole
sidu of the kitchen is charred and
Homo diuuagu inside dune. Otherwise
thu damage la nominal. Thu same
hey repeated the same thing on ycn-
furdny morning , lliaimr n moment
before hia mother did , ho went to the
kitchen and petting some matches , sot
thst room on fire. His mother's timely
appetranco prevented thu fire.
The Favonto for OODHTCBU in a
Bttiuncli und Htoudfaat County.
CorrejpouJcnce ol TIIK Dn.
Yoiuc , September 21. The anti-
inoni i.J oolVtouUvii'tof tlio cjcniy
haa eoloctod delegates to the Dastings
convention. The convouthn was a
full and fair representation of that
element ot this part of the state , and.
in ournefttncsa and resolute determina
tion they \ \ ill present thu name of Dr.
S , Y. Moore as a candidate for con-
gtesa ft oni the Second district. The
doctor lins Hovnrnl times represented
hin county in tin" stale legislature , and
the uai noHtnusfl with nhich these men
stand by him , and the ringing speeches
referring to him us the only man in
the last legislature ) who dared stand
up in opposition to thu machine , indi-
c.vk's that he is strong with the people
ple , ) the following resolution passed
by that convention plainly expresses :
"WiiKHBAH , lion , S , V. Moore is n
resident of this county and is highly
respected and honored by all who
know him us a firm advocate of the
living principles nf anti-monopoly ,
and ono who has left a manly record
against uggrosuivo monopolies , there
fore bo it
"Jiciolved , Tlmt Iho delegates from
this county to thu null-monopoly con
gressional conventional at Hastings ,
September 28th , bo instructed to use
all lumurablo means to secure the
nomination of linn , S. Y , Muuru as
c.indidrtto for congress from the Second
cungriBsioiul district , "
Wnnt n
jicibl JUiutili | to TIIK DICE.
LONDON , September 2t. ! Six thous-
nnd ininer.i in North Staffordshire
Imvo given ntico of their dtnund
for an increase of ten per cent in
wagca ,
Build * Called In-
Upoclal nicmtch to Till Hilt.
WAHIIINUTON , September 23. The
secretary of the treasury this after
noon issued a call for the redemption
of bunds of thu & per cent funded
loan of 1881 , continued at IIJ per cent
from August 12th , 1881. The call is
for ? 2D,000,000 , and the principal and
intercut will bu paid at the treasury on
thu 23d of December next , and interest -
est will cease un that date.
Bank Sliortaua.
Special DUpatch to TlU llni
NEW YOIIK , September 23. To.
day's bank statement shows that thu
banks hold § 2,322,000 less than the
legal requirement.
HA , NUI ) .
Tables supplied with the best the
market affords. Thu traveling public
claim they get better accommodations
and moro general satisfaction hero
than at any other house In Omaha ,
Hate , 83 per day , aug21tfme
The lord blnhop of Rochester , England-
accompanied by Hubert Grahams , eecre ,
tary of the Church Temperance society ,
arrived In St. lx > ui Saturday night , aud
nra uneats of Uuhop RoberUon , of the
Kplacorul church.