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1020 , 1022 , 1024 MAX MET ER & BRO.FAENAM STBEET.
Are just receiving some of their
Carry the largest stock of
and will exhibit now and during
' IB1 _ A _ I IB "WIEIEIBI , Pianos and
Parties wishing Organs or Pianos will do
Something entirely new in this market. well to call and examine
Fancy Bisques and Ornaments. OUR STOCK AND PRICES !
> l
II ' The Daily Bee.
* "
, ' \ Monday Mornintr 3opr. 4.
\Voathor Noport.
( i'lio following observations arc taken at
the Bfime moment of tlnio at all tha stations
named. )
nhur 0 I J 7 Inches aliovo low water ninth nt
Ototha , 1 fact 4 tnchra at Yankton ; Mlsilsalppl , 4
feet 8 li.choi at Ll ( Jro o , 3d G foot 4 Incbts t
The republican primaries will bo liehl
The ilcmocratlo primaries will bo bold
on Wednesday.
-The 11 k M. Plattsmouth game did
nut come ulf S.ttimlny.
Fifteeuth Btroetlstho popular thoroughfare -
faro now that Sixteenth la out of klltor.
Judge Savage delivers tlio ndiress&t
the liurt county fnlr at Oakland ou tlio
Remember tlio Irish American clnb1
purty nt M-isonlo hall on Filday night. It
will bo A tony ulfalr.
There were three plain drunks before
Judpo Bentke Saturday. Two paid
and ono wai ( Uncharged.
The overland train from the weal yes
terday was a heavy ono , coming in with
ten coaches nud five bagijano caw.
The now Pullman coach " .TulcsburR1
left on tlio noon train jostorday on it
initial trip. 1 U is nn elegant sleujior.
- Officer O'Grady has sworn in a nev
noltcem in , O'Grady , Jr. lie Arrive 1 Sat
nrday morning , and in a twelve poiimler.
Vour hundred earn of stock wor
uhippml o at by the Milwnnkro IInoc
Friday , and ninety-Devon cars Saturda )
The monthly meeting of the board <
munuiier of tlio U. U. TJ. A. will bo hal
in tlio library rooms ta.uinht nt
Jomi Dillon plays "The State * Atto
noy" at Council Uluffs to-morrow evei
ing. lli pissed through the tlty on No ,
liul evening.
The "Jlanent Homo Feathal" will I
repeated nt llUImp ClurkBOii'ji u ww
from Saturday night by the young laill
of Trinity guild.
Weit , of I.lniul , w ,
brought bifnro Uulttd Htatt-a Cuiiunl
Iimur Krank tJAturiUy fur tolling clgu
without a license ,
The annual conference of the Melh
dial church in the Nnrth i'lutto porllou
tills t < to nieeta at 1'iemoiit tha lltli
this mouth , llldhop Mordll
Ir.v I'.1 liigby liai be n
duty by the internal revenue dtp .rtlne
on city ganger , and Mr , II. 1'Vitlru
nnd W.V. . Urown are the Willow Sjuln
distillery Kau ers.
, A. anb' uf three card monte in
worked a paiBengor on the U. 1 * . Frld
for 9100. District Attorney Dtoruowc
of BIJney , nuctcotlcd in capturing them
fit , wlnla the victim U bold nn a witness ,
Tlio entries fur the otato fuir are coi
ing In very rapidly. The upaco for n
chluery Is itlr < ady tilled , and more roc
will have to bo found for this depirtmei
The prospects are thut the iH. > cd dupai
ment will bo well filled ,
Ono of the most beautiful badges ok
Been in tbeso parts is that just received I A. The orange aud the gre
are blended in rosette atd drapery , t
who e being rounded off in liue tilver bu
ion. Tha harp , thamrock and clasjv
bauds are conspicuous in the design ,
The Willow Spring * dUtillery coi
pany propose to put up a n4 er mill
connection with their distillery. Tl
l will have n capacity of 100 barrels <
Hour per dny , and the wonto li tojjho us d
by the distillery. The mill will coot over
$20,000 , and will probably bo built nt
Btudlcn In Urctfihtau college will bo re-
Burned this morning. The offl cr end
faculty will be an follow * : i're'ii'cnt ' ,
Uov. T. II. Mllc , S. J. ; Vice 1'ieiidrnt ,
Hov , T. J. Leeion , S. J ; and MCITB. J.
F. norKlnS. J. ; F. Gotland , S. J.j F.
ftfcKcnnn , Kd. A O'Urlcn , M. OWCDK , S.
J. and Dr. M. J. O'llourke.
The great reunion toovcr.
Crelghlon College opens to-day.
The publa ! nchool/i / open to-day.
The state fair begins one week from
next Monday ,
The weather in growing decidedly
Two utock trains c.imo In on the U.
1nt noun yesterday.
Komeinbir the r pul > ! icin prinuriea
next this uvunin ? ,
Sam liiirnn line the contract fm.fur -
ulahtiif ; iho n w I'axtou with china , glass
and tiible waio ,
A ciiiiplalnthai been filed in police
against Mm , O'Nuill , who i.i charged with
Ktoallng a latlios nacq'io ' ,
St. Catherine's academy , corner , of
Wghteenth and C.IHH HtroulK , roopend Mon
day , Soitembor , 4lh ,
A couple of individuals arrested for
disturbing the peaoj on North lOtti street ,
will bo tried this uftirnoon.
The noon train we-t to-day WAS quite
heavy , There we.e . llvo baggwgo cars and
an extra number ol couches aud sleep n ,
The cheapest place to get yo'ur clocks
nnd watches repaired is A. Hunno , 13th
and Jacksuu ,
All property owners In the central pait
of the city nro bolng ordered by tha mat-
Bhal to clean their ulloyx aud abate all uui-
J. U Kitchen , formerly with Itbo
1'iicilio llouho , St. Joe , baa come ti Oma
ha tomako It hU pernumout renlilci-co - nnd
U Micceedo I nt nt. .loo , by Col. Irn Wil-
HOD , forniBily of the Metropolitan h-tel , in
this city.
Iti \ rumored tint another li.irbeil
Wire company U to be ttartcd in lm lnps
nt this point , nnd it is baokod 1 > J
Homo of the leading Imnlivnru men ant
capitalists of the city.
The pows for the Ka tlst church havi
arrived. They nro nd oik trimmed will
blitik walnut , itud eveiy clfort u Inilnt
made to pUce theui in position as noon a
poj | lilu , Fri nilt are Invited to come am
view them.
A valise was kit Friday Tummlnc
by unknown pirtlef , at John LauLtrees
coi nor Mil an t Pneitio etrtuln , which th
owner can call and notalu by idontifylui
property. T/io / conlunU were : Tworevo
yen , a w.ito'iclijin Kii-l n beltuf cutldge <
A ellui.ltlni . puly from ll.o llitl
of tlu Hilviitlon Hrmy , of IhU
loft Saturday for I'rcirout , to tacl.1
Satan's | iick > t lino. Col , ( ! uo , Hmvn
ominani oJ the forlorn hoj-o und \\i
ably iuslste.1 1) ) ' L'euU , Miller nnd Mreea
The now I'ullnian I'jUco car "Kea
IHIJ" vvus utti * hi'dtu thu wiiit Lmind
at noon to-iUy , maLIng its Initial trip , . '
U mi ule uiitOMch , with twelve icotiorj
a state room ami nm < klin { car and is bo.v
lifully fittwl i.iul upholsturoj ,
A hvarlleia landlord who attenipU
to r inoxo u fciclc woin n from his pnmli *
on Jackma iind 1'ljihth ttrcets , last nigh
WUH p evented by the po ice , The wouiu
WAI at doath'ii tloor and the uel hbo
wouldn't ktaud the outrage.
Tha Ouialm Stack Yards have roceli
ed tialn of cattle from i > ro n uud Adau
of North 1'latte , averaging 1,125 pound
Homo if the best of the mason , The nhl
IH.TS prak in the highest terms of tl
Uinaha jardsand the facilities off t rod 1
the U. T ,
l'or Sale , a cheap homi ) . Two ema
Olarkson street , three bloc )
St. Mary's avenue , on leased lo
rent paid up tu March li > 83 , loitu ) rum tl
Match , 1885 , Will veil cheap , as uwui
wants to leave town , ? HO c : h will buy I
Apply ou premises.
A couiplalut has been filed by Sus !
ll Welta against Pauline Itrown. A dill
culty arose between these ladle * , in whit
a couple ( if flat-Irons were the bone of cot
n ttntion and thv > result uu tlut 1'aulin
e Weltaod Sutle over the head aud knocks
if her down. Hence the legal proceedlngi
St , PMlofflona , WHOSB Festival and
Virtues Wuro Ool brated at ,
the Uatliolic Cathedral
Yesterday ,
of n Piofcur * ) of the
Sumt aud a Sermoti on
A Bcnntlfal avd Iu prr.E Ivo Ccrc-
Yesterday was n feast day of cor.-
didurublo oolomnity nt the O.Uhedrnl of
St. I'liiloinciin. It w < < , iniicn , the
feaat of the latron.'ud of the cathedral ,
and us ouoh , of cull rat ) , v/urthy of
cinl commomoriiiioii. An
nterust , however , nt uohitd to titu oc-
ision bccauso of the apcctul nuniitir
n which it was sought to perpetuate
ho memory of the titular sain * . The
ncans adopted was thu placing in thu
nt hod nil of a life size portrait in oil
f St. Pnilomonn. The painting was
luni ; on the wall south of thu nauctu-
ry arch , immediately over the altur
f the BIoBHtd Virgin. It rcpreeonts
graceful , girlish figure , with a Htveet
vul face and auraphio exprcsnioa , at
hose foot lies a sword nnd arrow and
palm , representative of the instru-
nent of tno torture by which her
euth was preceded , nnd thu triumph
vor the world by which it was ut
ended. In the right hand the saint
> onra a lily , a symbol of innocencu
nd virginity , which latter were the
tiling characteristics of her short but
difjing life.
The mass , the principal ono of the
lay , was sung at 7 o'clock by Hov.
< V , English , assisted by Fiuiirra Col
meri and Oleary. At the ' Gloria"
ho veils behind which thu picture
lung wore drawn aside , nnd thu
minting , chuilo and beautiful , both
n design and execution , wan pre-
Bunted to viuw.
The picture was pointed by a
Munich artist. It wna ordi-red by the
Altar suciety of thu U itludral at the
hincu of llev. J. K Jbngliah. The
Houiety worked hatd to obtain the
means to pay for thu work , and thu
success which attended their efforts
waa as gratifjing M thu necessity of
such u picture in thu Cathedral waa
urgent and demanded. '
Tlio eermon on tl > OCCIMOII wan do-
livoiod by Hcv. P. K MuUarthy. In
it thu rcveiend guntleiui-.n cungratU'
luted tbo Itulh'a of the altar societj
UDOii their zjalous nnd Bucccesfu
ell'Tte , and then 'cnterod uptm u yol
perfect hiotnry of the lifo i.f the c < Miit ,
liaaed mainly upon utvc.latio > m madt
by horeulf to divorA holy people.
St Filiiineim was tno dittiuhtcr o
a prince \rho governed it email sttiti
in ( jeeci * , a' tlio linui that Diooiimai
ruled nt Komo. I lor mother win atnt
of royal blood. Both her father ant
mother WCTO p. aiic , uud for nun ;
yeara i.fter thotr murrioge , weiu with
out children. At the i > oliciaon ; of i
holy man iintiied Publuii , thuy tin
braced Ohristianily. Shortly after
wardH , n child \\an born lo them
whom they called Lumeim , in allusioi
to the light of faitti. On the day o
the saint's baptism , nho was cjll <
Filumcna , or daughter of light , bu
cuu'eo on that day she was born to tin
When in her girlhood , her parent
took I'hilomena to Rome on a jourtu > ;
which her lather was obliged to nuk
bocausu of an unjust war "ith whicl
he waa threatened by .Dioclesian , Th
moment thu young girl caniu in th
prt'aenco of the emperor , tnu latle
aueniod to become piepuascosod wit !
her apoearanco , a U-eling which h <
vainly strove to conceal , while th
father of thu girl was stating with ani
matt d feelings every thini ! that couli
sert o for his defense. When thu fa
ther liad ceased speakim ; , the empero
dtuired him to be no longer disturbed
Ho promised to place at tlio dispoua
of thu former all tlio force of thu em
mro , and that ho should ask from liiti
but ono thing the baud of his daugh
Tlio offer dazzled the father , so un
expected was it , and readily recuivei
from him the desired acceptance.
1'hilomena , howuver , waa reaolutolj
opposed to being united to thu cmpnroi
in marriage , among other reasons
being that ho had , two yean pro-
viotuly , devoted herself to Jesus
Christ Thu prayers and entreaties
of the parents and emperor availing
tint against the determination of thu
saint , tdio was cnst in pris in and tor
tured , but without the desired effect
Enrg"rl , nt length the emperor or
dered an anchor to bo tied around her
neck aud thus weighted thu stint to
bucistint.i the Tiber. P.iilomftia ,
however , ras miricul'inly frnd from
the " .ei ht. mid roan to the nnfac < ) in
tlio viuw of thu cor.cmrsi * winch iinod
tlui haul ; * und which lud utiu ! i ul
the sul''iuir ion. Tno ouiporor then
irdoiod iho taint to l > u ohtit with it
liowor ( it arrnua SIH ) survived the
iiuiuorous wounds and loss of blood
inly to bi again ordered subjected ( o
itiother shower. Thu arrows failed
to obey the intention of the
aroher.1. The emperor thorenpoii
proTiounco'l ' the biint , a inu ichn , and
comniHiidid the dirn to b > undo red
in ; i hea'od furnace , wiih n view to
( ivercuiiip the nugiu , nnd tn b > > ng.ii'i
direc'ud ug > tniKu tltu Phi ! r-
in d u'unt iii tin- direction of the lat
ter , and turning IIHIII | thu archers ,
killed six , ot ilium. Numbers ; of pen-
plo weru converted to Christianity by
thusu miracles ; ai.d thu tyrant , fear-
iiiK sonui moru painful accident , and
other converciotm , hnstenud to term-
innto tin' days of thu oamt by order ,
ing hnr head to bu cut off. It WHS in
this manner her roul took its il ght
to hur hoavonljt Sp mso.
Mvdu from thu wild llowi-ro of th
it is the most fnn'rnnt ot perfumes.
Miinnf.iotured by II. B Slnvnn , San
KrariciHRO , For Hilo in Omaha by W.
J \Vliitehousu and Konnaia Uros. ,
Mlua Mut'gio Williams nad Her
An enjoyable pirty was given by
Mioa Maygio Williams , daughter ol
Mr. L. U. Williams , on Wednesday
evening last , which has been pre
viously referred to.
It wan intended tolmvobeen a lawn
party but owim ; to the ram was giver
in doors and notwithstanding the
change of programmeVJB moru that
a succusiin point of pleasurabluonjoy.
munt. In addition to thu young people
plo present u number of their uldun
wuru also in uttoialatico and runduret
thu ovuning'a attractions moro delight
ful than could have been otherwiai
Among thoto present were :
Emnm tiougland , Linra lloagland
Oracu Withnoil. Anna Millard , Hirdii
Yoat , Mary Ludingion , Salho Lowe
lielKi Uowoy , Kiunio Coburn , Hi ,
Couulnnd , Matin Yieicliur , ilcnni
House , Milliu fi'iuao , Null )
Hums , .lusiti MtOiguu , I'M
Hanibrii-ht , Djlliu Polack , i M. i
uu L'lack. . Klla ArniBtionc
May Wit U , Minniu Chambuis , Nutti
> ) oiiibu ! ! ' , Mioniu Woudman , A ic.
Aiulei'Buu. JiMiniu Wallace , Ma ;
\V , > llice. Aima Rn gor , Hottio Wiltion
Oracu Wbliace , May Nuvrmun , Nailt
Nuwman , I mlc 15..lcli , Pud iialun
Mabol Kk'ccitnbo , Nina Slurp , Urao
I'r.Ut , Faiitiio Pratt , Olio St nlt-y
Mamiii Jojuljn , Jeusiu Smith , Chai
Intta DjfViiB , Flora Siantoro , Eiiun
Dattach ; aiid Mt-ssra Harry Mooree
R ibtiri Luzior , John 1'nncU , Tnonu
iMcCaguu , Arthur Guion , Jltirr
Pountitord , Will Cobnrn , lion D.y
Leonard Strung , Will Hoagland , R'it
< Tt Willis , liilly Marsh , Ham Mrgeatli
Will Swcvzy , Will J'axion , Augat
LItoiler ; , Charley McCunnul , Jon ;
lliichcoui , Henry Rustiu , Rubet
Nicholas , Will Chambers
I Tow oft"U person * have been annoyed b
burrs clinging to their drvts or cluthKi
and how teldoui ha\e thei , when cleaUn
ttiom , given it a thuuuht that liuid c
liK ( > t U the ini ut valuable Mood cleanse
and purifier known , ami is sold by ever ,
drujglat uudrr the iKiiie ol liurdock lllou
liltten. 1'rice , Sl.OO ,
good work the mechanic must hav
good health , If long hour * of con
Jinemunt in close rooms have enfcub
led his hand or dimmed his sight , le
him at once , ' and before some organ !
trouble appears , take plenty of Ho
Uitters , liis system will be rejuven
ated , his nerves strengthenod.hia sigh
become clear , nnd thu wholu conatitu
tion bu built up to a higher workin ;
A SDlondldly Furnished nnd Finely
hqulpped In&tltutlon ,
n's Commercial College , the
boat ( quipped institution of the kind
in every respect ever opened in the
trans-Missouri country , will begin the
fall term to-day September 4th.
Trta presidor.t , Prof. A. L. Wy-
maii , and u full corps of competent
teachers , are on hand and Trill maku
thu management of thu institution
such as it ncvt r baforo has been in
point of scholarly excellence.
The college comprisus the entire
third lloor of Lytlo'a now block , ono
hundred by forty-four feet in size ,
including thu sr.udy , class room ,
prtsKluiitV < fl'ice , and other rooms ,
Tnu fi.Uro tuit'.i lias been refitted and
furiiiuiifd a'iu3 to all'.rd uvory facility
fnr u'.ndents that ran bu found in thu
oldeit tiiiHtcni inatttution of this kii'd.
The i apering doiiu by the well-
known K.osttiM ! ij ; u macvol of beauty
and c k-guiictt ; the carpets , furnished
lij Orchard & Buan , are entirely re < -
thttlie , and iho solid walnut tables and
other furniture with luch the place
is nnpplied , complete it in thu moat
perfect manner. A new ollicu
han been put in the main room ,
und thu whole suit is lighted
uy a , scoru of now und beautiful chan-
drlicra , which will maku the night
work no li'fa iiurcnable than the day's
duties. Prof. Wyman nas spared no
or cxpciiDc in fitting up the col-
and already the number of ap-
plica'ions ' indicate a large attendance.
It IB a great step forward for Omaha ,
uud deaorvca the p'ktronago ' of all who
want a thorough business education ,
The Hanlons nnd Tholr Company
Among the Glaciers.
The long expected appearance of
thu Uanlon Brotntrs waa inudu at the
O ; > era hounu Saturday before a full
huueu. Their piuco , 'Lo Voyngo en
Usb , " is a revelation in ingunuity
nnd construction. Thu plot , such ua
it is , is ua eaaily followed as a julep i
swallowed , nud thu follower ex
periences about the sumo exhilara
tion ua ! > G dot'H wh"u ho diiipoacs of
thu latter. It is n mulodrama , comedy ,
faicoburlcfquo pantomimeuud everything -
thing cUe in thu line of stage matter
except trugidy. The uoling is excel
lent in tn'ury feature of thu perform-
mice. This is particular'- ' C-JBU
With the woik of Mr , R. M Carroll ,
Mr , E. V. SmcUir , Mr. Wyatt und
all thu liaulona , of whom chero are
four. In thu first uct , Mesars.
William and Frederick Ilanlon
jontly aiu1 severally treat the
u'ldimico ' to u Bpocimen of pantomime
work , not a wint les-i inferior than
ihu best thu writer haa ever observed
done by G. L , Fox. It in true , a great
many of thu latiur'a mannorianu weru
noticeable in thu work. But it does
not ( .ot , in any sunue , detract from
the splendid nature ol tha utl'ort. It
is not now in our miud who it was of
ot the brothers Frederick or William ,
thut carried < If the honors ; curtain it
iii , thu IMU.IO was convulsed , and such
u waa during the greutcr part
of the t\eniti | . ' , It waa ono of thu
fuw cnterUinmentb against which thu
o'tly objection to bo made is that it
was funny.
Dnu't bo Alnrmed '
at H right's Uisea&u , Diabetes , or any
diseusuofthokidiiuslivcroruny of the
urinary brguns , at Hop liiitors will
certainly and lastingly curu you , and
it is the only thing that vill.
ou'uu Uoryillo , the Florist.
M'r. John M ervilloJft tlorist recent
ly arrived in this city , diud at his
residence on Cuining street , west of
the military bridge , Friday at 0
o'clock. Tiio deceased had boon un
well but fnr a week past , caused first
by malaria , and following up with in
termittent fever , and finally conges ,
tion of the lut'ga.
Mr. Morville had done a great deJ
towards establishing himself favorably
in Omaha nnd supplementing the re
sources of our older florists by a stock
which would render the supply of
floral work at all times equal to the
demand ? . Bia now hot house wai
well under way , but it will now forever
over remain > u.finished. Mr. Mervilh
was forty years of ngu , nnd leaves c
wife and three children. For manj
jears lie hid boon established among
the leading ibrista of Albany , N. Y. ,
and in charge of the conservator }
and grounas of the convent of tht
Sacred Ileart at that place. IIo had
come hero to rxurciao charge
of the conservatory and grounda ol
the now Convent ot th Sacred Heart ,
now approaching ; completion , west ol
his late ronidence. Ilia demuu will
iuavo a void not eiwily to ba filled , at
least to the satisfaction of thu ladiua
of that order to whom profesaionailj
ho had been endu.utd.
The funeral took place ypetor
day afternoon from his late residence
nt 2 o'clock , to the church of the Hoh
* o
bt. Joseph und Return.
From September 4h to Sepfccinbtjr
9th I ill Bull ttckotu to St. Joseph nt
St.05 the rout.d tiip , including udmiu-
siou to the exposition crounds.
Agt. K. C. , S' . .1. & 0 B. ,
28m&e-tf No. 1020 Farnam St.
Comity Commluiioncrii.
SAIUUDAY , September 2 , 1882.
The board met pursuant to adjourn
Present , Commissioners Drexel and
The following was adopted :
Resolved , Thut the county treasurer
bo and is hereby directed to draw
from the general fund $1115 , and ap
ply thu B > uif to the payment of the
duiinqiiont personal tax of J. W. for thu year 1881 , for services
as witnoM at October cerm , 1881.
Thu following nojounts were allowed
from the guiu-rul fund :
J. A. W.dnfied ! , lumber $ 21 81
A. I > . Stianc , hu u f ir county 27 ( iO
K W. Corli , c i-h ex ended . . . 'il 2J
.1 , ,1. 1'jinti , enl.a-y us nup-iinten-
dent. ICO 00
( j. K Cioodin'ii , ediciiie for poor. 21 ! K )
n. S Street , c il lor poor 2100
K. K. M.mrf , ticket for poor 11 !
I f. Hwral , ( jrudius 70)00
S lloliluini. , qrading SO ) 10
1) ) , N. Ali.ler , hoaruing pruonirs. . Q'Jl HO
I ) N Miller , jailor tn I guard 9300
it O Hartley , witness fn- ! ) 10
V , Dreml , cunli ex ended C 45
J' . Oassidy , woikour ad 21 00
Carrie Wuhlen erj , w irk on pour
farm 17 0(1 (
S. 1'etersen , work at poor farm. . . . 20 00
Mr * . J , N , 1'i rce , matron at poor
farm 20 CO
J. N Pierce , HiiperinteujY'iit at pour
farm 03 33
G. A. lloaglutid , lumber 20" ) 00
J. A. WpLetield , luuner 1 H fiH
N. .1 So'ouKin , Kooila for county. . . 4 10
J. H U-iriUliiig , county p : jMiciau. . G < CO
K 1' , Ku Kht , county commissioner 75 00
J. ,1 , I\elii'h , witness fte 15 0
( Jen , A Wilcox , witi.ens lee 1 0(1
Jnhn G. Jacuiw , corouoi'o fee 21 U5
" " ' ,
; nd
cdllins it 00
Six utrsoiu , " jurnr'd fee . fi OC
Three " " wltiio es. . . II 0.
Mary S nith , work at P. K 15 CC
Jennie Staloy , " " " . . . . C OC
A. .lohnsun , " " " . . . . 2 5' '
I K1nnn , damages for 11 of w y 121 ! CC
V. II Thorn t > , " " . . Oi Ot
T. W. Oorliw , CO t
' . F. 0 ruHiter , " 40 0 (
W. K. Laluf , " fi o (
/as. t uuety , . 100 01
T. C. 1'eaney , " " ' " . 03 01
I'etcr Mangold , appraiser roa i No ,
W3 3C (
IVrry Mills , iippraUor nmd No. 103 3 t (
Peler Dlednichsen , appraiser
No. 101 3C <
OIKS. A. Moore , work on road. . . . 13 f > <
It. Taylor , gruii't jurors ires 3 " (
J. Uuumer , cadi upended , . 17 7' '
Neb. ( Jai Light Co. , aa tor county 31 Of
1) , Vitzpat'lck , work Mt j 11 40 li
Iteweyd'nu ' , chuir for o. . unty. . 'J 2
Bchr ter& Rt-cht , medicine tor poor 1 M
J. A. Wakeliulrl , lumber for cou..ty 7 4
From the brldgn funds ,
W. Vunl.iobrati , balnee on bridges 184 tl
Adjourned to the titli in t.
County Clerk.
11A , NEB.
Tables supplied with the boat thi
market alturda , Thu traveltub' publii
claim they got hotter accommodation !
and moro general satisfaction lion
than at any otht'r house tn Omaha. .
Rate , f 2 per day. aug21tfmo
The "Hawthorn Centennial Ex
ccleior Roof Paint , " was patented Ma ]
24th , 1881 , and otters patent num
her 241 , 803. Any person found 01
known to tamper with the manu
facture of said paint will bo punish
ed to the full extent of law. No per
son haa any authority whatever to sol
receipts , HAWTHORN & Buo. ,
Lancaster , Pa.
Assignment of Touchers for the Wln-
tor'u Work.
The fall term of the public schools
of Omaha begins this morning , and
the committee on teachers Saturday
have made the following assignment :
High school Charles D. Bines ,
principal ; Lena L. Hill , arnietunt ;
Nohon Learned , aesiBtaut ,
Central chool Charles D. Ilino ,
principal ; Nelson Learned , HBMstnut
principal ; S. D. Bjals , M. E Quick-
i-nbuuh , Lizzio McOaslin , Ellen M.
White , Lizzio M. Elcork , H Eva
Lowu , M u io McCarthy , Elizibeth J.
Shirley , 11. Adulia Andrews , Minnie
R. Wilson , Liiira W. Morsu , Villa A.
Cushman , Annie E. ' 'c'.henno , Dicio
A. Johnetnn , Jminio Stuli , Fannie B.
Ilurlbut , Clara Schlesinger.
Njrth School James 1 > . Bruner ,
principal ; E itina Whitmoro , Mary O.
Van 'Kuran ' , Ada Turner , M. Agnea
B r.i'i , Boll Sohallur , Miniuu J.
Wood , Iiiglurta F. Ware , Camilla
PJDiott , Mury E Day.
Casa S-ruut School Alice M. Wil
liams , principal ; DOM P. Clay , Oasaie
Schiller , Sarah M. McCheano , R At.
Mclntyw , Martha Parratt , Ada E.
Schoouuukcr , Fannie Ward.
E IB t School Ann Ftios , principal ;
Fanniu Butferliold , Annie F. Wi son ,
Kato II , FOOD , Addiu Ghuistonu , Ltb-
bio D. Wood , Mary B. Nuwton ,
Clara J. Wade , Fannie Wilson , sub
Sourh School Hattie L. Stanard ,
principal ] M. R. Uurria , Mary E.
Thompson , Anna P Truland , Frank
M. Brigga , Anna M. Hanloy , Mary B.
Hartman School T. Marcellua
Marshal , prinnipal pro tein. ; Either
Jacnba , Roau G E Idy , Sadiu Bunker.
West School .jennio McKoon ,
principal protein ; Dor * Harney , sub
Jackson Street School Grace II.
Wilbur , principal pro torn ; Stacia
Hawaii School Junnio L Redfiold.
Ltko Addition School Stella M.
Champlin , Mansio M. Aylcsworth ,
The Moat Popular Hotel In aouth
The popular Slaven House , on
Tenth street , next door north 6f
Paxton & Gallagher's , is ntilla leading
hostelry and has a heavy patronage
which attests its popularity.
The goiial landlord , Mr. Felix
Slaven , tupoiintenda ihu wliolo busi
ness himself and has at all times a
houco full of people. Ho haa put
everything in good shape for state
fair week iuul will niako it
pleasant for all who stop with him.
His hotiau is kept neat and clean and
tl.ero is no landlord in thia city vho
known butter how to treat hia gueuta
than Mr. Slaven.
Visitors to the fair will find him
ulwuyd obliging and ready to uccom-
inoUato them in royal stylo. No word
u over heard in complaint of the hos
pitality of thu Slavon house.
Worrylntf Rich.
You need not bo poor nnd depend
ent on your wedding dny , for every
purHon nialo or female-can get a
good round Bum of moiioy at ruisriago
if tlioy hold n curtiflcatt ) of inoinbei-
of Cedar Rapids , lowu. 510,000 baa
already been paid in boiuiits to its
mumbora , in the niiio raontha of the
UBBociationa' organiaitionund there is
a golden opportunity for thousands
more to roip oven larger benefits.
Nothing like it waa over known.
Do not postpone bonding in your
request for circulars giving full and
complete information regatding the
plans and opperationa of the associa
tion. Agenta can make bigger money
than in any other business. It is
strictly honorable , pleasant and pro
fitable. The Auditor of State holds
a deposit from the association as pre
scribed by law , for the protection of
their members. The only association
of the kind in existence organized ac
cording to law. Write at once for
circulars. Say where you saw thU
notice. augSl-lm
WANTED. A good second-hand
bicycle. Addrou box X , Central
City , Neb. 16-31