Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 04, 1882, Page 2, Image 2

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Everything in Fine Shape for a
Successful State Fair ,
The Grounds and Buildings in
Splendid Condition.
-An Abundant Supply of Water
and Every Facility for
Exhibit * .
The month of September promises
to bo ono of the busioat and moat in *
foresting that Omaha has aeon for
some time and will thoroughly liven
up the city after the dull season that
has existed for the past low months.
The first event of importance is the
atato fair which begins ono week from
to-day and will , unless the
weather should bo cxlromoly bad ,
draw largo crowds to the city.
A BKK reporter drove to the grounds
Friday in company with Sir. Me-
Oord , of the firm of Nave , McCord < fc
llrady , who has had almost oxcluaivu
charge of the now improvements going
on thcro , and found them in better
ahnpo now than ever , and the im
provements so far along that nothing
can interfere with their being in thor
ough order by Saturday night. The
president of the atato board of mana
gers , lion. Ed. Mclntyro of Howard ,
was on the grounds with his coat
off and was bossing the job
in flno stylo. The assistant
superintendent of the grounds Mr.
W. 11. Bowen was also on dock and
equally busy. On the wny out a
noticeable feature was the hydrants
scattered along Sherman nvonuo from
the grounds in front of Sir. Popple-
ton's elegant residence to the entrance
of the driving park. These hydrants
are four in number , and arc designed
to bo u od in Tilling the wagons of the
Omaha sprinkling company to lay the
dust on _ this important , thoroughfare ,
which will obviate ono of the greatest
difficulties mot with the last year ,
namely the oxcciaivo dust.
There are also eleven hydrants on
the grounds as follows : Ono in front
of the president's headquarters , two >
of the south dido of floral hall , and
ono at each end of the wing , ono at
the south end of the apoed stable ,
cno forty foot west of this for the
stalls at the southwest corner of the
groundn , ono for the north
west corner stallH , ono at the
west end of the sheep
and hog pens , and ono at the cast end
of Power Hall , which is to bo used by
the north side stalls. Ono at Power
hall which will turmoil the water for
the two engines in that building , and
which will also supply the poultry hall
.and feed stable.
The improvements inadojy \ the
committee having charge of the fund
raised by the buard of trade for the
improvements required this year in
order to porpotuuto the holding of
the stuto fair at this point have been
oxtunsivo , the now buildings being nl-
inoBt completed and the general ar
rangement oi the pround in a finu
statu of progress. Upon driving in
at the main entrance the lirat largo
structure which attracts attention is
the removal of the 1J. & M. bond-
quarters which are eut back farther
south and to which additions have
boon inado both upon the east and !
west onds.
Just east of this building a bootn
for dining purposes owned by private
parties is being constructed.
Power hall ono of the now struc
tures is u thoroughly build
ing in every way and is well lilted up [
far the purpose for which it win do- '
uignod. It is almost complotud and
is designed for agricultural machinery ttJ
in operation. There are ulso two pri ( J
rate buildings now advancing toward it
completion , ono of which is owned by in
the Lininger Motculf agricultural , Co , tc
and the other by parties unknown , tcd
which are fitted for the same purpose , d (
and both jf which umku a very credit , in
ablp appearance , especially the former rndf .
which is quito extwisivo in its proper df
tions. Fine Art Hall in 40 feet by 100
fpot in BIZU , and is built in a moat oi
solid manner , with skylight arrange 01m
ments similar to that on floral hull. 01D
The sholvingand tabling are being put D
in to-day. It is a very subHtantial
building with n solid brick foundation co
and is well adapted for the purpuno Cl
contemplated. The now dining hall tea
will be constructed just south ot Fine
Art Hall and the contract has already a
boon lot to parties who will curry nut ra
well the feeding parl of the pro- dc
giammo. It may be said now that
the supply of water will bo abundant ai
for nil purpotcs and this is ono of the to
most important features of the fair or
ground , The work of cleaning and
repuiriiiL' Floral Hull is in progress
and the grass and wucdo in various
parts of the grounds nro being out HJ
that the tvhulu park presents qutto anew anwi
now and ulenn appe.uuncu.
In the lj betwetm the wings on the
uoutli Hiun of Fluruf Hull euvcrul
hives of been have been placed in
position und they uro making ro
honey very mpii'ly , the supply da ,
of Bui.llowera in and ubout &
the driving park bjtiii very nbun-
dunt , und the bettvotn UIOHO
busy inuccta for the prua to bo award
ed for Iliu greatest amount of work
donu in n week'o time is already quito M
active. The olllco of the president and di
board of managing is to bo removed
to the north and wv t of the main un diW
trancu , which will nmko it much more W
convenient fur thuaii uflioials und also
for the public , Thu drive ways are also
urogressing rapidly. PIco
Tuko it all in all the outlook for
the coining fair is moot promising , and co .
the week may be expected to ono n.Ja
of profit and interest to the citizens ot :
and bucincsa men of Omaha.
Hortloru'g Acid Phokjiliuto. anmi
A lll.niKHHINU mtl.NK. mi
Da. ( J 0 , FILES , Portland , Maine ,
aajs ; "After preepiring freely , when
cold water has utterly failed to natisfy
my thirst , it has uccoinpliBhed the
purpose with the moat perfect auc-
The Report of the signal Ottlcor ut
Omauu Station for August.
lu )
The report ot Serjeant Alexander TiHi
Pollock , of the signal corps U , S , A. , du Hi
Omaha elation , tor the month of Aui hh
ust is just out and contains nome in
teresting statistics.
The daily mean barometer was .10.-
026 ; daily mean temporal nro 73.1 ;
daily mean humidity 70.7 ; daily mo u
rain fall 0.019 inches.
The highest barometer 30.224 , wan
on the Hist ; lowest barometer 23.744 ,
on the 13th ; monthly range of barom
eter 0 480.
Highest tcinporaturo,90 3on the 27 ;
lowest temperature , 52,2 , on the 31st ;
greatest daily lange of temperature ,
V3.4 , on the 12th ; least daily range of
temperature 15 7 , on the 24th ; moan
of maximum temperature 831 ; mean
of minimum temperature 03.9 ; mean
daily range of temperature 18 8.
Prevailing direction of wind south ;
total movement of wind 5,251 miles ;
highest velocity of wind and direction ,
24 milesfrom northwest , on the 15th ;
highest velocity of wind and direction
24 miles , from the north , on the 2Uth.
Number of foggy days , Ojnumbur of
clear dajs , 10 ; nurnbnr of fair days ,
j5 ; number oi cloudy days on which
no rain or snow fell , 3 ; number of
cloudy days on which rain or snow
fell , 3 ; total number of days on which
rain or snow fell , 7 ; depth of uti-
molted Know on ground at end of
month , 0.
D.itcs of auroras , none ; dates of
aolnr haloe , none ; dates of lunar holas ,
'iOtli ; dates of frosts , none ,
4n Opportunity to Provide for
a Rainy Day ,
Opening of the Omnlm Savings
The Omaha Savings Dank will.
pen for business this morning
Sept. 4th , at its temporary banking
oem in the Millard hotel building.
This new institution will begin an
mportautora for the citizens of Omaha ,
rho have never known what it was to
luvo a savings bank in their midst ,
ml who will doubtleaa hasten to avail
hemsolvua of its advantages.
The capital Htock of this now insti
ution is $150,000 and the liability of
ho stockholders $300,000
The ollicers are : President , James
I , Uoyd ; vice president , J. W. Gin-
ett ; managing director , Ohorlos F.
landersor ; cashier , John E , Wilbur ,
ritli the following directors : .Inmea
I. Uoyd , .1. W. Gannett , GuyO Bar-
jn , Oharlus F. Alunderson , L. M.
lonnott , Max Meyer , S. II. U. Clark ,
Villiam A. Puxton , Ilunry Pundt.
The stockholder of the new bank
ro all substantial men , in whom the
ublio will phico every reliance. No
ank ever ntarted out with a more
) lid and ruibjtantial list , as will bo
non from the following ,
nines K Moyd , 0. F. Manderaon ,
i. M. Jionnut , Max Meyer ,
uy 0. li'trton ' , John L. McCaguu ,
. II. M. Olurk , E. W. Nash ,
111:10 E Congdon , W , Paxton ,
. 11. Dewey , Henry Pundt. .
. W. Gamut , Aug. Pratt ,
I. Ilollman , Edward S. Kail" ,
, L JCnnball , E. L Stone.
. \V. Liningor , Gee L. Towlt' .
. J ! . Williams.
The Omaha Savings bank will open
imporarily at No. 1218 Douglas direct
iltllard hotnl ) , About November 1
will remove to ita permanent build-
g on the oouthwust corner of Thir-
onth nnd Douglas atreeta
This bunk will receive money on
jposit from $1 upwards , nnd will pay
terost on all savings deposits at the
.to of 5 per centum per annum from
ito of deposit.
Intoroat will bo computed and paid ,
credited to depositor's account upi -
i withdrawal of account , or sumi-an-
i ally upon the lust days of Juno und
When interest is addled to thp ac-
unit , it draws interest , thus paying
impound interest at live per cent ,
Certificates of deposit , payable on
certain day , and bearing un agreed
to of interest , will bo issued when
This odors to the citizens of Omaha
jocuro nnd advantageous opportunity
invest their savings , bo they largo
amall nnd they will not hustitato to
ail thomeclvuH of it.
Debilitated perioiia , nnd nulforera
nm wasting diicanea Hiioh oa con
niption , ccrofula , kuinoy ullcctions ,
ill bo groatlv bfitulittod by using
rotvn'a Iron Ilittoto
Itoiil ISdtuto TriintiJorH.
The following dtiodsrcro iilrd for
cord in the county clurk'a olllco to-
y. Koportod for Tun HBIS by Bell
Ames , real oststo dealers ;
A ICountz anil wife to 0. F. El- Ji
sscr , W. Ij8 * of oA of lot 125. ! 1
ountzo'a iiil ndUition $350.00 ,
0. 15 , Perkins , trustee , to J. I. !
cOrtguoV , D ; lot 4 , block ! ) , sub-
vision of lot r > , in Oapitol addition. - -
John L. McUdguo to John llonrv ,
D ; lot 5 nor , of Farnum at.$075 ,
Cornelia und J , T. Phelps and ICiicn
d Lomontha Humphrey to John 11 ,
atz , parcel land , 27H feet o. n , w ,
rnor of BOO , j of n , w j of sec. 15 ,
r. la o. $575 00 ,
a. O'Brien to Margaret Dunne and
hers , W. D's ; lots 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 0 , 20 , '
, 28 , 211 , 30 , nnd n. 7' ' feet of lots C ,
d 25 .block 3 in Pnrk Place. § 1,00
0. P. Borkott und wlfo to 11. Car-
in , W. D's. $500.00
W. Part of iot 1 , block HU.e500.00
Itosinu D.uinon and A , Darmon to
din Ort'iid wifu of Martin , \V. I ) ,
t 1 , block 101 ? 475.00.
B , J. Peterson and Mutilda Petor-
ii to Hoainu Djrmon 2 , d. to lot 1 ,
> cL UU.$1.00
Hub It In. '
Jacob Lofclaiian , 274 Cllutoa elroot ,
ilFulo , N. Y , , luja he hai boon u ! ng
1'citcnitiu OIL for ihemrmtlsm. Kc
i had nuch u lanio back that he cuuld
nothing ; but one bottle entirely cured
The Brand Army of Political
Hammers Preparing for
the Fray.
The Dark Horao Cavalry Held
in Reserve.
The Frogriuotno for To-day' *
The streets of Omaha are now beginning -
ginning to show the active prepara
tions for the bloodless contest that is
to take place to-day. The loafers
corner on 15th street is deserted , the
striped hoao inspectors that congre
gate there being out ns candidates or
having enlisted for the fray under
some other banner. Knots of men
are congregating in front of every
corner grocery to discuss the chances
whish this or that man has of roping
in as a delegate. The political bar
rooms present a very animated ap
pearance , many of our generals , colonels
nels and judges hustling around tote
to put thomsolvea into the hands of
their friends.
At Church Howo'a headquarters , In
Barker's building , councils of war
uro being held every hour or two , and
messengers are being dispatched in
every Uircctlon , the coinrnander-in-
chtof of the Howe forces throwing out
his Hkirmish line to capture the cau
cuses that precudo the primaries , The
chief of stair , Frank Walters , is flying
around like a puncakoon ahot griddle ,
his sampling capacities being tested to
th3 highest pressure. IIu is every
where setting up thu drinks and pins
with a lavish hand , conscious that ho
holds the destiny of the whole country
in his grip.
There is hurrying to and fro at
the postollico. Mounted infantry are
loading up with Tom Hall's boom and
couriera are keeping up a line of com
munication with the Fifth ward , the
homo of the coining governor. The
enthusiasm of the postal biigado is
unbounded and they are ready to of
fer up their lives far their country
providing they can got tv now pout-
Haacall's battallion on the 13 street
grade is under drill. The bosses nro
organizing their pick and shovel brig-
idu for un oUeotivo charge and swoar-
HIT may bo heard nil along the line in
ivo languages.
Assistant Adjutant General Colonel
frank Ilanlon has just returned from
Jtoo county , where ho has boon sot-
ing up the boom for Church Howo.
Liu is confident that the state convon-
1011 will give Douglas county the
hoicu of all the offices , if Howe can
inly be made congressman. With a
olid delegation , he can make Tom
lall governor , J. II , Manchester
ocrotury of state , Billy Hoins state
rensurur , Smytho attorney general ,
< 'runk Walters lieutenant fovurnor ,
3eo. E Lane superintendent of pub-
iu instruction and the country can
tavo Herman Timmo lor auditor and
lee Fox for land commission. That
tate ought to carry the county.
As to the workingmen and farmers
hey ought to bo content with prom-
aos of luturo reward , which those
various candidates can make good wh9n
hey got in.
It only remains to bo seen whether
ho people are not after ollico , and who
lecent und honest 'representation in
ho state offices will let those roust-
.bouto cirry the day. If they attend
hu piimuries , as they ought , next
ilonday , Douglas county will have n
uspvctublo delegation. If they ncg-
uct thi'ir duty und abstain from vot-
tig , they will h&vo no right to com-
il.iin if roustaboutH , ehyatora and
lend boats are made thu standard-
Worthy ot Pralno.
An a rule we cln not recommend patent
ilodlclnoa , but ulien wo know of one thnt
rally h a publiu benufactor. unil doca
ii.sitivcly cine , then wo consider it our i
uty to impart tint information to all.
.lectrio Hitters arutruly a most valuable
ledicluo , und will muoly euro BIlioiiNiiesa ,
'o'er und Ague , Stomach , Lixer and
Cidnny Compliiln v , cvrii were nil other
einedU-H fail. Wo know uuroof wo speak ,
nd can freuly rccoiumciui them to all.
Cxch , Sold ut fifty cents a bottle , by
3 , F. Cioudnian.
ilovoruont of Troops Army Appro
priations TUo nilla Team.
Ail order has been issued by the
ommnnding general of the nrmy to
ho 12th infantry , Colonel Wilcoxcom-
Handing , to take their station at Sack-
Its Harbor , N. V. , instead of at Ft.
lusscll , Wyo. , us previously ordered ,
jiuutonnnt-Gcncrul Shoridnn is
- or-
urod ( o draw what additional troops
lay bo necessary for his division from
ho Department of Dakota.
An appropriation of $25,000 was
iiulo by congress before adj iirnnu'nt
r the completion of Fort Mclvinnoy ,
Vyo. Thu inoiniy h.m been received
t Dopnrtmont Huadquarti'ra.
The department nllo team , under
ho ohargu of Liuuta Oarpentur und
toburtBon , go Monday to Ft. Luaven-
rorlh for u nomputition match with
io tuam of the department of the
General Crook and etall'auod (
'riJuy through Las Yogas un route to
't Whipplo , Arizona ,
Battery D , 5th artillery , leaves on
I'udncaday from thu ua&t to luke stj-
on at Omaha barracks.
Qivoa Away.
Wo cannot holii noticingtheliberal ofler
lade to all invalid * aud nulittrors by Dr.
iug'n Now Discovery for uiisuiuiiUen.
'on ro rcruienUd to call at U. V Uood-
inu'a Drug State , nnd get , a Trial llottlo
( * of cot , If ynii are mttferlng witli Cnu-
uiitiou | ) , Kevoro Couglin , CaliU , Asthum , i . . .
ruiicliitin , Hay lfo er , IAISS of Voice , i ,
_ . - . . . . -it.Ai . i i. _ I "
i-i any alfe.Hloii of the W
r Lunus. Itill iHi ltl\ely cure you.
In solo * Y t tkio the
! Mcagfl&isfopfliff88t-
riftlnu lca\o Oiuaha 3:19 : n , in. "J 7:40 : . ra.
it lull Infotmillon call on 11. 11. DliUKL , Ticket
liuit , l lh J I'ntiam t/ . , J. 1IKI.KU.1' .
illuay lo | t , oral JAMKJT. CLAU1C ,
; cut.
Ther ratp * ' &ll other i ( or e y rldlni. style
rddunblllti ,
They are for sale by all Leading Car-
iago Builders and Dealers throughout
ho country.
Forfil b
Henry Tim ken ,
Patentee nH Dulldrr ol Fine Carrlai. I ,
.OXTXS , - - 2VEO.
TAVINO clmniwl our mill to Hunntlan rol-
'J. lirproc'i , we offer part ot our oil ma-
"MntrjlotHID at low i > rici-s It c n l-nofft (
; ul of Dncly flnlihcJ and fptccd ui 'n ( IrMnff
: > cvcl whiyl * . jlro and mor l 0' Ine ! > ch * f c - ,
; hico Inches pitch dthln ; a main upilglit > li-t
uoutSStcet k ( r 'irt 'ttp , onn in ln innrtito
pur wh - 7 inch face and 1 ] Inch pitch twoi nlr
I ( rot and 1 pnlr 32 Inch I urn , rplndlcn , 1 Inlons
7 Inch face 1 } pitch ) , baclil ii > tpririRq , curM ,
itc. , coinfi etc , na ( mr iccl chrht , 17 feet loth ,
eonicyoriiune l o reel cliritt , It ( ot cloth , 4
nnuyon two ( Intii t whint ticilcrn.t No 5)1-u )
rnftiimnttor , 1 llarrurd & Lc-ui r c-UIn ncp.v-
rater and ilea in , rhaff , w col pu.1 > - ? . con-
veornctc.onc of the ma hlncry haa IK en
lined but allltlo over tw ' jcar , a dull Ii In good
condition , For furtht r Inlornmtlon n > ldicsi
Council UluBs , Idwu.
Jam Bri L K , IKOMI ouumr
Prrtldent ,
v. R. Uimnia , H e. andTrra * .
Lincoln , Neb
Uorn Planters , Hrrrows.Fnrm Rollore
Hullry Hay KaUod , Bucnot Klovatlns
WlndmlllH , &c
Wo are prepuce ! to do Job work and nuuiufar-
urh'Klor ether parties.
Addre all onlera
Llnonln. N
( Jenms fiewarded ,
OR ,
rho Story of tue Sowing MacliiM ,
A htnJMQin little pamphlet , bine and fftjlr
DOTt rlth numorom entraTlnio | , will be
to ny aualt peraon cAltlnK lor tt , atauy brander
or gub-otllra o ( The Blnaer Mauafactarln ? OODI
party , nr will bo sent by mall , pout paid , Ir
197 penton living nt a dlitancn from onr offlcn"
The Sinpr ManufaotiirinR Oo , ,
Principal Office , J4 Union Square
0. SPEOHT , - - Proprietor.
1512 Harney St. - Dmrha , Hell.
Galvanized Iron ,
. Hon W. * ,
m. T > T , *
Tm , Irufcjnent aata Eoofing ,
Speeht's Pti.i [ < ? Motalic Skylight.
Patent Ao ustod Ratchet Bar
and nracket Shelving. I am
thn genera agent for the
above line of goods.
Zreitlnga , r.alu trde , VornndnVOfrlca and
BiinU , Window and CalUrj
Ounrd ; ! o
U plaltd ro.ii l-.Bot a o Inch to
i/lilth In the canrsost ( eltu or fln < Mt el lea
ItiiOM all kliuia tndstj lee of i lilting In Dtr.
No hily ( locn her own drcvs-iuaklni ; c t
> Uord to do without one M nice plaiting ; Ii
10 % erect of ( union , Kaocn It islla Itwll , Fc >
, " chlnM , Clicularn or A eul' termo ndJien
COKOAU & 00. ,
AilnmH Ht. (
U I J3
Murray & Lanman's
Pest f > r TOILET. BATH
IJ.auntt St
Bt , Loul * , U tllll tnat-
liii all I'UIVVli : , NKIt-
Vi/US , CHUON1C and
ptcUl PlHea eti , bpcrnia
tnnhcua Impoti iicy ( Sux-
iml Incai cltj ) , Kuwait )
Discftsea , IrriKularltlcs ,
Ulllkultlcs , ntc.
torUulltB.wuia 25 ct'iits
( In tiniw | ) t p-ycxpresu
charpei on a ' la
\\ori" entitled "nlrecci
Women , etc , " Work
n Ciiiiosio I > I IIBKH , one eUmp.
I St'll-alumi or 1'rhatu UUcase , Hcnit 2 mauiw
> r CKLKUKATKU WouKHdii Ncrtoui and texutl
Uoiacs. ( toiiBultatloii personally or liy letter ,
< UK : Consu t the old Dovtor. THOUSANDS
UUKO. Otllc-j In quiet. I rlte , iMpectal'le '
Ucu. You tto no out ) but the dovt < r. Dr.
Urkoli thuoiilj ] ilijlchn In Ilio cltj \ > li3 r-
Kit * cum or no pay "f < llrliic cnt e\ir )
litre. Hour * . 8 a. ti. to 8 r. u. diwly
fo Nervous Sufferers
) r , J. 13. Simp on'a Bpociflc
II It a txMrUrvuuto Oi ' [ Kmutoirhvt , Sorotna
' , < knciw , liupucu cy , u-i.t M dUhU iceultlo ;
, u tel-Atou , M Mcattl
uruoii , P lnu li fhe Ha-k or Stda , and dl . iu
- - * ' - " " " th-t lead to
with t.ojJci.
4i til M.JfM.
fi S
(7.0 ( a tlL Wllit 101 Shim al
. , T. .
TonnifttOKTi , Ohio , May 10 , 1W.
Ds , n. .1. KH-DI.I , * Co. 1 had a rrrjr valua
ble llambletonUn colt thatlp ! / ' tcry 'Ighly
hehvl a lafRO txino 'p * ln in one J int and a
imallono on the fthir wllcli made Idu rery
lame ; I hid him under the charge of tva voter-
Intry urtrfOiis which ( tiled to cure him IM I
onenay rradlnRtho drertlncment o' Kfndall'K
Stki\ln Cur In thcChlctiro Kx | tin I determined
atorcfttntry 'tad ' u'.t nuriru C'l" cro to
i ndf rlt , at'dthey rrdirfdt rce bittlc ! 1 to k
ill at.d I thought t w .uld glto 1 a tlititouirh
til lI uso.1 It a cording to direct ! n mid the
ouitk da ) ' tl-o rolt c eed to ho lame ami the
urn i have dlnippcarrd. I u l liu one bottle
md t' ' mlt'i llmix are ai firool Itmpi nd n
iinoothaa any home In the Main Ilolnmtlro
.y curcH The cure wa BO rnnarkahlo thit I
hate Ictttro o ( my neighbor hftie ; the remain-
n two buttles Khi are no * u > lntlt. !
Very rcwpcctlullr ,
L. ' ! ' . FOSTER.
B'nd for IllujirateJ clrctihr irlrlnj ; po.iltlre
proof. Prlco il. All Drairriit * have It or can
? ct Itfor you. Dr. II. J 'xtadall b Co. , Pro
rietor * . Kno-jhur.-h Fal' , Vt
That 'crrlMo courite fcv r ard gnc , nnd Ha
congener Mlllons remittent ; bmlilcaaiTictlonKof
thi t rnich , Ihcrand the boncN. both crnJIca-
lcdandiro > cnt < it l > > tliousj ft HoHtcit'r' St >
mach litt.n ) ( > , a purely \ejtHlilceiKlr , liulorscd
by phBlcfan < 4 and more c\tenlvvl > u ed tn a
remedy ( or thoabo\o ilas of UiBontcre , aicll
is for nwny oihcrs , than any meiilclne of the
i < j
jFor ealu by all Druggists and Dcalcra
Mrs J. O , Hobcrtson , PltUJursr , Pa. , writes : " !
ivas BUdorlnL" from general debility , u ant of ap
petite , constipation , otc. , so that mo was a bur-
3cn ; alter usInR Burdock Blood Hitters I felt hot
ter than for j oars. I cannot praise } our Bitters
too much , "
1C. Olbbn , of Buffalo , N. Y. , writes : " o4r
Burdock Blot Cittern , In chronic diseases of the
blood , Iher auJ kidnc\s , hate been signally
marked with succo-ss. I have uacd them injuell
with best results , for torpidity of the llier , and In
cnsoof a friend of mlno sudtrliig from dropsy ,
the effect wai marvelous , "
Bruce Turner , Jtochenter , N. T.wrltcs : ' 1 have
been subject to serious disorder of t o Kldnujti.
and unable to atteml to business ; Durdock Dlood
Hitters relletod mo bcforu half abottlo MAS used
feel confident that they will cntiicl ) cure mo. "
Ascnlth Hall , lIlriKhampton , N. Y. , nritcc :
"I suffered with a dull pain thnuili my eft
IUDC and shoulder. Lort my spirits , apjictite
and color , and could 1th dlttlcult ) keep up all
day. Took jour Burdock Blood Hitters as di
rected , and l.i > o felt no | ln ulnto first week al
ter using them. "
Mr. Noah Batcx , Klmlm , N , Y. , writes : "Ahout
Four } cars a o I hid nn att-tcL of bilious fet cr , nnd
ne\cr fully rccotcred. My dlgcstlto organs
nero neakeDcdand I woul.l Lccompletely pros
trated fordajs. After iieln two bottles ot jour
Burdock Blood Bitters thai mprotcmcnt uas so
vhlblo that I M astonished. I can now. though
Bl j cars of a > ; i % , do a fair and ivosouablo day's
work ,
0. Blaclct Hoblnson , proprfctor of The Canada
I'rcahj ttrlan , Toronto , Out , , v , rites : "forcars
I sulTcrcil greatly from oft-recurring headache. I
used jour Burdock Illood Bittcra ith happiest
results , and 1 now Und m > ? clf In better health
than for years "
Mrs. Wallace , BufJjlo , N. Y , writes : "I have
iiood Burdock Blood Bitten for nencus and bil
ious hoada"li ( . , and can recommend It toauyono
requiring a euro for bllliousnetu. ' <
Mrs. Ira ilullnollaad , Albany , N. Y , writes :
"For o tral years I hare tuCeied frcm ctt it-.jr-
ring bllllous liuadaches , d > spcpsla , and com-
iilalnts peculiar to my sjx. Since inlng jour
burdock Blood BltUrs I am entirely relieved. "
Price , 91,00 pel flattie ; Til * Dottle * 10 Oti
POSTBtt , MILBURN , & Oo , , ITops ,
BUcT JLO , W. Y.
SclJ at whobflilo by Ub i McMabon and C , F.
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The Great Lngliah
Noicr falls tn cine
Sn rtousDotjIiit } , VI-
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. Somlnul Vcak-
lOOD , a-ul ill the
'oilluUttH of youth
ill follu'd and excel-
It stops [ ermi
nil weakening.
lmoluntar > I
tfdr.Vnn upon thu eje-
Jt | < .ii > , the Iiio liable rc-
. . . . n ultol threu cuhirno.
v , Hindi are BO dc8trueil\o to mind and lody
nil uiatio life miserable , oltcn leading to inttnl-
y anil duath U etrcn theii"lie Ncrtcs.llruln ,
incnmr ) ( Illocsl , Mimics , IHj ; ti\o And U pro-
latlio ( trains , It restores W all the organic
imctlrnn their rormarlgor end vitality , nm.
In.Ufa cherrfiil nnd ciiojitlo. | 1'rlco , gJa
otild , oriour tlmoi tliu qii ntlty tfio. Sent liy
iprcBH , iiccure from olMirtatiou , to anyaddrrM.
nrcitiitol | price , Ko.C. U. i ) . Nut , cxuiu
n r01 nipt cf ? 1 as iruara tw Uttcn rj
uwtlll. mn'ifTi niUht iucloiu u'anip ,
Dr. Mitjiie'o Dftndnhou Pills
re tl > boat nr ! cliuipv't djt | pkti and bllllotu
uro hi the mMkct Bold b ) all druii.rUti. 1'ricc
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Ureoll klndot Kidney Mid bladder coimilolnto.
ouorrhca , Rlcot and ler.cnrrboa. For tale by nil
au.'gitU. * la bottle.
713 Olho St , Et. LouU , Mo.
For Pale la Omaha by
111. K 0. \ \ tut i Nerve and Brain ' /rettmcat
iptdflufor IIktwlr , Dluluew , Convulkloo ,
i ou IlradfcUic , Mental VcfiafOiOD , louct
? ircrapvimitorrhui.l'rpiit u y , Imoluiittr ;
u bslous , 1'rfnutuie old ARC , i-unetl by oitr-
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i.ts to mlKry , iljc yuud death. On uoilll
in. rrcetit cant , KA h toz ojcUlnj cue month' * . .t. Onu dollnr u boi , or (4i boic * fcr
ra UilUr * , mnt b ) mall prepaid CD receipt of
rica. \ tfU raati.11 U botad to cvro any cae ,
'Itb each order r c hed b > r < for six bo ma , ac-
anpauledlthfl\edoll rii , U1 lend the pur-
itiMl our urUtco kruorintoo to uttiro the
oney If the li Umttn dcti net rflict a euro.
C. t. Uoodman , Cnvlat , Sole.Vholiale and
igul nt , Ojiihi , NOD. OrJ'ii by uall at.
tint ( C. dfcwlV 1
The Oldest Wholesale and lllK liUAIMMl
in Omaha. Visitors can here IN THE WKSTI
General Agents for the
find all novelties in SILVER
Finest and Best Pianos and
VER WARE. CLOCKS , Organs manufactured.
Rich and Stylish Jewelry , Our prices are as Low as
! ; he Latest , Most Artistic , any Eastern Manufacturer
and Dealer.
and Choicest Selections in Pianos and Organs sold
PRECIOUS STONES and for cash or installments at
Bottom Prices.
all descnpnona of PIXTE
A SPLENDID stock oi
WATCHES at as Low Pri Steinway Pianos , Knabo
ces as is compatible with Pianos , Vose & Sou's Pi
honorable dealers. Gall anos , and other makes.
and see our Elegant Hew Also Ciough & Warren ,
Store Tower Building Sterling , Imperial , Smith
, , American Organs , &c. Do
llth and Farnham
not fail
to see us before pur
Streets chasinp.
A Large Stock always on Hand.
/W / * 7 X1W r * J
m % i
; $ W > 3JXi >
[ ' * / _ - tJWIS-K\ *
W krrrSiaassi i
The following advantages are claimed for this Pally : IT is STKONOKK and more
.lurablo , owing : 1 , To the absence of shrinkage strains. 2. To the increased num
ber of anrs 3. To the fact that the rim i ? much stronger than the cast rim , IT is
la no danger of breakage in handling when shipped loose. When shipped loose they
no generally acceptodro third-class freight instead of first-class , and as the weight la
only one-half that of cast Pulleys the freight is still further reduced. WB .QUAnANiE
riiKM to perform satisfactorily any wgrk from the lightest to the heaviest ,
SPLIT PULLETS from 12 to 48 fnchts diameter only.
Pulleys of wider face than 18-inch are provided with two sets arnn without extra
: harge.
Wo supply each Pulley with two sot-screws without extra charge.
pnt for Patent
What we claim for our PATENT HOT POLISHED SHAFTING is :
Int. That it is round and straight.
2d. It can be accurately rolled to any desired gauge.
'M. That its BUI face being composed of magnetic tixido of iron obriates any uu-
iue tendency to rust or tarnish , while it at the sumo time gives ono of the best journal
3r bearing surfaces ever discovered ,
1th. That it will not warp or spring in key seating.
5th. That it is made of the very best of refined stock ,
further particulars , price list and discounts , ecud to
Foundry and Machine Shop , Fremont N
is only attained by using
Stoves and Banges.
For sale by
lEjID & CO , ,
The Only Exclusive
Wholesale Hardware Souse
OMAHA - " " " NED.
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Window and Plate Glass.
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