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The Daily Bee ,
Monday Morning , Sept. 4.
D Omtrlfr , . . . . - TO cent" | wr wk ,
B , Hall . . . . . . 110 00 r r V r
Onico. No. 7 Pearl Street , Near
H. W. TJ bTON , City Editor.
SeHtnan cells slate sponge * .
J. MutllerV l' lare Music Hall.
BherriKlf u n nler photcgraphh.
The city fathers Rather to-night.
] ! ier < Ii > e books at Seaman' * .
The county HUperrUori meet to-day.
< ct jour ninths at Seaman's.
Co to CiockweU'a for idiool luncli
Call on Seaman for school booVi ,
School dookft of all description * nt
lltinhncll Iliackett's.
Oy to Crockwell'a for rcho I books ,
Oo to SrimMiV for lead nnd slnUs pen
din , pone , priihulilers nnd ernnois.
Krnnk Hums , nrrcftod for disturbing
the peace , was itirclmrged Saturday after.
.Tames Crowley and John Cody nre
amonir the iltntiks reglnUred nt the city
Vfalt Sonr"iii' new ctore , wh'ro you
will lui'i all kinds of tchoul K > iipllin [ at
rtM.matjlo prices.
At St. 1'aat'n Kpl cop l church the
rector , Hev , Mr , Webb , having' returned ,
oflicifttcd , MI u ual.
Hev. l r , llli. ! < n , of Illinoic , prcnchod
at Drnndway Methodmt church Yesterday
morning , on "Growth In ( Jrace. "
At Shull's hutchir nhop , south Main
troet , you can nlwityn vet the bent meats
nt roM'innble ' prlcen.
In tlio circuit court Snlurd&y the CAM )
of Iludnon VH. Tutro WAN on trial ami wns
not concluded. Adjournment WB taken
until TtiCHilny inurnlii ) , ' .
Kx-Gnvrrniir I'ennlnxtoi ) , of Yanktnn ,
h oiH'tird coniinimlcatloiis with the city
Wfttof workn folk * fieri' , to hcu what cull bo
done about mippiymv Vunktun.
Munor & Groin nro now rte
to rccx'lvu their Inrgo htjck of fall uoodi > .
This in n HJII ) | firm , cnmpored of xctho
yowiK men. They dcturvo their
Tlio Intcxt repurtn of < II hixpuctcil
nhowr : J. Apple , ono pitckiit)1 , 1"i'i ' dv-
ITCCCVm. ; . Ainitt fi S n , one ,
grcrc ; OiiunniiiHlo < T.iylor , om % 15(1 (
degrcex , itnd lltnry Teller , one , 1U dc
Therej-ottof Clerk Hovanrout , nt thn
Hupcrior court , for An iut , Khown the totnl
fincH and coit paid In erlmlnnl entet during ;
tliut month Inne \ \ hcun ' -.Ol'.O.U'O , unit
the amount of Mcennoi uollecud $ . "i5i. :
What la In n name ? The telrgrnphic
roiwrtf , IIH printed In of thu Imvn
] m | ere , nunonnco "W. 1' . M. llui-cy" n
the ( I mocrntlu nomiueo for conyro.n In
thin dlntrict.
All inoiiiberH of St. Allwn'n Lodjp ( , 1C.
of I * , nro rrrnirHted to meet nt their uaxtle
h U Tuondity evening , ut 7 o'clo.-k , on
uunlncNH of vititl importance to u very mem
ber. By order ot the C. C.
It in wliiapcroil thnt two confidence.
.j-aincH lievc lattly hnon turned heront the
clepotH , the amount lost beiiu ; In the htm
dredu. Thu police nro quiet reticent
about it.
The death of Mn , Hiclnrd Sonnett , n
well known runldont of Roclcforil , occurred
Saturday inornlin ; , and the funcnil wn
held yehterdny nfternoon , thu remains ho
inn Intorreil In Honey Creek ,
A pilvata letter received from Alon/.n
"VaiiKlinn , of Alulmin , Hays that thu corn
and out * I hero look well , nnd thu cotton
crop promUoJ uell until nbout. ult
nK < > when It commenced ruining , und IIUH
kept It up H Btcikdlly that Cotton In inucl
A boy hinurrotv | ( oHcnpo from serl'
OUH Injury on 1'lrnt nvenuo iSnturdny , A
punning IniKny otiuck htm nnd knoclioil
him down , but fortmmtuly not running
over htm. Tlio driver , either thnmnh fear
or hearllcHiineiiH , did not ntnp to sea
whether ha hail hurt the bey or nut ,
The Fourth ward polling places li
generally pretty well crowded on election
< l yu , and cnmpliilnt him Loon mntlo it
times past Unit nil could not bo nccomo
ilatoil. An elf irt i * now to bo made t ) ; vl
thu Biii > urvU"ru to nrrannu for two
placei in that wurd. Thin move will meet
many nuuj.ortcrt ) .
In connuctlon with the new
dertaklnp ; oiUblUhment , now l
here , our t < iiterprllui ; Ml iw. citizen , Duck
l' tton , has juit roceivwl hln
now hear . It U made the newmt
ityle , and ft In an elegant plucu of work
inanxhlp , It ( loen oiuillt to ila bulldern ,
the Hock FalU Manufacturing company
ot HteillnuH , Ilk
A. resident of Hazel Dell , nnmei"
AVIIIUmii hud A luiiai ) xtolen Friday nlnlit
A youii ) ; man named 11111 Khlpton , who
went from lure into that tmvimhlp In tin
ono charged with running the i ed elf , UIK
on fiaturduy nlglic tlio vigilance commlttru
/or that town were oil the ( hot ohano after
Oaptuln Wllllamii , the city
ter , nay that he doe * not propose U > r-blg
hi * olliiethiijti ( It in ( iractlcally made v.t
, na neither ho nor tlio city hare uny
to u < j. He purpoHfH to deputUo
ome one who bun HO rex , If the council
doei not take nnmo action by which the
office can t' ' nuulo of practical me and
The Council IllniU nine on Hutuul.iy
afternoon | laye'l a picked nine including
many of thoold playrra of the club nnd de
feated them 10 to 10. The ( Jcuucil llluir-
oru to Ka to Dutilap to play the buys then )
to-uiorruw , nnd will then take in the state
fair ami will probably play one or moro
xhlbiilon ttaiiim there.
Muny hiv-t wnudered what thote
pyrusjillciil , culiin-Ilko looking IMJXCU are
which ere belut ; located here ami there
throughout thu city , Thfto womlerem
need notay awake any longer night *
guetklng , 7iu3y ure Intended to be tunic
iu the vtreeU where the water plpe < arr
JJ | , irlth su Iron lid uo top , 10 that whe
lit Is n cess ry to ent off the water from
any one fection of the city it can enily he
done. Such n feature ol the sjftTn Is
fpilt * necr nry , M there will be occasions
for putting In pipes to t evidences and for
repulrs. At such limes only the * ! parts
ol UIB pipes that are ifTcctcd nted be
cut i If.
There ti cfinntunt Improvprnent in the
method' ! nntl machinery being tifed at the
Coum 11 Hhiffihot factory In the manu
facture of Iron shot. A tamplft of the
InteU lot is on exhlhitlnn at Tun HK >
officp , and shows that an encouraging ad
vance toward perfection Is Iwliig made
The fhot la t male compared favorably
with lead ( hot In uniformity and finlih
and there ia now every reason to hellers
that the enterprlno will prove all that Its
projectors hope for. It bclnx the only
Iron shot factory In the country , the en
terprise Is being watched by the public
with much intrcfit.
-Old Hilly Plorson , of Tierce street
fame , w s In hard luck on Saturday. Kor
Homo time prut he has been charging ft
neltthlior with stealing. Said neighbor
wai a hunky colored damn , lUchel
son , who stood the accunatlon ni long a
he could and then pincecdiil to thump
liieolJman. After this sktmi ! h of the
r.icethe old man fnund himself in a do
plornhle condition , his face bleeillng f om
sundry scratches , and hl stocking l
chomil Into shroln , where a dog net nn by
Hachc ) , ha'l been gnswlng away at the o.d .
man'x leg , vainly trying to find meat on
the bone. Hnchol was nrre-ted a d the
cato continue 1 by , lu tlco Abbott , until
thin morning wtien it will bo given an
airing ,
-Yesterday there went out o\tr the
Chlrngn , Mllwntikeo & St. Paul nllway
the Inrgext uhlpinonl of stock which ever
rolled forth from thl * city In one day over
ono road. It is evident that that road tins
H ttock bunlnci > s , denpito the protests o
the pool lines Nine out every ton < -argo
ever that road. On every side nre hi-ard
expressions of thodexiro that thu iMIlw
kce il St. 1'nul will kcei out of the pool ,
but ntlll tlicro U n feeling of JUtrunt. The
rampauy hni probably made no overtures
to the pool for ndmlulon , but still that
proven nothing. It may bo u part of it
policy ii'it to fcorn nnxious to join the
pom , In order thu moro canily to Ret the
pool to nirer them ndinl ilon on mors
Hlicral terniH t nu would he conced <
were ICM Imlupendoii'o rhiiwti. Human
nature ! H nbout the name thn world over ,
and railway cum ] nnlch ditto. Thin com
pany bus n grand chance , however , to
nhow itself truly Independent , nnd to earn
by f.iil ( Ic-nllng the bun Table tltln of "Tho
1'eoplo'rf lliilway. " Will It Improve the
choiicr , or will It merely UKO tlio prcsoiit
contidcnco of thu people an n lexer to move
the pool Into making room , and then g <
over with the other * ?
Artistic Pottery.
Mr. Mauror , of Miiurcr & Craig'
hw : returned from New Yorlc , when
ho puichased a largo stuck for the ful
trade of artistic pottery , rich cul
8 , fine china , nilverwure , etc.
My residence , No. 715 Fourth at root
n.incroft'j L V. Muur Y.
Honoring 1111 lown
John Van A'alkenbur , thu promi
nent attorney nt Fort Madison , whom
numa was 1 itely favorably spoken i
in Tun HKI : as ono of the most worthy
-o be KIVOII a title by the auprenn
edge of thu Knights of Pythias , has
)00n duly elected to the oflice of mi
promo vice chancellor of that order ,
it being the first chair in the supreme
Iodide given to Town. In a personal
letter to W. It. Vanglmn , he sends
knightly ureelin s to his friends in
Council lilufls , mid oxpresat.s his in
tention of leing here at thu grand
r.illy of the knights next month. The
next session of thn supreme lodge i
to be held in New Orloatm in April.
_ _
In addition to our ice crinm and
oysters purloin , wo will open a first-
clatm roaUurant , Sept , l t , when wt
will be able Io ejter to tlio wants of
the most faatidinu.i.
SMITH & McCup.N ,
_ No. j0i Itroudwuy.
The Kuropciin restaurant opens
Friday , Stpt. 1st. Meals served up
in first clues style and at reasonable
SMITH fc McOup.N , Proprietors ,
No.101 liroadwuy.
Account of Stoclc ,
Saturday the receipts ut the Union
etock yards hero were :
Pratt & Co. , 20 cars ; J. S. Coad ,
18 car ; .1. 0. Monui , i ! ous ; D. E.
Brmvn , 12 cars ; 11. M. Randall , 1
our ; Wm. Gedilerman , ( ! cars ; Win.
Cifdilernian , lit euro ; Snider Ilron , ,
L'O care ; Si urges v ; Line Hi care ; J
S Coad , L'O oirnj A. M , .luckaon , 21
o r < ; total , KH ! cars.
The ahipmunts on Saturday were as
.1 S Coad to Wood A Co. , 18 ears ;
.1. S , Cuad to Wood liros , , H curs.
Tln > .iu were shipped by thu Chicit-
yi > . Milwaukee it St. Paul ,
lioslnr Itros. to fieorgu Adams A
Kurke , It ) cars ; liosler Bros , to J. 11.
Wood A : Co , , (1 ( cars ; by way of the
Hock Inland ,
Thu I'M oars received Saturday
wore yesterday shipped east by the
C. , M it St. P. , and 22 other cars
wont by the 0. , H. it Q ,
Oorullno ,
Ilarkness , Orotitt it Co , havn n full
line of Warner'a Cornltnu Corsets.
Thuao are the corset * in which the
bones ciiinot bo broken. Call and
sue them.
Now Oiirpota.
Choice and handnomo curpots , in
every untilo , from cheap Inyrain to
the beat Moqiuittea , are being opened
daily nt
Ouuurr it G'o'.s.
1'atr Dnya.
The following nro the d.itoa of the
various fairs to bu held in this vicin
ity :
Snplunber 5-7 CJIeuwood.
September 5 -Clarnda. l ! .
Bept mber 1115SheniMuloah. .
S'-p em'ier 18 I'J-Oouncil Ulufft.
September 111 'Jl Malvern ,
September PJ 23 lied Oak.
Kept em torSO Hamburg ,
September Si7 itl-.Dunlap.
October 47 lllanchaid
October -HUiourl ValUy ,
They Visit Several Houaos in
Hearch of Solid Silwr-
Some Plandor Soonred anil BnoccM-
fuily Run Off by the Xhlovei
There were a number of roaidencea
in the city visited Friday nisht or
osrly Saturday morning by apparently
full ( lodged burglars. Most of the
visitations of this kjnd lattly have
been by snoak-thievos , but in these
cases the plunderers seem to have
been veterans.
The elegant r.nd spaciui homo of
W. W. Wallace was among the places
thus visited. Whether the entrance
was gained by the use of nippers or
by getting into the cellar is not fully
determined , but Rot in they did
They made for ho silver s'raiuhlway ,
and evidently wanted only solid ware ,
as they broke a number of piects in
order to satisfy themselves whether
they were plated or solid. Mr. Wal
lace's son , who arose to got a drink of
tpr , frightened them away just M
they wore picking up the plunder.
They took with them , however , in
( heir hurried ( light , a silver teapot ,
the lid to the silver sugar howl , thu
silver butter dish , and aoinu other like
articles of value. From varioui indi
cations , it appears thai the burglars
were barefooted , thnt they used can
dles , and that a waton ; or 8 mo other
wheeled conveyance wa * used to cart
themaolvee and their plunder away.
Another place visited was Marshal
Turloy's residence. There they suc
ceeded , also , in tinding some silver
ware , which they appropriated ,
Jerry Folsome'e house was also ran
sacked , but the thmves wcro inter
rupted in their work by the return of
thu hired man , who had boon down
town during the evening ,
The thiovca got still bolder , nnd got
into Policcintn Morse's own hou o , but
a faithful canine hurried thcmoli'with
out , any plunder.
J. W. Kodoler's house is reported
also among those which were visited ,
but in vain.
Michael Nolan's saloon was called
upon and contributed n coat and vest ,
Chiinuo offimo.
The 0. B , t Q. U. U have made a
very important change in their after
noon leaving time from Council lilnlla.
Number MX ia changed from 0:20 : to
! ) ; 5 ( ) p. in. , going east , thus enabling
puBBuiigum o imiko close coniKctiotiH
with branch lines.
WtmtTuoy Hnvo Boon Doing During
lUu Puut Month.
The report of Chief of Police Fiuld
for An/'ust / shows the following mini
btr of nrroatn during that month , and
thn uhnrgt'B profurrod :
Druiikx ) ' . :
Ditturiii gthe peace If ;
l > L'fniii < lii > n Imtols 'i
liiirrcny 1
Selling intoiii'iilin' ) ; ll'iuora ' 1
A naull anil Imttery. 0
riurry ins cnn ealed wt npimi
i iiilifzzlnincnt 1
( ! iui > llln ) (
Uhilriictiii ) ; the ntreet 1
Total 110
The number ot arreals during th
pri'cuding niiinth , iluly. umountut
to 8- .
Tlio Now Qovornment Building to bo
Pmutid on thu Corner of Sixth
and llroadwny.
It appears now that the new govern
ment , building is to bu located on thu
BouthwvAt corner of Uroudway nni )
Sixth street. At least so says the tel
egr.un from WaHhington , the rocom
mendiition of thu commission beinj.
approved by Secretary Folgor , thu
price to bu $15,000. Thu does not
create any particular surprise , nor
does it arouse any special enthusiasm.
It has its intonated advocates , und its
interested opponents , but aside from
these the citizens nt large do not find
anything to gut very excited about
There is a general leeling that it is
only another of the colonel's chmne ,
and that it was virtually located where
he desired , through ihu it tluence of
Congressman Hepburn , who practical
ly guided the iilhir. There are many
who have no particular interest in thu
location of thu ouildlng , who do ex
press themselves as beautifully sick of
having any further allowing of "boas"
rule , nnd that there should be more
than one man to have a say in matters
of public interest. There will hesitate
before they vote again for n
continuance of thn ring. There
is Homo talk among otheia
of making protest against
the location of thu building ut thu
point named Thuv cheer thuinnolvea
by thu thought of Kaunas City , which
changed six times before getting H
permanent location , anil they are posi
tive they can secure a change ulsu.
If they stick to the resolutions they
now express , there may be some live
ly times before thu corner stone of the
now structure is laid. Thn question
of where thu building is to bo located
is not , however , of such importance
as some aoi'iii to think. Thu moat
that the public want iu a good build ,
ing erected nt once , and conveniently
located , and unless Uiere is some out-
rni > coua ling work , which can bo
shown up by n wrangling delay , the
public will wait with impatience for
thu Ihml finish.
H. H. Martin , of lloaton , U in the city.
Charles lieuo U u good base ball player.
W. II , Porter , of Le Man , WM registered
at the Ogden yesterday ,
ir. and Mrs. A , 1) . Walker have returned -
turned from their Denver trip ,
V. J , McCull , agent of the Ensign
Jomotly company , In at the Pacific house.
Win. Pattenton , of Central City , Neb. ,
TM nuioiiK the ar/ival at the Pacific home
Mterdny ,
F. Fold * and T. Ltwrenct , of Scbuyler ,
Neb. , were ID the city yesterday , gue t o
the Ogden.
Hyron W. Orr , airent for-tho Kay Tern
pltton troupe , wai In the city Saturday en
route for Tnpekn ,
Thomai Caldwcll , n prominent stock
dealer and fainter of llarlan , wan In tlie
city Saturday.
Mlm Ue ! e Arnold , daughter of J. 1. ' .
Arnold , of Avoca , li in the city viiitlng
J. U. TIptonV family.
Ml Adit O. Evan * and Mitt Anna
Wri | < ht , t o Micce ful teachers In the
public pchooli nt Avoca , pent Saturday
in the city ,
Judge Loofhourow pnt yeeterday nt
bin home In Atlautic , and In to return thfa
after/ioon , no MI to attend to court duties
to-morrow a * u iu1 ,
MNn Julia Dohany leaves thli morning
for Unrenport , Iowa , where rho com
mence * a courre of ftudy at the linmacu-
Ute Conception njademy.
( ! eo. II. T/.ichuck , the efficient nnd gen
tlemanly ( Link-keeper of Tlic HIK I'uh-
itiK company , On.aha , was In the
lilt I ! 1 ; e trnUy limiting hi * ster , MM.
3ol. Holfmeyer. Call strain.
0. A. 1'oiter , the New Yurie hutton
tourlit , was In the city yesttrdny looltln *
alter Till PikK imn , who on his lant trip
udtertired lit it in the handfomcut man ou
wheel * . He waa hot about It , for uut only
did the Hrooklyn t | > er , where he hiu
Ived loryearr , p etc It up ami glxo it to
t > .e hoi > , but every limit ulnce then comes
uden with letters from fair one * who want
.o net his photograph. Fortunately for
Tim UIE man , he tuccetdtd in dodging
Foster this time.
The Little Depots Should bo
by n. Large
Union One.
ThoRallranys Scorn More Inclined
to Fool for 1 heir Own Bcnoflt
Than fur the Pnblia Con-
The at rangers visiting Council BluQs
and tliu thousands who pass through
the city d.iily without stopping , Rot a
very poor idea of the place from the
that impression tnadu or the scanty
gluiipeu u'uined on the arrival of the
train. The local dupota , as they are
called ore aiiaerablu little buildings
and entirely unworthy of a city of 20 ,
000 inhabitants , and thu great railway
center of this pirt of the west. They
are located too , where there ate no
pleuajnt surroundings. The firat ini
preobion made ia that this must bo u
country vill.igo , nnd if one patsce on
hia journey without stopping to ece
the city this impression gooa with
him , and is gtvun to others by word
of mouth. If one stops and ocn the
aiz-i nnd thrift of the place , still it
tukia much to overcome thu unfortu
iiatii first impression.
If one gum thu/iigh to the transfer
then he looks around in vain tor the
city , a * there is little thcrti to indicate
what Council B I nil's really IF , and the
imprehsion is ulmust us unfortunate
though the depot looks somewhat more
business like tbun thu local ones.
But usido from this there is the
matter of convenience. The locu
dupots ure scattered in different ptrta
of the p.irts of the city , making it be
wildering and annoying for traimiouta
as well us rcBidcntu.
What is greatly needed ia a largo ,
handsome union depot , conveniently
located. The rnilwuya seem to have
no trouble in pooling when it appi-ura
wholly for their interests. Why can
not they mil prise the public by pool
ing once fur the convenience and in
terests of thu public ? This plan has
been suugeated and talked over some
in times pant. It ought to be revived
and kept tnlked over until the desired
end is accomplished It ia under
stood that BOIUU of the roads favor a
union dupot nearer the heart of the
cify , but others object. The Mil
waukee & St Puul company favored
stun u plan , but as they are the lust
to come to the city tiny do not deem
it best to urge it and work for it ,
especially in view of their present
peculiar relations to the pool Hue ? .
They have therefore begun the erec
tion of a depot for themselves , which
will prove another obstacle to the
building of t union depot.
The Chicago , Burlinuton & Qnincy
company have purchased hind recent
ly near their present property , and it
i * understood that they will soon put
up u brick depot f ftiir proportions
It this plan is started on , another anil
greater obstacle will be in the way eli
union depot. If anything ia to bo
done toward securing such a union
depot HS .ho city merits , conveniently
located , action must b ttikuu qnuitly ,
for the time for securing it will bo f i
into the future.
Are never imitated or counterfeited.
Thin i especially true of a family
medicine , and it is positive proof that
the remedy imitatol ia of the highott
value. As noon as it Imd been tested
and proved by the whole world that
Hop Hitters VTIIH the purest , beat nnd
most valuable family medicine on
earth , many imitations sprung up and
brgan to the notices in which
the prt'83 and people of thu country
had ( xprt-saort thu merits of 11. it. ,
and in every way trying to induce suf
fering invalids io use their vtuU * in
stead , expecting to niako money on
the credit and good name of II. li.
Many others started nostrums put up
in similar style to II. B , with vnii-
ously dovjsed names in whiah the
word "JIop"or "Hops" were used in
a way to inducu people to believe they
wore thu sumo na Hop Hitters. All
such pretended remedies or cures , no
matter what their style or name is ,
ami especially those with the , word
" " " " in their in
"Hop" or "Hops" name or
any way connected with them or their
name , are imitations or counterfeits.
liowaru of them. Touch none of
: hem. Use nothing but genuine Hop
[ titters , with a bunch or cluster of
; reen llow | ou the wliito label. Trust
milling elso. Drugaista and dealers
are warned against dealing ID imita-
iom or counterfeits.
The Fire Lade Called Out Twice
For Nothing but ODCO
for Something.
The Tllnfl'j C tj' Running Curt i
Finally Rodnoed to Allies.
Saturday night was rather an event
ful for thu Gro lada. In the evening
an alarm was sounded and the depart' '
ment turned out promptly. After.hunt
ing about a while itirus found that the
cause of the alarm was some burning
straw m the rear of Mnuror it Craig's
crockery house on Broadway. Sonu
one had felt in duty bound to net fire
to this straw , and some ono else had
jot frightened at the stnoko.
Not long after quiet Imd been re-
storiHl another alarm was sounded ,
.his time from box 6 , corner of First
street and Bloomer. Again the do-
mrtmcnt turned out , but no tire could
30 found. Investigation showed that
seine ono had maliciously turned in
the alarm , and in doing HO had broken
.ho box , or at least some of its work-
ng parto. These boitn are supposed
.o be kept locked , but the locks non-
on the doora are BO cheap and
Riinplo that almost any little ke >
will open them. Box 5 WAB also found
open. It was suggested by some that
, ho alarm was probably sent in by
lomo of the gang rf burglars who nro
levering about the city , and who
lotod to have a bettor chiuico to work
} y getting people to leave their houses
, o run to a firo.
Later in * , ho night , however , a real
Dlazo did occur. It proved to bu the
old wooden building on Glen avenue ,
just south of thu city building and
jngino house. The building was owned
; > y Mrs. Plainer , nnd was used by the
ire lads as a stable and for thu atorxgH
of the Bluff City's running cart. The
lorso which was in thu stable either
jot looeo or was cut looap by whoever
fired the building , for it wts appa
rently fired. The building itself was
burned to the ground , together with
Lho other contoatp , including the hose
cart and three hundnd feet of tourna
ment hono. The cart was insured for
The Bound Unloosed.
Chns. Thompson , Franklin utrpet , liuf.
falo , eayr : "I have ruifrrcd fur long
timu with constipation , : md t led almont
every ) iurgtttivo odver-ised , bu' o ly re-
pultinc in temporary relief , ami nfter 'con-
ttip.tlon still more nfjurnvutMl. ' I wus
ted ! bout your Sl' lil.DSHOU > UM ! tried
It I on now Ray I mn cured , un"1 though
Komo months have ela | ned , till r miiu : no.
I KliaJI , hem ever , itKv.iyB k. op Miino nn
h < nd in caw of old coiupl mt letuming. "
cer. ) e , tiial hott F.H lllo.
special advertlscnicntd , sue
Lost , Found , To Loan , For Sale , To Rent ,
WantH , Hoarding , etc. , will be Inserted In th'.t
column t the low rate of TEN CRNT.l PEh
LINK ( or the Ont lnsortlon and FIVE CENT ;
PKR LINK ( or each lubsequcnt Insertion
Leava wlv crtlaemeiits at out office , No. 7
I'cnrl Mtrpft. near Hrcailuav.
' ED A ( ew incroilay libanlr . 1'tlili
WAN' - - . Ka emu derate. MlC.M. E
I'A'-S 'MS , 'JOG Uancrofittrcat.
; or two plouant rooms locate not n <
ONI hqiures from the poito lcc , dea r d b , n
huxhaiid and wlo. Addrtna IKi ollico , Cuuuc
Everybody In Council ItlnBr. I.
to take Tim U K , 2fa centa per wtck , do
llvorod by carriers Olllce , No 7 1'tarl
ne r UroMnay.
XrAJ rKl ) To buy 100 tons broom coin
YY For particulars address Council liludi-
Proora Factory , f'nunrll ninfl ) , toia (1fiM.3iir (
For Sale find Rent
IjHICK 200,010 lirlck urnuloljy
F'OK SAI-K A cilo urarlt nvw nml Ic' I ; ,
K.CIX ) i < oun h .Must b > Mild In - xr lui
dijs.Ipl'ly ( o Clll' . M. lUs ) , our r'.u | . lianK
ITIUUNISHKDKOOMH f.miuroat703M..initir
_ ij ttrcet.
FOR SALK A 10il2 Bkjllcht. Fu'tat ( or
hot bed. Apply to Excal iorQallcr > .
rpi > IihNl One larp1 ilcullo room nrd ono
1. "Ingle rnnm. licit ( urnl-h ' . One bkik
( iom niUli'lellrcddw-y , S , Him ollico
an22 d
SAj.K Onojiunpbayor.e eultablofor
1 carriage ; al.o onu lii'o drhl ic nuic. In
< | ulruo ( J. M. f ltd , Council lllurlD. auglM !
" 17(011 HA' E One set tlniicn' tooli , nua-ly new
P cheap ( or cnth. II. H. Jonei , No. 131 llroid
way , Council I lulTn Iu.
FOH HALE Thetwoywira ami 'hrca nm ths
lian' , tie Il\tnri9 i nd lurniturii ol > ' -o
( Vi ( mm lioiiif. ConUlii- IH m nm | lh
1'UHH ' tnnicni.ii mintIhlr y m n. lion o no *
full , ( mlinsf Icr'y toflt > n en da'ly A tp.i''i
clmuc. to Into flue ' huallio-s
buy l jll'-n - 111
In ft h ol | > r | rictor thu ml } iu vnn Ic r vcllln , ;
Addro onn r , Ho ry owi'Ktrt , Callloni'i
hourc , 0. .
I/O fAi.K Ura'itilul rf .dini ! iolh , 'UJ
C each ; notbliiK down , and 61n \ onttionli ,
KlS-t | >
r OS I1--A UKuanlrob k- > ) I il > , rul ri'
| j 'n C d r I n < | iilruat H v mint-
HAltCOU-iT 4 MIOTIIKII * , ( J.uni-11 Il.
anil liMah rxi nan. Onlfru clt nt lloit n
luk Htorc , Itiln btr t Cum I luffa , or J C.
Klllot , U(6 ( I'lirntin ilrit't , Oaulia , Mill rrnhu
prompt at ent on jlt > - t'
' , > IIK I-GrmtuHC'- ll n'l ' eon
nrw firesaoMH ami B | clmcns ol pictured
la cnli ih ru lali'e Kelntliio l > rou Idu proi't > ,
t tliu lCiul or ( iollcrt 10 Ualngtrctt.
Dlt. W U I'ATION-l'hyslclan and Oculist.
Can euro any cs of orocje . It U only
a n utter of time , aiul cnn euro generally m
Iroru thrro tc the umlK It mtkui no differ-
mice buuovg \ dlifmnl. Will ttratthtcn cri"B
I'iiB , o ] > eratu nJ rciunvi1 I'tjriirinmii , etc. , snd
Inicrc nrUKrlal eye 8HicUI | attention to re *
iiiiciL1 ta < leuoim *
" STARR" & " BUNcRT"
Shop Corner Broadir y ad Soolt St
A * * TrvTV A TP'Si'"P ' i7i ! nra w JLS"T ? $ ITT
Broadway , and Fourth Street , ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
- -
IM ;
. , TT
Guarantees the Best $1,50 , $1.75 and $2,00
Bluff and lillnw Sreets , Couiici ] Bluffs ,
11 u W5crnca9 . < m 3B
We make the following n specialty :
STMail orcleTBnnil corrttpondcj ce judnptly attended to. OfTicp nnH Manufactory
S. E Hnr 7th Avc. m d 12 > li Sirf i , COUNOTT , 1'LUKFS. IOWA
f e are Offering Special Bargains in All
Ends of Summer
g HT F
U' ti a
% a 111
ss oo o : o
. JL. JU JJlxi JU'sO Jfo i o5
412 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
TT.T 3SST 2C " '
The fineHC iiuuhty ami Indent stock w t of Chicago of wnmlrii niul uutalic c-\ser
t cmieil t nt ull hciuw. \ \ e defy coni [ ) iitl > n in ciuthty of pv ls , , , , r'iCeg \
Mr. Morgan I H pcrvecl nn tiDilpr'nk.'r for fn tenrs nnd thnrouahlv ! , titnn
, u-incw. . W VKKI'OOMH ' , 3 til AND .T , ? ftlU1) AY. UI I "M , ; „ „ In
nllilH lin.nched iniiiuntlv atlimlrii tnj also
carpet-laying and Ininhnq
in * Tele-
Kiunh'o "ml inall iirurix tiIrl ) I nnut ilrlnv. -
JD ) I/ jAi tat * JLa JU liN V | tf V J1J1 | , 1 , j ,
Made from thu Finest Mult and IJopn , with water obtained
from the
This Water ia known everywhere for its Purity and Wholesome Qualities
. _ ' yt JQ JLrC.
Also Dealers in ( . ! . Conrad it Co , ' * ( ) riudl ; ! HuiltveUer Heer , n amifacturni ! ot
Louis , Mo. aiTOrdew in the City or IVom Abroad Promptly Filled. „ '
Wholerale Dealer In and SOLi : AdKNT TDK Joseph Schlltz
Coiupany'a Colehrated
'Itv orilarn to fain ilealeru del ver d free. ' ° rJe" fr ° W tllejouut'y ° liclteu\
A. UKKttK , W. K UN VAN , ,
. . . . _ . . _ . _ . ,
Wholesale nd it..II \.l
Hcttll Deilcri In
Nos , 207 & 209 Broadway , Council Bluffs , '