Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 23, 1882, Page 2, Image 2

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DrontninR of Thoe.
Ah , fair white ( AC' * , I ted th(0 In ft drenrr
Ate rntldo ; you thine out like r * , tiir
Amid the stimloiviSRIIP , and dim , nni
f r ,
The k * < tf.c t faca tot In ( ha hurnlnhc
Of Mut'tnuche 1 hair ) Ihojttnilo" , wiftfu
ninuth ,
As red ni jms'ioii flowers I ) m in lh-
Buiith ;
Thogren , duik tyea btltn full nf fianihro
llldit ,
Llkn the f ft 1 glory of nn wittitnn tkyj
A dark MIC ! hroo HDJ ; an Ilia thotiKlit of
To fouin loot ronlvhcn llfo is drifting
1 toe th'o in n , tranceof drentnftil hllirot ;
T 'VAlk into the iriUtn tint ithade the
land )
I strive to chip Dice with impassioned
And , lol abrokcn Illy in my ImaM.
A ftraUmh cloth with tufted nutfncols
Now Mlvor bracelet * nrn tnttdj in exact
Imitation of the handcuff worn by crind
Thi fnnhionidilo linen c liar in n ntand *
Ing military hand with n viuo uf imhioid.
cry near the edge.
Shrimp pink , * trnw ! < erry rod nnd clce.
trio liluo velvet 1-ows nro worn at the neck
with linen cell irn.
VoUotlrjo dre e < prombe lo t o
nbly worn this wiuttr , ns rivala to tailor-
innilc cloth costumes.
I ] > lllnck nnd white wool , tnwn M dhcp
hcnl'd rheck , jin.nmeslolnuoiyp jjiulnr
fahrio fur I rldeJ CJHIIIII cb.
Tlo : nowcit ptnliroidcrcd Mitixrcs | for tl.c
neck luvo n nlle htvii on tin ) mli < \\ithit
vine i f embroidery nho\o the hem
Venerable whltohMrrd IICRIO HfrvAnln
are n new "cr 7o" in New York nmniu
fainlliffl who live largely on their pedigree.
CimtaltnuB , mirnh-mr l ! < iw , ) oppitM ,
and nx'pye ( lat lt < n nro the tnott fn hini- !
rib H flower * for trimming full round hiis
of dnikRtraw.
The lat ot nirclty In outMdo KArrncntn
h the frock coat , cttt d < mble-hr nHted In
maiiullno Minpe , nnd pravldod with n
neriet of useful pockelR ,
A largo whlto il'ivo rcrchcd on the left
nMoof thehatlanfiuihlnnnhl'itrliniiiint ; foi
autumn liHlR for > oung women. Smaller
blrdn nro uned for tur nun.
Iltndiome "Unman" nnd ' Kgyptinn"
liens , daRti' , jowi led hntidn , and bno let ,
truilo In the Unit' d Htttef , nro n proml *
ncnt feature of millinery and cloak garni-
tura thin noaeon ,
HtuHar jncko'd of cloth , trimmed with
braid or with nnrruw s mt ichp , nro the
wr.pi to lo worn by younij ulrln ilmin
the autumn. Shnrtcr culot Imtquen with
high military colhr will bo worn ixa paita
of iiotic
Small caitotui of whlto or tinted tatin ,
coruilulcly | Uivcrvd with puft Unify whliu
dttricli tlpi" , lire worn. Tln-y rtro v iy
pre'tvnnil Ijcoinlng to youthful latllna
For thdrolilorn t'je c.-nno ffith'on ' In hljck ,
bronze , brown , garnet , uud inrk ! green in
much .iill'iueil ,
Itlhhon , In velvet , unite , or satin , la
worn in r < i\t piofn iun on drt'SBOs nnd
mantlei a < Hi > b r , Hut IIOWH for ( ( raping
nctrfunnil tiiuiw , piiillini | howj , Boattcr-
oil nv r Ilimtiioi iiinl pnflingM , and IOOPH
pendant over klllingx , Hp | curing mld foldn
ol lacp , o ) as ttlgei to huilice nnd tunic.
Flowem nrn bnnWio 1 from inillineiy ,
mnd ftatOLta f f uvt-ry kind nro to bo worn
Cuck'n lentl.ers will ha mtulu to hervo in
orn-hiiQtul UUJH , bjth fur hat * i.nj bon *
not" , whllo tropical plnmngo of coarlec ,
yelloiv , end bluish green uill irliove thti
eomiiru browimhailm of the tyllti ) part-
rldjo and pho foatlioru.
The Lngllth wallting coutu of hunterV
grtcu , admiral blur , mastic , or nmbtr
colored cloth , foil nod with ullk oard' , uud
b&rndelx > urgR or frogH , aio moro thnu ever
the fashion thi * te.wun. Tlieio clilc-hidk-
1 2 coits nrtf infinitely moro bt coining to
rjrrtfeful hgurcu than n ctpo , dolman , or
nhoit vlcite , netting off the form to line aJ-
" The greitcr number of mantles and
wiap thin toaxun ere nhortor than thoeo of
lakl year , or obu longer lu front niul shorter
/ . I'no baoV , to a < l\dt \ / /
which : denprin CTiVlliUCtl u iFvuBcta with ,
h really roqulreii to niiip. | . > rt the fullnnii
IncrcnbiDg ilraprries of tlio Hlilrt. Bitiu
velvet , broche , und mnteliinie are ( julto the
niott ftHhtouable mantlcj for autu un num-
tlon , thcno being IrimmcJ with ftitl ruche * .
qullliu8. ; catciuloi nf hlnck laoo , jetted or
plalu , und ribbon'iow8of moire or entln.
Thick , soft , all v/ool EerccH In heavy dii-
tlntt twill uro lirnught out thh nutiinin Iti
dark ( -tyllnh clotli o ilors , olive anil 1-uirel
ron , ruby , nc.ihlcu ie , garnet , putty oolor ,
royal hltie , tro > l hruwn , nnd In many
ahiwlcn of gray. An attr < c Ive material
al o for the tomnn i wool futet'ii , a fine
fabric , corresponding In the cotton fmtoen
worn all Hummer , hut much moro durable
anil nppropiiato to the cooler unnther. It
answer * the same purpose ns ca.hmote , but
hai moro body und n HJiooth oatin like
Seventy milliondlonn ( of whisky ni
nually conburuiid In the United Stutes ,
which uccounta for the hlgb Cunt ol clove *
and liurut coffee.
"Telegraph blue" In a new color. It In
the uliutle ot H man's face when he pcti a
dUpttch from hit broker asking for more
again. lloitoa Commercial lUillotln ,
Tha London World has stntUtlcn to
prove that lawynru have leui tlckneia aa H
ela s than phjutcionn , Imtai anollnet phy
IcUna can get their modlclnoj for ube
fifty per icut elf , Frei 1'rem.
About the moot discouraging thine that
can happen to a man i to be doing ; the
haml oiiui thing in keeping ahead ot u croti
bull , aud hml , on reaching the fcnct ) , tb > t
It liof barlxil wire.
An Iowa man wan fined If 10 for nonce *
ing u tviimun'K thumb. "At that rate,1
obnervvR the Wilmington New , ' uolio 1y
but a mlllloimltn uould nIT id to put un
rm iround her waUt. "
-Thtrn are n iw about 2,1 0 dllfercut dlv.
eai.u.4 and every jer the utrnln on u elnglo
putentniBHiolnii hennne lunler JIH ! lnrj
erM thu uittdiuUia attii'U ' up mitufully
and promUu-i to cure them all.
There In , after all. KOrntthluk- a mine
'lUniil. ! * ! ! , " \VnhlnBt n Territory , U
thunniHl liy immigrants , ilestrted by ut
tlem aad gtncrallv d > nul odall bccaiua
lU Iiulmn hone thlovex Were ouce lungec
on tie u oU
A p r oti with an interrogative mind auk
the editor of n ipjrtlng papyri "How
many card * nro thiro In a puckV Th
deoenilK , we h.ive hcar.l , upon thu numb
the plier h u up hit elceve. You can'
always m metliilc * ijenerftlly tell how mun
cardo thure ure lu a pack. NonUtjw
Her. hi.
It Wai the funeral of the hea > l of th
family , no the utory goeu. A neighbor Ii
the church > ard , while thu nervier wa
going on inside , was ipcaklng of the du
c a td. and took the opwrtuully to oh
nerve. In n tu D of iiubilurd I'nupith '
"And he had Just got h ! < coul AM ! iiotato
for tbaInter , H U a bud lose. "
A Ki'f't ' nt the table of a hoarding bone
on tlui Oitsllll inuuutlion , who wuauuou
an we ed , In a tJU > l iron t < no ot vet o , "hu
II you'll have i > little imtleuco I'll vend
waiter to look ttiniugh the mouto trap um
ue. Uottou
"You nay that you were preiaut whc
my ton wan klll J ? ' ilil on Arkoiunv ( ; oi
tleuiau tu a man who had ju t urrivtd fret
Oolur-ulo , "Yei , tir , 1 wa nru > ent ,
"How did the upht ootui ! " "WtH , vo
kte , > our ton and a M ow got Into a dii
puto mil thu filloir struck your BOO with . '
rjuirt l ittl of whltky , fracturing hU oka
and tllifm ; him UKtautly. " "Struck hit
wlthabottUuf wlilf ! : ? ! AVull , nlucu th
pHir boy ) m 1 to illo , I'm K\M\ \ \ that he dlei
a rntnral dwth. " Arkan w Trnvtkr.
A man In lowt has Invented a new fai > .
lining for her n colltirn , It is lucky that
the hort ' cill ir HOM not funten to a but-
tnn In tlif Wk f tiU M Irt , lucitno II it
< ll 1 , ju IfilnR from ImtiBn experience , win n
It llo v i.T ( ultcr lie Imd broUoti hU thumb
mil trying to crowd it lute n now 1m ion
liolo , ho would ] n t Hot the ntttrini' out
of atlj thing hi. wai liitctied to , otcn U it
ivn "A freight car. Uoflon CommtrJiil
A tiiwi Item elates Hint " * n Ohio farm
er "wlio pturteil for n neighbor' * t < i bortow
seine ma'chen , db nit deicntecn veam a o ,
ia Jiift j ; t Ii o * . " When titlRhbun live
so farnptrt , U wmlil pavu lima to result t < >
the primitive tnetli'i'l ' of priKluclntr fire lij
rubbing a couple of plccen of u oed toget'
er. .lint fancy the tliouxhti of tliat matiV
wife M bo nut In tha ( lurk , night nfif r
ilchl , f ruevenOeniiar * , waiting for her
unbuild to ictuinl Morn than oncohhe
mpttlentlv excKlmed , ' Wbatke | H .Tohn ,
itiyliowl He miut have gone In t lilna for
hem nmlchcM ' Norilituwn Ho aid.
Death nnd Ute
Oh ilcntb ! hnw B I ct tha tlinuglit
Tlmt thin world'n utrllo IIIIK ei ;
rint all w frarttl mid all \vo nought
In ono dicmle p are bleuilcl.
Vo moro the an nMi of to day
To wait tlio ( InrfcfTiiMirrow ;
Vi more etcru c. ll lode or my ,
To brood o'er fin and eorrox/ .
) h , dcnthl how ile-r the Imps
That thioueh the thickest xhadc ,
icyond the nttpp nnd niuiU HI rlope ,
Our ticasured fturo U luld.
'ho loved , the in' timed , thn honoro < l ddid
'I h it lon'-lv [ fitli h ae trod ,
Vrul tint ratlin pnth ivi > ton aiuat tiend
To Lu with the ii ctul (2 id ,
( ) llffil lliou nrt trio wrrt ;
Thou brenTliVt tha frKr nt brctth
) f tlio ) wlimti ovtn thu hopn to niuot
Can chtcr the gate of douth.
Ala h llio ncone their proxcuco lighted ;
Itaovrry hour uiul pluco
B with dear thought of thorn united ,
IrridLte with
'hrrn Ha tlio duttcH Hinall and great
Which no fiom them Inliarit ;
Mieru FpiliiK the .iluii that lead Is
To tholr coloiltal splril.
Ml Klorloui thlnc , or ( .ecu or KcarJ ,
Kor luvo or jmtlco douc ,
'lioliol.ltil [ deed , thii cnnoblliii ; worJ ,
ly thii ) puor lifu uro wjn.
0 life ami doiithl Ilkoday and night ,
Youi giinrdinn tai-k combine ;
'illar ul darknvxH and of light ,
Lad tlirou > > h eartliV xtmm till btijht
ILUVCII'M dawn nlinll tliino !
[ Ala tnlllaVd A
The AHco Oitcs Opera oinpiny Uhcour-
og I'euuaylvitnla.
Kdllh Hlnud , a popular J ugltch uctrasx ,
In Now Ydrk City.
Julinnn S-rau < i > , with hid oichcstra , will
u coucort tour of Italy.
yonl's Comlo Ojiera c < mpnuy is
I "Tho Merry War" nt Hall liiioro.
Mine. Sculchl , thu f.unoiiH contralto , hau
loen oii aoil ; ; by Uotonel Mupknoii.
Strniua' uexv uticr.t.renrtiun Night ? , "
dll not bo ready for production bufmo
ituuary nuxt ,
MatiKlloId. > v IiOiilon vnmliiit nnd coruo-
! nu of tbu Krcd-tiiok AI icu .b Order , will
; ipaar in New York in October.
Minnlo Hauk i < at Oobuig on iuvitatinn
: tliu C ! i und Uuko Knirt , muilyiiiK' the
irincip u pirt of KII 0,11 rj from ln.i pin.
MUa Ucrtrii'lo ' Klllott Ii the iiainn of a
tew htar wlm wilt make her debut October
U , She vi ill ottaut ShaUoDpoaiuHii rolen.
'Jho datH of Jimp. Niln-oii'u farowell'
oncort in Albert Hall , Ijjn-'uu , id Octtj.
ir 12. Slio HuIU fur Now York end > o
The tenor Mlerzwlnekt will rfecolvo
1,1 ( jO n nlKht , tha eaiuo HUUI us ' . .tli. Sol
a loittt nay the French paptrn , ' which bu
IUH incpliol. _
During Madmno AIodjj ku'ii srason in
. . Vr < ! uu o Mr. > V4hV
"JiianS , " a poetlcul nuil powerful ) > lay ,
which , buuevcr , fallud to "catch on" lu
Iluntletta Uakor baa been rngiKe.l for
alviui'rf ciimpauy. Adele ISel aide , Vir-
; InU Uiiclmnun uiid All u Uiker will play
lie female rolea m BupK ) > rt of the tra v.
Ian ,
Lawrence Uurctt received a cablo.-rnm
looiiif ; tilt uontract for bin enys cintnt
laxt .June nt JJiury Line theater , Ii lulnu.
lo will probably take IVjtili Jiuica with
Herr llirnay. tha CJcrniau tragedian , In
uuclor loulract to Mr Carl Hcrmiim to
ppear t the Tlulla theater , Now Yoifc ,
arly in January , uud ut the clu a of tliut
Dgein-iit | hu will mitko n prufemicuul
our uf the United StatcH ,
Ihickingbum , who Ii aihcrtined
as "the modt beuullful woman in Auicr-
oa , " Is to make her London dubut , an
ilnzeppa , at Abtlty'n , and try tu revive
.he faded glotlej ) of Adahl4ici .Menken ,
ruin ii another blow at the United States.
It ID beyund question that Mlia Thunbjr
ucceoded admirably in Kurope , and baa
irovod herself ouo of the groa'utt of con
cert tlngerR , She denurvea well the com
pliment that Uounod pti I her fter she
ang bla " < Vyo MurU : " "VoujcUs larelna
uiuiactiloo du ctiautl"
After next euiiunor Vienna will Imvo tha
loner of pofliuBSUH ; all but oue of tha
oullug vocaliiitt who "created" the ( urta
a " 1'uralful" at Ueyrouth on July 26.
.frau Matertm ami HoirricaiU are tbero
already , whllo Witikolumuu aud Uriah-
maim luvo obtained I'oriuanent cngaRO-
ueuw ,
Ma'leine ' Tlioo it petite , but p'unip anil
rxOiditigly prcttv , and Ixovoifliiwlngwitli
unlinul kplrita. II or ditnoauur U clurin-
UK. Slio appeared at her litut perform.
uico to bo uuiler the iutlutmce nf iiuunu I
alf.reetruint , ai though fearlnr * ahu inijilit
ilfclid the iiimat fiiiueptlhiutitu of tlio
AnieiioiU pub ic , tst\ertheloi4 ! , her per.
'oniuncd WUN full of clilo und u huuicd
limb , tlio tcofnt lo ymng L-lui of lv
varU , can not riulurn to uttund n pi ty or
opera union i ho ulono conatiluUu the on *
itreiudlouai , A bhort tiuie i-l , ' " ho wmi
iiidulKlng thU ctraukro ti to ut the Ojurt
theater. Munich , when he fell ttnloep , in
the midst of the play. Hero wai a
dilemma. The pUy could nut p onvlth
the atidlpnco tuUep ! al d n tbmly durod
ro himnordaroii the for
no notor * n UK-
meat leaxv their pUcen , f r four of Mt di * .
pleanurr , should h chauco tu BWalsen and.
tieuly. Oae iiupa'leut i.ctrc s throw u
cluir acroM the xtuye with a cntah , and nu
actor repeated n\orjl : lliifu nf lit purt In
ati'iittirleu tuiiei. but ( till UH ki i ; slept
( Hi , Thin eterythiu ; wan ut u it nd > till Inr
ueteral lunirn , iiuiil , ncxv inoinliiK' , the
kln' < nwoke , mid the wearloil -torn li
the ploy ju.t in time fur brcakfaat.
'Hie larcwit nnUe.tity in tba world la
Otfnnl. InOnf.ird , llogl nd. It cous'ala '
Ut t * PDty-i ! > o oollfk ii and fiva lull * . Ox.
ford waa the neat of learning In the time of
UiUard the I'oufeKMir , It dniuu to hat e
teen loumled by Alfieit.
Kich child In the publio schools cf At-
laulalilmtiu'tedut annual cost of 89.
IlKtwmttt Uajhera rtceUo from 8100 tu
Sl.JCOajear , nnd tie culurnl tfaehcm
froml50 to M60. The c.lmel wliool *
he been pUrea uudcr the exclusive charge
of the luteen colon d teacher * , ami the
plan work a admirably. ,
The Han Kr nd : o school burd in tak-
iiiBuclion for HiuxUiup tlm dintlno Ion
l.otneen the primary teachei'n talaiyunil
thatp id to the i.rat mer teachtra. It I.
beKln ji to lo icvgnlrsd e\frtwber
that a bltih ilrivo of xpil ure ami n .
tur&l ability a * well art ) requited from the
tcM.hT wlio RVC Iho fir t Inspiration to
the mind All thnrullith fin I fmcce fuT
t" ) cbpri will agree in the asfrti n that
the competent Instruction < > l thu rc tle B
anil limited primaiy clas-tn demand * u
vreattr exp'nd'turo ' nf nervous energy nnd
intollectiiHl ingenuity thau i < ailled lor I ) } '
ihb hijlitr grade * . 'I' c Mmning Call or
San l''rancl'cc > a < lvlie < the hoard toaboln !
nil dirtimtiorn of nlary bated Uunthe |
uraJe uf cl.vrn * t light
Iliat American | i rcnt < arc educating
their tlnl Irtn t > bo Id en 1 the complain *
of the Hilton Herald. "Nut Ion * ign , " 11
ay * , ' it uan oliown that I ha drift f iep-
inntntitive ichiKils 11 lo ton and Qulucy
WAS in the ( Iliootlon ( if occupUIoim whLli
nro bejoii'l the ratk of the common
I botcr , beyond the ihnitt nf common In.
dintrien. None ot the b > y % none of the
Kltl , expected loroilly wuik lorn living.
Thry were to do wh t mas nice nnd gen-
toe ) , but not to foil their hatuR not to
wear overalls or scrub fl xiri : not , in short ,
to do anithiug did not belong to u
uperlor rice. Untl theory thing aboxe
everytt Ingeli In our education n recng.
ni > > u to be the training < f the character ;
until hone t dealing with ft child' * intel
lectual nnd mor 1 llfeU mid fundamental
In unr eiiuc Hun ; un II we cm lent c ntcnt
with Ihs lilting of o ildrtn for the placjin
llfo for whicn OIK ! eti'lmtlv Intt-tided
them , we fhall not li ve Ink' n the criminal
elem nt out of our dtlumHorml system. "
Superintendent Uutton , of the Now
Il.ivon rohnolr , htd Ixsttc-d a "courxaof
study pMiinhlot" In which le.cher * of all
gradei ar urged lo recognize the import
ance of mural training ai n pn ptr pirt of
emulation , and to In.'o no op | > ortmiity of
nlvirjff iiiHt'UGtlon tliat miy tend to Im
prove ti e dlxpoiltlon nod character of niu.
pita , lly the new courne of atiuly nil nil
pcnwnal interest In liulividnil pupils nnd
o ttending to their hnincH IK rrconmicnded.
Not only uro fiultnto bi ! icprcood butdit-
poiltlons am to bo curreettd. I n thin man
ner tlio mind may ha fortified against vice
and wrong. Clc.inlincfuoii the part of the
children , an troll ai the duty of teaching
than 11 properly care for their instruction
bockr , etc , h rcconimeiidcil , Teae-hcrs
may nUu teach chccHu'neskindncM acd
polltenrM by prattlilng thoia quilitleit
thcitmelvv ! ) , Il.irsh or threat ! are
uot to bo utt-rrd. The following ure some
of the topic * upon which lemons may oo-
ci'ionally lu given : Conduct at homo , on
the street nnd in puUlu plact * . Tlio vulun
and beauty of politeness. Ueipect for
aupctio/u and for the ngoil , Truthfulness
Necessity of nolf-control in temper , in
oath ) ' , drinking , etc. Pitulcnce In Ite
me of money. I'ropriety and neatness In
dru > K. I'owornf hnhlt infom in the u-o
of tobc > o nnd intoxicating drinks. The
great benorit3 of good coinpiny nnd good
hook * . Halation of the employers to the
employed , 1'ubllo spirit nnd patriotism.
Mr. Tennyson 11 ttjlnjr to have tha sa-
Inontt on thu Ttlo of Wight clnerd on Sun-
Air. Tennyson should frcl that npt
every man cm remember to luvo It filled
baturduy night.
In n western loan the other day a young
limn was hhiit ut , but the b.tll lodged In u
'otument which was in hi * vc > t-DocVot
Theru ought to bo beiutiful m'ral to
thin incident , tail unfoiInnately the fact
remilim that if ha had been rvivlint : the
tefrtiment he would havu beep killed.
Whnii down the Him in npludor smkH ,
The firtllien do glow ;
Tlio evening hUr with bender blinks ,
At music frombehiw.
The ru e world' * s-umls , hoard in the day
Are growing fn.nt . .ind dim ;
Uitt.Jiarkt whiu it that rouudelnj ?
'Tii the muermitVa livinn.
Now York Commercial.
A publlo Sunday performance in Limn ,
l.V'iu , last month consUted of a terrific
h'rjiitj otwctn two bulldogs and alz large
r i h chut were nhut up together In a ca e.
Ttytj sport rumn oil In ouo of the publla
> iU'irLv ' , und wan witnessed byalnrgo inul-
{ Undo , ho on joyed it , by way of variety ,
niHcli moro tln.n a bull fluht. Mont of the
apectutots hud been to church in the morn
There is Rnnietbim ; Inexpressibly sad
nbnut the bottUn picked up at ea with
niPi-8ae ; telling of bhiiiwrcck and misery.
What pictures tboy call up of lonely
H lilnrs. helpless and going down to dentil
in the pitiless o.oau , no ray of brine to
I Ujjht tl o md cctie , only ono ln > t ritj f
ut njiuir. ' Up nt Big Ueud on Lake Erie an
empty beer Lottie was foand trie other day
in tlio beii.-b , whl'h ' contained the follow.
i.g incs < ngf : "The Warren fishing party
mi just finished its lant bottle of beer
ind hence bua stopped fUaiug , " Sad , sad
udeod ,
There is a church in Michigan which
Im been itnul ; by llglitnltg a dozen
timcunnd now whenever luoprcachtrshmvs
ei > ; tn ( > f getting lung windol and | auslng
from his "neveuthly" to hl "eighthly" the
i-lyly imitator the sound of approaching
preaching ihtiader on the pedals. The way
tlint preai bar driven into the "conclusion"
and ruslus lluoiuli it and starts the doxology -
elegy U a CiUti n. The congregation
would not part with that organist for a
million dollars
The Milwaukee Sun describes an amus
ing scene ut one of the churches in that
city on n recent Sunday. During the vaca
tion meason the neat * had been newly var
nished and ucro tenilile htlcky. When
you pull anything off of uticky varnlab it
tracks The audleme had all got seated ,
when the minister got up to RVO ! out the
hymn , und as tha basement ef tils trou era
let loose of the vnriinh of his chair there
was a noiio like the killing of a tly on the
wall with a palm leaf fan. The minister
looked around at the choir to see If be waa
all present , and if his pauU bad escaped ,
and read the hymn , Iho choir rose with
a sound of revelry , and after tba tenor had
awnllowrd a lozenEO and the baes hud
coughtd anil the alto bad beamed , and
the topmuo had i-hook out her polonaise to
see if the varnish hod shotted on the south
side , the audit-lice biyan to riao. One or
two deacons got up lint , with sounds like
picket tiring In the distance on the eve of
battle ; and then a few more got up , and
the rattling of the unyielding vurnloh
mninded as though the tht ) ; ; was becoming
moro animated , und then the whole audi
ence got on its feet tit once with a sound
of ruttlitig n utketry. Thu chair taug
"Hold ih Fort.Vlen tha orchestra
hud concluded the peopla nit down gin-
geily , thottrvi ca uurorhort , and all u cut
li'imuprajing ' for the man who had painted
thu seats.
Are nuvcr imitated or cvunlcrfated ,
This is especially truu of a family
mudlcitio , and it is positlru proof that
the rumody imitated is of the Iiighost
valtto. As soon ns it had boon tvatod
and proved by the whole world that
Hop Bitters was the purest , boat and
moat valuable family mudicino on
earth , ninny imitations sprung up and
began to ateal tlio noticoj in uhlan
thu prcaa and people of the country
hail oxiiroasod the innrita uf II , UM
and in every way trying to Induce atif.
furtng invalids to use their atuh" in
stead , expecting to make money on
the credit and noocl name of H. B.
Many othoni startui nostrums put up
in timihr style to 11. B. , with van-
oucly devised numca in which the
word "Hop" or "Htipa" were ueed in
a way tu induce peuplu to believe they
nero the came as Hop Bitters. All
such pretended remudiua or cures , no
matter what their style or name is ,
and repiciully these with the word
"Hop" or "Hopa" in their name or in
any way coiim'ctod wiih them or their
name , are imitations or counterfeits ,
liuwuro of them , Touch nouo of
them U o nothing but genuine Hop
'Hillore ' , with a bunch or cluster of
grenn Hups on the wtiito label , Trust o. Drngtisls and dealers
are wariivd against dealing lu ituitv
tionu or couninr/iuts.
Tliat's a common expres
sion and has a world of
meaning. How much suf
fering h summed up in it.
The singular thing about
it is , that pain in the back
is occasioned by so many
things. May be caused by
kidney disease , liver com
plaint , consumption , cold ,
work , nervous debility , &c.
Whatever ihc cause , don't
neglect it. Something is
wrong and needs prompt
attention. No medicine has
yet been discovered that
will so quickly and surely
cure such diseases as
it docs this by commencing
at the foundation , and mak
ing the blood pure and rich.
Lojansporl , Ind. Dec. > , it So.
1'cr a lone l'm ' < : I have been a
sufferer front stomach and kidney
dbeaie. Jly appctltewaierypoor
and the very small amount Idiu eat
disagreed wlthne. Inaiannojcd
very much from non-rttenilon of
urine. 1 tried many remcJict v itli
no success , until 1 tiled Ilrown's
Iron Ditltrj. blncc I used that ny
stomach does not holder me tiny.
Myappctttelislmplylmmense. My
kidney trouble In no more , and my
ceneral health Is such , that 1 feel
like anew man. After the use of
Brown's Iron ISitters for one month ,
1 have gained twenty pounds In
weight. 0.
Leading physicians and
clergymen use and recom
TERS. It has cu/cd others
suffering as you arc , and it
will cure you.
FlRbtlnpr Plro with Flro. This may bo
good policy on a bluing prarlu , hut It 111 not
matter \\lth the fcrored human sjstcm. Irritat-
niiucdlclnc4 cxasjicruto and Intensity all com-
ilalnt1) of the stonachor thu lioucln Nu\crtako
i drastic c\acuant for Indigestion or constipation.
Administer Instead Tarrant'n Seltzer Aperient ,
which Is at oncon febrifuge , a catlmrttu , nnd an
nvlgorant and has a soothing and healing effect
ipon the dUonlcrcdlcera. .
OR ,
The Story of tbe Saving MaoMne ,
A facnilDUma little p&capb'dt , blao r.J jnlc'
o mth uamcroua onnriTlnut , will ha
to oy malt poreaii ci'.llns rci It , ulsuv Ijianct
if cao 5co of The Slncor MaDrJactutlngOora *
j > ny , or will be tent b } mill , r/att p > ld , ( c
tav p nfln llvln ; at dl 'i.uoa Irnoi out offloti"
Tbu Slnpr HaniiteottiHiiB Co , ,
Prlnrfpnt lifloa , 34 UnloD
LBU. * , anoua Dtiuur
k'roildtml. Vlco Prcs't
W. S. DllSDllH , ficc. nJTrma.
Lincoln , Neb
Corn Planters , Hrrrowa.Pttrm BollorB
Hullir Hay Ktikori , DUCKOC Kiovatlng
WlDtltntlls , &o
Wo are pm > troil to do Jab work ud nuuuiM
11 r I r , ir ( or other nartlcn.
'tft , it or inra
Lincoln N
The most cent rail * Ioc tid hotel In the city.
Il"om 75o , $1.00 , St Mand 1100ptnt v.
Pint CUiM Uostaurjnt connected wltn the
.HURST. - - Prop.
Corner Fourth and Locnet BlrceU.
srr * . x.oxTX ( xtoco.
U09 and lilt Dodge Btrcot ,
aug 7-mo Om OMAHA , NEU.
makes a spechlty of
Collars & Guffs ,
Three Cents Each.
Work solicited from all over the country ,
The charge * and return jwstaije must ac
company the ( lacUngo. Special rates to
large clubs or agencies. ma WILKIN3 Jt B VAN 3.
Manufacturer uf the
Alto does all kinds of maihlnlot and lock
KUilth work.
raaiaTsrff oai Dyspepsia , u
If ycu are aRllcUJ with Ililioiuncsn , tuo
I j Oil arc prnatrated with elc ! < llcndache , take
11 UK DOCK DtOOI ) IllTTEni.
f jour Ilowclt are dlwrJcrid , rifiilAtu them ntth
L' oi ) wrrcns
f < i > nr Blood 13 mpurc , purity It nlth
nunnoci ; ULOOD DITTLKS.
lljouhi o Indirection , } our \ \ \ find r.n antHoto
f 011 are troubled nlth Spring Complalntx , cr-
aJIralo them with I10HDOCK niOOI ) UlTTKRy.
f jour Llverls torpH , rcstoro It to health * action
f your LUtr Is adrctcd , 011 will flnd a euro ro
tomtlioln UUKDOUK DLOOt ) lit PfEKS.
f joulmeanycpccleDofllumcr or Plmjilc , tall
tot to take nUltUOCK IILOOI ) IJITTKUH
f jou hi\o any symptomii uf Ulccra or Sirodilcne
Seres , acurathe remedy Kill bo found In
fat Imputing strcnRtli and vltaht > to the 3) 3
tern , nothing cm equal
"orNonounandaanirM Debility , tone up the
Price , 91.00 ooi nettle ; TiU Bottlei 10 Ct
FOSTER , HILBUflH , ft Oo , , Props ,
Sold at vholeaaln by l h & HcMa'ion and 0. P
| oodruan. Jo n ood-mo
To Worvous Sufferers
'Or , J , T3. Biinpson'B Bpocifio
I'tlcu lu the n.xk or Side , Aud diectrec
* , i * ij . t t that laid tc
3 % $0 $ * inuulty
rith woinl , I
'ill ci.cie -
: ' Co ttl. Wrio tur ( torn ted il r '
Prlci , bpoi-Ifla , Cl.OO pi pc > n- .
ijos tor ( T5.00. Aadroos ! I ordtrn tu
Jvoij. Id aud ICO M ln Pt. BuflMo , K Y
Sold In Omaha by C V , Qoodmtn , J. AT Bill ,
t . ! *
1351. \ ,
/Zioouat St
St. Louli , la ttlll triut-
Ing nil I'taVATK , NLK-
VoUS , ontlONIU auJ
? pcbl Diseases , Siortna- |
toriliiDa , Inipotcntv ( Sex
ual Incapacity ) , t'oaialo
Di'casoK , Irregularities ,
Dlfllcultlcs , etc.
iBcni 5cont
( In stamps ) t > p > y express
charges on a "valuable
work" entitled "Lileoses
ot Women , etc. " Work
n CHRONIC Di iuar.1 , ono stomp tfaTVIctlme
nt Scll-abujo 01 1'rltata Dlscasu , tend Ssiaoip *
for CRUKDnAiiiD WORKS on r ( U and 'cxual
. Rjimultatlori porscnally or by letter ,
FREE Consul the old Doctor. THOUHANllS
.T7REO. Otllca In quiet. I rlvato , rcoriectable
ilacn. You see no one bu' the doctjir. Dr.
larkol * the only phjeicliu Inthocli ) Uo w > r
a't-i cures or no pay Medicines bent ever-
where. Hours , 8 A M In B p. M
JP - KViii ' 'Oii'i
t * * ' if * > ti rm rimr. ttNUii } ' * n I lira ytfrt
K rfn m . iL Ufti > nnn nt n St
7ou- * if.e ? I'oii4 l4-r i 'Klit ' # rif * tc
ItliiitiUi'riui.d ilfcw V ? tyr * r ! ni * rvt
Hop Bittftrc. jfj ttn . > Hop O *
dlocruloil or dlifitu
Tit 1 ' Btht'lP , 0M ttr I'uunV.rjlirir. .
lmrt ff-Itll Of l.VlffUlU' ! . . . . .t on 11 fci'J
oc-ji , ul ) cu Hop il Blttur < .
Wivret yanorv. f , .
Inl n jal. * f r i 11 it u. i
s-lri\iMT ; nn i i
* nat yi ur Byntem Jlj fern jt K ! jne >
ni-n'J 1-nnsii K. ton f. chat
Hi It may
ITo. It hut
cuvocl hun-
( Jrotl >
The Great hnglish fiomedy
iVo\cr ( ill ) In cm e
Venous Doblllty. VI.
A ! Eilmustlon , Kmlv
iloiifl , Seminal Woak-
BOOD , and M the
nlleflccts ol jouth
ul rollio and oxcen
cs. It utopj pernia
antly ftll MOtiii.Ing ,
nvoluntary Icat B am )
ralnn upon the sys
oin.thf Incvltililorc
ultol thnjoo iliinc
tin * . whicUVroso dcbtruei vo tu mind * l odj
end uiaUo llfd nitBerulilc , ott u leading lo ( manl-
ty andde-jth It liringtht w the Herve , lraln !
( ui.iuorx ( IllooJ , Musc-lco , HU the and Ileiro |
duttUoOrsrina , Hroitow f > all th nrsmnlc
fuuctlna their loruior lj r and \ltaJit ) , ra
klnir 11(3 ( chocrtul and tn ojable. Prlco , cJ
bottle , or tour tlmf n tl.o qu unity 10. bent b >
cxproi , secure trora oie.r\a ton , to any addrt #
onrccclntol prlco. No. 0,0. 1 > ecni , e iep'
on receipt of ft aj a ( ruara tee , Lcttcri H-
cuontliiR aneweri muot Inclose stamp.
' Pil's
Dr. Mintie'fl Dandelion
are tt i boat and chcarcst djBih > | la and bllllcai
cii-o In the market , bold by all dru Uta. Prws
60 cinta.
P Uisni ' Krusiir KMDr , Nerwtnw ,
Cuumll klndol Klilmyand bladder ccmnlalnto.
( fonorrha-t , leot and Itucorrhoa. Kor i Ie uy all
, St. UiuU , Mu.
K MARK The Orc tmi OB MARK
i'jy AUIUI-
fxlllnc CUM
lor bcniln&l
vVctkkncKn ,
rb , Inipot- , and all
bclt-A"u cVai iioMotMainory , UnUcrul La a ]
tuda , Pain In the luck , Wmncw ol Vl.lon , Pro
nituroOld Agf , and uvvi > d u Dljcuas thtl
hnd to Ii-uDlty cr Coaiumvttcn nd a I'iciriv
luiTull paitlcul > M lo our | iMnrlJ < t , wulct
wo dulro to aend ireo 1 r mall to evtry one
f ( bo h'nodflI Medlclng la rold by all dru M
atjl iwr iack K , orOpackizca lor t'5 , cr * 11
lw sent free by rctll on rec Ipt ol the money , Dj
. , , . . . . . . ' THUQKAY 4BD1CINECO. ,
Bcffe.10 , H. Y.
A tail package of "BLACK-DRAUGHI
trve nf charge.
ItftxtilenfJrmi , 1'rrutrf
\ Jlai ImnilJ'lwfpliomi
la palatable futm , 3
I that trill not MacJtrn t
I trrtJtffo ehnractcHtHf
\fithrrtroiljfrrparatlp \ )
lntnym cuwior airnm in nmlicino , I luirn iminil nutllln * To | run the wanltfl thH 1
GKNlLhMhNi ' "I [ .mo ( two. In ei-w of .Vmoni . ITnUratlcn. . . rm ] DUrami. Vr < lt if , and Impot
fhrdroSditloilof [ th blondtlilaiwilM Binodj l. .jn ra han.Kiiia. 0 ? "J"J ' \ lh , * >
tlcl linve tirltlnd to Uil rn-st ml Incorniiara' > | , ' ' " *
lAHtnl K > raB of onr mn < nmlnont pl ni f l.r nr2Ti t'T"1
S ffT ± ilroD > ropOTW
I aimeoTortn t Tie Momf A
natural liraltlifnl tone In ]
it annHrnbl ? to Oenrrali
Debility , J/om of Appr-\ \
tile , 1'rottratinn rf t'ltal \
J'onvra arM Impotence.
Tntiplit by goiitk'inrn of businop.s exorionce ( ; nnd brond to'tr ' > ] : irahip at tlio
A t oi" U'sti'urion f , 'n-d en the liightet Atatid.ird of I'scollonce. D y nnd
nd fvutm ( BTMo'n iir < ii > w in fiuc-o6sful npcrntioti.
V'o" chciilHrn nr i eclul luforruotionHl pj ! to or ci
Zephyrs , Germantown , Etc ,
STOCK LA GBtt THAN EVER. } la080Vkl2KKaeI""l ! !
an ; 201 ( mo R. & CO.
Is oulv atUVuit'd by usi ) j {
5 J1 u t ! A1U a. G 'LIs '
Stoves and Hanges.
Kor nr.lo by
Y .
The Oldest Wholesale ana THE LEAKING
in Omaha. Visitors can here in TDJ : WKST i
Gsueral for the
find all novelties m SILVER Agents
Finest and Beat Pianos and
VER WAEfi CLOCKS. Orgazis manufactured.
Rich and St5'lisli ur prices are as Low as
ihe Latest , Moat Aitiftri . Eastern Manufacturer
{ ind Choicest Selection * , i , , " i ToTaid Organs s
PRECIOUS ST01TE3 + -,1 ! fcr cash or ihstalEnents
, , . o tl. , , . PJottoui Prices.rj >
all aescnpuons oi } v > i , EPLEUTDID stock
WATCHES at aa Lo ? ? i > rj ig t einway O h i c k e r i i
ces as is compatible WIM * Knabe , "Voae & Son's ,
honorable dealers. Cad'aaos ' , and oher makes ,
and see our Elocant K'evv Alao Ciough & Warren , /
Store TOWRF Sterling , bnperial , Smitb /
v. , Organs , &c. Do
corner llth ajart Farnham
not fail ro rjbts us before pur-
A I large Stock always on Hand.
Q )
- .
' 'Every Tub Must Stand Upon its
Own Bottom. "
And Every 'Wagon Upon its Own Merits.
Wo appreciate the above and make our wagona accordingly.
IResppctfulh , WINONA WAGON CC V.
PARKER > fr ROWERS General Agent * , Qmarm , Nob. X
. _ _ _ "
d WMtM Bi j ' '
BUCCL S-ASr22fAGOH ? ! ? fi/AHUACTUREB / ! | ,
313 and 315 FifteenthStroot , between Uarney and Faruam.